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Tubi: Movies & Live TV app received 56 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Tubi: Movies & Live TV? Can you share your negative thoughts about tubi: movies & live tv?

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Never heard if any of the moviesLike above.Version: 4.9.0

Waste of time!Waste of time. They have nothing you need. Just another app trying to waste everyone’s time..Version: 4.4.6

ADSWhy are there so many ads man like they just added a fourth. If it wasn’t for them having some shows I would’ve left it already..Version: 5.11.0

New EpisodesHi I’ve used this app and I went into watch something and I didn’t agree with some of the tv shows and movies I think you need to bring in some tv series that people would watch and have another app for you’re movies because it really confused me in what I wanted to watch at the time and it helps to know and have M rated shows as well because I really like apps that I don’t have to go in and pay for it’s unnecessary..Version: 4.15.3

Weird and strange app with weird moviesI downloaded Tubi to watch the fast and furious series and twilight since Netflix has taken most of Fast and Furious series off and all of twilight in my country but when i looked both up on this app i was filled with disappointment and laughter… they had them both oddly but the knock off verions. F&F was with totally different actors portraying the original character and all i could find closest to the real twilight series was a knock off too. only a documentary of twilight 😭😢. DO NOT RECOMMEND UNLESS U LIKE THE KNOCK OFF VERSIONS and as for Tubi STEP UP UR GAME MATE..Version: 7.10.0

CheepVery cheep movies. Very old..Version: 4.6.2

Needs more movie varietyThe app speaks for itself, it’s really free! I was so surprised when I realized this and got super excited. I was quick to download it and signing in was super easy. No emails, locations, or birthdays. The process of downloading was over the top. The movies though, I would say a little disappointing. I couldn’t find any movies that I liked or are trending. The only thing I saw that I might watch was Annabelle, but that was it. Some examples of “trending” movies that weren’t featured were Stranger Things, It, Titans, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Euphoria, The Joker, The Dora movie, Hazbin Hotel, and so much more. I hope the makers can add more to the movie section, as I saw barely anything that pleased me. Overall, I was very pleased with the whole process of logging in and getting into the app, but I was disappointed at the variety of movies to watch. The only thing I’d suggest changed would be the movies to watch. The rest was great and was absolutely free..Version: 4.11.1

EhIf you want to watch a garbage movie or tv show this is your place.Version: 5.4.0

Used to be GreatThere was a great selection of movies and TV series etc but now there’s barely anything. I don’t know if it’s just the app but it’s a disappointment. I’ll be deleting the app..Version: 7.1.1

Voice over from another show heard while viewing showI like this app but I thought I’d bring something to your attention. I was watching a show on Tubi. I turned the sound down during the commercials because I don’t want to hear them. Then when the show came back on,and I turned up the sound, all of a sudden, I heard another show’s audio talking over the show I was watching. I checked to see if it was another app running. I quit all apps and it still kept coming on. This never happened before. Also, since the latest update, ( on the phone app) there’s this message that says PG rating from the top that comes through half the picture. And seems to slow down the video. This got frustrating so I stopped watching the show on Tubi and switched to another app. I like Tubi better. It was fine before this last update. Sounds like bugs that need to be squashed. Thanks for listening..Version: 5.12.0

A great idea, badly executedThe content available is very impressive, and I love that all I have to spend is a few seconds watching ads to access it. BUT-the app is very crude and glitchy. It lags and crashes all the time. And the big complaint-content can’t be downloaded for a more seamless viewing experience. I have other apps that use ads to generate revenue, and they manage to have them embedded to play even when I’m not connected to the internet. I don’t understand why content can’t be downloaded-it would fix most of my complaints, and I would think ads could either be included in the download or played before starting the download. For now, I have completely given up on Tubi. I keep waiting for an update to make it better, but it has yet to be released. I haven’t watched any significant amount of content in here in months, but I still check back every now and then. I hope that this app will at some point become usable because when/if it does, it could actually temp me away from Netflix and Prime Video..Version: 5.3.0

Love this app! please add more popular kdrama showsI loveeee this app omg!! I would like more popular kdramas, i hope you guys can add it! I will recommend this app to my friends if there will be more popular kdrama.Version: 5.5.1

WAS A FANTASTIC 5 STAR APPThis is a good app, but why does it stop all of a sudden? Why can’t you just play ads continuously throughout the show or movie? Why does it have to stop every 15 mins? I actually don’t mind watching the ads but hate having to re-load it every time it cuts to an ad. This happens every-time I stream from my phone to my Apple TV. Please kindly fix this bug for the sake of the advertisers who are paying you guys😥 Thank you kindly. Just some basic feedback..Version: 5.15.4

DeceptiveTubi is good at first glance, completely free streaming of movies and tv shows. But looking through it, there is a minuscule selection to choose from. In the ads I have seen for this app, movies and shows that are featured in the ads for example ‘Igor’ isn’t even available to stream on the app itself. Not only are the ads deceptive, upon clicking into the ‘categories’ section of the app, there are pictures of movies on each category title that aren’t even available to stream. I don’t like being deceived, Tubi needs a lot of work. There aren’t any superhero movies, there aren’t any R rated movies and there aren’t any movies on this app that have high ratings on IMDB, it’s all crappy content..Version: 4.4.1

Great until Jan 2021 updateI’ve been using Tubi for quite a while, probably close to 2 years. I’ve been considering submitted suggestions/requests for series. However 2 days ago everything went belly up. Most content, either in my Continue Watching list or shows I’ve never watched before simply buffer endlessly. Sometimes they’ll play fine up until the first commercial, and then buffer endlessly. I’ve never had any buffer problem before two days ago. My Wifi is around 112mbps. I’ve sat literally next to my router, rebooted my device, turned wifi off/on, and no other apps have any such problem so Tubi definitely has an issue on their end needing to be resolved. Updates are when things like this tend to happen. Hopefully they correct it soon, and more importantly, learn how/why the update got messed up so they can strive to avoid doing it over & over with each update. So aside from Tubi being pretty much unusable for the time being, it is normally a wonderful app..Version: 5.6.2

Adds adds and more irritating addsI like the platform and the wide range of movies they have on offer but the adds are out of control and getting worse. The first movie I watched there was 1 advert playing twice through a movie, the adds started to double up, 2 adds every 50 mins or so. Now Im watching the third movie and writing this review while the adds are playing. It’s up to 3 adds playing at 1 time every 15 to 20 minutes. 5 lots of adds so far and counting. That’s an advert every 5.5 minutes. This will be the last time I watch tubi. I’d hate to think what’s it’s going to be like after 4 or 5 movies..Version: 6.12.0

Driest movies ever get smth good 🥱Your not getting paid or grabbing my attention if you don’t have any Tim Burton movies. For once put a movie on here that isn’t a reflection of the popular straight feminist girl with clumpy mascara and leggings who calls the autistic kid “buddy”, and then says they support LGBTQ+, yet says “boys can’t wear girl clothes and still be a boy”.Version: 7.10.0

WhatI was watching earlier and then went outside for a while and now I try and open the app to stream and it’s just gone all black and won’t open very frustrating when you were watching something and can’t get to watch the rest of it, and I can get one episode of a show I was really enjoying and sent a request on series one and three of the show and was told can get it in my area, how does that work when you can get episode two.Version: 5.14.1

Change the Rating to 17+As someone who’s trying to remain pure I trust the ratings provided on the apps. I saw some movie covers on the app that were very suggestive. To make matters worse, movies that appeared “safe to watch” ended up having nudity in it. So much so that I saw things I didn’t want to see and should be highlighted more. Deleted the app..Version: 4.4.1

So SadWhile the movie selection is okay, especially if you like old movies, which I do, the search for those movies is horrendously tedious. This is basically true for two reasons. 1) The search function searches based upon comparing the search criteria entered against the text description of the movies and tv shows as opposed to using just the title. This causes a long search time and a ridiculous number of hits that aren’t even close to what the user was originally searching for. This means users have to scroll thru an ungodly number of movies just to find the one or two they were looking for. I reported this via email once before, offered a solution but just got blown off. The second reason is the use of passive subliminal techniques like showing the same movies under different categories multiple times in order to get the user to watch them, again making searching for movies and tv shows ridiculously time consuming and boring. Now to be fair, all of the streaming apps have both of these problems which along with the fact that most of them also show a large number of the same shows so lets consider my rating a global 2 star for the entire industry from me! PEACE.Version: 6.0.0

This app is AwesomeYou Probably think that this app is a scam it’s really not. But I have a problem with the ads. They give out 3 ads. Well I don’t really mind the three ads but there’s like two minutes long each. Which is very annoying because when you’re watching a movie you’re just here “ do you need help with your writing Grammarly can help you😒”. It’s kind annoying and plus they’re like two minutes long. Sometimes if you’re lucky you’ll get two ads. But I really do like this app. You don’t have to pay for it, and in general it’s a really good app to watch movies. I love it but I just have a problem with the ads:/. Well I don’t really expect it to be you one second ad, that you just click on close. Well I kind of expected that because it’s free. But it’s two minutes😭. You’re probably like “this girl is always complaining” i’m just complaining because of the scene. For example you are watching AOT and somebody dies what do you hear” Grammarly can help you”😕. Anyways you should really get the app it’s a really good app.(it’s like I’m sponsoring the app). You could watch free movies on it. I LOVE it🥰..Version: 5.15.4

EhhhIt is definitely eye catching. I mean as soon as you open the app you see all these movies, no sign up, no pay. But obviously there’s a downside for it. Most of the movies/tv shows are definitely underrated ones. There are a few that caught my eyes but most are B graded. If you look them up on safari they mostly have almost no reviews or public ratings. But hey, what’d you expect? It’s free..Version: 5.0.0

Great effortsOk to be frank, the hate this app has gotten is not deserved for tubi, the efforts gone into it are great, however the selection isn’t the best, I recommend that you download the app, check if you like the content, download it, if you don’t delete it... For all the people giving hate, to be frank, it isn’t Netflix!! For goodness sake it’s free! It’s a great selection for people who maybe can’t afford Netflix, if you have Netflix, best avoid tubi as you may be disappointed..Version: 4.4.3

Not worth itNot a great selection..Version: 5.8.2

Wrist appBad movie and boring.Version: 7.0.0

Tubi TV movie selection.This app is great but the selection is awful especially the kids movies it could use some more well known movies like legally blonde, box trolls, hairspray 2006, moana, the lion king, trolls, toy story, or the Harry potters, Hercules, so many kids and family movies could be added. Over all this app is amazing and I love to go on search’s for different movies to watch and I would recommend this app to everyone I know. Great and amazing app another movie that would be great is my new nabor totoro and ponyo.Version: 4.11.1

Okay butThis app is okay considering you don’t have to pay anything, although some of the movies are absolutely terrible! This app is full of low budget, terrible knockoff movies that could have been filmed in the neighbours backyard. There’s also a constant issue with movies jumping back and forth through the movie, sometimes it’s so bad that a part of the movie will repeat at least 3 times before it jumps to another random part and you have to try and figure out what’s going on. Definitely room for improvement..Version: 4.13.1

Mr FeedbackThis apps is just a time wasted. Can’t even play 1 movie. So don’t download this. Is a fake.Version: 6.15.0

Free, but they lobotomise you with addsI still don’t know how this app got on my devices, never less finally had a look. Click a movie and you are greeted with adds, I thought I made a mistake selected wrong programme, nope went back and saw the add again. Then throughout the movie, more adds. Some up to 30 seconds, and not just the one, and several times during the movie as well. What a terrible experience! I am more than happy to pay $ for the option to remove advertising, than to be insulted with mindless and pointless garbage. I know it makes your platform work, but not for me..Version: 5.6.1

More New Movies!!!I love this app is free! And how the movies I had a quick look over had no lag. The main problem is there are no NEW movies, I was looking forward to watch some Harry Potter or the BFG but it wasn’t there. Please add some more NEW movies..Version: 4.16.0

A little upsetThis app barely has any shows that are popular and they dont have great movies but that is understandable because they are being generous to give you free streaming but still please put better show/movies on the app I.Version: 4.4.2

Tubi sucks!!!On the adds that I get about tubi it says things like “Netflix is not free but tubi is!” Then I was like oh okay I’ll try it but then as soon as you go into the app there is nothing good on there, there’s lots rip off movies and shows, no wonder Netflix is getting you to pay for it because it’s actually worth paying for! It’s stupid because there supposed to be good but uhhh there isn’t anything on there there’s only like 2-8 year old movies and shows I’m 12 and it says 12+ on the cover, which doesn’t make any sense unless they have some good movies I’m not aware about 🥱..Version: 5.10.0

ScamThis is app is a scam. When I searched for a classic movie on AppleTV (“Paris Blues” with Sydney Potier and Paul Newman), this app popped up as being the only one where it was available to watch. After I downloaded it (requiring me to provide my personal info), the app “opened” the movie only to crash after 2 seconds without showing anything. When I then tried searching for the movie on their search engine, it turned out the app didn’t even offer the movie - mostly all it offered was a bunch a D list cheap horror movies. I then tried opening it through AppleTV again since I figured maybe the app just had a lousy search engine (which it does) but low and behold, I got a fatal error every time. Basically this app falsely advertises itself as having a lot of quality classic movies to lure people into downloading it only to bait-and-switch them with offering a bunch of low budget low quality movies after taking their personal info. I’m sorry I fell for their scam (and shame on Apple for helping spread it through Apple TV and their App Store), and I just hope others don’t fall for it as well..Version: 6.14.0

BadVery bad not good at all.Version: 6.2.0

Old.The TV Shows and Movies are old from pretty long ago, please add movies from 2018/2019. It would make the app much better..Version: 4.4.1

SelectionHonestly they have a terrible selection of movies and shows they don’t have relevant things unless it’s something I haven’t heard of. They need a newer and wider selection because if there is something I want to watch it says “we couldn’t find ...” it SUCKS.Version: 4.4.2

You get what you pay forOnly downloaded cause I seen an app asking why I pay for Netflix when Tubi is free? And guess what? The first 5 shows I searched weren’t available. So there you go, that’s why I pay for Netflix ....Version: 5.11.0

Alright, but disappointingTubi is great for people who can not afford subscriptions to paid streaming apps like Netflix or Disney+, though the movie and Tv choices are a little bland. When I looked in the preview for Tubi it said that it had blockbuster movies from huge industries (such as The Avengers from Marvel) though when I actually got the app the movies and Tv shows were quite old, and I had hardly even heard of any of them. It would be a decent app for people who like the sort of movies they have, but it’s just not for me. I would have very much liked a proper preview, that didn’t present movies that Tubi doesn’t offer..Version: 5.6.1

Three ads per break is one too manyEvery time I try to enjoy something on Tubi, an ad break comes on. And when an ad break comes on, it usually includes an ad that I don’t like! This prevents me from wanting to continue with the movies and tv show played here. I would like for each break to have no more than ONE ad, or at least have the ability to report offensive or repetitive internet ads. And there is another thing: The addition of “Internet Movie Database” scores. Those types of review scores only prevent people from watching some according to their individual points of view (when you want to watch a movie or tv program, the last thing you want to see is something you like getting a negative score, or something you hate more than anything getting a positive score). There are still some of us who want to trust their own tastes instead of being persuaded by simple review scores..Version: 5.15.2

WhyCan you please add The Vampire Diaries all episodes and seasons please.Version: 5.5.1

App needs workThere is no big movies name, I have not found any big movies like blockbuster hits needs improvement….Version: 5.17.1

Seriously?All these B and C grade movie, and you give them a 5 star? Is this a joke?.Version: 4.4.2

All moviesKeep stopping and after the ad its goes back to the start.Version: 4.11.1

TerribleTerrible app, I can’t find Jem And The Holograms for New Zealand, if you don’t have it available in nz that’s disgusting. Don’t download, waste of time.Version: 4.14.0

Love it but need some improvements Love it but needs some improvementsHey I think this is a great app Lots of programs and shows worth watching However I do struggle sometimes using it on my iPhone I’m a blind user and use voice over the built-in screen reader on my iPhone most apps if I do a double tap on or near the play button will start playing a song a movie whatever if I do a double tap again it usually will pause I’m sure this used to work okay but in trying to watch a movie the other day I couldn’t stop or pause what was playing Can you check to see if the app accessibility with voice-over can be improved The other area I’d love to see and it is movies with audio description Netflix Disney plus prime etc all have movies that have audio description not all movies have audio description but mini movies to and mini TV shows do and so it would be great if there was the ability to enable and disable audio description Happy to talk more about how this might work etc but if you check out products like Netflix and others you will see a range of titles and how you can enable and disable audio description Similar to captioning in the way it works The only difference really is captioning provides the text for someone who is deaf hard of hearing etc audio description provides a narrative description as to what is happening for blind people and those who struggle to see devices etc Many thanks Thomas.Version: 5.10.0

All the good reviews are fakeOnly reason I downloaded Tubi was bc I was click baited by a ad showing some of the animes I like to watch. And I thought “hey if it’s free I can stop paying to watch them” but they don’t have the ones I was tricked into thinking they had. With the deception and fake reviews u would think this app would have been taken down by now and I haven’t even started with the tv shows and movies selection. The section is appalling in comparison to that of streaming services such as Netflix. All the movies and tv shows are crappy low budget movies they u wouldn’t even find on a 1.5 star motel tv. All the movies are allow terribly low budget movies made in India. Same goes for the tv shows..Version: 6.0.3

U should get this maybe ??is this for uTubi is great I love it is just that there r two problems one of them is that they remove tv shows and movies and they don’t have Hunger games (witch makes me sad because hunger games is my favorite movie series ) they have good fun movies they had Jaws but they took that one off doesn’t have the best kid friendly content a lot of horror and murder mystery’s some romance movies if they didn’t the other problem is the weird internet connection it I have perfect internet connection and I will get onto Tubi on my phone and it just refuses to load !!! It is kind of aggravating on the other hand about the kids shows there r good kid and family shows such as Leave it to beaver and the flinstones it has almost no Disney movies that I have seen no Pixar no Star Wars no National Geographic yes there r several downsides but I enjoy it that’s why I give it a three also Tubi if u see this please remember to keep my reomandation about keeping the shows on there and not removing them thank u Byeeeeeee.Version: 6.10.0

Don’t Waste Your Time On This App!When i first saw an ad for this app it looked amazing so i got it and was extremely excited to use it, when it downloaded i rushed to open it and the screen said “put in your date of birth to move forward” so i put in my date of birth and it wouldn’t let me in. i am 16 years old and the app is 12+ so im definitely old enough for it! this is highly disappointing that it would not work and i had to delete it because it did not work, i expected high results of this app being really good but i guess not..Version: 5.9.0

Streaming GlitchOkay selection. streaming keeps replaying the previous 30 seconds throughout viewing. it’s very annoying and repetitive.Version: 4.11.1

😔This app really needs movies from 2000s up until today’s movies even the kids movies to.Version: 6.11.0

Limited selection, but good ideaBrowsing is confusing because the same title appears more than twice. The obscure selection of movies is really disappointing. Some options for another two languages. I was looking for older movies from late 70’s and 80’s. It shouldn’t take me half an hour of browsing titles to find something worth watching. Best thing about this app is the small infrequent ad breaks, for me less than 1.5 mins every 20-30 mins..Version: 5.16.2

Almost thereI wish ratings/reviews were a thing. For me, that's a big thing missing, especially because of how many indie movies you have - besides benefits to viewers, it can also be useful for cast involved, as they don't always necessarily have many opportunities to get feedback. It'd also be nice if it was easier to browse for movies - I can select a genre, but after a few dozen scrolls the titles start repeating themselves. Can't really search by keyword either. I'd say that combo equates to a pretty big flaw. I think this app is pretty impressive, but I know it has the potential to be more successful. Frankly, it's already worth money, but since you're giving this much away for free, it seems you could make improvements that people would pay for while still keeping at least the basic features free. If you had the same functionality as shudder (which could also be improved - their search function isn't very good either), I might very well cancel that subscription and pay you instead..Version: 5.7.1

LolIt’s just all the failed movies in one app 😂. It’s if Netflix had a baby with the worst movies and shows Eva lmaooo.Version: 5.6.1

Seulement anglais 😔Bien monté mais j’ai rien trouver en français.Version: 5.7.1

I want to love it, but….So, I enjoy it for the most part, but the commercials cut things off in the middle of words or sentences so when it gets back to the video, it is impossible to follow the train of thought without backing it up a little. But guess what? If you do that just a little bit, it makes you see commercials again, stopping in the middle of the sentence - again! And often even MORE commercials the second and third time you try to piece together what is being said. It didn’t seem to do that at first but it is doing it now so I often look for other venues to see what I want to see. This may not be an issue with movies, but I mostly watch documentaries and some of the concepts presented require concentration and smooth flow to grasp the ideas. I don’t mind the commercials per se, but not after just watching a bunch of commercials, having to back it up just a little, it then having it cut off the sentences and having to watch another whole batch of commercials and rarely getting to have continuity of the thoughts pretend. Freevee does not do that and it also lets you know when a commercial set is coming so you can plan accordingly. If they fix that I will come back to Tubi..Version: 7.5.0

Not the one I was looking for for iOSIt is not bad but I couldn’t find the latest hollywood movies such as Marvel and DC Movies etc. I think these are unappreciated movies. I have to delete it. Thank you..Version: 4.4.6

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