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YouTube Kids App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

YouTube Kids app received 97 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using YouTube Kids? Can you share your negative thoughts about youtube kids?

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YouTube Kids for Negative User Reviews

Your child will be distracted but not all age appropriate. Or appreciate at all at times.This app gets hundreds of good reviews because people give the phone to the kids and the kids are entertained so they figure that there’s thousands of things to watch on there and they peek across they’ll probably see that mostly the kiddos just watching instructional toy videos but you got to be careful is all the other inappropriate videos with a grown adults dressed up as kid characters. I have found my kids watching inappropriate content on that channel that is not disguised as well as it appears to be many times because of that I would not recommend this for children especially not age that it is has listed because nine times out of 10 one of those videos that they watch during the day it’s going to be mildly inappropriate and you probably won’t know about it because your kid just has the phone.Version: 6.32.1

WhatI am 9 and my dad set it to the highest level 8-12 and I am not allowed to watch normal Fortnite videos..Version: 5.15.2

Used to be betterWhen I first downloaded this for my son the app in itself was a lot easier to maintain and control. I suppose some changes after recent updates does not allow the user to clear the browsing cache anymore. I’ve gone through the settings over and over but can’t seem to find that option anymore. While my son used to watch educational, entertaining or kid friendly videos now there is nothing but homemade crap videos of mostly adults “reviewing” toys or doing some other nonsense. Since the last update I’ve had to block probably 30+ channels from the lite nonsense that comes up on the app now since I am unable to clear the cache. Please add this feature back. I really do enjoy the app for my son but having to block all the foreign channels so he doesn’t get confused and the other nonsensical channels is getting a little overwhelming..Version: 3.31.7

Fake, stupid ,and trashPlease don’t waste your data Downloading this app does not deserve one ⭐️👎👎👎👎👎🙅 it never does what it says a big liar 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 5.21.1

The block feature does not work!!!!I have blocked several videos and channels from my son watching, and can still search and find the BLOCKED videos to watch! I think you should pay attention and fix something you think is working fine! In my eyes block means cannot search,find,and watch! But you block feature does not do that! If this block feature wasn’t the way it is I would give a 5 star review but you clearly don’t believe in kids been safe, parents block for a reason not for them to search, find, and watch anyway! I hope this gets backed by many, and followed up and fixed fast!.Version: 3.47.5

Stopped workingIf I could give this zero stars I would. Without warning this has stopped working. Deleted then reinstalled the app without success. Don’t waste your time..Version: 5.36.3

You tube kidsIt should have a more better feature for teenagers.Version: 4.38.3

Inappropriate contentHello google, You filter must have a bug or something because there is perfect videos and about half way some inappropriate content plays. please fix!.Version: 4.8.6

I live in QuebecI live in quebec and it doesn’t work.Version: 4.42.2

Canada, but screw QuebecMake it available in Quebec and I’ll consider giving it a fair rating. Unfair it’s not in Quebec so you get an unfair rating..Version: 4.48.5

InappropriateI had the app restricted to 4 and under for my 5 year old. However, there’s a lot of content which is based on adults playing with toys or video games and talking about killing, eating your baby, fighting, horror characters, and personally; I just find that highly inappropriate for a 5 year old, besides 4 and under. One video clip of a cartoon character being sliced by a giant saw blade with blood coming out, gave my son nightmares, and he still has to sleep with the light on. If you don’t mind your child watching this sort of thing, then fine, but suitable content seems to be a contentious area for parents where a rating system certainly does not fit a ‘one size fits all’ purpose..Version: 6.46.1

OkThis app is good for me, it has lots of videos, but I find the video quality to be really bad. The first video I watch is always in low quality like 360p and then you have to reload it! Again and it turns into normal quality, halfway through and it turns back to bad quality. This is a really bad problem as sometimes I couldn’t even see the screen whilst I am looking at the videos! Please fix this problem as soon as possible. Also, I have seen inappropriate videos that contain swear words, and how is that for kids? I shared a video with my young sister and now she learnt something bad. Please make videos that are non-fiction appropriate again, as I am concerned about language use in the videos..Version: 7.24.1

U stupidWhat you think I can’t answer 5x9 Its 45! also I set my age to 11 and it still gave me videos for -♾ in age not happy Im not a soul in the abyss at the start of the multiverse! so stop giving me videos like “oh no I got hurt time to call the heroes”! Im not dumb I know how a digger works!!! what I like is wait for it: HORROR! so I want videos of roblox doors (a roblox horror game) and what do I get? cookie swirl C! oh yeah maybe I went a little bit overboard BUT it still gives me boring “power of love” videos I like horror show me horror not the N-word for 2 days! (I'm not racist btw) and stop telling me “sorry you’re to young to see horror” Bc not everybody gets scared by horror only faint-hearted people and I am not one of them!.Version: 7.41

I fartedI hate this app I hope to terminate it 👹👹👹👹👹🐶👺.Version: 6.37.4

DespicableI think the people who gave this app five stars was talking about a different app because this is the worst app ever. This isn’t 2017 anymore, this is 2022, I remember listening to my sister watching these terrible videos on this site, and what she watched almost made my soul leave my body for over 70 times. I’d rather go back in time and let my sister watch the baby shows I grew up watching than let her watch any of these despicable videos ever again. Susan, get some help..Version: 7.02.0

…………..WHAT THE F-This app is ……..I don’t want to say it because there’s kids watching but it’s BAD it’s YouTube but WORSE there’s ads like YouTube in general has ads and I get it but YouTube KIDS kids hate ads.Version: 8.09.0

Would be better if filtered by languageMy 2 year old is just learning to talk and loves wtChing videos on the app . And has already started singing and counting due to the videos being colourful and informative . But the biggest and only problem I have with this app . Is all of a sudden the video will switch to a foreign language. I do not have any issue with my child learning another language. But I would like her to learn English first . So when a video switches like that I have to keep blocking those videos . Would be nice if we could filter all videos by language.Version: 3.47.5

Needs a "back to the beginning" optionEnjoying the app, and the fact that it remembers where we left off a video, but it is very difficult to rewind if we want to watch a video from the start, as there is no Back to the beginning option. If we're 30 minutes into the video, it takes ages to rewind, then it gets all laggy/freezy when playing again. If I exit the video to try and solve the lagging issues, and click again, it takes us back to the same spot again, as if I hadn't rewound at all. Bit frustrating. A "Rewatch", "Play it again", or Back to the start" button would solve that! Would also love being able to subscribe to channels, or to favourite videos. Thanks :).Version: 5.42.2

Annoying volume featureThis would get full stars but there is a volume setting on the screen that my kid CONSTANTLY turns all the way up. I do not see why this should be a thing. Or at least give us parents the option to toggle that feature off for the younger kids who just crank it up to full volume..Version: 8.06

Add other thingsI don’t like YouTube kids because my son keeps bugging me can I have normal YouTube but he knows the answer no because there’s inappropriate language so I think you should add everything on the app..Version: 6.16.1

Lock screenCould do with a lock but still play.Version: 5.17.2

WHY DADWhy u buy me this all I see is toddlers with troll hair and Ryan’s toy review 🤢🤮.Version: 5.15.2

🤬🤬🤬DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!! Me and my daughter are after seeing so many inappropriate videos regarding alcohol, drugs, and sexual references from all sorts of knock off Disney or Nickelodeon channels. Regardless if we report them or not, they still turn up. My kids are after stumbling upon horrible videos. You may be familiar with this one; Don’t hug me, I’m scared. When my child saw this she was traumatized, and couldn’t sleep well for about 4 days. Nonetheless, I can still see it on this app. There are other complaints my children make about this app, as well. They can’t share videos with their friends, and often can’t find what they are looking for. I believe that monitoring what your kids watch on REAL YouTube is safer than counting on this app..Version: 5.15.2

Make something without adsDon’t put ads in a child’s app. Kids just wanna watch the show but you are doing it I’m disappointed 😔.Version: 5.36.3

Cant watch Bug No FixesI went go watch this out then it didn’t show this app is tricking me.Version: 5.42.2

No dude perfectYoutube kids is good but why is there no dude perfect they dont say bad words this should be fixed and the stupid music 🤮.Version: 5.42.2

Everything’s wrongI can’t do anything the only thing I can watch is one thing and when I search something that’s what comes up one thing I’m losing it somebody fix this app.Version: 5.15.2

LIESHonestly, what a useless app. My mother wouldn’t let me download regular you tube because she was scared of inappropriate content. Of course, now being older I can watch regular you tube and say, WOW. I was sometimes annoyed when a video from a series was missing cause of maybe like one curse word, but then I saw all the reviews saying they came across bad content anyway. WHAT!?!?!? They remove perfectly good videos for no reason, and then leave super obvious bad videos on the app???? I think I’m LESSS likely to run into anything bad on regular you tube. And then in the beginning when I first got the app it said preschool, school, or both. I clicked school but I still got baby cartoons and other pointless things I don’t care about. I like You Tube better. I’ve discovered some of my favorite you tubers there and seen videos from them, with nothing bad at all, that I couldn’t find here..Version: 3.31.7

Inappropriate videos!I am disgusted with some of the content on here aimed for children! I understand that all videos and channels can't be monitored, so at least install a block option! I let my 4 year old have 10 minutes on here before bed, tonight she started crying. I asked her what she was crying for and she said"chases' mummy and daddy jumped and now they're dead and chase is crying' I took it off her and had a look. Absolutely disgusting! Then had a look through the recommended videos - and there are so many twisted, violent, disturbing videos! I am uninstalling this until a block option is given for UK users..Version: 2.34.7

NoIt abducted my child. Help.Version: 6.14.1

Removed/disappointedI used to like this app for my child and have recently deleted it. However it needs a better blocking and monitoring system. Such as blocking a certain type of video genre. Also just anybody can create videos. There are videos that are talking about suicide, sexual activity indirectly (with doll toys movement) and creepy images. Who is agreeing to these videos of even being on here? How is this ever okay for kids? It’s sickening! I have blocked more than hundreds of videos but the same type always pops up. I used to like it because it would show short clips of regular tv shows but when it gets to random people who are creating videos I have to sit there and watch listen and monitor it.(which when I’m trying to get things around the house done that’s impossible! Parents please be mindful of what your kids are watching!.Version: 4.8.6

Pretty good!It is a great app and it encourages children to go out of their bubble. You can explore lots of funny cool creative and interesting things on this app. Definitely recommend to young children. The only thing I would say is please put on some different things like a different 20 videos each 2 months Thanks.Version: 5.07.1

It was ok... UNTIL NOWThis app was ok and serving me well. Until recently. Any time I go on the app now, no matter how good my WiFi connesction is is, it says “oops! Couldn’t load any videos!” And when I click try again 5 million times, all the videos that normally pop up aren’t there! No recommend videos, no music videos, no learning videos, no nothing! Just the search icon and settings icon. When I search for a vid, the title text is superb small! And when I click on a vid, most of the time it just says “something went wrong. Tap to retry” and I do that multiple times, and it hardly ever works! And when it does, the title and other vids don’t even apppear! I have tried reinstalling the app, hard restarting my iPad, and going on different WiFi’s, but nothing works! All these problems have arisen in the past week, so I hope a bug fix comes out soon, but for now, IM REALLY MAD!!!!!!.Version: 3.53.6

!! Please read !!I have had yt kids ever since I had a iPad *now I have a phone* its made for 4 year olds because I’m on the 9-12 section and do you know what I see??? “hOnEY HeArT C” and “cOOkie SwIrL C” and little kids unboxing toys and playing with them!! And 20 year olds playing with LOL’S!!! I think there should be kids playing video games and that stuff, also pls update it we’re to you can see we’re the video was made and who made it bc that really bugs me! Also ADD BACK ROSANA PASTINO!!! And pls show new good Moriah Elisabeth videos! Also maybe can u guys make shorts??? Instead oh having 5-10 sec videos and then changing them, also maybe a 12-15+ section?? That would be fun. And I’m just saying I heard the d word on a channel *I don’t remember witch one* so maybe parents are just better sticking off with normal yt?? And I know some parents are a little over protective and I know they don’t want there kids to have Snapchat and that stuff wich I understand, but most also probably don’t want there kids hearing the d word. So for all of this I give it a 1 and 1/2 out of 5 stars sorry kids yt but no. - Malorie Kelly.Version: 8.16.1

Um (Pls read)Ok so don’t get me wrong yt kids is a good app and all… if your an 8 year old. But now im almost 11 and im running out of things to watch. Also it has an EXTREMELY long moderation process and it takes like one week to get the video. Also it has some VERY twisted logic. It allows videos who say the da word but for some reason they don’t allow mr beast. ITS NOT LIKE HES CUSSING ALL THE TIME!! I’ve watched him at my freinds house and it is very clean. Also why is it that u can change ur settings by doing an extremely easy math problem?? Anyone could easily use a calculator or something if they don’t know. Also if u should at least be able to like, subscribe and turn on the notifications bell. BUT IN YT KIDS ALL U CAN DO IS SUBSCRIBE! Idk maybe it’s just me but I’m really growing out of yt kids..Version: 8.25

PLZ SEE THIS!!!1. Plz put actual songs on this app. Not just instrumental, and covers of the song. Or at least put clean versions on it!!!! 2. I KNOW, this may be a little too much to ask... but would you consider clean vines??? PLZ!!!! 3. You only have animal try not to laugh challenges. Some of us don’t find turtles very funny. 4. The 15 second cartoon musical that plays when you open the app is beautiful, It really is, but sometimes, I don’t want to watch dinosaurs dancing to bad music. 5. plz allow US to make our OWN albums, like a music album, or a DIY one so you could find your favorite videos without looking them up every time, and, so we have our own playlist of music we like. Plz do this..Version: 3.56.1

UnavailableRidiculous not to be available for children!.Version: 3.02.6

Recommendations need improvementThe apps not amazing but is useful. The recommendations are wanting though?! Can we have an option to set the language of the videos played without having to block each individual one Cheers.Version: 3.47.5

It’s ok but could improveOk I like the idea and stuff but there ain’t no good youtubers ! They should add Gacha Life and ROBLOX and tik Tok there all sutible!They should add inquistormaster and laurenzside bijju mike! But my children do watch sis vs bro but they’ve only got 1 or 5 eposides and they are very sutible for children 2-100 Ok....They should put more funny videos in because when my kids watch it they just get bored and play crossy Road !But it’s a good idea plus there’s a time limit and age rating a great app! But needs more fun and entertaining videos to watch thank you for li.Version: 4.38.3

Ok idea but it just sucksI get why parents like the app but kids hate it I’m an 11 year old and I’ve been forced to use this app since I was 9 I get why like 3 year olds would like this but I set it for my age and peppa pig still shows up so I recommend real YouTube thank you for ur time.Version: 5.27.0

Idk what to put here…For some weird reason the vids such as kindly Keyin or the frustrated gamer DanTDM (Etc.) there videos (or entire channel) are kid friendly and not accessible no bad words violence nothing but…the best channels I ever watched would never show up WHY…those videos of people are not bad!!!…next (at the top I mean that tfg kindly keyin are my favorite yet channels and yet it just never would be an accessible channel :( ) ok they delete channels that are so popular which just is sad to ALOT of people but it’s a good app I will tell you that whoever’s reading this stay safe and have a good day!! 🙂(please don’t delete this just add more channels everyone loves that they can watch more videos of or add an entire channel that everyone loves :D).Version: 8.11.1

AwfulThis is one of the worst apps ever it sucks soooo much i hate YT kids! kids and even watch their favourite youtubers! at leaste add poppy playtime videos u losers!!!!! (the creators of the app are losers).Version: 8.11.1

BadScrew you Take this app down and read a book.Version: 5.13.3

Has PropgandaIf your not familar with the lgbtq if you search up gay there will be stuff relating to propganda sexulity I’m sure most parnets do not like this being shown I suggest deleting youtube kids and finding another kids app thats not woke or only let them play games.Version: 8.07

Needs a continuous play buttonNeeds a continuous play feature.Version: 5.32.0

Some bad videosWhen I was young I saw penny wise videos I got so scared AND some people say bad words WHY! WHY!.Version: 8.11.1

I wish it was the way it was in 2020 I can’t be the only oneFirst of all you used to be able to search stuff but now you’re not allowed to and second of all just made it so much more confusing because there is a shared recommended and approve for you sections I like the old system better because like it used to be shared then recommended then like learning or like if it was Black History Month there would be an entire section for that which would be a learning section and then you have the gaming section and the music section and they just ruined that cause I use a search a lot and they just ruined that for me because I am not the only one I think that just this app got ruined I think because now it’s just whack because I cause I started using this around 2017 it was just so much better that way why can’t they just change it back.Version: 8.09.0

Good overall but very limitedGood overall for young children but many videos don’t work with cromecast for some unknown reason and I know it’s meant to have limited controls but would be nice if your child could at least subscribe to channels they like so they can better follow subjects of interest to them, this app is meant to last until child is 14 perhaps a middle level app is required for slightly older children as would be rubbish for a 13 year old for example sort it out google!.Version: 4.46.1

TrashTrash.Version: 6.26.0

Just ew, how do they continue to sell this app???Not a good app, my mom and dad think this app is amazing and wonderful but they seriously need to stop the cap, this app has no gacha club vids, no memes, and no enjoyment in the app, it’s so disgusting and disappointing, please do not download this app, you’ll be left with disappointment, and disgust, if I could rate it 0 stars I would.Version: 8.13.0

DELETE THIS APPIt's come to my attention(through my own eyes and others talking) that their is videos that seem harmless until about 4 minutes into the video and then the characters start taking pills, cutting their wrists, turning the oven on, running away, lieing, animals dieing, murder scenes, making the dentist and doctors seem scary by over dramatising things. this is NOT an app that monitors the videos being posted! it's meant to be for children but as an adult some of the videos made me cringe! this app has now been deleted from mine and hundreds of other people's phones! DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!!.Version: 4.3.12

Please add 10+I like YT kids and I have had it since I was 5 (parents phone before 7 years old) but I am ten and it’s kind of boring now, but I like the music but I have 2 suggestions for music ( And it includes the 10+)I have a couple songs I would like to you to add, I had to re-download the app because my little brother deleted it by accident and I did not know for a while (3 years) and I have some favorite songs and I was wondering for the 10+ Mabye you can add videos that have 1-10 swear words in it because we are tweens also can you add a 15+ for the teenagers who have strict parents or insecure parents but could you add songs like the haylofts hayloft II only has one swear word in it and the first hayloft has no swear words in it. And for the 10+ maybe do you think you can add let’s game it out and mr beast? From, Abby.Version: 7.38.0

This app is awfulI was using this app for my child she’s 11 she put in her age and the app only had baby videos which was not fun for her she wanted to listen to some fun music so she typed music and only childish music came up also we sent a complaint saying that one of her favourite YouTubers which was child friendly was not allowed on the app but then after we asked for that request even less videos of her popped up. This is quite disappointing and for the next week and a half she had to watch childish videos about three-year-olds opening up toys and baby shark.Version: 5.09.5

Keeps crashingKeeps crashing every single time I have also reset the iPad multiple times still doesn’t work everything is up to date aswell.Version: 3.56.1

Lots of bugs other than that great app!Hi I started watching yt kids when I was four I think it’d a wonder full app! But one day I woke up and waited to eight thirty for my time limit resets and when I hit yt kids I noticed it did show up the accounts it said hi get a parent to do some stuff and I was going to just put like 1958 but I did not want to I went to App Store maybe I had to upgrade it? It did not work yt DO NOT GIVE TO FIVE AND OLDER ITS FOR LIKE 12 YEAR OLDS IF U WANNA HAVE SOMETHING MORE SAFER DOWNLOAD RUMBLE it’s not much for kids but has some kid things I guess anyways yt kids also has some stuff up there that was not for kids on a kids channel and account I was like bro this ain’t for kids I was scard for what I saw I still have nightmares about it anyways THANKS FOR READING THIS PLEASE FIX THIS MAKE SURE TO LEAVE A THUMBS UP SO THEY WILL READ IT! Have a nice day(:.Version: 7.32.0

Parental ControlYou are able to go in and block certain things and report them as well, but my 4 year old love watching LOL Dolls and some things would pop in such as the “naughty kids” are her words. These kids pull pranks on each other and their parents. Such as putting window cleaner in each other’s water, bullying pranks, etc. we would block and report them as not appropriate for other kids to watch and they would pop back in as a different language or name. They did delete some Peppa Pig being murdered videos, but again would pop up in different languages. Learning videos are great, but being able to control every single thing that may pop in is impossible. I would recommend downloading apps that are strictly learning apps for that age group..Version: 5.15.2

Continually asks to setup profilesKeeps asking the parent to create a profile for their children. Even after you have created a profile for your children, it will sign them out and ask you to create a profile again! You can’t just sign them into their profile, you have to go through the painful process of creating their profile time and time again. If you have a generated password that you don’t store on your child’s device this drives you to uninstalling this app..Version: 5.21.1

No longer workingAfter working perfectly for months, after the most recent update YouTube Kids no longer works in our region. The website states the only place it is unavailable is Quebec. We live in Ontario. My child has been upset every since this has happened that she is unable to watch her shows. It's a great shame this has happened and we hope it will be fixed ASAP with another update..Version: 2.34.7

EhI can’t watch normal YT, but I know for sure that the Norris Nuts and LPS Emily are not inappropriate.😡 How are they not appropriate when a lady saying s#!t is! Please fix it! Also, can we get more videos meant for older kids? I know the whole older kids profile thing but it starts you off with baby vids anyway!? Also, don’t read the four or five reviews they show you straight up, they are just trusting to cover up how bad it really is. Also, I was just watching a “The elite (with dolls!)| the selection story” and a doll called Maree said “ hey, I’m still a b!#@h”. Which is absolutely and utterly disgusting! I’ve tried blocking it but it says you need to create an actual account. I believe that all these problems could be resolved by more monitoring, and actually reading your responses..Version: 5.19.2

It’s no longer safe for kidsWe’ve been alerted to videos containing a certain character that pops up during a video showing our children how to kill themselves and hurt others. This is so disgusting. We as a household have deleted this app and have many friends and family who have done the same. We are extremely sadden and disappointed by this..Version: 4.8.6

Lack of Language Filters and Parental ControlsI think this app is quite bad for what it should be. Not being able to filter the contents based on chosen languages is a massive oversight. I can’t recommend this app until that is fixed. Other critical omissions are not having proper parental controls. The only thing you can do in the app is to limit the amount, but you have to do it on the device itself, why can’t we control it from the parent device? Why can’t we queue up stuff we want them to see ? At this point I wonder if google even use the app , don’t they see these issues ?.Version: 3.31.7

I hate this app and here is whyI am 10 and i try to watch like (and im on 9-12) itsfunneh and the krew or like ldshadow lady but like i watch the same videos EVERYDAY UGH i dont need this maybe one day post the newest videos on there IM NOT 2.Version: 6.26.0

A bit TOO childish.I had this app when I was 5-8 probably and I remember it being superrrrrr boring. My favorite youtuber had very few videos on there and so I would be constantly watching the same videos over and over again. This youtuber is literally kid friendly. Itsfunneh is their name. All their videos are meant to be kid friendly so I’m not sure why they’d replace these videos with some reallyyyyy childish videos. I’ve read other reviews, and apparently most of the videos they see on this app is 20 years olds opening up LOL dolls and cookieswirlc playing with Shopkins. That’s literally the only content on this app. I recommend adding back the kid friendly videos, because there was nothing wrong with them..Version: 8.25

Good but bad ☹️This is a good app but it is very annoying my daughter loves this app but it has soooooooooo many different kinds of languages and my daughter is listening to too many languages and it is so annoying 😡 I can not stand it. And she is watching inappropriate things for her age I asked her a million times but she is to busy watching the show. But after all some times it is a good app for the kiddo. Just sometimes it is a bad app but it is very good and easy for herself.Version: 6.24.2

This app should go in the trashCan it not treat u like your 2 years old. It would be way better if it doesn’t act like your learning on YouTube.Version: 5.19.2

PLEASE ALLOW ME TO SET LANGUAGE PREFERENCES!!!It’s a good app but my son is trying to learn English so I don’t want him watching videos in other languages. It’s incredibly counterproductive. It would be super helpful if I could choose a language for his recommended videos. Right now I have to manually block every non-English channel that pops up in my son’s recommended videos and there are SO MANY. He also gets upset when I do it, because he’s interested in the vids. His algorithm is really working against me. Surely I’m not the only one with this issue?? I tried looking through settings but as far as I can tell it’s not a thing currently. If that changes I will update my review. I usually don’t leave reviews but this is driving me crazy. Please fix it..Version: 5.38.2

Think about Autistic children more.My child loved this app until the recent change to the interface and soft music. Now he won’t use it. The interface is altered, there’s a try these channels 'block' at the end the watched previously section so it won’t scroll through to recommendations as smoothly as it did before but worst of all is the change to music and the opening graphics… way too busy. Please give us the option to have different openings and gentler music or at least turn it off. I know developers love to tinker to 'keep things fresh' but for our household it’s not an 'improvement' but a loss of enjoyable resource. Think about autistic children more..Version: 7.20.1

Good but no full screen with BluetoothThe app is great and allows my son to browse videos for his age range with some degree of safety but as with all online content the parent also needs to supervise what your child is viewing. One thing I do find annoying is that if you are watching with Bluetooth headphones you can no longer watch videos in full screen, now this could be an iOS issue and not a YT Kids app issue but either Google or Apple should sort this out as it removes from the overall experience..Version: 3.31.7

Its a great app for children but…When you start the app you can select what age group you would like the system to select recommended videos for but, even the 12+ selection provides (in my opinion) rubbish reccomendations. and the ads for videos are of items like my little pony and super wings baby transformers stuff which lets be honest no 12 yr old wants so it would be good if you could change the ads to more age suitable products and you do NOT NEED a ‘well be back after this ad’ it makes it UNNESARILY longer and just makes people annoyed.Version: 7.44

TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Omg why yt kids is trash Reasons: Unnecessary moderation. I type up pop cat (a meme with no inappropriate words and stuff) keep in mind I’m on a older acc) and it comes up with trashy cartoons that have NOTHING to do with the topic. PLESE fix this!!! Lag. So much lag. I’m on a iPad 8.7 and it lags like hell. Fix it!!! Plus I type up Elivtoys (a yt channel (safe) ) and it dosent come up with anything. Same with Moriah elizabeth. I really liked her channel :( So I strongly think u don’t download yt kids and just stick to normal yt. Deleted almost immediately. Nah, I have more complaints. Why can’t u comment on peeps vids plz fix it cuz I really want to do it and I have to log in to my acc cuz I have a channel to run. I’m 10 btw. Whew, final complaint. Why do u have math quizzes like 5x7 to enter I already bypassed the Nintendo parental controls and deleted them and can bypass YOUR system ahahhahahhahahhahahahh 😈😈😈😈😈🤣🤣🤣 AHAHAHHAHAH HHAHAHAHAH LOLOL UR NO MATCH FOR MEE Ahhahahhahahahahhahahhahahhahjhajahajhahahahajhjajajhahhahahahhahahha Yours angrily A very angry 10 yr old called Delia..Version: 7.36.1

Kids Yotube Failed Miserably Sorry...I’m completely sick of how it’s supposed to be good for kids but it has a few things on there that may not seem harmless till YOU WATCH IT. I’ve seen a video of a gameplay of a murder involved horror game, a pony being killed (children game) and a few things that might make kids get more interested in violent horror movies. Also I want more videos to be posted please!!! Don’t even ask me how many times I’ve watched the same videos over and over again and it feels like 1 video gets uploaded per year. I’m sorry Yotube Kids but PLEASE fix this, thanks..Version: 3.63.6

Great, but some suggestions.This app is great for little kids, but for parents with older kids there’s not much good content. I’m constantly trying to find good videos to watch but whatever i do it leads back to the same childish videos. The search bar barely shows you what you’re looking for. If you search mukbang, nothing comes up. And tik tok, none. I get there are little kids, but there are also 11+. They should get some content they’ll actually enjoy. Also, the security system isn’t very safe. They ask east multiplication equations like 9x8. Children can easily google it or know it by the top of your head. you should also be able to watch clean vines. They take away a lot of things that are kid friendly and replace it with super childish content. It’s not fair to the children that are older and have stricter parents. Otherwise, good for little kids..Version: 6.24.2

*sigh*To be honest most of the content can get boring because of only so little to watch I realised that I re watched the same video 14 times! I would love for there to be more well freedom like you could comment on videos or make your own channel and if you Can I’m sorry I haven’t seen that feature,it’s a good app but it’s really well. Tight. And I mean that in like enclosed, I love this app but I feel like it’s still a WIP (work in progress) please add more features it’s driving me insane!,.Version: 7.49.1

Get good channelsI am board of watching skits I want to wacht like fortnite stuff.Version: 5.19.2

Who’s screening material for this app???Have heard very inappropriate language far too many times for this to be called a decent app unfortunately. Disturbed by how much sexual innuendo, adult innuendo for this app to be safe for my child anymore. A parent needs to view constantly with their child, and have an instant mute ability for a child not to become contaminated. Parents beware. That’s the warning I’d have about this app. I’m now going to remove as much of it as I can on my child iPad. Zero trust this is being monitored adequately! Not happy and today’s episode was the final straw for us! Good luck keeping your child’s innocence with this app....Version: 6.08.2

Dear YouTube kidsI am giving you a one star rating because I can’t watch videos on it because there’s an issue, so could you please fix it ASAP.Version: 8.10.0

Needs some additionsThis app works pretty well since the last update. But it needs some additional features to make it 5star. It needs a way to block certain channels (some channels are just complete junk), a way to choose what offline videos/content are being downloaded (instead of it being chosen at random) and a way to play “offline” or downloaded content only. The people who made this app have done a fantastic job so far, just hoping the updates keep rolling out :).Version: 3.07.12

I liked it but now…I liked it when I was 3-7 but now I’m a few months away from being 10 I want to watch real yt now but my parents won’t let me so I recommend yt for kids 3-8 because that’s when kids get way to board of it and get a bit to desperate like my sis who is 14! Show this note to your parents if you are eight or higher and hopefully they let you watch real Ty it worked for my parents here’s the trick let them monatier you watch Ty so they know what your watching so I rescanned not to watch pranking YouTubers watch rebbaca sampling and YouTubers like that to hopefully get started watching real Ty ps: shorts are very appropriate so don’t worry your parents will probely let you watch them if they are not to overprotective mine are but they watched some and said okay Ty kids if you are reading this you should put a ending age of 8..Version: 8.10.0

It’s great but has a few minor issues.I think that YT kids is a very nice app but sometimes there is not many videos to watch and they are kinda babyish. YT kids is good for children 4-8 years old but I don’t think a 12 year old would want to watch this. Maybe you could change a few things, but overall this is a great app and I definitely recommend this app for children 4-8. And if parents are complaining so much about inappropriate stuff but no! There is nothing on there that’s inappropriate so pls stop saying that. I also wish that we could comment or turn on the bell or even subscribe without are parents account 🙄. Thank you for reading to the end I hope you make some changes with the videos and maybe make an age group 12+?? Maybe?.Version: 5.42.2

Not safe for kids!I spent so much time blocking channels that spewed our non stop advertising disguised as “learn colours and shapes” that I decided just to delete the app. My daughter became conditioned to look for Kinder Surprise eggs at the supermarket as she had seen so many being opened on YT kids. It’s absolutely jammed full of videos that are just thinly veiled advertisements. Despicable!.Version: 3.07.12

Allow access to older version pleaseI would give this 5 stars, but after wiping my iPad to try to deck clutter it, I find the only app my 2 year used, now is too 'new' to install on my iPad2. I won't buy a newer iPad just because I'm being forced to run a newer version of the same app I ran just hours ago on this perfectly good iPad, bar the cracked screen, which my 2 year old did so definitely not going to upgrade as that one would probably get damaged too, so before any developer thinks the latest version is always best, consider younger users (who this app is aimed at!) 😞.Version: 6.29.2

Ew. Just ewI’m 9/12 and this is what I have to say: I’d give 0 stars if I could 1. It got ads 2. THERE’S ONLY BABY SHOWS ON THERE And 3. I put my YouTube channel on made for kids and it says it shows up in YouTube kids IT FRICKIN DOESNT I WANT MY BROTHER TO BE ABLE TO WATCH MY VIDEOS.Version: 5.27.0

Really?!?Hi I’m writing first to say it a good enough app but there are A few things I’d liked changed so first after you watch some videos it starts to delete videos off the app for example after I used this app for a while I watched danTDM but then my brother found out my second favorite YouTuber was on there but I couldn’t watch him because it had already deleted his video off the app!!!!! Then they have Series on there but like there’s say episode one of a let’s play but not the next episode!!! Why?!?! And you can’t share videos with your phone 😡 and I wish you could comment and ring a bell 🔔 but you can’t even watch the whole series!!! I’m thinking about deleting this app please fix this five stars if you do🥺 thank you for reading to the end..Version: 5.13.3

Used to be much betterObviously the people who update this app don't have kids. Who puts ad's on a kids app? My kid loses it. I'll gladly pay if you loose the ads before videos..Version: 2.34.7

Inappropriate content for childrenMy son started watching cartoon programs on here and after a period of time discovered “jeffy” videos which I completely feel are inappropriate for children. My children cam to me telling me he’s naughty and what he says and when I watched with them I was appalled what they had been watching. This app is developed by google and in my opinion was aimed at children... this is not the case Really disappointed and have been trying to contact someone from either google/YouTube on how to further restrict my account so my children do not see inappropriate content as I cannot seem to restrict it myself or block videos or block users.Version: 3.07.12

Ok one secSo I’m watching super Mario Logan and you guys have most of there videos age restricted and you have a lawsuit with them and I’m confused because I was watching one of there videos and it said try YouTube kids? And that’s honestly weird cause this is on there old account so you should remove sml videos from YouTube kids so I don’t know why you have sml videos on YouTube kids.Version: 6.14.1

This sucksThis is huge pile of crap why is this so bad YouTube is so fliping better.Version: 5.11.4

👎I am 9 this is not the best apps have to watch the same videos over and over.Version: 5.17.4

Good app but quite boringThis is quite a cool app, I go on it EVERY day, and I don’t mean just like once a week, I really like watching videos on here. But one thing, it is quite boring after a while, like I said in the title, and there isn’t any very good videos on there. Their are 2 great channels on there I recommend watching! They are called: “Disney XD” which is a show where people prank other people, but it’s very interesting, and I recommend you try a video on there and see. The other channel is “Applause New York” which is short movies where kids act but it’s very funny and cool. I also love the intro! So yeah! Try it out..Version: 6.26.0

HiI am still working on the new contract and will be there tomorrow morning to get the kids to work in today and then we will have to do a couple of days later this week and will have a little time with him tomorrow night and will have a few minutes before the kids come in tomorrow and will be home tomorrow and then will come over tomorrow to get my car back in and then will come get it at my office or.Version: 3.07.12

It was great until nowI would give 5 stars, untill now! It was always great to entertain the kids in their tablets and keep them away from my phone. Now app is no longer supported by tablet software still (iOS 9.3.5). Why can’t you just make updates and still allow old software to use it? Now kids no longer want their tablets and “fight” to have my phone. This is just for us to spend money buying new tablets, make apple making more money and what can we do with older tablets?? Just dispose them? This is s i Oi s just a joke. But you’re not the only app, fortunately there’s (only) a few that still think about this matter..Version: 6.08.2

PLEASE REMOVE THE VOLUME SLIDERRRROr if we could turn it off in the settings that would be amazing. App was perfect until you made this update..Version: 7.24.1

Innapropriate videos for smaller onesLet my son watch kids tube as I was concerned over what he'd see if I let him watch regular tube. Started off great watching peppa pig and all the usual videos of cartoons he loves watching on tv. BUT once the recommended videos started coming, they all became weird and in my opinion inappropriate. This daddy finger mummy finger song has the weirdest videos of them all. Son started waking in the night crying and I couldn't figure why he was so scared, kept saying monsters scared him so Iv deleted the app. Crying and waking in the night has stopped thankfully and I'm blaming the videos he was watching for his nightmares..Version: 2.34.14

Hate it😤😠I’m sorry but I really don’t like this app, it’s so childish. Even when you click 12 years old they give you 4 year old stuff. I know back in the day you didn’t really have those kind of shows that we watch but we are in the 20th centuries😒 it’s different now. So please make the12 yr old enjoy stuff if so I will give it a better rating but for now...... no😤.Version: 6.14.1

ReallySo my kid is 8 and he still watches this dumb I’m. Going to delete it for him because kids don’t get to watch their favourite Youtubers I know what you might be thinking Youtubers say cuss words but my kid doesn’t watch that he watches Youtubers that are not found on YouTube kids that say nothing bad and whenever he watches the YouTuber i’m always right behind him that’s how you can tell. This stupid app it doesn’t allow kids what they want to watch..Version: 8.09.0

Is not disponible in canada 😡😡😡😡👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎.Version: 5.17.2

For ages 0-12!?!I agree with the idea of having just kids content on a different app. I respect the idea that children should not be exposed to inappropriate things but this gets different for ages 10-12. The experience for them is terrible and most of the videos that they are watching at this point may have a few swears and they can not be found. YouTubers like ninja and markiplayer are not there which kids enjoy. They need to be more flexible on the age because kids are not going to only play any to have access to bad toy reviewers and not what they actually enjoy. This app should be more directed towards ages 3-8 or 9. Kids at that point are exposed to more swears and want to branch out to some of these other YouTubers that may swear..Version: 4.49.3

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