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Pocket FM: Audio Series App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Pocket FM: Audio Series app received 134 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Pocket FM: Audio Series? Can you share your negative thoughts about pocket fm: audio series?

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Pocket FM: Audio Series for Negative User Reviews

ExpensiveI’ve given this a 3 star purely because of the book I’m listening to. So far, it has cost over $200 aud dollars. If this book hasn’t concluded by the time I’ve reached the end of my purchased episodes. I shall be leaving this platform.Version: 2.3.9

One issueThe auto play after your story ends, it just started one you already listen too from start so when you listen the next day you have to find where you was. either put option in to not allow to start another story or stop it all together. Apart from that they good stories and narrated very well. Is a free coin issue i watched loads of adds to build up coins to unlock more chapters but then the next day they just vanished. The binge bundle you brought out though was definitely worth buying but only seen it once 1800 episodes and you only release 1 free one to listen to a day going to take years to complete.Version: 2.4.8

This is a SCAM!They claim the app is free but yet to finish a unfinished book it will cost you over $900. Stop giving people the same response saying the coins are an improvement. THEY ARE NOT! A chapter should maybe cost 1 or 2 coins max. PocketFM is filled with a bunch of scammers!!! Look at the reviews on this app. No one is impressed. If I wanted to spend $900+ on a book then it better be made from pure GOLD! I want all my money back!.Version: 2.4.1

The worstI tried it this app to see if all the reviews where as bad as everyone is saying, so that I can give my honest opinion, and it is most definitely the situation.Version: 2.3.2

No AnimationI can’t follow without the animation because there’s too many names to remember.Version: 2.3.3

Ads were fakeThe ads for the app were false, there is no animation along with the stories. They also get lazy and stop putting words with the stories further on.Version: 2.0.3

Can’t find an audiobookI previously downloaded this app and listened to an amazing audiobook called “The devils heir is a crown price” which is a book shown in the advertisement of your app. I redownload the app to listen to this book and it is no where to be seen even if I look it up! I find this to be rather misleading as it shows the book in the slides on App Store when you download the app..Version: 2.2.0


Too expensiveI am disabled and can't hold a book. I enjoy listening to the audio but I can't afford to buy coins..Version: 2.4.9

Do Not Download!!!I was curious I heard the Instagram ad I said why not seemed decent. I started listening to the InstaMillionaire… let me tell it’s TRASH. It literally makes no sense, these people have no common sense nor do they have brains. I understand it’s fictional and can’t be real life but even dumb people have smart moments and all the characters in this haven’t had a single one. There is ZERO character development, no type of Character arc and as a listener I can’t even become attached to a character. How are all the kids going to college but act remedial. I’ve seen all types of “teenage movies, shows and books” this has got to be the worse of the worse. All the kids know is money they switch back and forth if someone has a little bit of cash. My man donated $350 girls are all on him like he balking this is not 1920. I work 40 hrs a week I’ve definitely donated that and I got bills like what is this unrealistic, unimaginative, uncreative story. Please save yourself don’t download or listen to these garbage time wasting stories. Smh..Version: 1.9.2

Unreasonably Expensive (Here’s the Math)I love audiobooks but the format of this app is atrocious. It is set up to make the user pay for each and every chapter they read. $10 only gets around 10-17 chapters (since all chapters aren’t the same length or price. Smh) in the book that I started, The Billionaire’s Accidental Bride, and this book has 440 chapters. I did some math and it’s well over $200 for a book that would cost maybe $15 out of the store. OR you can wait 24hr for 2 chapters to be unlocked for free. That’s over half a year to listen to a book I could finish in a day or two. And there’s still ads to skip! Idk who is willing to pay these prices with other audiobook options out there. It’s a shame since I liked the book but I don’t think I’ll ever finish it..Version: 1.9.0

Rip-offAvoid to subscribe or don’t even buy a single coin. You’ll regret it.Version: 2.3.8

Missing coinsI am VERY disappointed with this company. They steal coins from you. I have yet to select to buy a chapter in a story but 124 coins from my account was still STOLEN from me. I have written to them about it and am waiting for a response. If this review is still up it means that they ignored my message and gave not returned the coins they stole from me.Version: 2.4.3

Bait storiesA forever set of stories going on and on with trash always headed to the next dram so you want to know more…. Then you hit the money grab. Save your time and money. By a book instead.Version: 2.3.0

What a SCAM!This “coin system” model is like the old “bait & switch” system. You start listening to a story that is very interesting, and then you have to buy coins to listen to the rest of the story. No problem! I’m willing to pay for good stories. But NO! I pay $20 only to find out that my $20 barely pays for ONE-TENTH of the story. Instead of the book being broken up into chapters, it’s broken up into “episodes.” However, each episode is only about 10 minutes. So, what does $20 get you? A total of about 40 to 50 episodes of a 950+ episode book. RIDICULOUS! Of course, you do have the option to buy enough coins to unlock the entire book… for ONLY NINETY-NINE DOLLARS!!!! For that amount, I might as well go see a movie in 3D at the IMAX theater, but popcorn, hot wings, beer, candy, soda, pretzels, and an ice cream bar… and still not spend a total of $100. What a freaking scam!.Version: 2.3.1

Playback speedHi all, Just a quick thing to say, the playback speed doesn’t work for each episode. Why is this?.Version: 2.0.5

Rip off!!!How am I not able to speak to no one???? I reach episode 68 and paid for most of them and now it’s all lock back up—— what happen to all the money I paid???? I wish w had read all the reviews before spending my money on this app…. What’s with one or two chapters a day??? Even after I spent money to try to get the full story , my money run out before I even get to half the book. Books are not that expensive, a romance novel is maybe about $10 but this app want $100s to listen to one story and you can’t even get to the end of it cause they are not uploading them…. What’s the point of spending all that money and can’t get to the end of the book? I wish there was a way to get my money back, because it’s not fair for you to take all my money and I. Any finish one book . I think Apple should shut this app down.Version: 1.8.8

Pocket FMDoes not give you the free chapters daily, as advertised. Costs well over $100 to listen to ONE story..Version: 2.4.9

FakeThere’s not even 100 books on there this is fake.Version: 1.4.6

Way over pricedWhen I first started using the app I was enjoying, the story I was listening to was a fun listen, but that is kind of where the good ends, the whole coin thing is very inconvenient and astronomicaly expensive, just to get through not even half of a story, I prob spend $20 which is kinda ridiculous just for not even half of a story, the story itself captured my attention but the cost has completely turned me off to the Pocket FM platform, yes you can just wait until it becomes “free” but when there are 80+ episodes I quickly lost interest having to wait, especially since each “chapter” is like 10 mins long, and your “free” trial is completely misrepresented, was really hoping to like the app but it’s something I could never recommend to a family member or friend Have a great day!.Version: 2.3.4

The runHow is that possible that after expending so much buying coins the book stop given free listening and only buying can I got forward , I never have bought a book without even able to keep , it is disappointed when I have to wait a months to have one small part of the book . Or buy more coins for almost nothing . I think this is a Heist..Version: 2.4.6

I got overcharged!I selected a coin promotion at $1.99 but instead the app charged me $2.99..Version: 2.3.9

So expensiveYou need to buy coins to read more chapter and they are expensive and with subscription you only have access to 165 coins. Each chapter which is about 8 minutes or so, needs 2-4 coins to open. Honestly, it's a good app, but they should lower the costs so at least we can read everything with the subscription. No one would spend a fortune on an audiobook.Version: 2.0.8

Not happyI’m happy with the story but when I clicked the button to buy all episodes It charged my account but only unlocked 100 episodes instead of the full 1230 episodes it miss leased me so a 0 star me me.Version: 2.3.1

Great titles but no supportDisappointed with the lack of support. Questions raised over a month and not a single reply. furthermore when purchasing coins, the cost vs the actual cost being charged to your card is far more. Deceiving and needs to be reported. Approach with caution. 2 stars for the great content, everything else is a big failure..Version: 2.4.2

Like it but..I like the stories. And found one I really so I figure I’ll unlock it with coins to get the hole story instead of waiting everyday for a few parts to be released for free. It’s a good story so it’s worth it to me. So got a bunch of coins. About 15 bucks. Then realized there’s over 1000 parts. I did the math and it would be over 100. About 150$. What?? That’s 3 plus times what a book would be. I would love to support the writer but that’s crazy. So I just can’t buy any more coins till it’s more reasonable. A lot more reasonable. Until then I’ll wait every day to listen to the parts released. If things get better i would gladly spend money on story’s I like. But there’s no way I’m spending all that money to finish one book. If I’m gonna spend 100 plus then I’ll just get 3 audio books and still save money..Version: 2.3.7

Broken AppMy first time opening the app and it won’t connect to the app server to create an account and after multiple attempts I’m met with failure. My only other option is to “skip” okay now I see story genres and a search so I go to the search and it says “invalid token” okay so all I can do is pick a genre and see what the app has and every single genre has nothing but stories in Arabic sorry I don’t speak Arabic and the subtitles are not in English. Which is funny because the advertisement that pulled me in was in English and very promising. I was excited and willing to get the paid VIP membership BUT I can’t even sign up or use the app properly or understand the stories so with so much disappointment I will just have to forget about Pocket FM..Version: 2.3.3

MisleadingIt would be better if you were able to buy a book/story and listen to it in your own time..Version: 2.3.5

Good But the Tokens are Expensive In the EndIts really good, stories are so good but the tokens and pricing ends up being expensive than reading a proper book or buying a book. 931 episodes and an averaged of 9-11 coins per episode. Its close to 150 - 250 dollars for series. Its too costly..Version: 2.3.2

New update!!I can’t log in after updating new version!.Version: 2.1.5

It’s a scam !!! Don’t get this app!!!They over charged me on my every purchases which I just realise now, for example for something that is $2 they charged me $4 or something which was $20 I got charged $30!!! And many other purchases!!!.Version: 2.3.4

Coin issueWell it’s an awesome app. You can listen to stories on end. I have been listening to quite a few. I paid for some episodes with coins and when I went back after listening to one series the episodes I paid for were locked. On the other 2 stories I was listening to. I know I paid for them as I shared what was left one time between the other 2 stories from what was left over of coins I bought. Now I trying to get to talk to someone and there is no contact info for the developer or so on. That’s kinda crazy. I mean having an issue and there is no contact info to reach so as to sort out problems. Not nice. I mean it’s awesome to can listen the stories. But until I get some good understanding talk with someone who develops and manages this app then I won’t recommend it. You will pay for things in advance then find the app is requiring you to pay for it again when you go back to listen. Not nice. Not nice at all. I’m quite upset right now about it..Version: 2.0.1

WaitingI love the suspense, but we have to wait a day for one episode. Why can’t make it this at least 10 episodes per day..Version: 2.4.4

Pocket FM App- unrealistic pricingI started listening to one story- of course the first episodes are free- after they get you hooked they start charging for ‘coins’. The first time you buy coins there is 60 points +90 points bonus for $1.99- when that runs out they go for the jugular and charge you something like $4.99 for 20 coins- and those are the low end price- let alone the points options for $100-! considering the story I started has over 500 episodes, at 4-6 points each, I would have to pay a ballpark minimum additional $90 for an unfinished story and there are still more episodes coming out every day. I’ll stick with Audible at $15/mo for a 20 hours new book Thanks very much. Totally deleting this App from my phone..Version: 2.3.3

ExpensiveThis app is way too expensive.Version: 2.3.8

DisappointmentI have used this app for 2 years now yet now I’m so livid and disappointed at you guys. I have issues with monthly debt of of VIP subscription and Coin Subscription on the same account yet I can’t make use of the VIP on my phone anymore nor I can’t get them to stop the debt of coins either. I have tried emailing them for months now and they have completely ignored me. Guys be careful with these people..Version: 1.9.0

TrashThe ads have good animation, the actual app has bad animation. Misleading adds can give a 2 year prison sentence from where I am I wish I could rate 0 stars..Version: 2.2.1

Auto jump to another chapterI haven’t even finished the last part of the chapter when scrolling down and the app jumps to the next chapter automatically. So, I have to go back and scroll again all the way to the bottom. Who the heck thought of that ridiculous feature?.Version: 1.9.6

This is a rip offThis app is a rip off. I paid for a number of episodes and I can listen to them, but the app is swamped with ads, which is really distracting. If I’m paying, why should I see so many ads?.Version: 2.3.9

DisappointedI order some coins on the 8th but I did not receive, but my money was taken, I have made 4 purchases but never received any coins, and also I went to in the app and email the team but I have not received and reply. I have send like 5 emails now but no one get back to me. It’s really annoying, the stories are interesting but the app and customer service is really bad I have been trying to contact you to report multiple coin purchases that did not go through but my money is still taken. No one have yet to get back to me. Your customer service is really bad and you accepting money and not sent coins is not good. Try an fix you payment system, You own me almost £60 worth of coins, and yet I can’t get my coins nor my money. The developer reply my review and said I should send my payment info to the email address which I did but I am yet to receive any reply. Please check you system and send all the coins I paid for and not receive. I have all the invoices sent to me by Apple that confirm I purchase coins but I never received them. I try to get a refund but Apple say they can’t refund because you have refused to give the money back. It’s not right to treat and cheat people like this. I have sent multiple emails through your app to report this issue since the 8th August and have not received any response. How can you operate like this? I have ran out of patience. Any one that want to purchase coins should be careful. I strongly advised.Version: 2.0.0

This app it’s an scam you paid for unfinished books .I would love to have my money back , it’s a waste of time and tremendously dishonest that have to paid for unfinished books like really? I would rather continue going to the library them paying for an unfinished books ..Version: 2.3.5

I’m confusedI been using the free version of this app to listen to the billionaire accidental bride. I was on episode 65 when I decided to make payment to get full access to the story. I tried several times but payment failed. So I decided to download the app on a new device and made payment which went through. I bought 150 coins, in my mind I would chose which episode to use my coins on but no my thought wasn’t so. The system applied my coins from 1st episodes down. Oh goodness what is this? I can’t believe this how the app is and theirs no way for me to chose what episode to use my coins on. Now what do I do? Because I’ve listen from episode 1 to 65 using the free version. I put in a lot of work to get to episode 65 as I have to wait for it everyday. I think this is not fair and I need a refund of my coins to enable me to use it on episodes I chose to use it on. Thank you..Version: 1.7.1

AllAre you can listen to a little bit and then you got to pay for the stupid but way of the world.Version: 2.3.8

My experienceThey get you hooked on the stories and end them unceremoniously. All I listened to end in the same way, not very impressed unfortunately😌😒.Version: 1.6.0

It great but not great for someone who is hearing impairedI saw this on fb and I was Interested watching with “the return” along those subtitle! So I tho I’m gonna download this because it has subtitles! As soon I was watching it there are no option for me to use the caption because I’m hearing impaired & understand better when I read it. Please ad the subtitles.Version: 2.4.0

No log outBruh why can’t I log out and have to delete the app to login to a different acc.Version: 2.4.9

Not as advertisedDownload the app hopping to continue watching and listening to the story only to find this isn’t true and it’s pure audio. Plus the cost to get coins to continue listening is a rot..Version: 2.4.9

It went from okay to worseI love to listen to the stories and I am okay with the free version. What could be improved would be the notifications and timing. The notifications tell you a certain story is ready to be read when in fact, the app says the story is not ready. It would be great if the reader knew how many hours left until the free episodes are ready or if the free episodes automatically were released at the same time everyday. Another point is the narrators. Most stories I have listened to start with amazing narration and then are switched to narrators who are clearly not fluent in English or they have an unpleasant voice. For people who are sensitive to these things, it’s actually harmful and damaging to their sensory experience. The concept of the app is already good. I think these two points would make the ratings go even higher..Version: 1.5.3

HmmmWish this app let me know they want $$ to finish a story..Version: 2.3.7

The whole appWay too expensive, can cost 100”s to listen to one story that drags on forever.Version: 2.4.3

App not working after new releaseApp stopped working after new release, lost a lot of coins and already unlocked so many episodes using my coins that I haven’t even listened to those.Version: 2.2.7

ExpensivePurchasing Coins is so expensive! Not worth it.Version: 2.4.3

Good but over it.I don’t mind having to come back the next day to listen to more episodes. However I haven’t received any new (free) episodes in the past two days. Can’t listen unless you pay for over priced coins..Version: 2.4.1

TrickedI think it’s very sneaky to say free books to listen to and when you play one you don’t even get halfway through before you need to buy coins to listen to the rest, after this review I will be deleting the app..Version: 2.3.8

CoinsDon’t like how you have to buy or earn coins reading this book then going to download a free site.Version: 2.4.0

REALLY??? I have 316 days left on my membership??? For what???RIP OFF!!! I bought the membership, the app said it would unlock all the episodes with a vip membership, I was getting about 3 episodes a day with the free version then I bought a $60 a year membership so I could finish the book. I have time to listen to 6-8 episodes a day they’re only 5-10 minutes long. About 2 weeks ago I started getting 1 episode every day to every other day, (average 6 minutes each), I figured it would pick up again, now there’s been NO EPISODES for 6 days & ppl are saying in the comments they ended it. What with no ending??? With no announcement??? I see on the front picture of the novel it no longer says “new episodes daily” so I guess that’s it. Is that how this business is run. I could have saved myself $60 with the free version & still had the same experience…I want a refund…I’ll delete this app it has no use or value. I guess I have to contact Apple to see how to go about getting a refund. I had a hard time giving this app 1 star. If y’all are enjoying the app save your money & keep the free version I was much happier with that..Version: 1.5.6

Excess charges….If the deal says $19.99 you cannot charge me $27.99. Even with taxes $19.99 doesn’t make $27.99. I believe you should look into it and give me back my refund..Version: 2.2.9

Do not buy subscription don’t waste moneyI took subscription of pocket fm as I was just having access to four episodes per day but not they only upload one episode per day that is very frustrating as my friend doesn’t have subscription and I have one being the same They made us buy subscription so that we can have early access to the audio stories but now it’s all the same be careful don’t waste money on it just have patience and watch flirt episode per day later you will just have to wait for one episode per day Make sure you guys read all the comments on the books or audio stories before taking subscription You will mostly find bad words because these people are not worth the money.Version: 1.5.3

Service not providedHi, On the 19th of June I paid 1.79 Pounds for 20 coins and it was successful. But my wallet is still empty, no coin found there. Please kindly help look into it. Regards.Version: 1.9.3

Great app, customer service unavailable, unrealistically expensive,and inaccurate data.I’ve been using this app for almost 2 months but I mainly listened to one story because of the cost you have to pay every day for 2 or 3 episodes coming out and it’s unaffordable if you’re starting to read a story that already has hundreds of episodes, can you imagine paying more than 150$ for a book that’s not even finished? Well that’s what this is and if want to know more you’ll have to spent how much more God knows… It’s unfortunate that there is such a great app with a lot of potential but for the greediness it’s made so expensive because they know when you get hooked you will have no other choice than to spend more money. There’s not even the possibly to pay a one time fee for a story a plans to make it affordable somehow. But to top off all that if you get logged you lose the coins you bought to purchase the episodes. That’s what happened to me. And I reached out to get my coins back but the customers service has not replied. I tried to call but the customer service is switched off. Overall this is a grate app but it’s made to exploit people by offering some good stories. I was told to send an email after this to get my coins back and I did that 5 days ago but no reply so far..Version: 1.9.6

Email issueMy email at the end is @gmail.com but the app says it’s invalid and needs @email.com can you guys please fix this.Version: 1.4.6

The returnWhen rape is made by the main character and it’s ok cause it’s a punishment, that’s when you realize this app should be removed…. Even if it’s after more than 300 episodes! 😮‍💨it’s discussing!! 🤮.Version: 2.4.9

EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE !!Let me start off by saying I do like the stories and most of the narrators I’ve heard. My issue is the cost of listening if you decide to purchase. Each chapter requires an average of 6 coins to unlock. If you purchased an entire story you’d pay well over $100 for just ONE story. I do like the stories, but I don’t see how any sane person would pay more than $40 for a book or movie. I understand it’s a business and we pay for entertainment however that’s more than someone’s internet or phone bill. Also with regards to purchasing coins, the higher the coin amount is the more you pay per coin. The 20 coin option is 10.5 cents per coin and the 900 coins are 11 cents a coin. I have purchased coins but once I realized how much it would cost to listen to just one story I stopped. I do like the app and the service it provides however I’m not willing to listen to a story over at least a 3 month period nor am I willing to continually purchase and endless amount of coins. I really hope you figure out a way to provide a more economical service..Version: 1.9.2

To ExpensiveIt is Crazy expensive. You will end up paying $1,300 for listing a novel. 😆😆😆.Version: 2.3.8

Issues on voice leadI chose female lead and i still have male lead!and no way to change as the app doesen’t have any option.Version: 2.1.5

Did not receive my purchaseI paid 3 lots of $14.99 thought I made a mistake first 2 times but when the 3 rd time I purchased a &14.99 it said it was successful. I looked at my apple purchase and found all three went through but in your app it shows I have no coin this was on the 17/7/22 I’m still waiting for my coins It’s now the 4 th of August and still have not received my coin.Version: 1.9.9

Don’t get invested in this appWhen I first started listening to one story in particular it had 485 episodes. I couldn’t afford the $100 US it would cost to binge listen to them all so I opted for the free daily 7-8 episodes. I was really enjoying the story, the narration was clear with a pleasant voice (not annoying like some other apps I’ve tried). But sadly the ending of this story is getting further and further away. It currently has over 609 episodes until the ‘end’ (and counting). I’m also now only offered one free episode a day now- as are several other users. Very disappointing- I wish I’d never bothered starting. My advice: Don’t get invested in the stories on this app- too expensive and they’re trying to make you pay to listen to the stories any way possible..Version: 2.4.5

Doesn’t work as promisedThis is a very annoying app. It says you will get 4 new chapters each day, but after chapter 69 it stoped unlocking them. It has been 2 weeks since I got my last new chapter. Very disappointed. Not an app I recommend paying for since the fee version hasn’t been working. I am pretty close to deleting it. Please fix this..Version: 1.5.7

Love the app, but unhappy with it’s current update.I really like the app, but after these latest updates it has stemmed my enthusiasm. I’m a sucker for romantic stories so I was a monthly subscriber, pay 10$ per month and have unlimited access. Now with the update I have to pay for coins and my biggest upset is all the episodes I have listened too are locked back up again and would have to pay a lot of money to get back to where I left off. This doesn’t sit right with me and I’m upset. I hope this can be changed for me and anyone else having similar problems. If the previous story chapters can’t be re-unlocked for myself and others. I don’t see the point in keeping the app. I’m holding out to see if it will change, but losing some faith. Please, please, please, I hope this is fixed!!!.Version: 1.5.7

Good but not greatI have been listening to multiple stories at once because you only get a few free episodes a day. The stories are very interesting and i love listening to them but i feel there should be more free stories or atleast the price should be cheaper. This is way too expensive for anyone to actually pay for all the time. Some stories take more coins each episode so its not consistent on how much you need to purchase to listen. More users would purchase stuff if they could actually finish an entire series without it costing over $100 dollars because some have 1000 episodes. That is ridiculous why not just make it a monthly based subscription like amazons audible or allow people to buy the whole series for a reasonable price anyone can afford because literacy should not be this expensive and hard to get..Version: 2.4.0

Need to payNeed to pay for listening to it and it’s not cheap at all and also no animation which makes it more disappointing.Version: 2.3.2

No ImagesIt’s started great with audio and images then they removed the images half way through just ruined it all..Version: 2.3.8

False advertisingIf you’re going to advertise that the app is free to use and listen to your books, free of charge, then don’t make it so that we have to buy coins to be able to listen to the books once you get us hooked on like 10 or 12 episodes as you call them which are chapters of the book just to get us hooked so that we have to buy to finish the story. Free means free at least it did when I’ve ever used it the word and that’s what it says in the dictionary no charge that’s free..Version: 2.3.5

Very disappointedNew episodes never unlock and it stupid that if I watch ads to unlock episodes I have to wait several days to listen to more depending on how many I unlocked with coins I’m very annoyed with the fact that they don’t unlock daily as promised.Version: 2.4.3

The returnThis is a ripoff the price for listening to an entire novel/story runs you over $100.00. Although the stories are very enticing it is not worth the money spent. Would be better to buy the book and read it for yourself.Version: 2.3.8

Over charge and error appGood story App but over charge and keep charging and Even Have passed all the episodes then return and said I owed money and Add money then can’t play. I feel like I have been scam by this App..Version: 2.3.9

Missing EpisodesMyself and several readers are commenting on the story Accidentally Yours (Molly Jane) about missing episodes. We are enjoying the story but it’s getting hard to follow and frustrating when the narrator skips episodes. We are also upset about the fact that we paid for VIP and we haven’t received full access to the completed book as told in the contract when signing up and paying for VIP. Please fix these issues or refund my money. If I have to wait day to day for an episode I shouldn’t have to pay for it. I paid for the access to the full books not one day at a time. This isn’t the only book that isn’t complete that I am reading. Sincerely, Upset Customer.Version: 1.5.5

Are you serious?To unlock all the chapters of a book (which is not finished) is already $100? You seriously are amusing! 😂😂 to wait for a free chapter to unlock, will take 2 years to read, even longer as you add new chapters! You’re ridiculous.Version: 2.3.5

The books are interestingThe packages are way too expensive, you pay $99.00 Au for not even half a book. Would love to buy some of these books to read myself without the hefty price..Version: 2.4.3

TerribleThe stories are great. The problem starts with the pricing of the coins as it is very misleading and is displaying incorrect prices. Coins should not be spent automatically to unlock the next story. This is one of the most frustrating issues I am having as I would like to spend my coins on a specific story but as I listen to my daily unlocks it will automatically unlock the next chapter if the coins are available without any option that i can find to disable the Auto Unlock feature..Version: 2.3.5

The ReturnAs much as am enjoying the story there are 644 chapters. It will take me quarter of the year to be able to listen to this free. If I were to pay in coins I would spend £99 to listen to the book. Thats crazy. I will probably never get round to finishing or listening to another which is sad..Version: 2.4.0

Total scamThis app states that they would unlock 2-3 chapters for free everyday for a story that you are following. I started the substitute bride audio book but it didn’t unlock any chapters for me so far. Their customer service is also terrible. I left them an email months ago and still haven’t heard back from them. In addition, they have a new feature where they say that you can earn coins by watching ads. However, when you try to click on the link, you receive a message that no ads are available to watch. Plus, you can’t unlock any chps randomly at your will. All chapters need to be unlocked consecutively which is another ploy to scam users in spending money to unlock more chapters. And everything is way too expensive. You might spend $100+ and still need to spend more to complete a story that you like. Wanted to give 0 stars if I could.Version: 2.0.3

30 seconds to each episode - jokeAs above.Version: 2.4.9

Is this app freeIs this app free.Version: 2.3.9

Head over heelsThe story is good so far but it shows that episodes are unlocked but there literally not showing so try and sort that out. Also If people are using coin then you should put more episodes instead of 1 a day. You charge a lot of coin for an episode that is less than 6mins (I’m so not happy with that!!!).Version: 2.4.5

FrustratingWhile I love the stories and the app I cannot understand why I cannot unlock individual chapters. I purchased coins to unlock some chapters further down then the free one’s but it is not an option. It only gives 2 options to unlock over hundreds of chapters that cost more than $100..Version: 2.4.5

Good stories but annoyingThis app does have great stories. However, the narration can be better as well as a loyalty system should be created. Instead of having the listeners watch a bunch of ads my main issue with this app is the fact that it has a lack of consistency. There are some stories that have more than one narration with different character names but the same story and the coins you used aren’t transferee over and forcing you to either band in the story I’ll go with the other one. This app also can release chapters early, but can glitch and take you back to chapter as you have completed days or hours ago. For example, you can be on chapter 528 and the story will only show you up to 470. There are also times with some stories seem to be never ending. That should’ve ended chapters ago..Version: 2.3.0

Worst app I’ve ever seenNot worth your time. These audiobooks will change the narrator half way through a series ruining everything. And you are limited to what you can watch everyday unless pay heaps of money. So we pay money towards this app so they can ruin a series. This is worst I’ve ever used and this is not recommended to anyone.Version: 2.1.5

RipoffI agreed to $3 payment and this took $40.Version: 2.4.8

Love the stories, but got charged double for coinsJust recently started listening to pocket fm, has some good stories but my issue was with customer service and getting charged double for coins. I understand the point of the coin system but I went to buy $20 worth of coins and got charged $40 when I only received the normal $20 worth of coins after the transaction went through. Confused I looks at my email and realized I got charged double for some reason, after back and forth emails with customer care, they told me it was a currency rate , and they use USD, that would be fine if I wasn’t based in the USA, but I am. After providing multiple forms of proof they then tell me that I showed them a PayPal screenshot not Apple Pay, which mine are linked together. So it’s been 5 days now with no solution and they keep saying it’s been solved, no it hasn’t. You guys took $20 from me and now I refuse to buy any coins. I’m so frustrated that I don’t normally write reviews but I felt I needed to this time..Version: 2.3.4

To expensiveIt’s free for a bit but then u have to pay. Crazy expensive for a book.Version: 2.4.3

ScamYou can pay £1.99 for coins… you still can’t listen to anything till another £4.99 despite misleading you on single episode costs (illegal) . No unlock-able coins on IOS… after you set it up through apple you can’t add to google. Go listen to you tube or go else where if you can.Version: 2.3.4

WORST APP EVERDon’t bother to even download. Should’ve read reviews first. It said free but halfway through it tells you that you have to unlock it with your coins. What a waste of time!.Version: 2.3.0

*CAVEAT*The app has it’s own store where purchases are easily visible. Yes, it’s convoluted with this silly “coins per episode” process and is in itself very pricey, compared to KindleUnlimited, for example (the book I wanted is 1540 episodes. Each ep costs 4-10 coins. I thought I’d see if I still liked the book halfway through, so I bought 480 coin for $20. The app just charged me $30! Edit: Not only do they charge you above the advertised pricing, the coins did not even buy me exact amount of episodes stated. Furthermore, the bot(s) that write this are ridiculously repetitive. How many stories have a similar trope? Haha, I’ve seen three wheelchair bound billionaires that marry a down n out woman, all hellbent on revenge. Most women are named Emma or Emily, too, although perhaps the bot is just working through a list? Another annoyance is that some stories are clearly translated from another language and instead of being true to the story and having traditional names, the characters have western names that sound so out of place and behave so western- like, you have a hard time trying not to laugh. Then the bot adopts a completely wrong tone and accent to sound exotic. Some books do sound like they’re narrated by an actual person, though..Version: 2.3.9

Waste of timeAdvertise free stories get half way through then demand payment to unlock the rest of the story not impressed at all.Version: 2.3.4

Pocket FMThe price for one story is too high..Version: 2.4.3

POCKET FM REVIEWSI downloaded this app to listen to the stories when driving to and from work, cooking or lying in bed trying to sleep. The stories are so nice that I find it very difficult to put down, even at work I put on my ear buds continue to listen and do my work at the same time. But the bad aspect of the app is the stories are halfway done. The first book I listened to is ‘Accidentally Yours’ very interesting but unfortunately it only stopped on 218, this after buying more than enough tokens, I thought maybe I was doing something wrong, so i went ahead and got the second book ‘ Billionaire Accidental Bride’ , this one stopped on page 441. This is after paying a whopping $100 for tokens in order to prevent any kind of interruptions but behold I never got my money’s worth. I later got to know that ‘Billionaire accidental bride’ is over a thousand plus pages , this is from another reader. My thing is if you can’t conclude the stories why make people pay, this app is just ripping innocent people off their hard earned money. Am highly disappointed..Version: 1.7.4

Decent booksI think this app is really good, really beneficial for people who can’t read or has dyslexia and find reading difficult. The only thing negative I have to say is how much the tokens cost! You could potentially buy a book at fraction of the price. Not great when we’re in a cost of living crisis. Although you get 7 free episodes a day so will definitely take a long time to finish 1 book 🙃.Version: 2.4.0

Waiting too longAlmost 3 weeks waiting for chapters of finding Nora. No resolution to my ticket. Half way through the book and it stops unlocking. Just a clock like symbol sits by the chapters..Version: 2.4.5

Good, but disappointingThe app is good, but a little disappointing when I was waiting for the next chapter but unfortunately stop. When I check the audio it suddenly started showing vip which is sad. Please fix if possible.Version: 1.7.3

Signing upI’ve been trying to signup in order to be able to buy some coins to complete the story I’m listening to, but it keeps failing to register an account for me..Version: 1.9.2

Stingy appGood stories. And some are blah but to each there own likings. What I dislike about this app. Is that it’s stingy, now I’m on a very tight budget any extra spending outside of my main bills and necessary things is then hurting my gas money or whatever. Anyway, probably this is why this is such an issue with me practically. Each episode is 3-4 coins but after every 24hrs you get so many free episodes to listen to. But when your left at the edge of your seat and have to wait or either buy some coins. And if you only purchase some many coins but not enough for the whole story. I can’t simply save my coins and also receive my daily free episodes. Until you use up all your coins you paid for. It will give you free episodes again. But why can’t I save my coins for when I really need it. Oh well, I’m gonna finish my story and then I’ll delete the app and my account. Can’t have this as an extra stupid expense..Version: 2.4.1

Insta millionaireStarted from an engaging drama/love story then evolved to supernatural, superpower, science fiction, then finally merging all into one. Characters quickly disappeared from the story and replaced by new ones. It became more like "Dragonball Z"..Version: 2.4.4

Wallet feature doesn’t work, customer service is terribleI wrote a review on June 6th regarding the “use your wallet money” feature not working the both times I clicked the check mark to use it during checkout. I emailed customer support per their response to my review, however, not only did they waste my time completely, they didn’t offer any solution or information as to how to address the issue of the wallet not working. I wanted a refund of the money they stole from my while claiming it would go through the $5 in my wallet account. and for them to deduct the amount from my wallet instead. They didn’t address this. They didn’t tell me how I could ensure the wallet feature works in the future. My guess is because it’s a scam and doesn’t actually work at all. If it’s a bug- maybe you could address that with the customer you told to waste their time emailing you instead of blowing them off? Will be reporting where necessary if this isn’t resolved..Version: 2.3.9

Too expensiveGood stories but it's too expensive compared to other platforms..Version: 2.3.9

FrustratingThis app is expensive first of all. So if you’re not into paying 100 or more dollars to listen to one story you should look elsewhere. The stories are interesting even though a lot of them switch from the good narrators half way through the stories and use crappy ones later. I’m a little ticked off because customer service is non existent and hard to find in the app. I got zero response from customer service after emailing them to fix my issue. How is it that you can’t purchase any episode you want? You have to buy all the previous episodes in order to access a later episode. This isn’t that big of a deal except for the fact that I purchased the binge pass which was a special deal for Black Friday where you could listen to anything for a one time fee of 1.99 and I was halfway through a story when the binge pass expired then when I tried to purchase then next episode with coins it tells me I need to purchase all the previous episodes. That’s a rip off because on top of paying all the coins for the previous episodes I’ve paid an extra 1.99 that’s not a deal. You need to fix it or else it just feels like being scammed. I’m so disappointed with this app. I feel like the people who made it are just too greedy and don’t care about their customers and the minute I find another app like this one I’ll be switching..Version: 2.1.7

Too long with unwanted stuff.I think, it would do better with a lengthier summary of the stories. I would pay for it rather than unwanted stuff making it too long to lose interest!.Version: 2.3.8

Pocket FM ReviewHi, I’m a younger reader who loves and is obsessed with the stories on this app. Not going to lie, the waiting for each episode to update isn’t really a big problem for me, but after a few months something happened. I went into the app like usual and when I tried to click on an episode of an amazing story, it wouldn’t do anything. It would just not un pause, after ten minutes of trying to see what the problem is, I failed. So I deleted the app and got it again to see if it would work but surprisingly, it didn’t. I have been trying to deal with this problem for about a month now and this is me typings this review one month later. In that space of time, I have deleted the app seventeen times and nothing worked. I’m not full on hating on this app because it seems that no one else is having this problem and I also love the stories. If this is a problem with the app then please let me know. If it is just me then I’ll try to fix it myself. Thank you for your time, and I hope you don’t take this review the wrong way..Version: 1.2.1

ScamThey get you interested and don’t charge that much to begin but still overcharge, and then they hit you when you want to know what happens. Your better off just going and purchasing Audible books and listening. They could on ppl wanting to know what happens. The stories are more of the $1 cheap romance novels at the grocery store. They could have just put in some ads and charged a reasonable monthly charge or something but they want to rip ppl off. I guess I’m out what I have spent because I will never hear the end of the story. The Black Friday advertisement was the last straw. The advertised that when making a purchase which I wasn’t going to do anymore we are guaranteed to win more coins to open episodes. Well they showed ppl winning 2000 to at least 300 coins, so I thought ok, this is why they cut the amount by such a large amount they will just make it up in winning the coins. So I made the purchase and they gave me 10 coins. That’s it! I’m done..Version: 2.1.5

Coins Vanished Without a Trace – A Bittersweet ExperienceIt is a compelling platform that fosters the love for audiobooks and podcasts. I found its content repository impressive, abundant with a diverse range of genres to satisfy any listener's palate. However, my experience was dampened by an issue that arose concerning the application's virtual currency. Upon the completion of a week-long subscription, which included a top-up of 200 coins, I was flummoxed to find that these coins had inexplicably disappeared from my balance. A review of my purchase history confirmed the addition of these coins, yet my balance indicated otherwise. Furthermore, the absence of any transactions in my coins usage history left me puzzled and frustrated. This unexpected disappearance of coins from my account negatively impacted my overall experience with the app. It's disappointing to face such an issue, particularly when there is no clear explanation or trace of where my coins have gone. While the content and usability of Pocket FM are commendable, this incident has raised concerns about its reliability and transparency. I hope this feedback is taken into consideration for the future betterment of the app, helping to ensure customer trust and satisfaction in the long run..Version: 2.3.9

V-/Monthly subscription is not unlimited. So sad!😢😢😢.Version: 2.4.7

Coins used on free episodesThis app is a scam! I’ve bought coins on a few occasions and noticed that my coins were depleting even when listening to free episodes! Even free episodes were starting to dwindle, I was lucky to get 1 or 2 a day sometimes! Contacted customer support and surprise surprise no response! Stay away it’s a waste of money..Version: 2.4.1

App has downgraded. BrutalOriginally not bad, was getting approximately 1 hour of the book or 6-7 chapters per day. Suddenly only 1 chapter a day. Brutal. Book has 600 hundred chapters it would take 2 years to finish book !!!!! Going to have to give up after 240 chapters..Version: 2.4.7

Will tomorrow ever comeSo lets start with the overall app its okay for the design and overall premise but where it lacks is it beginning over-pieced then they have episodes that say # of coins or tomorrow release but i waited a full 24 hours and the episode never release the best part is most of the stories were released in full a month prior and left behind a pay wall that is to high to get over at least if the episode released on time then i wouldn't have much of a problem also get rid of the spend 150 coins get a 1 equivalent this isn’t a credit card its a streaming service it was good when it started with level at 50 coins but 150 is push it with how expensive some of the stories are honestly..Version: 2.3.8

SCAM!!!This is absolutely ridiculous I bought 40 dollars worth of coins and I got ripped off. I bought 20 coins, and each episode cost 7. I bought one episode and I was down to 3 COINS!!!!! What is this fraudulent behaviour, somebody better bust these guys because this is extortion!!!.Version: 1.9.2

MisleadingWhy have a promo video when it’s just a podcast like omg I was excited to watch this and then I found out that it’s a podcast.Version: 1.3.9

DisappointedThe app is great, until they take money from you and don’t give you what you paid for. And when you try to contact them they ignore you and don’t reply. I paid for 3 expensive coin packs and didn’t receive neither of them. Disappointed. Edit: the developer asked me to contact them and I have… it’s been a week and they still haven’t tried to fix the issue. :(.Version: 1.9.6

App has a lot of bugsI am disabled and have downloaded the app just recently. A lot of the episodes won’t play properly, show as have been previously viewed, and either won’t load or show zero content. Also, once getting to end of a story, the app has automatically started me at the beginning of a story I have already completed. Shouldn’t the app be able to be able to keep track of my progress. This happens a lot and is extremely frustrating. I have also experienced trouble in picking up where I have left off in a story, as the app has tried to stop me off at the beginning. Developers need to add an easier way to download an entire story to a library with one click..Version: 1.4.6

Insta millionaireIt started of good with the cartoon to go with the story then got to chapter 11 and the cartoon stopped , very disappointed with that..Version: 2.3.0

AdsDoesn’t matter how many coins you get for watching ads. You’ll only get one. And if you go ahead of the release date, you won’t get free episodes the following day. The monthly subscription doesn’t give enough coins to listen more than a week..Version: 2.4.5

Cuts off bookHalf way through the book it goes to another book or in another language. Very annoying. When I want to read it listen I want to finish the nook.Version: 2.4.9

DisappointedTakes far too long for coins to load and the chapters are only 5-6.5mins compared to other apps which are 8-12 mins long The story also started differently on the add to what was on the app.Version: 2.3.6

AudiobooksYou have great audiobooks, but I’m unable to see the animated audiobooks that was showed up on my instagram ad feed..Version: 1.9.6

ABSOLUTE SCAMThis app is NOT worth it!!!! Get a subscription to something like audible and have access to UNLIMITED audio books. This app is a complete joke to charge coins per episode. Too bad if you listen to something that has over 1000 episodes. With waiting to unlock a few free episodes everyday it will take you a year to get through one story or you will spend hundreds $$$ on one story. It would be better served to have a subscription fee and then you have unlimited access to as much as you’d like. NOT WORTH IT! SAVE YOUR PENNIES! I’d rate zero stars if possible..Version: 2.3.9

Misleading and not a lot of information.I was listening to a story and ended up buying the VIP package . I bought bulk episodes , but what you are not told is the episodes keep playing without even asking and use all the coins you have left . I don’t get any full stories even with vip and did get 3 episodes the day after I bought the VIP then it went back to the 2 free episodes per day . There is hardly any information to explain how everything works with the VIP . Also what I didn’t know and found out is if you start listening to another story it gives you the chapters for that per day instead of all the stories you’ve read . I think it’s easy to listen to and I liked the stories . I also bought a few more coins . But for what you get and the amount of information given , it’s a total waste of money . I’ve cancelled my VIP as it seems useless . Once I’ve listened to the story im listening to im deleting the app . These apps get too greedy , it’s a book for god sake . I mean I don’t mind paying some money but this is ridiculous..Version: 1.9.3

Can’t claim rewardEvery day you log in you can claik a few coins free and by watching ads. I’ve tried to watch ads and it won’t let me. Then it’s hot and miss if the rewards button pops up for me to click. I’ve searched high and low and cannot find the daily rewards button anywhere or go back to it once I’ve clicked on it. It’s not always there daily and if it is. It’s only there the once. If this worked I’d probably give it a five star as I was enjoying the audi.Version: 2.4.9

BooksI love reading books but this site charges you for reading their books not happy jan 😡😡.Version: 2.4.3

Can’t readOkay so the story about the accidental bride was actually pretty interesting, so that’s why I’m giving two stars. However, waiting for a new episode is the problem I’m facing. It says “Free tomorrow, Get Pocket VIP to play Now”. So ofc I waited a whole 24 hours, but still wasn’t able to read. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and waited another day, making it 48 hours. Still not able to unlock. I just want to listen I’m not paying for anything. It’s about to be 72 hours since I’ve listened to the last episode and I’m so close to deleting this app. Update 9/3/21: Still haven’t been able to read. I read many different stories thinking that Accidental bride was just not working, but I couldn’t unlock any new episodes after weeks. Changing to 1 star..Version: 1.4.5

Questionable audioWas in the middle of a story 28 episodes in and then all of a sudden no talking just background noise and music and it was working b4 really nice app otherwise you just need to make more free or like wait or watch adds for episodes of stories.Version: 2.0.0

WaterbenderwindbenderfirebenderearthbenderYour new update keeps kicking me from the app you should fix it if you want people to use your app and so you don’t lost profits.Version: 2.4.9

Some audio sessions are so glitched I can’t even listenSome audio sessions of the book I am listening to our so glitchy it’s not even Possible to understand. For example: “Indra Empire” chapter 16 birthday surprise. I dare anyone to listen to that all the way through. Where do I go to get help? No where. Then, if the only way I can get Pocket FM to offer quality products, is to write a bad review? Well? What choice do I have??!! Anyone looking to pay for this app? I recommend a hard pass until Pocket FM offers a means to ensure product quantity. This is sadly missing. This could have been a good app..Version: 2.4.9

Stories noted as completed are NOT completeI truly enjoy the app and the stories in PocketFM. I especially enjoy the stories when they unitized real voice artist and NOT Ai voices. The difference is night and day, so regardless of how good the storyline is, I skipped as soon as I noticed it is using AI. I enjoy audiobook simply because I enjoy listening to good storytelling. There are really sone great stories in PicketFM. Ok that said I would still give it at least a 4 stars BUT after listening to 4 stories noted as “complete”, THEY ARE NOT! In fact, none of them are!!! Why does anyone wants to spend money and time to listen to stories with no ending?? Worse yet, you dont really know that until you listen towards the end and realized there is no way they can finish the story in the next 10 episodes…and then not able to find out the real name of the story nor if they would even continue it because it said, it’s “completed”. This is extremely frustrating and disappointing so I hope people see this comment would not fall for starting a story if reaching to an ending of a story is desirable to them..Version: 2.4.1

Good AppVery expensive though it would have been nice to be able to listen to any thing as much as you want with a monthly subscription, rather than having to pay for Coins… I have to spend over $100 just to finish one story a total rip-off. By time you get to forth one you will be completely broke..Version: 2.0.3

Don’t waste your moneyYour app is nothing but a money grab, you charge up to 14 coins an episode a story for stories like Best Soldier Son in Law and you pay $3AUD for 20 coins at the cheapest and since it’s “VIP” there’s no daily free episodes so if someone wants to listen to that story their paying up to $320AUD, stories that aren’t VIP get the odd 2-3 free daily episodes but the stories are mediocre such as Instant Millionaire, you used to have an affordable VIP subscription where people could listen to however many stories they wanted to at a monthly cost but just like my previous review and the review of another you say you care and yet you just issue the same BS response for reviewers to email the address provided and yet you don’t do jack about it This isn’t an overreaction to the people reading this, this app is literally too damn expensive even for a casual listener, VIP stories give you about 20 or so “free” episodes in order to entice you to buy the rest which can outright cost you over a few hundred dollars TL:DR Don’t waste your money on this app, whilst some stories are good, majority are mediocre and you’ll end up wasting a lot of money.Version: 1.9.6

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