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Pocket FM: Audio Series app received 60 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about pocket fm: audio series?

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The ReturnLove this app so relaxing.Version: 2.3.8

The only thing is having to payThis app is a really good app but the only thing is having to pay for more chapters of the audiobook you are listening to when you get to a certain point which annoys me a bit because I think it would have been better if they just kept all the episodes free apart from some which you could either pay 4 coins for or wait until the next day to unlock them. I think that would have been better..Version: 2.3.5

Great to Listen toFree to listen to unless you can’t wait so just buy coins. This app doesn’t force you to pay. I will consider buying coins later so I can read ahead otherwise this is awesome 🥰.Version: 2.4.2

AppIt is a nice app…but I won’t recommend getting the VIP because you don’t get all the episodes at once you have to every day for an episode 🙁🙁🙁..Version: 1.4.5

Great stories and App, terrible pricing modelI have been listening to Pocket FM for 2 weeks now and I can say without a doubt that this app is awesome except for 1 thing- the price. App UI is great. It runs smoothly, and the story telling is top tier. However, The app forces you to pay for “coins” to keep listening. Now I dont have a problem with paying for coins- my problem is that they charge an obscene amount for coins. Just 20 coins is like $5 and it only gets you about 20 mins (2 episodes) of content. Thats outrageous. And not only that, the 800 coin purchase is $100. 800 coins DOESNT EVEN UNLOCK A FULL BOOK. That is crazy to me. Most subscriptions that are 100$ or more give the users the ability to have unlimited access. Hell, i’d pay $150-$200 for unlimited access. Its just a shame that they dont have an option for unlimited, otherwise I would spend the money and just get that. But now, I think i’ll just finish this one book i’ve already invested over 100$ into and be done with the app after that. Please make this app more financially accessible. The coin model with no option for unlimited is such a scam.Version: 2.4.9

Loving it.Only thing is I wish you had better offers on the coins..Version: 2.3.9

Good stories but unlocking chapters is annoyingI’ve had this app for a while and at first it was annoying that only a couple chapters unlocked each day and there were VIP stories that you couldn’t finish without paying and arm and a leg. But the new update fixed that so now you can listen to whatever and more chapters unlock each day. My problem now is that the app will tell me 5 chapters will unlock tomorrow but I will only have access to a couple. At first I thought it was a on day thing but it kept happening! That would be my only issue with this app tho. I love the different stories and use the app all the time when I can..Version: 2.2.7

I love the storiesI love this app. I love the stories, when I hear how sweet the guy is to the girl in the story I think where have you been all my life..Version: 1.7.5

The ReturnAbsolutely awesome story, well put together and voiceovers well executed 👌🏽.Version: 2.3.7

I’m not getting the daily storiesI really enjoy the stories and in the process of listening to Finding Nemo and Love Locked and Loaded. It’s been over a week since I received a new story. I even purchased coins so I can continue hearing the story. After my coins were depleted I began having the same problem of not receiving daily new stories. The number of coins to hear the stories has also increased. I would love to continue with these stories and willing to get daily stories but if the problem continue I rather delete the story. I don’t want to get interested in stories if this will be an issue. Thank you for attention to this matter.Version: 1.8.2

I love the stories but …My sister and I listen to this app and I love the stories. So here is my problem with the app. It doesn’t let me buy the chapter ahead of the unlock ones. So my sister have her app on her phone and I have mine on mine. We don’t live together but when we go on road-trips we listen to the app (usually on her phone). When I get home and I want to start where I left off at it doesn’t let me buy where I left off. I have to buy the whole chapter that I haven't bought yet, to be able to continue listening where I left off. Which i don’t need. I feel like it’s just trying to make me buy more coins. Why can’t we buy chapters ahead. I don’t know if you understand me or not. I feel so frustrated. Let’s say I unlocked chapters up to 100 and then listen with my sister on her phone up to 150. Now, I want to continue listening on my own but I can’t since the app won’t let me buy 151 unless I buy the 50 chapters I haven’t unlock yet. Like what’s up with that? Please fix this so we don’t have to use up coming on chapters we don’t need. Please 🙏.Version: 2.0.3

PricesGreat APP for books but the prices are too Skyhigh!! Great for listening to a book while cleaning or at the gym, I wish you could listen to more chapters in a day.Version: 2.3.7

OkThe only issue I have is when I pay to unlock some chapters if I want to hear the next one, after it plays the ones I’ve paid for it tells me to come back tomorrow for another free episode but it isn’t true because I will still have to wait for it to unlock the same day it always said. If I don’t pay at this point my next free one will be in about a month. So I can either start a new story and wait a month or pay for more. It kind of just makes me not want to pay because then I have so much longer to wait for new episodes..Version: 2.4.0

Too expensiveOk so, I enjoy the app. But the thought of paying $99 to listen to an audio book is just crazy! Then that’s not even all the chapters for that book. Let’s say there are 1400 chapters, the $99 only covers 980 of the chapters. Wth 🤣🧐😱. I’m not buying Beyoncé tickets!! . It would have been better to have a monthly or a weekly payment. Iv been listen to audio books all my life. I like to listen as I go running or on a long drive. Never paid this amount. You buy the book for $12 to $28 dollars and you listen all you want. They should come up with a cost per audio story. That’s not a billion dollars. Any way I won’t be listen to the rest of the audio book. I’m not a fool✌🏽.Version: 2.3.8

I love this app sooo muchIt’s an amazing app.Version: 2.2.0

Honest review from a motherI am a mother of four and listening to these books just bring some relief and some calmness I like reading these books when I fall asleep I like listening to them until I fall asleep and I like bathing and listening to them it’s amazing when my children at school the best thing I do is lay down on the couch bring myself a nice warm blanket and fall asleep this is the best thing that has ever happened to me and not even started going to therapy because of these books you not know how much these books have changed my life.Version: 1.3.9

Re- Subscription renewalThanks for the response. I prefer to purchase the entire plan ( yearly subscription package option). As to sending you an email, that’s another issue altogether. I have sent multiple emails in the last 3 weeks with no response from your end. This is the only platform that actually replies to msgs through reviews(smh) though it takes a pretty while to get one back. I would really love and appreciate it if the yearly subscription is put back as an option. You need to give your subscribers the option to choose whatever plan they want to go with, be it the coin , weekly, monthly or yearly subscription option. I look forward to having this issue resolved soon and multiple options on the subscription that is tailored to your clients/ subscribers needs. In summary, I prefer to purchase the entire yearly plan (subscription system) than the coin system. Can you make that happen please. Thank you Francesca U-T.Version: 2.2.1

Finding NoraMy first time using this app and was hooked to the book so purchased coins then found the book to be incomplete HAVE REQUESTED A REFUND !! Feel totally cheated !.Version: 2.4.3

Good App but a money GrabI really enjoy the stories but it cost too much, to finish a entire book, and when you have more than five episodes unlocked it stops unlocking episodes for you. I spent over $200 on the app since installing and unlocked over 100 episodes on one of the books. It took me 3 days to run through those episodes and I was surprised to see it stopped me at exactly 100 episodes when, they’re sully to unlock episodes for free each day. That’s not fair and is like a slap in the face to your paying customers. That should be addressed because I spend a lot of money on this app, episodes should still unlock regardless of how much episodes I have that are unlocked. That’s the only reason why I rated 4 stars..Version: 2.3.5

Free books to listen too on pocket fm 👍I found this App and it’s great, Stories have limited pages per day to listen to for each book but that suits me Stories are good especially the interactive with pictures as you get into the characters in the books a lot easier so please keep doing this feature Really good if you don’t like reading a lot as these are ease to listen too 🥰.Version: 2.4.9

Great storiesI’ve only been using this for a few days and I love it it’s great definitely download. No bugs at all.Version: 1.4.4

Non contactI have been waiting for customer service to contact me without luck. I was locked out of my account, prompted to download app again loosing over 600 episodes and $$$$$ to start the same book again ..Version: 2.1.2

ExpensiveWhy are each 10 minute story costs 10 coins, who in their right mind would pay three or four hundred dollars for an audiobook… I’m gonna have to wait until tomorrow’s stories or delete the app! Come on pocket fm, make the stories more affordable… the costs are crazy expensive… I was shocked at how expensive this app is. I really like the stories but only 5 or 6 a day is pretty short and kind of ridiculous! I think I’m gonna delete the app and go buy an audiobook for like 30-40$ at a bookstore and listen to the whole thing..Version: 2.3.9

Very good quality but just costs a little too muchVery good quality stories which I enjoyed very much but am spending a lot of time waiting to unlock. If you could make a system where there are rewards for logins everyday that would make it a definite 5 stars..Version: 1.9.6

Love the App! Struggling with glitchesI’ve been using this app for nearly a month now. I absolutely love it and love the stories. I am constantly having app issues though. When the stories automatically switch to a different story once the free episodes are done, it sometimes switches to a story I’m already listening to and will start the whole thing over and I’ll have to scroll forever to get back to where I was which is frustrating but not impossible. Latest problem is now every story has been added to my library and won’t delete out. I try to delete and it just re-adds it within seconds. Is anyone else having this problem? There’s like 25 stories now in my library and i have to search to find the one I’m listening to. I tried to find troubleshooting on the app and on the site and nothing has worked so far :( Other thank these two aggravations, everything else on the app works fantastic, stories are wonderful, readers are clear to understand, and the rest of the app is easy to navigate:).Version: 2.4.0

The ReturnNice story.Version: 2.3.9

Saving NoraVery challenging..Version: 2.4.9

CoinsI truly love this app!! But, my complaint is regarding the amount of coins…. You need to offer a tremendous amount of cons to view! 7 coins for 8-9 minutes?! 2 coins for 4 minutes or less?! Even under 3?!.Version: 2.3.1

The ReturnAn interesting story wrapped in fate, jealousy, greed, torture, hatred but moreover love conquers all. Love Liam to bits… for a young mind with so much morality, maturity and love to give just to have a happy family. Bryce and Natalie’s love is such an inspiration… full of passion, dedication, commitment and desire for happiness as a family. Together they are stronger and powerful. I love the flow of the story and the thrill of each episode makes you want to keep going. The different characters are as exciting and full of twists and turns. The voice over of each character is just as brilliant and pleasant to hear. Excited of the ending, but the upload is a bit slow. Have to pay for coins, which is kinda expensive. Watching to many ads to gain coins is likewise tedious and can be frustrating. I’m not sure what others feel about it though, but that’s just my take..Version: 2.4.5

Never endingI’m really enjoying my novel The Return, but finding that it seems to continue to add more and more chapters every day will this novel end or will it be like a long running soapy.Version: 2.4.5

Profile RetrievalThe app is mind blowing. The best podcast/audiobooks for Indian stories I have came across. The only and biggest con of the app is we lose all our library books if the app is uninstalled. The profile we create cannot be edited, cannot be retrieved using ‘forget passwords’ or ‘forget username’. The instructions are available to gain back our account but sadly nothing works. PocketFm needs good IT team man! And please use more marketing techniques so others can join you as well, instead of advertisements in middle of the episode..Version: 1.9.2

The returnHi why does it cost so much to read a book Ever time you unlock its cost you if I purchase a book it doesn’t cost me 99.00.Version: 2.3.9

Insta millionareSweet story with lots of learnings.Version: 2.3.4

The returnEnjoyed.Version: 2.3.7

Love itGreat app I love it.Version: 2.3.7

EpisodesLove the books in pocket fm but I wish when you bought coins it would show his much you pay in total because when I purchase it’s a bit over what they show also I wish all the episodes are released at once! Since I already have to pay for coins why do I have to wait for new episodes of the book!!! All in all it’s good and I love the books!!.Version: 1.9.8

Very good storyI like it. But hate that you make we wait longer for a bit more story..Version: 2.4.9

SubscriptionListen I think a subscription it better I spent over hundred dollars try to finish a book which is ridiculous n still don’t have enough coins plus as the story got longer the min got shorter so coins was use faster plz fix this it shouldn’t cost that much to read a 📕 story Also my pocket app crashed I had to download it agin it deleted everything I paid for now I have to start bk over n pay for episodes again plz this fix this your not making you customers happy we keep losing money listening to your books just way to expensive a normal book don’t cost twice as much you charging.Version: 2.2.8

Updates Full Of Bugs & ErrorGot a monthly subscription starting last year and started listening to 300 stories. However Pocket FM gives Update which I also downloaded. But after downloading the Updates I encounter few problems such as : Some of my Audiobooks in my library collection were gone missing. Few Audiobooks I can recover them from the Pocket FM list however I had to pay it again to be able to listen them again. Some of the Audiobooks which are still in my library collection I can no longer listen to it because the replay button is not working. Also 30 of my Audiobooks can not be seen in the Pocket FM list anymore. These Audiobooks are fully paid and legally should belong to me but they’re gone. Midway, few of the Audiobooks stopped for like 6 months only to restart it but it only unlocked to about close to Episodes 100 or less back. The other Audiobooks had days with no update but it's still on after 1 year. In all within 18 months, I've only completed 50 Audiobooks instead of 300 which I had fully paid before the Update. I was disappointed, mad & didn't plan to renew it. But I thought of giving it another chance & started complaining only to realized that the Customer Service are ignoring any complaints from me. I felt being scam! Not only this is too expensive for an Audiobooks and the quality of Customer Service is rubbish. Many bugs in the Updates & many error too. I’m DELETING THIS APP..Version: 2.0.8

Too much long advertisement that are not displayed on the display screen properlyToo much long advertisement that are not even placed properly on the display screen for one to be able to press the cancel button when it says one could. It keeps coming up one after the other. I’m not against advertising but let it be presented properly and fairly..Version: 2.4.8

Great stories but frustrating notificationsI’ve had a great time with this app and can’t wait for the new episodes to be released each day. However, I often get notifications saying that new episodes are available; but when I login to the app it shows them still as locked. Not sure if this is an error or what. It would be nice if it said what time the next episodes would unlock as well instead of just saying tomorrow so that way I wouldn’t have to keep refreshing the app hoping that it would update properly..Version: 2.3.5

Loving this appI love this app, question: if I am going to purchase it for a year, will it allow me to listen to whatever i want without delay? Or that only applies to 1 story at a time. And I need to purchase another story. Please advice. Thanks!.Version: 2.4.0

GreatIt’s nice to listen to the stories and get a imagination about the stories being read..Version: 2.3.0

My suggestion/ complaintsI absolutely love this app, every day at work I listen to 10 or so stories. I only have a few suggestions/complaints. I would rather the app shift to the next story I am listening to before starting a new story. I wish there was an option to block a story I don’t want to listen to. Finally the my library a lot of times doesn’t remove a story that was added from the next story preview, this leads to me having to search for a story I was following since it was pushed out of my library. Possibly don’t add the preview stories automatically to the library, instead ask if you want it added to the library. Other than those few issues this app makes my 14 hour work shifts completely enjoyable..Version: 2.4.0

Amazing.Too many things to say at one but I’ll touch the surface. Awesome content. Knows how to hook you in. Reel you in. Build excitement. Become invested in fictional characters. Great escape from reality. $1.99 for some coins to unlock story or simply wait until the next day. Which I clearly can’t do thanks to them I’ll be broke. I feel cheated because there isn’t any animations. But to be honest the lack of animations make the imagination run wild..Version: 2.4.4

AudioI love this app but most of the stories I love doesn’t have audio and I’m mad. Please, put audios because I’m tired of reading I prefer listening Thanks.Version: 1.5.6

Love itThe story’s are really good and the speakers are even better😍😍.Version: 1.6.3

It’s pretty okay, pretty good 👍Okay so this app is okay. The stories seem interesting and I love listening to these when I do dishes, but I have a question. So I clicked on a vip story and I thought I had to pay like coins because I read some reviews, but it didn’t charge me anything. Im a bit uncomfortable because I don’t want it to charge me after the whole story finishes. So please let me know if I pay or not. Okay now I have a problem. So I read review of someone who had the same problem. I clicked on the app one day and all the stories including the free stories on my for you page were gone. Nothing showed there and now I read the vip stories. I still have a free story i’m reading though, but I need that to be fixed. I tried deleting the app but that didn’t work and now I’m upset. I kept the app and still listen to stories but it would be amazing to get that fixed. Im not logged in so maybe that’s the prob but I don’t really want to log in. If that’s the case, let me know please. Thank you for listening and hearing me out. Edit: I found out that I need to pay with coins to listen to the whole story. I can also listen to vip stories. Edit: I don’t think I wrote this but I actually really like this app and all my problems are solved, I have no problems in this app so yeah. Thank you for responding to me!.Version: 1.9.6

One problemIt is all great apart form that fact it does not let me purchase coins or even go into that part of purchasing.Version: 1.9.8

Insta MillionaireIf I pay for the monthly subscription do I get to listen to all episodes free for the one month or will I still need coins to unlock episodes.Version: 2.3.0

Addicting!Thanks for this app! Free if you just wait for daily free episodes but you can also purchase coins to listen more if you don’t want to wait. It keeps me hooked to look forward listening every day. Its like watching a TV series, some stories are still on-going (not done), but you can walk around or do chores while listening! There are a lot of stories to choose from. The following observations are based on the stories I am listening so far. The free daily episodes vary per story some gives you 4 or 8 episodes a day. Note: additional episodes will only open if you listened to the prior available episodes. Each episode is short average 6-12 mins each depending on the story. You can rate each story/episode separately within the app. This 5-star rating is for the app and it is a Great app!.Version: 2.4.0

CoinsOverall, a great app. I was just wondering how I can earn coins again by watching ads. Earlier today I remember seeing a banner allowing me to watch 15 ads, and earn one coin each. I watched one, but didn’t have time to finish the rest..Version: 2.0.0

FrustratingThis app is good I pay for one year and now I’m trying to renew the subscription but unfortunately the app is not allowing me to do that the books are great the problem is that you have to wait days to listen to the next chapter I was assuming if I’m paying for the membership I lo be able to listen to entire books so far for one whole year I was able to finish two books cause the other ni e I’m listening I have to say for chapters and sometimes they not available every day it’s frustrating so please to the developers fix the issue where I can renew my subscription I haven’t finished the 9 books I’m listing right now thank you,.Version: 2.0.1

SubscriptionHi I’ve been a customer of yours for a while your stories are great but the only thing that I don’t like is you changed your pricing are used to pay a yearly fee now it’s all buy coins I tried it I got the 1499 per month for 1200 coins I read only a couple of chapters and I don’t have nothing left it didn’t even last a whole day with the queens it comes out a lot more expensive very disappointed I was very happy with your stories so I will beCanceling the subscription because it comes out a little bit too pricey for me with the coins thank you.Version: 1.8.5

Annoyed a bit.I have loved this app the moment I downloaded it. This doesn’t happen for me, I’m not a reader nor listener I get bored but I really have enjoyed this app and I have been listening to this app all day everyday since getting it instead of tv or videos on my phone ECT… Anyways, my only issue is since iv spent a large amount of money on the book that had over 600 chapters and each is only a few minutes long with of listen. I am now in need of the free coins it tells you about. I cannot find it anywhere. It shows it on the video but it DOESNT PROVIDE THE OPTION FOR THE FREE COINS. I have a feeling it’s something there not wanting to do, but if it’s there and I’m missing it somehow then could someone please let me know about it! Thank you..Version: 2.4.0

ProblemIs very nice storys but is problems I subscribe but still not unlock all the shows I paid coins $20 but is unlocked just 150 episodes one story so please tell us other way 😥.Version: 2.1.3

Mr. VarleyFantastic I’ve even spent real money in this app and I never do that but it’s that good but now the add’s don’t work so you can’t even earn what you want to listen to and I was watching at least 40 add’s a day so I’m very disappointed with the app right now and can’t email them Eva.Version: 2.1.5

Love itExactly what I was looking for.Version: 2.3.2

Price’sIt’s an amazing app, but I can’t listen to all the episodes 😩😩😩😩.Version: 1.4.4

It’s so great but the US currency is Killing me!I am absolutely in love with this app. So much that I’m happy to purchase coins to listen to my favourite books! Although the currency being in US is absolutely killing me. It’s sooooo expensive to get coins cause $50 worth of coins turns into almost $100 with the currency exchange! I do wish it was a bit cheaper but I’m loving the app nonetheless..Version: 2.4.3

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