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ILoVe WebTOoN aNd aNiMe (`・∀・´)☆彡Ok imma just be honest.... why is WEBTOON anime and ramen literally the best combo ever. Like I could like off of those thing plus necessary needs like a house with air conditioning and a heater ya know. But frl that is like my dream life right there. To be honest idk why people complain about the daily pass, like bro u don’t even have to wait a full 24hrs. And it’s like totally worth it plus, it’s not like you can only read one WEBTOON a day. You can read as many as you’d like especially if you have coins which WEBTOON also occasionally gives out free coins to it’s logged in users. Soooo take it from a professional web and if u like reading funny, horror, thriller, romance, etc. graphic novels u should download WEBTOON. I mean it’s free and u don’t even have to log into it t read but it’s not like it cost anything if you do... but word of advice my little sister logged in and put in the wrong year for being able to type and read comments (‘cause some people are inappropriate and rude with comments) and she couldn’t get to the comments sooooo unless u don’t care about comments it doesn’t really matter but the acceptance age is 13 so good luck and I hope u enjoy. 🤩🤩🤩🏳️‍🌈.Version: 2.6.2

It was great but then...I’ve been using WEBTOON since 2017, and I am the type of person to binge read webtoons once they are completed, however I can’t do this anymore as you need to pay to read completed webtoons now. This is disappointing, however I do understand that you want to support the creators more. Nonetheless this is a great application to read interesting webtoons! 😊.Version: 2.5.4

SuggestionI love that you can see what webtoon series you have subscribed to but it doesn’t tell you on the actual place where it shows your subscription how many episodes have been released I think it would be helpful if you added a number of episodes on the side of where your subscribed webtoons are shown. Thank you and please make this happen.Version: 2.0.8

Dark ModePlease add dark mode, every time I read at night, my eye are burning !.Version: 2.4.7

I AM IN ABSOLUTE LOVE 😍😍This app is so amazing. Honestly hands down the best app to read any kind of comic. There are no ridiculous coins or points that cost money. This app has the sole purpose of allowing readers to read any comic they desire while also supporting the creators. That is amazing. I have been indulged in this app ever since I downloaded it and I’m glad I did. If you haven’t downloaded it yet you have to try it out. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 2.4.7

I love you but hate the new policyWebtoon is the best app that u can read amazing free comics the authors are incredible! And the so are the stories they wright and illustrate! I’ve always loved it ! And always will BUT -_- ugh we all know THE NEW RULE!!! okay I understand webtoon is 9+ but have you seen some of the comics? ;-; there clearly 18+ and the new rule is making it hard for some Authors to continue their story’s! And there having to go to Tapas(and some Authors can’t) and the readers are also getting extremely mad at this rule and eventually webtoon is not gonna have 5 stars but 1 all were asking is to plz change the rule ! And we’re all gonna end up happy and I know for a fact that webtoon knows about this problem and the angry readers like me writing this over and over again until eventually u fix this. and webtoon if u know about this why won’t u fix it? Is it because maybe some kids find the 18+ comics and the parents write an angry complain about it? (First that’s on the kids -_- if it says 18+ it’s 18+) and maybe why u won’t change the rule but hear me out just make webtoon 18+ and maybe it’s not that simple and that’s why u won’t change it... but I will give webtoon 5 starts if u change this and so will everyone else Love u and always will! -_- till u change the new rule Love a reader who wants this to change..Version: 2.0.8

Great experienceHonestly at first I thought the ads on YouTube and other places were a lot, but now that I have read the Webtoons for myself I’m grateful that I chose to read. I started reading in August this year, and started with unordinary, as that was the one that was recommended. I honestly couldn’t put it down. I wholeheartedly recommend WEBTOON..Version: 2.5.8

Amazing! With a problem or two..So, I really love Webtoon! I read everyday and always find new stories to read. The authors write so well and the events to get free coins are extremely convenient for people who aren’t allowed to buy them with money. Except.. I have two problems. My first problem is Daily pass for completed Webtoons. When I found out that Yumi’s Cells was getting daily pass like other of my favorite completed Webtoons, I was really sad. I don’t know if Webtoon understands that readers like to go back to their favorite completed stories. Having to wait until 10:00pm everyday just to read two episodes kind of ruins the reading experience. Especially if the series you want to reread is longer than others. Sorry if I’m rambling, I wanted to go in detail about my problems😅my second problem is that my old Webtoon account was randomly deleted. So, I use my Apple ID fingerprint to sign into my account. One day, I had accidentally deleted Webtoon and when I downloaded it again and signed in, the app made me make a new account! So I lost all the stories I was reading and had to find them all over again. It doesn’t really help because I mostly read Canvas stories. So, I hope that gets fixed. Over all, I love Webtoon and I spend so much time on it!.Version: 2.6.2

Outstanding.. until just recentlyI have been using the app for months now reading all my favourite webtoons, and I will applaud the company as this app is amazing and provides some of the best webtoons I have ever come across with speed. Although just today I tried logging back onto the app and it crashes immediately as I enter it. Then I tried downloading it on my iPad and the same thing happens. I try deleting it and redownloading, shutting down and repowering my devices, but nothing seems to work, and it only so happens to happen to this device. Please help, but for those who don’t suffer this issue the app is wonderful I would highly recommend this app over any other Korean web novel apps..Version: 2.5.3

Daily pass?!I absolutely love Webtoon. I honestly can’t imagine my life without it now because these stories have made me laugh, cry, and even get angry. It’s a really positive environment. When free pass came I had no mind to it. I actually really liked it because it was a nice way to be able to read episodes that haven’t been release yet! But then came the daily passes for some completed series. I don’t like to complain but daily pass is just so annoying because I can’t reread my favorite completed series over and over again. For example the completed series Winter Woods. It is SUCH a good series and I can no longer reread it as much as I wanted to. With the daily pass it would take MONTHS or WEEKS to finish the series again, and not only that but the episodes you unlock from daily pass are only for a limited amount of time. Also there’s another issue I wanted to bring to light. There are these users that keep going around in the comment sections of Webtoons, and they post links to innapropriate sites or viruses that’s really dangerous. I know better than to click on them, and I report those comments when I get the chance, but of course there are also young people who go on Webtoon and might click on these links because they might not know any better. If Webtoon could please figure out a way to deal with these perverse users that keep posting these links in some way, it would be a really big help for Webtoon readers..Version: 2.5.9

AmazingWEBTOON is an amazing app with so many different amazing artists sharing their stories and I cannot get enough of it My only issue is that if u wanted to read a comic again, there is no way to know where you left off. Episodes are shown as grayed out once you have read them once, but if u want to read the comic again all the episodes are grayed out and there is no way to keep track. I think there should be some sort of feature that allows you to “erase ur progress” on a comic. This is not essential and the app is still amazing though..Version: 2.6.0

Why can’t I log in or sign upThis app is awesome but I can’t sign up I really want to , every time I put in my email address it won’t let me what do I do.Version: 2.4.7

It’s definitely worth downloading although ...Ok so basically this app is great it’s addicting so many great stories that get you hooked almost instantly the only thing is the coins ok so there not that bad but please could you make the wait for the next episode a bit shorter please because then you have to re read the story and then wait another 2-7 days which is really annoying Great app tho if this gets changed I will be so happy and would start reading more stories love this 🤷‍♀️❤️.Version: 2.4.8

Best WebtoonThank you!!! i need more new webtoons!! my current favourites are devil no.4, tower of god, purple hyacinth n more!!!! keep up the good work!!!.Version: 2.5.10

Such a awesome app :) i love how its all free and some of the webtoons you just have to wait a few days!!!i hope to be a webtoons original author one day :D.Version: 2.5.9

Have some/time to read more…I love this app, because sometimes I get tire or fall asleep on a book📖 in front of my hands, by just reading some boring words, but that’s ok for me or for others... BUT~ the most that I like to read is this app, because u could c those images n texts, also u read with others by doing a voice over or by yrself or little by little read on yr mind by pretending; like hearing dffnt voice of a person. It’s like u watch of a cartoons or movie shows n then u catch some other person voice by hear of what their voice sound like, n then while u r reading this webtoon story, u may hear another voice of a dffnt person in yr mind,…while u still reading. Sometimes I read this app for my little brother; for bedtime, cause he like it too. Also u could comments n likes, or download some single page of the stories, or others. ❗️Almost forgot to say something else, when u r done reading the hole story’s n u want to read next, u have to wait for few days, if u don’t want to wait, u must buy some coins n then use those coins to pay for the next story. I like to wait, cuz I have some time to do other things, when the day comes n the new update story page came out, I have time to read more! *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*.Version: 2.1.11

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This app is easy to use and has amazing creators publishing their work. The discovery feature is possibly one of my favourite things about this app because it allows new people to create something and progress forward. It's also great to see people from all over the world sharing their work and translating to other languages. The community is very positive and enjoyable. So I find that this app has barely any flaws 👍 Definitely recommend if you're looking to read webtoons/comics online.Version: 1.7.0

Don’t Install if You Don’t Have TimeFirst things first, this app is fantastic. If you don’t have time to get ABSOLUTELY HOOKED, I’m warning you now. There seems to be an unlimited supply of beautifully written, skillfully drawn comics/stories to dive into. I’ve seen this app advertised to me many times, and after downloading it for the first time two weeks ago, it’s become an obsession! I initially downloaded it because of one story, but after getting current with it, I kept looking for more. And now I’m scrolling my way through six different amazing series! I’m a sucker for drama and romance and there are so many options. You can click a room based on the name/title/ratings, read one chapter and decide if you like it. If not, there’s plenty more to choose from! This app really shines a spotlight on all the creative and talented storytellers, artists, AND musicians in this world. With each new chapter an artists puts out, you can’t help but admire the hard work and dedication that goes into not only telling a great story, but drawing it, and making it believable. Tons of respect for these individuals. You’ll definitely find something worth spending money on too, so beware..Version: 2.5.0

GlitchIt’s a great app but there is this really annoying feature... When I scroll through my subscribed list then click a comic to see it and then go back to the subscribed list it takes me to the top of the page and I have to scroll all the way down to where I was previously which takes AGES and I lose my place! Please fix this!!!!! It puts me off reading and even going on the app sometimes. And I really do love webtoon. I want to be able to go through my subscribed list, click on a story, exit, and come back to where I was in the list instead of scrolling through hundreds of stories to find where I was..Version: 2.1.15

Pretty good but a minor thing...Webtoon is a pretty good app and the one thing that’s great about it is that it’s free unlike most other reading apps. It’s also good that the stories are all made by different people and they do not exist in real life. One thing that really annoys me tho is that they make you wait a few days or pay for coins to watch new episodes of stories. It’s pretty good other than that, and has all kind of genres, drama, romance, action, horror, thriller, etc. But hopefully you will change the minor error in the app, then it would be great. Also you should try add some more books because now that I hv to wait for the new episodes of my favourite books I am having trouble finding anything I like. But yeah other than that it’s pretty cool..Version: 2.4.7

Favorite Comic AppHello! I am an award winning creator of the webtoon 하드개리 (No Scope on this release) from South Korea and I did want to leave a review saying I really enjoy reading these international comics when I’m in America. I would say that overall this is the best comic app I’ve seen that produces international content from Korea, and in Korea it is considered the most popular and most legitimate digital publication app. Apps like Lezhin try to advertise their content, but this is the best selection of diverse and quality content I have ever seen! The reading format is very smooth on old to new phones (I have been reading on the US app since 2016), and there is so much potential in the creator base here. While the overseas translations aren’t always amazing, I do love seeing some of the award winning Korean comics making their way here! Originals like UnOrdinary would be given high praise by Korean people who can read English. I personally enjoy a lot of the serialized stories, but the availability of slice of life and meme comics like Bluechair are great to have. All in all it is a great international release chapter of the original Korean webtoon app, and I enjoy seeing comics from Indonesia here as well!.Version: 2.6.2

Amazingly flawlessI love how it’s mostly free, and coin rebates and you’re able to get free coins from time to time, AND you can support the artist with coins along the way as well..Version: 2.5.9

Please ReadI was looking through the comments and many people are complaining about the New policy. For new people looking to download: basically the new policy just bans any inappropriate content since the app is supposed to be for 9+. Which is pretty dumb since most comics have cuss words in them. I happen to work at a daycare that have kids of all ages, and let me just say that 9 year olds are NOT innocent. (Trust me. They know things that they probably shouldn’t know yet.) While it is true that i think the New Policy is a bit questionable, it does not affect that much. The comics are still great. The authors love doing what they do. There is always something new to read every single day. I have been reading Webtoon for a couple of years now and it is probably one of the best apps I have ever downloaded. It gave me one hell of a rollercoaster ride. I laughed with Benny. I cried and ate Marmalade. My heart pounded with Shin-Ae. I gushed over Lumine. I got angry with Daniel. I signed the petition for John to stop gelling his hair. I fangirled over Baam. I get hungry with Lucy. I played the game with Dongtae. And I even shouted at my phone many times over the amount of cliffhangers that practically kill you. This platform leaves you with so many emotions. I definitely recommend downloading it..Version: 2.1.3

A few problems...This app was great, and i mean it still is pretty good, but the coin thing can be a little annoying, so i was thinking as well as having the choice of buying it, we could also earn a couple after reading a certain amount. another thing that annoys me is that a couple of times i’ve been logged out of my account with no explanation why. and this time i forgot my password, and every time i enter a password that follows your rules of having 6 alphanumerical characters, it doesn’t accept it. i’ve been entering password after password for 10-15 minutes now and i still don’t have a new one. if that is something you can change, that would be greatly appreciated. if not, i guess i’ll have to be logged out of my account for the rest of the time i use this app. thank you for your time..Version: 2.5.10

Reward app -> not working !😫😭For the new update, every time I click the ads to get an episode it doesn’t load it’s says “unable to load reward ad please try again later” all while WiFi is on. I turn off and turn on the WiFi and it still doesn’t work and even if I wait a day or even hours later it still doesn’t work ! Could u please fix this. But other than that I would’ve gave 5 stars cuz I love this app ☺️.Version: 2.4.8

Last Update Removed My ‘Read’ ChaptersJust wanted to report a problem the last update caused. Whenever you read a chapter, it turns grey so you can keep track of what you have and haven’t read. After the last update, all of my previously read chapters are no longer grey, but ones I’ve read since then do turn grey. It’s minor but it’s incredibly annoying as I don’t always tap the Like button, so I don’t know if I’ve read something or not if I didn’t previously tap the Like button. For some reason, this problem affected about 80% of the Webtoons I have on my list. Only two or three are unaffected..Version: 2.2.3

Great app but.........................When am reading my daily release and I finish and scroll down to the comments and the comments are post weeks even mouths ago before meaning they have read it long ago but I only start it’s heart breaking to wait for something for so long and see some in the top comments has already read it. I know there are coin for fast past but am not allowed to waste money online, I would like for more ways to get coin like watching an add or subscribe to this ect the would be nice thanks for reading.Version: 2.5.4

I love it!!Like everyone else, I don’t get any glitches, ads (for some reason) and the comics are SO entertaining I love it! I think everyone around the world should be using this app. I’ve recommended this app to at least like 10 people and they all LOVE IT! I love how all the comics are all from WEBTOON and it’s not like other apps. It’s different. This app deserves a 100 star rating. I’m a huge fan of WEBTOON!! ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 2.4.7

ComplaintI love WEBTOON and daily get on to read my favourite toons. I have been so disappointed that so many have had to discontinue due to the new policies. This means the artists are no longer able to be free with their creativity and even though they would censor their pictures,now they are no longer able to put their toons up. Very sad.Version: 2.0.7

Your recent reading challenge.I recently preformed in your “20 Roses Challenge” where you have to read “The Remarried Empress” and “Your Throne” for 5 free coins. I had read all of the episodes and wasn’t very impressed to find that The Remarried Empress hadn’t had enough episodes left form me to complete the challenge. And I live in AWST time and was asleep when the update happened for their series and for when the challenge was over. So meaning that I wasted all this time for nothing and I have no coins. I just need to know if anybody else had this problem or just me and I am sorry if I am wasting you time. -Sincerely Madison 😊.Version: 2.5.7

GlitchyI absolutely love Webtoon, it’s overall a great place to enjoy some good free comics. But after I read about 20 or so chapters In a row it began to glitch. I am unsure if this is due to using the app for to long or staying on the same story for to long.. I tried to fix it by deleting and installing Webtoon again, but it did not work... I also restarted my device but no luck.. if possible I would like that fixed, Webtoon is a great app in general and if not for this issue I would give it five stars. -Thanks.Version: 2.5.3

Good app but not excellentVery good app and am loving it at the moment but it’s a bit unintuitive for beginners. I would suggest an advanced search option so you can search for comics that have multiple genres and/or are completed, this saves trying to trawl the app to find what you’re looking for. Also a double tap option would be nice to go through chapters as tapping the screen then pressing the right arrow is a bit annoying and slow compared to other comic apps..Version: 2.0.7

Just two problemsI literally go on this app so much to reread a comic or check for new ones. I’ve been on here for almost four years and I’m absolutely obsessed with it! I haven’t paid for anything and I still enjoy it. There’s only one thing I absolutely hate and it’s the inappropriate replies to comments. The bots put them on almost any comment that doesn’t have any replies yet, especially on more popular webtoons. I suggest just not allowing people to post links in the comments, as nobody needs them anyways :) but if you just report them and move on (NEVER go to the sites), then webtoon is amazing! I also suggest not using your coins (free or bought) on a webtoon with fast pass, because you’ll have to either buy more coins and keep using them repeatedly (you literally have to spend for every chapter) or wait an extra week. Just use them on daily pass series :D Also about the daily pass series, I know a lot of people are complaining and I would also love to be able to go back on old stories, but I will say that it’s better than waiting a week (your daily pass activates every 24 hours). It is a bit inconvenient like when I want to go back on a certain episode but forgot which it was (then I have to try every day), but it’s not too bad <3 thanks for reading!.Version: 2.5.4

GlitchSo basically what happens is that I am reading one of my story’s and then suddenly it freezes and puts my back onto my home screen, sometimes I don’t even get that far and are only looking for my story’s, because of this I can’t read them any more, or I only read like 10 words. But before this happened it was my favourite app and used it all the time. Please fix this as now I can’t read my WEBTOONS😞.Version: 2.2.4

Great, but issuesIt freezes when I try to read a comic, so I redownloaded it.Version: 2.2.3

So many great options for romance lovers or mystery or horror etc!I absolutely love webtoon. I have had this app for a couple of months and it has been keeping me busy! I started reading “true beauty” and “the little trashmaid.” Then of course that wasn’t enough so I began reading “Lore Olympus”! These are all series I highly recommend. I also decided I wanted to make a WEBTOON myself, so i did. (It’s called “mass Psychopath” if you wanna read 😉.) WEBTOON makes it extremely easy to publish your series and episodes. However it isn’t available on phone to publish series so keep that in mind. I got a lot of views fast so if you are wanting to publish a comic with like no budget, WEBTOON is definitly for you. Of course you can use photoshop to make your eps but I would suggest to do it for free then upgrade to photoshop or some sort of drawing tool after your series is getting you money. I also reccomend ibisPaint to make your episodes. All in all, this app has given me happiness that I hadn’t ever experienced before (but don’t worry, I don’t have depression thank golly) anyway! Definitly download if you like anime (even if you don’t like anime still download because it has stories that don’t have anime style drawings) or comics..Version: 2.6.3

Amazing!Everything is amazing, the style, stories. I only have 2 requests, could you add more horror/ thriller themed stories. As for my second one, can you either reduce the amount of time for a next episode or have no time at all. Some people don’t exactly want to pay for coins for a few episodes. I understand your trying to make some money but I don’t really feel like waiting 6 or more days for an episode. I mean what can I read while I have time or whenever I’m bored when all the stories I find interesting I have to wait for.Version: 2.1.13

PerfectAbsolutely amazing I can think of next to nothing negative to say about this app there is a book for everyone and the authors are all great at writing and drawing the only thing I find annoying is that the authors aren’t able to post new chapters more often but I guess that isn’t the apps fault😝.Version: 2.6.2

My new addictionOkay, so. I have just started to use Webtoon and have just started getting obsessed with it. The app's perfect! I can connect with other people who have the same interest as me and reading the chapters are super duper easy. 10/10! #UnTOUCHableHasFinished #ICry.Version: 1.5.5

Perfecto!Honestly if someone wants to geek over a novel then download this app! Its wonderfull and gave me a reason to geek over wonderful stories such as Spaceboy, true beauty, sirens lament, Death of a popstar, famillar feelings, Cianimon bun, adventures of god, my giant nerd boyfriend and many more titles 😍😍😍 love it.Version: 2.6.3

One of my favouritesI saw this app on the ads, it looked interesting so I watched it- the comic they were advertising was ‘True Beauty’ (if you like romance then I recommend.) I wanted to read it because it caught my eye. I downloaded it, and found the exact story. I finished it in about, a day and a half? There are LOTS of different comics and the art is amazing. I recommend using this app. You can also create you’re own ones , (if you’re on PC.) there’s not really anything bad about it, I do find a few things frustrating- having to wait or buy the next episodes- but it’s fine, everyone has to deal with that..Version: 2.4.7

I’ve heard of the policy.Now, I consider myself to be fairly new to WEBTOON, but not to where I haven’t heard of the policy. The policy where comics that have NSFW content in it aren’t allowed to be posted in WEBTOON. I think it’s pretty ridiculous (but that’s my own opinion) because that means that some WEBTOON creators are forced to keep their hard work contained because of NSFW content. Instead of overall getting rid of NSFW content, maybe something could be installed to categorize age restrictions, or something of the sort. It could maybe be something that parents install, OR maybe something that is installed on it’s own! I’m sure a lot of WEBTOON creators are angry that this has happened...but let’s just hope that this can be resolved. Now, with that to the side, I was addicted from the start when I got this app. The first few times I saw ads for it, I just ignored them. I would maybe stare at an ad for a few seconds, considering to download it, but then move on. But...when I found the ad and finally clicked on it...I decided to download the app! And I’m so glad I did, too! My favorite series right now include Lumine, Blue Chair, True Beauty, and a lot more! I have read a ton of little skits along with dramatic plot stories. Overall, besides the new policy, I’m really grateful I decided to download WEBTOON..Version: 2.1.3

PLEASE HELP!!!I absolutely love this app and it’s great cause I can read my favourite comic artists in order. However, I can’t sign up as it won’t let me type a password and I want to make an account :( Please can you fix this bug?.Version: 2.6.3

BEST comic appWebtoons have brought so much fun and excitement to my everyday life with different webtoons , I love this app. Whenever I wanna relax I just kick back and enjoy my fav webtoons. It has many comics and it has every genre. This is 100% free except if u want to skip a weeks worth of waiting for the next episode but other than that it’s so worth it. Five stars.Version: 2.5.4

Awesome. Policy IS GOODA lot of people seem to be frustrated by the new policy of age appropriate content, saying that the warnings are enough and KIDS are going to have enough self control to go ‘ok, well they said I shouldn’t look at this so I won’t because I’m perfect’. You guys are DEFINETLY doing the right thing. Also, I’m a kid, so I’m not some weirdo adult ‘frustrated with the content on the internet’ or whatever but I’m actually saying from experience that us kids are curious. We WILL test the boundaries. So thanks for helping us control our impulses, cuz we got plenty. Also yeah great app gives lots of options for lots of different readers 🥰🥰🥰.Version: 2.5.3

The promotional coinsIt’s a really good app but the promotional coins don’t come in for me and I basically just wasted my time doing that..Version: 2.4.1

Glitchy when scrollingIt'll be fine for the shorter chapters, but when I get something a bit longer it glitches and then the app itself crashes. I tried redownloading, and that fixed it for a while, but it came back bad as ever after a day. Please fix!.Version: 2.4.6

BugIt’s a great app but at about now it won’t let me get into the app. if you could fix this bug that would be amazing :).Version: 2.5.3

Brilliant app just a little complaintOverall, it’s really good. The detail artists put in is extraordinary and I like how on some comics there is even a fast track to let you see them early. However I find that it is a bit disappointing how you have to pay to get coins for fast track. I think it would be better if they did what tapas does and has surveys, watch a add and daily rewards of coins for people who don’t want to pay for coins so they can have the same experience. But it is still a fantastic app and I have used it for years..Version: 2.5.7

Device issuesI have only got 1 problem with this app and that is only available on apple as someone who is obsessed with this app and has been thinking on moving to a different device that is not apple related it has really made me sad and struggling on what phone to get since this app helps me with boredom and keeps me entertained for hours I was just hoping that if there was any chance you would be able to make this app available on other devices. But other then that this app is fantastic..Version: 2.1.15

PLEASE HAVE MERCYI have been reading the comics on this app/website and I’ve got the story to build up and I want to read the final chapters but the fast pass thing gets in the way. I have registered but NOTHING has happened and it says I haven’t, this makes me extremely sad and depress and it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to enjoy reading like this 😔 I’d just like to ask that you might help me with my predicament and help me log in at this point I’m desperate. Please.Version: 2.2.3

ScrollingWEBTOON is one of my favourite apps in my phone. The only problem with this app is scrolling. I often like to munch on something or fiddle with a something as I read but I have to keep scrolling at the same time. I suggest adding an option such as Auto Scroll where we can also adjust the scrolling speed. This will be great to multi task such as eating while you read. It will be very handy for me and I’m sure it well for others too. Please consider !! 😊.Version: 2.1.3

The internet connectionI really love WEBTOON but theirs one slight problem with it. I had my first problem today trying to read my favourite comics because of the internet. It’s say my internet is not connected but when I go on my other apps it’s working fine. I just want to know why this is happening. I saw that other people experienced this problem too and said it was down lool. Maybe if I delete the app and download it back again it might work 😅.Version: 2.2.4

I can’t seem to find my webtoonsI think webtoon is a great app and for me I’m on it 24/7 but I found something really frustrating, normally when i click on a comic and it’s saves to my recent I would come back and look at that comic again but I don’t know how but one day when I went into webtoon all of my ‘recent comics’ were all deleted! I find it SUPER annoying cause some of them I really enjoyed and are still reading but I can’t remember their names! I hope you fix this problem cause I spent a lot of time waiting for each episode to upload and now I can’t seem to find them again.Version: 2.1.14

😐I used to get notifications when the storys I’m reading have updated but I stopped getting them about 3 months ago, I’ve checked in settings and the notifications are turned on but it’s not working. And I just went into the app and it’s telling me to sign in or sign up idk why buy okay I typed in my email and password and it says this email isn’t registered I’ve checked and the email is correct, so I had to make a new account meaning I’ve lost coins 𝙏𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙄 𝙗𝙤𝙪𝙜𝙝𝙩. (Also I’m using the same email I used for the account that vanished 😐).Version: 2.4.1

Great, but some adjustmentsI just want to say i love the app and the comics on here and it’s normally okay and doesn’t crash too much anymore. I still think that some things could be changed and added. Okay so hear me out- Adding an auto scrolling option. I find that when i’m doing something i don’t have two hands free, and i still want to read on WEBTOON but i can’t do it when i have no limbs free to scroll, so i end up going off the app and onto another app, maybe an anime app where the screen moves anyway, or a reading app with auto scrolling, but sometimes i don’t want to read, or watch anything, i want to catch up with my comic selection and i can’t do that without free hands. I think adding an option to turn auto scrolling on would be very beneficial to the app. Also the restrictions are heavy and it turns some people away, also upsetting or annoying some artists who can’t post specific content they’ve worked hard on..Version: 2.5.8

Dum- censorI love this app but the censor is truly annoying, its true manyyyyy creators worked hard on their comics and they have to censor some tiny lil things.Version: 2.6.3

I love it but it’s glitchingI ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP!! it’s so amazing and I’m completely obsessed with it. I can’t sleep when I know an update is coming up! Yesterday I stayed up to 3am reading these comics!! But today the app has crashed and I don’t know why.. I’ve powered my phone on and off multiple and even deleted it! Ik that you will be able to resolve this issue and I can’t wait till I can read more comics!! But I definitely recommend this app :).Version: 2.5.3

I’d Download It Time And Time AgainWhen I first downloaded the game it was straight forward and you didn’t even have to sign up , if you didn’t want to you still get the comics for free and if you wanna spend money on reading the comic quicker before it comes out you can and I think that’s unique. This game has loads of opportunities and genres that fit different peoples style and it’s awesome. The webtoons people create on the app inspires so many people including myself to draw and learn new things. I’d never delete of my device even if it was the last app I had on , it has spectacular graphics and I’d recommended it to any friends and even strangers but I’d rather mention the app to people just over 10+ for reasons. Webtoon is my favourite app from all the others and the webtoons I read that people have made fills me up with joy on a gloomy day and I lay down and just scroll down different webtoons for hours and I cherish every moment with this wonderful app. <3 xx.Version: 2.4.7

Overall Great AppLove that this allows me to discover and read so many high-quality webcomics. Super easy to binge (just scroll from comic to comic) and resume from exactly where I left off. Only wish that it were easier to ‘like’ the comics - like a double tap or tap and hold or some sort of simple gesture, rather than having to navigate down to the bottom left corner all the time. Overall great app, though, functions smoothly and quickly..Version: 2.4.1

Download problemI really like the app such a good way to explore the new things to read but for me at least if I want to download any thing it keeps given me error after first error (request time error).Version: 1.5.8

SkdjdmeI love this app and there webtoons be t recently I had re downloaded it as I had seen there where a few new webtoons available but the problem is everytime I try opening the app it goes back to my home screen and on the website it really doesn't do that or glitch or anything so that's a bit disappointing but I still read the webtoons on the website. 🙂.Version: 2.4.7

Just wowThis is such a great app, if you’re bored and such you can look at many of the story’s they have. I haven’t seen an ad and I’ve had this for a day which is just awesome. The only thing I dislike is the wait for another page to come out but it’s only a week and i know you can’t rush perfection..Version: 2.4.7

Envie de noter cette appSans blague, c’est ma découverte de l’année. J’adore. Normalement je ne note jamais une app, mais la j’ai même chercher pour laisser un commentaire. Juste WoW! Les histoires sont géniales, les images incroyables et lumineuses et la musique aide même à calmer mes enfants quand je prends un 15 minutes pour moi durant le confinement..Version: 2.4.6

Tap to scrollI love this app and I use the tap to scroll feature because I prefer it a lot more. Since this last update today, it doesn’t work anymore which sucks and I’d like it back..Version: 2.0.5

Amazing concept.I love WEBTOON. It’s an amazing platform, and I look forward to seeing new authors publish their content. If you are trying to figure out whether you want to get this app or not, just go for it. However, I think that 1. The policy on censoring content from younger readers, and 2. The whole ‘fastpass’ deal Needs work. I understand you need to warn people about more mature content, but there could be an option to set your account as 18+ and not have to tick a box every time you want to read something too dark. Also, not all readers have the ability/money to buy fastpass, so it can be a real pain when the comments are full of people saying that they bought fastpass. Maybe instead of fastpass, WEBTOON should make it easier to access an author/artist’s patreon or support the author in some other way..Version: 2.5.4

Love itI was so happy when this version came out since I really wanted to read webtoons but I don't know Korean. It's a great app with an easy to use format and great webtoons in high definition quality. Nice 👍🏼.Version: 1.4.6

OrganizationI wish the stories that you subscribe to would be separated and organized better! Like they could be separated from when they update or their genres, kinda like the originals section!.Version: 2.5.10

Comics👍Greatest comic series to read.Version: 2.3.1

An app to die forWeb toon is a really amazing app for those who want to create stories and read stories! There’s a large community and lots of webtoons that you can read so no matter how much you finish and read there’ll always be another webtoon to read! I highly recommend this app!!.Version: 2.2.4

LOVE LOVE LOVE ITThe webtoons are great and everything is so easy to understand. I only have one problem with it which is the reason why i took a break from webtoon for about half a year. The webtoon app slows my phone down and is delayed when i’m scrolling through a webtoon. I’ve got a compatible phone as well as access to wifi. I usually uninstall and install again but i’m getting really annoyed by it. I love this app and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to others. Other than the glitches that it has caused my phone, it’s amazing. If Webtoon does read my review, please give me any tips on fixing this issue. I’m worried it might get worse over time if i continue to use the app..Version: 2.4.8

Completed Webtoon Daily PassI used to be very happy with the app until they added Daily Pass to some Completed Webtoons. I like to go back to some completed Webtoons and re read and not have to face a cliff hanger or wait for next episode. Due to the new Daily Pass, i can only read 2 episodes a day (besides the first 6 few ones). I really don't enjoy this cause I've already read these webtoons and would like to be able to read them over and over again. For example, Orange Marmalade is an amazing Webtoon and has 119 Episodes. I've already read this story at least 5 times if not more. I recently came back to re-read and by doing the math, i have to wait 2 months to finish. It's just a way for the company to make more money and i'm a "free to play" reader and i'd rather spend my money on webtoon merch. Could webtoon please either remove daily pass or at least make the daily pass make the episode free after use instead of the episode being unavailable after 14 days? I know i'm not the only one upset about this. I may only have been on Webtoon for 2 and half years, but i still love to read the older ones and re read the ones which have already been completed. It's also inconvenient because right now a series could be near completion and i can read all the released episodes (non fast pass) whenever i want but after the "grace period" i won't be able to. Please do something about this because i'm not the only one who is upset about this..Version: 2.2.4

Great howeverThis is a great app and I really enjoy it however when every I try to login it would take me to the website. If I login there, and go back to the app. In the app I would still not be logged in. I have tried several times. And it’s still the same. Takes me to the website I login. Go back and still not logged in. Is there a way I can fix this? It’s quite bothering. Thank you.Version: 2.4.6

I love this❤️❤️I’ve been a fan of anime and comics since sailor moon came out. For years I had trouble finding an app that satisfies my addiction for anime and comics and after trying to find one for ages I found WEBTOON and it’s absolutely amazing. I just love how my favourite stories get updated weekly and there are variety of different art styles and categories. It’s such a wonderful app and it’s beyond amazing. I don’t have enough words to describe how much I love this app💗💗 I definitely recommend getting it and start your own WEBTOON experience. I love it soooooo much❤️❤️❤️.Version: 2.5.8

Great, but just one thing..This app is amazing, and I love all of the comics. All of the stories are unique and different in their own way. I love it.. buuuut... there’s this new thing that’s called a “Webtoon Policy,” and you can only read if you’re 18 or older.. which I understand, but what if you ARE 18 years or older? I’ve read some of the comments on one of the comics I was reading, and they said “This episode isn’t even inappropriate.” I’ve missed like 10 episodes because of this “Webtoon Policy.” Before I knew this, I was reading all of my comics thinking that I wasn’t missing anything, and the author was just remonding you that the comic has inappropriate language or something, but today was the day (after about a year and a half.. I think) that I figured out that I was missing out on episodes because of a Webtoon Policy. I even tried switching to one of my other accounts, and I still couldn’t read a bunch of episodes. I didn’t get this app to miss out on books I love to read. Something I don’t understand is.. why can some of the people reading the book see it, but some of them can’t? It makes no sense and is NOT fair. Webtoon, I love the app, but please fix this problem. If you can’t fix it, just please get rid of the “Webtoon Policy” and ask the authors to warn the readers that the content might be inappropriate. Thank you 🙂.Version: 2.1.14

Free and the BESTWEBTOON is seriously a good platform to see FREE comics, there’s a lot of comics and it’s never dull. The best part is everything is actually FREE not those other apps where they say “10 credits to read chapter 3” or “monthly-pass” or something where you need to buy actual coins. Yes WEBTOON has that but it’s only for early access where you can still read the comics for free but just wait. And I really like how you can download comics, it’s seriously good. Please don’t change a thing WEBTOON your app is SO GOOD.Version: 2.5.7

Super snazzy I wish I could rate 4.9 but things have to be saidI love this app, it brings me so much joy and happy vibes. I got it almost a year ago, and it's now become one of my favorite ways to relax and just step away from life for a sec. I personally have a few problemos sometimes though. Daily pass came recently, and it means that stories that have been completed have a daily episode for you, when you used to be able to binge read them. You can buy coins and then binge read, but me being the broke teenager I am, cannot do this *sad boi vibes intensifies*. I totally understand that webtoon needs to make money somehow, given the fact that it is a free app of happiness, but it's still a Debby downer with the binge taken away. Also, sometimes the app will glitch and log me out, not letting me log in again until I restart my phone, and sometimes it will tell my I have multiple devices logged in (? I only use my phone for webtoon) and it won't let me do stuff like daily pass or anything involving coins😭. But overall amazing app, and if I could rate 4.9 I would, but things have to be said so I rated it a 4. But yeah, A+ entertainment. Go download it for your own good childe. Go now..Version: 2.6.2

I loove itI love it.. i used to read off episode but now its just webtoon (welp sorry episode) anyways.. there are soooo mannnyy goood comics that i love like : Untouchable, True beauty, Age matters, unordinary, A good day to be a dog, subzero, orange marmalade, ghost wife, sweet home, freaking romance..etc... there are so many genres like : romance, comedy, sci-fi, horror, thriller, slice of life, historical...etc.. you can even publish ur own comics and can basically get so many likes and subscribers which leeds you to do more cool stuff and sometimes can get featured and u may get money so I recommend this app for sure (u can read my story : fruit love , by marys_artfolio) thanks for reading :).Version: 2.1.15

Favourite app ever!!I love this app but I guess it’s kinda unhealthy to spend 30 hours a week on it (around 4 hours per day) but I just can’t stop reading all of it. I actually sleep really late because of Webtoon but hey it’s more important to read than sleep. Now, there’s one thing that bugs me the most: the fact that you can ONLY SUBSCRIBE TO 100 WEBTOONS. I’m telling ya, that ain’t enough for someone like me. Ahh the struggle of unsubscribing many of your (finished) webtoons just to get notifs on the new ones. Sigh. Oh yea. One massive, humongous, awesome thing about webtoon is that it’s completely free unlike other comic apps like Tapas where you have to unlock chapters. *Ehem*moneygrabbers*ehem* But i guess it’s a way to earn money🤷‍♀️ If anyone is reading this, do not hesitate to get this app because honestly you’re missing out on a lot. I got couple of my friends hooked in and they love it. I swear this is not a pyramid scheme.....Or is it????.Version: 2.0.3

HELPOk so i love this app and i usually use it every day but i opened the app yesterday and it logged me out for no reason. I thought “oh this again ok i’ll just sign in with the password saved on my phone” but i put in my email and password and it didn’t work! It said my email wasn’t registered (even though it was) and wouldn’t log me in. I tried doing this online too and it didn’t work so I tried resetting my password and it didn’t work, so I thought maybe it’s wifi issues and waited till the next day and it still was the same. So i just decided to screen record all of my recent webtoons so i can make a new account, subscribe and go to each episode i was on and i tried to use the email from my last account but it said it was registered already- I don’t know what to do! This has never happened before and someone said i could be banned but i never wrote any comments that would be offensive to anyone! I barely even write comments. It’s a shame that i might lose all my fast passes but at least i didn’t have any coins at the moment. I wrote 5 stars because I do love this app but I need this to get to the top so someone can help me! Please help!.Version: 2.5.0

Great app!!My friend recommended this app to me and now I can’t stop using it!! I think the idea behind this is very creative, the only thing I would complain about is the wait time for a new episode. When I have to wait a week, I start a new book and eventually I have loads of them to read and it just gets confusing. I would suggest putting the wait time down but other than that I would definitely recommend this for something to do in your spare time! It’s very addicting and the stories are intense, I’ve been obsessed with these two called ‘watermelon’ and ‘refund high school’ so far. Keep up the good work :).Version: 2.1.15

Brilliant!!In a world where getting access to comics and manga is getting harder and harder. So much of it costing us in a way that some of us simply cannot afford, Webtoons provides a great way to read great quality comics for free. Yes you pay of you want a fast pass but nothing is completed restricted and if your patient you don’t have to pay a thing. There are so many wonderful stories that I have become addicted to. At this point checking webtoons before I go to sleep every night has become a daily ritual that I love~ Would 100% recommend!!.Version: 2.5.9

Sound problemsGreat app! I've been obsessed with this app but I have pushed it away for awhile since I've been busy these past few month and chapters that have sound on it won't play. I was thinking if it was only me with this problem?.Version: 2.0.14

I love this app but...I absolutely love this app. The comics here are amazing. I have been using this app since 2017. Since then I've read many other types of comics. I don't mind having to wait a week to read another chapter, considering how hard the artist is working each day to upload the next chapter. They also have completed series which I do enjoy because there isn't any cliffhanger. Now, webtoon has changed a lot in a good way and in a bad way too. Now there is a fast pass which I don't mind. I haven't purchased coins because I don't feel like I need to. Like I said I don't mind waiting a week. People have their right to spend their hard-earned money on whatever they want. There are also events where webtoon gives free coins that I have used. But recently I've had my first dilemma with this app. It has to do with the series that are already completed. Before you were able to read them freely as you like, but now you have to wait for a day to read the next chapter. I don't mind having to wait but doesn't mean I have to. When unlocking a chapter it's only for a limited amount of days. I think that's a bit too much and not necessarily fair to people. I am pleased that the app is growing and gaining the popularity it deserves. But because the app is growing they are taking advantage of it and doing unnecessary ”updates”. If this were to be fixed I and other people will be pleased to read the completed series..Version: 2.5.4

I love “I love yoo”It’s the best story get more stories like this.Version: 2.0.7

It’s really good! It’s just that...It’s really good! It’s just that... we have to wait for a week or more for new episodes, if you don’t want to wait you can pay for them but the prices to buy the coins are expensive only for a small amount of coins. It would be better if we could play music on other apps while listening, but it doesn’t let us, the music just turns off. ;-; Other than what I just said, the app is really good and the communities are nice to be apart of!.Version: 2.1.11

AmazingThis app is amazing and allows people to share their art style with others but I have one complaint. When I finished reading 100 episodes of Tower of God I pressed the complete button and then waited for the 23rd. When I logged in I didn’t get any pop ups saying to collect my reward. I don’t know if it’s delayed or something but I would really like to know if I will get my reward..Version: 2.4.1

Good except for some reason on iPhoneI absolutely love this app I’m hooked to it, the stories you can find on it are brilliant and there is such a range plus it’s easy to use. However for some reason recently I am unable to use the app on my iPhone and cannot access any of the webtoons I have subscribed to. I’m going to try and redownload it so hopefully that should work. My iPad has never had any problems..Version: 2.4.6

Best app I haveSo I have had webtoon for a couple of months now... it’s a great app you can read some really good mangas on there, (I recommend true beauty and sirens lament, they are really good)... when you catch up to it, to the current date (if that makes sense) you can wait every week, or use fast passes, so you get the next episode earlier, it dose cost money (I know it’s £5 for 50 coins) typically it’s 5 coins for a fast pass... but other than that this app is completely free, and great... you should really get it... :).Version: 2.4.7

Awesome app but crashes on ios13 :(Love this app ❤️ The new policy was definitely a change, but I understand why they did it. Unfortunately I can now no longer open the app... I recently bought a new phone which has ios13 (I was previously running ios10) and now the app gets stuck on the loading screen for a few seconds before crashing. My other apps work fine and the phone is brand new so it’s not a memory problem. Hopefully can get this fixed soon!.Version: 2.4.1

Latest “Video to Watch” Feature is a Bit of a Turn OffTo start, I’d like to say that I absolutely love this app (especially during quarantine). There are so many stories out there to read and all of them are amazing. Genres range from superhero to fantasy and romance to comedy. I’d also like to address one of the top reviews on the app by some 12 year old complaining about having to wait a week for a comic to update. That’s because the writers and artists are making these LIVE. The only ones that are already made are on fast pass and at that point it’s entirely up to you as to whether or not you want to be patient. Not only that, but WEBTOON occasionally has coin events in which case you can get coins for free. However, I should really get to the point of this review. Lately, there was an option for small artists to gain something along the lines of fast pass (fast pass is only an option for more popular comics) in which the reader watches an ad and then they can read the next chapter early. I wouldn’t mind it since it supports those smaller artists, but it just doesn’t work which is VERY frustrating! I click to play the ad and then it says “couldn’t load the ad. Please try again later.” It’s been doing this for 4 days! At this point I may as well wait until it’s available without the ad! So please please please fix it! I just want to read the next episodes of Million Dollar Bride and Love n Life..Version: 2.4.7

Almost PerfectI say almost, because Webtoons does ONE thing wrong every single time no matter how many complaints they get. They ALWAYS sent push notifications with spoilers for really good/popular comics. It doesn’t happen very often, but it’s always when a really important moment happens in a storyline. I wish they would stop, because I really hate spoilers. Asides from that, the app is wonderful. I’ve been using it and actively spending money as well for a couple years now and I’ve been introduced to so many amazing authors and their stories. The range of art and genres is so fresh and new. 99% of the stories are updated once a week, so it gives me something to look forward to everyday because they don’t all update on the same day. It’s all up to the author. I love knowing that I’m directly supporting these artists/writers and their dreams. The app is incredibly easy to navigate, super organized from setting a push notifications for the stories you care about whereas you can still see every story you’re subscribed to regardless of the push note, on the same page. It never glitches, and it also allows some brief animation and soundtracks too. This app is going to get much more popular over time, I’m sure of that. How can it not? Good job Webtoons, keep being nice to your authors and stay true!.Version: 2.5.4

Great comic app!All the comics are original and thrilling to see. One thing that is really bugging me is that I can’t download and see comics at the same time. There is no way to go back / exit the downloading page (once it is downloading) and Webtoon won’t download in the background when I switch to another app.Version: 2.1.8

Love it! But here’s a couple ideas..I got into Webtoon a couple years ago and I still love it! However, I have realised that the “liking” system needs a bit of work, I find that so many webcomics don’t nearly get enough likes as they should. In my opinion, this is partly because people forget to like the webcomic due to the like button not being very prominent on the screen. So possibly, make the like button a bit easier to see/ easier to use. like the double tap system on Instagram and other social media..Version: 2.5.4

Great appHonestly love this app. However, I am currently experiencing an issue where it keeps on freezing when trying to use it.Version: 2.0.14

I got scammed a little-This is an amazing app not gonna lie.. but when there are these little events of getting free coins if you read the stories, I have tried it. And when I finished it said to collect the coins that I earned and then the screen froze. So I left and got back in, i went to my favorite series and I wanted to buy a free pass to see the next episode instead of waiting. Then it said so I can go to the shop to get coins, I was very confused and went to the shop to see if I got the free 5 coins from the event thing. And I didn’t have any.... that was kind of a waste of my time to read other stories that I am not interested in just to get nothing from it. It is a very good app with interesting parts of the story you are reading, there are many different kinds but I did get scammed a bit to getting free coins and now I don’t have the coins and I guess I need to wait longer for another thing to happen so I can participate for coins. I hope the creators of WEBTOON see this and to not make my screen freeze after I get free coins ;-; or maybe what will be a bit better so I can just get it and not wait for another event to happen in like a week or something..Version: 2.5.10

No words can explain how amazing this app is!!!!!!I know u might be second thinking about downloading this app but... I PROMISE YOU!!!! You wont be disappointed... this app is amazing!!!! I can’t believe I didn’t know it sooner!!!! I cant even put down my phone!!! There are whole lot of stories to read, endless categories!!! Adventure, romance, comedy, slice of life, sci-fi anything you want!!!! If you are looking for an app to post your comic... download this app!!! I PROMISE YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!! NOW!!!!!.Version: 2.2.3

Pretty goodI only gave it 4 stars and not 5 bc of the download feature and the amount of episodes. First when I want to download chapters it only works when ur phone is on or it turns off then the loading stops. Two the webtoon app doesn’t have all the chapters of most webnovels and no I’m not saying I want them all for free, just that most webnovels have like 6 seasons and only have one or not even one is coming out chapter by chapter slowly on the app. It doesn’t brother me too much and over all the app is rlly good with lots of opportunities for free chapters. I’m obsessed with this app.Version: 2.6.3

ONE (1) problem. Real issue :/I LOVE this app. It’s wonderful and all the artists I follow do such a beautiful job with their art BUT every time I try to download chapters, it says there’s an error after only 1 being downloaded and it’s killing me! I have limited internet at the moment and these comics are my life line so I implore you to PLEASE fix this! I don’t know if it’s a bug or what but I’m sure it’s a problem for many more people and not just me. Thank you so much for listening to my concern.Version: 2.1.14

BruhI love this app. The more you use the it the more you’ll start to like it. I go on it everyday. The only problem I have with it is that it’s sooooo protected. Like, if you tap on a webtoon that is a little explicit, it gives us a warning, right? I personally find that warning unnecessary because you guys always remove the stuff that go over kissing. It should be fine if it doesn’t show any personal parts, right? But this stuff is wayyy too protected. It’s actually starting to get me angry. I don’t really mind buying coins and stuff since it’s just a one time offer thing, but you guys make make want to buy Patreon, and it only applies to the webtoon I apply for AND I have to pay for it every month. Ain’t nobody got the money for Patreon dude. Literally no one. Plus, a good 80% of the webtoons I like aren’t even on Tapas, so I end up just getting cut off scenes which really gets on my nerves. I’m of course fine if you clean it up a bit, but the least you can do is censor the scenes instead of remove them. Some really important drama happens in those scenes too, you know? So it leaves you a little confused on the story afterwards. So I definitely think that part should be improved a bit more..Version: 2.5.4

Please consider what I say and mention itSo I love WEBTOON but when I want to read the latest episode it either will cost me money or make me wait something crazy like 22 days and also webtoon should make a child friendly version or a child lock mode so kids when I say kids I mean 6-10 can read comics to and fix bugs. I remember when it was (if you read my dear cold blooded king you would know) free to read the latest episode. I got up on Sunday morning and ate breakfast then read the episode before I found webtoon I always watched Netflix. I love webtoon and it deserves support but 👎🏻 to fast passes because (I know webtoon is trying to make money) they aren’t needed (make a premium we can purchase for exclusive content like a membership and for authors or whatever you want to call them you could have special things for them on the premium like featuring there comics and maybe for premium authors there could be an early release and to people who have the premium will get an extra early release (please take out fast pass it is the most annoying thing I have ever seen and also maybe you could do my ideas?)).Version: 2.1.13

Definitely five stars.I HATE THE DAILY LIMIT. Terrible. Makes me so mad and this is totally getting me sooo mad. Otherwise...this app is absolutely a time killer and a fun time for readers to read online stories. So many options! I love reading but I haven’t found any. I saw an add probably a couple months ago and decided to get this app. It has had no glitches or that. I saw another ones report as a glitch happened, but yes it does happen rarely. This game is amazing and I go on it when I possible can. Amazing stories and cute art, absolutely awesome. Not a better book then this I could EVER find. This is the best app for reading in my life, and i do have to wait long times for next episodes but then I find another book. I prefer signing in or logging in to an account to comment, subscribe, and bookmark your books you read. Definitely a great game to get. Books I would reccomend are True Beauty, Swimming lessons for a mermaid, Big Joe, And love me knot. A lot more aweosme stories are there, but those are mine I LOVE. All of them have enticing love triangles, obstacles in life, and goals. All realistic, and amazing art. Thanks for reading this. Just remember you will get so so mad at the daily limit..Version: 2.6.1

It’s GreatWhat I love about Webtoon is the stories you will find not to mention the authors. Most authors tried to interact with their readers as much as they can, whether it’s Uru-Chan who keeps us update at the end of each episode for UnOrdinary or Sandra who post fan arts her fans make on her Supersonic Girl Webtoon. There are really kind people on Webtoon. Then you have authors like Shen and Fishball who answer questions asked by their readers. There are really kind people on Webtoon. At times, even the readers can be supportive. When an author is hurt or ill and mentions it, in the comments section the common comments is “Don’t worry about it. Get well soon!” Other then the people, the stories are amazing. There are talented people on Webtoon. There are many things learn from different Webtoons. I find myself looking the funny moments in Webtoons. I also like how Webtoon gives others a chance to create their own Webtoon. It’s also known as Discover, and there you can find works done by inspired people. And they are actually read by the same viewers. It’s a good start to share your story. There’s a lot of collaboration in Webtoon which I like. It shows you how close the Authors are..Version: 2.0.6

It’s good but needs a user tagging systemNice array of comics and the current optional pay system is good as it benefits both readers and creators, with free users not missing out on much. However, it be nice if there was a way to tag other users in the comment sections as it can be incredibly difficult to keep track of a conversation when only the original commenter gets notifs..Version: 2.1.13

IPhoneI absolutely love this app and what I read is great! It gives a chance to people to create manga and let people see it. But this less to the reason I did four stars, not five. I have been told that you can only create Webtoons via a laptop etc. I personally is a person who draws with their phone though, and I would absolutely love to make a Webtoon of my own. But I can’t do that if I can’t create it from my phone. Other than that, I adore this app and am addicted. ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 2.1.11

VERY NICE!!!!!Very nice!!!! 12/10.Version: 2.0.1

Best reading appThis app is absolutely AMAZING and you don’t /have/ to pay to read any story! You can pay if you want to read ahead but others you only have to wait a week for the next chapter which I think is fair. And I don’t get the people complaining about ads on some discover stories, like boohoo you have to watch 1 ad that helps pay the author?? Anyways I wouldn’t change anything about this app and I absolutely love everything about it 💜.Version: 2.5.1

My review On WEBTOONI personally think it is really good! It has different types of genres, and different stories you can read, Its really good stories! I would recommend Age matters,Truebeauty,Orange marmalade and many more you can find!! Its Also quite add itong to be honest, Because as soon as I read the stories I get really curious what Will happen next! It has really Good drawings, and pictures aswell!! You should download this app! Its worry it! And alot of fun!!!!!!💜💜💜💜💜.Version: 2.1.14

WEBTOON policy from ages agoSo yes this app allows me to enjoy myself and get sucked into so many great comics but the policy just drives me nuts, I understand that it’s to protect younger viewers but the authors censor and put warnings before hand to ensure younger audiences. With the policy, I can’t really enjoy myself that much since it takes away from the romantic vibes that the story had already set up. This is why I only rated this app 4 stars, I hope that in the future this policy will no longer exist and that many other audiences can enjoy their comics. For the other 4 stars I would like to say that is very enjoyable to use, it’s easy and has many language translations by fans. I like the idea of some characters from featured WEBTOON get a chance to appear on the WEBTOON app when people download it, very nice..Version: 2.1.3

Hey this is importantUm so I really like your app, and I love reading the comics on it but I just tried to get on today and it’s bugged out, when I try to go on it just forces me out to my home screen, this only happened today and I thought maybe there was a mistake made when you did the bug fix? I know that it could be rather inconvenient so I’m sorry for asking but can you please see if there is something else that went wrong, thank you. To others looking at this app, please don’t let this put you off, it’s a really good app and the first time I’ve ever had a problem with it. ❤️.Version: 2.5.3

The absolute bestThis is THE BEST APP EVER I use it 24/7 and it’s rlly good you should download it even tho some people might not like it I love it and if there were more than five stars I would rate it so much more and all of the comics are free (I think) but you don’t have to log in just to read or even subscribe even tho I would but you should rlly get it the developer worked rlly hard and did an AWESOME job tysm for bringing this into my life.Version: 2.5.1

Please readSo i absolutely love webtoon in all its glory but i do have some issues with it now, when i first downloaded it, it was free and i could read anything that i put myself too but now its like the fast passes and the policy its just very annoying really like when supporting authors is one thing but not everyone has the money for it. Maybe like a patreon is better to help support authors, i also have questions about the free daily pass because is it only for completed series? And can you only use one each day for that one story or can u use it for multiple stories but you have to go to it each day? Thank you thats all i wanted to say.Version: 2.6.3

WEBTOON things.I love Webtoon!! It’s very nice and I like the artistry. I really enjoy reading the comics. I’m pretty sure people don’t like the fact that their is fast pass, but waiting for a week is worth it I guess. Just waiting for that one episode from your favorite comic is worth it. I’m really glad that you guys made fast pass though. Some people should be grateful for even getting to read the episodes for free, because some of the other apps that have comics only have a few free episodes, and than you have to pay for the rest.. I’m glad that I can have a nice day just reading episodes that are free!! It’s rare to find an app like this, with free episodes. And I know that some people are complaining about the cliffhangers, but don’t the artists work hard just for us to read it? BE glad that you can just read free episodes!! Plus if fast pass wasn’t here, we would be having to wait for a whole entire week, I’m fine with that though. They just want you guys to enjoy it!! Be happy that we even have an app like this. Some other people use fast pass so they can read more though!! I don’t think this topic even matters though but I’m just saying.. I also don’t wanna start controversy..Version: 2.5.1

WarningI love reading books and just reading in general and I’ve been so obsessed with this bloody app that it’s all I think about half the time! Whenever anyone mentions anything my mind just goes straight to this! It has so many stories from all around the globe and so many genres This is a warning to only get this app is you have self control or else you’ll become like me 😂😂 11/10 have recommended to about 30 friends.Version: 2.7.6

Great concept! Daily pass... not so much.I loved this app and I’ve been reading WEBTOON a for very long time. One thing I love is the ability to reread complete series. With the new “daily pass” update it limits this. The weird part is, is that it’s not even on every complete WEBTOON, only a select few... I’m not sure how the money works in this situation but I don’t like the system.... finished WEBTOONs should be open to read just as all the big name webtoons are open so you can catch up. The reason why WEBTOON is doing so well is because it’s completely free, I saw many other reviews and noticed that many people are upset with this. I wanted to read Orange Marmalade but now with this system, a read that would take me a day will now take 2 months unless I want to spend money. I love WEBTOON but I think this system is extremely flawed, I enjoy the fast pass system because it is designed in a way to give us readers a choice. At least when you unlock an episode using the daily pass, make it unlocked forever so that we only have to go through it once. I think it’s ridiculous to wait 2 months over and over if you really enjoy a series :/ pls take my advice, I’m sure many others would agree..Version: 2.4.8

Really goodWhen I just started using this app I already got addicted to it idk why XD. There were no ads, I didn’t need an account and the stories are very interesting. I used to always play games and watch YouTube now I would rather WEBTOON then any others. The only thing I wish is that to make it easier for iPad because I don’t really like holding my iPad like in a phone position. Still people should download this app!.Version: 2.4.6

HONESTLY THE BEST THING EVERI absolutely LOVE how you don’t HAVE to pay to continue reading on this app because I myself will never have been able to pay right now (even though I’d want to) for certain reasons. Webtoon is literally life. I love how there is a fast pass option but if you want you can just wait. Please keep it this way. Thank you so much for making life better for me :’).Version: 2.1.14

I love it but the coinsI have had webtoon for a long time now and it’s an amazing app with many creative artists, they recently added passes to webtoon which you can unlock with coins which of course you have to buy I don’t at all mind the fast pass feature they added, even though I myself can’t buy coins it is a good feature for making money but I do have to say that I am not so much a fan of using coins to unlock chapters on completed webtoons. For example “Bastard” I wanted to go back and read the webtoon after so long, I always was cut on time and got dragged in with other webtoons so I never got the chance to finish reading it. Now I do have lots of time on my hands but it’s a shame that I can’t read all of it at once anymore. I only get a free pass for a chapter, as someone who can’t afford to buy coins it’s not the best in my opinion, I was doing ok without that feature but if it is still going to be in the app I recommend making at least 4-5 chapters free each day so some of us that cannot get coins can still enjoy parts of the story at once rather then just 2. Overall I still love the app it has so many lovely stories and it’s just amazing, I do experience a few bugs here and there but nothing too bad..Version: 2.4.7

Quality of Life Improvement (DarkMode)It shouldn’t be to hard to add a Dark Mode(Night Mode) to make menu navigation easiest on the eyes while dark, like when a user is scrolling through the webtoon catalog at night in bed. It feels and looks more professional to use dark mode. Also, if readers have even a slightly easer eye strain when at night, they might spend longer reading which will also boost your income. It’s a win, win..Version: 2.4.8

Must get!*please read WEBTOON!I love this app. I love joe easy it is to read comics and I just love the different types of conics! It’s just amazing bc of this I have something to look forward to every single night. But I have some suggestions! Webtoon I understand u must pay to get fast past coins and I love how cheap they are! But I feel as though for some of us who don’t have the ability to get coins I feel as thought you should give us more options on actually GETTING coins. Noticing how you are beginning to use videos I was thinking if you watching a certain amount of videos then you would get 5 coins or less and that’s it for the whole week. Also I do have a single complaint which actually is about the videos! I’ve noticed that the dont work all the time. This happens every single time I get a video I love I get to read early but please fix this! Anyways I love the app! It’s truly become something I truly enjoy I love this app! But please take my suggestion and for those who don’t have the current ability to buy coins try to make more ways for people who CANT buy them a way to get a few it would really be nice. I’m not sure if you will read this I honestly doubt it but, take my suggestion and again ty for this wonderful app. Ty.Version: 2.5.0

Registering device???? It’s still a good appNew review: it keeps saying I have to get rid of an old device registered to my account but this is the same device I have always used. I don’t want to risk loosing my coins and progress on this account. I then de-registered and then registered that same device. I don’t understand why I can’t have my account on both my phone and iPad, when I’m not making any purchases. Previous review: why make it no longer possible to binge completed series Its worse than waited a week for new episodes to come out now Previous review:LOVE the app , love the amazing stories and I love how it doesn’t try to take all your money like other apps do , thanks for considering us broke people.Version: 2.6.2

This is simply amazing!The moment I downloaded it, I understood the app straight away. It was not confusing at all and it is very simple to use. I would certainly recommend to others but not too young, for a lot of reasons. I love the fact that there are different styles of art. There are simple meme ones and other, beautifully drawn comics as well, all as fantastic as each other. I have had this app a while and have only experienced one issue. I would love to use this on different devices. At first, nobody needed to get an account but then they made sure everyone had an account for some reasons. The reason I can’t use it on different devices is because I constantly have to sign in and out on each device and when I do, I lose which chapters I began to read and where I stopped reading. I hope you fix this, it’s not a major problem but it would be nice to fix..Version: 2.4.8

Great app!!!This app is amazing!! I am able to read all kinds of different stories on here, and they are all free!! My favourites would be: ‘I love yoo’ ‘lore Olympus’ and ‘not even bones’. 10/10.Version: 2.5.10

Newest update??The app crashes after waiting on the loading screen but this only started happening to me after the latest update im not sure if it's just me tho? Please fix soon🙏🏻 otherwise this app is a true love for me 10/10 would recommend and use again.Version: 2.0.3

OMG WHATI had no idea you guys had an app, I always had the struggle of having to open your website on my browser (especially when your school blocks it) and now you have an app. this app may have been around for a while, and it might be nothing new but I had no idea whatsoever the there was a WEBTOON APP I love this platform there are thousands of amazing stories genres and authors and I love the bookmark feature I also love that you put upcoming and popular stories on the front page not to mention to fit the type of fantasy ect your into anyway definitely giving this a 5 star review I am absolutely Loving the app..Version: 2.5.4

Great appThis app is a great app to read comics on tho there are some flaws For some people it crashes (I’m not one of them) I very much enjoy the content on WEBTOON Although the coins for actual money feature is very weird for me to understand. I think you should get coins every time you read 100 chapter of a manga any manga if you read 50 from one manga and on there 50 from another manga you get 1 coin I think that’s how the system should work because some people save up their lunch money for WEBTOON coins I’m not complaining But it’s for the sake of other people and your app. if you want your app to get higher rating that’s the way to go because the people who rate you 1 star are rating you 1 star because of that and the game crashing on certain devices or whatever. I’m sorry if this sounded like hate I love your app I use it every day!! But in my personal opinion on the app it is outstanding and fun to use. I recommend this app if you are a starter to comic/manga reading 📖 I would give it 5 stars if it weren’t for 2 things I already mentioned it but other then that it is a great app and fun to use I’m sorry if I’m repeating my self I just love WEBTOON.Version: 2.5.1

Just something you should addHey guys I think nearly everything about the app is great but their is some small things you can add that would make the app feel smoother and easier to access what you really want to read. I think you should add subcategories under the main categories and so on such as “Action-Martial Arts/ Action-fighting something like that would be helpful since you could do it for every genre because sometimes I can’t find what I really want to watch “action” is way to broad of a category to just be one thing..Version: 2.5.9

Please fix the auto rotateHi I love webtoon but can you please fix the auto rotation so that I can enjoy using the app on my device in all angles. I use an iPad Pro 10.5 inch and if I want to read the chapters horizontally I have to tilt it back to landscape for every new chapter. Also please allow horizontal viewing for the main landing page and WEBTOON landing page. And can u please optimise the app so it also autorotates upside down? It’s very difficult to charge and read webtoons without improvements on the auto rotations. Thnx.Version: 2.5.1

Love the storiesAlthough the stories are heavily censored the stories(at least the ones I read) are so funny and enjoyable to red definitely worth downloading ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 2.6.3

Finally universal support!Fantastic to see universal support finally available, makes the app worth using. The only thing that is needed is landscape orientation support for iPad users in menus, it works in comics but reverts in menus, many of us don’t use portrait mode and it’s frustrating to have to switch. Policy decisions are frustrating too, but others have discussed that more, so I won’t go into it only to reiterate it..Version: 2.1.11

Nice and smoothThe transitions between the pages is nice and the inter face is simple and has a nice look ❤️.Version: 1.4.2

Great- But Recent IssuesFor the past few days I have not been able to read any updated webtoons. I’ll be able to open the app, and the ‘my webtoons’ part on the home page does not load properly. This has happened before and it’s never been an issue, so I try to open it fully. It allows me to see what I’ve read recently with no problems- but it won’t let me move from Recent to Subscribed like I usually do. It’s very slow. Then, I manage to get one webtoon’s photo to load. I click on it, and it comes up with the chapter list- without the chapters. It then freezes, and crashes. I’ve closed the app, restarted my phone, deleted and re-downloaded Webtoon: NOTHING WORKS. I don’t know it webtoon is having trouble with the amount of new readers like some other websites, causing them to crash, but PLEASE FIX IT. I’ve been a daily webtoon reader for over three years now, and I’ve never had an issue before this. Other than that, great app, great content, fair price for the fast pass, and very easy to use..Version: 2.4.5

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