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Gametime - Last Minute Tickets Positive Reviews

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Gametime - Last Minute Tickets App User Positive Comments 2022

Gametime - Last Minute Tickets app received 44 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about gametime - last minute tickets?

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Gametime - Last Minute Tickets for Positive User Reviews

Good gameHad a fun time at the game, would definitely use Gametime again..Version: 14.21.0

Awesome Customer ServiceGametime App’s Customer Service saved the day on a NFL playoff day. After leaving my phone in the parking garage and riding the train into the game my wife and I were between a rock and a hard place when can to having tickets to get into the game. Three times we tried to access the stadium using the receipt i was able to pull up by logging Into my gmail on my wife’s phone. The stadiums supervisors sent us to willcall and then willcall sent us to another willcall and them back to another supervisor yet between them all they couldn’t allow access into the stadium without a scannable tickets. Although in a state of disgust, I emailed Gametime using their ‘feedback’ email with an explanation of my delema and a request they email me my tickets. I did this thinking it wouldn't be helpful in time for us to get into the game. Standing at the gate we could hear Kickoff... And then to my surprise, as I was lettting my wife down easy by telling her we’d go watch the game at a downtown gastropub low and behold I receive an almost immediate reply email. They asked me to provide some Acct information. In a matter of moment we had tickets got into the stadium and were in our seats fifteen minutes later. I’ve been to hundreds of games/events/concerts and I can tell you unequivocally the Gametime App folks truly provide valuable irreplaceable customer service.Version: 8.23

Cheap!Found some sweet tickets at a time where I don’t have much cash.Version: 2022.1.1

Awesome site!Always a positive experience! Great prices and have never had an issue!.Version: 14.21.0

Best prices and Super reliable!Cheapest resale ticket prices out there! I’ve been using Gametime since 2018 and have never had a single issue!.Version: 14.23.0

Good first experienceImpressive was totally satisfied with this order. Normally I really struggle to get it done but this was a great experience. Member on the phone was outstanding. Thanks.Version: 2022.1.1

Thank youGood stuff.Version: 2022.0.1

No complaintsAfter purchasing concert tickets from Gametime I read a lot of reviews about the app (which I had wished I would have done before I made my purchase) and was EXTREMELY nervous about what was going to transpire. They did charge my card right after I requested the tickets but my order still said in process which definitely made me feel iffy. I got an email which told me I needed to get in touch with Gametime within a day to confirm I wanted my tickets or else they might have to cancel my order- which they had already charged my card and I had read horror stories about not being able t get a refund so I was pretty anxious. I was able to get in touch with the customer service representative to confirm my tickets, and after confirming my order they did come through in a timely manner. I had also read reviews where mobile tickets were scanned and did not work because they had already been used, so I was worried all the way up until my tickets were scanned at the venue BUT they worked just fine and I got to see one of my favorite bands! It seems like it may be just hit or miss with some questionable vendors on here. When I confirmed my purchase, Gametime assured me that if my tickets didn’t work I would receive a full refund or they would try to get me other seats to the concert. I did not have to put that to the test thankfully, but despite a lot of negative reviews about this app my experience ended up being fine..Version: 8.59.2

Only Place to Buy TicketsBy far the best prices and availability out there!.Version: 14.23.0

Love the app!I love it, I always buy cheap tickets and I always have fun at the games that I attend with my family. I had an inconvenient incident where the sellers of the tickets couldn’t provide the tickets anymore so I was asked to call their customer care number and I did and the lady gave me two options. 1) get my money refunded to my bank account, which was $98 or 2) get $128 credited to my Gametime account. So obviously I choose the second option. I was told to close the app and then log back in when I went back in I forgot to change the date of the game and I purchased tickets to the wrong game and I immediately called their customer service and the girl said she couldn’t do anything about it and then she put me on hold and when she came back she said that they were going to refund me the money. So it’s safe to say that this app is great and that I will continue to use it.Version: 14.4.0

T MustaphaGreat way to buy tickets to any event.Version: 14.23.0

AmazeballsYessir.Version: 2022.2.0

Fast & efficientReliable service, great user experience and communication, superb on mobile.Version: 2022.0.1

Excellent. Easy. Fast.Hope to only need to buy tickets this way from now on..Version: 2022.1.1

Amazing for cheap last minute seats!Always able to find cheap seats to watch games in Toronto, even if I decide to go last minute! Reliable and quick to deliver tickets!.Version: 2022.0.1

GoodGood.Version: 14.21.0

Nice appVery easy and fast to use.Version: 2022.1.1

FavouritesShould definitely make a favourites category that we can add our interests into.Version: 2022.2.0

Any tickets for good pricing, these folks gotchaLove y’all.Version: 2022.1.1

GameTime5 stars.Version: 2022.0.1

So easy and convenientGameTime always has the best prices, views of seats, and electronic tickets.Version: 14.21.0

IrfaanVery good app to use.Version: 14.21.0

Great appGood app to get tickets.Version: 2022.1.1

Shady55Good all around app! Lots of info and details. Great communication. Q.Version: 2022.0.1

Easy booking and great seatsIve booked with gametime twice now for some sporting events. It’s been an easy booking and always had the best rates for seats. Will definitely keep booking with game times in the future..Version: 14.22.1

Bigma32Awesome site.Version: 2022.1.1

Awesome app for ticketsI absolutely love Gametime! I have been using it for over a year and am finally coming around to writing a review. At first I was skeptical when I saw ticket prices so low but it has yet to fail me. I can always find cheap tickets whenever I am looking to see a game. I also use it to find great prices for seats closer to the court when my team is in town (Go Kings!) so I can get up close and personal. The pictures in the app have been super helpful when trying to decide where to sit, especially when I am traveling and going to a game at a stadium I have never been to. Super clutch. I even had to call the customer service team once when I was worried about my tickets not being delivered in time for the game and they were super friendly and were able to answer all of my questions. They assured me they were on top of it and even reached out to the seller for me to speed things up! I will continue to use Gametime as my go-to for buying tickets and you should too..Version: 8.45.1

AwesomenessMakes going to c the teams I like and shows I want to c more possible.Version: 14.21.0

Amazing appI love the app! It’s very straight forward and helpful. I think it would be cool to see something like a favorites list or watch list added to be able to look at all the shows you’re interested in, in one place..Version: 2022.2.0

CONVIENENTSimple to navigate, and the map feature with visual reference is handy. Minor complaint would be that prices are immediately shown in CDN value..Version: 8.59.2

The bestLiterally my go to app when finding tickets, I always find the best prices here !.Version: 2022.0.1

Good for cheap ticketsCheap tickets.Version: 2022.0.1

Good but wish they accepted cash at a local locationHow can I buy super bowl tickets as I have 20k cash to Spend and no credit card?.Version: 14.23.0

A pleasant surprise!Reading reviews of this app I was skeptical, but they pulled through. I ordered my tickets and began to get paranoid that they weren't gonna be here come game day because a few days had past, so I used they're feedback email to see what I'd get back. (Honestly I thought it would be very unhelpful) But, I couldn't be more satisfied with the customer service I revived. I got quick emails back to me and they reassured me that my tickets would arrive the next day (which was the day of the game). And I received my perfectly legitimate tickets. Still, being my paranoid self my heart was racing as they scanned my tickets at the garden but they were Legit! Thank you game time for a simple easy to use app, fantastic customer service, and cheap seats!!! I will DEFINITELY be using this app again. I did not experience the problems I saw in the reviews so either gametime has fixed them or they just didn't happen for me. To conclude, I am very satisfied with this app, and you will be too if you do decide to use it..Version: 8.16.1

Great pricesWish u could make it Canadian prices.Version: 2022.1.1

SupremeGametime is the best, and that’s not hyperbole. Easy way to get great seats, obviously, but this review is about the customer service. I purchased some tickets not long ago and tickets were transferred via Ticketmaster a few days before the event. Everything seemed fine until we parked and were walking to the venue, I pull out my phone and go to my Ticketmaster app to find no tickets. I was admittedly panicked but I just couldn’t figure out how to get a hold of Ticketmaster to figure out what went wrong. As a last ditch effort before just buying tickets again hoping to get a refund or something the next day, I called Gametime’s support. A human answered and was very kind. She explained that the Pro sports team that the tickets were from used a separate proprietary Ticketmaster site than the universal Ticketmaster site. She text’d me a direct link while we were talking and I had the digital tickets in hand. Ultimately Ticketmaster left me hanging, but Gametime had my back and resolved an issue they didn’t even create..Version: 14.21.0

Different pricing for the same exact seats at the same exact showDifferent pricing for the same exact shows, from 3 different friends. We all we’re looking for the ZZTOP & Jimmy Buffett concerts and the prices ranged from $59 on a coworker iPhone, to another price of $62, then my price was $82. When I emailed Gametime, their excuse was that different operating systems phones & different versions of the app. None of which was different. I will no use Gametime again, until I see them change the in the variance pricing. I don’t know if the pricing change on my iPhone, was because I had purchased Houston Astro’s ticket a few days ago? Wonder if that had anything to do with my pricing being $20-23 higher. I surely hope that they do not do that. But it sure looks like they are doing that. If you use this app, I would check with other friends to see about their pricing, before I purchased them..Version: 8.54.0

BossgerbarHerbarium.Version: 2022.0.1

Cheap tickets great seatsGreat app to use to buy tickets to sport events. They’re a whole lot cheaper and it’s not a scam in any type of way. Recently went to a division 1 college football game and there were others who were buying their tickets up to double or triple the price for how much I got them. They were only $25 dollars a piece for great seats and view of the field. Also bought them the day before the game too. The only issue I have is when my friend sends me through text of the link for my digital ticket the link will open up but will not install the ticket to my app. It will constantly pop-up saying download the app when I already have the app. That’s the only problem I have ran into with this app. However, even if you can’t install the ticket to your app whoever bought the tickets can still open them up on their phone..Version: 8.42.1

DondyaguGreat.Version: 2022.1.1

Exchanges/tradesAlthough I completely understand the premise of the app - I wish there was a way to pay a restocking “fee” if you’re able to find better tickets within a reasonable amount of time after purchasing (say up to 48-72 hours)... I bought tickets less than 2 full days ago and upon searching the app again I have found much better seats for the same or less money. Yes - I could have waited but I wanted tickets in hand for my anniversary but it stinks that there are possibly better seats that will go untaken because Gametime won’t let me exchange my current tickets. I dont event care that I’d potentially pay the same as the first set of tickets but I want the better seats! Ha! Maybe they would consider offering a ONE-TIME exchange for equal or lesser value tickets with a possible restocking fee if tickets were purchased within say 72 hours... I don’t know. I’m just bummed to see a bunch of good seats with good views going empty! They should create a clause that would benefit both buyers and sellers that would make it possible for everyone to be happy....Version: 8.55.0

Mr. BMMMAmazing for great tix anytime anywhere.Version: 14.22.1

Good prices and disponibilityWe were looking for 8 seats together and looked on Ticketmaster but unavailable but we found some here at a better price.Version: 2022.1.1

Awesome for eventsGreat last minute deals. I’ve used it numerous times and have gotten great seats for way less..Version: 2022.0.1

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