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Awesome app but some problemsFirst off I want to start off by saying that Netflix is probably one of the best streaming services available. Hella shows and movies. They sort of(elaborate later) keep up to date with shows that recently add new episodes or new movies that come out, though I have some concerns. First off, I think they try too hard to push their “Netflix original series” stuff to viewers to the point where they remove shows and movies that people like to force them into shows like paradise PD. Believe me, it was one of my favorite shows ever, but still, they take off way too many movies that people like to rewatch often like Shrek for example. As I was saying earlier about keeping up to date with new episodes and new movie releases, they tend to be very late with the additions. Even though they do still add them when the show is relevant, it’s usually not for weeks sometimes months before they come to Netflix. Overall great app interface, wide selection to choose from, but I think their only major flaw is pushing their own stuff too far down our throats and blocking our view from other amazing shows..Version: 15.33.0

Great But GlitchyPersonally, I love Netflix. It’s just a wide variety of movies, TV shows and more at your disposal. But there’s a couple of glitches I want to discuss. The first one is that sometimes when I’m watching a show when I finish my episode it might cause something I call the ‘Set Episode Glitch’. Basically after finishing another episode when I press ‘Next Episode’ it goes to the episode that’s locked in the glitch. It eventually auto corrects itself about a week later. Secondly, there’s the ‘Infinite Intro Glitch’. Sometimes when I press ‘Skip Intro’, it loads for a long time and then goes right back to the start. Then every button except the exit one brings it to the start again. The last one is the ‘Forever Loading Glitch’ where after skipping the intro it has the loading icon, but this is more annoying than experience ruining. Please try to fix these or at least have a look into them when you can and thank you to everyone reading this! :D.Version: 13.26.0

Good But..So, Netflix. I was scrolling through what was new in the kids profile, like always but then- I find two Shows. DI4RIES and Dead End: Phenomenal Park… DI4RIES: Contains a bad word and gay, not that it is bad, but in a kids profile?? I’m Really sorry, but it doesn’t sound right. Dead End: Phenomenal Park: Just started and right on the second episode it shows gay yet again. I mean- Again it’s not bad to be gay or anything, but it seems like it should be in some teen or adult profile, not the kids- and it’s in the kids setting, so everything there was for kids. And I don’t at all watch those shows. So I have no idea how it was there, maybe some glitch?? My Total Review: I’m giving it 4 stars, because I don’t want to shame Netflix for adding gay or LGBTQ things. Netflix is good and all, but I wouldn’t recommend adding those things to the kids, as they may start asking questions that they shouldn’t at their age. Also, please don’t remove Naruto or the good/old shows on the kids and adults. I badly love the shows that are being removed, I see bad complaints shaming Netflix for what they are doing, Netflix is amazing. Continue being you Netflix, Inc.!.Version: 15.2.1

Netflix is greatNow I don’t have to wait to 6:00 to watch my favourite show instead I can just quickly go onto Netflix and binged watch the entire series. The down point of that is now I have pretty much watched all the good shows so if I would change one thing I would bring the series f•r•i•e•n•d•s back, I know they did have it and I guess there wasn’t enough people watching it but if they were to put it back in I think it would be different. Oh and another bad thing is you have to wait around 1 extra year if a new season comes out in fix before it comes out on Netflix. Anyway besides of those two thing Netflix is my most used app I almost watch something of it each day and yeah you should definitely get it because it is only $10 a month for five accounts this means I could watch it at my house and my relatives watch Netflix at there houses!.Version: 12.31.0

Doesn’t have all the shows/moviesBefore I got Netflix everyone always talked about how whatever movie or show they watched was on Netflix so I assumed it had all the shows and movies. BUT then I get the app and all the TV series that I was watching at the time weren’t even on there and I typed in everything single one and not one of them showed up and this was years ago and I’m writing this review now because it hasn’t gotten any better. There are multiple problems with Netflix like the fact that it gets rid of your shows and movies at some point. Some of the dramas and anime’s I was watching suddenly disappeared and I hadn’t even fished them or even remember what episode I ended on making it more difficult for me to deal with, another issues is like I said never having anything you want to watch. EVEN SOME OF THE MOST POPULAR MOVIES AREN’T EVEN ON NETFLIX. And I have a ton more things to says but they’re the ones that need immediate fixing. The reason I’m so annoyed about this is because we literally PAY for Netflix yet I can’t even watch the films and shows I want to watch or recap on them because they’re suddenly gone..Version: 16.8.0

One of the best platforms to watch movies!Netflix is such a great place to watch movies! There is so many original movies that everyone will enjoy! So many genres that will definitely make you want to watch more! So many to choose from! It is honestly very awesome! Please don’t read other reviews saying it’s bad or glitchy because it isn’t. It’s there fault… maybe they have a bad internet connection or they just have a terrible tv or device. It has wide ranges of different genres and movies and people are just complaining too much. Obviously Netflix doesn’t “have it all” well then just get another movie platform like hbo max aswell as Netflix so that you have an even bigger selection of movies and genres to choose from. SO PLEASE GET NETFLIX!! I’m telling you it’s worth it! ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 15.30.0

Movie idea for little witch academiaThe idea is that Akko and her friends are looking for the 9 artifacts that the 9 old witch’s left because we need to know more about the 9 old witch’s not just say Diana is a descendent and that’s it but while there looking for the artifacs they run into somone and they think it’s a friend but the somone takes most the artifacts so he/she runs away then uses a teleport things to get away so Akko go’s back and gets more friends and some teachers to help look for the rest of the artifacts before it’s to late but if you read this hopefully you get the gist of the movie idea and thanks for being a really good app!!.Version: 14.6.0

I would just like you to add some more moviesThe thing is I watch a movie and notice that there are a bunch of them and then I watch them and then movies just stop... what I am trying to say is why have some movies from a series and then just don't add anymore I think you could fix it and also maybe make it so you can delete stuff from your continue watching Thank you for reading this 🙂.Version: 11.3.0

Shows not coming upNetflix is amazing! I don’t think anything could go wrong with Netflix, But i do have a problem… On my other family members devices, they all have some shows I don’t see on my device. I on their account to check, yet its not there. For example “My little pony: A new generation” It doesn’t appear on my device. Alot more show don’t appear on my device which i really don’t like. I love netflix but just please fix this..Version: 14.9.0

Dear Netflix,I love Netflix it’s awesome. I love how you can upload things so if your in a long car ride or a trip you can watch Netflix all way so your not bored without WiFi . It doesn’t waste my battery at all like 1 percent per 30mins! Neither does it waste your wifi that you buy which I adore. The only thing I can’t do is update my Netflix! But I’ll figure it out somehow! It’s amazing and I recommend paying for it because I can watch all the movies or episodes I need. One tip you should request movie makers to add more movies I think it would get more people to buy! I had to buy Disney plus to watch Encanto or Luca! But anyway it’s super awesome BUT I hate when you remove my fav shows I love to re watch things lol. still it’s awesome love it!.Version: 14.32.0

Could have been five stars…Netflix is amazing! But there is a few flaws… 1, so I don’t know if this was an old thing and they fixed it but I was on my grandma’s TV and my little sister was with me so I wanted to put something for kids her age like cocomelon I found a kids profile the name was kids and so was the profile pic to I chose that but I was not happy at all it had things that would be on the adult profile and i don't want other little kids having access to things like Twilight and other adult TV shows and movies but her TV is old so that could be something that was fixed. 2 can you please stop removing so many shows? I wanted to check some things out that I watched a long time ago but they where removed! For example I wanted to watch something I had never finished it was the Loili Rock series I looked for it but it was removed and Netflix is the only place I could find it! Worst part none of these things returned! -Thank you if there’s anything else I notice that could be fixed I will inform you! Thank you for taking your time to read this review! I hope I can make the 4 stars a 5!.Version: 13.36.0

It is good but not the bestLet’s start with pros: it is a good free app to watch your fave show, especially if you don’t have a tv. You can make your own account so no one ruins an episode by watching the part that you were on. It is now available on smart tvs (sorry, even at school I need to take a good look at the spellings before the test) so you can have an even bigger view. Also, they are very polite when they say ‘pardon the interruption’ Unfortunately, it is not perfect. Sometimes is takes a long time to load and when you are at a good part of your show, it glitches and you have to force close it when all you want to do is binge watch. In conclusion, this is a great app with only a few bugs in it which I hope will be looked at in the very near future. Have a good day!.Version: 15.9.0

Continue watchingAmazing app absolutely love it! Could you add a thing that can let you easily get rid of your continue watching thing though? I may start a movie and decide I don’t like it and it stays in my continue watching it’s very annoying. Just add a small thing where you can swipe it off. please take this under consideration.Version: 11.35.0

AmazingI love this app , it lets you watch everything you could want to and is very easy to use , has separate accounts so kids can watch things appropriate for ages . I love lots of shows on there , unlimited amount of choice on this great app . I’ve watched new things , 2000s shows and they have all been great . I would recommend definitely and it is cheap especially for what’s on there !!! It adds things frequently to not get bored of things easily ! I watched a Netflix original ( ONE OF US IS LYING ) and I read the book , Netflix put a spin on it but it was still amazing nether the less . The Netflix originals are great and it recommends you things from your last watching experience . It also has a ‘list’ where you can add shows you are watching to find them easier or what you want to watch . You can also like and dislike shows so it will recommend you better . Sorry for the short and undetailed review , but to sum things up I would definitely recommend for you to buy . Your money woul be well spent !.Version: 14.24.0

Great Streaming ServiceSuch a great service and very worth your money. The app looks and runs great and the movies play well and are high quality. Though I haven’t rated it 5 stars because the movie selection, based on where I live, isn’t great. I know this isn’t Netflix’s fault and they are working on it, as there are more and more new movies available everyday. But I still find myself having to go on streaming sites to watch what I want when it isn’t available on Netflix, and I don’t want to do that since I am paying for a safe, high quality streaming service. Other than that, great app I love it.Version: 11.42.0

Matilda😪 and BFG 🥺Hi Netflix l am here to tell u guys that every single old movie😿 l have watched on Netflix is gone now🥺 for example Matilda,BFG,tangled and more l really really like old school movie a lot especially Matilda it’s not fair😪 how u guys get rid of it straight away like l love that movie🤬 Matilda like what if someone wants to watch it every day like l went to my Aunty house and l went on Netflix on her tv and search up Matilda Notting came up then l search up BFG Notting came up THEN! I search up tangled Notting again🥶 then my Aunty howayda said to go on stan Guss l found all the movies u guys are get annoying getting rid of Matilda BFG tangled Stan is better! Now l think pls bring back Matilda by Roald dahl and BFG by road Dahl and tangled by Wilhelm Grimm and Jacob Grimm and Dean Wellins thanks Netflix hope those 3 movie come back ❤️🙏🏼.Version: 11.35.0

AMAZING APP, but needs some more movies/shows!Netflix is amazing. theres a lot of stuff to watch wether its thrill, or a comedy. however they need to add coraline because my mother should NOT have to pay $4.99 a month for me to watch it. thats ridiculous. and its about 17 dollars for 2 screens? OUTRAGEOUS. it should be 10 dollars or less. i love netflix but it needs more movies and shows. i would love to recommend some to netflix, but usually i dont write reviews on stuff so netflix is lucky im doing this. im 15 years old and i love to watch childhood movies but my mother shouldnt have to put up with having to pay $17 for 2 screens. that should be the amount for 3. its dumb how 1 household, only 1 person can watch it per movie. you really have to pay to watch netflix when someone else is? thats dumb and definitely needs to be looked by this company, but the good side is the movies are thriller and much more entertaining and good quality. but netflix needs to overlook at the prices on the limited screens. but yes. netflix is really good and you need to try it if you already didnt. but i hope you write a review on the screen prices. because thats DUMB..Version: 15.36

I think there is a skip-then-intro-button- FOR A REASON!The most annoying glitch is this: U get into an episode. Is plays the intro, which you have seen before. You click the -skip- button. It instantly goes back to the white -duh duh NETFLIX- screen. AND EVERY SINGLE STUPID BUTTON YOU PRESS RETURN TO THE WHITE DUH SUH NETFLIX SCREEN. DO YOU KNOW HOW FRUSTRATING THAT IS!😡ANGRY EMOJI! Also, when I try to make the show I’m watching go into the corner of the screen so I can play on my iPad, like it’s supposed to do, I can’t. Wow. Way to go, Netflix. Super job. Very impressive. Also, App Store? Make it work. I had to reload a bunch, just to make my keyboard show up. Professional? Nope! Also, I couldn’t send 5isbreview at first, again, super impressive! Not!.Version: 15.12.0

BEST APP EVER!!!!Guys I know your probably thinking:”I don’t know if I should download this app m maybe I should see the reviews.” Well look at this one, don’t look at anymore because, I’m here to convince you to get it, and tell you about the amazing movies you should watch after you download it. First off it’s not only movies you can watch, you can watch tv shows too, and they are awesome. Now some of them do include homosexuality and I don’t like that so I just skip the parts and of movies that have them, and please don’t judge me for saying that, anyhoo, there are some top notch movies here, like a thousand words, The Kissing Booth, The Kissing Booth 2,( trust me you GOTTA watch those two) and there are cool tv shows like, The Flash, Green Arrow, Legends of tomorrow, (then again these is just dc) Marlon, The Green House academy( if you really like teen tv dramas you will really like The Green House Academy!!) any way, you can also go to the search bar and you will see the things that most people that are interested in, like the movies and tv shows. And don’t worry because yes it has a continue watching section. And the last thing that I wanna say is that YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE 2 KISSING BOOTH MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye.Version: 12.41.0

One of my favourite apps but…Netflix is great for watching movies and episodes on your devices and has so much things to watch but why on earth did they have to put adds on it every 10 mins I recently found out about this when I was watching a movie and an add came up now everything I watch has an add. Also if you are gonna watch it on your phone you obviously need to sign in as yourself for example I tried to sign in as myself the other day on my phone but then it asked for my mums account and info and everything and payment stuff and that’s when I deleted it and gave up so if ur a kid and don’t have a credit card don’t attempt to sign in on your own..Version: 15.25.0

Improved, minor annoyancesApp is getting better overall. Some things feel unnecessary, like having to select my profile every time I launch the app. Just load the previously selected profile by default and in the rare occasion when we need to use a different profile, the switch via the “More” tab is more than sufficient. Phones are personal devices, so it should remember who is using the app. There are also some bugs with auto downloads. It keeps downloading episodes I’ve already watched. I delete the unwanted download. Then it automatically downloads it again. Finally, continue watching must provide a way to remove unwanted titles. Watching just a few minutes of something that turns out to be bad, should not leave us with a trail of junk. Particularly when we see a few minutes, we don’t like it and actively mark the title as “not liked”. That is a clear sign for you to recognise what’s happened..Version: 12.20.0

The new update🙄😤😒The new update’s description tells us that ‘we can live the dream’ by being able to watch Netflix on all different devices at the SAME TIME.....NOT I was trying to watch one of my favourite shows today at the same time as my parents were watching on TV and my sister watching on her own IPad. When I clicked on the show I wanted to watch, a small paragraph on my screen popped up telling me that I can’t watch on my IPad because the account was already in use. This new update obviously back fired. Originally, before this new update was released, I was able to watch Netflix at the same time as my parents and my sister but now I can’t. This update has now made me unable to watch Netflix WHENEVER I want. Fix this please because I’m sure this is happening to other people as well. Thanks..Version: 11.13.2

Long time Netflix lover butI love Netflix. It’s affordable. Great content but the only thing I’ve found is a lack of complete series. A series might have 10 seasons but Netflix only has 4 seasons available. The same with franchise movies. A franchise like final destination, lord of the rings, saw... lord of the rings for example will have the first movie and the last movie but not the middle movie. It’s a shame because it does ruin the viewing experience in these cases. Overall though Netflix is the #1 streaming service for me..Version: 14.29.1

Bugs and weird changesSo lately, my Netflix hasn’t been working and a lot of errors and a lot of bugs and well my TV is completely fine my Internet completely fine and I’ve tried everything rebooting my phone. Turning off the Wi-Fi like I’ve done everything and it won’t work and I noticed also it’s been really weird about just putting it on my TV not recognizing that device and I’m confused because I thought y’all were not going to do make you pay for it every account profile and it won’t recognize the device and makes me try to pay for it and it’s it’s weird because it’s never done that before and because it’s ridiculous like it’s your it’s your opinion but it’s ridiculous that you make us pay for every single profile on the app and I’m also confused why you still tried to fix the bugs when you’ve done nothing and I love the app Netflix is one of my favorite things that I was on it but just a lot of errors and weird glitches and like I said I’ve tried everything we’re putting my phone turning off the Wi-Fi and it doesn’t work and it just says can’t play this title..Version: 15.34

Lack of movies in certain regionsRight now I’m on Netflix au and all the movies I would love to watch (new or old) I can’t, for example grown ups is a movie I can’t watch starring Adam sandler but if I was to make a new account and make the region US I would be able to watch grown ups, BUT I would have a bigger Netflix bill because I have a different account and there’s movies I can’t watch that are Australian. I hope to see in the near future that Netflix will do something for us to be able to watch all movies and the way you do this is instead of picking UK or AU etc you could pick it by language and have more then 1. Thanks for taking the time to read this review and I hope to this happen :).Version: 11.22.0

Remove stuff from “continue watching for...”.....It would be really cool if you could have the option to remove something from your “continue watching for...” because occasionally I, and I’m sure many others, come across a tv show or a movie that they simply do not like, and would like to see removed from that particular section. It could also be useful from that point to prehaps ask why we didn’t like it to then further customise the suggested content shown per viewer. Also, why does New Zealand have like way less shows than anywhere else ever? Thank you for your time :).Version: 11.8.0

Stop getting rid of so many movies/tv showsHi! Can you please stop getting rid of so many movies and TV shows!? it’s so annoying, there are ones that I would love to be brought back which is “the pound puppies” “camp Fred” “ratatouille” could you please! Bring them back, those are the knees my daughter loves and misses...it’s stupid how you get rid of so many! It can make lots of people upset!.Version: 11.47.0

Anime fan hereWHATS WITH TAKING OFF OURAN HOST CLUB?!?!? Count yo days Netflix I will cancel my subscription within SECONDS bestie <3.Version: 13.17.0

Crucial InformationBefore I start, I will say that I love your quality it’s so frickin’ good. It pleases and soothes my eyes, along with areas in my brain. Anyway, a various amount of people adore Vampire Diaries and are sad that it’s gone. I’m proud to say that Vampire Diaries has helped heal, shape, and improve the minds of thousands and possible millions of individuals during the journey of the 2010’s, and it’s incredibly tragic, frustrating, and emotional that it has been taken from us. If there’s no way to put the show back on, at least give us closure by admitting that, but I am demanding that you do what is necessary to bring it back. If you’re already in the process of its return, thank you so much. However, if you’re not, get to it. A variety amount of people have watched the show during our recent global pandemic’s quarantine, and the emotional attachment has been enhanced to real, true, and deep. You won’t regret it. After all, I’ve heard that many subscribers have been declining because a lack of interest, but I can assure you that Vampire Diaries will bring back a handful of those viewers, and new users as well..Version: 15.8.0

Netflix is my go to for entertainment/ watching videosNetflix is great app! I have a smart TV so Netflix on my device connects to my TV. I am unsure if you need a smart TV to have Netflix on your device but I am pretty sure you do need to have a smart TV. But if my theory is incorrect anyone can get Netflix. Netflix is a both adult and baby/ kid/little kid/ toddler app. You can choose your profile and choose your name. You need an account on Netflix so you also get to choose an account. Another thing you can do on Netflix is choose wether you want to watch child shows/ movies or adult shows/ movies. .P.S. Please buy fidgets! They are the best and they are super duper fun! I wish my name was fidget girl 123 or fidgets or poppits or marble meshes!.Version: 13.18.0

Good, but auto play isn’t workingI love Netflix, and I’m a huge fan of what it offers, but I don’t like the fact that I have to manually start the next episode. I miss when episodes would continue, making binge watching more enjoyable.Version: 11.15.2

Amazing but could more series be added?This app is literally amazing! honestly without it half of my time i would be doing nothing just sat there sleeping but this is a really great way to watch series with family and friends without actually buying the movies or series. the monthly pay is literally nothing compared to what you would have to spend if you were buying or renting all the movies out to watch. one thing is that i do t often find many new films or series so i do watch the same ones now and then. one series that i would love you be added is ‘legacies’ i’ve seen it everywhere and it is meant to be a lead on from ‘vampire diaries’ which is on Netflix. anyway i would totally recommend getting this if you are a movie lover like me!!.Version: 11.9.0

4/5...I really enjoy using this app however when I go to my aunties (which is frequently) their internet isn’t the best but it’s not the best. It works on most apps including apps that usually take time even with better internet used. This is the reason why I gave it a 4 star.. I’m not too bothered about this situation since it works with my internet however I would be glad if this app could be made faster for all internets to be able to access it. I mean it still works however it keeps loading and the quality is definitely not great and I have to keep reconnecting to the internet like every 10 minutes or so which is really annoying. Hope this helps for anyone who is thinking of getting netflix and has slow wifi. If this issue is fixed, I will be more than happy to give it a 5 star🤩.Version: 10.12.0

Bugs please updateTheir seems to be a bug that’s doesn’t allow my continue watching to update, meaning that if I finish a show or start a new one the show I have started doesn’t appear and if I finish a movie or a show it doesn’t go away. Also if I am watching a show it doesn’t update so I’ll be on episode 13 and it’ll say I’m still on episode 11 and it’s very annoying. Please do an update to fix this issue. It’s not just my account either it’s my whole families accounts that is having this problem and a lot of other people online that I have seen while looking up a solutions to solve this issue. I have called and talked to two customer service representatives and neither one of them could help me both of them practically blamed me and said that maybe it was because I was going on another account but I’m not I’m only using my account. But anyway this is my last resort to get in touch with the company and to possibly have this issue resolved, so could you please update the app soon. Thank you much appreciated and other than that small issue I have no other problems with the app I love Netflix and so do my friends and family..Version: 12.13.0

Netflix is amazing but has made some mistakes.Netflix is great and I love it! It is the best platform to watch entertainment on in Australia, and if you don’t believe it, google it! Netflix used to have great shows and still does but have removed some amazing shows. Most of those shows were Nickelodeon and I personally love Nickelodeon. They also don’t add much new things and I check the latest every day. When I realise they are going to put good things on, I realise it is going to be put on like a month. I wish Netflix would stop removing the best shows and I think they should release the new things earlier..Version: 13.9.0

Netflix timesNetflix is a great app cuz when I cant go on roblox I just go to Netflix and watch my fav anime and just get food and relax it’s so good to there’s more great shows I would not care less to watch em but it’s so good how you can download shows like I could have no Internet but lucky for me I can download I’m pretty sure Netflix can do that 5 stars😈 we love the shows it’s great I mean don’t get me wrong I barely use it but I watch stuff on it often so good keep the work up new shows are a blast.Version: 14.54.0

Animal kingdomI was in Australia when I was introduced to the series called ‘animal kingdom’ and got to season 2 by the time I had gotten home but then noticed I couldn’t find the series anymore but when I was watching it, it didn’t seem to have any timer or date they you couldn’t watch it past I’ve searched Netflix high and low for it can’t find it but is an amazing app but should get some new movies on it as well.Version: 10.0.0

Profile character problemI like netflix a lot, its great quality with great shows but i have a M rated and under profile and i have no profile picture character that teens watch. Most of it is shows that i would never watch nor my friends. I was changing but profile pic and only had horrible options. I don’t want a profile picture with Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens on it. Nor do i want Minnal Murali. I have NO idea on what these are. Why can’t you do the f.r.i.e.n.d.s characters. Something popular that people around the world watch. I so sick of having nothing to choose from that my profile is the defult icon. Please add some better profile characters cuz I’m a bit sick of it not changing..Version: 16.6.0

Needs new featuresI love Netlix, its really amazing, but it needs something. Can you add this feature option which can remove soundtrack and music from the film if you want to watch it without soundtrack? It would be awesome to watch them and clearly hear sound effects which are faintly heard in the movies. Please add that feature. Also add another feature in which the movie characters can speak different languages, so people who don’t understand english, can listen to the film in their own language. Another feature is to add deleted scenes from the films, like for example Jurassic World’s deleted scene should be added underneath the Play button. Lastly, add all the Monsterverse films onto Netflix, such as Godzilla (2014), Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King Of The Monsters, they should stay on there because they’re the most popular movies ever. Please read this and make improvements that I’ve asked for. Thank you..Version: 13.3.0

NEEDS MORE ANIMEEEEEE!!!!This app is really good for watching TV shows, and movies and other stuff, but this app needs more popular anime! Besides that, this is really good..Version: 12.11.2

Fantastic!Everyone loves Netflix, but everyone is a bit addicted. People consume their whole free weekends, late nights and supposedly study time with Netflix. That’s why I believe that there should be a time limit that you can set, a friendly reminder to tell you that you have already been on there for an hour and that maybe you should do something else.. So then teenagers (like myself) can get a bit more done , so we get time to study or time to do something productive, other then sitting on a screen. So then kids don’t grow up brain washed and think that everything evolves around screens. And so that parents can focus their energy on their kids or do something else with themselves. Okay now other comments. 1- I’m so glad they brought back Harry Potter and The Hunger Games to Australian Netflix! Smartest idea they have had all year!:) 2- Anne with an E… okay but there needs to be a season 4, come on guys! Please, there are so many people that want this. Because this show is amazing!! 3- There should be a control thing that you can set for your family/yourself were you can limit what rating you are allowed to watch, not just the “kids” option. :) 4- Still a very great app, by far one of my favourite..Version: 14.4.0

Lots of really cool stuff butNetflix is an amazing streaming service with loads of shows and movies but there are just a few errors that i found with the mobile app (i’m not sure if any of the other versions have these issues too). i was looking at the shows available for download and i saw that shows like steven universe and adventure time are on that list, but every time i tried to watch it, i got this notification that there was a network error. also, i can’t turn off smart downloads, so it automatically tries to download all these episodes of shows that is using up ALL of my storage. please fix these, and if there really is steven universe on netflix, then PLEASE let me watch it. thank you!.Version: 11.16.0

Episodes and applicationsI love Netflix because it has everything we want to watch but the thing that is not enjoyable is the lack of seasons and episodes on a tv show, we watch the show because we want to watch all of it e.g like the next step it used to have all of 5 seasons now there is only season 6 available and that is very annoying. Another thing is some people like to some shows from Nickelodeon and Disney but since there are barely any there it’s not a good thing, also please stop removing movies and tv shows off and add new ones I would honestly like if you could read this and make improvements to Netflix it would really help out the app, please make some changes. Other than that Netflix is amazing.Version: 12.16.0

Some imbeciles are never happy, look under the surface you may find Jimmy Hoffa.This is a great app and offers immeasurable options to tailor movies and shows to ones personal preferences. If creation types of shows or movies are you forte, then you’ll be shown those types. The only way you’ll specifically see shows on all the wholesome stuff like gratuitous humping and guns and drugs and a little seed of chuckle tossed in, is too venture into those areas. If you find them popping up, it’s probably because someone without your knowledge has been enjoying that kind of viewing when you weren’t around, or it’s what you watch when your blackout drunk on Moselle on a week night again..Version: 11.8.0

It’s a good appYou keep taking away some of my favourite movies by over than that it’s a good and pretty stable app. I think that there should be a box at three bottom saying your star rating from 1-5 what age rating you think the movie/show/documentary should be and space to leave a comment on your favourite parts and why you liked/disliked the movie/show/documentary and if you would watch it again/if you recommend it! We should also have a suggestion box for everyone to comment on what films, shows and documentaries should be added! Maybe a bug/what could be improved box to. These suggestions I have made would make Netflix more interactive and about the watchers and could grow Netflix as well as long as you disable certain words so nobody can be bullied or anything. Thanks for your time!.Version: 11.28.0

Amazing but there is not as many movies as you would expect.Netflix is an amazing platform and allows you to watch a lot of tv shows movies and even interactive ones too. But my only problem is that it does not have as many movies and/or shows that you would expect, at first I thought it would have a lot of things like Harrry Potter etc… but it really does not. In addition to this, it also depends on witch county you live in or using the app in as there are some shows and movies that are not available in some places, for example England (where I come from) there are lots of good stuff on it but not as much as I would have expected, I think there is a lot more availability in USA or Canada. This is why it is 4 stars. Also it is a bit odd that (for example) there is only IT Chapter 2 or rather than the first movie as well (IT 2017) or at least the 1990s miniseries. Other than that it is a very good app and I totally recommend it!😁.Version: 14.49.0

Love Netflix, but downloads need to be improvedI love Netflix, the app works great, lots of shows are available for download but PLEASE do something about the downloading order of the episodes. If I try to download a series and click on several episodes at the same time it will try to download them all at once and it will usually end up downloading the last episode at first and randomly finish downloading. This is so annoying as the first (next) episodes are usually the last to download! Would be awesome if you were able to prioritize downloads and order the episodes and shows to your priority..Version: 11.25.0

Netflix I have an issue/complaintNetflix I have an issue that kinda annoys me a lot, it’s just that whenever I try to watch An anime series it just doesn’t let me it always says “you cannot watch it in your area” that’s just NOT FAIR NETFLIX! I mean why!? Pls just pls let me watch agi asu! I can’t watch it anywhere else and it was working perfectly fine a few days ago! What is the problem? Pls fix this Netflix I’m getting annoyed and this is not the first time this has happened, thx! -🎶just an annoyed kid🎶 (literally a kid).Version: 16.2.0

IdeaUmm hi I had an idea, so u know when u want to watch a show or something and it wasn’t on Netflix. Well you should put up a thing where the people that has Netflix list some shows to put on it and then u will have more viewers and some shows and you look at the shows that were listed and u put some on Netflix. people want to watch instead of rewatching the same show over again be cause we don’t have Chanel’s..Version: 11.11.0

NetflixNetflix is a great app! With lots of comedy’s and entertainment but the most it lacks on in my opinion is what where looking for something that really says “Wow look at this it looks so interesting I should watch it!”but sometimes there’s not a lot of options or movies like new ones added to Netflix I think it would be awesome if you could look into the reviews and see what people want! It would help a lot. Thank you for your time.Version: 14.54.0

My Opinion On The AppThe app all together is amazing!! I highly recommend to get a Netflix Subscription if you are bored and you like watching a wide variety of TV shows and Movies! Netflix has multiple Genres and it’s perfect for the whole family all ages!! But Netflix has a past known to discontinue Amazing and Fun Series. So don't get your hopes up for series because Some may be continued and some discontinued But yes I highly recommend Netflix it’s fun for all ages!! But Netflix has a 5 limit on Profiles and I think the limit should be a bit higher as I am a 13 year old child and my single mother has 9 children, 4 have moved out because they are 18+ but in her household she has still 5 of her kids living with her who are 18- she also has herself so she has 6 people living in her house but only 5 Netflix profiles so 2 of us share an account and 4 of us don’t so Netflix is you read this please add a bigger limit to profiles!! There are many families with more than 5 people under their house please add more profiles so other members can get a selection that suits there personality and preferred genre.Version: 14.52.1

Great app for streaming but needs an updateI’ve been a fan of Netflix for so long and I enjoy this app. The two things I’d love for Netflix to update is 1) the seasons of its TV Shows and Anime, and 2) a forward button which allows customers to tweak both “forward” and “rewind” button with 5, 10 or 15 seconds as an option. Other than that, I’m an admirer of Netflix and I love this app. There has been excellent improvements, I hope they get to improve the mentioned above updates 🙂.Version: 9.49.2

🎉Netflix party!✌️Hey! Netflix is aMaZiNg! I love all (well, not ALL, but you get my point) the shows! I would REALLY love if you put ALL the series or movies of the shows on Netflix. I really don’t understand why you put some episodes, SOME movies, and don’t put the rest. This is highly requested by me and lots others. ANYWAY Netflix is so cool! But my ✨THANG✨ is like, baking shows and dancing shows and stuff like the babysitters club, but there’s only a FEW shows like that, so after a while it gets a teeny bit boring. ANYWAY X2 If not for those 2 reasons, this is a super good and a recommended app from me. -Char🐡🍉🎀🍄 PS Netflix is one of the most popular apps!.Version: 15.29.0

Good but..This app is amazing and has a nice range of different movies and series touching different cultures. They add should more of that range of movies/ series and develop that further. Also add more children films such as, descendants and monster high etc. The app also needs to update its anime section as there are more seasons to the anime that isn’t included and it should be ! Netflix is neglecting anime seasons that’s are already released and not putting them on the show. whereas Netflix is continuously updating other shows seasons but not the anime section which is disappointing ! Other reviewers has put up valid points to improve from last year and I see none of their points being used on the current Netflix. With Netflix fixing ‘bugs’ they don’t improve with subscribers points. It would be helpful to have a history section where we could see our previous watches shows!.Version: 12.26.0

Netflix au needs more options but it’s greatNetflix au doesn’t have as many shows as US and that, it’s annoying. My internet friends ask me if I’ve watched something and I say no, they say it’s on Netflix but for me it isn’t bc we don’t have as many shows and then we also have less choices. There should also be titles like Greta, the maze runner, pretty little liars the perfectionists, wish upon, ect. Also, we have paranormal activity 4 but none of the others? We need the others. Also, we have Annabelle 1 but not 2 & 3. We should get the rest of the Annabelle movies too. But either way, Netflix is my favourite streaming app. It’s great because we can download most titles and delete downloads at any time. I love that it gives us a “more like this” section under titles we click on. This is a really great streaming app and I would recommend it to anyone :).Version: 12.3.0

Great but needs some small fixesHi! I really love Netflix but there are a couple of things that kind of ruin part of the experience. My Netflix has been running pretty good until about 2 months ago. At the end of an episode, the screen would randomly turn blank and I would be able to hear everything but all I see is black. It seems to happen about 1 minute and 20 seconds before the end of the episode. If I shut down the app and restart it, then I can see again but that only lasts about 5 seconds then it goes black again. I have made sure it isn’t part of the episode because I am re-watching a series and it didn’t happen the first time. It would be great if you could have this fixed. 😊.Version: 14.7.1

Continue watching ...Love Netflix and love the app but I can’t STAND having a show I have completely finished watching or a movie sitting in continue watching.... even the ones I was bored and stopped watching, it would be cool if there was an option to remove it so you can keep the shows you’re keen to carry on watching there. I know you can remove what you have watched from viewing activity in your account settings which then removes it from continue watching but it is such a pain doing to that way. Please fix 🤙.Version: 10.19.0

MarvelSo I saw US Netflix just got Thor: Ragnarok. As in that Marvel film directed by Taika Waititi, who's from NEW ZEALAND. Seriously though, why don't we get Marvel films? (other than Spider-Man 2 or whatever it is) There's plenty of Marvel fans over here. They'll 100% be on the trending list. Also can there please be an option for how far back the rewind button thing goes? Because 10 seconds is great but then when I use chromecast it's 30 seconds and it's too much.Version: 10.5.0

Good but 2 main issuesI love Netflix and I use it a lot but there are a few things I wish could change... 1. I’m in the middle of watching a movie but find a new interesting series and stop watching the movie for a while and all of a sudden Netflix removes that movie from everywhere same thing happens with series and it’s especially annoying when it removes the first series only like if I’m a new customer and want to watch it how am I supposed to watch it if 1 of the multiple seasons is removed? 2. Many people seem to have the same issue with crowded continue watching when I don’t like a movie I skip to the end and sometimes Netflix takes it off my continue watching but most times it doesn’t so when I’m looking at what I need to finish watching and it really annoys me seeing something I have watched or skipped to the end of on the list especially when it is just a red line showing i have watched to the end of it and when I click on it it takes me to the next episode of finishes the movie but doesn’t remove it from my list I really think it would be helpful if we could delete or filter our continue watching list. I apologise for you having to read all that but I do think it would make my experience a lot better if these minor things could be fixed..Version: 13.9.0

Rap updateThe update made my Netflix not work.Version: 9.36.0

Netflix Review! :D (PLEASE READ!!)Netflix is such an amazing app and I totally love it! Tho it has many great movies and dramas, there still isn’t enough. There isn’t a lot of Chinese dramas I love which are super popular. I bought Netflix to watch these dramas and movies I like cuz I thought Netflix would provide me more content than other apps. It’s great, don’t get me wrong, but it would be awesome to include more Chinese drama content and more series/seasons. I’ve also been watching lots of movies but waiting a long while for the next season and it’s pretty annoying having to wait. But overall a great app for people looking for a good movie or show😃.Version: 16.14.0

IDEA FROM A CONSUMER/VIEWER.I was scrolling through Netflix and I had a wonderful thought so I decided to act on it and write to Netflix through this review. There are plenty of times when I’m scrolling through Netflix and I am trying to avoid nudity in shows and movies. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to toggle on and off all shows that have a specific tag instead of just the rating? For example, there are plenty of shows that are rated TV-MA and don’t have nudity that are great to watch. However, you have to filter them all yourself and check the rating before hand and it takes up a lot of time when looking for something new to view. Now, imagine if I can just go to me settings page and toggle on and off certain tags to make my browsing easier by removing shows/movies with the tag from appearing during your browsing. Now I know that doing it with every single tag would be a pain in the behind but just doing the major tags would help out a lot of people I think. I also, want to explain what I mean by tag in the case it isn’t clear. I’m not talking about genre such as thriller, action. Etc. I’m talking about the tags associated with the rating system like nudity, extreme violence, adult content, adult language, etc..Version: 14.27.0

Great but 1 glitchThe app itself is amazing, but there is one glitch which makes some of my previously watched episodes or movies appear back on my “continue watching” list, which can sometimes get a little frustrating if i didn’t necessarily want to watch the episodes or movie again. This leads to the one thing i want to ask/recommend. Is there any way that you can make there be a way to delete some things from your continue watching list? I feel like this could be essential to some people (mainly me😂)in case you dont WANT to continue watching. But, like i said, apart from this one glitch, the app is pretty awesome and enjoyable, seeing as there is a large variety in things you can watch. I also think that having a choice to add things to your list is a great way to make your experience on netflix even more personalised than it already is. For such a reasonable price a month, I think that netflix is a great and reliable app to watch movies on and more..Version: 10.17.0

Good but whyIn my personal opinion Netflix Is great but there are a few things that really annoy me such as being able to download things only a certain amount of times like when I’m going on a trip or something like that I download some things to watch and when I find something I watched before and want to watch again and I start to download it it gets the yellow circle and when I tap on it it says “this item/movie can only be downloaded one more time” and I’m sitting over here thinking “okay. but why?” And I know this is sort of unavoidable but it annoys me when I can’t find some big titles/series or that they have been removed. Nevertheless it is a great app and would recommend..Version: 11.42.0

Netflix deserves betterPeople that are bad with the ratings and reviews they’re just trying to get it shut down because sometimes they might not watch it and might not want the kids to watch it because there’s some Dieing but other shows are learning but if you don’t want your kids to watch horror shows don’t give them an adult account and just give them a kids account give them a nice profile and use their names and nobody gets confused and if you want there’s lots of movies that you can download and if you download them you don’t need Wi-Fi so download Netflix and yeah.Version: 14.43.0

Amazing!!Honestly, If you haven’t gotten Netflix, what are you waiting for?!? Every single of my favorite series EVER, have been found on Netflix!! The app is significantly easy to use, and my favorite part is their always adding more!! It’s really easy to find things that your interested in because the app takes what you have watched, and recommends similar options. Most Netflix originals are also genuinely very good! I do have two suggestions for somethings that could be implemented in the future. My first idea is that you could be able to follow other people. This way you could find out what your friends, family, or anyone else you know, is watching/interested in. You could find lots of great shows that you didn’t know about or watch before. My second thing is something that has been mentioned in other reviews, and that is an actual, legitimate teen section. And i’m not talking tv-7. I’m talking quality shows, PG13/TV14, stuff like that. I think both of these ideas could help improve Netflix in the future. That’s all I have! Overall, Netflix is a wonderful app, full of great selection, amazing viewing quality, and awesome shows, movies, documentaries, you name it.Version: 12.41.0

Cobra Kai For Life!For all y’all cobra kai fans out there that want to know some things about season 4. Well, you are reading the right review. I think I might know something that will happen in season 4 of cobra Kai that you may or may not know. If you guessed a new couple then you are right! There might be some new karate lovers that love each other. Let’s go to season 3, Tori and Robbie had a little bit of time spent together. They started getting a little buddy-buddy if you know what I mean;). So in season 4, they might hit it off a bit. Like it was Sam and Miguel, then Sam and Robbie while Miguel and tori also, so why not throw in a little Tori and Robbie together in the dish. So it is pretty clear that Robbie and Tori have to get together at some point of the Cobra Kai timeline. So Netflix, I really hope you read my last review tho. I spend a lot of time on these so I hope people like my reviews. Also people are saying that Hawk’s hair will be orange but, for some reason I think his hair will be green, I saw it in my head and thought that it would be SICK! But anyway, I guess we will find out in a bit. Written by: A Little Boy/ Huge Cobra Kai Fan.Version: 13.17.0

Love the appI’m not sure if anybody seems to have this problem but I always remember seeing movie titles that I want to watch and when I visit the next day the movie is nowhere to be found. Also the volume bar thing that shows on top when changing the volume doesn’t always work and it bugs me, it never reaches the end unless I push volume down..Version: 11.27.2

BrilliantNetflix is an exceptional app that deserves a solid five-star rating. With its vast library of content, ranging from movies to TV series, it offers endless entertainment options to suit every taste. The user-friendly interface allows for seamless navigation, making it easy to find and watch our favorite shows and movies. The personalized recommendation system is spot-on, ensuring that we never run out of captivating content to enjoy. Additionally, the ability to download shows and movies for offline viewing is a game-changer, especially during long flights or commutes. Overall, Netflix continues to set the gold standard for streaming services, earning my utmost appreciation and a well-deserved five-star rating..Version: 15.46.00

Some great suggestions! Please read NetflixI would love to recommend adding a “Start Over” button prior to watching or even once the movie/tv show starts playing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to swipe the lil’ timer button aalllll the way to the left o start something over & then the app freezes. Just add a Start Over button! But keep the resume button as well. People prob. want both! Would also like to remove the rating thumbs off of the screen while watching. It was fine where it was. I understand it helps y’all know what to keep as well as I’m sure it helps the algorithm to suggest shows I may be interested but I actually want to press it less now that it’s in my way. A section geared toward teens would be awesome! Not just young children. Lastly, I would also love an “Expiring Soon” section & also add a little notification as well when clicking on something to watch. Nothing I hate more than when I go to watch something & find it’s no longer on Netflix even though I added it to my watchlist within weeks or even days….Had I known, I would have watched sooner! Otherwise thanks for always being there for me :’) Been watching since the good ole mailing system days!.Version: 15.40.00

Why does New Zealand not have as muchHi, I really like this app and use it basically everyday. But I live in New Zealand and we don’t have a lot of the shows people in other countries have for example friends and New York minute shows I would really like to watch. If you could change this and let New Zealand have these shows as well that would be great, otherwise I love this app 🥰.Version: 11.14.0

The app does not sync between devices.Netflix doesn’t register whether or not I have finished a movie. For instance, on my smart TV I finished watching Triple Frontier, but then when I go to check my iPad the next day, it shows it still there with 45 minutes left. This also happens vice versa with other devices and movies or shows. Another issue is that when I start watching a movie on my smart TV, then it doesn’t register (on any device) when I pause it, so the movie starts all over again at the first minute. This is annoying, if you could fix this bug, it would be great. <— NOV 2020 and I’m still waiting for this to be fixed. I googled it and it appears people have been having this ‘Netflix not saving progress’ issue since at least 2015..Version: 13.7.0

I love Netflix! But…. Just one thing! (Netflix pls read this I know your busy but it’s important)Hi there! Honestly I use Netflix every single day for the last like 6 years? Idk if it’s healthy but.. ANYWAYS back to the point, my favourite show is Miraculous Ladybug and I have watched it over and over again but I still love it! Anyways, it’s only up to season 3 and none of the miraculous movie so my only complaint about Netflix would be it’s lack of series not just in this show it lots of other shows (Etc) please add more episodes to other series and movies and.. PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU NETFLIX! PLEASE JUST ADD SEASON 4 OF “ miraculous ladybug” AND THE MIRACULOUS WORLD MOVIES AND WHEN THE “miraculous ladybug awakening” comes out. PLEASE TAKE MY MUMS MONEY SHE ALREADY PAYS YOU ALL I ASK IT FOR THE MOVIE TO BE ON NETLFIX WHEN IT COMES OUT. IF I DON’T SEE THAT MOVIE WHEN IT COMES OUT IN SEPTEMBER I WILL CRY AND YOU WILL BO LONGER BE MY FAVOURITE APP but if not that I have no other complaints 😊 -🍄✨unknown✨🍄 (But fabulous).Version: 14.37.0

NetflixThe app is Good😄. But the downfall is of Netflix is they should have an option for the series if you want to download the series they should have that option button in the app so it doesn’t take time waiting for one episode to download. A button to download all the series in a press of a button.Version: 11.9.0

Teens accountHi Netflix and anyone reading this! I think Netflix should have a teens account. For me personally I’m only allowed to have a kids account and I’m sure many people can relate. To be honest some things on the kids account are good movies. But for people 10 and older that need to have a kids account need a higher selection…sometimes I can watch the grown up account with parent supervision but I would rather just have a my own account. Right now I barley use my kids account and watch the grown up account but some parents don’t feel comfortable. Their kid can hide their phone and could be watching weird inappropriate things. On the grownups account most things are rated R but some things don’t need to be on there like Stranger Things and other shows etc. But on a kids account there are things for babies or little kids like Cocomelon. There is a grown up and a kid but their needs to be an in between. I don’t understand why Tall Girl is on the kids account. If someone who watches coco melon watches Tall Girl they will see boyfriends and girlfriends that 2 year olds shouldn’t see. Anyway, I think their should be a teens account. Thank you for your time..Version: 14.35.0

My opinion in the appLook I’ve had Netflix for years and it’s always been my favourite movie app, although there’s not the best movies on there and once u find something u like and u watch it Netflix may take away the movie that u like and it makes me sad like I watched this one movie Rango and I liked it a lot but after a couple months they took it off and I never saw it again. Netflix also has This thing when I watch something it starts at the end and I had a smart tv with a remote that I could control cause it showed a mouse but for some reason I couldn’t restart the movie cause when I went on the movie or episode I wanted to watch again but I couldn’t cause it spawned me at the end of the movie, I don’t Know if it’s my tvs fault but if it isn’t then... but it’s a very awesome app of h don’t have the tv I used to have it’s a very enjoyable app and movie provider.Version: 13.9.0

Excellent on XBOX. Please note that fact.Flawless streaming , the movies we’ve picked thus far we gave 8/10 each. For those people programmed that a movie is about 2hrs long will discover more value in episodes/ seasons too. They’re actually long movies ! With those , Netflix has resume watching making consistently easy. The cost divided by two people is only $9 /month per person. You’ll never get bored with Netflix & XBOX series S handles video streaming with ease. You can add the app on your other devices & create extra profiles..Version: 15.4

Netflix is greatI find Netflix is amazing and has the best range of movies and TV series and if you are on the go you can just download your movies or episodes and there you go your not bored sitting around anymore and if you do download it doesn’t use any of your data after its downloaded so if you in a no wi-fi zone then you don’t t have to use any of that precious data. It is also great because it has a kids account and a adult account so that if you have a kid their not going around watching Abdul they programs but if you have a adult account you are also able to access all the kids programs and movies. Netflix is really good because you don’t pay a unreasonable amount of money for it and you can have 10 people on the same account for the same price but obviously you cant all watch at once you can pay extra if you whant more people watching at once but if you pay the normal amount you can have 2 people watching at the same time. So download Netflix today and you can have all these luxuries..Version: 12.15.2

There’s just something wrongIt’s just that when I tried to update it didn’t work it just kept on saying download download download but I can’t so I had to cancel it and so I’m giving this for starters but I might give it five it’s just that when I tried to update it’s not working so could you please change that and I will make us five stars.Version: 15.1.1

User interfaceNetflix is a great app and service, but it really needs to step up its game with the control of the app that it bestows upon the paying customer! I hugely dislike how when you finish watching a show it stays in the continue watching section even if you remove it from your list, and it is irreversible. It’s even worse when you start watching something that you don’t like and then it stays there forever, and even starting new shoes doesn’t shorten the list of shoes you are apparently “watching” - should you ever want to again but apparently not if you don’t! It just is cumbersome and not tailored to the customers interests that way. It needs to be updated to include a simple “X” option to remove the show out of the section, and the issue would be resolved. It’s the little things Netflix! If it wasn’t for that, this would have been a 5 star review..Version: 12.4.2

People are too picky.Netflix is a really good app that goes on tv, computers and more. it isn’t free wich is understandable, and overall a good movie platform and millions of people use it around the globe. And people are giving bad reviews for dumb reasons, for example “there’s not enough anime” there’s other apps directed just for anime. If you don’t like the platform. Get a different app, because it seems like people care about it so much they waste their precious time in their precious lives to write a complaint. I see where the term “karen” comes from. Anyway anywho anyday, Netflix is amazing! (My opinion) it’s amazing for families and for little ones. There’s a kid option when you make a profile. If you have took the time to read this reply as the time I took to make this, have a awesome day/night, stay strong your loved and don’t forget to eat and drink!!! Health is important! <3.Version: 14.36.0

I love it, but I wish we could commentI love Netflix so much. I watch the office on there like every day. I just wish there was a comment section underneath the shows. The show creators can can useful feedback, and comment sections can be so much fun to read through and laugh at all the funny comments. It could also give Netflix an easier way to figure out what shows to keep and what shows to take off. It can also give a better idea of what new shows to put on based on what people like. There have been so many times that I’ve seen an episode or a scene of a show or movie, and I wanted to scroll down to the comments to see what other people had to say. (Oh if you were to do this, it would probably be best to do a separate comment section for each episode of a show so that people don’t get spoilers) Putting a comment section on the shows can even help to connect Netflix users. They can interact and bond over their love for a show. They can laugh over a funny scene. Or a number of other things. All in all, I love Netflix but I think it’d be pretty cool to add a comment section.Version: 12.34.0

I love Netflix!I love Netflix, it is great how there are different age group accounts you can pick from and you can have multiple accounts for the whole family. It has a wide variety of tv shows and movies, including Netflix originals. It is useful how if you are watching a movie or show it has others films like it if you don’t know what to watch next. It’s good how it saves your progress in the movie/show. I recommend Netflix for anyone as it is great for all ages! I also love how you can download shows to watch if you are at a place that will not have connectable wifi. My only (personal) problem is that a show I was watching got taken down, I was watching it for weeks as it had many seasons but I hadn’t finished it yet and I was really upset because I cannot find it anywhere, so developers if you see this I’m really hoping if you could put How I Met Your Mother back on Netflix for a while please?? I love Netflix and I really hope you can do something about my problem. If so, thank you very much!.Version: 12.4.2

PLEASE READ AND CONSIDER MY IDEASOk i love this app a lot but i have a few minor problems. for starters there should be like a teen-tween section for kids 12-16 because it's hard to find good shows or movies for my age group that's not boring or wrong age group. another minor problem, i find it kinda annoying how netflix only has like 2 out of 5 seasons of certain shows like just put the whole series in there instead of bits and pieces of it. personally it's not THAT bad but it's still kinda annoying. another problem, STOP CANCELLING SHOWS!!!!!! i swear it's so annoying how i'm like halfway through a show and then it gets canceled meanwhile dumb kid shows that BARELY ANYONE WATCHES gets like 15 seasons and like 100 episodes meanwhile the show i'm halfway through gets canceled ON A CLIFFHANGER!!!! i have one good ideas to help improve the whole cancellation system. every other month have some sort of poll to like see what shows people still watch and see what people don't watch so you can cancel things without people being mad at y'all. like i said before, great app, use it daily but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider some of these ideas i feel like if they get added then your app could be AWESOME. please consider my ideas. thanks.Version: 15.6.0

AnimeI like watching Netflix but they don’t have enough good anime, if I could name a few I would say, Goblin slayer, demon slayer, full metal alchemist brother hood, etc (I forgot a few) I would also like some more movies/series of 7+ age I think I would like more that were like fuller/full house, some assembly required and more. Some 13+ ones would be nice as well, like The Big Bang Theory and more. I think there’s a lot of movies,Series and seasons on Netflix but I want ALOT! More cat based movies and series (especially anime, like The Cat Returns) or like #Cats_The_Mewvie, and some dog programs would also be nice I hope you accept my request Sincerely Keira.Version: 12.34.0

NETFLIX LISTENReading the other reviews, you don’t seem to be looking at the the reviews in the first place. So if you are reading this, I’m just going to hand it to you. First of all, STOP CANCELING ALL THE GOOD SHOWS AND MOVIES. When I finished some other shows, I decided to watch Mean girls. But apparently, you had canceled it. So I searched on some other, more RELIABLE apps, and they didn’t have it either. Why are you keeping crappy shows like KID DANGER and BRAIN CHILD on here but not some of the most popular well rated movies and shows?? That doesn’t make any since. I rated you four stars because I haven’t had many problems. But this one time period, I tried many times to change my profile from my phone and it just wouldn’t allow it! What the heck? Since my phone is connected, I tried on the TV and it worked. Again, WHAT THE HECK? I’m frustrated when I say this- but Netflix, you’re not as on track as you used to be. I know there are real people working hard for this company and app, and I’m sorry if I’m just laying more on you. But we don’t always want the “popular” or “most watched” shows and movies. So could you PLEASE stop cancelling shows?? Thanks. Bye..Version: 15.12.0

Great appA great app but there are still a few errors that need to be fixed. This first is when typing up a movie on the search bar it won’t show even though the movie is available on Netflix. The other is it shows there is no internet connection or it buffers when even though I have really good internet connection. I’ve tried multiple things such as uninstalling the app and reviewing the setting but still nothing seems to work.Version: 11.40.0

Amazing butI love Netflix but I was hoping you would have danganronpa it’s one of my favs but I can’t find it anywhere if you can I would really appreciate it but apart from that Netflix is amazing I have used it for a couple of years it’s never let me down I love all the shows and I just overall love it it’s really nice and never let me down when I feel like watching something right now I am really into danganronpa but I can’t find it anywhere so please if you have time I would really like that thank you for ur time (it’s really good totally worth and recommend all you need to do it’s sign in or log in and all the stuff it’s at ur doing it’s really like and I love that you can add stuff to ur list because I have a lot of stuff that I like and the list it’s very helpful and handy you have your own one so if you have a sister or brother you can make a kids one and a adult one for yourself or for your parents and also you can change the photos of the thing it’s really nice if you want to change the photos and make some kids or adult one you in the mobile version or a ipad version you can connect Netflix to a tv if you want to and I really love this app :>.Version: 13.20.0

Amazing app but…Don’t get me wrong I love this app and use it almost everyday but one thing that makes me Hoha (annoyed) is that when I’m watching a series, for example: the 100 (my favourite) there was only 6 season’s available for me to watch and until about a year later I had figured out that there was one more season so I had to try and find where to watch it without paying (bc I’m not wasting more money when I already have Netflix🤣) but this isn’t the only show that doesn’t have all seasons! I recently rewatched •the next step• (I loved it as a kid) and the older seasons weren’t there and it’s kinda sad because it doesn’t give you everything you need to know..Version: 15.8.0

GIitch to fixHey Netflix There has been a problem with my Netflix on my device. I know It is not just me because my friends and family have it is well. It is where you are watching a series/movie and then all of a sudden the screen goes to the screen where it’s black and you have to tap it for it to go back on. Please fix this for all of our sake P.S I spoke to Apple and they said it was a problem on your side.Version: 10.16.0

My list categories, ratings and searchI really love using the app. It’s a great way of catching up with my programs but also some international options too (I’m U.K.) But I would appreciate some updates on the app which would be really great - some of these others have already mentioned - being able to rate out of 5 (which I think you could do before) and leave comments - sort out saved items into folders or categories to allow more organisation - also you used to be able to search by person, which you can kinda still do but since a recent update, when you click a person’s name it doesn’t actually filter the results to what that person is in but just gives you ‘related’ titles. A little annoying as it was really great to be able to filter by person if you wanted to binge that person’s work, or a series of movies. Thanks 😊.Version: 10.19.0

Love the app hate how it’s always breaking for meHi, I typically use the app a lot and I think it’s perfect on how its from kids to adults to teenagers etc but since I stopped using it I would think to myself hey I should catch up on this show but it wouldn’t let me go into the app and if it did I wouldn’t be aloud to go onto anybody’s profile not even my brothers. This was very disappointing so I reset my iPad it worked for 5 minutes and broke again. I reset my games and it removed the pictures from apps I had recently been on it’s fixed now but at this point I thought it was a waist of storage so I deleted it I wondered if I could delete it and re download the app to see if it works I tried downloading the app again and it wouldn’t work I’m not gonna lie I tried it on multiple apps but I couldn’t download any I’m very mad and disappointed but there is nothing I can do I’m just a 10 year old after all. So yup that’s my only problem it could be a bug or just something going on with my device but I really wanted to watch some Netflix so if it is a bug or something I hope it will get fixed soon. Bye!.Version: 13.3.0

Netlix is coolNetflix is a pretty cool app to watch movies on, I really enjoy watching them and also some of the features that are in Netflix. The only thing I want in Netflix is a row of movies they are about to take off. So that if I had a movie in mind and see that they are about to take it off, I can just watch it before they do..Version: 13.9.0

Wow!I have been using Netflix for years now. It is so amazing! There are unlimited shows for all ages and show types…what i mean is different types of shows for different people. Action, comedy, horror, romance, family…it’s all there. Personally, my favorite show is Bunk’d, which would be considered comedy. I highly recommend it!!! So amazing. There are so many options. One thing, though. There are some inappropriate shows that show up on even a kids profile. My mom still makes me use a kids profile because of all the inappropriate shows about nudity, drugs, etc and shows with swearing and stuff. It still shows up even on that profile. Just not as much. But could you please have that stuff ONLY on adult profiles? I don’t like seeing it, and I’d rather have a Watch Together profile, and still not see it much. My little siblings—we’re talking toddlers here—see that stuff on their profiles too. I really would like it if you didn’t have all of that. But Netflix is mostly amazing, which is why I gave it five stars, though it was close to four stars because of the inappropriate show stuff. The search bar is so easy to search stuff up, and downloading is nice too (BUT PLEASE MAKE BUNK’D DOWNLOADABLE!!!!!!!). Netflix is cool yo. 😎.Version: 15.5

Best App Ever!Netflix is one of my favourite apps so far! I recently got an apple iPad, and have been streaming Netflix like crazy! You can save episodes to watch them later when you don’t have wifi. For example if you’re in the car on a day trip you can just watch Netflix! It does take a while to save the episodes but it’s worth it when you’re watching. I love Netflix but sometimes it glitches out and kicks me of the app, or if I’m watching it on TV it kicks me off the TV and just says “try again later” and shows a time. This happens frequently and it’s quite annoying. I get frustrated when Netflix isn’t working for me and I have to reset the whole system only for it to tell me to try again later. But in conclusion, Netflix is a good app it just needs some updates now and then to make it easier for us to work it. Families love watching Netflix together, and I can see why. It’s a good source for anybody to be updated or just watch something fun..Version: 14.51.0

NETFLIX NEEDS MORE MOVIES!!!! but it still goodNetflix is amazing but whenever I try to go on it doesn’t have lots of movies for an option!! And most of the time when I connect it to my tv it usually says no connection!!! But what I would love for u to do is to update the app and have more movies and PLEASE BRInG BACK THE OLD MOVIES FROm BEFORE CAUSE ThEy WERe AMAZING!!! And pls put some Disney movies on the app!!! Thank you make sure u get back to me pls.Version: 12.13.0

Not always showing upNetflix is a really cool app and my family love it, but for some reason on my daughters phone there’s all these things on netflix and not all of them are on my phone, and whenever all these new shows come to Netflix they barely ever come onto Netflix on my phone! It doesn’t say I have to update it but it’s really weird. For example things like twilight aren’t on my phone for Netflix but are on the tv and everyone else’s devices, or a bunch of others. Not sure if this is just me or for a lot of people, please fix it!.Version: 14.6.0

Important & annoying stuff about NetflixI am absolutely obsessed with Netflix, it's so good and there are so many things to watch. But there are annoying things as well, such as it would be good if on your "continue watching", you get rid of the titles that you have already finished watching or you don't want to watch anymore. That would be great because there would be so many less titles and you will know more what you what or need to finish. Also it glitches a lot on my iPad, I don't know if it just does that cos my iPad is old and its low. But it often never really goes back to where I was actually up to with a specific title, it just goes to a random part in an episode. That way I struggle to find where I'm actually up to. And if you could have more titles in there, especially more movies e.g.john tucker must die, titanic, good luck Charlie & games of thrones.Version: 9.49.2

Shows you NEED TO ADDIt’s annoying that you have taken down vampire diaries as it was one of my favourite shows that I grew up with. You need to add that back onto Netflix. I also think you should add once upon a time because it’s an amazing tv show and there’s no where else I can binge watch it. You also need to add Wentworth because my friends are telling me o watch it but I can’t because there is no where for me to watch it on. It’s a really good show and it’s not on Netflix Australia even though it’s an Australian show, doesn’t make sense. You also should add winx club the original show because my little sister would love to watch it as I was telling her I used to watch it when I was younger. You should also add pitch perfect 2&3. I’m running out of things to watch on Netflix.Version: 11.39.0

Continue and continue to . . . Continue WatchingLove everything about the latest version of the Netflix App, but the Continue Watching section continues to be persistently annoying and wasteful screen real estate. Regardless of something being watched (I’ve scrolled right to the very end of a program, multiple times!) the same program continues to be listed in the Continue Watching section. Solely because I like the suggestions based on what I’ve watched I’ve put up with it and tried to ignore it, but every time I finish a series, it reverts back to episode one as though I’m still watching; so much so I’ve occasionally removed things from my viewing activity just to get rid of it. Hopefully I’m not the only one, but this is an absolute pet peeve and think it should be addressed in an upcoming update, at least to give me the option to mark episodes etc as watched. Come on Netflix!.Version: 11.14.0

Deleting the good shows/moviesI enjoy Netflix and think it can occasionally have some really good shows and movies, however, Netflix always seems to delete the good shows that you are in the middle of watching. Kinda annoying while you’re half way through a series and then it is suddenly taken off the site. Also I am from New Zealand and New Zealand Netflix is hardly worth it, shows and movies aren’t the best..Version: 11.30.0

Dude pleasePlease Netflix don’t do this to me, no not just me, EVERYONE who has ever watched and loved the office, your letting nbcUniversal take The Office back. You spent Millions upon millions of dollars just to get Friends back. Why not do the same for The Office. I guarantee, you will lose tons of people to UniversalNBC just because of one show. One Amazing spectacular show that makes me excited to get home and kick my shoes off. But just the thought of The Office leaving Netflix really gives me a stomach ache. I mean come on, it’s your most popular show and I legit will have nothing to do with my life. Half the reason I bought Netflix was for The Office, and now, well, I might just not renew my Netflix, and maybe millions of people might to. So fight, I don’t care if NBCUniversal wants their show back, you fight and you win. Wanna know why you will win, because you’ve got me and millions of other people just alike behind you. Don’t let Micheal Scott leave this company, Don’t let Jim part time at Netflix and universal, don’t let daryl follow him. And sure as hell don’t let Stanley retire from Netflix. Thank you for your time in reading this..Version: 12.5.0

Best app in the whole world 🌍.I love Netflix sooooo much. I love this app it really really is cool and it really helps me to get to watch my shows. But I don’t like when they took off Geronimo Stilton was my favorite thing to watch on Netflix. Please bring it back to Netflix. Anyways if anyone didn’t like Netflix then you should get it together. Because Netflix is amazing 😉 😉I have one suggestion for you guys maybe you could put all the shows on Netflix and make something called Netflix world kind of like Disney world. Also you could make an app called Netflix games for an example a Good Burger make a game were you are Ed and you get to choose your own silly thing to do. And then in the app you create your own Good burger. You choose all the characters. Then you can send them to Netflix and you can watch them. And you do that for all the things on Netflix! I know I’m being annoying but please please answer one of those suggestions. Thanks for making Netflix!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😺😺😍😍😍😀😃😃😁😁. Also I love that you guys made Netflix and I hope you Like me Review. Angle love.Version: 12.43.0

Great appLove the Netflix app and service but i have a few improvements... would be nice if all movies and tv shows were available for download offline, rather than just a few. Also if they didn’t get rid of really good tv shows and movies, and instead replace rubbish ones that they made. Also why does it ask me to select who’s watching every time I open the app, I did not log out, but it does not save it like my laptop does. Also another person said that it would be good to remove the continue watching tab, which I agree with..Version: 12.13.0

We should be able to watch for as long as we wantNetflix is a wonderful app but when it comes to watching your favourite shows you just want to continue and Netflix stopped you from watching for as long as you want. Recently I started watching a show called Miraculous Ladybug which is an extremely addicting show, not only is it fun to watch but it’s exciting to see what comes next. Today I wanted to complete an episode but it said that I should stop watching the show so much and watch a different show to continue which isn’t fair if I want to finish my show then I should be able too otherwise I love Netflix and I won’t give you a low amount of stars because I know that this isn’t something most people worry about and can and hopefully will be stopped later on..Version: 13.23.0

Bugs and moreGreat app! So many things to choose from but I have a few complaints. When watching, for example, a series or a film the last 1-4 minutes would always be a dark grey screen but talking, music, sound can still be heard - making it obvious that the screen should be showing. It’s really stressful knowing that the conclusion isn’t being shown. Every now and then a clip would be fuzzy, or episodes i watch wouldn't show up, and the lack of good shows being on the front page is very stressful. The front page is like badly edited/made films (for example: he’s all that) and the recommendations page is very irrelevant. Apart from all this, it is a very good app to watch things on it’s just a few things that need to be fixed a notch. Thank you!.Version: 14.6.0

Bug with Rated AnimationThere’s some kind of bug with the Rated animation that pops up when you start watching an episode. I’ve just finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood before it would be taken of and I found that the Rated card at the top would appear and just stay there. I tried getting rid of it by pausing the episode and letting it disappear but this stopped working when I started watching Black Lagoon. The animation then would not appear for a while and then not disappear so I couldn’t get rid of it the way I did before. I don’t know if this is a problem with the sources but I doubt it as it continued through two different shows. It should be noted the auto play next episode feature was used in both instances however closing the source and reopening it did nothing. It’s really annoying because it dims the top part of the screen and is bright white text while most of Netflix’s shows are quite dark appearance. This is on the current version of the app..Version: 13.34.0

Netflix pls readI absolutely love Netflix it is amazing f9r the amount of shows I can watch. But I absolutely hate that my all time favorite show has been canceled it is called greenhouse academy it is the best and I wonder why you canceled it I have now watched it 10 times so pls tell the creators to make more seasons because it is the best and it really frustrates me because dallruz the boy who plays Leo Cruz post on TikTok saying he is really sad and that he would like another season I bet the whole cast would so pls can they create another season because it is the best actually even more because I will never ever get board of it pls.Version: 15.13.0

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