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Peacock TV: Stream TV & Movies App User Positive Comments 2024

Peacock TV: Stream TV & Movies app received 8 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about peacock tv: stream tv & movies?

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Skips 24/7I can’t watch more than 5 minutes of anything on Peacock without the app skipping to the next episode/movie/series. I have to manually go back to “more episodes” to go back to the last episode I was supposed to be watching still. Sometimes it skips multiple episodes without even showing 1 second of any of the episodes it just keeps skipping and you can see the episode names changing. Sometimes it skips multiple times IN THE 5 SECONDS it takes to go back to the previous episode so I have to go back 3 or 4 episodes. This happens everyday all day and I’m not paying for peacock next month or any other month. I’m done. Nobody has solutions for this I don’t understand. It’s on all my devices it’s not my fault no other streaming service does this !!!!! I will definitely not recommend to a friend and even go out of my way to talk bad about peacock because this is an issue nobody else has. Where is all my money going if NOT TOWARD FIXING YOUR APP????.Version: 3.11.12

It’s okay.I wanna say that they have an amazing selection on this app for tv shows and movies. However, I got the app for free with Xfinity wifi and they said I would have Peacock PREMIUM. When I think of premium I think “no ads.” Well that is NOT the case. I try to watch tv shows and an ad plays every few minutes. It plays about every 5 minutes during the show. I get a 60 second ad about 3-4 times every single 24 minutes episode. And it does not stop there. I also get 15 and 30 second ads on top of the minute long ones. So over all I’m watching roughly 10 minutes of ads every single episode??? I thought I was suppose to have premium… this is not premium. I enjoy the app, but the ads are just ridiculous. If anything, play a minute and a half ad BEFORE the episode so customers can watch a single episode in peace without interruption every 3 seconds. I gave four stars because I know how hard it is to allow such a selection without ads. But come on… I watch about 5 minutes of a show and get hit with 5 minutes of ads. It makes me not want to use the app..Version: 3.5.12

Best of any streaming servicesI love this app — I watch something from it every day. There are an astounding number of shows available at no recurring cost to me (I wait through 45 seconds of ads during a show’s normal commercial break). Other streaming services (cough cough Disney, CBS, etc. cough cough) have nearly everything trapped behind a paywall, and honestly I can’t afford 6 dollars here, 5 dollars there, every single month, to four or five streaming services. Frankly I do not want to sign up not only due to budget but from principle: when the writing hit the wall with companies pulling shows from Netflix to move them to their own premium streaming services, I said then that I wouldn’t sign up for multiple premium services because I saw it as the companies’ greed. And I don’t have to with Peacock, because they make so much available while being so reasonable with their consumers. So because of their model, this is one streaming service where I actually would sign up for premium just to support them..Version: 1.8.5

OmgWhy is there not a 4Th? Y’all’s fans absolutely love this love saga/film series or whatever they’re calling it these days. Please come out with a 4th to end the saga completely! So we can see y’all’s life after kids and with kids etc. and so on and so forth. Freed ended in a way to were they should be another, it left us all on our toes and at the edge of our seat. P.S. I watch this every Valentine’s Day since the day the first film came out to public! It’s a thing I don’t feel normal without watching every single film of fifty shades on or before VDAY. Not being weird or none of the sort with all my chattery, I’m just so in love with everything about this saga/film series. It makes my heart happy,confident sad,confused,loving,caring,emotional,frustrated. I could go on but I won’t I’ll leave it at that. Thank you for sharing with the world such and amazing saga we are truly greatful! Love all the cast and producers they done amazing!.Version: 5.2.12

The worst app I’ve ever used + worst customer supportThis is absolutely the worst app I have ever used, it has almost constant buffering issues. It constantly says that I am off-line when every other streaming app works fine. Not only that when you try to reach out to Support they are completely unhelpful. I tried over the course of a month and a half to get resolution on this and every time they had me start over from the beginning of troubleshooting and asking the same basic questions over and over even though I had an open case number. Not only that, about a third of the time the only option for Support was the live chat which did not work properly on any device or laptop so there was no way to even report an issue. After spending over 40 hours over the course of the month and a half I finally gave up troubleshooting. For a while the app seemed to be improving, but now it’s right back to having a ton of buffering errors. Hope they really work on this, it’s the most frustrating Service I have ever used and I pay for both premium and no ads..Version: 1.4.4

Few shows and No SupportI tried Peacock Premium for a couple of days and it was nothing but problems and commercials. I started watching season one episode one of Capture. About halfway through I had to leave the TV for a few minutes. When I came back, the episode would not resume. I may repeated attempts but it just simply would not allow me to restart the episode. So, in desperation, I went into the episodes section of Capture and episode one had disappeared. In other words, once you start an episode of one of the shows, you have to finish that episode and you can’t watch it again later. That is stupid! Also, I tried watching some of the old comedies like 3rd rock from the sun. It seem like every couple of minutes they were commercials ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes that I couldn’t fast forward through so I had to watch them. This is so annoying and I simply decided it was better to not have peacock at all. Don’t waste your time or money on this streaming service..Version: 1.0.9

I can’t rate or review in app 😭so I am going to do it right hereI am reviewing twisted metal not the app even though it’s good to twisted metal has no right being this good and being free view I absolutely love sweettooth I would like to see him a little more crazy in season two if we are lucky enough I seen the people talking about it and never expected it to actually happen I’m actually surprised having two people playing two parts of the same character actually works so well hopefully we get at lest 10 seasons since theses. No talking yet of a new game we can at least watch the adventures of sweettooth and friends 😂 I wish that it would have longer episodes and more of them going forward maybe make some new characters new maps if I had my way I would have the undertaker play the reaper I am loving the soundtrack takes me back to my teenage years hoping and praying and WISHING for more seasons keep em coming.Version: 4.8.12

Great Accessibility ProgressI am pleased to say that the Peacock app is much more accessible with screen readers than before and I thank anyone who has helped to make this happen. I have only noticed one small glitch in the current version. If you are playing a video and press the audio subtitles button, VoiceOver will not display the available options. It only gives you an option to dismiss the menu. I also noticed that in both the app and website that audio description will not stay on. Every time you open the browser or app to resume a show, and when the next episode plays automatically, the audio track defaults back to original English, meaning that you need to manually enable audio description for every episode. It would be incredibly helpful if description were to automatically stay enabled for specific profiles, and only default to original when someone disables description or switches profiles. Thank you for reading and considering..Version: 3.6.11

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