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Peacock TV: Stream TV & Movies app received 43 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about peacock tv: stream tv & movies?

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What is this, the year 2000?This app is the absolute WORST app I have dealt with in 20 years. Whoever the hell designed this app needs to be fired and seriously consider a career change. Unless you have a very specific device to stream this service on, GOOD LUCK. First, getting it to play on our tv was like attempting brain surgery as a GED drop-out. Second, the content struggles to play worse than a no-armed wrestler. Third, if the app fails to load after commercials it just reverts back to the previous stopping point. This happened 3 straight times before we just gave up. That’s when I started searching for and easily finding reviews saying the exact same things over and over and over. A show that should have taken an hour to watch took over an hour and 45 min to finish. I’d rather buy every single show and movie on this app (from another service) rather than attempt to watch them on Peacock FOR FREE. Anyone considering Peacock, RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN. If somehow this review makes it to anybody in the tv/movie industry, pull your content from this app before people start turning their crosshairs on you! Take this thing out back and put a bullet in it, put us ALL out of our misery. HORRIBLE!!!!.Version: 1.0.5

It’s nice that it’s freePeacock has some mediocre shows and movies on its platform with only a few hits. Now that Comcast has acquired the Office, Parks and Rec, and few others, it makes the app worth downloading. Some of the downsides are that when opening the app, it always begins with the trending section which isn’t tailored to the users likes and dislikes. It displays only what Comcast deems to be important and can be biased towards mainstream media. Also, when watching and finishing an episode of a tv show, it doesn’t automatically play the next episode of the show you are currently watching. So you have to re-enter the app, which opens with the trending screen again, therefore you accidentally click what’s first on the trending page and lose your place in the show. It’s a tad irritating. It would be nice if Comcast would just allow you to continue to watch episodes of the same show and only stop it after an amount of time, similar to Netflix. If they fixed these minor bugs, I think the app would be a lot more streamlined and better quality..Version: 1.8.5

The worst app I’ve ever used + worst customer supportThis is absolutely the worst app I have ever used, it has almost constant buffering issues. It constantly says that I am off-line when every other streaming app works fine. Not only that when you try to reach out to Support they are completely unhelpful. I tried over the course of a month and a half to get resolution on this and every time they had me start over from the beginning of troubleshooting and asking the same basic questions over and over even though I had an open case number. Not only that, about a third of the time the only option for Support was the live chat which did not work properly on any device or laptop so there was no way to even report an issue. After spending over 40 hours over the course of the month and a half I finally gave up troubleshooting. For a while the app seemed to be improving, but now it’s right back to having a ton of buffering errors. Hope they really work on this, it’s the most frustrating Service I have ever used and I pay for both premium and no ads..Version: 1.4.4

False advertisementI had originally downloaded this app on my tv to watch the harry potter movies that were advertised for free, then i later realized that the movies were taken off of the platform. so i had just forgotten about the app. then i had found out that Peacock was streaming all episodes of The Office for free...or so i thought. after watching the first two seasons of the show, i was surprised that i found out that i had to pay $4.99 a month to finish the rest of the show. when Peacock had advertised their app, they said that EVERYTHING; absolutely everything would be free..later on this was too good to be true, because i had to pay to watch certain shows. basically, this would be considered a scheme or scam. while i was on the platform watching shows, there were ad breaks. i’m fine with ad breaks, it’s just that the ads were placed randomly throughout a show or movie. these ads were not placed in their designated “ad break cuts”. they were often placed in between sentences or in the middle of a scene. overall this app is not what you think it is. it is just a scam. i advise you to NOT waste your money on this platform, there are many other alternatives..Version: 1.8.5

It buffers...a lot, poor support1/1/21 UPDATE: I was contacted by product support after posting my original review. I responded on 12/20 providing additional information about the issue & my device. To date, I have yet to receive a response despite 2 follow up emails. The issue persists, EXCESSIVE buffering. For the lack of Support communication, I’ve dropped my rating to a 2. Excessive buffering. Apparently, this is not a true “streaming” service - bits of content are downloaded in “packets” and a slow or full connection may cause buffering between packets. That being said, I experience frequent buffering despite a fast internet connection when no other devices are in use (and a single phone used at the same time shouldn’t cause this amount of buffering). It seems to be most common after watching for some time - Peacock doesn’t appear to be a fan of binging. The only remedies offered on the Peacock website (they’re clearly aware of the issue) is to check your Internet speed & stop using (or put in airplane mode) all other devices. The service does also lack some features of other actual streaming services (as described in other comments). Despite all this, I paid for the premium annual service because it’s the cheapest of the only 2 options I’ve found to get ALL Bravo content (lower tier Peacock doesn’t have full content & Hulu+Live TV is cost prohibitive) which is the only thing I was missing in life. I can only hope the service is improved over time..Version: 1.8.5

Streaming is decentThe streaming is okay. Haven’t had issues. I have issues with them imposing the app on us in order to watch the Premier League. How is it that so far we’ve HAD to stream to watch the champions of England play 2 of the top teams? The biggest games should be available on TV where the majority of people already pay to watch the EPL. Putting them on the Peacock app is pretty upsetting and likely an attempt to boost their subscriptions to justify putting more big games on the app after NBCSB Gold failed. Additionally, I can’t even use air play because it’s restricted and there’s no app for my 2019 samsung tv. Having a toddler and crawler, we keep wires hidden and out of reach. So, airplay alike is a must. But if I want to watch this on the tv, I have to bring wires out and end up spending half the time keeping the kids from grabbing the wires or pushing buttons on the laptop. Pretty big waste of money if you ask me. They pay insane amounts to win contracts to get the rights to the games but then want us to pay additional for the big matches in addition to the main channel that’s supposed to show the best games. ....It’s like if I pay for HBO but then forced to pay extra for Game of Thrones...oh, and I wouldn’t easily be able to watch it on my tv..Version: 1.2.3

Worst streaming appOk so is 2020 and you create a streaming app that cannot be casted to a smart tv. Is it me or is that not just dumb. I might have expected this 10 or maybe 5 years ago but in 2020 if you are making a streaming app you better make sure it can cast to a tv. My tv does not get the peacock app so it would have been nice to just air play it. It’s not preferable but it works. But you crated a streaming app that cannot do this. What kind of stupid are your programmers that thought “hey let’s create a streaming app that cannot be casted. There’s a brilliant idea”. Also the app navigation is kinda clunky. I do like one of the original shows but I hate watching it on my phone. For the first few episode I kinda was able to make it cast but when I tried last night i could only connect the sound. One again. What a dumb move at not adding the ability to cast to smart TVs. Why is this not a thing. Hell even the dumbest cable app have figured out the value of allowing there content to be casted. But the big nbc universal company cannot get this one small thing right. You are loosing the streaming war my friends and all because you where to dumb yo not add one feature that allows people to watch your shows on there big TVs..Version: 1.0.11

It’s okI got this app to watch Rich Eisen. His show is live, but I am not available to watch until about 1/2 way through. I prefer to watch beginning to end. The live broadcast ends at 1pm, but it is not made available to replay until late evening or in some cases the next day. When I 1st began using the app I had frustrations a plenty and hoped the bugs would get worked out before The Rich Eisen Show stopped broadcasting on TV. I don’t see that anything has improved from when I 1st began using the app until now. This app seems to have a wonderful catalog of movies, sports, old tv shows and The problem is, you get about 7-10 minutes in and the buffering begins. I am then informed that I am not connected to the internet. This is while I see all WiFi bars light up. I am then informed I should try a premium membership. Each time I open the app I see so many programs to watch, but it ends in heartbreak. This streaming service looks great, but it doesn’t work. And don’t tell me it’s free and the suggest I purchase premium version..Version: 1.4.2

Cant wait until next season...When nbc does not have the contract for the tv rights to the premier league, and hopefully is not allowed to re negotiate because i thought last season was bad with nbc gold which was a greedy exploitative way to hold the games hostage , and had no idea they could actually make the coverage worse! I thought nbc gold was as low as it got , but nope , welcome to “peacock” so it is very clear to see that nbc realizes no one wants cable or live tv service and has tried to jump into the streaming game but wants to also force you to pay for cable as well based on how they split the season between streaming and live tv, so you want me to pay for cable and a premium rate for your crap service? Which by the way is always plagued with bugs. Companies like NBC are the reason people dont watch tv or want to pay for it anymore. Oh and ps, tubi is a free streaming service and has fewer commercials than this , nbc, all about the money all the time , f nbc..Version: 1.0.11

Nigh unusable - and a real scamObviously I’m not happy that NBC has decided to put premier league football on here instead of tv, and I deeply resent having to pay 5 bucks a month for something I already pay for a tv package for, and for a service that seems to offer nothing else worth watching. (And for the record, after the free trial, I won’t.) But even without all of that, the fact remains the app is barely usable. Turning it on and trying to search for what you want will yield loading times that are so abysmally long it will make you want to throw your device through the wall. And when streaming live sports, the streams are notoriously unreliable and well behind the actual run of play. The fact that this is still the case months after its rollout is astounding and says it all about the contempt NBC has for its viewers. This attempt to ape Netflix isn’t working. Stay well away from it - and if you’re a footy fan, tell NBC to put the games back on tv where they belong..Version: 1.0.11

Don’t get this app... it’s TERRIBLEI downloaded the app because I was seeing advertisements about it having all 8 of the Harry Potter movies and yesterday it did. I did want to connect it to my TV because it would be better but I’m fine with just watching it on my phone, so I did then I was getting a little tired. So I turned off my phone ( with the app open) and went to sleep now just today I was about to finish watching the Harry Potter movie and when I went into the app it took me out of the movie that was playing and didn’t let me play it again. I thought this was just a little inconvenience BUT then I tried to search for the movie again MULTIPLE times and it kept saying “No results found” so I logged out of my account and thought that it might of just been a glitch but then I logged back in and tried to search for the movie again and it said THE SAME THING. And today I came to look at the apps reviews to see if I was the only one who was having inconveniences with it and I’m not. This is a terrible app and I would NOT recommend ANYONE to use it..Version: 1.4.4

Constant changes in quality and contentI am a day 1 user, waited months for this app at first never had any issues in my Apple TV or iPhone but now it’s constant errors. Most recent is just solid black screen with an outline of the channel schedule instead of puss in boots error screen occasionally. They also took away the office channel quietly a couple of days ago. Changed the reality tv “in it to win it” channel (that had huge variety in programming) into deal or no deal for over a week non stop 24/7. Just rename the channel already after nearly 250 episodes straight it’s officially the deal or no deal channel! I assumed okay maybe after they play each episode in the series I will get to see something new, sadly they just stared over from episode 1 again. Same episodes of kitchen nightmares (season 1) have been playing non stop for 5 days when it’s KN evening time block and the profit season 1. This didn’t used to be the case! There would be a mix of several seasons. I was thinking about subscribing but these are pretty major and sudden changes that make no sense. They were also what I used the app for 99% of the time. Went from being my #1 app to deleting and resubscribing to CBS all access who instead of taking away content added over 200 season of different shows last week..Version: 1.0.7

App is HORRIBLE- Especially for AppleTVThis app & the accompanying service are NOT designed to work with AppleTV. It’s unintuitive, the controls override the native functionality of tvOS. You can’t even skip back 10 seconds because their video controls override the native functionality of the remote. God for bid that you want to browse because that’s just an absolute nightmare. When you reach out to Support, their solution is “you need to use the flex box“. Screw that. I paid a lot of money for my AppleTV. If you want me to pay for your service, then you need to design an app that works with MY equipment, not the other way around. Gone are the days of forced proprietary usage, but Xfinity can’t seem to understand that. This service is a total waste of money because they have CRIPPLED the usability. Leave it up to NBC & Xfinity to screw up the most simple user experience. Your app developers should be fired. Do not believe the hype that this is an editors pick. Clearly the editors never ACTUALLY used the app, otherwise they would have said “Hey, this app doesn’t work right in our ecosystem”. Apple, you should be ashamed..Version: 1.4.4

Rather clunky appI am late getting the app. But after having it for about 4 months I am surprised by how poorly the app is designed and works. Take searches, very slow, and doesn’t automatically load suggestions as you type. Also, It is the slowest app on my iPad to open and load, I almost think it crashed with just those 6 dots floating. But then the app loads, only to take a long time to switch to another screen, like when browse is selected or opening settings. One would expect a better user interface and faster app coming out of an entertainment/tech company. Feels like the app isn’t a priority. Would be nice if it allowed for multiple “users” like spouse and kids as we like different shows. Lastly, they should re-think commercials. I’m not against commercials and like them if it means affordable subscriptions. But the commercials are too long. It’s not the good old days of network tv. They should redesign how commercials work for the modern age. Right now I just look at my phone during commercials. So, my conclusion is that it’s an app to go to when there is a show you want to watch, ie: Yellowstone, but not an app you GO TO to find something to watch. Good luck. You’re behind the eight ball and other apps are doing this a lot better..Version: 1.6.5

Not Ready for Prime Time (but we are forced to use it)I have been using the app on my iPad and Apple TV since it was released. The app freezes regularly - some of which require navigating away from the stream and back in order to rectify, others which self-correct. This is especially frustrating when watching live sports (I subscribed to Peacock Premium to have access to English Premier League streams). EDIT 9/20: I had no problems 9/19 and 9/20. I would increase to 3 stars except I saw too many people on Twitter and Discord with the same problems I had in the past - including the significant delay which Peacock emailed me was a technical issue limited to 9/14. The app excludes NBC Sports despite NBC Sports Gold being replaced by Peacock - leaving sports fans with having to check multiple locations for content. NBC should migrate all NBC Sports app contents to Peacock and allow users to log into their cable subscription in Peacock to unlock access to that content. A single NBC content app would make for a better user experience..Version: 1.0.11

Few shows and No SupportI tried Peacock Premium for a couple of days and it was nothing but problems and commercials. I started watching season one episode one of Capture. About halfway through I had to leave the TV for a few minutes. When I came back, the episode would not resume. I may repeated attempts but it just simply would not allow me to restart the episode. So, in desperation, I went into the episodes section of Capture and episode one had disappeared. In other words, once you start an episode of one of the shows, you have to finish that episode and you can’t watch it again later. That is stupid! Also, I tried watching some of the old comedies like 3rd rock from the sun. It seem like every couple of minutes they were commercials ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes that I couldn’t fast forward through so I had to watch them. This is so annoying and I simply decided it was better to not have peacock at all. Don’t waste your time or money on this streaming service..Version: 1.0.9

Clunky, slow app. Not gonna pay just for the Office.I love The Office. And Parks & Rec. But there are just way too many steaming services now and paying for all of them to watch one or two shows is just ridiculous. So I’m not paying for this one. The free content on Peacock is abundant, but it’s mostly shows that no one wants to watch or that you can watch for free on the Hallmark Channel or wherever they now show Murder She Wrote. Not exactly cutting edge programming. If this was an excellent app, I might have been interested. But it is clunky to operate, not very intuitive, and slow. So. Slow. It can take 5+ minutes to search for, find, and start playing a show. All while I’m watching those little rainbow dots go in circles. And the app freezes and crashes a lot. Not usually during a show, but definitely a lot while navigating the app and searching. We have super fast internet (more than a gig in speed to our house) and have no problem getting Netflix or Prime to load fast. Even CBS All Access is faster. Personally, I hope we will soon see consolidation in this space so we can see our favorite shows without having to subscribe to a dozen different services. And as those apps compete against each other, Peacock will not be a winner. NBC, you gave it a try. Now I hope you will license your best shows to Netflix and let us watch while you earn royalties for doing nothing..Version: 2.1.1

Add Picture in Picture, audio descriptions & autoplay cancel.Add Picture in Picture, audio descriptions & autoplay cancel. I really want to love this app. I even paid for the commercial free version, because I love NBC so much. The content is great. Unfortunately, this app is lacking in several accessibility features. Additionally, it needs different user profiles, so that I can have a watchlist that I don’t share with the rest of my family. It will not allow me to do picture in picture, which means my shows are interrupted each time I open a message to reply. I am very disappointed that there are not audio descriptions available for most shows. People with low vision or blindness, this limits access to some great television. Finally, I have tried to work out how to cancel autoplay as a default, but I can’t seem to do it. If I do not physically tap the screen before an episode ends, the app will automatically play the next episode. This is especially frustrating if I fall asleep watching a show, only to wake up with a whole season over. Again, I really do want to love this app. Every other streaming service I have allows for picture in picture, as well as autoplay camel, and most have audio descriptions. I hope peacock gets these features soon!.Version: 1.8.5

False AdvertisingFrom the minute we heard about this channel coming out I was excited being a huge fan of SNL and growing up on the classic episodes. They originally advertised EVERY season of SNL would be available to stream so I could not wait for the launch. Unfortunately after constant conversations with customer support assuring me all seasons would eventually be launched as you can see they are only interested in the current completely unfunny episodes and have since removed even the classic first 5 seasons. Lies lies lies from day one saying that all seasons would be available. They claim you can see “clips” from old seasons on a loop channel that randomly runs skits from the show of course with more emphasis on the current seasons. If you are a fan of classic SNL you will be disappointed. I just wish people would be honest in their advertising and promises for programming. Not really the content otherwise I was hoping such as more actual classic NBC shows..Version: 1.0.11

Too Many Ads Even When Paying Premium PlusI really don’t understand the point of paying for a premium tier of content and the majority of that content still contains ads. This was not the case when this app first launched. However, it seems with the addition of The Office to this platform, ads have drastically risen on all content. I didn’t subscribe to this platform for the benefit of “extra” Office content. Ads have become a major deterrent from using the app and wanting to remain a customer. I might as well save my money each month if I’m subject to the same ads as free users. 2/17: In response to the developer, I paid for premium plus and still there were too many ads. Based on this response, I have cancelled my subscription and changed my rating to 1 star. I’m not a fan of the “give us more money and we’ll make your experience better” tactics and still getting a subpar experience. Nothing I hated more on this app than seeing “this content is available to all Peacock users with ads” so what exactly am I paying for?.Version: 2.1.1

Trashy Cash GrabAt least when some big corporations take full advantage of a fanbase they give a reasonable product, with a good interface, and enjoyable content. In the case of Peacock TV, they have taken our built up love of a product that they have spent time promoting, with hosts and talent that we now care about, and bastardized it to the last degree. This app is horrendous, nearly impossible to navigate or to play on your TV. What once was abundant free access to channels, shows and games, has now moved all behind multiple levels of a pay-wall. But wait, here’s the kicker, it’s not available on nearly HALF of all streaming content providers such as Roku, Amazon’s Fire Stick, Samsung’s Smart TV, LG’s Smart TV, and others. Spare me with the “You can just watch it on your phone” or “Watch it in your browser”. These products were previously free or abundant to watch on many NBCUniversal channels, and instead you must pay to watch them on this garbage can of an app, in the sake of competition which will clearly fail this corporation and their product. Don’t download, don’t pay for this service. Find a stream of the EPL games online, save your cash. They certainly don’t deserve it..Version: 1.0.11

Decent streaming service, TERRIBLE appThe streaming service itself is decent, but this review is for the app specifically (both iPad and Apple TV). For some annoying reason, the app uses its own player rather than the iOS one, which means you can’t use any of the iOS features such as Picture in Picture or AirPlay. When I have a keyboard connected, I can’t use the space bar to play or pause like I can in pretty much every other streaming app. If I pause the video and use another app and then come back, it can often take up to 15 seconds for the video to load again before I can play. My biggest complaint with the app/service is when auto playing the next episode, about 70% of the time the next episode will start somewhere in the middle and I have to manually rewind it back to the beginning. It’s a good thing I’m only re-watching a show I’ve already seen multiple times before so nothing gets spoiled for me, but if I were watching a new show and had something spoiled because of this bug, I would be very upset. All things considered, once I finish watching the show I’m currently watching, I’ll be canceling my Peacock subscription. The content available to stream does not outweigh the numerous annoyances and complaints I have with the apps..Version: 1.0.11

Broken promises for EPL gamesFor years I have had Gold to watch English Premier League soccer, & I was always very happy with it. I would tell people it was a steal for 50-60 bucks a year, with all the stuff you got. It was easy to use, all in one place, & every game was available with ample supplementary material. We were told Peacock Premium would be just the same when EPL coverage switched over to it this summer. What a horrible joke!! The content is not easy to find and maneuver through. All the games are NOT included, only 175 games out of 380?!! I have to go over to NBC Sports or regular tv to watch many games. Why can’t this be all in one place? The supplementary material is hard to find- no clear lists of upcoming shows/coverage. I can’t even figure out how to pause during live play, which you could do on Gold. And if you go to the “Premier League channel” on the main page for “24 hour” programming- most of the time it’s a blank screen telling you to go to NBCSN. What happened?!.Version: 1.0.11

DisappointingNBC has moved the viewing of the majority of Premier League games to the Peacock service. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to view many of the games on the nbcsport channel, and have to subscribe (i.e. pay) in order to view the games. Peacock is not intuitive. Cannot add the premier league, or specific teams, to a watch list. Navigating previously aired games is difficult. When a game is live, there is no option to begin watching from the beginning. We are forced to watch from where the broadcast currently is. This app is extremely frustrating, poorly designed, and ridiculous that I have to now pay at least another $4.99/month to watch a sport that was already included with most cable/internet subscription services. This app is def not anywhere close to as refined as many others. Hopefully this will improve since I am now forced to use it to watch the Premier League. ADDENDUM: Live game paused, walk away for 5 mins, press play and game starts live and unable to simply resume from where I paused. Missed two goals. Terrible......Version: 1.0.11

Insulting to customersI got this app because NBC Sports elects to split up Premier League coverage between the channel and the app so that you have to subscribe to two different services to follow one team. Additionally I had to get it on my iOS device because despite moving half a season to the app they haven't made a freak to make it available for Roku (t most popular streaming device). All of this suggests to me that NBC does not care about it's customers. They're using their exclusive EPL deal in a way that ultimately decreases the popularity of the league in order to milk a little more money out of the most loyal fans and force people onto their dumb platform. On top of that, the iOS version is garbage. I'm watching a terrible stream on my office computer because I literally couldn't make the stream work at all on my iPad. By the way the Peacock stream is several seconds behind so if you're on social media or have push notifications on then every big moment in the game is going to be spoiled right before you see it. It's really dreadful. Crossing my fingers that a different network wins EPL rights soon. I hope Peacock is a huge failure..Version: 1.0.11

Bad UI, slow, sound lossWant to watch your favorite show? I hope you’ve got plenty of time. Even though I watched six episodes this morning, I have to search for the show as if I had never watched it before. Once it opens (minimum 1 minute to find it) I lose the last 7 seconds of each segment because the sound goes on mute, then I have to watch a commercial. Even if the commercial was interesting, I then lose sound for the last 7 seconds of each commercial. At the end of each episode, you need to go through the menus to find the next one (no auto play functionality.) I got an alert of my iPad today to watch SNL. I click it and it’s nowhere to be found on, only a short “preview” with no link to the full episode. I went to the search, typed in SNL, waited 45 seconds watching a spinning wheel and then gave up. As soon as my free trial is over, I will be deleting. The only reason I’ve kept this app is because I got it for free. Also, no Samsung TV app support! :(.Version: 1.2.3

Frustrating ExperienceUtilizing the Peacock app is a supremely frustrating experience that feels like a step back. I primarily utilize Peacock to watch English Premier league and it’s experience is in every way inferior to the already existing NBC Sports Gold app. For one, navigation on the app is painful. It is hard to find the game that I am looking for. The browse function kind of works, but the search function might as well not exist. Finding replays of games seems all but impossible. For example, I wanted to find the first week game between Tottenham and Everton. Searching for both teams yielded no results. Searching for Premier league was also fruitless. In the replays section of browse, I could see some games listed but not the one that I wanted. Maybe week 1 games aren’t available? There is no explanation to why. Also, the video player lacks functionality that existing NBC apps have such as pause and rewind. From the soccer universe perspective I now have to use 2 different apps to watch soccer; the NBC sports app exists for matches on TV, and Peacock exists for the other matches. The pervious NBC Sports app integrates both of these. This is a painful painful experience and that is objectively worse in almost every way to existing NBC products. I don’t mind paying for content, but it is hard not to feel like NBC is going out of their way to hurt the customer..Version: 1.0.11

Reviews paid forRead the 5 star reviews because these overly happy people sound like they work for NBC (probably paid for). App is absolute garbage and the fact that I have to pay $10 to watch legitimately ONLY the Office (without ad’s) is just stupid. Not even worth it for Premier League because they separate everything. This service needs to fail; point blank. NBC boasts 25 million subscribers but refuses to tell anyone how many people are actually paying outside of the free subscriptions. That should be the only sign you need to understand it’s pretty sub par in terms of content and it’s delivery of said content. Not too mention Xfinity users were auto-signed up for the service. There’s probably millions who didn’t sign up but had it free with their Xfinity cable package. Peacock is a cash grab & they needed the office to boost their numbers. They won’t turn a profit this year or next and will hopefully die out. It’s a useless service that has very few shows/movie they could have made more money from simply leasing the rights out (the office). Let it die off so the consumer can get back to watching NBC owned content from competent streaming giants with already proven models and care for their consumers. Save your money..Version: 1.8.5

Give us ALL the episodes for goodness sake...I signed up for yearly premium subscription (no ads) way before it launched coz I read that there will be full seasons and episodes of the series Snapped and Dateline NBC and several other true crime series and was extremely disappointed n angry that that wasn’t the case. I don’t even understand why Dateline which is owned by themselves not being able to access the full content. And got excited today when I found Cold Case Files series n was again beyond disappointed n angry to find that Peacock have decided to only give us very limited amount of episodes for every season......what the heck? Why don’t we give you an amount of money that we see fit since we’re not actually enjoying full seasons n episodes and only partially for every series.....we should also be able to give you partial subscription fee right? It’s only fair. So, for goodness sake give us the full seasons with full episodes please......Version: 1.2.3

Worst NBC app so farNot only am I now having to pay for content that used to be the included in my cable subscription (which has also gone up in price despite offering less content, as more content goes to app-only), but the quality of the app is worse than apps I saw years ago not only from NBC but also from their competitors. Having to swap browsers back and forth to avoid inexplicable issues. Multiple pop-up dialogue boxes asking me to accept certificates and keychain updates, which won’t go away even after filling in the required info. Requests to disable ad blockers to enjoy the experience. Crashes and reloads. Poor visual quality. And today the home page prominently displayed Liverpool v Man Utd on the sports section. Why is an old game from two weeks ago be plastered all over the front page? Confusing to say the least - I’d expect today’s game to be featured. I thought the app team would have gathered some experience over all the years..Version: 2.1.1

Pay wall of quality problemsI get that they want to make more money so they are locking EPL behind a pay wall. As a consumer it’s frustrating but I am willing to pay for the content even though it is wildly anti consumer. What I can’t stand is that the streaming quality on my phone and home console that I use to stream to my TV is awful the picture breaks up “smears” once or twice every five minutes. This morning I couldn’t get the app to load on my phone OR console so I had to exit and relaunch multiple times. Once I finally got it up on my console I selected match week 2 for EPL and it would load in without yet another exit and relaunch. I have zero issues with loading and streaming youtubeTV or Sunday ticket or ESPN so NBC....I’d you make the people pay then make it something worth paying extra for please.Version: 1.0.11

Solid base structure, but...The app itself is fine, there are just a few quality of life changes that should be implemented. First thing that’s needed is a skip recap button. Streaming services are generally used to binge watch shows, and the shows usually have a recap at the beginning of the episode. If you’re binging a show, you don’t need a recap. That’s why every other streaming service has a skip recap button. Second thing is the ability to put what you’re watching from your phone onto the TV Third issue is that if you pause what you’re watching, switch to another app, and go back to Peacock the show will be rewound by 5 seconds. It’s really annoying and no other streaming service does this. And finally, the library needs to be updated. I don’t mean that there isn’t enough shows, I mean that Peacock doesn’t have any of the latest seasons of the shows they already have. So everything on Peacock is a year behind, meaning that if you want to catch up on something, you can’t! Also, any shows that only had one season but came out last year don’t show up, even if Peacock has the rights to it. Overall, the app is fine, but fine won’t cut it in the streaming service market. There is work that needs to be done, but there is potential here..Version: 1.6.5

App Works Good on iPhone, Not So Good ElsewhereI enjoy the shows I can watch on my iPhone. Great selection, and plays back anything without a hitch. However ... ... I also like to play videos on my much larger TV. Now we have a problem. My iPhone 11 Pro Max running the latest version of iOS refuses to play any videos from this app on any TV. It will still play on my iPhone, while the TV shows a freeze frame of where I started the video. The audio comes from the TV as it should, though. When I try to play a video on my TV from an older device, it doesn’t play on either screen, though I can still hear audio from the TV. It still plays on my device properly while not plugged into a TV. I have several other streaming video apps, and all work the way they’re supposed to. Peacock is the only one that doesn't. I was hoping the latest update would fix this problem. It didn’t..Version: 1.0.9

No Feedback offeredNo customer service or contact for feedback ... but has no issue taking my money! I’m writing re: my Roku Insignia TV 1. I can’t tell what program I have selected - I know it’s a soft white cloudy hue around the box with the program title listed - - but it’s still really tough to see and my mom can’t see it at all so she just presses ok and the wrong show starts. 2.How do you get to episodes of a show without streaming the show first? I just want to open it and see the episodes. So instead I go to my watchlist and open the show from there ... 3. My watchlist is missing more than 1/2 the shows I added. Last night I fell asleep watching law and order - so I just wanted to open the episodes to see where I am (see point #2). Law and order used to be in my watchlist and now it’s gone ....a bunch of shows are gone. 4. In the HISTORY of NBC I guess there has only been 45 comedies (15 rows of 3) Why oh why is Roseanne listed on the front page of “Just For Laughs” I hated that show and still do. Is there a way to “Thumbs Down” or “stop showing me this crap show” - you make me seriously wander about the amount of content you have 5. Can I go to TV shows and click Genre? Instead of finding your cheeky name for a genre? Same with movies. Do you not offer this because the amount of content is so low? 6. Seriously - how much content do you actually have?.Version: 1.2.3

Literally a video player from 2012This app... geesh where to begin. 1) no finger spread gesture to enlarge video to full screen? 2) video is literally off center and has an annoying black space below it when viewing landscape mode which cannot be adjusted. 3) the worst quality by far? The app does not tap into the media controls of iOS meaning once I swipe away from the app, I can’t go to my media controls and make the video play in the background. I guess no one at nbc ever listens to their favorite episodes as they fall asleep. This is very easy to do on Netflix and with video playing in safari browser, but for some reason when you swipe away from peacock... poof it’s like the app was never open. You can’t even see it in the media controls. It’s like iOS is completely unaware you were streaming media. 4) the video seems capped at 1080p, it looks noticeably worse than Netflix HQ. 5) the splash screen is terrible and does not have your most recently watched right at the top. NBC peeps... the app needs a lot of work. Forget style, just work on the basic functionality of the interface. Make the app report to iOS subsystem what is playing so i can see the dang media controls and allow background play for heavens sake. I don’t want the screen on while I’m drifting off to sleep, just want to listen. Used to do this with 2-3 office episodes per night..Version: 2.1.1

Could use improvements!I do like the amount of shows/movies available on Peacock and of course I love the no commercial option! I personally haven't had any streaming issues however the whole app could definitely use a revamp. The "channels" option isn't set up in a user friendly way. I wish I could get a channel list and what is on each channel not just what is currently playing. As others have stated, the search option doesn't come up with shows I know are on Peacock when searched for. I think Peacock could take a page out of Hulu/Netflix/Discovery+ etc.'s books. Also, the "browse" option doesn't give you much to browse. There are only a handful of options in each category when browsing. It should break it down by browsing newly added shows/movies and perhaps categories (comedy, documentary, history, etc)..Version: 2.1.1

Decent service, real poor app qualityFirst off, I do love the peacock service - I appreciate the shows available and as I pay for the full subscription I’ve been enjoying the content without ads. The streaming quality has been good for me. I do agree with another reviewer that the reload time is obnoxious, if I pause the video and come back to it. Pausing and returning usually takes the video back 15 seconds which is very frustrating. Also, I’m frustrated that I can’t have the app running in the background while doing something else on my phone. Netflix lets me turn my phone off and just plays the show as audio, which allows me to listen to the show without draining my battery. This seems like a very basic user functionality that all apps should have these days, but I understand that if the app was maybe rushed to production that it’s not there yet. I would appreciate this being fixed for an update. I also wish the app had a homepage where I could save shows for later. It’s frustrating having to remember what I was interested in or having to use the search bar every single time I want to find a show. I also would like an option to hide the main page, which currently shows news and stuff like that. It should be a customizable front page or I should be able to hide the news/sports so that they’re not what I see when I first open the app. I will keep paying for this for a few months in the hopes that the app will get better..Version: 1.2.3

I wish I could give this app less than 1 starThis app is a complete cash grab. They decided to split up Premier League coverage between Peacock and NBCSN. So now you need two different subscriptions to watch games. To make it worse, you can’t stream from your iPad or iPhone to your television. It’s just completely baffling to me why they’re making it harder to watch these games. I remember being so pleased with NBCSN’s coverage of the premier league when they first started a few years ago. Now, I can’t wait for another network to pick up the deal. The constant division of all these apps you need just to watch your games/shows is exhausting for the consumer. I’m sure in a few years NBC will come out with yet another app requiring another monthly subscription. “Download Peacock 1 to watch the first half of this soccer game, and make sure to download Peacock 2 to watch the second half!!! Each one is only $7.99/month!!! Post match coverage will be on NBCSN Gold, so make sure you’re subscribed to that as well, which is on top of your subscription to NBC Sports!” Meanwhile NBC is wondering why people pirate everything online. I know I’m just a lowly consumer, but I think if you make it easier to watch what we want, that’s how you gain customer loyalty. NBC is doing the opposite of this. Thanks NBC. Very cool..Version: 1.4.4

Lacking compared to all other streaming servicesI’ve never written an app review before but NBC is forcing us to watch Premier League this way so hopefully they can improve the streaming options to match other live streaming services. The live stream has been ok but they need to add the ability to pause/rewind/FF like most live streaming services offer. Also having the ability to join an already started event live or have the option to start at beginning would be a big improvement and again this is the standard in today’s streaming services. The only other issues i have is the speed of searches can be very slow and when you browse for Premier League replays and select one you don’t get the button to play. I’ve found that you have to perform a search to find the replay you want and select it that way to see the button. Both the browse and search seem to go to the same screen but only through search do you actually see the button to play it. Rob.Version: 1.2.3

Needs some BIG improvementsI hate that even if you pay the cheaper price, you still have ads. I’ve had it since the day it came out, but I just started really using it because of the Office. I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to stand watching something with ads though, even for The Office. Plus I hate that it doesn’t have Picture- in-Picture. Hopefully they update that soon. AND the fact that you can’t download stuff unless you have premium plus is so annoying. The two levels of benefits that you get from paying is horrible. The app is slow at loading, poorly organized, and has only a few options that I actually want to watch, so it’s unlikely that I will ever pay for the Plus package, and it’s far more expensive. The regular premium package isn’t even worth it because it essentially just gives you access to a few extra movies and shows. If only they had a middle level which had a more affordable price and actual benefits. Until that happens, they’ve lost my money completely..Version: 1.8.5

Lots of fanfare- delivered little.I signed up after seeing a couple of sports our families watch (soccer and rugby) were moving here. So far I am frustrated and disappointed. The app is badly put together - the main screen shows channels but you can’t just click on what you want and be taken to that feed, instead you then have to search again. The search function is terrible - I could see 2 rugby games in “sports” that I wanted to watch, but if I use the search function and typed “rugby” it shows zero results... yet I can then go back into sports and click on the games, which are labelled “rugby”. The worst part is that they are blocking the ability to stream to Apple TV, so it would force you to watch on the small screen instead of regular tv, and they don’t have an app for Samsung smart tv. They have also blocked casting from computer, so they make it really really hard for you to watch on tv screen even after you have paid / subscribed. The content itself is often hard to access / move around in, super difficult to skip forward or back, and often possible to start from beginning in something that is already underway. The support service is a joke- some prepopulated answers from a “bot” that don’t help. This app looks glossy but should not have been released until it was tested and refined more. Feels very rushed and clearly broken under the hood..Version: 1.4.4

Good selection but needs updatesThe show selection is great! I haven’t had any issues streaming. Here are the things I think need to be updated: 1.) add a skip intro button PLEASE. It’s not terrible but just annoying to have to watch the intro every single episode (especially while binging). 2.) While using a Chromecast, the app automatically disconnects after one episode. If I’m trying to watch the office, I have to go into my phone, reconnect to the chromecast, find the new episode and re-cast it. Super annoying. 3.) CLOSED CAPTIONING/SUBTITLES: They shut off after almost every episode. This is extremely inconvenient for deaf people like my mom to have to realize “hey they’re talking and i don’t know what they’re saying” to see the subtitles shut off. Please make it so once you turn subtitles on, they stay on for all content on the app until you turn it off! EXTREMELY inconvenient. 4.) I like that it starts pulling up results as you’re searching but it would be more helpful to have search suggestions as you’re typing in case your result isn’t showing up!.Version: 2.1.1

So. Many. Bugs. (And not a great layout or features).All these updates, and the bugs are still there. No change to crappy functionality either. Example: on iPad, if you click more episodes, you can’t search by season. So if there’s 18 seasons of a show and you’re in the middle of season 10, and click “more episodes,” it takes you to season one episode one and then you’ll have to manually scroll to find the episode or season you were just on. The search feature is not intuitive and takes forever. It would also be great if there was an option for “play next episode,” so again, the scrolling issue could be avoided. Also, the fast forward and rewind 10 seconds function on the Apple TV remote does not work. Peacock has A LOT of work to do. After this month is up, I’m deleting and maybe I’ll come back in a few months to see if anything has improved, content included (not every episode of Hells Kitchen or SNL is even on the app. Super disappointed in that alone)..Version: 1.0.7

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