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Universe Splitter for Positive User Reviews

The most valuable app on the app storeThis app is the work of Steve Jobs’ vision personified in the form of helping humanity. To understand physics in school is one thing. To be able to appreciate it in the form of an app well designed , beautifully explained and with much gratitude towards the developer to keep in the appstore, well this here is the pleasure of both supporting and enjoying my life not as an Apple fan but as a human who is just as grateful to this developer as I am to Steve. Dear Developer, Thank you for integrating his vision and providing me a way to be more human by empowering myself through physics to make better decisions..Version: 1.51

Gets 4 because…Super cool and I’m doing what it tells me so I can get out of my own way and go a different rout (I think) It would be way cool to add a way to journal the outcome of following or not following the split. I’d pay an extra 50 cents for that!.Version: 1.51

As one of my childhood heroes would say, “Fascinating”I have a simple request to allow the user, preferably me. To turn certain effects on or off. I personally like the sound effects, but the shaking and flash screen I would turn off. I would like to say I really like the look of the app overall. Now I really don’t know, nor do I care how the split universe me feels about it. Because I bought the app ! Split Universe Me, hence fourth to be known as SUM. When SUM starts sending me boat loads of cash through the trans dimensional ATM network SUM will then have a say here in my dimension. Not much, but some. You see what I did there ?.Version: 1.32

Quantum physics is cool!This app gets people talking about quantum physics, science and philosophy. I have a $#!+ eating grin every time an actual photon is sent on my behalf. Truly brilliant and worth every penny. In another universe, you didn't buy this app and you've regretted it ever since..Version: 1.31

Serious bug, be carefulIt’s a good app but you have to be careful of a very serious bug. I had my cat in a box and I was using the app to ask whether I should feed it or not, and I lost my Internet connection in the middle of the process. And all of a sudden, there were two of my cat in the box. Now that’s an extra cat to feed, twice as many vet bills, etc. This whole thing is a nightmare. Minus one star. Thank god this didn’t happen when I had my wife in the box. Otherwise, though, it’s a pretty good app. EDIT: Update, a few days later- no worries on the cats. I fed one cat pasta, and the other antipasto, and the situation worked itself out..Version: 1.34

In this universe I think it's brilliant!In this universe I think it's brilliant!.Version: 1.31

BrilliantOne of my favourite apps. A good way to get us thinking about quantum mechanics and our own decisions in life and the universes it creates. Perhaps something our authorities/politicians can use before they decide to take vacations in the middle of a pandemic when recommending everyone stay at home..Version: 1.34

Can’t decide? Do both! (Just in different universes)I love this app. I especially love making choices that I would be ok with both options but will set in motion events which will cause the otherwise identical universes to diverge. And even if I am a little disappointed with the result (like studying rather than partying), I get a sense of relief that there is another version of me partying instead of studying..Version: 1.51

Absolutely Life Changing… Or not! This app harnesses the power of science and quantum mechanics in a very cool way to help you make an honest to goodness split decision… or… not. Not that it does not work. It definitely works! It just depends on if you decide to follow what it says- which I guess branches of another universe in which you are told to do something but decide to go against it. I honestly feel it’s One of the best and well made apps I’ve ever used. Helps with choosing between different gourmet pizzas. Buffalo chicken pizza? Or cheese steak n onion pizza ? 🤤😖🤔🤓🧐🥸😎.Version: 1.52

Universal usageAs a naturally indecisive person, I use this app all the time. I find it more useful than flipping a coin..Version: 1.52

I love this app! I use it all the time.I love this app! I use it all the time. I often find myself having decision fatigue and being able to use the Universe Splitter has been a great way to outsource the process of picking what task I need to do next. I really enjoy the fact that you can track your splits back through time. Sometimes I’ll look back through and chuckle at the fact that my decision to get potato salad one day may be the reason I’m where I am now. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because I did lose all my past split data when updating to iOS 15. Having a backup stored to iCloud would be great, that way I can track my splits indefinitely..Version: 1.50

So many questions!Ok I bought it and tried it. In another universe I am having a snack. All the results pass through your software; possibly you keep a record of how many Option 1s result vs. Option 2s. It would be useful to know if one shows up significantly more often. If I’d known that I might be the one having the snack. A clever app; I expect to enjoy it. If we end up in the world where I don’t I’ll let you know..Version: 1.51

Cool appPretty cool app! Don’t know too much what it’s about but I’ll figure it out?.Version: 1.31

Simply awesomeThis overly fancy coin flip is great! I've used it in a lot of decisions, like what should i have for lunch or should I write my college paper today or tomorrow. It's fun to sometimes do the opposite of what was stated, so that in theory you create a third universe! I love this app and I highly recommend it to anyone who has trouble with decisions. It's fantastic. 😊.Version: 1.31

I used a friend's Universe Splitter app to see if I should get it myselfThe versions of me in those other universes that don't have it are really missing out.Version: 1.34

The best flip a coin app there is.If you are not sure which way to go and want to play it by chance this is your app. The details of how this app works and where are also fascinating if you card to look into it. Highly recommended.Version: 1.51

Well I bought it in this universeLove it :) I know technically you don't need an app for this to occur (if the many worlds hypothesis is correct.) A decision itself could do the job of creating universes. However this gives me accountability. So if I make a decision (or the RNG does) its made! Quickly... Less dithering!.Version: 1.2

Works as expected and very cool ideaI heard about this via Joe Rogan and works as expected. Great way of linking a simple app with cutting edge science 😀.Version: 1.32

Bought the app and it doesn’t function.Purchased the app, split the universe, nothing else has happened, no updates, everything static. Literally nothing has happened at all. Waste of money..Version: 1.32

Tongue in/out of cheekI had to buy the app, to ask it if I should buy the app… Doh! In all seriousness, it is a great little app. Promoted to Home Screen No.1, well done..Version: 0

LOVE this APP!!!This app is total genius (literally). Too great... kudos to it's inventors- thanks for the fun gentlemen!.Version: 1.0

Not workingIt gets to Geneva then quits working??.Version: 1.32

Even in the quantum realm Sean Carroll and Joe Rogan can’t be wrong!Even in the quantum realm Sean Carroll and Joe Rogan can’t be wrong! Or maybe they can be both right and wrong?? Who knows, I just like splitting the universe as a way of deciding what to eat for dinner. Even if I don’t like the place I wind up at hopefully in another universe I’m at the other place meeting my future super model wife. Or not but a man can dream!.Version: 1.31

Fascinating AppVery fascinating and attractive app. Have dreamed of such a thing for a long time. What an amazing random number generator! Although not fully convinced of multiple universes. The true randomness is very attractive if it is truly based on the single photon path..Version: 1.34

Five stars twiceI split the universe so I’m also voting five stars over there too. 😁.Version: 1.51

CuriousInteresting app. Interesting idea. But, I’m another guy that’s getting all only one branch. The first entry is always coming up as the “my universe” and the second is always the “other you” universe. To the Dev. Are you sure this isn’t just a fault in the app? Or am I just the one guy being “mislead (by the universe)”? Assuming this is just me and I’m simply doomed by the universe (lol) this app could be interesting for discovery authors and rpg’ers. Not certain I would suggest it for anything else. Well, Idk, maybe physicists. Regardless, it’s interesting and thought provoking. Five stars..Version: 1.31

Write a review as if Many Worlds is correctBrilliant! I split the universe based on the options “write a review as if Many Worlds is correct” and “write a review as if the Copenhagen Interpretation is correct” and you happen to be in the split universe with me where this app instructed me to do the first. Therefore my review is that it’s brilliant and represents reality 100%. Well done. Somewhere there is a split universe where I am writing a review about my great disappointment at the app on discovering that the Copenhagen Interpretation is correct and giving it zero stars. Not here!.Version: 1.52

Mad powerHow many apps give you the power to create alternate universes with the push of a button? recommended if you are terribly indecisive or desire god like power..Version: 1.51

So Fun, A Great Party TrickI enjoy the app. The ONLY qualm I have is under the “stats” page. The estimated universes created just follows x=2^n, but that assumes that each version of you in the other universes also uses the universe splitter for the exact same quantity of splits. That’s a huge assumption..Version: 1.34

Weird science meets the MatrixA well designed great looking app for making those decisions you just can't make yourself. Let the universe do it for you! Great for fans of Luke Rhineharts novel The Diceman or anyone with a sense of humour and an interest in Quantum theory. Only grip is that the app should be 59p/$1!.Version: 0

The bestThe best app I’ve ever bought. Fantastic value for money & quite simply life changing;.Version: 1.51

10/10, 100% AppI have found that this App is extremely helpful in determining tough decisions, very useful tool..Version: 1.51

Review by Andrew McVeyI’ve been interested as a layman in multi universe quantum stuff and manifestation through meditation law of attraction bumble and squeak of my own methodology for a while now. As someone with a huge helping of neurodiversities this app speaks to my geekiness and my inability to make a decision. I like it. I’ve purchased it and think anyone should have a blast at it. Let’s face it you will or you won’t if you do you won’t in your parallel and Vice Versa to infinity and beyond.Version: 1.51

Love the idea, hate the appearanceThis is a super cool idea for an app and I absolutely love being able to make different decision in other universes. However, the whole style of the app makes it seem really phony. It feels like it was made for kids or something. I’d really love it if it looked as amazing as it actually is. Also, maybe incorporate more of the actual physics into the app somehow..Version: 1.51

AmazingI'm not sure if it uses a real device and I don't believe in multiverse but I love this app I use it for everything!!!.Version: 0

Really cool.. butCan I have proof that it actually fires photons?? Very interesting if it does :).Version: 1.32

Very cool appGreat fun and very cool that it uses a real remote quantum device to determine the outcome..Version: 0

Fun Idea!This is a great app that allows people to bring intuition and fun to a topic as complicated as quantum mechanics. Although.. what if the other you in the other universe doesn’t keep their word and cheats! You’ll never know!.Version: 1.31

Waiting in this WorldSo, I asked if I should request a refund or keep on keeping on. I am now in the Universe awaiting a refund. Then I asked if in the current World my wife opposes this purchase, and I buy it anyway, do I have a different wife. I know that the developers of this app keep an eye on reviews, and if they decide on refund, send the $$ to Sean Carroll because he writes about this app in his book Something Deeply Hidden”..Version: 1.32

Fun and strangely usefulI really like the App it is entertaining and kind of insightful lol….Version: 1.51

Updated review: actually I love this appIt seems like I had a setting wrong in the app store that caused my previous annoyance. I actually love this app now that I have had a chance to use it. It has become my primary tool to replace coin flipping for a variety of life decisions..Version: 1.51

Awesome Idea! Could use a couple visual Tweaks.This app is amazing and a ton of fun to use. What would really make it perfect would be some visual tweaks for larger screen devices. I’ve found the keyboard scaling in particular to be a bit strange. Otherwise I would definitely give 5 stars!.Version: 1.31

Stupid but great.Stupid. But SO GREAT. It's more funny than useful but it does make good decisions for you!.Version: 0

I take back my previous review. I got B finallyI take back my previous review. If there’s a way to delete, please let me know. I got B finally so I do apologize. I really like the app and wanted to believe it worked. I was just consistently getting A results, which was always the good ones but I did wrongfully come to the conclusion it always just gave A. Thank you for responding and for the great app..Version: 1.51

Universe splitterI am writing a bad review of this awesome app in another universe..Version: 1.2

Creepy ...If you actually realize the science and theories behind this stuff it could wreck your brain (I found out about the app after watching a YouTube video on World Science Festival channel). My first time using it: 1) Start a conversation with the elderly guy opposite my table 2) Dont start a conversation * Dont start a conversation As soon as it tells me what to do the loudspeaker came on and would have unterrupted me had I been told to start a conversation, so I do have to question - did it work, or was I predestined to not start a conversation and thereby subverted from the possibility of universe splitting..Version: 1.34

The best for your new life !My life has flourished since buying this app! I won the lottery because of this app ! ( not really ) 😛.Version: 1.52

Update breaks chartSince updating to the Unity version, the chart no longer records any splits. Also completely wipes the previous chart. This is on iPhone X in iOS 15.1 - app needs a bug fix. Edit - my mistake, see the developer response below. Back to 5 stars, looking forward to my chart being restored in a forthcoming update..Version: 1.50

Looks great! Perhaps, more user-engagement? Overall good!I like the easily guided user- experience of the app. The design as well! Would be even more informative if the user can edit and log their own decision after the proposed suggestion from the app. To log, what was proposed and see if the user did do what the Many Worlds theory suggests, or they are living in a different universe. -- a quick tap to change the decision of your "path" after the action has taken place ex. Change From 'take a chance' to 'play it safe' as you did stay on the sofa and didn't clean the apartment. I believe the manual part of that journey might help various people keep track of their thoughts and their suppressed needs/wants in life. Would help in understanding our own habits and manifestations, common paths and profiles, something like a metaperception of yourself. Thanks! Looks great!.Version: 1.32

Glad one of me made this decision 😁This is pretty cool. Check out Rob Reid’s Podcast on Quantum entanglement..Version: 1.31

HmmmFound out about this from one of Joe Rogans podcasts and some scientist dude was talking about it so i thought i would give it a go... once i filled it in and hit split it says the device is offline right now? is this a permanent thing or will it be back up soon? besides that seems like a really cool app!.Version: 1.33

PowerfulJREWell, I smoked some weed, watch Sean Carroll and decide there was no better way to make tough decisions. I have yet to determine if this was the right thing to do.....Version: 1.31

Doesn’t work with iPhone 11Not sure what is really going on but it looks cool, and it’s free!.Version: 1.31

FUN!I’ve had this app for about a year now and keep in mind that yes it is very simple to use however if you’re a deep thinker like I am it’ll serve its purpose!.Version: 1.51

Needs an obvious cancel buttonI fired up the app for my first look, and couldn’t figure out how to just put it away without splitting a universe, because I wasn’t quite mentally ready for that yet. I touched something, the universe-splitting process started, and I finally shuddered at what I’d done. I imagine you’ll get a similar review in both branches of the universe. I won’t tell you my result, to avoid propagating the mayhem any further. :).Version: 1.32

Yeah, that’s pretty EverettianYou owe me $2.79, Carroll. Or not..Version: 1.31

Essential iPhone app !It is a must either for recreational or fun reasons. There is always something to decide! Leave it to the app instead of flipping a coin!.Version: 1.52

QuestionIf I input the two different options and click “split universe” and, for example, it tells me I’m in universe A, can’t I just decide to do what it said I should’ve done in the other universe instead of the one I was given? P.S. I did the default “take a chance” and “play it safe” options and I got the result of taking a chance and now I’m writing this review - I don’t know if that’s the chance I’m supposed to be taking but if it is then that’s kinda creepy.Version: 1.34

Add the experiment weblinkI curious to see the laboratory experiments photos .. and technical papers. contact a laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland, and connect to a Quantis brand quantum device, which releases single photons into a partially-silvered mirror. Each photon will simultaneously bounce off the mirror and pass through it.Version: 1.51

The best, Jerry!This app puts the power to split the universe in your hands in order to make the most mundane decisions in your life! Just let that sink in for a minute. For only $1.99 you can harness this god-like power. The developer could have been greedy and asked for millions for this, but he generously only asked for a couple of dollars. I can’t believe people have the nerve to complain. I’d personally like to thank him for this amazing gift. A coin flip does not split the universe people! Only this app will do that. Only. This. App..Version: 1.31

Awesome!Really cool app.Version: 1.2

Not working or is it?Stopped working on iPhone XR is it because of the IOS 13 update? Am I in a universe where it doesn’t work?.Version: 1.31

Too crazy to be true but love itI am not convinced what they claim to be true (swiss lab, photon etc) but I love the app. So far whatever app tells me i am doing it..Version: 1.51

Caution.I split it once or twice, now I am married with children..Version: 1.51

Craft your choices wellThis app is great. I keep choosing between first and second prize in our national lottery and I’m now a billionaire. It’s a win-win situation..Version: 1.32

This universe is always the top line....Fulsome apology for the previous review. Having been sceptical of the results because of a misplaced cognitive bias, I have read up on the science as provided by the developer and done the background he asks and this app does what it says on the tin. He also pointed out that one of the other reviewers complained about getting 100% results on line B, my 100% results were from line A. This is a Hitch Hiker’s Guide App.... Previous review: Spoiler alert - no matter what you do the first line entry always comes back as the deciding ‘this universe’ action - and the second entry always comes back as the other universe. Shame, because if it had been truly random you could expect some variation. I want my money back - I don’ actually believe it fires photons or does any other thing... Conceptually awesome though. :).Version: 1.31

Amazing appIt’s super fun to use, plus great sound effects. Makes otherwise mundane decisions very exciting purely from dramatic effect. PLUS you might get to do both activities in two REAL universes! Fun with friends 10/10.Version: 1.51

Fun and pretty mind-blowing!It’s cool having an app that will make a simple decision for me. I just have to make sure I really am OK with either option. It’s also crazy to think about the other multiple realities that are created through each of those decisions. Basically this app is excellent and in one universe you bought it, and in the other you passed- so you’re covered! This review did nothing & everything..Version: 1.51

At last! The visual to the conceptI am a believer in the concepts behind this fantastic app. Love the look, ease of use, as well as the chart where you are. Thanks! Time travel is tuff without this little tool. Happy journeys.Version: 1.32

P = NPCool app! but it always seems to split to A.Version: 1.51

Next level stuffLove the ‘keep track’ option- I’ll leave it on so I can review big decisions and turn it off for the times where I just want one version of me to have another beer….Version: 1.34

Good 50/50 funGreat for what it is needed for but my only complaint is that it only remembers my last 19 splits. If I could see all of my splits this would be a 5/5. Until then I’m going to have to give it a 4/5.Version: 1.32

Great appI unironically use this app to make a lot of life decisions because I’m sometimes unable to otherwise. Fantastic, simple app..Version: 1.51

THANK YOU!A friend told me about this app after he heard about it from Joe Rogan’s podcast. I came here to check it out before watching the podcast and after reading all of these reviews I bought the app solely based on how the developer handled the negative comments received due to people being genuinely stupid..Version: 1.31

Records don’t work anymoreIt doesn’t remember past splits in the chart or stats, and forgot all the ones before the updates. Still giving five stars since I trust the devs to fix this and it’s one of the best apps.Version: 1.50

Pretty dang cool way to visualize decisionsThat is all.Version: 1.51

I get it nowAt first I went by everything the splitter told me to do and it felt pointless because the other options always just die off. But if you don’t do what the splitter wants, you can watch another YOU doing that thing and watch it play out. The goal of this is almost to do the opposite of what it says so it’ll at least seem like another you is going by what it wants, otherwise it’ll appear as nothings happening..Version: 1.32

SplitterQuantum fun.Version: 1.51

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