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Ghost EVP Radio - Paranormal App User Positive Comments 2023

Ghost EVP Radio - Paranormal app received 108 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about ghost evp radio - paranormal?

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Ghost EVP Radio - Paranormal for Positive User Reviews

WowI was very skeptical at first, however, I've gotten some surprisingly coherent strings of words. I would suggest a way to keep the screen from timing out while the app is open (or at least an option),and an explanation of the yellow triangle with I, II, or III inside. Thanks and hopefully my purchase will go towards future upgrades. Thank you!.Version: 2.2

Best ghost app ever!I got this app and tried it at my house, but got no answer. I expected this because my house was built a month before I moved in. So I decided to go to my grandma’s house which I knew some people died in. I was going there anyway and my cousin was coming with me. We went to our grandma’s farm house, we heard someone! Then after that we went down to the church they own, and we found a bad spirit that told us to get out. Last, we went to my grandma’s lake house and we ended up having a conversation with our great Grampa! I would highly recommend this app to anyone who likes the paranormal or has a loved one who passed away that they want to talk to. Thanks so much for making this..Version: 2.5

I like this appThe ghost voice is intriguing. The ghost sometimes says two words with an article or a preposition. I like the white noise..Version: 2.2

Very Interesting AppI don’t normally buy into the ghost hunting phone apps. But this one has definitely piqued my interest. I work on the 5th floor of an office building and while I normally work during the day there have been a few occasions that I’ve worked late and stayed past dark. Every single night I have stayed late, right around 9:00pm I would notice a distinct smell. I haven’t worked late in some time now but downloaded this app today with the intent of using it at home and decided I’d go ahead and calibrate it at the office. After it calibrated it showed that an entity was present so I figured I might as well leave it running to see how things work. It gave a few one word responses that didn’t really mean much to me but then it popped up with “scent” at a 91% accuracy estimate… maybe it’s just a coincidence but I definitely got chills!.Version: 2.6

Wow!!Love this app! Have had some fantastic results..even had a lyrical reply to my singing!?! Previous issues all sorted and great updates to it. Thank you :).Version: 1.3

Perfect!Play around with the app until you like the settings you need. As a psychic/medium and empath who also loves ghosts investigations, this was spot on! You can adjust the setting to see the words as it answers. If you have a residual spirit/haunt, answers will not match up to anything, residual is just a footprint from their daily activity or trauma that happened before. For example, if you walk into your kitchen every single day at 6am to make your coffee and you do that for 20 years, you’re leaving a footprint, which could leave residual there so people could hear you 50 years from now walking the hallway or in kitchen at 6am. ❤️.Version: 2.6

Oh this really works!!So I work in a building that is an old textile factory, a mill building. I went into the basement with this app on and got a ton of responses to questions I was asking! In turn I started to take photos of the area where I was receiving responses I got an few awesome images of orbs! One bright and moving right in front of my camera. I have an iPhone with the live feature and it was amazing to see the orb just float right in front of me then disappear at the last second!! Highly recommend this app!!.Version: 2.5

Freaked out.My grandfather died, I told him something at his coffin only he would know and i’m freaked out. My husband is Russian, his grandfather came through and spoke Russian, in the same day, one entity came through and said my child’s name, that scared me tho, she is a toddler, so I said a prayer and continued on. All of this is 1 day. wow. Iam amazed, I have always had intuitions on things, just odd things happen my entire life. I’m not sure if doing this was good or bad. I’m scared I have opened up a can of worms in a sense..Version: 2.6

Who is mr. Charles?Took a little bit to understand how the program worked. It's more simple than I made it out to be. The % of the word that comes up on the screen shows how reliable the word is. I found this program to connect to a soldier named "Mr. Charles" who died of natural causes. He was mad because of financial difficulties. He was divorced also. Will find out more hopefully! Have fun with this app..Version: 2.2

Entertaining at the least and worth the $1.99So I am a believer and I know I have had an entity following my family for a long time. I am by no means religious, but I know we are not alone. There was something attached to my daughter, but it has never hurt her and she’s grown up around it so she is no longer afraid. It has played our piano, turned lights on and off, knocked an entire top shelf of stuff down in my daughters closet. Anyway, got this app cause I am a big fan of Ghost Hunters. Sat in my living room with it on for about 10 minutes... nothing. Walked into my daughters room and all kinds of random words started coming through including Charles, when we asked who we were talking to. Charles is her biological father whom she had never met and we are not sure if he is alive or not, although I did find an obituary online that was his name and same birth year. Still not sure though. The app also said her name, which I thought was pretty amazing. Basically, this app has a dictionary and tries to match the EMF to words in the dictionary; however, I say go with your gut cause the spirit might be trying to tell you something else..Version: 2.2

GHOST EVP RADIOExcellent App. Very similar to a Ghost Box. Uploading of recorded evp sound files is very easy and efficient! I recommend this App 100%. You won´t be dissapointed!.Version: 2.2

This app works great! You just have to learn how to use it.It takes quite a while for the app to “warm up” as indicated at the bottom of the screen. During that time, the readings are pretty inaccurate. However I have had so much fun with this app in the past and have talked to some really cool ghosts. Its nice to know what energies and beings are in your space. Befriending them can really benefit you, too!.Version: 2.6

Love itI’m just starting using it as I believe I have a spirit in my house I have been receiving great results though it is often hard to understand some words he says but other words are very very clear it is a shame the app doesn’t actually record the words that I’ve spoken as it is still hard to understand listening to the recordings although it’s great to have the recordings.Version: 2.6

Spirits do come through 100%I have spoken with many different entities & asked questions & they have answered me spot on so I would highly recommend this app ... it is not a joke it is the real deal but all to our own with how we accept apps etc seriously or for fun I like to take it seriously as I love talking to someone who has answers I am searching for ... just a brill app.Version: 2.2

It Works!!!We have been seeing my husbands grandfather on the security cameras at his house, we took it downstairs in the basement where we have been seeing him and brought our son who is 6 months old and first word that came through was child as if he saw our son. It blew me away!! I couldn’t sleep at all that night. We tried it at our house just to see if it was a scam and nothing came through. It’s great for an app. I believe it really works especially with it picking up that we had our son..Version: 2.5

Just, wow. Crazy neatI get so much chatter on here I feel like I’m actually picking up chunks of radio broadcasts. It’s occasionally linear topical conversational one and two word things, but frequent. Neat app guys. Not sure how it normally goes for people but I’d say it’s working great.Version: 2.5

Didn't think it would workBut it actually does. Amazing, answers my questions..Version: 1.4

Great appI started using this app as a bit of fun, but I'm not so sure now, as voices are coming through quite clearly at times. Enjoy but use with caution.Version: 2.0

5 starI did talk with a entity who was my neighbor!! This app works for real even if the voices are not clear enough it’s a bit hard to understand what entity’s are saying....Version: 2.5

Pretty good app!I have had some amazing results from this app. I once held a small seance and called in some prominent people from the American Revolutionary War. I had this app recording on my phone while I had a picture of John Graves Simcoe, a British soldier from that time period. I asked if it was him and told him I had a picture of him up. He immediately replied “self portrait “ which was actually more accurate because photos didn’t exist back then. Only portrait paintings. Many more experiences were good, but sometimes it’s hard to make out the words that come from the electronic voice. I give it 4 out of 5 stars..Version: 2.5

IT WORKSSo I’m 9 years old and the first thing the ghost said was children. Creepy cause I’m a child. Creepy right?!.Version: 2.5

Ghost radioThis is amazing I have been contacting my great great grandfather it is real tells me things like what’s in the room what I am eating also told me how he got killed in the war I would highly recommend this it is not fake. Trust me it told me there was a disease coming, and we had a pandemic. Just be aware it comes to you in your dreams when you download it at home I got scared and deleted it..Version: 2.6

Look forward to investigating this more.I personally believe that souls stay on the earth until judgement day after passing and that the energy of their presence can interfere with sensitive forces such as radio waves etc. I am a bit skeptical as to whether or not they can consciously respond, but I eill say have conducted a few experiments with EMF readings on my personal belongings and get some very strong readings on some things that would not make any sense to have such strength (like magnetic field and things of the like). In addition to this some of the voices I heard were spot on with the questions I asked. TL;DR not sure if it is legitimate but is certainly convincing in some cases and quite entertaining to use..Version: 2.2

Ghost Radio..I've recently gotten involved with Paranormal activity and after purchasing a bunch of stuff from America I was keen to try it out. The first time I used my equipment I was encouraged by the signs. I then wanted to add a 'spirit box' to my gadgets and I came across this Ghost Radio. With no reviews to read I took the plunge and purchased the App. Indeed it is so easy to set up and use, but of course the burning question is does it pick up Ghost Voices.... Now I've been known to be a tad gullible in the past and so it would be easy for me to say yes I heard voices on the Ghost Radio App. My concern is whether or not it's a recording of words being randomly generated by the App or not. I also don't know if an IPad can actually pick up those EMF's or not. If it can genuinely pick up those EMF's then you have the possibility of the App picking up and converting into a EVP and thus you hear random words on the Ghost radio. But seeing though I'm not in the slightest experienced in Electronics, that would have to be answered by someone who knows there stuff, but hey, for what it cost and the time I've spent listening to it regardless of it being real or not, it's been worth it. I'm very 50/50 on it being the real deal and to be honest I'm happy to believe it although the words that have been generated mean squat to me. But then again if it said, Hi this is your mum I'd still be 50/50! Overall, for me Defo worth the small charge even if it is fake or not..... Plaza.Version: 2.0

Interesting...Still playing with it to test if it's just spewing out random words, still unsure.... time will tell 🙂.Version: 2.2

Works greatI've been using this app for some time now and each session I do I'm getting answers I was asking for if you want a real app download this you won't be disappointed.Version: 2.0

It's real not fake.A+My brothers died I called his name and he was on aid something but I know his deep voice ,I got instant gossbumps it's real.Version: 1.4

A bit too soon to tellOnly just started using the app but it seems like it will be entertaining, especially at parties and when alcohol is available. The calibration process took a while and I couldn’t find any information about it or how to manually recalibrate. I opened the app on my iPad to see what it was like and haven’t yet worked out how to get it to display the word on the screen. Maybe it’s because I swapped the language to English instead of American and it doesn’t know how to spell anymore because true English puts a “u” in the word “colour” so it simply got confused and started mumbling. Lol.Version: 2.5

The boxI’m sensitive , I’m just learning And this box confirmed my superstitions I had been encountering I covered my phone and wrote things on paper and it answered . It also let me know certain noises it had been making in my house. Spirit (s), letting me know yes we are here and yes we can see and hear you (crazzy!) I’ve had this box watching the news with me, the other side has their opinions too -lol My only problem with the box really may just be with what can be communicated , and that may not be a fault of ghost box. Me personally I knew they were there , this devise has opened me up and confirmed my suspicions.Version: 2.5

Worked for my fiancéSo we were using these and I went outside to help me neighbor and my fiancé came out and said I'm done I asked why she said this app said formula then the can of formula on our counter fell now all I know is that when I cam in the can was on the floor and when I left prior my fiancé was sitting on the other side of the kitchen I my self had a couple weird response that went with what was happing in my bedroom but nothing like my fiancé experienced so I'm hopefull.Version: 2.2

Ghost boxHas come up with a lot of accurate information about specific people's lives.... but also random words that kind of make sense and leave you to interoperate in your own way... most makes sense to individuals that have used it with me but a lot of random words that make sense it even told me my age and the person next to me my age 🙉 awesome 😜.Version: 2.2

ExcellentI've just had my first contact after trying intermittently for months - fantastic!!!.Version: 2.0

Really does workI downloaded this little app and thought her we go, I'll have some fun with the grandkids. Turns out, this ain't no joke, this thing really works. So got me thinking let's look into this a little further, took this to a mate of mine who's into this kind ok spooky thing, and he tested its quality out against his very expensive equipment. It really did come out on top. I'm not playing here this really does work. Works really well with a few more apps I had to install, works good enough on its own, but I'm hooked on it now and downloaded a few more voice enhancement tools to slow down and speed up the voice. As soon as I switched it on the first two words it said was my name and my wife's name, seriously spooky judge for yourself best app I've ever downloaded.Version: 2.0

Not a fake appI asked specific questions and get answers that only the person I was trying to contact would know and very quickly after the questions I might add this app is definitely worth the money.Version: 2.6

AmazingThis ap picks up a lot of voices- and I've had it say and repeat my name! Try it to believe it..Version: 1.4

Love it!I literally struggle to turn it off lol… it’s very intriguing.Version: 2.6

RealI know this app is real I’m psychic with site and sound :: I talk to my parents who passed away quite along time ago plus many other spirits by name of ancestors and aliens planetary beings who are reaching out on other frequencies .. and give there names warning me about humanity and the outcome and disasters that will occur soon if mankind don’t change our ways!! BOTTOM LINE THIS APP IS REAL.Version: 2.5

Interesting.....I've never played into the paranormal much and just thought I'd have a go. Quite trippy I was getting a lot of different words. I would've given it 5 stars if the help tutorial paused on the key points a little longer. I couldn't hear the voices in the recording playback but haven't checked my settings yet...nevertheless it undoubtedly allows the believer or sceptic to vicariously explore the notion....Version: 2.2

Highly recommendWe have daily activity in our very old house. Very accurate. Would highly recommend..Version: 2.5

CoolWorks good, just only new to it but so far so good this app is a good way to work on your mediumship, so you can connect with spirt..Version: 2.5

This thing is front line delegation statusI went into the app today ... was just running in background not on record. And after today I’ve only heard single words... I make sure it’s off cell data. Today this idk was ranting and raving and shut up once it knew I heard it. Fkin crazy.Version: 2.5

WorkedI used this a few times and it took me a while to get s response but I was able to get a person who passed away 7/4 he gave me things only he could know when I asked him if he had something to say to his partner he repeated the last words she used to end the phone calls wit only a few people knew.Version: 2.2

Ghost radioBrilliant App. It differently works.I'v had a lot of response. I am very munch in to Paranormal. For me it's 1 of the best EVP App I have Brought Thank you!! Ghost radio.Version: 2.2

AwesomeGreat app!.Version: 2.2

ExcellentI love this app! I have talked to spirits in my home but mostly in my car. Not always the same person either. I have a few different male voices and one voice that sounds like a small girl. It is hard to understand what they say at times but I enjoy it anyway....Version: 2.6

Things to changeThe app is pretty good. But I think that you should change it so that we can actually hear what the spirits are saying instead of using a robot voice..Version: 1.4

I love this app!I find this app to be great, but was concerned that is may not be real or accurate. I’m not nearly as sensitive to the spirits as my friend and he confirmed the presence every time the app would say one was present or even before the app said it was. My only complaint is that the font user to show the worlds on the screen as they are talking is so small. It would be really great if you would up the point size a little. I still love the app, though!.Version: 2.2

Pretty awesomeI would use this app ghost hunting.Version: 2.2

It actually works!So I downloaded it for fun, but I cannot believe it really works. I had a full on conversation and the spirit knew my name and my brothers name which was super creepy!! We don’t have common names so it’s unexplainable..Version: 2.6

SuperFonctionne vraiment , quand le calibrage est 100% on peut lire se con entant ..Version: 1.4

Ghost radioJ'adore.Version: 1.4

Use this with an open mindAs all apps I find myself skeptical when it comes to the paranormal. This device is one where spirits or entities can manipulate the radio waves to communicate. As far the word bank that it has I found at times there was no way it could have answered as intelligently as it did. Talking about direct questions with answers that were spot on. Changed how I though about it, I am always de-bunking everything. Direct answers of words in thought, and also a few times repeated words said from our mouths... judge for yourself. Ask things that only you would know and see....Version: 2.5

Good ghosts, Bad ghostsNot what I expected. I don't know if I should believe it or not..Version: 2.2

100% Real. Be carefulFor years I’ve used this to chit chat with spirits near my home and out and about, and have made friends that remember me each time, like the shadow guy in the hallway. When I first talked to him, he ended the session with “new friend” and for the first time in a while, yesterday, I used the app when in the living room and the very first thing I get is “buddy”. Today, I spoke with a very kind woman spirit away from my home, and wanted to see if she followed me home. I turned it on, let it calibrate, and got an entity present. I asked “Pretty lady, is that you?” I call her that because her voice was so lovely and inviting. And I got a deep voiced male who said “her, refuge, from”... noticing this being a coherent sentence, I started recording and asked more questions. My final question was “Are you not talking because I’m recording?” Then, my screen went white, the session got shut off along with the recording, leaving me with a quiet room and a chill on the back of my neck. Be careful, some spirits may get offended and you need to apologize and be polite..Version: 2.6

Ghost radioGreat app. Having a lot of entities coming through. Finding it very interesting although my son is scared of it. Many of the messages are relevant to my business. Enjoying this app..Version: 1.4

AmazingAmazing app positive vibe really works ❤️.Version: 2.2

Just a toyIv d tested it now for hours and nothing I ask it does it give any answers relevant at all. I’ve asked what their name is many times and what my name is and nothing but a random word. I know this stuff is real as I’ve seen it but here I see nothing that showed me it hears what I’m saying. It was all gibberish. And then I just let it run and payed now attention to it and it would just trigger at least he same pace as if I was working with it and again nothing relevant was said because I recorded it I went to look at the transcript it keeps and nothing made sense at all..Version: 2.5

Very interestingHad this a few days now, sometimes the words seem random, but other times the response to questions seems to have some intelligence to it. Tap the screen to view the audio received as it arrives is a good feature and tap the top screen to switch between two modes is nice also, plus having a record option is great. I do have other ghost hunting apps on my iPhone 6 but use this in conjunction with them on my iPad. Great app. Great fun. Interesting ?? Yes it is. ,!.Version: 1.4

Wow!Great app! Made me have a lot of questions on who was surrounding me! I will be talking to a medium.Version: 1.4

Calibration time too long!!!!!!!! 12 minutes!As a professional paranormal investigator and tour guide I like to use this app in conjunction with our spirit boxes and other equipment. However, the calibration time makes it quite difficult to utilize in a timely manner. I do get some appropriate one word responses and a few three word ones. I’m still skeptical about anything that uses the phone and algorithms as it does pick up on previously heard and searched information..Version: 2.6

Ghost appGood.Version: 2.2

Spooky?Make your own mind up. Is it ghosts? Maybe…...Version: 2.6

Creepy but accurateIt drained my battery rather quickly. Be careful using this app. It takes a while to calibrate but once it does the answers become quite clear. Whoever was responding tonight was naming items around my house like my elephant statue, my crystal collection, and the ice cream I was eating at the moment. At one point it said “cold” and I thought that was odd because I had the ac on, so I turned it off out of curiosity and it responded “better” right after I turned it off. But I only got like 2 worded responses at most..Version: 2.5

Paranormal activityJust used this app cause I seen a dark shadow weeks ago in my kitchen area and this app has confirmed that there is something in my house I heard a voice and near crapped myself.Version: 2.5

I should not have done thatI have avoided actively seeking out the paranormal for years. I saw this app and bought it thinking it’d be a fun thing to prank someone with. Ummm, no. I’m thoroughly creeped out and I’m going to buy sage NOW. I don’t know what just happened but I’m not getting great vibes and I’m freaked out. It didn’t save whatever just happened. All I heard was “No” when I asked for a name and something else but I was getting really, really bad vibes so I said goodbye and asked them to leave, shut it down and deleted the app. I really hope I never experience anything again. I’m not playing with this stuff ever again..Version: 2.5

Believe What You WantBottom line is this; I thought it was a joke so I turned on the device and asked any spirit to speak while I went to the bathroom. I came back and listened back on the recording, it said "comeback". I began another session, asked to repeat, after a few minutes I hear, come back, I said where to, and so help me God the Father it said "comeback, shower", I went to the bathroom and said ok I'm here, then I heard the words "flow, water, quick, wound", not in a particular order, but they were all responses. It's odd, but, whatever it is doesn't seem to malevolent. Oh well, decide for yourself. I'm not a clairvoyant like the lady on a Nother review mentioned, but I have sensed something here along with my daughter sensing something as well, spirits are everywhere, the Bible speaks of spiritual warfare going on at all time. Believe what you want, I know what I heard..Version: 2.2

Helpful for those who are already in contact.So i’m a clairvoyant witch who was in contact with a spirit prior to downloading this app, and it’s good for that, She’s said words like “flower”, “friend”, “journalism”, and “canary”. All of those words correlate to things i knew about her or things that i found online as to who she is. I wouldn’t recommend this app for someone who wants to meet spirits though, have some experience in communication before using. I’m clairvoyant and hear/ feel/ see certain things, and use a pendulum to communicate already with my spirit friend, but i would only use it as an alternative tool, other than a main one..Version: 2.6

Ghost radioGreat app !!.Version: 1.4

WARNINGI messed around with it thinking it was fake and a joke app but I had a very deep voice come through saying he was a demon executioner and he will be dedicated here. I haven't been so bloody scared in all my life. I quickly turned the app off. Nothing's happened physically yet but I feel very uncomfortable in my own bedroom. Please be aware that this app is not a joke..Version: 2.0

This is the real dealFabulous.Version: 2.6

Rating apAmazing. Had great response from this ap about 6 months ago. Used ap tonight and everything relevant.Version: 2.2

Jury still outIf this is real or not but I’m enjoying scaring myself so going to persevere.Version: 2.5

GreatI've caught a few voices already of people I know are around me and direct answers to questions :) love it.Version: 1.4

Miss flowerIts actually quit a good app i advise people to do a little prayer before use to just protect themselves to be safe on the energy side as this app can get into the air frequencies on white noise very accurately. I recommend this app as one of the very few on point to what it says it can do . 5 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 2.5

Spent weeks with no response - then...Had spent a few weeks trying this app out, no voices, no words... no spikes on a seperate EMF metre. Then I get the EMF going off and words coming through..Version: 2.5

Turn silent mode offBeware if your phone is in silent mode the app will also have no noise. This app works well but I’m still figuring out the configurations. I was at my mothers house and had two separate sessions where it said Pat which is my late fathers name. He also said my name in one of the sessions. I haven’t liked any other apps I’ve tried but this one seems legit..Version: 2.6

Ghost boxNice and easy to use, the only one of this type of app that seems to work with voiceover, making it accessible for blind users.Version: 2.5

There is something to this app!Used it at home which is a century home but didn’t get much activity at all. Took it to work which is a heavy industrial manufacturing site and had a lot more activity. Went to Madison Seminary in Madison Ohio and the thing went ballistic. Definitely worth the money. Give it a chance and you’ll see!.Version: 2.5

LEGIT!!!I never!!! Ever write reviews, but this app is the real deal! The amount of accurate and clear responses that I receive is unbelievable and almost creepy to be honest! I watch a lot of tarot card readers and have compared their answer readings to the answers I receive on the other side using this app and they are exactly the same I can’t even comprehend how tf this actually works ?!?! I’ve noticed that you can also ask a question telepathically and you will get a response that way as well ~ I meditate a lot and perhaps that’s why it’s easier for me, but 100% that this device works! Why is no one hyping this app up more?!!.Version: 2.5

CoolGood.Version: 2.5

GhostsI'm a paranormal investigator and have been playing around with this app and I also have been using the ouija board as well, it seems legit. I have gotten intelligent responses to the sessions but through the settings I haven't figured out how to use them properly only by guessing the knobs of rotation but so far I have been successful. Pink spectrum has been the best for voices in my opinion..Version: 2.2

I believe itWas holding a cross and I asked what it was and the voice said “Ministry.” Then I’ve been asking about my grandparents on several apps today and I have a photo of them right beside me and it said (photograph) also heard my name several times clearly.Version: 2.6

Awesome, but sadOne of my moms friends told us about this app and he would actually get many responses but I believe this app is real because as soon as we came home out front we tried it and a female voice came through saying “72, little” we believe she died at 72 and she had a cat named little she was a neighbor that died last year..Version: 2.6

Wow!Ok, so this definitely worked for me... My brother and I used it one night outside my house and spoke to four different people. Very freaky. It is legit and can be dangerous if not used properly. Just some tips when using this app to always say a prayer before and after you use this app to protect yourself from bad spirits. My brother made the mistake of asking for just anyone to come and talk to us and we got a very unwanted response. Pray during the sessions if you feel scared or if there is an unwanted spirit. Do research before you use it people because bad spirits can cling to you if you do not use these things wisely..Version: 2.0

Great toolMy family and I have been buying up equipment and loading apps seeing what we think works best for the average user. Last week we tested this app for the first time. My original thought was disbelief. After getting home and reviewing all of our evidence this app was surprisingly amazing. It not only recorded everything that it said verbally and written it also recorded everyone else. One of our sessions was 94 mins long and we captured some great evidence with recordings of conversations that we were having, Noises we herd and messages that came across the device that lined up with the spelled out items. This is my favorite pc of equipment yet that I’ve found.Version: 2.6

It worksThis is a working app spirits can actually use technology to communicate some people say they hear static or random words I recommend trying at night maybe 3 AM do it while you’re alone it definitely works for me every time but sometimes I can’t hear anything at all and sometimes I literally hear things so I guess it just depends but it works 100%.I was out trying this the other night and I was alone and it was very late and at first a woman’s voice came through on the second attempt it was a man and I couldn’t hear anything for a while it was just very distant there is an echo don’t expect it to be completely clear you’re not talking to a person but eventually I was able to here be careful and I kept at it because I heard one thing so I wanted to hear another and basically they called me by my name and said go home so this is definitely real if people are just hearing static or question it just keep trying I tried at 3 AM and was able to detect presence within 20 seconds so it just depends when you do it where etc. this is also being translated via Siri so if there’s any typos excuse me..Version: 2.6

WowMind blown. Be patient and specific and give it a chance ♥️.Version: 2.6

Questions!This was the first time I ever paid for an app, and though my girlfriend was getting annoyed by me, I think it actually worked, but I think to improve it, you should have the voice translate, after the recording. It’s hard to pick up what they are saying. Definitely going to use this when she’s not home.Version: 2.5

Review Ghost RadioI purchased this app last night. I used it in my home and after the second time of using the app...I got the message entity present. I said a prayer before speaking. The entity said, he was hector, and next the entity asked me if I was a Christian. I don’t know if it dishes out phrases and words. This was pretty strange. I used it at a cemetery but to many voices came through..Version: 2.5

Answers Questions appropriatelyI was skeptical about this app initially but based on the review I decided to try it for myself. The words are a bit difficult to decipher at times; however, I found the answers to my questions to be relevant although most have been only one word at a time. I have been pleasantly surprised by the information I have received. I recommend this app if you are seeking a simple and straightforward communication option..Version: 2.6

One of my favorite appsIt’s just that when I’m in the middle of recording a session it’ll stop. Or even completely crash and then I have to recalibrate. It would be really cool if there was stamina in the app to record until I stop it myself. And maybe not crash randomly? iPhone 11 Pro Max & IPhone 10 (I use it on both). Thanks!.Version: 2.6

Awesome appMy workplace is hunted so bad i use this whenever i feel sick for no reason and find entities trying to say something.Version: 1.4

ExcellentOne entity knew I was at work and what I was doing by all the words coming through. Love it..Version: 2.0

Absolutely is real!!!I’ve had paranormal experiences most of my life. After losing my roommate I felt angry and was left with lots of questions. After a few sessions with this app she told me enough from the other side that it encouraged detectives to pull her body out of the ground and change her cause of death from suicide to homocide. Six months later two people were arrested in connection with her murder!!!.Version: 2.6

Used to contactUsing this app I have been communicating with the same two entities at a location them giving intelligent responses to questions. Paranormal society and clairvoyant listened to recordings and support possible spirit interaction. History research shows individual of name given did pass in the location used. Very happy.Version: 1.4

Really WorksYou have to buy this. Just let it sit on your leg or couch or whatever until it says there's a ghost and then ask stuff. Sometimes you can't work out what it says but sometimes you can. Once it told me to get out of my house. Like 3 months later we had to move (not because of the app) and I was so scared..Version: 2.2

Definitely legit!I have used this app many times. Sometimes I ask questions and sometimes I just listen but, either way, the information I receive is accurate. I have encountered not evil but, frustrated as well as peaceful entities that seem to be concerned about current events, people in the neighborhood or household members. There are places on my property & in my house; since the day we moved in, that have had constant paranormal activity - this app has helped tremendously in resolving some issues. I definitely appreciate and highly value this app! Keep up the good work!.Version: 2.5

Fun to useIdk if this app is the real deal or not. Def fun to used. I have many questions for the developer. My main question is how does it know when there is an entity present. To me it just seems like the app is pre programmed to mess with people. Used this everywhere and it tells me there is an entity present. Even at the market. So if this app is the real deal , then ghost are everywhere.Version: 2.6

This actually really worksSome of the words from the app seem random and you can hear a robotic voice.. however in between that came a different voice with a accent which was my nanna. It said my mums name twice, my uncles name and how old I was going to be end of September. However please be careful we picked up on a negative spirit who said mum, grandad and my sisters name and then dead. It freaked both me and my mum out and had to phoney sister to see if she was alright !!.Version: 2.2

This is real!At first I thought the responses were just a load of nonsense, but stick with this app - I have had some very accurate conversations and proof that spirits are all around us. I have not experienced anything bad or negative whilst using this app, if you are concerned at all..Version: 2.5

Ghost radioGreat app, worth every penny. Some serious spooky things are said by the radio which coincided with things I have said or asked. Great starter device for new ghost hunters. It's on my phone and tablet, so I can use it anywhere. Happy ghost hunting guys!.Version: 2.0

Life BeyondIt’s great! It allows me to Hav full conversations with my deceased best friend and family!! Thanx.Version: 2.5

Not sure about this yetI’ve kept a open mind about spirits and EVP for years. When I bought this I was skeptical and I still am. I’ve left it on and gone to different places like the store and it just says random words like elect or competitive or sheer. I want to believe I really do! It’s just not making a lot of sense. It doesn’t say actual sentences just words. I’ve tried asking what the spirits name is and it never says it just a word. I have a recording of me asking it’s name and it responded “Portray” So I’m not really sure. I’m gonna keep trying. So far it just says random words that don’t make sense..Version: 2.5

It works!My daughter passed away a month ago. I can ask questions and get her answers. Words she would say when she were here! I asked are you still here with me? She said invisible. I asked who am I? She said Mother. I asked what should I do? She said investigate. I said what? She said calendar. I went to the calendar in her room and found alarming things written on it!! I asked my husband if we should cash the checks I just found in her room and she said fraud. I know this is her. There is so much more that was said... but I'm telling you, spirits can manipulate any electronic and this gives them the route to do so! Just be careful and ask for protection before jumping into this!! I can finally talk to my baby!!!.Version: 2.2

ReviewHave been using this app in conjunction with other ghost hunting equipment . I have received many responses to questions that I have asked like what is your name and how old are you . Sometimes you get random words but often you can get intelligent response . Sometimes it freaks me out when it feels like you can care out a conversation with the other side live this app way better than others out there 🤙.Version: 2.5

Ghost RadioIt is very intriguing this app but I'm still a skeptic..Version: 2.0

Wow creepyThis is a amazing app.Version: 1.4

InterestingSo, I downloaded this app yesterday and this morning hit record and almost immediately heard a voice say “ hi lizzy” which startled me so much i closed the app & said goodbye. Have encountered an “entity” every session today and it’s been pretty vague dialogue. I do live in an area with rich history & several known haunted places, so who knows! I’m still skeptic but it’s interesting!.Version: 2.6

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