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Snapseed App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Snapseed app received 119 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Snapseed? Can you share your negative thoughts about snapseed?

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Snapseed for Negative User Reviews

New update breaks settingsI have used Snapseed for a number of years and it is great. However in the latest build (vers. 2.20.1) the settings don’t work properly anymore. If you try and change size or quality if you tap on the setting you want it won’t change, it’s stuck on Original Size and 95% quality jpeg. Please fix this issue. Tried deleting and reinstalling the app but didn’t help. I’m on an iPhone 11 Pro running the latest iOS 14.5.1..Version: 2.20.1

Google iOS app that doesn't work with Google PhotodThis app looks great on paper. But not if you use Google Photos on iOS. You can't access an image stored in Google Photos from Snapseed. And when you select an image in Google Photos, and tap "Open on Snapseed", nothing happens. So you can only use Snapseed to edit photos stored in the iOS photo app, and then sink iOS Photos to Google Photos. This is a ridiculously long-winded round trip. I accept this may be a problem caused by iOS 11, but not being able to use Google's photo editor with Google's photo app is crazy. So one star till this world properly..Version: 2.18.2

Almost GoodThis app is great. Why can't you fix the issue with Snapseed over writing the image date with December 31, 2000. This has been an issue for well over a year on iOS for iPad. This is a basic item and should have been fixed well before the software was released to the public..Version: 2.17

Several updates and still freezes iphoneProblem has persisted last 2 or three updates and still happening.. screen freezes when using tools.. still no fix on the horizon?.. this used to be my most used app and i’ve had it since it was a ‘pay for’ app. It has been mostly unusable on my 12 pro max, very sadly.Version: 2.21.0

Crashes ContinuouslyNot that big tech google even cares or will ever see this- but Snapseed was a great tool for the amateur and pro alike, great interface ,intuitive raw support etc. I’ve been using it for years. Over the past few months however the app is basically USELESS due to crashing whenever it opens. I’ve tried to reinstall several times in my iPhone 12 with no luck. Will not be using this once useful app now, sad to see a tech giant like google ignore this (they know themselves this app is now rubbish) but hey, as long as people keep installing it- maybe it will fix itself..Version: 2.20.2

Unusable nowI used to love Snapseed, but now it keeps exporting with reduced quality, despite my having double checked the settings. It is exporting 12+ megapixel images as 3.1 megapixel. So I have to use the roundabout way to save to Files instead, from the share menu. I cannot easily open the images I want, since it is a mess trying to open images from Snapseed, without a proper file picker. All the images on my iPad show up together in the terrible tile view. I have marked my favorites in Google Photos, but for some reason, I can't share directly to Snapseed. So I have to download them first. Then if I try to start from Files to find the photo, when I use the share menu and select Snapseed, Snapseed says "Error, Could not load image". I've double checked my settings and Snapseed has access to all photos. Sometimes the image will load as read only, and then Snapseed doesn't give me the option to Save, only to export, which is broken as I wrote. Between the broken export and the difficulty getting images from Google Photos to open in Snapseed, I can't get anything done..Version: 2.19.5

RIPImpossible to use anymore. Was my favourite app :(.Version: 2.22.0

Great app but unstableAwesome functionality, and really easy to use. It’s a pretty powerful tool for corrections and even colour balancing. However over the last six months to a year it’s been freezing and jamming a lot. I used to use this every time I posted, but now I barely use it at all because of the jams. I just opened it just now for the first time in ages and it took me 20 minutes to add a watermark because of jams. I really hope this gets fixed..Version: 2.22.0

Use to be good…Been using it for a while but for a reason that I don’t understand, for the past months every time I use HDR feature, the app and my phone freeze completely… I will start using another app because it’s a real pain.Version: 2.22.0

The expand function freezesThe expand feature keep freezing the app. I hope the fix this big soon. Been a while this is happening:/.Version: 2.22.0

Useless on the iPad; Great on the iPhoneThis is such a crucial app for photographers, yet Google doesn’t seem to care at all about fixing it for iPad users. Every few weeks, I need to delete the app and install again (losing my presets and watermarks) as it just crashes on image import, either through Snapseed’s open command or if an image is sent to it from LightRoom Mobile. On the iPhone, it works great. Come on Google, I’m sure you can allocate someone to fix this excruciating bug and make this app usable?!.Version: 2.22.0

Not sure what happened to this appI used to LOVE this app. Mostly for the expand function. Even though it wasn’t perfect, I could always open it in a different app and use a “heal” feature. (Snapseed’s heal feature is not the best.) But now, when I try to expand a picture more than twice, it just freezes and won’t let me expand it anymore. It just now froze my entire phone up (wouldn’t even let me force quit/swipe up on the app). The other thing that drove me to write this review, is that whenever I export the photo…. It does not look the same. If I happen to use the heal feature after expanding a photo, after export there will be random specs all over the area I tried to heal. It looks fine before exporting, but then it saves all wonky. Sometimes it doesn’t save the changes at all upon exporting!!! I’m so disappointed as I used to love this app and I don’t know if any other app that has the expand feature :/.Version: 2.22.0

A year of 1 star reviews & STILL no response or fix!!!Our phones keep crashing and freezing when using this app - check all the reviews for the past YEAR (Dec 2020-Dec 2021 so far), talking about this issue - yet there is ZERO response from the developers. This is not good enough, google!! Please restore what used to be a brilliant app, if it's not able to be fixed! That way we can carry on using it while you perhaps tinker trying to fix something that wasn't broken in the first place..Version: 2.21.0

12 Pro Max - Crashes the whole phoneFor months now, I haven’t been able to use it without the app crashing my entire phone for 5-10 seconds. Then if the image resumes and I try to apply the edit, it happens again. However, it seems that this is an issue ONLY on the photos actually taken with my 12 pro max. If I import a photo from my partner’s Pixel 4XL or my work iPhone (iPhone 11) and edit it on my 12 pro max, everything works smoothly! Please fix, it really is a fantastic app when it works! Additionally, judging by the reviews this complaint has been going on for a few months now and it’s bringing down the app’s rating..Version: 2.22.0

UnsatisfiedI’m an amateur photographer who didn’t want to spend £10/month for a Lightroom subscription, so I installed Snapseed and I was satisfied until I found an issue. Whenever I ‘tune’ the image (use the sliders), there’s visible pixels/differing colours in shapes of boxes in the shadows and highlights. I couldn’t describe it any better without showing an image which I can’t. The problem isn’t with the RAW files, because they’re designed to be adjusted this way without loss of quality, and I even edited the same images in JPEG format on the free version of Lightroom and found the quality was a lot better. My guess is that whenever you open RAW files, this app secretly changes it into JPEG and crushes it down to a small size. Please fix this, and until then I’m staying away.Version: 2.22.0

Shame it’s not well supportedI have used Snapseed for a few years now but it’s starting to show its age and over the last few weeks has become very prone to crashes. Spent an hour the other day trying to edit a photo and it just kept crashing and freezing! Very frustrating! It also has very limited raw support in terms of using it for my camera photos even though my camera is not especially new it still won’t use those raw files. It a shame because it’s a great app but really needs to be updated..Version: 2.21.0

Was awesomeThis was my favourite photo editing app, however after the last update it keep freezing which is enormously frustrating. It works at times but is now very unreliable. I can’t seem to find where to contact support to fix this..Version: 2.21.0

Lag and so many issuesThis used to be a good app, but ever since Apple has been updating their ios software. This app has been so bad. Glitches, lag, can't even use selective editing no more. I'm starting to think this all is useless now. So disappointed..Version: 2.22.0

I like it but..I would love it if you had photoshop type of tool, that I can cut out and paste.Version: 2.22.0

So great, but so so slow— and no updates??I love the editing features of this app, and I have so many “looks” saved that it’s hard to let it go… but why is it so slow? There’s such a major delay when opening a new image, from the time it takes after hitting the “+” page for the selection box to appear, then again for the selection box to shift upwards (if you don’t wait, you’ll be clicking on the wrong choice), then to finally open the image… it’s maddening always, but especially when I need to edit multiple images. If there’s something I’m doing wrong on my end, I haven’t been able to discover it. It’s now about a 30-second process just to open a photo. And why hasn’t there been an app update in over a year??.Version: 2.22.0

Needs more work to stay currentUsed to be a fantastic app but a lack of continued development has let it slip from great to nothing but less than ordinary and does no longer provide anything special. 1. I feel is it’s missing is a batch edit tool, I know I can copy the edit stack and paste into the next photo but going through the process for over hundred photos gets a bit monotonous. 2. Allow the edit of metadata such as date, time and location. 3. Improved noise reduction 4. Support for more RAW formats...!!! Canon CR3 currently just opens as normal photo, no access to the ‘Develop’ window 5. Ability to edit meta data or at least geolocation Happy to change my rating and feedback if developer makes an effort beyond bug fixes. Edit: Added further feedback.Version: 2.19.5

Good but annoying issuesWhen I first got this app I was so in love with it! There’s a lot of options for editing and I had fun messing around with everything. However, lately the app keeps crashing. I’ll go to edit a photo and it’ll just freeze up entirely, messing up my entire phone. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but nothing works. It’s only on some pictures too. Others will be fine, then I’ll go to edit specific ones and the whole app begins to crash. I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max too so I know it’s not my phone, and apparently a lot of people are having the same issues. I’ve been looking up solutions and nothing works. Would be five stars if it wasn’t for this, it really gets on my nerves when I’m just trying to do a quick edit!!.Version: 2.21.0

What has happened?I’ve used and love Snapseed for years now, I rate it above all other tools available for phones. Always been 5 star! But in the last week or so all my edits keep disappearing! I’ve spent hours editing photos to ha e them revert back to the original a day or so later, it seemed to be fixed and now it’s happening again. If it’s not sorted soon I’ll need to find an alternative program, as I just can’t keep losing all my work..Version: 2.18.2

Good app but some issuesSnapseed does not work in my iPhone 12max anymore. App freezes on startup and non responsive. Another issue is when I open a picture to edit in the app and select tools and tune image the app freezes. I have deleted and reinstalled the app several times. This happens on my iPhone with iOS 14.8 Tried many ways but it is unuseable now . Please fix, thanks.Version: 2.21.0

Some errors in the appI used to use this app since 2015, but recently some errors occurred. After finishing the correction, the next day all pictures go back to original pictures..Version: 2.18.1

App no longer works!I’ve used and loved this app for several years. I know to restart my phone or even remove and reinstall an app if I’m having issues. None of those tactics are working. App constantly crashes when I click on tune image and try to use those features. I love the ambiance feature and can’t get to it, the whole thing freezes my phone screen every time. It started happening probably 2 -3 weeks ago. Please fix, love this app! App is completely frozen! I don’t understand how I’m supposed to keep my photos in landscape mode to avoid this? None of my photos are taken in landscape mode! I need them to fit on my phone in 9:16 ratio for social media!! Please fix app!.Version: 2.22.0

PenisPenis.Version: 2.22.0

Can’t handle RAWAlways loved this app. The photos I have been able to produce with it have been superb. However, now keeps crashing when using RAW. Can edit one photo and export fine, then try another photo and nope. Just get loading wheel that never disappears. Only way to fix is to delete app and re-download, edit one photo then do the same again. SO FRUSTRATING! If it was wasn’t for this issue I’d be giving 5 stars for sure. For info, updated to latest iOS and using iPad mini 6. Please fix this issue and make the app great again..Version: 2.22.0

Not useable anymoreThis was my favourite app until I changed phones to iPhone 12. I’m so disappointed as it’s just not useable anymore at all. I can’t use any of the tools, the app freezes and then crashes. Can you please look into this as it seems like a compatibility issue with the newer phones. Are you still updating the app to make sure it’s compatible? There’s no way to contact the developer even though an upgrade was made 2 weeks ago but made no difference with performance..Version: 2.20.2

Great editor but edited photos REVERT to original... hours of work lostI absolutely love playing around with this app, but unfortunately yesterday I used it properly for the first time, editing a whole bunch of holiday photos. I was so pleased with these images - some I exported as a new copy and some I saved over the original. I woke up in the middle of the night the night after I edited them and checked my images to find that they have all reverted to the originals. I have searched online on Google high and low to find this happening to hundreds of others yet nobody seems to have an explanation or solution. Poor on behalf of Snapseed/Google/IOS. Very disappointed. It has such potential. Not willing to screenshot the images as a solution as they lose a great deal of quality..Version: 2.18.2

Keeps freezingEven with latest update it still freezes.Version: 2.22.0

What happened to this app?!Don’t be fooled by the positive reviews, they are outdated. For years Snapseed was my go to mobile editing app. It was the first app to support raw photos and generally just had a good selection of tools. A few years ago it was purchased by Google along with the rest of Nik software and I’m pretty sure they intentionally sabotaged it. This app is absolute garbage now! If you’re using it to edit your photos then you should know, even if they look alright to your eyes on your 2 inch screen, they are not. This app is destroying your images and you’ll never bring them back. It will muddy up all the detail in saturated areas, totally blow any highlights and bring noise in the shadows. It hasn’t been updated in years so forget using raw images from any newer cameras. It just creates a low res JPEG preview instead but gives no warning of that. Anything you bring into this app should be thrown out afterwards so you don’t ever mistake it for a decent file. It’s really sad to see what Google did here and I don’t know why they didn’t just take it off the market if that’s what they wanted. At this point it’s doing a disservice to anybody who wants once relied on it or thought it was still a contender in the Mobile photo editing world. Google obviously does some great things but they also do some very terrible things to their competition. This app and the people who depended on it fell victim to that..Version: 2.19.5

Unusable. Keeps freezing app and phone.Editing is impossible since the app just freezes after opening an image. App often freezes the phone as well. Cannot swipe up. Have to force reboot..Version: 2.22.0

App has become unusable.Please fix the freeze!!! 🥶🥶🥶.Version: 2.22.0

Worst app ever!!!After a few days all my edited saved photos have reverted back to their original versions by them self and it’s became a massive waste of time due to this, I’ve lost 30+ edits and I’m very displeased with the app, never use to have those problems with the old version of Snapseed. Not worth downloading!.Version: 2.18.1

Don’t update!!!!!Omg this app was freezing so much before. when I saw the update available just now I jumped at the chance thinking they had solved the issue but now it’s even worse! I can’t even edit a low res jpg god forbid I try to do anything other than open the image 😩 makes my phone freeze non stop . It used to just be bad when dealing with my imported raw files but now even a quick phone snapshot causes a freezing session . I’ve even tried (reluctantly) reducing the image size first on third party apps thinking maybe it was the size of the file but nothing makes a difference. It was somewhat sporadically and frustratingly useable before (I loved the app so I would keep persisting through the freezing) but now I literally can’t use it at all.Version: 2.22.0

Freezing Since UpdateI used to recommend this to everyone but now; since the last update, every photo I try to edit freezes & I have to press my power button to close the app otherwise my whole phone is locked..Version: 2.20.1

Image select issueCannot upload or use images anymore with the new update :(.Version: 2.19.2

From Best to WorstWhen this is a usable app, it was fantastic. Clearly google doesn’t seem to care about customer feedback of it’s own brand reputation as it hasn’t fixed the many bug issues. Go figure, one of the biggest tech companies having bug issues with a tech app is a poor reflection of this companies standards!.Version: 2.20.2

Can’t save pics in iPhone 12 Pro MaxCan’t save pics and also can’t find the album in photo gallery.Version: 2.19.5

Difficult to open photosThis is a great app but it’s integration with other apps is poor. Google Photos has an “Open with Snapseed” button, but it doesn’t work. Snapseed doesn’t have a share extension so you can open images from other apps in Snapseed. I mostly look at photos in the iOS Photos app. Once I have one I just want to edit it with Snapseed, but I have to go into Snapseed, tap “Open” and the search through my photo stream to find the photo again. With a share extension for opening photos in Snapseed it would be the perfect app, but right now it’s a little frustrating..Version: 2.18.2

Healing problemSnapseed is all over great app, BUT lately when using the “healing” feature the app does not save the picture as it is showing in Snapseed. Either the app doesn’t save it although it says “saved successfully” or the changes are not reflected in the saved picture. Very upset about this as I use this feature a lot. I also tried to save the new picture in every possible way, but the results are the same - no change or seamless change. (This happens on objects already edited in Snapseed and with white background) Please fix this problems so I can give 5stars ;) I will appreciate it... 👍.Version: 2.19.2

From amazing to unreliableI have been a major fan of Snapseed for years, turning many friends onto its powerful photo editing tools. But with the latest update in June of 2018, it has all of a sudden become unreliable. I recently returned from a 3-day trek into the Grand Canyon, and spent an hour editing photos using Snapseed. Yesterday I went to post some of the pics, and more than half of the photos I had edited had reverted to their unedited state. Confused, I spent another hour editing the photos, and then posted a couple on Instagram. Today, I went to post another photo, and discovered yet again, several of my photos had automatically reverted to their unedited state. I can share screenshots showing one of the photos I posted to Instagram looks totally different that the photo on my phone now. This is extremely frustrating, time-wasting and makes me lose complete faith in trusting my photos to Snapseed. Please, please fix this!!!!.Version: 2.18.2

It crashesPlease fixx itt asap!!! It crashes alotttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 2.20.2

Worked great, until it didn’tI must start by saying that I love Snapseed. I have used it for several months taking inventory photos for my business and it has worked great for me, until it didn’t. I’m not sure what happened, if it update messed with the settings, or what. When I use the text filter it used to work great, now when I use it the words are so tiny that they are barely visible. I have googled everything I can to try to find a fix to this as well as searching within the settings of the app to see if I can change the text size, but with the exception of making the bubble that I’m putting the text in extremely large, I can find no other fix. Also, I have edited hundreds of photos with Snapseed only to wake up one day and ALL of my photos are back to their unedited state. Thankfully I have most of them uploaded to my computer or I would have had to redo them all. Very disappointing. I’m hoping any future updates to the app will fix this and the text functionality because until that happens this app is essentially useless to me and I love this app..Version: 2.18.1

Consistent crashing on Raw image loading.At times I will have to load the same image up to 10 times before it finally loads into the raw editing. Doesn’t always do it but after a I’ve edited a few raw photos and I go to load another one in to edit it just sits there with the loading circle until the end of time..Version: 2.22.0

Doesn’t work with 13.1.3Sadly this does not load photos with latest iPhone software..Version: 2.19.3

It was great—until it wasn’tWhen I first discovered Snapseed, I was teaching a smart phone photography class and didn’t know how I was going to be able to help the non-Apple students. This app saved the day. I have relied on it for several years now. My 10,000-word class presentation Is filled with all kinds of Snapseed Screenshots. Students seem to like it a lot. Imagine my dismay when, a couple of weeks ago, the screen turns black whenever I try to access a photo from either my or photos or favorite is filled with all kinds of Snapseed Screenshots. Students seem to like it a lot. Imagine my dismay when, a couple of weeks ago, the screen turns black whenever I tap a photo from either my All Photos or Favorites app album! I can still swipe through the filmstrip if I need to open a photo for editing, but that’s so impractical for 9K images on my iPhone X iOS 12.0.1. During class, I also project live-screen demos from my phone (using an HDMI-to-lightning connector). The only place I’ve found this problem discussed is on Reddit. No one has a solution yet. Please, Google: help!.Version: 2.18.2

Intuitive editing but problemsI enjoy editing with this app, it is intuitive to try creative things that would be clunky on other apps. However since upgrading to an iPhone 12 Pro Max I’ve had endless issues with the app. Often crashes when editing and freezes the phone for a few seconds. Also, the new RAW editor doesn’t work with Apple ProRAW and doesn’t give you an option to open as a JPG render as it did before automatically..Version: 2.20.1

Tools are great, but glitchyUsing this app for a photography class for editing and creating a color splash effect worked great and was a huge (and free) lifesaver until recently where I get halfway through editing a photo and the brush tool becomes unresponsive, making it impossible to finish my work I already spent a bunch of my time on. If I try and save what I have, the entire app becomes unresponsive. I then have to close the app and start all over, so I find myself rushing through editing just to get *something* done before the brush tool and soon after the app becomes unresponsive again. Extremely frustrating when I have a busy schedule in college and can’t spend all day editing each image 5+ times just for one rushed result. Other than that this app is GREAT for what it allows you to do, especially on an iPad. I’d love if this could get fixed so I can continue to use this app well after this class, because when it works, it’s amazing..Version: 2.19.5

Not Happy!!I’ve loved this app pretty much forever. I’m into iPhone Photography and most of my edited photos are done in Snapseed. I am now finding that it’s just close to impossible to edit a photo as it just freezes. I’ve tried loads of work arounds but nothing seems to help. I’ll be leaving here shortly if things don’t change and I’ll be sorry to go. It’s been a great app but something is really wrong now!!.Version: 2.22.0

Needs improvementOnce I got used to the workflow of this app I've actually come to quite like it. However, having upgraded to an iphone 12pro I've started using raw files. And this is when the problems really started. More often than not the thumbnail comes up and then it's just the whirlygig of doom. You can't do anything and have to shut the app down. I've tried deleting and reinstalling, losing my presets in the process, which worked for a couple of images and then it was doing it again. This is going to have a major impact on the usefulness of this app, particularly as a bit of research show there seems to be several issues with raw processing and the publishers don't seem to care..Version: 2.22.0

App freezing on iPhone 12pro maxFor the past few month, app is freezing while trying to use some of the tools. It blocks the whole phone for a few seconds but i cannot save or edit even after closing and opening it again. Reinstalled twice same issue. Can a developer provide a reason why? My photos are on my phone so full access is granted to the app. Unless Google wants us to ditch Snapseed and work on lightroom or other apps - some feedback would be great as i been using it for over 6 years. Thanks..Version: 2.21.0

I teach Snapseed!I am an avid user of Snapseed and I’ve been teaching my photography students how to use it since 2015. For a long time now it has been my favourite editing app for photography on my phone. I would have given this review 5 stars but I’ve had to give it 3 as since I updated my iPhone to 12, Snapseed keeps freezing as an app and sometimes even freezes my entire phone without editing my photo! It’s been so bad I’ve even had to switch my phone on and off at times to restart the app. I am heading back overseas in January teaching a photographer who only wants to use a phone in the field. I’m so hoping this issue will be fixed by then!!!!.Version: 2.21.0

Saved pictures blank in phone galleryCould not find a place to send developer feedback for a problem I’m experiencing, so I had to leave a review instead. I’m using an iPhone X on IOS 13.2. Anytime I save an image in Snapseed via any save method (save, save as copy, or export), the image “saves” but only shows up as a blank image in the iPhone picture gallery. It cannot be viewed in any other way, opened with any other apps, or even opened again with Snapseed. This means any and all photos I have tried to edit do not save correctly and pretty much makes the whole app non-functional. I have screenshots of you would like them and a record screen video to show you what’s happening. Please fix - as it stands now, this app is not functional without being able to properly save images after editing. Once fixed, I will update my review. Thanks!.Version: 2.19.3

Keeps lagging on iPhone 12 Pro MaxIt keeps lagging on iPhone 12 Pro Max , love the app but it’s frustrating. Google should do something about it.Version: 2.22.0

Loved it - until…I’ve used this app for years for my mobile edits. The interface is quick and easy to use, most tools are effective for what I want to do (although I’d like to see HSL adjustment for each main hue like in Lightroom), and I love that my edits can be chained together in whatever order I want. UNTIL the app became unusable. I have tried reinstalling to no avail. The app just crashes when trying to get any real editing done, and bringing my phone down with it all the while. These constant crashes and lockups mean I am no longer using my favourite mobile editor. Device: iPhone 12 Pro Max..Version: 2.22.0

App crashing after exported edit of photo?Hello, so now for the last 6 months I have to reinstall the app after about 1 to 3 photo edits. What happens after applying all my edits I go to export photo from the three options. Doesn’t matter what option I pick it will crash. After crash it does safe the photo but if I try to go back into app it just opens and then closes out. At this time now not being able to use the app at all. So then I have to delete the app and reinstall to do more editing but the same process of 1 to 3 photos then it crashes and having to delete then reinstall again. Can you guys please fix his I love this app but have installed it now a zillion times to keep using it and it’s getting old that it keeps crashing. It never used to do this. Could you guys please help? Hopefully to read this since the help app side won’t let me write a note like this there. Thanks, Franklin. W.Version: 2.18

Was greatFreezes on iPhone 12 Pro Max. It was such a brilliant free app and now appears to be abandonware. I made my art and photography students all get this app. Not anymore….Version: 2.22.0

App freeze when editing DNG fileI’m using iPhone 12 Pro Max. This app freezes in general when editing DNG files. If I wait for a while, the app will work again. BUT, if the DNG file is in Portrait format (vertical), the app freezes as soon as the photo is opened. And in the middle of the screen it will say ‘develop’ because of the raw format, and the app will never come back alive again unless I restart the app and work on some photos in landscape (horizontal) format. Very strange bug…...Version: 2.20.2

Absolutely unacceptable default 95% JpgI can absolutely annoyed that your app comes with default setting 95% jpg as the standard format! After you finally upload your pictures on Instagram you’ve already lost about half the quality! I’ve edited so many images on your app and I can’t believe they could have 5% more quality if your app didn’t compress them. Super p***** off!!! You need to have this as a push notification for people who enjoy editing high quality photos who don’t want their photos compress! Soooo annoyed right now!!!!! 😤.Version: 2.18.2

Doesn’t work with iPhone Pro maxUsed to love this app but now it completely freezes. Doesn’t work at all. I hope you fix this ASAP for iPhone 12 pro max.Version: 2.21.0

Can’t save edited photos, all though features are user friendlyFeatures are user friendly but starting to lose saved photos which is a disaster for people loved this product. Edited for hours and saved in Snapseed folder but turned out to missing with no trace. Found lots people have such headache since 2017.👎.Version: 2.18.2

Absolutely Unusable on iOS14This was a awesome app prior to iOS14. On my iPhone 12 Pro Max, using any Tools freezes and crashes the app. We are now at iOS14.7 and the app is still not fixed. Really sad outcome for a great app, but expectations are usually low with Google..Version: 2.20.2

Good, but Unusable on iPhone 12 Pro MaxI would be giving this app 5 stars if I could — it used to be easy to use, navigate, import, and export. It used to produce great results. However, since switching to the iPhone 12 Pro Max the app is relatively unusable. The app freezes your ENTIRE phone when you go to make an edit on a photo, yet works seamlessly on screenshots? I researched this fault online and multiple others seem to be having the same problem. Please fix this, then I can truly rate this app the five stars it deserves..Version: 2.20.2

BrokenCompletely broken and 100% unable to use since my upgrading to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. I will load an image to edit, go to adjust, then it will freeze like a computer from 1998 and I have to restart my phone in order to use it again. Completely picks up my phone. Couch a shame because their is my die hard photo editing app. Why does Google hate its customers?.Version: 2.20.2

Slow and freezesSlow and laggy on iPhone 14 pro. Don’t waste your time.Version: 2.22.0

Bug in recent updateI’m using IPad Pro with latest update IOS 13.1.2. I’m not able to use the open from device option anymore. The image preview shows up but here is no open option to select. Also the Portrait tool is disappointing. Skin tone option shows an obvious circle around the face, usually on the neck, and if working with a monochrome (B&W) Image, it adds unwanted color to the face. I have to use the saturation (desaturate) tool to remove the color..Version: 2.19.3

Works PERFECTLY until it doesn’t.I used to love this app for editing my pictures. I’d mostly use the healing pen and the Expand crop tool. The app works great overall until for some reason it completely freezes your screen and it will stop being responsive for as long as 1-2 minutes. During this time, it does not let you exit out of the app even if you attempt to press the off button or swipe up to exit the app… This is at very random times and it has cost me a lot of pictures I’ve had to re-edit because it does not save it automatically. It has come to the point where I can no longer use the Expand crop tool because it freezes as soon as I choose that option. I’m not sure why it has this glitch but it has ruined this app for me..Version: 2.22.0

Devs Please Read!I will change this review once this is corrected... I use this app all the time on my iPad Pro. Normally I love it however just in the last couple days it is not working properly. After I do some minimal touching up of my photos I push the button to upload the edited photo to my photos. It will start going through the motions of uploading the edited photo but then now it starts spinning in a blue circle like it’s thinking but it gets stuck. While it is doing this I can not do anything, get it to stop, upload a new pic, etc. I have tried getting in & out of the app many times & have also deleted then reloaded the app hoping this would fix any minor glitches. Sadly nothing has worked.. I really do not want to have to download another app.. I use your app all of the time & really would like to continue using it!! Please fix this & advise where do I go to get this fixed?? There is nothing wrong w/my iPad Pro & this has nothing to do w/me trying to do too many edits at once.. Doesn’t matter what I do. Your app will not allow me to upload anything.. HELP!!.Version: 2.19.5

What have you done ?The app was brilliant but the latest update is terrible . I noted that the export function now only allows you to overuse the original files . That’s stupid . Fortunately I had a backup on my laptop so reverted to the old version . A narrow escape as now I still have my fave editing app but sad that something this good can be ruined by incompetence. Please bring back the old version ..Version: 2.22.0

The WorstThis application is great. It has so many features and so much you can use to edit. Literally the only problem is that it does not save your edited photos properly. You’ll edit it to perfection, save a copy, and when you go into your photos to look at it—BAM— there are darkened, yellowed corners out of nowhere. All the editing you did was pointless. Even if you go into the app again, use the Selective tool to correct it, and save, the copy will STILL not save to look how it looked in the app. It will somehow transform when you save it, and it will look awful. It will look unlike anything how it looked in the app. This is infuriating. It makes using the app pointless. Why would I spend so much time editing a photo to look perfect only to have it save looking like someone went in a screwed it all up? I’m opening the app, changing NOTHING about a image, saving it, and even those unedited images come out looking like someone spilt coffee on the corners of it. HOW? As an artist who relies on apps like this to help me post great looking work, I am beyond disappointed. If a photo looks great, it should still look great AFTER you save it. It should look IDENTICAL to how it looked in the app. It doesn’t make any sense why it would suddenly change between saving it and looking at it in your phone’s photo album. I don’t know what kind of bug butchers photos that bad only after they’ve been saved but boy did I waste my time trying to get it to look normal. It’s impossible..Version: 2.19.5

Can’t save photos in iPadOSI can edit the photos fine, but trying to save with any of the three options doesn’t work at all..Version: 2.19.3

I love the app but PLEASE fix the crashing!!I have used the app in the past, and it’s fantastic - but recently, I have been unable to even load a photo into the app for editing without the app crashing! Please fix this..Version: 2.22.0

CorrectionI’m changing my rating after discovering something and remembering something else since writing my former review. If my new findings prove solid I will change it again to four stars, because I do love this app and hope it is as strong as it once was, but I wanna make sure it’s running smoothly. Here’s my findings: For a while my app was freezing and then I couldn’t upload photos to it at all. I just went to check if restrictions were on and they were, so I changed the setting and now I can upload photos and edit them again. I would have figured this much longer ago had there been a restricted access notification when I tried to hit the open button, but since there was not and since Id been having having other issues with the app, I assumed it had just failed. Another problem I was having involved saving images. For years my saved Snapseed images would show up in my main photo collection, and then one day- I now figure it was after an update- I wasn’t finding them in my main photos, so I would instead use the share option and text them to myself and then save them to my photos; I did this for years not realizing until just now that my Snapseed photos had switched storage locations, now ending up in a separate (hard to reach at the bottom of all my other photo folders) Snapseed folder..Version: 2.22.0

Mistakenly downloadedI have my apple wallet set and as soon as i clicked get it charged me. Can U plz fix this? i didnt intend to buy it. or i dont need it as well.plz..Version: 2.22.0

LaggyNew update made app and phone laggy and frozen..Version: 2.20.2

Freezing issue needs to be fixed for iPhone Pro maxAlways frozen when trying to edit.Version: 2.22.0

Horrible app.Piece of junk. Keeps freezing all the time..Version: 2.22.0

Keeps crashingIt’s a nice app but it keeps crashing about every third picture I open. Until this gets fixed, it is disappointing and frustrating to use..Version: 2.19.5

Doesn’t work with iOS 11.3Don’t bother ever using Snapseed on iOS. You will lose your edits overnight. Every few iOS updates Snapseed decides to spot remembering your edits to photos and your library of edited photos will permanently revert back to their originals. You could lose years worth of edits in one update. This means the only way to reliably keep edits is to save a photos as a new jpeg, meaning you can’t revise edits once saved. This isn’t a one off problem. Google it (hahahaha I see the irony). This has happened many times before and crops up with each major iOS update. Could be Google’s fault, could be Apple’s fault, but it doesn’t matter because you’ll lose your photo edits either way..Version: 2.18.2

Crashes on iPhone 12 maxUsed to love this app but now on new phone (iPhone 12 pro max) the app crashes most of the time. Hope they can fix cause now it’s unusable..Version: 2.20.2

Stop ignoring users and FIX THE ISSUEFrom the most recent reviews it’s obvious at least 95% of us are dealing with the same issues. The app continually freezes and is useless. Nearly EVERYONE is complaining about it and yet the developer hasn’t responded or REPAIRED the problem. I’m fed up. This was a truly wonderful photo editing app and it still could be. Unfortunately for now, it’s junk. Completely ridiculous..Version: 2.22.0

It used to be so good butI always use to praise Snapseed because it was so good and easy to use but something isn’t quite right with it. Every time I try and open it having chosen my image it the app just hangs there deciding not to open it. And every time it doesn’t’ do what it’s supposed to I end up having to delete and reinstall it. And this isn’t good enough. It was doing great until Google ‘snapped’ it up and now it’s absolutely crap and unfit for purpose. I used to really like it because it was so easy to use whereas Lightroom isn’t. Now I’m stuck with not being able to use Snapseed. Developers come on use your brains and get it back to its normal performance levels. I use to give it five stars but in its present format I can only give it one star and five emoji sad faces ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️.Version: 2.20.2

Doesn’t workThis app sucks, none other functions work properly, and they always get stuck. Do not recommend..Version: 2.22.0

Stopped working at 20 mpI've used Snapseed regularly but recently upgraded my camera from a Panasonic gx85 to a gx9. Since then every time i load an image i can use the perspective tool but if I try and use any of the tune image functions my ipad 3 freezes. The only difference i can see it's that the new photos are 20 mp but that's within the snapseed specs..Version: 2.19

App freezes on some of its features.Since I upgraded to Iphone12promax, i have been dealing with problems with some of the app’s features such as “healing, lens blur and tune image”. I thought it was because of the system upgrade but after doing the upgrade i still have those problems. I hope it get fixed because i love this app..Version: 2.20.2

Not the best with IPhone 12 Pro MaxI have been using Snapseed for years and I thought it would work amazing with the Pro series iPhones (I have the 12 pro max) it crashes ALL the time and just doesn’t like working with the images taken from this phone. It only works with images from anywhere else. Use to be my “go to” for quick editing, now not so much. Really wish this issue could be resolved..Version: 2.22.0

FreezingI’ve used the app for several years, always happy with it, but since I upgraded to 12 pro max the app crashes or when I try to use the brush tools it just freezes my whole phone! I updated thinking it would help but nope. Bummer, I’ll have to find a new app. Still freezes even with their inane “zoom in” before using the filter deal..Version: 2.22.0

NoEmojis doesn't work correctly.Version: 2.22.0

Awful performance over the last year or soIt’s actually unusable for me now. The app freezes on every single interaction, I can’t even switch my screen off, that button physically doesn’t even work anymore. I have to wait 5-10 seconds for my phone to respond. It’s been getting steadily worse since the beginning of 2021. Please address this..Version: 2.22.0

App crashedEvery time I tried to use blur tool app would completely freeze had to turn phone on and off to fix it could fix any support to fix it , and overall slow to use.Version: 2.22.0

What happened?Used to be great, but doesn’t work at all now. Even if I get past the uploading image section which freezes for a good few minutes, it crashes if I try to make any edits to the photo at all. I thought maybe I needed to update the app, but I haven’t been able to use it for almost a year now, it’s up to date, been deleted and reinstalled multiple times to no resolve, and I’ve also tried using it on another device so it’s not an issue on my phones end. Seems I’m not the only one with these problems. Really hope they’ll fix it someday because it used to my go to for quick fixes if I didn’t want to go to the hassle of full post work in a desktop, I loved that it supported RAW files too. It’s been unusable for so long though I’m not sure they plan on it.Version: 2.22.0

Snapseed continues to evolve gracefullyThanks to the consistent attention that Snapseed still gets from the dev team, it remains one of the top, if not the top app, for photo editing still to this day. Ease of use, huge variety of tools... could def use a few small add ons and improvements but overall it’s amazing app. Would love to see for the future: 1. A modern update to the grunge, grainy film, and retrolux tools. 2. Full control over color choices when using the black and white tool rather than being limited to only a few select gels. ie. Choose any color to be filtered through instead of the limited hard set color options. Blues are very powerful but the specific blue available is not always applicable. Being able to adjust HSL would very valuable. 3. Add blur back to vignette as it once was ages ago 4. Add a “dust/emulsion” tool 5. Add a HSL tool FINALLY!!! ❤️ 6. Add a toning tool for cross process. 7. Improve QR Sharing both aesthetically in regard to the image Snapseed output for sharing, as well as make the ability to scan a Snapseed QR look into into the app via images loaded from the camera roll. — the current QR feature only allows you to use your camera to scan an image, which ironically defeats the entire purpose of sharing QR looks from Snapseed at the moment. 8. BONUS: BATCH PROCESS!!! Pleassssse!!!.Version: 2.19.5

Buggy and freezes on iphone 12 Pro MaxI loved Snapseed but is simply does not work on my new iPhone 12 Pro Max. Everytime I use it it freezes and I have to lock the phone to exit the app. Hopefully a fix comes soon as when it actually works I feel it can be a very good app..Version: 2.20.2

Constantly FreezesIt was working really well at the start, I then one day had photos to edit and i chose a photo and selected a tool to use and the whole app froze, i couldn’t get out of it, i couldn’t even turn my phone off. I couldn’t do anything in it at all, it still to this day does the same thing. i’ve tried to restart my phone, re install the app and it did nothing..Version: 2.22.0

FreezesThe app freezes a lot while I’m trying to edit photos..Version: 2.22.0

No update in last 3 yrsThis was an awesome app. With cool features. Good heal tool, most major luminosity editing, complicated to use but powerful selective masking, ability to see all changes and undo any. Unfortunately, there hasnt been any major update to the app in yrs. Now other apps are catching up and I rarely use it anymore. Its also missing three important features; noise reduction and HSL or individual color control and finally auto select feature (like sky or person)..Version: 2.22.0

Bugs still on iPhone front facing camera imagesThis bug seems to have been around for ages and the developers still haven’t been able to resolve this. When editing front facing camera images the app freezes after a few seconds meaning that you can’t edit the images. You have to cancel what you’re doing to be able to then reuse the app but the issue will start again once you choose an edit option. No problem on rear facing camera images. Not sure if this is specific to the iPhone 12 Pro Max or not but would be good for this to be fixed in the next update.Version: 2.21.0

It’s great when it worksNeeds an update or something, every time I click a feature my phone freezes completely and it takes 5-10 re-opens until the app actually works. Love the features it has but not the bugs..Version: 2.22.0

Keeps freezingThis app was my favourite editing app for years however over the last 3 months it freezes frequently half way through an edit on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. Very frustrating. Am about to give up on it..Version: 2.20.2

Crashes constantly!!!I used to absolutely LOVE this app, but since the latest iOS updates, it’s constantly crashing. I’m lucky if I can get through editing one photo and save it before it crashes. I have to delete the app every time and start again, losing any custom “Looks” I’ve created and rework the same image over and over until I’m lucky enough to save it. I do a lot of edits so it’s a pain to try to have to recreate them after each crash. Sometimes I get lucky and it’s saved the image when it crashes during export, but most of the time I never get anywhere the export stage. Fix it, please! Can’t seem to find a support contact either. I just get shown a list of FAQs, which doesn’t help..Version: 2.19.5

A bit and a missI use Snapseed on both my iPhone 13 Pro and my iPad Pro M1, and have to constantly restart the app when I’ve selected a photo edit. The app will either freeze up or open the photo (Apple RAW files), then freeze up when I’ve selected to edit it. This app is long overdue a major update not only to deal with these bugs (another one is if I’ve just edited a photo and save it, then open the next one to edit, it freezes up) but to improve the way it edits photos as you can get a lot of halos between the sky and the buildings, and around people between the background and them. Incremental improvements are great but it needs to. Now catch up with the competition… In saying that, it’s still my go too app on iOS..Version: 2.22.0

Poor performance of late.Lately I’ve noticed when starting to edit a new picture after selecting it the screen is blank and gives no option than to close the app and start again. None of the usual icons and options appear not can they be accessed. It’s frozen. Quite frustrating really for what is an absolutely brilliant app usually..Version: 2.19.3

Used to be my BEST photo app...Don’t know why but I can’t load any photos on iPhone 11 Max Pro...used to be my go to favourite editing app but no use at all now unfortunately :(.Version: 2.19.2

Resolution issue iOS 14 onwards (Snapseed 2.21.0) Oct 2021Was working fine until the buggy iOS 14 (which has rendered other apps unusable too). Once you select an image to work with, the resolution you see in the workspace is not as per the output which is far better. Which now defeats the object. This is on both RAW and JPEG. Also healing edits are sometimes not saved after export. Even though subsequent edits like crop and vignette are. Completely freezes and loses work about 40% of the time. Update. Now cannot open certain images on iPad (but can on iPhone). Pop up box says “error - image cannot be loaded” Update 2.21.0 Still has above issues on iOS 15.1. (iPad) No outstanding Snapseed updates Love this app but nobody seems to read this feedback or check output at Google/Snapseed. What a crime.Version: 2.21.0

Ffffffrustrated!I used this app for years. I have actually had photos in art galleries thanks to this app’s amazing filters and ease of use. However, for the last year+, I can’t get it to do anything. Anytime I try to edit a photo, it absolutely just stops working. I have tried the tricks that they have said to use, but they just don’t work. This app used to be the absolute best photo filter app ever. I would literally —and I don’t pay for anything— would pay for this app because it is that amazing. But if it doesn’t work, what is it that you expect consumers to do? Either fix it or forget it! Or if nothing else, just let it be the app it was a couple of years ago. Ugh!.Version: 2.22.0

My pictures go back to normal after a few hours don’t bother downloadingI used to love snapseed, I used it almost daily to edit my pictures. There is simply no other app as good as this, I use an iPhone that’s fully up to date and the app itself is up to date. Over the last few months my pictures after a few hours go back to normal and I lose all the hard work gone into editing them. After a quick search on google I can see this is a common problem for iPhone users and the developers don’t seem to be interested in even trying to sort this or responding to people with this problem. This app would easily get a 5 star off me otherwise, but due to this going on now for around 6 months and no clear attempt to resolve this is the reason for 1 star! Such a shame as I used to love this app..Version: 2.18.2

Snapseed freezes regularlyI’ve used, and loved, Snapseed for years. In the last couple of weeks it’s performance has deteriorated to the point where it is literally unusable. I tried to submit a ticket to report issues, but can’t find an clear avenue to do so. When I open Snapseed (which I have deleted and reloaded to my phone several times in an effort to fix issue), it automatically open my RAW photo in RAW develop mode… and freezes. I can’t edit the image, I can’t escape out of RAW develop, I can’t do anything but force-quit the app! I have updated my iOS software, I have rebooted my phone, I have reinstalled the latest version of Snapseed… nothing has helped. In fact, the situation is now much worse than it was a week ago! It seems like the problems cropped up at the same time as the RAW develop module, but I can’t find a way to disable the jump-to-RAW aspect. Please help!.Version: 2.21.0

Would be a solid appI used to Snapseed a fair bit, and would use it more - except that since an update a little while ago, ANY pictures that I take with my front camera on my iPhone are flipped upside down? It’s very annoying, and has been the case with two iPhone models now. Would recommend more except that this seems like such a basic thing to fix.Version: 2.21.0

FREEZING!Does anyone have any app recos aside from snapseed? Just like what everyone says here, the app just keeps on freezing. Was not able to use this for months now and tempted to try other app instead..Version: 2.22.0

This app freezes on my new iPad AirThank heavens it still works on my my new iPhone12pro I have to air drop the photos backward and forwards. It was a known fault on ios14 but it is still there on ios15. SO frustrated..Version: 2.21.0

Used to be acesLoved this app until recently. Now it freezes my whole phone, especially when I use White Balance. Too bad..Version: 2.20.2

What’s the problem?Snapseed has been my favourite photo editing app for years. I have an iphone 12 pro max and ever since I bought this phone almost a year ago Snapseed has been a nightmare. It freezes constantly and I have to restart the phone to even get out of the app. The net has hundreds of complaints from people with the same issue - why is this taking so long to fix? please address this..Version: 2.21.0

Too bad this app no longer functions properlyThis used to be my goto app on the iPhone but now it no longer works right, it’s constantly freezing or slowed down so much that it has become unusable on the newer iPhones. Really too bad..Version: 2.21.0

Stopped using app but was once addictedI used Snapseed to edit my Instagram pictures. All the features were great and required little effort to make the pictures look good, but I noticed it lessened the quality of my pictures drastically with vertical lines that were quite noticeable even when it was not zoomed in. I have decided to delete the app and use Facetune instead..Version: 2.18.1

Unusable on 12 pro maxI have been having issues for months editing photos on my 12 pro max. I’m able to make a couple edits, then the app will freeze then close, thus removing all my progress. Seems to be a common issue based on other reviews but no fix offered. Will unfortunately have to another app which is a real shame.Version: 2.22.0

Amazing mobile app on the go!This app is so great! I don’t have to pay a subscription like I have to for Lightroom and I am able to edit raw photos! The only downfall is that it has become very laggy, when after I edit a photo from the raw adjustments so I can move on to other adjustments, it becomes stuck in the loading/processing part and then crashes more often now. And whenever I work on photos that involve portraits, using the portrait and healing features, it looks fine within the app. But when I export them to my camera roll, it seems like there is an exporting issue and the portraits look really bad and it looks like the blemishes that’s I took away with the healing app actually get heighten and look even worst. Same for when I use the portrait feature as well. So there is an exporting issue and loading issue with raw files. Other than that, it’s a great app for on the go, run and gun type of style when I don’t want too or can pull out my laptop. I hope these issues get fixed in a future update..Version: 2.19.3

What have they done!!!The "healing" control is absolute rubbish now. You cannot select the area in the photo you want to use as the base for healing somewhere else. When you use the healing option it randomly selects parts of the photo from I don't know where. It just doesn't work. I looked at to videos to see what I was doing wrong. But the presenters on the videos must be embarrassed. They couldn't get a get it to work either!!! Truly. Have a look for yourself..Version: 2.17

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