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Google Ads App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Google Ads app received 143 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Google Ads? Can you share your negative thoughts about google ads?

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Google Ads for Negative User Reviews

Doesn’t updateThe metrics don’t update .... you have to login on your PC/laptop. What’s the point of the app?.Version: 2.7.20003837

Where is the budget card now? Why can’t I edit anything in my campaignI am getting so close to just dropping out of Google all together. Another convoluted experience, I have to go to my old mobile device, which is a first generation iPhone SE, in order to edit my budget. Where is that function in the new experience on the iPhone app? You search the word budget and there are zero results. Done..Version: 2.30.374057828

Smart Shopping Campaigns Dont Appear!Find the app useful for checking stats through the week but all our Smart Shopping Campaigns do not show in the app! So tried accessing via mobile browser but new Google Ads doesn't support mobile!!!.Version: 2.2.20002136

Easy to use but app crashes - typical none Apple reliabilityFor once Google has made an app that’s easy to use, however crashes..Version: 2.6.20003452

Can’t update or useCurrently I open the app, says I need to update, go to App Store, cannot update. Literally cannot open the app..Version: 1.6.33

Keeps crashingFunctions are minimal and can't make a payment to my Adwords from it. Hope they fix it?.Version: 1.0.2

Older version much betterNot easy to see ad information on small screen whereas other app used to be able to see everything clearly. Just pretty clunky overall.Version: 2.3.20002661

DisconnectedI know my review is not gonna do anything since it’s Google and they can just overwhelm my review with fake, bought 5 stars reviews but whatever. The apps is laughable compare to the desktop webpage. Stats are impossible to view, basically nothing. And when my ads get disapproved, there is not a place where I can fix it. Cool design tho, add a star to this atrocity..Version: 2.15.293640256

No iPhone X SupportStill no iPhone X support for millions of people paying thousands if dollars to Google every month for advertising. Typical Google arrogance....Version: 1.6.33

NahIt says couldn’t sign in with my school account so I press sign in and I sign in with my main account and it loads for a moment and goes back to saying couldn’t sign in with my school account After I enter my main account email and password..Version: 2.37.416844905

DO NOT USE!!!This is the worst I’ve ever been scammed in my life. Stopped using this app a year ago and now they are tying to tell me I owe them 2 grand. Customer service is garbage. And they spam you with phone calls that have nothing to do with your ad and then bill you for it. Garbage. You’ll find more success advertising in a newspaper than you will through these crooks..Version: 2.41.438904386

Waste of moneyGoogle are ripping customers off, false clickers, expensive pay per clicks. Google knows if you’re not on the first few on page one nobody’s ever going to find your business and they are ripping people off for the privilege. You may as well just throw your money up in the air on a windy day..Version: 2.13.20005882

Terrible supportI can’t say enough bad about this platform. Not only did I receive terrible value for $, but dealing with service is an awful experience. I do not recommend Google Ads..Version: 2.23.338152554

Loop stuck in update as wellSame loop - says need update but then can only open app and not update..Version: 1.4.5

Google adsIn my recent experience I can say it is slow and the performance sometimes doesn’t spend the money set in the agreement. I hope the service will be improved soon..Version: 2.37.414295032

Absolute Rubbish!Bring back the old version..this is completely none user friendly and has to be setup via desktop first..and even after that it’s just a joke! I’ve now deleted all and will take my money elsewhere..after using the old version for 2 years’ve lost my money..not that you care! Do yourself a favor and stay clear of this app!! Don’t waste your time like the rest of us already did.......Version: 2.5.20003214

Shady NonsenseIntentionally crashing the mobile browsers and Chrome to force people into downloading the app to use Ads is shady at best. Everything else in the world runs fine in the Chrome mobile browser except Google’s own products 🤔🤔.. Take your own advice/guidelines and make your sites mobile browser friendly..Version: 2.40.433747733

Worst experienceThey suspended my account instantly after creating my first ad, it was a mobile case product nothing against their policy. The worst thing is they deducted money from my card and saying they will refund it on Oct 12, almost 1 month I am still waiting for the refund. No support and no way to contact..Version: 2.47.480631721

Too expensiveThe adverts are way too expensive and don’t even run if you set lower budgets.Version: 2.39.429070019

No stars!Give us adwords express back! Not everyone is adwords expert! Spent hours creating campaigns and spend 100 over a week with no leads! Use to get at least 10 leads from adwords express!.Version: 2.5.20003214

Google Ads are thieves!A threat to your small business, they will unpause ads you’ve paused. They will continue to bill you after you’ve had to call your bank to stop them. They will then threaten you with collections. Everything about this company is evil..Version: 2.36.408336896

UselessNothings can adit except keywords..Version: 1.6.33

It doesn’t work.If I go to analytics in the browser, it shows me a have impressions and clicks. The app shows 0 impressions and 0 clicks for 2 days now..Version: 2.8.20004201

Entire Google Ads system is a jokeFor such a large company like google you’d expect better, however the entire ads system from app to website is very poorly designed and needlessly confusing..Version: 2.28.361175607

BadWhy we need go all the time to the desk version, to chance the clic price, and many others, is easy go the best way for the App, pleasy fix that, we are 2020 Many people not use computer anymore.Version: 2.15.293640256

Google staff have zero knowledge of this appIv had nothing but trouble using the mobile apps , all my calls are for other business,s and not mine , the “IT “ experts at google have zero knowledge about the app , and have had to cease using google . . The problem is google converting your numbers to 0333 prefix with gets them a profit , but causes me stress , as the calls are getting crossed , they are not bothered and won’t stop this , so after 2 years of zero help , cheerio.Version: 2.49.492435106

SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEYAs stated before they don’t care about you as a customer and it’s funny how they flagged me after I was approved for a $500 credit I kept calling and getting my account review to see what the problem was but they told me that they had a right to cancel my account without reason just sad because I will never use them again and customer support is a joke.Version: 2.48.487296370

Billing issuesI have hundreds of clients. I used to be able to switch accounts for billing or type in account number to change accounts. Recently Google removed this. Please change back & I’ll change my review to 5 stars. The new change means I have to to billing on my laptop so the app is useless.Version: 2.20.321226515

Differentiation would be niceWould be nice if removed or paused keywords, placements, etc would be marked differently or removed from an active list entirely. Also, if conflicting keywords would just be found right away. I’m sure it’s not that hard to find matching stuff in a campaign..Version: 2.46.475324205

UselessReally useless app Can’t do nothing from it.Version: 2.49.492435106

Not user friendlyFirst of all, if your smart ad is rejected, there is no way to know the reason. If you try to fix it, eventually your account will be blocked for violation of their policies without specific explanations and opportunity to fix. Don’t waste your time and money unless you are ready to spend millions. The worse customer support..Version: 2.39.429070019

AdWords is Alright, at mostWas satisfied to pop up on front page here and there being a new business and all but watch out with the budget. I was told multiple times the campaign would NOT exceeded my daily budget and now $300 charge in less than an hr for a campaign set up as conversions not clicks- later. . I am told the ads won’t exceed my “monthly budget” feeling lied to and cheated but I learned and kept the ad simple moving forward..Version: 2.45.468575109

Absolute rubbishCan’t create campaigns from the app. Can’t easily navigate in a user friendly manner. Lack of clear insights/analytics. I honestly can’t believe this app is on the market..Version: 2.24.341397260

New update blocks you from managing billing settingsHave used the iphone app to pay adwords bills and update payment methods for years. Then the new update comes out and says "please set up billing on desktop to access using the app". But I already have billing set up, so there's nothing more I can do. Basically makes the app useless until they fix this. Have spoken to google about this and they were not helpful. Very disappointing and frustrating as now I have to be logged into a computer to make billing changes and it used to be so easy. Fix this please!!.Version: 2.0.20001723

Truly terrible customer service.Randomly had my ad account suspended. Reached out and got it cleared up. Then a few days later exactly the same thing, but this time all their channels of contact are down and have been for the past 5 days. My entire business relies on ads. I can't reach my audience and Google are doing nothing to help. Awful..Version: 2.33.391737268

SAVE UR MONEY AND TIMEGoogle Ads doesn’t care about the customer, they just care about that check! They give you numbers back that don’t match your own algorithms! For example, I supposedly received “20,000 engagements and views” but my actual video I advertised is waaaaay below that number. They also never contacted me about the Ad renewing itself!? I downloaded this to test their services out and now all they want is a $450 check! I contacted support about the additional charges and instead of trying to help me get my money back, they told me the reasoning for each dollar charged. Despite me explaining how we got there! God if the world could live without Google support it’d be a great time to be alive, but welp here we are..Version: 2.31.378904091

Extremely buggyTakes forever ( read never ) to reflect latest changes made on the desktop. Right now it’s showing me data that’s 3 years old because I haven’t used the app in a while until. It’s been a week and the app tells me that my account is “canceled”, which is just wrong. Whatever I did on the desktop isn’t reflecting on the mobile app all. Tried refreshing. Nothing works. Major bugs..Version: 2.45.467721145

These are Scammers beware!!! Half of these reviews must be fakeThis service is the worst advertising service I’ve ever used and I’ve used them all!! I started a campaign and after one month it was so astronomically expensive that I paused it, Low and behold the next month I was charged again! I went onto my account to see it had been automatically resumed. I contacted google about 12 times about this issue, one fella was abusive towards me on the live chat, I then spoke to a Nitesh floor supervisor whom confirmed that the person who spoke to me had been let go and that I would be getting my refund within two days. After two weeks I have contacted them again, again a different person replied to tell me something totally different and that I wasn’t elegible for a refund for a campaign that wasn’t even live!!! That month I had not a single call yet was charged £108. The level of incompetence in this office is a joke, And google should be ashamed. I used google as I trusted them, now that trust has been totally eroded and I feel like I’ve been totally scammed. I’d warn off all other businesses as I feel the 5* reviews on here are 100% fake..Version: 2.40.433747733

MisleadingI have been charged far too much I set a limit & they just take 10 times more … I have tried getting in touch to get a refund .. they have opened a case but could take up to 12 weeks …. Be sure to check what they will charge you , I don’t feel in control of my own money so I will be contacting my bank to put a stop of any more money coming out as they are still taking money out since cancelling !!! Be warned of this app very Missleading!.Version: 2.41.438904386

Pointless AppIf you just want to know very basic info like how many clicks you've had or how much you've spent you'll love this. If you actually want to find out anything useful/meaningful (bounce, matched keywords, etc) or to see data in graphs other than what Google didctate, then this really is just a pointless app..Version: 1.0.1

Not workingEvery time I try to download this app it tells me to check my network. I am not having any issues with my network. This app does not work and I can’t move forward to create an ad for my business..Version: 2.42.446715324

Absolute trashGot a 400 clicks in a matter of hours. None converted and just bounced. Seemed like bots. Filed a ticket back in April, I still have not heard so much as a follow up. They do keep trying to get me to go back. Save your money and try something else. I just threw money away with this..Version: 2.42.446715324

Read Fine PrintIf you setup a budget for your ad campaign it doesn’t mean anything. According to Google it’s just a threshold that increases within the month to a minimum of $500 based on the amount of clicks you get for the ad. My one star is because it isn’t explained properly on the campaign manager. It actually states you won’t be charged more than your budget. Which is a straight up lie. A sneaky way to make more money. I can only learn my lesson from this and warn others..Version: 2.6.20003452

Crossed phone #’s with other businessesGoogle you keep crossing my phone number with other businesses. Every phone call I receive they are trying to reach another business. I have spent so much money with you, and very little actual leads. I’m calling a lawyer to investigate this crap!.Version: 2.19.315559919

App doesn’t workI want to tell you why the app doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because it says check you internet connection and try again but I have my email internet so can you make an update so it can let everyone in..Version: 2.43.454176583

Bad SynchronisationThe problem with that app is then you can’t upload an ad through the app which means you have to do in on the whichever Google website you’re trying to promote on. Because I’m doing so the app doesn’t then register the ads you’ve done from the websites leading to poor synchronisation and then also the ads website doesn’t work very well off the phone as it keeps kicking you out and refreshing the page. It’s just very poor Google really need t fix this issue!!!.Version: 2.46.477171458

I got banned for nothingI got banned without knowing why it happened I got an email and it did not explain the issue. I went through my videos and I did not see anything going against the guidelines. I tried to write an appeal and it kept saying the website link has an error. I feel like my success is being stopped..Version: 2.37.416844905

Took my moneyI literally just opened my ads account for my business. Said I couldn’t start ads until I added my billing information. I added my billing information and then it says my account is suspended immediately AFTER taking my $50. Very weird..Version: 2.42.446715324

Total scam very poor returnsI’ve been using this for six months just pulled it I’ve found out that when you check you’re ad it comes top only because they use a heavy cookies but when you search from another device with another IP address you’re listing is lost wast of money and time but not for google who have loads of ways to manipulating the web to take you’re money thanks for nothing 🤬🤬😡😡.Version: 2.4.20002885

Won’t openNo matter what I do I can’t open the app. It keeps saying something went wrong, check your network connection. My network is working fine. Not sure what to do..Version: 2.41.438904386

Works some timesHave tried this for a year. Works good at first . First week is great then you get calls from people looking for other businesses that don’t have anything to do with your business. Then you get spammer s clicking your ads and google won’t refund you for the scammers. Then you try to call them for help and recording says they are closed for COVID-19. Then they try to call but never rings your phone always goes to you answer machine. Try to return call and get messages that they are closed for Covid-19. So frustrating they always want to charge you more and more but the ad gets worse with wrong number or spam calls. No customer service at all the people they give you from India never call you back after 100 messages sent to them. Never call you when they say. Be careful with this. Now they are charging more for ads and you get less performance and no customer service be careful..Version: 2.46.477171458

They scammed meI got an email saying if I spend $600 they give me $600 voucher. After spending iver $1000 they denied it. What a rip off from one of the biggest companies..Version: 2.48.487296370

DO NOT GO NEARHow do people not see straight through this? So I setup campaign create ads restrict them to certain locations add my keywords and times for advertising and I get the complete opposite. I get more traffic from the countries I haven’t set than the countries I have set and then I am charged for them. I’m getting search traffic from keywords that have no relation to what I have set. Why say it works one way and then it does a completely different thing? This app seems to be grabbing money for the fun of it and doesn’t match the algorithm. If it proceeds to deduct money from my bank account then it’s under fraudulent pretences and is charging me for something I clearly have not asked for. The actions are accountable for in a court of law..Version: 2.13.20005882

Poor Customer ServiceWhenever I contact them to get some help they ruin my campaigns. I don’t know how google works with such poor standard companies..Version: 2.8.20004201

It's a good start.Cool app. there really should be a way to sort keyword bids by price rather than have to open each keyword to see its price..Version: 1.0.1

AnnoyingGood app apart from the fact that I can’t add keywords/negative keywords all the time. I’ll click on said keyword to add it to a list and the option to add it to the negative keyword or keyword list will be there and other times it won’t. I cannot fathom why they are there sometimes and other times they are not..Version: 2.43.454176583

Doesn’t function properlyFrequent bugs and glitches. Gives contradictory information to ad words on desktop..Version: 1.6.315

Desynced with desktop(or maybe just flat out broken)I wish I could include pictures, but more than half my ads display no stats or information on them(they have tons of info on my desktop). I can’t edit or work with them at all and there doesn’t seem to be a fix online. The query “stats not displayed on Google AdWords app” ironically just shows a bunch of AdWords relating to AdWords campaigns and it drowns the useful results. When it works, it’s great. But I kind of expect Google to be able to put out functional applications, especially when I’m investing hundreds of dollars into them..Version: 2.27.359817749

Why cant i start an ad campaign?!Whats the point? I wanted an easy user interface to try and start an ad campaign. That should be made rather than go to the browser. I do not own a computer, i only have an Iphone. Google should make the interface easy to use to creat ad campaigns..Version: 2.40.433747733

No stars is too manyI tried it because it was supposed to be the best way to get my business seen. After 2 months I didn’t get any feedback or clicks so decided to cancel my campaign. After several attempts to cancel the contract google still withdrew funds out of my account despite writing them to cancel. Customer service is dreadful and there are better ways to get your business seen than spending a single penny with this business. I hope they see this so I get some form of response to refund my money!.Version: 2.1.20001947

Good to manage but...They should allow you to create campaigns from the app.Version: 2.21.20012760

Missing smart shopping campaignsI could’ve sworn they were added but now I don’t see them anymore/ can’t enable them..Version: 2.3.20002451

Doesn’t workCan’t sign in with my google account! So annoying..Version: 2.15.293640256

Criminal!!!Google Ads is one of the most biggest organizational criminal company in history!! They don’t giving you chance to stop ads. They don’t giving you options to remove your credit card information.Version: 2.38.423651083

Bring back the old mobile version!This new adwords is really annoying! Due to the volume of campaigns that we have switching certain campaigns on and off several times a day is very very time consuming and tedious! It wouldn’t be as bad if the app didn’t keep crashing too! What’s more the difference in the colour of the blue text between on and off is also very slight so it is hard to tell which are on and off at a glance. Please either make this more user friendly as a mobile app or go beck to the old one!.Version: 1.6.315

Absolute ToshThey give false information on what clicks and views you have had. There’s no physical way for me to check what they are saying and I defo haven’t received the amount of business they say I should have. I get that every click isn’t going to result in a job but come on how do I know they don’t pay a dude with a list of companies ads to click on and bump up my charges. It should be pay for the advert if it results in a job not a click..Version: 2.13.20005882

Impossible to get problems resolved .Have duplicate addresses and account for the same business. Unable to take care of it ourselves and impossible to contact computerized Google with no live support. But they are the 100# Gorilla in the room so they do not have to have customer support.Version: 2.45.468575109

It became too costly to advertise on googleJust received a $511 bill from one month of advertising here. It costed a significant percentage from the revenue. It’s not worth the money.Version: 2.6.20003452

Happy now?I'm a paid search advertiser. Google keeps aggressively spamming me to download their app. Today it opened a new window when I clicked on reports taking me to an app download page. Well now I downloaded it just so I could leave this review before deleting it. Happy now?.Version: 2.35.403126588

App does not openGet "Check your network connection and try again" every time I try to open it, no matter where I am. It's not my connection, everything else on my phone works. Deleted it and downloaded again and still does not work..Version: 2.49.492435106

Wouldn’t sign inThe app wouldn’t let me sign in, gave me errors constantly, I expected better from google.Version: 2.40.433747733

Bad supportI was told I would have an assigned account manager because my ad budget is higher than average, the account manager that was assigned to me did not answer my emails and was a terrible communicator, she could not do a re-marketing campaign and said it is the technical team's job and the technical team kept saying it is her job. Until today I don't know who to believe!!. and if you want total to anybody else they rise the "COVID" card and we are short on staff, limited, etc Really bad experince..Version: 2.32.387179363

RubbishIt’s total rubbish it comes up with recommendations and when you click on beats ‘ you can’t do this from here’ Google you are pants at this !.Version: 2.38.423651083

App BrokenWhenever I open the app it says it could not login with my account, so I try signing in with a different account but this doesn’t matter because after entering. The same page with the other account not working shows up again. I have reinstalled the app multiple times and restarted my device, not sure what to do..Version: 2.35.403126588

Google Ads Support TeamThe worst customer service I have seen in my life, I give them one star because it is the minimum, they cancel my account and there is no person who can give you an explanation of what happened or why it was done, even after sending more than 20 emails I still have no answers, too bad they have no competition....Version: 2.38.423651083

Recent update has made App PointlessDisplay now doesn’t fit screen properly & have lost facility to search for campaigns to toggle on and off. Very annoying, especially as older version worked better. Please have a look at the Bing App and perhaps ask to borrow their developer as it’s far superior. As a result of recent update will switch back to Bing advertising whilst Google Ads Sorts our app. Hurry up and sort it please, Thank you.Version: 2.0.20001723

AwfulWorst app update ever. Incredibly difficult to use, designed to be more user friendly but has instead had the opposite effect. I’ve ended up with multiple accounts which I’m unable to access/edit/delete. I’m also notified that my campaign is incomplete therefore cannot go live, yet I’m not advised what I need to do to fix this error. Shocking..Version: 2.4.20002885

Stuck on Sorry, something went wrong with *my email*When I enter my information it just loads and returns back to the screen. Super buggy and can’t even get past the login screen.Version: 2.40.433747733

Customer service there to hinder youGood luck if you have any issues only responding via email when ever they feel like it. And if you have a issue the answer is always its your problem figure it out then try to reapply and if you didn't figure it out good luck..Version: 2.49.492435106

Support sucksA google rep calls me and makes changes to my campaigns assuring me that i will get more calls or requests that took my daily hits from 500 to 200 at TRIPLE the cost per click. i called twice to complain but i am being ignored..Version: 2.43.454176583

Adding Negative Search TermsAwesome app except for one glaring bug! 80% of the time the app will not allow you to add neg search terms or words. Especially neg words to shopping campaigns. You are in the campaign to add it but it only gives a regular campaign choice to add it to. Not the campaign you are in. Broken…fix your app please!.Version: 2.42.446715324

Sorry, Something didn’t workThis is what I get when I open the app. Deleting and reinstalling the app didn’t help. It complain about network connectivity but every other app like Gmail or Analytics works as expected..Version: 2.49.492435106

Absolutely zero supportWe just tried to use it, they blocked credit card, we changed payment method, they suspended account. No answers no help no reaction during the whole week from the google. How does it work!?.Version: 2.42.446715324

AverageBasically a useless app alternative to the web based interface. Can't select search terms from past history to make as a negative keyword. Web based interface constantly crashes on iPad as well. Mind boggling how incompetent Google software developers are.Version: 1.5.11

Ads on pauseBeen waiting for a week to see if my business is able to still advertise after 22 years in business and after advertising off and on for 20 of them with your company. I am a private company but I am one of the only 2 listed on every USA embassy in the world as a recommended pay fee service company. I just want to keep helping people..Version: 2.37.416844905

Buggy AppApp has some useful information for a quick glance but is buggy and gets stuck. E.g. while trying to change the locations for where the ad should be showing the apps continuously gets stuck. Had to do it from the browser on the laptop. As a paying customer, it should be better..Version: 2.24.341397260

Google keeps accepting dark rightwing moneyGoogle keeps accepting dark money from rightwing extremist groups to perpetuate election conspiracies and incite civil unrest. Google customer service was notified of several examples a couple of weeks ago and has neither responded nor removed the ads calling for political division and extremism. Google is actively profiting off political unrest and beaming politically divisive content to hundreds of millions of internet users in the hopes of radicalizing people. Google profits off chaos..Version: 2.44.461738009

To many fake clicksBeing charged for fake clicks 96 clicks no calls just waste of money.Version: 2.46.477171458

**SUPER SCAMERS**For 2 weeks i have been trying to upload a campaign and there has been nothing but problems, i have thousands of impressions and over 1 thousand views but none on my placements, this is ment to be TARGETED TRUE VIEWS(what are you targeting if its not my placements? And how are the views true if they are not from my placements?) I phoned up to resolve and i was advised to increase the cpv to £1 (even thou it already was on 0.10p and was only getting charged avarage 0.3p cpv) Still never worked just wasted money!! Then I phoned up again and was advised to make another campaign so i did and after 4 days of waiting for approval i was told the ad language is not supported for google (racist and unreasonable) after this campaign was running faulty for a whole week and previous campaigns for longer with same language, i spoke to on phone support plenty of times and every call i was asked about the ads language and it was never a issue. Absolute joke! really disapointed and would strongly advise go the alternatives you will be much more apriciated!!! UPDATE: ***super scamers **wasted even more time with these clowns and yet again after another week of nightmare with phone support no good out come proper joke i hate u googlee!!!.Version: 2.13.20005882

Awful!Yet ANOTHER app that promises a lot and delivers nothing. I expected more from Google. Type in keyword, ANY keyword, it comes back with NOTHING! is that possible? Well, because the app should be renamed the Google Adwords Crapp. Don't bother. Go for SEMRush instead. I guess you get what you pay for....Version: 1.3.15

UselessNever works at all. Pathetic excuse for an app from a multi-billion dollar company..Version: 2.13.20005882

Still stuck in loopHow can this even be, go to update, says i have the latest. Same as others. You would think they would just increase the version..Version: 1.3.15

Terrible experienceThe app does not provide all the information about search terms and clicks. If you set up geolocations to run ads in, it will run the ads in areas that you have not selected to run in, including those areas you have blocked. The billing is somewhat scammy, they will charge you for many clicks on 1 impression that no one has seemingly clicked on. Then Google will call you constantly trying to get you to increase your spending. More over, you get some crap ROI.Version: 2.43.454176583

Useless App!I expected more from google. I was forced to download the app to my iPhone when i tried to add a campagne. All you can do is see info on existing campagnes. Impossible to add a new one. I guess I will wait to get to the office and do it from a PC..Version: 1.6.228

GarbageGarbage that’s all what I can say..Version: 2.2.20002136

TrashCRASHES EVERY TIME I TRY TO EDIT.Version: 2.5.20003214

Difficult to Navigate the Ad menusWhile Google ads appears to be a very powerful marketing tool, the navigation is difficult to follow. I was forced to write down a map of the options so I could remember where I found something. There appears to be no clear direction on how to set up the ads. I had difficulty setting up the audiences as well as attempting to relocate the fields I felt or helpful. It seems I have found most of the features by stumbling across them..Version: 2.31.378904091

Bunch of Thieves that take advantage of Small BusinessesThey claim to give a match of your first ad. But bill you for your part plus the part that supposed to be the match. They are the hardest people to get ahold of unless they are trying to sell ads. They keep you business phone tied up with people selling ads but can’t answer any other questions. Don’t waste you time and money with these Thieves..Version: 2.15.293640256

Terrible support and serviceMy admob account is banned for no reason after being randomly limited ads serving for several weeks. It’s impossible to reach a person, not even a email through their support. It’s like talking to a cold robot, where their staff keep sending canned response in forum and refuse to give detailed reason..Version: 2.35.403126588

Not good resultsI was so many clicks, so many impressions etc etc but physically result zero.Version: 2.39.429070019

In a loopUpdated to new version, then get message telling me I have to update app, takes me to AppStore. Says open (rather than update) , then go back to app to get same error message! So frustrating!.Version: 1.3.15

Must view campaigns on the web???Running multiple campaigns on Google Ads, downloaded the app to monitor throughout the day. Instead, it’s a blank app that says “Check Google Ads on the web for 3 more campaigns” What’s the point of this app if not to manage your Google Ads campaigns?.Version: 2.36.408336896

Numbers are never updatedIt’s kinda unusable because the stats are never updated. You gotta go on the computer to see the true stats.Version: 2.35.403126588

ROI on Google ad’s is insanely lowROI on google ads is incredibly low compared to other online advertising options. Very disappointing results..Version: 2.22.330737792

Well this ended badlySo thanks Google, I now have multiple ads running which I can no longer access, monitor, switch off or control in any way as in the transfer to the new app you’ve completely lost them Who do I phone to sort please.Version: 2.4.20002885

App Keeps CrashingEvery-time I open the app it crashes, have rebooted phone, still crashes....Version: 2.17.306836898

Needs to be more user friendlyLooked everywhere to try add a new campaign, would be nice if there were better instructions.Version: 1.6.315

Confused and user unfriendlyWe find it hard to organise, use and manage. No support..Version: 2.48.487296370

Significantly worse after updateThe new app is terrible after the recent layout change - previously stats, negative keywords, campaigns were easy to view and change. Now they almost seem to have been intentionally hidden. My front page is full of stupid recommendations - instead of just showing me how my Ads are doing. The ad pages themselves are the same with stats showing riiiight down at the bottom (they have also seemingly removed the ability to quickly add worlds to the negative keyword list - probably so they can take your money running ads on keywords you already own)..Version: 2.48.487296370

When you put an add:When you put an advertisement, someone will click; you have no idea who is clicking from what part of the world or from alien planet. Such a waste of money..Version: 2.12.20005472

Don't botherDon't bother downloading this. You basically can only use your desktop to manage ads now. Google, can you guys put the bongs down and use the billions of dollars you've been paid to put together a decent app? Teenagers on their bedroom computers can do better.Version: 2.5.20003214

Google is the worstUsed to be my go to for advertising. They have now made it far too complicated for the average business. Unless you are a huge company forget navigating all the hoops and obstacles inherent in advertising with Google today..Version: 2.42.446715324

Pointless really...This isn’t a google AdWords app, this is an app which lets you view campaigns you created on a PC. Totally useless if you want to create new campaigns, or restart old ones etc...Version: 1.6.315

The product had so many problemsI was forced to use auto payment method because I am in Canada?! Now I have no way to pause my service. Worst experience with google product..Version: 2.3.20002451

More Support NeededI’ve read everything on trying to resolve an issue and no answer is given. Why is my AdWords express google sssistant directing calls from our ad that are clearly being misdirected. We’re receiving calls that are very similar in nature, yet not having anything to do with our ad or business. This has been going on for several months even prior to our running an ad with AdWords Express. I’ve come here twice for support and still have had none! Can you please help!?.Version: 2.19.315559919

Google ads and google analytics app not working fine in iPhone 13 pro maxGoogle ads and google analytics app not working fine in iPhone 13 pro max The app performance is very slow and it’s kept crushing. Kindly can you please look into it asap please l. Cheers, Tom.Version: 2.40.433747733

All BSSo you set your click budget and your monthly budget and then check your credit card mine was hit $800 for a $200 budget. There is no service on the backend. When you check the app and it says your spend is xx and you think yeah thats fine its on track then it blows out without warning! In India and other countries there are people paid to click your add to ramp up the clicks and then they call u to see if you want assistance. Total scam. Buyer beware!!.Version: 2.11.20005032

UselessThis app is honestly so stupid, I'm not able to view multiple ad campaigns on the app, which literally defeats the whole purpose of it, I am able to see one campaign, then I get a message saying "check Google ads on the Web for 1 more Campaign"?? Makes no sense to me at all.Version: 2.31.378904091

Constant badgeThe apps gets a badge on the icon every day for no reason which is really annoying. Apart from that it’s a decent way to keep an eye on ad performance..Version: 2.49.492435106

Google account not linkedApp stopped letting me login , kept saying google account not linked although I can login fine on computer.Version: 2.6.20003452

No thanksReally How do I protect myself from competitors. And when i call google they are like with this people sharing the money and no have any experience when they speak with you. Just looking for money. And they can know the competitors from ip but i said google and owner of google and CEO Indian man they know how to thief.Version: 2.30.374057828

Terrible appI can’t even see the campaign I already set up on my desk top version.Version: 2.29.368006309


The worst customer service in the planetYou guys suspended my account for no real reason affecting my business client acquisition, my sales and our employees income. Call multiple times and your customer support can help and I have to wait days for get an answer from you. This is the worst customer service in the world, your customer service department is full un unable people that can not solve anything and take weeks of answering to your clients..Version: 2.43.454176583

PoorGranted I’m no expert, however I get by. I have always found adwords as a whole confusing and not user friendly at all. This app does nothing to change my mind, also it has the overall appearance of something I’ve designed on a Sinclair Spectrum.Version: 2.6.20003452

It’s brokenSo I have a running ad but the app keeps telling me I have to go to the website to finish my account. I do that and there is no indication of what to do to complete the process. I tried using the built in help chat feature but that fails to work as well. Leaving a bad app review seems to be the last course of action available.Version: 1.6.33

You’ve taken 10 steps back with this update!Poor performance. Waste of time, money and effort. Too confusing when you have multiple campaigns goings. You need to sort this google. A top company like yourselves should not be going backwards in upgrades. Disappointed and leaving google ads..Version: 2.9.20004397

Well designed but no billing facility?Is it just me or is the no ability to add funds to your balance? I appreciate that Google are stopping manual addition of funds for all new Adwords accounts but there are still hundreds of thousands and of accounts out there (like mine) that are set up for manual payments. The ability to make payments on the move if a balance gets a touch low or runs out would be THE most useful feature in my book. App seems very well designed but this is a real let down..Version: 1.0.0

TerribleVery basic app, unable to start a new campaign or ad. Can only view existing ads made on a pc. Very limited functions..Version: 1.2.9

Not was I was expecting.Decent UI, but can’t really do much. Mostly useful to get a very high level overview. I wish I could edit my ads from the app..Version: 2.0.20001723

PointlessCannot get app to function at all its full of server errors and crashes every few seconds which renders it useless.Version: 1.5.11

New app is terrible.I hate this new version. I cannot work out how to even create an all. Please bring the old app back..Version: 2.5.20003214

Google ads liedGoogle ads false accused me of posting a fraudulent ad, I’m a affiliate marketer and was posting links to products that I’m hired to refer people to. Well google suspended my account claiming that i was “pretending to be the company” when all I did was share links and write about the product which are facts from the product. I wasted money on these ads, I thought google was the best ads platform but I was wrong..Version: 2.44.461738009

No happy at allNot getting job at all and spent money for no reason.Version: 2.39.429070019

Keeps crashing - doesn't let you to doIt doesn't let you to do a lot of staff you can do on your computer and also you can not control as use to be. Please fix it. You are taking lots of money from us but ypu can't even provide a single service..Version: 2.11.20005032

Impossible to work withMy account was suspended for being “fraudulent or a misrepresentation of a product or service.” I have combed their rules and I am not violating anything. The products I sell are handmade and literally each one of a kind, so I am not misrepresenting or copying anything else. Their customer service sent a generic response, I asked a direct question and they copy and pasted their first email. What a joke. If they weren’t the only option for advertising on non-social media sites they would be out of business..Version: 2.42.446715324

DisappointedI am suggesting that don’t open google ads account, this is useless and just taking money from Visa card factory, they are good at misleading clients.Version: 2.13.20005882

New UpdateI completely dislike it, bring back the old version, it was easy to use, i can’t see my add, I can’t edit it, I can’t see anything anymore. Bring back the old App!.Version: 2.4.20002829

Very Poor CommunicationI’ve been having very bard experiences with them, customer support is very poor, they do not reply to your email if you had a problem.Version: 2.43.454176583

A bit complicatedA bit complicated.Version: 2.45.468575109

IOS 10 version no longer works and I can't upgradeWhy?.Version: 2.18.310578888

CrashingIt was useful until yesterday’s update and now it just crashes all of the time!.Version: 2.28.361175607

Lacking Basic Features, Clunky Interface, Borderline UselessUsual Google obtuse design elements and influence. It’s a chore to use and you’re better off with their horrid web interface since you have a stripped-bare feature set with this app..Version: 2.7.20003837

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