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Google Translate app received 89 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about google translate?

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Translated phrases are incorrectGoogle translate online translates phrases into the correct way of saying them, this app does not. For someone who doesn't know what is the right or wrong way of saying a phrase in another language, this is not a good app to use. It will leave you speaking things that make no sense..Version: 1.3.1

Please bring back the old voice translation systemThe new voice translation offers much less than the old one did. It had your transcribed text in the original language The translation and transliteration in the requested language, and the possibility of hearing the translation spoken by a native speaker The new system is a HUGE step backwards Bring back what did not need fixing! Please!.Version: 6.14.0

Average translatorAfter using it in china on a daily basis I have to say that its ability to translate is limited, the annoying problem is that it keeps cutting off during transactions or conversations, the offline mode is almost useless..Version: 6.2.0

Very badSince the last promote the app going down really i prefer the last version of it.Version: 2.0.0

Not working in ios14.2Not translator in picture for ios14.2.Version: 6.13.1

Awful appSometime misleading.Version: 6.14.0

Photo feature doesn’t workTried translating chinese characters to English. They’re easy ones, but I’m not fluent so I wanted to use google translate to double check. Can’t recognise the characters and only comes out with symbols and letters. Tried to do English to chinese translate instead for the words and they actually recognised chinese characters but not even the right ones..Version: 6.7.0

Japanese to English is just laughableI use Google for translating German lieder and Italian operatic arias I am working on into English. Translations are fair to poor. But since I started living part time in Japan, I tried using it to translate Japanese Emails to English. I am moderately fluent in Japanese. The results were hilariously bad. For example katakana “kare” which can be translated as he, curry, boyfriend, etc. is always translated as curry, even though from the context it obviously means boyfriend. My name is Bill, this is katakana “biru” in Japanese but is translated as building in English, even when it is followed by “san” in which case it is obviously a name. Japanese sentences generally omit personal pronouns, which must be supplied in English translations. These are usually obvious from the context, but apparently not to Google’s algorithms, which almost always guess wrong. I can’t believe that ten years into the age of AI, Google translate could be so bad. It makes one wonder about other AI apps, such as self-driving cars..Version: 5.23.0

НІ В ЯКОМУ РАЗІ НЕ ЗАВАНТАЖУЙТЕТаке враження,що на кожне слово у гугла свій переклад,особливо в украінській мові. Фігня повна,є безліч інших в сто раз кращих альтернатив! Гугл пробив дно..Version: 6.14.0

Needs improvementOne of the things that does not work properly is the voice recognition feature. Work on this app more as many of its features need to be improved..Version: 6.4.0

HahaThis app is so completely useless that if it cant find a translation it shows you the same word you put in, meaning you then will then think that the translated word is the same in the language you are trying to get a translation to This has been like this from the beginning of the app and it just happened to me again for the 754th time and just realised I should point this out to the “developer” ;) Obviously they could not care less... Like anybody from the team will read this anyway :D This is what happens when you let millenials develop something :D Hahahaaahahahahaaaaaahaa.Version: 6.12

Bad translationNot accurate.Version: 6.8.0

How google has fallenIf this was just a few months ago, I would be giving a five star no problem. However, I have noticed quite obviously that google has but "fused" some languages together. Languages such as traditional and simplified Chinese. I used to be able to switch between the two. Not anymore. The only reason I even installed Google Translate was so I could interpret not only from simplified to traditional and vice-versa, but also because my family uses traditional. In fact, other countries also use traditional Chinese. Google didn't just disappoint a fellow user giving a review, but disappointed many a countries. I hope you realize this Google. Thank you for your time. (If you even read this).Version: 5.14.0

.To /Google Translate #kurdishsorani.To /Google Translate Greeting of peace and prosperity Above all, we would like to extend our sincere greetings for the “Google Translate Community” staff. we would like to request our language to be in your site, as you see Kurdish-Sorani does not exist in the list of Google Translate, the language is spoken in Northern Iraq , Kurdistan Region officially , and at the same time the language is spoken in Iran, Iranian Kurdistan, or Eastern Kurdistan, More than 45 million Kurds need the language in the world, and it is spoken and official in northern Iraq /Kurdistan Region, government uses the language in all the parties of government , it uses in schools and directorates , so please accept our request , it is very important to students and people even for government and merchants, teachers, students, and so on . We need Kurdish sorani on Google translate, so that we get rid of having struggles in accurate translation from other languages. Thank you, best regards..Version: 5.29.0

Very Ordinary ApplicationOnly translates the second or third attempt of spoken English and Chinese. Suffers from the slightest network variability by failing totally. Cannot pickup the end of phrases nor sentences. And often stops listening before the speaker has finished. Has a very poor understanding of Chinese and English, it cannot recognise syntax nor grammar correctly. Is totally lost with pronouns. Is not an offline translator. After attempting a simple conversation it often fails terribly to be seen as a another tech-joke. There are voice translators out there that work..Version: 5.19.0

Kinda works but privacy nightmareWritten languages, most common, are reasonably ok. Camera translations will see your success vary wildly. Voice to voice is ok for basic stuff but requires internet connectivity at all times. Any camera images you take are kept by google. There’s a toggle in the privacy settings to disable google from keeping the images. But the toggle auto resets back to ‘Allow’ all by itself !! No idea why developers would build a toggle that is pointless and obviously privacy rating for this has to be zero. All images go straight to google forever..Version: 5.25.0

VERY BADGoogle translate was very bad i do not want to use it at all. Where writing in french to english or english to french is very bad. I would never recommend using this for school. Word reference is way better. Sometimes its wrong and sometimes its not. 90% of the time this app is wrong! this is just our opinion on this app people will have different but i do think that this app is not the best!.Version: 6.16.0

Google TeamDear Google team, After using this app for a while I wanted to let you know that both the Russian language and the Armenian language need a lot of work. Not only does it not translate properly it seems to make it up as it goes insofar that mixes Latin letters with Russian and Armenian letters in the said translation. Some sentences are literally gibberish as in nonsense. As far as grammar is concerned it is a disaster. I shan’t mention punctuation as it’s nonexistent. Instead of helping to translate what it inevitably does is create more work, unnecessary work. I am really disappointed that the entire Google team cannot find a single Russian and Armenian in the United States to help program this app. I find this app absolutely useless and therefore I’m going to stop using it. I hope that you’re going to pay attention to this utter failure and fix the many issues within the performance of this app. The premise is good the delivery however is not. Sincerely disappointed, E.A..Version: 6.14.0

Something bad happened since iOS 13Ever since iOS 13 this app has been misbehaving. For example, it will translate most of the words but not all of them. Sometimes it doesn’t translate at all, but simply repeats the original phrase in the “translation“ box. Sometimes the little X which is supposed to clear the input box just doesn’t work. And yes, I did delete it and reinstall it..Version: 6.3.0

Good app but...Upon using the app to translate Polish to English it worked barely, but some words were just completely wrong and didn’t even translate to English, the words it did translate were wrong and made no sense, I attempted to translate Gryos but it said it was the same word which it isn’t, it means rotisserie chicken give or take, according to the lovely woman at the restaurant. Good for basic languages but anything more the app struggles.Version: 5.20.1

Tip to addIt would be so cool and useful if u made goodie translate able to work in the keyboard. To be able to type in a language and translate in to another for sending texts would be very helpful.Version: 6.2.0

ShameIt works well when translating from a word you’ve typed in, but my goodness is the ‘picture’ translator awful. I tried it with Japanese which failed completely. I wanted to know what a term was, but it’s rather difficult to type out the Japanese term when the keyboard on the phone is different to that of the English layout. It’s definitely something that could be improved. That being said however, it does work superbly when translating a typed term.Version: 5.16.0

BuggyThis app is pretty good apart from one bug,when you lock the device it makes a different sound after the standard lock noise, like cymbals! Please try and fix; its really annoying! Thx, will give 5 stars when fixed..Version: 5.0.0

Offline Translation Does not work in CubaI 100% downloaded Spanish offline translation before going to Cuba. As soon as I got to Cuba and connected to WiFi. I noticed my Translate app had removed my offline translation. At first I thought I had accidentally deleted it. Tried to redownload but Cuba has blocked offline translator file downloads. So I had to buy a VPN. Pretend I was in the USA and download the offline pack again. BUT the next time I connected to Cuba Wifi. Your app removed my Spanish offline translator again!! Can you please fix your app so it stops doing this!!!!!! I really depend on the Spanish offline translation. Please fix this.Version: 5.15.0

Terrible design - using the browser version is betterI installed this because I frequently use the browser version in Google to translate between English and French and I thought the app would be more convenient. Took me less than a minute to see the flaws in it. It's a horribly designed app - for example, in the browser version you can "switch" the languages around to make the destination language the source language. This is really helpful if, for example, you wish to practice making sentences in a language and then switch them around to compare your sentence to how Google translates it. In the app, there is a switch button but it switches the TEXT between windows instead of just switching which is source and which is destination - so my French sentence goes into the English window and vice versa, meaning they don't get translated. This is either a really stupid bug or an inexcusable design flaw, and to be honest it's entirely what I've come to expect from Google software. There are ALWAYS really stupid bugs and oversights which people complain about for years but which they never fix. Oh well, uninstalling it now..Version: 5.20.1

Camera doesn’t work with new iPad Pro 11.The camera doesn’t work with the new iPad Pro 11. Get an error that says ‘The Camera is not available. Exit split-view to enable camera’. Am not in Split view, have tried turning off allowing multiple apps. Suspect it’s the fact there’s no home button and you will always have the app bar to access apps. Others have reported the same issue online. Only use it for the camera translate..Version: 5.26.0

Why fix it of it ain't broke?I REALLY don't like what you guys - the people who created Google Translate- have done in the latest so-called update! I used to be able to see more if the previous phrases that I had translated - now the screen shows only one previous translation underneath - not helpful!! We do not need a big screen to type things in - the new screen is way too big. Please change it back. I'm looking for another translator!.Version: 2.0.0

DONT RELY SOLEY ON FRUITIt thinks that Hello in French is Bonjour! I mean who was dumb enough to allow that. It’s not even like a strange next level language like Igbo. It’s French! I’m not saying that you should be compelled to stay away from it because it will never get anything right, I’m simply suggesting that if you are a student then you should use other apps or websites and if you are just learning a new language then use subscriptions like Babbel. However if you are just exploring around the world or visiting new places, it’s good for picking up words and phrases. ...and it’s salut..Version: 5.20.1

Needs Cantonese voice and translationThere is no translation for Cantonese; app needs Cantonese translation and voice. Mandarin is not the only chinese language used by the masses..Version: 6.16.0

Horrible so difficult and not accurateWhy can't learn.Version: 5.13.0

Frustrating!I thought, Oooh i’ll use google translate to look at what this long letter means, every time you click something it makes you have to type all over again which is infuriating when you’ve typed 2 paragraphs?! it’s slow and unresponsive at times -all the time- and it’s just SO BAD in general. i know that nobody is going to reply to this and there just going to push it to the bottom of the reviews to keep their ‘5 star ratings’ up ya know what, unless these issues are solved i’m going to keep telling people to use itranslate instead! greetings -unknown user.Version: 6.7.0

Spanish on iPhoneUsing for my travels to South America . Downloaded offline Spanish. Works well with Net connection but not offline , maybe because of iOS ? But you can text what you want to say and comes up in Spanish, just not voice , unless connected to Net ..Version: 5.24.0

Current version default. - don’t like the changeI use google translate more than any app and I have loved it for years. The translation keeps getting better and more accurate. I give the latest revision a 2 because of a change that adds a step to translating during a conversation. The default used to be simply reversed when I selected the “translate to” language as “translate from” (ie when I was using “translate English to spanish” and selected “translate Spanish” and “to English” would automatically appear). Now I have to select both to and from each time- adding an additional step to each sentence. I don’t know why this change was made- if I needed an entirely different language I’d need to select it- it would never be “English to English” or “Spanish to Spanish”. Maybe this is an oversight but please fix it. Thanks very much and thanks for your app..Version: 5.17.0

WorthlessThis was my go to app for translating back and forth between English and Spanish and Italian. Now it’s almost useless. Most of the time now I keep getting an error message saying google translate was unable to establish a network connection to fulfill my request and to check my network connection. However, my internet connection is fine. It works both on my home WiFi and in my phone’s 4G connection. What’s weird is that it didn’t work while I was on my home WiFi, so I disconnected and used the app successfully on my 4G. Then after several successful translations I got the same message. Earlier I got the error message which went away after uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I’m just done now. Can’t wait to find a translate app that works..Version: 5.26.0

It’s okI like the app but some times it says “I play soap on” when it actually says I put soap on my hands. This app need improvement but it’s ok..Version: 6.13.1

New bugThis is an awesome app. Unfortunately it’s developed a nasty bug. Following a translation the home button often refuses to clear the input section so you can enter a new word or phrase. It requires you to go out and come back to the app to clear..Version: 6.3.0

OkIt translates words but you have to check for further translations because sometimes it gives the wrong word. It's more convenient than other translation apps. The camera translate a picture function doesnt offer any transtation at all. When i hold the paper and it captures it, it offers words in changing languages and not in english, and only random words, not enough to understand the sentence - basically useless..Version: 6.11

Works decently well, but has some problemsGoogle Translate certainly works quite a bit better than some random online translation service, but there are quite a few things that could be improved. Pros: - Does a generally good (though not perfect) job translating phrases and idioms. In particular, many expressions that mean something in one language but doesn’t make sense in another are correctly translated to the analogous expression in the other language. - Has an offline download feature that lets you translate without reception. This is of course very useful when your phone service doesn’t work overseas. - Allows the saving of translations for future reference, but that doesn’t seem extremely useful. Cons: - One cannot choose to switch between various forms of a phrase for languages that have multiple types of conjugations. For example, you can’t choose to have French use tu instead of vous. - The translation of a word does not show whether the word is masculine or feminine for languages where it’s relevant. - While the offline feature is useful, it’s *extremely* slow. In fact, the online feature can be quite slow sometimes too. I chose to give the app 3 stars because for me, the cons make it quite cumbersome to use this app as a general translation / reference manual..Version: 6.1.0

Great app on the move but live recording needs workLive offline downloading and the goggles feature, excellent work from google there. However the live conversations (listening) section is extremely buggy , sometimes it keeps listening when you don’t want it too when you want to keep the translation on the screen, and other times it just refuses to listen at all - there are workarounds but this is just sub par in this otherwise great app. If Google finally fixes that very annoying feature then I will improve my rating..Version: 5.18.0

Please update for iPhone5It's a good application but It will be better if you adjust a screen size of this application for iPhone5..Version: 1.3.1

Needs ConvenienceI love google translate BUT I really wish the workflow was optimised. I would wager 90% of folk boot up the app to translate their clipboard or check a single word. Unfortunately I have to tap the text box, wait for the keyboard to slide up, tap again, wait for the context menu to fade in, tap paste, possibly change the language order, and tap Go. Not to mention if I want to copy too. That’s 6-8 steps! Please make it more convenient Google! (For all devices) Otherwise an incredibly useful service..Version: 5.16.0

New version is awfulI can’t translate anything. This new version is really bad. I will probably delete the app if it doesn’t get fixed. Spanish to English just moved the Spanish around and did not show me English. The app is really difficult to use is not intuitive. Please fix this.Version: 6.14.0

Why?The audio button for the Chinese translation is something I use a lot however it suddenly changed from a clear female voice to a robotic male voice that cannot pronounce its words... I hope you change it back.Version: 5.16.0

Awful but can be usefulThe main issue with this is if you’re trying to translate certain languages such as Japanese or Chinese, it’s unable to show me what it’s saying because one character can be a big word, but it’ll display that word huge and block out other words. If any words are in a font that aren’t just straight lines then it has a lot of difficulty reading things. Also a strange thing I find is that no matter what language, if it can’t see the words, it’ll put out random words, most commonly it says “mosquito” or “death” which is a bit creepy and odd. It will also pick up other edges of the scenery and translate those non-word images into “mosquito” or “death” or something else not related. I get that we don’t live in 2058 yet but these issues with the app aren’t new. But what else do we have that even works remotely as good? Maybe someday it’ll be better..Version: 5.20.1

Translation is poorI almost know fluent welsh and i use google translate to help me but half of it is not right!.Version: 2.1.1

Google Translate needs a massive overhaul!FEATURE REQUEST: Since most people are translating from a foreign language to their native language, it would be lovely if you could make your chosen language “stick” at the top of the list. I would prefer to have the languages I use most frequently stick to the top of the list. For me, they are: English, French, German, Latin, Russian, and Spanish. That would solve the annoyance of having to reselect one or more my core languages every time I deviate from my norm. I would like to include Croatian in my core list, but the machine voice for Croatian is unintelligible, even to native speakers because the sound quality is so poor and it speaks far too fast. HEBREW & YIDDISH: It is not possible to learn to speak or translate from either of these languages. Google has NO VOICE, machine or natural, for EITHER of them, nor does it scribe the translation using our common alphabet, Latin. At least then, I could make an attempt at the pronunciation of the words. I would cheerfully give Google Translate 5 stars as soon as these deficits are dealt with..Version: 6.12

New iOS 14The old versions were more intuitive to use. Especially translating between English and Chinese. You guys took our way too much. The pinyin in Chinese is gone. Terrible.Version: 6.13.1

I’m confusedAs I travel often this App is my usual go-to. So you can imagine my obvious surprise when it went missing from my home screen. I assumed I must have accidentally deleted it. Checked my App Store, it only gives me the option of opening the App as an extension (within the store) and not as a separate app to be stored in my device. Very strange I can’t figure out how to delete and reinstall either, as technically the app does not exist on my device....please help!.Version: 5.23.0

Trash.Version: 6.9.0

Flawed text scanning and translationsThis is an amazing translation app, especially the real-time camera mode, straight out of science-fiction! However, it gives different results between camera Instant mode and Scan mode (often the Instant translation is close but a little off, Scan is more accurate but slower). A big problem with Scan mode is random omission of Japanese symbols from the source text and/or incorrect scans (wrong characters), so you’re unable to get a complete translation (frustrating). There are also frequent Google network errors resulting in delayed translation (or none at all), and frequent app crashes. You cannot pinch-zoom the camera, which is a problem on a smaller screen or text sizes. You can share/save only the translation results and not the scanned original foreign language text. I also don’t like how the camera mode always defaults to Instant instead of the last setting used. So although this is a convenient app for translations, it still needs a bit of work to get a higher rating from me..Version: 6.4.0

DisappointedI had high hopes for this but can see right away it will be useless for my needs. When trying to communicate with someone in real time, the last thing you need is favorites or history, yet that keeps popping up and taking 75% of the screen and you cannot easily get out of it. The most important thing is the swap function so once you translate something you swap it to make sure it translates back correctly so you don’t cause an argument or say something stupid but the swap here doesn’t work properly at all it just swaps language positions for the next person to type rather than swapping the translation itself for checking the accuracy of the translation in case you need to reword what you want to say. You got this right in your browser but not in your app. Disappointing..Version: 5.25.0

Great features, horrible UI & Dark ModeThe translation component for the most part works well. Could it do with improvement? Of course, but it gets you by, as does the OCR. However, the current implementation of Dark Mode is horrific, a fake dark mode colour scheme that clashes and doesn’t use “True Dark Mode” colours prevents me from giving this a better rating. What’s worse is that it’s inconsistent with other Google owned apps that utilise Dark Mode..Version: 6.5.0

UpdateIt's about time this receives an update. Translations could be a bit more accurate than they are right now..Version: 1.3.1

WhyGoogle when I translated it was wrong so can you please fix it.Version: 6.13.1

Not very useful in real time/ Real lifeI have to screenshot everything go to translate google translate upload pictures wait four minutes for it to scan just wanted to translate every conversation I have with somebody text message iMessage Facebook what’s appPlease upgrade this somehow so to work on other pages you say you’re associated with Facebook but you were not very helpful this app does not work very well with my iPhone XAnd yes I have the latest update my Samsung a10 S has these features where it will translate where I don’t have to screenshot and drag... I do believe no one will see this because they won’t show negative where is your views views.Version: 6.10.0

Bad updateThey changed the app. For worse not for better. You deleted the arrows so you could switch the language back and fwrd , deleted the 4 language frequently used. So each time you had to browse through.. and so on. Shame on you.Version: 6.13.1

Not gooodHas nudes.Version: 6.14.0

Good but not what is neededThis program is useless when trying to overhear peoples conversations or listen to a speech. You can’t tell people to slow down and pause so you can translate each thing they said. That just does not work and is not practical. If I’m watching a show on TV in Chinese it is also fairly useless unless you want to press pause every few seconds. Also when people are talking, you have to tell them to speak slowly and carefully. That is ridiculous. And you have to wait until they have completed a sentence to translate. That is silly. What is needed is for the App to translate as a person is speaking. The user would just wear earphones an be able to listen nearly real time just like a real translator does. Or the translated words would appear as the person is speaking. The function that translates what is written kind of works. It fluctuate the transition consistently until you freeze the frame. Obviously this function needs improving..Version: 6.1.0

Was reliable but now its crapI used google translate for everything. I live in a nonEnglish speaking nation so it came in very handy. but since the latest update I've had innumerable issues with it. I can't copy and paste it just puts in "TEST" when I paste something. the keyboard is messed up with emojis instead of words in the predictive text lines. the keyboard is laggy and often replaces correctly spelled words with incorrectly spelled ones. the keyboard has a globe symbol at the bottom that opens first with a list of emotions instead of the keyboard. it doesn't auto capitalize the letter of a first word in a sentence. it doesn't input a period at the end of a sentence . many times it doesn't input the letter I type. if i capitalize something i have to hit the shift typea the letter and hit the shift again or it CAPITALIZES EVERYTHING. all the letters appear capitalized on the keyboard regardless if the shift is on or not. it does this in other internet based apps as well but it started with the google translate app..Version: 6.13

This app does not know what I am writingI was doing Arabic homework on nouns and sentences ces and when my teacher I got bad mark because I got the wrong answers from this bad app I even wrote a stupid word and did not notice because I thought I could “trust” google translate feature but nooo I now got to redo my homework and I have got extra homework with that thanks google fix your stupid app so I can do my homework with ease and google only works on the languages that are most important in the world but they should have got every language to it’s full ability and put out the app.Version: 6.16.0

BooksWas reading a book that had lots of spanish. Of course, it didn’t really matter to read the spanish but my curiosity got the better of me. Of course, the live camera feature is a bit glitchy but it still helped me understand it!.Version: 5.16.0

English to English help kids with reading difficultyIn the last 6 months my child was using the google translator as a tool to help with his reading difficulty. It was a great tool which we set up as an English to English translation. Unfortunately after reloading app to his new iPad we are no longer able to set translations English to English. Hopefully this is just temporary issue and developers will modify this function as it was extremely valuable assets for kids with reading difficulty..Version: 5.28.0

FrustratingQuite often translates Portuguese to English or vice versa terribly, it has caused many arguments. One simple example is when you write play in English I translates to touch in Portuguese. Also when adjusting what you have spoken you get the smallest area that the words appear in and a big blank area underneath. I hope one day the app gets a huge refurb or I find a much better app. I can’t wait until I no longer need a translator.Version: 5.29.0

AnonFor someone who speaks, read and writes in 8 languages fluently and currently learning a 9th, It’s fine if you’re able to understand enough of the translation to “just get by” but it’s got a very LONG way to go and of fixing the multiple issues before getting translations 100 % correct. It translates to the “proper” grammatically correct ability of languages only, not understanding that in 2018 NO person of origin speaks this way, yet in “dialect” forms of their birth region. For the record I’m fluent in Cantonese, Khmer, German, Greek, French, Italian, English and Korean with French, Italian, Greek and German being my mother languages. English is my 4th language, and Cantonese, Korean and Khmer self taught for Business purposes and my current language of Indonesian being self taught at present. I am 29 years of age, however it’s never too late to learn something culturally new for your future such as that of another language..Version: 5.20.1

Bring back the old versionWhat happened to the image option? And now it’s harder to see past translations. Bring back the old version.Version: 6.13.1

Flaky on Asian languagesEastern / Asian languages to English translation is not so good. It’s better with western / European languages to English. It gets you by..Version: 6.2.0

No audio translation to CantoneseUnbelievable! No audio translation to Cantonese. 👎👎👎👎.Version: 6.14.0

Hard to Use, Inaccurate, Barely WorksMany times when I record audio or pictures, the translation doesn’t even come up. The audio is worse since no matter what I do, speaking into the microphone is just a bust. I’ll say something into the microphone, and it won’t do anything. It doesn’t even load, it just indefinitely waits for me to say more. No matter how much I say, real words or not, it doesn’t ever even acknowledge that I’m done talking and if I hit any buttons, the X to close it or microphone button that you’d think would tell what it said, just cancel out of it. Not to mention, taking pics is a nightmare. You have to highlight with your finger the phrases you want translated, but you can’t move the picture around easily. So if you zoom into a certain part, it’s hard to zoom back out, and you can’t move the picture at all without zooming in or out. So if you zoom out in a way that makes the pic go off to the side, well, too bad. Why can’t it just detect the words itself? Or at the very least, why can’t I translate more then one thing in a picture, and do I have to take the same picture again and again just to see everything it says?.Version: 5.26.0

RubbishJust tried using the camera and there was no instruction on how to translate. Really quite useless..Version: 6.0.0

:(Sometimes when I translate some words it makes me confused because my French teacher would say it to me because some words I don’t understand. I was translating a word I know until the translation put the word into a different meaning is the French translation French Canadian or French??? Please tell please. No wonder this app has gotten bad reviews for some people. This is app is still helpful but be careful with the app, it might make you get MIXED UP WITH SIMPLE WORDS UGH!.Version: 6.14.0

You are more likely to read 1* reviews. I actually enjoy your appThe part of the app i am pointing towards is within the voice or conversation modes. Specifically i am talking about the amount of time set between the last spoken word and the apps decision to begin translation. The current time setting is too short to allow for various linguistic traits and a setting to allow for either extending or shortening this specific time period would make the app a lot more user friendly. Currently both pausing for thought and telling a joke with any level of comedy timing is impossible. On the power of jokes alone this should be something you should consider looking into..Version: 6.12

So soI find that I often have to rewrite or cross reference the translations otherwise they make no sense, often the wrong word, gender or tense is selected but the most annoying bit is if I need to double check my understanding of a voice message as it constantly stops and starts speaking at me, while the recording is still playing and these can be brief messages, so it takes ages.Version: 6.16.0

Ruined the app with upgradeSince the update, translation is not happening Ruined a great app.Version: 6.13.1

Stuck on “Allow access” screen when using cameraAfter pressing the camera icon in the app, it shows “Allow access” in the middle of the screen. (The camera should had been allowed before as I was using that function previously.) In “Allow access” part, ...allow Siri...something, and ...allow suggest...home screen..., Why suddenly it forces me to accept Siri to learn from the app? I just need to translate some words and paragraphs, what is it to do with home screen? Updated the app and still the same..Version: 6.14.0

Translator discriminates Ukrainian (my native language)When I translated “Part of Ukrainian-speaking population” from Ukrainian to Russian, the Russian translation said “Part of Russian-speaking population”. I was expecting it to stay “Ukrainian” because this is the initial context of the translation phrase. Due to the historical pressure of Ukrainian language (read up on Ems Ukaz), I consider it a personal offense and as a support of the repression toward Ukrainian language. Considering the scale and amount of users in Google Inc. I think google translate has to do a better job and I rate my experience at 0 stars!.Version: 6.14.0

Worse app everThis app couldn’t be more frustrating to use. Junked!.Version: 6.16.0

Wasted screen real estateWhen I’m trying to write something for translation, the window at the top is so tiny, that it makes it difficult to see what you’ve written if it’s more than three lines. I have to scroll through a tiny little window. There’s so much space available in the window yet it’s squished at the top. Why was it done this way? Can it be changed in the settings?.Version: 6.16.0

MISE A JOUR!Fait Une mise à jour il traduit n'importe quoi il remplace des mots il traduit super mal..Version: 6.7.0

Could be so better!Most part of time is the mean is a trick!.Version: 5.20.1

Severe problems to automatically detect languages.The current version of translate appears to have a problem of detecting the correct language. This hasn’t been a problem in the past. This happens In conversation/dual language mode were no choice/preference for one of the two languages pairs is set. Here, the app would quite frequently “translate” English sentences into English rather then translating them into German or Spanish. This is a very avoidable flaw. For example the spoken sentence “Hello how are you doing?” Is just repeated as “Hello how are you doing?” rather than translated to “Hallo, wie geht es Ihnen?”. A simple comparison of the input sentence and the translation should illustrate this problem to an evaluation / quality control algorithm to assess this problem on your server. No artificial intelligence needed. Please fix this!.Version: 5.20.1

Great forA wonderful product. And yet, it is impossible that the googs are unaware of the sexism issues they designed into it, and more than dismaying that these have not been corrected. I think all female users of Spanish and Italian translations to/from English should consider a class action lawsuit related to the constant slaps in the face we endure from this app's male-gendrist design: 1) Google assumes and defaults to male subjects: Frequent occasions where the app provides a translation with the pronoun(s) "he, him, his" when "she, her, hers" would be equally valid. There is no reason any longer to use male as the default translation gender. Both sentence versions should be offered by the app, with the female version shown first at least half the time. 2) Google chooses different translations by gender; e.g. the app makes different verb choices depending upon whether the subject of the input sentence is male or female. Example: "She's busy." È impegnata. "He's busy." È occupato. I am beyond irritated. I'm angry at rich powerful google for making half of us put up with what the other half doesn't. Fixing these isn't rocket science..Version: 6.2.0

Good but...It’s a good app but could you please add Valencian to it?.Version: 6.16.0

No longer working properlyHasn’t been working properly since iOS update. Translations not working, cannot delete sentences when pressing cross. Have to continuously restart app..Version: 6.3.0

Missing many languagesWith the latest version of the app they removed a lot of languages. Not as useful for me anymore..Version: 6.14.0

Poor translationMy father speaks French fluently and I'm learning. I wanted to use Google translate but half the things are NOT correct!.Version: 2.1.1

Camera translate still in Alpha?Been waiting years for the camera translate to enter beta. Seems like no development has improved this since launch. Amazing idea and if done right could have a huge impact for anyone travelling. I still use even though it’s buggy as hell - even trying to translate things that aren’t text. Google please invest the time to improve this aspect of the app!.Version: 6.3.0

Useful, but be cautiousI use google translate all the time and find it useful to define word and phrases. However, when I try using the translations to converse with native speakers, they often do not understand what I am saying because the translation is off or completely out of context. For example “I need some bags” translated into Spanish came out as “I need some pants” when translated back to English the way any normal person would speak. I had this same problem using google duo to learn languages, as the AI translations seem too rigid to mimic how language is used in conversation. The one feature though that is SUPER COOL is how you can take pictures of writing in any language and it will translate the written words for you! This is awesome! So, this app definitely has some redeeming qualities, in my opinion.Version: 6.0.0

Want the female voice back for KOREANI have been using the google translate app for over a year and it’s default for English to Korean or Korean to English was always a female voice. About 2 weeks ago, this changed over night without noticed. Now, the Korean voice is default to a male voice. Why did you take away the female voice? I am learning Korean and a female. I would be willing to pay for the app if there is an option for female voices. And if you are trying to improve the app, users should be able to have an option to choose the voice gender. Google taking away the female voice just doesn’t make sense to me because you already have that function to begin with..Version: 5.14.0

Too much tappingPlease make it easier to QUICKLY translate things. I don't want to have to open the app, tap the text box, wait for keyboard to appear, X out existing text in text box, hold down for menu to appear, tap paste, tap go... too many steps and very inconvenient if I'm translating frequently. suggestion: have optional setting that automatically puts cursor in empty text box when open/switch back to the app. also have button to "paste and go".Version: 5.26.0

Why should I report an issue with Google Translate?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Google Translate to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Google Translate customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Google Translate.

Is Google Translate not working?

Google Translate works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Google Translate.

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