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It's OKFirst card took several goes as it needs natural light not office light, so this needs improving. Does not seem to manage shake so a tripod is needed. The user interface is intuitive which helped its rating at average..Version: 3.15

Total garbageShould have read the reviews.Version: 5.06

Poor performerGreat idea, but I get the feeling that for it to actually work, all business cards would need to be of a standard size, and plain white with black text of a generic style all running in the appropriate direction. Transcription should be provided for free until the app gets good enough to scan business cards as they are in the real world. Colorful and creative and individual..Version: 3.12

Stop asking me to buy other things I’ve paid for your app!I paid for the app but each time I use it you ask me to buy another app you’ve made. Pisses me off. Also it should automatically add to address book, you shouldn’t have to click a second button.Version: 7.3

Not a great appTerrible app. Web based and far too many options, ie would you like email this contact and tell them about this app. Does not integrate well with existing contacts if you are using outlook and sorting by company name. Waste money for me..Version: 0

GarbageThis app is complete garbage you can never spell anything out properly and it takes forever to scan doesn’t work well on my new iPhone or my old iPhone I wish I would’ve spent more money and got a better app because this one is a total waste of time.Version: 9.7.1

Should have known better...Well there's five bucks and an hour of my time wasted. Gotta admit the video on their site made me think "hey for five bucks it's worth a try" Simply put... This app doesn't work!! Tried at least ten different cards numerous times. Not one single area scanned correctly. If it's too good to be true it usually is....Version: 0

BadI had purchased this software long ago with all features and now they have changed so that I can no longer use it in a way I used to. It asks me to buy credits..Version: 8.0.1

Great app - when it worksI’ve happily used the app for many years however I detect increasing levels of mediocrity... OCR accuracy not what it was. Loads of manual corrections required for seemingly straightforward text. And why doe the App crash EVERY time I try to update ‘My Contact Info’. Overall - disappointing.Version: 9.1

Full feature set requires purchase unlike advertised.Full feature set requires purchase unlike advertised..Version: 8.0.1

It's OKI realized when I tried to take a pic of a business card it didn't readily snap the photo and crop just the card. My bank's check reader does this why not a business card reader. Secondly, these are business cards why when it appears as a contact (not yet input to your personal contact list) highlight/bold the name of the business instead of the person. I deal with multiple people from the same business. It would be helpful to list all people associated with a business instead of having to search for someone..Version: 7.0

Stopped instant OCRWhat is going on! It has suddenly stopped doing instant scans and says it will take a day or two..Version: 7.5

Not as good as CamCardIt's been a while since I used these "card" scanning apps being in a largely digital world. (Used to work for a telecom). Now that I am back in a more traditional role with a different industry and I had to dig out the card scanner memory box. I have used the same Apple ID for a long time so I can see the apps that I used to use. However, I am always looking for improvements, better apps, etc. 66% off the Pro price so I bought this one and to be fair Mac World gave this a decent rating although CamCard was listed above it. But. The OCR was supposed to be the best? Nope, not even close. It would have been faster to plug in the card to the iPhone manally that use this App. It read what it wanted to FINE but placed things in the wrong place and missed (did not read) a lot of other things. CamCard did it 100% faster/better - same card scanned with two apps. And, as I now remember if you carry two adrress books and want to save the scanned ones into your "work" address book (aka Exchange in my world) CamCard allows you to save the scanned card into the correct address book which in my case is NOT the default one I am using on my iPhone. I have the default one set for personal. This app had no such function..Version: 6.06

Why botherThe OCR does not function very well. I have to edit every entry anyway so why bother taking a picture..Version: 9.2.3

Needs workI had some business cards that I wanted to throw away but didn’t want to lose the contact info so I downloaded this app. I like the idea of keeping all the business cards I have in one app and if I want I can export it into my contacts. The problem is I scanned 3 different business cards and all 3 I had to edit. It would put the name of the person into the wrong field. Had the address wrong in the one and had the phone number wrong in the other. If you could get it to scan all the correct info into the correct fields it would be perfect. I’m going to keep the app because I like the way it organizes it. I just didn’t want to edit every business card, but oh well..Version: 7.0.2

No longer works with outlook?Always asks to use transcription service and I can’t see how to turn that off. Seems less accurate than is used to be. Have had it for 4.5 years. Wouldn’t buy it again..Version: 7.5

Hard to use and doesn’t workHard to use and I have to manually fix all the entries. It doesn’t go into my contacts on Apple. Waste of time and money. No support. Save your money..Version: 9.7.1

3Not capturing all the information correctly..Version: 8.0.1

Version 9Just updated to V9 and accuracy has gone ten steps backwards. Just had to spend half an hour manually editing all the scans. Sort it out.Version: 9.0

IPhone4 userBy no means a bad application but isn't quite as slick and good as it claims. Takes some getting used to but ultimately saves time and effort once you have got used to it and used to the photographing technique required for accurate text recognition..Version: 0

Quick and easyGreat app.Version: 5.06

Review of ScanbizcardsSo far it's obvious good light when taking the photo is essential ( I'm using an ip3). The 'send an email' from the card address did not work so they need to look at that. I wonder what capacity I have for the number of cards..Version: 3.04

Ripped offInstalled and trialed lite version. Liked it so clicked upgrade to full version and paid for app. Then needed to reinstall, so I down loaded the full version instead of the lite version and it charged me again. Rip off!!.Version: 9.1

What A JokeSo you give a message that says "opps doesn't work on your phone, and we didn't make that clear -sorry, you can certainly ask Apple for a refund". NO YOU CAN'T AND IF YOU KNOW YOUR DESCRIPTIONS ARE NOT CLEAR WHY DON"T YOU FIX IT RATHER THAN WASTE OUR MONEY AND TIME. Never again will I even look at your products let alone buy one..Version: 0

Not very user friendlyIt does a decent job of reading the card but many times could not understand the company’s name because the name was in the logo and not just basic font type. In less it’s hidden in a setting somewhere it won’t allow you to add the new card to a specific folder. You have to go in and manually and change the folder after adding a new card. A great feature would be to open a folder and add a new card from within that folder so it goes directly to that folder. I will look for an app with features and options that better suite what I would like..Version: 7.1.3

This is adwareIt does not work very well - it takes too many attempts and too much correcting; I am better doing it by hand. And what I hate the most: it's full with adware trying to sell me other stuff I don't want. If this were a free app I'd understand, but for $10 I don't want to be haunted by adware..Version: 0

Used to be goodI like this app and it saves a lot of time However, lately you keep getting pop up dialog boxes for add on transcription services which is very annoying. How many times do you have to click “no” for them to stop asking you each time you scan a card. Besides, if you wanted a transcription service wouldn’t you get a different app instead of a scan app? Common.... use common sense !!!! I knocked down the rating by 2 Stars because of the constant annoyance.Version: 8.0.1

Well, I've been scamedI'm not gonna speak much, but my review is identicaly like the one before mr, so 1st i waisted 5 dollars then spend 1 hour of my time trying to scan, the final was a piece of junk, im asking for my money back, thanks.Version: 0

Not salesforce compatibleI paid because it said it could export to salesforce. Because my salesforce has required fields to save contact info such as a sale type it will not let me export. The app does an ok job of deciphering the info on a card and putting it into the correct places I’d say about 60%. I don’t mind editing it a little, but I’m not sure it saves me any time. Pretty much useless to me if I can’t export to salesforce. I think maybe I’d just prefer a photo Rolodex..Version: 7.3

Not badVery handy app to have. Great to be able to capture business card details with quick scan. OCR needs improving but it works really well on plain business cards.Version: 0

Miss-sellLooking for a business card scanner. You have to subscribe for a human transcribe service to get this to work! Completely misleading..Version: 9.1

Can’t recommend this appTried it for a while, and though it has some nice features, I actually find it too crowded, not intuitive and definitely not easy nor fast to work with. I tried it with several cards I had at home and it took me more than 6 minutes per card – way more I would expect it to do if I want to use it in a conference. The scan is fast and easy, but very fast you learn that you need to check each and every field of data (some would be just fine, but you still have to check because almost no card comes out without mistakes). Anyway, I wouldn’t buy it….Version: 3.01

First card didn't workNot good sorry I parted with my $$$.Version: 6.10

Almost...Tons of features, but most are not really required. The one that is, scanning, is not that good..Version: 0

Poor accuracy of OCRIn my first test the OCR was very inaccurate and requires lots of manual adjustment. OK for the odd card, but not for larger batches..Version: 7.4

Almost perfectThis is a great app very easy to use looks great and is very accurate only problem, the address when clicked should open in Apple maps or Google maps to allow navigation.Version: 5.06

Impressive but...It is great to scan and ad cards in your contact. However, it would be great if they had a application for your Mac or PC. In the case of conferences or trade show, it is a bit annoying. If the same app was on my Mac, I would simply take picture with my Phone and then do the rest directly on the laptop..Version: 0

A useful tool let down by character recognitionAs someone who does a lot of networking I wanted a tool to capture and store contact details and then throw away the paper. This allows me to do just that but the word recognition is poor which means time spent correcting the data. Some of this is down to poor card design and I don't know if other solutions are any better..Version: 6.06

Poor90% Never works.Version: 7.0.3

Great app with lots of built in functionsHaving been badly let down by the makers of a competing app who decided the iOS 11 update was a good opportunity to render the existing app useless, I was looking for an alternative. I use the app to take business card details directly into contacts which works great. ScanBizCards surprised me by scanning really well and adding several additional useful features such as direct export into SalesForce of the scanned card information. Keep up de good work ScanBizCards and please don’t let us down on a next software update by rendering the app useless!.Version: 6.12

Change in modelTranscribing used to be instant, now there is a delay of 24-48 hours? I have to buy credits to instantly transcribe cards? This worked well for years, but now the model has changed to bump up revenue, I assume. Shame. This was very good..Version: 8.0.1

Complete Ripoff !!!They don't make it clear that the app DOES NOT WORK AT ALL WITH iPhone 3G but then when you open the app they apologize for not making it clear that it doesn't work with iPhone 3G. Why if they're honest is it not the first line in the iTunes store add. Thats what honest developers do. And apple thanks for your part in this rip-off..Version: 0

Still wont work with salesforceAfter reporting this problem over a year ago, it still isn't fixed You can not tell this app where to login. Salesforce has an option to prefix your salesforce web address with your company name or whatever. This app only directs you to the standard login screen most other apps for salesforce let you customize the web address to login from. Not this app. After a year of knowing this problem - poor response.Version: 4.0

A nuisance in the appJust bought this app today. It works OK. The quality of the business cards has a lot to do with whether you get a great or average read. This is not the publishers problem. The thing that does irritate the heck out of me is it keeps after a few card reads asking if I want to add in another part of the App. I say yes, but Apple says “not available in your country” so why the heck does this keep happening. Either sort out the app to switch this off or get Apple to wake up..Version: 6.01

Not bad!Back up service is fee based. We now have cloud backup this is a rip off, come on biz cards be happy with revenue from purchases. Scanning process is fragmented with the need to press buttons following a scan??? If scanning 5/6 at a time it's monotonous. OCR is a little frustrating. Recognising some words not others, addresses and emails seem to be a problem. Inconsistent. User interface isn't funky. It's a bit old looking. Need to crop and scan cards is one thing. The requirement to review, save changes to every card field means much of the scanning process is pushed on the user. Why buy a card reader that is user dependant? Come on developers... You can do better than this!.Version: 3.13

Something must have changed.Everyone says this is a great business card app. Something must have changed because I think it’s horrible! I downloaded it paid for the pro version because of reviews and find that not only doesn’t it set up new contacts but I have to pay to have the card reviewed and all the information added. Not cool! To make me think it’s good download it with money then find I still have to pay to use it at all. Horrible!.Version: 8.0.1

DisappointedI just bought this app. Scanned a few cards and most of information from the card was incorrect. If I have to make numerous corrections with names, titles and contact numbers, what is the point of the app? I should have saved the money and type out the information myself. This app should not claim to accurately populate fields if it’s not capable of that function..Version: 7.1.3

Horrible appI scanned 3 cards when I got the app, and there were major mistakes in at least 3 fields for each card I scanned - misspelled email addresses, names, urls. I spent almost as much time fixing the mistakes as I would have just entering them completely by hand. That also created a lot of extra anxiety and distrust of the app - how could I have any confidence that the info for my scanned contacts would be correct. Waste of money and time..Version: 7.1.3

What a lousy appA one star rating is extremely high for this app. I installed this app a month or so ago so that I could easily scan in business cards in my phone without having to scan them on Dymo CardScan device. The problem showed up after doing a about 120 cards and attempting to sync with my contacts. The app took anything that was already in my database and randomly linked them adding email addresses to totally unrelated contacts as well as phone numbers. So, I have been going through my 800+ contacts and deleting the unrelated details for each contact. I suppose it would be easier to just delete everything and start over using the Dymo card scanner..Version: 8.0.1

TranscriptNow cannot use unless you pay for transcriptions. Don’t buy!.Version: 7.5

Get your act togetherSo I opened this app to scan a business card only to be greeted by full page explanation of the app's new version....not necessary. However, hidden at the bottom were two options: "Download App" and "Remind Me Later". I chose the later three times, yet all three times the app forced me to the App Store. I decided, AFTER THE THIRD TRY, that I didn't need an app that tried to force me to download something that I do not want. I deleted the app..Version: 7.1.3

Great concept but needs workI love the app and the concept. Huge time saver. That is, if it would only capture the information actually. I would say 0% of the cards scans have loaded without mistakes. It is still often faster to correct a few problems then enter 100% of the info from scratch but if you are not careful it almost always has an error or two, or 3. There has been a couple that if not corrected and saved that would have caused either a problem or worse. Again, great app and great concept. I hope they continue to improve and send me updates. If it helps to know, I am using an IPhone 6S-P so the camera is good and not the issue..Version: 7.1

Terrible app.This app was a waste of money. The business cards I scanned worked perfectly in other apps but this one was terrible. Text came out as gibberish. Don't waste your $$$$$!!!!.Version: 0

Works like hellWhen I bought it at first everything was working acceptably. The OCR was far from being perfect but acceptable. Then subscription feature appears. My god. OCR works like hell. Croping tool is so hard to use. When you manually enter a phone number it’s ompossible to put dots or dashes. Hard time to return to normal views after using the magnifying glass. It’s not hard to find a better apps then that. I really regret my investment..Version: 9.8.0

Since 9.9.3 update it stopped workingDice it auto updated to 9.9.3 it stopped working . App crash every 2 minutes.Version: 9.9.3

Does not work!I scanned the first business card and it did not recognize a single digit or letter, promoted me to manually transcribe it and deducted 1 out if 2 credit; 1 out if 2 credit for permitting me to type the business card info as indexable information for a photo. Something I could do for free in iOS Contacts. Scanned a 2nd card and prompted me with a pop-up that the app will transcribe it in 1 or 2 business days. Took a screen shot but can not attach it to this review. Very disappointed - a total waste of $2.99. Asked for refund - no replies!.Version: 7.5

Mr LewisI thought this was a great app until I see a Japanese app. All they did was point the camera at the card and it sized, scanned and cropped the image automatically. Very quick. Not like this app. Hence only 3 stars. I’ll give it 5 when they have this feature. :).Version: 9.0.2

Bait and switch!Bought this app with the understanding that it has built in OCR capabilities, would scan the card, turn it into ascii text and place the info in your contacts. Simple right? NOT! You have to submit the card image with additional credits you must purchase and they manually turn the info into text for you. No OCR involved at all. So it’s not instant plus you buy the app and you buy credits. Waste of time and money..Version: 8.0

Not that good.I bought this because I wanted to quickly scan in about 100 cards. The issue that I had was that on the first 10 cards the app misread the email address, the name or the web address and sometimes all three. The process is slow and to be honest for what I want to do which is to export the cards into a csv and then upload it to my website, it works out quicker to manually type the card details into a csv but at 99p it was worth a go. I would have been very disappointed if I had paid full price and this is what I got..Version: 6.12

Poor word interpretationStruggles to recognise the simplest of words “Engineering” = Engineemng ! It doesn’t recognise spelling errors and auto corrects them so you spend more time punching the corrections in than you would if you’d have just entered the information manually. 👎🏻.Version: 8.0

MehMeh.Version: 5.06

Does not workBought the pro version and transcription stopped working. Now takes 2 days for someone to do it.Version: 7.5

ScanBizCardsI can’t work out how to use it and I can’t find any instructions..Version: 7.4

ReviewKeeps on freezing.Version: 5.06

No ability to crop images nowI may have missed how to do this in the new version but ... I have the latest build of the iOS app on iPhone and it seems to have lost the ability to crop the images. When I take a photo of a card the app simply starts scanning straight away and this results in a lot of spurious information being included in the image. I tend to use the scanned card images for reference a lot because the OCR isnt always that good in certain light and the lack of a cropping capability has made this dreadful too. All in all not a great update..Version: 5.01

Useful but far from perfectI like being able to export straight into contacts on my iPhone but the OCR is far from perfect. I have only scanned four cards so far and each one has needed editing to get rid of mistakes..Version: 7.1.3

Poor scanning for priceI thought the paid version would be worth it not only for removing ads, but also for a slick performance and interface. Turns out, the scanner does NOT automatically crop or enhance the photo. And, the accuracy of the text recognition was a little worse than the popular free app out there. While there may be another advantage I missed, I didn’t stick around to find out..Version: 7.2.1

Doesn’t really workThe text conversation is quite poor, I generally spend more time correcting the errors than it would have taken to just input manually. In some ways it’s not all their fault more indicative of the fonts and colour combinations used on business cards..Version: 7.1.3

ALMOST THE BESTI’ve tried several Business Card scan apps, ALTHOUGH this is the Best App Infrastructure wise, the Scanner is terrible. This could be why it has a hard time recognizing the text fields. It would be nice if it could scan the photo into a clear card such as other apps, rather than scan/keep it as a photo..Version: 9.1

Waste of time and money.Okay, so the app can’t take a photo of any cards (25 different cards used business and government) and change it into usable data. You can set up an account, pay and I guess a team reads your photo and then changes it into data. So what do you get with the pro. Well it takes photos like your phone can do without the app. It can then start a new contact and display the photo of the card. Or just take the photo and do it without the app. Good for you guys, you got my money and that of others. I don’t see any value in this app at all. But people pay for free things all the time. So if you want to pay for no real value then this it your product. This might be the think for some people, just not for me and my company. We just wasted the $2.99 so it’s not a big loss. We almost pulled the trigger on all of our company cellphones. So a happy ending none the less..Version: 7.6

Extorted me for money after I paid for the pro version last year.I was using thos app for over a year on the paid pro version, now all of a sudden, I get a message that says I can't scan any more cards unless I buy credits! Unbelievable! I honored my end of the bargain when I bought the pro version, now they changed the agreement by demanding more money. Now I have to spend hours of my time exporting business cards to another app, hopefully run by a more honest company..Version: 7.5

Need to do a lot of CorrectingIt doesn’t seem to separate multiple phone numbers when on same line and tends to double send contacts to address book by default...if you don’t filter new scanned cards first, before telling to send to iPhone address book, that needs improvement. This morning I was not able to resend password for online card syncing and no real help Link is in app! It never sent resent link but said email was valid so I don’t know what’s up..Version: 7.2.1

Good appThe principal of the app is great and it works well. It appears to support many languages. Unfortunately it has difficulty with English and it is generally necessary to manually add the information for most cards into the contact. At least that is what I have found with cards in New Zealand..Version: 3.06

Corrections requiredAfter the latest update, the program is inserting spaces characters and number recognition is very poor.Version: 9.0.1

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