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Google TV: Watch Movies & TV App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Google TV: Watch Movies & TV app received 211 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Google TV: Watch Movies & TV? Can you share your negative thoughts about google tv: watch movies & tv?

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Google TV: Watch Movies & TV for Negative User Reviews

Worst Entertainment App EverI bought No Way Home about a month ago on google to watch it on my chrome-cast and I do lot’s of travelling so I thought it would be a good idea to watch it on this app. It was not a good idea. it won’t let me start the movie from the beginning, it won’t let me go backwards or forwards and whenever I try to download the movie, it just says “would you like to remove from download queue”. Who made this app? And why are these simple bugs not fixed?..Version: 2.20.31

Need improvementNeed an update to maximise screen usage on the new iPad Pro and maybe an app for Apple TV.Version: 2.13.0004

DisasterOn iPad Pro 5th gen, slider bar to skip time has mysteriously disappeared. Downloaded videos cannot be viewed without an internet connection. Well done Google.Version: 3.10.00001

LolMy goodness! Once again google has managed to take a simple concept and execute it with incredible incompetence resulting in an over complicated pile of garbage.Version: 3.7.00002

If somethings good… don’t change it!Google movies was fantastic before they updated it to whatever this is! Movies purchased now only play audio and don’t show any footage… either that or it just doesn’t load and times out. Have delete and redownloaded the app, rebooted my iPad and still doesn’t work. Don’t even bother downloading this app!.Version: 3.5.00005

Dont bother this app is rubbishDownload feature wont work this app always has problems for a google product its rubbish.Version: 3.10.00007

GoogleIt always glitches never stays on and every time do you want to use the remote? It doesn’t work properly but then it does want to work properly. It’s the best app possible..Version: 3.10.00007

Glitchy waste of timeExpensive- glitchy - useless.Version: 3.11.00003

App is absolute garbage.The only purpose I use this for is as a remote control, but it's a hassle to get the remote control feature to appear, and then it disappears if you're ignore the app while simply watching your show. If I could vote 0 stars I would. It shouldn't be such a hassle to use the remote control option..Version: 3.13.00003

Movies don’t playTerrible, hired a movie and it wont cast onto my tv or play through the google play app on the tv. Waste of money, rip off.Version: 3.4.00006

Waiting for show iconsIt has been years now that they still cannot get the icons for all of my films to show, some cases the name and the icon does not show. I have sent in emails, screen shots etc and still wait. I can download the film and watch it, but shouldn’t a library show correctly? I have the latest version, IOS, newer iPad & iPhone, also with YouTube, why on the Apple TV are the shows not in alphabetical order? LIKE I SAID YEARS..Version: 3.11.00003

Won’t play bought moviesI have a few ultraviolet movies that I moved to Google play when Ultraviolet packed in. They all work flawlessly. I decided to buy a few movies when they were on offer, and all of them only played for less than a minute, sometimes seconds and the screen would go black, but sound still playing. On iPhone and iPad. I requested a refund, which was done in no time. I bought a few from Apple, and they work flawlessly, so my money will be going with them. Seems Google are not interested in fixing, or replying..Version: 2.18.36

Useless app needs updatingI have over 100 movies bought on this Google play. Until recently it was fine but now I cannot now download and watch ANY movie offline as the app always wants a Wi-Fi/ internet connection. The whole point was to be able to watch offline without using data for kids when travelling or when away and not got reception. Very poor from google. Now turning into the typical take money and run company and not keep up with their app development..Version: 2.20.31

Not availableMost of the tv shows are there, then it says not Available???.Version: 3.11.00003

Half a year to update the app and it still doesn’t workThe app half a year ago stopped working, couldn’t download movies to watch offline. Now that this update came out, you download the movie and try to watch it offline. It says “internet appears to be offline” the whole point of downloading the movie is to watch it offline. It’s shouldn’t take superior GOOGLE half a year to update the app and still have issues with it 😡.Version: 2.19.19

Total rubbishDoesn’t work.Version: 3.16.00002

Doesn’t workUseless app. And when used on samsung tablet, you have the opportunity to rent movies but every title rented or purchased have an error message “couldn’t fetch license (error - 2) so thats money wasted. Tried clearing cache , uninstalling the app, restarted the tablet and nothing helped..Version: 2.20.31

Full Screen not supportedFull Screen needs to be an option for iOS devices.Version: 3.6.00006

Highly upsetI often spend money to purchase material to watch if my favorites. However, I have receipts of things I purchased and was able to view it on my library and then go back to watch later and it’s no longer present. I go back to look at how to retrieve my purchase and it says after so many days it’s no longer retrievable as the warranty is no longer valid. So basically I paid for the purchase to have for ever yet I really paid for it to rent because I can’t get it again. So irritated. I don’t have money to just give to you Google especially when I’m a valuable client who purchases a lot. Then, I had to make two accounts because my other one won’t even let me buy anything anymore. I’m not sure if I’ve purchased too much on that account so I had to make another? Not sure but I didn’t use to have so many issues until just recently and it’s not making me really happy. If it continues I’ll just start going with Apple products which I prefer Google..Version: 3.8.00012

TerribleIf I could rate no stars I would. Do not recommend if you want to actually watch anything using Apple airplay. Either you get picture but no audio or (after many failed attempts) you actually get a video to play and it randomly it decides to play the movie from the beginning, but just the picture, the audio however keeps playing from the current time stamp. So you get to try again several times on iPhone and iPad to get the video to play, give up, try the lighting-HDMI adaptor to bypass air play issues but can’t do that either due to the video being protected. I’m so glad I paid for content I can’t watch due to the issues this app has..Version: 2.17.0034

Waste of timeHonestly I used to be able to purchase and watch movies, now nothing just a notification I can’t purchase on my device and when I try through safari it just loads! What a waste of time and money!.Version: 3.4.00003

Won't sync libraryBought movies and they don't appear in the app. When I go to play the movie from the browser it asks me if I want to play in app. If I say yes it opens the app and immediately redirects to the App Store. I have the latest version of the app. Absolutely horrible experience..Version: 3.4.00006

ScumJust bought a movie and went let me watch it? Thanks for taking my money and giving me nothing in return..Version: 3.9.00003

I give this app a 2 star ratingPlease in the next app update make it so you can delete unwanted movies and tv shows option so you can free up space.Version: 3.14.00006

Remote doesn’t workGot the app for my google smart tv since my puppy chewed up the remote. It will very rarely bring up the remote icon after connecting to the tv. Updating the app, refreshing the phone, turning the tv on and off manually. Nothing works. Just like any other google product. GARBAGE!.Version: 3.12.00002

UselessI purchased a movie on this app, go to watch the movie only to get the message “there was a problem playing this”? No remedy no way to view it. Totally useless..Version: 2.20.31

I’d give this a Zero out of 5 if I couldAbsolutely useless app. When streaming movies, it randomly skips scenes to completely different parts of the movie, requiring restarting the app and then manually finding your way back to the right place, only for the same thing to happen again five or so minutes later, and again and again. Tried redownloading the app and updating it, to no avail..Version: 2.17.0034

PURCHASE MOVIES ELSEWHERE!Rubbish software from google, would give it no stars if I could. This app is riddled with bugs where it will skip back towards the beginning of the movie but continue audio from where you are watching. Incredibly frustrating when you pay for a movie but the service which delivers it renders it unwatchable. Also utterly ridiculous that you cannot project to an external display with movies that are downloaded locally..Version: 2.17.0034

Google tv pauses constantlyI have to have my data on to watch my already downloaded movie. I also have to close the app and restart it to continue watching the movie when it pauses (buffering). This 1 star is for the app, not the movies I watch. Apple TV app is much better because it doesn’t require me to have data on in order for me to watch an already downloaded movie, and therefore doesn’t pause due to buffering..Version: 3.10.00001

TerribleWish I had read some reviews before downloading. I am currently on holiday and downloaded some films and updated when I had some wifi as it kept crashing. Now I have no downloads and even crashes if I try to watch over mobile data. Seems like I have lost them all!!! How do I report this to resolve, waste of my time to do though. Also can’t go on to watch downloaded films without internet connection!!! Joke..Version: 3.0.00021

HorribleSays I don’t own shows and movies we have paid for, over the last few years google has become just like every other glitchy lazy bad customer service big corporate company. So disappointed.Version: 3.7.00002

Too slow for the remote to open, not enjoying it at all but I don’t have a chioceToo slow for the remote to open not enjoying it.Version: 3.11.00003

Google RemoteI use to love this app, cause my remote worked on here for my tv. But the last few months it would be hit or miss actually getting it to connect. Now we can’t ever get it to connect. I’d love if that got fixed so I could go back to 5 star loving it.Version: 3.15.00006

Absolute Rubbish!I would never pay to use this again. Have to purchase through a website then go to the App. Took ages to download, and glitched out repeatedly during the whole movie. Absolute Rubbish!!.Version: 2.20.31

App that doesn’t workVery glitchy, the download feature doesn’t work and won’t let movies play offline and still uses streaming data when fully downloaded (glitching and pause if if you have a poor connection). Subtitles don’t work. Worst of all customer support ignore any requests. Was unable to watch a movie that we rented due to the very reasons above and since have not received a refund..Version: 3.9.00003

Google tvJust want to watch the terminator and it says I can’t bug it? Why show it then? Bring back dvds.Version: 3.8.00012

Should be optimised.This app is serviceable, but among all the apps that should be updated for newly introduced screen resolutions, movie apps are perhaps the most important and it's frustrating that this has not been updated for the iPhone 6/6 Plus despite the fact that we are now three months after their release..Version: 1.3.3704

The app doesn’t work like it shouldMy purchased an downloaded movies just don’t play, it just says „license Blabla, please connect to the internet to get a new license“ . I’ve connected to the internet but nothing happens.. if I purchase anything, I want to see or use it, no matter if I’m connected to the internet or not!.Version: 2.15.0012

Feels untestedJust doesn’t really work. Downloaded movies seem to “expire” after a month or so - but instead of saying this (and perhaps giving you warning days before?) it just comes up with a random error and won’t play unless you delete and re-download. Other bugs include sometimes not being able to play a movie at all, or it won’t let you watch the first episode in a series - only workaround for either of these seems to be to delete app and re-install. This is all fairly basic stuff - it’s not like I’m trying to do anything unusual. Wish I’d bought the movies on a platform that does the basics - definitely won’t buy movies through google again..Version: 3.12.00002

Not worth renting movies through this appWe had to stop start about 16x throughout movie, subtitles ran minutes ahead of picture a number of times, picture went back to random space in movie while the sound kept playing where we were, just stopped playing numerous time, we tried casting to tv through Apple TV, they may as well take that function off. I’m not using this app again. I’d like my movie rental money back. Please improve Google, your other apps are great..Version: 2.17.0034

Barely functionsThe interface is horrible! The button placement is not ideal, it also takes forever to connect to the tv. Tons of room for improvement here yall.Version: 3.7.00002

Ripped me off completely 😡All the movies I had purchased is no longer accessible since the ‘UPDATE’ - I have over 30 movies and downloaded the ones I like to watch often so that I can watch them offline but none of the movies are in the library app. Can’t even see the list so I’ve also logged on via normal webpage, I can see all of my movies and there are prices to each of them now. I can watch the trailer but not the full movie, it’s like I have to purchased them again in order to watch them. The new app is a total rubbish, I have try to contact for customer support help but cannot. Where are my movies??? I feel totally robbed and there are no option to even report it..Version: 3.0.00012

Broken again!!!I can’t see any of my 900+ movies and series in my library, my chrome cast is now pointless Get it fixed, for the love of god.Version: 3.13.00003

What's the point?What's the point of this app? It's useless if I can't buy the movie.Version: 2.2.8866

Can’t watch anythingI was trying to watch Pokémon xy but the first episode was locked and the rest only 7 episodes were unlocked.Version: 3.6.00006

UnusableI’m travelling overseas and relying on my iPad to watch movies that are in my library and internet service isn’t always great so I try to download movies to my iPad but I keep getting errors part way through the download. Downloads also take forever. Videos stream badly with poor resolution. Apple TV works great instead and even though I have hundreds of movies in my Google Library I’m forced to use Apple TV now. The movies download fast and no errors. Poor form from Google. : (.Version: 3.3.00006

A spike more improvement! 🤕💥This app is really great but, it needs two more steps to become brilliant and amazing. I really hate trying to download movies to watch on holidays or somewhere else. I also have to buy movies, I waste money! I like Netflix a whole lot better! But I want this app to improve as well, I want to enjoy this app as well, Netflix is just a movie app that got improved. When Netflix was a new app, it wasn’t as great as Netflix now. So that’s why I want this app to improve. Thanks! 😊🍌bananas!!!.Version: 2.15.0012

RubbishBought movie full Price not a rental watched it once. Now can’t watch again!!.Version: 3.9.00003

Need to live stream CitytvNeed to live stream Citytv!!!!.Version: 3.13.00003

Limited but does the jobRewinding is even worse than on itunes, theres no way to go back a few seconds or be more precise. When you move the slider it shows you a thumbnail but when you drop it, it puts the movie at a different moment. Theres no way to zoom the picture in like on itunes or netflix, you are stuck with the black bars above and below. Its not a bad app but I wish it wasnt missing such basic features..Version: 2.2.8866

Very poor experienceI have had similar problems after various updates to the app and iOS. It seems that after a random period of time my downloaded movies are inaccessible. They show as downloaded in my library but when I try to watch them I get an error. Seems to apply to all the movies I’ve downloaded - in the past I’ve had to delete everything reset app and download them all again. Very frustrating! I know Google and apple are separate corporate entities, but if you’re going to offer an app, you need to make sure it works properly..Version: 3.11.00003

RemoteDoesn’t show mostly.Version: 3.11.00003

Not sure how to pause or go backNot intuitive app at the moment..Version: 3.9.00003

Latest update made app unusableI don’t understand why change up everything on an app that worked well. The remote feature is completely changed, yet doesn’t work anymore. The update ruined the app, it doesn’t even show a remote option most the time, but a third party app will work. Even when it works the app gets stuck on haptic vibrations and keeps registering pushing the up arrow button even though I’m not touching it. Switching over to 3rd party remote app until Google can get it together.Version: 3.10.00001

Please fix the remote.All I want is a remote control for my TCL google TV and it’s so hard to get it to work. Used to be through google home app. Then it moved to Google TV. Worked for a while and now it barely works.Version: 3.10.00007

Worst app i have on my iPhoneIf I could rate it a zero I would..Version: 3.12.00002

Quite an annoying glitch. (But otherwise great app)I have recently been watching ‘Dairy Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days’ On my iPad 6 gen. After an hour or so every 2-3 minutes it would keep the same audio but the screen would show the start of the movie playing again. Even after re-downloading the problem still occurred. Please help fix this problem. But otherwise it’s a very handy app to watch movies on I just wish this glitch would stop..Version: 2.17.0034

Time wasterPointless. Can only watch your downloads, cannot search for new movies..Version: 2.18.36

No Browse?!So I can see 20 Recommendations on the main screen and the only two other options is to view my Library and Wishlist. I can search but there’s no way to browser, like what? I can only search for what I can think of, but I know there’s countless stuff I can’t remember that I want to find and that’s why browsing is so helpful, especially by genre and/or year. Please make this happen Google, or I won’t bother giving you any money, there’s other options out there..Version: 2.15.0012

Defies logicHow on this earth could a company as massive as google make such a poor attempt at a movies app?.Version: 2.18.36

IrritatingI purchased an entire season of a TV show and I can’t watch it due to an error stating that I should restart the app to fix the issue. No. Nothing is fixed l after following these directions and I’m going on Week Two with no resolution. Debating if I should dispute the charge for services purchased but not rendered. Steer clear..Version: 3.6.00006

PointlessYou can’t purchase through the app, and you can’t browse through movies. All this app does is show you movies that you have already purchased..Version: 2.15.0012

New app platform is very disappointingEver since google play was “upgraded” to the google home platform there has been one glitch after another. Either a movie purchased with google play lingers in purgatory forever or it no longer casts. I have been using google chrome sticks on several televisions in my home for over 10 years and referred many to them, at this juncture wish I hadn’t..Version: 3.9.00003

Can’t watch moviesI have a few dozen movies downloaded and can’t watch any of them. Keep trying, keep getting error messages, very disappointing..Version: 3.7.00002

RubbishCan’t access my purchased series or movies from my original Play account. What a rubbish app..Version: 3.8.00012

TrashThe app crashes constantly. I only downloaded this app to get some episodes of my favorite show to download. The episodes wont download. I contacted technical support who have provided some of the worst assistance I have witnessed in quite a while. Im going to purchase the episodes elsewhere and delete this useless app..Version: 3.17.00002

TRASHThis app sometimes will not allow you to watch a movie that you DOWNLOADED unless you connect to wifi. What else can I say. Absolute garbage - I wish every movie I bought on blu ray gave an Apple download so I wouldn’t have to use this sorry excuse for a movie app. Another thing this app doesn’t allow you to extend the screen when watching something either. If I could I’d give this app -5 what the actual __ are GOOGLE doing with this app. You’d think a company like this would have stellar 5 star across the board but I guess this is the trash they don’t pay attention to.Version: 3.11.00003

It doesn’t workI don’t know why but don’t work The home screen always the same I don’t se any movie any think Pls fix that app.Version: 2.17.0034

ViewingWhy is it when I download a movie to watch offline, it still requires me to have an internet connection?.Version: 3.6.00006

Waste of spaceLibrary does not display in “Your stuff” so my purchases are not watchable unless I search for them by name in the store.Version: 3.13.00003

Can’t play the shows purchased previouslyPreviously I was able to play shows back on iPhone on Google tv for the ones I purchased from Google before. Now I cannot do it anymore. Please fix this problem.Version: 3.13.00003

Downloading issuesUnfortunately there is a bug in which I can’t click the dialogue box which pops up asking what language I’d like to download the film in therefore preventing me from downloading the films, this makes watching on the move / on planes impossible and the app a little pointless.Version: 3.14.00006

Waste of timeAttempted to stream a rented movie from the Google Play store, it will not stream on Chrome Cast and comes up with an error saying it’s been downloaded to the max devices even through it is just one device. Don’t recommend this app..Version: 3.0.00021

RemoteThe only reason I have this downloaded is so I have an extra remote on hand when the kiddos loose the physical one. Before this new update it worked great but now it takes minutes before it even gives the option for the remote. It’s been nothing but a pain since it updated..Version: 3.11.00003

Remote optionThe remote feature that connects to your phone is glitching or something but it just disappears randomly and sometimes won’t load please bring back the freaking remote button option that opens the remote on your phone :(.Version: 3.10.00001

Why is this app so awful?I downloaded 5 episodes of a show to watch on a road trip, couldn’t play them. The shows & movies I own on wifi pause & buffer randomly but never play through without issues. I’ve had to delete & reinstall this app 4 times tonight to get episodes to play all the way through. Don’t waste your time or money ….Version: 3.14.00006

Not the bestHave trouble casting. Movies I’ve rented won’t play on the tv when I cast, tried watching on my phone and it keeps stopping saying I don’t have permission to access this resource. Oh and I paid $8 to rent a movie but when I checked online to try cast the movie instead of the app, it was $6 for the same movie. App is good for the remote, I use it without any issues..Version: 3.8.00012

What the????Trying to stream or download videos on ipad - get an error that says video not supported. Called google and they told me that videos don’t work on ipad. Since the ONLY thing this app does is play movies you buy on google, what exactly is the point of it existing if it can’t actually play the movies?!?!? I’m pretty sure the guy had no idea what he was talking about but that’s some pretty terrible customer service and a horrible, horrible application design. I expect more..Version: 2.13.0004

What is this app for?I'd love to use this app in the same way I use other TV and movie service apps, but it doesn't seem to be for that. You get a 'recommended' list of 20 movies to watch trailers of and add to a wish-list (and then within each one you can get to other similar titles) but that's your lot. No way to properly browse other movies outside of those 20, and no way to purchase any movies to watch right now. You can watch media that you've already purchased via the website itself, but it's a bit of a cop-out to not provide access to the rest of the library of movies available. You can just use your iPad's browser to get to the Google Play store instead, but of course that makes the app pretty redundant..Version: 2.2.8866

Absolutely atrocious!The app crashes so often it’s ridiculous! It says I’ve downloaded the movies but when I go offline it refuses to play the ones I’ve downloaded for offline viewing!!! While writing this review it crashed 3 times!!!!.Version: 3.7.00002

Stopped workingSuper great if you want a remote that will only pair with your TV for a day..Version: 3.3.00004

OK when it worksI have bought a lot of my movies on Google Play and now Google TV. Some problems with off line playing on iPad are frustrating (can make flights boring when they won’t play). Also, please please please allow purchases of movies on the iOS apps!.Version: 3.15.00006

HiHi hi.Version: 3.6.00006

Have an iPhone 13 on ios 16.6All my movies and tv shows are gone. Want to watch a movie or show on Google tv. It shows there in my library, but I looked for my movies and tv shows and all I see is a black screen with no movies or tv shows. I purchased all the movies and tv shows on years ago when it was Google play movies and tv. I don’t want to purchase all the movies and tv shows on iTunes when I bought them on the google play store and there supposed to be show up in the google tv app..Version: 3.13.00003

ErreurJe suis incapable d’écouter les films que j’ai payé, rien ne fonctionne..Version: 3.8.00012

Useless app that has removed my films pretty muchSo I have a number of films on my account, I could download and watch on the app. Now I can’t watch on my iPad, what a waste of time. I’m so glad I don’t buy anything from them. Why would I want to ONLY stream from a portable device???? Tried to download one of my already owned films and the options are: Watch on Disney+ (? Why) or stream to tv. Seriously? I own the blu ray, why would I want to stream when I can just watch the blu ray on the tv. Sigh. No steps forward, ten steps back.Version: 3.14.00006

Needs more functionalityWhen watching a series google play does not automatically play the next episode, finding seasons and episode’s is very difficult have to turn subtitles on every time a new episode plays, the UI is terrible. Considering Google’s limitless capability and that Google have recently taken all the movies over from Flixster I would expect better.. Also the option to delete or put movies into a folder structure would be good It’s serves the general purpose but needs more investment and improvement.Version: 2.18.36

Google playIs it free cost real money watch movies.Version: 3.15.00006

App is incredibly buggyThere is a fundamental lack of settings to be able to watch things the way you desire, one being there is no way to watch a video in landscape without turning off orientation lock - all other streaming apps have managed this, why doesn’t this one? Also I am consistently getting a buffering error every minute while I watch a tv series, regardless of whether I’m connected to wifi or mobile data, and it doesn’t look like there’s a reasonable fix besides downloading episodes and sacrificing quality. Deeply disappointing and definitely needs tweaking..Version: 2.18.36

The service is a a scam!!They take away the movies you buy and you have to re-purchase them again without notifying you. Worst piece of rubbish!.Version: 3.16.00001

Seriously Google - ever heard of SEARCH?With 300 films in my library and no search facility (have you forgotten your roots, Google?), it’s a case of endless scrolling by film name (alphabetically). Which is particularly a first world problem if you don’t know if the film name starts with the word ‘The’ or not or a wild card like ‘Marvel’s’ or not. Don’t even bother if want to watch the Tom Cruise’s classic, as nobody actually knows if it’s called ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ or ‘Live, Die, Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow’!.Version: 2.20.31

UselessIt tells you you can watch movies from you iPhone and stream to tv via podcast at the same time is says your device (iPhone 8) is not capabel to do this No solutions provided. Cannot buy any Movies and watch. Useless!!!.Version: 2.15.0012

Remote suddenly not connected with tvWhile I’m watching the show I went to bedroom to put my baby in the cot, when I’m coming back to turn up the volume the remote is not connected anymore. I tried to reconnect it but keep failing. I’ve Tried to turn off the tv for 15minutes and turn it back on again, delete the app and reinstall it. Still doesn’t want to connect..Version: 3.1.00006

Don’t change if it’s not brokenNever had problems till the change! Very frustrating!!.Version: 3.0.00021

Behind the curveThe app would have been a good start 5 years ago but when comparing to ReelGood or JustWatch it simply is light years behind. Design wise it certainly doesn’t fit well on iOS. Most importantly you can’t track episodes of seasons. Only supports a limited number of services. For You or Your Stuff should be the default page not Highlights which is just filler. Ideally more blended together. In the end can’t hold a candle to ReelGood and it’s strength of course is being built into GoogleTV so it’s the one we all want to want to use but google makes thst difficult. The only other benefit is it’s search feature is far better than the competitors. You can misname or type but it knows what you mean and you can search for movies similar to another which works well. I don’t expect to see much progress in this app which is too bad since the TV ui on Google TV is much better..Version: 3.9.00003

Fantastic service that just needs some developer loveMy main ecosystem is google, and I have over $4000 worth of movies and Tv shows on Google now. But as per the rest of these review, the iOS app is very buggy and has not had any love. Biggest bug I have found is downloads, they simply don’t work. But lots of small stuff like buffering symbol all the time, with perfect internet, or error ‘could not fetch licence data’, and no search button in library. We need a big update Google, this is a big deal!.Version: 2.20.31

Keeps glitching the start of the movie scenesKeeps glitching the start of the movie scenes to near the end and messes up the voices. I spend so much money renting movies on google play and they always glitch. I always need to close the app and then open it again and sometimes it even deletes my rented movie because it glitches that much that it says I can’t watch it anymore because it’s expired. It’s really upsetting I just wanna enjoy watching movies..Version: 2.17.0034

Alexa needs to recognize “start ambient mode”Please update Alexa to recognize “start ambient mode”. Whenever I tell this command Alexa tells me to go to the settings to set it up. I already have it set up with my google photos, so Alexa should just start playing my photo slideshow..Version: 3.7.00002

Playback awfulCan’t even play purchases movies/shows without downloading them. Video will stop after 20 seconds while the sound continues..Version: 3.7.00002

Tiger woodsPaid for Tiger series $10 and it’s not even available to watch!.Version: 3.12.00002

Google PlayPlease bring back google play. The interface is so busy now, I don’t want to see suggestions or buy other stuff I want a clear screen with everything I have already purchased. Also, why is there no continue watching? Every single time I have to remember what I’m up to and stroll down to play..Version: 3.13.00003

Remote App Functionality is GlitchyI really only used the app for the remote control feature but much like other reviewers the remote button disappears often. So I have to close the app out several times for it to reappear. It’s really frustrating especially since the old remote app worked..Version: 3.10.00007

Why?Hi! I just wanna say my google tv account is broken can you please fix it? Tysm!.Version: 3.10.00007

Is this suppose to happenI couldn’t even get to the front page because I had to keep on speed ing these word over and over and putting in my password but maybe I’m just boing it wrong because other people say that they have no trouble..Version: 3.12.00002

DownloadsDownloads don’t work offline. Which is the exact reason I downloaded them, to watch offline. Rubbish..Version: 3.13.00003

Movies don’t playPaid for my movie and went to play it but it just keeeps loading. I have deleted and reinstalled the app, restarted my phone but nothing helps. Can see this was an issue in July? Why is it not fixed? Never had a problem before the update….Version: 3.4.00003

FrustratedI have utilized Google TV for years and have paid for many movies so I can watch them when I want and download them for travel. For the past year all I have had is problems with downloading and watching my paid movies. I continue to get a weird error that I have tried to research with no success. SO FRUSTRATED.Version: 3.8.00012

Download quality is bad :(You can stream at HD, which is nice, but when you download the movies for offline viewing the quality is very bad. Why not let us choose the quality and tell us how much space it will occupy like the MUBI app? I have the space on my device. I buy the movies in HD and it would be nice to see it in HD. I can stream in HD but the connection isn't steady so I have to download it but then the downloaded standard definition quality ruins the experience..Version: 2.10.0106

Basic, partly functional appI can’t give it more than a 1 star as it plays videos, which is the most basic functionality of the app. Everything else is done poorly. The worst thing is that your downloaded videos become unavailable when you lose internet. Pointless..Version: 3.13.00003

No home button?Am I blind? As I’m digging through the suggestions I don’t see a home button or option that I can use to jump back to the main screen..Version: 3.9.00003

Problems with new appFeel like I’ve had nothing but problems with this new app. First problem google support couldn’t help with - couldn’t download films to watch off line. I figured that out on my own! I was using my google account on my sons iPad, made him his own account and did a family link and that seemed to sort out that problem. But now 2 of the movies have disappeared off his account on the app!! They’re still showing in my account and are set to share with family, so no idea what the problem is now?! My son is autistic and watching films is an important coping mechanism for him in stressful situations, so having these problems is more than just a little inconvenient for us..Version: 3.1.00006

Google TV Offline Viewing is UselessWhy did you discontinue the previous app? Offline viewing is now impossible thanks to this "Apple TV clone”! I downloaded a few series from my library onto my iPad because I was going on vacation and wasn't sure if I'd be able to stream while there. While I was away, I tried to watch these downloaded episodes, only to discover that the app was constantly asking me to connect and then failing to play them if I was not connected. Why have the option to download for offline viewing if it will only cause problems for the viewer? Some episodes had not completely downloaded, so I understood why they did not play. However, even the fully-downloaded episodes, when I was connected to a slow limited-data connection, the app acted as if it was streaming rather than using the downloaded copy..Version: 3.1.00006

IPhone and casting difficultiesFirst time using the app and it’s been very unpleasant! I have an iPhone and trying to cast the movie to the tv is a nightmare. It was working fine when I was using the internet to watch but because of where I live it was better to download it and then watch the movie - but ever since doing that I can’t cast to my tv! I’m speechless.Version: 3.9.00003

Not worth the moneySo they will sometimes split content that isn’t supposed to be a single season into multiple “seasons” so you have to spend more. Also recently I switched to another Google account on the play tv app and when I switched to my main account when I remembered none of the maaaaaany show or movies I’d bought were showing up at all. This app just seems like a cobbled together mess of an app. I’ll happily update this rating if they actually fix this and change the scummy practice they have with tv seasons. But until then I’m keeping the truth here..Version: 2.20.31

Want to buy but cannotI got this app to watch or purchase movies.. Not only movies that I currently have, but ones that are on the watchlist +... It states you can Rent or Buy the movies.. But that cannot be done at all..!! What's up with that..???? Please fix this issue so that everyone can enjoy the use of this app.. Id love to buy movies from the site.. Until then my star rating will stay at two stars....Version: 2.4.8931

One of the biggest companies in the world and you can’t even……Get your movie store talking to the play app. Honestly Google - your usability is pants. I give you a C- Must try harder…..Version: 2.20.31

In app won’t workI rented a movie and it keeps Saying cannot okay via app and I can’t cast it. I can only ise my phone and I have purchase a movie before but it wont work now..Version: 3.14.00006

TerribleI loved google play before it was great platform for purchasing movies and shows now half the tv seasons I’ve purchased won’t let me watch and locked and movies don’t let you pause and can’t start from beginning or any part throughout the movies and on the website as well now it’s not giving me any ways to purchase I’ve had an account for years no problems and now nothing but problems not just with purchasing but with my purchases I’ve already paid for taking my money but not giving me anything I’ve paid for I wish I could take legal action it’s become that bad.Version: 3.0.00012

CrashI don’t get why it’s constantly crashing the picture quality is horrible and downloads are very spotty.Version: 3.6.00006

AnnoyingIt’s so dumb- shouldn’t of been updated but if you are having trouble chromcasting your movie start playing the movie on your phone and then start casting- should work but is way more effort than it should be 🙄.Version: 3.1.00006

GarbagePurchases don’t work takes days to go through.Version: 3.4.00006

Complete GarbageI purchased a movie to watch during a recent flight. I downloaded my movie for ‘off-line’ playback in preparation. When I came to view it in flight mode, a message telling me that the movie could not play as there was no internet connection - what should that matter when I had downloaded the movie to my iPhone!? The weird thing is that all the movies that I had purchased prior to the ‘update’ work OK!? I feel well and truly ripped off..Version: 3.0.00012

WasteWhile I enjoy my documentary films (like General Magic, From bedrooms Billions, Surviving indie, Video Games the move - although this NEVER worked, etc) as well as films like The big short, the Social Network they will not download onto any of my devices. All I get is an error message “Couldn’t download … - The operation couldn’t be completed (NSURLErroeDomain error -1). Pointless launching a new product that doesn’t work and hasn’t been tested as this is just lazy, when Google movies was functioning..Version: 3.1.00006

Downloading InoperableOn any of my Apple 🍎devices, I am unable To DOWNLOAD my previous purchases. However, I am able to STREAM them all WHY ? ______ One iPhone 📱 is running IOS16.6 The other is running IOS 16.1 I have notified GOOGLE via the application With NO RESPONSE. __________________ So hundreds of dollars 💵 worth of cinema content I paid for in real money, has to be paid for again by streaming data costs. Signed Mrjc from downunder in Australia 🇦🇺.Version: 3.13.00003

Unable to view show I purchasedI purchased an entire season of a show when the season started, but the past 4 weeks of episodes still only show up on my account on the actual site, not the app. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and NOTHING, and it won’t let me actually stream from the site it redirects me to the app. What a waste of money.Version: 3.9.00003

Doesn't work well with chromecastI got the app because my chromecast remote died. It takes forever to bring up the remote option and as soon as I minimize the app, the remote goes away. Then it's sporadic about reconnection. It'll take 5+ tries of closing and opening the app to bring back the remote. It's extremely frustrating..Version: 3.10.00007

UPDATE NEEDEDNeeds More Options *Firstly the feedback button doesn’t work. *Could do with an option to organise my movies. *When I’m watching a series it doesn’t save where I am or automatically play the next ep. *Could do with a link to buy movies so I don’t keep having to go off to go online to buy. *Also could do with a “Suggestions” option for movies that aren’t already available to buy I have a list as long as my arm (literally). *Make it easier for iPhone users (such as myself) to use your service. *Have more deals on movies I’ve spent £100+ just in one month I’m permanently bedridden I need entertainment. These films are missing on Googleplay Twilight (2008 & isn’t even listed. But it’s so popular), Black Water, Lake Placid, Haunting in Connecticut, Child’s Play (1988), Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane, Dawn of the Dead (2004), Demons, Demons 2, Leap year, New In Town, 30 Days of Night, Final Destination 2, Legion, Rogue, The Mist, Slither, Infestation, Splinter & Shark Night are all missing & all have great positive ratings on Rotten Tomatoes the first 6 are all part of movie sagas & we want complete sagas. Thankyou take care of yourselves. Rachy x.Version: 2.19.19

Does not function well.When I lie on my side the horizontal view keeps turning to vertical view. Highly annoying! Also the app has difficulty playing after pausing and I have to restart the player. Cmon google please fix!.Version: 2.17.0034

Google Tv App problemThis app is terrible!! Ever since it upgraded from Google play movies & tv shows to Google Tv every time I try to play something in a place without Internet after being downloaded with internet it never works for me. I Liked it better back when it was google play movies & tv shows 😡.Version: 3.9.00003

Update Makes the remote function not workWhatever update happened makes the remote control not work correctly..Version: 3.9.00003

Don’t recommendThis app I downloaded to watch a certain movie and had to pay 5$ for. The movie started then would stop and just play the sound. If you restart it it will do the same thing. And if you just wait for it to catch up with its self it won’t. I’ve been dying to watch this and I finally payed for it and I’m wasting my money trying to watch it. This is very frustrating. I have done everything in the books with this app..Version: 3.7.00002

DisappointedUseless and very annoying..Version: 2.9.0102

HorribleI spent hundreds of dollars on my favourite shows and I can’t access any of them, this app is a rip off, trying to get answers just sends you in circles.Version: 3.10.00001

Playback controls disappearThe app asks me to play something else to get the playback controls to display. That doesn’t make any sense. I want the controls for what is playing right now..Version: 3.14.00006

Worst updateThe update to this new version was the worst thing you could do. Movies won’t even play or cast..Version: 3.0.00021

Google just gets worseA basic useless pretty interface that provides nothing of value. Can't buy content through the app or load your own content so just what is the point of it?.Version: 3.6.00006

Skips scenes and audio plays on wrong scenesJust upgraded the app on the iPad and a movie skips scenes and plays audio on wrong scenes. Worst app. Nearly impossible to fast forward when app is closed and reopened as it won't allow to fast forward.Version: 2.17.0034

The disappearing remoteWhy does the tv remote disappear endlessly??? Would be a good app if it ever actually worked..Version: 3.15.00006

It’s okayI do like this app for buying movies, but my only problem is when you “download for offline viewing” it doesn’t actually work. It’ll still ask you to be connected to the internet. I’ve gone camping or stayed in a hotel and tried to watch movies I’ve downloaded on the app on my iPad and they simply don’t work..Version: 3.9.00003

Issue fixedMy library disappeared from my iPad and after 5 emails to Google support and a screen shot escalation, it appears that they’ve fixed the issue and the films in my library have re-appeared. Satisfied with this now. The big test is viewing a film off line when there’s no internet and the iPad is in airplane mode as the app has previously failed when attempting this. Turned on airplane mode and turned off wifi and it seems to now work so all fixed …… hopefully..Version: 3.0.00012

Keeps freezing, delayed & skips scenesThis app is completely useless. the first couple mins i watched and it froze and i had to keep clicking out of it to work. then the screen goes black and says “tap to re-try” i wish i could get a refund for this. not worth it at all. google, fix this mess up..Version: 2.18.36

UselessI just rented a movie and can’t watch this app is hopeless I want my money back.Version: 2.13.0004

Poor support for iPhones, use iTunes or Apple TVI am writing this in hope of getting this issue fixed as soon as possible...the issue is with zooming in to fill screen. I have an iPhone with a notch, but I would like to fill up my screen without seeing ugly black borders all around my phone but there is no way to do it. I tired double tapping and pinching/zoom gestures, nope! Also, why can’t the YouTube app play these movies in 4K? YouTube supports zooming but there is no 4K, not even a 1080p. I have a pretty good connection here but I think it’s down to poor support for iOS from this app. Use iTunes or Apple TV app with your iPhone, this app ain’t worth it IMO until these issues are fixed, I paid for my movies and I would like to get the full experience!.Version: 2.17.0034

Doesn’t workGot it for the remote function after misplacing my remote. Except the function only works half the time. Even when connected to the tv, remote won’t show up. Have to repeatedly close out the app, disconnect and reconnect repeatedly. The remote will show up for 1/2 a second then disappear and you have to start over.Version: 3.15.00006

Can we just bring back Google Play Movies?I watch shows purchased in my library but there’s no record of what episodes I’ve watched. So I’m often guessing what I’m up to. Then there’s the player controls. The play and pause buttons are the size of my thumbnail… why?! Was there no UX designer around when this was put together?.Version: 3.1.00006

Worst experience and never againOn an M1 iPad Pro, latest iOS - even after downloading the rented movie, which I never got to finish before their ridiculous 48 hour time limit was reached, it kept giving the dreaded “spinning wheel” implying a buffering issue, especially if I stepped back to watch the last few seconds again. Jumping forward and the app freezes. Only way I could watch normally was to keep closing the movie and reopening it. And subtitles continue to show even though I had turned them off. What the hell? Worst app, worst experience. Google obviously doesn’t care about iOS platform, and I no longer care for them. Goodbye, never again..Version: 2.20.31

Can’t Access Purchased ContentSome episodes of shows I’ve purchased are not available in this app, but are available in the web browser. The annoying thing is that I have to watch the matting episodes on my Mac because the universal links automatically open the app. I don’t know why Google tv and Google play are not in sync, but it is super annoying..Version: 3.16.00002

Great. But...I love this app I was so surprised that there was a google play movies app for iPhone, but one thing can you make the movies available for download, please!!!!! Then I'll rate 5 stars!! Please! :).Version: 1.0.1

Awful, horrendous, waste of spaceIf I could use this product, I would. However they are f'ing awful. The product doesn't work unless you can add a US or U.K. CREDIT CARD. They send you through a maze of rubbish just to even try and register a cc card but never tell you that it won't work. The HELP function is awful. Their contact centre is awful, everything about this app and its help line is awful. If you live anywhere in the world other than the U.K. and US, don't even waste your time. If I could rate this app as Negative 10 I would. Horrendous communication to people you are trying to sell to!.Version: 2.11.0107

Annoying appI used to use it for the remote control feature and after the update it’s terrible. Didn’t they even consider testing? Tv gets disconnected every 2 mins. So anything..Version: 3.12.00002

Reconsider Your PurchasesI used to love this app, but over the past several weeks it has been riddled with bugs that render it unworthy of the very purpose for which it was made. The app suddenly quits, movies play with mismatched audio and picture, wrong runtimes, the inability to move back and forward (which causes it to jump to the end), etc. The only certain way to watch anything is to download it or cast it (app still quits unexpectedly), otherwise you are wasting money buying/renting movies. I've been waiting for an update for weeks but so far, nothing. Maybe the virus situation is to blame for that, but until they do fix it, consider buying/renting your content elsewhere. I know I may have to :(.Version: 2.15.0012

Why?Why would you not implement the google play movies website into this app to make it easier to buy movies? This app is completely pointless except for being able to download and watch the movies you bought..Version: 2.18.36

Awful app. Remote doesn’t work after connecting to tv.I can never open the app, connect to the tv, and get access to the remote. I have to open the Apple Remote app in order to get access to the google tv remote in app. It makes no sense. And if I leave the google tv app without closing the application, the remote disappears even though my tv is still connected. Instead, there will be a blank pop up that says “no content”. Worthless app..Version: 3.11.00003

Other streaming services?😤😡Why am I required to go to another streaming service to watch what I know for a fact that I paid for? I was unaware of this until a few moments ago when I attempted to watch a movie to pass the time on a long train 🚊 ride (some movies show as they should in the Google TV app, some I have to go to other streaming services like “Peacock” or “YouTube”…Why?) Why must I watch over 180 seconds of commercials before I watch my movie on “Peacock” I will change my review upon my satisfaction with your answer to my inquiry.💭🤔🤨🤦🏿‍♂️.Version: 3.16.00001

PointlessWhat is the point of the app if you can’t purchase anything through it. You can only look at the stuff you wanna purchase.Version: 2.17.0034

Keeps CrashingApp crashes when I try and watch a downloaded film. It’s been extremely buggy for a few months now, used to be great. My device isn’t old and it’s up to date. Bring back Google Play!.Version: 3.7.00002

Not universally accessibleComing from the Roku tv remote app to this, I have been utterly disappointed. Please add the same buttons that come with the actual remote to the app. Please add inputs on the homepage to easily switch. And add turning on the tv from the app and not just the actual remote..Version: 3.13.00003

Need download optionApp won't let you download the movie so you can only watch it on wifi yet the movie is purchased..Version: 1.0.2

Disappointing external monitor (stage manager) supportNo full screen mode..Version: 3.13.00003

Does NOT workA couple of trailers are there. there is no function to show the real movie. what is this? is this a practical joke. a multi billion dollar company should make this type of jokes..Version: 2.4.9121

Unable to access movies purchasedI have had nothing but issues trying to access movies I’ve purchased and having to repeatedly download them due to some change made in the app. I’ve sought help with this and have not received ONE RESPONSE..Version: 3.7.00002

What a jokeChromecast doesn’t work on this app but works fine on other google apps. Reading reviewed I’m scared to buy anything through the app, but worked fine to purchase on desktop. Google and Apple don’t want to cooperate for the sake of the consumer..Version: 3.6.00006

Needs improvementMore subtitle options are needed. For example in the movie Bullet Train the Japanese translation subtitles of what people are saying are not existent..Version: 3.6.00006

Poor performance.Tried to download movies two days before flying, still hasn’t passed 5% on each. With WiFi and cell networks. App won’t even load while in airplane mode..Version: 3.11.00003

Not thrilledI purchased a bunch of movies just to have the app shut down on me and the subtitles don’t work in the movies when I turn them on. In my opinion it’s not worth spending money just for it not to work..Version: 3.11.00003

Buggy and restrictedIf you download movies to watch offline, the device occasionally wipes them all off. For me this happens when you have an intermittent signal and being in offline mode. I think probably some sort of verification bug. Pause the movie to check calendar, switch back to the app - all your movies are now gone. Getting them back on is a pain because the downloader doesn't work well as a background process and stalls. You also can't buy any movies through the app because Google doesn't want the purchase going through apple..Version: 2.12.0008

In app purchasesFor some reason this app won’t let me make in app purchases or purchases through the online website anymore, no I have no way of buying any movies unless it’s anything from the apps that I’ve already got such as Disney + or Netflix any other movies that aren’t streamed on those apps I can’t have access too..Version: 3.3.00006

Auto playNeeds to be able to auto play next episode (from google tv YouTube).Version: 3.14.00006

Wont use screen properly on iPhone XI am disappointed to find that the Google Movie Player isn't yet equipped to maximise screen space on the iPhone X. I always buy my movies, rather than rent and use Google Play as my source even though iOS is my tech platform of choice. I always buy HD versions and pay a substantial premium for doing so. So when my phone is where I watch a large proportion of my movies and having a new iPhone X with an OLED screen, I was very disappointed to find that this app uses only about 70% of the screen. I get that some aspect ratios might not allow screen. Use to be maximised both in height and width, but on the iPhone X it's like 15% above 15% below and 15% either end that is unused. I am praying that Google are working on it and that s forthcoming app update will correct the issue. I don't like slamming app developers in reviews and would have reported it in support, but there was no 'report an issue' link when I went to support, only help pages, so here I am..Version: 2.12.0008

PoorIt won't open the movies to download it only comes up with watch now. I'll 5 star it if you fix what's up..Version: 1.6.4666

If onlyLinks don’t always work and app can be very slow.Version: 3.11.00003

It’s very buggyVery buggy, keeps dropping out and struggling to link to my chromecast..Version: 3.12.00002

Apply button does not work on IPad Pro 2018Apply button does not work on IPad Pro 2018 which means you can’t download anything because you can’t set the resolution or network settings.Version: 3.8.00012

Worst app everI’d give this zero stars if allowed. I have constant problems getting movies to play and forget about trying to watch downloaded movies offline. Don’t waste your time or money on this garbage app..Version: 3.8.00012

Ocean’s Twelve/Thirteen ErrorsFor 5 months, I’ve submitted support tickets regarding the following issue: when you click play on the movie Ocean’s Twelve, it says it is playing Ocean’s Twelve, but the actual movie that begins is Thirteen. Additionally, if you click play on the movie Ocean’s Thirteen, it says it is playing Ocean’s Twelve, yet it plays Ocean’s Thirteen… I paid for both of these movies, yet I don’t have access to Twelve, and Thirteen is incorrectly labeled. I expect these issues from a joke mom-n-pop company’s app, not from Google..Version: 3.12.00002

Recent update broke remote controlRemote control option now rarely is available and glitches out..Version: 3.11.00003

This App is Hot GarbageThis app constantly crashes, movies I’ve paid for are unwatchable or crash or get stuck loading regardless if I’m watching them streaming or downloaded. Considering how many apps play videos these days, I expected far better. It’s just such a disappointment, especially from Google. The only reason I have this app is to play movies I love and it can’t even manage that one. I will be going elsewhere in future..Version: 3.8.00012

Won’t Play MoviesI have an iPhone and a chrome cast and I’ve never had issues using Google Play Movies before to play rented/purchased movies until they updated it to this. Seems to be fine playing movies I have purchased months ago but anything that I have purchased recently is a nightmare to play! Just sits there on the loading screen and then times out cause it’s taken too long. 10/10 do not recommend.Version: 3.0.00021

ReviewI used the remote settings perfectly fine went good until it didn’t start working which was really bugging to me..Version: 3.9.00003

Appalling errorPurchased a few movies but can not watch them at all without there being some sort of error. Pretty appalling given I payed for these movies with my own money and yet can’t gain any access to them..Version: 3.8.00012

How can we give a no star reviewAbsolutely terrible experience just now paying for the Paddington 2 movie and then being told to open in google play but then not playing- even tried deleting and re downloading and then only to be told ‘not eligible on this device’!! But they let us pay for it interestingly. Shockingly horrid and deceptive business model. I am a software developer and cannot believe this experience. No stars. I have an iPhone! So what devices do you work on?!.Version: 3.0.00021

To many errorsI have the app both on my iPhone and Samsung TV and tried to stream it via Apple play off my phone and chrome cast and both kept coming up with errors which I haven’t seen using any other video service. I accidentally pressed download on my phone and stopped it and 1% and cleared the memory on the app and the TV app wouldn’t play it as the “download limit has been reached” so it wouldn’t play. Very disappointed in this app.Version: 2.18.36

Still waiting for updateAfter months of waiting Google still haven’t updated the app for the new iPads. I still get extra black borders around the app, so the videos don’t reach the edges of the screen. As this app is the only way to watch Google Play movies on iOS devices, I’d assume Google would be a little more attentive to updates. They’ve lost many video sales from me over the last few months, and with this level of support for the app, I think I’ll just stop buying videos from them completely..Version: 2.13.0004

Just doesn’t workAll I wanted was to connect to my Google TV to use the keyboard. App won’t even find the TV. Hopeless..Version: 3.1.00006

Lacks the basicsThis app lacks the basics that every single video app has. First, it has no “continue watching” functionality at all. To continue watching a show, I have to go to my library, find the show, remember which episode I was up to, find it and hit play. To make matters worse, it defaults to displaying the final season so you’ve got to tap a drop-down, and also figure out which season you were on. Every other video app that exists you open it up, and can immediately start from where you were. One tap. To make matters worse, if you don’t watch a whole movie or episode and come back to app later, it doesn’t remember your place. After going through the hassle of figuring out an episode, and then finding it, the app will start playing it from the beginning every single time. It really is an indefensibly poor piece of design. They’ve put in the minimum amount of effort possible to support your purchases on iOS, I would suggest you avoid if you’re an iOS user..Version: 3.3.00006

Slowest UI I have usedThis rating is for the app and not for the Google play service itself (which is I think is quite good). The app however, is bordering on unusable. I have about 15 movies in my library now and that tab has become unusable due to scrolling issues. The Watch Now tab is only useful for the shortcuts to things I've just bought or rented. Can't scroll to the suggestions section due to slowness. Meanwhile, the Wishlist tab is pointless, since even if you could scroll fast enough to use it, you can't actually buy movies through the app. I use it on an iPad Air and reasonably fast internet where all other similar movie streaming apps scroll smoothly and load up hundreds of movie thumbnails in sub second times. This app takes MINUTES before I can scroll my entire 15 movie library. Just horrible..Version: 2.3.8916

Useless!Why did you even make the app if you cannot even buy things on it?!.Version: 2.15.0012

Downloads don’t workDownloaded an entire series on my phone to watch when babysitting for a long weekend without Wi-Fi. It showed that it was downloaded but wouldn’t play due to “no internet connection” it’s downloaded!! That’s the point. This app is useless..Version: 3.9.00003

The worstIf i could give zero stars i would!! Episodes dont come thru weekly even when purchasing the whole season. Seasons and episode's disappear all the time. Very frustrating!!.Version: 3.10.00007

UnsatisfactoryI pay for a full season of law and order SUV season 22, only to find there are two episodes I cannot watch. That’s not right, you need to unlock these episode..Version: 3.9.00003

Reliable appWorks well let’s you stream your purchased outside of the Apple eco system content. Appletv app please!.Version: 2.20.31

Shocking and a rip offI’ve used this app for about two years generally working perfectly. Suddenly I’m either no longer able to open the app, displays a blank black screen or when it does open the app crashes. Having paid to view these programmes on my mobile devise I find the whole thing a scam and a rip off! Maybe someone at Google needs to pay attention to the feedback which from others is also chronic! I’ve attempted all the supposed remedies and nothing work!.Version: 3.5.00005

If it’s not broke don’t fix itGoogle play was fine why did you make it in operable, if it works leave it alone!.Version: 3.0.00021

My Google Play balance is blockedI was victim of a gift card scam, which I reported to Google. They informed me the gift cards had been redeemed by the scammers, where in fact this was not true and only about half had been redeemed. I managed to redeem the other gift cards myself, in the hope of getting a refund. Google informed me that refunding was not possible. I then attempted to use the balance I had redeemed, but I was asked to verify my purchase because suspicious. I submitted all the receipts and photos of the gift cards, but my balance is still blocked because “ According to our systems, the Google Play Gift Card that you have submitted has already been redeemed in an account.” This is ridiculous. Not only did they mislead me when I was informed that the cards had been redeemed, but when I actually managed to redeem some before the scammers did, I still was not allowed to use that balance for any purchase. Clearly Google knows that by blocking my balance they retain the money without giving me the possibility to spend it, so it’s basically free money for them. And instead of tracking the balance I lost in the scam and refunding, they block ME for a situation where I was just the victim. I sincerely hope someone from Google support will see this and attempt to get in touch to resolve this situation, otherwise I will have to contact the relevant authorities, as I am being denied the use of a purchase that I LEGALLY AND PERSONALLY made..Version: 2.18.36

Remote Keeps DisappearingI own two TCL televisions equipped with Google TV in my living space. Although I anticipated that this application would address my remote control concerns, regrettably, its usage has resulted in increased frustration. The virtual remotes frequently vanish during use, rendering me unable to control either television. A cursory online investigation reveals that this is a recognized and persistent issue that remains unresolved by the developers..Version: 3.16.00002

Please fix the issues.I really like the app for offline viewing. Thats fine. But. I do not appreciate the fact that your app glitches out all the time when I’m trying to download, or In general it freezes up when downloading and I can’t move anything. And please. Add the subtitles for offline viewing. I can’t watch my movies or shows without my English subtitles. And I would appreciate if you added an in app purchase to download. I have to either use YouTube on the computer or Google Play to buy movies or shows. Etc..Version: 3.6.00006

Don't waist your time.I wouldn't give it on star. Wished I would have read a few reviews before I downloaded the piece of crap. Watching a movie the app freezes up & quits & quits. Why would Apple allow this on the store? Save yourself the wasted emotional energy..Version: 3.8.00012

I Liked the Old App BetterThis app is the complete opposite of an improvement. The old app worked just fine. I can’t even download shows and movies anymore, nor can I play them. It just sits there loading forever. I bet the people who gave this app five stars are bots because ain’t no way..Version: 3.6.00006

Almost useless appGoogle has a great archive of movies but the app is almost completely useless. Can’t search for movies in-app so have a nasty clunky experience switching between web (where you buy) and app (where you view). Plus the search experience is hopeless on both app abd web. Can’t filter, can’t sort, basically can’t find anything. This from the worlds greatest search engine!? Do better Google.Version: 2.20.28

Refuses to play anythingI’m tired of this app not allowing me to watch anything I paid for,downloaded or not. It keeps giving me an error every time I try to watch anything. It used to work fine until today. Tried restarting my iPad and nothing. This is so frustrating. Fix your app.Version: 3.13.00003

Not freeNot free.Version: 3.10.00007

Downloaded movies can't be watched without internet connectionDefeats the entire point of downloading them. Also I don't want it to be a streaming hub... I just want to have an app for the stuff I bought on Google.Version: 3.14.00006

Not kid friendlyNot sure how sausage party is listed as a Disney film. Last I checked that was an adult movie.Version: 2.13.0004

New AppOpened the app, tried to download previously bought movies onto my iPad and it tells me that "it couldn't download it - an SSL error occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made". There is no way of finding out how to do this. Very frustrating..Version: 3.1.00006

Not a Google TV remoteDescription says it works as a Google TV remote, that’s very misleading. There is no remote only very limited capability to cast from a few apps. Worthless because I can cast directly from some streaming apps. The steamers with no cast capability like Apple TV you can’t cast from this app either so it’s useless..Version: 3.16.00002

MidThe remote part of this app which I find to be the only useful thing on here barely works. It’ll connect to the chrome cast but remote won’t pop up. Incredibly annoying and would avoid using app due to that alone.Version: 3.13.00003

FrustratingThe app only works when it wants to, the remote function won’t work once you open Netflix, the sense like a good idea but it’s slow and unreliable and makes me wonder why Google releases things that don’t work as advertised.Version: 3.8.00012

Really badTry to play your purchased movie or tv and half the time it just keeps showing you the blurb. Other half of the time theres no sound. And what’s with not being able to purchase in app? I’ve got two google accounts: it’s really hard to switch between them. They’ve been getting bad reviews for ages but they don’t care. I only use it if I can’t get the content anywhere else. Otherwise I avoid it.Version: 2.18.36

BadI searched up "free movies" and this popped up so I clicked on it but all the movies where money.Version: 2.13.0004

Flaky app - spends on iOS versionI have a major purchased library on google tv and have used it for years. But the software developers struggle to get it right with iOS. Every second or third update of the iOS results in google tv app being scrambled - it doesn’t connect, or connects and loses connection controls, or variations of those. Really basic and really quite poor controls. Atm it’s as bad as ever (July 2023 software versions). I really wish google could do better here. Other streaming services don’t have the same issues. To rub salt in, even YouTube’s interface runs better than the google tv app. Same company, different developers ?.Version: 3.12.00002

No customer service if something messes up!I ordered a movie, they took my money but never did get access to the movie. I have emailed but no response. Customer service takes you to “help” articles instead of an actual person that can do something..Version: 3.7.00002

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