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Google Arts & Culture App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Google Arts & Culture app received 118 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Google Arts & Culture? Can you share your negative thoughts about google arts & culture?

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Google Arts & Culture for Negative User Reviews

A great potential unrealizedSo broad and comprehensive it is unusable; you might as well use the internet. If you want specificity, like favorite paintings by favorite artists, Pinterest is more functional. The only competitive advantage this has is geographic locations. Let’s say I want to revisit the Louvre, well this works well for museum tours. Hundreds of thousands of items and articles presumes you have infinite time and no plan. If you like to meander endlessly without goal or outcome, other than killing time, than this is for you. If you want to create order and structure out of your artistic preferences and explore undiscovered items similar to what you love, skip this app. I am going to give it another week and then either delete it or revise the review. Let’s see..Version: 7.5.29

DisappointingI have to agree with the reviews about how disappointing it is to download the app to use the “Find your portrait in a museum” feature - only to discover it is not available. I live in Houston - fourth largest city in the US and it isn’t available? There wasn’t even a notice to inform you the feature isn’t available in your area, or a notice of when it will be available. The find a portrait feature is very popular online and Google gets 0 points for not capitalizing on the popularity. Really Google?.Version: 6.0.17

Good App but Technical Issues are AnnoyingThere’s a wide plethora of artwork just waiting to be found in this app and I’m happy Google is paving the way for people to connect with that. The interactive stories are great and I love the feature that allows you to find artwork similar to the ones you favorite over time. That being said, I am seeing an extremely annoying technical issue that prevents you from scrolling anything past the games section. This is unfortunate because this pretty much limits my experience in the app in half. Not only that, my favorite aspect of the app (that which allows you to find artwork based on your favorites) is *past* the games section where the issue arises. It’s a great app for art and art history lovers but this “problem occurred, reloading page” issue is frustrating and brings my rating down a couple of pegs..Version: 9.0.46

Excellent content, but too many bugsI’m very happy with the content on here, but the issue for me is it often has problems when zooming in on artworks. Once you’ve zoomed in, it usually won’t zoom out fully and you can’t get back to the full screen view with the information and other text about artwork. Sometimes it just freezes entirely, meaning you have to restart the app, which can be very frustrating when go through a gallery or artist with large numbers of artworks. I’ve had been using the Google Art & Culture website for many years and was happy, except for the same issue. I only downloaded this app in the hope it wouldn’t have the zoom problems. Please address in an update, this should be a relatively simple fix for google developers..Version: 8.0.54

Nice, but....I’m sick of companies limiting their most interesting features to only those in the US. Until they can roll out apps with feature parity, they deserve lower user ratings..Version: 6.0.17

Selfie search does not workThe search isn’t available, even though I downloaded from the Canadian store..Version: 6.0.24

I’m annoyedWhy doesn’t the google art selfie thing work?!?!!! Seriously fix it I’m mad!!!!! I just want to find my look alike, I have never seen anyone that looks like me!!!!!!!!.Version: 6.0.17

Limited art selectionI just wanted to be able to save and view my favourite art pieces, it seems like they only have the most popular/ significant art pieces saved to the app..Version: 8.0.54

Self PortraitWhy can’t I do this on the app!??? Where is it.Version: 6.0.17

MehCame here on a review of a great work and a face match app that seems to be the latest fad. Neither work nor entertaining face match exist, at least not to Australian viewers... had a browse but can find far more comprehensive details online or art books with app..Version: 6.0.17

Not all features present for everyoneI wish I could give this zero stars.Version: 6.0.17

6.2 out of 10It’s ok it’s not great. You should be able to upload pictures too. My real issue though - it keeps telling me I look like an old man 😳 I am youngish and female. So yes - average and a hint boring too.. well it might be funny for 7 minutes if you were on crack or something.Version: 6.1.12

Nearby - Don’t think soAsked it for nearby places, I live in central U.K. (Swindon) and it’s first 3 places are all in France!!! Believe it or not there are good places in Oxford and London which are in the same country..Version: 6.0.17

Great app but please, don't cut features...This app deserves 5-stars but I gave it 1-star for one simple reason - different versions in different countries. I installed it partly for the selfie-face-matching feature that's been so widely talked about only to find that they haven't included that feature in the Australian version. Thanks heaps for letting everyone except the US of A down Google..Version: 6.0.17

No good reason for Google to limit portrait feature.Update: apparently the state of Texas is not able to get the selfie portrait feature? There’s no good reason why Google needs to limit this by location. Make all content available for all, Google; we can handle it... I scrolled down the homepage repeatedly, searched in the search bars, opened different parts of the app, and still didn’t find it. This is representative of the user experience of this app, generally—it’s not easy to browse or search. I would expect better from Google, but the organization of this project feels a bit like an afterthought compared to the content..Version: 6.0.17

Invasion of your privacy, as usualYeah, I don't think so Google - De-installed. "When you use our services or view content provided by Google, we automatically collect and store certain information in server logs. This includes: telephony log information like your phone number, calling-party number, forwarding numbers, time and date of calls, duration of calls, SMS routing information and types of calls.".Version: 5.1.22

Missing features in U.K.There’s a big advertising push for this app because of the self portrait feature. However it isn’t available in the U.K. for some reason. Just wasted 20 mins looking for it so I’m done with this now. Even if the function is later added. Sorry google - that’s just how things go. Be sure to make sure your features are available to all before engaging in marketing. Cheers!.Version: 6.0.17

Wow, Arts & Culture!!!This is great. I can see paintings from different times, i can also compare me with famous people!.Version: 6.0.23

Face matching not on all downloadsIf you’re downloading this to do the face match don’t bother: it doesn’t always come as part of this app. For some reason they’ve advertised it but programmed it so only some people get that feature. Waste of phone storage space, everything else is available on the website..Version: 6.0.23

Good but some consOverall it is a great app with very high resolution of each work. However, there are too few of artworks in each artist collection, sometimes you cannot even find the famous work..Version: 7.1.11

StupidI downloaded it to try the art selfie feature but it only lets you take a selfie right then and there not choose one from your camera roll. why? for what? i look so ugly right now i don’t want to take a selfie and get shown what ugly paintings i look like. this is insulting.Version: 7.5.29

Why limit this feature by location??Downloaded for the selfie matching feature. Sigh. Another feature or product not available in Australia. Waste of time..Version: 6.0.17

A gimmick that could have been something greatThis app could have been so much more. Google really jumped the gun and let an app that could have been an amazing resource be a social media Gimmick. First launching this app with geographic blocks was a mistake they should have waited for it to be truly ready. The fact that I can search names of master artist and it comes up missing is sad being google a search power house and last not having the experiments imbedded and launching you off the app is just being lazy. Again this app could be great but right now is a viral gimmick!!!.Version: 6.0.17

Hmmm ok.... but.I mean as an app it’s great and does exactly what it tells you on the tin, there are lots of categories and paintings to explore the knowledge behind :) Too bad it doesn’t have the facial recognition feature (I believe EU law has something to do with it but the U.K. is leaving soooooo) which is the reason it is t rated higher... Any news as to whether or not we’ll get this feature soon? I really want to try it.Version: 6.0.17

Not giving me the selfie optionPretty unhappy - multiple users around me are taking selfies / no one van figure out why I can’t.Version: 6.0.24

Don’t bother.Nice idea executed terribly. Can’t open any of the art, or if I can it takes a very very very long time just to look at one image. Also, if you’re looking for the ‘is your portrait in a museum?’ feature, it doesn’t exist..Version: 6.0.17

I want an art selfie!!Why can’t I get a dang selfie comparison with art? Where did that go? Seriously the only reason I wanted this app..Version: 6.0.17

Missing the very feature I got it forWhy can I not find the selfie search in the art collection?.Version: 6.0.23

Good app but region restriction is annoyingI downloaded this for the face-match feature being advertised everywhere yet it doesn't seem to work in my country..Version: 6.0.17

Not in CanadaThere are features that you can’t use in Canada, most of which are designed to work with your own photos. Disappointing..Version: 7.5.28

Very SlowApp loading speed was so slow even when i was in home wifi.Version: 6.0.17

Region-locking? Come onThis would be such an amazing app if it wasn’t for the region lock. Please get the message, based on all your reviews, and change it..Version: 6.0.17

Legal Fail. Is Google becoming big brother?Google needs to own up to what they’re doing with biometric face scans, and either address the issue with Texas residents or remove the feature altogether. Banning an entire state from using the features on their app is exclusionist, and I doubt if Google’s intentions were pure that they would refrain from simply including a legal notice for Texas residents (based on state laws, TX residents have the right to know what biometric face scans are used for; Google refuses to comply with this, and instead they just opted out entire LARGE state out of this app’s premier feature.) I’ve never been disappointed in a Google product—until now (okay, Google+ sucked too). I’m considering trading in my Google Home for an Apple Speaker, if Google doesn’t improve transparency with its users. This is absurd..Version: 6.0.23

Crashes rather than castsOverall poor performance on iPad.Version: 7.9.14

GreatIt’s great for reviewing art but the see if your portrait is in a museum is not available for everyone around the world and only in the US :( I was really looking forward to using this app for that..Version: 6.0.17

TrashLiterally the worst thing made it’s a useless piece of trash I would rather get every disease then even open this app.Version: 6.4.15

Weak and terrible as photo editor.Has a massive art, gallery data base, but nothing good beside that. Photos creating mode is terrible- the worst I had ever seen. To personal photos to art pictures is really bad... zero in common but it says 50%-60% . I read about it before, so it’s nothing more, nothing less what I expected. Very limited as photo editor. Maybe it is useful as art gallery app, but I have no use for it in my life - maybe art teacher for school will appreciate it more...Version: 8.1.19

Works jankyThis is a hit or miss. Sometimes there is a back button at the top left corner to return to the previous page. Sometimes not. I can’t tell you the amount of times I had to turn to the main page of this app to re-search the location I was just in. For example; explore by places. Click on a location from the list. Now try to go back. Yep no back button so you have to go back to Home again, click Places, sort by alphabetical...again and scroll ..again. Cmon this is 2021 Some galleries also don’t allow you to zoom in on the artwork. This is especially stupid if the artwork is what looks like to be the size of my iPhone....on my 12.9’ iPad Pro. I did not buy this giant iPad to view small pictures that don’t allow me to zoom in..Version: 8.1.19

Limiting Art EducationThe app should have come with a notification that the “Is Your Portrait In A Museum” feature is only available in some states. I can’t believe it’s not available in Texas, and apparently not in Illinois either! Think of all the kids who are missing out on this great chance to get connected with Art History through a trending tech app. And for what? Because Google doesn’t want to be the boogeyman about scanning people’s face biometrics? Sad. Look, people are only scared of that when info gets kept secretly, or when things aren’t disclosed. Ironically, by not letting users in Texas and Illinois know that that feature isn’t available upfront, they’re promoting a technological paranoia. This works against everything they’re trying to do, and wastes everyone’s time (like mine, writing this review.).Version: 6.0.23

DisappointedDownloaded to access the selfie portrait feature but was not to be found anywhere. Is this not accessible to other countries?.Version: 6.0.17

Cool app, but...Like everyone else here, I downloaded this app for the selfie feature, but apparently I downloaded it too late and now the feature is only available in select areas of the US. Bear in mind I, by no means, live in a rural area (I live between Tampa and Orlando), but even in Orlando I can’t access the feature. Google this is not how you introduce a new social media craze, if you release a feature to everyone, and it doesn’t work optimally, you don’t take it away from over half the country, you try your best to fix it for everyone.Version: 6.0.17

Difficult to navigate and can’t send to smart TVAs above..Version: 7.3.8

UnusableLove the concept and really want to use the app but it’s just so difficult. Why? Because it’s ridiculously slow. If you’re going to use this app, the only thing you’ll be able to view if the home page, if you click on a link to a collection or theme, it’ll show a blue loading bar for hours without progress. It just stops..Version: 6.0.17

Where is the selfie feature???It’s not working.Version: 6.1.11

IncompleteThe app is nice. I like the view of places like Stonehenge. The collections seem jumbled, like when you just move in and you have everything in piles that still need to go where the really belong. It’s all there, just confusing. Also my closest, “near me,” art location is 190 miles away in this app when I know there is a good art museum less than 5 miles where I sit. It just seems like this is a beta app, but it’s not marketed as one. Nice, but a bit disappointing..Version: 6.0.23

Could be greatIgnoring the whole selfie fiasco, this app could be great but seems to be incredibly glitchy/unpolished. There’s not a cohesive experience with clicking read more and viewing related content and then trying to click back into the original post - it’s like the app is unsure how to handle each interaction. I end up back in the original list/search far too often. Feels like G put their C team on this one, which is unfortunate since it could open a whole lot of eyes (including my own) to great art..Version: 6.0.17

Where’s face match?A nice app but the feature that everyone is looking for (face match) can’t be found for everyone (including me). people say it should be on the home page but I and many others can not find it anywhere. please update so that we can all find it..Version: 6.0.17

I’m giving it the BotD bc they’re still working on it, but there are still flaws with it.The stories are interesting, but navigating the app is rather difficult. Also, I noticed a lot of African American art, but it was hard to find African art. It’s there, it’s just not in one of the main collections. Also, I wish there was more to the fashion collection. In regards to everyone’s displeasure with the face recognition portion of the app, I do agree that the “select locations” seem to have been chosen arbitrarily, but I feel that people would be a lot less upset if we were told which locations that part of the app actually functions..Version: 6.0.17

MistakeThat is not Cienfuegos, Cuba. It is Campeche, Mexico..Version: 7.3.8

Lookalike picture uploadWould be great to be able to upload a pic from my phone gallery rather than taking a selfie.Version: 6.5.21

Portrait match function missing in Aus?When will this be available?.Version: 6.0.17

Can’t do anythingI got this app for school because I thought the app would be better than the web. As soon as I open the app it asked me to sign in and that’s normal so I try do sign in but it glitched me out and on to a new page exactly the same but it glitched on to a new page every second so I quickly try to sign in but I can’t ..Version: 8.0.54

Nice marketing. Poor deliveryCame for the history facematch option and it’s nowhere to be found..Version: 6.0.17

Bring to the UK!!!Really wish the feature that lets you compare yourself to a painting was available where i am😭😭.Version: 6.0.24

Another frustrated Midwest userWasted 15 minutes trying to figure out how to access the Portrait Match feature. None of the more popular articles about the app mention this feature is only available in select locations, nor does any headline in within the app. Never had this experience with an app, ever!! Hopefully with enough negative reviews a one-star review will be pinned at the top / google will mention this in larger print to protect future customers. I can not uninstall this app fast enough. Let me guess: NY and LA have this feature. Flyover country does not. Google deserves a PR nightmare for this one..Version: 6.0.17

Great, but...Version 7.5.xx removed the 360 view from streetview when moving your phone around (but you can still move around by touching the screen), which was one of the best features of this app. Please bring it back. (Still not working on ios 13.5).Version: 7.5.29

Keeps reloading pageNot sure where all the 5 stars cone from. When I try to view the Klimt slideshow on an iPhone 6 it has a problem loading the page and continually reloads. So I’ve no idea if the slideshow is any good. At the moment I have to classify as junk..Version: 6.4.15

No portrait featureDownloaded for the portrait feature, must have been taken down already. Deleting this app.Version: 6.0.17

Needs a lot of workExcellent app in theory however the programming needs a lot of work. Very poor in app functionality such as moving smoothly between images and back to previous menu pages, landscape view is off, when zooming into images you are then unable to continue scrolling to next image without first returning to previous page. Also, many artist pieces are missing. I scrolled through all of the Surrealism pieces looking for Salvador Dali and did not find a single piece by him. Then when I go to Dali’s page on your app, there are barely any of most famous pieces. That is the case for many artists offered on this app. Another example would be Hieronymous Bosch. If these things were all corrected, you would have an excellent app and I will happily change my rating..Version: 6.0.17

Restricted access to appIt's a shame there's no portrait feature. I did download the app just for that but the app itself actually seems fantastic in other ways. The 1 star rating is just so Google sees the demand for the portrait mode overseas, the app itself looks really cool..Version: 6.0.17

Manque d’informationJe trouve qu’il n’y a pas beaucoup d’informations sur les personages historiques.Version: 6.4.15

Badly designed appReally awful app from Google. Looks interesting at first, then takes ages to load content and the feature everyone is using in the US “Portrait” feature not available in UK. Usual Google, get something out and not think it through. Navigation is atrocious, takes ages to load. What can I say? Waste of time downloading this app!.Version: 6.0.17

Great app but it keeps freezingI recently downloaded this app (admittedly initially for the selfie likeness) but then I discovered all the other wonderful features, like street view photos for artist etc), which is wonderful for artistic people like me. However, I’ll be in the middle of reading something and then it freezes and I can’t even swipe it or close the app. Otherwise, it’s a great way to travel without costing a cent!.Version: 6.0.23

Much of it never loadsPictures that are referenced from museum websites never load..Version: 7.5.28

Cheesy rubbishThe arrows they stick on top of the art are distracting and ugly- and the zoom widget, can't be hidden. Why can't I view the art in full screen without the pollution of graphics on top ?, also I find the presentation very tabloidy and click bait_ like it's cheesy and over processed over produced, Google and art don't mix.Version: 8.0.35

Headline feature not available in the UKAfter being hooked into downloading for the portrait likeness matching feature which is being promoted so heavily right now, annoying to find out this isn’t even available in the UK..Version: 6.0.17

NOT actually art for all 😡😡😡😡IRONIC to create an app that is art for all and then exclude millions of people (Texas and Illinois) not to mention the amount of money invested in art in Chicago, Dallas and Houston, which is where I live. Google did you run out of funding fo this project? I’ve been using gmail since it was in beta testing but I will disown you, you will no longer be invited into my home, to holiday dinners AND I’m writing you out of my will. I put this app in the garbage where it belongs. Since I’m an artist who feels i could get a lot of use out of this app, i am willing to forgive you, but expect and explanation. I am out for blood on this google, and don’t handle FOMO well..Version: 6.0.17

Chicago restricted?In general, this app is pretty cool and the information is quite interesting. My only issue is that I cannot do this portrait/selfie search ("first-world" problem, I know) and I understand that it's restricted in some areas. I cannot find a list of where this feature is restricted, but I live in Chicago and it is not available. Just to make sure, I searched for possible (troubleshooting) strategies just to verify that this feature should be available in this city and haven't found anything other than review comments..Version: 6.0.17

A terrible app to navigate!It’s so disappointing to learn about this app’s wonderful content yet so frustrating to navigate around numerous works of art, a user experience that doesn’t measure up to Google’s reputation. Firstly, no direct link is available for eager learners to tap on an artwork to learn about its background. One has to jump through different hurdles simply to find basic background information. Secondly, artworks aren’t organized into different genres or time periods, and users have to jump back and forth to search for works of the very same artist. Why not make it as simple as a music playlist to learn and search artwork?.Version: 6.0.17

PointlessDownloaded it for the matching selfie feature and it didn't have it. Everything else can be found online..Version: 6.0.23

No selfie feature in UKNo portrait feature in the UK which considering the size and span of google is just silly. Also the app itself is extremely clunky, despite having some interesting content..Version: 6.0.17

Banner is infuriatingThe whole point of viewing art online (especially during lockdown and museums are closed) , is to be able to examine the picture carefully with no interruptions. However when you zoom in on a painting on this app, a banner pops up if you lift your finger off the picture. It’s so annoying, and lets the app down. Would be great if designers could fix this small issue, would definitely give users a seamless and enjoyable experience. If this was not an issue I would rate 5 star as the app is great 👍🏽.Version: 8.0.54

Totally amazingly interrsting but buggy as hell herePlease improve the functionality, and somehow make this beast less thirsty, some back buttons here and there, you know the stuff that makes apps great. is google designing itself to death or what? such a great app but really inconsistent, camera sometimes works sometimes does not! maybe its the internet connection, frustrating even with this spankin new 2020 ipad..Version: 7.9.13

Where is the face match part of the app?Downloaded this so I can take a selfie and see which painting I look like - but that feature is nowhere to be found. Is it because I’m in Australia or is this a fantastical scam to increase downloads and popularity of this app? If so, well played I guess. If not, hurry up and update it so that all users can have fun with this highly publicised feature..Version: 6.0.17

Nice appPros: Zoom in on art works, great informative app. Cons: Very glitchy, navigation throughout app often freezes up. fix the issues and it will be a fantastic app.Version: 6.0.24

Doesn't work?Tried art protector a few times on iPad pro and it's just blank?.Version: 8.0.46

The selfie portrait feature is not available which is disappointingOnly downloaded it for this feature. Not sure why it can’t be available for everywhere! Have deleted it already.Version: 6.0.17

Not loading onto homepageI downloaded this app for my iPhone, and it’s not working! It doesn’t even load onto the homepage, just says ‘tap to refresh’ which I’ve done loads! I’ve deleted the app twice and redownloaded it to see if that changes it, but no effect whatsoever..Version: 8.0.54

It’s okayI recommend this app for anyone interested in an immersive art experience. There are a lot of tools that allowed you to explore famous artworks, and even a feature that lets you incorporate yourself into a famous piece of art. I had some issues with this app, though. I downloaded it for science class and there was a tool that allowed you to go inside the lungs. It was interesting but very glitchy. Also, some of the features are difficult to understand and sometimes it is hard to find certain features. I give this app a three out of five..Version: 9.0.38

Location RestrictionEchoing what many have said about the location restriction on the selfie feature. I can understand Google didn’t expect the selfie feature to go viral and were thus unprepared. However, the limited access was not clearly communicated and the fact that it seems the coastal cities got access and middle America did not seems misguided. Overall, like the way the app allows you to interact with art and exposes you to art you’re not familiar with. The UI and overall experience seems on par with Google’s other great products. One last point of feedback would be to incorporate even smaller art institutions. I live in Chicago and the many diverse art institutions of the city are not well represented..Version: 6.0.17

Could be incredible ... isn’t .The wealth of information and detail in this app is amazing. But therein lies its problem - it’s too big, and, surprisingly for a Google product, is not particularly user friendly. There should be a way to “save for later” or simply favourite whatever you want so it’s easy to find or return to for reference. Instead you can only favourite individual works of art. This is a huge oversight. Why not favourite articles and editorials too?.Version: 6.0.17

Take a Selfie - NOTI just downloaded this app because I just learned about it in a news story on “Top 30”. The idea of viewing art from all over the world really appealed to me, but the “Take a Selfie . . . “ feature really intrigued me, so I downloaded the app; BUT I could not find this feature on any of the menu pages. I finally saw a statement on the product description that this feature was available only in certain areas. Huge disappointment! Why does your location affect the availability of this feature? Once I have time to explore the app’s ability to view art from around the world, I may give an updated rating..Version: 6.0.17

How do I use?Everyone is using this app to find paintings that look like themselves but no where on the app does it let you do that. Since it’s so popular, don’t you think it would be smart to put it right at the front? I can’t even dig and search for it idk how to do it. 0/10 kinda useless..Version: 6.0.17

Crash crash crashThis app can show some fantastic art, but trying the enhanced features either does nothing or causes it to crash..Version: 8.0.54

Serious UI flawsArticles get stuck in street view mode with no escape feature.Version: 7.3.8

BuggyFull of bugs crashes almost everytime i use it.Version: 9.0.47

No face match in FL 😒Interesting content, but after wasting time trying to find the face match option, I (as many others did) discovered it is not available in my location (Florida?!). How do our faces in the south not work with international artwork? There is nothing within the app that details this, and it is very off putting to have to waste time searching online to find this out on our own. Even as an otherwise good app that could bring culture to the masses, many will delete it out of frustration and a feeling of being “duped”. Fail, google..Version: 6.0.17

No selfie functionRegion locked selfie feature. Only Americans can do it apparently.Version: 6.0.17

Don’t use in CanadaThis app is geolocked and you cannot use the popular find your portrait feature in Canada. What a waste of time..Version: 6.0.17

Seems like a good conceptI downloaded this app for my EDUC class. I was able to compare 2 photos to arts in a museum. Unfortunately, after that, every time I click on a photo in my gallery to compare it to art prices, the app crashes and boots me out. Please fix this! This is the main function we’re using the app for in my class!.Version: 9.0.38

😭😢 face match not available in NZ!Totally bummed that there is no face match outside of the USA. I haven’t bothered to look at anything else on the app. I’m sure it would be good but sadly the lack of face match has sucked the joy right out of my day. ☹️😭.Version: 6.0.17

No selfie match? Why?Why do you always give the cool things to stupid Americans? It looks an interesting app but I’m a bit jaded and bitter now that in the UK we don’t get given toys to trick us into having educational content on our phones so I probably won’t use it. Give us the selfie feature and use proper English spelling..Version: 6.0.17

Selfie feature doesn’t workI downloaded this app having seen friends use the selfie feature that cross references your photo with fine art. It looks pretty cool. I then discovered that this feature doesn’t work on my device (iPad)/in my region (UK). Deleting..Version: 6.0.17

Can’t find the portrait in a museum part!Yo, downloaded the app to use the section where you can find your portrait in a museum.. it’s not on the app the option isn’t anywhere I’ve been through it several times. Looks like people are having the same issue, update ASAP plz :).Version: 6.0.17

Recent update bugged - great app otherwiseSince at least the recent update no paintings load when opened in their separate page. Images still load when clicking ‘see connections with other work’ as do their thumbnails. This is considerably frustrating..Version: 7.5.28

Bring the selfie search to AustraliaThe only reason I downloaded was for the selfie feature. Now please bring it to the rest of the world..Version: 6.0.17

HorribleCan’t find the portrait program.. not only that the app is absolutely horrible. Glacially slow to load and scroll. I’d expect that for an amateur app but this is google??!?.Version: 6.0.17

Can't find portrait finderThe portrait finder part that everyone is going on about is missing?? I scrolled down all the way and I can't find it. I have an iPhone se so I'm thinking that's the problem. Please fix this!.Version: 6.0.17

Fine for art, not for the face match featureLike most, I downloaded this app to use the portrait face match feature. I was able to use it once, but then when I got back into the app later in the day the feature was no longer available. I understand that it is only available in certain locations but I don’t understand why it worked in my location (OKC) in the morning and then it disappeared in the afternoon. My husband’s phone still has the feature so that makes it even more confusing. Despite that major screw up with the face match capability, it is a cool app if you have any interest in art..Version: 6.0.17

Doesn’t workThe find your portrait feature does not work in Canada. Smh. That’s the only reason I installed this.Version: 6.0.23

Face match not found...good otherwiseInteresting app. Worth an exploration. The reason I downloaded isn’t anywhere though. Where’s the face match function?.Version: 6.0.17

DisappointingI don’t see much of andy warhol’s work, you guys should get on that! maybe make a authentication program, google should be on top of digitizing art as fast as possible. high res, everything. hit me up if you need help.Version: 7.8.20

Interesting but malfunctioningLike other people I downloaded looking for the find your portrait feature which doesn't seem to be available in the UK... but to be fair it's not advertised on the official app description. Plus the rest of the app still looks interesting so I don't mind having installed it. the bigger problem is that it is very very buggy. Things fail or take a long time to load, the search bar malfunctions so I can't see what I'm typing etc - surprised at this from a google product. Hopefully an update will arrive soon?.Version: 6.0.17

There is no portrait match?Really disappointed as the portrait match is really the only thing I downloaded for. So so rubbish. Would give 0 stars if I could. Don't advertise things you don't even do. Don't download this app. I am thoroughly raging..Version: 6.0.17

Portrait selfie feature not availableHow do you not have this feature in Canada. Why isn’t it available in every country? Won’t be reinstalling until its available. Very disappointing..Version: 6.0.17

A very odd experience for an iPad Pro userNothing is wrong with the content itself; but I haven’t even been using the app for more than ten minutes and I would say the overall usability is… strange. For one, there’s no ‘dark’ mode. I study art even while I’m in bed, which makes it important for me to be able to use dark mode as a way to avoid the extra eye strain. Secondly, there’s no way for me to go back to the homepage! I don’t know if this experience is exclusive to the iPad; but you would think that having a back button would be the norm for all apps - especially those produced by one of the largest companies on the internet. When I enter my settings, I don’t see any way to access the homepage. There is no quick access menu anywhere onscreen. Swiping anywhere across the screen to switch back also does not work. I would have to go back to the main page by exiting the app and forcing it to close. I highly recommend the app for the art itself, but the UX needs work. If the app missed having these two basic functions (which could be noticed in minutes) i don’t doubt that the issues stop there..Version: 9.0.38

Seems great but the hype is for the portrait featureJust give it to the rest of the world!? It’s either greedy of America or smart from the rest of the world. Save us from this face stealing app....Version: 6.0.17

Time wasterLooking for the features which are now supposed to be available worldwide, ie finding likenesses in paintings and converting photos into art, but aren’t is quite irritating. If they are there, please tell us where, preferable as menu items where anyone would expect to find them..Version: 7.5.29

Come on mate, why not in the UK?Download for the portrait selfie match, just because of the hype around it and it looked pretty fun. But it wasn't out in the U.K. So I've waited for the update, and now it's been a month and still nothing. The hype of the feature is gone now, But pretty bummed out that there has been no update for the UK. Why can't we have nice things too google?.Version: 6.1.11

Where is the selfie function????Cannot find the selfie function!!!!.Version: 6.0.23

Add renaissance drawings and split view capabilities pleaseWould like to see more high quality digitised versions of old master drawings, the current google art collection is lacking in such great and fine pieces of old.... Enabling spilt view capability and night view theme alternatives would be a wonderful and useful feature for users and will be welcome updates! More options such as searching and filtering by art movement/culture/time period categories will also be welcome function updates ie, impression, renaissance, 1700s, europe/asia/africa etc or even by specific countries or broad styles ie, traditional european/Asian /indian etc... Thank you, hope to see more future content additions and enhancements and really hope for those feature/function additions updates for a better and more enjoyable ux!.Version: 6.3.13

:(I can’t find the “is your portrait in a museum” feature, which is why I downloaded it in the first place. However, there’s lots of wonderful art on this app..Version: 6.0.17

Cool app but no portrait feature?Just spent half hour searching for the portrait feature... should have read the comments first! Looks like a cool app, but I must admit I came here for something else :/.Version: 6.0.17

Not opening the app!!This is bogus! I don’t know why this is happening but for some reason the app wouldn’t let me in the app, all it keeps saying “we have an error refreshing” sorry but I’m not recommending this app.Version: 6.3.13

Horrible codingThe facial recognition tech is so bad it should have just stayed beta. Couldn’t even match Mona Lisa to Mona Lisa. Pretty sure their “facial recognition” is really just randomly matching a face to 5 randomly generated portraits. Also, the app is difficult to navigate. I don’t like the endless scrolling on the home page, it should be better organized. Two stars because the info is really neat and new to the app scene. Great potential, just needs to fix a lot more bugs and go through major renovations before I seriously use this app..Version: 6.0.17

Fabulous but disappointingI can’t seem to find the feature to “find your portrait in the museum.” Is this not available in countries outside the US, like Australia? Sad it’s not. It does seem like a fantastic app otherwise, very informative!.Version: 6.0.17

Modal dialog begging for a rating? That’s a paddling.Instead of opening to the linked resource, the app asked for a rating..Version: 6.5.21

Selfie FeatureApparently the selfie feature is not available in Canada. 10/10 would uninstall again..Version: 6.0.17

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