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TickPick: No Fee Tickets App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

TickPick: No Fee Tickets app received 54 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TickPick: No Fee Tickets? Can you share your negative thoughts about tickpick: no fee tickets?

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TickPick: No Fee Tickets for Negative User Reviews

IT update requiredNeeds more work. Algorithms and search engine is basic. Prices could more competitive for last minute tickets ..Version: 4.14.5

Worst experience ever !! Zero stars!Purchased my tickets in July to and Eagles vs. Buccs game in September. When I purchased the tickets I was told I would get and e transfer two days before the event. As I walk into the event I realized my tickets wouldn’t download , not in my email ( searched spam and delivered), their website, or app. Frantic I was told to head to customer service. We waited and then were told since all we had was a guaranteed seat together with our row and letter . I had no barcode or anything besides a receipt that I did in fact pay 300 dollars for them . THATS IT! I called after I had paid another $200 dollars to get in the game . When I did contact the company, I literally don’t think I've been giving such bad / rude customer service in my life . I demanded they give me a refund, because I absolutely never received anything . They did ask if I checked Ticketmaster . I replied why would I check ticketmaser when I bought the tickets on your app. Repeatedly was interrupted and condensingly talked to. He talked to me as if I was some idiot . Did nothing to help at all ! Had to get my bank involved. Advised to never buy again from the customer service at the field. (*Fraud* , looks like it’s is a trend with them).Version: 4.1.1

Doesn’t work anymoreThis used to be my go to app for tickets but over the past few months it just doesn’t load. After you click on the event, it just gets stuck loading forever. Full site works but the app is a lot more convenient. Please fix and I will use again.Version: 4.8.3

Don’t Expect to get paidI purchased my tickets; they were the wrong state. I put them up to re-sell, and they sold the night before the event. I was prompted to transfer them and then enter how I want to be paid, so I did. On the day of the event, it was cancelled, AFTER I made the sale. Now, if the event is cancelled/rescheduled, you’re entitled to a full refund if you cannot make it; but if you sell them and it’s rescheduled, they withhold your payment for 2 weeks AFTER the rescheduled event. It’s ridiculous. Regardless of how much or how little the tickets cost, consumers are entitled to their money in a timely manner. I would not suggest anyone buy or sell tickets thru these guys because if inclement weather, that is out of your control, dictates the event, you won’t get your money. What if the person who bought them from you decides they can’t attend the rescheduled event? Do they get a refund immediately? Idk, but it’s ridiculous that the seller has to wait months (potentially) due to something out of their control. Avoid this service if you can, it’s been nothing but a headache and I’m not the only one. Just be aware of the games being played with your money with a service you trusted..Version: 4.10.1

False AdvertisementBe cautious that the photos they show for where your seats are, are not actually from where your seats are. We bought some tickets that had a 360 view showing a great seat, and then our actual seat was about 40 rows above it in the nosebleeds..Version: 4.13.6

First time using, last time using.Bought tix to a hockey game. Guy who posted tickets didn’t mention as a season ticket holder he had a parking pass attached to his season seats. Which meant that when I pulled into the parking area for the game and the attendant went to take my $20 and “scanned my ticket to show proof of attending the game”, it came back as if I had parking already and it became a huge problem. And just imagine this : gates for parking just opened and there’s a line of cars behind me and I’m sitting there having to explain that no, I wasn’t given a parking pass and no, the seller didn’t stipulate this on the sales page. It honestly was a huge hassle and I’m kinda irked. The guy or girl who sold these tickets should have told us that as these were season tickets, we needed to parking passes. It was stupid. And the whole experience at the game sucked. We had a brutal time. First and last time with TickPick. Usually on StubHub people have to stipulate if tickets come with parking. This didn’t and it just sucked..Version: 4.4.0

Be more transparent about reach and coverage of your service.I really find that some app providers don't have any concept of how bog the world is and how many different people from that big world are now even more likely to be accessing you service but to have gone to the trouble of creating a profile (no one really had time for the byw) and then get validation via email to confirm the information I had provided was honest and accurate. It was at this point to my gutted disappointment that this gig app is solely and quite arrogantly for citizens of the North American continent. I tried to put in Brisbane as a location and it was returning CA as the state. I was then only through trial and error able to ascertain that if you were not located on the US then there just is not an event in your area. Just make that point obvious somewhere early to avoid whatever this scenario could be classified as..Version: 4.11.6

Terrible experienceI was browsing tickets in Toronto and ended up buying a ticket in Omaha. Maybe it’s me not paying close attention. I cannot cancel my order before I even receive the tickets. At least provide a one hour pot-out window? And then during the selling process, my tickets prices are significantly lower than others. In the end, my tickets didn’t get sold but other tickets were gone. Finally, I’m so tired of using this app and want to delete my account and realize that there is no way to delete my credit card information with both APP and their website in my account. Overall, it’s a TERRIBLE experience for me..Version: 4.11.3

Prices are in USD, not CADThey don’t tell you it’s in USD until you get to the checkout..Version: 4.1.3

Can’t read names of input fields on my iPhoneCan’t read names of input fields on my iphone.Version: 4.3.1

No canadian eventsNo canadian event what so ever.Version: 4.13.10

Be wary of the purchase process.If you’re using the app, be wary of clicking into tickets. Clicking in allows you to get a 360 view of the seat listed which is cool. However if you already have a credit card set up and you are just browsing the listing, the purchase button hovers dangerously close to the 360 view and is a one-click straight-through purchase without confirmation requirement. See a super cool seat but accidentally graze the purchase button, or have some random double-click through internet glitch, congrats on being saddled with however many tickets that were on the listing that you had no intention of purchasing. The support team offers zero help nor is it easy to get a hold of a supervisor (I’m currently on day 3 and I’ve lost count of how many calls and emails trying to get to one). They rely on an “All Sales Final” policy and just recommend you relist the tickets, even though attempts began to notify them of the issue within 2 minutes of the event. I’ve had a previously fine instance of purchasing an event ticket through the app but this experience will give me 2nd thoughts before ever doing so again..Version: 4.13.6

BuggyCan’t access buying ticket page. Just loads forever. Previous versions were great though.Version: 4.8.1

Don’t let them fool you!I spent $860 on tickets to an NFL game with TickPick, because they were a bit cheaper than Ticketmaster or SeatGeek. Unfortunately, I was not able to access the tickets and was forced to buy ticket at the stadium. The customer service during the process was by far the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced, which is saying a lot being that I’ve dealt with companies like Comcast before. I was supposed to be able to access my tickets via a transfer link to Ticketmaster, but the link was broken. I reached out 48 hours before my event started and all their customer did was suggest that I try a desktop and send the same broken link again over the course of those two days. I also tried to call their “7 days a week” phone line and, after waiting on hold for 30 minutes, was met with an automated message that said I had to email them. Their email response times took almost a full day to get back to me so I knew I was probably out of luck. TickPick is now ignoring my emails about getting compensated for tickets they never provided. The entire business model for companies like Ticketmaster or TickPick is to connect customers that want to sell tickets with customers that want to buy them, to ensure that the tickets are verified, and to provide a reliable way to access the tickets. Tickpick failed miserably in this and is now denying any responsibility. Save yourself the headache and go with a more established ticket retailer or you’ll regret it..Version: 4.8.3

Can’t TrustTICKPICK DOES NOT VERIFY SELLER TICKETS. I recently purchased football tickets through Tickpick. I opened a link for the tickets in my imessages and it took me to the safari browser. When I viewed the tickets, it showed 3 seats, section 107, row j, XFER and “Seats are guaranteed together.” That was as much information I could see. When I bought the tickets, the confirmation email had more information, which said “seats are not in the same row, seats are one in front of the other.” I had already bought the tickets and now I had three seats in three different rows, all seat 21. I complained and received essentially the tickpick commission plus $100 to my account. BUT when I went to post the tickets back to resell, I noticed they don’t verify the seller’s tickets. At all! They just ask you to promise they’re your real seats. Not only does TickPick allow for an opportunity to get denied upon entry, but they are able to deceive you when you buy the tickets and then tell you there is nothing they can do. Please stay away from TickPick..Version: 4.3.0

No Guarantee !! Worst serviceI had used this app in the past no problem. But after the incident I had this week I will never use this trash platform again! I bought my tickets the night before my baseball game and I reached out to tickpick support the day of the game as the seller hadn’t forwarded my tickets. Support got back ASAP and was like “we will contact the seller now to send them” blah blah. They never contacted the seller. In fact by game time I had yet to get my tickets so I had to wait in line at the stadium to get new tickets which were double the price. But it gets better tickpick pulled my money instantly and gave it to the seller even though I never got my tickets. I’m livid, I will go back to using StubHub and vivid seats as they have a better support team and process. Just a heads up their support team is horrible and there is no guarantee that you will get your tickets you buy but they will still take your money! We are in a pandemic and some of us put money aside to enjoy theses events and it’s sad that I’m out money I saved for months because this website won’t refund my money..Version: 4.7.1

Would rate 0 stars if possibleI purchased tickets to a hockey game on here, I show up to the game and the tickets I purchased are invalid. I went to the box office of the arena and they told me that the tickets were through Ticketmaster and nothing showed on their end that they were ever transferred to a new owner. I was forced to buy new seats, luckily I was able to get the last 2 seats together for a playoff game. I called TickPick support and they claimed there was nothing they could do over the phone and told me to email my situation with pictures of my receipt for my new tickets and “something in writing” from the arena showing that my tickets were invalid. I was told by the manager at the box office that they could not supply that and that they have problems with tickpick often. I sent everything over to tickpick via email with all information they requested on Monday. It is now Wednesday evening and I still have not received any type of reply that my situation and is even being looked into. At this point they stole $320 from me. The app itself works fine, the company and customer service is a joke. Use stubhub and just pay the fees, it’s worth the extra money..Version: 4.0.3

SCAMDo not use this app. Is 100% a scam Absolute arseholes.Version: 4.14.9

Don’t useIf I could rate a 0/5, I would select that. I purchased tickets from them for a concert. 3.5 hours prior to the concert I tried to download my tickets. For the next 3.5 hours I was on hold or calling repeatedly to try and get through to customer support to fix this issue. (If you call and nobody is available after about 10 minutes, they kick you off the line and you have to call back and start all over again.) The concert started at 7pm and at 715 I was still dealing with someone trying to get the link to work she told me she had to hang up and someone would call and email me my tickets. At 730, I called the call center and they were closed. I never received a call back or an email. We travelled three hours for this concert, got a sitter for the kids, and had a hotel with the expectation of being able to use the tickets they sold me. At 745, I went to the box office at the arena and got a second set of tickets. We made it inside for the last song of the opening act. The next morning I called customer support and they initially told me they wouldn’t refund my money. I told them all I wanted was my money back for the original tickets and if they fought me, I would demand the cost of both sets of tickets and my hotel room. At that point they begrudgingly refunded my original money. Never again Tick Pick. Save yourself the heartache and disappointment..Version: 4.3.1

Needs Apple Wallet supportIt’s a hassle opening up the app whenever I need to view the tickets..Version: 4.2.2

Poor Service - Company Does Not RightPurchased 4 tickets to Billie Eilish concert in Brooklyn in March 2020, which has been postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19. It has now been over 4 months since original concert date and still no reschedule date on horizon. Being in NY, this concert will likely not happen for 1 year or more from now. I requested a refund and they refused, even though TicketMaster offered refunds to the original ticket purchasers. Given the circumstances, at some point TickPick should do the right thing and eventually refund customers, but they will not. I will never purchase tickets from them again, and I would not recommend them to others. ** Reply to their response: You are “unable” to provide a refund, or choose not? I believe it is the latter. A temporary postponement is understandable, but the concert has been already been delayed for over 4 months and will likely not happen for a year or more from now. No live events with large crowds will happen in NYC anytime soon. Doing the right thing by your customers will gain you more loyal customers in the long-run. Being greedy and unreasonable will cause you to lose business..Version: 4.5.2

Absolute worst way to buy or sell ticketsI bought tickets to a concert and ended up not being able to go. I went though the process to sell them through tick pick. Someone bought one of my tickets so I followed the steps to transfer them. The person emailed me that they couldn’t access the tickets. I spent hours emailing them back and forth. I reached out to support about 5 times and never got a response. I forwarded my ticket PDF, took a screenshot, added the buyers email address to the ticket invite page… nothing worked. I received one voicemail from support, not in response to my emails but rather telling me the buyer can’t get their tickets and that I needed to transfer them through ticket master. However, I don’t have tickets for this event in ticket master, they only exist for me through tick pick. Hours later I forwarded all the tickets I had purchased (3 total) to the buyer who only purchased one ticket to make sure they could get in. I then got another voicemail from tick pick saying the buyer was at the event and unable to get inside and that if I didn’t transfer the tickets properly I would be charged. I once again reached out to support and got no response. I then woke up to a $25 charge because I inconvenienced the buyer. I cannot stress enough that this was the absolute work experience I’ve ever had with any company. They provided no instructions or support and then charged me for their errors..Version: 4.8.2

Never received ticketsI can’t even give them any stars. This was the first time I used this app. We were buying tickets to a WVU basketball game. I bought the tickets on the app a few days before the event. We go to the game and get to the entrance to the WVU Colisseum and the employees scan the tickets. The tickets I had to scan were voided according to two different employees that worked there. These were the tickets from my email account. I did get a message to download my tickets, but every time I tried to download my tickets the link would not work. These were the only tickets I could show them. When I tried to call the number, I got a recording that my issue had to be resolved by email. How was I going to resolve this issue by email when the game had already started? Customer support is terrible. We had to buy additional tickets to get in to the game from stub hub and never had an issue. We got the tickets within 5 minutes. Don’t use this app. I think it’s a scam..Version: 4.8.4

ScamGot scammed out of a refund for my Stones tickets - avoid this company at all costs, they will not reimburse you for cancelled shows or shows that have been “rescheduled/postponed” (aka cancelled but we don’t want to say cancelled because we would rather keep your money).Version: 4.7.1

Not a reputable company - allows sellers to cancel salesBought a ticket at 6:45 for an event at 8:00. Ticket never arrived so I called them at 7:25, reached a rep at 7:40. At first they couldn’t even find my purchase but I know it went through because I saw the hold on my credit card. Then she found my purchase, AND SAID THE SELLER CANCELLED THE SALE! I was surprised and disappointed - at a minimum they should have told me, but the only reason I found out I wasn’t getting the ticket i successfully checked out on was because I phoned them. THEY DIDN’T PHONE ME OR EMAIL ME OR TEXT ME TO TELL ME I WOULDN’T BE RECEIVING THE TICKET I BOUGHT. They said the seller chose to cancel the sale. I asked why they don’t have any guarantee like their competitors, and they said they only guarantee the ticket you buy is genuine if you receive it, but THEY DON’T GUARANTEE YOU WILL GET THE TICKET YOU PURCHASED. I’ll stick to their competitors who penalize sellers for a dropped sale and find you a similar ticket if the seller doesn’t deliver. It’s pretty minor league to find yourself at the event without a ticket!.Version: 4.11.3

Logging in issuesFor some reason the app was not allowing me to log after I added a password. Left it for 24 hours and it allowed me to log in..Version: 4.3.1

Not worth the stressIf i could leave a zero i would. I would rather pay ticket fees and have my tickets in hand at time of purchase than have to wait until right before the event date. Ticket pick says “your tickets will be delivered with ample time before the show” 25-48 hours before it usually and they will notify if you anything changes. I bought the tickets back in September. Watching the 48 and then the 24 hours tick away while constantly refreshing my email was a stress and anxiety that was not worth not paying a ticket fee. The morning of our show (8 hours before started) we still had no tickets and no communication from the seller or tick pick. I finally sent an email and i did get a prompt response saying the tickets would be at will call instead of digital delivery. That’s totally fine but i hadn't of asked i wouldn’t have known to go to will call and ask for tickets. We saw the show in the end and it worked out but the lack of communication and instruction from the seller and tick pick were not worth it. I also upgraded our seats and found at the box office that the ticket price was 84 each. i payed nearly 300 through the app. The upgraded seats were 135. So it would have been cheaper to buy tickets through the theater and not waste my peace of mind and money be using this service..Version: 4.9.0

Be careful!!I was looking for hockey tickets in Canada. I live in Canada. Both teams are Canadian. Prices are in USA dollars. That increases the price by 40%. I’m deleting this..Version: 4.13.9

Buyer beware! Tickets never delivered. No refund given.We purchased 4 tickets to an NHL game on 5/5. Tickpick sent an email saying the tickets delivery would be completed by Ticketmaster, but the we never received an email and tickets never showed up in our Ticketmaster account. We tried contacting TickPick multiple times prior to the game but we always disconnected after 20+ minute hold times on their service line. They could never produce the proof email that the tickets had been delivered and refused to offer any kind of a refund despite their TickPick guarantee. Their guarantee is worthless as was their customer service and their support line. I dealt with them for a full month trying to resolve this issue, but at this point I’ll be taking all future business to a competitor. I had used this service for years and never had an issue. And I understand sometimes problems occur and mistakes are made, but to punish your customers when you fail to deliver a product that was paid for is nothing less than theft. Buyer Beware! If you do not receive your tickets don’t expect any help or refund..Version: 4.6.9

Bad for UKIf you live in the UK there is literally nothing on here as all tickets are for US shows, games etc.Version: 4.1.1

Horrible Customer ExperienceI order tickets in late August for an event in late October of 2023. Plenty of time in advance. Shortly after buying the tickets, I received a confirmation and a link to receive my tickets. The event ONLY allowed digital tickets in Apple/Google wallet, which is totally fine and normal, so I was eager to add them to my wallet to make sure I was ready to go. I couldn’t add them to my wallet for whatever reason and emailed them 3 separate time over the next 4 weeks to resolve the issue. TickPick assured me that the tickets would arrive soon. THEY NEVER DID. Fast forward to the day of the event. It’s 6pm and the event starts at 8pm. I still don’t have my tickets. The past 2 days I’ve been on and off the phone and emailing TickPick to see where my tickets are. It came down to an issue with the seller who wasn’t being responsive. At 6:30pm on the day of the event, 1.5 hours before my event, after I already took time off and traveled to LA for this event, finally TickPick sends me a link to my tickets. It seemed as simple as just that—SENDING ME A LINK. But they put me through all of this stress for no reason. Pay the extra $20 or whatever and use Ticketmaster or Stubhub. The stress of using TickPick is NOT WORTH IT..Version: 4.13.6

TrashThis company is garbage. They allow their resellers to wait less than a day before an event to provide tickets no matter how far in advance you buy them, and then the seller can reneg and offer sub-par tickets compared to the one you bought. So I reluctantly accepted the worse replacement ticket 30 mins ago and still haven’t heard back. And now I’m about to head into a different show that won’t end until after 11 pm, with no clue as to whether or not I will actually get a ticket. Other ticket sites have a MUCH better policy of providing reparations for scammy sellers. Do better. It’s been 3 hours and no response. Update: It’s now midnight, six hours after they sent me the email telling me to confirm or deny the replacement tickets asap because they can’t guarantee them, and they just decide to ghost for the night even though I messaged within five minutes. If you’re going to allow your sellers to ghost like this then you need 24-hour customer service with a priority on people who got scammed out of tickets with less than 24 hrs til showtime. This is absolutely atrocious. Any other ticket company would have had tickets in my hand already that they charged to the seller. But here, they let the scammy resellers have all of the power and don’t even give you a way to anonymously message the seller..Version: 4.13.1

Don’t waste your moneyI bought concert tickets as a first time user of this app. $300 was collected from my bank account but no tickets in my possession. Of course this was making me nervous, especially based on the reviews from others saying that their tickets didn’t work at the gate. I called the company to cancel my order, the same day I purchased the tickets. I was told no refunds, and that they had to get in touch with the ticket broker that my tickets were coming from. My suggestion to this company?? Make sure whoever is selling the tickets RELEASES the tickets to TickPick before taking money from the paying customer. You are scamming people out of their money. Regardless of their “no refund” policy, I am waiting on a refund currently. I won’t take the risk of receiving tickets two days before the concert only to find out that they were sold to someone else as well or invalid tickets. I want my money refunded to me, in full. Go pay the fees that other company’s might charge you, at least you get your tickets right away!!.Version: 4.3.1

ConnedBought tickets THEN after telling me no refund etc the ticket says obstructed view on it! Not impressed!.Version: 4.2.1

Did not get ticket rt away.Bought a ticket that was just posted at 5:55. Paid for it at 5:56. 6:40 still waiting for the ticket to be transferred. Had to call tickpick. If I didn’t call I would not have received a ticket. Missed the whole first period and 2 mins of the second did not get in building until 7:02. Very dissatisfied with the method of delivery. Once the tickets are purchased on tickpick they should be transferred over via tickpick not wait until the seller is contacting to send over. Sent tickpick an email still waiting for response on how they are going to compensate me for missing over 1/3 of game..Version: 4.8.4

Customer serviceApparently they have problems fixing something as simple as changing an email address on my account..Version: 4.9.7

NEVER GOT TICKETS!I bought 3 tickets to the Cubs game. I never got the tickets sent to me. I bought tickets before and worked smoothly, showed up in the MLB Ballpark no problems! This time it did not. I got an email confirming the order and “the tickets are out for delivery”. They never showed up in the Ballpark app and I never got an email like the first time I got. I called Cubs Fan Services and they confirmed I did not have the tickets AND EVEN SENT ME AN EMAIL SAYING THIS. When I called customer service, Connor, the agent helping me, treated me with so much disrespect. I was trying to explain to him my situation and I was continuously interrupted. He told me over and over that I received the tickets. Would not listen to me at all. I bought the tickets because of the buyer satisfaction guarantee TickPick has. If I would have known that I would have to spend over 1 hour talking to customer service on both TickPick and Cubs customer service going back and forth and then at the end not even get tickets to the game or even a refund I definitely would not of bought the tickets. I let down my 2 friends because I had to tell them I never got the tickets. My friends and I will not be buying tickets again from TickPick..Version: 4.0.2

Buyer bewareI bought a ticket to a concert, which was confirmed by the seller. 15 hours later, after booking travel and hotel, I received an email saying that there was "pricing mistake" and they won't honor the ticket. 15 hours after the ticket was confirmed. Their user agreement states that when a ticket is confirmed, the sale is final... unless... they decide for some reason not to honor it, which they apparently can do just hours before the concert at their discretion. I would not recommend this app or company, and will revert to using StubHub and Ticketmaster to avoid these shady last-minute business practices. I'm out roughly $1,000 for a concert that is now sold out, or will have to pay an exorbitant amount for a last-minute overpriced scalped ticket. When I asked customer service for a resolution, they took a long time to reply, and essentially said tough luck, and offered no support to solution. I'm really disappointed, and expected better. Buyer beware..Version: 4.13.6

Do not trust this company - use TicketmasterI used to think this app was the go to place for tickets with their “no additional fee tickets” and they had saved me money many times. However that all changed when I purchased tickets for the Bengals Cardinals game. My tickets always came straight to my app for quick and easy scan, that didn’t happen with these tickets. I was given a notice that I had to “click this link below” to accept my tickets and low and behold the link wasn’t even clickable! I then spent 3 hours on hold when I called for assistance and got a voice recording telling me “no one is available to take your call please try again later” I was desperate to get into the game so I then purchased 2 more tickets hoping it was just an error with my first purchase, same thing happens. At this point the game had already started. I then called the next day, got ahold of someone, sent in an email with screenshots documenting what had happened and what was their response? They send me a link for the tickets and tell me to enjoy the event...an event that had already passed showing they have no idea what they are doing. I want a refund for my tickets I can assure you this will not be the last review I leave if this isn’t addressed. Thanks 😊.Version: 4.3.0

Was sold non-adult fare ticketsWas sold non-adult fare tickets. Cannot leave 0-star review.Version: 4.12.9

Will NEVER use this app againI purchased tickets to the 2021 NBA Finals (Game 6) in Milwaukee through TickPick. I immediately got the confirmation from my credit card company that the order was placed and it showed up on my statement. I never got a confirmation email from TickPick with my tickets so I followed up with them the next day via email and was told they “voided” my transaction moments after it was placed but couldn’t tell me why or who authorized the void. I asked my credit card company and they said it was not from their end. I called TickPick and was told that it might have been a “glitch in the system” and their solution for me was “there are still tickets available for purchase to the event” however the only tickets left were $1200 more than what I spent when I purchased mine. Very saddened that I may have missed a once in a lifetime opportunity to see my hometown team win The Finals on their home court because of a “glitch” and then was just told to “try again” for over 2x the price..Version: 4.7.2

Don’t get burnedSorry for length but wanted to shared so you will never have to deal with this. I know I have told a bunch of you to use tickpick for tickets. I hope all has gone well. I may NEVER use them again. Sunday we went to ram/49er game and were declined entrance. The gate attendant sent us to will call/customer service. After waiting in all those lines and showing my tickets in my ticket master account, they told me there was nothing they could do I had to contact Ticketmaster or who i bought the tickets from. After a few hours and not being able to get a hold of anyone to help, i bought new tickets from the rams will call. While i was buying the new seats, the ram customer service agent finally told me the season ticket holder used the tickets for entrance. The new tickets happened to be in the same section. I went to the seats. A woman with an empty seat, nervously told me that the seats were her’s and her husband’s season tickets. They never sell them. Finally today i heard back from tick pick. They talked to the owner who said they properly transfer the ticket, and the tickets were used for the game by the buyer. So, now I have to prove I didn’t use the tickets!!!!!!????!!!!! I heard a friend is going through the same thing with the LSU football game last weekend with them as well. Lesson learned. Wanted to share so you don’t get burned by tick pick too!!.Version: 4.3.0

LOST $236!!!!Back in February I purchased tickets for Kevin Hart in OKC which was last night (Aug 14). I emailed a couple time because I never received the tickets. They requested a retransfer of the tickets and still nothing. So about a week out, I start calling and same thing they requested a re transfer of the tickets. Come yesterday, I called like 5 times trying to get my tickets AND NOT MISS THE SHOW AND LOSE $236!!!!! Well again they requested a transfer of the tickets and NOTHING. They said since they have proof of the transfer sorry I am out of luck. SO of course I do not go to the show. AT 7PM THE START OF THE SHOW I GET AN EMAIL SAYING A TRANSFER WAS BEING CANCELLED AND BOOM THE TICKETS SHOW UP AT 701!!!!!!!! I LIVE AN HOUR AWAY! So unexpectedly it worked! I feel someone wasn’t doing something right the entire time and finally figured it out to get me my tickets. However at the start of the show, so YES I MISSED IT AND LOST $236!!!!!! Not a good experience with TickPick. Pretty upset, Im not one who can just afford to lose $236 with nothing to show for it..Version: 4.10.2

CrashesBefore the previous update everything ran smoothly, now it crashes every time I launch the app.Version: 4.1.3

Never got tix- 0 customer serviceWe bought 6 tickets to the astros game, I got two emails saying transfer had been initiated but not the final “Congratulations” email with the actual tickets. The instructions asked me to download the MLB app and sync account to retrieve but it wouldn’t- because the transfer was never complete. Tried calling TickPick customer service, didn’t ring- went straight to a recording. When I spoke to the box office, she told me the tickets had never been fully transferred and were still under the name of original season ticket purchaser- they couldn’t do anything about it. We ended up having to purchase 6 more tickets! 😡 The next day I tried contacting tickpick service again, sat on hold MULTIPLE TIMES because it would disconnect me after holding for 5 minutes. Tried emailing the seller to no avail. I will be filing fraud on the card the tickets were purchased on. Update- Nearly 4 months later I get a response from tickpick stating they’re available from 9-9... as if I didn’t try to call them! This is of no help when no one answers the line. Thanks but no thanks for your bare minimum “efforts” to help..Version: 4.3.1

Tickpick Won’t Guarantee Your Tickets on GamedayPLEASE DONT BUY FROM TICKPICK IT IS NOT WORTH IT. THERE IS NO REAL SECURITY / GUARANTEE ON THE TICKET. If you don’t feel like reading, even though you may have purchased a ticket, if the ticket seller does not release the ticket, you will not attend the event, and Tickpick will do little to nothing to compensate you for this. Do yourself a favor and buy directly with the sports team or a reputable ticket seller if you want to be guaranteed access to an event. Also, Tickpick’s customer service is absolutely brutal so it is not worth the time arguing with people who could care less if you get to the event or not. I bought tickets to an event, and did not receive my tickets within the 24-48hr window they guaranteed. FOUR HOURS before the event, I had to reach out to them to figure out what’s going on. They explained to me that the seller has not released the tickets for the event and they will be reaching out to him for a response. If they can’t reach him, they GUARANTEED me that they would get me other tickets so I would not miss the event. AN HOUR before the event I had still not heard back from them, so I called again. To no surprise, the person who had my tickets could not be reached, but now, they claimed that there were no more seats left in the arena (or at least for the price range equivalent for my ticket which is x2 the price). All they could offer me was a refund (which honestly should have been more considering I was waiting for this event for 2 months and I had to chase after them only to find out that I cant go). I ended the call, and out of curiosity looked on their website for tickets they could have upgraded me to and THERE WERE SEVERAL OPTIONS. Frustrated, I called back and explained this to them, and instead of using my refund credits and paying the rest of the amount, they only issued me a small credit in which I still had to pay for the tickets (WHICH WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A FREE UPGRADE)!!! I was stuck in the city as I planned to watch the game, so I had no option but to pay. All this is happening with 15 minutes before the event by the way, I had to sprint to the event and ended up missing the first 5 minutes of the period. After all of this, I wrote a request to get refunded the extra amount I paid as it was absolutely ridiculous how they were able to squeeze more money out of me. I have not yet heard a response; it has been a month that I have been waiting. Unfortunately for me, I bought 2 events at the same time. The tickets for the second event were actually sent to me ahead of time, which was a bit more relieving. However, what I discovered after this process is that if the event you purchased is a popular enough, Tickpick essentially allows the ticket holder to hold on to their ticket for a fee, whereas the Tickpick customer gets screwed over with almost no customer service. Even if you put up a fight they will still waste your time and money. I learned my lesson, from now on I will be purchasing tickets directly from a sports club or with a reputable company like Ticketmaster, etc..Version: 4.8.3

TickPick is scammy, no customer supportMy first time using TickPick and my LAST. We bought tickets for a basketball game and still hadn’t received them 10 minutes before the game. I contacted their customer service 3 times and did not receive any response! The game started and we still didn’t have our tickets!! Literally standing outside the stadium waiting to see if these tickets would even show up. I was charged immediately after purchasing the tickets but we didn’t end up receiving the tickets until 40 minutes AFTER the game started. Zero help from their customer support and their FAQs are not helpful either. Per their FAQs - However, we guarantee you will receive your tickets in ample time before your event, regardless of your delivery method. If your in-hand date has passed and your tickets are still not delivered, please contact our customer support team! We obviously did NOT receive our tickets “in ample time before” the event and contacting customer support did absolutely nothing. What a SCAM..Version: 4.12.2

No ticketsDidn’t receive tickets. Got no help. Huge scam. Absolute joke..Version: 4.11.4

SCAM! PLEASE READI heard that I need to try out Tick Pick from a few of my buddies so I did. I bought tickets, 2 rows up from the court at mid court to the OU vs KU college basketball game. They got confirmed by the seller so I booked a hotel and travel to Norman, OK because they told me I’d have the tickets a day before event. I never receive the tickets day of the game and get with customer support who tells me that the seller is offering me a comparable ticket that is at the top of the stadium behind the goal. I PAID FOR MIDCOURT, 2 ROWS UP FROM THE COURT SEATS AND THEY ARE TELLING ME THE “TRUSTED SELLER” IS OFFERING ME OTHER TICKETS? NO!!! Basically telling me I got scammed but instead of giving me my money back and free tickets for the trouble, they want to give me other tickets at the top of the stadium and think that’s okay. I wouldn’t have traveled to NORMAN OK if I wasn’t promised the TICKETS I PURCHASED. -They do this because people will travel all the way to the game and accept other tickets because they are already there, WHEN THE TICKETS THAT YOU ACTUALLY PURCHASED ARE BEING SOLD TO SOMEBODY ELSE!!! DONT GET SCAMMED LIKE ME!!!.Version: 4.14.6

Terrible Customer ServiceI have previously ordered tickets from Tick Pick and was very happy with them and referred several people to their site. On January 5th I ordered 2 tickets to a concert scheduled for February 15th. I purchased the tickets and my credit card was charged. The next day I get an email explaining “Don’t worry, but your tickets will be ready for email on February 12th” Not only was it only three days before the event but it was after our anniversary. This had never been the case with any previous orders and I was concerned I wouldn’t get them at all. I went ahead and bought tickets from another site. I sent an email via their app explaining everything and that I would like a refund. This was more than two weeks ahead of the event which would allow the seller to resell the tickets. I never received a response. I received the tickets and since email didn’t work I called and stayed on hold several minutes only to be met with a Customer Service Rep with major attitude. “Adeleny”. She cut me off before I could even explain the circumstances and she told me there was nothing they could do (or seemed to want to do!) I asked for a supervisor and she told she was the supervisor. I asked for someone above her and she told me there was no one else around. I asked to hold for someone else and she explains there would not be anyone available for 3 hours! Seriously!!! I am out almost $200, needless to say I won’t be using TickPick again!.Version: 4.4.0

Invalid tickets at the gateI had heard a lot of good things about this app but when I used it for the first time, the ticket I purchased for Beyoncé’s concert turned out to be invalid at the gate! It was quite a bad experience to be refused entry at the gate. Despite their promise: « authentic, valid tickets backed by our 100% money back guarantee » I have not received a refund. The reason I am given is that an investigation is still pending. So basically, in addition to selling me an invalid ticket they are now insinuating that I am lying about it. I also want to warn you that despite the text written under « the TickPick guarantee » that states « what if my tickets are invalid? [...] we will do our best to locate comparable replacement tickets. [...] » this means they will google it and check if YOU can purchase an new ticket with YOUR own money. Nothing you can’t do with your phone nowadays. So while you are in front of the gate with your invalid ticket, they will do nothing that really helps you. They will not replace the ticket. In fact, in my experience, they will not do anything, they won’t even trust you and issue refund. So don’t be fooled by the wording on their website, you are taking as much risk as you would on Craigslist. Don’t buy any expensive ticket unless you are prepared to loose the money..Version: 4.1.1

Too Many Emails!!!!Good app. Like the fact that there are no fees for the purchaser added on. The only annoying thing about this site is that every time I open up the app to see what ticket prices are at, I end up getting annoying emails from “Sarah” or some other bot pushing me to keep pursuing tickets…….do you think I’d visit this app if I wasn’t already interested in tickets for the event???? Dumb Asses..Version: 4.13.4

Withholding Money During PandemicAside from the countless attempts calling your “24 hour emergency number” and emailing your support account and only getting automated responses back. The way TickPick has handled customer service during COVID-19 is absolutely uncalled for and disgusting. It’s been harder than pulling teeth to get my money back from a game that never happened the last week of March. The seller never fully transferred the tickets which makes it impossible for me to get to my order screen to request a refund and they sent out time sensitive emails if you don’t go to the order detail page that they will KEEP YOUR MONEY AND ISSUE A CREDIT ON YOUR ACCOUNT. If I end up getting a credit on my account after over 10 attempts to get my money back I am planning a class action law suit against tick pick. I used to rant about this app now I tell people to avoid it because if there’s cancellations or something happens to the event it’s an absolute nightmare..Version: 4.5.2

They delete bad reviewsTerrible customer service. Purchased tickets to an NFL for sunday afternoon. Purchased them through this company on saturday afternoon. Got the email confirming purchase, they charged the card, but i never received the tickets. Was told in initial email they just needed to confirm the purchase. Sunday morning comes and I still don’t have them. Try to call their “urgent customer service” but there was no answer on 4 different calls, they didn’t respond on email either. I got an email an hour and a half before kickoff, when we were already on our way to the stadium that our purchase was canceled and we would be refunded. I commented on their instagram about the situation and instead of reaching out they just deleted the reviews. If they would have reached out and explained the situation i would have been fine. but the fact they just deleted comments and didn’t respond is pretty unprofessional and shows fault on their part. Save yourself some stress and buy your tickets from a more reliable source..Version: 4.6.3

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