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Photo Cleaner: Swipewipe App User Positive Comments 2024

Photo Cleaner: Swipewipe app received 162 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about photo cleaner: swipewipe?

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Photo Cleaner: Swipewipe for Positive User Reviews

Good experience at a great costThey do a good job in terms of user experience - it's fun to swipe in my down time while cleaning up my album. However, a subscription at $5 per WEEK is too much. If this were a one time purchase, or even at a monthly subscription, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. It's a missed opportunity, as some of their features require you to slowly filter your photos rather than at a large batch if you want to maximize the subscription/trial. For example, if you want to go through your photos on your own leisure via the "on this day" feature, that's a full year of subscriptions at $260. Five stars for the app itself - one star for the cost required to use the app..Version: 1.07.01

Almost 5 stars BUTI LOVE this app, super easy and fun to go through photos and makes it so much easier to go through the photos I want and don’t want. The only thing that I absolutely hate about this app has got to be the time limit. After going through a few different days of photos the app will stop you, telling you that you can’t go through anymore photos for another 7 something hours. This app is almost perfect but I don’t see the reason for a time limit. I think the app would be so much better if I could use it for as long as I want or even just a shorter time limit. Overall great app, and I highly recommend it if your photos are taking over your storage like mine..Version: 1.04.01

I absolutely love this app!I have been telling everyone I possibly can about this application. I have wanted to clear out my photos and just declutter and minimize my digital footprint for a really long time, but I always found it really difficult because it was hard to manage my photo albums and hard to keep track where I last stopped. This app has been the perfect solution to my problem, and I have saved so much memory in my phone. Not to mention it has also allowed me to go down memory lane, which has been a huge help to my mental health. I thank the creator so much for this app, it’s incredible!!!.Version: 1.05.01

Really practicalEasy to use and works really well.Version: 1.04.01

Love itI love it it’s saved me so much space in my phone but I don’t like having to wait seven hours and I don’t have 50 bucks to subscribe..Version: 1.06.00

So easy and practicalHelped me clear up data in such a fun way.Version: 2.01.00

10/10Love this quick and easy way to delete unwanted photos better than scrolling through the camera roll love it!!.Version: 1.07.00

RecommendBest app out…loveee itt, saved so much space!!.Version: 2.00.00

Loved this butLoved this app but i would like if you got rid of when you do one month/section it gives you till for example 7hrs to do the best one but by the time the timers finished i have already forgotten about it. Amazing app totally recommended.Version: 2.00.00

Very GoodI love it, it’s so helpful and much easier than just going through my camera roll :).Version: 1.09.00

Feel so much better!!Found this app through TikTok and I’m so glad I did. I had so many copies of photos and old screenshots I didn’t need and this has cleared them so easily. :).Version: 1.04.01

My honest opinion on swipe wipe.I love this app so much. And it really motivates you instead of having to flick through every single photo on your actual photos app. It’s a lot more better to do it on this app. When it says you have to wait 7 hours it is quite disappointing, but then when you have waited it says it again but instead of waiting you can watch a really short add which is good! I would recommend!.Version: 2.00.00

Great app, but you have to pay.Let’s be real. this is an amazing app, but why do so many apps like these ask you to pay for them? this is just like a lot of other apps that help you to delete photos and stuff. I feel that the subscription is just them wanting more money, which I don’t blame them, but they already have apps and a lot of users. they earn money just by me and you using it. also, a lot of kids and teens, like me, are looking for these apps because of their phones low storage and stuff like that. but no one my age can get the subscription, so not only are you not getting a subscription from us, but you are losing a lot of users by doing this. please consider this review and please make a change to the subscription, because I love this app, but I can’t afford it. thank you for reading :).Version: 2.00.00

It’s pretty great- but the paid aspect is annoyingI’ve had this app for like 2 days and already gotten rid of tons of pictures and videos I didn’t need, so it’s pretty helpful. It’s a good simple app and is easy to use. It doesn’t have any weird extra steps and is exactly what it advertises. However, the paid portion is really annoying. I am not gonna pay to delete pictures off my phone, so I’ve been using the free version, which is fine, it just has a timer so you can’t use the app a lot. The timer keeps getting longer each month I clear, so I’m worried it’s gonna start becoming super long after a while(like a whole days wait to use it again). Other than that, it’s great..Version: 1.02.16

My reviewFour star review (helped me but ads kept showing up)😪.Version: 2.00.00

AlrightI love this app it has so many good things and cleans my storage but there is one thing with the free 3 days it only let me use 7 hours which I think is very unreasonable..Version: 2.02.01

TimerAt first I was able to go through four months before I got the timer (four hours). Then I could only get through one month before getting a four hour timer, now I can only go through one month to then have an eight hour timer. I was just wondering if this has happened for anyone else or if it’s meant to happen..Version: 1.02.16

Fun to cleanThis app is so simple but cute and fun to quickly clean my camera roll because it was so unorganised and had so much junk I didn’t need. Only downside if u can only do one section and gotta wait for 8 hours. I’d rather have ads then wait honestly..Version: 1.04.01

Swipe wipeIt’s amazing the only thing is the timer it gets on my nerves so much!.Version: 2.01.00

Actually really good!I never download apps like this as usually a scam. This app offers a free day trial (easy to cancel after) and I managed to delete over 7000 photos saving over 20GB. Definitely will recommend to everyone! Very easy to navigate and organise. Thank you!.Version: 2.01.00

Amazing concept - so easy!I love this concept and idea so much - I had to try it! I read the reviews that mentioned the free version having some glitches and making you wait, so I went for the paid version right away, and it’s the best investment I’ve ever made. I have over 30,000 photos and videos, and this makes it a little easier to manage and delete them. With so many, going through each month has taken me FOREVER - so I really like the “on this day” feature to again make it a daily habit that helps clean up my camera roll bit by bit, day by day. 10/10 would recommend. I would really love or suggest that they had a “folders” or “albums” feature, as I have some albums I would love to clean up using swipe wipe!.Version: 1.04.01

Good, wait time is an issueAnother review put this into better terms but I feel as it needs to be shared more. It is a great app and a fun way to clear storage but the wait times changing get very annoying. Every time you complete a set the wait time before you can do another goes up by an hour. I would put 5 stars if they had like a set time of about like 6-8 hours instead of the continuous growing time. At some point I’m going to have to wait multiple days to continue. If this time was changed I would give it five stars. I think it is a very fun way to clear your photos, I like that it lets you undo and review your photos before deleting them, and the way the photos are organized. Overall I will continue to use the app despite the time because it is very helpful in my opinion, but it won’t be a five star app without some change..Version: 1.02.16

It’s a good app !Swipe wipe is a great app and saves a lot of time, you can go through months of your camera roll and swipe left or right for the photos you want to keep or delete. It doesn’t feel like you’re saving storage, just simply feels like you’re playing a game. The only bad thing about it is the wait time. You can only do 1-3 months before you have to wait 8hrs to do the next one..Version: 1.07.02

So Efficient!I was overwhelmed by the number of photos on my iPhone and didn’t feel like there was an easy way to clear out my camera roll. I don’t even know how I heard about swipewipe, but I’ve had it for a day and I’ve already removed over 7k photos from my phone and given myself 20gb of extra space! It’s very easy to make quick decisions on what to keep with the swipe of a finger. I like that it lets me double check my photos before deleting and then if I make a mistake I can still always head to my recently deleted folder. The only negative is that the app doesn’t give any indication on what photos are live/bursts. I don’t really care about Live Photos, but I’d love it if there were some distinction of bursts that way I can make sure I have the photos I want, however, for now I can just go to my bursts folder in photos and make sure I have saved all the ones I want. It’s really a helpful app with no ads and a cheap subscriptions price!.Version: 1.04.01

Great app!I’ve been meaning to clear out my photos for a while now (like, 2 years!!) I’m so sick of the Apple notification ‘you’ve run out of cloud space’ etc. This app make it fun and easy to delete dupes, uggos and just plain unnecessary..Version: 1.04.01

AMAZINGI honestly love this app, it’s so easy to just keep or delete. It’s just a nice easy task and you don’t realise how much rubbish photos you have until you get it. I honestly recommend.Version: 2.02.01

Actually amazingI’m actually in love with this app. It’s become a part of my daily routine, to do my “on this day” photos. Currently I have a 21 day streak and I have a goal to reach 30 days! It’s a really fun way to look at past memories, while also de-cluttering my photos in a non-overwhelming way. 50 photos a day is WAY less pressure then going through all 20,000 of my photos at once. It’s also cool to remember certain things, like, oh, this day last year I went to the zoo with my family! Awesome! I remember that. I enjoy going through the memories. Im not usually the type of girl to keep up a streak on anything. Keeping up a streak just for the streak’s stake has never had much appeal. But the app already being fun definitely helps motivate me- after all, I don’t want to miss today’s photos! Overall, it’s a pretty simple app, but the app itself is such a wonderful idea and super easy to use. The creators care about their users, going as far as making a swipewipe wrapped for its users. They very obviously take user suggestions and critiques into consideration, and are all the better for it. It’s probably my favorite app! I’ve tried convincing all of my friends to download it..Version: 2.01.00

AmazingBest app invented. I saved 10 GB.Version: 2.00.00

Best User ExperienceThe amount of advertised apps to help clean up your camera roll, this one is what users have been looking for! Instead of treating your camera roll like an algorithm or repeated images, this is YOU finding the time to sort through years worth of photos in a format that we’re familiar with and is entertaining. My only complaint is loading. Images, when swiping after a few minutes, get blurry and the operation system starts getting slow. At times Ive had it malfunction where I have to close and reopen the app but the positive note is even if you have to do that- it pretty much automatically saves the progress and you can start where you left off. The only other feature I wish it allowed is where you can see a month worth of photos in its entire album- not just slides. For instance, I bookmarked a lot of videos I reviewed because they were long and needed more attention than I was willing to set aside for a swipe through. When I went to look at them, bookmarks are in the same format as everything else, swiping. I wish there was a way to look at it all at once. Not just one at a time. Besides the malfunctioning and slow load time for photos, it’s still one of the best apps Ive seen for the task at hand. I will say, that the more images you have the slower it will likely run especially if your storage is also on icloud - pretty sure thats the problem Im having..Version: 2.00.00

Super helpfulGreat app! No ads! Totally recommend!.Version: 2.00.00

SwipewipeThis app helped me get rid of so many unnecessary photos that were taking up too much space. 10/10 would recommend.Version: 1.09.00

HandyOmg this app makes clearing out your gallery so much easier! I’ve been dreading going through my camera roll (I had around 30,000 photos 😭 of random stuff) and this app helped sooo much! 10/10.Version: 1.04.01

Amazing AppObviously such a great app, always running low on storage and it’s always because of the amount of videos and photos I have in my camera role. Would have definitely been a 5 ⭐️ just the only downside was paying but still a brilliant app. Definitely recommend.Version: 2.01.00

A Lifesaver!I have been struggling for years to get my photos under control. They’re just useless when I have so many but it’s so hard to actually get through them and delete them. I found this app through an IG ad and it’s been a game changer! I’ve only had it a couple days, swiping through things in the spare minutes I have waiting at the dentists or standing in line, and I’ve already freed up 4 GB! At this rate I’m gonna be able to save like $40/year on iCloud storage. And they have GREAT customer service! I emailed them through the app ab a possibly new feature and figured I’d be just another vote for it and never hear back anything. An hour later, someone had personally responded back to me! Extra impressive since apps like this generally have pretty small teams. It added just a little extra joy to my day and made me feel special!.Version: 1.08.00

Recommend 💯💯💯💯I don’t usually write reviews, but this app is js so useful for someone with a huge camera roll to get thru all their photos quick. i’ve got too many photos to get through in one session so i js do a month each night, and this apps so quick and user friendly. apart from a few apps in between every 20 or so swipes, swipewipe is perfect and user friendly.Version: 2.03.00

So Helpful and FreeSo fun and actually easy to delete my photos and look over memories at the same time! Lil tip: buy the subscription as there’s a 3-day free trial, go to settings and cancel first so you don’t forget and then you have the app for 3 days and delete all your pics in one go!.Version: 1.03.00

So simple, so easy, so coolI’ve been scouring the App Store since the iPhone 4 (the best iPhone let’s be honest) for an app like this to clean up my photos. Why oh why is there not something like this built into iOS? Answer me that? Swipewipe is an extremely simple, elegant and beautifully designed app that, get this, makes removing unwanted photos FUN to remove. There’s no bloat and no extra “features” like Google Photos. And the way they implement makes it easy to see progress. The on this day section is a delight and the main way I delete photos. 1-2 minutes a day and you’ll have a cleaner library. The only minor gripe — and it’s really not much of a gripe — is there’s no option to change the app icon. Not a huge fan of the icon color but that’s a personal preference, and a nice to have, more than anything..Version: 1.06.01

The easiest app to use!!I have so many photos and this makes it less daunting, it helps you to reminisce and the most important thing… save phone space by deleting the photos you don’t want/need!!.Version: 1.04.01

Great I recommendHad almost 5000 photos and it helped me clear 4080 very quickly. I recommend it’s a good app and there wasn’t any timer. I just swiped and it’s really easy to use..Version: 2.01.00

Amazing app!!It’s really fun and it’s pretty much like Tinder for your piccys and vids, my phone had to work so hard with 7,8000 pictures and 500 vids taking up all the space but now my phone is working like new :) this app is just what I needed.Version: 1.04.01

Godsend!!! I had 60k picsI legit had over 60k pics before using this app, now I’m down to 35k!!! The app makes it super easy to choose which pics are going and which ones are staying while also making it semi enjoyable to declutter your camera roll. Honestly, if it weren’t for this app I would not have (ever) willingly gone through my camera roll to clean it out. I would procrastinate so hard which didn’t help as the photos just kept piling up. This was super overwhelming. THANKS SWIPEWIPE!:-) The only thing I don’t like about the app(and the reason for 4 stars) is you have to subscribe to swipe infinitely, and there is no monthly subscription option. I do not need this for a whole year😭 you guys should add this option.Version: 1.06.01

Really goodThe app really makes you think of what you really need and makes it fun but you do have to pay but you can still do it but you have to have a 4 he cool-down after a good amount of photos.Version: 1.03.00

A creative way to clean your camera roll.Are you like me and cleaning out your camera roll seems gruesome and dreading? I came across swipewipe on a TikTok ad, and thought I should try it! Like a dating app but for your camera roll. With a simple interface and an easy way to clean your camera roll. The app starts by separating your camera roll into months, and you choose what month and year you want to start with, then swipe right to keep it, swipe left to delete. One thing i don't like is the limit of how many you can do and the ads, but that comes with any free app. Overall, a simple and easy to use app! Definitely recommending it to my friends and family..Version: 1.07.01

Very helpful and efficient appSo helpful being able to quickly decide whether to keep or get rid of a photo, has saved me +10GB of space on my phone!.Version: 1.05.01

Just what I’m looking forI have so many pictures in my gallery and sorting through them all and making the time to find the ones to keep and delete seemed easy but was pretty hard. SwipeWipe makes that difficult process very easy by providing a simple and useful way of deleting single photos in certain categories like by months and by the year. It also lets you go though photos from the day or photos taken that day from a different year. It also keeps a streak if you do it everyday. I’ve noticed lately that i haven’t gotten the notifications lately and I’ve lost my streak for going through photos everyday and I’m kinda disappointed. I also have a lot of videos and i notice that it’s hard for the app to load them and to view and then make the decision whether to delete it or keep it. Besides those small issues this app is a real lifesaver by making a difficult process very easy. Very simple and convenient features a modern design and works!.Version: 1.06.01

Fun and creativeI saw this ad on social media and decided to give it a try since I have the hardest time deleting pictures and videos and my storage is always full. It’s like Tinder, but for your camera roll. I like that it shows you what you took day by day and even gives you details on what time/phone the picture was taken on just like in your real camera roll. The only downside is there is an 8 hour wait before you can delete more pictures if you reach a certain limit, but you can pay a $4 subscription to get rid of the limit for good. I’m not complaining and understand you have to do what you have to do to make money. Overall fun, easy and colorful way to delete stuff in your camera roll!.Version: 1.04.01

Really helpfulDespite the fact that this app has an in-app purchase so you don’t have to wait to swipe more photos, it is very helpful and more fun than just selecting and deleting photos normally. You will find yourself deleting photos that you wouldn’t normally think to delete it you were deleting photos like normal. It will help you save a lot more space.Version: 1.03.00

Love itI used the free trial of premium to go though my whole camera role without having to wait, and cancelled before it made me pay for it. Now I just use it for day to day check ups, and the ‘on this day’ feature.Version: 1.03.00

Best app I’ve ever used !!!When I tell you I have ocd and it effects everything including how many pics or vids I have in my camera roll it’s been such a relief to be able to go thru my camera roll so quickly and be able to get rid of SO MUCH! I started off with over 18,000 photos and videos and now I have around 4,356!!! I’m so happy I really think everyone should get this. And it’s only 30$ per year! To me that’s a steal tbh. One thing u will say is it was a lil annoying at times when things didn’t load up completely so things were blurry but I just waited a min and it would usually work. And sometimes. A notice would pop up saying error for iCloud , im not sure why that is but it was a lil annoying. Other then that this took me 2 days and a half because I was determined to get it done. That was 5 years worth. So overall 9/10!! Would recommend 🫶🏻.Version: 1.04.01

Fun way to delete photosI really like the app. It gives you a chance to really see the photos before you delete them rather than scrolling through your camera roll and selecting photos and accidentally deleting ones you want to keep. It makes the whole process surprisingly fast so I really recommend it. The only downside is having to wait 8 hours after completing another to continue to the next month. That part is annoying because when I get in the mood to clean out my photos I like to do it all in one day, not wait 8 hours per month. I’d suggest maybe putting more ads in place of that but not video ads because those take up too much time. Other than that good..Version: 2.00.00

Was weary at first but glad I downloaded it!!This app is truly the efficient way to sort your photo library out. You simply go through month by month and get rid of those pictures that have 20 copies or the random one off screenshots shots etc. I went through about 4 years in a few days, doing a month or two every now and again. Excellent app, and was happy to pay a week of subscription even though I never go through with signing up..Version: 1.07.00

LOVE this app!!Love love love this app to delete photos! I use the “on this day” feature which gives me a small chunk of photos everyday to review. Makes it quick and easy and doesn’t feel overwhelming looking at my camera roll of 20k photos. The only reason I knocked it down a star is because you have to subscribe monthly to the app to be able to not have to wait time in between deleting categories. I would rather spend money upfront on a one time app download than having to pay for it every month. For that reason, I will never pay for the app. But other than that, I love the app and how user friendly it is and will continue to use the free version everyday!.Version: 1.07.02

Surprisingly effectiveI’ve been pleasantly surprised at how effective this app has been for me! I’ve been using it less than a week and I’ve already deleted about 40% of the photos I’ve reviewed - about 600 photos trashed that I likely never would’ve gotten to. I’ve just been using the feature that deletes “on this day” for years back and not only has that been extremely helpful, but I’ve been catching myself smiling over old memories and seeing old work videos that I can compare to my work now that show incredible progress so that’s been very fun. Highly recommend. Worth it for sure..Version: 1.06.01

Best app ever for clearing photos!!I don’t usually leave reviews but omg? This app made everything so easy, and by having everything separated into months really helped! I’d recommend this 100%.Version: 2.02.01

I like this app!I really needed to get my photos and videos gone through, and this app really helped. I saw some ads for it, but was recommended it by a friend as well, which made me download it. I think it is a really well made app, very pretty and easy to use. My friend likes the 7 hour timer to wait, since she said it gives her something to look forward to. Personally, especially since I have so many photos to go through, I didn't like it (so I'm buying the subscription until I'm done). My only complaints so far are that I am unable to fast forward and rewind the videos, making it harder to review, and that the photos are videos are both counted as photos, but that one's not a huge issue. I am using both my photos app as well as this one to clear my photos, and it's going very well. I highly recommend this app!!.Version: 1.07.01

Not badSucks that you have to pay for premium but the regular app is super good and I got rid of so much so much storage.Version: 2.00.00

LifesaverAbsolute banger of an app, cleared 7000 photos in 2 days!!.Version: 1.04.01

Excellent ideaI really love this app. Bear in mind, you are limited to only sort one month of photos every 8 hours, however there is a premium option to make the app limitless, which seems worth it if you want to save yourself a lot of waiting. I’ve almost finished cleaning out my unwanted images. I wonder if the developers could also expand the app to allow it to also organise photos into folders, using the same swipe method. Either way, it’s a great app to clear out the junk from your camera roll. Highly recommend..Version: 1.05.00

Amazing!I had over 21,000 photos and videos in my phone, dating back to when I got my first iPod Touch in 2010. Needless to say, half of it was garbage. More than half, actually- I deleted over 12,000 files using swipewipe and now have under 9,000 left. I don’t have to worry about cleaning out my pictures ever again. I don’t need to worry about deleting apps just to make more room in my phone, or buying additional cloud storage from Apple. Swipewipe’s system was so easy to use and much more encouraging than manually deleting things from my Photos app. This definitely took several hours, but swipewipe also breaks it up by month. I could do small pieces and not feel overwhelmed, which is great. I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed an app, but this one deserves it!.Version: 2.00.00

Very good appDon’t know why all the reviews are so negative, i love this app, it makes it so easy to organize photos..Version: 2.00.00

So handy!This app is amazing - I’ve been getting storage notifications for ages but haven’t been able to sit down long enough to really clear through my photos… simple swipe left and right makes it so easy!! Thanks team 🤍.Version: 2.01.00

Great app but…The only not so great part to the app is needing to buy a subscription to go through more than one month of pictures every 8 hours. I’m not bashing them all the way because of it because I know people need to make money and it’s a free app. I would just like a better option like watch this 30 to 60 second ad to go through another month. The month to month every 8 hours only downside is if you end up having only a handful of pictures in a month and finish swiping through them and having to wait the 8 hours after the few pictures. The upside is that if you have a month with 600+ pictures, you get to go through all of those before the 8 hour timer starts again. All in all, the app is definitely worth the price of free in the App Store. And the $30 or so a year subscription might be worth it to people who are impatient and want to delete multiple months at a time all at once instead of waiting 8 hours between each swipe session..Version: 1.05.01

Listen rnI never write reviews istg but this app is SAVING MY STORAGE deleting photos from my camera roll was horrid and I’ve procrastinated it for months but this literally makes it satisfying and fun and is unbelievably quicker like what. Guys just download it trust me.Version: 1.07.02

Saw an ad on Instagram, tried it, satisfied.I don’t usually trust things I find on Instagram ads. But I tried this because I’ve been trying various photo cleanup apps and I have been happy with this one. The app is simple, colorful, easy to use, and quick. I have liked how easy it is to go through my old pics and quickly decide what ones can go. I find myself going through pics with swipewipe when I have some time. The free version is supported by ads and has a timer that allows you to go through a batch of images every 8 hours or so. I paid for a year and once I’m through my library I think the free version will be enough to help me stay on top of keeping my photo library tidy..Version: 1.07.02

LifesaverThis app has been a game changer.Version: 1.06.01

Amazing app!!I have over 20,000 photos and going through them was a must but I just didn’t know where to start with getting rid of them! This app is seriously the easiest process ever and it’s actually fun to do!! Thanks so much!! I recommend this app to everyone I talk to!!.Version: 1.04.01

Amazingly helpfulI wanted to delete old and unimportant photos for years! I can finally do it by swiping once every day. Way easier than deleting from camera roll and I get to see what I did on a certain day! Amazing!!.Version: 1.05.01

10/10This app is amazing it is so helpful and fun to do.Version: 1.09.00

Love this appEven with having to wait 8 hours (or whatever it is) between the month albums… I love going through all my photos and getting to keep only the best ones. So far I’ve deleted over 11,000!! Free’d up so much space 🙌🏼.Version: 1.06.01

𝑺𝒘𝒊𝒑𝒀𝒐𝒖 𝒈𝒖𝒚𝒔 𝑨𝑹𝑭 𝒔𝒐 𝒂𝒎𝒂𝒛𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝑰 𝒍o𝒗𝒆 𝒚𝒐𝒖.Version: 2.00.00

Was looking for this!Best app ever. Quick. Intuitive. Well worth the $$..Version: 2.01.00

Really?A simple strike through? You joking. My life is forever changed ‘cause of a bunch of rows and bunch of swipes? Honestly couldn’t have stumbled upon this app more randomly but I’m rolling with it, supes happy the universe decided to give me a lil’ gift today. With such visual simplicity, by separating your vast photo library into segments, you feel like you just took a limitless pill and you see ✨everything✨ (there’s even a progress bar! In case you get tired after sorting for hours you can just pick up where you left off another day) Already loved the concept just by looking at the preview images, and so I then read up on the dev’s Product Hunt launch page and agree with their statement (honestly not a paid review, I wish): “The thought of sorting through [over 18,000] pictures one-by-one is daunting. And I didn't want to rely on an algorithm to go through these personal memories. So, I designed Swipewipe to be sort of like a to-do list” Plus such a great team behind the app: I had an issue where the app wasn’t working at first, as I could only see one month (out of hundreds), so I wrote to Adam and before I could say ‘swipewipe rocks’ he replied and helped me figure out the issue. I’m a five star giver, even when an app isn’t perfect cause pobody is nerfect. But this app is perfect. I’ve had a taste and I’m now mad on power: thus begins the infinite (but organised) journey to complete photo library domination..Version: 1.02.07

It’s pretty goodIf I’m being honest when I first saw the ad I thought “why” but Im trying to be more organised and that’s one of the key words I saw on the ad so I download it. Instantly I deleted SO MANY PHOTOS!! And I always got the notification “your camera role is full” whenever I went into photos but now I don’t! I think it’s a very simple yet effective app and makes cleaning my camera role easier! I will just say that you have to get a subscription if you want to go on forever and swipe but every day there’s like a limit and that’s dumb like I get it apps want to make money but it just ruined it, it was like I had to wait around and do it when the app said not when I wanted to but apart from that it’s pretty good! So that’s the only reason I gave it a 4 star, I think in the future the app developers need to not make it about money but about making the audience happy, but I do get that LOTS of apps do that and most of the time that’s why they make the app but it just ruins it 😭 Anyways, Riverrrrrr.Version: 1.04.01

Life-saving app, saved over 25gbI never write reviews. Swipewipe didn’t prompt me to write one. I came all the way here to say that you NEED this app. It’s the best thing I have ever downloaded. I first got the trial and made my way through months and months of photos and videos. I can’t afford to continue with the trial right now, but the daily ‘On This Day’ feature is the most incredible thing ever. It’s a part of my morning routine! It’s such a good feeling knowing that every day, my camera roll gets cleaned, and I can finally go through useless media that had been stored for years. I’ve gone from over 16,000+ pics and videos and a struggling phone to 9,000! I’ve saved over 25gb!!! I truly love this app and I cannot recommend it enough!.Version: 2.02.01

Excellent way of managing your photosI’m someone who very rarely writes a review, so you know an app is amazing when I do take the time to write one! Swipewipe has changed my storage situation forever - it’s super simple to scroll through your photos and delete them instead of going into each photo on your Photos App. I’ve been able to downgrade my iCloud plan thanks to this app and I’m now saving money each month. I also don’t mind paying £4.99 for the luxury of having this app, once you’ve deleted them it can become and annual tradition to have a cleanse! Thank you Swipewipe for helping me in a creative way to sort through my pictures..Version: 2.00.00

I’ve been praying for an app like this!For so long i have wanted to organise and delte my ohoto’s but i could never be bothered as it would always take forever and i’d lose motivation. When i discovered swipewipe it was a game changer! No i’m able to dedicate 2 mins per day to deleting my camera roll and it’s also weirdly fun!.Version: 2.01.00

Great to tidy up! And super friendlyI’ve been using the app for a few weeks now and saved so much space from deleting so much! I also emailed in a feature request and got a great response back and also insight to what they might be doing next! Looking forward to future updates..Version: 1.04.01

Lifesaver for me!Ok I love love love this app. I’ve always struggled with overshooting as I’m a photographer and a nostalgic person by nature. I’m not kidding when I say I got this app when I had over 100,000 photos on my phone from years and years of buildup. It’s impossible to go through them and though I tried myself, the ease of being able to pick a month or just go through what I took on that day the past few years and then SWIPE is incredible. The swipe is really what does it actually because I don’t have to click delete on each photo. Anyway I’ve already saved 50 GB and obviously will keep going through photos. Lifesaver for me..Version: 1.07.02

Love itI got 26000 photos on my phone. That’s a great app to help you sort thru em. Quite satisfying to see how many gig’s you have saved along the way!!.Version: 1.07.01

Amazing appHave had thousands of useless photos taking up space on my phone and iCloud for years, wouldn’t have been able to get through cleaning them out without this app. Makes it incredibly easy and quick to do. It is an excellent idea for an app and the small cost is worth it, 5 stars for sure..Version: 1.03.00

Best phone cleaning app!!!This app was perfect for me when it came to clearing space for my phone. It made deleting phones go from a 3 step process to a fast swipe. It took me about 15 minutes to delete 1,374 photos. Best part, it’s free. I mean yes it asks for you to pay for their subscription but you have what you asked for without even paying for it. I can say it does give you a 4 hour time wait once you’ve cleared 3 months of photos, but I don’t even mind because I’ve been searching for this app, this is exactly what I needed and if I have to wait a couple hours before I can quickly make more room in my phone, so be it..Version: 1.02.16

Really goodWould be a 6/5 if you didn’t have to buy premium to keep deleting g all day rather than waiting 7 hours after each month. I understand that it’s a way to make money but would be really good.Version: 2.00.00

FantasticSo much easier for people who are overwhelmed by their whole camera roll, it sections photos month by month and makes it so much easier to go through pictures..Version: 1.03.00

Already saved me 21gb of spaceIf you are like me and have way to many photos (40,000) that you have been dreading to go through then you will absolutely love this app. It’s saved me 21gb of space so far and I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks. Such a fun way to go through your camera roll. I am using the free version and it’s great. You can only go through one month a day but I that that’s all you really need..Version: 1.06.01

Recommended!!This took a long time but it was worth it because now I can do anything with-ought my phone saying it’s full and now I feel so good so I recommend this if you take many pictures and forget to clean it!!.Version: 2.01.00

IncredibleI’m not one to rate apps but let me tell you!! i had no storage on my phone. i had 86GB of just photos and videos on my phone and no motivation to go through them. this app is amazing, breaking it down month by month. i went from around 8000 photos and videos to 919. in two days. because of this app. i cannot rave about it enough. amazing!!! my new saving grace and holy grail. so user friendly and so much fun and easy to use. plus, you don’t have to swipe through a whole month in one hit- it’ll save your progress in that month if you decide to take a break and come back. incredible app, infinitely recommend..Version: 1.03.00

PriceWould be an amazing app if it was free. You have to pay for every app these days, at least make it a one time purchase and not a subscription..Version: 1.04.01

So efficient!!Have been meaning to do a big clear out of my camera roll for years but I was never thorough enough or committed. This app became my mindless activity (rather than doom scrolling) and I managed to clear out 10 years of photos in a few weeks! 100% recommend to anyone, it is a fantastic app and not glitchy at all!!.Version: 1.06.01

Swipewipe!!Hi! i’m ash, and i go around doing reviews on apps, and i’m doing swipewipe! swipewipe is a great app to hep delete storage. you click on a month of a year, and get swiping! once they’re deleted at the end, bam! all gone! (well, in a good way.) i’ve already saved 3GB! (not much, but good.) one thing i don’t really like is you can only do one month every seven hours unless you subscribe, and i think it would be easier to do it all in a go. but that’s the only thing i don’t really enjoy. five stars!! - ash! :).Version: 1.06.01

Amazing, 100% recommend for ADHD usersEven with the free trial I’ve saved 20+ GBs. I would definitely recommend it for someone who doesn’t enjoy doing time consuming tasks or someone who cannot sit still very long. It’s a simple concept and easy to use. It separates the photos into sections in which there’s a 8hr timer between your ability to ‘swipe’ (clear) photos. I love love looooooove this app, it makes it so much simpler to go through my photos (already deleted about 2000). And honestly with the limit, I think it makes the free version better than the subscription because it limits how much you can do per day while still obviously making life so much simpler. It’s also fun to go through old photos and memories in a tinder-like fashion! :).Version: 1.06.01

Amazing idea amazing executionNot only does it help you keep your photos organized, you revisit your memories while doing it..Version: 2.01.00

Complete life changer!It’s the absolute boredom buster and it’s so good to help clear your camera roll it makes looking at random photos so much more fun and the best part is you don’t need wifi I just pull my phone out in the car and clear some of my camera roll it’s so ideal I love this app so much❤️.Version: 1.06.01

Couldn’t love moreI don’t think I’ve ever rated an app, but I gave this one a shot after running out of storage space (again) and somehow in 2 weeks successfully went through and deleted over 7,000 photos from the past 8 years. The way it splits it up by month helps you go through quickly and have a stopping point. It’s such a simple concept but somehow is something I haven’t been able to do without it’s help! Plus it’s been so fun to go through old memories. For the creators- only wish I had was if you could go through sub categories like screenshots, videos separately like the folders in the iPhone photos app!.Version: 1.04.01

Perfect for Photo HoardersI was using the free trial for swipewipe and wow I have never had such success when deleting photos. Not only is it fun (it gets boring after doing it for hours) but also super efficient. I really like the concept and have saved so much storage. I think I deleted half my camera roll, clearing out extra photos, bad quality ones and other random pictures has always been on my to do list, however, I kept putting it off. This app helped me tackle the pile of hoarded screenshots and other useless things. Only downside is I feel like you end up getting into a flow so you start to delete pictures without fully thinking about their worth. Overall great app, it was very easy to navigate. I tried to make the most of the free trial. Will use again next time my camera roll is flooding and I need extra storage..Version: 1.02.16

My favourite appThis is my new favourite app. I saved 15gb and I love the timer because I don’t overwhelm myself and waste too much time cleaning up. The new addition to skip the timer with an ad was a lifesaver too, and I just love this app. It makes deleting a load of photos, fast, convenient, and fun. 10/10 chefs kiss.Version: 1.04.00

Really great for clearing up your photos!I’ve been trying forever to sort through my photos but it’s always so difficult, especially since i have so many photos. This app makes it super easy to sort through them! The only down side is that you have to pay for premium or wait a long time to sort through photos again. But I’m usually very busy and when I am sorting through the photos it’s A LOT of photos, so the break is pretty nice. If you don’t like waiting however, then this app is probably not the best pick for you. But i would definitely recommend it since it has help me SO MUCH! I’ve gone through so many of my photos and saved so much storage..Version: 1.02.16

5 starThis app is amazing. This is a game changer. My life is so free without messages about my storage. This is a life changer. If you are struggling to get a app for your storage, this is just the one literally game changer. It is such a good app, especially if your storage is so low. GAME CHANGER.Version: 2.01.00

It’s amazing one thing thoThis is an absolutely amazing and helpful app but the ads can be a bit awkward but apart from that this highly deserves a 5 star review xxx.Version: 2.01.00

I’m addictedThis app is literally the feeling you get after spring cleaning your house!!! I can’t get enough of it! And it’s so easy to use, I’m addicted. I had 25,000 photos I kid you not, and I have been putting off going through them for a very long time. Now, I have deleted so many photos in such a short time. It’s so satisfying. I also love the statistics section that tells you how many photos you’ve deleted so far..Version: 1.04.01

What I rate the appI honestly love how easy and fun it is do go through your photos, it makes it much easier and helps me save storage. The only down side is that after you have swiped a certain amount of photos you have a daily limit and have to wait 7 hours until you can do more or you can subscribe which cost money and not have to wait at all. Overall would recommend!.Version: 1.04.01

LOVE - Extremely well-designed appThis is an excellent app! I needed a way to clear out my photos that was a method other than just going through the whole photo library, which is tedious and likely never going to be fully finished. Swipewipe is genius because the design is simple and pleasing, it splits your photos into bite sized albums by month to sort through, and it’s extremely easy to use with little barrier to action. I love that the free to use part of the app is still highly functional, and although there are now ads between photos, it doesn’t hinder user experience in my opinion. One small feature I would love to see is just an icon or distinction for photos that are favorited. This would make it easier to remember which photos within a month I liked the most and want to save while still swiping pretty quickly. Overall, many thanks to the designers of this app; it does what it needs to with grace and simplicity..Version: 2.00.00

LOVEI’ve been meaning to go through my photos but didn’t have the motivation. This is actually so much fun getting to scroll through all the photos and only needing to swipe to keep or delete. You can tap to bring back a photo too. I love it.Version: 1.04.01

Great app, the timer is really annoying tho.Its a great app for people like me who screenshot everything and forget about it later, or take pictures of literally everything and anything. It has saved me lots of storage, and is a simple yet fun way to clean out a messy camera roll. My only complaint is the timer. At first, it lets you clear three months of pictures, but youd have to wait 3 hours until you can do anything else. And it doubles every time. You clear out 3 months, you wait 3 hours. You wait the 3 hours then itll let you clear 1 month, now you have to wait 4 hours. and so on. Of course you can always pay the $5 a month and have unlimited access, but just a heads up, you're gonna be waiting a long time if you have a huge camera roll..Version: 1.02.16

Definitely recommend!!Don’t usually write reviews but I had to for this. I legit got rid of so many useless pics and now I only have like 500 photos. Took me like an hour to go through over 2000. It’s good because you can see each photo up close before deciding whether or not to keep it, whereas if I was doing it through the photos app, I can select and have to hold each pic to see it up close which is annoying as. Defo a good app for photo hoarders. Only thing is it’s $5.99 per month, but with the first 3 days free, which is good cause you can easily get it down in a couple of hours, depending on how many pics you have. I promise I’m not a bot, legit I love this app..Version: 1.05.01

Really Really GoodIf you don’t subscribe it has a timer before you can use it again, but that’s fine! If you don’t want to subscribe you can still use the app. It is amazing for clearing out space off my phone and works really well..Version: 1.02.16

AMZINGGThis helped me clear up so much space, DEFINITELY recommend.Version: 2.00.00

I love it so much.It’s such a quick and easy way to delete photos and go thru them. If u like taking tons and tons of pics of you and spamming the camera button then this app is so much more efficient when getting rid of the photos. I have no regrets with this app.Version: 1.04.01

Literally would be 5 stars if I wasn’t broke LOLI am actually obsessed with deleting photos now!!! I am a photo hoarder and have been struggling since my son was born in April because I have NO storage, i had over 30,000 photos and 1,500 videos!! I’ve already deleted so much with swipewipe & saved like 13gb so far just within the past few days. This idea is genius because it breaks things down in a simple, clean, organized way and eliminates the hassle of having to press at least three buttons to delete a photo from your camera roll. I’m actually in love. I just hate that it’s $5/week or $30/year because I can’t really rationalize spending money on an app to delete photos when I can delete them for free. But I love this app so much that when I have an extra $30 that doesn’t need to be spent on diapers I will be purchasing so I can keep deleting photos (my new favorite hobby😍) SUCH a genius idea..Version: 1.03.00

THIS APP IS A MUSTI am in love with this app because it makes my life SO MUCH EASIER. but also first of all i’d just like to add that like there’s zero glitches & it works SOOO well. anyway, this makes my life so much easier because when i try & go through my photos to delete stuff, i either have to select in bulk which doesn’t let me see if i wanna keep certain videos or pictures because i cant inspect them OR i have to go one by one & see if i wanna keep stuff which is SO annoying. this makes its so much easier because it’s kind of like a mix of those two things, i can inspect each photo or video & it’s so so fast so i’m basically deleting in bulk..Version: 1.03.00

Amazing just amazingI love this app it’s a fun way to look through all your memories just by swiping left or right. Left to delete right to keep, I have no storage before I downloaded the app and ever since I downloaded it I have storage it’s amazing just really amazing I use this app almost every day I absolutely love it thank you so much 11/10 recommend.Version: 1.04.01

Best app to clean up screenshots!I had thousands upon thousands of useless photos, mostly screenshots I never deleted and it was the easiest most convenient app to sort the clutter. Definitely recommend!.Version: 1.07.02

Big help!Organising over 6k photos has been put off for years now, until SwipeWipe came into my life! I’m over 10% of my way through the mass of photos/videos and so far this app has helped me delete about 33% of them. This app has made the process much more user friendly! Navigating is quite simple and to anyone complaining about the 8 hour waits (only if you don’t wanna pay for Pro version) I’d suggest it’s a good thing. It slows down the process so you don’t burn out and get bored early on! Good things come to those who wait…Like this app!.Version: 1.04.01

Oh my godI had over 19,000 photos in my camera roll, I’ve been paying $10 a month for 2TB storage because of it, and at least 2 times a year I would try to ‘clear out’ my pictures but with that many pics it was always so overwhelming. This app literally makes it so easy and simple to get ride of all of your unnecessary photos/videos that you forgot you even had! I downloaded the app 3 days ago and have already saved over 80gb of storage! The swipe aspect is what makes it so easy too, I can have a video or tv show playing in the back ground and swipe through the photos like it’s a game! Definitely 10/10 would recommend!.Version: 1.04.01

GREAT app just the subscription that’s annoyingThis is like my favourite app ever I cant even lie, I used to go through my entire camera roll random chunks at a time and it never brought the satisfaction that this app does swiping through each month deleting and keeping and also bookmarking (instead of screenshotting again!) all of my photos. I have Ocd and Adhd and strangely enough a big thing that affects is the organisation state of my phone, I have albums and tab groups for everything, my phone is insanely organised and now my photos can be cleaned out and organised too in such a great way, it’s so silly but it gives me such a peace of mind knowing that there isn’t random screenshots that I forgot to delete months ago lingering around in my camera roll messing it up, now everything can be nice and neat and easy, plus you get to go through all memory’s and find old photos you’ve missed. The only thing about the app that annoys me is the subscription, you get to swipe through a month for free but then if you wanan do it again you have to wait an hour and then after the second month you have to wait 2 hours and so forth, keeps exceeding by another hour each time or it’s $30 a year, to be fair they do have a 3 day free thing on the subscription which is good, just take your pick I guess. This app targets such a specific aspect of your life that may not seem very important but it really is great and I would definitely recommend !.Version: 1.07.02

A lot of helpI have had a lot of struggle with going through my photos and videos, since I just can’t be bothered half the time, but using this app has actually made it a lot more easier and a lot more fun for me to go through and delete photos and videos from my phone. I can honestly say that I will continue to use this app and it will continue to help me go through my photos and videos and will save me a lot more storage that I can use for the future..Version: 1.04.01

Perfect camera roll cleanerThis app is constructed beautifully. Breaks down your images into months in the year allowing you to sift through memories and delete/keep the ones you want. I’ve saved 300kgb plus storage and counting. Perfect app cannot fault it..Version: 2.01.00

Must Have!I have over 60 thousand photos and at least 2/3 are useless screenshots and videos that i should’ve deleted ages ago. Having so many photos it’s really daunting trying to delete them all and i would constantly lose my place and if i’ve gone over these photos or not. I absolutely love this app, quick and simple and i’ve gone through so many photos in the span of 2 days (2000 and deleted at least 600 of them). I recommend this to EVERYONE even if you don’t take lots of useless photos and videos like me. 10/10 recommend!!!.Version: 1.02.16

SWIPEWIPEThis app is really good and useful but I feel like they should let us swipe through 2 months (if you don’t have premium) instead of 1 because we might really need the storage. I also feel like we should have less time on the cool down (again, if you don’t have premium) instead of 8-7 hrs (idk how long it is) I feel like it should be 4 hours because it makes a use out of the app instead of waiting 8-7 hours to just swipe away one month it should be wait 4 hrs and swipe 2 months, I just think it would be better because then people will be on your app longer, but that’s it, ik I’m just one person but I feel like I have a good point it would just make me happy if u even put it in consideration. But other than that tbh overall I’m lovin it!.Version: 1.08.00

So so so so so goodI saw this app on a tik tok video and I needed to clear out my camera roll but it takes so long so I haven’t done it but when I saw this app I knew I needed it. It’s been super useful and super easy to clear out my camera roll. I love how it shows your stats and everything however the one thing I dislike about it is after every month you have to wait before you can go to the next and sometimes u have to wait like 14 hours but I also quite like that as I’d get fed up and loose motivation to do it. I recommended this app to all of my friends..Version: 1.03.00

Good appGood app, one thing I don’t like is the limit and countdown. It glitches out so I have to redownload the app to keep using it. Pretty annoying but otherwise really good app.Version: 2.01.00

Quick and easyVery useful app, makes everything easier.Version: 1.07.02

Genuinely usefulI have found that this app unlike others is free (unless u get a subscription) and works well and makes it SUPER easy to get rid of unwanted photos. Definitely recommend even if storage isn’t a problem on your phone just because it makes it easier to get rid of screenshots or bad photos..Version: 2.00.00

Yess and mehI really love it and it has made me clear so many of my photos that I don’t need! But you can only do one part a day other wise you need to subscribe which is a bit annoying because this app is actually fun! Haha.Version: 1.04.01

One of my favorite app findsThis app is honestly pretty amazing, I found it while looking for ways to clear up space on my phone having wayyy too many pictures and found it to be a fun and efficient way to clean up some space and get rid of photos i don't need. The only issue - and why i didn't give it 5 full stars instead of the four i did - was the wait between months to look through as a free user. The app categorizes photos by month, and every time you complete a month it makes you wait a little before going through photos of the next month in time. But the catch is that you only wait a little the first few months you do, each time you finish a month you have to wait an hour longer than you did for the previous one. Waited three hours between April and May? Now wait four between May and June. Seven hours between October and November, well here's an eight hour wait for December! I think it would make sense for it to be a fixed time even if it was like 6 hours or something I'd be more understanding than this, having a camera roll that is years long i'll be having to wait multiple days at some point if I want to keep going which is really difficult, especially because doing the app is actually really fun so it makes me want to clean my camera roll faster. Anyways that's why it's near perfect and hope they will consider changing it to a fixed time, otherwise totally recommend!.Version: 1.02.16

Swipewipe ReviewI gave it 4 stars because It really helps with clearing your camera roll but it does get annoying when you basically have to wait days just to swipe more photos from that month. I think you shouldn’t put a waiting time for the next lot or at least on make it go to like 10-30 minutes. This is a good app thought! Thanks x.Version: 1.02.16

Love this app!I never write reviews but had to for this app! I absolutely love it - it makes the boring photo admin fun! I love that I can now find photos I actually care about and has cleared out all the junk. I also love the on this day feature so I can do a little chunk each day and get a nice flick through memories throughout the years! I also love that there are no ads and the swipe limit doesn’t bother me one bit - I’m fact it stops me doing it for hours that getting bored and never touch it again!.Version: 1.04.01

Great idea!This is actually a fab idea and so simple to use, I’ve really enjoyed trying it out! Sadly I have had to make a lot of cutbacks so have just cancelled it and my phone is about to become very messy again! Brilliant app!.Version: 1.04.01

AMAZING!!!!This app is incredible! I have been meaning to clean out my camera roll for ages now but I simple just get bored but this app is so much fun I can clean out my camera roll easy and fun it’s great and I am in love with this app o highly recommend to anyone even if you have ok storage! Great for clearing out accidental screenshots and unwanted photos!.Version: 2.00.00

Quite good, but needs more featuresSuper nice way of deleting photos quickly. However, I’d like to be able to pinch-to-zoom on images. Sometimes the details are the factor that decides whether I want to delete a photo or keep it, and without zooming, I can’t make that assessment confidently so I end up having to keep things “just in case” and keep clutter. Also, showing metadata is very useful, thank you. Can we get a way to edit the metadata as well? And finally, show the size (KB/MB) of a photo in small font directly on the photo, so I can be more harsh with things that I know take up a lot of space. I also need a “Show in Photos app” button, so I can use things like text recognition in images and editing there. Don’t implement those features yourself, just give me a quick way to get to the current image in the Photos app..Version: 1.04.00

Great app!This app is a great way to go through photos and clear up space for storage on my camera roll. Even though I can use the app for free it’s just a pain that I have to wait several hours after going through a month just so I can go through more photos later. It is worth the money but me personally I just wait the hours and use the app for free!.Version: 1.02.16

Best app for deleting photosI’ve got adhd and have never really had the attention span to go back and delete photos/screenshots from my phone when I no longer need them, but this app has made it so fun! I’ve deleted 1000s of screenshots and photos and freed up nearly 10GB of storage on my phone, before my free trial ran out! I bought the full version but I definitely recommend that you at least sign up for the trial, you’d probably be able to clear out most, if not all, of your unwanted photos in that time :) all the love to the developers of this app!.Version: 1.03.00

AMAZINGMy phone has been overwhelmed with the 8,000 pictures and videos I have in my phone and I didn’t think I would be able to go through the torture of actually going through them. I’ve tried so many different apps and ways to try and get rid of some of the storage, which it did, but not as many as I wanted. This app is AMAZING just like tinder but with photos and videos, and I LOVED going through the old and ugly memories i have and actually having the spirit to delete them. This app is a 10/10 and all the moneys worth, maybe a few bugs here and there but nothing to big overall. THANKS FOR THIS AMAZING APP.Version: 1.04.01

Awesome App!!The app is brilliant. I’ve had no issues with it. My only complaint would be the ABHORRENT subscription model, i and the developers know they’ve got a winning app, but paying per week/per year…??? No thank you x I’m saying that, I’d rather pay $10 one time..Version: 1.03.00

GreatThe first useful app! It was so easy to delete the photos that i did not want. From over 4000 photos and videos i deleted 2371. Amazing! And it was not boring at all..Version: 2.02.00

SO AMAZING AND USEFUL!!Omg i've had this app for like 5 minutes and i've already deleted almost 100 pictures i'm never gonna post or look back on for memories or that are just not useful in any way shape or form. it's scary making sure you swipe the right way but like you can look at what you swiped to delete before you actually go to delete it. i always try "detoxifying" my phone but i always get board of it but this app makes it kinda fun like a dating app or whatev. and it's so motivational when you see the cross next to the month you just cleared. i never really write reviews but i just love this app sm!!! ok i'm back i see lots of people complaining about having to wait x amount of hours but all i did was delete and then redownload the app and just keep track of the months i've done in my head!.Version: 1.02.16

Total game-changer.Couldn’t recommend this app enough! 5 days in, 5,000 images deleted, and 8GB saved. Wouldn’t have cleared this myself in a month, never mind less than a week..Version: 1.07.00

OmgI love this app I’ve never rated an app before but I must say this is a game changer. If you can keep up with deleting photos every 7 hours without the subscription it does wonders. I started with over 30k photos in my camera roll two weeks ago and now Im down to 28k. I also have not gotten the subscription as I haven’t felt it’s super necessary right now. I was at my max storage for so long and now it’s the lowest it’s been probably since I got my iphone. This is genuinely the best app I’ve tried to delete photos out of my camera roll, it’s genuinely enjoyable to go through my memories and realize how many useless photos I’ve taken. Swipe wipe has saved my storage fr 🙏🙏.Version: 1.04.01

EngagingMakes deleting photos so much fun then having to sort them out manually. Photos take up 70GB of my phone and I’ve never been bothered to sort them out. But, this app is really engaging and interactive to do this task. Life savers omg!.Version: 1.06.01

Love thisAt one point i had less than 500MB left and now i have over 20GB and counting left because of this app. It’s a quick and easy way to clear storage.Version: 1.02.16

10/10It was actually very helpful, and I got through my entire camera roll into three day free trial and deleted 15,000 photos by the end of it out of 19,000very helpful app would recommend.Version: 1.07.00

Saved my storageThe app is very easy to operate and helped get rid of unnecessary photos! It’s overall free with some adds which isn’t the worst. You ca go through a handful of photos daily and watch a few adds to continue. If you pay for premium subscription there is no adds and you can go through unlimited photos daily. Overall i recommend this app it’s very useful!.Version: 2.02.00

GreatAmazing.Version: 2.00.00

SwipewipeIt is a really awesome app that really helps me clean out my storage but there is just one problem with it and that is of you aren't subscribed you have to wait 9 hours because you can swipe again like i dont want to and i cant pay the subscription it is useless anyway that is my option and i will do another review.Version: 1.06.01

Amazing!Never got through photos so fast in my life. And even without the premium version, I've still gotten through a heap of photos. Very impressed.Version: 1.09.00

Honestly Really love this app!I have slowly just be overwhelmed with how many pictures I have and I know so many of them are pictures from school or random screenshots that I took to send to someone and then never deleted. This app allows me to once a day in the morning enjoy the memories of that day while also deleting the pictures I don’t need! I love this app! I have got 3 of my friends to download it too and they love it so I think it is so worth it if you want to clean out your phone. It does only allow you to do one folder every 8 hours but if you want to do more one day then you can just watch an add or I think they have an option to pay but the ads are short. Honestly the once a day looking back at my memories is usually enough for me though maybe after having it a year I’ll do some of the other ones more! Truly love this app though it’s exactly what I was looking for!.Version: 1.08.00

Incredibly easy to use, great and simple functionalityAs per title, this app was perfect for “playing tinder” with my photos and effortlessly deleting unwanted stuff, along with being able to export important images out of the app to other locations like google drive - exceptionally handy. 10/10 but too pricey for me to keep it past the 3 day trial sorry guys. Hopefully the review helps the team regardless 💗.Version: 1.04.01

Awesome app helped me halve my camera rollIt’s a great app makes it so much easier to clear through your photos and does it month by month for each year so you can chip away at it. I managed to get mine all done in the 3 free day trial but I’m sure it’s still worth paying if you often find yourself needing to clear out your camera roll..Version: 1.05.01

Awesome!Great app it’s super fun to swipe and delete in a fun way! Just wish I had more pictures to go through 😅.Version: 2.01.00

Actually the best.Honestly I’m so glad I found this app. You can sort through your photos in a fun way and ever since I downloaded I haven’t had full storage in a long while. You don’t have to pay for any basic features. A trick for people saying “you can’t delete more than one month worth of pictures” first, go through your photos but DONT DELETE THEM, just exit before you delete them and then repeat this with the other months than once you go through the months you can delete the photos..Version: 2.00.00

My review xxThis app is alr but the thing is 🙌 I want to go through all my camera roll and not have to wait 7 hours I’m gonna give this a five star still 😚✌️overall a 9/10 xx.Version: 1.04.01

Wait, what??! The price is nuts.I love this app for cleaning out my photos. It’s a great idea. But $3.99/wk for a subscription? That’s outrageous. That’s over $200 CDN for a year. I’m happy to pay for developers’ work if it’s useful to me but that’s totally bonkers. 5 stars for the app. 0 for the price..Version: 2.00.00

READI think app has some pros and cons the pros are that its helpful and easy to delete photos but then we have our cons. the biggest con is that you can only have a sertan amount of swipes and personally i dont think thats fair !!.Version: 1.07.01

Great for a mass clear outI wish they had a cheaper 1 day offer to a do a big clean every once in a while. The app was very useful to help clear out old photos and screenshots. Would be good to add a duplicates feature?.Version: 1.07.00

Function is fantasticI just spent almost an hour after downloading this going through A LOT of photos and videos on my phone. It’s well worth a subscription depending on the cost. But there’s no info within the app about the plans. When I go into settings to see what plans are available there are THIRTY options to choose from. Varying weekly, monthly, and yearly options. Yearly goes from $20-$80 but there’s zero descriptions on what each plan is and what it includes. I got the free trial and it’s automatically gonna renew at $5 a week but that is too much for what the app is. I like the $20 a year option but am I gonna lose some important features? There’s needs to be some clarity on plans and features!.Version: 2.00.00

Great app!When it comes to deleting my excessive photos, it takes a lot of effort! And, I can never remember where I was up to. This app definitely makes it a lot easier, sorting pics into months and I can take one month at a time! Definitely recommend - has helped me cut down heaps!.Version: 1.04.01

NICEThis app is amazing. My storage was so full until I only had like 20 photos and videos. It was amazing it help me keep track on photos and videos I wanted this app is amazing if you are a person who loves to take photos and videos especially whenever your photo person or video person and you take photos and they look bad this apple definitely help you get rid of this ugly photos. All you have to do is swipe, and if you accidentally delete a video or a photo you can go back to that video or photo and you can see if you want it or not this app is amazing 10 out of 10 recommend.Version: 2.00.00

CHANGES THAT NEEDS TO BE MADEI think this app is great but now it's telling me to subscribe?!?! And I don't feel comfortable so now I can't continue using this goddamn app now 😤😡 Like what's going on? And there is a timer for 7 HOURS.Version: 2.00.00

Awesome. Fast effective efficientAbsolutely amazing. So efficient and effective.. makes life’s easier when it comes to deleting photos. Saved so much storage. Just wish you didn’t have to pay...Version: 1.03.00

GoodI’m going to keep this review simple- I really like this app and it seems so useful for me, but the thing is when I’m swiping, the images go blurry and I literally can’t see anything?? And it stays that way for a good 10-30 seconds and it’s so annoying. And I think the fact u have to pay for this app is bizarre 😭 but I did it anyway cause it ain’t my money 🤣🤣.Version: 2.01.00

THE BESTI’ve been putting off deleting the thousands of random useless photos in my camera roll for years now and stumbled upon this app. I HAVE DELETED 16,500 IMAGES IN 3 DAYS… it was THAT easy. my life has been forever changed.Version: 2.00.00

This is amazingI have never gotten this much MB back, it also has no adds..Version: 1.06.00

Time saverGreat app. Would be cool if you could also assign/add different tags to the bookmarked items. I add bookmarks, then go to the sideswipe album on photos, and bulk select to add the items to the separate albums I need them in. Then I go back to sideswipe and remove the bookmarks..Version: 1.04.01

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