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Widgetable: Pet & Widget Theme Positive Reviews

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Widgetable: Pet & Widget Theme App User Positive Comments 2023

Widgetable: Pet & Widget Theme app received 147 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about widgetable: pet & widget theme?

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Widgetable: Pet & Widget Theme for Positive User Reviews

Widgetable changed my life!!!I love this app and the fact I can have my own little cute pets. Changed my life forever love it so much I just wish I didn’t have to pay money, still in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.6.000

My Widgetable Is The Cutest! 👑This app is the best! I first stumbled on this app on TikTok and I have no regrets so far of uploading this. No way is there a better app. There are so many options and widgets and cute little pets. I’m THREE DAYS in and I have no complaints. The ads are noticeable but not all “in your face every three seconds”—but if the ads could be removed from the app itself that would be the best. I love my penguin pet and love how he makes me feel good every day. The tutorials are clear and very helpful. Very uplifting and encouraging compliments. Highly recommended if you want a little widget pet. Maybe in the future work forward to having less prices and ads. 🍄.Version: 1.6.080

It’s AmazingIt’s really good. It’s very comforting and it’s really making my self esteem and confidence rise I love how your pet comforts you and loves you, I know it’s all virtual and it’s programmed to do that but I have been struggling a bit so it’s comforted me a lot. Thanks! But I do think that most of the things are the premium and it’s a bit expensive..Version: 1.6.010

Great app for couplesI love this app. it helps me update my boyfriend on my emotions and my activity through the day without having to text. It helps us know how we are feeling with a glance of a lock screen, especially important for long distance relationships. I would suggest adding more activities such as “In church” or “Praying” (although one could just use meditating for that one) and more emotions such as “Confused” or “Disappointed”..Version: 1.6.091

I like it but maybe some changesThis is a very good app but if you don’t have friends like me it becomes an issue. I do l really like the pets on this app and I like how you can take care of them but it seems depressing to get and get a phone from a member of your family and invite them just to get a egg then will lead to getting a pet. Like I said it’s a good app but I think there should be more ways to get eggs other then inviting people or paying for another egg..Version: 1.6.011

Amazing and AdorableThis app is great! It barely has ads and you get free food every three hours, Along with that every time you level up your pet you get a new thing/trick like at level two you get a new pet egg and level three it’s able to tell you the weather, I have not gotten to level three yet but I am close. You don’t have to get the premium either! I am very happy with this app!.Version: 1.6.091

Great gameI like the game but I just wish you didn’t have to pay for most things . Like to get another pet or something, but overall to me it’s a very good game and a cute widget for my phone.Version: 1.5.010

Really good!❤️I really like the app considering I only use it for the good widgets, the pets are also good don’t get me wrong but I prefer to not bother with them. I would highly recommend this all for anyone who is bored and needs something to do from time to time like the mood bubble or feeding your pets!.Version: 1.6.101

Idk what to name the titleI love this game it’s so fun to raise an adorable little pet of your own on the home screen or Lock Screen of your device and would definitely recommend!.Version: 1.6.070

Lots of funI absolutely love this app, sending messages between my partner and I throughout the day. I was also an AVID pet keeper as I have probably around 20+. Unfortunately, I stopped using it completely once I ran into the issue of not being able to get more than 10 eggs from a level 2 pet. This ruined the whole thing for me and I use to be on this 4x times a day feeding bathing and more w my pets. I named them after seasonings like paprika cinnamon thyme basil lemongrass mr peppermint, pep. Peroni, and more. I wish they would change this:( but I still think it’s a great app you should definitely try..Version: 1.7.000

Read this is importantThis game is so good you get a free egg to hatch then wait a day for it then you hatch it also they are so cute I got a rabbit and the first thing they need is a bath you press on the soap then there you go a happy pet. Then you can put it on your Lock Screen or your app screen and your pet says something like this is your name Mona Lisa because your a piece of art it’s so cute please get this game..Version: 1.6.070

I love itI love it because although it says 24 hour hatch it minuses 12 hrs and you can watch and at to minus 2 hours you can also get a wish before your egg hatches were you can select 3 pets and 1 of them will hatch out of the egg.Version: 1.6.091

SLAYI love the game I saw it on tik tok and I fell in love and I just downloaded it and I had it for one second and I loved it when I turned it on.Version: 1.6.091

Widgetable review:I am obsessed with my new pet, even if it takes a day to hatch the egg. It turned out to be a really cute fox but I think you should be able to get more things for free. I love taking care of Daisy and overall I think this app is amazing. Would definitely recommend..Version: 1.6.000

AmazingGreat app overall! It was a bit difficult to add my widget at first but then I figured it out and now I love my little cat. Its really handy that your pet reminds you of the forecast and gives you positive affirmations throughout the day. You also get to take care of your pet which I just love, it’s just that extra little detail that makes it even better. Really amazing app I would recommend 100%.Version: 1.6.080

WidgetableIt’s amazing such cute pets.Version: 1.6.051

Multiple pets on Lock Screen and SamsungI love this game so so so much I’ve been sending it to all my friends and hatching eggs. The pets are adorable so I want to put multiple on my Lock Screen but I can’t. I also have friends that are on Samsung and for some reason can’t get pets. Hopefully this game will be able to operate with pets on Samsung soon. (Still a 5 star review😆).Version: 1.6.050

Great gameThis app is really good but can you let it use all types of phones for lock screen cuz when I click the look screen it says update to iOS 16 but I have 7 so pls fix that but everything else is ok.Version: 1.6.091

I like itI made my boyfriend get this app and we both love it, he figured it out faster then I did and now we won’t stop competing for “miss you”.Version: 1.6.091

WowThis game is super cute and i think it’s a good healer like telling the weather but it’s not free but u get a really long free trial.Version: 1.5.020

Pet does a better job than my boyfriend.I only downloaded this app to have a cute little pet I could care for on my home screen. I didn’t even know that my pet would compliment me and stuff, it’s real cute. Only problem is that my little froggie does a better job of complimenting and encouraging me than my boyfriend does. Every hour or so I check my phone; not to see if my boyfriend has texted me, but to see what my little froggie has to say to cheer me up today. It’s real sweet and I appreciate it, but I’ve given 4 stars because I’m bitter that my boyfriend doesn’t call me a “cutecumber” or tell me that he’ll stay with me forever. Overall, I love my little froggie..Version: 1.5.000

My thoughtsHonestly a cute app, only got it so I could hatch an egg and look after it. It definitely a cute thing to have on your Lock Screen but I would defs like it if we could get more than one egg for free maybe 3 eggs for starters? Also I came across a problem where the invitation did not work for me because I was not a new player, I would love to see it more accessible and allow people to get more than one egg :(. BUT overall, love this app.Version: 1.4.010

I love itI love this app it is so entertaining and it also helps with my schedules and my feelings and it’s really cool I really recommend it and then you make your own pet and you like hatchet. It’s so cute. I love it. I saw a TikTok about it and then I was like oh my gosh that’s so cool so I decided to try it and it’s the best app and I’ve only used it for like one day and I’m already loving it bye I hope you guys like the app if you get it.0😜🥰👋 do you have to get it?🫵🏻.Version: 1.7.000

Hii!This app is cool, but does it work on iPad too? Please answer I’m just wondering!.Version: 1.6.091

Amazing and cuteThe app is so good and it is so cute. In the app your pet can give you compliments and asks if you are ok it is so worth waiting until your pet hatches. It is so easy to feed and wash your pet. Definitely get this app!.Version: 1.6.060

CutieeeeThis is sooo cute and this makes me happy every day.Version: 1.6.070

LOVE ITI love this app so much it’s just so cute and I wish I had my pet. In this app in real life I just love it.Version: 1.6.060

Great appGreat little app! Love the ability to share bits of info with my partner. Would love to see more ‘status’ options in an update or the ability to customise your own!.Version: 1.2.060

Love the appMy egg is still hatching but I'm likeing the app!!.Version: 1.7.000

Why you should get WidgetableWidgetable is an amazing game for kids as you can’t wait to see what your eggs hach into . The widgets are so cute to go on your Home Screen too as you can choose a style for your widgets. I love Widgetable and I think everyone should have it ..Version: 1.6.041

So cute!They are the cutest things! And so cute to put on your Lock Screen :).Version: 1.7.000

Cute.. but the spelling is badThis app is really adorable and i like it. but there’s a lot of grammatical errors throughout it, small ones such as it saying you instead of your, u instead of you, and it just bothers me a bit and doesn’t seem very professional. it’s also very weird how when you get food for your pet the button says “I know” instead of “Okay” or something similar. No hate, just a suggestion and constructive feedback that I hope you guys can work on. Great app besides that though! All love ❤️.Version: 1.6.080

It’s coolI like it and it’s very cute but the problem I don’t like is that you have to buy the eggs and other stuff and like yeah but overall it’s great.Version: 1.5.010

Love thisMe and my best friend absolutely love this app! but h can’t get any new eggs or anything with my money and i really want new pets but i find it stupid that it’s real money, please make like in game money we’re you get it from washing your pets or feeding them so we get new eggs!.Version: 1.5.000

Amazing!It makes me smile because it says very cute stuff😁 Its also cool that you have to take care of it😔.Version: 1.5.000

Do this please.Please do it so people can have at least 2 or 3 Pets cause there no way I’m going to be paying that amount every month for this I love this game that’s just the only thing negative if you were to make it so people could have 2 or 3 pets that would be amazing thanks bye!.Version: 1.6.051

Good appIt was really fun because u get to have ur own pet but it gets a bit annoying because you have to pay for a lot of stuff but you can still have fun without it I think the app should offer some more free stuff because I don’t what to spend so much money on something I will delete when I am old but it’s a great app and would be even better if everything was free but I like it.Version: 1.6.080

Cute App for Long Distance RelationshipsI got this app as me and my GF are long distance for more than 2 years now. This app is really cool because it lets the significant other know how the other is feeling and it makes you feel a bit more included 🥰.Version: 1.2.091

Review- from IzzyThis app is really easy to use and understand. I love how it explains how to do everything. I love the appeal and the cute pets! 🫶 Critiquing- maybe they could change the name and photo for the app because it makes it harder to find. Maybe change it to something like; Widget pet!.Version: 1.6.080

This is an AMAZING app!This app is overall fun, and cute! It is fun to have the tiniest bit of responsibility through this, but not as much that comes from a real pet. Getting to “bond” and love these little pixels has been really fun for me! I saw someone wright a review taking about how people shouldn’t dedicate their time waiting for an animatronic egg to hatch, but it’s not that harmful. I do like the limits so that you can’t just make the pet eat over and over again, just to level up and get more eggs. It gives you a daily experience limit of 100 points so you can’t just waste the creatures… I haven’t tried to use the friends part of the app, but I did see people had some bugs with it. I think it’s a really good idea, but there might be some problems with it. Overall, it’s very fun, and cute to have little animals on your lock screens. Also, I think after 10:00, the pets show a little animation of going to bed, which also helps me with my schedule. This app gives a very good 5 stars from me. Will be using it a lot….Version: 1.6.051

Great app 100% reccomendI was at first sceptical of this app at first as I have experienced so many in the past that you cannot do practically anything without paying monthly memberships. This a great app which has tons of free features to make your home and Lock Screen ADORABLE!!! I would really recommend!!!.Version: 1.6.021

WidgetableIt is so good I think I’m in love because of the countdown and count ups same as the small little animal and being able to change your Home Screen or lick screen.Version: 1.6.091

GreatEverything in this app is amazing. But everything is money. But I still love it. Maybe you can add in this thing I was thinking about. So you can talk to your pets right?So if you have two and you want them to be siblings,maybe just tap on something that says family and then you can add the other pet. Then the pets will know they are siblings. Please add this, I really want my pets know they are siblings. Best wishes!.Version: 1.7.010

App was Designed PerfectlyThis app was designed perfectly. 1st off there are no ads which is huge, 2nd they describe most of the use for the app just in the name, and finally the app is made for one specific idea for any user, and has done that perfectly. It is perfect for any type of desired widget, and although it has tons of room for growth in designs or functionality in some of the options, they’ve already taken advantage of the increased traffic and use of social media to jumpstart all of that! This app is amazing so thank you to all of the developers and company for making this and continuing to progress and improve :).Version: 1.2.091

WidgetablesI think Widgetable is really fun an entertaining. It teaches kids to actually take care of real and entertaining pets. They get to watch it grow and hatch just like in real life. It’s entertaining because it is like a little phone pet to take care of. Thank you Widgetables for your amazing app, take care thank you bye.Version: 1.3.070

Thing yu should put!Heyyy I rlly like this game it’s actually an amazing game but I rlly think yu should add sum things like js say yu should add clothes to the little animals, nd maybe yu can add sum thing where Yu can play with the lil animals so we don’t sit here n rlly have to wait for the widget to grow up nd maybe if you do add that yu add it where the toy get better each level, yu should also make the widgets have more task to do that js eating using the restroom nd drink like maybe at a little entertainment nd a bedroom nd put like sum things in there, Idk if I said this but yu should also make the widgets more needy bc I don’t rlly like wait for hours js so they can I ask for a task I kinda like it where it’s like an actual child nd ya I’m js saying y’all should add this.Version: 1.7.010

HeeeeeeI wish we there was an option where we get to type our own messages. But I do recommend this app.Version: 1.6.041

GOOD but sadOMGGG I was enjoying this game so much but I got to a point where it's not letting me watch ads to get food which makes my let's run away please give me tips on how to fix it but I think it may be a big because my wifi is perfect please get back To me..Version: 1.6.091

Love itI love the app bc it’s so fun and it’s cute.Version: 1.6.080

WidgettableWidgettadle is a really fun game because you get these really cute and fun pets. Sometimes they make do and make funny stuff to do and if you get sad, don’t worry you always have an extra friend and plus you could have to have one have as many as you want, but not too much because that is going to be too much food to get but it is a really fun game. I would really recommend it for you. Please get it. It will be the best option for you..Version: 1.6.101

It’s a good appThis is a good app but when you share ur pets to friends u can’t get ur pets back so I don’t like that but the rest is good bc you get to like feed it and stuff so 5 stars.Version: 1.6.011

Definitely recommendI love the app and all pets so basically the whole thing but I don’t like that you have to pay for nearly everything it’s annoying but yeah other than that I love it so I definitely recommend.Version: 1.6.070

Love!I love this app because my pet gives me nice motivational messages and I love it. I also like how how can get multiple pets, by just simply sharing the app! One downside is that you have to pay to get food, but other than that it’s a great app..Version: 1.4.000

It’s good butIt’s good but I have a iPad and I can’t figure out how to add it on the front.Version: 1.6.101

CUTE l⭐️So cute 🥰 that i saw it on tik tok its so adorable ☺️ and yes it five stars.Version: 1.6.080

Pre goodVery good app but i purchased the pro version to get more eggs and j am unable to select them to try hatch them.Version: 1.3.040

Joseph is my petAmazing. my pet shark, joseph. I cherish him like my own child. Except more than my chile..Version: 1.7.000

Very helpfulMe and my girlfriend both installed widgets to the front of our phones (Lock Screen), this app very easily enabled us to access these widgets, hence having what we wanted on our Lock Screen. 10/10!!!.Version: 1.3.030

Amazing but has one small flawThis is one of my favorite widget apps because it’s so interactive and you can also enjoy it with friends! My only thing about this app is I wish you didn’t have to pay, I understand that a lot of apps now are pay to win but it makes the experience worse especially if you don’t have the funds to pay. Something I would suggest is to have coins you could earn to use on certain items and if you didn’t want ads that you could pay for. I definitely do love and recommend this game if you want fun cute widgets but if you don’t have the funding and have to play without buying it’s a lot more difficult..Version: 1.7.010

:)I like this app but I would recommend when hatching an egg it’s less hours but when I’m down and sad it really makes me feel good about myself.Version: 1.5.000

At first it was hard to figure out but i love emIt was difficult to figure out how to hatch the egg originally. it did work after making a widget even though, at the time, i didnt successfully add it to the lock screen. once my pet hatched, and then a second one… i also struggled with switching pets and having all of them on the lockscreen. after figuring that out, getting the next eggs on my lock screen was easy. hint name them 😂 i love the commentary. so i use at least one rectangle widget for a pet at a time. i wish i had more room to add them all honestly 😂😂😂.Version: 1.4.010

AwesomeLove the app love the pets but, I want both pets I have to be accessible on my lock screen not just one . I don’t want a medium sized widget on my Home Screen. I eventually want all three pets side by side on my Lock Screen and it doesn’t seem like I can do that..Version: 1.6.010

More mood bubble optionsLove the mood bubble update but think it would be even better if there was a list of moods we could choose to have as the presets or even have the options to create our own!.Version: 1.6.051

This is the best!:)This is the best this ever you can text you pet and feed him bathe him and help him go to the toilet it’s just so amazing I rate you a 5 star because it just so amazing and it’s just the best game ever thank you so much for making this game:)!❤️.Version: 1.6.101

Thank you!Even though I don’t have pro, I finally have someone to rely on! Thank you so much.Version: 1.6.101

Remove “Alex” from the placeholder nameSolid app but please remove the name Alex from the app under all placeholder names as the example..Version: 1.2.091

GameI Just LOVE THE GAME it is so cute I LOVE my pets so much you should play it ..Version: 1.6.091

The eggs / petsIt’s so cute the pets on this app it can be complicated to get it on your screen but the time it takes it is totally worth it! I 100% Recommend if your feeling sad your pet will make you happy thank you for this amazing app!.Version: 1.4.000

Very good app with one tiny issue.So there are many amazing things about this app but there is one negative that sticks above all the good stuff. All the places there are pronouns it says him/her rather then them. i thibk it would be beneficial to the app and to the users of it to change this to them so that the app becomes more inclusive as it grows..Version: 1.2.091

I love this game so muchIt is mostly free and barely adds.Version: 1.6.090

5 starsITS FREE, FUN AND CUTE! I was skeptical at first and thought there would be a monthly bill or subscription, but its free! I love it so much!! I got four pets in the first hour of playing 🫶.Version: 1.6.080

🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻J’adore l’application !! Les widget sont super mignon et c’est cool d’avoir un genre de tamagotchi portable. J’ai aussi pris le premium (je pouvais pas résister) Y’a aussi les options avec les amis que je trouve super le fun je crois c’est ce que j’aime le plus Le seul truc c’est que j’ai un peut de misère à downloaded les animaux et j’arrive pas à en mettre deux différent dans l’écran d’accueil :,( Fin sa reste un jeux trop bien !!!!.Version: 1.6.091

PetsPretty cool reminds me of the old tomagotchies that You use to play as a kid. It’s like 25$ for the premium for the whole year. And you can put them on your screen saver and home page and when you wake up in the morning you look at the screen saver it always has a sweet cute message!!! Very creative and pretty cool! Me and my husband have this app! We are having fun with it lol.Version: 1.6.091

This app is super adorable!💕The app is amazing, and I love it because if you have nothing to do some days you can just take care of your pet! And what's even cooler is that you can add your pet to your lock screen and I am telling you!!! It's the best thing ( IT GIVES YOU MESSAGES AND I SWEAR I LOVE MY PETS TO DEATH) they give you messages like “Don't worry, go to sleep” or “It'll get better soon” LIKE WHATTATATAT? Also I previously just joined the app and currently have 2 amazing pets, a cat named coco and a dog named Luca 💕. Opening new eggs is very exciting but, you know, I hate to admit that sometimes I kind of forget my pets and I get really busy... BUT ONCE YOU HIT LEVEL 2 YOU GET FREE FOOD PACKAGING! For example, when u get your starter pet (which may be a dog?!?!) you'll have a supply of food please use it wisely and give food to it ONLY when it's hungry. ANYWAYS I LEARNED THIS GAME MYSELF AND WAS IMPATIENT AND GIVE IT FOOD WHEN IT WASN'T HUNGRY(it still boosted my expectation level🤭. Anyways just use the supplies wisely and you will be the ceo pet caretaker.💕.Version: 1.7.010

❤️Cutest App Ever!❤️You should totally get this app! Billions of widgets to customize your phone with cute icons! Take care of cute little pets such as bunnies, kittens, dogs, and more! If I were to rate this app it would definitely make a 10/10! Not to mention, the very supportive pets I see every time I see my home screen! Everything is so cute and adorable! Also an easy way to connect with your partner! Who would not love this app??.Version: 1.6.101

SO COOL AND CUTE LOVE ITIt is amazing the pet are so cute and cool it is like a Tamagotchi.Version: 1.6.041

Great app but..This is a great app and I love the new features that keep coming out, only thing I’d like to say is about the lab mood bubbles! I absolutely adore the idea but I find it very poor that if we miss a day we can’t correct it or even change the moods. Here’s my example: yesterday I wrote I was sad and tired at the beginning of the day but didn’t have time to update for the rest of my day even tho i was happy. So now I feel like it’s not true to what I actually felt and I can’t modify it. This should definitely be something to work on! Otherwise it’s great!.Version: 1.6.080

❤️I really like this app and the cute widgets it helps me feel so much better and to like myself more however I am so happy now that I have a little pet by my side for forever more :].Version: 1.6.031

Love app so much! Ideas for future petsI have had this app for a little over a month now and I absolutely LOVE it!! I have had absolutely no issues with it and even got my fiancé, Mom, Sister, and Aunt to all get to too! We love having the cute little pets and take care of throughout the day. I have the Pro version and highly recommend it! My pets are cute and amazing! The only issue I slightly have with the app is I think buying food items is a little pricey for only getting one at a time, but it’s nice that there are the free ways of getting food, however it never feels like much when you have a lot of pets and just need more food. If you got like 5 for .99 that would make it a little bit better and I’d be more willing to buy extra food. For future pet ideas, I would love to see a Lion, Turtle, Unicorn, Acolotol, Red Panda, Parrot, Hamster, a Dragon would be so cool, like Toothless! An all black Cat, an Octopus, a mouse I have no complaints about this app and can see myself using this app for as long I possibly can along with the pro version 😊🥰.Version: 1.6.020

I love the appTo start I really do enjoy the app (hence the five stars) but have recently come across a problem. So hopefully developers can help me out here. I use this app with my partner and we added the friends notes widget. Specifically the one the replaces the date above the time. The issue is that my partner will receive and see the notes I send while their phone is locked. However when they write notes back I don’t receive or see them on my Lock Screen. I thought it may take time to update and show. And unfortunately it’s already been a day since I added it to my Lock Screen. It’s been a little frustrating as I’ve tried everything in my power to fix it. Including deleting and reinstalling the app, restarting my phone, etc. Hopefully I receive some kind of resolve for that!.Version: 1.2.091

😍This app is adorable.Version: 1.6.070

Love this app!I’ve only been playing this app for a short amount of time but I can tell you it is one of the most useful apps I have it has really cute things to decorate my phone and I love 100% recommend!!.Version: 1.7.000

Love it! Haven’t even paid a centI love this app so much! I love it and it’s so cute! You don’t even need to pay for the cute and fun things. My only thing would be if you could like feed the animal through the widget like a tamagotchi thing! Anyway love this app 100% recommended.Version: 1.6.080

So cuteSo adorable. I wish I didn’t have to pay anything though..Version: 1.6.040

C’est incroyable!!!J’ai riens a dire juste CEST INCROYABLE 👍.Version: 1.6.091

Pretty cool!Pretty cool app I just wish there were more options! The flip clocks also don’t keep up with the actual time which is really annoying so hopefully that can be fixed in an update!.Version: 1.2.070

LoveThis game is super cute and fun you can chat with it and it actually asks you real questions and reads your text it’s really fun to take care of your pets and super cute and fun widgets however you animal can only chat five times also you can choose three animals you definitely want and it will choose one of them I got a bear and it even knows it’s a bear like they all don’t just say the same things.Version: 1.6.101

Rlly good!!!I recommend this app but the only downside is that its hard to get food without paying, but it’s so cool! i recommend.Version: 1.6.080

5star reviewFun and educational and good for kids that can’t get a pet. So good five star rating. By Charlotte Paton.Version: 1.6.080

CuteIt’s a cute little app that I use every now and then, I usually use it with my girlfriend when we are together, we look at each others animals and eggs. It’s fun and enjoyable. :) I rate it a 5 stars..Version: 1.6.041

Too much ads to take care of you petIt would have been a 5 star review if taking care of the pets without money doesnt need ads every 1 item. I just dont like how every 1 sanitary or food item you need cost 1 ad besides that i love the app.Version: 1.6.101

AWESOME10/10 starts omg! I see this ad from tiktok and though hmm let me try it I always see it. I tried it and Omggggg this game or wallpaper type thing is wonderful. Note: ( I would recommend downloading! ) there’s no ad’s I have not seen any yet but if I do no worry’s people over react about ads ads are just ads so BY THE WAY IF THIS GAME ASKS U TO BUY ANYTHING TO DISABLE THE ADS DO NOT BUY IT!!! I REPEAT DO NOT BUY IT!!! ITS NOT LIKE UR GOING TO HAVE THIS GAME FOREVER? BUT STILL DONT BUY IT . But besides that this game is good . I hope u have a great time with this game. May god bless u! Amen!.Version: 1.6.101

1000000% recommendFav app, so fun and cute to have on your lock screen. especially if you’re in a long distance relationship🥹❤️.Version: 1.2.091

ClunkyThe idea is there, but this app is severely lacking polish. Poor UI design makes it difficult to navigate, and having to open the app to update the widget can be a little frustrating. Especially considering my other friend-widget apps will update without having to open the app. Throw in incessant ads and you have a pretty poor functioning app. Not fun to use but my girlfriend hatched an egg and it was a cat named Charles which makes her very happy so I will give it 4 stars..Version: 1.6.041

What is this absolute nonsense?I thought 2023 was the year of inclusivity. But my mind was changed when I found out that my baby egg can not have 3 parents. How could you do this? How are you going to make me choose between my two best friends? This is absolutely preposterous, I cannot handle having to choose who my egg's baby daddy will be. I expect changes, or else I will uninstall this app. Anyways I find the game to be extremely helpful and cute, now I can stalk my friends and annoy them 24/7! Totes recommend..Version: 1.7.001

Super cute & freeI’ve had the app for about a month now and i’m on my 3rd pet. you get another egg once your current pet has hit lvl 2 (you level them up by feeding when they’re hungry, bathing when they’re dirty, etc) you get more food by watching ads or you get 1 free one of your choosing every few hours ALL YOU NEED IS THE PETS TAB! the home page is bloated with a bunch of other tabs but they’re all premium. if you just want the basic widget you don’t need premium (also, the weather forecast premium paywall is kinda silly since you can just put the base-kit widget straight from your phone to show the weather) the layout is a bit fiddly but once you figure it out it’s simple to use.Version: 1.6.021

Love the app!This app is amazing in so many ways! Being able to have cute little pets that can tell you the weather is adorable! I like the way you have to take care of your pet. Though this is a Great app, I think there should be other little additions the creators can add. Including making the animals get sick so they will need extra care. It will see how well you can care for your animal and just something else to do with your animal instead of waiting for it to ask for something to eat. Also, something I dislike and other people dislike are how everything has adds or you have to pay. Definitely need to get rid of most adds because it gets annoying have to get 3 supplies after watching 30 second adds you've already watched 5+ times. Other then that this app is definitely 4 star worthy!.Version: 1.6.091

Good but costs some bucks.First off, I’d like to address that you have to wait 24hr to get a pet. Pretty unnecessary but, it’s for money of course. (Makes u watch ads) If there weren’t any other stuff making u wait a day or pay, it’d be a huge success. It’s a pity that it costs money and time. Overall, I would rate it 4/5 because of its positive messages the pets send me. It helped with my mental health and I’ve been trying to not be depressed..Version: 1.6.040

It’s quite goodThere is good and bad things about this app. So first of all, YOU HAVE TO WAIT 24HRS TO GET YOUR FIRST PET! It’s just ridiculous. The second bad thing is that all the 5 star comments say ‘it’s so cute, it always compliments me and calls me cute names,’ I doesn’t, it always just says ‘ I’m looking amazing today’ or ‘ I am the cutest most adorable pet in the world’ honestly, my stupid doggo is so selfish. The third thing is how it always says I just got xp but the bar never moves up. The final bad thing is that it drains my battery so much. There is good things though, like how cute it is on my lock-screen, and the horoscope, telling me my lucky time and what I should focus more on. Also that really cute couple thing is amazing ( even thought I’m single ) and if u have a gf/bf u can always see how they feel by looking at your Lock Screen. There is also an amazing countdown that I used for my school trip which I love because I don’t have to do maths every night. It kind of reminds me of talking tom from when I was 6 and I always loved that game. So I’m rating it a 4 star (but I would rate it a 3.5 star but that’s not a thing) because it is in the middle but more on the good side. I recommend it but of course there is all of these bad things about it but it’s still really fun😁.Version: 1.6.040

Family funLove this app the whole family uses it..Version: 1.6.080

Status WidgetIn the status widget I would really like to be able to spit at people so please put a spitting status in and I will give you 5 stars.Version: 1.6.030

WidgetableIm obsessed with the messages my pet drops me!!! They always boots my day but there is one problem…. I would like the eggs to be free as it’s not fair to have so many pet choices but you only have one egg! I would love Widgetable to have more choices for people who don’t have money like me..Version: 1.5.000

I LOVE THIS APPWidgetable is a very cute app and it’s very entertaining. You start off with an egg which takes 24hrs to hatch, but there are some things you can do to make it hatch faster, like watching an add or inviting new people to the app. You get to make a wish by choosing 3 pets you would like to have and your egg will be guaranteed to hatch 1 of those 3. You get to feed and bathe your pet, as well as take it to the bathroom. Doing these things keeps your pets energy up. The widget can appear on your home screen, lock screen, or both. If you place it on your lock screen it will have a new friendly message there every time. Overall it’s a very fun, cute app and I really recommend downloading it..Version: 1.6.091

I love the game, but ads? What is wrong?I love this game so much!! But whenever I click on an ad it kept telling me “ ad didn’t work, please check you’re network.” Everything was fine with my Wi-Fi, and I thought it was because I was on a call or I was on my AirPods. No that was not the problem, I had this problem since a week I downloaded this app, I don’t want to uninstall and reinstall because I don’t want to lose my duck or progress. The developer probably is dealing with other reviews and glitches for the game. But I hope this message can get the developers attention please help me.Version: 1.7.010

This app is amazingWidgetable has helped me by giving me something to do and remember. On level 2 you are given an egg and once hatched u get a pet it takes about 11 days to level a pet up to level 2 and I have got 3 pets. I got a dog then penguin and today I got a cat! I love this app and is beneficial to mental health. There are some adverts you may have to watch if you have ran out of items your pet needs or if u can claim 1 for free every few hours. I highly recommend the app!!.Version: 1.6.091

I love widgetable but…I love how Widgetable lets you unlock new pets everyday as well as letting you treat it like you’re own: feeding it, bathing it, choosing where it lives and so much more! With many widgets on your Lock Screen to choose from, Widgetable respects your privacy and only tracks your device once it’s got 3 okays. However, if I had one complaint-which I do- is that Widgetable makes you pay for more food and bath products for your pet. If you don’t feed it or bathe it, it’ll grow sick..Version: 1.6.011

I LOVE THISI love this app it made me so happy to wake up everyday❤️.Version: 1.6.101

😊This app is so cute and has amazing little pets who make your day so much better😊.Version: 1.3.061

A step up from morning post it notesHappy little app, icons are cute too. My boyfriend and I leave each other notes through the day or whilst we’re at work and it’s nice touch points to have in the day to be grateful for each other..Version: 1.3.050

Love <3I have a deep attachment to my pet it always makes me feel happy to read them cute lil messages I just wish we could play with our pets or something otherwise 5 star.Version: 1.5.030

Price…I love this app so much! (So far) But-… to do this,”unlock premium” or “pay 69.99 dollars to have this app for a life time!” I like texting and taking care of my pet. And I LOVE the widgets. But I hate the fact that EVERYTHING is money. It kinda wrecks it, honestly. But just because of that, doesn’t wreak the app. And if somebody looks at this, know that this app is amazing! But- just is really cost-y. But don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THIS APP!!!!.Version: 1.7.001

Fixed problemJust deleted the app and tried again and it worked! I LOVE IT.Version: 1.2.060

AmazingI was very dubious of this before, but I downloaded it, and it’s honestly so cute, I love it.Version: 1.6.091

The best cute gameThis game is so cool and cute, even though you have to pay money for pets but you still get pets for free so You should definitely play this game!.Version: 1.5.001

Widgetable CHANGED MY LIFE ✨I am so happy with this app, I have a lil pet kitten and a bear on my lock screen and they give me compliments daily. They also tell me the weather forecast so I know what to wear/take with me when going out (this is only in the premium however, I used the free 7 day trial). A few minor issues are the fact that you must pay to get new eggs but I understand as it is a pretty hard thing to do + create, a widget app, besides I already got all the things I need. I love this app and recommend it 101%!!!! 👍🏻✨.Version: 1.6.091

Great app! Really fun.This app is really fun to have, and the best thing about it is you have your pet with you wherever you go on your Lock Screen! Unlike other apps like Pixel Pals, you can get more pets then just cats and dogs. I had a really heard time figuring out how to add widgets, but I finally figured it out. It was really simple once you understood it! But there is room for improvement. First, I’d like to see more options for caring for your pet. You run out of food really fast, and the pet gets sad that you aren’t caring for it properly. Maybe add more options to get food and hygiene items? Second, please add more pets! I am really glad you can obtain more pets than just cat and a dog, like other apps. Maybe add a sugar glider or parrot. That would be really cute. Overall, this is a great app! You basically collect eggs and hatch them to get more pets. You can feed your pet, give it a bath, and decorate the wallpaper of its room. And you can add widgets to your screen so you have your pets whenever! Thank you! And Jesus loves you 💗.Version: 1.6.101


Ads Wont PlayI don’t mind having to watch ads to get extra food because they obviously have to include the sponsors, but recently when i click to watch an ad so i can get more food, a note that says ‘add failed to load due to poor internet connection’ pops up even though i have four bars. I updated to the latest version but this problem still continues and the pets are made very picky so if I give them a food that they aren’t asking for, they will stay hungry even though I gave them food. I’m not sure if their are other people with the same problem but I hope it can be fixed soon because I want to be able to get the sponsored food so that i may feed my pets the food that they want..Version: 1.7.010

Cutest app ever!I love this app it has so many super cute animals you can own on your phone screen and they are so cute. You can take care of the animal with things like food, soap, toilet paper, etc. I has so many animations on your phone screen that change over time and they are so cute! You can even change the background of the animal you have! This app is so cute I recommend buying this! 🥰.Version: 1.6.060

Why it’s helpfulIf I get a text that my boyfriend is breaking up with me I want to feel comfort but there’s no one to comfort me but this is different. I have my little buddy on my home screen to say everything will be OK. Want to chat?? It just makes me feel welcome and happy I very much suggest downloading the app. I’ve been so hyped to turn on my phone every day. This app has just made an exciting every day I turn on my phone. I look at my lock screen is a new message. It’s amazing how it works..Version: 1.6.091

I love this app!This app, I must say is rather incredible and interesting! It’s really fun to use with friends so you can keep track on how they are. I too, enjoy this app. I personally believe you should buy it! Most things are free. They do try and get money out of you, but you can decline. I high recommend!.Version: 1.6.091

🩵🥦Widgetable🥦🩵I give 5 stars because this app is cute and amazing!! You get to take care of your own little pets and they are on your Lock Screen and say sweet messages to you!! You feed them, give them a bath, and much more!!! And there’s so many ways to get eggs and so many cute widgets I recommend this app 100%! My pets in widgetable are Brownie, my squirrel and Derp, my duck!🥺 they are all so cute so download now and you can get pets like mine or cuter!🩵🤍🥦.Version: 1.6.091

The pets are so adorable!I got this app just for the cute little pet to keep on my screen and I love it! Something cute to look at throughout the day and it makes me smile! Now, I’ll admit I just paid for the pro membership because I can’t be bothered to feed and bathe it. But it works out pretty well! My one complaint would be I hate how even pro members still have to watch ads to get bonus items. Also, fix grammar errors from the pets. Otherwise Great app!.Version: 1.5.001

Good, but adds don’t always loadRlly good app, and always makes me smile when I look at my phone. I’m not premium as I don’t like spending money on apps, and I mainly rely on watching adds to get food and other things. But 60% of the time, the adds don’t load. Pls could this get fixed?.Version: 1.6.040

Good app but needs new pets and better ways to get eggsI love this game sm! I even bought premium and the valentines pets, but when I have all the pets which will be soon, idk what I’m gonna do with the game and it was maybe a bit of a waste of money. Yes it is fun the way you can look after the pets but it get boring and repetitive. There should be new ways to look after pets and maybe new pets weekly. Secondly, eggs are so hard to get. Sometimes I find myself hopelessly staring at my screen for hours before realising I’m never actually going to get another egg unless I pay or wait for ages. The actual reason I’m writing this review is to pass time so I can get my new egg lol. Maybe make it so you can play mini games for eggs or get a daily egg (for everyone not just premium users) 1.99 for one egg is definitely too much and 10 pounds for 2 pets is ridiculous! ( I still got them though teehee ) after all that negative, I will say that the game is actually so fun and the pets are ADORABLE! Like I actually have spent all day on this game, atleast 7 hours. But we NEED more updates pleaseee! Overall it’s a great game but needs some updating. -Amy.Version: 1.6.041

❤️❤️❤️Love this app you can get little pets widgets. My favourite thing about this app is the widgets because you can make your own and buy them on you Home Screen and you pay for sum but most of them are free. THIS APP IS FREEE❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.6.051

Amazing appBrilliant - my boyfriend and I downloaded out of interest. It’s easy to setup and use, it’s fun to update status loads of options and you can get most of the features completely free which was my only doubt when downloading. Would definitely recommend. Thank you!.Version: 1.3.000

A must have for those who love customization!!I looovveee Widgetable!!! Definitely paid for the forever subscription!! I just wish I could pet my pets for exp as well! But love how diverse the app is, love the variety of widgets available, excited to see what else Widgetable releases !.Version: 1.6.080

Good but use improvementsI absolutely love this app and the complements i get every day! The widget are so cute and cheer me up every time i look at them. The reason i didn't rate this 5 star was because of how many adds you have to watch to get things. If you don't want to watch adds then you have to pay £1.99 for wet wipes. Its also hard to get new eggs and it takes ages earning them. Overall, i think this app couldn't be so much betterwith a few improvements. Xx.Version: 1.6.091

It’s amazingIt literally had everything I wanted and it had an ai talking thing I love it.Version: 1.7.010

Cutest Game Widgets Ever!I really like these cute widgets! my partner and i are long distance right now, and by having certain widgets up makes it easier to communicate with each other. and even when we’re not talking, i get to take care of my cute animal widget! my partner gave me a bear stuffed animal, but because i moved, i gave it back to him. now i have a stuffed bear as my little widget pet and it makes me so joyful to know there’s still parts of him here. even the feeding times for the pets are accurate, and the widgets are awesome!.Version: 1.5.050

This app is ok….Seems really cute and after a little bit gets all the boring if you don’t buy premium or subscribe because there’s like a little chat box that you can talk with your pet but there’s a limit to the talking you have to go to the five it says you have to go to level five or subscribe opinion to me it wouldn’t be worth it but that’s really all I dislike about it because I just don’t wanna buy that stuff that’s all they have to fix in my opinion..Version: 1.7.001

So cute would recommendThis game is so cute I love how it gives you little inspirational messages when you turn on your iphone you can feed it and bathe it the only reason I’m rating it 4 stars bc it’s sometimes complicated to use other than that love it.Version: 1.5.001

Best game everI love this so much it’s like having a real child, but the child eats like a toddler and I love kids like toddlers babies, so this was actually really great for me because it helped me take care of my baby cousin so I love this game so so so much and it helps me with my anxiety. I just love it ☺️, you should definitely get this game i’m literally so happy I got this. I was seeing it everywhere on TikTok and I was hesitant about getting it and then when I caught it oh my gosh amazing just don’t keep feeding your pet when you first get it because it needs food later anyways get the game!!!.Version: 1.6.051

The bestI love this My little animal always makes me smile and is sooo cute but it’s a bit sad that you have to wait 24 hours but it is worth the wait when I first got it I was completely confused but when it hatched it didn’t say the little messages like it was on the advert and it still doesn’t but never mind it is worth downloading and definitely recommend it xx.Version: 1.5.011

😒It’s a very fun and cute game but when I added it to my Lock Screen and clicked on it it brought me straight into the game without asking me for the password so someone could get into my phone but I will take it off of my Lock Screen.Version: 1.7.000

Room for improvement(Honest review, but might be a bit long lol) i’ve been using this app for a little while now, and one of the newer updates allows you to level up your pets and got prizes kind of. well when you gets pet to the 3rd level it says you can unlock the weather widget, which typically you would have to pay for with premium. well i got my squirrel to level three and it won’t allow me to use the weather widget without premium, just hoping y’all could fix this. this is honestly a great app, just hoping y’all could fix this one issue. (i’d be willing to change my review to 5 stars if you guys fix this) thank you for reading, here’s a cookie 🍪:).Version: 1.6.011

I think widgetable is soo cool and cute!!5 stars.Version: 1.6.080

Pretty good app would recommendOkay I’m gonna start with the things I do like, first I like how to can add friends, second the cute pets, finally I like the eights because there cute and can show you and another’s person status. Now for the things I don’t like, first how there is not a lot of non premium things, and that people with premium get more eggs. Now what I would recommend, adding more eggs for non premium users, and being able to create a new account if you want to and finally mii or de pets..Version: 1.6.101

LOVE ITI love it so much! I have a whole page on my phone full of these widgets! It’s so fun taking care of them honestly! It’s just a bit complicated to install them at first, but you can get it quite easily after the first one.Version: 1.6.100

It’s so expensive!I love this app but why do you need to pay for your pets basic needs? Like I would get pro but it’s so expensive! It’s also kinda pricey to get a new egg! Over all I love this game but it’s just a little pricey!.Version: 1.6.070

ConfusedCould somebody tell me why this app doesn’t allow me to send “hugs”, “send hearts” etc to the other person??? It says you can interact with friends, yet it doesn’t allow you to actually interact with them, it only gives you the option to see how they are feeling that’s it??.Version: 1.5.050

Love the game😍😍Love the game but I wish you didn’t get double pets until you have the rest.Version: 1.5.000

AMAZING APART FORM A COUPLE OF THINGS...Amazing apart from a couple of things... Your pets will only eat certain foods and it is hard to get gold of that without warching ads or getting premium. With your mood bubble you only get to have 4 emotions to choose from and if you want to customize more or change the colour of the existing ones you need premium. This is actually an amazing game but these things ruin it a bit. It would be great if you could have things like gems that you can spend to get things that you woud otherwise need premium for - becuase premium is very expensive - These things upset me a lot because this is an amazing game and makes me soo happy. I also love that on the lock screen widgits your pets say cute inspirational quotes. I would have done 4.5 stars because my problems with this game aren't too bad but that is not an option..Version: 1.6.101

HiLove my baby’s definitely would purchase them in real life if they existed. I got my bug bunny, my little boy Jeremy and another on the way! He’s about to hatch can’t wait! Share with your friends to let them have phone children too! Yay..Version: 1.6.060

So cuteLove this app the widgets are so cute - only suggestion is that there is more “status update” icons available, such as: chilling out, watching tv, on the train ect ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.2.091

I love this appThis app helps me with confidence and the it’s so cute having a animal that keep telling you great things. Best app ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.6.101

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