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You suck but I also love you.Transferring between phones etc is a bit hard but otherwise app is good.Version: 3.4.0

Great - highly recommendSo easy to use, no glitches, easy to add new ones. Can’t fault it..Version: 4.0.1

Best app everAbsolutely the best way to secure your account plus I was amazed with the transfer account option, it was easy and straightforward to transfer my saved account to my new phone ✌🏻.Version: 3.4.0

Great appJust needs one thing... Ability to back up configuration to iCloud. That way, if the app is deleted for whatever reason, you have the settings backed up to iCloud..Version: 3.0.0

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 4.0.1

These validators make things worseAfter my Apple phone reinstalled the system, the account in the Google authenticator was gone, and the website that required two-step verification could not be opened. Please, is this a normal situation? Once the app is uninstalled, the website that has previously undergone two-step verification will not be opened. So, what is the meaning of these autoencitors?.Version: 3.4.0

Improvement SuggestionI think there should be an easier way for me to regain access into my account authenticators that I had on my device before I had refreshed my phone While my phone operates much nicer than it did, and though the accounts that I have yet to regain access to do not have very much money at all and I have access to my accounts that I want, I feel that increasing convenience would be an easier process for account recovery especially because I have everything to prove that I am the owner to all of the accounts that have any money as with the accounts that I have access to now, I went about identifying each account individually Thank you for ensuring that my accounts are secure permitting me to have direct access to what I want - Keean.Version: 3.4.0

It works wellI have used it now for a number of years across several applications and it works. Never had any problems and it gives me comfort that I have 2 factor authentication on any sensitive apps. Highly recommended.Version: 3.4.0

Works as requiredIt’s a 2FA it just works, never had any issues over the last 2-3+ years I’ve had this app.Version: 3.4.0

Awesome appGreat app, would be better if you could get it on iPad though.Version: 2.3.0

EasyEasy to transfer to new device always reliable never had an issue using it for past few years.Version: 3.4.0

Top, the best appTop, the best app.Version: 4.0.1

Locked outThe app spontaneously deleted all my accounts. Now I am locked out of everything with no support to assist!.Version: 3.3.0

Good but a problem if your cellphone gets robbedThe app works really good but it is really hard to recover when your cellphone gets stolen or it stops working. Better to use a sms message or other alternatives if that is a risk for you.Version: 3.4.0

GoodGood but needs work.Version: 4.0.1

DO NOT INSTALLYou lose your phone and you’ll lose every account you enabled 2fa on using this app. They do not let you log back in on a different device without using your old one. No customer service whatsoever either..Version: 3.3.0

Basic But GoodGoogle Authenticator is a good, but very basic Authenticator app. In my view it is missing the ability to 1) make a backup of your keys; 2) sync your keys between multiple devices (you can add a key to multiple devices now but only manually); 3) add a password or otherwise secure the app, so if someone gains access to your device they can’t also get into authenticator. Microsoft Authenticator and Authy both offer these features. Google needs to up its game..Version: 3.4.0

Perfectly functional terrible new logoWhy not a google colour scheme keyhole or anything else that makes sense.. Asterisk is horrible...Version: 4.0.1

Does the job - some UI improvements neededThis app does the job and works well in that regard. However, the longer names are not fully visible which can lead to similar items being mixed up. A bit of work on the UI would solve this easily..Version: 3.4.0

Device swapSmashing it with the device swap - Got a new device and needed to swap all I track to the new from the old and it’s as easy as a QR scan. Keeping me safe in an easy and convenient way...Version: 3.4.0

GoodIt works amazingly and is consistent I think most low ratings are people who don’t know how 2fa work.Version: 3.2.0

Simple and reliableSimple and easy to use 2fa Authenticator.Version: 3.4.0

Handy…but…This is certainly a handy security feature that I’ve used for a while now. However Google needs to implement or integrate a system to use it with your Google account so you don’t lose codes if something goes wrong with your device and have lost passcode’s. Hopefully this is something Google will consider integrating. This is the only reason for my four stars.Version: 3.4.0

IOS 15 update !After updating to iOS 15 it duplicated all my accounts and when I deleted one it deleted them all (duplicates and original) possibly locking me out of all my accounts! Very frustrating, do better google!.Version: 3.2.0

FINALLY we can import into a different deviceBefore I think the biggest issue was having to manually deal with moving your accounts. Now it does this for you. Not sure about the security of this process, or Google in general. But I’ve been using it for years without issue..Version: 3.2.0

Updating new deviceOnly issue with this app is when you buy a new device and have to transfer the linked programs.Version: 3.4.0

Needs MultiplayerXD.Version: 3.0.0

Google Authenticator appI would recommend the Google authenticator app to anyone who wants to have a double layer of security while they’re online doing business and any other thing that may involve high security. Once the Authenticator app is set up, which is fairly easy. The app is fast and easy. More security verified in real time helps me protect my assets. If you don’t have it I would download the app and connect it to the various accounts you have that offer the second level of security or the passwords change every 60 seconds. I love it..Version: 4.0.1

Great!!Quick and easy!!!.Version: 4.0.2

Mixed FeelingsThis app succeeds at providing an air of security to users. But, who is going to protect us from Google? Every time you use the app, Google links you and your device at that time and location to the application you are authenticating. So, if you are deliberately trying to stay private, but are forced to 2FA, this app actually may diminish your personal privacy and security. But, of course we can trust Google! They have spent a TON of money telling us that. Still 5 stars. The truth should not diminish a good rating. It should be transparent..Version: 3.4.0

PeoplePeople who doesn’t know how 2 factor Authenticator app works, and didn’t get to learn how it works before they lose their account, blames the app. -1 to Google, -5 to people..Version: 3.1.1

Needs a passcodeImagine the scenario you come out of the store while your is on the main screen your phone is unlocked and is snatched out of your hand therefore they can just get into this app know exactly what sites you use it for & and use the two factor authentication then start resetting password.Version: 3.1.1

Very HandyEasy to use.Version: 3.4.0

It’s alright... but they listened to my feedback and improved!The app doesn’t explain many of its features well and has noticeably less features than the versions on other phones. I sent a detailed feedback message about important features that were missing, and a few weeks later all the features I mentioned were either improved upon or added! It makes me happy that my input was listened to!.Version: 3.1.1

Finally an exportGoogle are arguably the slowest people to update their apps. Authenticator has looked and felt like something from the 90’s for a long, long time. This update has not only modernised the apps general look but added exporting, a long overdue feature. Thanks guys, you’re slower than anything I’ve ever experienced in my life but when you finally act you do a good job..Version: 3.1.0

Export and Import of accountsI changed my mobile phone recently without knowing how to export my existing accounts in the Google Authenticator app to the new device. The process is like a breeze, taking 10 seconds 👍🏻..Version: 3.4.0

Great security with this extra tipIf your phone is stollen and the thief can access your phone, they have access to everything on your Authenticator unless you have set access to it via biometrics. Add biometric pass to the Authenticator and you have pretty much the best general security around today..Version: 3.4.0

Pen icon that’s usually on the top right’s missingPrior to the new update, the pen or pencil icon which is used to delete and edit/rename Authentication Codes have gone missing. I noticed this when I accidentally made an error and wanted to correct it but couldn’t because the tool used to do so is gone. This is a good app but I feel as though the devs have totally forgotten to add back that feature. Now it’s replaced by a cloud symbol..Version: 4.0.2

Finally an update!Thank you Google for bringing the much needed export option to iOS..Version: 3.1.0

Transfer to another phoneEasy easy easy.Version: 3.4.0

Desktop accessPlease improve this problem/website to access it on our Desktop..Version: 4.0

Best AuthenticatorLook there are a bunch’s of MFA tools you can find including the famous one but I’m telling you use Google Authenticator. You only see why Google stands out from the crowed when it comes to that simplicity embraced with security. Simply imagine you are switching your phone and get transferred all your MFA list… I can’t tell you how simple was I able to do that using Google Authenticators while the others were giving me a headache..Version: 3.4.0

Easy peace of mindSo many activities online need 2FA these days and an Authenticator like this really makes life easier at times. But should you not have your phone handy, sometimes it can be a pain. When updating or changing phones always make sure you have you logins associated with an Authenticator sorted or you’ll find yourself not being able to login. A smallish price to pay for a bit more security in these times of human scum trying to steal everything you have worked for!.Version: 3.4.0

Fantastic product Google!Fantastic product as usually from Google teams! Keep up the good work and keep improvising! Thank you! 👍.Version: 3.4.0

Awesome securityThis a amazing app to use thanks so much!!.Version: 3.4.0

Easy to useLoveing the app, if it could only offer a backup or at least let is know the auth key to take a hard note in case we lose the phone..Version: 3.4.0

GooodNice.Version: 4.0.2

Great but keep safe and stored right!Great but keep safe and stored right! I’ve lost once before long time ago my google authentication app. Lost everything connected to 2 auth. Had issues getting my accounts back to 100%. However, that’s what is so amazing about this app. Only me, or whoever has the full capability of getting into a secure app and device. people granted basically. Thanks google once again..Version: 3.4.0

Safe to useI have used this for over a year now and it’s easy use makes fast.Version: 3.4.0

Easy securityThis app make two factor identification a breeze. Love how easy it is to set up and knowing that my accounts are secure..Version: 3.4.0

Not much reason to change- Included in iOS backups so no getting locked out - Can’t export to other TOTP apps without a large amount of work but easy to copy to another phone which also uses this app - Just works.Version: 3.4.0

Easy to use: store multiple google accountsQR code scan and multiple accounts with separate code generators give me peace of mind..Version: 4.0.1

FinallyI can finally get rid of my old devices now and import all my codes to my current phone. Amazing app.Version: 3.4.0

The best appEasy and fast !!!.Version: 4.0.1

All these 1 star reviews.Holy cow, there are a lot of 1star reviews. I read most of them and they are complaining about losing their stuff. Maybe they should be complaining about their stupidity. TURN 2FA OFF. If you were smart you would know to just turn 2FA off before getting a new phone. The day before. Or if your phone breaks then that yes I understand that but if you are getting a new phone because your current one is outdated maybe turn it off before trashing your old phone with 2FA. It’s a good app to have all around, I almost got hacked but 2FA saved my account..Version: 3.4.0

One of the most helpful pieces of equipmentWhat phenomenal integration, I love this platform. It seems super secure!.Version: 4.0.1

Does the thing it does, butWish it also had an Apple Watch function. That’s be the bee’s knees..Version: 3.2.0

More integration neededIt would be convenient to integrate secrets storage with chrome, so I’ll be able to autofill 2fa codes using the browser. Also iOS integration with 2fa auto fill would be great..Version: 4.0.1

Good security appThe only problem is when you change phones and you no longer have access to the previous security app codes..Version: 4.0.1

Finally has syncingThis app is slowly getting better. Still needs the ability to view your Secret Keys for each account to copy/export, the ability to pin certain main accounts to the top of the list and a notes/description section in each account so you can add backup codes if necessary..Version: 4.0

Feature suggestionNo complaints.. Just a suggestion. With otp being such a hit in India, I wonder adding a small sms like push notification mode in the app.. so we can keep those old habits of just copy or viewing the otp from the drawer and continue .. plus the feel of sms exits. Just a thought.Version: 4.0.1

ExceptionalI Wish I had this for my bank account. This is very well designed..Version: 1.0.4

DiscordLove the app so easy to use just download enter the key and a name and it testers every short while very easy to use great idea 👍👍👍.Version: 3.2.0

Works fineI’ve seen a lot of negative reviews for this… I don’t know why, it is simple and easy to use, with all codes displayed on one page with a countdown clock, great app.Version: 3.4.0

Good appGood app.Version: 4.0.1

Increased security, easy to useAlways easy to use and gives peace of mind for increased security. The feature to export logins from an old device and import onto a new device is very convenient..Version: 3.4.0

Won’t start after iOS 14.2 update, v3.1.0 of the app(UPDATE: it’s working again after app update! The App Store told me there was no update available when I first checked, but now 10 min later there is an update. Problem was Apple, not Google.) I have loved google Authenticator for my 2fa needs: SSH verification and websites. But now the app will not start. I’ve rebooted my phone and checked the App Store for updates but I’m running version 3.1.0 of the app already..Version: 3.1.0

Recent changes removed featuresI’ve used this app for years for two factor authentication. While still a solid app, recent changes removes features that were occasionally useful, such as editing the entries (you can’t rename them any more), re-ordering your entries, or deleting codes for services you no longer use. Other than that, solid app that works. I like how easy it is to transfer codes to other devices..Version: 4.0.1

No Cloud BackupThere are many reviews complaining that deleting the app, migrating to a new device, etc… lost access to their 2-factor auth codes. This is exactly what you want from a security perspective! That is precisely why I rated this app with 5 stars. Very few 2-factor apps do not backup to the cloud and this is one of them. No question that cloud backup is extremely convenient but there is often a trade-off between convenience and security and this is a great example of that. This app is for those who choose a bit of extra security (codes only stored on the device) over the convenience of having their codes stored both on the device and in the cloud..Version: 3.2.0

Great appMy account got hacked and this makes me feel a lot more secure, very easy to use.Version: 1.0.4

What’s not to love?Has worked flawless every time I’ve ever had to use it, and currently have it set up to authenticate 5 of my various accounts. 2.3 out of 5 stars? Harsh..Version: 3.2.0

Great simple securitySo simple to use & confident of online security 👍.Version: 3.4.0

Easy to useTransfer among different devices was very easy with QR code scanning. Nice..Version: 3.4.0

So easy to useI am enjoying the authenticator app it’s so easy to use & easy to transfer from one device to the other.Version: 3.4.0

So easy to move phonesGoogle Authenticator makes it easy to export all your multifactor accounts and codes with the transfer QR code. If only others would use such a method to easily authenticate the transfer..Version: 3.4.0

Works good, how about passcode lock?Was wondering if you can implement passcode lock?.Version:

Almost perfectSince export, dark mode and refreshed look has been added this is now almost perfect, the ONLY thing remaining is the Apple Watch support and I’ll have the favourite app for one time passcodes! 👍👍😎.Version: 3.1.0

Great Authenticator appI have been using this app for a couple of years and I will write that I have not had any problems with it. I have used this app for my different platform accounts. No one has been able to login to any of my accounts that I have two-factor verification on. I appreciate the Google company for providing a good authenticator app..Version: 4.0.1

Authentication failI have an IPhone and can’t use 2FA as this app does not have a time correction for codes. It was working and now it’s not, I even deleted and re downloaded and entered the seeds for my apps. Still does not work. I need it to collect my investments..Version: 3.4.0

Easy to useWith a small business, this app helps with several staff accessing sensitive information.Version: 3.4.0

Great appEasy to use. Functional without significant software issues. This app would also be very handy to have a widget which was present when I swiped left on my iPhone so that I would not have to click into the app every time as my current organization requires two factor authentication every time I login..Version: 3.2.0

Easiest way to secure accounts!I use this cross device as one of the easiest ways to secure all online profiles and emails, and have it running cross device for when I’m travelling and it has never let me down!!.Version: 3.4.0

Amazing appThat’s the best app I have ever used for authenticator. Thanks for making it.Version: 4.0.1

Great for keeping accounts secureSo much better than printing out old codes or receiving text messages!!.Version: 3.4.0

Seems very easyFirst time user and even I can do it..Version: 4.0.1

All my authenticator setup despaired after upgrading to IOS 15I have upgrade my iPhone to iOS 15 and after that all authentication codes and setups on my google authenticator app duplicated and when i delete the each of extra setups my original setups also gone as well and this issue made a lot of problems for me.Version: 3.2.0

It’s goodI like it it’s really good app.Version: 3.2.0

JdjfSimple and effective, nothing much nothing less.Version: 4.0.1

Don’t listening to all the reviewsLegit almost all the reviews are from dumbasses not remembering the backup code websites give you just in case you lose your phone or it gets broken. This is one of the best authenticators out there you can use..Version: 3.2.0

Essential App, But No Cloud BackupThis is one of the most essential apps on my phone. I don’t know why I trust Google with my 2FA codes (I don’t really) but this is a very useful and important app. It is pretty basic as far as apps go, but it works for the intended purpose. They just added the ability to transfer 2FA codes when upgrading to a new phone. They released this feature less than a month after the second wave of new iPhones came out… so less than a month ago I did the transfer manually, turning 2FA off and back on for my new phone across a dozen services. Some were easy to transfer, others were the opposite. It took over an hour. Their timing with this feature is awful, but at least it’s here now I suppose..Version: 3.1.0

Awesome appExtremely safe guard all the time , I love it..Version: 3.4.0

Finally!!!!!I just wanted to say Thank you for finally putting a export accounts option to move from device to device cause this was always my more preferred app but due to lack of exporting accounts couldn’t take the risk so I’ve been using the Microsoft version. I did like how there was a Apple Watch version although It was never really that useful anyway. But I hope maybe there might be a Apple Watch version of this someday if not that’s fine then. Please always keep improving this app..Version: 3.1.1

Miss mariaVery easy to use and reliable. Thank you giggle 🤩❤️.Version: 3.4.0

Needs to be associated to an accountEasily able to transfer to new phone. However would be good if I can link it to my gmail account just in case I lose my phone..Version: 3.1.1

Crashes when I startNormally this app works fine, but it seems like there was a recent update that broke it. Whenever I start the app, it just shows the Authenticator logo and then crashes and takes me back to the start screen. I tried restarting my phone and it didn’t fix it. I’m afraid to re-install in case I lose my accounts..Version: 3.1.0

ExcellentYour account transfer feature is quick and easy for those who upgrade the phone.Version: 3.4.0

Does the JobSimple, neat interface. Supports a wide range of apps and reduces the need for too many AUTH apps on your phone..Version: 3.4.0

Almost perfectI’ve been using this app a while it’s great prefer it over other apps I know it hasn’t got a automatic backup but doing it manually isn’t a issue. just one thing a simple update that would make this so much more secure is adding a passcode lock or Face ID. Hopefully see this added in the future..Version: 3.1.1

Is this the update we’ve been waiting for?I saw with the most recent update Google added the feature to move accounts to a new device. Previously the Authenticator app only moved Google accounts so if it now moves all accounts that are stored in the Authenticator app that would make this app 100% more useful. I only change devices every few years so I’ll need to wait to confirm but this appears to be a major update with a feature that people have wanted for a very long time.Version: 3.1.0

I can’t get back on my old google AuthenticatorThere are many reviews complaining that deleting the app, migrating to a new device, etc... lost access to their 2-factor auth codes. This is exactly what you want from a security perspective! That is precisely why I rated this app with 5 stars. Very few 2-factor apps do not backup to the cloud and this is one of them. No question that cloud backup is extremely convenient but there is often a trade- off between convenience and security and this is a great example of that. This app is for those who choose a bit of extra security (codes only stored on the device) over the convenience of having their codes stored both on the device and in the.Version: 3.2.0

Major bug on iPhone 12 miniI’ve managed to get the initial account running, however there is no visible + icon to get a second account. I got the second account working on my iPad, which has the + icon to add more. I thought I could export it to my iPhone, however the + icon is required for that. Very disappointing and unusable!!!.Version: 3.4.0

Works wellThe app has never let me down. It always works well. There are changes I’d make from a UI perspective, but as a utility, this app is faultless..Version: 3.4.0

Just don’t wipe your accountsA lot of 1 star reviews come from people who wiped their accounts on their old phone and can no longer authenticate their accounts. But if you don’t do that then this app is totally secure and does what it’s supposed to, and it’s safe to ignore the very low rating for this app..Version: 3.4.0

Works wellIt works well, I haven’t had any issues with it..Version: 3.1.1

Google authenticationI would love without it… Highly recommend it to anyone that would listen..Version: 3.4.0

Google ConvienceEasy to setup and perfectly secure. I would like to make it easier but I think this would ruin the security protocols and defeat would be locking myself out of all accounts..Version: 4.0.1

Transfer Accounts to New PhoneI got a new iPhone and it was made simple to transfer information from on phone to the other.Version: 3.4.0

BackupFinally I can log in and save my codes to my account. The amount of times I’ve had to reset my phone, or changed phone and lost the codes and had to go one by one and update is ridiculous. Slightly less secure for some, but honestly the pain of having to go an find back up codes and what not is worse than the risk..Version: 4.0

No Apple Watch appI need this to work from my Apple Watch. The position I have my online website asks for the Authenticator almost every 30 Minutes and anytime you don’t click the screen for 5 minutes. I can’t keep getting my phone out or using the one on google and you can’t have both set up. The Watch app would be easier for me to look over and have it easily assessable..Version: 3.4.0

Works… could be a lot better!I lost a lot when my phone died. So I understand the frustration with not being able to backup, and also understand why they chose not to have this option. But this could be safely and easily solved by having a recovery option linked to a phone number. Essentially the same way that emails can have a backup email, why not a backup 2FA? They could do much better allowing for sharing between devises. This is important for teams or even just people more than one device like phone and a tablet. Finally most don’t need this, but some do. So why not have an option for some organization? I give it 4 stars because it does work, and it is a great solution over text massage 2FA which can be very problematic when traveling between countries..Version: 3.4.0

Finally! Can save to Google account!This is a game changer! As someone who has 15+ Authy codes I’m always afraid to lose my phone, break my phone - BUT this is somewhat of a MASSIVE security risk. Hackers will now be cracking down harder on trying to get into your Google account (been hacked before with thousands stolen) why can’t this go a better route? Like SMS codes to send a authentication token for your account? Even that is more secure.Version: 4.0.1

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