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IOS 16.3 Audio Working AgainUpdate, the latest Blink software update has fixed the audio issues 🥰👍 — Blink app has been working well for many years, but with the recent app update I am unable to hear the audio feed on my Blink cameras. I am using iOS 16.3 and this was the same on the previous OS when tested on iOS 16.2 Many thanks for looking into this!.Version: 6.22.0

Works wellLet me start off by saying that I like the system and it works. It has some issues however and here’s why it’s not 5 stars: 1) intermittent sensitivity. The camera on the front of my house will often capture a car driving down the street, but not always the mailman or UPS driver walking up to my door (which is closer to the camera than the street). I don’t understand this, and more importantly it’s not serving it’s purpose if it doesn’t capture people walking up to my house. 2) Notifications are almost non existent. Sometimes I’ll get a notification on my lock screen, sometimes I won’t. There is never a notification on the app icon, not until I open the app and then exit, at which point the number of notifications shows up on the icon. This is annoying, as I’d like that reminder so I know to review my alerts. The biggest selling point of this system for me is the fact that no subscription is required. However, I don’t know if that trade off is worth it if it isn’t going to capture everything it should, or notify me when there is activity..Version: 4.0.16

Almost PerfectInstallation was simple and it worked first time. It activates and records as expected. The video and sound quality are both amazing. The only criticism I would make is that there is no fast way to talk to a visitor because you have to initiate a Live View session first of all and there will always be a time lag. A ‘Talk’ button on the front screen of the App would be really useful, even if that sacrifices live video..Version: 5.1.12

Great camera systemGreat camera system. Have had the cameras for a couple years now and have very little issues with them. Love that they’re wireless and take disposable batteries. Easy to mount to exterior surfaces and they can handle the heat and extreme cold of upstate NY. Only have a few things I would like to see added that other cameras systems have already. Would be useful if there is a “mark all as seen” for the events that are recorded. Seeing as you have to clear the notification icon by clicking on each event one at a time. Would also like there to be a option to still record events but not be notified each time. Example being if I have the entire system armed but only want the doorbell notifications to be sent to my phone and not the entire camera system notifications. It would be a nice feature to have added that way I can keep the system recording all events and check in on them when I want/need to, but will always be notified when the doorbell is rang..Version: 6.18.0

Good for the price.Setup was cheap compared to rivals. Our trial ran out so we are using a usb stick in the sync module 2. Always a slight delay on the motion recordings and audio two way, nothing major though. Our back garden cam had a weak signal from our router so we brought a Wi-Fi extender which resolved that issue. Never had a problem with the app. I think it could add a useful feature where you can have set times to arm the cameras! for example arming the motion detection at times when you’re at work automatically. Overall pleased with the cameras and app..Version: 6.29.0

Brilliant piece of kitI am having great difficulty understanding the negative reviews here, could they, perhaps, be from a jealous competitor? Anyway, this is a great security camera kit with little fuss, it does everything a wired system would do but much easier to install and less expensive too, I like you can add cameras as and when. An easy to use interface, newly updated smart app makes this a great system, highly recommended..Version: 6.0

Very nice affordable system.I read some reports about battery life. I have had a total of close to 20 Blink cameras located at two properties for at least 4 years. Some of the cameras are armed 24/7, others are on from dusk to dawn. In the four years I had to change batteries in maybe six cameras when they alerted me to a low battery condition. I recently changed all the batteries just because it has been four years. Just so you understand, these cameras go off all the time, with people during the day and animals at night. Great system. Great price. No monthly fee. Only shortcoming is that they could easily provide additional control over individual cameras. For example, I want to know anytime a vehicle enters our circular driveway during the day or approaches the front door as well as when someone approaches a locked garage door in the middle of the night. But the alert sound should be able to be set differently as one event is usually benign, while the other could very well be ominous. Also, you can arm and disarm the entire system anytime you like, but it would be better to arm/disarm cameras individually. For example, maybe you want to arm a basement stairwell door 24/7 because it is not normally used, but only arm your outside pool camera after dark when friends or service people are not usually walking about. ..Version: 6.2.2

Was a great system.Got them in July of this year. Had been working great. In the last month only work when we are home. Defeats the purpose. Could be something we done. Have checked everything on them. We have eight of them. Live on an acre. Yesterday we could see a shadow of a man with beard at side of the house. This is while we were home. Never seen were he came from or were he went. Found out later his dog had got loose. He was looking for him. Then another day. Just happened to look out front door. Their was a car sitting in front of house with someone in it. Never seen it pul up or leave. Was there for a good 30 minutes. Now not working when we leave house. Going to call them tomorrow. See if they can help me with the issues. Also one camera that never works long. Have changed batteries twice already. Moved it to different places. This time nothing works to get it connected back. Love the clear day time pictures on it. Have the doorbell. Have not connected it yet. Was going to get the new security lights you put cameras in. So night vision will be better. Like watching the wildlife that comes through the back yard down by the woods. It’s amazing what is running around in your yard at night..Version: 6.6.1

Works great and has no subscription!Thanks to Amazon and the blink team for developing a comprehensive home monitoring system with no subscription fees. This app and the cameras work great in combination with the sync module 2 which is very inexpensive too. Well priced products with great value..Version: 6.29.0

Easy to use but some problemsI haven’t had any connection issues and the system reconnects quickly upon resetting the internet. App is robust and easy to use and also lets you store videos to the phone quickly. Setup is also simple with the app. The wireless range of the cameras is quite impressive as well. I wish the camera software could be updated so that motion detection picks up less false positives and has a higher detection range. For example, if a car is moving at a distance I believe this should be easily picked up; or a person walking at a distance on a yard. I have a hard time getting full coverage in certain areas where my cameras are located because of this. This happens with a high sensitivity set as well. Also please add a way to add notifications for when there is a software/firmware update. I tested the indoor Blink Mini and was able to run across the room where the camera is located without the camera detecting motion, please correct this. I was wearing black and the walls are all white, so I assumed this would be captured but wasn’t. Moving at a slower pace works as expected. Overall, I think the motion detection algorithm needs a little bit of work. Battery life isn’t too bad considering all the work that is being done by the little camera like constantly recording motion, sound, and talking to the sync module over a wireless connection..Version: 6.1.6

Great system once set upI have had and still have a couple of security camera systems but unlike my other systems requiring wiring these can be placed anywhere. The range of the system can be extended with WiFi extenders. My cameras work well with Powerline WiFi extenders and I am still on my original batteries after 12months use. Better than my previous battery operated cameras that required recharging every 3 weeks. I like the mobile phone app that notifies me when someone approaches the cameras. Nice to know someone is outside before they actually break in especially at night. Day or night the video is brilliant with the option for sound on or off. There currently is no speaker to communicate with the intruder from the Blink XT camera but I know they are there and they don’t realise that I know. USA region units work in Australia and are compatible with Australian voltage as the system works with dual voltage. Be aware that Blink does not honour warranties when purchased from Ebay and the Ebay seller is your only recourse if faulty. Would I recommend this system - yes I am very happy. Try to buy from an Authorised seller for warranty purposes..Version: 4.0.16

Needs choice of sound notificationsVery happy with cameras and app so far and it was all easy to set up. But by far the most annoying thing is not being able to change the sound notification on iPhone. The default bleep is not enough to alert me that the cameras have been triggered, not even during the day if my phone is in my pocket. Please could we have an update that allows us to set type and volume of notification? Thanks..Version: 5.1.5

FantasticPros: • No mandatory fees (unless you want more memory but what you get free is plenty, currently using 2 modules with 10 cameras). • Ease of setup & operation • Organized layout • App refreshes nicely (just have good wifi) Cons: • Wish the ‘motion clip length’ was on the same page as the ‘retrigger timer’ (just makes sense to have them both together).Version: 6.30.2

Great and fantastic customer serviceWrote a review, praising the units but criticising battery life. As the unit failed to work even without batteries but plugged in via micro usb, suspect faulty unit, but customer support questioned nothing regarding my experience other than to apologise and immediately sent me a replacement unit. No questions asked. New unit just arrived and works perfectly. Thank you for your excellent support and service which is a lesson to others. Nothing but praise..Version: 4.0.18

Excellent camera systemBrought the three pack and have found that the camera filming is excellent, tho the movement, angel and the distance from the wall is limited. It Took a while to adjust the cameras to get them recording just right! It’s brilliant that we can both view the clips on our mobiles and when we were on holiday it was added security that we could see exactly what was happening at home. We will get another one or two at some point to cover the back area and it seems very easy to add those on. It’s easy to save videos or delete them either one at-a time or a whole load of them in one go, especially when it’s windy and our flowers have set the cameras off. Got a lovely video of a hedgehog going round our garden one evening, as the night vision is really good. We would recommend this camera system to anyone..Version: 6.5.3

Just use your Common SenseI have my four cameras. I have two in the front of the house and two in the rear. They are great! Just use Common sense in your expectations. For the price they can’t be beat. I read the reviews and the negative reviews either reflect a lack of understanding or higher expectations. The two cameras in the front pick up anyone approaching the front door. The second camera follows anyone walking up the side walk to the front door. The one camera in the rear shows a large area in the yard. The 4th camera I use to monitor varmints who eat my plants. I can move these cameras pretty much anywhere I wish within 100 feet of the house. When there is too much activity from the wind blowing a bush within camera range, I can turn it off. The night vision is great. It is not in color. I watch deer, raccoons, groundhogs very clearly. They are so sensitive that it will pick up movement when something or someone it at the outer edge of the camera range. I certainly expect to replace my lithium batteries before the two year expectation but that is a small price to pay for all the features the cameras provide. Many issues can be resolved by owning a good modem/router. Now, I plan to purchase a mini for inside my home..Version: 6.0.9

Perfect SystemPurchased system while awaiting back surgery. Can quickly look outside and see what’s going on. Has limited written instructions but the videos and pictures paint a clear picture. It takes no time at all to set this up with the app. Battery life has been great. Keep in mind that when you increase the camera settings, (image quality, duration of recording, etc) of course the batteries are not going to last two years. Come on folks, don’t give negative feedback because of that! Plus the app monitors battery life, and wireless signal strengths. It will also tell you when a camera has high use and alerts you if the battery is low. I will say, the night vision is amazing! I am really impressed of how bright the image is. The camera sensitivity was set to 6 and it was picking up birds flying by. Adjusted it to 5 and it doesn’t, catch them anymore. The mount that came with it are simple. You can tilt up/down and swivel it left and right. The phone notifications of movement is very timely and the camera settings in the app are great. Setting up the cameras are easy and is not rocket science. I have two cameras now and plan to install more in the future..Version: 3.1.45

Excellent Home Security CamerasI love these Blink cameras. They were easy to set up, being completely wire free gives you so much freedom as to where you can put them. They are both indoor and outdoor which for the price (I bought the 3 pack) is excellent value for money. These cameras really give me peace of mind whilst away from my property. I have the app on my phone and iPad, so can view what’s going on at anytime. I bought cases and wall fixings separately after reading other reviews that the wall mounts are not sufficient. I would agree with this. Blink should either improve on the wall mounts or create ones that can be purchased separately to give the cameras a proper secure tamper free wall mount. Excellent online and phone advice when my router when down. Helped set my cameras up and running again. Also I never knew how much Wildlife visits my garden at night, I love this..Version: 6.2.8

Great system for the price but should not require internetI own and operate a dog boarding kennel and bought these cameras to put in each room so I can keep and eye on boarders at night or any time I am away for a couple of hours. We recently were hit hard by Hurricane Ida. Our power was knocked out but we have standby generators. Since that meant we were able to reconnect our wifi I figured I would be able to use the cameras but that was not the case. Even though my phone and cameras/sync were both actively connected to the wifi it would not connect because the internet was out. We did not get internet restored for over a month so during that time the cameras were completely useless. I am not a tech expert so I don’t know the ins and outs of how the connections are made, but it seems that if they are on the same wifi connection they should not require internet..Version: 6.5.1

Almost perfectThis is so easy to use it’s ideal for anyone wishing to monitor a remote camera or cameras. Simple front end and you can rename any camera so that it makes more sense. The one think missing that I’d find very useful is a programmable arming schedule, where you can arm the system by setting times in the day. I frequently forget to arm my system in the evening and so protection in not enabled. Would be good to have an on/off timer to be set at certain times of the day..Version: 6.0.10

Seems to be leas reliable over timeSeem to have camera issues after a year or so. The things I wish this had - faster switch between camera views - as it has to wait for server to release the camera before going to another- a way to filter. By date- and when in edit /delete mode of the recordings, a way to select all of a date at the header, or even the click and drag to select multiple at one time like the iPhone allows for other things (like mail selecting). It would save more time cleaning up the server. The directional camera bases seem to be crap here too- they won’t go low enough to catch the room, then they also won’t set proper- seems to think that either straight up or straight down is default home (which is absurd) I do like the Minis being able to record longer when viewing or view without recording longer - but the app starts crashing after a little looking around …maybe the tech people can fix all this and help me keep my cameras online as they seem to go out often one or another (I have 3 modules and 15 cameras) so this can be a tedious huge daily repair event—- and that View multiple camera at same time stuff- doesn’t work for me- newest blink cameras and iPhone 14 pro max. Not even on my tablet or my Pc does it work… not sure what’s up here—.Version: 6.25.0

Love itUnfortunately many app reviews in the App Store are based on the fact people have no idea what they are doing. As seen on so many reviews on this camera system. Their bad review is based on incompetence only. That being said, I ran into the GHz issue. No big deal. Got into my router. Turned off the 5ghz and only activated the 2.5. Not hard. Was a breeze after that. Also so many reviews I’ve read are easily solved if you just go through the settings in the app. We just bought this system at Costco. We love it. Absolutely works as advertised. It’s unfortunate that so many bad reviews for a good system are hampered by Karen’s. Last thing… it’s all wireless. Obviously not as great as having a complete wired security cam system. But if you can’t even figure out the wireless system, getting a wired one is probably way above your pay grade. The app works. The system works. I recommend it..Version: 6.17.0

Good video quality!Video quality is good, intercom 1 to 2 seconds delayed. Overall this app is good..Version: 6.30.2

Good but needs urgent features upgradeI love my blink system, battery life is great compared to others like Arlo and Ring which I had previously. Picture quality is also very good and is better than the others. Three features I would like to see in a future update. Sharing access to others would be great, where you can grant them full or partial access, other systems like Arlo have this feature. And the other is animal’s! So it recognises birds etc so not to send notifications for a pigeon! Again Arlo has the feature where you can set it to only trigger or send notifications for people, cars and ignore animals like birds. The other would be for the phone to ring when the doorbell is pressed so you can answer it live. Rather than sending a notification, by the time you get to it, the person has already gone. Over all this system is so much better than anything I’ve used before including Ring and Arlo. The added features I’ve mentioned would set it apart from the other systems in this price bracket..Version: 6.23.0

Still good after more than 3 yearsI can’t understand why the app has such a low score. I find it easy to use. It has been developed more and more during my life with them. It is occasionally a little slow to send alerts but usually it is good. I must admit if I had bought my Ring alarm system first I may well have used their cameras. The only downside with the Ring ones is they cost a fair bit more..Version: 6.14.0

USB PowerMy only wish is to get rid of that “continue?” Button when using usb power not batteries and the constant prompts telling me everything I do is going to impact battery life.... I know the constraints, I don’t need to be reminded every time I use this app. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we have different settings for USB power so we can at least watch in peace and not have to keep pressing (or missing) that continue button, it’s so annoying having to keep restarting the camera every 20 or 30 seconds! Thank you my friends at BLINK 😃👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.Version: 5.1.2

Video ManagementPretty good for a security app. My only complaint is that you should add a feature to delete multiple videos rather than one at a time..Version: 6.31.0

Great product.Affordable. Smart. Compact. Sleek design. It works really well as an indoor camera. The picture is clear with zoom in function. Lots of settings available. The only negative is the sensitivity of the motion capture. I can never seem to get right balance of motion capture. Over sensitive or under sensitive. This is just a niggle. Found it a good thing to use to capture your pets around the house when your at work. Great product and I will be buying outdoor one too..Version: 6.2.9

Does not work with iPhone6 nowI appreciate that new versions of this App are not suitable for older iOSs. I stuck with a version that was compatible with iOS 12.5.6 and that all worked fine until 1st Sept 2022 when I could no longer log on to the Blink App, my unchanged user name and password now being rejected by the App. Blink App still works fine on my iPad with a later iPadOS on it, and I still like the App when it works. Surely, iPhone6 users should still be allowed to run a version that still works, too!?.Version: 6.16.0

Best camera for the priceFor a few hundred quid this is the best set of cameras you can get. Easy to set up and install. I bought the outside wall mounts/weather proof cases to protect it and they seem to work a treat too. Been up for 3 months now no issues. Not had a single issue disconnecting or reconnecting like some other reviews have said. Worth the buy for the cost and the app is super easy with plenty of customisation..Version: 6.2.7

Exactly What We WantedFirst, I see a ton of not so great reviews. I knew exactly what I was getting when we purchased multiple cameras for our home indoor/outdoor and the doorbell. The price point for this system and what it has to offer is amazing for what you get. It’s not a top notch system by any means, but it doesn’t the job and the video quality is great in my opinion. If you want something seamless without any learning curve and high dollar user friendly, then you should look into more expensive systems that give you that. We utilize the indoor blink mini for a toddler room, a indoor blink camera for a nursery camera, 3 outdoor cameras, and the blink doorbell. We also have the plus yearly subscription. The system automatically arms every night and turns off in the morning with a schedule I set. And I can easily arm the system while we are away from our home. The talk feature through he app is great, way better than I expected honestly. Yes you have to replace batteries in battery operated cameras, batteries are not in short supply at my home therefore this does not bother us. The image quality on the app and the overall live stream is perfect for what we need. I also have great things to say about the motion detection notifications that come to my phone and my husbands phone..Version: 6.7.0

The new updateWhen there is a motion detected and i click on the notification it send me to the live view which takes a while to load, there should be a setting where u change the notification to send u to the recording like the old update. Also make it so u can have different schedules on separate cameras on the same sync module. Other than these two suggestions its a good system..Version: 6.0.14

Great updates! Thank youI’ve the past 4 months, two important and very useful updates, including the ability to select active zones on the camera view so the camera is only triggered if there is activity within a particular area of the view (very useful because in the past passing cars in the street would activate the camera which was annoying) The other recent useful update has been organising the recorded videos into, today, this week, this month etc. Thank you for continuing to update the app and the camera software and making it better!.Version: 4.0.21

Cameras great, App needs workWould be really good if you could rotate the camera feed so it displays portrait. Have rotated one or two of my cameras to better show the room it is placed in and film a portrait shot, but it is a pain to have to rotate the phone and try to beat the annoying auto rotate feature in order to view it properly. How about a simple rotate camera 90 degrees portrait or landscape view in the app please? Would be 5 stars if that feature added. Thanks!.Version: 3.1.49

Fantastic ecosystem, if the updates don’t occasionally break itPretty much as my title, the unit and it’s battery life are EXACTLY as they claim. I have yet to drain the batteries on the original non-XT cameras that I backed in crowd funding. The only 2 things I would request is 1) stop breaking the app/experience every so often with updates 2) (I doubt this would ever be done but...) integration into the Apple ecosystem..Version: 4.0.15

One year old and working fineI have two cameras the earlier XT outdoor version. Both in third party outdoor case and mounting bracket. One in front porch and one in baxk garden exposed as mounted high up on telegraph pole. Both on original batteries (1yr old now) which is amazing considering the back garden one must record us and our dog over 10 clips a day and 2 at night with IR illumination. Good quality video and easy app to use. This older version also gave limited free cloud storage which has been plenty for us..Version: 6.6.1

Install problemsI had install problems from the get go. Discovered three things during the process. 1) Have a more modern phone to set up. I have an old I phone 6. App kept crashing and I had a sold blue light and would not do anything. 2) I called support and they tried to walk me through, but same issue. App kept crashing. 3) Blink people are very responsive. If you call in, they will take the time to walk you through install. While it didn’t work they were going to send me a new sync module. I had forgotten about an I pad someone gave me last October. I tried all the corrective steps they wanted me to do with my older I phone and everything went smooth. Installed system, updated software and everything works. Love the system so far. Only complaint is you either disarm whole system or let to run all cameras. If Blink would allow each camera location to be armed or disarmed, it would be a lot better. Things to check if you have issues: Make sure your connecting to your modem with a 2.4 gig channel. Make sure you set up the system before mounting cameras. Use the most current phone or tablet you have. Even if you have to use a neighbors to set up. Calm customer service. Google blink customer service for the number. Not on instructions. Once installed my old phone works the system perfectly. So far... so Good!.Version: 6.0.13

No user model or scheduled/temporary disarmFirst, this is a comment about the app and it’s system, not the cameras. I like the security zones and privacy zones because these are set up in a place where there is a little bit of street and a little bit of the neighbors. So, I can mostly prevent them from activating when a car drives by or my neighbors leave their garages. However, there is no user model. My spouse has to log into the same account as me on their phone, and if I delete videos, their app crashes. Being able to assign multiple users to the same account would fix this. Right now, we have some workers on a landscape project going through the area repeatedly during daytime hours. When it records the first video, I’d like to be able to suspend any triggering (that is, disarm) for one hour because, say, they are unloading a truck. But, no, I have to disarm the system entirely and then remember to rearm it. We mostly rely on videos syncing locally, and keep very few cloud stored. If there were a way to classify videos into separate folders (“random person peers into yard”, “wildlife crosses at night”, etc) accessing the cloud recorded videos would not be the pain of navigating a long list that it is now. As others have noted, it would be nice to be able to customize the notification sound on iOS devices..Version: 6.2.9

Good cameras... would like to get a unique alert soundSo the cameras work great. Very easy to install. None of that has anything to do with this app. This app works very well to set up and configure your unit and cameras. Very simple to operate and very impressed with how quickly I get a notification. I will say the notifications seem to be a bit delayed versus something like a ring video doorbell as you don’t get notified until after the video is completed and uploaded to Blink which takes several seconds, however the video is crisp and clean and pulls. down after server very fast. My one real complaint is the notification sound on your iPhone is the same as most every other notification therefore unless you just look at every notification comes in you don’t know anything’s happening tell you check. Would be really nice to have a unique notification sound or a choice of notification sounds in the settings.Version: 4.0.15

Caught On Camera.I recently bought one camera and mounted it on the front of my house. I didn’t bother with a camera on the rear of my house, as I back up to a river, and wasn’t expecting pirates☠️ My garage (rear of house) was burgled last night whilst we were watching TV in the living room. We disturbed the youth and he got away with two bikes. Police were amazing-on scene in mins. My wife went through the images from the front of house Blink camera and was surprised to see the youth walk passed our house, prior to the burglary and sharply turning his head away from the camera! The footage has been passed on to the police 👍🏼 I went out today and bought that second camera for the rear of the house. NB: £20 off marked prices at present. The system if great value for money, very easy to setup and does it’s job with no subscription charge, unlike others! The app works fine and gives plenty of setting options. Thanks Blink and keep up the good work..Version: 5.1.2

Works great !Been using it for around 4 months now, outdoor cameras still on the original set of batteries with multiple triggers a day. I have it set to only record 5 seconds to keep the batteries lasting longer. No problems with connections as long as you have decent WiFi at home. I think most of the negative reviews around connections is due to people’s poor WiFi. The sync module needs to be in a position that all cameras have a good connection to it and all cameras need to have a good WiFi too, so two types of connections needed. I have a mesh WiFi at home and it hasn’t been a problem at all.Version: 6.1.6

One of the better wireless camera implementations but...I’ve had the blink system for about a year. I’ve been happy with the video quality, and the ease of use. The app is easy to quickly use, and the cameras have survived outside in the elements for a year. Claims of a 2 year battery life seem exaggerated at best, however. The o YL way you’re getting 2 years of battery life is if you have your cameras basically disarmed for a majority of the hours in the day, which kind of defeats the purpose of a security camera system. But I bought it expecting that, and I am not disappointed. Batteries last about 6 months, give or take. Would I like 2 years between battery changes? Of course, but six months is still impressive. As for the app; it’s good! My one request would be that they move the ability to schedule arm and disarm times for each individual camera, rather than the system as a whole. I have cameras in front of my house, and one in my backyard. When my kids are playing out back they’re constantly triggering the backyard camera, which drives the battery life into the ground. I’d like to be able to disarm that one at a scheduled time, while leaving the front cameras armed. I know I could do it manually, but that sort of defeats the purpose. I’d be willing to give the app 5 stars if that feature was added..Version: 4.0.24

Used to Love it...Not anymore - we lost the power in our house for a few hours; the app re-booted when the power retunred. Now, I cannot log onto the system unless I send Blink my cell phone number. What a load of s**t. Basically they hold you hostage until you give them your number ... the app is useless. I cannot access the camera or the app. They just lost a customer. Information greed..Version: 6.2.2

Blink CamerasI gave the Blink Camera System 5 stars! I have read most of the reviews and they’re mostly negative comments regarding battery life and pic quality. For the price, you can’t lose! I have 5 cameras and 2 sync modules, each sync module has its own set of cameras. I never lose a signal and it’s true that the batteries may not last 2 year but what battery do you have that has lasted that long? Common sense would tell you, the more you use the item in which the battery is placed in the harder the battery is going to work. You can change the frequency in the setting within the app. Also, my notifications are perfect. I was in Georgia over the weekend and could view, arm and talk to my family through the camera and they hear me just fine. For those who have not figured out all of the cameras capabilities, just take the time to get to know your app. To me it’s great....Version: 6.2.7

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