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Love it so farMy wife might just buy an Apple Watch so she can take Alexa with her everywhere she goes. Great work!! I do have a question though. When I ask to see my Grocery list (we have a Shopping list for household items and a Grocery list for food) she tells me the top items on the list, which is correct. However when I swipe to view the list, all I see is “Visual feedback is d...” What’s up?.Version: 1.0.25

Great optionI’ve integrated Alexa for a range of functions at my home, and wanted an option to use my watch for control. This app delivers quite well. For me, four stars means the best option I’ve identified but desire improvements. Most notably this app has a slight delay while it starts and authenticates, it’s not a big problem but it’s noticeable. More noticeably it needs refinement in detecting when you are done issuing a command. Even the slightest wind noise can throw it off making it hard to use outside. Still this is a great app and 100% worth it if you use Alexa.Version: 1.0.40

Alexa for apple watchI have house automated with Alexa and was looking for Alexa for watch. Especially to open garage door. This app works great. Easy setup and auto load on watch. I have as watch complication for one touch launch. Works in house to do I don’t have to shout out “Alexa”, .... just push complication button on watch face and say command. Works perfectly so far. Even to launch Alexa linked music..Version: 1.0.40

Works great via cellular.A great way to control my Alexa compatible devices. App did crash on start for first 10mins but then a switch off and on resolved the issue..Version: 1.0.30

Great app!Firstly amazon should have a native Alexa app for the Apple Watch, but in the meantime this app is great! Well designed, very fast, can change watch complication icon to a simple icon (a lot nicer than the standard icon). Only downside is you can’t use announcements but that’s an Alexa limitation not the developers I guess..Version: 1.0.34

Exactly what I needed on my watch!Recently purchased for the watch app. Watch Series 4 watchOS 6 latest version iOS 13.2 on IPhone XS Max and the watch App is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I understand the Siri shortcut doesn’t work but I’m sure it will be back with an update..Version: 1.0.30

Surprisingly Good!I installed this some time ago, but only recently started putting it to use. It's actually quite amazing: the Alexa app sees this app on your watch as an additional device (offline unless being used) and I can now use my watch to run Alexa skills remotely..Version: 1.0.39

Awesome - a worthy purchaseAlexa on my wrist, how have I not discovered this app sooner. The app works really well on my  Watch series 4, i’m able to control my whole house from my wrist, amazing! My only gripe is the complication icons, I personally would like to be able to select the Alexa icon - first world problems I know! Definitely a worthy purchase..Version: 1.0.39

Awesome app One suggestion though.I thought that Alexa on your Apple Watch was not possible, that is until I found this awesome app. I have a suggestion though. I am blind and I use voiceover. On my Echo Dot I have it set up to play a sound when I say Alexa, and when The device stops listening to me. I can press the start button, but it takes a while to start listening, some kind of beep or indication that lets me know that the app starts listening would be nice. Amazon's Alexa app does have a beep that when you press the Alexa button, indicates that the app is listening. But so far, really awesome app..Version: 1.0.25

Love it!This works brilliantly on the series 5. I just wanted a quick way of turning my smart plugs on and off (when I’m not around an Alexa speaker) without having to pick my phone up, open the Alexa app, go to devices etc etc and it would always take ages to do - this way it’s literally done within seconds! Will definitely take advantage of adding to shopping lists a bit more too 😊.Version: 1.0.34

Great app!Does exactly what I want it to do. I can launch it with lift to speak, turn on/off my alarm, lights, tv, and play music by room from my s6 watch. Awesome app..Version: 1.0.39

UselessWorks!.Version: 2.3

Awesome!Works great with my smart home on my Apple Watch 3. Thanks!! 😁.Version: 1.0.18

I love itWe haven’t the best internet service even with optic fibre and with the reviews not being great I didn’t expect alot from this product. I am very pleasantly surprised managing my alexa remotely with my watch is great and often more reliable than alexa directly. I haven’t found the product particularly slow or unreliable and this is why I’ve written this review..Version: 1.0.13

Alexa Complication On Apple WatchIt's great to have Alexa available to do things that Siri can't. Having the complication makes even easier to launch. I'm currently using it on the modular watch face. If we could get the Google Assistant, then we would have the holy Trinity. Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.0.8

Coolest Apple Watch app ever!This app is amazing! It takes a second to boot up, but other than that, it works exactly as expected, to have full Alexa on your watch! So freaking cool! I changed the complication on the Siri watch face to Voice in a Can and it's freaking amazeballs..Version: 1.0.12

Works well!It works well, but there’s one thing that I’d love to see: an option to start listening when it loads. I use Siri as hands free in my car a lot. I’d love to be able to say “Hey Siri, get Alexa” wait a few seconds and then start talking to Alexa. Now I need to press the microphone icon in Voice in a Can to start Alexa. Note that this is all using just the iPhone and not with the Apple Watch..Version: 1.0.25

Works perfectThis is the best app I have put on my watch to date. And my watch is loaded. I have over 20 IOT devices in my house connected to Alexa. I can now control all of them with voice control on my watch. It works perfect right from the start. Use this multiple times a day. Would have given 10 stars if I could. Great job..Version: 1.0.34

Love this AppWith a house fully Alexa equipped this App completes the process of convenient and efficient on the move voice control. Yes, it may take a second or two to connect to Alexa, but it then executes my voice commands efficiently and effectively. Thanks for your addition to the simplification of completing routine tasks as I move about. And, in advance, thanks for keeping the app up to date as we evolve through updates to operating systems for my iPhone and Apple Watch.Version: 1.0.25

Even better!I thought her wrote a review about a year ago on this with a good level of satisfaction. Well this new version came out and is a vast improvement on performance and the one and only issue of in frequent log outs has been resolved. I use this quite often to open my garage door and need quick access so having these two improvements is awesome! Having Alexa on your Apple Watch work so incredibly well is also extremely handy for our house. Alexa is tied into so much as we are a technology driven house. Also Alexa has certain functionality that Siri does not and this app it’s the target to ensure that all functions that are possible work well on the phone and on the Apple Watch..Version: 2.0

Doesn’t work well with series 2 perfect with series 5I cannot get this to work with the older series 2. Brought the series 5 and works perfectly and super fast. Set shortcut to open with Siri.Version: 1.0.34

Concerns Over AccessibilityAs a blind person, I thought this might be a helpful app. Unfortunately in addition to being extremely slow to respond, the app itself is totally inaccessible and does not work with VoiceOver. If using VoiceOver one needs to configure the app through the watch instead. Additionally, it would be nice if there were some type of audio feedback in order to give a clearer sense of what’s happening. Ultimately, not a bad concept, but paying attention to accessibility and speeding up the response time should be priortized..Version: 1.0.8

Finally!Added the shortcut to my home screen and now have one tap access to voice control of all my smart home devices straight from my Apple Watch. The perfect complement for my Alexa enabled home!.Version: 1.0.19

Great appWorks well. Have only had for couple weeks but does everything I want it to so far!!.Version: 2.7

Buy Buy BuyI have this running on iphone 11 pro max with Apple watch 6. I have 17 echo devices around the house. I also have Kasa switches everywhere. Voice in a Can allows me to turn on/off lights.... especially useful when i’m outside since I can turn on/off the canopy patio lights and backyard spot lights. I can also tell Voice in a Can “play 80s music everywhere” and alexa actually plays music on my everywhere group!.Version: 1.0.39

I live this appWhen I got my Apple Watch I was disappointed to fine I couldn’t use my favorito Alexa short cuts. Now thanks to this app I can switch my lights on and off open my garage door and control my heating just like I do with my Alexa at home. I can use it anywhere and great. I couldn’t work out how to get it to work by saying Alexa to my watch but a quick email response from the developer sorted that straight away the issue was my error. Highly recommend this app..Version: 2.7

Houra !Amazing, no need for an echo loop, Apple Watch do it !.Version: 1.0.39

Works great for meI use a custom alexa skill to tell Sonos what to play to airplay2 speakers. Unfortunately Siri is too limited to do this. The watch complication gives me access to alexa voice control from my watch. Works great! I don’t know why anyone would give this one star. Perhaps they have old an watch, bad WiFi network for both. But my experience with this app is excellent..Version: 1.0.39

This app is the entire reason I bought the Apple watchApple wasn’t getting another dime from me until I heard about this app. I. Love. Alexa. Like I can’t even explain how much I use Alexa. My kids laugh at me because I forget she’s not in the car. Siri and I had a huge falling out after that maps glitch when she got me lost in the middle of nowhere. Forget which iOS that was but it’s over forever. Anyway this app works great with my v3 watch and I love being able to control my mass array of smart home gadgets with it from anywhere. Truly a life changer..Version: 1.0.18

Fantastic!I use this App for my Mac and Apple Watch. I've never had any problems, and I look foward to future updates. Top marks to the developer!.Version: 2.4

An Excellent App So FarI usually don't review an app right after installing it, but this app worked perfectly right after the install. It was very easy to install and it installed fast. I'm using an Iphone Xs Max in conjunction with the Series 4 watch. There were no glitches at all. It does just what I want it to. It turns on and off my lights and it adds to and shows my shopping list plus answers questions. My goal was to not carry my phone into the store for my Alexa shopping list. It works with wi fi and cellular. So far I am very happy with it. If I encounter any issues I will report them. I am always leaving my phone behind so this feature really adds to the function of the watch. I do like it so far. UPDATE: Used it the first time in the grocery store on my watch with the phone left in the car. I asked it to read my shopping list. It said you have 10 items on your shopping list and then showed me the list. How convenient! My watch does have cellular connection. My goal is to leave the phone behind as much as I can. I could not do that before this fantastic app because I needed the phone to read the list. I can't tell you how many times I have laid the phone down at the register only to get to the car and realized I left it behind. This app now allows me to leave the phone in the car while shopping. Thank you. It is also nice to control my thirty plus light bulbs with this app too..Version: 1.0.25

HelpfulLove the app for its always on access to smart home controls from a watch I’m always wearing - particularly when the Echoes are turned off or too far away. I also had a couple of quick questions shortly after installing on the watch. Developer responded super quickly. The watch app can also operate directly from Wi-Fi as well as via the phone. For me, fantastic..Version: 1.0.18

GreatI don’t know why everyone is saying this is slow. On my Apple Watch Series 3 it works very quickly and it’s very convenient for me. It is quite slow on Bluetooth but if you connected to Wi-Fi it is very fast. Same with LTE.Version: 1.0.18

Awesome appBest way to bring Alexa to your Apple Watch or iPhone. This app works exactly as it says it does. I wanted to be able to control my smart home with my watch and I’m happy I found this app..Version: 1.0.34

Just what I wantedYou kept me from wanting to program this myself so thank you for letting me sleep next several nights. People can complain about not working but like you mention more a connections issue thing and not software issues. Please keep this up, goodbye Siri!.Version: 1.0.18

Works exactly as advertised - great workTook under 2 minutes to setup. Works like a charm on phone and apple watch. Impulse buy but absolutely worth it..Version: 1.0.34

Perfectly coordinated w Alexa smart homeI needed this so I could control the lights without yelling at the smart speaker from across the room. This is perfect..Version: 1.0.34

Excellent App - It works well!I have been using it for a week now and am very impressed. I have successfully used it to control a myriad of Alexa controlled devices (primary use of this app for me), asked it general informational questions and used it for weather. It’s responsive and it performs as described. You may ask “if you like it so much then why only 4 stars?” We’ll, I’ll tell ya ... it’s the name. I realize their are a bunch of things you can’t use because of copyright issues but I am begging you ... please change the name! Other than that trivial thing the app is great. Thanx again..Version: 1.0.25

So much better than SiriImagine asking your watch a question and actually getting an answer rather than Siri’s “Hang on...” or “Sorry, I can’t search the web on Apple Watch.” Voice in a Can returns useful information and the app’s performance is much improved in the latest version. Its complication has earned a place on my watch face..Version: 1.0.21

Wonderfully useful!It’s highly unlikely that Apple will ever allow Alexa into the Apple Watch, so this app is vital. It’s great to be able to see my shopping list on my watch, but please can the developer allow me to tap an item to make it disappear from the list once I’ve put it into my (literal!) shopping cart? Thanks for creating this!.Version: 1.0.30

Fantastic an a steal at this price!!!Just what is needed to fuse two great systems together. Really looking forward to watching this very useful App progressing. I am attempting to reduce Coffee consumption and have my iKettle set to 100 C, so that Tea is uppermost in mind. When the NEED for a Coffee is to hard to bear it is convenient to quickly set the Temperature to 80 C, while approaching the Kitchen, by speaking into my Watch 4. Great work thank you..Version: 1.0.13

Great appGreat app, does exactly what the developer said in the description. I have put it as a complication on a couple of watch faces. I only wish it had a clearer, colour, complication icon! It fills a gap in the Apple functionality and is highly recommended for the Apple Watch..Version: 1.0.30

Great AppI’m so happy to have found this app. On my Apple Watch 4 it’s working like a charm. Now I’m trying to create a Siri short cut for it. Is it possible to add it as a complication?.Version: 1.0.18

Prefer option of constant listen for max 8 secondI like the app. But I prefer app to continue to listen for max 8 second. Prefer tapping button to start listening instead of stop listening. I get used to Alexa dot voice control. To me, it is better to follow similar behavior of Alexa dot or echo. Tap to invoke Alexa to listen. Then I can voice several commands within Alexa max 8 second listening. Tapping button repeatly to execute one voice command at a time is little inconvenient.Version: 1.0.13

Best app on my Apple WatchAbsolutely necessary app if you use Alexa and have an Apple Watch. Minimalist UI, could look a bit more cohesive to the Apple Watch aesthetic but who really cares, it freaking works. Looking forward to seeing this app grow and hopefully work its way deeper into the watch's ecosystem, potentially through complications?.Version: 1.0.21

Excellent for controlling devicesHey people it works for controlling devices which costs less than buying an echo for every room of my house. Read the description to know what it does before you buy people! Happy to support this dev!.Version: 2.3

FantasticHave to say this works a dream on my Apple Watch. I’d say 5 seconds to turn on off a light which is brilliant. Great update with the speed issue so hats off to you sir 👍🏻.Version: 1.0.19

HelpJust upgraded to iPhone 6 so I could use voice in a can. I also plan on upgrading my watch just so I can use voice in a can. I was working great on my phone until the phone updated to 12.1.4. How do I get Alexa back. Giving 4 stars because it sounds like the developer is really trying to make this work..Version: 1.0.18

Great Integration to AlexaThis app closes a critical gap for me re: Apple Watch. I can now use my watch to control home devices, add items to Alexa shopping list etc. To install the app, I did need to connect my watch to its charger. Beyond that, set up was easy - just follow the simple instructions to work with Alexa. Great example of an independent developer identifying a need and providing a solution..Version: 1.0.19

AmazingTerrific little app does just what I wanted, which is to let me control my smart home devices without my phone in hand. I had it set up and working less than two minutes after I downloaded the app, thanks to the developer’s very clear FAQ and excellent, quick video on how to use the shortcuts app to get “Alexa” listening when I raise my wrist and say her name. I have not been able to use the Shortcuts app before with any success, but that little video helped me figure out how to make some other shortcuts work that I hadn’t been able to do. I’m really impressed with the developer’s responsiveness (I read a lot of the reviews before purchasing) and clarity. Very happy to have this app!.Version: 2.2

Alexa on Apple WatchYou have an Apple Watch, you have Alexa... you need this. Now you have Alexa with you in every room, and out on the go. It doesn’t support the same stuff the other third party Alexa voice services apps don’t, but using it to control your smart home when out of the house is well worth 2$.Version: 1.0.8

Should be editors choice...As far as im concern, this app is by far, the best apple watch app that i have ever installed on my apple watch. now, ive been able to control my smart home and requests better than siri with my apple watch. i actually switched to the alexa ecosystem from google because of this life saving app. it was a hard decision, considering the money i spent on 8 google home speakers i have in my home but its worth it and no regrets. To rhe developer, Damian, keep up the good work and thanks for your hard work.Version: 1.0.34

Convenient!I have many light controls and such attached to a Wink Hub and Alexa. I used to have to go inside the house to turn on the patio lights... now I just go to my watch! I have also found Alexa to be better at entering appointments and again can go to my watch anywhere easily and conveniently..Version: 1.0.8

Best Addition to my Home AutomationSo glad I found this great app. Very easy to use an it will control all my devices from Alexa that were created in Hubitat Elevation. Just love this app!.Version: 1.0.39

This is a must have for Alexa Support on the Apple WatchDon’t be fooled by the negative reviews, there were some kinks that had to be worked out on first launch, but now it’s stable and extremely well implemented. The developer is committed to the app unlike some other watch so developers who create something and then walk from it. Money well spent and look forward to future updates.Version: 1.0.25

Until Apple and Amazon do it officially, this is the next best thingLove the fact that I can raise my wrist and say ‘Alexa’ and, after a very brief pause, then talk to her in exactly the same way as my Echo (apart from the music integration). Works great on iPhone too. I have an XR and a series 4 watch and the delay between opening the app, speaking and getting a response is really only slightly worse than a ‘proper’ Amazon device. Well worth it..Version: 1.0.21

Great functionalityThis app is an easy way to run Alexa commands from my Apple Watch. It’s as fast as using Alexa at home and has a transparent security policy. Great app and well worth the money!.Version: 2.7

Works fine for me...I got this solely to control my smart devices that were already connected to Alexa with my Apple Watch. I tell it “turn off the lights” and it does. It does the job every time and works without fail. Not sure what all the negative reviews are about..Version: 1.0.39

Does what it says great supportThe developer works hard. It does exactly what it says. If you need support, email him, he is there. It doesn’t get better than this..Version: 2.1

Alexa control on your wristThis is fantastic. It’s good value to be able to control your smart home stuff from your wrist. OK it doesn’t do everything the Alexa app does on you phone but it’s useful for me. I can even get my shopping list by asking. I suggest putting the microphone complication on the watch face and off you go. “Beam me up scotty I’m in trouble here”. Great idea. Go get it..Version: 2.6

What I’ve been waiting for!I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been in my backyard and wanted the light turned on or some other home automation to happen. While I can do some things with Siri everything I have is compatible to Alexa. This app has made my life so much easier! The interface is simple to use and I just added it to a complication on my watch face. Thank you for creating this app! $1.99 well spent!.Version: 1.0.39

Works perfectly!Purchased a Hamilton Beach Alexa voice activated coffee maker through my travel rewards program (on a great sale, I’m not going travelling anywhere right now!) and originally had no way to control the voice function (I’m “all Apple”). Downloaded the Alexa app to my iPad and iPhone but I still had to pick up a device, open the app and say “turn on coffee maker”. With Voice in a Can I am able to speak to Alexa directly from my Apple Watch series 4. I can have ‘her’ brew coffee right when I wake up in the morning! So convenient! Thanks Voice in a Can for developing this bridging app!.Version: 1.0.40

Great appI prefer using Alexa in combination with AnyList as my shopping list and this app really helps when you're on the go and don't want to open the Alexa app to activate the assistant. I also use the widget on my phone. I know this is a far stretch but this would be sweet on CarPlay!!!.Version: 1.0.25

Seems promising, pleased so farWhen you’ve gone too far with home automation and realise that you can’t turn your bedroom lights off without getting out of bed because your supposed quality Sonos One speaker has gone offline AGAIN, taking Alexa with it... this watch can help maintain your sanity and, importantly, warmth 😊 Not great out and about using mobile data or others’ WiFi but this isn’t a surprise. Definitely useful around the home..Version: 1.0.25

Hands down a great app!Must Have!I never hardly leave reviews. But I had to do it for this. I was little upset when I realize I couldn’t use Alexa on my Apple Watch. Then I saw this. After reading a few reviews. I made the decision to give it a try. And it’s worth every penny imho! If you need access to Alexa. Then this is your app. It’s a must have. I personally used Alexa for every technological thing I own. And now I can use it on my Apple Watch. Life is now complete. Lol. But what really sold me the most is to see the actual developer taking the time to respond to the reviews. And being so honest and listens to us users. My only issue is that I wish there was way to make the app stay live while it’s opened. Other than that... love it! Keep up the great work my friend. And hope there’s more options to come..Version: 1.0.34

Works just fine for meIt does what is advertised. Also at least it’s faster than the official app for just doing a quick voice search..Version: 1.0.39

PerfectAmazon Alexa should be available on the Watch as standard. This is almost as good. Now I can invoke "She who must obey" anywhere, anytime. It works with all my Skills and my Smart home accessories. It even offers an alternative to Siri on my Watch..Version: 1.0.34

Great! 1 star away from superb!I’m running a s4 os5 and working well. No joy with the shortcut just yet but understandably down to  sorting out a sync issue or perhaps they ban the word ‘alexa’ in shortcuts where possible... who knows. I’m delighted with the app and the developer obviously cares a great deal with faqs on the website and videos also via the YouTube channel. I’m looking forward to seeing for from this guy when apple open the watch up to further tweaking and improvement for developers. Damian also responded to an email in what must have been under 5 mins which I was super impressed with. Great idea- great implementation-Great app-great support!.Version: 1.0.18

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