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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream Negative Reviews

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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream App Complaints & User Negative Comments

YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream app received 132 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about youtube: watch, listen, stream?

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New comments system horribleMoving comments to a tab under the description is atrocious, the window that opens up gets shut down every time an ad comes on and you can’t read the comments/lose your place. Plus, it looks ugly as all heck..Version: 15.17

Bugging out recentlyDon’t know why but in the past two weeks it’s been glitching a lot, it plays miniscreen but it doesn’t minimise the actual video so you’ve got the top left portion of the video and nothing else. And then when you tap on it, the normal viewing screen bugs out and leaves a black bar on the right side of your screen and then shows the video at the size it was meant to be on when played on the miniscreen. Another problem it when I leave a video to search from more my recommendations screen is filled with a single video stretched across my screen and then just more. Please fix this ASAP!.Version: 15.02

Needs problem addressingThe app is solid and very good. Works well with safari and switching to app automatically to view videos but when watching a playlist especially in low power mode the app sometimes locks up and freezes in between videos. The problem occurs regularly on my iPhone 6s Plus. I do not believe this to be a device issue as this is the only app the problem occurs on and when I view playlists on the safari website version the problem does not occur. Pros. Good layout, works well with safari app switching, fast video loading and easy to use. Cons. Playlist bug which very rarely occurs when viewing the same video multiple times, can lock up device for several seconds requiring a screen lock to sort out and screen rotation sometimes takes several attempts to register it has rotated..Version: 13.05

Stop being a ratStop deleting views from BTS music videos. Amrys work hard for those views. :(.Version: 15.13

About the update and how it changed my reviewIf the new update wouldn’t of happened I would’ve given the app five stars however since the update has been released I don’t really like how the layout of the videos are maybe it’s just because I’m used to it and how it looked before if you don’t know what I’m talking about its about how the New update The new update makes It’s so you have to scroll down instead of just tapping on a video I don’t like it because Once you found a video that you like you can’t go back to the videos that you’ve seen before and instead you just Have to scroll all the way back up to the top I really don’t like this update please remove it please it’s really annoying maybe I’ll get used to it but for now please please remove it..Version: 15.31.3

BTS ON mvGive us our 68 mil views back.Version: 15.08

Why change the quality controls?I live in a house with not a lot of internet allowance and now With the new update I am unable to control how much data is used? The previous update was fine and allowed me to selected the quality (360p, 720p ect.) and now it just has “data saver” (which multiple times has been on the highest settings of 1080p60fps ? What a waste of time to add this function.Version: 16.17.4

BugTakes too long to play videos on apple tv, often disconnects after an advert, then you reconnect and start again, then the advert again, annoying. Also the channel bar is messed up, now, showing blank subscriptions or ones with no videos, also i cannot delete these once once the uploader has deleted their account or video’s leaving messes for me to look at permantely. You tube, is this the start of your decline, do something, user experience is rubbish..Version: 13.36

Bring the old comment section backThe new comment section is super ugly and it takes me even longer to see it as its a habit to scroll down. I have had the new section for 2 weeks and i want it gone. Please bring back the old comment section, its harder for me and my viewers to see my pinned comment. Its also very annoying to have the recommended videos when watching a video for other videos thumbnail so big. It makes us not want to watch them. Please revert it to back how it was.Version: 15.26

Remove the annotations at the end of videos!I find little problems with this app. Videos play flawlessly and previous issues I had with the audio have been fixed. For a while, it was a fantastic and simple app to use. Then came the end-of-the-video-annotations. This includes a button to take the user to the uploader’s channel; typically two recommended videos-based on the one they’re currently watching-and a button which takes the user to google play to download related videos. On paper, this is practical. In practise, it couldn’t have been executed more poorly; it takes up the vast majority of the screen and the final 15 or so seconds of the video are unwatchable. It is incredibly frustrating and countless users (including myself) are well aware of, and annoyed regularly because of, this issue, yet I see no attempts to have this feature removed or updated. I quite literally cannot think of anything that could be more annoying and intrusive on such an app. It is not necessary, useful or anything positive; it is simply frustrating. The person who implemented this needs to recognise that the sole purpose of a video is to be watched. After all, you wouldn’t start playing advertisements for other radio channels over the top of a radio channel that is currently playing; it would disrupt the audio, just like this feature disrupts the video. Have this fixed immediately!.Version: 14.30.7

Sub countsI heard you guys are going to be abbreviating sub counts sometime this month and we don’t want that we want to be able to celebrate our favorite youtuber’s milestone along with them like for example, pewdiepie is due to hit 100 million this month there is so much anticipation literally everyone is excited it’s almost like the sub war has started again but there is no opponent to battle against if we can’t watch this momentous event we won’t be able to celebrate it and only pewdiepie will know the exact moment to celebrate and we will just simply be rounded off of course he would make a celebration video but it just won’t be the same as millions of people celebrating a massive milestone so please for the love of humanity don’t abbreviate the sub counts Oh and please release scare pewdiepie season 2.Version: 14.32

Needs changes and featuresSo first of all when I am trying to watch 4K videos it doesn’t allow to even go above 1080P for 60fps videos and 1440P for 30fps videos. Second it needs a pip features which can allow you to watch videos when using other apps. The iPad Air and all the iPads which use iOS 11 support pip which makes this feature even better that many can use it. Also it would be better if videos were allowed to download for offline play. This would make it easy and I remember that at one point this was allowed. Around 1 and a half years ago this was there..Version: 13.02.9

A friendly suggestionI have a few suggestions. For example if I say I’m not interested in a video I would appreciate it if you could let me give description with as little or as much detail as I want, not a few stupid options that don’t really describe any problems that anyone has with this app. It says that you’ll tune my recommendations but how can you when your don’t know what the problem is. Honestly this has been bothering me for a while now but I didn’t say anything because I was just trying to be polite. I know you’re all working hard and I thank you for it but if you want at least another star from me you’re going to have to get that fixed. I still like everything else though good work, good luck, best wishes bye..Version: 15.20

Please don’t delete views thanksHey maybe don’t delete almost 100 million views next time thanks..Version: 15.08

New update messed it up.The app keeps crashing on me now and when I try to read reply’s to comments my screen freezes but the audio to the video will still play. Also sometimes I’ll go full screen into a video and it won’t let me leave full screen. Please fix this..Version: 12.38

A lot of glitchesWhenever I watch a video from a landscape and tap on a notification bar and go on other apps, when I come back, it would stay landscape, and nothing would let it come back to a portrait mode, not even switch videos from sliding up to see the suggested video. I tried locking and unlocking my phone from rotation, the exit full screen in the bottom corner didn’t work. Talking of switching videos, my phone would start playing the up next video in middle of my current video. I was mostly in the landscape mode, and I wasn’t even touching the scree. I realized this when I had just finished a 6 second ad, and it started playing another ad right after(a little sus). But this would happen randomly as long as I am watching the video. These glitches are really annoying and I hope you that guys patch them soon..Version: 12.47.16

AdsThey push quite literal porn ads for adult mobile games, often using footage for something else entirely to pretend it’s not adult content, and then demonetize any creator who says anything outside of their radical left leaning biased. I get so many targeted ads for alcohol based on my age and location and have NO way to shut those down, and I can’t even use their support page, as I am greeted with an error saying I am not authorized to view that page. As someone who deals with drinking problems, and autism that’s forced me to stop playing games with predatory monetizing in place, seeing these ads constantly really does impact me in a negative way. Including the GTA Online ones of their Diamond Casino adverts of come in to spin the wheel for a chance to win a new car. I only bother to watch on my iPhone, and I don’t like being harassed to buying Premium just to NOT be bombarded with ads promoting gambling, alcohol abuse, and the adult mobile titles. I get they are targeted toward my age, but seeing beer adverts at 4 am is entirely out of line..Version: 15.28

Can't uploadI looked through the recent reviews and it doesn’t seem like anyone else has this problem. So I can’t upload my videos because when I go into the upload section I can’t click next after selecting the video from my photo gallery. The next option will highlight when I tap on it but it doesn’t go into the next window. I’m guessing this has something to do with the smart touch added by the most recent iPhone iOS update, my phone being an iPhone 6S might also be part of it. Hope you guys can look into it! I would upload from my laptop but I’m having a seperate issue with my phone cord..Version: 14.37

Latest updateI have no clue who’s idea this was but the new update changed the location of the comment section and it is the most useless and inconvenient design choice the YouTube app has made yet. I NEVER write app review but if you guys could kindly change it back that would be great. I get that it’s supposed to clean up and streamline the interface but it’s actually takes away from the user interaction aspect that I love about YouTube not to mention that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, completely unnecessary update. Atleast make this one optional.Version: 15.19

So many things badWhy do you censor everything, literally everyone hates it, stop changing thing that don’t need to be changed (like whyyyy tf would you only allow one visible video per entire iPad screen in the recommended videos area before you click on anything. Half the time you can’t see the title at first glance because of an ad at the top, and omggggg, stop messing with the comment section. Why do you not allow people to dislike comments, the children’s videos are sometimes not even children’s videos (I’m not talking about the type of content but I mean your own company’s labeling of videos due to COPPA. Like some music videos will be labeled for kids and so I can’t even watch them in mini player, tell me how does that protect kids? My biggest problem is that you fix things that don’t need fixing and leave out/ ignore EVERYTHING that does. It seems like every year there’s more issues, I would gladly use another app if it came along, this app is riddled with easily fixable problems.Version: 15.31.3

BuggyI dont leave reviews often but this one is just hard to ignore. I think somewhere in the last few updates the app started glitching out. Started with just the video staying still on a frame while the audio kept playing, then it became pitch black whenever i try playing a video. Now when I open the app it doesnt even work unless i reset it a couple of times. Please fix thiss..Version: 14.01

Update worse than the last version, which itself had room for improvementProblems with the update first: I don't like the way you moved the "save video" button to where the button to cast to the TV used to be, meaning I keep hitting the wrong button - minor complaint but really annoying. I also don't like what you've done with the subscriptions icons either: you used to be to tap on a channel's icon and go straight to said channel, now you need to tap on the icon and then go to "view channel"... Why??? Again a minor thing but still annoying and an unnecessary backwards step. Problems remaining from the previous version that the you should've fixed: why I can't I queue videos when I'm watching/listening to stuff on my phone in the same way I can when I'm watching via my SkyQ or Xbox? Why can't I queue stuff to listen to via Bluetooth through my car stereo? Surely it's not beyond the wit of man to add such a feature. Also if I'm listening to an independent news commentator, the app - or maybe the website itself, I don't know - will for some reason not just give me their next video but will instead give me some legacy media video, sometimes not even related to the subject of the previous video. Why? If I want to watch Fox News or whatever I'll select that. Please stop shoving stuff down my throat that I don't want..Version: 14.50

YT what the hellBTS ARMY is so done with YT, they deleted 60+ views from their latest MV. YT fix ur sht.Version: 15.08

Update issueThere is a pop-up window that i have to update the app or close it. And I can't update it, becouse I have an older phone with iOS 10, so I can't use this app. I gave it 1 star, becouse if I click fast enough on a video app work perfectly, so you just did it to force people to update it, It's really frustraiting. I like my old phone, I don't want new one, I don't want new features in the app, if It's working perfectly, why you force me to update it? It's make no sense, even if there will be issues in the future, I don't care, I just want to wach videos and you don't let me, just becouse you can. So 1 star very deserved. I know you don't care about 1 user, but there a lot of people who can't afford new phone, you just don't care about poor people from other countries than USA or western europe. You proof that you no longer a company who cares, you become a big corporation who cares only if people buy new things..Version: 13.10

Great app, but.....I love this app, use it daily. Pay for premium... And this is where my only complaint comes in. I have had several instances over the past few months where I will be watching a video and an add will pop up. Sometimes it will take me a minute to realize it is even happening... I have my subscription linked to my Apple ID and will go to check to make sure that I do still have the subscription in my account. It’s always there.. I try to click the Subscribe to Premium option in the app and it strangely knows that I already am subscribed. It is beyond frustrating to pay for premium, have adds and get no reason as to why it is happening. The only way I have figured out how to get it working again is to use a new email address, either pay for a new month of service (again) and cancel the service on my original email address. Literally a 5 star app if it would stop giving me this enormous headache.....Version: 14.40

Give us our views backI know it's been like 3 or 4 weeks already but we all still want our gift for BTS. So give us our views back already!! Everyone already knows you've deleted them so there is no point in acting like you haven't and making excuses. BTS worked so hard for this come back and deserve those views fare and square!!.Version: 15.11

WHY IS IT 17 AND OVER?!I AM RAGING!! Why has it now become 17 and over... I hope you realise your now going to lose users of this app and you tubers are not going to be happy once they see there views down and subscribers they have lost! I really hope you change it back ASAP because if not ALOT of people are NOT going to be happy!! All I want to do I access the app to listen to music and watch videos that’s all!! But no I can’t even do that!! Surely if you were going to age restrict it because of the videos you should do what you’ve been doing for the last I don’t know how long and restrict the inappropriate videos etc... we get it, we understand it’s a hard time at the moment but your now cutting off people’s education, relaxation and other reasons people use the app... SO ALL IM GOING TO NOW SAY IS A BIG SARCASTIC WELL DONE YOU STUCK UP PEOPLE WHO DECIDED IT WAS ALRIGHT TO AGE RESTRICT THE APP!!.Version: 15.20

Comment section updateThe new Comment section update is absolutely bad and uncomfortable. Many people see the comment after watch the video, but that bew comment is so hard to see all the comments and terrible..Version: 15.17

Like app BUTI actually like this app most of the time, however now that my son likes to watch movies and we have watched the ones we have at home like 300 times each I wanted to let him watch new ones on my phone. Due to the amount of data it takes, we don’t live near any WiFi connections and I only have my phone to view them on, I wanted to down load it to watch later with out using more data. Unfortunately, I am unable to down load any movies rated for children. Now this seems ridiculous to me I would think it would be the other way around where some could not down load rated r movies so kids can’t just down load bed movies at will. I think it would be better if we could at least down load kid movie with a pass word or something if we can prove we are the parent at least come on that is why I use you tube to see music videos and so my son can see kid movies. But I only 5G so he can’t watch his favorite ones two or three times because it used all my data, To bad I really did like this app but now I don’t use it very much..Version: 15.06

Give BTS their views back!I give it one star because the views on BTS’s ON mv got deleted like give them their views back like fr.Version: 15.08

YouTube is unreasonableAbsolutely horrible, deleted over half the views for no reason whatsoever.Version: 15.08

Sensors too many videos1. This app is very good for the most part. Lately it has been censoring too many videos. I have to now go to other places on the web to see what I need to learn. 2. When casting there needs to be a way to change the play back speed of a video. It works on small computer, phone and tablet. It needs to work when casting also. 3. When casting I can have videos added to queue to play in order I choose. It would be nice to be able to set this feature for the computer, tablet and phone too. 4. It would be nice if I didn’t loose my active queue list every time I stopped casting. Than I have to set it up all over again . Usually I play videos I found and want to see 1 minute so they will be saved to history and easy to find again to set up again on my queue list. 5. The 10 second foreword or back is nice when casting videos. This feature should be available on tablet and computer. Stop start rewind is an extremely important feature for my use when learning. It would be nice if time were available in 30 second forward/back times also..Version: 15.20

Bring back the old comments sectionThis ain’t it. The new comments section is not user friendly. With the old one you could easily access it with a swipe. Also what is up with the super huge thumbnails for recommended videos?? Takes up so much screen space.Version: 15.15

Great but one problemYouTube’s great and all but like what about the cussing? And horrible videos like, Kids can be downloading this and watching all the horrible things a child doesn’t have to watch, And the worst is the advertisements they’re everywhere. And I hate them, Remove them PLEASE! I hate them, there the worst and horrible and sometimes inappropriate! I hate this, That so many kids download this and see the horrible videos that even sometimes are even bad for children! And now, They’re’s probably kids that say bad words, make other kids do it too, AND, Do horrible stuff in public! Make the system better! Like if you first download it you can make little buttons saying Kids on the left and teens and adults on the right and make the teens and adults do hard stuff while the kids just go in, also, Why do you need our emails, Email passwords, and Everything that’s almost personal? That’s uncomfortable. I’m just disappointed in this, something I love, I realize it’s bad, not for adults, but sweet innocent children I can’t bear to watch this any longer..Version: 15.41.2

Almost Good - except the forced Auto-resumeEverytime, I play a video, it forces me to start watching from the last time I stopped, rather than starting from beginning. I understand this auto-resume feature may be convenient for some, but it is pain in the b for me. Speciallybon my TV where it opens the video too slow, as it tries to skip to the auto-resume point and often hangs. If it plays then it is too painful to go back to the beginning and hangs again. I just wish, if I could opt-out of this painful auto-resume feature and force all videos to play from beginning always..Version: 13.22

Stagnant monetized developmentI have been a premium subscriber for a while now, so as new capabilities become available, I can understand the desire to monetize to create a variation between premium and non subscribing. The thing is that exists with ads and services such as TV. The biggest reason I got premium is I didn’t want to see ads for things I didn’t care about. That is the same reason I didn’t get TV, I don’t care about it. The desire to limit things such as PIP as to not lose the differences between paid and non is becoming ridiculous. Now, in the struggle to control background playing on iOS, google has safari crash if it is a non paying account trying to use PIP on mobile safari. Personally, that is kind of rude, and Apple should fix it in a patch because safari force crashing is in my opinion a iOS bug. No website should have that much control over your browser and OS. Apple? My gripe is that the app doesn’t have the functionality. Seriously? I’m already paying for it. Why do I have to use safari as a paid subscriber? It is this type of account greed that ruins companies..Version: 15.38.2

Horrible UI! Video controls are poorly positioned!Overall good application with a couple terrible UI features!!! 1. The controls (pause, play, skip buttons) positioned in the centre of the screen instead of at the bottom, where they are supposed to be. Hence you can’t pause the video and see where exactly you stop it because your hand is in the way. Moreover, if you’re using iPad, this cannot be done with one hand by just stretching your thumb. 2. It doesn’t support background playing like other players. 3. It doesn’t play if you turn off the screen which makes it impossible to listen to video or music without watching it or keeping the screen on..Version: 13.47

Why change the uiPut the comments back to the bottom I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to move them.Version: 15.17

Good, but glitchy..Why is this not fixed yet? It’s been like a year... Basically when you comment while the video is playing it’ll randomly glitch up but not letting you pause video or delete what you typed in the box. Look, just have it fixed once and for all, it’s really embarrassing that I have to use to safari version -.- and annoying. Sometimes the screen is frozen but the video keeps playing. It’s annoying that I have to close it and open it twice sometimes. I’m surprised this isn’t fixed yet so please get onto it now so it can work beautifully. Also cannot find options to pay for advertising my content so... yeah..Version: 15.32.3

HelpNormally it’s good, but it’s not opening on my phone through the app or App Store.Version: 15.20

A new low and more cheap tricks with adsEver wonder why Google tries to be “funny” with their update descriptions? It’s better than admitting to all the cheap and nasty things they stick into every update. Removing the swipe to dismiss option is a new low. Prior to the latest update, you could dismiss a video (or annoying ad) by swiping to minimise, then swiping to dismiss. The swipe to dismiss option has since been replaced with a small X button. As usual, the button is harder to select, deliberately slow to respond, and often ignores your request all together. This gives Google those precocious extra seconds of ad time..Version: 14.43


Good app back in the dayThe links to videos has gone way down hill, especially on the app in the last few years. The app seems to only suggest something I have already looked up or seen for the most part, and suggests things that I have little to no interest in when it comes to things other than music, although this has been slightly better in the last few months it’s still a far cry from how good it was in the past. Furthermore it seems that now some videos are removed for there content while other videos that display similar ideas or problematic content, but from a different view are left up for some reason. If one person saying or doing something is deemed not ok then another person with the direct conflicting points of view must also deemed not ok, or else the is a one sided landslide effect that occurs. A truly open form for differing opinions, ideas, and beliefs of all is the only way for an online community to flourish..Version: 15.38.2

In need of updateGood but big issues. When watching videos in full screen, almost every 10 seconds the pause, rewind, fast forward etc signs pop up as if you have touched the screen, making videos pretty much unwatchable as this takes up the whole screen and is a huge distraction. This happens on both iPhone and iPad and happens even if the device is sitting on a table, taking away any possibility that I was accidentally touching the screen without knowing. Also the option to play music/videos in the background should be available to all, I get that it’s possible with the paid version but that feels like a bit of a slap in the face when it use to be available to all. By all means remove adds in the paid version but stopping certain features that do literally nothing to affect your income and only serve as annoying your costumers into buying the paid version seems unfair, it’s out of principle that I am refusing to get the paid version because of this. Fix these 2 issues and this app honestly becomes the best on the App Store, but until then it is nowhere near..Version: 13.49

They run ads intended to lie to consumers.They now allow ads that lie, for example one just has a big “YOUR PHONE IS INFECTED, SCAN NOW”. Some people may not know enough to know that this is a lie in a paid ad. Youtube should worry about their ethics more. On top of this, their copyright strike system is broken and abusable. Hostility towards their own content creators is terrible. Too bad they don’t have any significant competitors to jump ship to..Version: 14.05

AdsAds, ads, ads, ads, and more ads.Version: 14.14

Why change the comments location?The new comments are extremely irritating to me, the before convenient scrolling down to the comments is gone. The new comment section is hardly noticeable under the video description, and once I scroll past all of the now large video thumbnails(I can only see about two or three at a time) I’m faced with the fact that the comments aren’t there anymore. I’m upset that the update made seeing the comments so inconvenient, I like to be able to scroll down and see the recommended videos and then read comments. It was just scrolling down, but now if I wanted to do that I’d have to scroll all the way back up to see the comments instead of having the old placement. I’m sorry if this review is repetitive or doesn’t make a lot of sense, I’m extremely tired and frustrated atm and I don’t feel like reading this over. Overall I enjoy this app, but I believe convenience is key..Version: 15.18.4

Moved comments updateThe change to have the comment section above the recommended videos was unnecessary and is just confusing and not warranted. It’s rare I want to look the comments before other videos making this a generally bad change to layout. On top of that the choice to make the recommended video icons larger is also a poor one. It now not only takes longer to go through the videos, but it’s harder to tell what the video is based off of the thumbnail taking up most of the screen, resulting in more difficult navigation as well as a eye sore. This change to layout wasn’t asked for and doesn’t improve the app in any way. Instead of changing the layout when it isn’t required, why not try and ensure that users can view the videos their subscribed channels and remove the surplus amount of ads that now make up most of the site..Version: 15.17

It’s Ok.I like this App but I do have a few issues. 1, when I want to cast to my tv and I hit the cast icon, it doesn’t find my chrome cast then I have to shut the app off and re-open it then try again and it will find my chrome, althou it doesn’t always solve the issue, sometimes it will not find it till I turn my phone off and or try multiple times. 2, when watching a video, the time bar spazzes out or will just contine to say that the video is still at 0.00 time. 3, sometimes when I double tap the screen to fast forward or re-wind, it will take me straight back to the beginning of the video. Please fix these issues then I can give a 5 Star rating..Version: 14.36

Alright, but flawed in fundamental waysThe iOS app constantly forgets the actively playing background video when I lock the screen, and even if it appears on the lock screen to pause/play, trying to start and stop it via Bluetooth headphone burins also constantly fails and instead starts playback of something random from my Music app. This apparently will never be fixed? Not being able to listen to video from my locked phone without paying a bunch of money monthly is rubbish and just eats up battery life. Also, when I swipe a video down and then go to close it, get rid of that stupid bounce animation that moves it if I had just liked a video. That animation makes me miss the X close button due to it moving around and getting bumped by other notifications. Make the other notifications come up above the video at the bottom and not move the playing video minimized strip, and make it instantly move to the bottom predictably so I don’t miss the close button and re-maximize it..Version: 15.42.2

IPad version has annoying bugsThe developers don’t seem to have paid attention to the ipad version. Overall a good app but lots of niggling things. For example, the playhead button is so small (even on my iPad Pro 3rd gen 12.9) that it’s very hard to use. Most annoying is that the app fails to record or show the watch history, so if I part watching something and return later, I have no idea where I left off. And looking at my download library, there’s no way to tell what I’ve seen and what I haven’t. I’ve had multiple calls with tech support (who don’t even have an ipad!), have deleted and reinstalled etc, but to no avail. Once sorted, it’ll be a good app but the tech department needs to buy an iPad and work through the bugs!.Version: 14.22

Awful!Why can’t I report a video without a google account! Just because I don’t have a google account doesn’t mean I have no opinion on hate speech! People on this app are being hateful and abusive! You aren’t letting people do anything about it! You don’t care for the well-being of your users!!!! I thought you were reasonable people but you clearly only care about the money! And being the best! You are letting people get away with crimes! I hate this app!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 15.16

Video doesn't start where I left offI used to be able to watch a video from my history from the point where I left off regardless if I've closed the app altogether or just minimised it by pressing the home button. Since the last couple of updates I'm only able to view videos from where I left off if I didn't close the app. Of I closed it videos would start from the beginning which is very annoying. Would be great to bring that feature back because otherwise the app is really good. Since an earlier update I'm also not able to write a comment on the app, either it struggles bringing up the keyboard switch between SwiftKey and built in iPhone keyboard but sometimes it just hangs. What is more annoying that it also struggles to hide or discard comments when I'm unable to get the keyboard working. Hope this could be improved as I'm using the app daily..Version: 13.30

Why change the 3 dots button????I would use this ALL the time to state if a video is not interesting or if I want to save for later. Now it is super small and you have to hold it down for that same menu to come up, turning an action that used to take no time at all into a frustrating and time consuming experience. If you tap on the three dots it just plays the video, what sense does that make if I’m trying to access the menu. This change happened without me even updating the app itself. Please change this back, there was no reason to do that. Also when a video finishes playing the next recommended videos pop up on the bottom of the screen making it hard to access the full screen button, so when I am trying to go in or out of full screen I almost always inadvertently press another video and then have to go all the way back out to get to what I was watching. Does anyone actually test these “features” before they are pushed out? ETA I just updated the app on my iPad and now the search doesn’t work, this is like a horrible joke. Rollback this update I can’t find anything useful about it..Version: 13.33

SuggestionWould you be able to make a loop button for touch screen devices such as iPhone, it gets really annoying that you have to find a 1 Hour video instead of just pressing a loop button. Other than that and a few other bugs such as the screen rotation bug, it’s good..Version: 12.45

So many problemsThe loading times can be pretty awful. Whenever I switch to a different tab or turn off my phone and play the video I was currently watching, the video takes sooo long to load when I unpause it. This doesn’t occur when I’m using the app and I don’t get why it happens when the app is running in the background. I understand why ads are a thing and this hasn’t been a problem before but now it feels like overkill. Every time I watch a video an ad pops up. Sometimes they’re 15 non-skippable ads and at its worst there’s two. And look, taking away the comments for videos that have been COPPA’d is one thing and removing the mini player is another. It makes no sense. I don’t get how this would be harmful for kids. And the way you decided what videos are for kids is awful. Some of creators have moved on from their channels so when you automatically decide their videos are for kids it removes a whole decade of comment sections. And I hate how I have to worry about my niece stumbling upon two anime girls talking about sex because you automatically decided all animation is for kids..Version: 15.28

More stars if less buggy...The app is great overall but there are too many bugs in your app. The app crashes from time to time and occasionally resprings my device. But most annoyingly, I can go into new tabs such as settings, library, etc... And when I tap on a video, whether signed into a Gmail account or not, the app freezes and never resumes. This makes the application completely unusable even scrolling, therefore I have to close the app and is broken forever until fixed. This takes up storage and I don't use it apart from getting notifications and is really annoying that I can't view any videos despite this being YouTube's purpose. So please can you fix this soon!.Version: 13.10

YouTube keeps deleting views!!Bring the views back from BTS’s ON.Version: 15.08

Defective offlineIt was good when it was having setting to turn on/off online in the sense of saving internet data but now even if we're playing offline playlist it's start loading similar video which end up consuming data anyway. And when phone disconnect with WiFi playlist stop playing only current video plays and next one doesn't until we close app and reopen..Version: 13.39.11

Removing video from screen is unintuitiveSuch a massive company and they still can’t get this video-in-the corner thing right. Why do you have to slide the main screen to the bottom right in order to make a small screen? That’s been changed now to a little down ‘chit’ rather than an arrow pointing to where the screen is actually going to end up. But that’s besides the point. To remove the video altogether, you have to shrink it, then slide it off to the right. It’s just too cryptic and hidden. It’s like they thought the ‘lets-drag-the-screen-to-the-bottom-right-because-its-a-neat-effect’ had to be put in just because they liked it and not because they thought about being intuitive. So seriously, I’ve had to live with sliding screens to shrink and then swiping it off the screen to remove it for too long. To the point that we’ve gotten used to the absurdity, but are reminded of it every time we need to explain it to a new user..Version: 13.41

You guys messed upFix the damn comment section.Version: 15.17

STOP DELETING BTS VIEWS방탄 뮤비 조회수 왜 계속 깎아요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ다시 우리 조회수 돌려놔ㅠㅠㅠㅠ.Version: 15.09

False Wi-Fi connection issues, random error MessagesThis app has been broken for many versions now. Using an iPhone Exar and the most recent iOS this app has random alert messages that cannot be cleared when using the voice-over screen reader. This results in me having to close the app down and re-launch it completely losing my place on any video I was watching. I have reported this many times and nothing has been done. Also this app tells me that I am not connected to my Wi-Fi and it decides that it doesn’t want to play any videos or find recommended videos in auto play. Even though I have enough Wi-Fi to watch Netflix or stream music from Apple Music… I live in a good signal area so why can’t it use my Forgy anyway? All my settings are fine the app itself is the problem. I have also reported this many times and nothing has been done.Version: 14.10

Current version changeAuto update changed it so I can’t access my notifications as easily, not a good change I always use my notifications to make sure I watch the creators I like. Please fix. The notifications used to be in the main bar down the bottom, now a small icon at the top which means you can’t switch between notifications, subscriptions and recommended quickly (no one uses trending so you can put that up in the no man’s land at the top). Seems like an attack on creators, why make everyone ring the stupid bell if you’re not even going to prioritise the notifications menu. Seriously guys please fix it..Version: 15.45.2

The worst timingThis is the worst Spider-Man miles morales is coming out tomarrow and I want to see the stuff that will be in it and I think it crashed I updated it and turned my phone on and off 2 times but nothing changed this has never happened before, for at least 5 years. Since I’m going on a rant y not talk abt when u stay on a vid for to long it automatically starts then u don’t even get to here what is being said first of all when u stay on it to long and it starts it is annoying u Baotou have enough time to read the title and secondly if this is going to happen y not be able to here what is being said? And then on top of that the ads r crazy don’t nobody have the time or the money to get rid of the ads a and be don’t nobody want to watch them some r literally 45 mins long all be it the ones that actually go with what I’m watching is sayisfying but the ones like target ads when ur watching a video game is annoying but anywho if u could fix these things I have no issue with the app what do ever.Version: 15.45.2

Gets worse and worseThis app was great before the latest three or four updates. i used the app daily before those updates but when they installed the apps performance and my rating for it went downhill. cant have more than one of the same video in a playlist, thats terrible for my playlist of band music. app doesn't run properly even when on wifi after entering my own wifi zone. drains my phone and iPad battery even when there is only one video running. all in all i just think this app needs lots of help and taking off the latest three or four updates and im sure it will work perfectly and my rating will go back up. -EDIT app is just terrible now i cant even do anything in my own wifi zone or any other wifi zone. service on data or in wifi is just not up to date and its like watching tv in 1965. yall really need to get your crap together and fix this freakin app cause its just terrible now..Version: 13.40

BTS MV ONHow could you delete almost 70 million views that armys worked so hard for, give them back. BTS deserves it and so do their fans, you owe it to us 😡.Version: 15.09

Can do betterThe ads on this app is ridiculous. It was okay before but now, it plays upto three ads in a row, it somehow puts the assistive touch on iPhones in front of the ‘skip ads’ button sometimes, it plays an ad after two or there songs EVERYTIME and doesn’t ‘autoplay’ even though the option is ticked 👎🏽 I know there is a premium app but come on!!.Version: 15.31.3

Not very good atmThe search is messed up, whenever I got to search someone it shows up with something completely different such as the time I searched up fortnite and got basketball. Another complaint is it keeps on automatically putting me on restricted mode even when I turn it off. I’d love to hear back from you guys to get some answers on both these things.Version: 14.36

Updates = Decreased functionalityI have used this app a lot over the last 4 years. It has been a pretty good experience. However, I am not sure what is happening to human engineering at Google. Each new update seems to make the app less intuitive and more difficult to use. Ex: 1. Pausing a video to view something on the video in more detail (chart, text,...) is now impossible unless you know the hidden trick. Paused videos now darken the screen and place a LARGE play icon in the middle of the screen, making it impossible to view the paused video. This makes the large segment of teaching/how-to videos much less effective. 2. When saving a video, you no longer get to select where it will be stored. YT now stores it in the last used playlist. This requires you to stop, figure out how to pull up the saved video, and remove it from the wrong playlist YT saved it to, and then save it to the one YOU wanted it to go to. YT no longer thinks you are smart enough to know where you want to save the video. Youtube/Google engineers believe taking options away from users is some type of “improvement”?! Give me a break!! My recommendation is to no longer trust Google to do the right thing, and not accept YT updates until you research what less fortunate reviewers are reporting about each new update. It’s the only way to prevent losing useful features. And don’t even get me started on the increasing number of Ads YT is showing with almost EVERY video..Version: 14.11

Watch later playlist 🙄I don’t know why this is happening but whenever I try to delete videos on my watch later playlist I can only delete one at a time and then I have to scroll up to the top of the playlist, reload, and then I can delete another one. This is happening on the app on my phone and it’s so annoying. Idk if anyone else is having this problem but it’s so frustrating. Apart from this it’s a good app..Version: 13.27

BTSGive BTS back their views😠.Version: 15.09

Fixing things that aren’t broken.First, it was the mini player, decent size, never took up much of the screen but wasn’t impossible to watch on, then they changed it. Now the mini player (when you swipe down on the video) is impossible to watch, and displays the title and uploader, as if we’re too stupid to remember what we’re watching. And now, they’re at it again. Wanna see the comments on your video? Well, it’s right there, you just have to open it, and there’s one special guy who’s comment gets slapped on the face of the menu, how is this comment chosen? Who knows. What was the problem with the way the comment section looked? Now what we get is a tiny menu, and huge video suggestions under that, that just, kind of end. It’s jarring almost, you expect the scroll to be infinite, almost. The comments would keep going, now you get about 10 video suggestions, then they have to remind you that they moved the comment section. How about we leave that alone, and start working on treating your content creators well?.Version: 15.18

Please fix this issueArmys worked so hard to try and reach our goal and it was unfair for you to take away 67 million views. I can guarantee you that people did not use a bot to get 67M views on this video. Please understand that BTS has a very large fan base that spreads all across the globe. We are not a small group, and we show up in numbers, especially when it comes to supporting our artists. I am completely nonplussed by your lack of supervision on the issue and even more sickened by your lack of communication not only about your “new streaming policy” but also by your lack of communication to the number of army who have reached out to you trying to find a reason for the deletion. I’m also appalled to see that you have done nothing to help stop antis from mass reporting the video under false child abuse claims. You have not stated whether you will give repercussions to those that falsely claimed this nor have you stated a specific reason for the deletion. This is not the first time you have done this to one of BTS’s music videos but I hope it will be the last..Version: 15.08

Horrible bugs for content creators and chanelsYoutube has a less than favorable system when it comes to regulating views, likes, dislikes and comments. It’s not very helpful for content creators and can create confusion as well as setbacks for updates and videos. This doesn’t seem dramatic, until it deletes 10M+ views on a certain videos, and then prevents subscribers and viewers from seeing it. Fix this problem as soon as you can..Version: 15.08

Great, Until-It’s great, until you realize that this app is supposedly “17+” rated, yet steals add revenue from its own creators, because they said something the moderators didn’t like. And as soon as the creators apply for an appeal for their video, that they spent hours making, it takes months for it to be even looked at, and at that point, all the possible revenue these people could have earned is gone. They’re also extremely biased. I’ve seen many channels I’ve watched taken down for little to no reason, yet showing a dead body on screen to make money off impressionable small children is acceptable? It took three days for that video to be removed, which is absolutely ridiculous considering if it was any other channel who had posted it, they would have the video removed instantly, and probably would have had their channel taken down. Also, bring back the recommendations when watching the videos. I can’t even think of a reason why they’d remove that feature, but I guess they just want to steal even more money from innocent creators who are trying to make a living..Version: 14.11

There is an issue with how videos loadFor the past couple months I’ve been having an issue mostly with purchased content but often enough with regular videos too where you get about ¾ of the way through and then it abruptly starts playing the beginning of the video again but the time stamp is still going up. Sometimes you can close the video refresh the screen and it will play the rest of the video. But about a quarter of the time I can’t watch that last third of a video no matter how many times I try. This is especially frustrating with purchased content because the alternative is to watch on the google play app which is a horrible app. Also the notifications system is dumb sure sometimes it actually gives on time notifications but I’ve been getting notifications for videos that came out multiple days sometimes weeks before I got the notification..Version: 15.08


Needs Some ImprovementsFor the most part, this app works really well, but sometimes after a video ends while I have it on full screen, it freezes and stays black for a few seconds, which is a little odd. The only other problem I have is that when I pause a video to read something and have to tap the vid to get the white pause symbols out of the way, it glitches if I tap it twice too fast and the symbols freeze for a few seconds, which is aggravating and has been happening for a few months now. I’d really appreciate it if you guys could fix these two small issues. Other then that, everything else is great. Update: It doesn’t seem like any of the problems I mentioned have been fixed, as they’re still happening. Please fix those issues. Also, for some reason, this app just now closed on me and my phone turned off and immediately turned back on. I’m assuming it has something to do with the app itself. If so, please fix that problem..Version: 12.49

Pretty stable, but also quite the opposite...Every update seems to add bugs upon bugs, I don’t recall an update that actually improved anything for a while. Although the app itself does perform quite well, there’s quite a few common bugs, some happen constantly... Crashing has become less frequent but more issues with the app itself have arose, such as; videos constantly changing aspect ratio and strangely warping. The minimised video is zoomed into the corner of the video. Occasional crashing. The playbar going far off the video. Comments being left twice and casting platforms not appearing. Hopefully this helps recognition come to these bugs! Although there are quite a few issues, it plays videos very well, surpringly better than the website! Livestreams also work very well, along with the placement of the chat. The home page and ‘tab’ layout of it and when looking at channels is very easy to manage and very simple (in a good way) too. Since the bugs can interfere with my experience often, I’ll have to go with 3 stars....Version: 15.02

App with annoying bugsThe app doesn’t first recognise devices in the same wifi like chromecasts unless you open and connect another app first. Also the rotation freezes on landscape position when you are actually using in portrait position. The annoying ads crashes so it doesn’t finish and you can’t either watch what you really want to because “your video will play after the ad”, you have to close the app and open it again. Asking for a review when you are using the app is also annoying..Version: 14.18

Really bad designWhy is there no back button?? This makes no sense to me. When I'm trying to watch more videos about a particular topic I keep having to search for it again and again which is really frustrating and makes me want to use my browser instead. There should also be an option to turn off the clickable links at the end of videos plus the information bar because they take up a lot of space and are distracting, but the back button issue is a lot worse. I will only pay for this app if a back button is added, when my free trial is done I will be going back to using my browser. PLEASE add it! (However there is an area where I prefer the app: night mode!).Version: 13.25

GoodIt functions as it should but the whole money grubbing scene, advertisement-WITHIN-advertisement, is getting well out of hand. Kudos for timing the skip button in perfect sync with the video so you have no choice but to watch the second ad with no provided skip button some lasting between 00:30 seconds to 2:00 minutes. Alas not the point, there is a health hazard warning I would very much like to point out... ASMR + Advertisement, personally and I am sure many people would agree, any ASMRtist that have ads within their videos should at least pre-warn listeners as I have damaged my hearing having my volume all the way up and ‘auto-play’ accidentally being left on and a very loud, booming advertisement plays... sometimes it’s at the end of the very same bloody video. 🙄🙄🙄 Aside from that particular HAZARD... yeah no it’s good....Version: 14.26

"Something went wrong"After the update, when I play ANY video, it shows the error message "something went wrong, please try again". I repeat, ANY VIDEO.Version: 12.35

It’s alrightThe app is ok, but I’m continually frustrated by recommendations that I have already watched. What happened to the swipe to remove? I now have to look for the x to place my finger... come on, reinstate the gestures, put the controls at the bottom of the screen please. The amount of adverts during videos is getting excessive, but the cost of subscription is way too high. It has been glitchy for me in the last few weeks too. It’s not my internet as my desktop viewing is ok..Version: 15.45.2

Moving the comment section backIt was a good app. Didn’t like the change for moving the on-going video to the small bar too much cos it really doesn’t let me view the video concurrently while I am scrolling through other stuffs because it’s so small. But it wasn’t a deal breaker. Now the comment section is. It’s not user friendly neither is it intuitive. There are changes that just take time to get used to but it’s for the better, but the change to the comment section is definitely not one of them. The movement to scroll makes a lot more sense than requiring me to tap to expand. It’s entirely too easy to exit out the comment section when I want to return to all comments after I clicked into the more replies. I was more than happy when you guys changed it back the first time only to find it’s been updated again recently. Please stop trying to move the comment section can you? Even if you had to do this, then at least let me swipe right to go back to the “all comment” after I clicked into one reply, instead of only taping the “back” arrow on the top left..Version: 15.19

MehIronically, not the best video player app. Does a better job with everything else except watching videos. Want to leave a comment? Easy enough. Check notifications? Yep, it’s fine. Want to watch a video? Oh no, you’re stuck in landscape mode and can’t get out. Ok, let’s turn phone right side up. Nope, you did that too fast so you gotta do it again because the app can’t tell if you’re in landscape or portrait mode..Version: 15.41.2

UI was better beforeThe video quality itself isn’t the problem lately but it’s the changes to the comment section and recommended videos that I just can’t get behind. For me, and many others a big part of the experience is being able to look at comments and easily jump between other’s reactions and thoughts on the video, along with easily being able to jump between time stamps listed in the comments and the video. Now, it’s far too easy to overlook the comments altogether since they tend to blend in with the description or even get overlooked as part of an ad. It’s also ridiculously easy once you’ve clicked to look at replies to a comment to exit out of them completely since the X just closes them all instead of that specific comment, which makes it all supremely annoying to navigate. It would be good to give the option to toggle back to a “classic” view at least, since it isn’t only the comments, but also the recommended videos that are troublesome to look through as well. Really, have they never hear of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”?.Version: 15.19

Awful bug!!!!The app is absolutely amazing and I use it all the time. But there seems to be a bug job the app to where I can’t watch any music videos on the app with the original singing, all that pops up when I type in a song is the instrumental versions of the song then when I go to find other songs that I saved there is a little bar that pops up saying that the video must be approved first before I can view it but doesn’t give me the option to fix it. I haven’t been able to find any of the music I regularly listen to and I can’t even find singers accounts to view all their albums and music! It looks like everything has been totally deleted except for all of the instrumental versions which is absolutely not what I wanted to listen to. Also the comments, which I love to scroll through while the video is playing, is always saying that the comments have been restricted from my viewing because of some restriction mode that I didn’t even know was there let alone turned it on. PLEASE FIX 🚨🚧⚠️‼️.Version: 15.20

Comments not postingA whole year now this ridiculous issue has been happening, I have even tried it on two different IPads and models, every few videos I comment on, it just freezes and the little icon spins, I have to keep uninstalling the app just to be able to comment and watch things again, twice a day it is happening -_-. Not good guys, not good..Version: 15.49.4

Too many adsTo be honest this app runs well, it’s smart and sufficient. But the amount of ads absolutely crazy, it makes me not even want to go on the app because I know that whatever I am watching will be interrupted by multiple ads, up to 20 ads. Some as they don’t let you skip because they’re only 30 seconds long, I think it should give you the option to skip all the ads. And why would you even think of putting two ads back to back let alone and two minute ad on a video. Half the time I’ve never near my device to press pause and play and I let it run, I am then forced to listen to the ad. I think it’s absolutely silly all at should be removed or at least go back to how they used to be where it was like one add per video.. not happy.Version: 15.49.4

YouTubeYouTube is unfairly removing views for no reason especially on BTS songs Specifically the new one called ON By BTS and the app has been crashing too.Version: 15.08

ARMYYouTube if you’re reading these please listen! We’re really upset because people stayed up till 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 AM to stream bts’s new mv! We were so happy it hit 114 MILLION views and we slept happy knowing we broke the record! But only to wake up to see it’s at 46 MILLION? That’s not ok... please bring back bts’s views Army’s are mad we beg you please bring back the views.Version: 15.08

Why remove the autoplay toggle button?The app is basically fine and works fine but with this update you can’t turn off autoplay. The toggle switch that used to appear below videos is gone and there is nothing in settings. You can’t stop it playing while it is timing down either so you have to wait for the new (unwanted) video to load before you stop it. Such a weird thing to remove, makes using the app really frustrating..Version: 13.19.7

YouTube is a Platform (new town square)YouTube is deleting channels and videos for no reason. They are platform and should not be allowed to delete videos on someone’s opinion that they don’t like. It’s the new time square. Then they push the main stream media videos, which is 99% left. I go to YouTube for the news so I can hear many peoples views of a news story in one place. But if they keep shooting them selfs in the foot. They many push a lot of their creators away. The people who got them in the place that they are today. Wish they were neutral and transparent. There is still time..Version: 14.35

The new updateThis new update is absolutely atrocious. i understand having innovation towards wanting more for your viewers but the execution was poor. The comment section is where I could be able to talk and relate to the interest of video and as i scrolled down i could potentially see the other videos that i wanted to watch. Moving the comments under the description is problematic because 1. it’s easily missable 2. it made going/making a comment more difficult 3. the fluidity of scrolling for other videos and going to the comments made sense 4. having the back button on the left side (in addition to muscle memory of clicking on the newly “escape” right side) makes it plain tedious. the thumbnails are also an issue because they are too large. one video thumbnail alone takes up almost half the screen and with two of them it takes up the whole screen. less is more, and bigger doesn’t always mean better. please consider reinventing the layout because it’s problematic having people used to one idea and completely changing it..Version: 15.19

New Comment layout is terribleToo many presses to access comments. I hate the new layout..Version: 15.19

Bring back the views for BTS’ ONCan you like stop deleting their views as we worked so hard to get those views yet they got deleted l. Have you ever stopped to think that bts has about 24 million followers on Twitter and also has 33 million subscribers that if everyone watched the video 4 times it would easily have over 100 million views. Normally when you watch a bts MV you have to watch it 9 times to see everything, the first time to fan girl about the song, the second to focus on the dance, the third to look at Kim Namjoon, the fourth to look at Kim Seokjin, the fifth to look at Min Yoongi, the sixth to look at Jung Hoseok, the seventh to look at Park Jimin, the eighth to look at Kim Taehyung and the ninth to look at Jeon Jungkook. This means that it is very easy to get more 100 million views in the first 24 hours (Not really) kind regards, An Army.Version: 15.08

𝑆𝑇𝑂𝐵 𝐼𝑇 𝑌𝑂𝑈 𝐾𝑁𝑂𝑊YouTube stop deleting our views bruh 🤬🥵😨シ☹⌫.Version: 15.08

BruhAll of a sudden the app tells me to buy it from the AppStore 🤨.Version: 15.20

Please stop ruining the appWhy did you change how the video goes into a box on the corner, the previous way when it slid into a small box from the top left to the bottom right was great and now it’s ugly and annoying. Why can’t I slide it to the right to get rid of the video when it’s small, that feature had nothing wrong with it and now with the new way it goes into a box it’s not only ugly but less user friendly. Another complaint I have with the newest update that I’ve found is when I go to add a video to a playlist it automatically adds it to my most recent playlist, I don’t want that, if I wanted it in that playlist then I’d add it, why did you make this worse along with everything else, the update says “improvements” but all I’ve found are annoying downgrades. Please just stop making it worse and make things how they were..Version: 13.28

Hate your guts for removing views off of BTS MvsI don’t like the way you guys deleted views off ON mv.. I sincerely hate it.. We spent all night streaming and you guys nonchalantly deleted millions of them. I hope you do better by them the next time.Version: 15.08

Good app but advertisement overloadI understand the need for advertisements but it’s to the point now that it’s negatively impacting my experience. Now that there’s two, back to back ads in every break it’s irritating how much I have to interact with the app just to finish watching the video. The more I use the app the worse the experience gets. I usually like to use the app while doing other things like cooking or cleaning. I mostly listen and don’t always have my phone in hand. In an 11 minute video with 6 ads, the middle break had a 30 second unskippable ad followed by a 2 minute ad that was skippable. Unless I am physically on my phone to return to the video that would be 2:30 minutes of ads just for 1 of 3 ad breaks in an 11 minute video. It’s overload. I get that using the free version means you gets ads but it’s overshadowing the content. I don’t want to interact this much with something I’m watching. It’s not a game app. Guess I’ll just stick to watching it on the desktop with my ad blocker. Otherwise, yeah YT is ok. They’re just getting into Pandora territory which is disappointing. Didn’t mind the ads until recently..Version: 15.37.4

New updateI just updated my app and so when you make the video smaller when you swipe it down to the bottom right so you can explore other videos it is still big enough for you to be able to see and watch the video but now with this new update it goes to the bottom left and it really small and shows the title and it is very ugly. This is going to be a major issue and I think everyone including me would love for it to be changed back to the original way it was before this update..Version: 12.47.16

Ads!The endless ads every five minutes is unbearable, they need to go! All ads that is! NO! I don’t wanna buy a new car and NO! I don’t care about your underwear!.Version: 14.14

Is it getting worse?Short answer to that is yes, it is getting worse and especially if you stay a free user. I understand that YT and Google live from advertising and selling users data and that's fine. It's been like since forever and people understood - but what Google and YT are doing now is criminal with ads in before, after, in the middle, popping and floating in between, prioritising paid video over relevant... How does it relate to this app? It's worse than browser edition as the pop up ads block most of the screen and before. The video doesn't predownload (buffer) as before unless you pay to download. I'm a premium user and I'm considering leaving YT for good and give a chance to other services that are upcoming and are being what YT once was - place dedicated to videos more than ads..Version: 13.33

YouTube is awfulStop asking if I want to buy YouTube premium 10 times a day, the answer will always be no. Why did you move the comments section??? Just keep it in the old place and also have it in the new place instead, would make everyone much happier if it were in both places..Version: 15.19

Phone goes on sleeping mode while watching a video on YouTubeSince I installed this update my phone goes on sleeping mode even while i'am watching a video on YouTube. Which is really the past as long as the YouTube video is on playing the phone doesn't go on sleeping mode. Don't know what modification you've made. Please fix that ASAP..Version: 12.35

Pause screen keeps popping upEvery time i watch youtube the pause screen keeps popping up on my iphone X, tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but no success. It’s been a couple months now and youtube has t fixed it.Version: 13.38

ProblemEdit: think it’s fixed now somehow?? This is of course a great app but there’s one glitch that’s only appeared for me in the most recent update to do with comment replies. When I look at the comments on a video and click on “view replies” it works fine, but if I try scrolling down to view more replies to that comment it glitches out and goes to the next comment instead of just scrolling down to view other replies to the original comment. Sometimes (mainly on shorter comments with one or two replies) if I try clicking the x to take me back to viewing all the comments, it just gives me the option to report the comment for some reason, then I have to go back to home, subscriptions or trending or whatever to click on another video to get out of that, or exit the app. So yeah could something please be done about this? Thanks.Version: 12.38

Random skips.Since the latest update, every time I watch a video, it randomly skips to the next video (whichever one is first in the list below the vid) as of I hit the "fast forward" button. This is incredibly annoying as I will have to go back to the video I was on, have to get back to my place as it goes back to the beginning, only to have it skip again after 5 seconds..Version: 12.47

Need A New Report Section, PleaseI’m somebody who has really severe depression, and anxiety, and I am suicidal too. Nobody should be allowed to get away with a reply to my comment that calls me an ‘arrogant, ignorant scum.’ I’ve reported it twice, both in TWO different sections, because their whole paragraph fits into both. It’s disgraceful that what they’ve said hasn’t been dealt with, and removed. I wanted to take my own life with how hurtful their words are. How much do I need to report it, before you’ll think about saving my life and deleting it? I keep coming back it, because it bothers me so much, and I just wish it was gone. I beg of you, at the very least, please have another report section that says ‘other’ and lets you write down the problem. I know I’m not the only one who will have had hateful, and untrue, things said about/to them on the comments. Please, please, PLEASE. :(.Version: 14.39

YOU TUBE MUST REMAIN IMPARTIAL FOR ALLPlease remain impartial and non-partisan. Let the people have their voice from both sides. The truth will set us all free. Some videos may be false and debatable and some might be made for the purpose of telling or showing the truth. Let the viewers have their own free will to chose what to believe in or not. As human beings maybe this is the way that we evolve to be better species where in everyone can share thoughts and beliefs to everyone and let the world tell their opinions about it. The world has the power now has the power to reveal the facts and false narratives in the same platform and let the world judge or COMMENT ABOUT it. The makers of the videos will also realize that if their VIDEO UPLOAD is not being appreciated/approved/supported by the rest of the world or by the whole world. Just let people upload and let the rest of the world react to the videos. In this way we as humans have an OPEN DIALOGUE and OPEN DISCUSSION. Whether good or bad the human race will be evolving through this way..Version: 15.49.4

Strange status Bar glitchHi there… This app is great… But there is one problem… there is a strange status bar bug… lets say you are watching a video… And you want to check the time The time doesn't change… If you check the status bar while watching a video for example… Let's say I play a video that is 15 minutes long… At 9:31 AM and when that video is finished… It's already 9:47 AM unless… You exit out the video… The time still says 9:31 AM it'll be 5 o'clock in the afternoon and the status bar would still say 9:31 AM it's like… The clock got stuck The time doesn't change… Unless you restart the app… Or exit out the video also… Nothing in the status bar changes including the battery level The only way to see the correct time and all of the other information displayed you have to exit out the video And… For the iPad version if you select add to bye accident there is no cancel button it's been like that for three years please fix those issues… There really annoying.Version: 13.11

Being back 10million views for boy with luv by BTS ft HalseyNormally I would give this app at least a 4, but ever since this new music video by BtS came out, we have been working our butts off to get them to 100m. Why do you do? You go and freeze the views every 3 hours or so and delete 10m of those views. Lots of people haven’t slept or eaten just to make them proud and you have the audacity to delete the hard earned views? Stop being so biased with other groups! The only music videos you have been doing this to is bts. The same happened with fake love and idol and we cannot take it much longer! Give us our views back, we worked very hard for this and it is not fair that we are being treated this way. These boys deserve the world for what they have done and in my opinion what you did is rude and disrespectful. Thank you for your time and I hope you do something about this problem..Version: 14.12.7

Don’t update.I just updated to the latest version after getting fed up with having to ignore the constant prompts to update. Now, certain searches bring up ‘Other searches related to......’ without actually bringing up results for your search. So now you can just end up in a never ending loop of related searches without actually getting what you’re looking for. For example just yesterday I searched for a soundtrack, and played the playlist fine. Today I can’t find that playlist because of this update. Worst ‘improvement’ ever..Version: 13.25

What happened?I regret updating to this new UI. Too many bugs. Now, posting a comment takes forever. When I like a comment, it unlikes by itself. When I edit my comment, it unedits itself. When I save a video into a playlist, it unsaves itself. I have to close and reopen the app only to know if the things that I liked, ‘posted’, ‘edited’, ‘saved’ worked. When I press “discard”, it won’t discard the comment. Too much unskippable ads. It’s not like I’m going to care/remember them more when I do your polls. Only upside is that I can click on replies without having to watch the videos again. Also, what’s the new unfilled/uncoloured UI icons? All I can say is, some people have poor eyesight and without the icons filled in, it’s going to be hard to see..Version: 15.49.4

Update gone wrong!The newest update of 2017 December. The video keeps switching to random videos during a video is going on. I cant watch ten seconds of video without it switching to another. So please fix this bug. Also fix your skip button. It’s showing up less and less. And when it does show up it’s for a 15 second video and not a thirty second video. I don’t know how many people have these problems, but it’s important to consider the viewers when you put a video in the link and can’t watch the video they want. I have many other problems to say, but that’s up to the media to explain not mine. ————————————————— This is a day after my complaint. The new new update to fix the switching the video to another video decreased of chance to another video. I don’t know if your still fixing the problem, but don’t rush to fix the problem. I know you do want to keep us satisfied, but rushing to fix problem is going to make it worse. So please fix the problem correctly by not rushing to conclusion of being fixed and being done..Version: 12.47

BugI can’t open the app? It’s “not shared with me” 🤷🏼‍♀️.Version: 15.20

BRING 67 MILLION BACK YT💜I don’t know why but I used to love YT but now I hate it since YT deleted 67M on the MV "ON". I know that all the ARMYS are going crazy on Twitter and stuff so please bring the views back thank you YouTube.They worked so hard and we did too ,to make them happy ..Version: 15.11

App itself is goodThe video/audio is great and it plays smoothly. The problem comes with the retarded updates it receives like moving the comment section up above the recommended videos. Like why? It doesn't make sense, nor does it sound like a good idea. Especially after EVERY SINGLE USER knows the comment section is below the recommended videos- they even had to put an annotation that says "The comment section has moved." It's just ridiculous. Then comes other annoying little updates such as, if you swipe a video down while you're watching it in full-screen, it turns into small-screen and rotates the player sideways. Again WHY? It doesn't make sense and though it sounds somewhat decent on paper, it's just a needless change that's extremely irritating. It's almost like they're trying to fill out a criteria of how many features they can stuff in the app. It's ridiculous..Version: 15.18.4

Like and Save features are brokenLike and Save features are broken, often Save opens and does not show which list video is already saved in, none of the checkboxes are selected. Have to open and close, and repeat until it finally shows. On Apple TV UI is very uncomfortable, half of screen always blocked by massive track-bar, could be smaller, more compact, and not appear when just paused, because we pausing to see the video frame, not to see the controls. Also, watch list buttons is hidden behind so many additional clicks, so bad UX. On iPhone quality dropped lately. Mainly visible broken Like button, and very very broken Add to Watch list, or Watch List Edit feature, very laggy and broken most of the time. Lack of reordering options. Lack of tagging options for faster search..Version: 16.16.3


Very good but on huge problemWhen I’m watching a video and I I press the button to make the screen smaller there’s a button right next to it which can connect the video to the TV. This is a huge issue because sometimes I accidentally press it and it connects to the telly my parents or grandparents are watching if I don’t press the done button quick enough!! When I was at my grandparents before I was upstairs watching videos and they were downstairs watching telly. I pressed the button on accident because it’s too close to the zoom out button and 2 minutes later I could hear them unplugging the telly from the wall because they thought it was broken. Then I heard my grandma say there gonna get a new telly cause there’s is broke. I only figured out about 10 minutes later it was because I kept accidentally pressing that dang button. Please just move the button so it’s not near the zoom out button at all it would make everything easier.Version: 12.44

Ohhh where has the old YT gone?I subscribe to a 1000 or more channels yet all I see are the same 30 over and over again in my subscription feed Worst still you dared to unsubscribe me repeatedly from 100’s of favourites like The Duran and Judicial Watch, on occasion refusing to let my re subscriptions hold for more than a reload of the page. You censor conservative channels and drown me in the few Liberal ones I sub to. Further my first video off the rank on auto play is 80 % of the time already viewed, that is riveting as I constantly feed back “not interested” “as it is already watched”. I used to love YT but soon I will leave and go to other platforms I have joined, the only reason I stay is it is familiar to this old dog. Why did you ruin a brilliant platform? Liberals ruining and ruling everything. Your censorship is blatant, frustrating and insulting, as most likely people half my age govern what I am permitted to see, like I am a child. I don’t watch YT for mainstream news but instead, for individual views. If I want mainstream news I would turn on my television. Sack ALL the left wing fools filtering and controlling YT content and let us live again and be entertained. Kind regards. A long time YT watcher, whatwhyandwhos..Version: 15.30.3

Shuffle feature on playlistsYou had it all figured out in the last update, now it’s back to what it used to be, a useless feature... Who in their right mind would want a shuffle portion that only shuffles the first immediate 200 videos and actually physically shuffle them not even jump to a random song while keeping the playlist intact? That is my only issue other than making it so ads play on every video in a playlist rather than what it used to be if you kept watching you’d get less ads unless you physically chose the next song. Edit: To make matters worse you made it so when you do shuffle and hit he next button it doesn’t send you to for example: 3261, it just goes to the song right after it. Having a playlist that nears 5,000 songs I would like that the playlist doesn’t physically shuffle and just skips to different parts of the playlist like how any other app’s shuffle works..Version: 13.22

Worst app EVERYou guys deleted VEIWS FROM bts’s music video “on” who TF does that worst app EVER I’m DISGUSTED 🤬🤢.Version: 15.08

Why can’t you just give the chance for people to try it before making it standard?!The comments section getting moved is extremely annoying, I usually don’t use it and prefer just to have it out of the way but that’s not possible now. The thumbnails being larger for the up next and suggested videos is also a bit annoying cause I usually pay a lot more attention to the titles of videos instead of the thumbnail, the only reason I can imagine they were increased though is so you could show larger ads without getting complaints about that so good job your getting extra complaints thrown in now also. Just make a section in the settings for experimental features, have it go for up to a week when toggled and if people turn it off early or use it the whole time ask for a comment about it. You’ll end up having people who don’t leave comments but you’ll also have the chance to test the feature with more than just a focus group and possibly avoid some anger. If you do this you just need to make sure people know the section is there.Version: 15.19

Bro stop deleting our viewsOn BTS’S new official video for their new song on you tire decided to delete 100 million views. I’m sorry, but what was the point of that. Do you feel accomplished for doing that???.Version: 15.08

Downloads/PremiumFor days now it keeps deleting my downloads. I’ve downloaded over 200 videos and now they’re gone. Twice. I don’t know if it’s the update, but you need to fix this. I’m paying almost $17 and it doesn’t even work right. I keep re-downloading them, but a couple hours later, they’re gone. First it says it’s having trouble loading them, then it straight up deletes them. This is one of the big features I use and if it keeps doing this I might as well cancel the subscription. And don’t get me started on the ‘no ad’ feature. Every time I go on a different device on the same account I have premium on, I get ads. I’m actually starting to get annoyed. I use the downloads to listen to music offline. Each time I go offline; “Cannot load downloads” and then, “No videos downloaded.” Please fix this because it’s a long process to download all of the videos back onto my device. If anyone is going to get premium, do not buy it until they fix this issue..Version: 15.43.4

Great app! Almost perfectLike I said in the title, this app is soooo amazing! I have found so many funny videos, video game guides, music videos, etc, on here. But there’s only one problem and I believe it’s a bug. Sometimes I like to look and see what other videos are on here that are recommended for me, but I also like to watch videos or just listen to videos while I’m doin this, but after I add like maybe 4-5 videos to my certain playlists, the app just crashes on me. Please fix this cause it’s very annoying when it happens and I’d like to be able to continue finding new videos to watch while I’m also watchin another video at the time. If y’all fix that issue, there’s only one addition that I’d suggest you made to the app: a side button in the app that lets you see where your favorite YouTuber has commented or liked one of your comments on their video. If you can add that and fix the issue, this app will be perfect. Hope you’ll listen to my ideas..Version: 14.25

Too much ads / trop de publicités sur la version mobileSince the last update I get too many ads during video streaming this is crazy / trop de publicités sur la version mobile.Version: 12.40

Why should I report an issue with YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream.

Is YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream not working?

YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream.

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