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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream Negative Reviews

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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream app received 122 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream? Can you share your negative thoughts about youtube: watch, listen, stream?

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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream for Negative User Reviews

Needs work. Especially downloads and offline viewing.I pay for premium subscription in order to download content to watch/listen offline and have it continue to play in background while the screen is off on my mobile device. I am also frequently in and out of mobile and wifi coverage. This app could really benefit from remembering where you were up to in downloaded videos. It frequently loses position when you come back to the app and you have to manually find where you were up to again. Also downloading content is very unreliable. Even if perfect coverage it just hangs and does not download, or gets to a certain percentage and stops. Doesn’t matter if it is a wifi or mobile connection. It is very hard and unreliable to restart or continue the download at a later time. I must say I expected a lot better and more refined experience for software from this stable - especially seeing how many million people are using it. It’s tedious and annoying..Version: 17.30.3

Small but frustrating issueBeginning to get frustrated with this app. I’ve used the mobile version of the app almost daily for years, and only recently began having this issue, but it happens so frequently now my patience is wearing very thin. I’ve used the iPhone 15 Pro for the last six months and only within the last 2-3 weeks has the problem shown. About 9/10 times I use the app comments on videos won’t show. It’ll show the name of the people who have already commented but it won’t show their comments. So I can’t contribute or even just read other’s thoughts and opinions. And about 1/2 the time it won’t even allow me to add a comment. Double and triple checked I do use the most up to date version of the application. Up until now I’ve given a 5 star rating but the frequency and severity of this issue have nearly dropped my opinion of it to a single star. In all honesty I won’t stop or even limit my use of the app, however I would greatly appreciate if the issue would be fixed in a timely manner..Version: 19.10.7

Defective offlineIt was good when it was having setting to turn on/off online in the sense of saving internet data but now even if we're playing offline playlist it's start loading similar video which end up consuming data anyway. And when phone disconnect with WiFi playlist stop playing only current video plays and next one doesn't until we close app and reopen..Version: 13.39.11

BRING 67 MILLION BACK YT💜I don’t know why but I used to love YT but now I hate it since YT deleted 67M on the MV "ON". I know that all the ARMYS are going crazy on Twitter and stuff so please bring the views back thank you YouTube.They worked so hard and we did too ,to make them happy ..Version: 15.11

They run ads intended to lie to consumers.They now allow ads that lie, for example one just has a big “YOUR PHONE IS INFECTED, SCAN NOW”. Some people may not know enough to know that this is a lie in a paid ad. Youtube should worry about their ethics more. On top of this, their copyright strike system is broken and abusable. Hostility towards their own content creators is terrible. Too bad they don’t have any significant competitors to jump ship to..Version: 14.05

It very impressed at all !For starters you tube offered me a free trial and after a month they say my payments were around 12 dollars but then they billed me and the bill me more all the time ? I just cannot be bothered ; surely they small printed somewhere that they could increase the price after they entice you with a cheap deal ! I think is now 16 or 17 dollars My Netflix only cost me ten dollars and thousands of movies and tv programs that if you want to watch on yout tube ? You have to pay more money … this is the scam of the earth Unfortunately I love music so I pay 16 or 17 dollars just to listen to music But now I have been getting advertisements ???? I thought that was what I was paying not to get …. I am dying with cancer and I cannot be bothered changing things , but at least I have the right to call it the way it is. B… S…...Version: 19.07.5

Way too glitchy recentlyThis app has been getting glitchier and glitchier recently, and it really ruins the experience. 1) The homepage stops loading new videos pretty quickly if you scroll down, so it's hard to just scroll to find new videos 2) Refreshing the homepage makes any visible videos bug out, with the thumbnail remaining but unclickable. This also leads to posts/videos fusing together and looking very weird 3) The comments section bugs out in dark mode, turning everything white (making it unreadable in dark mode since the text remains white on a glitched white background) 4) Clicking read more on a comment sometimes doesn't work, and when it does it fuses the comments like above 5) Maybe not a bug but theres no option for a notification sound, which would be nice.Version: 16.34.7

Love YT but…I use YT daily for subscribed video content and then for light entertainment to find random great content…. Well I used to do this. I now only watch a couple of daily subscribed videos as I do not want to have a history of videos as I enjoyed getting complete random content and do not want to store history as it goes against what I’m trying to achieve. If I wanted to watch the same types of videos over and over I would search for it or have my history turned on. The fact YT used to present me random videos was great and now I’ve lost this due to the greed of Google wanting to profile me. The point of getting random stuff was very interesting and because it was random I wouldn’t know to search for it. Google has basically cut off content to thousands of people like myself… well done greedy Google!! I will now not be turning it on out of principle and will just not use your app for light entertainment..Version: 18.32.2

Copyright claim needs to be free just by giving credit to the owner of the music and the songSo new update idea copyright claim can be avoided by having an option to just give Credit to the owner and the creator instead of buying stuff but still give support to the creator it’s just annoying like copyright has to stop but stay at the same time like just crediting the creators would be better then buying premium or getting permission but just crediting them would be better and adding a permission track from the option when credit to them they send a permission to it from their end so it’s easier please make this happen because some of us don’t have enough money to get permission credit it would be better if credit to the creator was added as an option instead of copyright strike/claims for just giving credit.Version: 17.33.2

Been years and they still can’t fix the bugsEvery time the adds play they are seriously louder then the content being watched, to the point where if I don’t have the mute controller in hand for when the ads come on, I can’t watch anything on this app at night as people living with me might wake up. You tube has know of this issue for years, and they still won’t fix it, all they do is try to add longer and longer ad segments at high volume. It’s gone from any add being longer then 5 seconds can be skipped, to the ad must be over 30 seconds to have a skip option, and now they play up to 3 random ads, meaning you could have 3x 15 seconds of ads or 45 seconds with no ability to skip the ads. So now when ads come on I simply mute it, walk away and make a tea or do swim thing else, and if I’m not back in time, I rewind to where I was. It can be quite annoying when you have time constraints to watch something and have to be delayed by 2 lots of 3x15 second ads. They simply don’t care about non subscribers and put out a lack lustre product. If another company starts doing what you tube does, I’m jumping ship..Version: 17.34.3

New update messed it up.The app keeps crashing on me now and when I try to read reply’s to comments my screen freezes but the audio to the video will still play. Also sometimes I’ll go full screen into a video and it won’t let me leave full screen. Please fix this..Version: 12.38

Very difficult to find contactThis application is organized in someway that I have yet to figure out. I go to look for shows like 90 day fiancé pillow talk and instead of them being within the season they are under a separate category called something else and there’s no episode number so I have to go back and look at the name of the episode I just watched go back to the other show information and then scroll through about eight different seasons of pillow talk until I can find the show I’m looking for. Sometimes they show commercials even though you’ve recorded the show what should I supposed to do and so if you go to watch five episodes or something it’s literally the same commercials over and over and over and over again. There’s no way to fast forward even though you’ve already seen these commercials at least 15 times. As a sidenote I would never ever go and purchase from one of these commercial companies that I’ve had to sit there and watch the commercial 100 times. Also the iPad app is significantly different than the TV app the TV app freezes it Hass to be restarted at least once a day.Version: 18.08.1

A lot of glitchesWhenever I watch a video from a landscape and tap on a notification bar and go on other apps, when I come back, it would stay landscape, and nothing would let it come back to a portrait mode, not even switch videos from sliding up to see the suggested video. I tried locking and unlocking my phone from rotation, the exit full screen in the bottom corner didn’t work. Talking of switching videos, my phone would start playing the up next video in middle of my current video. I was mostly in the landscape mode, and I wasn’t even touching the scree. I realized this when I had just finished a 6 second ad, and it started playing another ad right after(a little sus). But this would happen randomly as long as I am watching the video. These glitches are really annoying and I hope you that guys patch them soon..Version: 12.47.16

YouTube is awfulStop asking if I want to buy YouTube premium 10 times a day, the answer will always be no. Why did you move the comments section??? Just keep it in the old place and also have it in the new place instead, would make everyone much happier if it were in both places..Version: 15.19

Dislike button no longer worksWhere are the dislikes? i was trying to watch a movie review and it was horrible. i could not tell because i can’t see the dislikes.Version: 16.46.5

The new updateThe most recent update where when your watching a video and pull up on the bottom to view more videos, and you can’t click the screen to go back to the video is really dumb and annoying. You now need to either reslide down or click the x way in the corner. This is very inconvenient. I would like it to be changed back..Version: 13.41

Wish I could rate this 0 starsTerrible company that doesn’t care about its user base and has more interest in coddling to obviously unpopular accounts and corporations by removing the peoples way to voice their opinions. Bring the counted dislike button back.Version: 16.46.5

Big Tech….Another of the many apps and websites that were once great, but because of greed, are now awful. The number of ads you have to watch anymore is simply ridiculous when compared to other Apps like games and media viewers. I use to watch 3-5 videos and get maybe 2 ads that ran for 15 seconds each. Now, it’s about 6 ads for every 2 or 3 videos you watch and they’re back to back and not skippable(not counting the ads that run after the video). The other thing that’s gotten worse lately is the commenting. I can be chewed out, cursed at, and threatened…. But when I reply to a comment it’s assumed that I’m going to break the community guidelines and my comment never posts, or is quickly removed. This wouldn’t be a big deal if I actually broke the rules or guidelines, or was a troll like 50% of the people on the site. There are no warnings or notifications that I broke a rule, so I’ll never know why my comments are deleted. I’m left to just assume YT is becoming just another Corporate Tyrant, and are trying to influence society through censorship and and greed..Version: 19.10.5

Bro stop deleting our viewsOn BTS’S new official video for their new song on you tire decided to delete 100 million views. I’m sorry, but what was the point of that. Do you feel accomplished for doing that???.Version: 15.08

If you tube was bad, it would most probably be in an improvementToo many ad not just too many ads, but what the ads are sport and betting neither of which I do, or I’m interested in then there’s the things that aren’t even in English which is the only language I know for some reason now it’s promoting baby products including nappies which I don’t have or I’m not one of Anne in the past promoted make up I’m a man which does not take part in utilisation of make up and then is the recommendations for some reason, it is currently hooked on rain and thunderstorms the recommendations have gone so far downhill that they’re on the other side of the fricking planet. Did I mention of fricking adverts we all have one every 30 seconds and even if you say don’t recommend it it’s still hell does it doesn’t actually care.Version: 17.40.5

Please don’t delete views thanksHey maybe don’t delete almost 100 million views next time thanks..Version: 15.08

Comment Likes no longer go up. Fix it!It took a while of seemingly endless update loops but the app finally finished an update. So far, some issues seem to be addressed, such as an active video in the lower right obscuring the ability to tap the 3 dots to the right of some videos at the end of long lists, such as Watch Later history and so on. Upon further review, the Videos tab on every channel is blank, regardless of how you sort. That’s a MAJOR bug. [Edit: They have since fixed this, so I’ll bump up the rating.] I like having the new ability to view replies to my comments on other videos without interrupting watching an unrelated video. I also like the addition of ¾ and 1¾ speed multipliers on videos. Unfortunately some videos now get paused when moved to the lower right corner, though this behavior is inconsistent. Also I’ve seen delays on comments in live streams going as far as nine (9!) minutes with only a few hundred or so people in chat. Also I have my fonts magnified due to poor vision, and for some reason, bold text in comments on videos is unusually small. So with the forced update, some things improved, and some didn’t. Update 10/26: This app routinely removes my likes on comments shortly afterward. I remove the like and re-like it, and the counter is fixed, then it decrements. It is so obvious when I’m the only one who liked someone’s comment, only to see the number "1" vanish shortly afterward. Fix your app!.Version: 15.43.4

Why remove the autoplay toggle button?The app is basically fine and works fine but with this update you can’t turn off autoplay. The toggle switch that used to appear below videos is gone and there is nothing in settings. You can’t stop it playing while it is timing down either so you have to wait for the new (unwanted) video to load before you stop it. Such a weird thing to remove, makes using the app really frustrating..Version: 13.19.7

UI was better before and now as of 2022 the ads literally make things nearly unwatchableThe video quality itself isn’t the problem lately but it’s the changes to the comment section and recommended videos that I just can’t get behind. For me, and many others a big part of the experience is being able to look at comments and easily jump between other’s reactions and thoughts on the video, along with easily being able to jump between time stamps listed in the comments and the video. Now, it’s far too easy to overlook the comments altogether since they tend to blend in with the description or even get overlooked as part of an ad. It’s also ridiculously easy once you’ve clicked to look at replies to a comment to exit out of them completely since the X just closes them all instead of that specific comment, which makes it all supremely annoying to navigate. It would be good to give the option to toggle back to a “classic” view at least, since it isn’t only the comments, but also the recommended videos that are troublesome to look through as well. Really, have they never hear of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”?.Version: 17.33.2

Horrible bugs for content creators and chanelsYoutube has a less than favorable system when it comes to regulating views, likes, dislikes and comments. It’s not very helpful for content creators and can create confusion as well as setbacks for updates and videos. This doesn’t seem dramatic, until it deletes 10M+ views on a certain videos, and then prevents subscribers and viewers from seeing it. Fix this problem as soon as you can..Version: 15.08

ProblemEdit: think it’s fixed now somehow?? This is of course a great app but there’s one glitch that’s only appeared for me in the most recent update to do with comment replies. When I look at the comments on a video and click on “view replies” it works fine, but if I try scrolling down to view more replies to that comment it glitches out and goes to the next comment instead of just scrolling down to view other replies to the original comment. Sometimes (mainly on shorter comments with one or two replies) if I try clicking the x to take me back to viewing all the comments, it just gives me the option to report the comment for some reason, then I have to go back to home, subscriptions or trending or whatever to click on another video to get out of that, or exit the app. So yeah could something please be done about this? Thanks.Version: 12.38

Please take pic-in-pic feature back! The new location of comments does not make sense on iPadsI use YT app everyday. I noticed that the pic-in-pic feature is always on and off. I has been stable in the past several weeks, but then after the most recent update, it disappeared again…very disappointing… Also, I’m not very impressed with the new location of comments on the iPad version. Originally, you could easily skim through comments on the left side of bottom while skim through recommended videos on the right side. With the new location, you will need to click unnecessary extra times to open the comments and then close it before you can get back to the recommended videos. Given the typical screen size of iPads, the whole left side of bottom has been wasted (and users end up wasting time clicking more times…). I could see why the comments moved on iPhones (because of smaller screens), but I find that such a same “adaption” on iPad is a total useless deadweight loss. I would rather stay with the old version….Version: 17.08.2

Channel list..For the past week i have been trying to get help with my list of channels that i am subscribed to. I stream through a roku device to my tv plus i have the you tube app on my iphone. On my iphone the whole list is there, from A to Z and everything in between, but on my tv anything after P is missing, when i look at the channel list on my phone, there is a line after the last one that shows on my TV. Almost like it is showing me on my phone where the list ends on my tv if that makes any sense. Anyway the ones that call themselves helping me with this issue haven’t helped at all, and are very short and hateful with me, after speaking with 3 people with attitudes i got kind of frustrated and decided to leave it alone, but the channels i mainly watch are the ones that are missing from my dang list. They said something like i have changed my settings or something and i have never touched the settings. I have updated on my TV and my phone and still have the same problem, anyone else having this issue?.Version: 18.16.2

Dislike buttonI’d like for the dislike button to be removed, it is extremely degrading and hurtful to quite a lot of people. It’s upsetting to see so many dislikes on a video, and very harmful. I don’t have an account myself, but I know that it’s hard to see someone didn’t like your video, and therefor I would like if it was removed. Other then that, I do enjoy this app, with all those lovely and kind YouTubers that I watch, and they’ve certainly entertained me during the pandemic. All that I would like changed is the dislike button, and make it like certain social media apps, where you cannot dislike what others have posted. It’s not kind and will make the person feel down because they’ve worked so hard on something..Version: 15.49.4

A new low and more cheap tricks with adsEver wonder why Google tries to be “funny” with their update descriptions? It’s better than admitting to all the cheap and nasty things they stick into every update. Removing the swipe to dismiss option is a new low. Prior to the latest update, you could dismiss a video (or annoying ad) by swiping to minimise, then swiping to dismiss. The swipe to dismiss option has since been replaced with a small X button. As usual, the button is harder to select, deliberately slow to respond, and often ignores your request all together. This gives Google those precocious extra seconds of ad time..Version: 14.43


YouTube, what the heck?Every video in my recommended section under the playing video is little kid videos and videos in other languages, nothing relating to the music or video I am currently watching or have watched. YouTube, what the heck is going on?.Version: 13.18

Excessive adsNo one minds adverts, that how you guys make your money; but do you have to have back to back 30 second to 2 minute long adverts every 6-10 mins on EVERY video? And then we get the grand 45 minute advert/program every now and again! Also since the latest update my personal playlist background is white, and the playlist names are a very light grey colour; barely legible. I uninstalled and reinstalled (twice) to see if that would sort it out… it didn’t. And why are there so many recommendations of channels I don’t watch and have never searched for? I thought this godly “algorithm” based recommendations on things that are linked to our own search history; so why am I being show cryptocurrency, “alpha male”, conspiracy theories, right wing media etc? Do this channel pay you for their channels to be top priority? I’ll be keeping my review at 1 star for the foreseeable future, as I know that nothing will change..Version: 18.31.3

Why change the 3 dots button????I would use this ALL the time to state if a video is not interesting or if I want to save for later. Now it is super small and you have to hold it down for that same menu to come up, turning an action that used to take no time at all into a frustrating and time consuming experience. If you tap on the three dots it just plays the video, what sense does that make if I’m trying to access the menu. This change happened without me even updating the app itself. Please change this back, there was no reason to do that. Also when a video finishes playing the next recommended videos pop up on the bottom of the screen making it hard to access the full screen button, so when I am trying to go in or out of full screen I almost always inadvertently press another video and then have to go all the way back out to get to what I was watching. Does anyone actually test these “features” before they are pushed out? ETA I just updated the app on my iPad and now the search doesn’t work, this is like a horrible joke. Rollback this update I can’t find anything useful about it..Version: 13.33

Needs improvementThe updates to the ui make it a pain to use, there are more steps to anything you want to do but it’s not because you do, or can do, anything different it’s just more steps just to slow you down. The biggest annoyance for me is the closed captioning has to be selected for every video. They are set to on in my device settings and all my other apps automatically apply them except you tube. My device is up to date as is the app, I have tried all suggestions - sign out, sign back in, delete and reinstall etc- but every time I have to select the little cc symbol which is so conveniently placed I end up selecting one of the others around it which then has to be closed, its a pain when all I want to do is select a video, press play and understand what they’re saying..Version: 18.13.2

Hate your guts for removing views off of BTS MvsI don’t like the way you guys deleted views off ON mv.. I sincerely hate it.. We spent all night streaming and you guys nonchalantly deleted millions of them. I hope you do better by them the next time.Version: 15.08

Bugging out recentlyDon’t know why but in the past two weeks it’s been glitching a lot, it plays miniscreen but it doesn’t minimise the actual video so you’ve got the top left portion of the video and nothing else. And then when you tap on it, the normal viewing screen bugs out and leaves a black bar on the right side of your screen and then shows the video at the size it was meant to be on when played on the miniscreen. Another problem it when I leave a video to search from more my recommendations screen is filled with a single video stretched across my screen and then just more. Please fix this ASAP!.Version: 15.02

The great new utube!!!I HAVE A SUGGESTION FOR UTUBE!!!!!! WHY DONT YOU BECOME A GLORIFIED ADVERT MACHINE??? The adds are really really annoying and incredibly INSENSITIVE IN WHEN THEY POP UP!!!! It’s more adds than anything!!!!!’ I am absolutely SICK OF THEM INCRESSING AND INCREASING AND INCRASING!!!! UTUBE HAS BEEN RUINED BY GREED!!!!!! You are killing it by more and more and more ads!!!!!!!!! Sick of it!!! Occasionally JUST OCCASIONALLY! A video or your selected program just might MIGHT break out in between advert after advert! Hey if you are (un) lucky you might also get adverts in the middle of what you want to watch! Oh and don’t forget to stay on after your selection finishes because otherwise you would miss out on some more adverts!!! My idea is to re-name it to Advert advert U-(advert)Tube advert advert! Hey I’m very lucky! I know of a music video that always has an advert right in the middle of it! It’s magical’ so my recommendation is - enjoy those adverts! Because you get many more than the videos you might select!1 3 minute selection could have 4 adverts (and if you are super lucky an advert 30 minutes long!)..Version: 19.13.1

GreedyBlatant focus towards companies, celebrities, and investors rather than the content creators we love watching. Extremely janky systems for copyright protection that practically lets someone get a free buck off of content they had nothing to do with..Version: 14.15

AdsAll versions of this site and app have become so saturated with ads to the point of being infuriating. There is a limit to the number of ads and their prevalence that a person can put up with before the experience is ruined. Ads if you don’t click out of a video quickly enough. YouTube’s ads before a video even if the creator has set ads to play near the start so you get ten seconds of content before more ads. Ads where if you don’t skip the first one you can’t skip the second no matter how long it is (and a three minute music video or a gore-filled trailer for a horror movie shouldn’t be unskippable ads). Ads when you are just trying to scrub through a video either to find the place you left off because the app didn’t save it or just because that’s how you utilise a video sometimes. It’s just too much now. Too much when it’s the user base’s content that you’re exploiting to platform your ads..Version: 18.20.3

YouTube is a Platform (new town square)YouTube is deleting channels and videos for no reason. They are platform and should not be allowed to delete videos on someone’s opinion that they don’t like. It’s the new time square. Then they push the main stream media videos, which is 99% left. I go to YouTube for the news so I can hear many peoples views of a news story in one place. But if they keep shooting them selfs in the foot. They many push a lot of their creators away. The people who got them in the place that they are today. Wish they were neutral and transparent. There is still time..Version: 14.35

The adds are killing the productMore and more ads are destroying the once great Youtube site..Version: 14.12.7

Worst video app on the marketIf you switch to another app or your phone goes to sleep the app “forgets” both the video you were watching and the position you were at - something that’s a solved problem in literally every other video app out there. Same goes for when you tap another video accidentally. These are things that are solved problems in literally every other video app out there. You then have to sit through multiple ads to get back to where you were - many of which feature “work-from-home” scams and dubious health claims - both of which are illegal in my country..Version: 17.22.3

Bring back the old comments sectionThis ain’t it. The new comments section is not user friendly. With the old one you could easily access it with a swipe. Also what is up with the super huge thumbnails for recommended videos?? Takes up so much screen space.Version: 15.15

Worst app EVERYou guys deleted VEIWS FROM bts’s music video “on” who TF does that worst app EVER I’m DISGUSTED 🤬🤢.Version: 15.08

Please fix1. When you scroll the list of comments and then click on some comment details and the go back, the list refreshes and need to scroll from the very top again. Not sure how your QA team tested this. Please fix it 2. Sometimes the app advertisements button fully block the exit full screen button which makes it impossible to leave the full screen mode. Please fix it as well, this bug exists for quite some time already….Version: 17.10.2

ARMYYouTube if you’re reading these please listen! We’re really upset because people stayed up till 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 AM to stream bts’s new mv! We were so happy it hit 114 MILLION views and we slept happy knowing we broke the record! But only to wake up to see it’s at 46 MILLION? That’s not ok... please bring back bts’s views Army’s are mad we beg you please bring back the views.Version: 15.08

If you want to use two factor authentication make sure it’s functionalI constantly have to log out and re-login as I have a premium account but it constantly starts playing ads again. Scammers!!! then I have to deal with a non-functional two factor authentication - and since it never works I have to use the long route which takes a good five minutes to login again. You think being such a huge company and part of Google that you wouldn’t be so retarded..Version: 17.44.4

Too much ads / trop de publicités sur la version mobileSince the last update I get too many ads during video streaming this is crazy / trop de publicités sur la version mobile.Version: 12.40

No DislikeThe dislike counter has been removed, I no longer know what crappy mega-corporation videos to avoid. Also, spend more time waiting for ads than for the video I want to watch. It’s going downhill fast!.Version: 16.46.5

Should be betterChoosing resolution is hidden behind 3 clicks for some reason - make it one click please. Or let us set a default resolution, not just “higher quality .” The current experience is dreadful as you have to hit the settings -> quality -> advanced. It should be 2 clicks max to change resolution, makes zero sense it’s that hidden. (It didn’t used to be!) Subtitles - should be able to move them around on the screen. For most Asian shows, the subtitle blocks a lot of the native text on screen. In desktop you can move the subtitles to a different position but this has been overlooked entirely for the mobile experience. The app also just stops playing videos randomly. If I put on a video on loop to play overnight it’s often just not playing anymore when I wake up. There doesn’t seem to be any obvious reason for this, and the loop video option is also hidden behind 3 clicks, so it’s annoying to have to reset the video to play and loop in the middle of the night when I’m trying to fall back asleep..Version: 19.17.2

480p in ‘Higher Picture Quality Mode’As the title suggests, the ‘Higher Picture Quality Mode’ does absolutely nothing for quality. This is especially annoying when the service makes sure to give you ads in the highest quality possible only to leave the actual content you’re there for virtually unwatchable. Also a number of meaningless changes have just left the site confusing or harder to move. The comment section has been made less accessible and visible, almost like the site wants feedback and opinions to be harder to come by, along similar lines as the removal of the visibility of the dislike ratio. Also playlists are now much harder to add to on the mobile app and the site is generally more difficult to navigate than when I first got the app years ago..Version: 17.06.3

PlsOld YouTube better.Version: 14.38

BTS ON mvGive us our 68 mil views back.Version: 15.08

New updateI just updated my app and so when you make the video smaller when you swipe it down to the bottom right so you can explore other videos it is still big enough for you to be able to see and watch the video but now with this new update it goes to the bottom left and it really small and shows the title and it is very ugly. This is going to be a major issue and I think everyone including me would love for it to be changed back to the original way it was before this update..Version: 12.47.16

Bad next-up/auto play suggestions, not personalizedSuggested songs can be irrelevant to insulting to the songs I chose to listen to. The next-up song generated are often the same song I’m already listening to but by a different uploader. The next-up songs are often not the same genre or mood, but more just the same time period but chart toppers. When I scroll to see auto play suggestions, auto play stops, so no music plays until I scroll back up. When I download songs, they can be deleted by the uploader and I won’t even know which song it was. And the most annoying - when I see a song that is “next up” in autoplay, and I click “not interested “ for that song, I’m notified it won’t show up anymore, it disappears, and then autoplay plays that song right after. Also, if I search a song I’ve searched before, the search still puts songs by the same name first (often contemporary songs by more contemporary artists), but the song I’ve actually clicked on and played, further down the list..Version: 16.46.5

Update issueThere is a pop-up window that i have to update the app or close it. And I can't update it, becouse I have an older phone with iOS 10, so I can't use this app. I gave it 1 star, becouse if I click fast enough on a video app work perfectly, so you just did it to force people to update it, It's really frustraiting. I like my old phone, I don't want new one, I don't want new features in the app, if It's working perfectly, why you force me to update it? It's make no sense, even if there will be issues in the future, I don't care, I just want to wach videos and you don't let me, just becouse you can. So 1 star very deserved. I know you don't care about 1 user, but there a lot of people who can't afford new phone, you just don't care about poor people from other countries than USA or western europe. You proof that you no longer a company who cares, you become a big corporation who cares only if people buy new things..Version: 13.10

Premium Customer - Not for much longer - Bias CensorshipYT is among the big tech that has been known to censor free speech for a long time;however, the algorithm changes and biased decisions on what can/cannot be said ultimately may lead me to no longer being a premium member or casual viewer. It’s so excessive lately. I’m constantly hitting “do not recommend this channel” and deleting content that is sexual in nature that gets recommended over time. This is disgusting because I know this is happening to kids. I don’t believe YT is looking out for safety with these things in mind. YT has no problem keeping up content that is hateful to people of certain color or woman in general, this is wrong. Look at the bud light controversy. Customers understand the impact of putting their money where their mouth is and I hope the YT overlords note the lesson’s learned from this or they will find themselves in the same position and become obsolete. Twitter is on its way to becoming the everything app where streaming can be done without the headache of navigating the inconsistent and ambiguous “guidelines” YT applies to only certain groups of people..Version: 18.15.1

YouTube is unreasonableAbsolutely horrible, deleted over half the views for no reason whatsoever.Version: 15.08

Needs problem addressingThe app is solid and very good. Works well with safari and switching to app automatically to view videos but when watching a playlist especially in low power mode the app sometimes locks up and freezes in between videos. The problem occurs regularly on my iPhone 6s Plus. I do not believe this to be a device issue as this is the only app the problem occurs on and when I view playlists on the safari website version the problem does not occur. Pros. Good layout, works well with safari app switching, fast video loading and easy to use. Cons. Playlist bug which very rarely occurs when viewing the same video multiple times, can lock up device for several seconds requiring a screen lock to sort out and screen rotation sometimes takes several attempts to register it has rotated..Version: 13.05

Ads and the new algorithmEver since an update in late march, I have lost the ability to look at a generated algorithm with videos e.g Mrbeast. It say something on the lines of search to get started and have noticed that this only happens on the mobile versions as PC and Switch versions work flawlessly. My second issue is ads which on most of my videos are alright with around 2-4 appearing however I’ve noticed a push for more adverts especially when all I want to watch is a 10 second video which is suddenly interrupted by a 30 second unskippable advert and on some chances even a 90 second advert and I know it’s for promotion but use it with the algorithm or at the end of a video or even bring back pop ups as the didn’t interrupt the video and did their purpose more than the new ones. I think there’s big chances that need to be made else this site will lose its charm and other social media websites will be more successful. The only pro right now is that you can use UMG Artists in shorts without having the video muted which has cause a problem for TikTok..Version: 19.13.1

Please remove this videoI would really like it if you removed this planet song video by a channel called Hopscotch. Because It's really cringe and whenever I see it, It brings back memories of when I was interested in planets. And for some reason I feel embarrassed whenever I see it. Please Please Please remove that video. And in the video there is a stupid dirty joke about Uranus smelling like rotten eggs. And you don't want kids watching videos about rotten eggs, don’t you? That’s why you should remove that video..Version: 17.49.6

Ads, Ads, Ads and more Ads 👎👎👎👎👎Try listening to your fav music album, no chance ! If your using an iPhone that is. On my Mac I have Adblock so no problem…. But on my phone YT is a terrible experience because of intrusive ads literally every few mins. It’s beyond a joke. I put a tomorrow land music concert video on and you watch an Ad at the start, 5-15 seconds depending on your luck, then an ad as quick as 1 minute 6 seconds later. Then one 6 minutes or so after that. Some videos are worse than others and this continues…. Others have less. What’s crazy now is they must have the algorithm pick out when the beats abut to drop, and instead of the beat dropping, an ad drops instead, completely ruining the song/track but even worse it kills your flow, your singing is exposed, the dancing stops and if it’s playing through the home sound system then the volume is increased and your left running to the Stereo to turn it down…. This is clearly designed to frustrate you and push you into paying and buying YT premium where, As they advertise, it’s ad free… ! It’s a Complete scam ! Disrupting your life, then offering you a way of making the disruption stop with a monetary payment ! By all means have an ad at the start and end, maybe even in the middle…. But every so many minutes and when the beat is about to drop is an absolute joke… Sad, lame trick to prize money out of peoples pockets to pay to not have to endure them… Bad business ethics !.Version: 17.28.2

Moved comments updateThe change to have the comment section above the recommended videos was unnecessary and is just confusing and not warranted. It’s rare I want to look the comments before other videos making this a generally bad change to layout. On top of that the choice to make the recommended video icons larger is also a poor one. It now not only takes longer to go through the videos, but it’s harder to tell what the video is based off of the thumbnail taking up most of the screen, resulting in more difficult navigation as well as a eye sore. This change to layout wasn’t asked for and doesn’t improve the app in any way. Instead of changing the layout when it isn’t required, why not try and ensure that users can view the videos their subscribed channels and remove the surplus amount of ads that now make up most of the site..Version: 15.17

Pause screen keeps popping upEvery time i watch youtube the pause screen keeps popping up on my iphone X, tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but no success. It’s been a couple months now and youtube has t fixed it.Version: 13.38

Watch later playlist 🙄I don’t know why this is happening but whenever I try to delete videos on my watch later playlist I can only delete one at a time and then I have to scroll up to the top of the playlist, reload, and then I can delete another one. This is happening on the app on my phone and it’s so annoying. Idk if anyone else is having this problem but it’s so frustrating. Apart from this it’s a good app..Version: 13.27

New bugs in latest update?The app is mostly good, however in the last few days (since the newest update) I have experienced a few bugs that have caused me to have to reinstall the app or close and reopen it. The first was strange stutters in video and audio whilst watching anything, not related to internet connection or resolution. I had to delete the app and reinstall it for it to become comfortable watching videos, however even now I still witness a few occasional stutters in playback that I have never seen before during normal playback. The second bug is around the comments section. Sometimes comments will not post regardless of how many times to press the send button. Even if you delete the draft and open a new one you are still unable to post a comment, and changing video does not fix it. Was only able to fix this after closing and reopening the app. These aren’t massive issues but I feel like there are a lot of these little bugs that come and go over time and can be a bit of an annoyance when trying to watch stuff. Overall the app has good functionality, and 4K HDR videos can look great on an iPad, but I would like a bit more polish in regard to some of the playback and commenting bugs..Version: 18.27.3

#BringbacktheviewsBts worked so hard and Army’s streamed so much but youtube still deletes the views. BRING BACK BTS “ON” VIEWS!!!!.Version: 15.09

Good app!So I got this since all my friends where using this, then before I knew it I had an account! It seems like a great way just sometimes people can be super toxic so any chance you could fully ban accounts (especially when people hate) and maybe ban a few words from being texted or substituted. Eg:: hello - h3LL0. People can be toxic and I know there is an age limit but please make sure everyone is safe! I have an account and it a couple of times I have forgotten to make my videos public (which I laughed at so no big deal) but people could get super angry at it and frustrated on a very bad level. Maybe instead of white you could change the backround to any colour the account wants! Also sometime I see a video and it says no comments, but then if I tap on the comments there are like 2-10 comments. Not sure what that is about, maybe people deleted the comments or something but just Incase there it is! Nice app overall though!.Version: 18.13.4

Good app but advertisement overloadI understand the need for advertisements but it’s to the point now that it’s negatively impacting my experience. Now that there’s two, back to back ads in every break it’s irritating how much I have to interact with the app just to finish watching the video. The more I use the app the worse the experience gets. I usually like to use the app while doing other things like cooking or cleaning. I mostly listen and don’t always have my phone in hand. In an 11 minute video with 6 ads, the middle break had a 30 second unskippable ad followed by a 2 minute ad that was skippable. Unless I am physically on my phone to return to the video that would be 2:30 minutes of ads just for 1 of 3 ad breaks in an 11 minute video. It’s overload. I get that using the free version means you gets ads but it’s overshadowing the content. I don’t want to interact this much with something I’m watching. It’s not a game app. Guess I’ll just stick to watching it on the desktop with my ad blocker. Otherwise, yeah YT is ok. They’re just getting into Pandora territory which is disappointing. Didn’t mind the ads until recently..Version: 15.37.4

Dislike featureThe recent removal of the feature allowing viewers to longer have the option to see the dislike count of a video lowers the overall quality of the app. This feature was supposedly meant to prevent creators from beings the victim of targeted harassment which is not a problem in the community whatsoever. The videos that would receive a ratio of more dislikes than likes most likely receives the dislikes due to the fact the videos are most frequently misleading, hateful, or display another feature of a video that should not be watched nor is it worth watching. YouTube’s removal of this feature now prevents users from determining the overall quality of the content they wouldn’t have to view had they been able to initially view the count for dislikes. Furthermore, the amount of likes on a video should also no longer be viewable by the audience due to the fact that this increases the chance of an audience member to like a video regardless of their true opinion. Overall YouTube’s recent decision making has been on a level that no company should be proud of..Version: 16.45.4

Very good but on huge problemWhen I’m watching a video and I I press the button to make the screen smaller there’s a button right next to it which can connect the video to the TV. This is a huge issue because sometimes I accidentally press it and it connects to the telly my parents or grandparents are watching if I don’t press the done button quick enough!! When I was at my grandparents before I was upstairs watching videos and they were downstairs watching telly. I pressed the button on accident because it’s too close to the zoom out button and 2 minutes later I could hear them unplugging the telly from the wall because they thought it was broken. Then I heard my grandma say there gonna get a new telly cause there’s is broke. I only figured out about 10 minutes later it was because I kept accidentally pressing that dang button. Please just move the button so it’s not near the zoom out button at all it would make everything easier.Version: 12.44

Videos aren’t playing automatically anymoreWhen I’m in bed I like to scroll through my home page but recently videos have stopped playing automatically which is really annoying, I like them to start playing when I stop scrolling so I can watch a little bit of it and click on it if I like it, but now I have to click on it to watch it and then close it which is really irritating when you’re lay on your side with your phone resting on your pillow and scrolling with just your thumb. It’s so much easier when they play automatically. Plus scrolling the home page is how I discover new creators and content and the videos not playing automatically puts me off clicking on them because I only click on the ones that really capture my interest. Please fix this bug.Version: 18.34.5

Bloated and unfriendlyThis used to be much more user-friendly and accessible. Now every video is locked behind unskippable ads (and sometimes interrupted by them as well) which continue to get longer with every update. The algorithm constantly feeds you what’s popular instead of what you’re interested in, to the extent that you can pinpoint comments from people who’ve been recommended a video on the same day as you. Even if you’re subscribed to a channel, you might not see their videos anywhere in your feed unless you subject yourself to push notifications. They do almost nothing to moderate their worst users, allowing all sorts of harmful content and comments while wilfully imposing random strikes and shadow bans on users who’ve done nothing wrong (generally because they’re not creating traditional content that generates revenue for Google). And they trick you into feeding advertisers more insights into your behaviour through “quick surveys” that pinpoint your buying habits and make it even easier for them to disrupt your experience on the platform. If there was another viable platform for video content, that’s where I’d be. Google is one of the least morally sound companies on the planet right now..Version: 16.39.6

Give BTS their views back!I give it one star because the views on BTS’s ON mv got deleted like give them their views back like fr.Version: 15.08

You’re app is akin to a narcissistic motherOne star is now too much for you. I used to enjoy Utube but after the virus you had to label every video that doesn’t fit your narrative with some statement as if people didn’t have access to information any other way. Then you demonized several channels with thousands of followers because you want the control of telling people how and what to think. Then channels get lost in the algorithm because you don’t agree with their platform or what they say because it might hurt someone’s feelings. If a channel bothers someone they don’t have to watch it by the way. You took many off of the platform because you can’t handle people viewing any opinions based on actual factual information that is sourced. You make porn so accessible that kids can find it yet you block ideas that are just out of your comfort zone- hypocrite. Now you make everyone agree to disregard their own privacy and give their private information to any source you like because of your new sign in policy. You are a narcissistic app wanting complete power and control of all information..Version: 18.32.2

Money grabToo many ads..Version: 14.14

Exceptionally poor UXI cannot change notification settings for my subscriptions because I’ve disabled notifications on my phone. This is even though I have them enabled on other devices. In other words, I’m being forced to enable push notifications to change my settings. The sharing function uses a bespoke UI instead of the one provided by iOS, so I cannot simply select a person I’ve recently contacted like I can in most other apps. There also isn’t a setting to change to dark mode automatically according to the system settings. Instead, I can only choose a dark mode or a light mode permanently. The offline functionality is patchy. When on a poor connection, it insists on trying to use the internet rather than the downloaded version. It’s also not possible to copy and paste things like titles and descriptions as it is on the website. The shorts UX is not consistent with everything else. I cannot rewind if I miss something. Instead, I’m forced to rewatch the whole video. Everything, absolutely everything, about this app is suboptimal..Version: 17.49.6

Video doesn't start where I left offI used to be able to watch a video from my history from the point where I left off regardless if I've closed the app altogether or just minimised it by pressing the home button. Since the last couple of updates I'm only able to view videos from where I left off if I didn't close the app. Of I closed it videos would start from the beginning which is very annoying. Would be great to bring that feature back because otherwise the app is really good. Since an earlier update I'm also not able to write a comment on the app, either it struggles bringing up the keyboard switch between SwiftKey and built in iPhone keyboard but sometimes it just hangs. What is more annoying that it also struggles to hide or discard comments when I'm unable to get the keyboard working. Hope this could be improved as I'm using the app daily..Version: 13.30

Can do betterThe ads on this app is ridiculous. It was okay before but now, it plays upto three ads in a row, it somehow puts the assistive touch on iPhones in front of the ‘skip ads’ button sometimes, it plays an ad after two or there songs EVERYTIME and doesn’t ‘autoplay’ even though the option is ticked 👎🏽 I know there is a premium app but come on!!.Version: 15.31.3

I come for the creators.At this point, the only reason I am here is due to the content creators. The absolute atrocity that has become this medium of entertainment is beyond appalling. The sheer quantity of ads, upon ads, upon unskippable ads has left me to the point where I am WILLINGLY taking longer than five seconds to avoid any unskippable ad. I will close the app, stop the video, go back through my watched history, report them, I no longer care. Your insufferable need for money is disgusting. If one of the world's most wealthy monopolies can’t bring for better service after buying out this site, then you all have failed as people of the world. Your greed, evidentially, knows no bounds and proves that there is no low you won't go. Including removing dislike counters to cater to a few individuals that should not have any bearing on the overall usage of this, but the mass's outcry towards the increasing number of advertisements goes unheard. Or, it’s heard and disregarded. Regardless of what the answer is, you have failed. If a new source can bring all of my creators to one place in a more streamlined fashion, I will gladly delete my account from this site and never return..Version: 17.04.3

Bring back the dislike count!You have harmed the educational community by removing the dislike count from videos. How are people supposed to efficiently filter out good educational content without it? You have made it that I can only look at videos of well known creators that I know produce good content, leaving the little guys out of the picture. How is a new creator supposed to make it big if I won’t even bother looking at his/her content because I don’t know whether they make good content or not. Guess what? If I see a few of their videos with high like count ratio, I am going to keep watching them, subscribe and share their page, supporting their journey. What you’ve done has really devalued your platform and I only wish that someone else comes and monopolises the market you currently dominate! Not only because of this but more so of the facade you put to the public claiming it is for the “well-being” of creators! You’re liars and deceitful! If I could give this a negative star rating I would!.Version: 16.46.5

Is it getting worse?Short answer to that is yes, it is getting worse and especially if you stay a free user. I understand that YT and Google live from advertising and selling users data and that's fine. It's been like since forever and people understood - but what Google and YT are doing now is criminal with ads in before, after, in the middle, popping and floating in between, prioritising paid video over relevant... How does it relate to this app? It's worse than browser edition as the pop up ads block most of the screen and before. The video doesn't predownload (buffer) as before unless you pay to download. I'm a premium user and I'm considering leaving YT for good and give a chance to other services that are upcoming and are being what YT once was - place dedicated to videos more than ads..Version: 13.33

Yeah nahThe app, mechanically and functionally, is fine. Works as needed and I have had no issues. The issues I have are as follows: How YT treats smaller content creators who craft their works with time and care, as opposed to trash who do hastily created junk on a daily basis, often rehashing the content of other creators. How YT abuses its monetisation policies to punish, discriminate, diminish or retaliate against creators. YT is, arguably, responsible for the rise and proliferation of Patreon. How YT allows so many (so very many(like, a Trumpian amount)) videos that promote hatred, intolerance, bigotry, racist ideology, sexism, transphobic or just downright mean and spiteful videos. The curation process, which is something I would have assumed was important to YT, is non existent. But, you know, the trending videos always feature pop music. That’s good, right?.Version: 17.25.1

Too much adsToo much ads.Version: 14.14

Why I rate you so lowToo much biased censorship, lying to the World through crafted omissions. Hypocritically banning truths and promoting twisted embellishments and outright lies, while fostering Actual hateful ideologies, at the same time as silencing oppositional views by deleting channels and and throttling users accounts. Manipulating the likes to dislikes ratios as a tool to fool the Sheeple. Not quite as bad as CNN, however, certainly using the same framework of management and manipulations though 👎 I’ve seen many a ‘TELEGRAM’ that clearly show a media ‘Rumble’ happening here and now, with a new King of the Lions taking over by simply exposing the ‘Truth’ , ……… 👍 + 👍.Version: 16.42.3

I sold all my shares.YouTube is all ads, I’m uninstalling and using any other service. A 30 second “survey” just popped up. That was the final straw. I think YouTube has become a disgrace and is the flagship of everything that is wrong with the internet. I never write reviews but I’m making an exception for this giant load of bull. I’ve been with YouTube a long time and have sold all my shares. Many ventures become monopolies like this but then get cocky and profit hungry to justify wild valuations and push all their users away to more friendly services..Version: 14.30.7

Newest Update Made It FrustratingMy main issue is that now, every single video I want to play constantly needs to be reloaded or replayed because of an “unknown error”, usually 3-5 times each video. Weirdly enough, sometimes it happens on a video that didn’t have any ad, but then it will bump into an error while I’m watching, need to be replayed, and then have an advertisement pop up. There’s also increased sensitivity; one accidental “swipe” of the finger from left to right and it will take me one page back, but for some reason, the opposite isn’t a feature. You can only go back a page, but never return to the one you were just on. It’s probably tolerable because it’s on mobile, where a lot of these issues can be pushed through by several taps, but it certainly downgraded my experience. I wouldn’t have updated the app if I knew this came with it, but of course, the previous version of the app didn’t allow you to use it if you didn’t immediately update..Version: 19.03.2

Too close to the sunWhile I have to respect the relentlessness with which ütube pursues it’s mission of connecting eyeballs and advertisers, they seem to be under the impression there’s no viable alternative, and have started acting like the monopoly they aren’t. I might have been literally yelling but I put up with thirty seconds of the most obnoxious advertising known to man for a two minute clip I wanted to see, but the mini ads (that are only half as mini when you include the buffering time) every forty five seconds had me deleting the app. I did redownload it to access some of the features they’ve removed from the web version, but it’s less time than it took to download I had to delete it again. The content library is still an almost insurmountable advantage, but that’s literally the only thing ütube has left. And a marginally slicker interface I guess, but so not worth all the ways it makes me furious. It’s also straight impossible to fall asleep to a movie that’s being interrupted every few minutes to listen to the smuggest woman ever say “kayak” fifteen times in a row..Version: 17.44.4

RIP YouTubeSadly there is nothing better than it out there right now. YouTube’s quality is on a downward slope. Just because there is more people using it doesn’t mean it’s getting better. UI isn’t too bad but I know what I would do to make it better..Version: 14.12.7

Poor systemRecommend engine is still poor. Watch one video to see something different and for the next week the recommended videos are full of the same sort of videos. I just want to see the one I watched but your systems thinks those are the only videos i want. I can see how your system forces people into an echo chamber. The only way to get rid of them is to mark the channels as “Don’t recommend channel “. Also what is it with songs appearing in the iPad recommendations without out any way of saying that I don’t want them. No way to get rid of them. Very poor system..Version: 19.08.2


Video player breaks regularlyThe video player often breaks after an advert, or on the first time clicking into a video. It either doesn’t play the visuals (just a black screen with audio) or straight up doesn’t play the video at all, but the timestamp is moving. The player must first be closed before being opened again. This doesn’t always fix the issue, though, and a third try or app restart is needed. This has become typical use. The “tap the screen to skip backwards/forwards” is also—more often than not—broken. This has been a recent problem starting from a couple months ago, getting worse over time. It is nearly to the point of unusability, as it is often just easier to close the app entirely than to wrestle with it for a couple minutes before being able to watch a video. It may even be easier to watch in browser. I hope this is fixed soon.Version: 18.35.4

Needs workIt’s good if you already know what you’re gonna watch, but if you want to find something new it can literally take hours sometimes. The recommendations are ok at best, most of the times they are terrible. When I press “don’t recommend video again”, it still appears. Also I really wish there was an option to turn off the shorts, or just make a separate section instead of combining them into one. The ads are getting worse, I remember when it was sometimes no ads, then one 5 second ad, two 5 second ads, then the time of the ad gets higher. Now a 5 second ad is 8 seconds?! And there is 2 before you get to watch it?! Sometimes TWO UNSKIPABLE ADS 20 seconds long?! Come on, that literally makes me turn it off and not watch the video. Anyway, it needs a lot of work before it gets a higher rating.Version: 18.17.2

Comment section updateThe new Comment section update is absolutely bad and uncomfortable. Many people see the comment after watch the video, but that bew comment is so hard to see all the comments and terrible..Version: 15.17

Really unhappy with the double 15 sec ads!Wth is with suddenly double-barrelling 15 sec ads? The start ads of every monetised video seem to now be all 2 x 15’s with no chance to skip. Really not happy, particularly since the number of ads per video also seems to be increasing. If only your advertisers knew that we’re more likely to watch a 5 sec ad & look away from the 15’s until they’re done. Also sick of being bombarded with the same ads over & over & over. Also unhappy that people who deliberately insult, abuse people with absolute torrents of foul language, harass & antagonise people, all under the guise of being “First Amendment auditors” seem to have absolutely no checks on them unless the video contains actual violence. Reporting their videos does nothing. They still continue to abuse people for no legitimate reason in the most vile way, screaming abuse at them for sometimes 20-30 mins or more out of their video, yet somehow this doesn’t violate community standards?.Version: 17.22.3

So many problemsThe loading times can be pretty awful. Whenever I switch to a different tab or turn off my phone and play the video I was currently watching, the video takes sooo long to load when I unpause it. This doesn’t occur when I’m using the app and I don’t get why it happens when the app is running in the background. I understand why ads are a thing and this hasn’t been a problem before but now it feels like overkill. Every time I watch a video an ad pops up. Sometimes they’re 15 non-skippable ads and at its worst there’s two. And look, taking away the comments for videos that have been COPPA’d is one thing and removing the mini player is another. It makes no sense. I don’t get how this would be harmful for kids. And the way you decided what videos are for kids is awful. Some of creators have moved on from their channels so when you automatically decide their videos are for kids it removes a whole decade of comment sections. And I hate how I have to worry about my niece stumbling upon two anime girls talking about sex because you automatically decided all animation is for kids..Version: 15.28

Lack of Support for Tablets(Disclaimer: This review is about the app and it’s functionality) This app has been consistently getting worse as time goes by. They keep making changes to the app when there’s completely nothing wrong in the first place. An example being the giant ‘+’ in the middle of the bottom bar that no one uses. Another example is selecting the video quality going from selecting actual resolutions and being changed to ‘high’ and ‘low’. I’ve been getting more problems and issues in the recent few weeks and updates to the app hasn’t solved them. Examples are clicking on a video in the home page and the app not showing. Another example is using the search bar and videos not loading after the search. I will update my review if these problems get fixed however I won’t change my opinion about the app changing for no good reason..Version: 16.33.3

Bring back dislikesYouTube is trash.Version: 16.46.4

If the UI ain’t broke, please don’t fix it!As someone who has used the iPad app for years now, I will be using the app one day just fine, and then suddenly there will be an app update that has totally unnecessary changes to the user interface when I had been so comfortable with how it was before. The latest update however takes unnecessary changes to the UI to a whole different level to the point where the app is now just harder to use. In no way at all is the update to the arrangement of the buttons below the videos (i.e. the title, views, description button, like/dislike buttons and channel buttons) helpful. You end up going back and forth clicking the wrong thing when you only want to see the description! Please put it back to how it was before; if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!.Version: 16.43.2

Say damm and it’s demonetizedYou tubers are getting no money for the content that they make and if you make a video and it blows up and you got a small channel YouTube will think he’s boring he’s views make every single one of their videos demonetized. I miss oldYouTube.Version: 14.26

GoodIt functions as it should but the whole money grubbing scene, advertisement-WITHIN-advertisement, is getting well out of hand. Kudos for timing the skip button in perfect sync with the video so you have no choice but to watch the second ad with no provided skip button some lasting between 00:30 seconds to 2:00 minutes. Alas not the point, there is a health hazard warning I would very much like to point out... ASMR + Advertisement, personally and I am sure many people would agree, any ASMRtist that have ads within their videos should at least pre-warn listeners as I have damaged my hearing having my volume all the way up and ‘auto-play’ accidentally being left on and a very loud, booming advertisement plays... sometimes it’s at the end of the very same bloody video. 🙄🙄🙄 Aside from that particular HAZARD... yeah no it’s good....Version: 14.26

Most broken app on my phoneGoogle has gotten so lazy. And don’t get me started with how broken their ad system is, and how they only care about making that $ and not monitoring what gets advertised on their platform, Really ironic that they get so angry at creators for not being “family friendly” but the ads are way worse and just plain disgusting. Other than that though i am on here daily Edit: wrote this review months ago. Not only have the issues I’ve experienced not gone away, but now there’s even more issues. 5% of the time the Skip ad timer doesn’t count properly and i need to close my video (yes even if its an ad in the middle of the video). Sometimes the video just pauses and doesn’t unpause until you double tap to rewind 10 seconds, only it rewinds about 2 minutes because the video timer stopped working. I have lower end internet and it forces me into 480p even though 720p works just fine, every single video and i need to manually change it to 720p. Its a stupid new system they decided to make to make this already broken app somehow even worse..Version: 17.23.6

YT has NOT improved with ageLove the concept & the content; HATE the platform! As YT has gotten more popular, it has gotten SO much worse! First, ads are out of control! As another said, I understand that a company must make money, but seriously? Ads are forced upon creators even when they do not wish to monetize & the amount of ads are ridiculous! We, the viewers, are bombarded with many more ads than TV uses. And the ads are for things in which I have ZERO interest (hint: STOP with the weight loss ads!). You can also eliminate any ad over 1 minute! If I want to know THAT much about anything, I’ll search for a video! Sadly, it has become all about the $. Now for the serious stuff (as opposed to the merely annoying). Creators must suffer with having their videos highjacked by ads AND stalkers! SO many creators have had death threats & stalking IRL & many other serious issues & YT does nothing! They do not take this seriously. And big tech doesn’t make it easy to find out how to complain directly to them about anything. They hide in plain sight. It’s such a shame that there really isn’t a viable alternative…yet. Remember that YT: yet..Version: 18.04.3

Took major video down/deleting viewsThey deleted a mv and over 65 million views from one of their songs 🙄.Version: 15.11

Phone goes on sleeping mode while watching a video on YouTubeSince I installed this update my phone goes on sleeping mode even while i'am watching a video on YouTube. Which is really the past as long as the YouTube video is on playing the phone doesn't go on sleeping mode. Don't know what modification you've made. Please fix that ASAP..Version: 12.35

YouTubeYouTube is unfairly removing views for no reason especially on BTS songs Specifically the new one called ON By BTS and the app has been crashing too.Version: 15.08

Not user-friendlyI think the app Is really good, I use it every day but there are some features that drive me nuts. The one feature I hate the most but I wish there was an option to turn off the feature where on your home page or subscribed channels and some others, on where it shows the Picture of a video before you select it, if you let it sit there for a couple seconds it starts playing the video on the Area where the pictures is. I might seem overdramatic but that feature drives me out of my mind, I just wanted to where I can see the picture and if it says some thing on there I can read it and not have to worry about it starting the video on me, I just wish there was a option to turn that off. one other thing I would prefer there to be is more options as in When something is added to the app and you don’t like then it would be nice if there was a way to turn it off instead of being forced to have it. Other wise I think the app is pretty good just a little more user-friendly would be great thanks..Version: 16.41.2

Search stopped workingYouTube’s search bar now just doesn’t work, the home page is just fine and I can reload it without trouble, but when I go into the search bar nothing seems to work. Anything I try and search will just lead to a blank screen with a loading circle, I have tried waiting until it works but nothing happens. Please fix this I just want to watch videos other than my homepage.Version: 16.33.3

Removing video from screen is unintuitiveSuch a massive company and they still can’t get this video-in-the corner thing right. Why do you have to slide the main screen to the bottom right in order to make a small screen? That’s been changed now to a little down ‘chit’ rather than an arrow pointing to where the screen is actually going to end up. But that’s besides the point. To remove the video altogether, you have to shrink it, then slide it off to the right. It’s just too cryptic and hidden. It’s like they thought the ‘lets-drag-the-screen-to-the-bottom-right-because-its-a-neat-effect’ had to be put in just because they liked it and not because they thought about being intuitive. So seriously, I’ve had to live with sliding screens to shrink and then swiping it off the screen to remove it for too long. To the point that we’ve gotten used to the absurdity, but are reminded of it every time we need to explain it to a new user..Version: 13.41

App with annoying bugsThe app doesn’t first recognise devices in the same wifi like chromecasts unless you open and connect another app first. Also the rotation freezes on landscape position when you are actually using in portrait position. The annoying ads crashes so it doesn’t finish and you can’t either watch what you really want to because “your video will play after the ad”, you have to close the app and open it again. Asking for a review when you are using the app is also annoying..Version: 14.18

Only three stars, please fixI would give this a five star rating because it is actually a great app, the only problem I have with it is the verifying that you’re over 18, you have to take a photo of your passport, ID or debit/credit card. I have trust issues, and this info is personal, I don’t feel comfortable sharing this information to yous especially if I have no idea what’s going to happen with my info, you have to be 17+ to download this app, so why do we have to verify that we’re over 18 if we’ve verified that we’re over 17. It would be understanding if the age was 12+ to have that 18+ verification, but since it’s 17, there’s no excuse, if we’re 17, that’s old enough. I just don’t like the way yous put the verification by us giving you our private information. Do better please.Version: 17.25.1

A few very annoying glitchesI’m addicted to this app but there’s a lot of glitches that have gotten worse and bug me constantly. First, a lot of videos on my homepage are missing. Like, the spaces they’re supposed to be in is just straight up blank. And, when I block a channel from appearing on my recommended, they almost always come back. A lot of these channels make inappropriate things and I’d rather not have that, but I can’t get rid of it because the blocked channels keep coming back and unblocking themselves. “We won’t recommend videos from this channel to you anymore” Yeah, well I know you will because you keep unblocking them! And I can’t get rid of the covid-19 updates and “events” bar. Every time I click “not interested”, a little bar says “okay, we’ll tune your recommendations” but as soon as I refresh, they’re back! These have been going on for a long time and I think it’s about time you FIX IT..Version: 17.06.3

Watchlist/ Playlist FrustrationWhen I watch videos from my watchlist, a new playlist (redundant) screen in the player comes up that I am unable to remove the video that I just watched from the watchlist. I have to swipe out of my player, to my watchlist to remove the video that I just watched. But when I do that, I am scrolled to a random location somewhere in the middle of my list where I have to scroll up and down to find the video that I just watched, in order to remove it from the list. I believe this is an issue with any/all playlists. The watchlist used to always have a shortcut on the Home Screen. But now it is dependent on how recently it was accessed. This can be frustrating when you have to scroll all the way down to the ‘W’s in order to find ‘Watchlist’. When saving to a playlist, the order is not alphabetical, but recent. Though that can be beneficial, if you are looking to safe into a play that you haven’t recently saved to, this can be daunting..Version: 18.38.2

Good enough.I love this app Pip starts when you leave, I can find my favorite YouTubers, and they removed the number of dislikes? Come on. I dislike. Add it back for 5 stars. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Edit: I saw this one video and Mario spelled this out when Junior tried to steal money, and I love it and agree: B-I-T-E-M-E-J-U-N-I-O-R-L-O-V-E-M-A-R-I-O(Bite me Junior,Love Mario.) •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Edit 2: So, I can find a totally kid appropriate video on YouTube,but can’t find that same video on Yt kids? Yeah, that’s fair. Ok, add gacha life to yt kids! Thanks ;) one star now! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Edit 3: I want gacha life in yt kids! How many times must I speak? A lot. If you don’t add this I’ll be mad. Also, if you haven’t, add The Pines. :) ;( ;) :( thank you! *_* ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Edit 4: Come on! Hiding dislikes? I want to watch without many adds. Also, What about copying?! I saw a video that copied and PASTED it. Without credit. *Facepalm* Something about making Money…••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Ok! One more time! You all love money? Help people when they ask!!! It’s so simple. Just Listen to people= Satisfied customers= More people paying for Premium= More money= Rinse and repeat!.Version: 17.34.3

So badThe new autoplay feature is so ridiculous, I can't even hover on the home page anymore because videos I have no interest in & didn't actually watch go into my history ?? The amount of ads is disgusting. Not to mention the algorithm when you search for videos is stupid. I can barely find new content because once I scroll for a while I end up in a loop of the same content over and over and they're usually the bigger channels. And then months later I finally come accross videos or channels that would've been perfect at the time but never showed up. So frustrating. Also there is currently no permanent 1080p autoplay. You can only select a "higher quality" option which is 720p and then you have to manually go into advanced settings on every single video if you want the highest quality. Literally makes no sense.Version: 16.20.5

Use to be goodAdding 2 unskipable adds 3-4 times per vid and deleting random videos.Version: 14.32

Library tab disappearedI’m assuming it’s from an update but extremely annoying not to have easy access to browse playlists ,other wise the app is good on iOS but the Chromecast with gtv app is terrible as there is no seperate music app and you can’t organise or search your library of saved albums ,you have to manually browse hundreds of thumbnails to find the one you want.I’m a premium user so I actually pay and it’s not cheap ,with all googles resources you would expect it to be the best most functional app in human history lol but of course it’s not..Version: 18.44.3

Pretty goodPretty good apart from the new update that the shorts go in like short format in subscriptions so you can’t put them in watch later. For me I have a set amount of time on my computer and it’s wasting a lot of time. I usually go through my subscriptions and watch later any videos I want to watch, including shorts, but now I have to painstakingly go through all shorts to find ones I want to watch. I think you should make it you can choose whether you want to have the shorts in short format or the original way. Also, I think you should be able to put shorts in watch later, and playlists when watching shorts..Version: 18.15.1

Ads & Useless interface changesCan you please STOP changing the look of the interface?? I don’t understand what it achieves, and the frequency of these updates to the UI do not allow for anyone to actually get used to them. I shouldn’t be surprised to be honest, it seems like all you care about is making this app as inconvenient to use as possible. Also as many have already said, I’m sick and tired of the hundreds of ads you’ve decided to bombard every video with. Not everybody has the disposable income to waste money on your premium services and a decent, comfortable user experience shouldn’t be locked behind a paywall. One ad is bearable, but dozens of them, especially right in the middle of a video is ridiculous and quite frankly unacceptable. You won’t listen, but please, focus on fixing the actual problems within your site before worrying about the aesthetics..Version: 18.49.3

Says I have no connection??Literally every time I use the app now it says I have no connection. I have 3GB of data that's always on and wifi while trying to use it no reason it's not working, and what's with all the ads now when it does work? Fix asap!.Version: 12.35

Bad platformThe way YouTube treats its creators is horrible. They make it almost impossible to make content. You’re not allowed to make edgy content or content that’s too child friendly. Hopefully YouTube can clean itself up in the future..Version: 14.49

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