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YouTube Studio App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

YouTube Studio app received 102 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using YouTube Studio? Can you share your negative thoughts about youtube studio?

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YouTube Studio for Negative User Reviews

I hate the new update, please let it display the amount of dislikes.I hate the new update, please let it display the amount of dislikes, if you don’t want some people to view the dislikes, why not just make it an optional feature? Dislikes are important for constructive criticism..Version: 21.20.101

The app isn’t that bad but..I’m a beginner so when I saw a lot of people using this app I was like “ok let’s try this!!” So I got the app explored a little and when I wanted to change the thumbnails it said I needed to verify my account so I did and I went back to put my thumbnail end it said I didn’t do it I was confused so I logged in again it said I didn’t I close the app to refresh it and I re-opened it it still said I need to sign in so I deleted the app and reinstalled it..didn’t work I was like what the heck so I did it like 10 times I think I lost count but it still wouldn’t work I’m very disappointed in this app so many people would use this app and say it is a very good app for thumbnails but when I used it it didn’t work I’m just gonna take a break from it when it gets a better update then I might use it for now I will make do with not having a thumbnail that is all I have to say I hope you reply or make the app better.Version: 19.25.100

Ok love it, but I have a problem.As I said in the title that you may or may not see, I have a problem. Ok, before I go on a limb here and say a bunch of things that you probably don’t want to hear again, fix all of your bugs as your making your app out in the public. Millions of developers do that, so why don’t you? Anyway, I still think this app is amazing. But it still has limits I’ll admit, but there is one problem that I had with the app.........the add custom image. And that was that anytime I went to put it on a video I would have to verify that my channel exists. Which makes sense. But that’s not the stupid part. When I go to put in my verification and do the whole mess of trying to get it verified...I go back and.......................LOOKY THERE! IT SAYS IT NEEDS TO BE VERIFIED AGAIN! Now I know you have probably herd this complaint over and over and over again but, if that many people tell you you need to fix the same problem and or bug, you probably need to fix it. I don’t know if ANYONE will see this but....just....please developer, fix this! If this does get fixed I will 💯 percent get the app again. This is a great app for inserting your thumbnails! So everyone please be careful when using this app. Reason is because I didn’t download the app again to see if the app was glitching or if it was something wrong with my phone. But when the app gets fixed I fully recommend this app! Itsgachatime out!😁.Version: 20.17.102

Would rather have these features in the yt appKinda pointless. i dont see why we need a whole separate app for this..Version: 22.29.101

It nice and all but...It nice and all but when I try to upload a custom thumbnail it says “Account must be verified” so I went through the steps to verify it and tried to do the thumbnail again but it said the exact same thing, so I checked to see if it’s verified and it said it was... I’m very confused!.Version: 19.47.102

My ratingI would rate this 3.5 stars out of 5..Version: 22.24.100

UhI don’t have a laptop, how am I supposed to get a custom thumbnail?.Version: 22.32.100

This app is stupidThis app is one of the reasons why I only have 0 subscribers Did you know that there are other better apps out there then this horrible app! So don’t wast your time on this horrible app you can’t even change a thumb nail in this app and you have to sighn in to be able to do that😡😡😡 so don’t get this app that is a big worning😡😡😡😡.Version: 22.16.100

BadI have a channel and when I go into the app thare is no create button I look onlie and everyone has that button but me.Version: 22.05.100

ThumbnailSo I gave the phone number so I can make thumbnail but I still can’t make my thumbnail.Version: 20.26.100

Not designed for iOSThis app doesn’t use standard iOS navigation which makes it a pain to use. No swipe to go back means you have to reach to the top of the screen every time to go back..Version: 20.13.104

Can’t save my editing.Whenever I edit like adding a thumbnail, tap the for kids or not for kids option, etc and then when I tap save, it times out so I use the website version but now I can’t use that right now.. 👎.Version: 22.34.100

Not very good:(Je peu pas placer de miniatur perssonalisee / i cant but a customized miniature.Version: 17.34.103

Doesn't workSilly thing won't allow sign in.Version: 1.2.1

I don’t have changeI can’t change my thumbnail it’s really annoying and I’m on tablet can I not do it on tablet? It’s making me really angry and it’s really annoyed with it please fix it because I have watched many videos of how to make a thumbnail but it never shows up change because I want to make a cool thumbnail do I need a phone? Because I am on tablet I would give it a higher review but this really is annoying please fix the glitch or problem - love reviewer.Version: 20.47.100

One starWhen implementing a custom thumbnail, I had to verify my channel with a phone number. But when I tapped it, it said I already verified my account. I did it again, only for it to say I needed to verify again. Did some closer inspections, I realised that it was connected to another channel that I put custom thumbnails on already, and I cannot change it to my current channel..Version: 21.32.100

ThumbnailsI’ve tried to get a custom thumbnail for ages and i still cannot seem to get it. When i’ve tried to verify my account it takes me to safari and says it’s already been verified but when i go back into the app i still can’t get a custom thumb nail so if you could fix that it would be amazing..!.Version: 20.47.100

Not enough controlThis app would be great if you could see all comments and be able to block specific individuals who are offensive. Deleting content from this app needs to be changed so it can be accessed from the “videos” tab..Version: 21.16.100

So many crashesThis app was great before but a few days ago it kept crashing like crazy. Whenever I tapon a video and press the little pen icon that lets you customise the video (thumbnails, titles, tags, publicity, description) it just crashed. It always crashes whenever I do that and I have tried restarting my device, deleting and reinstalling, but nothing seems to work. I’m pretty sure the app is te problem and not my device because every single other app works fine. Please try to find this proplem..Version: 20.22.101

Plz fix this..I give it three stars because yesterday this began to happen to me that I am going to tell you now, first I was uploading a video and I'm fine As usual, but later when I uploaded it I was going to put the thumbnail and when I put it and when I put it on it did not appear to me I changed the title and it told me that an error occurred I tried again And it said the same thing, see it, it comes in again and it said the same thing Delete the video to see what happened And I'm going to upload it when I deleted it when I delete it I tried again the same since it does not appear since my title still does not appear and the same poster kept appearing January please fix it It bothers me a lot that it happens to me and I know that almost nobody happens to it but it bothers me a lot that it happens to me please I hope they fix it.Version: 20.47.100

Just ok but lacking desktop functionsThe main reason I use this app is to change my video thumbnail. But other than that, it lacks many basic functions compared to desktop viewing. For the app, you can’t see which video has a copyright claim and you also cannot access the free music library from the app itself. Obviously, video editing from the app is also out of the question so plenty of improvements needed..Version: 20.47.100

Good for long time creators, but..I always used this app and it was great! I could add thumbnails, see my view income, I could even see the gender of the viewers on my videos! But I recently created a new channel (For a different type of content) And I need to verify it on a computer before I can add thumbnails? I don’t see a need for this. I don’t see why we need to do that. I don’t have access to a computer at my house, so I half to wait until I go to my local library to log in to a computer, and I RARELY go their. I just want to add thumbnails on my new videos. (Channel I can’t add thumbnails for is “Slime ASMR Videos.).Version: 18.13.102

Thumbnail Changing Isn’t WorkingI’m verified so I have the ability to do it, but every time I’ve tried to change my thumbnail for the last 2 hours it hasn’t worked, I was really hoping for this video to do well since I worked very hard on it and this is gonna effect my channel :/.Version: 21.39.100

Editor?Great I can see all my stats for my channel but when I go to edit a video (title, description, thumbnail) and I press SAVE it comes up as “saving” but when I leave the app or try to go back even after pressing save countless times my changes do not get saved. The save changes button comes up with a loading bar but doesn’t take me out of the editing or save my changes at all. Poor bug..Version: 19.13.101

Not workingI tried to download the App several times and I was prompted to OPEN the new version, but after I pressed OPEN, it’s still the old version, frustrating.Version: 22.34.100

IOS is too highFor a app every you tuber needs. I thought the IOS would be low. But I guess it’s not. Please a version that doesn’t have IOS. I love this app and I need it!☹️.Version: 22.45.101

Random stuff and crashI very enjoy your app But when I press custom thumbnails it end come help stuff and I don’t need it so it’s better you don’t put random stuff on when I press custom thumbnails Another thing is when I’m watch a video it crash So please fix it or else I have to delete this app.Version: 19.32.101

WHAT DID YOU DO?For the past few days, the app has become borderline usable! The Dashboard’s quick analytic numbers are just straight up wrong for revenue, and when you go into the analytics from the dashboard there is no way to get back to the dashboard without closing and reopening the app. Comment filters are often whited out making it hard to change filters too. Please fix this..Version: 22.11.100

Nice but needs changeVery nice and easy to use but you should be able to be verified with email, because I don’t have a phone number I have to use a friend / family members every time I wanna verify an account and it’s getting annoying for them.Version: 20.17.102

Can’t verifyWhen I go to change my thumbnail it says I need to verify my yt account but I have. When I click verify it says this page doesn’t work?.Version: 19.25.100

My vids getting copy right age right foot no reasonThere nothing wrong with my vids and they age right and copy right and I had to delete a vid because it was too long how is 21m long? I’ve seen vids that ate 7 hours long and they say I’m wrong how about the fix there bugs so it’s alright for every one but I can charge my thumbnails so maybe I’ll give it a 2 star but 1 star for this app.Version: 22.24.100

Bugs & omissionsSo... two updates now & still revenue is reporting in English £ with no way to change it to Au$. A serious omission is that there is no way to review pending comments if you have you Channel set to hold comments for review. Annoying as you cannot set a notification of pending comments so the only way to review is manually, video by video through a desktop web-browser. So much for a professional app to allow you to manage your channel..Version: 18.24.101

Issues with Uploading ThumbnailsOne of the main features I use this app for is adding thumbnails to my videos. This app used to work perfectly well for this feature. For the last couple months, I’ve gotten a “the request has timed out” almost every time I’ve tried to add a thumbnail to one of my videos. I try adding the thumbnail half a dozen times, I get frustrated, I end up canceling/discarding the changes I’ve made, and the thumbnail I tried to add suddenly appears as the thumbnail for the video. I’ve had the app updated and I’ve deleted/reinstalled the app, but nothing seems to help..Version: 21.32.100

TrashWon’t let me update my videos.Version: 22.41.101

Quite good but..I’m disappointed that you need a laptop/pc to view/do certain things because I haven’t got access to either so that puts it down for me. Even just to view who’s subed to you. Other than that it’s alright. Please maybe add some of the pc features into next update thanks.Version: 20.22.101

What’s the point...... of this app- I truly don’t know. Once you download and use it for few minutes you will find out that there’s nothing useful in it really. You may think that you will use it for analytics but it’s so inaccurate eg. You can interact with your viewers they say- well my new video has a comment on it but doesn’t have any according to this app. View count shows some number which isn’t the number of views I can see in regular yt app or on desktop. I downloaded it hoping that I could edit tags on my videos but yes you’ve guessed it: no such option. In fact there is not a single thing useful. What a shame..Version: 20.13.104

My app is deadKeep showing “something’s not right”.Version: 22.32.100

PublisherWhere is the publisher.Version: 22.02.100

Bad update, Good AppLatest update is unnecessary. I love this app, but the beauty was being able to quickly see how well your last few videos were doing and the channel as a whole at the same time. This new ‘latest video’ panel stuck straight in the middle makes the app navigation and use SO SLOW. Please remove it and revert back to how it was!.Version: 20.04

FeaturesSome features are bad! So far, the app is not that good. The website itself is poor in giving some critical information such as ID Content is totally the opposite or doesn’t helpful sometimes. If it can be fixed could be helpful for users. When report the problem, the administrator doesn’t care about it..Version: 21.39.101

The app doesn’t load up my videosThe app doesn’t load up my videos.Version: 20.34.100

Missing important parts of editingReview 2: April 2019 So after I’ve been using this for some time now, it appears the only use to me it has is to edit my thumbnails quickly, the possibilities of removing songs that block your video like you can on (studio beta) would make this all, in incredible, my first review still stands. Review 1: Feb 2019 It’s ideal and all that but it’s missing certain aspects from phone editors that you can set on a computer like recording date, game name and other advanced options.Version: 19.13.101

Why do many hours?This app is great but something you should realize is that there is a lot of small creators that are exited to get money from creating but like why is it 4K watch hours to do that? Please change it 👎.Version: 22.43.100

Unable to upload new videos to You Tube from my iPadI used to be able to make new videos on my iMovie app on my iPad. Something changed and I can no longer upload my videos. I’m very disappointed because iMovie let me make some nice videos with some level of creative control. The you tube app will now only let me record a video through their app on my iPad. It doesn’t allow for any editing of the video. Only a crude format that I can’t use. I hope this problem can be resolved. We are not all 3 year olds and some of us adults are actually intelligent and want more reactive control over our videos..Version: 21.32.100

Why in minutes.YouTube uses watch hours-not minutes. Why show this in minutes without the ability to change to hours?.Version: 20.13.104

Good?I wish it did all the things that you can do on a laptop because the laptop version is harder to use but has more things, so I want to be able to do the same through my phone. Not complaining though because it does the simple stuff like let you upload a video. But it won’t let me use a customized thumbnail. And lastly this is not on the phone nor computer version but I kinda want you to add something that shows you who subscribed to your channel. Over all it’s a good app but I just want it to do the same things I can do on my laptop so there’s less of a hassle.Version: 20.09

HOW 😩So first I was like omg! It worked but I didn’t know how to get the soft ware open when I tapped live?!? Bro I need help please help!.Version: 22.12.100

What i think would improve the appI'll start off with saying the app is awesome and handy but still does not offer some key features that would be really really handy. This includes being able to add end cards on videos, not being able to see the people who subscribe to you or how close you are getting to be able to do ads and i also thing with able to copy and paste a bunch of tags would be very very helpful. In general i would just like to see more features so that i could finish up and manage a video easier because i still find myself having to hop on the computer. Thanks.Version: 18.32.102

It’s good but lacks featuresIt’s good to keep track of your viewer count and sub count but when I get on desktop i see WAYYY more features like viewing copyright claims or doing ending cards, I usually use the app more and you can’t really do stuff in it, all you see is how much subs, views, and comments. So please add more features that would really help.Version: 22.45.101

Add End Screens & Monetization Settings on ShortsLet us add end screens and be able to turn on monetization for shorts instead of making us go onto the web to do so. It’s always the simple things that is missing.Version: 22.43.100

Good app just limitedThe website has sooo much data and I love it, but I rarely use my computer. I wish you could incorporate more data onto the studio app for me to look at on my phone so I can try figure out what’s working and what isn’t. Also graphs should be clickable to see daily numbers, instead of having to read the lines. Currently have the desktop version of the website on my phone but it’s hard to use.Version: 20.38.100

Could be betterNot a bad app, very useful for on the go, especially when I can’t fill in video details as I’m at home, however, I have had instances where I’m typing everything out and as I’m about to finish, I accidentally place an invalid character in the tags, and the app crashes, causing me to have to fill in every single tag, title, and description word again, mostly just a pain since it doesn’t autosave, it also doesn't scroll if you’re typing, so you can’t see if you mistyped any words without closing out of the keyboard, scrolling down, then checking..Version: 19.03.101

Sucks!😡Doesn’t even let me edit videos on my phone😔can’t add thumbnails or anything😪😖don’t even let me upload unless I go on my laptop🥵.Version: 22.40.100

Verification errorsI tried to verify my account so I can have thumbnails. But the thing is, after I verified, they still wouldn’t let me have a thumbnail. I tried multiple times, but it doesn’t work! Pls fix this issue ASAP. Without that error this app would be 5 stars.Version: 20.04

Yet Another Half-Baked App From GoogleIPads and iPhones are powerful things! The new iPad Pro’s especially so, and are more powerful than even some Macs. So... why can’t we do something as basic as upload content? You can film in 4K resolution at 120FPS, edit it and even colour grade it directly on the iPad... but you can’t share it! Sure. Makes sense. Also the design of the app is extremely poor and difficult to navigate..Version: 20.42.100

Forces you to pay to editYou can’t edit any videos without having a subscription. Don’t download unless you’re willing to pay 10$ a week..Version: 21.24.101

Just OKThis app is quite frustrating. You can do some basic stuff, but for most really useful things, it asks you to go to the desktop version, which doesn’t load on iPhones anymore for some random reason. You can’t search for comments, block users, ask for your video monetization to be reviewed. I used to solve this by going to safari, loading the desktop version of studio and doing that from there, but that’s no longer possible. Also, it doesn’t allow you to choose the notifications you get. I like getting all of them, including answers to my comments, like you can do on the desktop version, but the notifications you get here are super random. I wrote like a month ago to ask about these things, but of course they’re too busy to give a crap..Version: 19.19.100

I hate itOkay so, I tried to it on iPad because it said it could work like that, and I sign in and download it. Here’s where it gets frustrating, I’m watching videos trying to get it to work, AND IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THE VIDEOS!! Maybe because it’s older in the videos, BUT AT LEAST IT WAS FUNCTIONAL!! I could not edit my videos unless it was the title or description, IT DIDNT EVEN LET ME POST VIDEOS!! I could do nothing!! I hate this app so much. Happy with your unsatisfied CUSTOMERS, yeah, I’m not the only one that isn’t happy. I’m pretty sure you don’t even check the reviews! I was so excited, but now it’s just a PIECE OF TRASH you call an APP. If I could I would give you a 0 star review! HATE. IT..Version: 22.17.100

Can’t upload videoVideos can’t upload to you tube.Version: 18.24.101

Needs to be usefulWhat is even the point of this app when we can barely do a thing with it including being unable to upload videos through it? I can’t even go to the desktop version right now on my iPad without it taking me to this useless app when I want to upload a video. It’s annoying.Version: 21.16.100

No Upload Button!!I have had the app for a while, tried to look for an update, spent hours watching videos and exploring every menu to find the upload button and have not found it. I don’t have an upload button where everyone else should. Very frustrating as I upload the videos I put on Instagram on YouTube..Version: 22.48.100

Useful but missing a few featuresThis app is great if you want to track analytics and stuff for your channel, I just wish it had an upload feature. Other than that it’s great, good layout and easy to use. Sadly you also can’t add end screens to videos so.Version: 21.39.101

Please helpppIt won’t let me upload my thumbnail! It said I need to verify it’s me even though I signed in! Please fix this!.Version: 20.42.100

Videos not showing comments that I responded to.As of a few months ago the app stopped showing comments that I responded to when you select a video. That’s really important for me to maintain communication with my viewers. Can you help?.Version: 22.42.100

What’s HAPPENING?!!I am a daily vlogger who has relied on the creator app since I begin my channel. I film, edit, upload and work for the channel exclusively on my iPhone. I have used the creator app since my channel began in December 2016 and I used to love it! It used to have five stars! First they took away the feature of endless notifications… Now you can only see 20 at a time and you can’t swipe them away to delete; now there’s some kind of bug where when I answer a comment from the comments page it hovers over the comment below it, like it doesn’t make space! Yes it would be great if we could add icards and endscreens as well but I would be happy if you just fix these things back to the way they were! Thank you for caring!.Version: 18.38.103

🤔I’m also a beginner and I saw a lot of videos that use this app and my sister also showed me a video that used this app, and then I was like “Omg! I can actually have a different cover or thumbnail.” But then when I downloaded the app it said I needed to verify a account so I did that and went back the app and when I tried again to do the cover it said I had to do it a again and I then started to get mad because I was so happy to use this app it kinda disappointed me and I ask my sister what happened and she said ‘cool...’ I GOT REALLY ANGRY! I literally tried like 25 tries and it still didn’t work. So I waited another day to try but the same thing happened again And I tried again,and again, and also again those against were day just saying so then I deleted the app,butttttttt only if there’s an actual good update I would download it so yeah I hope this app can do better I just really hope..Version: 19.25.100

I’m lostSo I originally got this app to improve my thumbnails. I was so excited too! I went on to it and signed in to my account. I clicked on the edit mode for thumbnails and it said to verify my account so I put in my password and clicked on it again. It said to download the app when i already have is downloaded?.. so I went and clicked on the link and it brought back to the App Store....? It said to open the app cause I already have it downloaded so I clicked open. And I thought it was just a glitch so I got out of the app completely and opened it again.. I got in it and clicked on the thumbnail editor AND IT SAID TO DOWNLOAD THE APP!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!! I’m only giving this app three stars until it’s improved I can’t do anything here I don’t understand it UGH i am not in the mood to have to deal with this so I will delete the app for now.. the app does have good things though like how I can see my status that cool but I’m not saying this app is useless I’m just really annoyed at the one thing I needed most wont work but everything else is perfect👌👏👏 so please tell me how to solve this issue and keep up the good work 👍.Version: 19.19.100

Is okay but needs more workSo I like the app cuz social blade updates some stuff and when you check how many subscribers u have they do it like 10 subs 20, 30 like that they don’t actually show u like 1,334 it would be more like 1,330 they will not update until u reach 10 more so is kinda annoying, so Ytstudio used to be awesome when it comes to know how many actual subs u r getting but not is not working they said I lost 45subs when I didn’t I gained 25 so I found it weird that is doing that cuz I used to love it, I hope they fix the problem the other stuff is working good but the subscribers count is having problems like social blade kinda annoying cuz I’m small youtuber and I wanna know when I’m actually going to hit 10k :) hope they do something about that.Version: 19.47.102

Glad I Didn’t Updated This AppI haven’t updated this app in over a year and I’m glad I didn’t. I use this app on a daily basis to upload my thumbnails and or to reply to commenters questions and/or remarks. The only grip I did and still do have is that I have to use my iMac or my MacBook Pro just to use their Beta Studio webpage which use to be easy to navigate/use and now is more of a headache than in the past just to add in end screens and other important details for each of my uploads. This feature was available on this app until I updated this app. After that I stopped updating this app and I’m glad I didn’t continue to update. One of the reasons why I don’t update apps when there is an update is to see what others are having problems with or what cool features were removed or added. If there are no complaints then I’ll update but if their are complaints you bet your bottom dollar I’m not gonna follow. Good luck to all of those who can’t use this app to its fullest extent..Version: 19.38.103

Helpful but buggyThe app is amazing and I use it multiple times a day instead of going on my laptop but recently when i leave a comment it shows up on top of the comment below it which means I have to refresh in between writing every comment to be able to read other comments..Version: 18.38.103

Thumbnails DONT WORKI’ve tried adding a thumbnail but it doesn’t work. I tried to add a custom thumbnail but when I clicked on it, it said I had to verify my account. So, I clicked on Verify My Account and it said my account was already verified. So, I went back thinking it would let me add thumbnails but it AGAIN said I had to verify my account! I tried over and over again but it STILL said that I had to verify my account but it also said that my account WAS verified! I went onto the help section and all the help section did was say “Click edit then click on add thumbnail then click on custom thumbnail and blah blah blah” All it did was say what button to press and stuff. I wanted to know how to “verify” my already verified account! This app really bugs me because of all the false advertisement. It tells you that it will let you add thumbnails but it doesn’t. So, I gave it a 1 star rating..Version: 19.38.103

Bruh I don't even have the menu spotWhere is the menu I'm tryna edit my videos here!!!!.Version: 22.32.100

Great but...This app is pretty good apart from the thumbnail edit thing. If your channel hasn’t been verified then you have to go onto a laptop and verify it that way. I don’t think you should have to do this because I know a lot of people that don’t have computers or laptops and they can’t put any thumbnails on their videos. Please change this 🙏.Version: 20.13.104

Please fix this.Please read this. There is a problem that is really annoying me it says my account is already verified & i still can not do custom thumbnails so i made a new account & verified my self on it and i STILL can not do custom thumbnails please fix this its really annoying but overall the app is amazing but please fix this bug. Basically i am already verified & when your verified you can do custom thumbnails so I verified my self & its not letting me do custom thumbnails. Please read this & fix this bug please. Thanks.Version: 20.47.100

Just Fix the Bug SeriouslyOkay, for years they’ve been having people complain about the thumbnail issue. I have the issue that my account is verified, but it keeps telling me that in order to upload a custom thumbnail my account needs to be verified. I go to verify it, of course it just tells me it’s already verified. Go back to upload again, still won’t let me and tells me my account needs to be verified. If this has been an issue for this long, then the app really needs to just fix it already; it is interfering with what people are trying to do. This is a huge unnecessary headache for creators and makes the app look like trash created by people who don’t care..Version: 20.47.100

NO😡I cannot post videos on here ( i download this cus i couldnt post videos on the safari/google website thingy) please fix this i am very annoyed😭😤👏.Version: 22.19.101

IOS versionsIt’s a great app - but this update says that the app will not work for devices lower than iOS 12 and that isn’t fair to me!! I’m iOS 14 but still ... if people are happy with the app and have used it for years and then u are just going to get rid of it so they won’t be able to use it anymore, that’s really bad! 😕 please understand.Version: 21.20.101

Hello I have problemOk so basically I have a small channel I have recently found out about yt Studios for all my videos I have no thumb nail so I wanted to change that I downloaded yt Studios and watched a tour on how to change the thumb nails I went to dash board and clicked on one of my videos and clicked customize photo or something like that and I didn’t work I thought it was just jammed so I reset and did it again and again and it never worked so I tried to delete the app and redownload it but my iPad had been acting up every since I cracked it so I would like to know what you can do for me and thank you for your time..Version: 19.08.100

MusicMy music gets posted on YouTube but for some reason the comments get automatically disabled. I downloaded this app to fix the issue but since my songs are not considered “videos” they are not showing on the app. Can I receive some help with this?.Version: 21.47.100

OkayThis app is good but here’s the problem: I got this app to change my thumbnail to a different shot in the video so I wouldn’t have to do it on the computer. I clicked on “Edit Thumbnail” but there was only 3 shots to choose from and not one was the shot I wanted so I clicked on “Custom” even though the thumbnail I wanted wasn’t custom and it said I have to do it on the computer but the whole point of me getting this app was so I didn’t have to use the computer. I think that you need to let the user choose what shot they want as the thumbnail instead of giving them 3 options. Thank you! 😃.Version: 18.24.101

Please fix thisI really want you to fix this I can’t put a thumbnail when I already verified my gmail so I tried it on a laptop but It’s even worse we need a phone number so you can you change it why not gmail?PLEASE PLEASe fix it it’s annoying me so much I really like thumbnails I only want the studio for thumbnail and comments and likes and sub and deletes so please fix this..Version: 21.24.101

It’s pretty good, but I can’t add video end screens.The app itself is good, it allows me to access my analytics and video details easily. It also makes it convenient to edit things like the thumbnails and tags, which is great. However, as someone who does almost all of my work on my ipad, I find it vexing that I cannot add end screens to the videos, and I have to access them on a computer to do so. This means that I cannot set my videos to be public and complete from the app and I have to delay uploading until I can gain access to a computer. Apart from that, the only complaints I have is that I can’t upload from the app and that comments are frequently marked as spam, and not shown as notifications, resulting in me not responding to them for long periods of time, even months. But the main thing for me is the end screens. Apart form them, the app is good..Version: 20.13.104

BugI found a bug in your app it say that I got 4 views but it is on 1 and the chart it is the same but it does not move up it only moves up when I watch on of my videos so can you please fix it.Version: 22.34.100

Randomly stopped letting me change my channel thumbnailsI don’t know why, but there’s some issue with my one account where it won’t let me change thumbnails anymore- even though everything is verified, and I’m eligible for it, and I did it in the past on the SAME ACCOUNT. PLEASE HELP ME DIX THIS!!.Version: 22.47.100

Where is the page???I made a new channel and you need to verify your account when you want custom thumbnails so you need to tap find out more so when I did that it took me to the page but it was deleted and it said it no longer exists or the URL may be incorrect so I tried verify my account and then make my custom thumbnail but it still won’t let me! Please work on this and restore the page!!!.Version: 19.25.100

Bad upload interfaceOn the mobile version of the YouTube website, the upload button redirects to YouTube Studio but there is literally not a single upload button on the app anywhere. This app is not functional..Version: 22.20.100

WhyWhen I downloaded the app i could see everything but when i wanted to see my subscribers I couldn’t.Version: 22.38.100

Inferior to the desktopI had this app for a little while but it was only a few months ago I really started to use it. First off, I don’t like how the app is designed. Everything looks like it blends in with each other and there are some icons that don’t even look right for the app. There are some features missing such moving videos in a playlist, customizing the channel layout, etc. There’s also a glitch when you type out your title and scroll down and then up, it resets to back to the title it was originally. This was very frustrating especially when I’m writing my description and the title changes! Also, I really hope the COPPA/made for kids thing should have a divider with the required option and the optional..Version: 20.09

Comments???Wasn’t a bad app BUT recent updates have left the ability to locate the comments in Studio App absolutely impossible! Tried ALL the different “filters” and still none show up. PLEASE fix/put it back to how it was before!.Version: 21.39.101

I can’t even find something where we can make videosCan someone tell me how to get to the stuffs where most people upload why can’t I see it the only thing i see is my gmail add account and manage account on this device I don’t think I’m doing anything in YouTube studio I wish I can give it a 0 star.Version: 22.16.100

Dreadful usability like the rest of Google’s outputIt’s the Wild West at Google. While they try to dictate to the rest of the world on website and app design and usability, they have zero consistency on their own sites and apps. Studio also still doesn’t support creating a new live stream. I would turn to Chrome on the iPad to do that, but that’s also now stopped working. The studio site helpfully tells me that my browser is out of date (it’s not. It’s the latest Chrome and worked yesterday). This level of resources and this is the best they can do?.Version: 20.47.100

Ok for a quick access to your channelIve always been able to choose to view my channel with my web browser or with this app. However, I’ve now deleted this app as I preferred my web browser access to my account. After the last app update whenever I tried to access any settings in Firefox, this app immediately opened and tried to take over, so I’m afraid to say it’s sitting in the bottom of my recycle bin..Version: 21.16.100

READ THIS!I AM SO ANGRY BECAUSE I AM 11 and have a private YouTube channel bc my mom won’t let me have a public one so I ad emails to my vids and all that so my fam can see my vids BUT on my phone I cannot add emails on YouTube studio or YouTube itself! THEN I have to go on my moms crappy computer that is older then me and it takes me no joke half an hour just to upload a video bc my moms computer is soooo slow! So please make and update or something so you can add emails on this app on an IPhone! Please please please fix this and add it!!! Bye have a good day!❤️.Version: 21.47.100

YouTube shorts creator fundWhy is YouTube shorts creator fund not in Canada I am fairly sure there is no law in Canada disallowing you to do so, there are so many small creators who got themselves excited for being able to be monetized on shorts but then they see you have to be in a different country, it’s very hard to get 4K watch hours for regular partner program please make it available in countries that have no law regarding this or at least expand the countries, if you see this and you want this to be changed mark this as helpful GET THE DEVELOPERS ATTENTION!!!.Version: 21.32.100

IM SOO ANNOYED 😡😭Hello everyone I got youtube studio and went to change my thumbnail it said to certify your account so I did and then I pushed on custom thumbnail again and it said VERTIFY YOUR ACCOUNT AND I ALREADY DID THAT and that was the main reason I bought it 😭😭😭 And it doesn’t work PLZ CHANGE THIS Other than that it’s a meh great.Version: 20.13.104

Can’t upload videos using this appWhat is the point of this app if we can’t use it to upload videos? Flash new update and still no way to upload videos using this app.Version: 22.10.100

I used to love thisI have a small YT channel and I learned how to schedule videos. And I loved that you can do that. Because I can film 5 random videos and schedule them for different days so I can take a break with videos being uploaded. And what I would do is upload videos as private then change it to scheduled on YT studio. And now I can’t because it makes every single video I uploaded as private as a “draft”. Even though yesterday it was just fine. It says no update and it just did it automatically. And now I have to wait to upload my videos. And if google is reading this then CHANGE IT NOW. Please fix this google. I would give you 1 star if it was like this the whole time..Version: 20.13.104

..The purpose of why I downloaded this is so I can customize my thumbnails,but it won’t let me do that,it basically uses all its power to make sure I can’t. And anytime I try and watch that video it crashes logging me out. So I decided to do it on my own. Which didn’t work either it kept saying I needed to verify my account and whenever I tried it said I did. Please fix this bug or glitch or is there a way to solve it? I also couldn’t go with a pre-thumbnail because it freaking blank. If your only downloading this for a thumbnail try it. But just listen about what’s happening to me. I also tried re-downloading it but no. -Slushy.Version: 20.22.101

The app has bugs and needs an updateThe app has bugs and needs to be updated to fix the issues. It says turn on monetisation and it rarely works first go. When I do it, sometimes it gives me ! Instead of saying it’s on. Then I have to edit again, sometimes needing to click refresh up to 5 times. Now it keeps saying my edit was saved but still says monetisation is off on that particular video. Sometimes editing fixes that but my latest attempt just won’t save it..Version: 21.32.100

NopeThey’re on track to ruin this app. I’ve used this app for years. Videos under content are now out of order. A video I posted 3 days ago is above a video I posted 1 day ago.. I have my sorting on most recent so it should be the other way around. Also the revenue used to show your most recent and ongoing month on the top, then the past months in order from top to bottom. Now it shows revenue from months ago on top and your most recent on the bottom. Also if you wanted to see what you made in one particular month, let’s say “February” it will still list all of the other months and not the month you are wanting to see revenue for. What is going on? Seriously. All of this just started happening days ago and the most recent update/bug fix didn’t fix any of these issues..Version: 22.12.100

Can’t uploadButton missong pls fix, u dummies.Version: 21.47.100

Why call studio when you can’t upload videos!!This should be called YouTube view or gallery or something. I would imagine anything called studio to allow uploading..Version: 18.48.102

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