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EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor Negative Reviews

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EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor app received 113 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor? Can you share your negative thoughts about epik - ai photo & video editor?

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EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor for Negative User Reviews

Sold out??Firstly, it requires to be paid for. $3.99 and $7.99 are both “sold out” so I cannot do 90s year book photos. Thats rude… :(.Version: 4.2.18

Impossible de télécharger la vidéoJ’ai payé pour utiliser le AI Yearbook. Et depuis hier il est impossible de télécharger la vidéo, avec en permanence un message d’erreur, ce qui n’est pas normal vu le prix payé..Version: 4.2.18

They scammed meI downloaded it for ONE DAY. When I still had a week free trial. Deleted it. Now I was just charged $66 for NOTHING. pay me back please.Version: 4.2.32

One of the worst apps everThe reason of this which is really annoying, is you can use the pro items, but then when you try to take a screenshot, it blocks out the photo. Would not buy this app this app again!.Version: 4.1.2

BEWARE: Cancelling Free Trial NOT WORKINGI think this app would like to charge its users, as I have tried cancelling the Free Trial on day 2, but no joy. It’s not working after numerous attempts, and even when I have unsubscribed to the service via the app itself..Version: 4.2.17

Cannot save photosI bought express and cannot save. WTH?.Version: 4.2.18

Impressively Awful!Wow. Just wow. Not only it’s super slow and crashes all the time but also it seemingly gives you an option between the £3.99 one with 24 hour waiting process, and the £6 one that supposedly gives you the results in 2 hours. The thing is, it shows the cheaper option as sold out, so you would have to buy the expensive one. That’s very cheap tactics and poor work ethics. Make an actual app that works before you start asking for £6 that your app doesn’t deserve..Version: 4.2.30

PayingI wanted to try the year book hype I downloaded the app, added the photos and not once did it mention money until right at the end so I couldn’t get my photos..Version: 4.2.18

Still waiting for my picsI bought the AI YearBook yesterday (the one that was meant to be ready in 2 hours). It’s been 12 hours now, still haven’t heard anything from the app. However, 2 payments haven’t been debited to my bank account. Please let me know how I can retrieve my pics. I’m happy to pay for a service but please deliver the service..Version: 4.2.18

They robbed meI bought EPIK in-app yearbook photos on two occasions. The first time, I didn't receive any images because their system was experiencing technical issues. They later fixed the problem and I repurchased the yearbook photos. The second time, I did receive the photos I had purchased. I never got the refund for the first purchase. And I’ve messaged them twice And have not heard back.Version: 4.2.21

Package got “sold out”How do you run out of something non-physical?.Version: 4.2.17

Never receivedI paid £5.99 which said I would get them in two hours. It’s been 12 hours and I haven’t received them. They stole my money and haven’t replied or given me my pictures. Don’t buy.Version: 4.2.18

Its ok with background removalThe background removal is 5/10 but its not high quality at all cleanup.pictures is the best background removal as a web.Version: 2.4.7

Froze on Payment Processing ScreenDownloaded the app to try the AI Yearbook. Got all the way to entering payment, and on the payment processing screen the app just continued loading for two minutes with no idea of how long it would take to finish “payment processing”. I finally had to close the app so I can use my phone for another reason. Now the charge for this is showing on my app store purchase history, and I have no idea how to get the images I purchased. Basically a very annoying experience and now I need to figure out how to get the charge reversed. Mistake to use this app..Version: 4.2.18

PhotosPhotos looked nothing like me very disappointed.Version: 4.2.18

GARBAGE!I paid $7.99 for express - nearly four hours later and I still have a spinning green circle saying my payment is being processed. This doesn’t work and I have lost $8!.Version: 4.2.18

So incredibly disappointedEpic has been my go-to photo editing app for years, and for the last couple of months every time I get on to use it, another of the filters I’ve always used has switched to premium. I’ve tried to just stop using just those, but as of this morning it’s become pointless to even attempt to use the app at all, as someone who cant afford any extra financial strain. I completely understand that the point overall is to make money, but as a longtime user I feel irrationally betrayed. I acknowledge the irrational part, but I’m just super disappointed..Version: 4.0.0

Very greedy! Don’t fall for free trial, they will charge you!I was about to cancel my subscription and they charged me straight away!!! I never use their app as they are not useful if you are not subscribed. I emailed their customer service and no response. I complaint with Paypal and they have responded to them quickly! I want my money back! Scammer!.Version: 4.2.19

Waste of moneyPaid your the so yearbook and when it told me it was ready to go it’s just a bunch of black screens. There’s no contact us to ask what happened so I can’t even ask for a refund..Version: 4.2.18

FraudWhat a fraud! I paid £5.99 to generate the AI yearbook, yet the app keeps showing "Processing Payment, do not switch or exit the app" for far too long! I thought the app crashed, so I exited and of course there's nothing on the app showing "your AI yearbook is being processed" or something like that. Of course I was still charged £5.99!.Version: 4.2.18

GlitchyPaid the 5.99 fee for the yearbook AI package and it was supposed to take only 2 hours. It’s been almost 12 hours, and I’m unable to view the final pictures in the app. Nothing is loading. Not to mention it took multiple days before my request to use the filter was able to go through due to “the high volume” on the app. Why then take my submission if it can’t be completed by the time it was supposed to be done, and I still can’t view it? They should stop servicing the app until it’s able to be stable with this much traction..Version: 4.2.18

Stupid app.You have to pay to even be able to see anything on this app. It’s a horrible app..Version: 4.2.18

AwfulI attempted to do the year book trend and I was told it was on this app. I took at least 25 minutes trying to find photos that would be good to use but it kept saying I couldn’t use them. I finally found some and was exited to see. But you have to pay £6!! I get it takes you along time but come on . To add to that you still had to wait 2 hours for it to be ready. Disappointed..Version: 4.2.17

Yearbook Edit still processing after 24 hours.Paid 6.99 (meant to be 9.99) for the faster service (2 hours) and my photos haven’t been generated still after uploading my photos yesterday afternoon. Probably won’t use this app again if it doesn’t get sorted..Version: 4.2.18

Never got my picsNever received my picture i paid for and have no idea how i can even get them. sick app..Version: 4.2.18

Doesnt workThe one feature that i downloaded this for (yearbook ai) doesn't even work bc of "too many people using the app" if you wanted AI instagram yearbook photos ur not gettin them for a while!.Version: 4.2.18

ScamI paid 9 bucks for the yearbook photos and it never gave me anything such a scam I want my money back.Version: 4.2.18

GarbageYou can find a free AI on google..Version: 4.2.18

Doesn't work and won't refund.I purchased the 90s yearbook photos with the incorrect credit card (my mistake). Then, I tried again with the correct card. The wheel spun for 5 hours. My phone died and when I opened the app back up there were no photos. The only way to get them would have been to pay again. I noticed on my Apple bill I was billed twice for the 90s yearbook. Apparently, after my card was declined the first time, Apple or EPIK took it upon themselves to rerun my card. I reached out to EPIK and told them what happened and got no response. I tried to dispute both charges with Apple and Apple refused to refund them. I had to contact American Express and they issued a refund. It's not like it costs a lot of money, but it's the priceable. I'm not gonna pay (twice) for a service I didn't receive. Also, what poor customer service on their part..Version: 4.2.18

HelpWas a good app but when I save image all my photos shrink .just started happening.Version: 4.3.0

RUN! Scam!!!I paid my fees for the yearbook photo. The app told me I’m in a long que and suggested me to come back later. When I logged backed in, there is no year book picture , no record of my payment or anything ! When I clicked into the yearbook option again it asks you to pay again!! What a scam! Girls protect your privacy and RUN.Version: 4.2.18

Not free!!Tell lies. It’s not free.Version: 4.2.1

Rip offI paid 4.99$ to have my AI yearbook photos and they said will get them within 24 hrs but I never got them..Version: 4.2.19

It’s a good app it just lags a bitWhen I edit using this app it lags a bit other than that it’s a Good app..Version: 2.3.1

Not worth itI tried the yearbook photo packages and spent over ten bucks for each one. Most of the photos didn’t look like me at all and there were quite a few with some weird ai glitches, like messed up eyes n all. There were maybe 4 pics out of the 60 that were decent, so definitely not worth it. I also thought I’d try the male version pics of myself out of curiously, but they charge the same amount for a different set. In the male pics of me, they also added some female ones too? I didn’t pay for those and felt gypped. They also turned out even worse. Proportionally, was not accurate and some didn’t even look human...Version: 4.3.0

NOT RECOMMENDED: Biased AI ModelWarning: this year book Ai model is hardly trained on any Asian people. If you are Asian, think twice before using this, or else you’ll end up looking like a Caucasian. (In addition, I’m wearing glasses in all my photos. Why are my glasses in all the generated 60 year book photos?.Version: 4.2.20

TerribleTried the ai yearbook thing, and it butchered my photos so bad!!! Not to mention I spent $7.Version: 4.2.18

Do not downloadDO NOT GET THIS APP!!! it will charge you even if you subscribe for the free trial!!!! it’s a scam!!!.Version: 4.2.32

It’s definitely not for me!!!So I’m trying to find a new editing app and I’m on a fixed income so I’m looking for something free. I don’t need a big elaborate app that can change my eye colors or add makeup I couldn’t do on my best day or give me a perfect figure. I just need an app where I can edit out defects and maybe make a collage or two. So, I didn’t think it would be hard to find one considering I don’t need as much features as what a paying customer would like. I wouldn’t even care to pay a few dollars a month if I needed to in order to do something more elaborate like add a frame or something. But this app, they want to charge you almost $40 to use absolutely any kind of features! You may be able to crop a photo for free but you can’t enhance it or add text to it or use a color filter without paying for that subscription! And who wants to pay FOURTY DOLLARS for a photo editing app?! I can think of ten things in ten seconds that I could spend that money on that would be more worth it! But that’s just my opinion! Just be warned, it isn’t free and it is expensive..Version: 4.2.16

Money back!!!I sign up for anything but I wanted to do the yearbook tiktok trend so I paid £5.99 for it and it said I could go off the app to do other things and it would be ready in 2 hours!! It’s been around 14 hours now and nothing has come through so I’d like my money back pls!!!.Version: 4.2.18

No results! Ripped off!I paid for the AI yearbook feature and it’s been two weeks and it still says in progress when I go to check. Yet celebrities are posting their results daily. Seems fishy to me. What a rip off!.Version: 4.2.20

Rip off. Do not buy!Well first off you’ve got to buy a package of 60 pictures and it recommends uploading 8-12 images. So it makes it seem like you can upload the remaining of the 60 purchased pics later. But you can’t! So I uploaded 8 pictures as suggested. I tried to add more pics and they were going to charge again! And it gives you a choice of male, female or other. Choose other! Then upload guy or girl pics! This is a terrible purchase! And the fact that it says it can access my files for three years after my last use is disturbing.Version: 4.2.18

Don’t waste your moneyI obviously wanted to hop on the yearbook train but it was a complete rip off. And I even tried TWICE with different photos to make sure I was giving it a fair shot. Most of the photos don’t look like me, and not just small awkward mistakes — completely different race (I have black skin and the skin came out white on several). Outside of the skin color, the features and hair were also a completely different race. I used several pictures with twists and my curly afro and all of the AI photos came out with straight or wavy hair, sometimes even blonde (?!). Nose, teeth, bone structure - all wrong and of a different race. I was also disappointed that you don’t have a choice in the types of photos it generates. I really wanted the cat lady photo (again, tried this TWICE) and it gave me much of the same themed photos both times. Also for some reason, the app takes between 2-24hrs (depending on how much you pay) to process, and frequently “sells out”. All in all, a complete waste of money. Save your coins friends..Version: 4.2.18

ScammersPaid $10 for for it to be done in 2 hours as it was the only option as the 48 hour one was sold out. 28 hours later still hasn’t even been processed..Version: 4.2.18

Why do I have to pay money for something AI is going to make for me?You have to pay for a lot of things AI will make. Does not make sense.Version: 4.2.18

Free Trial ScamI attempted only the free trial and definitively ended it two days before it was supposed to end. I received a prompt asking [two days free trial remaining, would you really wanna cancel?] and I confirmed the cancellation. However, suddenly, a one-year subscription was charged even though I canceled it. A message appeared saying "You've cancelled your subscription," so why was a year's worth charged? I've requested a refund from both Apple and Epic, as this seems like a scam. Looking at reviews, I'm not the only one facing this issue. Avoid the free trial; please resolve the refund quickly..Version: 4.2.41

ScamI spent £5.99 just to have grey pictures. No yearbook pictures have loaded in after 10 hours which was meant to be two. It’s just taken my money and broke..Version: 4.2.18

Took my money and can’t download images!Took my money and unable to download all 60 Images as per purchase and won’t download the video keeps dying.Version: 4.2.18

Fake Sold Out OptionThey offer AI Generated images - Regular for $5 and Express for $8 but of course the cheaper option for $5 is ALWAYS “sold out”. Lol. How convenient..Version: 4.2.18

ScamPaid to get the year book photos, said it was take 23 hours, went back on and they weren't done and tried charging me £3.99 for them again!!.Version: 4.2.18

Scam appI downloaded it, it charged me for the one off photo issue, I get charged another $70+ 3 days later, rhe company is not interested in refunding. I don’t want this stupid app, I assumed when I had to pay for the photos up front that was it. I want a refund, never authorised this to debit from my account and will be seeking compensation via payment reversal - very uncool massive scammers..Version: 4.2.22

WowI don’t know why but when I arcade everything it look unholy??!!??.Version: 2.4.7

Paid but did not get the photoI paid 9.99 dollars and never got the photo i want to have a refund..Version: 4.2.18

Stole my moneyWouldn’t give a refund and there’s no receipt when they charged me for a renewal. Losers!.Version: 4.2.22

Disappointed by the Yearbook AINot so happy with how my AI photos turned out. Does not look like me, looks very automated and squished. There were even other versions of another race in my AI rendition. 🤷‍♀️.Version: 4.2.17

ScamDo not download this app!! It’s a scam! I downloaded it after seeing the AI yearbook tiktok trend. I spent around 20 minutes selecting my pictures and paid £5.99 to generate them. Right after payment, error appeared on the screen and didn’t generate any images but took money from my account!!.Version: 4.2.18

BuggingThe apps keep buging, i paid for the "yearbook" and can't save my pictures, it alway's failed, plus the 4.99$ yearbook is alway's not available, the app trynna make money..Version: 4.2.18

Charged then didn’t deliverCharged me the $8 sat for two hours then failed and wouldn’t provide be images unless I paid again.Version: 4.2.18

Terrible and misleading!Bought the monthly subscription- yet you still have to pay a separate fee for the Year Book photos!.Version: 4.2.19

ERROR SAVING PHOTOS??It does not let you saves photos. I had to screenshot them after paying for it!!!.Version: 4.2.18

Looks nothing like meI was on TikTok and I saw the AI yearbook thing and I wanted to do it too so I download this app and I put in the maximum amount of photos you could with good lighting and no filter. It then made me pay five dollars which I was a bit skeptical about, but I did it because I really wanted to see the photos, the photos turned out nothing like me and I thought it was just me thought that, but I even asked multiple of my friends and families and they said it looked nothing like me they will not let me get a refund and I’m extremely disappointed.Version: 4.2.14

Theres something I’d like to confrontSo IThink that you should be able to screenshot these because it’s so annoying. because I am a kid you need to realize kids use this kind of stuff because kids don’t have money nowadays they don’t work like stuff back in the olden days this is rated three stars because I absolutely hate that you can’t screenshot it and just so you know this is coming from an eight year old so you better fix it NOW 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤.Version: 3.6.11

Paid and didn’t receive any photosPaid for the ai yearbook and the app did not generate any photos. So you just took my money then won’t respond to customer inquiries?.Version: 4.2.18

ExpensiveGreat app, but it’s to expensive.Version: 4.2.32

Yearbook photos… but where?Have e mailed as I paid 5.99 for the year book photos and have never received them and its been over 12 hours now. There has been no response to the contact I have made via the app via the settings>contact..Version: 4.2.18

Don’t like app at allI don’t like the app wish i never purchased it i used it for one photo and hate it . i want my money back as i used it for one picture.Version: 4.1.2

Very DissatisfiedI wanted to cancel my subscription before getting charged $60 after my free trial and it charged me and now i can’t get that money back.Version: 4.2.22

Never sent the photosI paid £5.99 for the yearbook 90’s photos, over 2 hours later they haven’t been emailed to me! Either it takes too long or this app has straight up stolen my money!.Version: 4.2.16

Charged 3 times and hard to refundI don’t know why they charged 3 times, it paid 2 time in my credit card and 1 time with paypal. Only one time was working. Still need to refund those two payment. That’s so frustrated.Version: 4.2.32

App crashed, lost $10App crashed after I paid $10 for the yearbook photos. Reopens the app and the process had restarted so lost $10. Haven’t heard back from support when I put in an enquiry. Happy to pay but want to receive the service I paid for..Version: 4.2.19

InappropriateI did the vintage ones and one picture has me holding a penis to my face???.Version: 4.3.1

Fun but brokenOk so I paid the 7.99$ for the 60 AI pics which were mostly great! For that I’m satisfied but what’s not good is that I literally cannot download them it keeps failing?! I don’t get it. Debating asking for a refund since I can’t even save the generated pictures..Version: 4.2.18

Fraudulent and misleading.Wanted the 7 days free trial. Even tough It specifically said that I woundnt be charged if I canceled before the 7 days period (and I canceled directly after subscribing to make sure) it STILL charged me for the annual plan and it says now that it expires in October 2024. Be cautious when trying it since it’s misleading..Version: 4.2.18

BIG SCAM !!!Don’t download this it’s a waste of time asking for too much money for even the most little edits.Version: 4.2.18

AI generator didn’t work for meI paid twice to get images generated by their AI - the Yearbook feature. First time, I used selfies that had slight filters and glasses, when I shouldn’t have (so my bad), and the photos didn’t look like me. Then I took fresh no-filter, no-glasses selfies of me and the results were far off! It was a good laugh for a few mins, but not worth $20 for 2 tries. Disappointed for sure..Version: 4.2.19

False advertisingPaid for the 4 hour turn around and am still waiting, now says 7hours left..Version: 4.2.18

Cool but not worth itThe AI yearbook photos are cool and all but the app is terrible. Conveniently the cheaper pack option is always “sold out” so you always have to pay for the most expensive one, my pictures didn’t come out properly so that was $10 wasted and I have to try it again. There’s no simple payment to keep generating new images, you have to pay every single time which is very expensive and not worth it..Version: 4.2.18

£5.99!!!So I paid £5.99 for the yearbook ai thinking that I could use it over and over without paying. I was wrong! If you expect to pay £5.99 for something then you expect to use it again and not just once, what a waste of money!!!!.Version: 4.2.18

Your forced to keep the appOnce you uninstall the app and reinstall it the app is softlocked..Version: 3.2.8

Paid for nothingI paid for the school year book but got nothing. I have sent message about 5 times on the app and still nothing. I can see I have been charged. Save your money..Version: 4.2.19

SCAMMERSI cancelled my subscription and they still took my money. I don’t use the app. I downloaded it to see if it could do what I needed to and I found another that was cheaper..Version: 4.2.16

ScamDon’t buy this it’s a scam..Version: 4.2.32

Not paying for fake AI yearbook photosI saw everyone doing the AI yearbook photo trend on TikTok and wanted to try it out. I downloaded this app that people were saying they used to get the photos. I wanted to try it out with some celebs but then noticed you had to pay money to get the photos. Which to me seems brainless like why would I pay money for just a few AI photos. I also saw on TikTok some people never even received that photos after paying which just shows this app steals money from users. I’ve also seen like every tiktoker use this thats means they all payed for those photos which seems ridiculous to me. I thought maybe I could try other stuff on the app but like 95% of the stuff is pro so there’s no reason to have this app. I used it for 3 minutes and wish I could get those 3 minutes I wasted back. If you really want people to use your app you would make the AI yearbook photo feature free to use like at least once so people can try it out before buying..Version: 4.2.18

.- Kept telling me that I was unable to use certain pictures. - When I eventually got to choose 8 ones that were actually allowed for the yearbook ai it said mine were “inappropriate for ai” and that i had to pick different ones each time i tried..Version: 4.2.18

ScamI never received my photos, it’s been a week and I paid for priority photos.Version: 4.2.18

Paid & received no photosPaid for the yearbook photos and did not receive anything. Don’t recommend this app. Very glitchy..Version: 4.2.19

(DEVELOPERS: PLEASE READ)Used to be good but now it’s so badSo this app used to really good, and I made really cool photos with the app. And then I stopped using it for a while and now this app turned into absolutely garbage. I get that you want money, but making almost EVERYTHING require pro is not a good way, it’s probably just make you lose people using the app instead of more people. The app before this stupid update was great since you didn’t have to pay to use the features and now it’s like 95% of the feature is pro. I feel like if you don’t pay for the subscription, you barely can do anything, making the app pretty useless. At least make more features free, and If you really need money, JUST MAKE THE WHOLE FRICKEN APP COST MONEY!!! Please at least do something about this ..Version: 4.0.10

Stole my moneyThis app stole my money and has not responded to any of my inquiries for over a week. Do not waste your time downloading this app..Version: 4.2.20

I never received my photos, please refund me or give me the paid photosI never received my photos, please refund me or give me the paid photos.Version: 4.2.18

Apps constantly crashingWhenever I press the “skin” button my app crashes….Version: 3.4.15

Paid app and slowIt doesn’t tell you it’s a paid for app until you’ve gone through the hassle of uploading pictures and then the quickest paid option takes 2 hours. No thank you. Uninstalled..Version: 4.2.19

MAKES YOU PAYI don’t like it my opinion bye ✌️.Version: 4.2.18

Did not receive Ai yearbook photosI paid $9.99 to get my AI yearbook photos in 2 hours. 19 hours later I still haven’t received them. I’ve messaged the company and still have not heard back. Please don’t offer a service that you cannot provide for. I expect to be refunded for this, or at least partially for the time I have waited..Version: 4.2.19

DONT BUYYou need to spend money. Not worth it.Version: 4.2.18

It delivers half of the BoxThe options for editing and if you want to include one picture or multiple is splendid and user friendly. On the other hand, a few aspects did not reach the type of “function” I had in mind. For existence the eraser tool just blurred the objects rather than completely removing. In addition, there is no tutorial to use the tools and if there is then it is not clear to the user. In the end, I give it a 3 out of 5 stars..Version: 4.1.2

Epic school yearbookI paid £7.99 and I was told my photos are inappropriate, but prior to that my order did go through and one day later no photos, I requested a refund. I don’t know how other people are managing to receive their photos. I have now deleted the app..Version: 4.2.18

Refund, yearbook photos not receivedPaid for express service (more expensive as the basic one wasn’t available *shock*), never received photos. Have filled in a help enquiry form. Would like a refund as not sent within the promised timeframe..Version: 4.2.18

No moreOne time optionsThere is no more one time option OR one week subscription option . Now you have to buy a one yr subscription but they give you the choice to pay the whole yr in monthly payment or all at once . Why would I buy a whole yr just for some yearbook photos I will post once . No thanks.Version: 4.2.32

????I first downloaded this app on my phone and tested the highly advertised eraser tool. The only problem was that it didn’t let me and said that the feature wasn’t compatible for the device. I MEAN WHY PUT A FEATURE FOR AN APP ON A DEVICE IF YOU CAN’T EVEN USE IT!!?? So, I downloaded it on my iPad to test the eraser again until I hit another problem… IT DIDN’T EVEN LET ME SELECT ANY PICTURE!!! AND I EVEN LET THE APP HAVE ACCESS TO ALL PHOTOS!!! SO, UNTIL I GET TO USE THE APP WITH IT’S FULL POTENTIAL, I CAN’T JUDGE TO SEE IF THE APP IS “THE BEST PHOTO EDITOR APP”!!!!!!.Version: 2.4.6

Paid AI year book pictures never receivedHave purchased the Express service on Oct 4 for 2 hours express of 60 AI Yearbook photos. Payments gone through but never received pictures. Contacted the App twice but had no response from them at all. Still haven’t received photos or refund..Version: 4.2.18

Terrible. NOT FREEYou can’t edit even one pic without paying $59. Per year! Rip off and waste of time.Version: 4.2.18

High school AlThe images take forever to load after processed. I have been trying hours to save them to my camera roll. However, some great pictures.Version: 4.2.18

Waste of timeDisappointed that you have to pay for the ai year book photos. I wasted time.Version: 4.2.32

Not happy whatsoeverI accidentally forgot to cancel my free trial due to the app not meeting my satisfaction and just as I was to do it I was charged $76 but I didn’t panic and instead I went for a refund and not once but twice was I turned down for an app I can’t use where I now have $76 lost for nothing!.Version: 4.3.6

Simply a scam!I saw influencers doing the Christmas challenge and I wanted to try as it was cheap £0.99. The payment loaded but nothing happened and I read in their FAQ that you should delete and reinstall the app. I did that and still the same thing happened. I waited 10 minutes but it was loading. I thought that I didn’t worked but I was surprised to find I was charged for this… how can I be charged for something I haven’t got? I don’t recommend people to use it as it’s not safe at all!.Version: 4.3.0

It’s okIt broke after one photo.Version: 2.4.6

Horrible scam of an appThe app set up an automatic something I did not want or ask for. I also paid for a service that I didn’t receive. after not receiving I put in a complaint and have heard nothing about it and received zero refund. I expect to be refunded for both the service I paid for (yearbook) and the subscription renewal I did not ask for..Version: 4.2.18

Took my moneyI paid for the ai yearbook, it charged my card and I never received any photos in return. Couldn't find anywhere on the app to contact them so am left to write a review as a complaint and just out money and time unfortunately.Version: 4.2.20

Scam, DO NOT BUYThey offer a free week trial and charge you 67 dollars as soon as you accept then you have to wait 48 hours to even see if apple will give you a refund. Apple will not give you a refund for it either because they’re just as useless and they’re letting this scam app be bought by the people that buy their products.Version: 4.2.32

Ça ne fait rienPayer pour ça, c’est une arnaque. Ça ne fonctionne pas.Version: 4.2.18

No Photos RecievedI just received a receipt for purchasing the AI yearbook, I gave them my photos and it never processed, or they just didn’t give me the photos. Really disappointed after spending money on something that seems like a scam🙃.Version: 4.2.18

PropergandaIt’s free app, untill you try to use it. Click bait scam stuff! Shameful.. and to offer a 3.99 option that greyed out because it’s sold out! This isn’t an event ticket how could a digital service be sold out! Clowns.Version: 4.2.19

AI Yearbook feature is hit or missI wanted to try the AI Yearbook feature for my partner. I waited almost a day to get in on the cheaper but slower option but ended up paying $6 for the second choice since it was the only one available. Underwhelmed would be putting it lightly. Out of 60 photos maybe two look like her. I wish Epik had some sort of low quality preview of one or two photos so you could see if they are on the right track or not. Otherwise you’re really rolling the dice..Version: 4.2.16

🙂 EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor Positive Reviews
Is EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor not working?

EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor.

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