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CoinSnap: Value Guide App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

CoinSnap: Value Guide app received 44 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using CoinSnap: Value Guide? Can you share your negative thoughts about coinsnap: value guide?

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CoinSnap: Value Guide for Negative User Reviews

The idea is there but it failsI have a wide variety of Full Sovereigns and 1oz Silver coins, the App was not able to identify them correctly unless, it was the American Eagle or the UK Britannia, and even then got the year incorrect and the value way below the current market price. The App also does not have an option to just add your own coins with the correct info to help improve the data searches. There is no option for Proof coins either? Very disappointing, and to pay £20 a year for it??? I think that is rather steep..Version: 1.2.23

Old coinsIt doesn't capture old coins, I have an old one from Yugoslavia but it names it as it's current country, shame.Version: 1.2.6

Where’s the 50pWhere’s the 50p.Version: 1.2.24

Valuation not in £ sterlingCan’t send feed back app does not recognise my correct email address and values in $ when I’m in U.K. and should be £ pounds sterling !.Version: 1.2.13

Roman coin ,denarius,silver B.C. dateI thought it could name all coins?,just wondering why it never recognised my roman coin..Version: 1.2.12

CancelingI only wanted to see what it did and not subscribe as I couldn’t afford it right now. It opened an account and over drafted my bank. Have been trying to get it cancelled and it keeps telling me to go to the App Store. Nowhere is there a way to cancel this. Like the app but want my money back. Will like to get it later next year after I get the holidays taken care of..Version: 1.2.22

Not Free! It’s $30!!Misleading headline says free, with in app purchases. Can’t use it until you agree to buy it for $30 after 7 days..Version: 1.2.17

CoinsVery helpful easy to use. Thanks.Version: 1.2.6

Missing coin info.Where the 1973 Mountie quarters value???.Version: 1.2.16

What are others seeing?!I have no idea what others are seeing when using this app. It correctly id’s a coin about 50% of the time, the mint marks are not always in the choices and valuation is way way off. If you guys think it’s accurate, I have a ton of coins I’d like to sell you..Version: 1.2.24

Waste of time and moneyAbsolutely no accuracy in identifying coins. I used the default resolution for the app and it got the type of coins right, but not even close on the year. Then I tried better focus and zooming in and suddenly my $20 gold coins turned to commemorative silver coins and still no year accuracy. I tried it on four different coins and had the same result. Cancelled my trial immediately..Version: 1.1.0

Ok, but all in $$$ so I’ve no confidence in valuationsNot convinced the app’ identifies the coins at all! It scans the coin, add’s to an album of coin photos and gives it some random valuation in US dollars! for British sterling coinage. And the annual cost for this is too way too expensive! Not impressed!.Version: 1.2.14

Makes you commit before you can tryWho would agree to pay $30 for an app before you get to try it. Garbage!!!.Version: 1.2.24

Basic coin reader, needs more dataAlthough the app is easy to use and pretty accurate in identifying a coin, it doesn’t identify flaws or specifics that makes a coin valuable. The estimated value is also too wide ranged and will give you ‘wishful thinking.’ Also, it could make you throw a valuable coin into the ‘not worth anything’ pile. it’s definitely not the only check you need which makes it disappointing. sorry guys!.Version: 1.2.24

Accidentally purchasedI had downloaded the trial on my iPad to see if it would us usful enough to look up some things for my father. Before getting to try out the app I broke my iPad and had to make a claim on replacement. I received it and had to use a iCloud back up from my iPhone instead of the tablet I originally installed on. The same night I activated my replacement tablet with my carrier I received a notification from PayPal with a unfamiliar charge from apple. It was this app charging me for a full year sub. I immediately cancelled and contacted apple and PayPal for a dispute as I felt I had never gotten the chance to either use the app at all nor a chance to cancel before getting charged since I replaced my ipad. Thinking I’d get an understanding response for my situation, these lowlifes apparently need that money more than my family and are actually refuting my request for a refund. I’ll be reviewing and sharing this experience anywhere I can with my spare time. Avoid this app, they are horrible at communicating when a concern comes to rise..Version: 1.2.18

Needs Mint Mark ID or SelectIt would be great if identify coin could recognize mint mark. Until then, add a way to choose the mint mark - P, D, S, others - after the coin is identified. For example - I identify a 1922 D penny - the app tells me it’s a 1922 penny - on identification page, I want to be able to select if it’s a (no mint) mark or a ‘D’. When I select it tells me the value of that coin in that mint mark. Once this feature is added, I’ll change my review rating from 3 Stars to 5. Thank you..Version: 1.2.14

Why credit card details for free trial needed?Design the app to allow for a free trial *WITHOUT* having to provide credit card details and without hoping a percentage of users who don’t want the app forget to cancel and you make money on this. Much more honest approach..Version: 1.2.12

Grading part of app is wrongFirst, let me state I hate when apps make you pay up front for a year’s subscription when you’re offered a 7 day free trial. My other issue has to do with the app’s grading portion. My very corroded 1982 Lincoln cent was graded at “mint”. Ummmm…the pix were good, but I’m unsure how CoinSnap decided a dark brown with dirt encrusted penny would be graded that highly. Please fix that?!.Version: 1.2.24

Hard Pass…Great interphase . Clean . Possible valuations ridiculous. 2 quarters I pulled out of car door reservoir. Apparently they are uncirculated - both of them - how lucky am I? Except that Wendy’s drive through worker just gave them to me . Should I try to go into a coin shop to sell them for the $1.61 value the app says ?? Quickest forced buy and cancel in my history. Anybody recommend a decent one ?? Don’t even mind paying if it performs ..Version: 1.2.19

About CoinSnapConsidering:The biggest issue is there no security services for data transmission also you don’t need our personal identity there lot apps out there not gathering your personal identity about us I mean is if your company computers get hacked by other countries they will have our personal identity , to credit other personal information it will happens I know couple yrs ago a bank and some companies where hacked. Any data collected from other app through through a secure connection. So I give better rating if the was some security services put up. I know a police chief where I live will say same thing. That’s why I give on star there no security for data collecting. I will download again if there is security devices innext update for data transfer and linked not to our personal identity. Developers did a poor in sight about security services in data collectingand for linking in personal identity to the company computer. Pros: the grading, information, value, reading heavily worn coins it’s a nice app. But the cons listed above is why I give a poor rating with one star. So maybe if developers add security services and the app not linked our personal identity to your server’s I will give a better rating and reinstall the app.Version: 1.2.14

RecomendationSais pas précis votre rechercheur i nous donne ce qui veux même un jeton que sais écrit sais pour amusement seulement et le chercheur nous dit que sais une pièce rare egippe garde je pense que je vais laisser faire ce programme ce n est pas pour moi merci pareil mais vous devriez tester vous même le produit que vous vendez mais comme j’ai toujours dit y’a des poissons pour tout le mondes lolll.Version: 1.2.15

Incorrect pricing.The app is brilliant for identifying coins. However the apps pricing of coins is incorrect and needs working on. This app may be misleading to some because, for someone who is a beginner coin collector, or found a coin e.g, may see that the app has identified the coin correctly, and could assume the pricing of the coin is correct as-well. I’ve been collecting coins for a long time. I have a lot of coins: fine silver,fine gold,cupric nickel,copper plated steel. Most of my coins I used with the app showed incorrect pricing and some way bellow the coins value. However, I think this app has great potential and is a great idea. The app just needs more work and updating..Version: 1.2.25

HiThis app is pretty reliable to know how much your coins are worth but you if it shows multiple coins then check the pictures of each side of the coins on your screen and see if they match your coin to make sure you have the right coin.Version: 1.2.19

Values are worthlessWhile the app can identify coins it’s valuation of coins is worthless groups decades of coins together and give the same value for each coin. I scanned a coin I know to be valued in the thousands and it gave me a value of $14.30. Don’t buy if you want to know the value of anything.Version: 1.2.5

Better if it was freeBetter if it was free.Version: 1.2.24

Free Trial?You promote free trial, and yet the moment I download app my financial account is charged. At this point, unless this app shows to have tools that no one else is capable of giving, I will be promptly deleting YOUR app. I hate being lied to, and out of principle will terminate any unreliable relationship. So far I can NOT rely on your statements..Version: 1.2.12

Want a refund..I only used this app in the trial period.. It was downloaded on Sat 26/11/22, tried it and didn’t like it.. so cancelled it but you have taken the money from my account you took $39.99 plus $7.99 came out of my account but don’t know why I was charged is 28/11/22, that’s two days and still within the 7 day trial period.. I have cancelled my subscription.. PLEASE REFUND MY MONEY.. The money should have remained pending in my bank account until the 7 day trial period was over….Version: 1.2.15

Good idea, needs workWhen I saw this app and what it advertised I was excited. But after using it, I am disappointed. There’s no info about mint marks. I tried to look up my Quarter with W mint mark and it told me it was worth a dollar. No way.. had no options to add details. Needs a lot of work but there is potential. I’ll check back in a few months and see how it is doing.Version: 1.2.15

Not a bad app but price isn’t worth it.Good app. But the price system is ridiculous. The cost is that high even if you find a few coins worth selling it wouldn’t be worth more that your first month subscription. Just do a purchase outright or forget it..Version: 1.2.13

Failure move past starting pageI have loaded and deleted this app at least a dozen times in the last 3 days and everytime I hit continue to confirm I want to purchase and accept the 7 day trial the page has said failed. I buy other in app purchases no problem. I don’t understand. I have tried looking for a contact location but can’t find anything in the information I can get into. Looks like a great app. A.Version: 1.2.25

CoinSnap, ughhhh….Well first off it doesn’t go to 2021, cmon people it’s almost 2023… Next I was seeing what kind of grade I would get on a s mint mark RD 1982 cent I have and it would only give me an option for BN. I might could understand if the coin was close or questionable, but it’s definitely not. Ahh the grading, I get it it’s using some algorithm to guesstimate the possible grade of said coin, well it doesn’t even do that. What it gives u is a MS, VG, VF, etc… Surely a little more effort on the algorithm and it could spit out a MS-67 or something similar All in all it’s still a very good app..Version: 1.2.15

Gets the mintings but doesn’t appear to understand / know about variants like misprintsGets the mintings but doesn’t appear to understand / know about variants like misprints.Version: 1.2.8

Collectible CoinsHi, I really like your app but I have coins that are silver proof, certified PCGS/NGC, gold guilted etc. Your app knows the coin but only by its commonly known standard edition. It would be great if you could include base metal, quality and sacristy into your recognition logarithms and match them against current auction prices. Asking a lot I know, but you asked for feedback… 😄.Version: 1.2.7

Erreur de frappeSi au moins elle pouvait reconnaître les erreurs dans une pièce et donner un aperçu du montant qu’elle pourrait valoir. Il y en a qui on de l’argent à jeter par les fenêtres..Version: 1.2.19

7 day trialSo sorry that this app is only a 7 day trial, and not as advertised as “free with in-app purchases”..Version: 1.2.14

Useless for Greek or Roman coinsI tested the app on various Greek and Roman coins - some of which were fairly common. It failed to identify a single one..Version: 1.2.12

CategoriesI like your app very much but there are a few things you could do to make it better. It’s nice that you added a section for what appears to be proof coins but if you had it set up do that you could filter your coins in collections directly to sub categories that each collector sets up.Version: 1.2.17

ErrorThe app does not give enough time to position the coin before photographing. Even holding the camera steady the date was incorrect in three attempts. I cannot delete the incorrect images. The Edge of this particular coin is marked as Smooth. It is not smooth, but twelve sided. The general information stated that these coins were dated from 1949-1953. This is incorrect. The value I cannot ascertain without going to a specialist/numismatist. You will have to do better than this..Version: 1.2.15

Worst app ever gives wrong informationWhen you take a picture of a coin and it says 2022 it marks 2015 as the coin and it’s the wrong date and you get the wrong price plus it should have a link to where you can sell the coin for the price and not just show the price it should be able to scan bank notes too and tell you the price.Version: 1.2.23

Not ready for the ukUnfortunately this app has no idea about the value of United Kingdom’s coin values. I Cannot comment on how well it does with u.s coins.Version: 1.2.12

Need More informationApp SHOULD REFER PLACES WHERE THEY BUY THE COIN’S too ex: CHANGES etc. 👁👂🏿🧠.Version: 1.2.12

Love itI love it but it doesnt always say the right value because i have. a coun that is ellibg for $9,900.00 and it said it was only 80 ish cents but i love how h can get a basic knowledge about your coin and be able to tell if it is normal or not.Version: 1.2.24

Ottoman coin lolI took a picture of moose money . Produced in the 1980s at a chucky cheese like restaurant . This brilliant app said it’s from the ottoman era . Beware folks !.Version: 1.2.12

Miss identifying coinsTelling me 100 th anniversary of the BBC 50p is Paddington Bear.!!! Aldo value is in $. And not £ may cancel subscription.Version: 1.2.12

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