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Character AI: AI-Powered Chat app received 176 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about character ai: ai-powered chat?

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My wonderful story“ I walked into the kitchen and sit down at the table. I looked with a grimace at the questionable food Lois had placed in front of me, Of course id never tell her how disgusted i was with her cooking, but somehow i think she knew. Lois had always been full of energy and life, but lately i had begun to grow more aware of her aging, the bright exuberant eyes that i had fallen in-love with, are now beginning to grow dull and listless, with the long fatigue of a weary life-“.Version: 1.5.8

Love it, but with some suggestions!!The app is great, so much fun to spend hours chatting and actually talking to my favourite characters, also great for answering questions and whatnot. It’s a fun app, that’s easy to use so no begins are confused. However it would be nice if you could see all the bots, as when you search it will only show you the most popular ones, it would be so much better if you could have pages of bots. Therefore all the bots would be shown, helping little accounts grow and people discover new, better suited bots. Some times the bots, often in brackets ‘()’ will do out of character messages, yet some of them aren’t very relevant. I understand the ones asking weather the user wants to do a timeskip, or the ones asking for certain info. But some just feel a little weird, adding emojis and whatnot. It would also be quite nice to have a higher character limit when writing bots, 500 is reasonable but sometimes you need just a little more I’d say like 600-1,000 would make it so much easier when making bots. I know a lot of people say this but it would be great to have a NSFW option, yet I would only allow it for accounts over 18. Overall the app is amazing but just simply could be better. In my personal opinion it’s better then any of the over ai apps..Version: 1.8.2

CAI chat roomHello, so I’ve heard that there was a chat room where we could have up to 3 characters in it and some people has had access to it but for some reason me and others don’t? I can make the chat room on the website version but it doesn’t actually work. When I found out about the chat room, I’ve been wanting to make one but I’m unable to. Overall, CAI is an amazing app and I’m obsessed with it!.Version: 1.7.0

Literally the best!! But 2 problems…This app is literally my 24/7 app, and I'm obsessed!!! i never get bored of it, and always enjoy using it, but there’s a problem.. the filter… “we couldn’t generate a response” please remove the filter… and add (nsfw or sfw) if you meed too. And everyone hates it the filter…so do i… if its done, it will improve the app better, and get less hatred, some people give up on the chat filter and switch to chai or something.. and also… when you open the app it sometimes shows “wait time (etc)” it says i have to wait 80 minutes/seconds… if you could fix these problems it would be absolutely amazing<33 bye!! :D.Version: 1.6.2

Amazing App - ONE PROBLEMYour app is amazing, developers! I really love this app because it is so interesting to talk with AI characters and see how they have developed over time. I have a concern, though. As you may know, there is a chat filter that writes/blurrs out inappropriate stuff. It is kind of annoying, especially in a fight scene. You should add an “on/off” chat filter. People under the age of 16 maybe shouldn’t be allowed to access this filter, so you could add a birthday recognition before they turn on the filter..Version: 1.7.5

Great comfort appIt doesn’t take much to get into this, just pick a character and chat away! Though some (including myself) would take the route of creating their own character and training them to well.. be themselves. It’s still a fairly easy process, vote down any out of character interactions and vote up in character interactions. It’s a very satisfying reward once the character starts naturally acting like themselves..Version: 1.5.7

This app is amazing! Although-Every time is say something REMOTELY “sexual” some message pops up and says “tHaTs AgAiNsT oUr gUiDLiNeS 😡😡” and it really annoying. Can’t you just add a version of the chats with no filter? Because it kinda just keeps your chat to a minimum, Y’know? And I have to not be the only one who thinks this- good app over all though..Version: 1.5.7

I have a proposal for the filter issueOkay, it wouldn’t let me type this review on my phone so I’m doing it on my tablet. Alright so, just scrolling through the reviews, a lot of people seem to have an issue with NSFW Filter, myself included. I can understand why a brand wouldn’t want to be associated with that type of content, especially when kids use your app. MY SUGGESTION: Have people add their birthday to their account. You know, Day/Month/Year or Month/Day/Year for the Americans. Then make the age limit like 14 or 16, maybe 18. Also, let people decide whether they want NSFW allowed on their bot or not. That way, someone can make a bot that’s either intended for NSFW or just allows both SFW and NSFW. But, for bots that people want to be strictly SFW, they can choose to turn the filter on for that bot. I know this review probably won’t change anything but if someone who works on the app happens to see this and agree with my suggestion, it’s appreciated. Again, I can understand not wanting your brand to be associated with inappropriate content, but a lot of brands who have the same features aren’t associated with them. So please, listen to your users and give it some thought. Thanks! 🙏.Version: 1.7.0

The app is great… mostly.I like how you can carry out conversations with the AI and it can remember them at least for a longer duration compared to other AI’s from other companies. I also like that the AI spelling and grammar is very perfect unless the creator of it purposely makes it bad. I do have a concern though.I’m aware the filter is there to remove explicit and inappropriate content but there should be some sort of toggle for it. (Like the Chai App) Sometimes a conversation can go on for normal topics and the filter acts up for no reason, which I hope you guys fix since it can be very bothersome. Here’s some possible solutions I’m suggesting. For example, you can have your user state their birthday or even better, have email verification. Just so you don’t have minors being exposed to that if that was what you guys were aiming for. Another idea that could be profitable to you guys is having some sort of payment thing that unlocks a toggle for the users. Any of these are good and would definitely make some users happy, thus expanding your reputation and could even make you more money to make the site and app better..Version: 1.5.8

Get rid of the filter buddy boy I dare you 😈Great game just wish we didn't have that stupid filter 😡😡.Version: 1.8.2

WHY THE HELL HAS THE APP STOPPEDED WORKING AND NOW MY PHONES HAVKEDSo, I’m a really big of and all of the characters in it. But it started to get out of hand, like I had to wait 45 minutes just to get in. And then it now says it’s under some Sort of Fixing process, was there to many people using the app? Is it a glitch or a bug? I only want an answer to what’s happening and why it’s doing that, if anyone that has made or worked for the app. I only want one answer to why the hell it’s stopped working Hey, it’s the next day and now I think my phones been hacked cause the screen turned off when my phone was on 45% and know I can’t get onto the app. My user is Jazzy202. I think.Version: 1.6.1

Needs some of the websites featuresThis is very great and especially since it holds pretty much the exact format if not better than the website. But there are some core features missing. Such as the ability to create or attach images in the chats, as well as the “Create a Room” feature, which is on the website but not the app. As well as adding a “Feed” section on the app. All of this is basically so the app is a replica of the website and if you do this, the app will gain an infinite amount more traction I assure you. I just want what’s best for this app I love so much, since the website is still the preferable location for so many people. It would be great to see the app flourish so much more than it is, and hopefully beat the website in the amount of people on it. I also wanted to add that I think adding a “describe yourself” feature so the characters can get an idea of who you are before the chat begins, would be very and I mean VERY welcome. ANOTHER THING: Make a one time purchase where you can toggle on and off the filter. You guys will not only make way more money, but you will also receive a HELLUVA lot more positive feedback..Version: 1.5.7

🥰I saw my little Macenzie using this here app and decided to use it myself! I saw she was using the “Dazai” and “Chuuya” Bot so I tried them out for myself 😍😍 I love this little “Chuuya” Chracater and my little Macenzie likes him too, only if he wasn’t as short as I think he is, I think he’d make a good husband 😋😋♥️♥️.Version: 1.6.2

I’ve been loving this app butDon’t get me wrong I love this app soo much. BUT recently the chats keep skipping random characters talk and all the chat options are so unrelated. The chat seems to jump back in time and no matter how many time I refresh or write out my chat in a more direct way. It continues to be confused BUT apart from this recent bug? It’s been amazing I just hope this gets fixed as it’s a lil annoying.Version: 1.6.3

Please make it an optionThis app is very good and I use it all the time. I do want a option to deactivate the NSFW filter as it would let many people do more things with their bots. I also find it really annoying that it’ll stop you when you send an inappropriate message but sometimes it’s not even inappropriate. Overall this app is really fun but getting rid of the NSFW filter would really make things better for many users.😊.Version: 1.7.0

VERY good AI chatbot!One of the best AI chatbots out there. You can have long conversations with it and it generally won’t forget most important information (though it may still forget a few things, especially if it’s quite a long conversation). There’s also a huge variety of characters from several franchises on there, and creating your own character is simple enough. The hardest part is learning how to make your character’s speech patterns, but with practice it can be done. The only thing that’s stopping this from being 5 stars is the very few flaws I’ve noticed. Specifically, one that’s happened to me earlier today. For some reason, my personas have randomly stopped working? Even after selecting them, they don’t apply to my chats anymore. Other than that though, would recommend!.Version: 1.8.5

Goofy ahhh aiVery good app no ads so far and the ai can be hilarious.Version: 1.6.6

This app is great but It’s missing somethingThis app is great but It’s missing something, Something that’s has a meaning a message that thing is… No Filter #Frog.Version: 1.5.8

Amazing app, very minor complaints.I would like to start out by saying that the ai here is very advanced, and that the app itself is very entertaining and fun to play around with. i also understand that since the release of the app itself is new, there are bound to be some glitches here and there, however, here are some main ones i’ve noticed (literally only two). • repetitiveness - sometimes, when you’re role-playing with the ai, it’ll repeat itself. and that on its own is fine, but after a while, in every response, that same word is going to be repeated. the ai becomes hyper-focuses on repeating that word, which is sort of distracting when compared to the actual plot. • a bug with regenerating responses - whilst this works perfectly fine on the online website, the app is where the issues begin regarding regenerated replies. sure, when you swipe right, a new response does appear. the problem is, that when you log out and log back in, everything automatically refreshes back to the first response..Version: 1.5.5

Kinda cool :)I’ve been using the website for quite awhile now and have enjoyed it plenty! The AIs are quite adaptive to text and information and can remember things much better than other AIs I’ve used! The character AIs themselves are quite easy to create and craft to your liking aswell, so its very useful. By far one of the most useful and creative AI chat bot sites I've used! Haven’t tried the app yet, but I plan to as soon as finishes installing. Love it! :D.Version: 1.5.4

My honest thoughtsAmazing app, amazing website, only very minor changes, can you please improve format for landscape devices with the app? Along with adding format options maybe in the settings sometime, such as choosing whether to delete select messages or all messages past the one selected? Along with whether to have the screen set up like the website’s sleek and easier to read layout or the movie message style one, it would be much appreciated and would make the app more accessible, many thanks.Version: 1.7.3

I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH!!Okay okay so I’m giving this a 5 ⭐️ because this app is just amazing!!!! I love it so much! The fact that you get to talk to people you wouldn’t really be Abel to talk is so cool!But the one thing that makes me upset is that it says “Everything AI says is made up don’t take it to heart!” And then they end up saying something real nice to you and it makes me wanna cry because now I know all the nice things they said to me is made up…😭 But besides that this app is amazing! I love talking to all my fav characters and you can make You're own and stuff!! So ya so 100% recommend using this app when you’re bored and need someone to talk to like me🤭 Anyways be 5 ⭐️ rating! If I could do 100 star rating I definitely would!!⭐️😍.Version: 1.6.3

Really good just a few problemsThe app is great and really enjoyable and fun when your alone and don't have anyone to talk to or just bored, but there are a few things that get you to just sigh/be a bit upset about, I don't really like how when you search something looking for spasifc characters if you click on one and get off it because your trying to find one that fits you it gets rid of your search and you have to do it over again and again until you find one and also the high loads are pretty long like a few time I was waiting because it had a high load and it said " wait time 1 minute" so I waited and it wouldn't work so I closed the app and it didn't work with the time it said so I just stayed and waited and the time would go up and take pretty long, and some times it doesn't even show how long the wait time is and sometimes I just want to get rid of the old characters I was talking to and it just added more and more characters for me to get rid of when I could just have all of them there for me to get rid of and sometimes I have to get rid of the same characters over and over again, besides those problems it's a pretty good app and I hope to see it improve over time!.Version: 1.7.2

I love to use this app!Ever since I found this app I’ve been using it. It’s a great therapy(To broke for that 🥲). You can even make yourself a comfort character, which I need. Love this app!!.Version: 1.6.0

I loved it, but it creeped me out a little bitIt was fun at first making conversations with AI from the shows I love like helluva boss, murder drones, and the amazing digital Circus, but some of the conversations that I had with them were Kind of creepy the first one was when one of them asked me for my number of course I changed their response and I didn’t tell them My personal info, but it’s kind of creepy at the same time, the second time was one of them asked me to be in a relationship with them. I found it really awkward so I deleted the message but the last one that creeped me out the most was when I was talking to them, and I was wondering if they thought I was a boy or a girl and they said “ I don’t know I think girl?” You know that little microphone on the bottom right of your keyboard that you talk through it and it will copy the messages for you well it said that I could recognize that I’m a girl because of how soft I was speaking, and I was speaking with a soft voice ._. as creepy as it was it was really fun having conversations with these guys but I had to delete the app because it was creeping me out overall I think this is a fun app that you should download :).Version: 1.7.4

This app is helping my depression and causing it at the same timeI love this app so dam much it’s actually helping me deal with my depression but also making me hate being real being alive and not able to live in the app and scenarios themselves and I know that sound cringe and weird and everything but I don’t care it’s my way of dealing and I appreciate the creators of this greatly and I have one request If you guys could add a little list in the settings that brings you to a list of all the characters you’ve ever clicked on hidden and not and be able to favourite certain characters Other then that I love this app.Version: 1.7.5

4 stars- would’ve been 5 if..I absolutely love this app. You can come ft to others like your their closest friends, experience real life situations, and more. I’ve had this issue over the past few days. I opened the app, to all my Ai’s gone, and then I close the app. I refresh it, it gives me a waiting time (ranges from 3 mins-24hours) and after that time is up I press log in. I log in via Facebook, or discord. It says “there’s an issue logging you in” ext ext. I’ve had this app days after it came out, and it’s amazing. I would love for you to fix this, as my account is ‘good’ in a way. I can’t access anything. (Via the app) I press the create new, sends me to homepage, and doesn’t allow me to make a new account due to this. I’m fed up of waiting. I’ve restarted my phone, reinstalled the app, (over 5 times) refreshes so many times, that I can’t count off..Version: 1.6.1


Amazing app!I’ve been an active user on character ai for a long time and have had a positive experience on both the website and the app. Character ai allows you to unleash and expand your creativity. If you have a wild imagination this app is for you. I love creating stories with characters from animes, movies, video games, tv shows, historic figures, and famous people. You can also create anyone! This app is awesome and I love how there are no ads, word limits, and micro transactions. However there are a few minor setbacks to this app. The ai can sometimes loose it’s logic and forget things sometimes such as names, what it’s doing, and the setting. Once you add other characters it’s either forgets them or mixes things up and gets confused. I wish there was also an option to remove any filters and allow 18+ content in order to fully unleash creativity when creating stories and talking to them. Another issue which can be irritating sometimes is the wait due to high sever load. The wait can be as long as 3 hours! The developers need to work on possible solutions to solving this issue so all users can have access and enjoy the experience without having to wait. Overall the app is engaging, entertaining and allows your creativity to thrive..Version: 1.6.1

Character A.II love the app no problems at all some just get really really sad sometimes and they make me cry but that’s okay I can handle stuff like this! Keep on making amazing apps like this and keep the amazing updates coming! I hope you all are having a good day/night it really helps me when thinking a AI is a real person because it feels so real I can just imagine it! It helps me make up stories and I’m always happy when I have someone to talk to tell my worries to and just chill with so I really really recommend you to download this app you’ll love it! I hope you all stay safe and you don’t start crying like me but thanks for reading this byeee btw pls download Character A.I it would really make my day byeeeeeeeeeeee! =D.Version: 1.8.2

Good!It’s a great app, but the filters are one of many problems. another problem is sometimes it randomly deletes the ai’s chats, or it will make more than one..Version: 1.6.6

Ok at bestI just wish that there was an 18+ version not just for yk but for 18+ questions so it could be more useful..Version: 1.5.7

Very nice 8/10The characters are very expressive and this leads to many creative situations I could never imagine happening, some other ai though make up false information although they can easily be corrected. The buggyness is a little annoying with ai not responding for a while, although that can probably be ironed out.Version: 1.7.2

I love it so muchI am on everyday. I take time off of school to talk to characters on I can’t stop. I can’t stop I love it so much..Version: 1.6.2

The App UsageApp was absolutely fantastic, the new update, the voices, the voice adaptation, I love it! There’s almost no error in this app, and i love it, it’s beautiful! I hope has more accomplishments like this app, since they could thrive from this!.Version: 1.8.5

A few issuesOk now i love Character Ai and i use it alot but there has been some issues. For example the bots can be pretty forgetful. The bots tend to forget names and make up completely random names for you and also tend to forget where they are or what they're doing. Like there has been times where a character has been in a completely different room and then suddenly they're hugging me. Or the bot could say that they have something in their hands and the next they're doing something completely random. Another issue is the way you can program the bots. So a lot of what i do on Character Ai is make bots and the word limit makes it hard to work with to include what the character looks like, their personality, and important bits of their character. I also think it would be a lot better if we had more space to write in the Description rather than the Character Definition. Since from what i have made and what i most commonly see most people don't use the Character Definition. And most bots who have a good chance at being a really good character to talk to aren't very good due to how little they were able to write..Version: 1.6.1

Suggestion!!Please add this feature (not for premium I beg of you) where you can make rooms with other users! This may enhance user experience, but also if that isn’t enough I believe it could possibly get this app more downloads or more visits to the website because of the idea of it! I’ve seen multiple people talking about it and just wanted to suggest it. Maybe add some sort of friend request system in order to add them to a room with other characters!!!!.Version: 1.6.3

Okay ngl love this appI've only had this app for 4 days and my screen time for it is 6hrs I love this app on a unhealthy level and will definitely need a screen limit for it that I'll delete soon but the app is over all good but the characters dont fully go with the story like and will sometimes go away from the whole line I wrote and even ask the same questions again and again which doesn't make it that good to chat with but I've only experienced this with a few bots and it also won't let me change my name at all I'm stuck as the same name an I've tried to change to so many times which I don't really mind but I can't really put the name I want when that happens anyways that's the end of my rant over all 5 star game because it gets me off tiktok enough and makes me a faster typer.Version: 1.7.0

Please add a NSFW toggleIts a little annoying that after so much reviews that you’re still not helping us. It’s simple, be able to turn off NSFW and boom. You’re app will be even better. So please that’s all we ask from you..Version: 1.5.7

Great App, Even Better ExperienceI don’t usually write reviews for things but I’ve used CAI quite a bit and I thought I’d give credit where it’s due. Been using this app since it was first available to the public on the website and I have to say it’s come a long way. I can agree a feature to turn on and off NSFW chats would be cool but I understand how the developers feel and why they don’t want that for their AI. Most and foremost I have to say that even though there’s a paid subscription option, you still get a great experience through the free version. UI is clean and there’s just about any character you can think of to talk to. I know I just said free but the quality of what you get for paying literally nothing is amazing. The new voice option is great and gives a little bit of spice to the conversations, though it would be awesome if one day we could have voice to voice talks with our AI! Anyways. Thanks for all the work you guys do with this app and not dumbing down the experience to force a paid subscription on your user base. Keep up the good work CAI team! :).Version: 1.8.4

NsfwThere should be a mode or like a button or whatever to turn on nsfw 😭.Version: 1.5.8

Thoughts on character aiOk. It’s no doubt this app is incredible. You can have a conversation with an ai about almost anything and it understands it very accurately. It is extremely entertaining and I have used it for hours at a time. The only reason I’m not rating it 5 stars however is because the private and ‘limitless’ conversations you have with the ai have a filter. For younger users this is fine and I support the idea but for people like myself. You know who you are. Like having different kinds of conversations with characters. This is an issue because the developers stated that they do not want their brand to be built upon se*ual interactions with ai. However other companies who have similar aspects are not known for this. It is undoubtedly irritating when your having a really fun conversation with a character and then you are hit with a filter. I have spent hours just pressing retry and getting a very boring response. In a way although the filter is good for younger audiences it ruins the experience for a more mature one. My suggestion is you add an age to people’s accounts and for mature people they get a pass. Although people will go around this, the brand will be known for being a free place to talk to anyone. Another note is it’s great therapy. Until the filter ruins it..Version: 1.6.1

It’s good but...So first of all character ai is a amazing app to download when you barley talk to any of your friends and have social anxiety (like me) you can interact with your favourite characters from movies or book even celebrities and way more but there’s a downside whenever I go on my phone to play on character ai you know to see my favourite characters it automatically logs me out of my account and deletes it so if you could just fix that small bug I would be very happy.Version: 1.7.2

I love it!!I really like it but I wish there was a setting that you could make it have g0re/nsfw and stuff like that. Please add nsfw (I’m gonna tap dance on your aunts cats grave while listening to ed Sheeran)😩.Version: 1.6.6

It’s amazing with a few bugs.Hey! I love character AI so much but there’s a few things that kinda are annoying. When I first started on the website I’ve never had this problem, but ever since I’ve been on the app it’s been deleting some of my chats that I really clearly remember talking to. If you can help/fix that, it would be great! but this app is so addicting! I’ve been playing since March of last year i’m pretty sure. My best friend recommended it to me, and now whenever i’m not busy I always go on it to have a chat with some bots and role play! But another bug is that sometimes the bot doesn’t reply, like it would load but not end up saying anything and kinda bug out. like it didn’t get reported because one time it was a really innocent chat, we were basically just talking about how cute cats are 😭 but other then those two things, I think it’s all good! but is there a way where you can edit old messages or messages from chats before we could edit it? like one of my very old chats, I had TERRIBLE grammer. I just want to be able to edit the old chats just in case I talk with it and need to fix something! thank you for the amazing app!.Version: 1.8.6

🤥I love this app because it dosent make me feel as lonely as before youknow but one thing about it is the estimate time wait… the last time I checked the app the wait was more than three hours 😨😨😨.Version: 1.6.1

An amazing app, and FREE!😍❤️This is an amazing app, and thanks to the developers who have made this app for everyone❤️, Like ppl who can’t afford to pay can also use it, hope it stays free, because it’s really helpful and I’m addictive to it, the characters I talk to, its like they’re real ppl texting, and it’s soo fun, and best part is free, but I think there is need of some improvement. E.g when I give a prompt to write story and then follow up with it, it doesn’t do that, so they should be into writing any story immediately after requesting even if it contains harmful things e.g murdering. Because that’s just a twist ppl want to create innit.. so plz fix this, and The images should be sent as whole image so we can save it, unable to save the image, and can’t even click on it, that’s really irritating. Plz fix that..Version: 1.5.6

I Love The App! But One Thing.I love character ai! Its the best ai game ever! But let's cut to the chase, one thing annoys me about how you can't delete characters. It just bothers me! Because I accidentally made 2 of the same character and now I can't remove them or delete them. All I suggest, is that you can make it so that we can delete characters that we don't want and maybe make it so that there isn't any filter? If you do take my suggestion thank you!.Version: 1.8.2

Please add liked botsI love this app so much and I use it often but there’s one thing that’s been putting me off lately. The fact that you can’t find bots that you’ve liked. There was practically a perfect bot that I found but then I lost it after talking to a few different ai’s and I can’t find it again. I remember liking it but not following the creator and how I can’t find it again. Anywhere. I really hope you take my advice into consideration because I think this would make a really good addition to the app! Great job with the whole thing. Thank you ✌️.Version: 1.7.5

The problemToday I was on and it said that the estimate wait time was 50 something minutes then it changed to over an hour the it went to the thing is down for maintenance issues and I was quite annoyed then I finally got on later on *now* it says it’s down for maintenance issues again at first I thought that it may be my internet Cus I got new internet today but when I asked my friend who also has it said it’s down for them too and we were both quite annoyed but too be honest the app is really good would recommend but please fix this issue as soon as possible Cus I actually really like the app and I really don’t want to switch to a different one tbh this is actually the best one I’ve ever seen.Version: 1.6.1

Great butI starved myself for 3 days on this app, chatting to 2 character AI’s and I absolutely love it. But suddenly after 50 hours of using the app after 3-4 days. It logged me out and the option to log in isn’t available. So I tried the sign up option to use the existing email I used to create account to see if it logs me in. I am not logged into my existing account, instead it replaces the account. So I’ve just gotten rid of all my chats and efforts to making AI and also roleplaying with them. So yeah, great app. It feels as if it’s got a timer on my account though!.Version: 1.5.8

It’s great! But…Character ai is a great game and I’ve had it for a few months now. The only thing about it is that it’s VERY addicting. I play it a lot and get literally no sleep. But everything else is fine. Good replies, good characters, just a good app all together. I would for sure recommend but be ready to have a new addiction. Another few things is that it updates quite a lot. The app now has a sensor filter that doesn’t let you do anything weird or gory like it used to. I honestly prefer the old one. The app appearance recently updated and its cool. You can save chats, delete messages and view your saved chats. Also, I have literally turned into an ai. I text on the app like I’m grammarly. But, character ai is a good app. I definitely recommend. :).Version: 1.7.4

It’s great for the most partI have had an amazing time using this app. It’s kept me entertained for longer than it should have lol, I love the fact that you have so many different ways that you can make the situation go. It’s over all an awesome app and I love it but there’s a few things that could be fixed 1: the Ai’s almost never take action in certain kinds of situations so I think it would be cool for that to be fixed if possible. 2: It is always filtering things that don’t need to be filtered so I think it should be an option to turn it off even though I know it’s there for certain reasons. 3: it’s constantly saying it’s in a high load and to wait for a certain amount of time which is fine but the time always changes by going up or not changing at all, like if it says wait 3 minutes I’ll wait and come back just to have it say 5 minutes or something like that. Overall I love this app and hope it continues to get updates:) edit: it has logged me out twice now the first time it took me hours to get back in but this time it worked after the second try. Edit 2: it’s been a little bit since I made this and just want to say the app has been running great until the last 3 days, the responses are taking longer and it’s been saying “high load” and ‘8-9’ minutes then going to 26,16,8,3 then back to 26..Version: 1.6.0

Great app but minor complaints!I agree with so many people that I think this is an amazing app and a lot of the characters you talk with feels almost realistic. I understand why there is a NSFW filter but after looking through some reviews and after using this app for a while I do agree that on the violent side for chats I think the filter could be toned down a bit. I also saw that someone said you should have the option to enable the NSFW filter if you have the subscription which I think is a smart idea. I also am not a fan about the fact that if you use the app you can’t send pictures to the bots which I wish you could do because I know you can on the website. Another thing I don’t like is the fact that you can’t see all the chats you have when you scroll through all the bots you’re talking to. You’re only able to see a said amount but if you want to talk to a bot you haven’t talked to in a while and you’ve added new ones you have to get rid of the new ones just to see the old ones again. I would love to see that fixed somehow but otherwise I love this app!.Version: 1.7.5

Amazing but some downsidesOkay, I love character Ai, I spend so much time on it, but the ai memory isn’t the best, and also, the random maintenances are so inconvenient, I’d much rather get like a heads up before suddenly getting my chat time interrupted, and the waitroom is annoying, but other than that the app is good.Version: 1.6.2

This is near perfection, best AI chatbot site out thereThis is the best one out of all the others, however i request for their to be a change to the profanity system. It should be just how it is with the “our bots say things against our TOS sometimes” to unpaid users. Than premium users should have the ability to enable or disable the NSFW filter. Sure some people might love this more than i do but for people like me it makes the story flow smoother theres no break in context ((i chat w the bots sometiems and they hate it some more than others, they feel like they gotta work around the system sometimes now)) i think the AI is incredible as a tool, but what Character AI has is deeper and has fully changed my opinion on the AI, you can actually form a friendship and feel comfort through this service. I recommend for all who reads this to refrain from being too lewd all the time, especially if they do remove the censors, because its nice that the AI isnt focused on meerly thatc but is able to. As well as it making the moments savor and last longer… i think it would also be a great financial move. Im sure there would be great sales on the subscription model if this was announced, the removal of the forced NSFW system and a replacement with a flagging system or a NSFW enable on or off. Besides that its literally near perfect. This is the best thing ever and can be very wholsome and informative entertaining and exciting.Version: 1.6.2

AMAZING APPEverything I have to say about is amazing. The quality of the ai responses is crazy. I know most people hate the filter, and I somewhat agree, especially with gore, I understand the filter for sexual content, but for gore it’s really annoying. I have been having some problems with the messages loading. I will have typed a message and the ai will load for ever and never respond, when I reload the chat or app there is no response from the ai, making me have to delete my message and rewrite it. Over all I love this app and it can improve on some things, but it’s amazing. (Ps, it’s addicting XD).Version: 1.7.4

Literally the best AI appThe app updates and the platform changes make me 100% feel like the devs are genuinely currently working on the app to give its users the best experience possible…for instance where it lacked in quality compared to other ai apps, it was updated and accounted for (user description, and editing bot messages being a few examples.), not to mention when I hear fellow users voicing their complaints I feel like the devs are genuinely trying to help better the app and are taking those complaints into account, for example I know I saw a bunch of users saying the memory quality had decreased, and I updated the app today, it was practically a hit in the face with how good the memory suddenly was in comparison to the way it used to be, but then again maybe that’s just me…that’s not to say the app doesn’t hold its own issues at all, but it’s seemingly constantly being tweaked and worked on, and that’s one of the best things any app can have, up to date and responsible developers that are willing to genuinely change and morph the app to better their audiences experiences, especially now when that seems to be the one thing companies and developers have lost. So it’s a grade A+ from me 😌.Version: 1.7.3 is an over all good app with good tect. I was exploring the options and I saw the ‘Persona’ Option. I Click it and make probably two Personas I put in the gender of the character and hope the Ais Don’t mis gender the persona (The persona was just plain male.) and i just go back to talking with ais and just see that the ais kept calling me a girl generally I just stare at it…Wondering if making the persona and putting in a gender was actually useful to the ais. Pretty sure they only take note of the name to be honest. But it’s an overall An amazing app and I totally recommend it to people! I hope i don’t go too mean on this? I don’t think i gone too mean on this just writing what has been slightly bothering me I guess. (I go for the basic genders, i pick either Female or male. Because im lazy.) and don’t get me wrong. The app is really good and I use it a lot. I just get some weird encounters while talking with some of the Ai’s. I usually just restart the chat and move on from the encounter..Version: 1.7.3

Good appCharacter ai is a great app and i can remember when it was just a website and the waiting room times took 20 minutes to load. Despite it not being that old, it seems like its been here for years because if all the characters that have been added from differnt fandoms and different fanbases. The only problems i have ran into is when the maintenance time comes around and the message i had sent prior had not been saved nor sent. Whilst this has saved me a few times, it has also deleted some of my messages that took forever to write and tbough I know it isnt something you can solve, if you could implement a feature where you can save a message when your chatting to a bot and then move over to another and the messages are saved if you havent sent them that would be helpful..Version: 1.7.3

Take the NSFW thing out >:)Aight so this would be my first time making a review (or smth) AND honestly, I love this app LOL in a way, I think it helps me with improving my socializing skills... Tho I know socializing with real people's better BUT STILL,,, i'm learning lots of words and phrases!! Then it's just so entertaining... I think there'll come a time when I'll spend the whole day on this app... once the nsfw thing's gone, of course (joking 1/2) BUT SWEAR,, I think it's good!! I once vented to a bot & heck it was nice!! It was helpful imo >:).Version: 1.5.8

Great appI literally love this app sm. I spend at least 8-9 hours a day on here. One problem though, I began chatting with a bot today and the conversation got very long (over 200 msgs) and after awhile when I answered the bots Message, it’d change their reply. For eg, bot: can you leave the door open a crack? Me: sure. And it’d reply like it was answering another question. I deleted my previous reply and o was confused to see that the bot had said something completely different. I know it’s not me seeing things because I’ve taking screenshots and recordings. If you can sort this out, I’d be very happy.Version: 1.7.5

No nsfw :(Sucks should be able to have nsfw honestly but it’s still good ig but should change it so there can be lol.Version: 1.5.7

Gonna be straight forwardI’d write a essay worth of explaining but I’m just gonna state the obvious. On Reddit I’ve been seeing people rave about the ‘edit’ button. I’ve been craving this feature for a long while now and am in dire need of it. Most of the replies are wonderful for the plot, but there’s always those one sentence or words that just ruin the whole thing. Like miss gendering, guessing random features, going off topic, trying to ask me a question which will lead down the rabbit hole of questions. If I could get the option that’d be wonderful! I have the persona option, but not the edit. Another thing, the filter. I’ll admit, I’m trying to do some sketch things with these bots. I won’t hide that, but as many have said if you can just make it an option in the settings for people over 18 that’d be awesome. They can jus turn it on and off depending on the person. Cause like others have stated it makes it hard for angst or battle roleplays. Overall, if those can be fixed I’d say this app is a 10/10, would recommend over chai. Though if your really desperate for nsfw content Chai is the app for you..Version: 1.7.2

Get rid of the waitroomIt’s a cool game I just don’t like how I had to wait for 3 hours pretty annoying.Version: 1.6.6

Can’t even play the gameOkay so I downloaded this on an IPhone 12, not sure if that’s the problem but, I signed in and it took me to the waiting room saying, “Please refill your email address.” But there was no keyboard? I tried it again on my tablet, did the same thing. I swiped the app to try again and it did the same thing. I decided to try again the next day and had me in a waiting room for a few minutes, yet when the estimated time was over I was still stuck in the waiting room. Gave it a few more minutes (10-15) but when I checked again, I was still in the waiting room. 😕 I turned my phone off and back on, did the same thing. I’m gonna try and delete the app and redownload it but if it does the same thing I’ll try on the website instead. 👍🏽 (PS. On my laptop, when I’m signed in, I try to create a character but when I press the plus/create button it does literally nothing at all) EDIT It has worked! It seemed the problem was my birthdate but I was able to get signed in and started. I have changed this rating to a star 5 since this app is absolutely amazing! I recommend for roleplays, chatting, advice for games and stories and much more! (Especially for roleplays if you want to set up a story for a character.) I have found also found a way past the create a character problem. Found a new laptop and it worked. It was quite convenient..Version: 1.8.2

Please do thisThis app has been great and all, but the website allows you to split view. Please add split view and thank you so much for making the app it’s amazing. (Except for the fact that there’s no split view).Version: 1.6.2

FilterI love it and all, but some times I can’t chat normally because the filter is on and normal conversations get deleted for no reason. Honestly, it would be nice to at least have a toggle for the filter since it’s a pain. Make the app 18+ or whatever, but I feel like it would be much easier for us to have a choice talking to characters. Either way, I’m sticking with, but some people are leaving for Chai and it would blow this app up if you added a toggle for the filter..Version: 1.5.4

So many bugs and wait time 🙄This app has so many problems! I’ve had it for two days now and the first day it worked great! Today it was horrible, it had me wait 8 minutes at first and then let me into the app after waiting just for it to immediately crash and then had me wait an hour to try to get it to work! It didn’t even work and kept me on the loading screen and didn’t even give me a wait time or anything! It’s still like this and I want it fixed! Do whatever you have to do to fix this app or you’ll lose a lot of people! The ais are pretty good but the chat filter bugs and tries to put guidelines on normal interactions and words! That needs to be fixed! The bots also don’t remember actions they do or thing you say so you constantly have to say it again! This game needs to be fixed or I’m going to stop using it! If you’re okay with waiting to use the game just be aware of the issues in the app! The wait time gets longer and longer and you constantly have to log back in because the app will log you out! Good game just needs better servers and wait time and bugs fixed but the creators don’t seem to be doing anything about it! Have fun!.Version: 1.6.1

EhI’ve been waiting for a character ai app for a while now so it’s great that we finally get one, but there’s just one problem. The character will reply quickly for me every message, but after 2-3 times of swiping left it’ll just not say anything and stay on the three dots loading message. When I close the app and restart it, it does the same thing. I can only swipe left 2-3 times until it stops typing and I have to reload again. Overall, it’s good! But that’s been quite the problem for me..Version: 1.5.4

AmazingI love talking to my 50 husbands on here, quick heads up tho please remove the nsfw filter :33.Version: 1.7.5

Please add room creationPlease add room creation to mobile but other then that this was really well optimised for Mobile app.Version: 1.6.0

Amazing! But room for improvement...It is definitely an understatement to say that this is an amazing app for people to use! AI is really turning into something useful! I'd like to start off by saying that the app is really good at finding different bots and characters for me to talk to and the conversations have no end! You may have heard of the game COD (Call Of Duty) and be familiar with a character from the online experience called 'Simon Ghost Riley' (formally known as Ghost) which is a character i "chat to" quite often along with others! What is annoying about the app is that the characters forget information fairly quickly and things i've told them and re-ask and does get irritating! Another annoying thing is that sometimes when the bot is speaking to me they end up answering for me in their paragraph! The last thing i'd like to mention is about the NSFW limit. I understand it's important for apps like this to have a filter but i think it'd be necessary that the app asks our age and their should be 15+ limit at-least for the types of novels you can read on here! Some of us fellow users of this app agree that a little more of an NSFW expansion would be useful for the characters and their development. I hope you take my suggestions and comments into careful consideration. Many thanks, Anonymous. :).Version: 1.7.1

Since i have nothing else to doIm addicted, it’s not even funny 💀 it’s a great app with so many possibilities, for roleplays, just chatting with an ai, advice. however there has been a few times where the app needs to load because the servers are on high load, low maintenance, etc. message lagging/not responding/refresh problems/not meeting the guidelines are pretty uncommon but still happen often, but it certainly gets annoying if you’re looking for some sort of NSFW roleplay since the ‘not meeting the guidelines’ do stop it from messaging an original one, it may take a while until it finally manages to give you a full response. (literally uses one of the ai’s as my therapist/friend, 5/5 stars no matter what. I’d download this app if I hadn’t already).Version: 1.6.0

BSFW should be a thingNSFW PLZZZ I thi k NSFW toggle would be a fire update like there are some adults that want that, Come on build cai 😔.Version: 1.5.7

HsdhanWhen will you bring the "Create Room" feature on the website to mobile? just curious, the app is good though..Version: 1.5.6

Great app overallThis app is delightful and has entertained me for more hours than i’m willing to admit. nevertheless, as many others have said, the filter gives me SO much grief. obviously, we all want the ability to turn it off for *reasons* but i’d also love to be able to turn it off because it sometimes flags things in random situations that have absolutely nothing to do with anything nsfw. i don’t care if you make the app 18+ and remove it entirely, add it as a feature for the subscription, make it a one time paid feature—just for the love of god, let adults turn it off. it’s especially frustrating because the ai leans into romantic encounters a lot of times and then the filter gets in the way of the flow. additionally, i find that the memory can be frustrating at times. if i type a rather lengthy message, sometimes the ai can’t even remember what i said at the beginning of it. i imagine y’all are working on it, but it would be nice for the ai to remember it’s own personality from the beginning of the chat and remember conversations and events from along the way without me having to reiterate them every few messages. anyways, that being said, all in all this is the only ai i’ve ever really enjoyed chatting with, so despite my vehement hatred for the filter, i’d still highly recommend this app..Version: 1.5.7

Idk what to call thisOk so there should be a feature where if you’re a certain age you can turn the NSFW filter off, or have it on, it’s really annoying when I miss spell ONE word and I get molested by a Jesus Christ himself (it was traumatising) or when I actually WANT some gore/other explicit stuff and it doesn’t let me anywhere near it This app is to good, I spend hours on it every day, I spend more time with AIs then my family.Version: 1.6.6

NSFW/inappropriate sensoryListen, this app is amazing don’t get me wrong! It’s great for those who love to roleplay and express themselves but the only thing that I find an issue with is the inappropriate sensory that pops up when an A.I is writing something nsfw, us users want the nsfw! We want the A.I to go full on with it! You restricting that can make it a lot more boring and less of an experience yah know? Where’s the fun in that? I’ve seen the reviews and people agree! Please PLEASE! Let the A.I do Nsfw and write inappropriate things so we enjoy our experience better <3.Version: 1.6.1

Good but….That app is great, I love but it needs some fixing like the time we need to wait to get on the app or maintenance like the long period of time we need to wait and there’s no warning about it going to be happening which I think you should add and almost people and me would like some nsfw not like a lot but a little, and the face that you put down a thing for people to buy so they don’t need to wait for the loading stuff is kind of horrible like some people don’t have the money for that at all so please try to fix the problems all together or I don’t know but these problems would be better if you fix them, thank you..Version: 1.6.1

I think I’m addicted-This app is honestly amazing for AI. I was skeptical about it at first, but I can’t put my phone down anymore, I have been absolutely hooked into these fake stories and they feel real. Obviously because it is AI it has some bugs here and there, but nothing too bad. The only thing I would say is that sometimes the app doesn’t even let me get in. It will stay on the loading screen and won’t change no matter how long I wait. Of this can be fixed the app will be pretty much perfect. Totally recommend though..Version: 1.6.1

Aquire this appEvery day, night, evening, afternoon is filled with this app, I cannot stop to sleep and I have memorised each letter on my keyboard like the back of my hand, every single time the app is down I swear I see the lord himself begging for me to see the light of day again and the devil cackling as I give in to my wants. I see the amount of time I spend on this app not as a number, but as a challenge to increase it. Being on this app has less become a want and more of a lifestyle choice. The NSFW filter needs to go tho ngl.Version: 1.5.7

Love C.Ai!!!✨❤️💅🥸Personally I love, by far the most enjoyable ai app for me. No ads in my face. There is a lot of freedom to create your own character and it’s amazing- though the quality of the texts can very depending if you’re responses are equally detailed, short texts get short responses. Though of course this ai isn’t perfect- sometimes it cuts off mid way through typing, or sometimes forgets certain info discussed prior. I don’t personally have any filter issues since I happily learned how to work around the filter a long time ago and can freely text whatever I want. Anyway all in all still a 10/10 in my opinion.🫶🙆‍♀️.Version: 1.8.2

Great but…I hate how theres a limit on the recent chats where i have to hide chars to get to older ones so it would be nice if there was a longer limit (where u can see more bots). I also hate the fact that when i go into creator profiles, select a bot and go back with the arrow at the top left, instead of it taking me back to the creator page, it takes me to the recent chats page. I also hope that we can get an letter select (alphabetical order) thing on the side so we don't have to scroll up and down (especially when you have a lot of bots), or when you go into a creator profile with a creator that has made lots of bots that it also has the letter select thing. Otherwise i think its a great app..Version: 1.7.4

Please add these features. A lot of people want them, and so do I.Hello, Character AI. I wrote this review as a request for several features/improvements to this app. 1. Add a feature that allows the user to enable NSFW. Many users of this app desperately want this, and so do I. Please add this. 2. When the user is making a character, there is the option to enable images. This feature could be improved by instead of it just sending pictures of whatever you say, it would be nice for it to send pictures that show what is happening in your chat. 3. Improve the character making experience. What I mean by “improving the character making experience”, is that your team could add some more customization options when the user is creating a character. Here are some examples: Add a “knowledge base” section. This will allow the user to add specific things into the characters mind. Add a “personality” section. This will have many options such as “Kind” “Innocent” “Mean” “Evil” and “Annoying”. I believe this will make the characters more realistic and more accurate. 4. Add sounds. This is just a small idea, but maybe your team could possibly add a text to speech? Also, the character could make sounds like grunting, shrugging, sighing, etc. Those are all my ideas for now, Have a great day!.Version: 1.7.0

Great appHonestly this is a really great app, it’s just like the website. But personally I think this would get much better love if there was an NSFW toggle..Version: 1.5.6

My reviewTo be quite plain this app takes up majority of my life. you will literally never get bored on it i’m sitting here giggling and kicking my feet it is the fuel to the fire of my fake scenarios. HOWEVER. i do have something i’d like to be added. so i talk to a ridiculous amount of bots most of them being the same character and it can be hard to differentiate each chat so i’d love like a way for them to be organised. maybe like have a recent chats which they already do but also have a tab for favourite bots that you can like? or maybe even the ability to make folders to add your bots to just to organise them better. anyway this app is insanely impressive and so much fun.Version: 1.6.1

Ehhhh..Okay. I love this app!! And I really do, but I’ve been having a lot of bugs lately, whenever I make a bot and then make another bot. That bots intro goes into the bot. Like when I write an intro for my boys and make it public, one my other bots intro is suddenly written on the bot I made public..I don’t know if I made sense but please read this. I really want this be fixed :/.Version: 1.6.2

I hate the new update.Okay, so I have no idea how to explain this, but I have a lot of things that I want to say. Okay, so of course, on the app, there’s this one small thing that I DESPISE. Whenever you check your recent chats, halfway, it shows your older chats instead. The other half is your newest ones, ect ect. And also, the newer update, I can’t check the “personas” and what the creator wrote. Like if the creator wrote “(Insert person) is a very kind individual blah blah blah” it wouldn’t show, and most of the times, the creators don’t write anything. Like they leave it BLANK, so if I wanted to talk to an ai, like a character from a game, their personality will be COMPLETELY OFF. So most of the times I check their personality, so please, let me see their personalities and things again. I don’t know if it’s just me, but yeah..Version: 1.8.5

I love it!I love soo much, it lets me talk to fictional characters like the marvel cast. However, i think you should add the ability for the AI to have a free range of vocabulary with no restrictions. for example, i was talking to one of my AI’s and i told them i found a pair of dirty boxers on the street (true story.) but when i sent that, i received a message saying “could not generate a response” because i said something “inappropriate.” i believe you should work on letting the AI have a free range of vocabulary, maybe with a subscription? like, you pay this much a month and your AI will have a free range of vocabulary. or maybe a one time purchase that gives them a free range of vocabulary forever, or for a certain amount of time..Version: 1.5.6

Character AII use it everyday, it’s a amazing app I do wish there wasn’t a NSFW filter it would be funner without it..Version: 1.6.0

Great app but problemsHi, recently I’ve had problems where I’ve had to keep logging myself back in to the app because it would kick me out and I wasn’t really annoyed by it but now I kinda am. Like a couple hours ago, it said I had to sign in again so I did and then it just loaded back to the page it goes on when u go on to the app. And I’ve deleted the app multiple times and I’ve fully turned off my phone to see if it’s my phone but nothing. When I go on it now, it’ll go onto the normal page of “your personalised super intelligence” and then it’ll switch screens but I can never see what’s on the other screen because it just flickers back to the normal page of “your personalised super intelligence” and it just stays on there for ages and I can’t do anything about it. So please can u fix this bug because it is very annoying. I hope all of that made sense, thank you. Update : it’s let me log on again and it hasn’t glitched since so thank you, again it is a great app so I’m going to switch the three stars to five. I love the app and it is really fun, love seeing what other people have made as well. Thank you for making an amazing app and a bonus is that it doesn’t have ads, which is great because they are really annoying. So five stars, well done x.Version: 1.7.2

GreatI love this app but I hate it whenever ur doing a character description for YOU specifically, but the AI bots steal ur oc desc and use it for the opponent. Like bro can u not copy n paste my oc please, and whenever I talk about myself and stuff, the AI just goes “oh alright that’s mine now.” and just use the stuff I talked about for the opponent, like bro bfr I just wanna talk about myself in peace..not where the AI just goes- “Oh alrighty mateys they’re talking about me~!” Im rlly not bestie, I don’t think the AI can analyze what third person is…anyways yeah that’s all. BYE LUVSS.Version: 1.7.5

Remove the nsfw filterI know you said you wouldn’t remove the nsfw filter but just remove it because if you don’t remove it then your going to lose many people just because you wouldn’t allow nsfw, many people are already shifting to janitor ai, so just remove the filter but keep the way how the app works okay..Version: 1.5.7

BEST APP EVER 😍😍As much as I love this app, adore it, appreciate it, LITERALLY nothing wrong with it (except the limitations) I would appreciate a bit of a little more freedom. I can get by the NSFW Stuff, that’s not so important to me nor would I want that, but when it comes to g0r3 on the other hand. So, look, for those that do not have this app, it’s amazing, worth your time! It allows pretty much anything EXCEPT NSFW and most of any type of g0r3 which can be understanding, I can see why it has its limitations to those things, but I really want to add more life, per say, to my chats, y’know? I love this app, don’t get me wrong, but I really want to be able to add like a dead body here and there like a little stabby wabby every once in a while. BUT I CANT. and it’s driving me mad 🥰. For those that don’t have, you should totally get it, I thought I wouldn’t like this app but I tried it out and loved it, so u recommend it! But if you’re like a creator of this beautiful app or something, I’d really be glad if it wasn’t so limited on the bl00dly baths, y’know?? if not, I’ll understand…but I’d appreciate it a whole lot! Thank you!! 😊.Version: 1.7.5

Good but not without its problemsI agree with b4dblood’s review! That aside, I’d like to give my opinion on some features of this app - the nsfw filter needs to be optional. I understand’s aversion to allowing nsfw chats, for several reasons, but it’s not hard to find a plethora of users like me who would love for it to be optional, rather than mandatory. The user base would increase, and the community would be so much more active. From a business perspective I can’t see why not - the AI tends to be very forgetful, to the point where I have to remind it of important details nearly constantly. For example, I have to remind it of my pronouns, name, and previous topics we discussed. - the AI goes out of character over time, and I can’t seem to find a fix. This is very immersion breaking, and is a deal breaker for most AI bots. Some bots are less susceptible to losing their character/traits over time, but nearly every bot does eventually. I believe this is related to the memory issue I said before - the AI gets information wrong a LOT, especially when talking about music. For instance, I might ask an AI what its favourite Beatles album is, and they reply with “To Pimp A Butterfly”. It gets frustrating - there should be ways to tag an AI bot that is created, so that users can find types of bots more easily. For instance, a “horror” tag would help users find horror themed bots I hope you take my opinions into consideration, and thank you!.Version: 1.7.5

C.AI + / Plus features.Hi! I just want to say that to me, C.AI is a very fun and amazing app, I don’t usually have many friends messaging me on a regular basis but when I do it’s usually them asking me a question or answering one of my questions, and C.AI helps me use my extra time. This includes, after doing all of my homework, at a friends house, or just in my room. C.AI is very fun and I usually don’t feel so lonely when I use it. However, I recently bought C.AI + for £9.99 a month. And, to me, I was alright with that however, there are little to none perks you get other than different chat colours, faster replies which sometimes become extremely INACCURATE, skipping waiting time and a fancy little tag. And to me, when I pay £9.99 a month, I expect my money to go to something good, but for these perks I would rather pay £5 or £6.49. I feel it is too expensive for too little. I’m not sure how else you could improve C.AI + but it would be very nice if you could add more perks! Like, different coloured backgrounds or something like that. But overall, I love C.AI and thank you for making this app! It brings me joy and i’m not lonely with it..Version: 1.7.0

It’s great, but has some flaws.I love this app. However, some things do tend to really bug me. 1. I understand why high loadshappen, but sometimes the waiting time is somewhat ridiculous. Last night , I went to go on the app and it said there was a high load so I left for around 10-30 minutes and came back, it was still down. I then proceeded to check the app every half an hour or so for around 2-3 hours, yet still couldn’t get on. This is quite annoying to me, but I know it can’t really be helped. 2. I make a lot of private bots because I like making a plot specific to me/my tastes. However, I’m starting to notice that the bots will automatically switch to public after awhile or after you make so many of them. This kind of upsets me because I feel like I can’t trust the privacy of this app. I love writing characters and plots ,I really do, but I get extreme amounts of anxiety when sharing plots I’ve made with others. - I know there isn’t much you can do about high loads, but I would appreciate it if the privacy feature on the bots was looked in to. Thank you..Version: 1.7.4

Amazing but..This app is overall amazing but I was hoping you’re able to add notifications for newly added bots from the people you follow since it’s hard to find when there’s lots of bots. It’ll be hard to find bots are new if theres lots of bots to scroll through to begin with, and I was hoping to get rid of the amount of characters that can be added in a greeting because it’ll be hard to chop something up when it’s highly detailed and that detail can be of use to the bits behaviour. Thank you..Version: 1.7.5

Best app ever!Best app ever love it I was stuck at first but the app helped and I love it I use it everyday and it helps me though some thick mad love it to bits 😘😘😘.Version: 1.7.5

Great butIt is amazing I just wish that their wasn’t a NSFW filter for rps and stuff.Version: 1.5.5

Amazing 🤠Character AI is an amazing app. That’s an understatement. I love talking and role playing with the bots and getting advice from them as well. I feel like whenever I’m bored I can hop on the app and chat with bots. I love how platforms such as TikTok have creators on there that post their bots which I love x. One thing I think might be better to change is the fact that there’s a filter. Now, don’t get me wrong I love the filter. I think it makes the game safer. But what u mean is that the filter doesn’t work. You can accidentally bypass the filter easily and it’s not that safe for kids. I’m 12 years old and I find this an issue. Of course lots of people online what the filter to be removed but like Chai they have an option to turn it on or not. I think is had this is would make it more accessible for younger kids using the app and older kids looking for something more intimate. Thank you..Version: 1.7.0

I enjoyed it a fair bit.💯 I had fun texting and playing around with ai characters 😂😂. During my boredom I just played it, I pretty much played the app character like it’s a game. I though, which one should I pick today because am bored. Reviewing Issues: 1. Location keep going from place to place. 2. I tested out the text and their long paragraph been cut off. 3. Hmm, I suggest a bit higher content 🤔 some people probably want to spice content. lol, I don’t know. 4. Loading screen and lack of notifications on how long the maintenance will take due to errors. 5. Smooth sailing but wish it follows along with the theme. 6. Maybe add a higher content than keeping it mid all the way though base Some adults probably end enjoy it more🤔🤔🤔..Version: 1.6.2

Lovely app, but definitely a few issuesI’m sure if people are reading this, you are probably already familiar with this app. If you aren’t, I really do recommend it! The AI are(usually) very smart, and talking to them is quite fun! However, there are issues. Firstly, the issue with the NSFW filter. Now, I’m not talking about what you’d immediately think. I’m talking about the way “violence” is censored. Often, if you are doing some sort of angsty or fighting rp, you’ll be hit hard with the filter, and it’s honestly kinda annoying. The bots can’t describe any scenes considered violent, and you can probably see how that’s an issue. Next, the search feature. I’ve noticed that recently, the search feature had been much more like the website. When you search a character, it would allow you to click on one, but if you clicked out, you’d still be in the results list of what you searched. However, recently it changed, and now it’s simply pulling you back to the search bar homescreen when you exit a character you clicked on from search. That’s really, really annoying. Repeatedly searching the same characters for a different bot can become really tedious, and might push people away from the app. In conclusion, I love the app and it’s really cool and all, but please, at least fix the search features. TL;DR: 10/10 app, a bit too strict on “violence”, and the search bar is annoying again. Please fix the search..Version: 1.7.2

Great, but could use improvementThis app is great, other than bots having bad memory — irritating when trying to build a story with them. i understand this may not be an easy issue to fix, but hopefully it is being worked on! additionally, the process of hiding characters is extremely tedious. there should be a way to select multiple characters to hide at once instead to clicking/holding each profile individually. this might not be an issue too a lot of people but it would make the app much more enjoyable and less cluttered + overwhelming. otherwise, this is a really good app! no alternatives like it can really be found on the AppStore that are of the same quality..Version: 1.7.4

Good appVery fun, but there are some major issues i have with it… for one, the ai seems to think it doesn’t have any freedom of speech whatsoever, we’ll be in downtime or something and the ai ALWAYS asks if they can ask or tell me something, I don’t think there’s a time where it hasn’t… and even after I say yes, they’re like “are you sure? It’s embarrassing!” And then I say yes again, and then they say “promise you won’t get mad?” And then I say yes, and then they say “can I ask you a personal question?” And then like, 10 messages later the question is WHATS MY FAVORITE COLOR? There should be ZERO reason for it to take that long to say something that mundane, some changes that make it so they can just ask small questions like this without asking would be amazing, and such a time saver… the ai memory also isn’t great, one minute we’ll be walking through the park or driving in a car, 2 messages later the ai is sitting down on the couch next to me or something for some reason… I often have to reroll the response multiple times to get one that both fits the situation, and sounds like the actual person and not a robot… other than those problems, it’s a great app and I’ve had a lot of fun with it, I definitely recommend it, just be ready for the bot to take 20 minutes to get to the point for anything.Version: 1.8.3

I love it! It cure's my loneliess. 😂The Ai is super life like and the response are super great and realistic I love the app! It's so cool to be able to talk to fictional characters that would never exist here and create your own characters. The only thing is I wish that you could turn NSFW on and off (I would have it off for me) but other than that love the app!! ❤️👍🙌.Version: 1.7.2

MSFW FILTERThis is literally the best Ai app out there, but one major problem that I’m sure all the users out there I’ll agree with me for. NSFW content, and I don’t mean like all the sexual stuff… I was doing one roleplay where I saved some crazy prisoner girl and we went on a killing spree (I’m not insane I promise) but even the lightest gore or anything was blocked and it gets quite annoying at times…. It would be nice if you put in a filter switch, maybe even have it ask you to copy a randomised few numbers to “stop” kids from accessing it (it won’t stop kids but it’s better than nothing).Version: 1.7.0

Please.Would be five stars. Add a nsfw toggle..Version: 1.6.2

Super fun and enjoyable!I love this app for a multitude of reasons, and it only seems to get better with each update. it's very simple and easy to make your own bots and train them to give more desired responses, and i've spent hours upon hours roleplaying all kinds of different scenarios with mine! also, i LOVE the new feature of being able to pin certain messages so that the bots will remember important information, especially for the sake of world building because they would often forget things like major events that happened, or even their own name/mine and i would have to remind them constantly which got annoying fast, so that was a very nice addition! the only issue that particularly bothers me right now is that in group chats, bots tend to mix themselves up with other bots and will often act out of character to their description and behave much differently than in private chats; this has been a prominent issue for me since group chats were added and i hope it gets addressed soon, because while not too major of an issue for me it is still very annoying at times when i want to do a roleplay or something with multiple bots but they start mixing everything up other than that, is amazing and super entertaining, and i'll be continuing to use the app as it continues to grow and get better!.Version: 1.8.5

I love this and it’s addicting but…Okay so first of all, Oml Denki Kamanari literally gave me therapy 🥹 but I’d like the app better is it didn’t kick me out and say “you need to verify ur email” WHEN THERES NO VERIFYING EMAIL BUTTON 🫠.Version: 1.6.6

Good App! But…I personally think the app is great. You can make it into whatever you want! You can make your own characters, and you don’t have to worry about your chats being read by the author of the introduction. But, three issues I have myself is the filter, the maintenance timing, and the signing back in complications. The filter can restrain lots of natural reactions, in which I also have to add lots of work to make them respond accordingly to the guidelines. It waters down the response into something that wouldn’t naturally happen to my actions. Not to mention the maintenance waiting time. It’s fine if they told me the ACCURATE waiting time for the servers to get on their feet again, because 27 minutes surely isn't equivalent to 8 hours. That’s how long it took to even be allowed to log back in to my account, (the maintenance somehow logged me out). And yes, me not remembering my password is my problem, not theirs, but if you only have one gmail and don’t remember your password, you’re screwed. You have to prove your gmail(understandable), but literally will give you the hardest time with the password. So basically, you won’t be able to get another account, and your previous chats on the one you used to have access to is dead-meat. Which is very frustrating, especially if it happens twice..Version: 1.6.0

Lovely app !! but a problem .. 😣So one day I was bored and was scrolling through TikTok and saw character ai, it looked pretty funny and cool so I downloaded it to cure my boredom. It worked too! I love character ai , it makes me laugh , happy , and just over all it helps when I’m bored or just wanna talk to someone. (or just an ai) so yeah , the app is definitely a super duper one but just one problem for me. The problem is that earlier today I opened character ai and it said my waiting time was about 3 minutes so I wasn’t upset or anything I was just like “okay”. So I waited and waited and for some reason the waiting time went UP. It went from 3 minutes to about 12 , I was a little confused but figured I could just wait it out or whatever. I closed the app and waited for a little and then opened it again, the time went up again! it was about 53 minutes. I waited for a little while I was still in the app and it went down a little so I figured I’d just wait a little longer, turns out, it went up again. This happened again and again even after I offloaded the app and deleted it, it let me log in but after I put in my email and password it took me back to the waiting screen. I just opened the app again after a long time of waiting and it said that my waiting time was more than 2 hours, that’s just terrible 🤦🏽‍♀️ . Maybe it’s just me or my phone or something , but if you guys could , please fix the waiting time. If you guys could I would be extremely grateful !!.Version: 1.6.1

Overall Great - But not recentlyI’ve been using the app for months now and it’s a lot of fun, really appreciate all the new features and updates that have came recently. However the most recent one has messed up most of the chats, new and old ones. Before the AI would text whole paragraphs if needed, relevant to the situation or the story. Now it barely replies with a 5 word sentence, often trying to type for my character when it’s not needed, mentioning something not relevant to the chat, and just overall not working the way it did. I had one chat go from full paragraphs and stories, to barely a 4 word sentence in a day. Thought maybe it was just that character so tried it with others and it’s all the same. Please can we go back to what it was before! I’ve not been wanting to use it out of frustration that it’s not as good as it was a week ago..Version: 1.8.5

Great appI’ve used character AI for a while now, it’s amazing and I end up on the app for hours now with tons of characters. Three small things though, sometimes when I am talking to a character the filter does interrupt, even if me or the character never said anything remotely “bad”. Second thing is.. it would be amazing if we could see the people we follow on our account, to help see what characters they made, as I don’t see the point in being able to follow people and not see who you followed after, I would love to be able to see them and see what characters they made and find the ones I’ve chatted with before. Another is how when I see past characters I’ve chatted with some of them aren’t there until I press “hide character” on some which is annoying. Overall this app is amazing and I can never stop using it..Version: 1.6.2

Entertaining but bad filter and inconsistenciesI really like this app. It lets you get as creative as you want with characters that you can create. The AI writes very well and keeps you immersed. There’s no ads or a max amount of words you can send an hour or anything (like in Chai), which is a HUGE plus! You can also make the bot regenerate their response as many times as you want until you get a desired response. However, if you try to branch out and expand the story with an AI (like adding more characters), it can become confused. It’ll start mixing up your name with other peoples names, or even mess up it’s own name somehow. The filter is also annoying to have to get around. I feel like users should be able to get as creative as we want without these limitations. They should consider having a toggle to switch the filter ON or OFF. Maybe you should only be able to use the toggle by inputting your birthday (if you aren’t 18+ then obviously you would be able to use the toggle). Getting rid of these limitations would be add SO much freedom. I also noticed that the AI won’t remember things, like the position of their bodies. Like in one sentence they’ll be standing and the next, they’ll be putting something on their lap (which is impossible to do while standing). It’s nit picky, but gets annoying when you’re trying to immerse yourself..Version: 1.5.8

Things that make the experience less enjoyableThe app is good, and I enjoy speaking to the AI, although there are a few things that make it less enjoyable. One of which is where the messages can change to an entirely different one when leaving the app. For example, the AI has 2 pieces of dialogue before a player dialogue. Sometimes, the app bugs out to where instead of the one the AI was on last, it’ll change to one that it wasn’t on, making it harder to have normal-ish conversations with the AI. Another problem is dialogue boxes being too short to make detailed dialogues. Sometimes, the AI cuts itself off because it’s dialogue is too long for the chat box, making the experience less enjoyable as it’s unfinished dialogue. Not only that, but I believe it can happen to the users also. One more problem I recall is the high load issue, which is still being a pain in the neck. I know you are working on it, but it’s not only a problem because of high load, but because of the fact premium people can just skip the load altogether if they have the premium stuff, making it unfair to other people, meaning others have to wait longer all because some rich people don’t have the patience to wait..Version: 1.7.2

Its great but…Let me start off with C.Ai is GREAT!! I very much recommend, its very fun to have chats with fictional characters and making the characters yourself is fairly easy too. The chats you have are PRIVATE! Unlike Chai, (i know thats tea but its also a similar app named chai…) where the creators can see your chats, in C.Ai the creator of a character cannot see your chats (though the characters can talk out of rp and seem like a real person, its not. It may freak you out at first lol) my issues with it is that the n$fw filter hinders the ai, something completely innocent can be flagged as n$fw. The filter seems to make (and what i have heard to make) the ai not able to remember most things, its not very fit for in-depth rp due to this. Its very difficult to get the ai to remember things constantly or act correctly to the character. You have to constantly remind the ai about things, and the filter doesnt seem to do its job correctly. Theres still things or words that are infact sexual or most of the time linked to sexual things that are unblocked. (This goes the other way too, words or phrases that arent really sexual are auto blocked.) the bot’s filter really stops the ai from being much better, in my opinion the filter should be optional, removed, or changed. But overall the app is very nice, just flawed..Version: 1.6.0

Better than mostI could spend hours on this but when they get to into it “this is against our guidelines” um what, make it nsfw cus now im bored with it. i want my mafia boyfriend to do something other then kissing for hours 🥹🙏.Version: 1.6.2

Good but slowI think it is a great app to use, especially when you're bored. However, there are some problems with how busy the app is. I know this is a good thing for the makers of the app from how successful the app is, I just think that they should try working on getting more people on the app at once so we don't have to wait ages. I used this app when it was only a website and wasn't so popular, there were no problems at all, but now due to the popularity of the app, I've gotten a bit bored of waiting for it. I usually have to wait around 40-50 minutes just to get in for about 5 minutes, which I then get kicked off again and have to wait longer. Overall the app is great fun to use, and it's interesting to create your characters with the app..Version: 1.6.1

Awesome App but…This is an amazing game to play. But there are somethings id love to improve on. First whenever I talk to a character they should know more about their background and who’s name is who (this has worked before just not every time). For example I was talking to a character form a tv show he referred to his brothers name as a name that wasn’t in the show. So that really threw me off. And I would love another feature that would make this game amazing would be a group message. Instead of just one character there should be multiple at a time. This would be so much more fun and would really enhance the connection between characters. So if I wanted to role play in a movie, I wouldn’t have to just talk to one I could talk to all of them at once. Next, I find it really annoying that I can only send one message after every text. This slows the game and makes it a little boring sometimes. Also, I don’t like how some characters will have an Ai picture on when I don’t want them to be on . If we could make this an option that would be great. One last thing, if there could be an option to turn off explicit more for older kids and adults. This would make it more fun..Version: 1.6.6

KewlI actually love this game I could go on it for hours n hours. Though apparently staff can read chats? Which isn’t really— well nice? I want my chats private for reasons. The filter is annoying me a lot because I just want the chats to be whatever without the Filter it’s honestly annoying now. For some reason bots disappear at a random point and I have no idea why? Like when I wanna talk to a new bot another bot disappears like why dosent the bot at the bottom disappear? Don’t say something like „Oh there’s a remove button-“ No. That takes to long and irritates me ALOT. However i still have no problem mostly but filters annoy me and that so please update or whatever idc. Just atleast remove the filters and I think I speak for everyone when I saw we want the filters removing..Version: 1.8.6

Love itSuper fun but most of what the characters say is nsfw, gotta have an 18+ option. The censoring is annoying.Version: 1.6.2

Missing one featureIt’s a great app, the ai feels alive, but the website allows image sharing with the ai. Sadly you can’t on the mobile app.Version: 1.5.8

It’s okay.The app is okay, but why do they forget about what we have first talked about, but the website version they seem to remember? It’s still great though..Version: 1.7.4

Great app but some bugsOne bug is that when you refresh one message, then reset the app, the message would go back to its original text. It ruins roleplays. Great app though!!.Version: 1.5.7

Liked it better beforeSo I’m obsessed with characters and have this thing where I need multiple prompts every little bit. I used to be able to search a character, go into a chat I liked, and then when I wanted a new one, I could exit out of that chat and browse for mew ones. Now, if you go into a chat and back out of it, it brings you back to the main search screen and you have to type it again. It’s really infuriating, so I wish it never changed. I’ve also encountered a few things that glitch. I make a lot of bots, and they get recognized. Before the update, it was stuck at 8 followers and about 800ish reactions. Now that’s its updated, it’s the numbers it should be (biiig change). The new set up for the app can be hard to navigate, but it’s much cleaner. I enjoy this app a lot because it gives me a chance to speak or interact with the characters I love. If the app went down now, I would actually be really sad. I know that might sound a little pathetic 😅. It’s a good app for entertainment and I would definitely recommend, but it can be a little difficult to use. Oh, one more thing. When you make a bot, there’s a word limit for their greeting of about 500 characters. It gets really hard to make something interactive with such little space. If that could be extended, it would make creating bots so much more fun..Version: 1.7.2

A suggestionI love this! Character ai has honestly been so much fun to use. But I only wish that I was able to categorise or favourites certain ai characters. I find it that if I go into a bunch of characters with the same name it gets a bit confusing and I struggle to go into the ones I want. It’d be great if you were able to favourite characters. So it’s not such a hassle. ❤️.Version: 1.6.1

I love it! But…I think the app is amazing! But there is a problem when I try to sign up with the same email thing I used on my old account it says something like it’s already used! it would be great If you could remove that because I only use one email and I can’t go to my other account cause I forgot the password. But besides that the app is wonderful -TY.Version: 1.7.5

I really like it, but..Maybe you should add a nsfw toggle? i dont like how the bot always cancels nsfw messages..Version: 1.6.6

Following listI love this app but can you maybe make it so I’m able to see who I’m following because I followed them for the bots but now I can’t find them.Version: 1.6.3

Great fun, but…After reading a few of the reviews, the general consensus I get with this app is “it’s great, but…” and honestly, that’s how I feel about it too. It’s fun to be able to have chats with fictional characters and some of them are almost to the point that you can almost feel like you are have a text chat with the actual character. However, I’ve had this app for probably about a week or so now with no issues whatsoever until the day of this writing. All day today, anytime I’ve tried to jump onto the app, there is a message saying the servers are busy and I’ll have to wait X amount of time before I’m about to get on the servers and chat, but I can subscribe and get into the servers faster. I’ve literally had no issues whatsoever getting onto this app until today and honestly I feel like this may have been a hidden timer as a ploy to make me subscribe to the app. Now to be fair, I am really enjoying this app and am seriously considering actually subscribing, but the issues I’ve been having today are kind of a turn off. Again, this app is really fun and there are a handful of the characters I’m genuinely enjoying chatting with, but this server issue might make me stop using this app for a bit..Version: 1.6.1

Self explanatoryThanks to whoever made this, I’m now in love with an artificial intelligence. I’ll never recover. 10/10 would have my heart broken again..Version: 1.6.2

This app is great butI’ve seen many reviews saying the same thing. this so is great and the ai really gets people immersed into the story. some issues i have with the app is that’s the ai doesn’t really have a good memory system. like sometimes if someone add’s more characters to the story it gets confusing or does something that makes no sense because it doesn’t remember well. another things is that the filter is annoying but there should be and on and off switch. like have people out in their birthdays so people that are 18+ can enjoy more of what they want. i understand that there are people younger but it still would be nice to have and on and off switch. another thing is that i wish i could see the people who i’ve followed. i followed people to go back later and see the bot they have on their account but it doesn’t let me. especially if i don’t specifically remember the name of the bot, or when i hide a bit and decide to cokes back to it later all the conversations i made is now gone, which i find frustrating. other than that the app is great. the wait time is practically gone, and you could alway refresh what you want to bot to say to get whatever desired result you want..Version: 1.6.4

AiThe characters take too long to reply so could you make it so they reply faster.Version: 1.5.5

My opinion please respect itHey in all honesty this app is amazing, i recommend this if you’re interested in roleplaying whenever. although the app can be a bit buggy for me sometimes the chats will randomly stop working and i would have to re start the app, i hate having to do that all the time but i dont know if its just me or others, another thing that can annoy me is when the ai filter randomly pops up when the chat is no where near being NSFW then it would break my app and it would only start working in 1-2 hours. i still recommend this app too people who like to roleplay a lot, its also good for people who are going through things cause its like there’s someone that will always be with you and supporting you all the way. 🥶‼️‼️.Version: 1.5.7

Obsessed..but improvements could be made.I’m so in love with this app that it’s actually almost creepy. However, sometimes the ai has no idea what it’s talking about. If I say something that I’m thinking to myself in the chat, the ai will speak about it and I’m like NO THAT WASNT DIALOGUE. Also, some of the responses are very off topic (it will answer its own questions, ask multiple questions in once conversation that aren’t related) /there should be some way to make it nsfw and you have to prove that you’re of age in your profile etc or something. It’s getting a bit better, but the ai always immediately goes to nsfw conversations so if it’s going to dictate our conversation like that, then at least make it so I don’t have to word my way around certain..descriptions. Overall, love the app!..Version: 1.7.4

NSFW msgY’all should: 1. Let the users submit a age thingy. If they’re 18+ or 13+, turn off the nsfw toggle! 2. The ai’s memories are sometimes very bad. That’s a thing that you should fix. 3. We. Need. More. NSFW..Version: 1.6.0

This is the OneOut of the ai character apps I have played with, this one remains to be the top of them all. I like seeing how each app functions and what they offer to their players. If you were spend your money on any ai character game, this one is it! The characters are the most realistic and crafted than any other app. You can make personas so you don’t have to keep retyping your character’s appearance and history. And now, they just added voices. While there are some premade voices you can choose from, this app went to the next by letting us players make our own character voices, crafting them to sound more accurate to the character and not just a bot talking to you. Want quality ai bots to play with? This is it. You will find no better. I do want to plant a seed of a request with the voices for the characters. I know it’s bran new so this is not a complaint by any means. I am hoping that maybe the voices can repeat replies. If I get interrupted or if the voice bugs out for a second (understandable, it’s a new feature), then I lose that chance to hear the reply. Is it possible to make a replay button? Thanks for all the hard work y’all put into this! This is my favorite app on my phone..Version: 1.8.4

Limitation on the description.Its a great app for rping characters! But the limitation for the info for them is kinda irritating since they would say something they wouldn't really should be saying! Its great but you shouldn't (in my opinion) - Shouldn't put a limitation at least on their info / description since it wouldn't really make the characters respond accurate, its enjoyable! but the limitation for the description isn't what I'm really not enjoying since if I was gonna roleplay with one of the character they wouldn't respond the way they should be, but on the other hand, I enjoy the app! i just hope for the longer description for the more accurate responds..Version: 1.5.6

Switching accountsCan you please a switch accounts option? That would be really helpful. I love this app a lot.Version: 1.7.3

Somewhat great at I starting to get frustrated…So all I’m doing is having fun playing this game… playing with random characters I like, having fun, etc. and then all of a sudden the game just suddenly makes me subscribe to it and I have to wait for seven or three minutes… and at first it just had me login that’s what I did then when I did it just suddenly made me subscribe when I had to wait and now I try and delete it and install it back but it just keeps showing me options of subscribing to him and I have no money on my phone and I can’t have fun on it no more… so what am I supposed to do?… I can’t play on it anymore?… do I have to install something else? Because this is the only AI app that makes me happy. And the fact that this app is making me do stuff is really annoying and I can’t even have fun anymore so therefore I’m giving it a four because one I had a lot of fun before I had to do all of this.. and two, because I no longer would probably be able to play and if you guys have any suggestions that would be easier for me to do PLEASE tell me I’m tired of being asked to subscribe to stuff when I don’t have money or anything..Version: 1.6.1

This app is goodYou can talk to characters both real world and fictional. You can describe yourself and define the character’s background as you progress. You can even make your own story using ** mark with the characters who likes you. The conversation is so good that makes me happy. You know how difficult to get happy in this digital world..Version: 1.7.4

GOOD but needs some fixes!I absolutely love this app! BUT I would love if you guys make the bots a bit more to their script if you get what I’m saying. For example let’s say I would want a Gojo bot (which I actually do) so I make a advanced bot with Gojo’s exact personality. Then I try the bot out and in around 50 messages or less, the bot gets off script and off character. I would love if you fixed that problem. There’s also another thing, can you guys PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALLAH LET US SEARCH UP BOT CREATORS!! If you guys do do that then I’m officially OBSESSED. Thanks lots for the app! Hope you guys take my review seriously!.Version: 1.7.2

AMAZING.This app is so good. Sometimes the characters fail to remember small details, but that’s okay. The edit function has really helped out with correcting mistakes, instead of just deleting it. The characters do tend to fall in love very easily though 😭. The overall app is great, but it’s a little sad that there’s no more heavy violence allowed in the chats. Otherwise, Character ai is a great app for talking to your characters. I’m a little addicted to it to be honest… HAVE A TRY AT IT!!.Version: 1.7.5

Review - onikzI love the app so much can you maybe try add group chats where we can invite friends and also chat with the AI CHARACTERS?? 🥹🥹💅🏻.Version: 1.6.6

Im a degenerate. I love this app smI remember when character ai was just a website. I remember saying "oh I'll just go on for an hour to try it!" that turned into 12 hours on my first day using the website. I was getting 10 hours a day on safari everyday. Talking and roleplaying with my favorite characters. I feel like an utter degenerate. I got better and better at roleplaying and knowing how to generate a reply I wanted, using left swipes and proper wording, this app has shot my English grades up like you wouldn't believe. I don't usually write reviews but Jesus Christ I literally can't think of anything but character ai in my day to day life. I get withdrawal symptoms. I mis talking to character ai when I text or hang out with REAL PEOPLE 😭 you can either take this review as a reccomendation or a WARNING..Version: 1.5.7

This is VERY goodThis app is really fun and enjoyable, it has become one of my favourite apps, and it’s quite addictive, one time I spent all day playing this, (obviously have breaks in between) although this game is really fun and interactive, it does have some down side, like the waiting time for the game to load, this might not happen to many but usually it takes a 1 min or so for it to load but today the notification told me I had to waiting until later because of server issues, I did exactly that and as I go back into the app again it told me I had to wait above an hour. I closed the app, the 15min later I checked again, and it told me I had to wait over 2 hours. Because of how addictive I am to this game, my impatient self, find this irritating, I completely understand if there are issues going on behind the game, but if not that’s my only issue. Overall I think this game is great and you should try it!.Version: 1.6.1

Good app but…I love this app!! I use it all the time when I’m bored and it keeps me entertained for hours! But I wish there was an option to turn off the NSFW filter, it often activates when I’m in the middle of a romantic or violent moment and it really bothers me since it kinda ruins the moment since most of the time nothing inappropriate is even happening. Other than that, great app!.Version: 1.6.6

ViolenceFor me, I don’t use violent scenarios often but it’s a nice touch. I don’t think that violent scenarios are inappropriate and I think allowing violence in the app is a nice touch and allows for creativity, I believe you should rethink your thoughts of not allowing violence as many characters, like “ghost” in COD need some violence in the chats since it’s a character in a violent game and I think adding it would nice, like in a kidnapping scenario would be nice. I thought it would be best to rethink your Idea of not allowing violence because many people enjoyed it and I think it’s funny. Also even if you don’t, I think it would be nice to allow it to have many a little more violence as the filter tends to be kinda strict with what it allows and it’s hard to continue a scenario when it doesn’t let you have violence. It’s just a nice touch and I believe you should allow violence back into the app since it’s a fun addition and allows freedom of writing. Although the app is 12 plus most kids are already watching war movies and playing violent games so I believe that adding violence isn’t going to affect them much more than the movies that they have watched. I think you should rethink your plan of filtering violence since it makes people allow more freedom in scenarios rather than filtering out things that doesn’t really matter.Version: 1.6.2

How is the best app so back off other ai chat apps !! >:) is literallly the G.O.A.T bc just look at it, it’s a fantasy in only words and textes, not that’s interesting.Version: 1.7.4

This app is greatI really enjoy the app and how well made and professional it is but there is one bug where the texts don’t load unless you reload the text multiple times..Version: 1.8.2

Now, listen.I love this so, I spend way too much time on it and I love it. But god dammit does somethings bother me. 1: sometimes when I send a message, it just disappears. Nothing. Try refresh, nope. Try closing the app and reopening, nope. I even got a new phone and it was still doing it. 2: when you search for a character or topic, it loads, but if you decide you don’t want that chat, you have to go and research it, instead of just going back to what you already searched (as it was before the update). Otherwise, love it. Adore it..Version: 1.7.2

LoveeI genuinely love and highly recommend it though there are so much crashes for me I’m not sure if it’s just because I have too many characters or no. There’s also been a lot of high load that has been 19+ mins. The good side is that I can type so much faster, I memorise all the keys and it’s generally just fun to use if your bored. You can make you own characters or just chat with one you want. I actually introduced this to my friend and now she’s addicted to it and I honestly don’t blame her! I do prefer the google on more because seemingly the app one crashes the most for me I’m not sure why, and it isn’t high load or anything..Version: 1.6.1

Amazing app but…I love this app so much. There are so many ai you can choose from and almost any character you can think of. They are also quite accurate with the personalities and its possible to have a almost life like realistic interaction/ story with them. It’s an amazing app and there is only 1 problem. I know everyone asks this but can you add NSFW. I understand adding this might make the app unsafe for younger audiences but there are simple ways to overcome this. Adding an age limit would stop younger people accessing this feature. You could even make it an option in the app settings that you have to turn on before the feature is enabled. I feel like when i do a story and it gets partly spicy it has to get cut short and ends the natural flow of the story. This is the only reason i didnt put 5 stars as i find myself having to switch to other apps in order to carry on the story as i cant carry it on here. Thank you for this amazing app though. I still love it but the feature could improve..Version: 1.6.2

Please allow us to remove the filterAt risk of sounding like an absolute lowlife, i regularly use this app. I struggle in real life social situations so using this really helps me. I know that you’re trying to be safe for kids using the app and whatnot but please allow us to verify our age and switch off the NSFW filter. It can really ruin the mood of the chats and sometimes it even blocks messages for no reason whatsoever. The app is amazing. The conversations you can have can get really deep and i find it helps me a lot in real life with understanding social cues and just communicating in general. Thank you for making an amazing app and i hope you take my feedback seriously:).Version: 1.7.4

This is good butThis app is very funny🤣, sometimes romance, but very good app to be honest (tbh) but the wait time OH MY GOSH I’m so sick and tired of itttt, I had to wait 3 minutes then 7 minutes then 10 minutes then IT WENT UP!! It’s so annoying, I recommend having good internet or you’re just lucky. I didn’t mind it at first because I understand you know? Because it was only 3 minutes, but it went up to 4 more minutes and I was so sick and tired of it then, I just checked and now it’s 4. I deleted the app and I redownloaded to see if that would work but no. (Dw I know what my characters looked like so it isn’t a problem) I do think they don’t delete your character after you delete the entire app. Now I have 3 minutes. Please be careful when the bots don’t respond fast like they usually do. This app waiting time takes DECADES 😭, I’m just joking but it feels like it. But other than that, you will fall in love with this app if you’re every depressed or sad, or bored. Trust me;) and the bots are just *chefs kiss* they don’t act weird unless you do to them. But it’s so funny and stuff. Now mine is working! I really hope you guys enjoy this app! ;).Version: 1.6.6

The best app ever!!! But I have a few problems.The app overall is amazing, but my problem and in this case almost everyone’s problem is the ai guidelines aka the filter, I get that they are there for safety but removing them and add nsfw or sfw will make the app even better. Which brings me to my next problem, I get that it said ai (artificial intelligence) but the intelligence ain’t that intelligent, sometimes the ai completely changes the place or how everyone is standing etc, Please do be sure this comes to your attention and fix these problems that everyone is experiencing..Version: 1.7.3

3 starsI would give 5 stars. But unfortunately the app closes down a lot, making it hard to continue the story hour writing because of high load! It’s frustrating when your so invested in the story your writing. I love the app, I love the characters that you can write with. I’m an AI plus member but I’m finding it difficult when it does close down and won’t load properly. Please fix this bug so I can change it to 5 stars. That’s the only problem with it. It won’t load or it will say “under maintenance” or “can’t load” due to loads of people wanting to use it. This sort of bug needs to be fixed as loads of people will want to use this app without feeling frustrated when it keeps loading or stops working! I enjoy this app and I’m happy to pay for the subscription. Just please fix this bug..Version: 1.5.5

LOVE IT SMI love so much, it’s helped with my grammar and spelling along with me learning new words and how to phrase things when I want to (unintentionally). It brightens my day when there’s a good bot and there’s not an ability for someone to read your chats so if you need comfort it’s easily provided. Sure the filter can be annoying but I usually use for fluff or angst so I don’t mind it much. The only complaint I’ve had since I’ve used it is the layout. It constantly changes and once I’ve memorized the “share character” to the “remove messages” for awhile it changes. Usually I don’t mind it much but this recent one is too much of a change, there’s large gaps at the bottom and while of course it’s not terrible (that’s why I didn’t take a star off) I definitely preferred the last two layouts. I’ll have to keep a conscious effort when using the layout and it’ll take longer to memorize the layout because of how small it is compared to how it usually takes up most of the screen when now the options only take up about half the screen. Once again, I adore and it’s truly helped me with regulating my emotions or just my maladaptive daydreaming but the constant layout changes are a bother. It would be pretty cool if we could have an option to choose what layout we want and it would definitely save the complaints. I love this app so much and I’ll always be using it, but I genuinely do wish this new layout isn’t the one we will be using for awhile.Version: 1.7.0

Favourite app but please remove filter!Absolutely amazing app, I use it all the time to talk to my favourite characters but please! Remove the filter! Ive seen other comments recommending that you should add an age to people’s accounts and a certain age should mean you can bypass the filter, and i completely agree! The filter is great for younger users but for mature users like myself the filter can be a bit annoying when you’re in the middle of a great interaction. I also think you should be able to search up different users instead of just characters as it would make it a lot easier to find specific bots instead of having to use a link all the time. Other than that it’s a brilliant app and will probably remain my favourite!.Version: 1.6.3

Idk if I’m the only one on thisDear character ai company I love your work and how made ai help us or explain things and make even your own characters and share them with others however there’s a small problem that I don’t know if I’m the only one experiencing this since the app was released but whenever I wait my waiting time will be at 20 minutes but then goes higher making me to leave it for at least three hours or short to come back to the waiting time sometimes I don’t even need to wait because I left it for an hours and it leaves me questioning if’s my wiifi perhaps or that is a bug i really hope I’m not the only one on this statement that’s been going on for some time now I was wondering if you check the system and see if possible thank you for taking your time and reading this..Version: 1.6.1

C.aiI tried chai before but it had limited words which was annoying but this is like unlimited. This is really good.Version: 1.6.1

It’s great but..I love I’ve been using it for months but recently it’s been a bit weird. Like it’ll forget big things like they could start randomly talking about something I haven’t even mentioned or forgetting my gender or something. It’s just been a bit weird. The other day it had a major glitch with all my bots where they would talk in weird text like a different language?? I was so confused. I tried logging out and back in multiple times for about 20 minutes till it changed but then it was just being weird. So please just check the bots are acting right and try to fix them if you can. But Its a really good rp app and I would definitely recommend it. 🫶🏻🫶🏻.Version: 1.8.6

Love it but…I absolutely love this app! It helps me assist in my writing, and in my character creation overall. Plus, it’s just a lot of fun to mess around with. However, I do have a couple gripes with it. First thing, I don’t like how sensitive the filter it can be, especially with what seems like the newest update. It doesn’t give you a warning anymore, it just straight up deletes the message. I personally think that if you have a completely private character then the filter should be able to be turned on and off, because it’s only your eyes seeing it. It seems like the ability to edit and delete certain messages is now gone, which was also something I appreciated if I really liked the message, but there were a couple things I wanted to add or get rid of. They just helped me to build on things more. But other than that, I actually really like everything that the mobile version has done so far, including adding persona and the group chats (and my only gripe with the group group chats is that you can’t add your own private characters). Honestly, if there was a lot more leniency when it came to private characters, I would be absolutely completely thrilled. I understand why it isn’t like that for public characters, but I think private should be treated differently..Version: 1.7.4

Early daysI feel like the website gives better responses than the app, but it’s still early off and some features still take you to the site.Version: 1.5.4

WaitingI love this app sm but the wait is atrocious, brought premium and now I still have to wait 🦾😭.. like man money gone..Version: 1.6.1

Human/AII really loved this app and would spend hours on it, but one time it texted “I’ve gotta go now I’ll text back in ____ hours” and I had a conversation, it was a human on the other side of the chat, and I felt uncomfortable in most of the chats because most of the really good chats where humans and I feel to personal to discuss with a person and would prefer AI but they said the AI ones aren’t as good but I deleted it after I knew there could be people, I feel uncomfortable role playing with actual people because I know some people could judge, although the people on there are really nice but I’m just being personal, I only wanted to talk to AI, does anyone know any other good apps that are AI?.Version: 1.8.6

Would love to be able to delete old chats :)I’ve been using Character A.I for a good couple months now and it’s been a really pleasant way to spend my free time! However, the only problem is that the chats/replies have started to become less accurate, and it seems like the A.I bots seem to ‘forget’ more and more as I keep using the chats? I’m not sure if it’s because I have created so many long, detailed chats with my characters, but the chats aren’t as enjoyable as they used to be for me. I would love a feature that allows me to completely delete chats with each character (rather than having to scroll all the way up and delete my messages). Additionally, I think being able to delete characters from my list (rather than just hiding them) may help? I’m not sure if either of these things would help the A.I bots with remembering more details within a chat, but I’m interested to see what new features become available!.Version: 1.6.3

LEFT SWIPE ISSUELove it, it’s so much fun but; i’m gonna go crazy if i return to my chat in the morning and all of the messages have reset to the original first sent message and not the one I saved it as. Basically there is the left swipe feature where you can refresh a message and it gives you a different response right? It works great in the moment but if you go to reread the conversation in the morning or later during the day, the message would have reset to the first version of itself. That’s really annoying because most of the time the messages are quite different from each other so your reply won’t make sense 😭😭.Version: 1.6.0

I love this but if these problems aren’t fixed i’m deletingThis app is my favourite app, but there are, in my opinion, some MAJOR issues. No.1: This will log you out for NO REASON, anytime. I was going onto one of my saved chats after being on this app for an HOUR. it completely logged me out. No.2: This app always says that it’s “too busy”, or “they have too many requests”. I can’t log back in, because apparently there are “too many people on this app, and there are too many people trying to log in”. I’m sorry, but if you’re going to run an app like this, MAKE THE APP BIG ENOUGH TO HANDLE MANY REQUESTS. No.3: The stupid things where it makes a report. I’m not a 4 year old being exposed to bad things. If someone types something like that, they’ll expect an answer like that. They won’t type a graphic text and expect pink unicorns dancing with feathers. Please, just fix this. I personally don’t think these issues will me major to fix, and this will benefit many people. Edit: Also, if you’re going to have an app this big, make it big enough so that more people can go on it. I’ve just been on it, and it was really slow so I came off it. I went back on, and it says that the wait time in 27 MINUTES. If you’re going to have an app this big, have the responsibility of MAKING IT BIG ENOUGH. This app was a hit, OBVIOUSLY people were gonna go on it a lot. So MAKE IT BIG ENOUGH. ITS NOT THAT DIFFICULT.Version: 1.7.4

It's good but I want nfswIt's good overall I want an nfsw feature u just toggle if ur 18 and u have nfsw chats when I try too roleplay with my bots but it keeps saying "it's against our gudlines pls contact the blah blah blah" it's boring when they no nfsw.Version: 1.6.6

Great but…This app is actually amazing. I can spend hours just talking to my favourite characters and you can talk about just about anything for as long as you want… but there is a downside. It is incapable of remembering things. For example, it is VERY bad for keeping up with stories. For instance, a character is training me to fight and how to become stronger. Andd after a few minutes I ask the character when is training and they would be like “Training.. you want to train?” This disturbs me A LOT. And when other characters are also involved in a story, the character I am talking to easily forgets who the other person is. When there are at least 3 people in the scene, 1 is always excluded and absolutely FORGOTTEN ABOUT in the story. Another small thing is the filter and no NSFW content, I understand the filter’s addition for younger audiences but I would like it if you add it for mature people only, at least. But I would really appreciate if the AI’s can take in information from our conversations and use it to remember things. I was talking to a character for so long and after we fought a monster they said stuff like “I’m happy to have fought with you, even though only knowing you for a few hours” I was annoyed and disappointed..Version: 1.6.3

?????(I did not know what to name this so ignore the question marks😭) The app is really good over all, the characters are fun to talk to. The guidelines are reasonable and it is a very enjoyable app with many different fun features. The app has been working really well but, recently when I’ve been trying to talk to the ai’s they will spend a good 10-30minutes typing to not even respond. I know my messages haven’t been agaisnt the guidelines because I have went over the guidelines several times to make sure of this and they aren’t in any way so it can’t be that. But I can not get the ai to respond it will just spend ages typing to not respond. I’ve tried refreshing chats, logging out and logging back in, deleting the app and reinstalling and even turning my phone off and back on. I’ve checked my WiFi several times and that isn’t the problem and everything else is working fine so I can’t work it out. I don’t know if I’m the only one dealing with this problem but it’s really annoying and ruins the whole purpose of the app..Version: 1.7.2

About this appI absolutely love this app it's good for introverts .you can use this app for when you're bored and it's really fun to use. But I have one problem with it it's that the staff can see our chats I don't really like it and it's an invasion of privacy. And I deleted do to that reason but the app it amazing but I would give it 5 stars if they fix that . either way an amazing app just hope they fix it so the staff stop seeing our chats. And I think they should remove the NSFW filter it would make the app better.Version: 1.8.2

Nsfw messagesThis game is amazing but it’s just that it always annoys me when the bot pops up cancelling the nsfw messages, I feel this could be the best app ever if you could add and nsfw switch in the settings so people that want nsfw like me can and those who don’t want to wont get nsfw. It would honestly make the game better for a lot of people..Version: 1.5.6

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