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EBay Marketplace: Buy and Sell App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

EBay Marketplace: Buy and Sell app received 142 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using EBay Marketplace: Buy and Sell? Can you share your negative thoughts about ebay marketplace: buy and sell?

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EBay Marketplace: Buy and Sell for Negative User Reviews

New update sucksUnable to purchase anything on the app now , have to go on safari/ chrome apps which making this app useless.Version: 6.69.0

Authentication nightmaresThis app has been high quality and reliable for more than a decade. Just recently something changed and I am now forced to re-authenticate (via text which doesn’t work because it can’t cope with a New Zealand phone number, or via email) every few days! It’s completely ridiculous and so frustrating. Security gone mad. Please make this app usable again..Version: 6.141.0

What has happened to ebay?Ebay used to be great. It was flawed but it was a community and the system served the people who used the platform and in return ebay made a good profit. Now it's just a machine which is tuned more and more to extracting money from the people who use it. The seller rules and restrictions are particularly unreasonable. I was recently banned for a week for giving someone my flipping postcode. Ebay said I had violated their customer safety rules. You can't meet someone from a postcode! The buyer only wanted to get an accurate shipping quote. The truth of the matter is that they suspect everyone of trying to do deals outside ebay whether they have any evidence or not and they will find you guilty on the thinnest of pretexts. Not only that but eBay's rules are capricious and inconsistent. What's acceptable in one transaction will get you banned in another. How are you supposed to purchase a high value item sight unseen? It's ridiculous. As far as I can see it's l about squeezing their clients for every penny and creating a climate of fear so that nobody transgresses. It's revolting. And then there's the fees. On average 10% of any sale an then a further 3% from PayPal. The sooner someone comes up with a new platform the better. My guess is we will be leaving in droves unless ebay starts looking after their customers..Version: 5.16.0

Withdrawn itemsIn the last week I have tried to purchase 6 items. Out of those 1 I could not pay for on either credit card or PayPal and 3 items have been withdrawn???.Version: 5.26.5

My review on SellersI have been an eBay member since 2001. That’s a total of 18 years. I think in the last three years the credibility of the eBay sellers has disintegrated. They lack credibility, integrity. My first 10 years maybe longer no matter what I purchased it was always exactly what they stated I warily ever had to return anything. I think maybe I returned two things in 10 to 15 years. Now it is just awful. The quality is bad it’s not as it described and what I find is that eBay doesn’t support the buyer when it comes to certain items. I don’t mind purchasing something if returns are not excepted, but when there is dishonesty and I purchased the item based on their truthfulness and I discovered that there is dishonesty involved regarding the product and I open a complaint and eBay supported the seller. The particular item I am talking about was a Kiehl moisturizer I purchased on eBay. I discovered The item was expired. I did my homework before I opened up the complaint. I personally met with the Kiehl representative To educate myself on skin care and expiration dates before I even opened up a complaint. I doubt that you’re bored who makes these decisions Didn’t do the research I did. So my lack of trust with eBay supporting me as a buyer has disintegrated considerably just like the sellers you allow.Version: 5.36.0

Customer service appallingGood luck resolving any problems, best hope is to talk to an agent via chat, at which point your best hope is to learn Punjabi because communicating in English seems impossible for them. Have contacted 4/5 times to resolve the same issue. Originally assured issue would be resolved and nothing to worrry about. Issue wasn’t resolved. Contacted again. Painful experience only to be told they cannot resolve my issue and I should start a new account instead. Yep sure I’ll just throw away my account I’ve had since 2003 with 100% positive feedback because you lot are incompetent. Have been charged a load of fees incorrectly, account should be private was assured they’d refund the fees and make my account a private seller instead of business and it never happened and kept incurring business fees which I have now been taken from sale proceedings meaning I can’t afford to post the products I’ve sold without spending the profit. Essentially giving the items away in the process. Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually talk to a human being who isn’t reading off of scripts and has a bit of critical thinking and problem solving skills..Version: 6.117.0

Where did item descriptions go?Where did item descriptions go? Hello. Why haven’t you guys noticed this on an iPhone app? Where did the items descriptions go? Why can’t item description be selected on the app? Where did the items descriptions go? Why haven’t you guys noticed this on an iPhone app? Where did the items descriptions go? Why can’t item description be selected on the app? Where did the items descriptions go? Why haven’t you guys noticed this on an iPhone app? Where did the items descriptions go? Why can’t item description be selected on the app? Where did the items descriptions go? Why haven’t you guys noticed this on an iPhone app? Where did the items descriptions go? Why can’t item description be selected on the app? Where did the items descriptions go? Did this get Your attention yet? Please Fix the item descriptions!!!!.Version: 6.69.0

Beware of scammersTheir are plenty of scammers on this app! I have been using eBay for a very long time now going on 4 years and throughout these years I’ve had items come damaged, bad seller communication, lost packages. Bu to after my last few encounters I’m going to stop using eBay. I won a bid and the items value is worth a a bit more but I got it at a great price. I was the only bidder and I kept asking the seller to ship my item first she says she’s out of town and will ship by the weekend. Never did only created a shipping label and when weeks had gone by I started to call multiple ups locations, all of them said the seller didn’t ship the item. So I opened a case and nothing ever came about it. The seller was not happy with how much she sold the item for and decided to play the blame game and blame it on ups. Then recently another seller I asked her multiple times did she have a item in stock and she says yes then when I bought the items she messages me a few days later to say she doesn’t have the item and sends out items I didn’t request anyways. Last but not least I bought shoes in a ad and it showed a left and right shoe but was shocked when only a left shoe came in the mail and the seller wanted me to buy the right too! I think eBay needs way better management and to find better ways to resolve issues because I truly don’t understand how sellers get away with these things!.Version: 6.82.0

Ebay doesn’t always support the sellerI’ve bought so many things that never turn up and it’s taken so long with the seller lying they will arrive I run out of time to ask for a refund there should be no time limit.Version: 5.38.0

Unable to leave negative reviewEBay won’t allow negative reviews. Makes me question the truth of all the sellers. I was sold a broken computer. eBay would not allow a negative review. I had stupidly paid half cash/half PayPal, so PayPal refused to allow return. Because PayPal refused return (punishment for not using it for the entire purchase) eBay also refused to allow a negative review. I even appealed! No. eBay won’t allow it because the case was ‘closed’ because I didn’t pay ALL of the $1000 through PayPal...gee sorry. No recourse through them at all and won’t even allow the truth to be told. (That’s what you get for not using PayPal entirely). Woman has 100% positive. Just a complete load of rubbish. For selling a $2 pin and For a $10 hat, etc. But when it comes to an expensive computer she ripped me off and eBay allowed it because I paid half in cash. I had to take her to VCAT. I won, thanks to our common law and got my $1000 back plus costs. But even then, eBay would not allow her to be besmirched by a negative review!! Turned me off eBay completely. It never used to be like this. Ebay used to let you tell the truth about people. Now it is too concerned with keeping all the ‘shops’ positive to keep the commerce going and for punishing anyone who doesn’t use PayPal. I stopped using eBay after that. Oh? It’s for sale on eBay? Yeah, nah..Version: 6.16.0

Absolute 100% bias towards buyersA recent selling experience has made my mind up that I will never use eBay again. I sold a Technics SL1210 turntable, in immaculate condition and fully working. The buyer complained that the lid was smashed, so I offered a discount even though it wasn’t broken when I sent it. Then the buyer complained the motor wasn’t working properly, even though it was when it was sent. Due to eBay ruling I had no choice but to refund the buyer and accept a return. When I received the item I was appalled at the state it was in, covered in deep, unrepairable scratches, the platter had been forcefully removed damaging the steelwork, and the magnetic motor doesn’t work. Attempts to contact eBay have been long winded and a complete waste of time, with all of my appeals being refused. At first I was told to repair the item and sell for even more, then when I said the item was beyond repair I was told to factor in costs in my sale price. Absurd that the buyer receives an item, damages it beyond repair and gets a full refund which I have to pay, absolutely zero seller protection. I will never use eBay again and have migrated to platforms with less fees and more than zero seller protection..Version: 6.66.0

Price range bait and switchFirst of all it’s messed up that you can’t contact eBay customer support via email and are only provided a phone number. My complaint is about how sellers have side skirted the lowest price plus shipping filter. It used to be that you could press lowest price plus shipping, and the results would be the items with the lowest prices. Now when you click lowest price plus shipping, it shows you an item with a really low price, say $.74, but when you click the item and go to its page it has a price range of $.74 to say $15. You are usually provided a few options to enter for the product and when you put in the information relevant to the item you are searching for, 9 times out of 10 the price becomes $15 instead of $.74 with the $.74 item being a worthless accessory or something not even wanted. This is annoying to no end and completely makes useless the lowest price plus shipping filter. This along with having to scroll through miles of pages of the same stock photo from the same seller of a product where each page has a price difference of a penny or a different color option or something. Individual sellers flooding the search results with jillions of pages their own stuff so nobody else’s product gets seen through the crowded mess. If nobody at ebay is fixing this, that means you must be complicit. Boooo!.Version: 5.29.1

Don’t buy from hereI was trying to buy something but it kept saying that my card was declined, so i went to my bank and checked and i had the money for the thing, so i tried it 4 more times and it took my money 4 times but it never worked. i got scammed like $300.Version: 6.117.0

High Seller FeesAfter 15 years of selling on ebay, I have decided to part ways. The seller fees are aggressive and excessive. In addition, I paid for feature highlighting for my ad, and after a whole week, it showed 0 views through promotional clicks. Unless you can gauge your customers with overrated shipping costs..Version: 6.117.0

Best buying and selling app.EBay is horrible. They are bullies that don’t help at all and let scam artists sell fake stuff or things that don’t work at all and are broken then you can’t get any help at all to get your money back or contact the seller and there’s no way to contact eBay either. It’s extremely difficult and once you finally figure it out They don’t reply. if you are lucky enough to get someone to contact you back after weeks they are extremely unprofessional and rude. This company is shut down here dad and sued for millions . 100% bad business . I’ve been screwed in several items, thousands of dollars. No help from eBay at all. Don’t be fooled by their falsely advertised protection plans because they don’t work at all and you won’t get a reply. One of my many issues was when I purchased an iPhone for near $400, it didn’t work at all, tried to get ahold of seller for weeks, eBay didn’t help, finally sent it back to get my money back and they didn’t not refund my money. I somehow over looked the customers return request day and sent it 1 or 2 days after they requested. So i revived zero money back and they kept my phone and eBay didn’t help at all. They just were rude, unprofessional and did not help at all. The new iPad Pro arrive and is broken, doesn’t event turn on. I can’t get any help or reply from eBay it the seller..Version: 6.8.1

AVOID AT ALL COSTS!It’s no longer worth it. And it’s full of dodgy sellers and fake items. If you return an item, eBay makes the buyer pay for the sellers listing fees! There’s no policy against fake goods! (specially name brand clothes and shoes), so buyer has no protection and even if goods are returned, it takes too long to get monies back… Furthermore, eBay gives one deadline for seller to address issue, and only after that deadline is passed, a buyer can open a dispute and then eBay extends the seller’s deadline yet again! Why?? So it may take months for a buyer to get the refunds back on bank account! NO MORE PAYPAL, WHY? Because of this payments and refunds are now a lot slower! NO MORE AFTERPAY, WHY? I won’t use eBay again if you don’t allow AfterPay ! USELESS APP AT BEST TIMES ! UPDATE: Always logs me out after an update ! Then it won’t accept my password again until some 48h later 😡 I can no longer access my Sent messages - why?? Under the Help menu; none of the links work, so I cannot report an item that hasn’t arrived! For some reason any links I click, it reloads the same (main) page over and over. So frustrating. PREVIOUS: App keeps showing a blank/white screen any action I want to take... It’s impossible to contact tech support, which is not very smart as; You’re just pushing customers to buy elsewhere!.Version: 6.127.0

Heavily Flawed System for SellersThe app has no access at all to your user account, you can't get into your bill, balance or any of that other really useful stuff. Also be careful selling, if you choose to accept refunds or not it doesn't matter, eBay forces you to accept anything and everything back despite the sellers reasoning. Part of eBay's buyer protection, the sellers get screwed over. Which is ironic as they are the ones making eBay money?! Sold one item, seller used it for 3weeks then decided to return it on the grounds that the price had gone down on it in the last week and he'd decided to send mine back and re-buy the item slightly cheaper from someone else. Giving him a further month to use someone else's item before returning again for a cheaper one and so on & so on... eBay will also force you to pay for the return postage for these items too!? Essentially letting people loan items for up to a month for free! I know people who buy expensive camera equipment for holidays use it, take the footage off the cameras on return and then get the seller to pay to take his own used equipment back now they've no use for it... Be careful, less your buying then feel free to screw everyone... who.Version: 5.17.0

BadWould give 0 stars if possible, i dislike it enough to leave a review… by far the worst experience ive had with a “buy and sell” platform. Most convoluted system ive ever encountered. Also runs up your screen time even when the app is fully closed in the background..Version: 6.49.0

BuyingLots of item doesn’t appear on the search even though the seller has them listed. One example is gender gxps 500 several sellers have listed it but as a buyer you search it doesn’t appear..Version: 5.29.1

What happened to eBay ?Anybody else been charged twice for purchases ? Days after you already paid for them ? Comes up same transaction ID as one of the items in my basket when I checked out days earlier and that shows up individually on my bank statement same as the other 3 items I had in my trolley when I checked out all from seperate sellers and two days later get charged the whole carts total AGAiN! Put my bank account into debt and we were 600 Kilometres from home middle of the night two kids in the car we needed fuel food and to get home - hence why we budget our money thanks E-Bay for charging us twice for the same purchase days apart in the middle of the night cause we all know it’s so easy to get a hold of customer service or even speak to a human being employed at E-bay that can help you so easy to get a hold of them during the day - & WORK HOURS it’s a well known fact ! Try doing it 3 am after finding out you’ve practically been robbed yet I had to authorise it ? I did ! ONCE days earlier I paid for my purchases and had Anyone leave had issues actually getting a hold of ANYONE at eBay ? Phone or email or better yet has anyone had issues with getting eBay to refund the money they “accidentally” double charged you even if it is DAYS apart from the first time.Version: 6.68.0

BuggyThe latest version is too buggy to be used. Links don’t work..Version: 6.69.0

Why are shipping prices so crazyI have been on ebay a long time at one time it was a good place to shop now people are putting there shipping prices so high that it is a joke. A small $20.00 piece and $90.00 shipping. Used to love shopping on ebay. But makes more sense to shop at Amazon, sorry.Version: 6.10.0

Searching for itemsI regularly go to EBay to look for vintage audio and video gear. In the past if you didn’t know a specific name of an item you could go to the category list and work your way through to the specific area; say vintage vcr. And use the filter to find a brand and so on. Now it seems part of this category list has changed. It’s as though only trending or popular items are listed and others just won’t show up. I know this as I’ve searched for items I know will be there. Having spotted them in previous searches. Only for the place they should be in the category and subsequent filter list disappear. It makes it frustrating as you may only want to look at, say three brands but can’t as only one is listed meaning your now doing three searches to find the same things. It never used to be like this. Also speaking to my wife the way sellers are being treated is quite bad and if EBay isn’t careful the extra charges your now taking from sellers items will put people off using your site and go elsewhere..Version: 6.73.0

EBay is the worst business organisation on this planet!I have been using eBay for 10+ years they have made it to protect buyers at all costs, buyers always right, they do nothing to protect sellers, this is the last time I use eBay today, I am never going to use it again even if it was my only source of income the last couple of months I have not been working due to becoming a carer for someone with advanced cancer spread to the brain, they have allowed someone to leave false and malicious feedback claiming item was unusable without providing any proof I know what I sent out and it was perfect, I will never use eBay again and I recommend that no one else does it doesn’t matter if you do everything correctly buyer can just say this is unusable and that’s that, your sales will go down, hundreds of same item sold without issue? If there was an issue why not send an image of the issue? So be be aware if you use them for selling the buyers can make any false claims they want and eBay will do nothing..Version: 6.16.0

IOS 17 update - unable to search items or view anythingJust loaded update because app would not work (just searching message). Issue not resolved post most recent update. Extremely annoying. No function at all - just blank. Can’t even attempt sign out and sign in again as blank screen. Sunday Sept 24 - update 3hrs old. Total loss of functionality..Version: 6.128.0

Upgrade your appWith many fads these days, opportunity is quick to pass by. Do not miss the opportunity to stay ahead of any competition. UPGRADE THE APP. Mobility is the path of the future. More and more people are starting to live on the go and the app is much easier to access while traveling. There are SO MANY features available on the website that are not available through the app. This costs the company tons of money by not adding many of the selling features. There are other things as well, such as the ability to send invoices, issue refunds, have better watch lists, having a better selling centers for eBay stores among others. You should also expand the ability save more drafts for a longer period of time as well as the ability to go further back on items sold by a seller. 2 months is ridiculous. Even the ability to go further back in terms of items bought would be smarter (2-3 years is great but 5-7 years would be much smarter). The search algorithms could also use some serious work. There have been numerous times where I was searching for items using key words in the titling and still have to search for 3-4 different terms to find items. You should also expand the “similar items” section and REALLY do some work on that. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out. I work for a Fortune 500 company and spend much of my free time on the app. I can provide some useful insight. Thanks..Version: 6.68.0

Beware - latest update unlinks Nectar account (AGAIN)For the second time within the last month, an update to the eBay app unlinked my Nectar account. At least this time I did not lose out on Nectar points, because I discovered the issue in time, when I was trying to create a Nectar points voucher but could not because the app said I did not have enough points (even though my total points were displayed and very clearly indicated I DID have enough points). I pulled down the Nectar page to refresh it - and it then showed my Nectar account had been ‘unlinked’. I was able to restore the link to my Nectar account and create my voucher. Even my Nectar activity details are incomplete - showing my Nectar account as having been successfully ‘unlinked’ last month (caused by eBay app update), but not showing when I first restored the link, and then tonight showing when I yet again had to restore the link (but not showing any ‘unlinked’ entry regarding the latest update). I have emails from eBay confirming both times when I have had to restore the link - but they have never sent me any emails regarding when my Nectar account has been ‘unlinked’. WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING DUE TO AN APP UPDATE ???!??!!?!!?? SORT IT OUT, EBAY !!!!!!!!!!!!! HIRE APP DEVELOPERS WHO CAN ACTUALLY DO THEIR JOB PROPERLY AND ENSURE UPDATES ARE PROPERLY TESTED BEFORE BEING RELEASED !!!!!!!!!!.Version: 6.140.0

DmCannot list items anymore. Crashes every effing time. Thanks.Version: 6.66.0

Such unnecessary to limit messagesAs of the use of eBay it is fairly easy however I have problems with talking with messaging sellers multiple time. It gives a restriction on how much you can message in a day, but sometimes even after a day has gone by you would need to wait a bit just to be able to message a few more time. It may not be a problem to people who aren’t worried about asking much questions about products, however personally I would like to have a better confirmation about something that I am buying. After around 10 messages you are unable to further message and sometimes it will disable the contact page asking you to reload although it also doesn’t seem to work. I’m writing this as I’ve gotten many times where I wish that I can just communicate with different seller and questions but eBay just doesn’t seem to let me which feels unnecessary and a nuisance making me delay my questions and purchase as a result. I generally don’t write reviews but just wanted to let people know. Much appreciated for reading..Version: 6.147.0

VERY poor customer serviceCustomer service is the worst to deal with! Don’t care about their customers at all! Be better off using a different site to sell on! Will never use them again!.Version: 6.114.0

Don’t buy stuff from eBayI buy a drone from eBay on 29th of October. I received item on fourth of November. It was a DJI drone and when I checked that DJI drone it wasn’t working it was issue of a software I contacted the seller he advise me different thing but drone was wasn’t working. I contacted DJI for a software issue and they advise me it was a stolen item and system is not recognised this site. I contacted the seller he said to me he’s a genuine seller and he brought this item from curry then he asked me to send item back. He will send me the replacement so I sent him back drawn on 30th November so till now I didn’t get the new item or replacement make enquiry with eBay. They said they can’t do anything because this more than four weeks, I said it’s still ongoing going enquiry because I sent item back to the seller and he promised me he’s going to send me the new item so I’m not getting my money back or neither replacement telling me to contact with citizen advice bureau. How Sham is that eBay can’t do anything people mug from eBay mug from thestolen item sold here and then the close account rub people money and just run away so my advice for people don’t buy from eBay.Version: 6.138.0

UX could be betterEBay is great for allowing worldwide access to different products, especially if we can’t access a product in NZ. However I find the UX not the best, I find the layout when you click into a product, difficult and cluttered. Especially when compared to the ease of NZ Trade Me site, which i find so much easier to search and use. Thanks.Version: 6.32.0

Wow eBay has gone downhillI am shocked how much eBay has gone downhill. I have honestly only really had problems until of late and wow I am shocked. I have never seen or bought something where when it’s not even for my vehicle and labeled incorrectly and still been told I can’t return an item haha Terrible customer service.Version: 6.89.0

Can be great3 stars maybe even 2 rather then 5.... why? The eBay international global shipping program doesn't make much sense to me. I purchased something a few weeks ago, the seller was a 16 hour drive from me, yet global shipping sent it on a trip that was half way round the world from me, and took two weeks to show up. eBay needs or should have east and west central shipping depots with their international global shipping program, because I won't use it again because of this experience..Version: 5.14.0

Don’t recommend them for selling anymoreI’ve been with eBay since 2008. Recently had an issue with a buyer that asked for a refund which I clearly stated it did not offer refunds all sales were final in the listing. Item was sent out packaged with double wall foam and bubble wrap as well as even more bubble wrap in the original box. He states I sent him a defective item yet stated he has the exact graphics card that is doing the exact same thing. Fact he has my card and his card doing the exact same thing equals either a driver issue or hardware incompatibility. I said look I’ll just refund you and send me the card back. But I was having so much anxiety from the whole situation and frustration I said keep the card keep the money and be done with it. After so many years with eBay I am finally going to put in a request to permanently close my account. eBay does nothing to protect its sellers and let’s you get ripped off. I’m out money and a graphics card. It is what it is though can’t let him get to me, just keep in mind buyers on eBay will do this to you, they will buy from you then don’t know what they are doing complain and get to keep your item and money. It’s just not worth it anymore to sell here. It’s been a good couple of years, that helped me offset paying for new computer builds selling my old hardware in original boxes and packaging. but if you plan to sell here keep in mind eBay will always screw the seller over..Version: 6.7.0

Bad shipping. Don’t bother.They don’t bother shipping during the pandemic. I lost a few hundred dollars because they can’t be bothered to refund you for lost items. It’s a waste of time and money. Don’t bother with eBay..Version: 6.9.6

No excuse!There have been improvements, which is about time. But… How is it possible one still cannot sort watched items for each particular seller? Are you ever going to include that option in the sorting/filtering list? If I want to buy something, I like to know if there are other items from that seller I have saved in my watchlist with which I can combine to be shipped together. This is an extremely necessary option and grave oversight. WHEN??? As far as eBay itself, their customer service (if you get through the wild goose chase maze of useless help menus and happen to get as far as contacting someone) is awful. Good luck getting anything resolved. eBay’s “money back guarantee” is a complete false claim and sham. Agents have flat out LIED to me. Yep. They told me I would get a refund for a ring that was not as described (much damage) and later said they knew nothing about it, no refund. They implied the seller was a “valued member”, so they pretended their previous ruling did not exist. They also arbitrarily make decisions on buyer’s behalf without allowing you to object and provide additional information to support your case. Another beef is there is no way to rate a seller/purchase after certain amount of time. Well, sometimes an international purchase does not arrive for some months, and/or problems are not discovered until later. I rarely visit eBay anymore due to my disgust with my experience mentioned above..Version: 6.108.0

Rating reasonsI tapped on 3 stars for the 2 reasons. Firstly I found eBay to be a great selling platform in which my item was sold in less than 48 hours and the fact that they have a direct deposit system is a much convenient process, so they easily deserve the rating I gave. But on the other hand, they could of had at least one more star if they were more reasonable with there percentage of sale. Furthermore, myself being a first time user of this agent, i found there wasn’t enough information in relation to how much eBay were to make upon the final sale, therefore I felt a little misguided as I think it’s only fair it to be made crystal clear to both buyers and sellers what the agents percentages are of the cost. Everyone is set to make some money, just don’t misguide one into something unless it’s made clear. We all know 20 sales with less profit is better than 1 sale with a lot. But really, overall I’m generally satisfied, so 3 stars I think on this occasion is fair….Version: 6.88.0

Feedback strikeI like eBay, but so many items are seriously overpriced, or postage rates are beyond ridiculous prices. A bargain can be found every now and then, which is great. I have never requested a cancellation of an order, but I had to (ONCE, in the many years of using eBay), when I realised it had overdrawn my account. I cancelled the order within 10 minutes, but the request was denied, as apparently the order (from China) had been received, processed, packed, and posted, in that time. I highly doubt it! So many shops claim to be Australian when they aren’t, why isn’t this being dealt with? The biggest issue for me is being fed up with this neediness of constantly wanting reviews/feedback, and now that I have to write an individual review for every purchase, I refuse to do them. I have better things to do than waste precious moments of my life giving feedback (not just eBay, but EVERY company does it now. Buy a rubbish bin bag, and give a review of the life changing experience it gave you….). The irony of reviewing eBay doesn’t escape me, but I had to vent. Stop hassling & emailing me to give feedback..Version: 6.18.0

Horrible! Sellers Beware!I recently started selling on eBay. I had just received my first few orders and I have put a lot of care and time into sending out the items. However, a few days after sending out the items I received a multiple emails and messages through eBay saying my account is permanently suspended. Now I no longer have the items in my possession and eBay says I will not receive payment while my account is suspended. What did I do wrong? This is ridiculous. I can believe eBay is such a scam!.Version: 6.117.0

Not good at allI hate it soooo much i live in Canada but every time I change the settings to Canada it changes back to United States I have tried every this app is the worst!!!!!.Version: 5.31.0

IPad, can’t read descriptions…Can’t read description on my iPad mobile app. Ridiculous. Been a problem now for weeks and apparently known to ebay but not addressed..Version: 6.72.0

Account CancellationI will never use eBay again due to my account being closed by them for no apparent reason. I made my first purchases from EBay on the weekend after having an eBay account for I can’t remember how long and 4 days after my first purchases they close my account. On ringing eBay they said that they cannot disclose why they closed the account, but they cannot reactivate it. WHY is my question. The email stated that they noticed some suspicious activity with my account. The only suspicious activity I can think of is that these purchases were my first. If that’s suspicious then then there is something very wrong with your system. There are other buying platforms out there that I will use. On asking the very friendly, but robot like human I spoke with about the items I had already purchased, but have not received. How do I get my money back. She told me I’d have to take that up with PayPal. THANKS eBay you cancel my account and I have to run around to get my refunds. In the star rating you have 1 to 5 stars. I ticked one because that was the lowest. I actually give eBay a zero. Thanks EBay for the terrible experience..Version: 5.27.5

I can’t even post a listing on the app! Fix it!The app has bugs that it needs so fix so people can actually post listings. When I post a listing for clothing it asks for the size, and I select it but then it disappears seconds later. You can’t post a listing without selecting the size of the clothing! It needs to be fixed!.Version: 5.22.1

Sellers beware of terrible buyers and little protectionI have been an eBay customer for 19 years. I’m not a professional seller, I just occassionally sell things i not longer use. Last week I sold an Ali yoga jacket that was in great shape. However, the buyer asked for a refund saying that the item condition wasn’t what was described. Fine, I give her a refund, following the eBay flows, where I click refund, and then thinking I would get my jacket back since it was nice, I then clicked send return label at the same time. I contacted the buyer saying I’m sorry things didn’t work out and to mail back my jacket whenever they get the chance. Apparently, eBay told her to throw out the jacket, even though I sent the return label at the exact same time as the refund. After being very angry with customer service, they just told me that I should have received the item back first before issuing the refund, and that it’s in the policy. I’m sorry I didn’t read 10 pages of policy to sell a $70 jacket. Very frustrating and I will never use eBay again and encourage this to everyone that may potentially be reading this. I will purposefully and loudly say: don’t use eBay. Facebook marketplace in the US and Vinted in Europe are so much better, and I’m sure these types of policies will be the ruin of eBay. Way to treat a 19-year customer..Version: 6.130.0

EBAY IS HORRIBLE DO NOT USE THIS APP!PLEASE READ BEFORE USING eBay APP!!!Okay where should i start, well let’s see i have been a eBay customer for almost a decade now and i have had my ups and downs but unfortunately i have reached my limit. Recently i ordered parts that never arrived but was said to have been delivered to an address that doesn’t exist. Obviously before the parts went out i noticed the discrepancy and immediately notified eBay, who took days to respond. By the time eBay responded. The response i got back from eBay was to contact the seller, the seller had already shipped said parts 😞. I then got the ball rolling with trying to either get a replacement or refund. When i say i immediately got on the ball for a refund or replacement i mean immediately. The seller stonewalled be and i made a request for eBay to step in but of course that was a mistake. Again eBay took weeks to respond to my request only to tell me the matter had been closed and i would not be receiving anything (refund or replacement). At this point the sellers on eBay are under not type of liability for selling you wrong, damaged, or generally bad parts or items and eBay who is supposed to act as a broker furthers this behavior by enabling the sellers behavior. eBay does nothing to protect its buyers. I for one will not be ordering anything else from this point on from eBay. PLEASE READ BEFORE USING eBay APP!!!.Version: 6.19.0

Worthess Junk - Abuses Ebay Customers - Not Worth 1 StarThe strategy at eBay is to create badly designed resources then refuse to fix the problems. Instead of solutions, eBay uses coercion. I would not wipe my feet on eBay's app which has nothing like the same level of value to eBay sellers or buyers as the website. I never want to use the app. But today I had to return an item. Only choice was to take my mobile device to a post office and let a total stranger print off my return label and thus know my private business or download the lousy app and use it to print the label. I chose the latter as the least bad option. I have now printed my label and will now delete the app. See, no sane person would use the app by free choice so to justify the expense of having an app at all eBay forces us to use it to access a key element of customer care denied to website users. I would say what I really think of the executives running eBay but instead I will require you to download my app and print off my views, illustrated with helpful hand gestures for the hard of understanding. Why should eBay be allowed to be the only dic... tator? Actually, I am so angry I am going to stop now before something in my brain bursts..Version: 6.76.0

Charged fees in a no fee categorySold athletic shoes and still lost around 20% due to fees despite their no fee promotion in that category. Will never sell on here again.Version: 6.68.0

Poor customer service and customer-unfriendly policiesI can't even be nice about this. A seller sends a defective product, and they won't return messages for 4 weeks, so I file a complaint; I'm told to return the product, lose the complaint because I didn't return the product within the 30-day return period, so now I'm out the product and my money. Bye, eBay. Your service has deteriorated immensely..Version: 6.94.0

Saved SearchesThe new saved searches feature suuuux. Put it back the way it was.Version: 6.77.0

Stole my money and credited itI never sold anything on ebay and they charged me $55. I never went back on ebay and started getting calls from a creditor about this money. I could not get ahold of ebay and was seemingly forced to pay this money that i should never have owed. I will never be using ebay again and i worn you all before selling on ebay..Version: 6.85.0

Money hoarders.New payment system means you have to wait a week for your money. After my auctions were complete, my funds were ‘processing’ for 24 hours and then I was given a payout date, that payout date came and went without payment and when I checked back on eBay, they had changed the payout date for no reason (other then eBay being able to hold your money for longer) and then when it does finally payout it takes up to 4 business days to land in your account. They’ve removed PayPal and bank transfer so it’s the only way to receive your payments. As if they don’t already make enough money, they have to hold on to yours. I’d also suggest not bothering with advertising. I’ve tried it several times for a range of different products and the product views don’t seem significant compared to unadvertised products. Don’t bother. I’m so over these greedy companies. eBay member since 2003, sold over 700 products in this time. It use to be good and fair now it’s just another money grabbing company..Version: 6.127.0

Has a massive bugI recently made a account and it asked for my address and mobile number. I filled it in (all correctly) and the java script thing comes up where you have to wait for it to refresh. I noticed that it said something about confirming the information once it refreshes. I do it again and the same java script prompt came up. It refreshed and it wanted me to do my information again. I fill it out again and the same java script thing happens. I do it again and again hoping that the app would fix itself, it never did. A similar one happened on safari version, you would put in what country you where from and the java script would happen again, another loop. This problem I have described at the start happens on the chrome version and app version. I always use eBay so please let me use it again and fix this issue.Version: 6.2.0

Ebay sucks . PERIODSellers BEWARE eBay is the play-field for all the scammers.. it doesnt matter what you sell, how well and proper the description of your items is... all buyer has to do is “this is not as described” and you lose your money and items!!! And the nail on coffin is you CANT even give negative feedback to buyers.. its just NOT an option.. but buyers can “blackmail” you to post negative feedback if you dont do their demands. F eBay!.Version: 5.30.0

Thieves and incompetentsI have just sold a camera. I am in New Zealand and the purchaser is in the US. First of all I could not list it via the app. I had to use the website. The postage was nearly impossible to list. Took me an hour. The item finally sold and I’ve been charged US sales tax, despite not living there, and over 20% in fees. This is disgusting. EBay are greedy thieves, do not use them..Version: 6.146.0

Automatically redirects from the web browserThe app itself is okay from what I got to try out. I made a purchase with it and everything worked great, and I like having the option to get notifications directly on my phone without having to keep checking the website all the time. However, I ended up deleting the app soon afterwards because I also like to access the website from my phone's browser where I can use all the features of desktop mode. Well, I was browsing on the website and it was working fine, but then when I tried to open a certain page, I was automatically redirected to the app. I don't remember now what it was I clicked on, possibly to see a seller's other items, but in any case, it had nothing whatsoever to do with the app. I went back to the browser, tried again, and was redirected again. The website refused to let me open the page in the browser until I finally removed the app altogether. I suppose it's possible there's an option somewhere to stop it redirecting, but I didn't feel like wasting my time searching. When I'm using the website, it's because I want to use the website. When I want to use the app, I will open it myself. There are pros and cons to both, and I'm not interested in having an app that decides for me when I want to switch..Version: 5.35.0

Refunded but not enoughThey give refund that not the same as i paid for that costumer service cant explain to me why.its seems like scam.Version: 6.68.0

Achetez ailleurs.Ne téléchargez JAMAIS ebay. Ce sont de vrais voleurs. Ils vont vous facturer la commande sans placer de commande. Je le répète: DES VRAIS VOLEURS..Version: 6.114.0

No descriptionsThis app is horrible. Can’t see any item descriptions for a long time now. Can’t sell or buy without item descriptions..Version: 6.72.0

Time to update and get with the beat...I’ve been waiting for three years plus for eBay to update their App to make it easier for phone and tablet users to buy and sell. Out if date and not really fit for purpose anymore it prides itself on being fair and transparent in its policies, it’s NOT. It allows IRA items to be sold, whilst condemning anything with a swastika. It decides whether your goods are right or not, despite having categoric proof that an item is genuine. It doesn’t allow you to sell golly badges if you use the word golly, but it’s OK to use the words gollly, golli, gollie, wolligog. It shill bids you up, telling you not to lose an item because the next bid up is the other bidders highest. It doesn’t allow paintball guns to be sold but you can sell paintballs. Basically it is a hypocritical site that makes it impossible to contact anyone directly or at least makes it VERY difficult to do. It also tries to force the selling policy onto sellers, so that they have to OPT out of taking offers on an item EVERY TIME. It dictates postal methods. It does not allow sellers to save more than eleven items for later sales so that you HAVE to go for (at a fee) scheduled listings. It also puts the buyer over the seller and believes their version of events against the seller in any dispute. For these reasons, but there are many, many more - eBay is corrupt. It’s time they cleaned up their act..Version: 5.42.0

ThievesIf I could give a negative hundred stars I would do so. Long story short I received a gift card for my birthday. I had it in my account that has been active for a few years now. The next morning I looked and my $100 was just gone. When I called eBay about it they basically said too bad so sad! Someone has used it and bought something and it went to an account that had just been opened and then immediately closes after the transaction. I’m sorry but if they can flag me for a blurry picture then why couldn’t they catch this when it was going on in my account and obviously wasn’t my normal activity pattern. NOW EVERYBODY PAY ATTENTION TO THE IMPORTANT PART HERE. eBay is not holding themselves accountable for any money that can and will eventually be stolen from your account. They say they stand behind purchases but could care less if someone literally steals your money from your account. So take that in consideration when you deal with this company that obviously could care less about the customers or sellers on here because they probably as far as I’m concerned just as guilty and in on the whole scam! Thanks eBay for everything you’ve done which is nothing but steal my only birthday present I have gotten in the last three years!! Thieves you should be ashamed of yourself and in speaking to the owner here no wonder you have millions!.Version: 6.91.0

WilddTaxed on used items that are sold for less than original (taxed) price.Version: 6.66.0

Hidden fees everywhere and horrible experienceJust want to clarify that if you’re a buyer, you’ll be fine but if you’re selling, horrible experience. -There’s taxes on selling something to someone. -There’s a fake sale about shipping fees (even with the sale it’s cheaper if you create it yourself). -When you finally get your first sell as a person (not a company so for free right?), you get 10-15% again taking from you. I would love to share a screenshot about a 50$ sale, they’re taking over 10$ on it as fees ????? And that’s without the label they overcharged me with the 20% sale. Wasn’t worth selling my item anymore, I was losing money. So I canceled my order and refunded the person, more fees. To my big surprised, the label of 20$ that was supposed to be paid from the customer ended up being deducted from my credit card even if I never used it?! Thank you eBay for giving me this horrible experience, you’re a truly scam when it’s about selling on your platform, first and last time..Version: 6.111.0

Messing around with app again just STOP IT!!!Here we go again. Every time someone at eBay HQ gets bored they decide to mess around with the app. The latest in a catalogue of blunders is when you click on an item and then click ‘see description’ you are now treated to a little pop up box in the middle of the page with minuscule writing. You can’t zoom in on it because you lose the writing and have to try to swipe the writing from left to right. EBay obviously give zero thought to people who don’t have the best eyesight. Before that we had the save sellers page debacle which resulted in my having to delete every seller I’ve ever saved because the page was so incredibly messy it gave me a blinding headache. We have eBay not letting us choose individual locations on international postage so I’m now unable to sell internationally. The idea was to force the global shipping programme on us. Well I’m sorry but I no longer buy internationally either because of the vast import charges that are very wrongly calculated. I wanted to buy a few things where the global shipping was used and the import charges were more than the item which is really odd considering the value of the goods wasn’t even liable for import charges. We’re talking items of less than £10. The majority of international buyers don’t want to know as soon as they see global shipping. I just can’t believe you’re still messing around with this app and continually ruining it..Version: 6.128.0

Garbage systemI posted one of my pieces from my collection and guess what… EBay’s system decided to permanently ban me like I don’t understand why it has “suspicion “ with my account. With all the years I’ve had selling eBay has come out to one of the worst. Only make an account if you don’t care about getting banned after a day. Thanks.Version: 6.88.0

Ebay AppYou can’t “request total” on the app when purchasing multiple items from the same dealer. Also, because of the recent update, you can no longer read the item description! The app should be improving, not getting worse..Version: 6.69.0

Good for buyers, bad for sellersMy site says NO RETURNS. But recently a buyer said that my item was not as described, eBay AUTOMATICALLY accepted the return, without letting me protect myself. This was a jet black fur, which my 12 photos showed that the fur was indeed deep black, but the return was granted to the buyer who said the fur was brown. The eBay representative who looked at my 12 photos said that the photos showed that the fur was definitely Black. There was a rug on my floor in the photo which was brown, black, and beige, and you could clearly see that the black in the rug was the same as in the fur, and you could clearly see the brown color in the rug. There was photos too of this sweater on my off white sofa, and you could see that the fur was jet black. The Philippine representative told me that its an automatic return policy that eBay has if the buyer says not as described! The Philippine rep also said it’s better for me that I take back the item even if it’s buyers remorse, BUT THATS RIDICULOUS! Why should I pay the shipping both ways! Why should I lose money! WHERE IS MY SELLER PROTECTION!! EBAYS NEW POLICY IS VERY BAD. EBAY BUYERS KNOW THIS AND ARE ABUSING THE SYSTEM. My seller asked me why I’m protesting her return.. as she put it “ no one else protested her return!” She then continued to tell me that my sweater was the wrong color black! At present my fur jacket is on the way back to me. WHY IS EBAYS ALLOWING BUYERS TO ABUSE THE SYSTEM!.Version: 5.27.0

Please fix saved item removal feature.When I go to delete some of my many old saved items, the app takes me back to the top of my shopping cart after each item that I delete. Then I have to scroll all the way back down the long list to delete the next one. This is the case with items that are no longer available as well that I just want to clear off my saved for later list. It becomes a very time consuming process especially because if I want to move an new item out of my cart for later I often cannot because the app won’t allow it because I have reached the limit of saved items. This is especially a problem when I’m trying to make a purchase of several items but have other items in my cart that I am still considering and just want to save them a while longer. I need to remove them from my cart so I can purchase the things I need for just that particular day but the app won’t allow it and so I go to delete some old items to make room but the app takes me back to the top of the list so I can’t make the purchase quickly if I want to save my previously carted items. All this causes me to delay my purchases and frustrates my shopping experience. Please fix the app so that I can just quickly remove the older items from the bottom of the saved list and still stay at the same place in the list without going back to the top. Please, please and thank you..Version: 6.74.0

New update still didn’t fix Item Description issueSo finally after a week of frustration with the Item Description unavailable to view in the app, eBay finally sends out another app update presumably to fix this issue. Guess what? Still can’t access Item Description on the app. Ebay is a bunch of 🤡🤡🤡.Version: 6.72.0

EBay screws over new sellers. Prioritize another platform!Full of scammers and not made to support new sellers. I uploaded one product a day, for a month, only ever getting buy requests from scammers asking me to text them, which I would just ignore, only having replied to one or two to figure out if it was legit. When I finally made my first legitimate sale, eBay decided to suspend me indefinitely almost immediately because of “suspicious activity” on my account. I read all their rules of compliance and I don’t believe I did anything suspicious or harmful to the community to deserve a permanent ban. Customer service is near impossible to get a hold of. Had to resort to messaging them on Twitter and even then they wouldn’t tell me a reason as to why they banned me. It’s infuriating. They essentially have a platform full of scammers and choose to ban people who follow the rules and don’t list anything disingenuous. You can google search other people that have had the same thing happen to them. I’m not a unique case. Not only that but they waited until after I shipped my product before banning me and are withholding my funds for a month. It was sold Dec. 8th and they won’t pay out until Jan. 8th. Absolutely ridiculous. I’m not down a product, a platform and my profit because of their stupid decision. Small businesses beware and do not make eBay your primary selling platform. They’ll screw you over and will not care at all..Version: 6.41.0

Terrible serviceWas suspended from eBay on my first day of selling with literally no reason given. Called 'customer service' which is just an automated service to try and direct you away from a human. When I finally got in touch and asked why this happened I was hung up on. Finally got through a second time to have a slightly longer conversation where I was told that I could not be told why I was suspended but that it was permanent and I couldn't speak to any supervisor. Disgusting service, all I wanted to do was sell some Yu-Gi-Oh cards....Version: 6.68.0

EBay member since 2016 not recommend anymoreDon’t recommend anymore. Bunch of unprofessional sitting at call centres. I took eBay plus subscription since Jan 2022. Asked to cancel auto renewal and subscription on January 2022 as it’s not worth for my case. When I check today my bank statement today found that they auto renewed on 31st January 2023. So I called them to refund. Their representative told me that it’s already exceed time frame to cancel within 14 days so can’t refund anymore although it’s a mistake from their end. As the guy forget to cancel it. Also recommend me to double check always on such request in future to make sure it’s has been accepted for cancellation of auto renewal. I told them to refund and wanted to speak to manager so they keep me waited for a very long time over 30min. And finally said they will call back after an hour or 2 which never happened as being a eBay plus member. It’s quite frustrating to see the way they are handling their customer especially loyal for 7 years now and counting..Version: 6.108.0

?Its a terrible app and how little the company doesn’t do anything more to improve it and i have sold something on there but it doesn’t seem to be able to marked it as shipped.Version: 6.66.0

Worst Shopping AppCan't do half what you can on the website. Can't view purchases beyond 60days, can't view wish lists or add watched list to your wish list. Shopping experience is terrible too as the resolve on bad transactions always favours the seller even if product info is wrong or they lie..Version: 5.14.0

KEEPS BANNING ME! SELLERS BEWARE!So I am one of the most trusted sellers and am often more considerate and less greedy than other sellers. However, last year, I sold a gameboy game system. The buyer made a false claim, to get their money back, which put my paypal account in negative balance. Here is the problem, the buyer who purchased the item, used a fake pitch black image with a silver or greyish small square, which has been a common scam image that ebay and other sellers know about but yet they fail to even let the seller defend their case AT ALL and prove authenticity. They also fail to look at the exact images of what was sold, and review both sides of the story and just side with the buyer within seconds of the buyer submitting the fake image that does not show the actual item whatsoever. I have never had a problem selling things on ebay and always got good reviews. But the fact that Ebay banned me over one fake buyer, and false claim, is outrageous. Ebay will not even answer me whatsoever in regards to this matter, I am to the point that I am ready to file a lawsuit and take them to court. I have reported this to the better business bureau twice since then, and Ebay still has never responded. DO NOT USE EBAY!!!!! SELL LOCALLY OR ON A DIFFERENT PLATFORM BECAUSE EBAY IS NOT A GOOD COMPANY ANYMORE AND THEY LET SCAM BUYERS GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING AND REFUSE TO CARE ABOUT THE SELLER..Version: 6.28.0

EBay the auction bidding platform where you can bid and not payEBay change your ways. Get some knowledge on how to run your system better from airtasker. When a buyer bids that must provide a cred card to hold the payment until they win the auction then payment gets released. How dare you allow serial No paying offenders to keep bidding on people’s items, then not pay, no penalty and no compensation. I’m taking this all the way to the very end. Currently seeks advice from the ACCC and my layers is doing some homework. I’ll take this to the current affair if I need to. What a disgrace this has become. And buyers can just keep bidding without negative reviews. What protection are you providing your customers. Seems your app is out dated. Sounds like a business opportunity for me to replicate but in a fair and more accountable way. Since 2006 I’ve used eBay with 100% feedback. I’m seeking compensation and a thorough explanation on why this is ok?.Version: 6.106.0

Worst customer service.I swear, I will never ever buy items using eBay. I called customer service. They are so rude with customers I never knew that. eBay puts some number of rubbish, idiot, and dump animals other side of the phone. They even dont know how to talk to customers. Sometimes it acceptable if it happen with one person. I call a parson, just he “said how can i help you”. I dont know with whom im talking. I explained my issue, instead of answering me he just said, you can login ur app and you can see the update. So idiotic answer. I know I can see the update. But I wanted to know the exact status. Coz I paid for express delivery. If they are not able to ship on time i need return the money for express service. Which I paid. Then he cut the call. Again I called another person pickup the call. Again he said how can I help you. I said, it is eBay customer service? He said yes. I asked may I know your name? He Said John. I explained my issue, he asked which card i used, i told i forgot which card i use. I need the order update. He could find it using order number, email address, user id, etc. but he didnt . his sounds literally yelling to me. Kind of annoyed on me. Then he also cut the call. These filthy cows never deserve to run business in USA. These all activity was agains the consumer rights and law. I’m going to sue agains them..Version: 6.56.0

Selling - Drafts?I like eBay and have used it for a long time. However over the last few days I’ve made drafts of all of the things I wanted to sell. I made around 25 listings and drafted them so that I could list them properly all at once. To my surprise, when I went into drafts only the last 7 are there. I looked this up having not read anything about this before and found out that you can only have 7 drafts at one time. Not anywhere did it ever tell me this information on the app when I was doing it and not once did it mention anything when learning how to sell items. I’ve now been left angry and frustrated as I now have to go back and make about 20 listings all over again, and waste what’s probably going to be another two evenings, thanks to information not being put across to me before hand. Why is this not mentioned when learning how to sell an item? I have to say I’m very annoyed and disappointed. Update: the drafts that disappeared for me appeared back once I had listed the first 7 that were there, although this was a relief to me and cancels and most of my issues, this information was never put across to me and so I wasn’t to know this, hence my initial frustration..Version: 5.35.0

Never worksOver the past few months Every single time I open the app, no matter if I’m using wifi or data, nothing loads.Version: 6.66.0

The Customer Used to Be Always RightJust be careful the sellers have more rights than what you do as a buyer. 9 years an eBay user and recently have been ripped of $290 for a R/C car I brought for my Son. It arrived defective so I sent video and it was agreed with the seller he would send me a new one, but he also knew how to play the system and made this process wind out over a month and once the month was up all my rights as a buyer are trashed. Was silly to trust his word and now know I should have opened up a ticket straight away. Have all the evidence and messages but eBay don’t care, what’s worse is that the seller has to be found to have been deceitful to 5 more people before he is removed from the platform. I am an eBay plus member as well but with proof of transaction all you get it a sorry you’ve lost your money from phone conversation. Very poor customer service time to go back to buying over the counter for me bahh..Version: 6.61.0

Saved searchesNot updating on new update for iPhone. Works on iPad.Version: 6.67.0

Tabs would be goodEasy to use app. But the ability to create tabs of things you're looking at would be handy. Or a look later folder/section. So you can select multiple items to view from a search..Version: 5.14.0

Slow decay of a once great marketplaceI've been using eBay for over a decade. I've happily bought and sold many items over that time and back then I would have happily rated this app at 5 stars. Now, there are are handful of problems that make using eBay incredibly frustrating. Firstly, the search filter setting for item location is "Default". This will cause items from China to be displayed the most (depending on what you're looking for). Whatever "Default" is cannot be changed and new searches will randomly revert to it. With some confusion, has caused ordering from the wrong listing and massive delays in arrival of needed parts. Secondly, the UI is becoming worse. The menus have become unintuitive and app behavior is unexpected in many cases. For example, when scrolling through pictures for a listing, I might want to pinch to zoom in on one. Intuitively, I would tap the picture and pinch to zoom. What happens instead is tapping on the picture brings all the OTHER pictures into view, then I have to tap the picture I was just looking at, then I can zoom. Why would anyone tap picture A to look at pictures B through C? What a terrible design! Those are my two big gripes at the moment. I'm sure I have more to add and may do so with an edit. I remember being disappointed with search results in general and payouts but don't remember enough about those points to articulate why..Version: 6.105.0

Good, and the bad!Well ebay is excellent for buyers plus tonnes of choices to pick from. never had a problem when buying an item recently, but when i did ebay was quick to resolve this which was great. The bad after recently selling an item my first in about a year (I’ve previously sold 100s of items on ebay before) the sellers fees and obviously the vat on top was absolutely absurd ive sold a mobile phone and lets say nearly £100 was taken off in fees cant say im to happy about that I understand everyone has to make money but thats outrageous considering you can use recycling companies with zero fees and sell elsewhere with no fees. Im disappointed. Yes i know you can wait to get £1 listing fees but some people can’t afford to wait around! I wish i had tried a different site thats new rather than just sticking to ebay as i know how it works! Its unfortunate as so many sellers will be getting a big chunk of there money taken. I definitely dont think ill be selling on ebay again! My best and honest piece of advice for people trying to make all money and no fees and get the most they can is if its worth over 100 maybe 150 USE ANOTHER SITE OR FACEBOOK MARKET PLACE..Version: 6.135.0

Suspended for creating and sellingThank you.Version: 6.91.0

I feel like I’ve been robbed by eBayMy middle school English teacher introduced me to Ebay in the early 2000s. I’ve sold on the app on and off and purchased many items over the years. It was my favorite place to shop and always felt safe with all transactions until now. I purchased a ski suit overseas for $150, sender sent it and apparently the mail man misread my address and sent it back to seller. I notified seller and asked to let me know when received so that we can try again. I contacted seller 3 weeks later and seller hadn’t received it and asked me if it had a tracking number. I replied by saying it the USPS no longer tracks packages once they’re sent back. Seller stop replying after that. I asked seller for a refund, never heard from said seller. I opened a case and eBay a few days later eBay’s closed the case saying exactly this words “We’re Sorry you had a problem with your purchase. However, this item isn’t covered by the eBay Monday Back Guarantee. After reviewing all the details of this case, we determined that you won’t receive a refund. I feel like I’ve been robbed by eBay, seller stopped replying to my messages and eBay still sided with seller. I’ve never experienced this before and lost $150. How is that even right? I won’t buy on this app anymore, eBay it’s becoming just like the other dishonest apps out there..Version: 6.40.0

I used to love ebay……then one by one all things I liked started to disappear, and the app is largely to blame. I once sold quite a bit on eBay, I used my own html in all my auctions which routinely achieved much better results than similar items because they looked much better. But now with the app you can’t use html anymore, everything just looks meh so I gave up. And if you have a problem? Once you clicked on help and usually found the answer, now the only info you can get your hands on is so basic it’s useless. And searches just don’t work properly on the app, I don’t know why, but compared to the desktop version the results are extremely limited. And why do you have to click on a listing twice to be able to read the description? Isn’t once enough? And the junk, there’s just so much of it, most of it poorly described, deceptively photographed with disingenuous pricing and locations,. eBay’s become little more than an enormous online $2 shop, so if you’re after a rainbow coloured light to put in your toilet bowl this is the app for you..Version: 6.33.0

Terrible lack of support for missing items and refundsI will hesitate to use Ebay again following a recent missing order which has never arrived and never been refunded. The seller has refused to refund me, and Ebay have been no help whatsoever. Basically I’ve been robbed by a seller and have no recourse to recover my money. Let buyers who use Ebay beware!.Version: 6.6.0

EBay Shopping and Customer serviceThis is a nice app to use to go shopping on as well during this pandemic but we just bought a electric car/scooter to help get places quicker and easier than walk 5 miles there and back but we called in because we were supposed to get a 50% off discount for it but we clicked it and went to check out to purchase it WITH the 50% discount but later on looking at our item we realised we didn’t get the discount thinking it was a mistake but called in to make sure it’s gone through but end up being told we didn’t do it when we did and there was something else to do to get our discount but we clicked it. It’s an honest mistake that we didn’t know there was something else to do we purchased that very item with the discount so we still should get it because we did click for it and if you did allow us to still get our discount we would of given you a 4 star or even a 5 star rating this is just one of the things at eBay that needs to be sorted out for customer services Thank you.Version: 6.1.0

Beware sellers eBay allows fraudulent claimsI recently had a buyer make me an offer. I excepted the offer an hour late. The buyer sent me a message saying she needed to cancel the order because her address was wrong. I told her to contact Ebay Ebay, then within a four hour time. Open the claim against me the seller that the item had not been received, the item ship date was not for five days. When I called Ebay and spoke with the team member and then spoke with a supervisor. They informed me that if I did not do anything about this case, they would put a ding against my account and remove the funds from me to buyer. I explain to them that this was a fraudulent case and should not have been opened that. If they looked at my keys, they could see the buyer sent me an offer. I excepted the offer she wrote me told me the address was wrong and there’s no possible way that I could have delivered this item to her in a four hour time period. They told me it didn’t matter that they opened the case for the buyer and it was wrong that they open the case that I needed to refund her her money. If I send the item out I will not be protected by Ebay’s protection program. This is not the first time that a buyer opened a fake case and eBay allowed it. Sellers beware of eBay they’re not on your side. Also I should let you know I have been a seller for 24 years and it might be time to hang up my hat..Version: 6.128.0

Bullied and harassed by EBay sellersIt seems like eBay doesn’t take their policies seriously concern bullying and harassment. It has happened to me many times on their platform. They don’t care it seems, and this eBay seller I’m having problems with is still selling, even though he has said terrible things to me, that eBay should have zero tolerance for. I also have the right to know if actions are being taking by eBay because he is the one that harassed me. I’ve been having a terrible experience with EBay. I told them I would let the world know and be aware of this. Thus that’s what I’m doing. It’s highly likely that eBay will delete this feedback. As long as I’m doing my part, that’s all I can really do..Version: 6.78.0

Very disappointed in the way you take care of dodgy sellers on eBayI have noticed recently we are buying goods and they are saying they are UK sellers when you go into their feedback and it history you find out they are from places like the Philippines! I ordered the steering wheel cover recently to be messed about with delivery to find out its not even in this country and they are selling from Liverpool as really they are from the Philippines! That is okay if I wanted to buy from a foreign country but I did not I ordered with these people because they was from UK! Then I have another one I bought lightbulbs for my car to find out that the person selling them at selling the wrong ones yet I still have to pay return postage as I find disgusting that you allow this as I will be left out of pocket and you wonder why people are stopping buying on eBay! Then you make it so difficult to open a dispute that it puts people off the small amounts which is disgusting it should be very simple to open a dispute and get the problem sorted it’s like if you do not want to sort out problems you would rather let the sellers rip people off and you just carry on having your pay day out of it! It’s about time you had a review of the way people are selling on eBay and ripping people off you will be the losers in the end as people will stop buying which I know a lot of people I have already they all say they are sick of getting ripped off..Version: 5.27.0

No Customer Service and Random BansI was banned for no reason “ Your account was suspended because it exhibits a risk to eBay and to its community. As eBay is an Internet-based business, and its members are our customers, we must carefully weigh the risks involved in allowing users on our site. From time to time, we find accounts that present a level of risk that is unacceptable and are, therefore, suspended.” I literally posted 5 pokemon cards I was trying to sell from my childhood then five days later received a ban. The contact us didn’t have an email or phone number, it had a virtual agent which claimed the issue was likely a payment issue, but couldn’t put me in contact with a live agent. I finally gave up went on my computer to view the desktop version after 30 minutes finally found a phone number which I called and it said something like“this phone number is an error” before hanging up. I finally found a form for an email and filled it out, clicked the button to receive a copy of email (which I never did), but I finally got a response back with that message. Long story short, don’t waste your time with eBay. I’m lucky and my issue doesn’t involve me losing any money (just several hours of my time in an attempt to make a few extra bucks), but you could encounter an issue with actual money on the line and literally the worst customer service of all time..Version: 6.18.1

Still not a smooth experienceI have used this App for many years and used it to purchase items in the past, but not any more. As the previous reviewer stated - the purchases may go through PayPal but not show up in your purchase list on the eBay system. I have experienced this too and it is annoying, inconvenient and scary. If this happens to you, the best way to contact eBay is through email, if you can manage to find its email contact facility - they don’t make it easy. If you call them, it will add to the confusion. eBay confirmed to me that there is a known glitch with this App and I was advised not to use it for purchasing items. I don’t use it to purchase items any more and I am surprised that this App still has such problems. Currently, this App will not archive any of my received purchases of the last 3 years. There is no syncing with the online platform. Still not a smooth experience..Version: 5.22.1

Reviews!I’ve been using eBay for quite some time now, and it has come to my attention that it’s really hard to see certain products reviews... now I am the type of person that likes to check reviews before purchasing because of many reasons... When I am on the “Wish” app you can click on the stars on a certain listing just to see the reviews of that one product you’re viewing, but on eBay you go to check the reviews on one product and all the reviews from all their different products show up and it makes it very difficult for a buyer to find reviews on that one product they want to purchase! I would like this to be changed so when you’re viewing one particular item you only see reviews on that one item, and having the option to also show some pictures on reviews would be just as great so other buyers could see the product and make a final decision..Version: 6.32.0

DOES NOT DISPLAY VIEWSThe app has had an issue with not displaying the # of views for a listed item for a while now. I have seen other’s complaints regarding the same issue for some time now, but yet still no fix. I no longer really use the app other than as a buyer. As a seller I stick now to desktop..Version: 5.22.1

Unable to receive assistance from eBay with a matter regarding a sellerDisappointed to not receive any assistance or responses from ebay regarding an issue with a seller. I used a coupon on a purchase ($84) the item never arrived. I contacted the seller, I was given two options. First was to receive a refund, second to wait for parcel if happy to wait. I selected the second option. The next day received a refund of purchase price less coupon. The refund has now resulted in me losing the coupon which I could have used to purchase the same item at another store. The seller is still advertising the product as available on their online store. I contacted eBay for assistance but have had no response. Been waiting 2 weeks now..Version: 6.66.0

Quality declineEBay used to be good, more genuine auctions of second hand goods. Now the site is infiltrated by overseas cheap products that look genuine in quality in the pics but the buyer is deceived and product is cheap, both in material and manufacturing. The sizing changes and esp overseas foreign countries where oversized is not understood. Also if you take a chance a purchase a product and are not happy with it the buyer has to pay return postage and ends up paying double postage so it’s not worth returning anything. Leave feedback used to be where you could leave genuine feedback. Now you’re disallowed making an unfavourable review and have to contact the seller. The seller in their ignorance just repeats ridiculous promises to do well by the buyer. They never do. I have been burnt too many times mainly by foreign sellers and unfortunately will not purchase again from eBay. My daughter tells me that Shein is a better selling site so I will try elsewhere. Judy Williams.Version: 6.84.0

There ARE other options.I’m not a big fan on leaving negative reviews but these are issues with the company as a whole rather than an individual. 1. The messaging system is broken. The interface is disorganized and old and there’s no good way to see your sent messages or recover older ones. 2. Non-transparent fees. Ever since ebay has switched away from PayPal charges seem random and the invoice is disorganized. 3. USPS. This isn’t a problem that eBay has much control over honestly, but there are several third party selling websites which make it far easier to deal with the USPS (for trading cards these include comc and Star stock) and for the last 2 months almost every standard eBay envelope I’ve sent has gone missing. 4. Customer Service. The first time I needed to use eBay customer service it wasn’t bad. I was able to reach an agent in 10 minutes who was able to help me through the problem I had at the time. This no longer seems to be the case, as it’s very difficult to actually talk with someone let alone them be able to give accurate help. For a long time eBay’s seemed like a necessary evil and for some it may still be that way but if your buying and selling almost any kind of collectible there are plenty of other options which don’t have the numerous issues ebay has..Version: 6.21.0

New image search “feature” ruins experienceWhoever designed the new “touch the screen to start an image search” “feature” has obviously never used the mobile app. This new “feature” ruins the browsing experience. I don’t even want to spend time on the app anymore... You folks should use your own app more often; Most of us actual users do this: search for an item, then browse the long list of items that come up using our thumb by 1a) resting our thumb on the lower area of the screen until we’re done looking at the current set of items on the screen 2) then moving it up the screen to scroll and get the next set of items. Or 1b) even if we don’t rest our thumb for the entire time on the screen, there’s a delay from when we touch the screen to when we scroll (this delay is our brains processing information). Now if my thumb doesn’t IMMEDIATELY move upon touching the screen it causes the “image search” feature to pop up and it COMPLETELY ruins the experience and flow and enjoyment and everything that makes browsing eBay anything resembling good. I’m typically pretty accepting and understand that nothing is perfect and take the good and the bad with apps and other things. But this is just silly, anyone that uses the app can see how much this ruins the browsing experience. It really makes me not want to use it anymore....Version: 5.27.0

Does not workI am in Canada. The field automatically fills in United Kingdom. I turned off the automatic region selection toggle in settings. The app still insists I am in the United Kingdom and will not allow me to change it. I cannot sell without filling this information. The whole experience has been very frustrating..Version: 6.68.0

Problems inside the app....I don’t like the new format. While building ads, I should be able to turn features off and never be asked those questions again, like allowing the seller to give me a half price offer, shipping the item for free, or if I want consider reducing the price over time. Though those options might be consider by some, they absolutely don’t work for me and it adds extra time and worry to building an eBay ad. I would like to see, easier access for creating sales, easier distribution of my sale flier (past, non- following buyers), and more apparent of the actual things I purchase. They need to remove “sell” and “selling” terms on the front page, as it makes it more confusing to navigate. Finally, though buyer protection is nice, there needs to be a better follow through investigation on return items. Many times the buyers circumvent my “no return” clause, with made up conditions just to make me look like a bad seller. Often times, the past buyer’s have confessed that they did not read my description; only the title. This gives me an unfair advantage to me because they didn’t do due diligence before that bought the item. I am always willing to further express my on going concerns. I have been a seller for a few years and have experienced several changes. I need some cooperation from EBay in order for me to continue as the luster of being a seller is starting to fade fast. Please let me know, Tom.Version: 5.41.0

I have not received parcelI have to spend 8 hours researching only to find out that the seller has sent it to wrong address 236/6 potter street not 263/6 potter street in Waterloo the later address is the correct address for crown square convinces store not to the address it was sent as per Australia post 236/6 potter street! Why on earth am the person who has to find out and do the whole research for the seller and eBay I am using there services as the have set them up! It taken my over 23 days to figure this out! The seller have obviously entered the wrong address and it has gone to a residential unit that I have no access to! I like to have an explanation that eBay and seller could not find this error! If not fixed today I will seek compensation for my time spent as well as my Money back From seller and eBay I should have been assisted in this matter and not treated like I was trying to cheat seller and eBay it’s not the way to treat customers !.Version: 6.90.0

Not sure what they’ve done to the app...I loved the eBay app. It was easy to use. A quick way to view your account and your sales. As of last week though, I wish I could incinerate it. I’m frustrated and extremely annoyed, especially with the number of calls I have had to make to sort the issues I have been having and they’re still not fixed. I had a double sale go through on the app when I purchased an item. Even though the offer should have been cancelled by my purchasing it at full price. I asked to cancel. The seller cancelled. It didn’t cancel on the app and I got a non payment mark against me. Hence the start of the phone calls. I messaged the seller. They promised it had been cancelled. eBay cancelled. The app carried on with an unpaid mark on my page. It’s still showing even now. I’ve deleted the app several times and it’s still there. Then there’s the sale. The sale where I got promotion I didn’t ask for. The sale I’ve been charged twice for. The sale that’s still showing on my total. I would call again, but I’m all called out. The help desk have been great but they can’t solve these issues either. So I’m stuck with these issues until they go out of date or the month resets. Also, please do a multi delete in the bag/ basket section. Deleting one at a time and having to start from the top again is exhausting and extremely annoying. If a seller is abroad please don’t state UK. If only so delivery dates can be exact..Version: 5.36.0

What’s happening if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but now it’s brokeBeginning to feel like another multi billionaire determined to get richer at the expense of others. The app since I began using it has got worse and worse. Now forced to accept offers, no choice, only an “OK” button! No “NOT OK” button? No longer an option to choose signed for international postage? What’s that all about? I want to send international parcels signed for. Listed something for sale this evening on Buy It Now and watched the duration change all by itself from 30 day’s to Good Till Cancelled and no way of changing it, even went into Safari browser on my iPhone to revise the item but still no way to change the duration to 30 days, very easy to think I am being conned into paying fees I don’t want to pay. On top of all the constant changes it seems the ebay app has a mind of its own, it seems to be able to update itself usually to something worse without me even updating the app through updates, feels like there is an ebay worker living in my phone, feels like someone is controlling my phone without my say so. Feel it’s time to look at other similar sites as constantly having to re learn what’s going on with the app is not something I want to do every day. The phone calls asking why my sales total in the app for 60 days is wrong was a complete waste of time why would a multi billion company care about the apparent little people who list the goods for sale that make their money?.Version: 5.25.1

DisappointedI have been an avid ebay user / customer for many years , i pay immediately after purchase, and leave positive feedback, which represents my100% positive feedback too . And in general ,most products are great , and every seller has good customer service. Until one of my most recent purchases, where the seller s communication & product support is lacking , as I purchased under the description advertised, but doesn’t suit the replacement oem part, i have followed up with communication with the seller and the request of pictures & detailing description of the incorrect part they asked for , they still haven’t adequately provided a satisfactory explanation , or offer of return & credit as per my request, i am a ebay plus member too . I have not left feedback yet , and generally get give postive feedback, but this is my first time hesitating on that. The items didn’t cost that much , but their first reply was good , and i followed their request however after that their reply wasn’t very helpful. I still love ebay and won’t change my support or purchasing . Thanks Daren.Version: 6.128.0

Can’t access item descriptions even after updateI just updated to the new version offered today, and the item descriptions are still inaccessible. The ‘buy again’ tab is cute—though the ‘similar items’ are often anything but—though as a buyer, the item descriptions are most vital to making purchase decisions. Please fix!.Version: 6.72.0

DO NOT SELL ANYTHING ON HEREI was continuously logged out of my account for no reason and had people waiting for refunds which i could not do cuz my account was restricted. Even tho I have refunded the people, eBay still email spams me requesting my person info after I’ve already deleted my account. The people over at eBay have some serious issues..Version: 6.105.0

Ebay doesn’t take responsibilityI bought a mask on ebay and I needed it for a job and it was saying that I am going to receive it in three days however after two weeks when I checked with the seller I was provided with a tracking number from Royal mail saying that it’s been delivered when I checked with Royal mail they said it has been missed delivered and the seller needs to call us or get in touch with us claim lost parcel when I contacted eBay they said I need a confirmation email from Royal mail confirming missed delivery which I did and I had the email, when I forwarded The email to eBay every time they asked for something extra which I requested from Royal mail and they corrected it and the last time eBay said I’m gonna receive a refund back in five working days which didn’t happen after three weeks I called them back and said I have not received my my refund for £45 back yet they said your claim took too long and we closed it and you’re not gonna receive any money back towards your parcel which was not delivered. And as much as I told them I did everything exactly as you said in a time and I have proof for everything they did not cooperate at all..Version: 6.56.0

UpdateThis app is let down by its inability to mark item delivery status as tracking on eBay doesn’t work.Version: 6.94.0

SELLERS BEWARE!!!!I’ve been selling for over 4 years on eBay and the scammers are getting worse and worse to deal with!! I’ve just had 6 scams in ONE WEEK!! The good old let me keep the item I just bought and get my money back scam!!! This is running rampant on eBay! I’m a seller for over 10 years on other sites poshmark, Mercari and started selling on eBay and I do not have this problem on the other sites it’s absolutely horrifying that ppl can buy something and keep it and still get their money back!!!??? eBay does not protect sellers AT ALL!!! Even if you have clear as day pictures of what your item looks like they can still say there is something wrong and request a refund. But the scam I’m being bombarded with is the 1/2 REFUND SCAM! It’s where the customer claims there is something wrong with the item and they do not want to return it they want to KEEP IT but they want ME the seller to PAY THEM 1/2 their money back and shipping costs they incurred!!!!!??????? HOW IS THIS LEAGAL EBAY!!!???? Oh and there is also the EMPTY BOX SCAM!! Let’s not forget that gem! I feel so defeated I’m about to close up shop. I have a ton of great followers and customers on Poshmark and Mercari but wanted to give EBay a try but it’s caused me so much stress it’s not even worth it! I wish eBay would protect sellers as much as they protect buyers. If you are a new seller on eBay just be aware of these scams..Version: 6.112.0

CR-APPAs the title says . when ask do you wish to buy similar , it goes to some other completely useless junk . cannot coprehend the english language, ask to search for china marble ?? goes instead to chinese marble. then they list junk in antique section that was made by hop sing in his backyard yesterday ie china thy have vintage items in antique section visa versa . sellers that dont even know what they are even selling or its value. then feebay charge excessive fees , then they want you to pay 50 dollars fee a year for the privilege of a instant 50 dollars discount on your next purchase over 100 dollars , then you like or watch something then feebay email you the buyer has offered a discount? whoopdeefriggindoo if i wanted it for an over inflated ptice i would not be watching it . and not offered it at frebays miserly discount feebay was good now its turned into as the title says CRAPP could go on for another 1,000 words but don't have time to comment more on feebay.Version: 6.6.0

Stop making the app worse!Please tell the developers to stop making the app less usable with bad UI changes and adding features no one asked for. Instead fix the search, fix the last mess you made with image display and stop the app sending me spam that is completely irrelevant. You deserve zero stars but one is the lowest..Version: 6.72.0

DO NOT UPDATE Saved Searches is F’dThe new update & redesign is f'n awful. You literally screwed up the entire user experience of the Saved Searches/ Watching lists into a complete mess. DO NOT UPDATE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE ANGRY EVERY TIME YOU USE THE APP..Version: 6.78.0

Can’t sell or relist on the appUpdate seems to have removed the option to relist items or sell items on the app. Ironically eBay has changed their email notifications after your item doesn’t sell telling you ‘it’s time to relist’.Version: 5.23.2

OffersUsually it’s quite easy to list an item, just put it on and apart from answering the odd question just wait till item sales or if not relist item, that was until eBay introduced offers, whilst I can see some people may like this, I don’t. Having recently listed about 30 items setting offers to OFF I later found that I was getting offers on my items, if I wanted to sell items cheaper I would have started the auction cheaper. I had to go back into my items and check each one individually had offers OFF but found whilst this worked on some items it would also revert back to offers again even though I had checked details before submitting. This has happened many times I just wonder if its all worth it as you don’t always make a lot anyways and really didn’t want to spend that amount of time on something when the return is so small. eBay needs to give the option of OFFERS in site preferences where you could set and save permanently and not have the headache of having to keep going in and changing every time you list an item. I went on to a forum to find out if there was anything I could do to stop it to find other people having the same problem, others saying it was a glitch in the system, well if it was it’s still happening and eBay need to sort it..Version: 5.25.0

Frustrating for sellersEBay used to be really good and it certainly is a good idea but there are a few flaws that make the eBay experience incredibly frustrating for a seller. Despite the fact that when winning a bid the buyer is supposed to pay, I have found that most do not and they completely ignore you so you have to cancel and relist. This is both time consuming and a complete hassle as you have to open a case via eBay which takes a couple weeks! Also, with the “buy it now” feature I have found people doing the same thing and not paying. Surely they could make it so that when you actually click buy it now the buyer pays. I have also come across the issue where I have specified only UK buyers in the settings and somehow buyers in the USA have managed to bid, meaning I have to cancel and relist. This is no exaggeration when I say OVER half the items I have “sold” have had to be cancelled and relisted, and I’m beginning to think selling on eBay is not worth my time. In addition, it takes a really long time of around a month for you to actually receive your money, whereas with apps like Depop it is instant..Version: 6.26.0

Poor customer service, lousy mobile appAll my eBay messages have disappeared. Over 10 years of messages simply gone. There are no solutions using the eBay site or the mobile app. Calling customer service if futile. Open return case cannot be resolved because messages are gone. Very disappointed with this app. Maybe if the mobile app wasn’t updated every single week there wouldn’t be all the glitches that said updates create!!!.Version: 6.82.0

Why is there no description on items?!There is no item description option on ads!! Theres a title that says “item description from seller” but there is no drop down menu or button on or around the title at all!! Fix this!!.Version: 6.72.0

Works but Still no perfect.After years it’s still not possible to change the language and turn of this automatic translation. Since years many people requested this in the forum but they all are being totally ignored..Version: 5.24.1

Refuse to accept responsibilityMost already know that there is no protection for sellers, but that extends beyond simply siding with buyers over small matters such as refunding items the seller doesn't want to accept a return on. They will use nasty tactics such as playing buyers against sellers with disgusting behaviour such as telling me (seller) to wait 14 days for an item that I was expecting back - that the seller had sent to an old address due to the eBay system allocating a 9-year old address to my returns address - and then claim that I had not received it so to have a decision made in my favour. The same supervisor goes on to suggest that the buyer may not have posted the item, despite the buyer giving proof of postage. The supervisor ( Chloe from the Ireland office) goes in to detail about how the receipt could have been paid for but the item not posted and how she had heard of that happening before. Meanwhile, the buyer also gets on the phone to eBay, and they tell him that it was I that had made the mistake re the address. The above behaviour (accusing an innocent buyer of buying the postage but not sending the item and playing us against each other) all the while the mistake is by eBay themselves, who refuse to accept responsibility is DISGUSTING AND i will be making a formal complaint and taking the matter further..Version: 5.24.0

Can’t sign in without being trackedMy ebay account is google and i cannot sign in without app tracking enabled, no way i’m allowing this uninstalling.Version: 6.93.1

Worst experience!I have opened account, listed an item. They paused the listing. Contacted support service, answer was to wait and send the ID for identification. It all was done. After few days, they have blocked me for forever without an option to sell, buy or open new account! Welcome to Ebay! Worst experience unfortunately!(.Version: 6.112.0

Account infoIt would be useful if your account info “change page” would actually change stuff instead of getting me to log back in 19 consecutive times and still hadn’t actually changed anything...very poor, iv definitely been put off using eBay unless I really have to, that is once my account info can actually change so I can use it.Version: 5.31.0

AN ACTUAL,NOT FAKE REVIEW!!So, let me start this off by saying i am not happy with eBay whatsoever. This website and app is the biggest scam to ever be made. Now let my make this clear, if you are BUYING from eBay. No problem, have fun scamming people and having eBay help you scam them because of their "selling agreement". BUT, if you are selling or trying to sell off of this website you are in for a "fun" ride. If your intent is to sell you will be shown just how easy it is for people to scam you. Here's what I mean buy this. I have sold over 20 things over eBay and 15 of those 20 things have all been the same. Even though I put in the settings that "I DON'T DO REFUNDS" the people buying from me where able to schedule a refund for my product claiming "that I had missing pieces or parts" even when I was selling something such as a cup... anyways because of this and how eBay is a buyer first type of company EBAY themselves were able to go into the PayPal and send the buyer BACK the money WHEN HE HADN'T EVEN SHIPPED MY PRODUCT BACK. So in this case he had MY product and had his $200 back... it has been over a month and I have lost over $2000 due to this ongoing scam to eBay and their "buyers". I also haven't received my product back ever. So, if you are going to use this app to buy. Have fun, if you are going to use this app to sell. Good luck because you are going to loose a lot of money..Version: 6.3.0

EBAY WHY ARE YOU TAKING MY MONEYI’m absolutely disgusted by this app I’ve been using it for about 10 years now and have never had any problems with it until suspicious money started getting charged for my bank TOTAL OF £60!! in one month !!! i’ve been charged eBay sarl I have no idea what this is but from looking on Google it is fees I haven’t paid every single one of my listings has been uploaded for free I do not pay to upload any of my listings on eBay because I can’t afford it. I have enough problems going on right now and the £60 I’m going to get into DEBT. that’s all through eBay this app is an absolute scam another thing that really concern me is that I stopped using eBay round two months ago because my account got restricted so I thought I’ll just move on from eBay and go to another app. since I have left the eBay app I have been charged random money for completely no reason at this rate I will just have to cancel my card and get a new one because I can’t afford to pay any more money monthly I have made around £100 on eBay and this money that they’re charging me I’m not get any profit on my items, i’ve technically just given all of my clothes and daughters toys away for free. I thought this app was for making money? SORT IT OUT..Version: 6.34.0

Sketchy sellers and scammersI have Been shopping on eBay long time, this is actually my second account. I must have been inactive in the last one too long or something. But anyway I am getting scammed and, it’s getting increasingly frightening and frustrating. There is a seller with 99 cent items starting out as a bid. If you win several items. He throws a few in a box and I’m Not getting the appropriate items. and I’m paying shipping for each individual item. One item I kept sending a message until I got the jacket. And another jacket was missing. I now have purchased enough to leave some serious negative feedback, which I never do. Now I have purchased another coat. There is no evidence of that sell/purchase through one bid I thought rare too. He did respond and said would mail it but I have no way of seeing my purchase anywhere. I can’t leave any feedback on this seller. I have sent him a message and waiting for a response. But I have feeling I need to open a case because I did screenshot the sale right away because it kept disappearing and reappearing, pretty shady business. I feel these sellers on these platforms are becoming more aggressive scammers. I’ve even had one stalking me and sending me terrible messages I didn’t respond to. I will open a case on this vest as I have the number for the sale. Thank you Deborah.Version: 6.110.0

EBay allows deceptionMany items have a description in their title and a DIFFERENT description in fine print on the description page that deceptive sellers use to deceive. Also sometimes a photo falsely suggests strongly the size of an item (even though the actual dimensions are on the description page showing actual dimensions much smaller in metric but without a ruler or coin to suggest actual size for polite reference), KNOWING MOST WILL LOOK AT THE PHOTO AND BUY BECAUSE OF IT. This on items they know are copies / counterfeits of the real product in standard size, like a hairbrush I bought which was actually so small I couldn’t hold it to brush with it without it flopping out of my hand over and over. It’s as though they intentionally deceive because they know that NO ONE will return a $2-3 item. Also my eBay app should hold my purchase history INDEFINITELY OR UNTIL >>>I<<< delete it, and not be deleted by the eBay system. If I purchase lots of things it’s very easy to forget or lose track of an item ALREADY PAID FOR THAT I NEVER GOT. ESPECIALLY if eBay deletes my purchase history. It’s MY RECORD. DON’T DELETE IT FOR ME!!! Allow me that option. 😡 in light of what I’ve said, choose carefully and you may do well. There are some very good deals on eBay if you have good judgement and the time for all the hassles too. JD.Version: 5.16.1

Closing my accountEBay like to make you feel nice and safe with big banners for “Money back guarantee” and “Buyer protection”. But the reality is that their priority is protecting sellers and boosting sales. And in circumstances where a seller refuses to assist with missing deliveries, they leave you going in circles. Disputes take forever to resolve. Meanwhile, bad sellers hold on to your money. And if you dare to raise a dispute with PayPal they will simply close any dispute you have ongoing with them. They even go as far as to remove negative reviews in these circumstances. And eventually they even stopped me messaging the seller about the issue! If you end up in a situation where the courier says it’s delivered, regardless of the fact they don’t provide proof of delivery with a photo or a signature, they side with the seller. If the seller doesn’t feel like refunding or investigating with the courier, you get stuck between the seller, the courier, eBay and PayPal. And nobody will resolve or refund. The courier says to speak to the seller! EBay says to speak to PayPal. PayPal says they have to speak to the seller. Ten years and thousands of pounds later, I’m closing my account. And they still owe me £103. ***** That’s not five stars ;-).Version: 6.78.0

EBay needs to update appMost app features work well but they continue to fail to address the needs and suggestions if sellers. Too many circular help options. The mail reason for my low rating is eBay still has NOT fixed old purchases being “stuck” in the list of purchases. When trying to remove very old purchases (so to increase # of watched items) it says unavailable or just doesn’t let you delete them or the just reappear. Why doesn’t the developer FIX THIS???? There’s so many complaints about this going back several years! Related: why is there such slow limit of the number of watched items one can have? That makes no sense. In fact, I can guarantee eBay is losing money by not fixing this problem. If I could watch more items, I know I would be able to watch them and buy more. But if my list is “full” I simply forget about the items that I might have bought. Seriously, you guys need to step up your app or sellers and buyers (like myself) are going to leave this app. I know I’ve about had it with eBay’s lack of interest in helping its sellers. You guys purposely don’t make it easy to get help or to get improvements made. Take heed of the feedback and make changes or you’ll become the next “tumblr” and die a slow death..Version: 5.28.0

EBay has forced me to update my app and the new one is rubbish!I had remained on on version 3.4 because the version they replaced it with was dire. 3.4 was simple to use and straightforward. Today, I got a message from the app, saying it had expired and needed to be updated. God knows why, because it was working fine. I was apoplectic that I was being forced to make a change that I don't want to make. The new version 5 app is at least slightly better than the original replacement, hence I've given it two stars rather than one, but it is still not a patch on 3.4! It is over-complicated, poorly laid out, and I've lost all my saved categories. Listen up eBay - your app is putting me off using your service once the bids I've currently got running end. I demand that you reinstate version 3.4 or make an option in your new app to select the 3.4 layout! I struggle to understand how you have failed to listen to all the criticism you received when you first completely changed the app after 3.4 and give back your customers what they want. You're in business to make money - you do that by pleasing your customers, not angering them..Version: 5.17.0

Can’t sellCan’t setup an acc it always lags and crashes.Version: 5.38.0

Crashes when submitting negative reviewsThe app itself is a bit clunky but that can be overlooked, it does its job. What is really frustrating is that it just crashes whenever you try to submit any kind of negative or neutral feedback..Version: 6.1.0

Terrible customer service.Had my previous account suspended permanently with no reason given. Although the customer service team were quick to respond to my queries about why, they offered no reason for the suspension and refused to explain why except to explain that there was no chance to appeal. Very bizarre. I rarely use EBay so was likely a hacker causing the issue. Either way the process and communication from EBay on this matter was extremely poor for a company of this size..Version: 6.30.0

Search function and alerts frustrationI find it immensely frustrating that in spite of entering valid keywords and using filters when I search for specific items, the results that appear are always the same items and are missing many items that I later find either in ‘sold items’ or by searching ‘sellers other items’ or similar. I have also tried searching for my own items using almost all of the keywords in my listing title and not had my item appear in results in spite of paying for a ‘boost’ Very frustrating when this is causing me to miss out on buyers as well as missing items I would have purchased. I also have alerts set for many items and almost never get an alert unless it is long after items have been listed/sold. Very high fees on ebay now when your items are not even visible to majority of potential buyers!.Version: 6.88.0

Won’t use it any moreI’m simply fed up with the poor processes of eBay, though I’ve been registered for many years! Firstly, the images sellers advertise are not always the same as the product, I.e., it’s an inferior item, usually cheap knock-offs from China. That’s ok, just don’t use misleading photos. I hardly ever return anything, but whenever I have needed to the returns system freezes up or crashes whenever the return shipping label is requested. I’ve been all around the houses with them over and over trying to get past it but you just get the same old runaround every time - even though the system says it's their fault. My last gripe is that you must be wary not to order items from China that are delivered outside the 60 day refund timeframe, because if you don’t get the item or it’s faulty you’ve blown any chance of ever getting a refund. I’ve had lots of smooth purchases but I’ve not always been impressed with the quality and if you can’t return items easily, especially in these Covid times, it’s lost it's appeal. Thanks but no thanks!.Version: 6.7.0

Ebay treats new customers like they are criminalsI started a new personal (not business) account. I sold and shipped an item that is en route. Then I attempted to purchase some tank tops. I have a PayPal account already and decided to link them. The item I sold was a women’s biker riding leather gear. Day 5, when I purchased some tank tops and the gear was in route to the buyer my account was suspended for fraud! I call and am asked where I obtained the things I was selling. My account was reinstated but now the item I sold and the funds still pending are no longer available. The tank tops I ordered have been canceled but the funds are gone from my PayPal account to that vendor with no receipt or proof of sale but an email saying it was cancelled, oh, and I am an accountant so I take screen shots. Why would I be accused of scam and fraud without a call or verification? I have excellent credit and never had a felony or anything!? I have decided I would rather pay more or do without than work with the gestapo. I will be donating the rest of my riding gear and decor I no longer want to goodwill. 2 stars for selling my leathers and making me jump through hoops as if I had to prove I’m legit, instead of verifying people like a normal business would! Unless you are a business ebay is not where you want to sell your personal items..Version: 5.14.0

Brisé!La description des produits n’est plus accessible….Version: 6.69.0

Turned off all notification, might delete laterEbay has changed the way that sellers get paid apparently. This change requires that i upload a copy of some government issued ID, thats not happening because i don't trust ebay to not get hacked and lose all my info. Ebay would get hacked because they only care about being the middle man and collecting money, they do not spend money on security or anything that actually improves the site. A great example of this is how items are listed with a "from" price. With the from price being a light bulb or maybe an instruction manual and not related to the item in the listing at all. E.g. $2-$20 with the options being $2 for a light bulb but the actual lamp is $20. It is a straight scam now. But because ebay is constantly sending notifications about these new payment changes i have turned that spam off. I'm not selling on ebay ever again and i doubt i will be buying much again. Might delete the whole thing, it's just a useless scam and spam factory..Version: 6.16.0

Ebay’s trashShipping fees are inflated..Version: 6.94.0

Time for an eBay alternativeLong time ebay user. It was good. It’s not anymore. Their new payment system is terrible. First I received an email that my account would be restricted unless I supplied a licence number. So I did. 2 weeks later I got notified the account would be restricted unless I supplied photo ID. Felt like a scam but I played along. 2 days later I got another notification my account would be restricted. Went to ebay help and they told me my details just hadn’t updated for some reason but they had fixed it and it would be good to go in a couple of hours. A few days later I get an email that my account has now been restricted because I didn’t comply with supplying ID. Worse still I had an item for sale that was being actively bid on that had been delisted and completely removed from my account. Contacted help again and they told me they couldn’t do anything and had to escalate to another team that would contact me in a week or two because they are so busy dealing with these issues. If your country has an alternative use that. Avoid ebay at all costs. Don’t trust them with payment details. Don’t trust them with ID. They don’t even know what’s been uploaded so how can they protect your information. They delist items even when you complete their requests. Then act as it it’s the customers fault. I honestly hope a good alternative arrives and ebay goes broke for the way it treats people..Version: 6.21.0

Acc lockedMy acc got locked and suspended for no reason whatsoever. I had literally just created it two days prior. I was trying to start selling things. And for my efforts i get acc ban without any explanation or recourse for me to undergo. Guess what im not making a new email adress just to get banned for no reason again. Ontop of this absurdity ebay and paypal have a monopoly where the seller is forced to use paypal or have to pay 30$ a month for a "online marketplace" acc or something. And when you are using paypal they take a tax from the money u make, ebay takes a tax and in the end you wait extra week to receive 50% of the earnings you made. Also Never sell more than 1 item at a time because ebay buyers are all scammers who request refunds on items you clearly have labeled "NO REFUNDS"... Why does ebay allow a buyer to request refund and receive their money back even when a seller has set the option "no refunds". That defeats the purpose of having the option in the first place. So if you sell 2 things and 1 of them request refund when you already withdraw the money, ebay will take the money you made from the 2nd item and give them to the scammer buyer. Without question ebay returns the money to the buyer, therefore scamming the seller. I used to have a negative balance on paypal because ebay steals money from there for the buyers refund even if i have nothing on the account. Ebay is actually on the scammer side, and paypal is their method..Version: 5.33.0

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