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Misleading msgs from the appThis version of the app was never up to the first one, there are more annoying features in it - such as i cant log out unless i go to all the way back to the opening page to do it, and if im on the phone at the same time, i cant even close it, because the logout is covered... then, the latest: the app used to warned what was wrong, if i mis-typed something, like wrong amount, now it says: “this service is not available, try later!” and i have no idea what is going on! such a disappointment! i wish the developers would go back! and news again! the app said this service is unavailable momentarily, when i put ID and pw. then it allows me to security question and then it says the couldnt verify. and shows the same msg. i dont get if an app os under construction, why dont the developer rolls out a new version? and why do they have to play this on friday evening, when i need the money to be on the account asap??.Version: 4.7.1

Check depositI live in Australia and I received a check from the US. It has been easy to use the app to deposit the check and not have to post it. Very happy!.Version: 4.5.1

Took a step back with last update.I could give 5 stars for convenience and general reliability. But the last update, while making the app more snazzy, also made it less convenient. Cool new graphics and slick transitions were added. Looks cool guys. But takes longer to load each page. I don’t need to be entertained by my banking app - just need to make an online deposit or pay a bill. Here’s an example of inconvenient: making a mobile deposit. Lots of sliding around of graphics with every selection I make. I finally get the deposit made and then there’s the confirmation screen. The top 1/3 of the screen contains a blue bar with a giant “+” sign in it. Below that is the deposit information. Where’s the confirm button? Took me a while to figure out I have to scroll down to see it. Maybe a little smaller graphic on top would allow me to see the whole thing on one screen. And maybe instead of all the flashy graphics after every selection (deposit, account, amount...) all that could be on one screen and then the flashy stuff could come after, and just once. Bill pay is much the same. Looks cool but is a waste of time. Functionally, convenience-wise, reliability-wise — I love having the app and it serves me well. I could just do without all the fru-fru..Version: 4.10.1

Easy to useGreat app, very easy to use. Excellent interface..Version: 4.15

Check deposit on app doesn’t workI’ve never had an issue with PNC and technology for over 10 years until now. Apparently it’s an online services issue right now with customers trying to deposit checks on the app. Being I live out of state now and determined to not change banks after being a customer for over 10 years, I’m very disappointed that this issue hasn’t been resolved considering it’s my only way to deposit money into my account without fees or charges. The check deposit on the PNC virtual app is giving me the same results. “This check has already been mobile deposited into your account,” and customer service said there is nothing in there and that it’s an ongoing issue right now. PLEASE PLEASE FIX THE MOBILE CHECK DEPOSIT on the apps so I can pay my bills. Thank you..Version: 4.15.1

Online bankingFast, easy, efficient and hopefully, safe!.Version: 4.19.1

Top banking appI have multiple bank accounts in six countries - USA, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Germany. The PNC app is by far and away the most intuitive. It almost makes up for the general backwardness of the US banking system compared with elsewhere!.Version: 4.5.1

SuggestionOverall the app is very helpful keeping track of finances. I do have one suggestion, however. I realize the “free until” dollar amount is a big concept of the virtual wallet. However, it’s the “available balance” that I would think most of us need for our accounting purposes, and it never fails- when I’m trying to balance my finances, having the “free until” dollar amount number shown as the biggest number visually on the app or web, it always throws me off. As a bank I'm thinking it should be more important to show our ACTUAL dollar amount, not a budgeting number that comes up as an algorithm. On the phone app it would even make more sense to have the “free until” amount on the same line and place as the “scheduled out” amount, as they are in reference to each other. Hopefully this makes sense. Having the “free until” amount IS nice to know, but when I open my account, knowing what is actually available in my account is what we need for our accounting..Version: 4.18.2

BrilliantA very friendly bank with good staff and an amazing App to make online banking simple.Version: 4.13

ExcellentFast, efficient, easy to use and review. Fantastic app and service! Good work PNC!!!.Version: 4.14.1

Bad experienceThis feature is very poor at best. I have tried no less than 15-20 times to use this mobile deposit for this single transaction. Initially, went through all steps and said this service not available right now. Tried another day, and kept asking me to endorse the check or may be too light of a signature. Rewrote signature and had to write “for PNC mobile deposit only” after already wrote “for deposit “. Tried to submit no less than 15xs. Called customer service- no help . Told me to go to branch to deposit but many branches aren’t fully operational. Initially referred me to one such branch. Today right before I’m on my way to go to another branch to deposit, I do the mobile deposit and it’s accepted perfectly. The same signature as before. Horrible service. Even as the service ask me to write a review, it willl not submit because it claims the nicknames it keep asking me to use, are taken. How can aaasssdddfff be taken.Version: 4.19

A Great Deal PotentialIf PNC can keep the app as simple as possible and fix the daily, weekly deposit limits... it will be a huge help. I need to be able to deposit many, many more checks daily. I understand many of the limits are government regulations. However, PNC and other banks can push to change the limit and I am sure government would respond once safeguards are put in place. Maybe they could work out background checks then recheck on a random basis. I’d like to see this integrated Quickbooks which helps me immeasurably. I really like the people at my PNC branch and they do all they can to help me grow my small business. PNC is a very careful bank. They really don’t take risks so they can be a bit frustrating for those of us in the residential construction world. If you bank with PNC, this app is helpful and I’m guessing it will only improve as banking rules and government rules adjust to this ever changing technology..Version: 4.10.0

Mobile DepositI’ve been depositing checks via- Mobile Deposits, for some time now. In depositing a personal check (1st Colonial Nat’l Bank) from one person to another (Family Member to Me), I see that this deposit will not hit my account until tomorrow. There is nothing that needs to be reviewed and to be honest, this is total bs. I can’t imagine what it is that PNC needs all of this time to do as the check is from a completely different bank so whether or not the money is in that account isn’t even any of your bank’s concern. When I deposit a check made out to me directly, I totally expect to have immediate access to that money, and this is just another reason why I will be closing my personal account, along with my son, Andrew Hargrove’s, personal account and happily taking our business elsewhere..Version: 4.5.1

Missing functionality but not badEdit. The Face ID issue has been fixed in the most recent update. Temporarily suspending cards still isn't a feature which is disappointing. There is a feature for cancelling a lost or stolen card now but that is pregnant and you have to wait for a new card in the mail. Better than nothing I guess. It's also buried and I'm guessing the average user isn't going to dig in to find it. There is now a feature, also buried that allows you to report of your going to be traveling with your card so that doesn't get turned off for possible fraud. It's actually quite granular which is good. Unfortunately, it's not obvious yet again which takes away from its utility but worth looking for. It's getting better but still has a way to go for another star. Most of my cards and accounts at other institutions have had the ability to suspend a card temporarily for well over a year in their respective apps. Why not PNC? Every other app on my phone that used Touch ID has already updated for Face ID. Once again, PNC is the only hold out. Otherwise app is pretty good..Version: 4.2.0

Vg bank great serviceVg bank.Version: 4.14

Fluid!What an amazing update! A clean look and fluid animations bring a breath of fresh air to mobile banking. Kudos on a beautiful update. I wish all my other iPhone apps were this nice..Version: 4.0.0

Excellent improvementsThe app works perfectly.Version: 4.6.1

UnfortunateSo I have been banking with PNC for about 4 years. I am also a previous employer of this financial institution. Great bank to do business with as well as work for. My one and only true reason for giving this app a 4 star rating is that I can’t believe that all these years have passed of having online banking and there is still NO FEATURE TO VIEW PENDING DEPOSITS. As a former employee I can’t tell you how many times customers asked why they can’t view pending deposits before the money is actually made available and honestly that is something I always wanted as well.. PNC I’m speaking for all those customers who may not take the time out to write such a review. Others banks have that option and PNC is the best of the best with online banking so why not have that option for us as well!!!.Version: 4.14.1

A great bank, made even better with well designed app.I love PNC as a bank itself (friendly, prompt and THOROUGH customer service, no ridiculous fees or sketchy operations, great credit card, investment and checking account options. Never have had any fraud scares and out of the common banks that I hear having issues from friends, I’ve never heard any of them brining up a PNC, I love their heightened security and the peace of mind it gives me)…: so it just makes me love them even more for having such a well designed app. The interface is very appealing and user friendly and is an encouraging way to stay on top of my finances because it’s so convenient and easy to use. Using Face ID, with just a glance at my screen, I can see what’s going on in my checking, savings, credit, and investement accounts, send money, use the tap cards within the account to shop, learn about my accounts, keep track of my FICO, never miss a credit card payment and even activate discounts for retail, restaurants and other services all from the palm of my hand. Great job PNC for actually putting in the effort to find smart developers, truly taking care of customers from the store front, on our computers and all the way through to our phones!.Version: 4.20.1

PNC is the way to go!!!I’ve had my main account at PNC for over 2 years and there services are great, I’ve had to replace my debit card several times and I’ve been able to get it delivered straight to me extremely fast with little to no fee. When my account had lost funds to unauthorized purchases the support team was 1 call away and helped me resolve this issue within the day. And lastly, unlike most support chats PNCs support team responds quickly and allows you to leave a message after-hours so a member of the support team can get back to you in the morning. They also respond in a fashion that seems more thoughtful than other support services which use automated messages which can be unhelpful or unrelated to your needs, but PNC gives detailed instructions to whatever you need help with, and if your having a more obscure issue they are there for you to give step by step assistance. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 4.18.2

Great convenient and simply worksFor busy professionals and others that do t have time to visit the branch this is a simple and solid option. Well done PNC no fuss app that does all that I need to.Version: 4.6

Super Mobile Banking!Love the option to just take a photo of our paycheque and there it goes! There’s also the instant fund option! Thanks PNC! Love customer support both in their branches as well as via phone! Keep up the great work!.Version: 4.8.0

PNC MAKES MOBILE EASY!!I have been a long time customer of PNC for personal banking. Mobile deposits are especially easy with this app. The only differences between online banking and mobile is that i am unable to change the amount of a previously scheduled payment. Using the mobile app I have to reschedule the new amount and totally cancel the existing one. It’s also a little trickier to find the biller on the app if I have two different credit cards but from the same big bank. One thing I love about paying my bills with PNC is that the payment ALWAYS gets there on the date I schedule it for. That’s a lifesaver. I recently realized that I had a payment due to a biller the next day, had deducted it in my checking ledger but had forgotten to actually schedule it. I was able to do it and it got there the next day. Dependable and recommended!!.Version: 4.9.2

GettoFor almost my whole life I have a long to the Merck credit Union. Only because of my husband I did I join this bank. I woke up with $2000 in cash and cannot deposit it because the person running your branch runs it like it is a Dunkin’ Donuts. I only want to deposit money, and I have to make appointments despite having five children. I’ve never had this problem with my bank ever! I have now accrued overdraft fees because PNC has decided to make it so difficult for me to deposit money in an account. I do not write checks normally and had to go through great lengths to give my mother cash to receive a check from her so I can do a mobile deposit. Your app kept crashing and wouldn’t except the check. I really have no idea why my husband put his money in PNC‘s care. It is cumbersome and archaic dealing with you! This is not entitlement! If I ran my house ,the way you run your bank ,my children will be dead..Version: 4.16

So love Pnc mobile!Everything is easy - intuitive and always available, and amazing - anything I need I can do in the app. Thank you PNC!.Version: 4.14

FacileTrès facile à utiliser..Version: 4.12

Solid app, love itI use this app for checking my balance, as well as recent transactions (a couple months back) which I consider to be a super simple and common use case. It works pretty well for this. The UI can be confusing at times but you get the hang of it. I also use the app for mobile check deposit- you can take a photo of your check and upload it for processing. Funds will enter your account in a few days, or the next day if you pay a small fee. Finally, I have also used this app to transfer money through Zelle, which it handles fabulously. Super simple, super quick. You only need the recipient’s phone number and the money switches accounts. Likewise for receiving Zelle transfers. The app has other features such as Bill Pay which I do not use, but for what I use it for, it’s good. The app is password protected and asks for my password every time. That seems to be a good level of security, if I ever misplace my phone..Version: 4.16

Can’t even login nowNow that I’ve upgraded my phone to the iPhone X I can’t use the app. It hasn’t been updated to use the face recognition yet and asks for my login every single time. The security questions aren’t accepting my answers or gives me an error message. I end up having to go login on a computer which is very inconvenient when I’m out and can’t get in the app as needed. When I can get it the app will not remember me for next time and skip the security question so I’m continually asked every single time and just hope it will let me pass. I know my answers but it certainly doesn’t accept them. I have to also agree with the reviewer from November as well. I’ve had several of the same issues depositing checks. Things really need to improve very soon. Please update to the facial scan so I can get in the app all the time!!!.Version: 4.1.1

Very helpfulWe are out of state investors and have found PNC service is second to noe. Very happy.Version: 4.18

Pnc ReviewTerrible you charge a customer a fee to have a check deposited by mobile phone a few to have it clear ASAP! Instead of 1 day later. Ridiculous. I have a mortgage with you and a checking account but Huntington has become my main checking due to your fees. Huntington actually gives us a 24 grace whereas you charge a fee.... I only keep Pnc open due to couple automatic payments that I haven’t switched yet then see you later Pnc. I’ll see what I can do to get a new mortgage. Thanks for nothing and maybe take better care of your customers instead of charging fees for our $. Amazing when an electronic transfer comes out, same day, but deposits on long term customers is outrageous and won’t be tolerated by me any longer..Version: 4.15

Worst Bank Ever...PNC is stuck in the ice age and always trailing others...I have threatened to switch several times but haven’t had time yet. It’s like they’re doing us a favor to hold onto our checking and savings account. Always limited in what they can do, always limited in how they think, very frustrating overall… Very rigid systems that are not customer friendly. For example I moved from Illinois to Texas and needed some assistance because there were no branches down here within a 500 mile radius and zero in the state of Texas. And they were telling me I had to physically come into a branch… Are you kidding me? If I have to fly that far just to do a banking transaction I need to be switching banks. Furthermore they were unwilling to use common logic and assist me by using FedEx or another solution. How ridiculous..Version: 4.10.0

Fantastic appDepositing checks with this online banking app saves so much time when I receive regular pension checks by mail. Taking a photo of each side of the check is so simple, then submit and it’s done!.Version: 4.15

It would be perfect except for one thingThis app lets me do everything I need a banking app to do, but one major flaw keeps me from giving it a 5-star rating. Rather than using a one-time password as a method of two-factor authentication (2FA), the app relies on security questions. Since the answer to many security questions can be found with enough digging (i.e. social media), I use long, password-like sequences of random characters as my answers. (And yes, I use a password manager.) Unfortunately, this app doesn’t support copy/paste in the answer field, so when my Touch ID expires, I need to use a second device to display my answer so I can enter it manually. Please consider updating your approach to 2FA or at the very least support copy/paste in the security question field—for the sake of those of us who take online security seriously..Version: 4.9.1

Huge improvement!!!!The new and updated app has finally caught up and is on par with other banking apps. The one feature that I truly wish the app would add is the ability to store logins for multiple user IDs. It’s a pain to manually enter the second user ID and go through the security questions each time you want to check the other accounts. ============================= = Comment below is from 2 years ago = ============================= The functionality, UI and graphics quality would be ok if it was 2012 but it just seems very outdated today. There is no support for: 1) multiple user IDs for logging in. 2) fingerprint login never works even though it works for me on other apps that "truly" support it. 3) there is no option for two factor authentication 4) graphics don't adjust to take advantage of screen real estate on bigger phones. 5) can't see account numbers which are now, thankfully, visible on the new website. Between this app and VirtualWallet, the PNC app team has lost its identity and it seems like they are struggling. These apps should be combined just like your website. After all you don't make customers go to two different websites if they have both a VirtualWallet and non-VW checkin account. Lean from your website... Learn from your competitors...(BofA) Learn from your mistakes....Version: 4.4.1

Saves me trips to the bankAlthough it’s not the most beautifully designed app in the visual sense, functionally it’s great. I love depositing work checks as soon as I get them and the small checks for refunds, etc., that I usually save in my purse until I go to the bank for some other reason. Although it takes a day for the funds to be placed in my account, it’s worth it for me most of the time. If I’m short, I’ll zoom to the bank, stand in line and get my money, or credit my account sooner. Make sure that you go in person if you have payments or bills being paid by the check. If a check deposited in person is in the process of being collected, my bank won’t charge me an overdraft fee, but if it’s a mobile deposit, they will..Version: 4.14

挺好的不错!.Version: 2.2.3

So convenient!I’ve been a PNC customer for 15 years (ever since I worked at the main branch in Pgh). I moved back to my hometown in 2013 and the closest branch is 80 miles away from my home. I refuse to change banks, because I love PNC and will remain loyal to them forever.....but going to the bank can be a hassle. So, I was delighted to see that I can make a deposit via the PNC app!!! So easy too. Just snap a pic of the front and back of the check and it’s electronically deposited with funds available w/in 24 hours!!! Since making a deposit was my biggest challenge this was indeed a happy realization. I have PNC ATM’s in my area (at the Sheetz stores), but deposits aren’t accepted at these ATM’s. Which...I really wish could be changed to allow deposits. Now the only obstacle will be in depositing cash....fix the problem with the Sheetz ATM’s and I’ll be set!! Thank you PNC!! ♥️.Version: 4.1.1

Great appI use the app for depositing checks. Works wonderfully.Version: 4.14

Terrible app compared to other banks!I'm using multiple different banks' apps and this PNC app is by far the worst! First of all, it's all in black & white! Other banks use green to show deposits and red to show withdrawals which makes it very easy to track the activity. Other banks also separate each day's activities by date so it's easy to see when a transaction was posted. Other banks have the type of transaction right under each transaction, meaning they show wether it was a check or automatic withdrawal or a phone transaction, etc. other banks also show a picture of the check or the withdrawal slip when you click on the transaction. Other banks apps also allow bank to bank transfers. I'm not sure why PNC is so far behind the current technology when these days most banking is done through apps! This is certainly a reason for me to switch to other user friendly banks unless if PNC decides to improve!.Version: 4.5.2

Great appWorks perfectly..Version: 4.10.1

RatingEasy to use no improvement needed for me.Version: 4.15.1

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