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MyRadar Weather Radar Pro App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

MyRadar Weather Radar Pro app received 28 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using MyRadar Weather Radar Pro? Can you share your negative thoughts about myradar weather radar pro?

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MyRadar Weather Radar Pro for Negative User Reviews

Was my favorite Radar app...The reason I bought the paid version of this app was because it loaded faster that any of the other radar apps I'd tried. It's not so fast anymore, I think it is the developers have added features it has bogged the software down. Also it is still showing hurricane Harvey is a category three hurricane at 9:44 PM central time, it's been a cat 4 storm for two hours now. I paid for the hurricane tracker feature so I could get the latest info on any storms in the Gulf of Mexico, but now I can't count on that either UPDATE: Hurricane Irma is bearing down on Florida and once again my radar pro let me down. As of 6:02 am Eastern time, my radar pro still shows armor is a cat three. I'm very disappointed in this app, Irma is a category four storm.Version: 5.2.2

Not accurate at allWeather is always inaccurate. Not reliable at all..Version: 6.2.3

Red Flood Warning Boxes (updated)I received a response about the red flood warning boxes, and thank you Andy for that. However, the opacity changes all weather warning boxes. And, spotting severe thunderstorm tornado warning boxes are next to impossible with the bright red persistent flood warnings. I know they’ve been red for 10 years, but I truly believe you will find many would agree that changing those flood boxes from red to a more subdued color would make the tornado warnings, etc. much easier to find. (As all other radars have done.) You’ve got clouds and rain in blue and purple. And, severe thunderstorms and tornadoes in similar color scheme. I think most would like a change and adapt quite quickly. One thing would make it perfect.... (yep, 2 stars to 5). These red boxes for river and snow melt flooding are always there.... and because they are in red they obstruct the view of other weather data or severe warning boxes. These boxes are long lasting and a nuisance. I’ve had to disable watch boxes because you can’t see what’s what. The Mississippi and Missouri Valleys are examples of an overload of red boxes that you can’t remove. If there was a way to disable these and other statements one by one, that would help. Then in the event of a severe thunderstorm or tornado outbreak I’d just keep it on this app for instead of switching to another. And quite honestly, severe thunderstorms and tornadoes shouldn’t be blue or lavender... really?.Version: 6.3.5

Great radar app, recently learned about GPS trackingI’ve used MyRadar Pro for years on iOS and other platforms. As a radar app, it’s #1 in my book. It’s only one of two that have Apple Watch support and the new real-time rain updates are quite accurate. Overall, I’d otherwise highly recommend it... However, it recently came to light that MyRadar (along with some other unrelated apps by other developers) are using location data from our phones and selling that information to data monetization firms. This was also disclosed as of a few months ago in MyRadar’s location permission description text. I understand that every developer needs to make money, but this is a paid app. If that’s not enough, I’d sooner say raise the price. But with an app that relies on location permissions to show you current conditions and where you are on the radar map, there is seemingly no way to prevent this data sharing for monetization without crippling the app’s functionality or uninstalling it altogether. Due to this recent development around MyRadar, I have no choice but to lower my rating and post this for others to be aware before paying for this app. Outside of this warning, I would implore the developers to consider at least making the data collection for monetization optional in the paid app. MyRadar is too good of a product to be hampered by this virtually non-optional violation of personal privacy..Version: 6.1.0

That’s it!I wasn’t going to do this but I am fed up with this app. Every time I use the two finger pinch to zoom in or out the app crashes and I have to open it up try it again in this revolving door scenario. I was contacted by developers, after my complaining, and they seemed very concerned offering me solutions. I no sooner applied the tips and it happened again and again and again. This is very disappointing since I paid to get the pro version to remove ads. I swear the free version never gave me these kind of issues. So please developers will you get this thing right? Now as of Mothers Day 2019 this app is still garbage. Crash crash crash only radar that is working is over Usa. The rest of the world shows nothing. I would never recommend this garbage app. Still one star just because I can’t give it zero stars. I paid for pro version and now they’ve snuck in other features to try to charge even more instead of including them for the extra money I already paid..Version: 6.4

Unresponsive developersI’ve submitted a bug on the iPad twice now, including screenshots. Despite numerous updates this doesn’t get fixed. The issue is with the fly out on the right that should show Hourly Forecast, Week at a Glance etc. That remains unpopulated on the iPad though it works on the iPhone. Having paid for this, I’m disappointed not to have it working despite waiting several months for a fix..Version: 6.12.0

Something is broken!!!! Please fix it!!!!I contacted the developers using the app setting over a week ago, and no response to date yet. I bought this app a few years ago and I depended on it. Two weeks ago we had tornado warning but your app did not indicate there was any severe weather. The temperature has been off by 10 to 20 degrees off and on. This morning at 1am I got THREE (3) Severe Weather Warnings in the next 24 hours... not one, but THREE IN A ROW. Your app showed thunderstorms starting at 5PM to 1AM today. Then we had a short 10 minute storm at 2PM, and nothing even remotely since then. It currently shows thunderstorm in the description but the sun is shining and the sky blue... It states it is 76 degrees but it is 83 degrees. What the heck is with this app now? I paid for the PRO version... I would have expected it to be dependable, as our safety is at risk... TORNADO WARNINGS - thank god we could hear the sirens... where were you guys?.Version: 6.4.2

Paid for pro, now no load at all!This is utterly ridiculous. My father, husband and I all are absolutely disgusted with the barrage of weather apps. We had one we liked and the idiots discontinued it in favor of an ‘upgraded’ version they favored leaving all users in the cold. On the hunt we’ve been and found nothing. This, our far favorite 2nd place...I tried the ‘paid’ to pro to at least see if that would allow for a better insight into the info we no longer had. No. It not only did not, but I have a paid for app that constantly, and I mean constantly crashes. You owe a refund as its utterly unusable. Either offer a product ready to launch or dont offer it until it is. Charging people for an ‘upgraded’ format that is far from it is bordering on fraud. Clearly you are aware the issues. Fix it or refund. There are only 2 choice as people are depending on Doppler for their lives and all ye weather apps claim to have it and are even now charging for some sort of ‘better’ access to it. Obviously untrue. As a huge storm front comes barreling our direction and your stupid app has failed yet again, we go to download someone else’s in a hurry. I hope someone decides to regulate this ludicrous field of hap hazard ‘warnings’ for weather as this is not a joke to those of us living in ‘the belt’. Get you’re act together..Version: 5.7.0

Pro version worked well - for awhileI liked this app, but as others have said the weather forecasting function has been down for several weeks. It is certainly captivating to look at the radar, but not particularly helpful without information about temperature, precipitation, winds and forecasting. Very sad to see an otherwise good app fall into the disreputable category.Version: 5.2.2

Need Canadian contentGood is handy to look at the weather over the US and see where it is going. But living in Canada it has limited use.Version: 4.2.4

App crashEvery time I try to view the forecast, either in window or full screen format, it shows it’s busy loading, but never does, when I try to view full screen, it just crashes the app. I’d hoped you would have fixed this in latest update, but you didn’t. I purchased Pro plus TripIt subscription, so I expect an expensive app to be repaired ASAP please. After that, 5 stars with my honest review. The iPhone version works perfect and is definitely a 5 stars. Gary, Toronto Paramedic.Version: 5.7.0

Apple Watch ProblemsAnother update: I’m getting data now but it’s in Celsius. My iPhone app is in Fahrenheit. This shouldn’t be that hard to fix. If you’re going to charge money for your products, I believe you’re obligated to make them work. Update: The Apple Watch app doesn’t ask me to upgrade anymore, but the only thing that shows up is the radar. Everything else is dashes or blanks. There is no Hourly data or 5 Day data at all. And not a word from the people who charge extra for the Watch app. I like the app, so please make it work. Prior Review: Paid for both the pro version and the Apple Watch upgrade. Worked for a while on my Apple Watch, but now all it does is tell me to purchase the Apple Watch upgrade. I’ve restored my purchases from the iPhone app many times. Still no luck. Sent a request to the company from their app, but no response. I don’t mind an app having a problem, but I hate it when the don’t care about you and don’t feel any obligation to respond..Version: 5.7.0

Hurricane trackerBought the hurricane tracker with my Iphone, works fine. However it is not active on my Ipad, looks like I have to pay $3.99 again. If I would have know that I would not have bought it. All other paid applications works on all devices..Version: 5.2.2

MgawaWith the last update the app does not have anything much about Canadian weather sad and I purchased the pro not happy.Version: 7.40.0

Weather dr.Updated version is extremely frustrating, annoying, and most importantly provides inaccurate information. If 0 star rating was an option, I’d choose that. 1st: I paid for the “pro” version so I would not have ads. Despite this, (while I’m waiting here at EWR airport) a ridiculously large orange bar that says “Newark International Airport” and “General Delays” is taking up the bottom 1/3rd of my iPhone XS screen that I cannot get rid of. I can drag it down to try to hide it at the bottom only to have it return to it’s annoying position taking up my screen. Furthermore, I’m sick and tired of it saying “sign up for tripit”. I paid for a pro version which was advertised as having NO ads. So you have falsely advertised what you sold! 2nd: While in Switzerland and Italy for the last 10 days, the weather temps were off by at least 20 degrees Celsius (did not matter if you chose C or F under the settings, it was not even close to being accurate). This should be corrected. 3rdly, the forecast only shows details for the present day only rather than for multiple days (ie if a snow storm is expected for 3 days, the app will not show snowfall amounts for subsequent days). Please fix, or refund my $..Version: 6.2.3

Don’t get if in CanadaThis app used to be fantastic. Then, without warning, it stopped showing Canadian radar. Now, radar over Canada just appears as little clouds. Extremely disappointing as I had spent money on this app and now it’s basically useless to me..Version: 5.6.6

Select a City?Has a silly little cross hair for selecting cities - very annoying. Why can't I type in the name of a city I need weather information for? 😑.Version: 5.6.6

Limited Canadian CoverageA real great app - but with very limited coverage for Canada. Only the southern major cities are covered - the northern weather radars is not showing..Version: 7.17.1

Modernization = subscriptionJust a heads up. The upcoming “remodernization” is probably gonna to turn the app into a subscription just like the rest of them. Don’t update!! Old review :Don't waste your money on the pro radar pack. It really does not do anything but give you "tilt" or upper and lower levels of radar which is not very useful to normal people. Load times for the radar are often slow compared to other radar apps. Why can't I change the opacity of the radar images themselves? And the fact they started charging for the free hurricane track just before a huge storm hit makes these guys a bit shady imo. If your going to spend $$ on a hurricane tracking app just get hurricane pro by kittycode. Also, keeps saying my e-mail address isn't valid when trying to set up the photos section when I know it is in fact valid..Version: 6.14.0

Powerful app but flaws in unitsI really like the idea and the features of this app. The one annoying issue I have with it is the fact that it always falls partially back to imperial units (Fahrenheit). On iOS it is mostly Celsius but in some spots suddenly the max/min of a day are in Fahrenheit. On watchOS it is even worse: the whole app falls back to Fahrenheit with no reason and reverts to Celsius after you start the app on the phone for example or just wait long enough. The majority of the world works metric/Celsius, so I would understand issues in supporting “minority” units but not the other way around..Version: 7.11.1

I’ve become DisappointedI have been using this app for many many years. I use it ALL the time be it for storm location and direction or just searching for a specific town for reasons non related to weather. It’s a fabulous app but my disappointment has grown mostly in two areas. 1.the font size nearly disappears when I zoom in and I can’t find a setting to make it larger. It is pertinent to identify the little towns near storms or just generally needing to know where a town is. And 2. When they send push notifications about “rain starting/stopping in ( ) minutes” It’s RARELY accurate for my location. I get them when there are NO clouds to be seen. So it is “0” % reliable for that use but otherwise I love it for storm tracking. Can’t rate a 4 because the font thing is a big deal to me and the notification is so inaccurate..Version: 7.34.0

Upgrade issues have me crazy!I’ve had MyRadar for a while now, and like it a lot. But I tried to upgrade to pro today and could find no way to do so. I bought the Pro version anyway. And I subscribed to Premium Features. I installed the app on my wife’s phone as well. Since we are a family, I was not billed twice for the app. But still had to go through the motions of purchasing it. When I tried to “restore previous purchases” to get premium features on my wife’s phone, I got a message saying I had to purchase the app first. I tried to go through the “buying” motions on wife’s phone to get Premium Features, thinking that would work the same as installing the app. I got billed again for a $6.99 subscription. That’s twice. And STILL couldn’t turn it on. So. How do I do this? How do I get Premium Features to work on my wife’s phone? How do I get my $6.99 back, and do I get any credit for the remaining time on my Premium subscription on the original version?.Version: 6.4.2

Don’t upgrade waste of moneyThe Pro and Premium give you nothing. Stay with the free app..Version: 7.5.1

Not workingCan not get a weather report for central Ontario, hourly report just keeps spooling! Part of the radar has a big winter square right where we boat!!! Tried to email developer with no response, so now you get a bad rating!!.Version: 6.4.2

Pretty but uselessLike so many others, I was looking for a replacement for the excellent hi-def noaa radar app, which I’d had for years, that self-imploded this year. This app had so many great reviews, I took a chance and donated my money to the developers of this app. I say donated because I got nothing in return but some colorful but useless graphics. How this got so many great reviews, I can only imagine. Hmm. But I can see that there are more negative ones starting to filter in. I really just need hi-def, accurate radar that doesn’t crash every time I move the map. This app is slow to load, shows an intro menu everything time I open it—I could go on and on, but if you’re serious about weather and not into social media glamor, this is not it. I’ve deleted this app, moving on, keeping hoping someone will build a reasonably priced, intelligent app without all the bloatware..Version: 5.6.0

Think twice about updatingThis has been my favorite weather app for a long time, but a recent update replaced the simple forecast banner with a new, somewhat obnoxious design that takes up nearly a third of my screen, limiting the usefulness of the radar. There is an option to auto hide the banner, but that takes several seconds and it reappears if you touch the screen. The irritating thing is that these changes are not reflected in screenshots on the App Store, else I would not have updated. If you update to this version and want to see the radar, your best option is just to turn off the forecast altogether. The new format, intended to quickly convey a lot of information is a good idea. But it is too large (and too bright for an app whose default map background is dark gray). A much better option would be to put this information near the top of the expanded forecast. As is, it makes the screen feel cluttered and cumbersome to navigate..Version: 7.11.1

I never leave reviews, but this app... update.Maybe my memory is not the best but it seems the desire to make money above all else is why I am changing from 5 stars to 1. I purchased hurricane tracker two years ago. Being my favorite radar app even though I could track the same data on different apps, I paid to give back to the app, now with this hurricane season it seems to me that if I want that data I have to pay for more subscriptions. Even after refreshing my previous purchases. I click on the storm and get prompted to purchase. I guess I’ll fully make the transition to a different app now. I've used this for years. In my old position we would turn to this app for fast visuals when preparing water rescues and staging boat teams. Now that I've moved positions, I use the add on that lets you view unsocial radar towers and we prepare based off of what the individual tower shows. Can't say enough about the app. The only addition I would add is an explanation of the wind feature and what elevation that is at. Since obviously you'll see winds going one way and the storms another. Play with the features. You can make this app pretty amazing if you spend the time. Hey, my radar, maybe find a way to link in your travel plans or route or search an exact location so we can see where friends are and what the weather is doing. I've used the app to update family traveling in other states but it would just streamline the process..Version: 6.7.0

Great radar, clumsy forecastThe radar feature on this app was and still is the best. The forecast on iPad, not so much. It’s really kinda clumsy. The UV/pressure/temp only shows UV, in portrait orientation the data is crammed into a small area of the upper screen while the UV/pressure/temp takes up almost 2/3 of the area. This doesn’t make sense on a bigger screen. The iPhone app is actually easier to navigate with bigger buttons and sliders; again, this doesn’t make sense. Why not have a bigger version of the forecast? Well, there is a larger forecast and it’s somewhat hidden. Tap the little photo icon and some random photo appears with a large version of the forecast. This is much better, but still kind of weird, taking up most, but not all of the screen. Why not just make this full screen and ditch the random photos. Turn your iPad to landscape and part of the forecast days are cut off; this app has had issues with truncating text for many versions. Maybe the developer should focus less on the strange “Star Citizen” imaginary planets feature and correct the UI for the forecast. That being said, I rarely use the forecast feature on this app because it is rather annoying!.Version: 6.11.1

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