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MyRadar Weather Radar Pro App User Positive Comments 2022

MyRadar Weather Radar Pro app received 73 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about myradar weather radar pro?

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MyRadar Weather Radar Pro for Positive User Reviews

Alan T. Little, B. Sc.,I’m a commercial pilot and is use the NOAA aviation weather service for flight planning, I use your radar service as a quick reference at other times and find it very comparable to the NOAA aviation service..Version: 6.5.1

DriverI have lost the ability to remove or set individual locations to be monitored. For a new location, the ‘star’ is empty, and when tapped, remains empty and location is not set. For an existing location, tapping on the star does not change to ‘empty’ and the location is not removed. Update caused forcast dropdown to loose contrast. Very hard to read. Was perfect before update. Please change contrast back to where it was before latest update. UPDATE: Pro radar pack is working! It was that the individual stations now fade out and the screen needs to be moved to have stations become visible so choice can be made. Cancel below comment. Have severe wx coming in. Switched to professional radar pack and it will not activate. Did the restore previous purchases and it shows it was reloaded and should be available. However, checked in 'submit diagonstic report' and it only shows 'huricane tracker' and 'wx warning.' While 'layers enabled' shows 'wx forcast,' 'hurricane tracker,' 'radar,' and 'clouds.' Need to get my purchased professional radar pack back..Version: 5.6.5

Amazing Must-own App - Could Use Updated TutorialI really love this app. The notifications are spot on, the visuals are amazing, and the number of extras included or purchasable are super cool. Lightweight app, too, for both battery and data. It also works all over the world and even while airborne on inflight WiFi services. Lots to love. I would still purchase this app again and again. My current “downside”... lately they’ve made some changes and updated the forecasts and things. Looks amazing but bothers me in that it’s not as intuitive as I’d like it to be and an updated tutorial would help. New forecasts have dots and colors and lines and numbers for various things but it isn’t totally clear what they mean. I could surmise the numbers on the dots dots are the actual times the temperature will reach a high and a low and the color changes are the estimate of where it starts to change but that’s not quite clear. And the cloud cover forecast. I mean it has blue and grey (for the sky and clouds?) and two percentages that mean...? I’m not sure what, and also times and things and I’d like to think it’s when the sky will go to or from clouds or whatnot but again it’s still guessing. The menu for help tutorial is not very useful. I miss the old all-in-one but I will come to like the new styling and hope to see some more but really would like some first-time help screens for the layout changes..Version: 7.17.1

MyRadarPro Really is Pro at weather trackingI've looked everywhere for any good radar app, and most are either too confusing or too weird, this app is in all ways, no other world could explain it, absolutely P-E-R-F-E-C-T Perfect! Down to the minute storm tracking, i've watched storms form on radar mere minutes to seconds forming in the real world, I've used this app to track weather, watch storms, and keep track of stunning weather events (tornadoes, lightning storms) and it's been dead on accurate! I don't understand the complaints, I've used this app to check for weather that has happened or is happening in the seconds, and a really good addition is extended past radar! To see more of the past radar throughout the day. Now i'm a little busy because I got a storm to track and this app to use!.Version: 7.9.0

Great for travel and home useUse it all the time to check for rain along travel route. App supplements what I get on local TV. I can zero in on specific locations with it to check rainy or flooding conditions. I highly recommend it. For a time - earlier in 2016 - the location dot did not work right. I could travel from home to Mobile, AL and the locator dot would track me. However, lots of times when I got home the locator dot still showed me to be in Mobile. Hasn't done it in about two months. Maybe it was a bug the developers fixed - I hope so anyway. Update Sep 2018 - Hey developers! Some of us wear trifocals. Your zoom in feature on locale temps works in reverse! When one zooms in on Billings, MT, for example, the numerical values of temp get smaller. You too will someday wear bifocals or tri-focals. Give us a break and let the numbers stay BIG when we zoom into a location..Version: 6.1.0

Forecasts cut offI believe forecasts in weather apps should have the highest priority whether they have radar or not. This developer doesn’t agree. At least their actions do not agree with their written statements after telling them the forecasts get cut off before the completion of the forecast on both the iPhone and iPad Pro. They said they will eventually fix the problem but they have other priorities right now. I would imagine you can guess what I said to them after that one. In all other areas it’s a pretty good app. But because I believe the forecast being cut off was not addressed on purpose I gave the app 3 stars. Once they fix that issue I would give it 5 stars. It’s funny that the forecast appears in full on their Apple Watch version of this app. Edit: The forecast problem was fixed. So as stated above I have changed the number of stars to 5. This is now my go to weather app. Edit 2: I also would love it if it supported Personal Weather Stations (PWS)..Version: 6.13.1

Extend the weather for other countries of the worldI love using that software but sometimes I like to check the weather condition out side Canada and US I can't, If it will be possible to show other countries, It will be appreciated.Version: 6.0.1

My radar proWorks good. App is cool on Apple Watch..Version: 5.7.0

OutstandingSimply outstanding; gorgeous graphics making full use of modern smartphone/tablet screens. Most current weather apps have good data, including this one, so the it’s the finer details that set this app apart, and a vital part of my weather app collection. The perfect weather app has yet to be created, so most of us weather nuts have a multitude of these programs we will check daily, and this one currently sits with the best in the top row. Excellent selection of radar data, incredibly fast data load speeds, smart map layer options, and the manner in which the data is presented makes for a quick, reliable, and, frankly, beautiful check of the weather. Includes up to the hour data on wildfires and earthquakes around the globe. And the aviation layers provide a great basis when initiating a flight plan (which route today?) and setting expectations. Biggest WEAKNESS: lacks storm cell tracks, jet stream overlay, and access to PWS’s. Add those and you guys might literally have the finest weather app in the world. Great job.Version: 6.6.0

Perfection In An AppThis app is the fastest way to get immediate data on storm movement as well as general weather. It is highly accurate. Two nights ago we watched a lightning/cloud show unparalleled in recent years and the app showed the storm skirting us by a very close margin. Sure enough, we got no rain or damage and the folks barely to our east had hail, water and wind damage. Now we are dry camping in a National Forest in the middle of, well, nowhere and even on 1 bar of service the radar loads in seconds and alerts are still accurate within a minute. When the alert says rain starting in 10 minutes go close your windows;>) The options for what you want to see on any map are as impressive as the accuracy! Pay for it. Really! Support the developer;>) Andy, can I buy a t-shirt?.Version: 7.35.0

MyRadar Pro is invaluable for monitoring weather & clouds when travelingI became a confirmed MyRadar user when going to see the Solar Eclipse 2017 on the USA East Coast from Hilton Head, SC. I had 2 apps open on separate devices. Maps monitored traffic on one and MyRadar Pro on the other. 10’s of thousands of people went to Charleston NC and the Rt. 95 right lane exit was backed up for miles. MyRadar showed openings in the clouds for Santee so we stayed in the left lane and exited at Santee where we saw the Eclipse clearly. I use it daily wehn walking distances in threatening weather. We rely on the Hurricane layer when making vacation plans. Don’t leave home without it..Version: 7.9.0

Best weather app!!! Hands down!Typically I do not write reviews but when an app really impressed me I want to send some support. First off looking for a weather app I have one criteria, to be accurate looking in the App Store there are about a dozen different weather apps and only one works it becomes questionable the reputations of the others. Living in Wisconsin with winters i need to know if, when and how much snow will be coming. Or maybe I’m just crazy and like to know those things. Anyways this app is spot on accurate. Better yet the map options and the clarity of the map, plus the speed at which the radar works is amazing. I tried the free app and only after a week I bought the app. For what “my radar pro” offers I would have paid double, because it simply is the best. No other weather app even comes close!.Version: 5.3.0

Saved me many times.I’ve been a MyRadar fan for almost a decade now. It’s my go to app for small and big decisions, from when to walk the dogs, to deciding to make a run for groceries before the nor’easter hits..Version: 7.6.0

Not workingLive in Windsor Ontario, can’t get radar pro map it’s not working. Can’t even send review..Version: 6.4.2

If you want or need a SOLID radar app - you’ve found it.I’ve tried I think 8 or 9 different radar apps, and most of them have their good points. Maybe their ‘pro’ or ‘ad-free’ versions are prohibitively priced, or maybe none won’t have a particular function you’re looking for, most of them will leave you wanting more. This app did exactly what I wanted it to do, and it performed better than I expected. The upgrade was priced well for what it offered, and included the things I needed without being flooded with so much that it looked or felt cluttered. Without getting too far into the weeds, I haven’t had a single issue or needed any functionality that wasn’t there. I absolutely recommend this one. All the best!.Version: 7.10.0

Works well!An excellent app with good accuracy. Great to have for sailing or other outdoor activities..Version: 7.13.0

Nice product, extremely well designed!I really enjoy this app. so much so that I used the maps for research for other purchases outside it’s weather capabilities. Extremely capable of showing details. Rich K.Version: 7.11.1

The bestThe best radar app I have yet to use far more accurate than the others I have seen.Version: 6.8.0

Great app with minor errorsThis app works great, I would give it 5 stars if not for an annoying error in the latest updates. For people using Celsius, the forecast temperature was wrong and quickly corrected in 7.11.1, but the day high and low were still in Fahrenheit and not corrected one week after I emailed them..Version: 7.11.1

Highly recommendedThis is a great app! Getting notifications in advance is the biggest USP of this app. Friendly user interface. Keep up the good work guys!.Version: 7.46.0

One of the best, keeps getting better!Updated review: Just keeps getting better and better. This is clearly one of the best general purpose weather radar apps available. For more sophisticated radar products, e.g., Level II data, relative velocity, etc., look to RadarScope, but for national composite radar, with warnings, hurricane tracking, temperatures, clouds, this app is hard to beat. My only "gripe" is that you can not pause/stop the historical radar animation. It would be nice to have the app load current data (load the historical data in the background), and then allow the user to start the animation and pause as needed..Version: 6.1.0

5 staraI love this app...check it before the weather channel!.Version: 6.13.1

Must have if you work outsideI've used many radar apps over the years, working in the construction industry and needing up to the minute radar, for tool and safety reason, this app delivers. Upgrading or not it gives you up to the minute, street view of rain moving in, in Florida and now the gulf states having hurricane tracker and come of uncertainty is also a plus. Take my word as an ordinary construction guy, it's worth it and will not disappoint. I suggest upgrading to premium if your one of us guys that just has to have all the bells and whistles. You'll get your moneys worth out of this really good weather app..Version: 7.10.0

My Radar ProAn axcellent all round source and one stop shopping for the picture re convective wxx.Version: 7.13.0

Nothing beat the best !I work at the airport and weather is an important part of my daily activity. This app truly shines with it’s precise information and updates. One I can always rely on..Version: 7.8.0

Great app!Love all the information. The only thing it needs is metric pressure and Canadian warning notifications..Version: 7.32.0

AwesomeI do love this Radar app it works awesome and I use it every day.Version: 4.4.5

UPDATE - Hurricane Tracker is Fixed w/o need to SubscribeI have been a user of MyRadar for about a couple of years now. Have paid for the Pro Version, Professional Radar Pack, and the Hurricane Tracker. I have been very please with using the Hurricane Tracker as it worked very well last year. Now I have to pay to unlock its features even though I already purchased it?! C’mon. That is such a low move. $6.99 per year to use a feature I already paid for? I hope you guys do the right thing and at least allow people who purchased it prior to be grandfathered into the full capabilities of the Hurricane Tracker. I will update my star rating when this is remedied. UPDATE - I have changed my review from 2 stars to 5 stars. It looks like MyRadar has added the ability to keep the Hurricane Tracker without the need to subscribe to Premium features. I noticed that Hurricane Tracker was unchecked in the layers section. Turned it on and everything is back to normal. I haven’t lost faith in you guys at MyRadar! Yours Truly, MyRadar user for the last couple years.Version: 6.7.0

My favorite weather app but won’t work on my watch currentlyMyRadarPro is my favorite weather app and I use it exclusively over Apple’s weather app and the Weather Channel app. I particularly like the alert about rain coming! I USED to sync to my watch face too but now only displays blank lines under the app name. I can still press it and get the radar, hourly temps, and other forecasts to show on my watch but hope they’ll fix this glitch soon. No response from tech support email yet though they appear responsive to these reviews. When it syncs correctly to the watch again I’m upping it back to a 5/5 stars. (10/5 if I could) On my phone I exclusively use this app and appreciate the straightforward data without all the lurid clickbait some other apps have. I don’t need the TMZ of weather stories. I want science. MyRadar and MyRadarPro provide the info I need to plan my day or pivot accordingly..Version: 7.12.0

This is a pay as you go application, not just a one time purchase application. Do not be fooled.This is a pay as you go application, not a one time purchase for features. Consider not buying this since it is the pop up buy features version. May be a good application, however after being fooled once, I decided not to purchase another version that would possibly be another sales platform for more versions of the application. Apple needs to dump this version of the application immediately and show the true application version prices with a better description of the versions available..Version: 6.2.3

The most informative and beautiful weather appSince I started using iOS devices I have tried many different weather apps before finally discovering this one. I need a very accurate and information rich weather app to help plan many aspects of my life. In the past I would use a few at a time to get the information I needed. Based on the latest update of MyRadar, I now only need 1 App since they have added lightning tracking in the latest update. Not only is it the most clever implementation, it is also the most beautiful. In fact everything about this app gets me to the information I need quickly and enjoyably. This is by far the best weather app I have seen or used. It is also very inexpensive for all you get. For example the hurricane tracking is very detailed and costs a tiny amount. These guys nailed it. It is a must have for all iOS users who leave their house for any reason or have kids in sports. It is my hyper accurate personal weatherman. It should be yours too..Version: 6.2.0

Fantastic AppSaved many a golf game..Version: 7.10.0

Can't live without it!This is by far the app I use most. The fact that I am a weather fanatic might have something to do with it! Or the fact that My Radar is so good and accurate... it might have had something to do with it!.Version: 5.2.0

#1 Tool for Emergency ManagementI’ve always been a fan of this platform, but the new arrival of wildfire and electrical outage layers is both surprising and welcomed! The developers are quickly removing the need to have any other platform for private sector emergency management hazard tracking on their phones! I have a few minor complaints, mainly surrounding their decision to alter the colours of the warning/watches for severe weather (move tornado warnings back to pink as the red warnings for flooded rivers and the red warnings for tornadoes causes too much confusion). Additionally there are a few features in other applications such as wind velocity and targeted regional warning notifications for tornadoes and other hazards that have unique audio tone alerts that I wish this platform would adopt. However, all that aside, I’m breaking my #1 rule of attaching my name to any review for the pure sake of helping this application grow in its popularity and it’s use! Thank you and great work!.Version: 7.32.1

IPhone X support needed.(resolved)Great app, needs iPhone X support desperately. Would be a 5 star radar app with said support. Edit: Now the best radar app hands down. X support is a welcome update..Version: 5.6.0

Great app👍.Version: 4.4.5

MyRadar ProI am retracting my previous review and now I am giving a 5 star 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟rating. I spoke to the developer of the app and expressed my concerns and they listened! They are now on top of the issues with the app and I am very happy now with how they are doing what they need to do to fix the issues with MyRadar Pro. They are currently fixing the issue with uploading photos, the app isn’t crashing anymore like it was previously and I gave suggestions on good features they should put in the application. I have to say I am very happy with MyRadar Pro now and it’s my go to app for weather and especially that I live in hurricane country in South Florida having their app is a must for me. Download this app you will love it and not be disappointed it’s worth the price!! 10 stars 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 all the way!.Version: 6.1.0

I can see!Years ago, when flight planning, a pilot could never see threatening weather that was approaching. You would only by able to see it hours before it was a threat, before it may or may not be along your route. The weather briefer would then be obligated to say "VFR flight not recommended, possible thunderstorms along your route". Same as the public forecast.... "chance of showers". As you know, cumulonimbus clouds (big ones, lightning and rain) are often a lone wolf. Only in rare cases is there a long line of these CB's that is impenetrable by any aircraft. Small aircraft do not have on-board weather radar. That is where MyRadar comes in. If there is an isolated cell or cells approaching, you can see with great accuracy the level of intensity, the rate of speed, and direction of travel. You can do all this in your cockpit, strapped in, ready to start the engine. The very latest info, just prior to take-off, it's every pilots dream! Then, a smart go, no go, or alternative route decision can be made. I have done this on many flights. Conversely, if flying into an area of convective activity, it can be used in the same manner. We were 12nm from our home airport returning from Oshkosh 2014. The missus, sitting behind me, a qualified MyRadarPro user, was watching our progress and announced “lightning strikes over the airport” Less than 8 miles visibility at the time, could not see this weather. Did a quick 90 degree turn, landed at another local airport. Waited 15 minutes, landed at home airport safely in sunshine while the hail from that cell was still on the ground. Great safety tool!! Also, I use this app while BBQing. You can see an approaching storm. You can then see if your location is going to "get it" as it comes closer. Then you can calculate exactly when you will get wet using the time info on the loop, usually a 40 minute or one hour period. You then have the option to announce to your friends that they will get soaked in 6 minutes, or the storm will pass to the south. It makes you look like a brilliant weather forecaster!.Version: 6.15.0

Works wellApp loads faster than others I've tried. I particularly like how it shows past rain movement on startup. I can track weather in a few seconds whereas WeatherBug takes 30 seconds or more to load and show movement. Update: we are particularly interested in storms when on our lake because they build up quick and come from behind hills. MyRadar Pro has proven to be consistently more accurate than our four local TV weather apps. WeatherBug is also better than our local TV apps but accessing its features is much slower and I get impatient..Version: 6.0.1

My radar proWorks ok on new devices. Not so good on older ones.Version: 6.1.0

Excellent Depiction Weather AppAs an instructional aviator, I use a variety of government and non-government weather sources to get my short and longer term weather picture. My Radar is one of my “go to” favorites. With the aviation layers turned on, I can get a great color enhanced current weather depiction that allows me control of the layers I need to see to build a weather picture. With the wind flow depiction, I frequently use this app to train my students in understanding cyclonic and anticyclonic wind flows and their relations to cloud formation, rainfall patterns, and frontal activity. If I could add one feature to this app, it would be an optional overlay of pressure system centers and related frontal boundaries. These can easily be seen using other apps and website weather, but adding it here would really enhance the utility of this otherwise perfect app. I highly recommend this app and it’s add ins!!.Version: 6.1.0

Best weather appSomeone recommended this weather app to me and the first time I used it was while I was traveling up interstate 35 in the rain. The app immediately recognizes where you are and the screen shows your dot and all the areas nearby on the radar so you can easily see when the motion starts what you are in for. I have always disliked having to figure out where I am, then turn on the motion, then watch the poor video screen chug through a slow time lapse. This app eliminates all of that. I deleted two other apps off my phone and put this one on the first screen..Version: 6.1.0

Works great! UPDATE: But....UPDATE: Had this app a few years now, its still great and runs flawlessly. I just bought the $2.99 Hurricane Tracker on my iPhone, BUT the additional feature doesn't show up on My Radar Pro on my iPad. I even uninstalled and reinstalled it. If I purchase an In-App feature it should show up in that app on EVERY device my Apple ID is tied to. My games do it. This so far is my only complaint on this great App, but a valid one. PREVIOUS: Got the Pro version. This is my new favorite radar map. Love that you can vary the transparency so you can read the cities through the colored weather areas. Well thought out map and user interface. You get what you pay for. I don't mind paying people who make a decent product. The app is reasonably priced and the additional warning app is less than a beer--fair price..Version: 5.2.2

Great app.I use this app all the time. Very impressed..Version: 5.1.5

Great AppBest weather radar app I've found for Canadian Users. Have tried a lot and just can't beat it.Version: 4.4.5

Good app when 5 day forecast is workingFor about two weeks it's only been radar the right side of screen usually has weather for the city you move to.This app no longer works in Canada.Version: 5.2.2

Great weather appLove the app, really great radar, best one out there. But I would love to see the ability to freeze the movement of the radar and look at it stilled. Keep up the great work!.Version: 5.1.5

The BEST radar app.I’ve read the negative reviews and I don’t get it. I have used this app since it first came out - for many years. It’s my go to app for weather and I prefer to use this over the local TV channels for bad weather. I’m in Dallas TX and this app has safely taken me through many tornado warnings and 2 tornados. Last year the weather looked bad and not a single local weather channel reported anything. I followed the bad storm for 15 miles while the storm came right over us. Knowing what was happening because of the app, I was able to record the storm with the hurricane winds and golf ball size hail. It did almost $50K in damage to my home and yard. I even got a screen shot of the radar as it was overheard with yellow, red, purple and pink denoting the ferocity of the storm and a white center over our house - probably denoting the golf ball size hail. I use this app to warn my elderly friends to take shelter or that it’s nothing to worry about. I have used the app with 4 iPads and several iPhones and never had any issues. Thanks to the developers and please keep up the good work!!.Version: 7.14.0

Love itLove the app, it’s all you need for chasing storms..Version: 7.5.1

Marvellous tool to plan your dayWe were on a sailing schooner several years ago, when the Captain saw some dark clouds on the horizon and pulled up My Radar to see what the future might bring, and changed course to a safe haven that was close by. When we saw that a Captain, responsible for 30 passengers, relied on My Radar, I decided that We had to rely on it too. A great decision that we have never regretted..Version: 7.31.0

Excellente appThe Best app , la meilleure application dans sa catégorie.Version: 7.8.0

Weather map is accurateGreat app notifications, and very accurate to plan around the weather or as I work construction rain storms put a hinder on building subdivision.Version: 7.8.0

The BEST app for rain forecasting!I have tried about 2 dozen other weather apps. This app is by far the best and most accurate at predicting rain. Thus, it is a golfer’s best friend. The graphics are gorgeous and weather information is beautifully and efficiently displayed..Version: 7.34.0

Absolutely awesomeExtremely useful. Alerts are amazing.Version: 6.7.0

Great app, but missing features.This is a great app, however it needs to have a few more features added to it. For example the ability to go backwards and look at data from an hour before or even days before. It would also be beneficial if data could be saved at a touch of a button. If I want to save data with the current app I have to record the screen. The app would be much more useful if I could just tap a button on the screen to record. I’d even be willing to pay extra for that feature. Also a slider bar feature of minutes, hours or days would be great! For myself, I use the app to work on my theory as to what really causes violent storms to develop. Being able to display the data over and over again would all me the ability to study storms in depth. I would love to be a bata tester for this app!.Version: 7.34.0

Finestkind Weather appThis app is just about perfect. Shows what the rain/snow picture is anywhere in the country and also globally. You can select display layers for winds, cloud cover, even air quality, plus far too many more to mention. It is very accurate, as well. I used it in the Caribbean for the weather picture while we were down there in October. I use it to get the look-ahead when storms gather here in the California desert. I think once or twice in 4 years of owning this app it glitched out on me and never for very long. About the only thing missing here is the app should show up as available for use in CarPlay. All in good time, I suppose. Anyway, of all the radar apps, this one is the easiest to use, to understand, to rely on. All in all one of the best applications of any kind for iPhone. Kudos!.Version: 7.38.1

Very accurate and stable weather appI’m always hesitant to pay money for ANY app. I normally go to the NOAA website but it’s not that mobile friendly so gave in and bought this App. To get it out of the way; there are features that need additional purchases. Which I do not have a problem with. This app is very detailed and fully customizable to what data & how you see it, the hourly forecast is very accurate. I no longer use google weather to plan my trips or outdoor events. My main use rely on accurate hourly localized rain forecast. The ability to cross reference two local base stations is a very nifty ability. Would recommend especially if you can use it as a company expense. Sports, concerts, exercise, weddings, traveling, or any outdoor events.... knowing is half the battle, add this app to your toolkit..Version: 6.1.0

Excellent appVery useful app with such low price..Version: 5.3.1

Very informative app.It's used every day for personal weather forecasting.Version: 4.4.5

Great Weather App!This is my go to Weather app. I have used many weather apps in the past and must say this one is by far the best. I love the graphics and the accuracy of the radar is phenomenal. While I am out and about I depend greatly on this app for accurate radar display. I can usually tell if it is going to rain or snow within a matter of minutes just by looking at the radar display. I highly recommend this app to anyone who depends on the radar for getting any precipitation data in your area. Five stars all day long! I am also impressed with the weather notifications. Let me know when it is it gonna rain within a matter of minutes. This is my go to radar app when I am checking on the weather. I have owned many weather apps and this is by far the best! If I could give it 10 stars I would!.Version: 7.8.0

ExcellentRadar For Walking Tour CompanyMy wife and I own an outdoor Ghost Walk tour in Wilmington, North Carolina. A primary concern along the coast is severe weather, especially pop up thunderstorms. As we’ve learned the hard way, not all radars are alike. We not only need a radar that is current, detailed and quick to load, but one that doesn’t have frozen or missing images in the middle of the loop. We also need to access wind information to help gauge storm shift and movement. This is an excellent radar. Very detailed with plenty of layers for getting into the dirt with projections. Easy to use too. I’ve recommended to all my guides..Version: 6.0.1

Complication for Apple WatchIs it possible to add a complication for the Apple Watch?.Version: 6.0.1

Good!Good!.Version: 4.4.5

Paramedic ACLSGreat Weather Radar App! Sure helps me during my work day. Keeps me completely informed in any weather situation! Highly Recommended! Garrick Pattenden, Ontario Canada.Version: 7.11.1

Works pretty wellBeen using it for about 4 years, sometimes there are issues but it usually works fine. Sometimes I wish there was a blank where i could just type the name of the town where I want to see the weather. For some reason the Radar Weather app quit working on my iPad for about a week, I really missed it and am really glad it’s working again. The weather radar quit showing up on my screen a long time ago, it rained almost all day here yesterday but the map never showed any rain. I don’t know if that’s caused by something I did or what, they have a help thing that’s supposed to help fix issues but it’s never been of any help to me just more confusion..Version: 6.3.5

MyRadarWith the new update it's awesome I can't live without it helps me prepare my commute in the mornings...Especially up here in the North Montreal....Version: 5.0

I LOVE THIS APP!I love this app! I think you should give it to me free for life I run a seaplane base and I have sold everyone at the base on this app. The seaplane pilots love it.They can take a quick look at any time in the air or on the ground and love the accuracy of weather coming or going to plan their flight!! (Also it beats buying a weather subscription from Garmin! Now I would say this review deserves a lifetime subscription 🛩🌦⛈☀️.Version: 6.2.3

Probably the best mainstream radar that isn’t RadarScopeA very good reflectivity radar, however prior versions of the app were superior as they recently changed the colors of various watches and warnings to nonsensical choices that are impossible to distinguish visually and are also just odd choices. They really need to let you customize the watches and warnings (what’s shown vs what’s hidden as well as colors). As is, during active weather days the radar is a mess of unintuitive colors. I say this as someone who has a high degree of familiarity with weather radar; it just has to do with their design..Version: 7.29.0

Phenomenal appSimply love this app. Graphics are awesome, plenty of different viewing options and layers, warnings are disseminated in a timely manner. Had one glitch where classic and site by site radar wouldn’t show up but messaged them via Facebook and got some great troubleshooting advice which fixed the problem the first time around. The problem was with my phone and not their servers but they got it figured out super quick and replied very promptly after the initial inquiry. An absolute must have app and definitely recommend subscribing to pro at the very reasonable pricing plan vs. a lot of the other apps..Version: 6.5.1

The new version of my radar pro is uselessThe new version of the my radar pro app is very disappointing. On the iPad. I live on the ocean and use the pro version with the premium features several times a day. The new version on the iPad has reduced the radar window to a postage stam size, has pumped up the size of the line graphs, and uses a good 3/4 of the rest of the screen display for useless “pretty” weather photos = and even worse, the forecast is places over the picture AND as a result the forecast is impossible to read. The pro version works ok on the iPhone but I’m seriously thinking of removing this new upgrade and using the Storm Radar app or one of the NOAA radar apps. It’s really a shame someone didn’t check out the radar pro version on the iPad before they released it..Version: 7.23.0

Best Weather App Out There!I have to say that this might just be the best weather app out there because I live in Colorado near the rocky mountain. Especially at the end of July through August season, it is rainy all the time, so when I get a notification saying that it will rain in about 15 minutes or so, and then 15 minute past that notification, I looked out of my window and it started to rain! I am pretty surprise that this app is almost pretty darn accurate. Probably why people get such bad review is because they are not living in a location where it rains or snow all the time and therefore, leaving their conclusion to review this as a bad app..Version: 6.0.1

No Tornado Warnings?!A few weeks ago, there was a tornado warning in our area. However, the app didn’t send out a notification about a tornado warning, which is funny because this is supposed to be the best weather app on the market. But…, if you can’t show tornado watches and warnings, why even market this app? I love the app, and I understand you have to pay your staff with the cost of premium features (such as the Apple Watch app), but unless you can show tornado watches and warnings to your users, I can’t give a full 5 stars. I’ll at least give you 4 for all the good this app has so far, but if you want the 5th star, you need to include tornado watches and warnings..Version: 7.9.1

Amazing resolutionTons of features. My go-to app for weather..Version: 7.7.0

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