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X has got worse since Mr Musk took overSo X (I really hate that it’s called that for a start 🙄) seems to have become full of spam bots now. They seem to take the form of ladies often of the Asian persuasion, with accounts that are just a first name like Alice or Clara offering me a date!? For one I’m not taken in or interested they are just annoying but two some others might end up duped into following them and clicking the link to get a date with a young lady ending up being scammed possibly? So I keep reporting and blocking. I usually get one or two a week, but in the last couple of weeks it’s nearly everytime I post something it’s liked by a lady bot!? That and I don’t get nearly as much responses to my posts that I used to. I tend to use my X account to raise important issues concerning how children are treated especially in education in the UK. But I don’t feel they are reaching the right people they where? Anyway there is some interesting stuff on there so it’s worth a look..Version: 10.14

UpdateNew update sucks. rebranding for what? what was the point? it was a useless waste of money. twitter was fine before. and what is with elon’s obsession with x? he named his rocket ‘x,’ his company ‘x,’ his kid ‘x,’ and now twitter? like come on..Version: 9.68

X OutI won’t be updating to “X” or whatever this app is called now. If Twitter is gone then so am I..Version: 9.68

Needs moderationPeople are so stupid on this app. They say they want free speech, but the things that they say are terrible. They’re the type of people to insult a gay person for something THEYRE BORN WITH (your “opinion” about gay people won’t change science) then get mad that they get banned. You need to understand that there’s free speech AND hate speech. The worst thing is that it’s mostly GROWN ADULTS that insult people for their opinion, and then when THEY get insulted it’s the end of the world. I’m not even liberal of republican, I am not taking sides and I see terrible stuff from both sides. People need to stop using their political views as if they were their whole entire personality. But obviously that won’t happen because people on this app have an IQ of -739, can’t show empathy towards anyone, and just want to hate because they’re too self centred to have a life purpose that isn’t insulting people with a different opinion..Version: 9.7.2

Elon ruined TwitterI used to use a good amount but slowed down a few months ago prior to Elon acquiring it. And let me tell you when I went back on I was left w an awful taste in my mouth. This nepotism baby that has bought his way to any recognition and has grifted on his so called “ intelligence” and influence has single handedly ruined an app that has been a major campus of pop culture for more than a decade now. He’s shown how much of an imbecile he actually is and how most of his money he makes of the work and backs of other people much more intelligent and capable than he, and how narcissistic he is to not be able to run a platform like Twitter in a way even resembling unbiased. He claims to be for freedom of speech while suspending people he doesn’t agree w and he’s so out of touch he doesn’t even know what Twitter users want. Do us all a favor and slowly back away from mainstream media because every time we here ur name an “ugh this guy” follows. I have never been one to encourage bullying but it clearly would have done him some good to humble that narcissistic ego he’s got going on and I pray for his kids that making a public fool of themselves isn’t hereditary. Deleting the app or probably never coming back thx for ruining it Elon..Version: 9.37.1

A shadow of its former self.Since the sale of Twitter the owner has inflicted his whimsical and arbitrary standards and practices. It is inconsistent and often if anything the host application for conspiracy theorists and sometimes dangerous disinformation. The fact that I have to pay extra to be able to edit my posts and have the space required to fully explain a statement is not worth the extra money and frankly it’s interpretation of free speech often is based on the owners personal lexicon and point of view du jour. The medical disinformation is eventually going to result in deaths and disabilities that could become of tragic magnitude. The fact is that it is just another toy for the owner and I really don’t have any further interest in playing. Within a few days I will cancel my blue check mark and allow my account to become inactive. I don’t intend to close it because occasionally I will come back to counter some of the dangerous political statements that are allowed for select political celebrities because they are getting attention. Apparently the application subscribe to the adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Eventually the platform is probably going to become something else entirely or wither away and die..Version: 9.67

So glad I deactivated my accountElon turned this app into a literal dumpster fire. The man is so childish. He spent all that money on it just to run users off of the app all cuz he really didn’t want it in the first place. Since he fired most of the staff, the app barely functioned as a social media app. Notifications did not work. If u reported someone for bad behavior such as calling others racial slurs, threatening to harm others, etc the report would go no where or the system would tell u that their was no problem with the tweet u reported and that the company would do nothing. Elon will let anyone say anything on this app. He does not care. He will reinstate anyone no matter what they did in the present or in their past. He would let a known sex trafficker use his app to prey on others as long as they pay him for his blue check mark. I didn’t think Twitter could get any worse until Elon bought it. Twitter hasn’t always been a great app. It had its issues but at least under the previous owners made u feel like they were actually reading ur complaints and even though they didn’t always agree, u still felt like any issues were acknowledged. Elon just encourages those who remained to not even open the report..Version: 10.0

Got locked out :(I recently got locked out of my account due to “suspicious activity” when I haven’t been doing anything “suspicious” on the app and now I NEED to have a phone number to use Twitter, I don’t have a phone number so I can’t use twitter now? I’m not sure what to do about this issue, so twitter please update this so that I can use my account again it would be greatly appreciated.Version: 8.10

Pathetic change.Branding is company commodity. Changing it in a minor way is no small matter. Completely replacing the brand huge, Elon Musk has become massively controversial. Anything he says and does is feul to the fire. His reasoning for making a money altering decision that affects Twitter and all who rely on Twitter is because he likes the letter X, he's changing it from an iconic brand logo to...the letter X. Just another in a long line of pointless decisions to drive Twitter even further into the ground. The twitter logo shouldn’t have been changed, It was cute and unique and they are changing the name and icon. If it's no longer called twitter, you can't call the posts tweets anymore. It was just a unique thing they had going and now he wants to change it to smth bland like X or whatever. Nobody likes useless change, especially when it's worse than original. Im angry at such a pathetic change. Mainly because Twitter was so iconic in the graphic design space for its branding. To see all that work thrown out to become a 12 year olds favorite letter is infuriating..Version: 10.0

Hope lost, updates have made the application user-unfriendlyYou’d think with a new owner, the application would be better than it was, I was hopeful. The application has gotten infinitely worse. Why should we get recommended people we dislike (apolitical people getting force-fed Andrew Tate, “End Wokeness”, and “Libs of TikTok” despite never clicking like on their posts), shown interests we don’t have (getting force-fed NBA posts when we don’t even follow basketball), and taking away everyone’s verification badge so now we have to double-check everyone’s page to ensure they’re the real person? Politics aside, even both Donald Trump and Joe Biden lost their verification badges. It seems the new retention method for Twitter users now is evoking the emotion of anger, to debate and slander: but it won’t work on me. While Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat aren’t much better, they aren’t as bad as this. For users looking for an alternative or looking for something better, I’d suggest TikTok. A company who actually cares about the user experience, doesn’t hide critical political news such as the French protests and riots, and is filled with comedy-gold. That is particularly why this inept government wants to ban it, and why cringelords like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg lobby such bans..Version: 9.54

It used to be a good app!I used to use Twitter all the time, but I recently deleted it because I was getting bored. The app was just on my phone, left there and it was unused. However, a few weeks ago I downloaded the app, once again. I made a new account, figuring I would start fresh and try to get back into it. Unfortunately, it told me that I had been locked out of my account, after just a day or two of downloading, I was confused and I had barley used the account! So I gave it another go and made a new account, yet again, the same thing happened. I was getting frustrated and I was not happy, but I decided to give it one last go, as I really used to like Twitter. So I made a new account once again, and I checked up on it today, and there’s a message on my screen saying I’m locked out, once again! I really don’t know what was happening, maybe a glitch or something? But I’m not happy, and for that reason I’m giving Twitter a bad review👎🏼..Version: 7.20.2

Loved it but currently frustratedI NEED BACK INTO MY ACCOUNTS! I’ve contacted support but essentially, I had my phone reset and restored and as a result, I had to re-login in to my accounts. I set up 2-factor authentication months ago for the accounts but the app i used I guess also reset with my phone because there are no saved codes for twitter. So i can’t get into my accounts and support won’t respond to me about how to get into to them like if there’s a way to verify that it’s still me so I can get in and then disable the two-factor authentication. Also, I had another account I was able to get into and starting using more frequently and got LOCKED OUT less than 36 hours later. X WILL NOT LET ME UNLOCK MY ACCOUNT. It just shows a white screen with a blue loading circle. Then it says “error please reload data” and so i click it and then it just loads indefinitely. I need back into to all 3 of these accounts and am very frustrated that there is no one that I can talk to immediately about this over the phone. I’m scared i’m going to lose the first two accounts simply with how long it could take for a reply from X..Version: 10.2

Frustrating to useAs a new member, twitter firstly encourages you to follow accounts but if you follow too many it thinks you are a bot and stops you tweeting or following anyone else. There is no contact person to report this too. Every time you search help all you get is automatic replies and none cover this topic. Today I was able to tweet and follow, but after about 2 tweets and 2 follows I was restricted again. All info says you can follow up to 400 accounts a day. I only have 90. So very frustrating. I’m enjoying the content I can read but so annoying especially for new members who clearly don’t have twitter experience.Version: 9.64

Elon, don’t change the stuff that doesn’t need changingAfter Mr. Musk bought Twitter, things have honestly been feeling like they’ve been going downhill a lot faster than before, especially due to the unnecessary/unwanted changes <-(such as renaming Twitter to “X”, and said letter tends to be used to refer to a different website, which results in making video links on Twitter sound kinda questionable/suspicious) and some pretty bad ideas for changes <-(like how you were considering to completely remove the option to block accounts [even though it’s something that’s required for a social media platform], saying something along the lines of “the option existing/being-a-thing makes no sense and that it serves no actual purpose” when really it does make sense that it-exists/it’s-a-thing and it does serve an actual purpose, anyone with common sense would agree. And those who think that the option existing/being-a-thing makes no sense and say that it serves no actual purpose are likely people with ulterior motives). And now I hear that things from accounts labeled as 18+ are being effected now too. You may wanna rethink that before it’s too late and Twitter ends up like Tumblr, and nobody wants that to happen..Version: 10.10

Double standard and Censorship!For all Conservatives/right-wing types, just to make you feel better, us lefties get censored too by Twitter..Version: 8.9

0/10I hate this hell hole. It was all fun till Elon musk took over. Even if he wasn't running it, it would still be a hell hole but at least it was fun and funny. Now cis is a slur and you have to pay to get twitter blue. 0/10 please don't download.Version: 9.67

Twitter Keeps cutting outTwitter is normally my favourite social media platform However, similar to what others have reported; after the last update, Twitter keeps cutting out - for no reason, triggering an ipad reboot Other apps work fine. I am not inclined to maintain updates with any app if it results in decreased versus better function. Twitter says this update is just for a few tweaks. Hmmm That vague comment is no excuse for an update, and increases risks of decreased function. When Twitter fixes its functionality, so it actually reliably stays on - then recommend an upgrade. If Twitter was as unreliable due to repeatedly cutting out and triggering an iPad reboot every 10 minutes early on, it would have been a dead duck long ago Given the number of complaints (as its likely only a fraction complain about things - they just stop using them) if this goes uncorrected much longer, Twitter in likely to encounter more drop off in use 👉🏼 which is a shame as its a great social media platform..Version: 7.26

Elon sucksMan child.Version: 9.68

“Free speech” but only for white supremacists.Got in an argument with a white supremacist on Twitter and ended up with my account, and email banned forever on the app. The app since Elon bought it, is now FULL of toxic racists and sexists. How ironic is it that Elon bought the app for “free speech”, but those standing up for themselves or his employees fighting for union are the ones getting banned? Free speech is only protected for those that idolise Musk, and it’s sad that such an insecure manchild has decided to ruin one of the best most informative news apps. I miss the old devs and owners.Version: 10.4

Bro huh“Blaze your glory” 😭😭 Hell nah what does that even mean?? ☠️.Version: 10.0

IdkThe way the update stays vauge with “making things better” when objectively the app has increasingly worse from tweet limits, dms not sending or receiving notifications and messages, gifs or images not being sent. The time lines are annoyingly overloaded with crypto, or fake business ads or random men boosting their nobody accounts. Randomly removing features or implying or threatening to remove features that are pivotal in users controlling their engagement just makes the user base panic ever other day and consistently backing out of “improvements” just proves how spineless of a direction the app has in a towards trajectory. The rebranding is lazy and despite what Elon thinks only the worse side of the internet think X sites are cool 🙃 there is nothing that’s been improved, and anything that does add new features or changes to the app is overshadowed by the failure rate.Version: 10.2

Gets worse with every updateUser of Twitter since 2011. Peak Twitter was just after they introduced 280-character tweets and de-limited DM post length. It's all been downhill since then with endless UI tweaks and half-baked features no one asked for that end up breaking the core functionality of the platform. And it's gotten much, much less functional since musk's takeover. Twitter is losing its purpose; it's not a social networking app any more, it's a content engagement optimiser built around increasingly invasive algorithmic manipulation of your timeline, to favour paid content and maximise ad revenue at the expense of genuine interactions between people on common interests. It's as though it's absorbed all the worst aspects of Reddit, Facebook and TikTok. Other than that, it's great..Version: 9.47

Account Suspension since March 2023 Need Resolution ASAPMy account is still suspended for no reason. Been suspended since March. Keep sending multiple appeals and followed on how to un suspended my account that shows on the website for my account to be active again. No resolution and after sending the appeals kept saying will notify by email for more info no email but a notification from Twitter app. Apparently the reason was that I have broken the Twitter rules. I haven’t broken any Twitter rules I read what determines the Twitter rules. Twitter says under review of my account it was suspended but can see my profile and activity that I didn’t harass anyone nor made inappropriate content nor comments. I can’t even access my previous posts for evidence if needed. I don’t know why my previous posts aren’t accessible I saw them before. There’s no Spam accounts under my account. I also asked for proof on Twitter Inc based on this decision. I want this to be escalated because I didn’t do anything wrong. I have been very patient and kept appealing for a resolution. The only notification I got from my email was that how was the customer service in June. I gave it a bad review due to not getting the required proof nor assistance of activating my account multiple times. I want my account to be active asap..Version: 9.67

Twitter has lost all of its charm.Deleted my original twitter account a couple years ago, just recently redownloaded and made a new account- after logging in for the first time I was suspended for 12 hours before I was able to tweet anything. It has now worn off but I still can’t log in because it keeps asking for a phone number instead of email. I have messaged support multiple times over the weekend and I still have yet to be helped. Twitter just isn’t worth the headache. edit: A few days later and support is still useless and I’m still being forced to put in a cellphone number when I do not have service. At this point, I wouldn’t give them a phone number even if I could. Evidently, phone numbers are a requirement to use this platform instead of email as it used to be. How very disappointing. edit: Now a couple weeks later and I can confirm that twitter is an absolute mess. They have absolutely no human support staff, just useless automated messages that don’t help in the slightest. What a ridiculous joke of an app. edit: been months now and twitter is still a useless, flaccid, rancid garbage fire with absolutely no support. Thankful that Reddit exists as they actually have customer support..Version: 9.30

Can you guys fix the unfollow glitch?Normally, I would give Twitter a rating of five since I like using it, but right now it’s at a two. Why? Because Twitter seems to keep making me unfollow people without my knowledge. I followed 200 people just as of yesterday, and when I came back online, it showed 198. This has happened for me ever since I made my account, so I’d appreciate if the bug gets fixed because I’m really tired of becoming paranoid that I’m not following who I want to follow..Version: 8.34

UNDESERVED SUSPENSIONBoth of my Twitter (no I’m not calling it X) have been suspended for violating the X rules, when 1 I don’t know what those rules are 2 I barely use Twitter or post on it so how would I break the rules and 3 it happened to a new account I made where all I did was follow other Twitter uses, meaning their is no reason to suspend me. Ever since Elon bought X it has started to crumble this app is terrible and the newly implemented system is so hard to use and is confusing. DO BETTER ELON.Version: 10.9

Musk has completely destroyed TwitterThat's all. It's not even Twitter anymore. It's X, the nothing app. This is perhaps the largest act of pure corporate vandalism in modern history. Leave. Try Threads, or Mastodon. Or talking with people in person. Anything's better than lending any of your time and attention to this smoking ruin of an app..Version: 10.0

Elon Musk has made it worse.Since Elon Musk took over Twitter it has been disgraceful. It’s enabled right wing troll and paid bots spreading hate and lies. He has personally lied about and attacked my country’s Prime Minister while supporting an attempt by foreign interests to undermine our democracy. He’s called our PM a dictator and tyrant. Our PM has a minority government. It cannot be a dictatorship under those circumstances. I loathe the new name X but maybe it’s more appropriate for the decline of decency on the platform..Version: 10.0

Horrible appI can’t even scroll through accounts anymore! What do I have to pay a subscription to do that too? This is by far the stupidest thing ive seen an app do let’s hope it dies sooner rather than later.Version: 9.68

What’s up ElonWhy must this app be just about him, like HE made it. Childish behaviour and to throw away a popular logo that everyone recognizes and appreciate for years for an X? Grow up lol.Version: 9.68

Bring back the worldwide trendsQuality has been decreasing over the years. They force content you don't care about into your feed and call it "trends for you". I don't appreciate this app trying to force me to use the Home format instead of Recent Tweets every time I log on. The last straw was the removal of Worldwide Trends. Twitter is a global app. If I cared only about what was happening in my country, I would watch the news. But I care about what's happening all over the globe, something Twitter doesn't seem to understand. They've taken away the only feature that made their app unique and with it, my desire to use this platform for one of my main news sources..Version: 8.15

Plagued by botsFirst of all, free speech is important so I commend Elon and the team for reducing needless censorship, but we have to acknowledge the elephant in the room. We live in a time where AI can read text and recognise images, so I don’t understand why bots are allowed to advertise or tweet in mass. Especially crypto bots, they all use the same “zk”, “COTI”, weird Llama, “Ethereum gas fees refund”, airdrop tweets. Or they post a string of numbers quoting some other tweet with a gif/ video or photo of trading crypto with the same wording, same “Arbitrage” text and similar semantics on there. Initially Elon said he would get rid of bots through Twitter Blue, but now these bots do have Twitter blue and their scam tweets are pushed to the front of replies. I would not have an issue with paying for premium but I refuse to if forced. And the way these bots have been allowed to thrive where they can even advertise scams, it seems like X is trying to force you to subscribe. Especially when blocking enough of these bots prompts you to a subscription page. Hopefully this gets fixed, or at least enough money is stolen through wallet drainer ads on X, which will prompt a lawsuit of some kind forcing them to fix this issue. Covid showed everyone that a simple mention of the virus could get your tweet removed, so I know this bot issue existing in the way it exists is because devs don’t see fixing it as a priority..Version: 10.33.1

Questionable new moderationWhile I appreciate Twitter’s attempts at moderating things more closely, it seems that instead of human moderation, Twitter are just running a keyword search over tweets and suspending based on that. My best friend had her whole account deleted for playfully calling her brother a wh**e, and when she raised this as a concern she was immediately shut down and essentially told “too bad, so sad, get off our platform”. Meanwhile, there are people that engage in targeted harassment directly towards me WITH malicious intent, and despite being reported were just warned and they’re still allowed to be active and hateful. Also on a petty note, I keep selecting “latest tweets” for my timeline, and they keep reverting it back over time. I’ve had to switch to “latest” countless times. Please remember my preferences, and stop trying to push your curate timeline onto me..Version: 7.47

DepressingTwitter is an excellent vehicle for communicating and stating all manner of free views and opinions. For me, I quickly became aware that there are millions of armchair warriors out there who are, in general, quite opinionated, very often polarised, inflexible in their views, unwilling to listen to others, and appear to hold the view that their Twitterising is changing the world. Unfortunately, it is not changing anything, but simply contributes to a massive collection of opinions that in fact impact nothing and do not create any change whatsoever. The corollary is that any community contribution or activity (or the like) that these folks might have otherwise undertaken in life, never happens, because they mistakenly (and probably without realising it) think they are contributing in equal measure ‘electronically’. Sadly, they are not, and the world is significantly worse off..Version: 8.6

Wish I didn’t have to use itUsing Twitter to try and snag a ps5 by following an alert account. So it’s useful in that regard. But it now spams me with notifications from accounts I don’t follow and have no interest in following because it thinks I’m interested for some unknown algorithmic reason. How about you just show me notifications for the one account I specifically followed? I might keep it installed if I saw a use case for it again in the future but it’s clear you’re going to spam me to increase my engagement so no thank you. I hope Twitter helps me with the ps5 goal, it will be swiftly removed after that..Version: 8.83

A shadow of it’s former selfThis app used to be quite fun and balanced until the introduction of the ‘for you’ page and the ability to verify accounts through a paid service. Since the introduction of these two elements the app is essentially a celebrity/influencer focused mess where it’s impossible for your voice to be heard unless you pay. Replies are dominated by paid accounts who often farm views meaning they post low effort comments simply to gain views therefore eliminating any sort of meaningful conversation or info on the app. The for you page is also clearly favoured towards very questionable “influencers” and “news” that serves as nothing but rage bait. For the first time in my life i have had to actively mute and block accounts because it is so bad. I would suggest to fix the app but i honestly believe it might be too far gone. It no longer caters to people but rather entrepreneurs and news and i firmly believe in time it’ll be the app’s downfall. Remember to not ostracise 99% percent of the userbase next time Elon.Version: 10.5

Blaze your glory!Literally the most embarrassing rebrand of all time..Version: 10.0

Are you seriousThis app has had more bugs in the past 3 months it has in the past 4 years i've been using it. the app constantly crashes, videos don't play, tweets never load and the updates are trash? twitter constantly taking a away and adding new features with zero notice is so irritating. when you update the app and see VIEWS, likes retweets and comments all switched up, MAYBE LET USERS KNOW AND EXPLAIN WHY? and now they've brought but cropped images. who asked for that? who wants to click on a picture (which also increases the likelihood of a crash) every time they see a photo? so annoying.Version: 9.40

Not what l thought it beGot banned from posting anything after 3 days for some unknown reasons. I can’t work out any violation of the rules after reading them and sent a message asking why l have been suspended without any response after nearly a week and still being restricted l just keep getting a generic message in my feed telling my l violated twitter rules and it could take more then a week for it to be lifted without any explanation. After scrolling through the feed for a few days and seeing some of the things that people say to each other and post lm start to think the rules aren’t applied fairly to everyone because every few post violates it rules in some way if you go to the letter of them. I cancel facebook a long time ago and if this is the way this is run l won’t be here long ether but in saying all that it’s been a good time waster why l been stuck at home with a broken arm that’s the only reason it got 2 stars..Version: 9.62.1

Tweets not sending??If I try to tweet a gif my tweet won’t send at all, it just shows the blue “sending” line at the bottom but it stops right at the start, and anything I tweet after that also doesn’t send and just remains stuck. The first time this happened it was stuck for 2 days. It’s happened again a day later, and I’m still waiting for it to fix itself again.Version: 9.60

Ruined my mental healthWhile there are some lovely and creative people on here, and it’s a good place to communicate with others, there are far too many people spreading horrible expectations for how you should act, what you should say, and what you should look like. The whole platform is rampant with people suffering from eating disorders, self-harm, anxiety, depression, and while this in itself is not inherently bad (as people can go online and find help from people suffering with similar issues); so many try to make these things ‘trendy’ or ‘aesthetic’ in order to have their feeling and/or actions validated. This platform gave me so many warped perceptions of the world and myself and how i should treat others. It made me into a horrible person who ended up with far more problems than i had signed up for, originally just looking to find art inspiration. 90% of this platform is such a disgusting and toxic community, a sheep herd full of young impressionable people who don’t know any better..Version: 8.82

TrashDeleting accounts for nothing.Version: 7.53

You’re not having my phone numberNever used Twitter before. Downloaded the app, set up a new account using an email address rather than a phone number, had time to add one page to follow (Viz magazine) before abruptly getting a message stating my account is locked “because of activity which violates terms of use”. I’d been logged into the app for about 45 seconds at this point. The app can now only be unlocked, apparently, if I give you my phone number. A cynical person might think that you do this solely to mine phone numbers, especially as a quick search shows that this has happened to thousands of other new users recently. If I had wanted you to have my phone number, I wouldn’t have set up the account with an email address, would I? You’re not having my number, your app is deleted, and I’ll stick with Facebook, cheers..Version: 7.39

A ruined appI’ve been using twitter for 7 years, was amazing for catering to my specific interests and I was successful in shutting all other things to avoid “doom scrolling.” Then Elon took over, now political extremists flood comment sections, journalists are banned left and right, you can’t say a single mean thing or criticism about Elon “comedy is now legal” “free speech absolutist” Musk or your account gets locked or harassed, I would regularly see people who advocate for the death or suppression of minorities, many have claimed to see at least one gore video a day in their home feed, i’m regularly harassed by bots who en masse follow and @ large groups of people to push bitcoin scams and sex scams, and now Elon regularly threatens to push payments onto Twitter’s users because he can’t stand a second not being the center of attention with his twitter blue hoard licks the soles of his feet in the comment section. Elon’s acquisition of Twitter has absolutely ruined the app I’ve called my “main site” for years now, now its akin to a shock site that regularly encourages people to post the most heinous and hateful things to garner attention and twitter blue revenue. I hope this app gets banned in Europe, I hope Elon continues to suppress legitimate users for the sake of greed, I hope this app crashes and burns because of one man so everyone can see how much of a mismanaged loser he is..Version: 10.11

BruhThe logo looks like an app for misogynists.Version: 9.68

Gets worse everydayEvery since the buyout by Elon, the website and app has seen basic features that is available for free on Twitter before and on other sites, become locked behind one of the most egregious and expensive subscriptions I’ve seen, and seeing what is essentially Elon’s lobotomised goons defend it religiously is starting to get tiring. At the price you get for Twitter Blue, you could get a subscription for a streaming service, or even multiple and have near endless content to enjoy, VS arguing with some prat with a blue tick. Also Elon is planning to change Twitter into “X” because he has a fetish for that letter for some reason, so Twitter, Tweets and all the stuff you used to will be wiped out because Elon wants another “X” into his collection, I’m no billionaire businessman but I think buying out one of the most popular modern online brands and completely renaming it for no other reason other than “I think it sounds cool” is absolutely stupid and just shows pure incompetency. If Elon wanted more “Xs” in his life he should have just gotten married again, from the sounds of what he’s like irl and in business, he can rack up a lot of “Xs” in no time!.Version: 9.67

Significant loss of usabilityUsed to be able to get up-to-date news and tweets from people on the ground at big events and moments, now all my “For You” is at least a day old. The number of ads is overwhelming and completely irrelevant to my interests (many advertisements look shady too, like I may be scammed) and I am fed a lot of content from conservative and even far right people and organisations, even after indicating “not interested” or even blocking. Now saying they will take away the “block” function which was there to help keep people safe and allow them to have a say on who and what they interact with online. This all on top of elevating the voices of those who paid for a free service, ensuring inequality in the “town hall”. Have to scroll through all the blue check comments to find a real person who has something to say. Spend less and less time on here, have moved to other apps unlikely to download the latest updates to X. What would be the point? To get less functionality?.Version: 10.2

Great app but still could be better!!Twitter really is an amazing platform and something I come to on the daily, updating me with everything I need to know not just in my own country but around the world. Let’s be real though, even though it’s a really good app there are things that could improve. My two main are adding 4K resolution to video uploads and also an editing button to tweets. 1) Many people wish to upload higher quality videos but don’t bother since the video quality is always a downgrade when put on your site. Technology is continuously updating so social media platforms (in my opinion) should also try and do the same. No point having so many 4K videos on your phone but don’t want to share knowing there is no point. 2) I don’t see the editing button as a major concern but it can be annoying having a few errors in a tweet and having to delete it (depending on the amount of errors) because you can’t edit the tweet. Obviously there are negatives with this but there should also be a history button alongside, showing a timeline of changes that occurred with the edited tweet. This ensures if any negative tweets have happened (due to editing the tweet) and you’ve interacted then your able to see the timeline, allowing you to make a decision whether to unlike, unshare or even unfollow or block. Again, this is an amazing app that I will continue to use as long as I like but I hope small changes are made and that Twitter becomes a better app to use..Version: 8.50

Bring back TwitterChange the X logo back to the twitter bird and change the name back..Version: 9.68

Just allow editingJust put in an edit option. You hit delete and sometimes the edit function comes up, sometimes it doesn’t deleting everything you wrote. Now everyone has to copy and paste before making an edit making the entire process tedious. Apparently getting suspended on here for to stupidest thing while people get away saying tons of stuff with no moderation on twitters part. Seems very one sided. Appealing a suspension also takes longer than the actual suspension. Bravo Jack. Bravo. 👏🏻a 12 hr suspension is now a 96 hour suspension. It’s pretty obvious how bad the censorship is getting. Also if having a conversation is important, why silence the other side? Great way to divide a nation. Maybe jack is getting paid by China. Oh no, I might get suspended...also trump got modded and banned while people are out there stoking hate and Twitter turns a blind eye because it’s their side. No mods or bans. Twitter is ok with people spreading disinformation and one sided reporting as long as it’s from the left. Double standard. Now the Soviet Union 2.0 is spreading tyranny and violence and Twitter is ok with that because of their communist views. Also if you post something and get suspended for it, you can always screenshot what got you banned and post it. Twitter seems that acceptable..Version: 9.1

Don’t expect a response from supportOne of the most useful features to be added in years was the ability to pin lists and easily switch between them. Despite being added months ago, I can only get this feature to appear if I delete the app and reinstall. At next launch it’s gone. I have tried to contact twitter support on many occasions through twitter, through their website and via email. I have yet to receive any response, and I still can’t use the pinned list feature. Even though twitter continues to cripple third party clients, they don’t seem to car about their own client either. The situation could be so much better - if only it were..Version: 8.7.1

Going to Utter GarbageI have experienced Twitter both before the Elon takeover and afterwards… And it’s the worst it’s ever been now… Between firing a significant number of Twitter’s support staff, forcing users to see content from verified accounts before the people they actually follow, only verifying people who pay for extra Twitter services, and limiting the number of posts a person can see a day, Musk has essentially rendered this app useless. That’s not even mentioning it’s technical failures over the past few months (Have you ever played a video only for it to restart halfway through or have the video’s audio play for a fraction of the video’s length? Ever get views on your private account with zero followers? It’s ridiculous.). I’ve never felt the need to leave a review for an app before this, but the people saying that this website respects free speech are simply foolish. How is it free speech when only verified accounts are able to make ridiculously long tweets? In what world is it reasonable to limit how much a user can observe in a day? If this was some sort of parental lock feature, I would get it, but Elon Musk is killing this app for the common man. Small business owners and artists will be scrubbed off the face of this website entirely, especially if the 600 post limit includes ads. Just exactly who is the app for anymore?.Version: 9.64

Would give it 0 stars. Horrible account recovery system.I logged onto X recently to find my account suspended. I found out that the reason was that a few months ago, I was exposed to a security and date breach that lead to my account being hacked and used for scam/fraudulent activity. After sending a request to restore my account, it was declined even though I stated that I was inactive when the incident occurred. Losing that account is fine by me, I had nothing important on it. What was truly ridiculous was that because my account was suspended, the system did not allow me to remove my email, phone number, name, or accounts that had been associated with it prior to the incident. That means that even if I wanted to start over with a new account, I would not be able to. My information is forever stuck online associated with an suspended account. Furthermore, the suspension of my account means that I am not able to access the login history or devices that are currently under the account. Due to this, I will never be able to locate the source of what took over my account and used my information. I find this outrageous, but it isn't as outrageous as the manner at which the support team closed my case without any investigation. X has truly disappointed me with its downfall in support. I will not be using this app ever in the future, and I advise everyone to stay away from it..Version: 10.22

Just deleted it after 10 yearsSo I got Twitter, about 10 years ago when I was in high school and I didn’t really do much on it except for follow friends but also follow all the major news sites so that I can get breaking news as quickly as possible and for the last 10 years it’s worked so well I would get the breaking news is something important happening before the notification for my news app or anywhere else however, in the last year my notifications have become so idiotic and useless. The notifications I get are so dumb and don’t even come from major news sites or official journalists and all I get are just notifications of someone spreading hate, commenting hateful stuff. The site has been riddled with incels and “anti-woke” people (which that phrase is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard). And now even the major news sites don’t tweet anything important anymore, it all has become click bait and such. To this end, I really have no reason to keep this app. Additionally the buying blue check mark thing has really been giving people a false sense of importance and make them seem like they know everything and people just say the most horrible hateful things with no consideration..Version: 9.60

Dip In QualityI’ve used twitter for a long time to follow some of my favourite artists but I feel like it’s taken a huge dip in quality. From questionable layout/site choices to terrible bugs like 5 second videos on playing the first 2 seconds over and over. Feeds used to be a lot more personalised but now it just feels like scrolling through a trending page. Bots are everywhere, and comments are no longer filtered through the most liked but verified people will show at the top. I can sort of understand these choices (people paying money should be rewarded somewhat) but in comparison to old twitter it just strikes me as very odd choices. Wouldn’t recommend it cause it really doesn’t have anything that other social apps have..Version: 9.67

𝕏The most expensive Midlife-Crisis I’ve ever seen.Version: 9.68

CensorshipI have been on Twitter off and on since it started. It’s censorship is not right and not fair. I will no longer be a part of their lying..Version: 8.44

Not user friendlyVery user unfriendly. You see part of a post, then you click on it, it goes to another page rather than expanding in the same page. Want to comment goes to a different page.. etc. Facebook is a better user friendly, however, X seems to allow all views on current middle east war which is why l am moving to it rather an fac.Version: 10.12

RIP TwitterThis thing's a dumpster fire, burning money, fun to watch lol.Version: 9.68

The algorithm is manipulated by ElonElon’s presence has magnified the worst of X while suppressing the best of Twitter. His own example is now typical of what he allows other posters to see. Since Elon fired Twitter workers, I’ve stopped seeing posts from the people I follow. I see very few posts from women & people of color. Ads are more frequent than in the past. Racism, antisemitism, threats of violence, misogyny, sexism, inappropriate comments about children, & other nasty posts are no longer removed by moderators … making this experience not pleasant. The free exchange of ideas has been replaced by nastiness & fake news that is destructive. Attacks on teachers, reasonable public leaders, the environment, healthcare, & support for LBGTQ people are regular, hateful, & involve presenting false information as fact. Bots & bot networks abound and are never removed. Nothing about X supports the first amendment … the algorithm suppresses ideas not supported bybElon. It’s nothing more than the worst of right wing attacks & money making ads. Elon’s idea of “citizen journalism” is a joke shown in proliferation of lies, attacks, & hateful rhetoric with the intent of suppressing anything that was good before his tenure. In summary, X has become yet another tool of Elon & other extremists to promote harmful propaganda..Version: 10.20

Biased towards Israel/ Amazing app but CS is terrible (updated)Updated: I’ve realised some of my Pro-Palestine tweets have been removed. Why? So no one else can see what Israel is doing? They are committing war crimes and social media giants are just watching silently. Old review: Once upon a time I created an account, used it a few times and then never went on it again. Recently I wanted to go back to it but I couldn’t. It was suspended (I’m guessing because I didn’t go on it for so long). I tried to contact the CS like 10 times (no exaggeration) asking them to unsuspend it and I haven’t heard back. Not even to say this is suspicious you need to prove to us you are that person or whatever. So basically if your account is suspended for whatever reason, you can say goodbye to that account. I made another account as I really wanted to use twitter but seriously. Why I can’t I use my old account? I never did anything suspicious like troll people or be rude..Version: 8.65.2

I tried to like it.I have always used Twitter for news and general comedic relief. It’s has its downfalls over the years, but in general provided a legitimate site for me to find information and a reprieve from life’s day to day stuff. Ever since the purchase, I’ve remained hopeful the app would stick around. I really tried to continue liking and using the app, but I just can’t anymore. I can no longer trust any news from the site because of how much impersonation there is. There’s also so much political rhetoric that it’s frustrating. Elon, I don’t care about your political views. You misguidedly been trying to use this app as a way to push your political agenda. You’re not different than the last head of Twitter - you just simply have a different political agenda you push. I normally wouldn’t care about one meaningless billionaire’s opinions… but all I see if Elon’s tweets all over my page. Even after I muted him, my whole feed was just people talking about him. Maybe in a few years once things calm down and Elon gets rid of Twitter, I’ll come back. But right now, I don’t trust the content on the app, nor the verified user strategy. At the end of the day, I don’t care what Elon thinks. I just want news and comedy. I can get that on Tik Tok and the news apps for now. :).Version: 9.34.8

Elon ruined this appPrioritising verified users in replies has made those who support the website have their voice heard above the rest. Now it's just created a vacuum of people that think they're opinion matters more than the rest because it gets more engagement. The rebrand from something iconic to something generic a high school kid would think looks cool makes absolutely no sense, much like most changes that have happened since the takeover. The for you page is garbage, the message limit on normal accounts has impacted small businesses, and a year on there is still no substantial benefit for purchasing verified over the previous verification check system. I was on board with him taking over at first, but the longer he's got a say in the website, the more I think he just bought it to amplify his own opinions..Version: 10.0

Declining User ExperienceThe app now has some serious bugs, and it seems to be worsening over time. Frequently, an attempt to scroll back to the top, or selecting from the sidebar menu is unsuccessful, necessitating the frequent force-closing of the app. The audio from videos tends to persist even after transitioning to the next post, resulting in a jumbled cacophony of sounds from different videos. The ads, apart from being intense, are also monotonous. Attempts to block an ad often lead to it opening instead, which makes me suspect this could be an intentional design feature to boost revenue. The nature of posts has grown increasingly negative, with random users often making derogatory comments. Once an avid Twitter user who accessed the app multiple times daily, I now use it only a few times a month..Version: 10.0

TfDoesn’t even deserve a star why is he so obsessed with the letter X 💀.Version: 9.68

Give us back TwitterThe last time I reviewed this app was to beg for Dark Mode. Now I’m begging for Elon Musk to relinquish his claws from this app and return to us the Twitter app we used to have. It is Twitter, not X; it is tweeting, and RTing, and liking — not Xing, and Re-Xing and so on. Stop trying to make X happen. And that’s not to even mention the drastic dip in overall quality that both the app and website have suffered as a result of this obsessive change: spam was a problem, yes. But under Musk, the problem has grown exponentially — with even ads needing community notes, exposing misinformation and blatant false advertising. The amount of fake likes and interactions are getting ridiculous, but Musk is so obsessed with His ‘X-ifying’ of the platform that everything else falls to the wayside. Not to mention his decision to allow many accounts deemed to be harmful to public discourse back onto the app/site. People may not have left in droves, but barely any of them subscribe to the notion of X, or believe that it’s been made any better from this acquisition. I just want Twitter back..Version: 10.19

Stop censuringWe’ll go ALL at Parler if You continues to censure the people. Go it! Better close... Twitter don’t look professional at this time..Version: 8.44

Elon musk is the worst thing to ever happen to this appHave been using it for YEARS but all his unnecessary changes have convinced me to find a better app.Version: 9.67

ImprovingThe auditors of Twitter on us users has improved, but still not as it used to be when Twitter started. Slow or vague response on feedback. The worst feature is restricting spread of tweets which I suffer from . This should be eliminated. It is telling me that i can write to myself only..Version: 9.48

Looks like a porn appThis is twitter not X.Version: 9.68

You’re better off with something else. *2023*I have never felt the need to write a review for an app, especially not one as big as this one. And you can probably guess what I’ll be leading with. The speed at which this app is hurtling towards an utter cesspool of garbage is unprecedented. With all the changes Elon has been making and will continue to make, you’re better off using some other social media. He’s using your tweets as lab food for his AI program without your consent. He’s driving off users (especially artists) in droves. He fired most of the original staff for whatever reason. You have to pay for the most basic of features. Your DMs will no longer be as private as they once were. You can no longer easily tell who is *really* verified because of Twitter Blue and misinformation is as rampant as ever. He rebranded Twitter into some mediocre Disney channel supervillain sounding “”””X Corp.”””” and lost millions because of it. It’s bad decision after bad decision after bad decision. I have met amazing people through Twitter and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t a generally good time until now. So it really hurts to see it go like this. It’s not hard to see where this app will end up quite soon. So save yourself the trouble and watch the garbage fire from a safe distance. Thanks Elon Musty!.Version: 10.0

Twitter is a victim of BDE (billionaire dummy energy)I’ve been a Twitter user since 2010 so you can imagine I have seen a lot in the last decade, but watching the disaster that are the recent changes that El*n has made has been a wild ride. While I’m enjoying watching this fool unveil himself as the incompetent business person (if you can call him that) with a fragile ego that he is, I cannot ignore the significant damage that has been done to this app. Twitter was a great place to get real time news updates, very funny takes on current events, and a really important platform for open source data research. It is now a shell of its former self and it’s usability has significantly decreased. The disaster of these changes in terms of Twitters brand value and user experience will be studied in business schools for years to come. I, for one, will enjoy watching the inevitable crash and burn documentary that will be coming out about this whole disaster. In a way I feel bad for Elon because clearly he has no one in his life that cares enough to stop him from making insanely stupid and reputation damaging decisions. It seems that money can’t buy you everything! Despite everything, I will unfortunately be on this stupid app until the day it finally succumbs to the foolish, insane actions of the billionaire baby man at the helm..Version: 9.67

Logging in not good !Downloading and deleting the app once or twice is okay but installing it the third time and logging in isn’t good ! , because than the app will start to play up slow down glitch and won’t let you sign in , when you try to sign in it will say “authorising” and than 10-20 min of loading it will go blank and automatically off not signing me into my account or to create another one HOW USELESS it’s not my phone because every other app works on my phone when signing in except Twitter so please look into this because it’s definitely not my phone !:).Version: 8.51

Terrible since new managementI loved Twitter for years, it’s been an integral part in helping me find like minded ppl when I’ve struggled to find them in real life. It’s a platform that has truly helped me transcend country barriers to find lifelong connections. But since Elon has taken over, I’ve been using it so much less, the least I’ve used it ever since I’ve had it as a late teen. I’m almost 26 now. He consistently shows he doesn’t listen to the populous and what we actually want/need from this platform. Every change he’s made, for ex), this Twitter blue fiasco and now making views known for every tweet is ridiculous. Twitter blue divided all of us not to mention caused other problems which led to him getting rid of it for a while😂 How he couldn’t anticipate those issues from arising is beyond me, but you do you man. The tweet views thing is actually mentally draining, I’ve come across so many tweets where ppl have said they feel alone, with so many views and no likes for ex). Don’t you realize how damaging this narrative is? At least make it optional, but we all know he just does things like this as a power play, if he actually cared about ppl’s preferences, it would be optional. Not to mention the interface is messy. I will probably deactivate soon, barely tweet at all anyways now..Version: 9.39

X is out of controlI like Elon Musk, but this app is not good for humanity. I was on the app for 4 minutes and I saw a guy get jumped by 6 people, a guy run a red light deliberately, and another fight at a restaurant. How is this good for humanity if everything going viral is violent, illegal, and harmful. This encourages more of this. I get life isn't all sunshine and rainbows, but viral content should be harmful. Bad things happen, but it doesn't mean we should promote it and encourage this behavior by it getting traction. I love Tesla and space X, but X is a depressing nightmare and it feels like it even affects Elon Musk as we heard on his earnings call. This app can still turn around and a way to do that would be to eliminate any viral content that is fighting, running red lights, and robbing people. Ya I saw someone get robbed on the app and it's so sad, but that stuff should be private or else now we have encouraged bad behavior. On another note twitter isn't the only one to blame. I got off Tik tok after the day I saw a dog get swallowed whole by an alligator. It feels like that's where X is heading right now so I'm deleting both of them off my phone. I also have bought the 8 dollar verified and to me it's still not worth it to just be at the top of a fighting viral video..Version: 10.15.1

Take away 30-day deactivation = deletion limitI am a professional ceramic sculptor and have had 17 Instagram accounts deactivated on false reports, mod bias, and hackings, so to say I cherish the freedom on this platform not found elsewhere is an understatement. However, Twitter has put other restrictions on my account that arose from nowhere, probably due to competitors and their incessant spam of reports in attempts to get my work taken down so that theirs can appear like the original. Three stars because due to their 30 day policy of account deactivation prior to deletion, an account with almost 2K followers was accidentally deleted with me forgetting to re-login while overseas. It also doesn’t make the platform look good to have users who post content that gets hits elsewhere be unable to grow a following like before on their platform. I’ve been back on Twitter with a new account (post ig deactivation of an account) for 3 months, post several times a day each day, and have only around 50 followers due to my account not being searchable and the professional option removed and no way to appeal and reach support. If these issues can be fixed, naturally the app rating could be as well..Version: 9.43.1

Conservative circle jerk, baseless conspiracy platformAlthough the whole time I’ve been using “X” or Twitter, it has been a misinformation platform, it has gotten much much worse since Elon took over and applied his version of “free speech.” It’s just complete trash and I scroll past the most ludicrous people and statements. I’m flooded with imbeciles, and it’s just nonstop politics. This platform literally seems like what social media would be in the movie Idiocracy. Not to mention Elon literally is compulsively making very stupid decisions that were not obviously thought out. You can smell his narcissism on the platform as you will see all of his posts whether you follow him or not, unless you block him. Not to mention you have to pay just to have the privilege to send a limited number of messages. All credible and verified accounts have been made obsolete, all you need now is 11 dollars a month and a phone number and you can say whatever you like. The only beauty in this platform is how gullible the general audience is so it’s easy to just make up an anti communist anti liberal and extreme conspiracy theory and post it without any proof and gain a cult following over time and you will make money for spreading misinfo..Version: 9.67

Jack is a disgrace to humanityThe report feature doesn’t work. The app is trash; it’s pointless having a report feature when his admin team who decides on who gets to keep their account and who doesn’t, is a complete disgrace. When there’s people threatening you with leaking your private information and then you are the one who loses your account because the safety team is clueless and wants to cause harm to people. Jack, listen: you need to close up shop, you are not good at this internet thing, you do not know people or how to manage, just stop. It is ok to cash out now, you are seriously doing harm to people: you disgrace of a person and a website ceo. And not to mention the active grooming that occurs on this site, there’s racebaiting- absolutely everything that ruins people and you allowit jack because the people who are trying to stop it, lose their account. The list goes on. do not engage with this app..Version: 8.78.1

Musk has ruined itFunctionality is poor. The so called ‘free speech’ changes have brought back all the hideous trolls and abusive users. He fired all the employees who actually made the app work. Gifs rarely load. Too often the app freezes and tweets don’t load. The idea he’s going to charge a subscription is abominable. All because he made a ridiculous ego based purchase and is scrambling to get his money back. So many people are leaving for BSky and Threads. I hope EM goes broke. He’s ruined a good thing..Version: 10.10

Used to love it, but no longerEdit Aug 2021: Latest update is even worse than before, with the feed jumping randomly every time it refreshes, with even bigger jumps, so hard to find where you were. But tapping the home button twice no longer updates the feed, have to drag it down to do a manual refresh, which is a backwards step. Also hate the new font, although glad that fleets are gone. Original review: Since apple’s upgrade to ios13, twitter has been broken, and still not fixed. The main problem is that my feed jumps up to the top every time it updates itself, so I lose where I was and have to scroll down pages and pages. And although twitter is aware of the problem and claim they’ve released fixes, I’m still having this problem. The other terrible thing is the introduction of ‘topics”. I used to be able to see Australian news, Australian politics, Australian journalism and Australian non-profits when I tapped on search. Now they’ve disappeared, and a whole lot of random, irrelevant topics have appeared. When I log into personalised topics for my twitter account online, there are a multitude of irrelevant topics selected. Who knows how the algorithm is selecting them, but it’s getting them completely wrong. And if I scroll through them all, de-selecting all the irrelevant ones, a week later a whole lot more irrelevant subjects have appeared in their place. I hate it, and just want to go back to seeing Australian news, politics, journalism and not for profits shown..Version: 8.79

Twitter’s inevitable declineI never liked Twitter before Elon but gosh, he some how made me hate it even more. The reason for this review specifically, however, is the glitch(?) that happens when attempting to change your display name. I personally have 5 twitter accounts (personal & business) so the inconvenience of being locked out of one of my more insignificant ones isn’t that bad. However, after troubleshooting, logging out, logging back in, even changing my password, I’ve still been unable to regain access to my account. This wouldn’t be much of an issue if I could log into one of my other accounts, but I can’t. There’s a blank screen with the only button being “options”. When selected the options are “help” and “sign out”, which I’ve already attempted. This issue never happened before Elon, at least not to me. The increase in promotional tweets, ads, and paywalled features that were once free have resulted in the downfall of twitter as a whole. I was able to log back into one of my other accounts briefly by opening a dm that was sent to it. As soon as I tried to re-add the account I’m locked out of, the same black screen appeared. I knew of this issue prior to attempting to change my display name. I had changed my display name on another one of my accounts since hearing about it so I didn’t think it would affect me. All in all, my experience with Twitter has been disappointing at best..Version: 10.2

It’s good but some problemsI really like twitter and all but I have one problem I live somewhere where the time difference is way ahead from where the creators of twitter live and I turned 13 today so for you guys in San Fran it’s still the 3rd of August but it’s the 4th for me and and I made a Twitter account just a few days before my birthday so I just put 2005 and was planning to change it today because it’s technately My birthday where I live and the app is obviously programmed from your time so I though I’d change my birthday on it to 2006 so now I’m 13 and can have an account but it runs of your time so in San Fran I wouldn’t be 13 yet so I got logged out because our times are different and now I have to find some sort of ID to log back into my account which I obviously don’t have so now I’ve lost everything, this may be very confusing but it’s really annoying for me :(.Version: 7.56

Can we have twitter back and can ur fix ur app ElonEvery time I logged in it said I was banned never had this before first time created account wouldn’t let me use apple cause apparently it don’t support that then says I’m banned I didn’t understand created another new account and oh wait I’m banned I touched nothing I logged it and got banned for god SAIX and every update I looked at them since five months ago all the way to 3 days ago “ we have squashed some bugs to make twitter better “ thought x would come out with big update but no it’s just say “ we have squashed some bugs to make x better” get a real update Elon musk u got a net worth of over 100 billion dollars and it’s such bull that u are that lazy to add the same update every time and not acc fix anything if twitter comes back and u acc fix the bugs and viruses then I may consider mind u may take this down cause u always get 5 star reviews If 4 and below u get angry and delete them Typical.Version: 10.2

Musk’s TwitterI used to be a habitual Twitter user. It was a way for me to connect with people to exchange views and expose lies often stated as fact by many establishment media in support of UK government policies against Scottish Independence. Given that Scotland doesn’t have any independent media we are inundated with a constant narrative that supports the views of the UK and it’s British Nationalist supporters. The feed from people I follow has been slashed probably because they aren’t willing to pay for a blue tick. This allows Funded agenda driven people to drive opinions. Since Musk has taken over my feed is vastly changed to people with a right wing narrative who’s sole purpose is to poison peoples view of the world. Their intolerance of others, their denial of scientific facts and support of Right Wing governments are disgusting and fuelling a hardening of the ugly kind of nationalism that the world must leave behind if we are to live in peace. No longer a platform that is enjoyable to participate in!.Version: 9.43.1

What is this ugly app?I didn’t install it. The logo looks like it was selected by an annoying 15 year old who has somehow gone through a humiliating divorce. I opened it up and it’s like a Twitter clone, except all the accounts with a VIP badge are people you’ve never heard of, and their opinions are so bad they had to pay money to make their posts appear above the popular ones. If you somehow have this mysterious app on your device too, I recommend you delete it..Version: 9.68

Like watching a friend die.I’ve been using Twitter for around 11 years. I had custom wallpapers, 120 characters, hashtags. It was a beautiful experience. I didn’t mind when they took the wallpapers away, because they gave us better headers, then they gave us GIFs, then they gave us 240 characters. Things were getting better and better. Now? Now it’s boiling pot, filled with cancel culture, pro-racism groups, fanatical supporters of football teams, celebrities, and politicians, and has become the new patient zero of fake news sources worse now than Facebook was known for. You cannot hide from sports, drama, scandals, and more. You can’t customise your experience in your trending area, and explore still force feeds garbage to you before you can see your actual interests. The recent Spaces feature is already broken and filled with spam. Reporting accounts does nothing. Reporting hashtags that have become flooded with violent and misleading tweets does nothing. You cannot disable sports no matter how hard you try. Twitter, I love you, but you’re on the brink of implosion. You’re going the same way as Instagram - an empty husk of your former self. You need to re-evaluate your priorities and business model or you’re going to collapse under your own weight. If we could go back to before the Trump era of Twitter, things could feel somewhat peaceful again, but alas, that will never happen. Goodnight, Sweet Prince..Version: 8.91

Zero stars would be generous.Zero stars isn’t possible, so a begrudging one star. What a nightmare Twitter has become under Musk. He’s taken something that worked but treated it as his latest toy, and in doing so he’s torn it down, just to stroke his ego. What kind of name is X? It sounds like a porn site. What will the next iteration be called? Y? Users used to tweet, but what are they doing now, x’ing? Actually, users are now X’iting. The rebranding was done on a whim, again just to stroke his ego, and it has proven to be a disaster. Did Musk not consult with anyone who understands the importance of branding? Apparently not. The X logo, and the management of the platform is extremely amateurish. It has become a cesspool for RWNJ’s, and bloated with advertisements. Functionality changes like the weather. Nefarious actors now have free rein to spout whatever they want (as long as they don’t upset Musk). Doesn’t Musk have EV’s to develop? Who is in charge of the rockets? Doesn’t he have people working for him who can do the day-to-day operations? Micromanaging everything and everyone. If one of his employers made such a disastrous effort they’d be sacked. Let us settle it as you want to do with Zuckerberg — win or lose, I am prepared to bring you back to reality in a similar manner. *** I dare you. ***.Version: 10.2

X is a stupid nameBring back twitter.Version: 9.68

Just a grown manchild’s playgroundTwitter needs a complete managerial upgrade. The man that runs this app is a narcissistic baby who paywalls a supposedly free speech platform and labels blatant false tags on profiles he deems annoying. It’s pitiful, unprofessional, and down right disappointing. I will never pay to use a free speech platform and anyone who does, is a sucker..Version: 10.2

Cant even get into the appI have downloaded, put in all the information asked for, been authenticated as a human….and everything stops there…cant get past this point so there are gremlins working in this app…something needs to be fixed. Until then…no ratings from me. I wrote this yesterday and I still cannot get into the app. There is a major bug I think. In the meantime Ive removed the app, downloaded it again 3 times, everything good, authentication good….and everything stops again. I dont even get to the point of putting in a password! If you have bug killers there, can you please kill this bug & fix the problem? Ive never had Twitter, I thought I would give it a go…but apparently not, X-Twitter doesnt want the app to work on my iPad..Version: 10.0

I lost my Twitter accountTo App Store/Twitter I was on Twitter when an account that I’ve had for 3 years has only just been locked for being underaged even tho my age fits the requirements to use Twitter and when I tried to contact Twitter Support they didn’t help me! This is totally unfair and so I hope you can understand why I am rating it a 1 star and I hope that they actually recover it after they see this! This is so frustrating because they said that they couldn’t identify that I own the account which in my opinion I think that they didn’t even try to fix it which is absolutely BS, the eventually closed the case that I sent and then I sent another and got “there is a current case on this issue in progress, please make sure the current one ends” even though it already did so I am having a hard time trying to process how they think I do not own the account and why they didn’t feel the need to help them as after all it is a developers job to look after the people that use it, right? All I want is my account back and then I might consider changing my 1 star to a 4 star!.Version: 8.93

RIP TwitterAfter 16 years I finally deactivated my account this week. Rest in peace..Version: 9.67

Musk’s DestructionWas a great app until Musk took over. Now, bigotry and hatred run rampant, racists and homophobes not only get spotlights shone on them, they get paid for their tweets via Paid Verification and botted views/replies. Too many bugs, too many issues, too much hatred. Elon Musk is a disgrace to business and humanity itself; his choices not only on this app, but through his personal life and the people around him (like his trans daughter who he ignores and instead spreads lies about trans people) are so abhorrent and foul. He has positively ruined Twitter as a whole. Firing people and then finding out why they were integral to this business when it fails, simply proves how incompetent and ignorant Elon Musk truly is. As soon as BlueSky is out of beta, I strongly recommend new users to migrate to that app..Version: 9.67

Good memes but I’d rather see them stolen on some instagram meme pageToxic cesspool, what more can you say really. Surprisingly more harmful than Instagram, y’know that place with the slimming diarrhoea teas, ‘damaging’ amounts of photoshop and influencers who live the ‘good life’? Yeah, that Instagram that is apparently really bad for the mental health of young people as well as adults ... yeah, I’ll take my chances with the stolen memes and not be phased by some very obvious photoshop. P.S. if you’re going to make muting words an option, at least make it a useful option. Muted words will appear all over your timeline, in retweets and posts by people you follow as well as those you don’t, yet are muted in comments ... they do realise it is much easier to avoid muted words in the comment section rather than all over your timeline right? If I choose to click on something then that’s my own choice, I’m prepared to see the muted words but not on my timeline unexpectedly, by people that I follow or strangers..Version: 8.41.1

Restrictions on Twitter PlatformsHave decided to give 3 stars to Twitter simply due to restrictions on what we use to be easily accessible prior to E.M taking over. The rules of the game has changed. 'You Pay to Enter' seem to be the order of the day. Thinking Twitter mihht be a fortnightly visit now rather than daily read..Version: 9.67

The replies feature of this app is horribleSometimes there is a post that I am genuinely interested in, but when I click it to read the replies, literally none of them are relevant to the post. Some are people replying with other random memes to try and piggyback likes off of a viral post, and others are promoting their only fans/porn links/actually posting videos of porn. I know the age requirement for this app is 13 or older but I don’t think it’s appropriate for a 13 year old looking at a meme to suddenly stumble upon multiple videos and links to porn in the replies section. If they were relevant to the original post it would be more acceptable but these people are just spamming links to their only fans trying to get attention on a viral post. This issue is why platforms like Reddit seem superior for having any sort of meaningful discussions about a post. If you actually put effort into filtering out the spam replies I think X would be a more successful application. But as of now it seems that the priority is to put any verified accounts posts at the top of the replies, and that system is causing the quality of content on your app to decrease..Version: 10.11

UnhelpfulDon’t bother. I have had no issues with Twitter until about 2 weeks ago when Twitter sent a message saying someone hacked into my account from their end. Next thing I was logged out or the app. I have emailed them the proof 5 times now to get an automated message to keep sending the info and or find the email address that the hackers changed it to. Obviously hackers change all your profile details and emails and passwords to lock you out so the automated message of “please use the email associated with the account. We cannot help you any further than this.” It’s not good for the platform as they have an absolute obligation to the platform regarding all our information. If I don’t hear back from them with a resolve this time I will take things further..Version: 9.42

Need to be apoliticalNo matter your political leaning, and no matter how hard you try to avoid politics you will be inundated with ideology that only cleans One Direction. No matter who you follow.I don’t go to Twitter to discuss politics. I am politically independent. hi follow people on Twitter because I want to see things about history and funny Memes and the like. But it’s nearly impossible to avoid the politics. additionally, there are people that moderate the information is posted. These people have no background in science or medicine yet they try to play God as a relates to what information is allowed to be seen by the public. A perfect example are all all the people who were suspended or banned or “shadow banned“ by moderators for questioning the safety of Covid vaccines. of course, now many of those concerns have been proven valid. Pfizer has now admitted that nearly 44% of pregnant women who received the vaccine miscarried. But open discussion on that topic this time last year or two years ago would’ve gotten you banned or suspended. It might even to this day. Anyway, the platform is fine as long as you don’t expect genuine open discussion any contentious or politically sensitive topics..Version: 9.25

New update 8.27.1 reviewI updated my Twitter app to 8.27.1 on my iOS and in the last few days I keep seeing constant changes on the app. Yesterday on my DM the profile icons while someone is typing have gone dramatically small and it's made it almost unrecognizable. It was fine the day before. Now today I can no longer see the time/clock on the top left hand side or the battery and WiFi icons on the top right hand side on any of the tabs I click whether it is on my Home page, search/trending and DMs. Which has only happened today. I am rather annoyed about this. Please revert the changes back or stop making the changes.Version: 8.27.1

Why this app still gets 5 star reviews is beyond me.Ok, first of all, what happened to my initial review? Was it not to Elon’s liking because it contained legitimate criticism? Did Musk’s sycophants mass report me? Who knows. Second, why did you change Twitter to X? What does “X” have to do with social media? Also, “Blaze your Glory”? Really? What does that too have to do with social media? Now for the most critical part: Elon Musk’s inability to distinguish the difference between free speech and dangerous speech such as hate speech and the difference between moderation of dangerous content and censorship has caused the platform to be overrun with Anti Semitism, Islamophobia, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny. The platform that used to be known as Twitter is now the most toxic platform to ever exist. Musk has effectively made Twitter into a multi billion dollar version of 4chan. Elon Musk has even embraced Anti LGBTQ and Anti Semitic conspiracy theories and happily interacted with those of peddle them. Why this app is still getting five star reviews is beyond me. It is like people are so enamored by Elon Musk’s personality that they refuse to see the devastating flaws plaguing the platform under Elon Musk’s poor leadership. There is only one solution: Leave. Start leaving. Leave this site and everything on it..Version: 10.5

Bring ‘twitter’ back.This is not even twitter anymore. bring the blue bird back. ‘x’ is such an odd name smh..Version: 10.0

Sad to see it goIt’s was twitter, no longer the same when it was ruined by “the new owner”…sadly I’m deleting it and not looking back!!!.Version: 10.0

Superb, but watch support taken away with iOS 11Twitter has grown on me, and it's really easy to on iOS. I like that I can change between accounts easily, and the lists function is useful. I've used other Twitter apps in the past, and still use Tweetdeck on a PC, but they have mostly gone obsolete. The iOS native app works well enough. 5 stars for reliability, ease of use and iOS presentation and integration. Still relevant in 2017, but with the advent of ios11, they decided to withdraw support for Apple Watch, so I'm revising my review rating down to 3 stars..Version: 7.8

If I could I would Rate it -10The mere fact that Twitter are so up themselves, that they believe they have the right to Censor what people think, say and tweet, demonstrates that they are out of Control, just like Facebook. To arbitrarily suspend or close accounts for no other reason than the Account holder breached Twitters so called Community Standards is Authoritarian and shows them for the fascists that they are. They claim they are all about Freedom of Expression yet demonstrate on a daily basis that they believe in exactly the opposite. Everything is fine as long as you play by their rules, but exercise your right to express an opposing view and it’s game over for you! The Twitter Nazis are a disgrace & the sooner Twitter disappears from the Internet the better..Version: 8.69.2

If it wasn’t broken it didn’t need “fixing”Should have just been left alone but I can see why it is now called “X”! X clearly stands for bad juju which is now what has become of something that was good!! Firstly let’s address the issue of giving us users the option of disabling the most annoying freaking chirping sound effect when you refresh a page (if your gonna change Twitter to X and take away the logo and name why add the sound?!??). Secondly spaces has got to go it’s just as annoying as the chirp sounds but when they randomly pop up at the top of your feed and won’t go away straight up does my head in who wants to hear people talk about absolute nonsense 🤷🏼‍♀️ i could go on but im not gonna because no matter what we say nothing changes..!.Version: 10.8

Needs a subscription modelOver the years Twitter has introduced more and more ads to the app in various different ways. Initially it was a few ads scattered across your timeline every so often and were often unobtrusive. Fast forward to today and now there are UNSKIPPABLE ads embedded into almost every video you can find throughout your timeline. Granted they are usually only 5 or so seconds but when you end up going through 10 of those in just 5 minutes, that means about 10% of those 5 minutes we’re watching ads. Seriously, I get that Twitter has to make money but this is ridiculous, just introduce a subscription model please, I would happily pay like £2/3 per month or something like that to completely eliminate all ads throughout the app. No need to push it onto people or anything but just have it as an option at the very least..Version: 7.48

TRYING TO CONVERT MEI've been using Twitter for a good, solid amount of time but recently a bunch of religiously motivated Tweets have been showing up on my Timeline under 'Based on your likes.' I'm not religious and have not been since I was 10 years old (did not have Twitter at this time). I tried reporting these as Tweets I was 'not interested' in many times and they continue to show up. I'm not going to stop showing Tweets 'Based on my likes' because usually these are cats and bunnies and I like those. However the amount of religious propaganda I'm experiencing is seriously disturbing to me. Even if I did accidentally like a single religious Tweet that should not be cause for them showing up every other scroll. Additionally this should cease to happen after I report that I do not want to see these kinds of Tweets anymore. What kind of sick game is this? As a society it's important to not only respect our individual differences but celebrate them. If everyone operated with the same mindset we would never evolve as a community. Stop trying to not so subtly influence people into adopting an entire different set of spiritual beliefs. It's disrespectful and it's concerning. Please practice common decency and responsibility..Version: 9.4.1

Elon is no goodAside from his wealth, Elon is the opposite of what every man should strive to be.Version: 9.67

Hate the updateLost my previous settings, which makes the trend way less interesting. Some part are in French, don't understand why..Version: 7.7

Less of a fan since Elon might have my account suspendedI was never the biggest fan of being on social media every day and every minute of every day. But I do use it for work in the political realm getting my messaging and messages out there for those I work for and my own views. I’m a bit less of a fan of Twitter now that I know they respect the free-speech, a little less meaning that because I don’t agree with Elon Musk, my account may be suspended. Others might argue that those who are inciting riots, and doing things such as attacking other political views, or attacking them, because of their race ethnicity, social economic status… That’s not the type of politics that I comment on. I respect free speech, but when it turns into ways to attack others or incite riots to hurt others, are overthrow the that is the limit of what free speech is outlined in the constitution. But I have not inciting riot just expressing my views if I don’t agree Elon Musk and his minions or other billionaires as punishment they will prevent me from using a social media platform like Twitter. I do not support this in for that reason I will rated at three stars.Version: 9.44

Stop censoring, Twitter!Stop censoring or hiding tweets.Version: 8.7

Take over by a racist to the core.Money can buy you a lot of things but I cannot buy you class or education if you choose not to. Seeing the changes in Twitter shows how many uneducated, racist……why I do not know because there is more crime committed by white people every day than blacks and I am white and watch it nightly on the news from both sides. This degradation and divisive Ness is what is going to take America down. You people should be focused on the issues and making them better. If you are such a wonderful, wealthy man Mr. musk, you should take some class out of your pinky finger and apply it to your new purchase. I will never use Twitter again and all of the people I know said the same. I never used it anyhow I just download it after hearing how low it got. I will now remove the app and hope you get some education in class as to who we are really at war with. You people want a Civil War it seems like. We won another loss of hundreds of thousands of lives because you can’t get along With people based on their melanin level. What next, you are going to start checking peoples blood types? Grow up, read some books and see what you’re really doing to our country!.Version: 9.34.1

Twitter reviewTwitter is good but not many likes or re tweets for me. Would like to reach wider audience but without all those free followers that end up being unbearable. Want to reach audience I want but hard to do. *All of the above, though frustrated my ex follows me on Twitter but I can’t & we are good friends we don’t know why. I have looked up his name but a bunch of others with same name come up. His name is Cristian Cuellar no other name & told me his image is related to Mexican even though he usually lives in Colombia & is here holiday in Australia, can you ‘Twitter’ tell me why, I’m not very tech minded & if it has something to do with my settings, etc??.Version: 8.10

Rebrand is so stupidHe is an idiot and this rebrand is moronic. What an a hole. Deactivating my account and never touching this dumpster fire again. Good riddance..Version: 10.0

Littered with bugs, obvious inconsistencies, and continued issues.Twitter as an iOS app has had continued issues since the change of ownership. This ranges from UI to UX experiences. The most egregious of which are notifications within the app that do no reference actual accurate information. An example would be the horribly implemented and terribly unoptimized Community Notes. Where your rating says one thing but your profile says another. You will be suggested and recommended to begin writing notes but when you attempt to you will then be informed that your rating displayed is not the same rating internally which prevents you from writing notes. This notification error has existed for months now and has been reported by me for months. Twitter support seems to not understand what the screenshots or screen recordings indicate or are willfully ignorant. This previous issue extends to Twitter Blue implementation where you will see in the notifications tab that you have been approved however this does not reflect accurately to your account for upwards of 1 week or more. Against Twitter support does not seem to understand screenshots or screen recordings of this being shown/demonstrated or are willfully ignorant. All messages to support or confusingly misunderstood or outright ignored going unread..Version: 9.48

Rip birdLil bro got evicted 😔.Version: 9.68

This app needs to be removed from the app store.It’s like this app was designed to make people as miserable as possible and to spread misery and hate into the world. It’s actively made my life worse every time I’ve opened it. The toxicity on this app has gotten worse and worse over the years and nothing gets done; I’ve had enough. Trolls and bigots get treated with kid gloves here. Your time is better spent doing ANYTHING else; there is nothing of value here anymore. If I could give it a zero stars rating I would. Twitter was a mistake. UPDATE - unbelievable. They ACTUALLY will just allow open discrimination. But if you ever get too mean in responding to it, oh no we can’t have that. Twitter Safety is a misnomer and this app is actively hostile to minorities. UPDATE 2 - it gets worse. Much worse. I wrote this review even before the buyout. This app is completely and totally unusable to anyone wishing to hold in to a shred of faith in humanity. And now apparently the app is infested with straight up illegal things so disgusting I’m not sure I should mention it by name, and thanks to the new ownership completely gutting the moderation team, nothing gets done. This app shouldn’t even be allowed on the Apple Store or any other distributor. Adult websites have to moderate their content to make sure illegal material is not shared, but apparently the new ownership of this app doesn’t think rules apply to them..Version: 10.21.2

Utter Garbage“Oops something went wrong. Please try again later,” is the typical response you get when trying to resolve an issue. Twitter’s arbitrary software allows some users to abuse others with impunity, while innocuous posts or singular instances of merely “liking” a post may get you suspended. When you try to resolve the issue, good luck. You will rarely get a human to look at your issue, only an endless circle of useless articles and login tasks which may be impossible if you run both a business account and a private account. The “appeal” option is little more than a memory hole from which you will never get a response, or sometimes an automatically generated instant denial. Twitter does little to control spam or bots. It will disable an account but still send you email notifications linking to it, yet not permit you to login simply to unsubscribe. Deleting arbitrarily suspended accounts is nearly impossible. The user-generated content is poorly and capriciously monitored, often laden with the worst sentiments and epithets so-called humanity has to offer. If you anger someone by promoting human rights or legal reform in the wrong country, you will be locked/suspended without warning. It is a time-wasting garbage app run by those who profit from toxicity and spit on the very ‘rules’ they comically established..Version: 8.94

Certain things need to change.I love Twitter. I use it everyday but sometimes when I try watching videos. It says it’s not available in your country...like why? I Iive in New Zealand. All videos on twitter should be available for everyone worldwide. And I wish we could search our followers and following, just like on Instagram. If you guys do that I’ll give it 5 stars.Version: 7.43.1

SuspensionTwitter suspends someone for a spelling error but doesn’t respond to an appeal sent more than a week since suspension Very arrogant and unrealistic to anyone who has joined this platform..Version: 8.40.1

Shadowban Epidemic & Missing RepliesTwitter is meant to be a form of Social Media, with the emphasis on “Social” especially for the 1000’s of people suffering from loneliness, depression, anxiety and illnesses that leave them housebound and/or without physical socialisation, so it’s extremely upsetting that Twitters algorithms are so messed up that people are now getting Shadowbanned because these broken algorithms think the people are Bots. And the whole “Missing Replies” saga, where your wee speech bubble shows you’ve a reply to your Tweet but when you click on it, there’s nothing there! Notification Bans too... And no amount of Tweeting to Support gets us anywhere, let’s face it though, it’s an automated service that goes round and round in circles and you never get a reply/response/or fix ~ Where’s the Human Customer Support? I think the powers that be need to get their fingers out their well payed pies and realise that they should be looking after their customers!!! You are putting peoples lives at risk!.Version: 7.21.2

Elon sucksElon is slowly destroying this app.Version: 9.63

Twitter Fake newsTwitter news part is so biased and false that even a five years old child gets that it’s biased. It’s disrespectful cuz they think they own your mind and can change your opinion and brainwash you. I myself boycotted any ads I see on Twitter, believe in opposite of what they say, and never buy stock from them..Version: 8.41.1

This app is now ruined. XTwitter was literally one of my all time favourite apps but with the full rebranding of the whole thing and it being called X now is just ridiculous. Elon musk ruined something so simple and made it bland and boring. He’s killing what made Twitter one of the best social media platforms..Version: 9.68

Timeline unstable on iPadWould be better to use if the timeline didn’t keep flicking back to what you’ve already seen then you have to scroll back to where you were only to be flicked back again and again! Every update has the same wording! Forget the app. Use the website even on iPad..Version: 8.79

Check out the new Privacy info on the App Store!I’ve had my twitter account since… 2010ish? When people would make jokes, photograph their dinner, et al. Fun times! However I’ve realised that, since its name change, it’s gotten much much worse. The amount of propaganda from weirdos and lunatics, the crazy amounts of racism. And it’s all going unpunished now? Unlike normal sites that don’t let you scream the equivalent of “there’s a gunman in the school!”, well Twitter now does. Or X. What a daft name. X. It sounds like an “Fetish dating app”. God knows what happened to it. I don’t keep up to date with the ins and outs of the ludicrous foreign tech world that feels like it’s two groups: normal mature people versus the e- equivalent of thugs and hooligans. But check the privacy info on this here App Store page. Twitter/X wants to know your PERSONAL BROWSING HISTORY, your PHOTOS… and no folks it doesn’t just mean the location info on photos you upload to the site. “Data Linked to you” and “user content”, combined with X having access to your photo library (and having investigated with network snooping utilities) they have access to your entire photo library. Imagine some dweeb or even the head honcho(‘s?) at X getting chuffed off your babies photos, or any nudity for that matter. Unsettling. One hopes that the boss(es?) are the mature non-vindictive types that would go digging through their enemies bins at night..Version: 10.23

I can’t do this anymoreBeen on twitter since 2012, new management (you know who I mean) has totally destroyed it. Most content I see is sponsored/suggested, but there’s no longer any indication of that (besides not recognizing/following the account). Absolutely virulent vibes from hateful users everywhere..Version: 9.68

Show the whole feedThe latest tweets and the “home” tweets appear to have been split. If latest tweets is selected, it doesn’t show liked tweets. Perhaps people I follow haven’t liked something in a while but I don’t think that is the case, however, I have taken a small amount of time to check and this is what I have noticed. My latest tweets feed is very empty. Also, as many others have stated, I don’t care what you think I should see or what you think I’ve missed but the reason twitter has done so well was because of the up to date, unfiltered content. The only reason I joined was because the feed was chronological, now I don’t really see the point to it. It’s basically Facebook lite at this point. Maybe start with not trying to force people to see what you think is appropriate or important, because most of the time its wrong..Version: 7.38.1

Strange suspicionsTwitter has bugged me several times. My first account was taken down after being hacked by my cousin, and I was locked out of my account, while my name was being dragged under the mud because of his actions. That was unfair, and I told Twitter, I was then rudely told that any further reply I give to them will be considered spam. They didn’t even put my account on private when he was trolling the way he did. Twitter did not care to hear what I had to tell them, and so my account was left the way it was, with people assuming I was the person responsible for all the trolling. This new account that I have now wants my phone number, but I can’t use it because I used it before on my last account. Now I can’t log myself back into Twitter. It is a very unfair social media platform, not to mention the random suspicions Twitter has when you follow a lot of people. I was just starting my account, so of course I’m going to follow heaps of people. Very overrated platform.Version: 7.40

Constant glitches since musk takeoverApp is constantly glitching in new and exciting ways. It used to take forever to load the dash, then it would reload the dash out of the blue, then it would force close. Now I’ll do something (like RT or open a tweet) and then the whole sidebar would become totally nonresponsive and I’d have to close the app to restart the cycle again. Happens frequently. DMs either don’t show, are jumbled out of chronological order, or just don’t show the notification sign in the app to say I have new messages. I miss out on a lot because of it. Terms of service are also constantly changing. Bots are absolutely everywhere and they’re all Twitter verified so they get shown at the top of tweets. P/rn bots, NFT bots, plain scam bots. They’re everywhere and extremely easy to summon by using simple catchphrases that at this point are laughably reliable. The app is run by an apparent meglomaniac who must, at this point, be trying to sabotage user experience so that people will talk to him..Version: 10.0

“We made improvements” BOLD faced lie.The constant degradation of this app, then lying about it is insulting. Twitter has been going down hill for quite awhile now so it’s not entirely Musk’s fault, but boy has he escalated things. It’s clear that this app is no longer in service of users, but advertisers. Every. Single. Change implemented lately has ONLY benefited advertisers or paying users, and even then BARELY. I’ve been using this app since 2009 and can say this is easily the worst it’s eve been. It is clear Musk wanted his own app, but didn’t want to invest the time, development, and audience building a new app needs, so he bought one with a built in audience. Which honestly, is not a terrible idea… Until he made numerous changes that only service paying users, inhibit non-paying users from using basic functions, then lie about why he’s doing it. Oh and he changed the name, throwing away years of viable well known brand recognition in a matter of days. A LOT of people have come to depend on this app, gaining followers to support their livelihood. These changes are dangerous for a lot of people, not to mention major turn offs, especially when they are taking away simple quality of life things like taking away the ability to DM anyone for free users..Version: 10.0

A dying starX the social media site previously known as Twitter is slowly dying it's lost its brightness & will eventually become a black hole . At its best X was the place to go for inside information news from people who where there at the scene. There was good argument & debate on a wide range of topics. Unfortunately it has become a source of misinformation & instead of debate we have abuse. Those of a particular political persuasion gather together to bully & castigate their political opponents or those naive enough to make statements without checking their facts. It has allowed the racists & the far right to find each other & claim some form of legitimacy. It's a pity but really it's a microcosm of life humans are a nasty bunch give a man an inch & he will take a foot give him a yard & he will want a swimming pool installed..Version: 10.24

Political censorship is rife & one-sidedTwitter is no longer an impartial platform. It has become a tool for propaganda and suppression. I am interested in views from all sides of the political spectrum and like to share interesting posts for discussion from every side... Twitter increasingly censored everything from a certain side, coming to a peak late last year. The abusive violent speak and backlash towards me personally that would accompany any conservative retweets, - never progressive or indeed far-left that I would share, violated their standards regularly yet would never be taken down or flagged by Twitter. Yet in the end my own profile was shut down after sharing posts which spoke impartially about all factual perspectives from both sides to a hot debate late last year. This sort of blatant political censorship is Orwellian, manipulative, brainwashing and infringes on human rights. Sadly, Twitter just simply cannot be trusted anymore, it is best to find an alternative that does not have a political agenda or which seeks to influence or limit your access to information that doesn’t fit in with their personal political views..Version: 8.52.1

Twitter ReviewI enjoy the platform on a whole. The other accounts really make it interesting and fun. What I DONT like: The platform has OBVIOUS BIASES. I have had my account restricted SEVERAL times because I defended myself against an obvious troll in the site. These troll accounts- no matter how harassing- racist- bulling they are - still remain. I get told that I “violated” some rule.. Whereas the person harassing me hasn't violates anything. The biases about Covid and people’s right to choose to vax or NOT.. is also obviously against your policy- when discussing medical choices and options- users should be able to discuss a pandemic publicly- because of Social distance social media is some people’s only form of socialization or feedback.. how unfair to take that away because your site is behind vaxxing obviously. Your political biases are also showing like a little girls panties- You obviously support Insurrectionist and liars over decent Americans.. I won’t even get on what it’s like for “Black Twitter”.. people of color on Twitter get treated just like they do in the world.. You look for ANY reason to shut us down.. forever. So, in short.. it’s your other users that keep me.. not Twitter itself..Version: 8.94

XWhy on Earth would you butcher an iconic app by changing its name to a single letter. X? Why!? So ridiculous. Not to mention letting go half the team that actually made this platform great. It used to be a nice beautiful blue theme with a bird, we coined the terms “tweets” and “retweets”. Why throw all that away and change it all to a black “X”? This is the worst. Terrible. Bring back Twitter..Version: 10.0

Twitter is too iconicWhat in the world is X? Why did they change Twitter to X??.Version: 10.0

Layout Change Boned ItThe Twitter experience has steadily been going downhill, but the newest layout change has really solidified it’s descent into hell— and with no way to revert or switch, it’s begun to look like a path of no return. Between insisting on displaying tweets in non-chronological order (you have to switch to this, and it resets for no discernible reason,) randomly suppressing tweets from people you follow (you can go for months without a tweet from somebody actively tweeting appearing on your timeline,) ‘ghost notifications’ and missing crucial features like editing and a proper scroll, twitter ignores it’s userbase more and more with every day that passes. Between deciding who deserves to be on your timeline, making irreversible changes and switching your home view away from chronological, Twitter seems to think it knows your experience better than you. None of these ‘features’ have ever given me anything but frustration. I would implore developers to seriously consider the requests users have been making for years. At the very least, allow users to revert certain changes for accessibility’s sake. Unfortunately, I can’t think of a single instance where Twitter as a platform has listened to the needs of the userbase, instead pumping out needless and usually cumbersome aesthetic changes, like many titans before it. It truly is as the saying goes: You either die a MySpace, or live long enough to see yourself become a Tumblr..Version: 9.7.2

Gay sex?The new update looks like some gay dating app..Version: 9.68

Bad app for a great serviceI LOVE Twitter as a service and have loved it for over a decade. The Twitter app, however, is just bad. It stutters when scrolling, jumping between lists does not save my position at the last read tweet, and the app tries to force annoying accounts/others’ insignificant interactions down our throats. Third party apps were of great benefit to the service and made it better - additionally many third party features were eventually copied by Twitter (Twitter even bought a third party app called Tweetie and rebranded it as their own app many years ago). Elon has decided to ban third party apps like Tweetbot, which unlike Twitter’s app was a marvelous piece of software. Twitter thinks this decision will push users to their sorry software but really, at least in my case, I will be using Twitter significantly less. I know that many small developers’ and companies’ livelihoods depended on these apps and Elon decides to unilaterally bar these innovative apps from accessing Twitter entirely. I will truly miss using innovative software and navigating Twitter in a coherent way. I continued hoping for the best for Twitter since Elon purchased the company but I’m beginning to see these big, rash decisions are not conducive to longterm success..Version: 9.42

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