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The Twitter mobI love this app for its easy to use and simple format. There’s loads of awesome people on here and that’s why I use Twitter over any other social media. HOWEVER! I made the mistake of expressing a political opinion. Don’t do that unless you are mentally prepared to brush off hundreds of hate comments. Many of these comments weren’t attacking my opinion but my character. This is common for the Twitter mob which is why this isn’t a 5 star app in my opinion. I know it’s hard to monitor this behaviour but I hope Twitter can find a way to make the pile on smaller..Version: 8.60

New Twitter Freedom Platform & Twitter StaffI would like to wholeheartedly thank Mr Elon Musk for his selflessness in trying to bring back freedom of speech to the World & humankind. I liken what Mr Elon Musk is doing to Twitter staff to the army of Gideon in the book of Judges 6 & 7. How it was trimmed down from 32k to just 300 strong loyal warriors!!! Well done Mr Elon Musk. I would like to help Twitter in whatever way possible. Please let me know..Version: 9.34.5

My opinion on TwitterIts a nice website for socialising and I enjoy using it although certain tweets should not be seen by younger eyes yet I feel they are too easily accessible for children - pulling them from heaven into hell for committing the sin of lust. They should be children and stay as such until they are adults. Those feelings are a young boys slave thus they must wait until they are older so the slave becomes its darling. Although you your ave when you make an account, you can easily lie about this, for that matter I did it myself - I put no thought into it. I put a random date there as my birthdate and signed up. Sometimes I will also see certain posts on here that seem hateful to certain people such as gay, lesbians and ethnic minorities. Also there are things that may offend transgenders which I believe is bad but I myself don’t support changing your gender or anything like that. You should be what you are - not what you want to be. Thankfully, there are few posts that are like or encourage this, I only see the occasional one or two every time I use the app. I am going to give Twitter a four star rating because although its great for comedy, socialising and posting your thoughts with no censor, it can be quite a toxic environment which I think needs to be worked on to try and remove posts that could be deemed harmful or hurtful to certain groups of people..Version: 9.54

TruthThanks X Team, for reviving the world with truth! Journalism has been born again!! Great dialogue and opinions can be shared on the „village square“! Yes there are real nutters out there but if they wouldn’t be permitted to speak…….. we wouldn’t know who they are! (And now we know) X has exposed the many views and colours of underwear that are out there, some so badly stained I am just glad we can’t smell them! (Do not invent that possibility on mobiles please!) So it’s easy to distance one self from bad stains and cosy up with productive and truthful people for personal growth and development! The finding of truth is made easier on X and is the ultimate reward for spending time in this village square! Thanks boys for making it that!!!.Version: 10.24.1

No fleets!!Remove fleets!!!! Twitter is not Snapchat!!.Version: 8.44

OpinionatedTweeter is a place where you can have an opinion. Your opinion is not what everyone else may like or agree with, but it’s yours. It will expose you as a person of high or low character and that’s not either good or bad. We live in a society that has welcomed people from all around the world and it will take time to trust and appreciate each other. It’s what we do with the time that matters! I use to think Tweeter was a great place where everyone could express their opinion, but since it has changed hands and ownership I feel it has lost credibility. Everyone should be able to express themselves as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. I hope that truth is more important than greed and power. I still like the platform that use to be Tweeter, but I am saddened by the negative controversy that came with the new owner. The country is being torn apart by self absorbed individuals who think everything is about them. It’s not about one individual and no one human being is God. We can make the world a better place if we recognize our limited time on earth. Let’s embrace humanity and work for the betterment of mankind..Version: 10.15.1

OpinionI have only recently joined, a week I think. I like that the spaces I have joined feel safe & very informative about the future & where we as humans being are heading. This is a Positive place to discuss & listen to discussions of learning & processing the way forward for an individual looking to work within a team environment. Ty Elon Musk.Version: 9.34.1

Constant bugsI love twitter a lot, this app is somewhere i’ve made a lot of friends and i’m able to easily express myself, but the amount of bugs sometimes make it too annoying to even open. The latest bug I seem to be dealing with is not being able to pin lists, even though twitter claimed it fixed this issue in early January. This effects me because I have a large following count of which I follow a lot back to make friends, but the consequence is that my timeline is very messy. Being able to pin a list of close friends so I actually get to see their tweets would be so helpful but for some reason, even though I always keep my app up to date, this option has never appeared for me! yet whenever I tweet to my followers about it they all have the option to pin lists?? Please fix it twitter, it’s been going on for too long..Version: 8.8

Twitter, A Dominant Era Of Once A Failing PlatformAs we turnt the bend amongst the ages, stars above twinkling & the humans carrying onwards, large amounts of money were being funneled through the ex-‘Twitter’ whilst having hired, wether known or unknown Federal Agents of ‘GOV’ who transpired to modulate the algorithm to inspire political change, many men ‘donating’,“money” to ensure that the Media & Narrative of the United States was pushed forward; whilst this was effective in it’s efforts Twitter the platform itself had lost it’s way unto the various media & social interaction amongst community it had previously stood for. Elon’s efforts into Reestablishing it’s Prominent Promptitude for others to interpret & interact properly was key to its current success, having adjusted the business model alongside reducing the overall operational costs associated with such. Elon has done an excellent job, as per usual. I hope that the upcoming app that he is working on carries the same idealisms & messages of the prior work, whilst establishing a fair means of relationship between networks. Best Of Luck Elon..Version: 9.54

So much improvementTwitter as a platform gets used by people for various reasons from current events to catching up with people, from education to politics, from entertainment to argument, from the recent movie trailer to Game Of Thrones spoiler, literally everything is possible on this platform simply because of the nature of it. Personally I use it to stay on top of the news in the tech industry from around the world, and also express my views and emotions on certain things. Twitter is perfect for such requirements. It’s not as heavy and bloated as Facebook and you don’t have to sign your life away just to get on the timeline. Over the years the app has improved significantly to the point that I don’t use any other third party clients anymore. Everything I want to do is possible on the official app. A job well done Twitter team. 👍🏼.Version: 7.49

An Elon Musk Company…Been with Twitter for ~10 years, or seems like it, and it’s probably the least useful app on my phone. It used to be great for news and local events, but after 2015, as personalities became afraid to talk, and egotistical children were propped up and given tools to abuse conversations, Twitter “Trust and Safety” acting as Ministry of Truth made Twitter a worse experience for the majority. Sarcasm gets you banned, so the celebrity and popular voices stopped in fear of saying anything that could be misinterpreted as something incriminating, to non-existent people. The fear drove people out, locked their tweets from replies, and archivists started data mining for hate speech against women and minorities. Then the US election shifted the politics. Money became the context for corruption and ideology. All I can realistically say is, Elon arrived to the garbage fire late, but he still chose to do something for the greater purpose of helping humanity from becoming tyrannical and authoritarian. Wait and see what 2024 is like..Version: 9.7.2

My favourite Social Media toolI’m loving the diversity of Twitter. It is a more reliable source of global news, current affairs, scientific information, entertainment, environment, ecology, economic issues. Compared with the rubbish mainstream media serves up including the unqualified talking heads telling people what to think, Twitter is far more effective in sharing real information & enabling debate & sharing of ideas not just ideologies. Well done Twitter. I’ve been a member since 2012 & I plan to stay. I still feel the same way after writing the above review..Version: 8.65

Democracy & Free speech is backThanks to Musk Democracy & Free speech is back, he understands that the best way to deal with bad, weak, even offensive arguements is through good arguements. Only free speech achieves that and causes bad arguements to fail and good one’s to succeed and allows democracy to move sensibly forward! Yes in practicing free speech it may often cause offence on one side or both sides, being offended is not a right in a free democratic nation, where free speech within the law is allegedly practiced. Only those who wish to muzzle anyone who disagrees with them, resorts to being offended and not letting the strength of the arguements freely expressed by all resolve and win the matter with the democratic majority, if not between those discussing freely. Time to grow up and stop taking offence or being offended so as to walk away when loosing an arguement..Version: 9.34.5

Great but not perfectTwitter is my favourite social media application with lots of great features and is always adding more. I really love the recent update which allowed you to pin lists, but unfortunately it only works on some accounts. I’m not sure how twitter chooses which accounts are allowed pinned lists and which aren’t but I’m hoping it’s a glitch that is soon to be fixed. I also think there should be more in depth tweet filter settings, like an option to turn off everybody’s retweets at once, for people who like a clean, tidy timeline. Another I’d love to see is an option to turn off retweets inside lists because when I add someone to a list, I want to see their tweets and not other peoples. This is a feature in Tweetdeck already and it’s the only reason I use Tweetdeck when I’m not using Twitter, but I can only access it on laptop or through browser which is quite inconvenient..Version: 7.56.5

Great appIt’s just like Facebook but without all the baby pictures and family trips to the beach that will spam your timeline. I use it probably more than Facebook but then again to each it’s own and twitter isn’t for everyone..Version: 7.8

FeedbackPromoted tweets I absolutely hate how these are used in comments. I understand the need for advertisements but not as replies to tweets. Timeline Very confused by this but could probably be helped by the reinstatement of the scroll bar..Version: 9.42

Twitter App for Iphone 11Ok so I’m a little behind with my model…eek!! But iphone is great for using the TWITTER App but there are some glitches…. I used to be able to scroll & respond to any ‘mention’ and still remain in the ‘mentions’ feed. But now when I respond to any mention, I’m auto directed back to ‘ALL’ which is really frustrating! So every single mention is a back and forth process - annoying. Would be really useful to have more emojis to choose from eg more animals - dogs and cats, more heart colours and at the moment I’m currently having to uninstall the App and re install it because my replies in some DM groups are all showing ‘sending’ been like that for 2 hours or more. Yet Twitter via my lap top is working ok🤷‍♀️ The SEARCH option when using an @ name followed by eg ID name or number isn’t yeilding results - keep getting pop up to check out new X features - not helpful so have to manually trawl to find what I’m searching for ……. Why do I have to trawl when the search info criteria is definitely on X and takes me ages to scroll to find. Using iMovie app for iPhone to compile short video takes ages to upload and often fails to post…..Version: 10.30

Widow of WalchaAmazing detail in this book. I listened to it almost without stop. The cold blooded calculation of this woman is frightening. Emma Partridge carefully and methodically builds the true picture of this woman who pretends she is so sweet and loving but has an ultimately sinister side that destroys a loving, generous human being by taking his life in a carefully thought out evil plan to make it look like suicide. The level of manipulation is incredible. She catches her ex husband Colin in a sticky web of lies and stories and manipulates him Into looking after her children and her. She seems to know what these men wanted more than anything else and be that for them. They both wanted a partner / wife and family. Her level of ruthlessness is mind blowing. She is one very scary person. Unpredictable and a very good actress. Just a narcissist who believes everyone else is stupid. A great read ….Version: 9.13

My favourite social mediaI have for years stayed away from Twitter focusing on Facebook and Instagram. Realised that I was waisting my time (actually) following people’s holiday and eating photos and decided to exit Facebook and try Twitter instead. Wohoo, say I, I’m loving it! Now I’m waisting my time on Twitter, but at least it is news, arts and social commentary. Who says Twitter is dead? Twitter is the (only) place to be!.Version: 7.31.2

Screen shiftingHey I just wanna alert you that during the usage of the app, momentary shifting of the timeline would happen spontaneously so it’d be nice you could fix that. It wasn’t always like this before and it seems like many are experiencing the same inconvenience as I am. And the new tweet bell in our notification tab, it’s annoying since i can be notified just by the blue tab that pops up when people I follow tweet. Thank you however for making this app better and better each day, hope you take these points into consideration..Version: 8.1

Why the cross?The cross?, Elon Musk, I mean Elon Musk? Is that even a real name? Who are these billionaires that play god with communication in the vast space of digital dialogue and visual organised chaos. Using Twitter for me is or has been for the most part an enjoyable experience however the waves of forced control being felt by my world, driven by a billionaire wannabe Captain Kirk/contemporary da Vinci is both disturbing and predictable. Control. Money. Power. Greed. Seems to be the century of the billionaires dictatorship club so far. But is Twitter a good social media platform. Sure, without Musk, definitely but we seem to be well beyond that now, Cross pending..Version: 9.67

Is the bird actually free or have its wings just been clipped..Hey, so I’m only new to the Twitter scene. I only joined since Mr. Musk completed his purchase and was promising an end to censorship and to champion Freedom of speech and for some reason and I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how the infamous picture of Joe Biden sharing an affectionate moment with his wife by gently nawing on her outstretched hand at a public event that I “tweeted” went against “community standards”..?? It’s a public domain image, photographed in public, it’s been published, it’s not been photo shopped or edited in anyway, it’s an actual real moment in time that just been captured by a photographer that was at the event.. Yet my account has been “temporarily suspended..” 🤷🏻‍♂️ What would be the reason that it goes against “community standards”..? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Particularly when it’s in the public domain and it’s been published..?? 🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s hardly “harassment” to publicise a public moment of affection between the president and the First Lady that’s already in the public domain is it..?? 🤷🏻‍♂️ I heard a rumour that Mr. Musk had cleared the house of the previous owners tyrannical attitudes towards Censorship, Suppression and infringement’s on Freedom of speech so that the bird could be free, is the bird free or have it’s wings just been clipped..?? 🐦🤷🏻‍♂️ Please help clarify this Mr. Musk.. Thanks in advance.!! 🙏✌️❤️ #EndCensorship #FreeSpeech #youcandobetter.Version: 9.34.1

Personalized tab on explore pageIs anyone seeing the “personalized” tab at the top of their Twitter explore page on the Twitter app which normally shows ‘for you, trending, Covid-19, news, sports, entertainment etc’ These tabs ‘for you, trending, Covid-19, news, sports, entertainment etc’ that shows on the explore page (search button) disappeared and what I am seeing now is a tab called personalized. And if I click on the personalized, it shows another option called “top trends”. I hope this is not a new update. I am trying to remove the personalized tab so I can have the multiple tabs I listed above on my explorer page again but I don’t know how to do it. And this stupid change happened before I even updated my Twitter or my phone plus I didn’t change anything in the Twitter settings.Version: 9.10.1

OpinionsGreat that opinions good and bad can be twittered. It makes you question your own opinions, when you come across an opinion you might. Or have agreed with otherwise. Free speech serves everyone..Version: 9.64

An Honest Review (since Musk takeover)Twitter allows me to stay in the loop with both sides of politics, enjoy memes and ofc the #twitterfiles Since Elon took it over and gave free speech a red hot go, and you know what, it’s getting there. I would’ve given the app a five-star but it’s not perfect yet, I think that’s why Elon bought it. 1. For free speech 2. To improve the software and user experience. I would love to see; a culture where videos are uploaded to Twitter. Where you can have Twitter creators, like Instagramers, Tiktokers and YouTubers. Where writers, entrepreneurs, teachers and the average Joe, all have a way to promote their content in a genuine way. There’s definitely space for it and I think is possible. A website with creators to help the eco-system is free advertising because they want people to come to twitter. I am fine with all the smaller changes currently happening, it’s good to test things out and see if it’s better or worse. All in all - Twitter is a great app and it has significantly improved since last year - I appreciate everything that the blue bird now stands for and will continue to enjoy using it..Version: 9.41.1

Include Additional FeaturesI love using Twitter, but what I find is missing is the DM voice message function. I know this function is being trialled in a few countries at the moment, but please consider bringing in as a permanent function globally. While it offers to everyone yet is a disadvantage. You will find many users will appreciate and utilise this add-on. What’s also missing? You also need to incorporate an ‘edit’ function when tweeting and sending DM’s. This will also put you in alignment with many other Apps who already incorporate these functions..Version: 8.69.2

“Blocking” Thanks ElonIn my opinion a “Tweeter” should not be able to “Block” someone just because someone challenges their tweet. Example: I was following Larry Sabato, UVA Center for Politics a few years ago (I had a child who was attending UVA). I disagreed with many of Sabato’s statements and opinions regarding politics and I said so without threat or offensive language, just my opinion. He “Blocked” me because I challenged his narrative. He never bothered to challenge my opinion or thought, simply eliminated any challenge by Blocking. Some say Sabato is a smart fellow, if so, you would think he could have easily taken me to the intellectual wood shed, told me how I was wrong, and others could have learned from the exchange. On the other hand, perhaps my thoughts and opinions had validity and others could have learned from my challenges (I mist assume that was Sabato’s primary concern). By allowing a user to block a follower just because they are challenging someone’s tweets obviously limits debate. I don’t have a solution, just identifying a problem or concern. Thanks. Jim.Version: 9.34.6

Very problematicI use Twitter a lot to follow artists and friends, but it’s very difficult to keep track of everything when the options are so limited. I see advertisements and promoted tweets way too often. There’s no Twitter Pro that I can buy to not have to see ads. The tweets I see are time-stamped, but they’re always out of order (2 minutes, 5 hours, 5 minutes, 2 weeks ago) and there’s no way to filter the tweets I see on my dashboard. I would love to be able to see only pictures or only text posts, but there’s no way to do this except for searching on a specific Twitter page. On top of this, once you scroll down a certain amount, you can’t scroll anymore so you can’t know what you missed unless you go through Twitter pages manually. I’m most disappointed about the ads, but all of the problems here are very inconvenient, annoying, and time consuming. The only reason I’m here is because all of the good artists moved here from Tumblr.Version: 8.61

Big BrotherI will simply re iterate my previous concerns but add I like most neutrals would like to see Elon achieve his mission of cleaning up Twitter getting shot of the Bots and allowing debate not just the woke left wing narrative or the highway I enjoy twitter but I am now very concerned that the majority of conservative accounts now seem to be restricted, deboosted or shadow banned, including my own despite never breaching any rules. There appears no way to challenge or learn from the penalty It seems the liberal/left/woke views are mandatory if you want unrestricted use. It’s a shame that has been politicised in this way and also very dangerous. I do hope something is done about this between governments, ignoring it would result in frightening long term consequences.Version: 9.59

Twitter is great but...Twitter is great, I get to see all the art that people make, post my own stuff, and talk with people, great app, but one problem is that when I load up the app, it immediately puts me at the top and I have to scroll all the way back down to see what’s new, if you could fix this it would be much appreciated..Version: 8.11

New Name RIP TwitterI liked it better when it was called Twitter. Now when I update its called X which just confused me and made me feel like my phone randomly installed an app. Didn't know it was Twitter rebranded as 'X'. Talk about confusing. And this is one of many changes that I believe will start to upset many people/Users whom are already not happy. There was nothing wrong with the name of the site. Nothing wrong with its 'blue tick' system. Now the site feels like its trying to be new or 'relevant'. Sadly all things come to a end. But systems that worked shouldn't have been changed! Again I have no issues with the site personally. I have no qualms with Musk. I just don't like the changes on the site that have been made - that is all. And sometimes I agree change is needed but why do any of this when the system worked...I just can't understand. Sorry for ranting, and all but I really don't like the name change at all, as it was kinda out-of-the-blue..Version: 10.0

Zaff Chevik for ElonJack had the twitter for decades, served anyone but His people. It took a African American migrant Elon to make it free for all in Less then a 60 days. Reading a lot of comments from sarcastic and narcissistic people have no idea how to run their household or maintain a relationship are giving advice to someone runs a Spaceagency, Most advanced car industry and lots of other things how to run a 40 Billion dollar enterprise. Sad things is you Americans don’t even understand the value of voting is. For you it’s Donkey or Elephant symbols. Ones a greatest country in every aspects in whole world is now can’t afford a decent dental care, behind the decent education lost the respect and credibility and now loosing your identity as what is mean of an American. Worst part is this is coming from a non American not living in US. Thank you..Version: 9.37.1

Warning accounts get suspended without explanationX can be a great platform. The spaces are great to listen to debates and interesting topics. However, X is rampant with activists false reporting everyone they don’t like and troublesome algorithms that deboost your account acting on a social credit. If you interact with an account you can get deboosted also if they have low ‘tweepcred’ without you knowing. X also suspends your account without notice or explanation. Not sure if this is to force you to be a paid user. I would be cautious investing your time and money into a platform where you can lose everything in an instant without explanation..Version: 10.9

Experience XIt’s been a few months now that I joined X and I find it fascinating how other countries and people in general think about issues that we all face. I’m waking up that there are certain topics that we don’t dare cross yet it’s amazing how certain things that people post don’t get called out and they might make people feel uncomfortable and angry but that seems to be normal. My opinion and other people’s opinions are different and this social interaction I find fascinating , they can’t change me and I can’t change them, it’s kind of addictive to say the least but generally X opens your eyes to what’s happening now and for this I’m grateful. Keep up the good work you guys at X because without free speech we’d all be lost in these testing times, peace and love to all on X.Version: 10.25.1

Missing tweetsRecently, my feed does not display all tweets by the accounts I follow. Moreover, the accounts I have notifications set up for do not display all tweets and replies. Please fix this—the quality of twitter has noticeably stepped down..Version: 9.47

Platform for fake news needs to STOP.Hope to see what I’ve written below years ago about Twitter will change after Elon Musk’s took-over and he will revamp Twitter’s inclination towards far left wing propaganda mechanism. 3 November 2022 — _____________________. Twitter side with hardline Ultra Left wing ideology. Twitter isn’t genuinely giving platform for free speech, democratic values are buried under the voice of pseudo liberals fake news tweets. Pseudo liberals nowadays spreading half baked- fake news giving references that doesn’t not reflect majority opinions but they show it as opinions of masses, which eventually gives wrong information to people and create outrage, riots, clashes, hate, anger, health is ruined coz of stress. Advise to twitter is to be fair to show opinions from both Left and Right wing. STOP GIVING PLATFORM FOR FAKE NEWS JOURNALISM, or half bake truth..Version: 9.34.1

Uncensored Beats Being CensoredI quit using Twitter a few years ago, prior to Elon Musk taking control, because every time I left a conservative message that exposed the lies being told during the Trump presidency, the Twitter police would take it down. Nothing vulgar, just exposing their lies. After Elon took control, I decided to give it another try. I believe in free speech and so does Elon Musk. You will not always like what you see, but it didn’t give them the right to remove free speech. Again, never anything vulgar, hateful, or inciting violence, you know, the way liberal politicians do. I’m so glad we have this platform back and I look forward to many years of fact checking other posts and exposing the lies. For me, X has been a stable platform. Not sure where the one star reviews are coming from, unless it’s just more of those liars that are out there trying to degrade a great app for sharing free speech. I guess those people have weak minds, preferring Government censorship and thought control. That’s pretty sad..Version: 10.31.1

Easy to tweet, follow, get notified BUT……. not usefulI can only use Twitter for direct messaging & getting notified of some of my selected accounts in my followed set for notifications.. No one ever sees my tweets. I used to get interactions but none in more than a year of daily tweets. Now the app keeps logging me out taking so much time to log back in each time since latest IOS updates. Annoying without Touch-ID sign in & having to enter long passwords. Getting ready to stop tweeting & getting notifications elsewhere that I can rely on. Also, after writing this review no support or willingness to help even if I send a DM to Twitter support, not wanting to tweet something nasty! I am not sure who is designing, supporting or what goals the developer has for this app but I wish another developer would offer a better app to use for Twitter, not wanting to have to log in to my account every time I want to post, view notifications details or just look through my feed..Version: 8.90.1

FREEDOMSince the controversial Musk take over of twitter, the app has has become one of the most important tools to share information and fight against establishment censorship. The priority of truth and freedom of press is truly a fresh breath of air. The inability to access information through means of social media was becoming a big problem. Many of the legacy social media apps utilised the Trojan horse of “hate speech” and “misinformation” to censor information and views opposing that of the establishment, but musk has bought us an app wherein we can truly access the world. Thank you Musk 10/10.Version: 9.57

Twitter to XHello, I enjoy using the app,”X” before it was called “X”. Since I joined in high school this app has been my news source and constant connection to hobbies and topics I love. I enjoy keeping up with my EDM community and upcoming events as well as interacting with my favorite DJs and Producers. Also, when there is a very popular television or movie premiering, people interact and comment on each other’s post to share their opinions on topics they are interested in such as Game of Thrones for example. People were live tweeting and commenting each scene during the final episode. The registration process was extremely easy, and I loved picking a header for my Twitter page. Since I am a loyal user before Twitter became rebranded as “X”, recently I noticed Instagram and TikTok took the lead for most used social media app. I am currently doing a research project on this app and trying to figure out how to target Gen Z users to increase their usage on X. My group project barely uses “X” but besides me, so I guess they barely go on their which means they are not a part of a target market like me. Twitter/X has always be reliable for me and rarely crashes. The increase of Ads and lack of monetarization is dangerous but also overwhelming to look at when I did not follow those pages..Version: 10.32

Toxic community (Kpop stans)Twitter was one of the apps i never payed attention to because I’m not the mainstream type and I decided to just not care too much about it but it was a source for updates on people’s lives unlike instagram with fake happy-go-lucky photos of the highlights of an exclusive life style that is highly fictional. However, Twitter has always been a place to be a playground for celebrities, yourubers and so many more influencers and this was the place where ‘cancel culture’ was born, like any social media, any community at all is toxic but Twitter is so dang special. People will actually form together to ‘cancel’ someone for something they did in the past that was racist, homophobic, transphobic whatever which is honestly an inhumane way to go about anything. Twitter has to get rid of these groups, specifically the Kpop stand as they are a nuisance to EVERY community on twitter and they are a bunch of very young teenagers who have no experience in arguing, problem solving or communication skills as a whole..Version: 8.26

X-celenteX has been an absolute game-changer for me! The user interface is super intuitive, making navigation a breeze. I've used plenty of services before, but the seamless integration and the responsive design of this platform really stand out. It's just so easy to find what I need, and everything loads lightning-fast. Plus, their customer support is top-notch – friendly, quick, and super helpful. They've gone above and beyond to answer my questions and solve any issues, making me feel valued as a customer. Not only is the platform efficient, but it's also incredibly versatile. Whether I'm looking for entertainment, education, or just to connect with friends, it's got it all. The variety of features and tools available is impressive, and they're always updating with new, cutting-edge options to keep things fresh. I've connected with some amazing people through X, and it's enriched my daily routine in ways I didn't expect. Five stars all the way – I can't recommend it enough!.Version: 10.31.1

RepressionI don’t like repression, being held down by people who are more powerful than me. I don’t like it when they have something nice and I like to play with it but then they use it against me. They’ll take it away from me because I don’t play how they like to play. Or keep from bring active for accidentally breaking a rule. My “mistakes” cost my voice, but I must be heard because words are important. Free people should be free to speak so we can decide if they are worthy of be heard or no. One day there maybe no one to listen to because everyone worth hearing has broken the law and has been silenced. The ones that can be heard still have also broken the same laws I have broken, however, the people work for the service provider or they are friends with the service provider so they receive higher regard and are not susceptible to the same punishments I am at my lower valued station in this arrangement. How much more wealth does a Twitter employee gain by silencing their fellow Americans?.Version: 8.41.1

Platform for exchanging views and learning togetherI find Twitter a very useful tool to express views, listen and read about diverse opinions. It is educational when debates and arguments are civilised and based on evidence and facts. I support human rights of all humans of all backgrounds, irrespective of religion, nationality, gender , colour or greed. Completely non religious and despise racism of all its facets. Twitter helps me call out injustices providing I base my views on facts. Also Twitter provides a platform for saying sorry when you get it wrong, sometimes that happens. Twitter helps to showcase ideas, views and also establish relationships with people you will never see or meet face to face. I dislike it when Twitter suspend people unfairly, freedom of speech is wonderful thing, we should all cherish.I like it when Twitter allows different opinions and I like it best when propaganda and lies are challenged with no hurt to personal feelings. So thank you..Version: 9.43.1

X marks the spot, charting a new course in Social Media and NewsIn the labyrinth of online discourse, X stands as a beacon of innovation. Its sleek, user-friendly interface is a testament to thoughtful design, reminiscent of the early days of social media when simplicity and connectivity reigned supreme. Unlike Twitter, where conversations often felt like navigating through a crowded, noisy bazaar, X offers a serene, organized agora of thoughts and ideas. The introduction of AI-powered moderation is a game-changer, addressing the age-old issue of online toxicity that plagued platforms like Twitter. X’s algorithms deftly balance the tightrope between censorship and freedom of expression, creating a space that fosters healthy, constructive dialogues. Moreover, X’s commitment to providing a global yet locally resonant experience is a masterstroke. It manages to shrink the vast, often impersonal digital world into intimate spaces of shared interests and connections, something Twitter could never quite achieve. In a nutshell, X isn’t just an alternative to the former Twitter; it’s a bold reimagining of what social media can and should be. It’s a platform that understands the ethos of our time: the desire for connection, the need for privacy, and the quest for meaningful, respectful discourse..Version: 10.41

The only media I needIm amazed that people have not realised the joy of instant communication and news locally or internationally that is available with X. Instant communication, speed of light news and everything in between. simply the best..Version: 10.31.1

The Epitome of Social Networking ExcellenceTwitter deserves an unequivocal five-star rating for its unmatched social networking experience. With its user-friendly interface, vibrant community, and diverse features, Twitter sets the gold standard for connecting, engaging, and staying informed. From real-time conversations to multimedia sharing, Twitter seamlessly blends creativity, information, and global connectivity. Its commitment to inclusivity and combating harassment creates a positive and welcoming online environment. Whether on desktop or mobile, Twitter's accessibility and continuous improvements make it the epitome of social networking excellence..Version: 9.60

Amazing app but had to reinstall ?I love twitter, I’m a fan of a lot of kpop groups that are very active on social media. It helps me communicate with them and also fans of groups too but recently, I have not been receiving any notifications from anyone I turned my notifications on for? I tried logging out of my account and logging in but that didn’t work, then I tried turning off the notifications and turning them on again, then I turned my phone off and on again and thought it was just my phone acting up but the notifs still weren’t coming through so I have now decided to reinstall the app to see if it works. If not, I’ll most likely email twitter to ask why the reason is for this but it is not just me that has been having this problem there are a lot of others too. I hope this can be resolved quickly because it’s a great app..Version: 8.29

Our freedom of speech is so important!I went off big tech because I couldn’t trust them when fact checkers was kicking anyone off that didn’t go along with the left on all their craziness. I think Elon has done good putting truth out and proving what we was all saying was 100% true. We was being silenced and that’s our Constitutional right to have freedom of speech. It was so bias and still is on Fakebook and Instagram is still pretty bad, and Utube a little too. I got on Truth, Gettr, Rumble, Telegram and seen what I was missing! It’s nice getting facts and truth and open discussion! I’m coming back to Twitter hoping it’s a fair platform now and things will be so much better when truth isn’t being fact checked as untrue. Somebody needed to shut the fake fact-checked down. Thank you, Elon for all you do to make social media better for all! Oh and when you wanting to know if you should stay on as CEO, I tried to vote for you too, but it wouldn’t let me:( Hope there aren’t still enemies around in Twitter that aren’t good honest people..Version: 9.41.1

Freedom of speechA news or social platform that allows all to participate freely is a human right. To add to local news or media, many other platforms are ignoring this. Thank you Elon for returning some sense to social media.Version: 9.9.1

Humanity need to EvolveThe nice thing about bacteria is that they multiply really fast. But useful if you want to see how evolution works. Put antibiotics on a Petri dish with enough bacteria, and a few days later you’ll find that a lone bacterium, one that happened to be resistant to the drug's effects is now recolonizing the plate. It’s natural selection in action. The reality is that every single living thing on Earth is constantly evolving, at least to some extent. But in species that don't live and die as rapidly as bacteria, it’s hard to see the process in action. Tweeter SM in general another form of Human evolution....Version: 7.49

Madam mX has become this unique place on the Internet, ie the only place, for people to say not only what what’s really have on their minds, which can be bad stuff sometimes depending on who is talking but it also gave people the chance to push back and address some of the most contentious issues in our time directly and in real time with main players and proponents on the world on the world stage and in smaller groups of interest , it’s debating society on steroids a group therapy a comedy club and news and breaking news travelling by the speed of light and getting and getting addressed by the news makers and public alike and with the same speed , been in the internet for decades using apps never seen or experienced anything like that .. absolutely fascinating!.Version: 10.15.1

LISTS!!!I follow a lot of people and it’s hard to keep up with everything I see on my feed. On Instagram, I would have to create multiple accounts to follow people to have my feeds more organised. On Twitter in the other hand, I don’t need to do that as there are lists. Lists are feeds where you are able to add profiles onto it and all their tweets will appear in that list. It’s like creating a separate feed and choosing what you see in it. It’s the best way to organise what you see on social media and I am in love with it. I have a music feed where I chose to add artists I love in there and I can just go there anytime to see what’s going on in their world, and then I have another list for Films. It’s great and this one feature alone made me give this app 5 stars. Twitter has everything else that all other social media have, but even more features..Version: 8.47.1

Censorship is the name of the game for the libsI have no respect for Twitter and the censorship it is guilty of..Version: 8.41.1

An exciting app now Elon as taken overI will never have to worry about getting banned for saying “keep punching down those straw men” because some bot of woke warrior has deemed it threatening language. The future on Twitter is bright for freedom of speech and constructive debate..Version: 9.34.6

Security is a keyI was not much of a twitter user previously. I have been on the “x” platform flow for a bit. I was slow getting started with the app only because of personal things in my life. I am finding “x” is much like any other social media platform like FaceBook and LinkedIn. I like the face that there are blue check marks showing the verified accounts. This keeps the information more secure and you know that the information being provided is from a legitimate source. I personally experienced over the past 6 months a breach of my security and information. Knowing there is a way to easily see the verified content posters now is key for me. While I personally don’t have funds to pay become a verified user at the moment, I would definitely pay for the validation once I have the funds available to me. As stated before, I was hacked and trying to still recover. The hack because I clicked on someone’s information that was not verified opened me up to all my information appearing in the dark web, locking me out of all of my accounts l and loss of everything that was important in my life including everything that was in my clouds that I can no longer get back especially since there are no hard copies anymore after the hack cost me my home. I don’t use X much personally for social interaction with others, but I like to read the content and if I see an ad I would like to know more about I will click it, but only from a verified account..Version: 10.18

Thank you TwitterTwitter is far more than most people think. For me it has brought me into a community of wonderful caring people from all walks of life. There is no class system, all are equal. You could be chatting to a scientist or a road sweeper. Twitter is communicating in real-time, unlike the other popular social media platform, so you know there is nearly always someone there to talk to. There are many different clubs that meet on Twitter using hashtags to come together. There is support, both emotional and sometimes financial. Some who are socially isolated or housebound in real time feel part of a community, Twitter is their lifeline. Some who are suffering a personal tragedy or serious illness are supported and some can share celebrations. Some who are lonely have friends and those friends meet in real time ‘tweetups’. Lost or stolen pets can be publicised and sometimes reunited. Yes there are trolls and not everyone who uses Twitter are nice people, but the good outweigh the bad, and it’s easy enough to block them and to warn others to do the same. Twitter is so much more than you can imagine. Twitter is so much more than just a virtual platform..Version: 7.48

Loving the app!!! Just a few suggestions.I love using Twitter!!! Such a brilliant app!! Just a few things I would suggest a few bits though. It gets rather annoying having to delete tweets only because of a spelling mistake or something like that, but whereas Facebook and Instagram allow users to edit their posts, Twitter doesn't have that option. This means that if I make a spelling mistake I can't correct it and I have to delete the whole tweet and start again. It would be really helpful if Twitter added an edit tweet option. Also it might be helpful if there was an option to turn off the comments section on tweets, as some people may not want to see negative comments on their tweets, and I really don't understand why Twitter doesn't have that option, so it would help if the turn off replies option was added..Version: 8.25.1

Use-abilityYes i love twitter and everything about it, but make it more useable for different platforms. like seriously i can’t just scroll through twitter and like a couple posts without misclicking the 2mm x 2mm square then taking me to the actual post. now the laptop usage. istg i just wanna scroll through without having unmute every single video. but other than that it’s got unlimited content which is the best, even tho elon owns chatgpt and now he has a social media platform with unlimited speech which is probably teaching the ai how to respond to us and ect but that is beside the point.Version: 10.39

Trends not displaying properly - stillI have noticed from other people’s screenshots that my worldwide trends are not showing up properly. I’m on an iPhone 7 and I have updated twitter to its recent update... please look into this Addition: they are still not displaying properly. They now have the numbers now but they are in the middle of the screen, and still in large boxes. It has no other information, except the hashtags that are all in lowercase. This is really frustrating and I can see from the Desktop Version that most of the time they aren’t even the correct trending hashtags. PLEASE FIX THIS..Version: 7.40

So much better under new ownershipThe functionality has improved massively in the last year or so and I I’ve the new long format posts and video. Looking for to it being the everything app!.Version: 10.31.1

Some feedbackGreat app and becoming better but two ux problems I picked and has been bothering me for a while. - Sometimes when I tap on a tweet from home, the back button disappears 🤔 - Sometimes when I scroll down with my thumb I accidentally swipe sideways and it opens the side menu. It’s so easy to go from swiping downwards to sideways if you scroll a lot. - another thing that bother me is I can not seem to find the top and feel that I have the latest stuff. Some of the tweets on top is like 8 hours old in some cases. These two is very irritating and if this could be fixed it will be amazing 👍🏻.Version: 9.56.1

Freedom of SpeechNo other social media App has this level of liberty for free speech At the time of writing, X has begun to implement features to stop people from being silenced… Such as the inability to block people from commenting on public posts, While at the same time, Adding the feature to only allow “ verified “ ( subscription based ) accounts, To combat shills and bot accounts Every other social media app is second rate to X when it comes to equality, As much as many people CLAIM to want equality, Would tell you otherwise.Version: 10.8

Great idea, but too much tinkering and interference by Twitter techiesI choose who to follow, who to block etc. I have no problem at all with adverts as I can weed out inappropriate companies, and I get a free service from Twitter. That's all I need. What I DON'T need is Twitter programmers constantly trying to "improve my experience" for me by repeatedly re-setting my desktop account so it shows me trends/what it thinks are great tweets instead of a chronological timeline. (Yes, I know a timeline is chronological by definition, but Twitter staff appear to think differently.). Also, too much stuff going on down the sidebars. Hey Twitter: keep it simple, stand back and let us use the great thing you invented. Spend less time tinkering with the front-end, and way more time policing the legions of obnoxious folk who leave such ghastly, personal abuse for others hiding under the cloak of anonymity..Version: 7.49.6

X is a Hell of lot better than TwitterI removed Twitter in the past because of bots and annoying feeds. Since takeover I can see the feeds are lot more pleasing and relevant to my choice and needs. And this is coming from a non paying customer!.Version: 10.7

Twitter needs to be a platform for all.Suspending the account of the US President? So his 88M supporters will probably leave as well. Trump is the most talked about person in the world. He will find a voice. He will probably start his own media organisation and it will be unbelievably successful. Twitter never was representative of the ‘real’ world. Politicians would use what was important on Twitter to develop policies and then fail miserably. Real people aren’t on Twitter. It’s just a safe space for confirmation bias. But, only if you’re on the left. It’s important to know what everyone is thinking. Most conservatives were moving to Parler, but of course that was shut down. If this was happening to left media organisations there would actually be street violence. This is going to fester now and the US could actually implode. There’s probably 100M Americans who feel completely disenfranchised and that’s dangerous..Version: 8.48

TWEETING!To Tweet is to confirm a life of Values, And does not hide bad news, But expresses human points of views, Tweeting in life is to travel and cruise, Some you win some you lose! It’s Twitter and Facebook I chose, And its Scotland’s team in blues, As you noted to tweet I did not refuse, To Tweet you left a number of clues, And your pattern I followed and did use, Thank God I have a clear head off The booze, I now drink tea before is eventually stews, This brings contentment in my imaginary mews, The poet does express and bless with rhyming And greets with pleasure at his beautiful wife’s timing, With the table set for all those dining, May the guests appreciate the crystal glasses all shining, For the contents of the glasses are worth refining, It is only I that on this occasion will be declining, Because my throat is course with my business in mining, Up and by each letter in rhyming my editor she is climbing, For the special guests their autographs they are signing, Now into the kitchen I a humble servant must go, Not only eating but serving from my garden that did grow, All these vegetables in the soap now do flow, I the master cook will let my guests Know, Now take your seats for my dining show, When the soaps to hot it’s not bad manners to blow, Lunch is finished and eaten now it’s time to leave and go!.Version: 7.58.5

GreatThe Twitter app for iPad is great and it does everything I need it to do. Every now again it stops and I have to restart it again but that could be an Apple thing with all the recent updates that I have had to install. Other than that have rarely encountered any issues..Version: 7.48.5

Positive impact on my career (one decade on the platform)Twitter helps me grow in my career; I can ask questions to thought leaders, follow the industry trend, and stay in touch with friends I met in the industry. Twitter also helped me getting two jobs that supercharged my career. I have been on the platform for a decade and I am still enjoying it. Overall the platform is fun and contributed to my knowledge growth. I would recommend Twitter to any professionals in the tech industry, but with moderation as there is no need to spend hours on it every day. 30 minutes every two days does the trick..Version: 7.48.5

Free speech is back baby!Now that the DNC doesn’t control you and you let the people not the minority have their say, look at the results. The crazies don’t run this planet the majority does, just like the Berlin Wall, eventually the masses will revolt and the people will take it down and take back the power. Welcome back to the real world Twitter. The people always prevail, maybe you should read some history books while your stuck in that echo chamber you all locked yourselves in. And stop complaining, if you disagree with something lay down a valid counter point, no one saying you can’t have your say, the only thing that has changed is now you need to be exposed to opposing opinions, that’s healthy for humanity, you would think all you college educated geniuses would know that..Version: 9.7.2

Update problem with adding photos to post (iPad)Update: The issue below seems to have been resolved in the latest update of the app (30 Oct). I use the Twitter app on the iPad on a regular basis, and this app is far better for me than using the PC for both reading and posting tweets. On the iPad Pro (with iOS12), when adding photographs there was a reasonable sized image (up to four per tweet) and the ability to add accessibility text for those who need it. After this latest update, when adding photographs to post, there is now a very small thumbnail image with a big X (close button) covering it, so impossible to check it’s the correct one before posting, and no option to add accessibility text. It still seems to work OK on the iPhone after the update; just the iPad version that has issues with photographs. Otherwise, it is a great app..Version: 7.35

Twitter timesI have been on Twitter for 4 months I love it here! However, I regret that Twitter blocks people. I think that should be my right, not twitters. Except, in terms of a breech of privacy or criminal activity. Then Twitter should impose a ban on a person.Version: 8.16

BrilliantAt first, when I got this app I thought that it would be all the same like Instagram and Facebook etc... except - it isn’t really. It’s more getting information about certain people whenever you want to see what they are doing. This happens when someone posts something exiting and you are like wow that’s amazing or oh my gosh that’s shocking. You know that type of thing. Also, when I got this app I thought that it would be all the same like Instagram and Facebook etc... except - it isn’t really. It’s more getting information about certain people whenever you want to see what they are doing. This happens when someone posts something exiting and you are like ‘wow that’s amazing’ or ‘oh my gosh that’s shocking’. You know that type of thing. UTTER SHAMBLES.Version: 8.18

I’m sorry everyone hates you ElonI feel so bad for Elon, most of these reviews hate him and I don’t get why he deserves it, he didn’t inherit wealth, look it up. he smoked weed on a talk show, cool he’s human. He has his own political views, isn’t that also why you all hate him, because you all also have your own political views? Maybe everyone hates him for exposing so many lies, I know the media hates him. Why does everyone think Elon wants world domination, I think he’s a smart guy who wants to make a name for himself, and be memorable while at it, and I personally think he’s funny. Living a life managing so many things can be boring and extremely stressful, he barely has time to do anything, he runs all day on 6 hours or sleep and he said it himself! Try doing that. And on another note, I’d like to thank Elon for changing the world, and making it possible to be yourself while making huge accomplishments, something we all brag about but hold others back when doing so. Thanks for reading..Version: 10.0

One stop information shopI use Twitter for up to date news, sports scores, road and rail travel information and I communicate with some of my service providers via Twitter too ie Three mobile and my energy supplier. I also like to follow my local police who tweet regularly on the going’s on in my area good and bad. I like the fact I get to see relevant tweets from people and groups I follow as a notification so I rarely open the app as all the info i want is in my phone notification centre. To sum up the Twitter app its my go to place to get the relevant information and news I need, and as I don’t follow friends family or z list celebrities I don’t get bogged down with all the other stuff that seems to happen on other platforms like Facebook & Instagram..Version: 7.42.1

Stop being bias and allow freedom of speechJack - Your bias media platform in removing conservative accounts ain’t going to shut down the freedom of speech. We can easily close our accounts with you and move to Parler or PragerU who accept free speech for both liberals and conservatives with open arms. I wouldn’t be too cocky if I were you, the voice of the people can overthrow any governmental organization and tyranny leaders like Obama’s, the Clintons and the Demon-ratic Party who think they can rule and control the freedom of speech. Ain’t gonna happen and never will!!!.Version: 8.4.6

Divine Rights of People to Freedom of ExpressionTwitter as a public venue to express people’s various opinions is very valuable source of meeting different ideas that come objectively to the truth of the issues presented. Particularly at this difficult times when Political and Ecclesiastical theater showed us its bold and impudent drive to usurp power in very unaesthetic way. The major illegality and Sin of monopolistic industries of Banking and Pharmaceutical dictatorships is marginalizing people to below their human capital value, thus putting them into defensive mode, which it will not contribute to rational solving of the human condition. This present jungle competition between Nations is Lawless and Godless. If ancient people understood Divine Law as expressed in Genesis 9:13 Rainbow in the clouds as a covenant between people of this Earth and the God. The Divine Entity provided His real signature of Aesthetics, beautiful thoughts and actions of every human being is respectfully required. #Liberty of Expression is most important part of #DivineLaw it is granted upon people as their Divine and Sovereign Right that no public actor can challenge or take it away from individual actor..Version: 9.49

TwitterI have been part of twitter sphere for many years.. however I deleted old accounts re evaluated what and who I wanted to associate myself with. So recently I came back and now I'm having the time of my life with the app.. I have a great community of friends all like minded and here for the same thing. To communicate, share and like one another's posts. I love that it's not all drama orientated and filled with people rowing over petty stupid nonsense. I truly have found an amazing community through this app.. the app has come along in leaps and bounds.. introducing many new features including the longer letter count. Enabling you to express and communicate better without having to edit your posts over and over again. So in all happy to be part of an amazing growing community and look forward to it growing and changing over the years..Version: 7.28.2

Let’s be honest it’s greatI don’t know what else you would want from a social media app. If you want entertainment you could find it, if you want knowledge on a business or company you may want to start you could find it, if you just want to kill time you could just go on and scroll. I think it’s my favorite social media app and it is very diverse from young to old people from people with all different intrests and hobbies educating each other on cool or interesting topics also unlike other apps it is not just a brain rot for low attention spans and it does not hurt anyone who wants to go on as long as you don’t look at the wrong stuff. That is also why X is great is it gives you a freedom to post whatever and look at whatever so if you don’t like what you see you could only blame yourself since that is what you have been looking and the algorithm is perfect if I look at something once it gives it to me maybe once more if I look up knicks game score I will get more updates on the score to knicks games and other NBA games..Version: 10.36

Amazing but there is a problemSince yes I have a phone and stuff but it expired and I can’t go out and get one my parents don’t allow that now bc I logged out of Twitter on accident i can’t log back in cuz it needs my phone number yesterday was fine I wrote this problem once in here but here we go again please fix this ik it’s keeping hackers away but I haven’t even put my phone number hackers can easily put their phone number and what’s the point of it now I can’t log back in I won some giveaways (games stuff) and now I can’t join more and can’t claim >:( I’m kinda angry but overall nice app.Version: 8.80

Used to be good, awful nowTwitter cares more about advertising and making money than creating a service that their users want to use. Algorithms are awful and show you people's likes and tweets from people they follow even though it's stalkerish and many people don't want that feature (and there's no option to turn it off), video player is still broken and has been for more than 5 years, and it forces you to show your timeline in their awful "Home" (algorithm-based) layout unless you change it to "Latest" (chronological), but it always switches back to Home after a short period of time anyway so you have to keep remembering to select Latest to use the app like how you want. I do not enjoy using Twitter anymore and definitely use it less than I used to as a result of these changes..Version: 7.60.6

Best source of real and current newsI’ve become a huge fan of X since it became an honest and open forum for all sides of the political isle to share their views. It’s also a great place to get accurate news, especially with the advent of Community News where X members get to inform the X community of false or inaccurate statements. So many other features continue to be added over time too that make it so much better, such as long form posts, video uploads, polls, etc. I look forward to watching it get better with time..Version: 10.31.1

Cafes closing early in austWe use to own a cafe in melb & it was a very busy place, but the complains were always about closing early. I now believe it’s true. Not just with cafes but all shops. During the night it would be a good idea to have many places opened till late. Esp the big shopping centres. Take the weekends why can’t they be opened for late night shopping. Tourists must be annoyed with this system. Aust is very backwards in this area & more opening hrs should be extended. Make the city more lively & adventurous. When I go overseas I find so much night life whereas here it’s very boring & annoying. Introduce more market places & street entertainment..Version: 10.32

Voice notePlease add a voice note in the direct messages , Please volume up the quality of pictures , Pleeeeaaaassssse maaake my tweets from the latest by default !.Version: 8.21

Simple, fair and it WORKS!Absolutely love this default of an app already on my iPhone. It is extremely user friendly, easy to tweet and I absolutely love the position of the navigation bar through all Apple apps. What a thoughtful idea, always judgemental about the user experience. I have had purchase two other Twitter related apps, which I no longer use by the way as they proved to be complicated browse, post multiple tweets and then some, and user friendly at the least..Version: 7.30

Twitter and social media.I don’t have TV. Over the years I have learned to not trust the aim of these companies to brainwash the public into believing everything they churn out! All sensationalism! It used to leave me with a very heavy heart, realising that their main aim was to cause havoc amongst the people of our beautiful world! It is happening everyday! With Twitter/social media…I decide for myself what is the most important subject/news to read, comment and interact! Unfortunately there are those on the site who’s only aim is to insult and hurt with the most vile language imaginable! That’s the downside. The good side is allowing freedom of speech…which in my opinion should be within reason. Although I admit to have erred into making a comment that was unacceptable and have been allowed to retract! Anger does take you onto a different level! Also to be able to block those to which l personally don’t want to read comments that I think will most certainly upset my day! This missive is all about me! Others certainly would not agree….but…that’s one of the best sides of Twitter! My regards to you all at Twitter! You are doing a wonderful job! 😊.Version: 9.67

Improved, But Room for More User ControlTwitter's new ownership has made notable strides in the right direction with its algorithms, especially for those like me who primarily use it as a sports news hub. The platform now does a better job at tailoring content to my interests. This is a significant improvement over the previous management, which often flooded my feed with left-leaning political content, despite my clear preference for sports news. However, despite these improvements, there are still a few kinks that need ironing out. I've noticed that the app tends to revert from the 'Following' tab to the 'For You' tab. While the 'For You' tab is more refined now, it occasionally throws in content that's not aligned with my interests. In the future, I would appreciate more user control over what I see, allowing for a fully customizable Twitter experience that stays consistent with my preferences. All in all, Twitter's latest updates are promising, but there's room for improvement to make the user experience truly personalized and user-controlled..Version: 9.62.1

I miss FleetsFleets were best for uploading daily photos without messing up the timeline. Ah I miss them a lot. Twitter is still great though. Although the implementing a bad-button is just horrible please stop that's just bad..Version: 8.79

ReviewI’ve been either Twarter for - don’t know how long! They permanently suspended my account a few weeks ago - the crime? Breaking Twatter rules! No other explanation, no notice, no discussion entered into - just Fakk off, you’re banned! I’m sure I’m not the only one, but they are so irrational in their behaviour nowadays - I couldn’t care less! Can’t do anything now but see messages from non-entities, all my saved info - gone! That’s what is so annoying! Then we get chief DIck, Phil and Fanny, Wally Hillaby that I’d really like to comment on! What a pair! Caught queue jumping (did they slip the guards a few quid?) and then They get uptight about it! Amazing!! If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen - as the saying goes! In this case, don’t queue jump if you’re not prepared to get/take the flak on SM!.Version: 9.29.2

Raw emotions on showTwitter can be great. It delivers news and facts and Live Photo’s from ordinary people who suddenly find themselves in the news. It can be very funny and sometimes you wouldn’t be without it. However, it can also showcase and platform knee jerk reactions before full facts and damage limitations which can lead to skewed perception of what is really happening or required. Its sad to see how many people join in to hurt others , get wound up and take things as fact just because a lot of people who are not easily identifiable say it is. It would be great to encourage constructive comments rather than destructive and better for all our mental health in these difficult and uncharted times.Version: 8.21

Twitter ReviewI enjoy the platform on a whole. The other accounts really make it interesting and fun. What I DONT like: The platform has OBVIOUS BIASES. I have had my account restricted SEVERAL times because I defended myself against an obvious troll in the site. These troll accounts- no matter how harassing- racist- bulling they are - still remain. I get told that I “violated” some rule.. Whereas the person harassing me hasn't violates anything. The biases about Covid and people’s right to choose to vax or NOT.. is also obviously against your policy- when discussing medical choices and options- users should be able to discuss a pandemic publicly- because of Social distance social media is some people’s only form of socialization or feedback.. how unfair to take that away because your site is behind vaxxing obviously. Your political biases are also showing like a little girls panties- You obviously support Insurrectionist and liars over decent Americans.. I won’t even get on what it’s like for “Black Twitter”.. people of color on Twitter get treated just like they do in the world.. You look for ANY reason to shut us down.. forever. So, in short.. it’s your other users that keep me.. not Twitter itself..Version: 8.94

Mr. RussellI think the new and improved “Twitter” now rebranded as simply “X” was a fantastic touch btw But all in all, this app does something truly amazing. And what that is…. Is helping one another find common ground. Whether it’s very productive, or the opposer…. Or the highlighted and very much so visible alternative which is agreeing to disagree which at the very least is the start of something divine..Version: 10.15.1

A sensational platformI have been using Twitter for over 6 years now and it is a cross-functional platform with numerous uses. I have connected with so many wonderful and engaging individuals over the years and it’s amazing to see the invaluable work people are doing. I love to say “hi”to my followers when time permits as it is important to give back and see what they are doing ( they’re all extremely bright, creative and dedicated ) and come from all walks of life!. It’s also an invaluable platform for people engaged in animal welfare as well as environmental issues as people tweet in real time. This permits people to cross engage and help one another at great speed. The sharing of world news is also pertinent as it allows countries to quickly dissect all the bits that matter. And there’s quite a few bits on that front!. Twitter has been an incredibly reliable platform for many years that I always look forward to using. I love all the new buttons and features and I look forward to using them most of the time all the time, hopefully to enhance my work. Thankyou Twitter! A sensational platform!.Version: 8.47.1

Free speech and up to date news from citizen journalistsThis is my go to place for all my interests and the latest news from citizen journalists around the world. Thank you Elon for you gift of free speech to humanity..Version: 10.33

Your Go-To for Real Unsensored NewsThe X app is a game-changer for getting uncensored news fast. What really makes it stand out is the Community Notes feature. It lets users add info or corrections to news, helping fight fake news and making sure what you’re reading is legit. I love how fast news hits X, way before traditional media. It gives you raw insights from people actually there, without the usual media bias. This means you get the full picture and can make up your own mind. X is also great because it doesn’t censor news. You get to see everything, which is rare these days. It’s like a breath of fresh air, offering different viewpoints from around the world. Plus, being part of X feels like you’re in a global community. Everyone’s connected, sharing news and views, making you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. Bottom line: If you want news that’s fast, true, and wide-ranging, X is the way to go. It’s straightforward, no fluff, and keeps you in the know..Version: 10.31.1

CensorshipSo many of my friends have been suspended and when I meet them on other social media platforms they complain that they’ve never been told why and never given any opportunity to right the wrong the did. One friend tagged all her friends into a parliament petition and was suspended. With many more people turning to alternative social medium platform, don’t you think it’s time to address this issue. Many people are leaving and joining GETTR and I’ve been told recently they’re not waiting to get suspended for speaking truth, they’re just leaving. Surely this cannot be good for the future of Twitter? And the restrictions on following people is an absolute nightmare. Twitter used to be a great space, but guys, it’s going to be an echo chamber soon. You. And I better, you have a great opportunity to leave politics to the politicians and just provide an opportunity for people to speak freely, within the rules of course. Do you really want an echo chamber, come on, please make Twitter great again..Version: 9.0

Twitter and meI like this app very much. I have found the most amazing friends from far and wide. I enjoy the days I spend scrolling through my feed. I do however have some concerns with your tweet policy. I think if you are going to control decency and kindness, you need to rebook at your own policies. If I want to swear and get it off my chest, I will. If I want to call someone a rude name because they deserve it I will. I’m just a little old lady (71) who has found a place to hang out and enjoy the company of my many friends Thanks Clarinda.Version: 9.27

App featuresI love Twitter, have been a user for many years however the recent update that has made most app features inaccessible for iPhone 5s/6 users is really disappointing.. I will continue to use Twitter, but like many other users that are upset on the app right now, I would like if Twitter would make the app functional for all its users again, all we want is to be able to read replies and view profiles again, we literally can’t even view are own profiles because of this problem on the app. We’re not asking for a lot, don’t care about any fancy features on the newest version of the app, just want to be able to use Twitter normally again, be able to tweet, read replies, open threads and view accounts/profiles ect...Version: 9.6

What Happened To Twitter?This app used to be a staple for news and content. Unfortunately it’s now a hardcore censorship engine that evolved the app into a propaganda machine for specific political points of view pushed by Twitter Corporate Office. They’ve watered down the Timeline, show popular recommended Tweets instead of Latest Tweets, they have partisan Trending News only showing terrible things about the United States President, constantly (who would allow such a thing other than foreign enemies of the USA), and the settings now filter content on a second level (hidden) which you have to shut-off to see your preferred content (outrageous).. All trending news is always slanted to favor One political party promoted also by the Twitter CEO daily. News corporations, who even claim alien spaceship parts are in Las Vegas (2017 NY Times) are given priority over citizens to ensure the broadest brainwashing of political propaganda with an emphasis on hating the United States President. Who remembers when the internet was a melting pot of diversity? Freedom of speech? Not so much anymore. Great work Twitter!.Version: 8.39.1

Cannot change option to view sensitive contentI got the Twitter app today to help make viewing the pages of people I’m following easier. The problem is that I can’t find an option to enable the option to view sensitive content, and when I go to tap on the hidden sensitive content, it tells me to enable the option to view sensitive content by tapping on highlighted text reading “Change setting”, which supposedly takes me to the Privacy and safety account settings. The problem with that is that when I go to tap on the text, it didn’t do anything. It’s about as useful as tapping on normal text! After trying multiple times to get my tapping to register on the “Change setting” text, I manually went to Settings and privacy, then Privacy and safety and scrolled down to the Safety section of the tab to find nothing. The closest thing I find to what I was looking for was the option to mark media that *I* Tweet as sensitive content, not the Tweets of others, and that didn’t help at all. Perhaps I accidentally/unknowingly set my age as lower than it really was, and it was blocking the option to view or turn on the option to view the sensitive content of others, but that turned out to seem a bit too complex. Or maybe the option just wasn't coded into the app itself. Regardless, I would really appreciate that this issue be fixed, as it’s doing my head in. Thank you a lot..Version: 7.31.1

BlockedTwitter has prevented me from posting anything or following any more people, it says I’ve reached my limit, so I delete some then try to follow someone , still the same, I support Donald trump, Twitter probably has an algorithm that restricts people as it try’s to control its own narrative.Version: 8.23

Imperfect but ResolvableI have been using Twitter for a long time now. I love everything about it; how quick you can respond to Tweets, how you can send photos, DM, follow up with the latest news as soon as they are released. Recently I DID have an issue with it. My account got locked because of “suspicious activity” but all I had to do was reset my password: simple, right? However I clicked the link in my emails that sends me to reset my password and all it did was take me back to the page telling me to check my email. I tried multiple ways to fix it. My last hope was contacting Twitter Support. Luckily they responded to my email within 24 hours (the quickest help I’ve gotten from a major app) and they set me up again easy. In conclusion; although there was an issue with my use of the app, Twitter was quick to respond and was efficient. They even replied to my thank-you email with a “You’re welcome! Happy to help!” So in return I am writing this review. I do recommend. Four stars..Version: 7.47

Almost perfectI’ve been on Twitter for years and it’s truly a great way to communicate ideas and thoughts between others throughout the world, but it can also be a toxic place and there’s not many efficient regulations in place to stop people from abusing it and spreading hate (racism, bigotry, homophobia etc)..Version: 7.48.5

Nothing is perfect but this is the best we have.If you want to find out some semblance of the truth about what is going on in the world then X is one of your best ports of call. Not perfect but maybe that's why it's so good. It isn't an echo chamber of the same opinion, so you will absolutely come across opinions you don't agree with. You may even get offended!!..But this is why it is the best we have. You can of course report anything that you believe to go against community guidelines and you can block or mute any accounts you personally don't want to see. X isn't just about politics or world issues, but from ballroom dancing to mechanics soccer to knitting, dog training to kite surfing, X is where you will find information and opinions about anything you want to..Version: 10.20

Thank you ElonWhen Elon purchased X it quickly became THE most important social media platform of all time. In an age of political censorship and fake news being spewed forth from every msm , X is there for us all to find the truth..Version: 10.21.2

Free speech from but sides of the streetI was always brought up this was the home of the free in the land of the brave and someone should be able to speak their mind and speak their piece as long as it was not in a derogatory way towards another people race religion. With Yahoo and Google it before with Twitter if you disagreed with someone you couldn’t say that you disagreed with them now on Twitter at least you can peoples difference of opinion is what made this country great when one political party or want to leave is dominant with Yahoo and Google it before with Twitter if you disagreed with someone you couldn’t say that you disagreed with them now on Twitter at least you can peoples difference of opinion is what made this country great when one political party or one belief is dominant above all others it’s not right. And just because someone is different doesn’t make them any better or any worse than anyone else but they shouldn’t feel that they should be given special treatment because of race creed color gender stop having your hand out or the respect that you want..Version: 9.7.2

Support is a jokeMy account was hacked by someone and twitter suspended my account (acceptable) and I lost access to all my followers and friends. The hacking was resolved but my account has stayed suspended with an inability to get support to reactivate my account. It is SUPER FRUSTRATING It has been months!! I am unable to create a new account as my mobile number and email is connected and twitter has some smarts when I try to go around this process. Twitter support has not read any of my multiple attempts to resolve this issue so now I am stuck using a sub-par account with no followers or friends. Worst support I have ever experienced in my life to date..Version: 8.45

New update - public viewsThe new update… has public views for EVERY tweet and is just an unnecessary feature that is not at all appealing. A lot of the time likes have a 1:10 ratio to views, which just makes people seem like they’re being ignored all the time, it’s something that will make people self-conscious and overall create a less positive environment. People will post less art etc, in fear of being ignored, and others who share more personal things on their account might feel even more isolated to discover that over 100 people haven’t interacted with them or their tweet. Twitter is a good place for socialising and communication but. I beg. Get rid of this feature or at least have a setting which allows users to turn it off (and I can assure I am not the only one with these feeling, I assume most people feel more negatively about it than positively).Version: 9.38

A breath of fresh airI was on Facebook, had multiple pages and loads of followers, then content moderation destroyed my pages. I shared only confirmed true information, double checked everything to ensure this, X gives assurance that this won’t happen. Many creators are doing the same. X is growing and Facebook is dying. And I can see why.Version: 10.23

Advanced Search ToolsI’d like to suggest a tool which could be implemented into X’s advanced search engine. For me, X’s Advanced search is missing something like specific GIF/Image finding. For example, I want to see which car gifs/images this or that person has used and so i search on their profile “User:ElonMusk_GIF/Image:Car” and so it gives me a thread of every existing car gifs elon has used to date..Version: 10.33.1

Solid policies, essential impactAs a human being and citizen of the United States, I fully support, respect, and appreciate all of the new policies under way at Twitter. It is unlike most social media platforms, because their policies are publicized clearly and are VERY easy to find and understand. One policy Twitter has been actively changing is privacy options for its users. Privacy on social media (and everywhere) has been a concern for quite some time. I like how as each adjustment is made, it is clearly explained, step by step, within the platform by the company and Twitter CEO himself. It is explained in such detail, and helps the user understand it’s policies very clearly. Along with publicizing its privacy settings adjustments, Twitter is making some needed adjustments to the previous algorithm, settings, and procedures. Those adjustments are also publicized and clearly explained from the company in the app. Talk about being informed!!👍 ***This does not go unnoticed by me in any way. Information awareness and understanding by users and citizens is essential in EVERY aspect of our world you can think of. As an added bonus for me, Twitter is a big piece of the fun in this harsh world. Its humor is truly a gift that keeps on giving. 😂 I can’t think of anything more critical at this time. Looking forward to what comes next! Thank you Twitter for the continued breaths of fresh air, and for the important protection of our freedoms!🦅 You’re making a difference!.Version: 9.44

The bestA place where you can voice your opinion and not be condemned. An open source of information where the user can discern the truth for themselves..Version: 10.32

Mr victor Henderson I was your head horse tipster until the police treated me not toI no I’m under threat as I was lifted for nothing but I’m taking them to court for stealing H R H email address I got from you so they locked me up got a firearm and started discharging it at my cell door I need to speak to someone that will take this to court for me as the Chief inspector got told by my M P for an investigating into this matter but that court is hiding he won’t face me at all as when I told him I no where the put there top informants so I want them at my court yes I no where they are stuck away until most things blow over I’ll be in my box until I feel I’ve done something to get there hit team of and out of a job they should never be in anyway I’ll seal to anyone you want and I’ll have witnesses of what they have done.Version: 9.46

The last hopeThe last remaining hope for the town square.Version: 10.7

If I could I would Rate it -10The mere fact that Twitter are so up themselves, that they believe they have the right to Censor what people think, say and tweet, demonstrates that they are out of Control, just like Facebook. To arbitrarily suspend or close accounts for no other reason than the Account holder breached Twitters so called Community Standards is Authoritarian and shows them for the fascists that they are. They claim they are all about Freedom of Expression yet demonstrate on a daily basis that they believe in exactly the opposite. Everything is fine as long as you play by their rules, but exercise your right to express an opposing view and it’s game over for you! The Twitter Nazis are a disgrace & the sooner Twitter disappears from the Internet the better..Version: 8.69.2

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