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Rakuten Viber Messenger App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Rakuten Viber Messenger app received 141 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Rakuten Viber Messenger? Can you share your negative thoughts about rakuten viber messenger?

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Rakuten Viber Messenger for Negative User Reviews

GoodI like the app but I think the developers just put a bot to answer 1 star reviews….Version: 18.5.2

No longer receiving notificationsEver since the ios16 update I no longer receive Viber notifications unless I open the app. I’ve updated to the latest viber update and restarted my phone multiple times yet I’m still not receiving the notifications. Please fix. Update: it’s been over 3 months since my last review about not receiving notifications unless the app is open and it still hasn’t been fixed..Version: 19.2.0

WARNING: NO PRIVACYWhile Viber is a good alternative communication app, it WILL notify everyone that has your phone # of your status whenever you join or even if download and open it on your new phone. Although this seems like a harmless way they use to advertise and gain interest, it violates certain privacy before allowing user to decide whether or not they want their contacts to be notified and other privacy settings. And no, it doesn’t matter whether you deny its access to your contacts; ANYONE with you phone # will be notified. If you don’t care, then by all means use the app; it’s fine as it is (there are better apps out there). However, keep in mind that there are such minor nuisance features will violates your privacy. For an app that been out for so long, and with numerous complaints about the same issue you would think they’d have came up with a fix….Version: 20.5.0

New iPhone policy viber upgradeThe pop up for the data usage policy change has a huge list of a hundred or so companies that can access the data, without a “toggle all” button!! This essentially means you have to toggle off each of those companies to disable their access to your data. At the end of this ridiculous list you cannot find a “Save my preferences” button! Only an “ALLOW AND CONTINUE” button. What is this allow? Am I allowing what I have been trying to disallow for the past 45 minutes? No-one knows! What you will discover is that you cannot use the app if you don’t click it... Ridiculous.. Very meticulously calculated bad design. Bye Viber. Uninstalling....Version: 14.5.1

Blank PageHi Viber Team I do like viber but your latest update I think one week ago, when I updated my account and open it the screen goes blank all my contact and chat history all gone. What’s going on?😔.Version: 15.4.0

Suddenly there are ads in my chat listSuch a pity my good impression of viber didn’t last very long. Despite certain annoying features like lack of privacy I now have ads popping up in my chat list which I cannot switch off. To report these stupid ads one has to endure a long and winding process providing personal information which I suspect will be used for suspicious things. I am at a point of being so disgusted with viber interfering in my app and chat experience that I may have to find another app. If these annoying things aren’t fixed in a few weeks time then it’s probably time to go. As if that’s not enough the last few days been getting pop up from viber telling me to allow dozens of companies to use my data for targeted ads. This app is going the way of WhatsApp... sharing our data with goodness knows who. I may have to move my chats to Signal..Version: 14.5.1

Never worse than nowI constantly get missed calls without my phone ringing even. And we are talking about toe phones from two different countries. Something is really wrong and better pix it soon. I am next to my phone and connected to my wifi which is very strong- nothing. Then , at some point I see missed calls. I tried reinstalling, the same. So , obviously. You need to focus on this as all of my friends have the same problem. Plus, if I am on a video call and someone sends me a message and I like to see it, when I get back to the call- video is gone. Ridiculous. You should take some tips from WhatsApp then..Version: 15.9.0

SucksI just create my account yesterday but I can’t even send a single message and then I was blocked for no reason. Now I can’t log in my account..Version: 18.9.0

Account blocked for no reasonApp works well until you get banned for no reason and you cannot contact anyone at Viber - I have sent countless messages and get an automated message back, cannot escalate cannot speak to a human, no service what so ever - I recommend that if your looking for a messenger app use WhatsApp or Facebook avoid Viber at all costs - you will not get banned for no reason and if you have issues you'll be able to contact someone who will help you.Version: 19.4.0

Terrible with notificationsViber is alright generally, but one thing it does so badly it is annoying and very inconvenient is notifications. My family uses Viber to keep in touch with each other, but I live a very busy life and often don’t have time to check Viber. But only after I do check Viber will the app notify me of one text message someone has sent, and then when another text is sent it will send a notification saying “You have new messages,” and then it will stop notifying. I guarantee you, use any other messaging app, and you will get a better service than this, especially when it comes to notifications..Version: 17.5.0

TransferI tried transfer media file with my speed of 1.5g. But it was so long and at the end dropped a transfer..Version: 22.0.0

Blocked with no one at Viber to help!I had been using Viber for more than seven years and had originally started to chat with my grandmother who had just started using an iPad. I’ve used it exclusively for chatting with my family. One day, my messages were not going through and I learned that my account is permanently blocked because it was flagged as a source of spam or unusual activity. There are two things that might have caused this that day. The first was that I may have accidentally opened a spam group chat while trying to delete it. I was rushing somewhere and was trying to delete it hastily. The second was that I tried to send a Nextdoor link to my dad but because it wasn’t going through, I tried sending it multiple times in a row. These are honest mistakes and for some reason I’ve been blocked permanently. There is no way of speaking to anyone or asking for help to actually look into my account. If they did, they’d see that I am and innocent and good person. The only thing I can do is send messages via their online form and my replies keep staying that I am blocked permanently and cannot be unblocked. They are offering no help to look into the matter. My whole family is needing to switch to WhatsApp now. This is so silly! I’m sure there is someone at Viber who could help, but the company isn’t set up that way. I’ve just been cast out and now my family has to leave too! I’m sad that after being loyal to this company for so long, I can’t recommend them..Version: 20.0.0

Messages being sent but not delivered till much laterI quite like Viber but it’s also incredibly frustrating, You can see that the message been sent by the single tick, however of recent time that single tick will stay like that for quite a while even though you know the person that you’ve messaged has signal. If you then send another message it will deliver the previous message as well. Please sort this issue out and I hope it made sense..Version: 21.9.1

Worst app ever!!!!I recently started using Viber as a mean to stay connected with my family as they’ve created this group chat. Unfortunately the app seems to not be working properly. I receive notifications about messages and when I open the app I cannot see the new messages (maybe in a couple of days I actually see the messages). I try to send a text or a photo and nothing is happening. No one can see my messages for whatever reason. I am constantly connected to the internet but it’s just not working... I’d be happy to receive some tips and trick on how to make it work :).Version: 15.4.0

Downloading photosViber is a descent messaging app. I will start off by saying that. However, one thing that is never solved is the problem with downloading media files. There are literally hundreds and thousands of people asking on the internet how to download media files because now users can only download them either automatically (but not retrospectively) or individually. Here comes a problem. If I happen to have 500 photos to download before turning on the automatic download function, what should I do? Well, it appears that I should click on each one of them and save them individually to the gallery. How is it not an option to select all or some of them and download them the selected media files altogether? That is why you get two stars..Version: 10.8

This app is no usePlease don’t waste you time, and use apps like WhatsApp. This is just another chatting up like others..Version: 18.8.0

Faults advertising don’t buy waste your money!I signed up for this unlimited calls plan for a month. First my account has been locked few times for no reason I can’t make calls. They said they fixed the problem then happened again and again. I sent email to them now they got back to me two days later said I reached their call limits so I need to buy more credits. If there is a limit why you call this unlimited call plan? Faults advertising can’t trust them..Version: 12.6

Terrible appI’ve been using this app for many years without any issues. Recently this app deleted my entire chat history and messages out of no where and I had no way to restore it back. So many memorable messages with family were wiped out. Then Few months later, the same thing happened again today! All messages and call history randomly got erased! Not going to use this app anymore!.Version: 18.5.2

WASTE OF MONEY, DO NOT DOWNLOAD. They take your money, and then they leave with it.The app stopped working completely randomly. I sent a message to customer support, they got back to me with this ; ---Please reply above this line--- Hello, Your number was blocked on Viber because it was reported as a source of spam or as a result of unusual activity. The account has been automatically added to a block list and can not be unblocked. No further information is available at this time. Please do not reply to this e-mail. I did reach to support team, and they have not reply..Version: 19.6.0

Crashing frequentlyI don’t why but Viber is crashing frequently in my IPhone 15 pro max. Either it’s the issue with Viber or with the iPhone iOS, been facing this issue since last few days..Version: 22.2.1

Poor SupportNotifications only come through when the app is open. Talked to support but got nothing much of them, they said to check settings. All setting are correct, I checked against another phone that works. Support only replied once, then I sent them loads of info but no reply. Very disappointing. Might as well to delete the app now as without notification there’s no point to the app . I have used Viber for years with no problem. This was the first use of support and it was poor. Other messengers just like Viber work on my phone so problem must be with Viber..Version: 19.5.0

Alterations to ViberI have found recently any photos sent on Viber are not opening. I have not changed anything on my phone. Other members of the family have no problems with same photos from a particular family member. Are you able to suggest what has possibly gone wrong..Version: 17.0.3

They blocked my husband’s numberThey blocked my husband’s number for no reason! Totally disappointed by you Viber..Version: 18.5.2

Blocked due to.... what?Any good product manager or engineer should know how to evaluate usage data to determine if a user, especially a low volume user, is using the app for spamming purposes, as well as if the IP address is being used BY the user for spamming purposes, OR, if it could be that they use a VPN or other Adblock tools to protect their privacy, thereby providing false information about user intent. This also creates a question about claims about encryption, especially since Viber comes with tracking, Err, I mean, ads. Is this app as private as they are suggesting? Unsure. The app comes with Proxy settings, but apparently no instructions or support for how to set it up. If they can’t provide a useful app on the consumer side that comes with credible support, I would highly question upgrading for business use. Doesn’t appear to be a mature VOIP option, and so I would recommend against using it for any important kind of activities where people like family and friends need to reach you. A simple workaround would be for their product team to add a feature to ask the user if they are on a VPN, or show them instructions for how to set up with Proxy settings to help alleviate misconstruing user activity..Version: 14.3.3

Broken notifications - Viber gleefully incompetentDear Viber, a core yet basic feature of your instant messaging app has been broken for numerous months now. Yet, you prioritise the development of useless features, lens filters and sticker packs. Every other instant messaging app on the market allows you to receive messages while the app is closed. How can you possibly prioritise anything over fixing an app-breaking bug? If I ran iOS development at Viber, I would expect to be fired operating with such sheer incompetence. When can we expect to have this basic feature fixed?.Version: 19.2.0

No privacy !!!Viber is no longer secure as it used to be before... I am receiving Spam invasion all the time with a bunch of phone numbers from all over the world, that I can’t even block!!! I am going to remove it from my phone, viber is like imo now they’ve become a public chat with no respect for privacy, whatsupp is the best for now and hopefully they don’t make it messy like viber and imo!!!.Version: 12.2

New to Viber but blocked instantly!!! HELP!!!I am really disappointed in this App and it’s given me a lot of stress. I need the App for work and downloaded it last week however I could receive messages but couldn’t send them. I raised a ticket with support but received the following message! “ Hello, Your number was blocked on Viber because it was reported as a source of spam or as a result of unusual activity. The account has been automatically added to a block list and can not be unblocked. No further information is available at this time. Please do not reply to this e-mail.” I deleted and reinstalled the App but now it says activation failed. I have raised 5 more tickets but am not received a reply from Viber. My employer got me a works phone but the number has been blocked on that phone too. I hope I don’t lose my job over this. If anyone at Viber is listening, please find a solution for me and unblock my number..Version: 19.7.0

Lot of issuesSometimes I get no notifications about received messages. Also the app shows somebody is online when that person is already closed the app and it won't update the other person's status just if I close the app and open it again... When the other person is offline and I search for a gif Viber starts to show that the other person become online what is not true. Would be great if you can fix those issues. Also it would be great if I can reply to a message with a gif file... But first thing first, please fix the issues..Version: 14.2

Basically disfunctionalI’ve used Viber for over 7-8 years now. Since then it has only gotten worse and worse. Everything is outdated, but the absolute worst fact would have to be that it cannot send pictures. It’s been like that for months and months now, maybe even a year or two. I can send pictures if its 1 or maaaaybe 2 of them. But more? They will never and I mean never ever send. The only reason people use this app is that everybody already has it and it’s basically a “must have” app in my region. You have to have it for school, work, anything, its just not optional. Only because its too hard now for everybody to switch to another app. If you don’t absolutely NEED the app, then I definitely don’t recommend getting it.Version: 17.6.1

Tragic when changing a device or using another SIM on the same deviceIn these situations, this is the ONLY app in the world that creates so many issues, deletes or doesn’t transfer the history chats. I’ve been trying to sort it for a whole MONTH now. Also, this is the ONLY app in the whole world that asks sending a personal document (!) in order to approve the OLD account ti be used in a new device or after swapping SIM cards. Why? Also bear in mind this interferes with users’ privacy! Finally the customer service is tragically slow in answering but also not trained well enough to solve issues..Version: 17.8.1

Viber algorithms just WOWSo about twice a week you get added to some spammer groups about crypto currency, and after replying back and warning the “forced-to-be” group members about the scams they are about to be subjected to- I get banned!!! Not the scammers, not the spammers that create the group- ME for warning the members not to fall for them… Got to love it! When trying to contact someone and get my account unlocked- I get an automated email from a bot saying that my ban is permanent and nothing could be done- why are the spammers stills allowed??? Oh, because they just create another account using bogus apps to generate new numbers, but real people, who use the platform for conversations with family and church groups are being punished for warning people and messing the scammers plans. *update* Contacted Viber via link provided by DEVs, got the same generic answer: your account is blocked, nothing can be done. Again- if you are a scammer, you are welcome to use Viber. As simple as that. Not sure if Viber gets a cut from the scams or what, but this is just weird. They got to profit from all the scams somehow to cover them up and not block the scammers….Version: 18.8.0

Doesn’t notify you of messages even after update** After updating to the latest Viber 18.6.0 and the latest iOS 16.0.3 ... Viber is STILL BROKEN. it won't notify you of messages unless you open the actual app still. I'm on an iPhone 14 Pro Max. ** This app doesn’t notify you of messages. You have to go in the app to get your messages. I’ve turned on notifications and background app refresh. Do not disturb and low power mode are turned off. This issue has occurred since iOS 16. Please fix Viber!.Version: 18.6.0

Please fix the notification issue!I’ve used the app for about six years now and absolutely love it to keep in touch with family and friends. I’ve very rarely ever had an issue, except for the last few weeks I am not getting my notifications when I have a new message until I open the app and wait a minute or so for any new ones to appear. I’ve checked my settings about 100 times and everything is set as it should be- I see that others have been having this issue for the past month or so and am begging you please please please get it fixed so that we don’t continue to miss messages. I’m not sure how much longer I can go with having to remember to manually check constantly. Everything else works like a dream and love the app otherwise!.Version: 18.9.0

Beware of this appI tried to install this app using my new phone number. I received a message that activation failed. When we enquired further we received anor message saying my new number has been permanently blocked by Viber with no chance of rectification because of spam problem. I am not a spam sender. This is unbelievable! There seems to be no way to contact the app provider to sort this out..Version: 16.2.2

Waste of time and unhelpful supportBoth my husband and I installed this app yesterday. It was working great. After he installed the desktop version this morning he lost use of the App. He was told his number had been blocked as a source of spam, which is utter nonsense. There is no recourse, he can't even submit a request for support using his number. I have and have been told his number has been blocked and that's tough - there is nothing we can do about it. So now we can't communicate using Viber so have to delete it and go and find another app to use. All because they have a software bug. Utter waste of time getting it set up and now he can't access all the messages and info I sent him through it. They are completely unwilling to help us sort the problem out. Very poor service..Version: 19.5.0

Blocked For No ReasonI have been using app for over 5 years with no issues, recently viber blocked me because they said my number is associated with spam. Viber support is very hard to get in contact with and I have filled out online form numerous times. I have asked viber to show me the messages which have been flagged as spam but the only response I have received is that my number cannot be unblocked. Really disappointed and hope there is another way to contact viber.Version: 18.6.0

Pics/VidsLove this app. But recently I am unable to send pictures and videos. I have deleted app and re-installed and made sure all updates are done, and now I can’t even receive them!! Hard to actually get someone to get back to you and sort it out quickly. Never been a problem until now. Do have to say that the connection with iPhones seems to be consistent when you read reviews...Version: 14.5.3

Crap!!!This has become a total crap! Rubbish! The screen going constantly white. The app doesn’t respond ofter on iPhone 11 Pro with a great internet and Wifi connectivity. My Viber out doesn’t work ALWAYS when I need it most and after reporting the issue twice I got nothing in response to my complaint. Crapy customer service and everything! Such a shame my family abroad use it but it’s time to take them all away to Signal and pay someone else for out calls. This was good before it has been sold to Rakuten. I hope they will lose $900 millions because they’re simply rubbish! I asked my bank to step in for refund!.Version: 15.4.0

The absolute worstI have the notifications set to off in both iPhone settings and the app. Yet, incoming calls are still ringing with that annoying Viber ringtone. Nothing shows up on the screen (unless you open the app), just a ringtone. In addition, even blocked numbers are ringing. I have do not disturb mode set up on my iPhone at night. But the ringing still happens. And this makes it particularly annoying during the late night/early morning when I’m trying to sleep. In general, Viber has a lot of little glitches here and there. More than other communication apps. But what makes it really annoying is that they are not focused on fixing their problems fast enough, However, they certainly spent a lot of time making sure the app is constantly I’m trying to get you to turn on the notification. Really??? What is the point of the notification button if you’re just going to constantly pester me after I already turned it off. Instead of constantly trying to get people to turn on notification and use your app more, maybe you should use that energy on fixing the problems in your app. Try making your app better so then people will want to use it more, instead of bombarding them with notices to turn on notification..Version: 10.9.3

Is this really secure???Have you now noticed that the predictive text now includes your passwords that you likely have never typed into a Viber text before. Example: if one of my ‘secure’ passwords for a completely different app was Chri$tm4s. When I commence typing the 4 for letters of my friends name Christian, one of the 3 predictive text also displays my password as an option. This is not acceptable. Revert the predictive text back to the previous version of Viber where this did not occur to continue to make this a secure app..Version: 11.7

Focusing on wrong prioritiesI have been with this app since very early in 2011. Through all its ups and downs it has never really registered with me as a truly reliable app and I constantly feel it pushes forward an agenda of wrong priorities. I consciously use it but if you really want me to delete the main competitor’s app and happily detach my nodes from the largest monitoring project the planet has ever seen you MUST do three things: 1) Allow offline message creation 2) Create a fool-proof, reliable. no glitch backup and restore user interface. Steps are being taken towards this but there is still ground to be covered. The amount of lost contacts, messages, histories over the years has created nerve-racking experiences and grief for many of us. 3) Extending on the second point, YOU MUST ALLOW ALL HISTORY TO BE RESTORED; including photos, videos, voice recordings and stickers (for those who use them). If your server capacity does not allow this you should consider introducing a subscription service. All in all, thank you for being around all these years. Moving forward, please place emphasis and expend your valuable resources on things that REALLY matter. Regards, a loyal user..Version: 10.7

Absolutely No Customer Service…My grandmother just came to America, she got a phone number that was previously blocked by Viber. Previously she used her Ukrainian phone number to use Viber - it is her only source of communication with most of our family in Ukraine during war. I reached out to Viber multiple times, all you get it automatic message saying “you are blocked, never contact us again”. I sent numerous emails from my own active account, telling them there has been a mistake - they just state that the number is blocked because of spamming and to never contact them again. MY GRANDMA IS 76 YEARS OLD!! WHAT SPAMMING??? She can barely type on the phone… Anyways, stay away from this app… such disappointment! I will try my best to teach her how to use WhatsApp or Telegram now I guess….Version: 19.8.1

Rude rider.What ever happened to rude rider got in trouble playing it all the time. I was good at it. Had 8000 gems I actually spent money on it. Took a break make my man happy went on one day to have a quick burn and hello it’s gone completely gems n all. Not a happy camper at all. So I have nothing good to say so apart from that I’ll say nothing at all. But bring back rude rider with all my gems. Chur..Version: 13.4

FrustratedViber used to be as good as any messaging app, but over the last few month’s notifications arrive, or more often, don’t arrive, on an apparently random basis. Really annoying. Update. The problem had been going on for months. I raised a complaint with Viber, & despite friendly promises, nothing changed. Since this review notifications are working again! It’s only been a couple of days, so we’ll see, but I’m hopeful & have put my rating up from one, to four stars. What is wrong with this App?? All notifications have stopped again. If i open it, messages & missed calls arrive, but despite resetting everything no notifications at all for anything. Infuriating.Version: 20.0.0

FailedCanada phone number used to work now Viber says failed to activate..Version: 19.0.0

TERRIBLEThe reason this is terrible is because I’ve used it before and it’s not all so secure. When I get added into strange groups i get scared and I don’t think it’s ok to be able to let strangers add you in a random group. I would recommend using Skype instead. Perfect for connection and chatting and u can do a lot of stuff there it’s way better since u have control of your own account and strangers can’t add you into a random group they made. So if you think Viber isn’t the best for you then use Skype it’s really good..Version: 14.6.1

Viber team sends push alerts during inappropriate hoursThe app is relatively nice but I've had to uninstall it several times because either their automation settings or staff send push notifications and messages sometimes late at night, sometimes during business hours. Surely, I have disabled push alerts in both my phone's Settings AND on the Viber app itself AND I have also left the group chat, but I keep being woken up or disturbed during meetings and court proceedings. Less than five minutes ago, I received a message from Viber about what's new on the app and it's 3:21 am here. Seriously, Viber team, do you think I care about the Viber newsletter in my sleep or this is supposed to be a subliminal message?.Version: 15.4.0

For the update NOT Viber in general - which was 5 starsSadly the update has removed 2 very important things I use and i cant see how that is an improvement so I am begging for them to be reinstated. 1. The voice messages used to use 2 different colours to differentiate those that were listened to versus those not listened to yet. Now if you have to stop listening and return later there is no visual way to know the point at which you stopped listening so you can easily continue. Not sire why this was changed but I don’t think it adds anything to the experience. Rather it makes the experience mire frustrating. A word I never attributed to Viber before. 2. If you stopped part of the way while listening to a message you could leave a reply and go back to continue listening from the point at which you stopped. Now if you try to stop before the end and leave a message, when you are ready to resume listening the message starts all over again. Again I can’t see how this makes the experience any better but rather frustrates the user. One of this things I have admired about Viber besides the fact that they can be used to communicate freely without sharing all your information outside of their company, is that they did not have updates constantly and useless updates. I am not sure what this latest update should be enhancing but for those of us that use verbal messaging it is frustrating. Maybe those 2 things can be changed back? Or reversed at the next update please?.Version: 18.2.1

App crashes when doing chat history restoreI have been an avid user of the app for 7 years and it’s been great with the stickers and gifs that make messaging interesting. But I’ve had problems receiving and sending messages in the past month. I made sure I am using the latest version of the app and iOS software. So when that did the fix my problem, I opted to delete and reinstall the app since that seemed to fix the issue for some people. However, when I tried to restore my chat history, the app would crash after 1% and revert to my phone’s home screen. When I try opening the app, the restore screen would pop up and again crash after 1%. Granted I have about 28gb of chat history, but I have enough phone and iCloud storage that it shouldn’t be an issue. I reached out to the Viber support team, but after the quick initial response with their “solutions” and me answering “No, tried it, still crashing on me,” I haven’t heard back from them which has now been 5 days. I really hope that they are working on the issue and not just keeping me on a shelf of “to-work-on-later” issues. But until I receive a viable solution to the problem, the app will remain deleted for me since when (and if) the restore eventually chooses to work for me, I don’t want new messages to be erased..Version: 18.5.2

Scam app. HorribleHORRIBLE customer service I think they are a scam too. Because they accuse my number is a spam automatically And when i try to reach out. Their support customer service said Their system auto detects my number spam And block me. I didn't do anything!!!!! I barely used this app!!!! I only use it for their AI chat. Their customer service representative Also mentioned that "don't reply" to me. What a customer service! I hope you go out of business soon..Version: 22.1.0

Put my account in the blocklistI am using Viber since ages and suddenly I found out that Viber put my account in the blocklist without proper explanation or information. When I contact Viber support there response was that due to spam activity they put my account in blocklist and it can’t be unblocked. This is the most unsatisfactory response I have ever received. They didn’t check or investigate it. Note: 1 star is the minimum I can select. It’s worst customer service experience I’m facing. Trying to put my number out of blocklist and receiving the same reply..Version: 19.2.0

Notifications errorThis app never goes out a moment to surprise you. Its been a month and three updates later, I am not getting any message/call notification from viber unless I open to check on it. I have tried all the possible hacks n tricks posted on google or help section but still im out of luck to get this issue sorted. Is there any possible way to get this notification error sorted please..? That would be of a great help..Version: 19.1.2

UnreliableI have not used this app much and only used it to communicate with the healthcare team looking after a family member overseas. I was surprised when I tried to use it again after a few months that my number was blocked apparently due to spamming. I have no idea how that happened but certainly frustrating. I will never recommend using this app especially for important communications as their system is definitely unreliable! There are definitely better messaging apps than viber.Version: 18.1.0

UnexplainableI am 68 years old and for unknown reason my account has been blocked on Viber. I have contacted customer support twice and both times I received was the following reply: “Hello, Your number was blocked on Viber because it was reported as a source of spam or as a result of unusual activity. The account has been automatically added to a block list and can not be unblocked. No further information is available at this time. Please do not reply to this e-mail.” I don’t remember to have used viber for any bad purpose or any unusual activity. I would appreciate if someone could resolve my case..Version: 19.1.2

Viber not allowing me to install my current number on new iPadI really love to use Viber and had been using for many years So it is quite frustrating if I am unable to move my number to my new device Opened case many times and got a canned response.. I keep on getting registration failed.. Support always recommend to do many things like selecting option to choose device as primary device but I cannot even get to that because it won’t accept my number.. My request was to unblock account as this appear to be one of possible reasons that registration failed.. Or provide ideas why it is rejecting my existing number because it seem to accept other number( tried just to rule out device issues) Thanks.Version: 18.2.0

The most horrible customer serviceThe customer service on this app is just non-existent. I use Viber to keep in touch with my family. I had to submit a ticket twice after being asked by their Twitter Viber help handle to submit another one regarding my issue accessing my account. Never got resolved and no one replied. And it has been close to two months now. Very disappointing..Version: 19.1.0

Blocked me for no reasonI opened viber recently as I have moved to another country and wanted to talk with relatives, especially my elderly grandparents who live somewhere else. They are not phone savvy so the only calling app they use is viber. For some reason, viber blocked my number and is sending the same automatic responses whenever I submit requests asking them to remove the block. I didnt engage in spam nor did i do anything suspicious. All i wanted to do was to talk with overseas loved ones.Version: 19.2.0

App keeps quittingIv been using this app for years now . But now keeps quitting whenever I go on . I have important msgs n details on here so don’t want to delete n reinstall as don’t hv backup using iPhone 7.Version: 12.9

Please check your connectionI can’t register, it keeps telling me that I have no internet connection, even though my ping is <15 and download speed is 80MBps and upload speed is 60Mbps, and I tried different times with different internet providers Simply there is no ease to use this app bcuz u might mot be able to register even.Version: 11.8

Does not do real investigation.I don’t usually use viber since there are a lot of other social media messaging platforms but i keep one since i have a group of doctors. A few mo the ago i have been receiving messages to join groups (marketing, crypto, etc) from those jot in my contacts. So i delete and block them. Now i cannot open my account since viber claims that my number has been reported as a source of spam. I have never sent out messages using viber. Yet they have accused me if such. I have written them to unblock my account since it is preposterous. They sent me canned messages that they cannot. Crappy customer service. Crappy company who does not do investigation..Version: 19.1.0

Keyboard issue renders the app inoperableJust like other are reporting, the app is completely broken as I can't type anything anymore. It is lagging like crazy. Using Google Keyboard on iOS 15, iPhone 11 Pro. Essentially the app is a read only messenger now, lol.Version: 18.5.0

No notifications on iOS 16Basically unusable now because it no longer sends notifications. It’s a known issue but has been for weeks now. Where’s the fix?.Version: 18.7.0

Opens messages as a reply instead of openWhy when you open a message it auto brings up the keyboard cutting out half the screen? I constantly have to pull this away because if someone sent me a message or video, I want to be able to see it without half the screen gone and THEN decide if I want to respond or not. On that note, I have auto download setup but it will NOT auto download anything unless I press the download button. This needs fixing. And enough with the notification little red (1) and it’s only to “add my email”. I don’t WANT to add my email, I never will so stop asking there is literally zero purpose for this.Version: 17.1.0

OppressionPalestine for palestinians. Israel is terrorist.Version: 15.3.0

Not receiving any notifications at ALL!!!Ever since getting the new update, I get no message notifications and have to physically go on the app and all my messages come up!! And there are even times where my messages won’t send and they lag and it’s been absolute hell trying to contact my international customers! Viber bought out a new update and it did NOTHING!! The problem is still there and just getting worse! I’ve deleted the app, rebooted my phone - nothing works!! I’m losing out on business.Version: 18.5.2

Not GreatMy boyfriend and I (I'm in the States, he's in London) used to use Tango and had nothing but problems. When we switched to Viber almost two months ago, we were so impressed! The call quality is infinitely better, plus we get to text for free! With the new update today, we love the time stamp feature and the photos next to the contacts. I love seeing his handsome face! Great product! I would have gladly paid for it. But am grateful its free! Update: the December 18, 2012 update is terrible. It's jumpy, closes down while typing, they changed the notification ping to something almost indiscernible, its cluttered with nonsense pictures, the talk to text feature doesn't work and it's very slow. While I would have paid for the app before, I wouldn't now. Changing from 5 stars to three. Update: Oct 27, 2022 been using it for over 10 years. Really enjoyed being able to connect with family and friends from All over the world. However, for the past month notifications don’t arrive until you open the app and wait a good minute before they kick in. I don’t always remember to check multiple times a day and older family members in hospital can’t get a hold of me. It’s extremely frustrating that there have been 4 updates to the app in that time and an app developer company can’t fix the problem on iOS. Updating stars from three to one..Version: 18.7.0

Nice app,BUTViber is a nice app to chat with others,but one thing keeps on happening… The thing is that I’m on a video call with my friend and when I get off the call just for a few seconds,it doesn’t mean that I go to another app just when i open the chat with my friend going off the video call then when I go back to the call her avatar disappears when she tries to turn on the video again there is just this grey screen. We have to always turn off the call so that I can just see her again.I don’t know if it’s a glitch or it’s just that my phone is 2-3 years but please check it..Version: 21.4.1

ADD FEATUREPlease put gaps between messages sent (for example) after one minute. The time in the messages are not even that big and we don’t read it every time we read the chats. It would be better if the chat bubbles have gaps between them for us to see that it is sent at a different time..Version: 11.0

BugPlease fix refreshing problem im not getting any messages till Im opening the program.Version: 18.8.0

Trouble with downloadingI had the app and it worked well, then over the past 3-4 months it started to freeze. Tried to update didn’t work, so deciders to uninstall and reinstall, but now it won’t allow me to reinstall and just constantly thinks about it....Version: 12.1

New subscriber but unable to use the app at allI’d never heard of Viber until yesterday. I was asked by my doctor’s secretary to install it so I could send copies of test results. I did this, but the messages I sent, along with attachments, failed to send. I tried 4 times. I looked online for help and one solution was to delete and reinstall the app, which I did. Now it fails to activate when I enter my phone number. I contacted support but they just sent an automated reply saying my number was permanently blocked because it was a source of spam!! And they say don’t bother replying to the email! How can this be? I’ve never successfully sent a single message, and I only have 1 contact. Clearly the fault is with the app if it blocks a new user for no reason. I don’t appreciate being accused of sending spam messages when I’ve never even used the app. My advice to new users - don’t bother. The app is flawed and untrustworthy..Version: 19.6.1

Connection and message pop up problemsThe connection of viber seems to have gone worse and plus for some reason the messages sometimes the notification pops up but sometimes when I open viber then I notice the messages pop up only after I open the app and have been giving this problem for months now and have checked every possible reason why the messages won’t pop up can’t find what the problem is I have no blocking or even checked if my notifications r turned on don’t know why sometimes I get the messages and sometimes I don’t until I open viber then I see the messages sent from before. :(.Version: 10.6.1

Deleting older messagesI have chats with my husband littered with texts and pictures. There needs to be an easier way of clearing the text messages without deleting the pics/videos. Deleting messages is a tedious job at the moment. Sometimes I even like to keep some messages for sentimental reasons, why can’t you make deleting/keeping specific messages easier so that it doesn’t take half my phone’s storage??? Only lets you select 25 at a time, that’s so annoying..Version: 21.6.1

NOT GETTING MESSAGES!!!I have been using Viber for years now! It’s what my family & I use to keep in touch. However, the notifications have ceased! I have tried turning my phone off, checked settings in the Viber app & the settings on my phone, checked the network status, made sure I was using the lastest version of Viber, checked for any software updates for my phone etc, EVERYTHING & everything is as it should be EXCEPT I am NOT getting notifications! I will only get a message come through when I open the app & select a conversation. EXTREMELY annoying!!! FIX IT PLEASE!!! NOTE: I only selected one star as no stars were an option!.Version: 18.7.0

Viber not workingCan’t send or receive messages. Only one tick shows up. Happens both ways from both sender or receiver. Only works if online at the same time. I’ve mentioned this months ago. Still not fixed..Version: 18.7.0

Not WorkingMy account has been blocked from landline and some mobile calls . Have been waiting 3 days for the problem to be resolved but nothing .I have cancelled my subscription and won’t be renewing or recommending . Paid extra subscription just to try and use to keep in contact while overseas a total waste of time and money still didn’t work don’t bother using better off with wi-fi calling a refund is all this app is worth.Version: 19.7.1

MY ACCOUNT GOT BLOCKED WITHOUT ANY REASONI had been using viber since it was developed and created, but last year my account got blocked and when I contacted the support center I got answer that saying they can not do anything and my account was blocked because they think it is a spam. I reconnected the support center but got the same answer again so I deleted my account and uninstalled the app and reinstalled it because I was thinking it might solve the problem so when I try to reregister it each time a message pops up saying “ACTIVATION FAILED “ and I am not even able to activate it. It very disappointing to see the viber support team are not able to decide which account or number is spam and which is not. As I said before I had been using viber with my number for a long time with any problem until suddenly got blocked without giving me any reason..Version: 20.5.1

Viber blocked me for no reasonViber blocked my account yesterday for absolutely no reason. I emailed support and they said they would unblock my account but would not disclose why they blocked me in the first place. I have been using viber for over a decade now and have been using it no differently the past few days so I am absolutely certain I did not trigger this block and instead it happened due to an issue on their end. They also mentioned that if I get blocked a second time they would not be able to unblock me again. I find this very unjust as technically they could block me again, at any time they want, for absolutely no reason at all, which puts me on the edge. It may be time to leave this service if they are having such faulty security issues..Version: 17.6.1

Notifications for ad messages? Sick of itOne star because of the editing after posting feature not on WhatsApp. A useful feature. One star for being a free messaging app. But I feel utterly spammed every time I see a notification on my phone that Viber has a message and there’s nothing there from my contacts, just some massive group Viber put me in to sell stuff. On principal I’ll never buy anything advertised that way. If my family didn’t use it for group communication I’d abandon Viber..Version: 19.5.1

Not recommendFull with ads Not working good Bad customer support.Version: 19.1.2

Not receiving messagesI don’t receive any messages when the app is closed. Background app refresh is, of course, turned on. The issue appeared for the first time couple of weeks ago. Couldn’t figure out a solution so far. Reset my phone, reinstalled the app... I rely on Viber for regular contacts with my family abroad. This is really frustrating..Version: 16.5.2

Video Chat still disappointingAfter a long pause, I downloaded the App again as I was looking (once again) for a WhatsApp alternative to recommend to friends. I‘ve use Viber over many years, but only for one on one chats. It‘s very disappointing that the Video Chat is still only for one person (On Mobile) even though a Max of 20 can be selected. Non of my friends saw any point of swapping from WhatsApp that visualises 8 people at a time, for one that visualises only 1!! What‘s the point of boasting 20?! 20 people (actually 19) that the viewer has to click through to find out who is talking!? If WhatsApp can do 8 on a phone, why can‘t Viber???????.Version: 14.7.1

Someone please help!Hello there, I have an issue when my friend calls me it appears like his name and 2others. What does it mean 2others?. I have add him as John and when John call me, next to his name appear and 2others. I haven’t add anyone else and even I haven’t add and 2 others. Like John and 2others, what is that??? Also sometimes when I call him, someone else is answering the phone but his phone doesn’t ring. How this is possible? When someone else answers the call, I can hear noise in the background but no one talks. We met one day and we did an experiment, I’ve called him and again his phone didn’t ring but somehow someone else responded to the call? I hang up the call and not even a second my phone rang with his name again ( John and 2others) and he’s sitting next to me and he didn’t dial me. Someone can explain that please? I have uninstalled the app numerous times and still happens..Version: 19.9.1

Troubleshooting after new phone numberIf I can give no star I will do that . I just got my new phone number for 5G and after I installed Viber ,I couldn’t sent any messages. So I deleted the app ,reinstalled again and gave me activation failed for no reason. I contact the support in Viber and they told that My number was blocked on Viber because it was reported as a source of spam or as a result of unusual activity. The account has been automatically added to a block list and can not be unblocked. No further information is available at this time. I need to know what I do to block my phone number and I just got it? And only my family and friends are knowing my new phone number. There is no reason to block me. You can fix this issue or you can lose your users..Version: 17.3.1

I love Viber but there are some issuesThis social app is used to be a good app for me but after a couple of days I found some terrible things in this app. First, I found a sticker that contains a swear word "S#IT" which is bad, appears in the toliet paper 🧻 mess-up sticker from LegCat means business. So can you mark stickers that is restricted to 🔞? Second, one of the annoying bugs is the Viber call screen made by my phone 📱, is terrible because there's no button to reject the call, while the one that is made by Viber has. Other things: • Whenever my dad is calling me with my family group maybe I have to wait 3 seconds when answering? • I can't even make calls in background. Once I want to read some information while making a call the call automatically ends..Version: 15.7.1

Viber is un secure because I’ve been added to group without my permissionReally good.Version: 18.5.2

Not sendingI have been using Viber for several years but recently the reliability has gone down. Sending messages have been kept on hold with a ✔️unless my recipient texts me then it allows the messages that have been on hold to send with a ✔️✔️. It’s as if the messages are being held until the gate is open. I have checked with my recipient and there is no blocked communications on their part. It’s strange this has only just started I’ve checked various Wi-Fi’s to find a solution - no success. Messages only send when the recipient sends a message to me it then remains on a single ✔️ If anyone has experienced the same please respond and let Viber know..Version: 19.0.0

Full screen of addsI get couple hundreds of messages from add companies, no way to remove unwanted messages, very frustrating and annoying, can’t download older versions of Viber what was less aggressive whit adds so I deleted it completely. Way to go Viber, more adds please!!!!.Version: 22.2.1

Viber deleted secret chat feature!No more Secret chats! Disappointed! It was perfect. There was no need to delete that feature. Let people choose where they use disappearing messages in regular chat, don't take secret chat from us where disappearing messages were a standard feature..Version: 13.4

From good app to spy appDo you want to continue to use Viber? Then accept all the policies. Sounds easy, but in fact this app collects identifiers (name, phone number etc) - understandable, geolocation - questionable, KYC and financial info - unacceptable. Good app turned to scam and spy app..Version: 22.1.0

Notifications stopped workingTried to uninstall and Instruktor again. Nothing works. Notifications are enabled at iOS level for Viber app. It’s not the first time happening to me and my family. Switching to telegram..Version: 19.2.0

Over complicatedI can’t even creat a contact (an elderly relative in Oz) without a photo and send them and invite to Viber request - serious?! I don’t want you to access all my contacts, heard of GDPR? Old review: An international phone call app that is way more complicated than it needs to be. When you open it you want to make a call but it displays everything but Numbers or your balance. You have to hunt around to see your remaining balance but you can get “stickers”, great! Needs some improvement to simplify an App that should be very straight forward..Version: 12.3.5

Useless ap and not reliableThe developers force ap update and I lost all my data which is stored on their server..Version: 22.0.0

Unable to text someoneHave been in contact with someone via Viber for a few years and since the recent update I can receive and call out to him YET he can’t receive any of my messages. His messages come through bug I’ve had to use a different app to reply too (This shouldn’t have to be the case) can someone fix this asap please.Version: 11.9.5

Improved nowManytimes disconnected when voice chat unlike whatsapp & messenger almost never happened though using the same wifi. stickers graphic are not nice. but Viber Out system is really useful..Version: 11.9

Will keep downvoting this until its fixedFor several months now the app is rendered useless. Unless I open it I cannot be notified of texts and calls. Unfortunately my family in Greece is only using this app and not alternatives, because for some reason it’s quite a popular app in Greece. As a result I cannot get prompt communication with them which I need at this point as there are health issues that I need to be informed of on a constant basis. Viber is literally useless and the support team does virtually nothing to fix this issue - apparently they are aware of it for months and working on a fix but it’s evident at this stage that if there was a fix to be applied, it would already have been so. I will keep giving it 1 star until either they admit that there is nothing they can do, or they fix the issue. I urge everyone I know in Greece to stop using this app and move to alternatives asap..Version: 19.0.0

Do Not Subscribe! Ceases Viber Out Calls at 10 min & Flags legitimate calls as fraudulent! 🤬This stupid app keeps cutting my viber out calls at 10 min and I am embarrassed every time to the other party I was talking to and I can not say these people that some stupid developers just built an stupid and junk app named Viber that cuts my direct calls at 10 min duration even though I subscribe for unlimited minutes! Now you can imagine how embarrassed, angry and frustrated I am toward this app! I wrote to them and someone even did not say sorry for the inconveniences I experienced and replied that calls were fraudulent activities! 🤬 Now, they started judging my personal calls and defining my calls to my mom as fraudulent calls! This is just utter madness and beyond one’s patience limits to this stupidity! They behave like they are police, tapping you calls, judging your calls and even forcing your calls to drop! This is how low these people behind this app went down and they think it is just okay!.Version: 16.8.0

ProblematicDo not use this app!! Save yourself time and money! I’ve had the app for a week. I needed it to make calls to my bank as I am not in the country. I’ve purchased vibes credit it worked once and now I’m unable to make any calls. It just says call failed to all my contacts. Getting in touch with the support team is impossible! When I finally did they said it’s my internet. At that point I had already tried it on multiple devices and different high speed WiFi zones. In cases of emergency or actually want to make a call, I do not recommend using VIBER!!.Version: 21.9.1

Two months and still no fixI’ve had viber for years and it has worked well. The last two months however, the notifications have been sporadic to the point I won’t receive any at all unless I open the app. I’ve tried all their trouble shooting advice and still nothing. I have no choice but to stop using it for something more reliable..Version: 19.1.2

Blocked my accountI didn’t use Viber for long time. Recently some reason to use it and started conversation. Then suddenly Viber locked my account. Off course I contacted the customer service with screenshots and said I am doing legitimate conversations. I received a reply, a rude reply and said can’t unblocked and don’t reply because my number is sending spam. I’m using Messenger or WhatsApp etc and they never has this kind of issue. It is not my problem. Im a real person..Version: 17.9.0

Super.perfectLyuks.Version: 19.4.0

Not workingApp was working fine as of last couple of weeks. Family would send me photos which I can’t save anymore. The preview in the chat is blurred. And now the app won’t even start. Crashes straight away when I open it.Version: 13.2.1

Activation failedDear Viber Support Team, I am writing to express my frustration with the activation process for your messaging app. Despite multiple attempts, I have been unable to activate my Viber account and have encountered the error message "activation failed" each time. I have followed all the steps outlined in the activation process, including entering my phone number, verifying my identity, and ensuring that I have a stable internet connection. However, despite my best efforts, I have been unable to activate my account and begin using the app. This issue is particularly frustrating as I was looking forward to using Viber to stay in touch with friends and family both domestically and internationally. Unfortunately, the activation process has proven to be a major obstacle, and I am now considering other messaging apps as alternatives. I kindly request that your team investigate this issue and provide a resolution as soon as possible. I would appreciate regular updates on the progress of my case and any steps that I can take to resolve the issue. Thank you for your attention to this matter..Version: 19.8.1

Limited utility…I got this app because I wanted the encryption and privacy that iMessage doesn’t provide. I also wanted to be able to keep chats, and be able to access past conversations. The shortcomings of this app are many. It doesn’t want to be secret. You can set it up so notifications don’t appear on your Lock Screen, Notification Center, etc… but it constantly reminds you that it doesn’t like these settings. My biggest complaint is that messages are not searchable. Scrolling through hundreds of text messages to find a reference to something that happened a few weeks ago is inconvenient and takes way too much time when I’m tying to answer a question..Version: 16.5.2

Viber’s technical failures ruined my relationshipViber is a convenient way of keeping in touch with your loved once who live far away as it offer free (video) calls and texts. However, it has had a number of technical problems which caused me a great deal of stress and its customer service has not been very helpful either. It has happened a few times that Viber did not deliver my messages to my boyfriend and his messages to me while it said the messages had been delivered. This caused a lot of misunderstandings and row between us until we realised it was Viber’s fault. Similarly, a couple of times my memory was fully (w/o me knowing), so Viber simply shut down and was not showing me notifications for messages and calls. My family got very worried because I was not answering for the whole day. Each time I contacted their customer support team they would send me a generic reply with the steps they don’t apply to my case, I got a sense as if I were speaking with a robot. For instance, once I forgot to allow Viber access to my contact list which was the reason why I could not save any new contact. When I contacted them for help they sent me a long list of things I should do one of which was uninstalling the app, but none of these things was simple “check that you allowed Viber access to your contacts”. Ridiculous! And completely incompetent and careless!.Version: 14.0.1

BadIt doesn’t work for me.Version: 19.0.0

No SMS received for Canadian numbersTried several times to set this up on a Canadian number. The authentification/SMS never happens. Deleted.Version: 15.5.5

I still can’t get notifications when I receive a messageOn my phone, whenever I receive a message I never get a notification, it’s been like this through a few updates. I have complained to Viber, their basic answer is to delete the app an install it again, which looses all my conversation history and media, and doesn’t work. Works fine on my iPad, but I don’t take my iPad out with me. If they want me to stop using competitors apps they need to fix this, as other people are using other apps to get a hold of me, so naturally I’m using those apps to reply..Version: 12.8

No Msg Delivery in closed App after Latest updateUpdate 03-Sep: I got a response from a Developer educating me how I should fix the notification issue in Settings :-). Just to let them and Viber know again, as I mentioned, the notification aren’t coming because messages are not delivering to me until I open Viber explicitly and check messages. So it is a message delivery issue and is happening ever since I have upgraded the app to the latest version ========•========•=========•====== Messages to me are not getting delivered (double click seen to sender) now after updating the app yesterday to latest version, unless and until I get back in the app. And, hence, I’m not getting any notifications either as the sender does not see the message delivered to me if I’m out of the app. Tried everything, all settings are on but still no delivery and notification. Weird and very frustrating issue! How can I roll it back to previous version? Happy to lose the search feature but if downgrading is the only solution to fix the issue (which would be very surprising if that’s the case) let it be!.Version: 20.8.1

Doesn’t refresh and receive messageBefore the ios 16 roll out, the receiver always got the message with 2 check marks, take note this is on the a setting of push notifications, but now even if you are online the sender sees you only have 1 check mark.Version: 18.8.0

Country to country calling failedI have had this app for several years. I only use it when I go out of the US so I can call home. This time while I was out of country, I tried using the app and my calls failed. I purchased the Viber call out plan in hopes that I could call family to let them know I arrived safe. My first video chat, I connected but my husband could not hear me. I tried several more times but the video call always failed. Then I tried audio. Again call failed. I reached out to customer service and they couldn’t find my account where I paid for the service. I finally had to send them a screenshot of my account. I requested a refund but was told because I purchased through the App Store I had to contact apple for a refund. I did download the app from the Apple Store but the call out feature was an in app purchase so Viber should refund my money. I was gone for 8 days and could not use this app at all. I was better off using messenger. Waste of money..Version: 19.6.1

Blocked because of complaint from spammersReally like it for long time. I was loyal customer of Viber for many years, was really enjoying its service, but get a lot of spam lately, somehow spam groups a able to connect people to the chats without people agreeing to it. I think it is how Viber’s algorithm works. Unfortunately Viber isn’t able to distinguish between complains from regular people and spammers. Recently was unexpectedly connected to several “Investment” groups WITHOUT OF MY CONSENT. However when I started asking why am I conectes to such groups in their chat they decided to report me as spammer. Button line is Viber stands on the side of REAL SPAMMERS, and blocked me of the app. Besides that I still have money on my account that is unavailable to me know. Only response I got from Customer Service was automated email… One star, but service is great.Version: 22.2.1

NotificationI don’t receive notification when I have a message from Viber. So I miss important messages and I’m use another app..Version: 22.0.0

Notification glitchIt’s been a few weeks now, maybe a month?, where there has been a (1) sitting on my notification. I keep thinking I have a new message but NADA. Today however it went up to 4. Apparently I have ‘4’ unread messages when in actuality I don’t. Please fix! It’s really annoying.Version: 14.3.2

Don’t waste your timeI’ve been using this app for so many years and never had an issue. In fact, I always found this app convenient as a frequent traveler. However, in recent months I’ve been having issues with random people adding me to stupid crypto/investment scam groups thereby flooding my phone with spam. One day I had enough and decided to take matters into my own hands by writing repeatedly in the group chat that it’s a scam group. Guess what happened to me? I was blocked off the app for “spam” just because of that. I never asked to be added to these stupid scam groups and I was sick of all the spam I was getting yet when I decided to address the issue I get permanently banned off the platform??? What sense does this make? Instead of punishing me for spamming the spammers, why not punish those who were spamming me to begin with..Version: 18.7.0

VirusI was about to change my phone number on Viber because I just got a new phone number, and when I went on Viber it went straight to my contacts ( still on the app) and the bar at the bottom wasn’t there. Then I tried shutting down my phone which didn't make difference. The next day, it was there was no change. Then after that I had to delete the app, and now I can’t access my Viber account because I can’t use my old phone number or get a SMS code. I know I could get a new account, but it keeps happening again.. it’s all lost..Version: 11.7

Activation failure when changing numberI got an activation failure when I changed my phone and operator then switched for my old number, the system detected it as a scam and blocked me, how to contact Viber to solve this issue ?.Version: 18.5.2

Blocking an account for no reasonI am highly disappointed in this app that I have been using for over a decade now. Having an old number for 10+ years, I have never faced an issue of being blocked due to spam or an unusual activity. Changing my number and activating a new account, I got blocked two minutes in (not having sent a message to anyone). Later, I got unblocked, and now the same problem is happening. I haven’t used Viber for anything but for school and family, as well as not having sent a message or opening Viber for hours, and when I finally did, I saw that I got blocked again. I tried contacting the support with the explanation, but the support is absolutely terrible because they only work with bots. For such a huge company and big name, utterly SHAMEFUL..Version: 19.3.1

No option to mute calls from a groupThere is no way to mute group call notifications , while keeping group message notifications.Version: 22.2.0

After weeks of wait ViberOut finally seems workingWell, purchased ViberOut to call non Viber installed phones as advertised but unable to do that and immediately informed the Viber customer support for no avail. A call I made overseas for a relative was working on other phone calling platforms but not with ViberOut. As days passed by without any response from support , I was tried other numbers and intermittently working onetime and not working the other time. Still the relative I would like to call wasn’t working at all . Finally, received from support ‘ issue now resolved’ message after weeks of my subscription. By the time, I have already used other phone calling platform to reach a relative. Anyway the point , RESPONSE is so slow to fix the issue in day or two at max but waited weeks is NOT GOOD ENOUGH . Hope Viber would improve their services on response time quickly as possible before losing the customers..Version: 12.9

Was Great!!!It was great .. when it was absolutely free. I was able to stay in contact easily with friends and family overseas. No data fees , no long distance “ low rates” no contract. But I guess nothing good lasts forever. I see though the description still mentions free when in fact this app now is a subscription. Why ? When there are other social media options? People can Facebook video or Zoom with friends and family overseas. That’s still free. So what happened Viber ? At least I was able to remain close to new friends from different countries for awhile. I’m now forced to keep Facebook and use Zoom As well with those that don’t Facebook anymore. ( I wouldn’t anymore either if not for ) Viber did once do what Zoom does. What happened?.Version: 13.9.1

Hidden Chat (after updated)I update Viber today, after searching for the name, I could not click on the person name to view as usual. It requires me to enter passcode (4digits) on the search bar, then ALL the names with hidden chat will appear to chose from. This is ridiculous because someone can just sit there enter random 4-digits numbers and eventually will get access to ALL the hidden chat😓. Not to mention the new version requires 4 press (for 4-digits) instead of less press when searching for a name instead. Is there a way for me to download the older version? 🙏.Version: 22.1.0

No notifications / frequent freezesAs others have already mentioned - the app doesn’t send push notifications as it should. One has to open the app I’m order to see if they’ve received a message. I’m also experiencing frequent freezes when navigating the app. It becomes unresponsive and have to close and reopen. Unfortunately, that is only a temporary fix as it would freeze again. It was a great app, until this last update which rendered it unusable..Version: 18.6.0

Txt Messages ok, but voice quality poorText messages ok, but I no longer use Viber for voice calls due to low quality Voice quality has improved but very dependent on being close to a tower. Still drops out several times during long call. Sometimes won’t connect. Really is not worth the hassle. I’d rather pay $10/month and get an international calling plan. It’s just so frustrating to use when mobile!!!.Version: 22.2.0

Viber support is hopeless … iPhone 14 blockedGot a new iPhone 14 … reloaded viber and my of messed up and now it’s totally blocked me from loading it up …. Cause my number is a spam …. Had it for 10 years … and they can’t help me … what am I supposed to do buy a new mble …. Shocking…. I am happy with what’s app 👌.Version: 19.3.1

Thanks for V 11.5.1I am as a partially sighted would like to say thanks to Viber for the latest version 11.5.1, now the video messages are accessible with voice-over, I hope that Viber keep improving the app features for visual impaired and blind people, what about message receipt this feature still Not readable is not accessible yet, so we hope to improve this feature as well and keep improving the Viber app. So we hope to see more improvements in near future. Many thanks.Version: 11.8

Not getting notificationsAfter the latest update to Viber, a day ago, I am not getting the usual notifications that I have any new Viber messages. Nothing has changed apart from the app being updated. I have to manually check by clicking the app and then all the messages come through at once. No issues with any other messaging apps like WhatsApp. I’m on iOS 16.0.2. Have rebooted my phone manually and also it restarted when I updated from iOS 16 to 16.0.2. Viber support so far are useless. Received a reply to my ticket that was clearly a cut & paste situation..Version: 18.5.0

Not as good as it could beViber is a much more ‘clunky’ app than many of the other messenger apps around. I use it only for specific family members. It would b helpful if you could tell who has like your comments or photos in a group message! Update. 2021. Was excited when I saw that Viber was now CarPlay compatible…except that unread messages arent actually being played..Version: 15.6.0

Cannot add contacts save button is grayed outEat too much space and glitchy does not allow me to add contact completely save button is grayed out.Version: 18.5.2

Call sound override phone’s settings. Bad call qualityMy phone was in mute and even had an earphone plugged in, incoming calls still make big loud sound. I still can’t find anywhere to stop this ridiculous feature. I turned off all notifications or even Viber in-call of the app. Never seen w any other phone apps. Embarrassed many times in meetings. The only way was to turned off wifi?!? Not sure if Apple lets this happen or their engineers are very competent and reckless in letting loud phone call’s sound override phone settings. Quite bad call quality, reason they say is low internet but other apps had better quality. Started to use it bcoz of quality, now gotta change apps. This has changed recently like several months..Version: 12.3.5

FrustratingConstantly crashes and can't open app. Msg alerts often don't come through unless I manually open the app. Even when all setting are correct. It seems to magically fix itself then randomly does it again and it's an annoying circle! Love the speed and reliability of photos and videos being sent when sometimes text msg doesn't work. Other then that it's way too frustrating then it's worth. So much needs fixing..Version: 13.2.1

Can't save videos anymoreAfter the new updates, can't save videos anymore? Even with "save to gallery" enabled, none of the videos being sent to me can be saved. Little random hearts beside every message, and they've updated it so it's not just in group chat but in private chats too. They look spammy and take up too much screen space. It's annoying trying to scroll because you tap them accidentally. If you're going to add them for no reason, at least add the option in settings to turn them off. Completely unnecessary. It's not facebook..Version: 16.7.3

Blocked me for trying to save people from falling to a scamRecently it’s happening quite often on Viber that some scammers randomly invite a lot of random people to what is pretending to be some kind of Investment groups. What I do in that case is change the profile photo of the group to something that tells people it’s a scam, change the title to “We are scammers” or something like that, and send a lot of messages like “they are scammers! Beware!” Got blocked for that yesterday. While I was only protecting the users from the scam. Going to deactivate my account and don’t even want to use this app anymore. Luckily most of my friends and family have already switched to another app as well. I will convince those that are left to do the same, if they want to contact me.Version: 19.2.0

Adding photosCan we please take away the “add new photos” and “keep current selection” choices? Its a pain having to constantly keep going back to your photos to add more then add them again into your conversation. Sometimes even when i go out of the conversation all my photos disappear, so I then have to completely go out of the app and reopen it. Anyone else?? Thanks.Version: 15.0

Notifications not showing up unless app is openWhat’s going on with viber how come I’m not receiving notifications if the app is not open? My software and viber app is up to date and I thought that’s what’s causing it but Im still having the same problem. Can somebody help me out! Thanks!.Version: 22.0.0

Blocked AccountI had created my account about a week ago and was blocked for suspicious/unsual activity when I only had 1 person on my contact list with little activity on the app. Submitted 3 tickets and got the same general response stating they cannot remove the block. Customer service sucks and their tracking system for suspicious activity is even worse!!.Version: 19.0.0

The customer service is useless.(edited) The conclusion is that the customer service will NEVER help you once your phone is banned in some reasons. I don’t recommend to try contacting them - it’s wasting your time. Here is what you will automatically receive the message - Hello, Your number was blocked on Viber because it was reported as a source of spam or as a result of unusual activity. The account has been automatically added to a block list and can not be unblocked. No further information is available at this time. Please do not reply to this e-mail. ——— I was able to use this app with my phone number in Japan, but when I got the new number in the US and try to change it, my number has been banned though it is my first time to use. I’ve send message the customer service 3 times but they NEVER let me use my new phone number. The customer service in Japan says, “If any unusual activity is detected, which is unlikely to occur in normal usage, the account will be automatically restricted from use. Your mobile number is restricted for use due to the above specifications.” This is not fair that my number has been banned even though that is not my fault. I hope the problem can be solved by sending my ID, for example, but Viber never gives me any chance or help. I am disappointing..Version: 19.8.1

Not notifyingThe app is great for providing a means for communication however it does not notify me when I have a message. This is quite devastating as my dad who lives overseas will send me a notification and I won’t get it until a few days later when I intentionally go into the app to check. He also has the same problems with the apps. As does a few other users I know. Would be great to have this issue fixed..Version: 12.9

DoraSpikeViber sends messages from unknown people wanting money and funds from countries that I’ve never been to which is very upsetting, the only reason I have the app is because I have a close friend who lives in the United States who grew up just a mile away and he hate Apple and won’t get WhatsApp which is how I communicate with my other friend who live all over the world. I wish he would get a more friendly and less corrupt communication app like WhatsApp or a little worse Facebook messenger..Version: 19.5.1

App just continues to devolveAfter addition of ads, continuous insistence on keeping Viber notes, bloated community messages that I’ve had to contend with… I got it. It needs to keep changing and adding. BUT WHY REMOVE BLACK DARK MODE?! Seriously - what was the use?.Version: 19.7.0

Room for improvementLegit, it’s a good app. But after I press the button to send the message. It takes about 10 seconds before it actually sends. And no, this isn’t my internet. It even happens when im using data. Same goes with calling. It takes about 5/10 seconds before the call goes from calling to ringing. This has been happening from the start, as soon as I got viber this always was happening. Apart from that issues its a good app. Also, why cant I clear chats for storage. I know you can clear the chat but it doesn't give you your storage back. Like really? Overall, good app though if you ignore the issues..Version: 12.8

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