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HappyCow - Vegan Food Near You App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

HappyCow - Vegan Food Near You app received 36 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using HappyCow - Vegan Food Near You? Can you share your negative thoughts about happycow - vegan food near you?

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Only accepting 100% vegan restaurants? Just use Google mapsTried to add a listing but was annoyed to see that “due to overwhelming number of submissions only 100% vegan listings are being accepted” at the moment. That’s not the point of the app for me. The obviously vegan spots I can find on google or yelp. What I use HappyCow for is finding places that you might not otherwise know have vegan options: places that aren’t 100% vegan!! If you’re overloaded on moderation, just make the queue longer. Don’t cut out like 95% of possible submissions. People are going to forget and they won’t come back later to add them..Version: 6.15.1

I really wanted to like this, I really didI live in a town with an amazing food culture, and tons of veggie friendly businesses. Even with these elements, HappyCow is inconvenient at best. There is a breakdown of dietary levels and some great reviews, but you have to go to a different section “filter” to refine a search If you are in the mood for a certain place, you have to take additional steps to find it, unfortunately, competitors like Yelp work better for my family, (which I don’t necessarily like, but reliability and functionality is key for an app for us). Recently, Happy Cow reached out to me for feedback, and I attempted to give some constructive feedback to help make the tool better. I received back an email basically stating, “well you are just doing it wrong”. Yeah I do agree, I was probably doing it wrong. However, if in this day and age, someone interacts with your app and has trouble using it, then perhaps there may be room for improvement. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to figure out how to use every app I use, so my default is to not use those apps that seem abstract. I really want to support Happy Cow, it just is more trouble than it is worth for me. Hopefully they are able to address their limitations objectively, as I am appreciative of their mission..Version: 4.7.3

Ugly but useful“Hey, I got it, instead of actually valuing good design and paying someone skilled, we’ll just ask our community to fix our brand for free.” Previous review: The app’s fine. I just wish the purple tomato cow logo and all UI wasn’t hideous. I only use it because the data is useful. They really need to hire a good designer to overhaul the look. I don’t drive a car only for the engine. I also drive it because it looks good. Any app on a platform as well designed as iPhone/iOS should understand this. Any good tool is a harmony of design and engineering. This app only has half of that puzzle. Thus I gave it a half rating. I would give it 2.5 if I could..Version: 6.3.1

More miss than hitWe have been using the app while traveling around Japan and so far a lot of the places we have tried to find aren’t there. We have had a one positive result at this point. Hopefully our strike rate improves soon..Version: 6.21.1

Only worth it if freeAs a vegan I like supporting vegan products, but this app is not worth even $.99... the selection is poor and only limited to places that are 100% vegan. I want to find places I can eat and don’t want to be controlled by the developer’s filtered choices. Many restaurant in my area that are vegan friendly, but only like 7-8 within 25-30 mile radios (I live in the currently 4th largest metropolis area of US). I went to find by the map and when used the selected area, the map zoomed in (glitch) and gives me the result just for small selection. I hate the fact that I can’t get my money back!! I paid $3.99 thinking it was a good app as I usually get if I pay more than $1... can’t believe that Peta recommended this app. Do not purchase until they improve their database and bugs. I see plenty of options in TripAdvisor and Yelp in my area. This app is only worth if it is free at the moment, and even then TripAdvisor or Yelp provides more options and includes vegan friendly places. Btw - not supporting restaurants that are vegan friendly and offer 100% vegan options in their menu without having to modify the order, is not supporting restaurants management that are being open minded and value our life style. Also it makes our cause easier when you can share with non-vegans without having to inconvenience anyone. The more people order the offered options, the larger will be the vegan menu. Then, demand will grow when the options are available (more vegans)..Version: 3.9.9

Hate being forced to write so muchI would love to just give a star rating on restaurants that already have a review- I should not be forced to repeat it again-and have a minimum character limit- makes me avoid posting- I also don’t like the way you need to pick the features of a place and %50 vegan is the only option- most places with vegan options are not %50- I am pleased if I can get more than a salad - seems a bit overkill.Version: 6.11.0

Great concept, slow deliveryLove the features of the app and the purpose of the app. However it can be really slow to load up sometimes..Version: 5.3.9

No option for 5 star if the place sells meatIt’s a really good app to find vegan/veg places or places with veg options. However, I think it’s unacceptable that you cannot leave a 5 star review unless the place is completely vegan/vegetarian! They’re plenty of places trying their best at offering vegan/veg and selling meat options. It’s completely biased to say only vegan/veg places deserve a 5 star review. They have an unfair advantage over meat places and customers may be mislead..Version: 4.2.0

Happy Wandering VeganInitially I was not so impressed but have since found some wonderful vegan options that I would not have been aware of without the app’. The opening times are very informative. There are of course options available not outlined in the app’ but it is a great place to start..Version: 4.4.3

Not as good as it wasThis used to be a good app. It isn’t user friendly now, shows too many burger bars and bakeries and requires lots of fiddling in settings to get to what it used to have as its core offering - vegan restaurants. Sadly it’s no longer the go to support that it was..Version: 6.2.4

Great communityThe online community is great, but the app could use some work. For instance, the search function can be improved. I find that it is still easier to search for places on the webpage. I'm also unable to search for users on the app. A separate photo album for MENU will be great too as I find myself flicking through hundreds of photos before finding one. Still a good app for looking up veggie places to eat nearby..Version: 4.4.3

Not really a restaurant.This place looks as if it is barely hanging onto life. Without a doubt, one has to be committed to eating there as it is extremely difficult to find. In an almost totally vacant shopping center it is only one of a few occupied stores. The food is expensive for vegan (and yes I’m vegan) but isn’t adequately outstanding to warrant the prices. It seems that the place is held together by one employee. As you enter the restaurant there is a podium where you place your order and then you wait outside if you like but no indoor seating and only a couple of tables outside. While you wait the person who took your order disappears, probably to microwave the food order, and then returns to deliver or serve the food. My recommendation is give it a miss and look elsewhere..Version: 6.1.0

Does it’s job but basicWhilst it does, it’s job it’s very basic with features and many of the features are also very buggy from a UI/UX perspective. Many features could be significantly improved with relative ease. It doesn’t really offer anything more than an internet search and is certainly not as up to date. The add a place barely ever gets added so I gave up on that years ago, the social side isn’t that social because the interface doesn’t help..Version: 6.27.0

Inaccurate ratingsWill change to a higher rating if they allow me to rate vegan restaurants with 1 star and non vegan restaurants as 5 star. It is not entirely accurate the quality of restaurants if they are already biased based on if they are fully vegan or not. I have been to restaurants with incredible food and staff that have a couple of non vegan options that are labeled and I have been to terrible vegan restaurants in terms of quality and staff that deserve 1 star but the app won’t let me truly rate them due to being fully vegan or not. The labels already let us know if it is a fully vegan restaurant or not that we do not need to give incorrect star amounts to try to boost vegan restaurants and decrease non vegan restaurants with vegan options..Version: 5.5.7

Too many bugsIt was not spamming as I was saying hi to users. Some ignore and some responded. I have met some and hung out as friends visiting restaurants. Can you please what’s the purpose of the app message feature if I’m not allowed to use it? The hours of restaurants are wrong most of the times. New restaurants are not shown, so I have to add myself. Biggest issue is there is a messaging feature, but when I use that feature, the HappyCow team blocks me. What’s the point of having this functionality if we can’t be able to use it? The support team is slow and haven’t responded to my emails. Stick with Yelp as they have a vegan button.Version: 6.27.0

FrustrationI have been trying to use the application for long time and most of the times it’s unreliable and frustrating Businesses sometimes closed down or operating hours isn’t accurate with outdated and misleading information I would say goole” vegan restaurant/shop near me” would be more reliable than happy cow :(.Version: 4.1.1

ExpensiveExpensive for an app that just shows you vegan restaurants... I already knew about most of them that were listed.Version: 3.9.9

Great Website POOR APPI decided to finally pay for and use the app, even though I’ve used the website for years. Really disappointed in the APP. Doesn’t work for business name search on my IPAD pro or iPhone, also unable to add images to previous reviews via the app, also no landscape view, for iPads this is important. Great website but this app needs work if it’s a paid service..Version: 6.24.0

Not workingWhy can’t I download it back?.Version: 4.7.8

Wish I could get a refund.Same if not less information than google maps and irrelevant restaurant suggestions. Used the app in both the USA and Australia and every time google maps came up with better, clearer results with more restaurants and vegan businesses. Just use google this app is a waste of time, I want a refund..Version: 4.7.7

Great resource with dumb rating rulesI love having the resource but the rating system is bad. If a place isn’t fully vegan it can only get a 4 star. Why punish people for trying? If a place is fully vegan, it has to get a two star minimum. I had the worst meal of my life and couldn’t give it one star. This leads to misrepresented ratings and bad experiences. A better practice would be to allow people to rating places fairly and add a gold cow or something for full vegan places that you can filter on if you so desire. These places can even show up first by default in the sorting. Overall a good resource with bad rules..Version: 6.16.0

Constantly crashesI can't even search nearby restaurants without this app crashing on me. I really want to use it for my upcoming trip for Japan but I can't even search any restaurants without the app just closing when I hit search.. Very disappointing considering I paid $6 for this app and can't even use it.Version: 3.9.2

Great for road warriors but.. search is poorUnfortunately I have downgraded to 3 stars for poor search workflow. You cannot search for a specific restaurant or restaurant type within a city. You can only search for a NAME or a CITY. You can’t search for Ramen in Paris. There’s only one search field. Another user already reported this and the developer’s response was clueless. I guess since it was sold the new developer’s don’t get it. The app needs TWO SEARCH FIELDS 1. Location 2. Name I’m pretty sure there was a NAME buried in the filters previously. Bring it back. Prior review: I haves used this app around the world to discover great restaurants often in walking distance. Truly awesome. One tip: call ahead to verify a restaurant is open or still operating. Restaurants change their hours often and there’s a lot of turnover in the business. If you do find info is out of date, take the time to update in the app or on the website. And unlike a lot of apps, it is actively developed with frequent updates by a developer that takes feedback well..Version: 7.0.1

Good idea, poor executionI was very excited to get this app. I live in the middle of the Midwest in a college town, and didn’t know if there were any vegan options near me. Looking at the list on the app, I was pleased to see quite a few options, and I had hope. But as I started making plans with friends and them asking the age old question of “can you eat here?” I found the app almost no help. So many restaurants in my area have vegan options or are vegan friendly, but aren’t listed in the search results. I tried to add one of them, and was discouraged by how big of a pain it is to add a place. I’m all for being thorough when listing restaurants, but you have to add every single menu item that is or could be made vegan, as well as answer way too many questions about willingness to accommodate. All of this is to say that I paid for an app I don’t use because the list of vegan restaurants is outdated. Pretty disappointed..Version: 3.14.0

Lackluster Experience So FarI love vegan for so many reasons. My top three being compassion, my health, and the environmental impact. This app is great for finding finding strictly vegan restaurants. It’s usefulness diminishes as you move towards more inclusive options. For instance, in Reno there is a breakfast place called Two Chicks that has an amazing vegan skillet and delicious vegan pancakes, but many meat options too. They don’t make the list. The app doesn’t allow you to search for a particular restaurant. I’d also like to sort by meal (breakfast, lunch, Italian, Mexican, etc.). Lastly, you cannot rate a restaurant five stars if they aren’t strictly vegan. They have a category for “veg-options”, why not allow me to give a place with veg options five stars? Seems discriminate. I hope the app continues to develop, and I’m happy to contribute my $4 to the cause, but at this time I do not recommend it as a one stop shop to find vegan food in your area. I still find yelp and google more useful..Version: 4.5.0

Not up to dateReally disappointed. Says open when it’s not. Says open when definitely closed. Not truth worthy. The only option for vegans but it’s disappointing so far.Version: 4.6.1

UselessI submitted a review and explained the menu only to be emailed that the restaurant has no menu on the website so they can’t verify information I literally just went into effort of putting on. For the record it’s an Indian restaurant so of course they have vegan and vegetarian options - show me an Indian restaurant that doesn’t! No rhyme no reason just useless idiots in head office making decision on what was my input. Not going to use ever again. Plus locality I was in had barely anything listed so I thought I was making a favour but NO. Useless..Version: 6.3.1

Website is betterI downloaded the app and noticed many local vegan places were missing. I tried to add them by going to the website but they were already there. Seems like the app is missing information. Seems like a waste of money to buy this app when the website is better and free..Version: 3.14.0

Just use Google, honestly it’s way betterIn response to Happy Cow’s response: You suggest “lowering your standards” and adding establishments that only offer “a few” vegan friendly options - excuse me but I thought the purpose of this app was to guide us vegans to restaurants that have vegan friendly options, even if it’s only “a few.” Maybe I misunderstood the premise of this app? I don’t think so. And I tried adding the place we ate at in Ely, NV and the website made me feel like it wasn’t appropriate to add it so I didn’t. Stupid questions like “are you SURE they have more than a few vegan options?” No, I’m not sure but I’d still like other vegans to know they can get a pizza there if they’d like. Google can do that, too. Google all the way. (Original review:)This used to be a great and helpful app for finding vegan food nearby - when I was in Seattle. Now, not so much. A month ago I went on the road and was fully expecting this app to help guide me to vegan friendly establishments. That has not been the case. For example, I’m sitting in Ely, Nevada right now and when I search in Happy Cow one restaurant pops up and it’s closed. However, when I search in google I found a pizza joint, a Mexican restaurant and a couple other places that offer vegan friendly options. I was borderline angry when I discovered that because I paid for this stupid app. I’m on the road 100% of the time and I’d suggest just using google and not waste your money on this app..Version: 4.7.5

Totally glitchyWhy did I pay 5$ for a glitchy app?.Version: 3.14.0

Needs improvement!Ok I get how valuable this information is catering to vegan / vegetarians. The problem is if I’m paying $3.99, I expect the data to be reliable. The price point is not the issue but the fact that the end result is the opposite of the value I expect out of it. My girlfriend is vegan and I bought the app to use in Paris and, no exaggeration, three places in half a day were closed or had no vegan food left. I also noticed places that had some options that aren’t listed. That said, I think they should reconsider making this app free so people can share the info that improves the data quality being offered. At some point, going around is time consuming, exhausting, and expensive. I’d like for you to succeed but you need to make some changes pronto..Version: 4.7.0

Great idea, not very user friendlyVery useful when travelling but hard to look up places in specific suburbs/areas. Needs improvement.Version: 4.7.8

Cool concept but..There are tons of places with vegan options around me that are not on the app. The app is showing me that I live in a dead zone for vegan options, which is kind of true but the app is still missing a lot. Edit: I appreciate the developer response, but it seems like this app is not what I was looking for. It seems like it is not geared towards those of us who are having difficulty finding restaurants with ANY vegan options, but instead for people who are surrounded by vegan and vegetarian restaurants and just need help choosing which one. Disappointing, because I am aware of the one all-vegan restaurant in my town, but I wouldn’t necessarily know which places would have a vegan item or two on their menu. It seems this app would be helpful if you lived in a large, vegan-friendly city. Edit 2: after reading the other reviews, it looks like they’re no longer allowing submissions for restaurants that serve meat? That would explain why nothing was coming up for me. If this is true, that completely erases the functionality of the app in my mind. Not all of us have the luxury of getting to eat at all vegan and vegetarian restaurants! Sad..Version: 3.13.0

Very basic app for it's high price tag!Look at the date before reading this review they might have taken my feedback into consideration in the latest version. It has a good list of vege places. It has a strange way of searching in other locations and get direction function always uses the current location and not the one searched. Filter only works for the current location so planning a meal in another city is very difficult. It uses this non-standard dots instead of pins on the map and they are so big that they overlap and colours merge with the map. Takes a genius to figure how to use the search and is missing some features such as sorting by rating and no settings page!!!! Can't change miles to kilometers and can't views anything farther than 15 miles or so. No link to the happy cow website either... Can't justify the price for functionality....Version: 1.0.1

Nothing in my area is markedBought this app to find new places with vegan options in my area but there is absolutely nothing listed for 12 km even though I know of 10+ restaurants with vegan options. Very disappointed and would like a refund..Version: 5.5.6

DisappointingI really need an app that will help me find safe food when I travel. I had hoped this was it. Not so much. The listings are limited. And when I went to post a couple reviews, I found out why. The app is really poorly designed and hard to navigate. They require that places reviewed have several vegan options on the menu. I was trying to post a place in an airport that had a fabulous vegan salad. Not easy to find good airport food, so. Was thrilled and wanted to share! The other place I managed to review, and I’m not sure will be approved, was a warning to vegan/gf eaters to avoid. The posting process is extremely cumbersome. I’m closing my account and heading back over to Yelp..Version: 6.24.0

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