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Fishbrain - Fishing App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Fishbrain - Fishing App app received 88 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Fishbrain - Fishing App? Can you share your negative thoughts about fishbrain - fishing app?

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Fishbrain - Fishing App for Negative User Reviews

Could be GreatNot a bad app as others have said it's like Facebook for fishing. My biggest gripe is the price I would of happily paid £5.99 as a one off charge but £5.99 a month is a total rip off the app creators will generate many more purchases and Cash with a more sensible approach and also generate a loyal following to help grow the app which is what we all want..Version: 5.14

Can't log inCint log in, it gives me an error when I try logging in.Version: 8.122.0

Why do I have to signup to try it out ???At least give a trial.Version: 6.13

A nice app but…I really like the idea behind this app and in its unpaid version it’s a neat fishing oriented social media platform along with some useful resources. However, I’m of the mind as I am with many apps that have this subscription method, that they’re restricting their audience. I think it’s just too expensive, lower the monthly payments and more people would subscribe. For what it offers, I’d just do without it, the free version is fine..Version: 8.102.0

Thank you, Fishbrain, but…You need a subscription to do and see most of the cool and useful things. Fishbrain is great, (except for the expensive subscriptions,)people can share their tricks to success, it gives suggestions for bait and tools, what and where fish have been caught, and there is a list of the known fish. But, you need a subscription to do almost everything else. Also, about the bait thing, it only gives you a few and you have to pay to see the top bait suggestions. You can have a short free trial, but I’ve heard many people’s issues about how they can’t cancel their subscription and they keep getting expensive recurring bills from Fishbrain. Now, this could just be a lie or something very rare or a misunderstanding, but I heard a story about how someone ordered two hats and a shirt. The shirt came, but not the hats. Does the company need that much money? Scam (maybe) and expensive subscriptions? No offense, especially if the employees are already not paid enough. I do like how there seems to be a customer service, but still. Well, thanks for reading!.Version: 8.138.0

2 Stars for what the app USED to beThis app used to be pretty good. It allowed you to see what fish were caught in your area, look for nearby bait shops or fishing tackle stores, gave weather forecasts with the atmospheric pressure and expected bite times, and see what species are mostly caught at a particular body of water. Best of all though, the app allowed you to zoom in on a particular area and see if there were any catches nearby, and if so what they caught. It didn’t let you see exactly where the catch was, but you could get a very general idea depending on how much you had the map zoomed in. All of this was free, and the app was so amazing that I happily paid for a one year subscription. The paid version allows for seeing exactly where people caught their particular catch. It had green pins on the map showing who caught what and where, which was great for finding good fishing spots. Now, they’ve removed all of the free features I described above and upped their price from $7-$8 a month to $13. There was zero improvement done to the app, merely blocking existing features behind a paywall and demanding a higher price because of it. Ridiculous..Version: 8.140.0

It’s alrightHonestly the fish data isn’t that accurate, it’s all drawn up by user imputed logs. Went to some “hot spots” that were absolutely terrible and some were actually good. Still need to have fishing knowledge and can’t solely rely on this app. Another thing that drives me nuts is people CAP hard about the catches. You see a hog with a scale picture weighing in at 5lbs and scroll down to see little timmys 6 inch bass that he logged as an 8lber. Other than that all the temperature and day data is amazing along with the water depth and social aspect. Only thing that could be better is if you could actually locate species. I want to trout fish but can’t find any spots because they just link every single species to every single body of water. Won’t be buying pro again but will keep using just to log my catches.Version: 8.107.0

I like the old Fishbrain betterI used to love this app! It is such a useful app to someone fishing in an unfamiliar location! I noticed that there is a premium version and that you had to pay for it to see things such as common baits with species- no big deal! Then I noticed that you have to have the premium to view catches in certain locations on a map now- thats pretty annoying! It my opinion, this renders the app pretty useless at this point. The fact that you have to pay $13 a month for data that is being reported by other people is a little absurd to me! This app is making money off of information that I am feeding it by reporting the fish that I catch, and that tempts me to remove my fishing log from the app knowing that. I feel like if you wanna make money off of the app while still being fair to the people who make it possible, you need to make it a one-time, upfront payment!.Version: 8.139.0

Fix your appEvery time I would try to do anything it would say “Something isn’t right” or “your not Authorized to preform that action.” So I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and I needed to sign back in but whatever sign in method I use apple or gmail It either gets stuck in a infinite loop or loading screen or says “your credentials aren’t right” or something like that..Version: 8.20.0

Gotta work on the fishing forecastNot everyone only gos for largemouth and/or has the money for pro I’m mostly and salmon and trout fisherman and I’m unable to afford the pro upgrade they should really have the bite time forecast for free.Version: 8.15.0

Good besides the money grabI absolutely love the app idea. Like a social media page just for fisherman. Love it. Get new fishing locations and tips/tricks from anglers in your area. However, they keep taking features away in an attempt to get us to pay monthly for the app. I look at Fishbrain as the Facebook of the fishing world, but if they keep taking features away unless I pay a monthly fee I will soon be deleting the app. We used to be able to see friends catch locations, fishing forecasts, and previous catches on bodies of water. But these are all pay to play features now. We used to be able to edit names of bodies of water (because there are a lot of miss-marked lakes/ponds on the map) but that is now also a paid feature. Like, you want ME to pay YOU to make YOUR app better? No thanks pal. I’m annoyed about the things they’ve taken away, but I get it, they don’t actually care about helping out anglers, this is just a paycheck for them, but if you take away any more features, I’ll be removing the app..Version: 8.143.0

Too AmericanFrankly useless outside North America (can’t comment on inside the USA / Canada / Mexico, I don’t live or fish there). Deleted once it’s shortcomings became obvious (30 seconds after installation). As a for instance, the coverage of the river Darent seems to be a single angler fishing a single gravel pit complex, despite the fact the river is a rare north Kent chalk stream complete with resident trout and there’s a dozen other man made lakes along its course. Simply has no depth of coverage, few insights and as a consequence isn’t worth the installation time and effort..Version: 8.82.0

Toxic communityThis is a great app an all but some of the people on here are quite homophobic/ transphobic and racist. The “groups” are where the worst of it is. I joined an LGBT+ fishing group. All the posts were super transphobic and homophobic unfortunately. Fish brain needs to pay attention to that and ban those people..Version: 8.144.0

Could be good but does not let you add gear!I could just about forgive them for the rip-off premium costs if you could add gear, does not have the make and models of any of my gear, I think most of the stuff is from the USA as it does not have any of the U.K. reels I have, nor the rods and no where to add equipment. Has potential but a long way to go before any real use..Version: 6.19.1

Business model disappointingIn a world where ad revenue and affiliate links seem to allow many apps and platforms to be usable without a fee but still make the developers/owners money, Fishbrain seems to not be able to do that. Instead they are starting to remove the features people got used to using and now can’t access unless a subscription is paid. For me, I live on a body of water yet my catches all default to a body of water that doesn’t exist. I was ok with the free version not showing catch locations, and even getting bodies of water wrong—after all, for that info I can understand asking a fee. I can see fishbrain users around me and in general getting fed up with investing all this data to an app that turns around and sells it to lose features they had before. To me that is also fair to have some of the features provided in exchange for that catch data. I hope the devs can come up with a better way to provide the data at a free point. Even offering a month premium free for a purchase made on the app would be nice. My advice is make an ad-based version that gives most features free and a paid version that provides all features. Otherwise, I don’t see myself or others utilizing the platform much longer. I’ve caught and logged over 200 fish this year, and if I’m not confident I’ll be able to access things I did prior, I’m going to have to find an alternative platform. That being said, I do love the app!.Version: 8.141.1

The peopleAfter like two of year of using the app y’all are like taking the fish too professionally and seriously. made me don’t feel like posting my catch at all. Literally y’all are grownup.Version: 8.100.0

It isn’t loadingI was trying to sign up but every time I keeped on getting the loading symbol and it wasn’t loading.Version: 7.20.1

Won’t workWon’t let me sign in error code 21.Version: 8.58.0

Great for logging catches at known placesI like the app and love logging catches / seeing others in the area. Is there any way a search feature can be added to find waters in a local area rather than just browsing the map. Also is there any facility available to add new waters that aren’t currently on there?.Version: 7.31.0

Useful app, okay community, two stars.I thought this would be an app for just finding fishing spots and identifying fish. Well, it also has a social aspect. I thought since it wasn’t the biggest community, it wouldn’t have THAT MANY trolls. I was so wrong. I was browsing other people’s catches, and I noticed some random guy just commented “fake” in some other person’s post. So I just asked how. The person who accused the other guy, just said “photoshop.” I just said, “well, do you have proof?” And they just said “I saw this same photo but an African American person caught the fish instead.” I was like “okay, but next time you spot a fake, provide proof. I’m gonna look into it.” I got a notification as I browsed google. It was the same guy. They had sent me “proof,” aka a racist photoshopped image of an African American (racist as in a huge mouth, almost pitch black skin and tiny eyes). The guy had just trolled me, not to mention that they were racist. For normal trolls, I would rate an app 3 stars, after a lot of trolling. However, since this was a racist troll, I’m rating this app two stars. The post was just a normal post. Otherwise, I liked this app, but just a few suggestions-pls make it so ur able to delete ur comments. I might continue using this app, but just the features that actually help you with fishing. These days, it’s hard to find an app that doesn’t have posting involved..Version: 8.119.0

Sad excuseThey are utilizing information that is provide by users to create content and then charging a premium to get it back. Not impressed..Version: 8.141.0

Warning!This app is a pedohile ring that is run by gangs and police. Use caution or don’t use it..Version: 8.124.0

They want your money sooo badMore and more basic features disappearing. Have to pay to see all catches at one spot now. Sad.Version: 8.140.0

Useful but limitedI used this app before you had to pay to see photos. Use to be able to see what fish people were catching and the day it was posted. You could see photos from many years ago. Now you have to pay to see which I do not like. But overall is useful. Gives you an idea of what fish are being caught and what bait was being used. Being able to see photos was the biggest advantage though to me as you can make sure it is the area your looking at though such as a pier. You can pay to see the baits that were used but I never did. Probably a 5 star when u can see what bait was used but not that u have to pay for photos knocks it down to three stars to me. Was four stars before photos were paywalled..Version: 8.141.1

Fishbrain has ruined local fishingOur area has a certain invasive species that is very popular to fish. This app has brought attention to small lakes and ponds where these fish may be found. A lot of waterways in our area are severely delicate and cannot tolerate overfishing or pollution. Guess what this app does-if you guess bring a huge influx of users with no regard for the environment to destroy the local waterways you are correct. This app describes the users perfectly because every time I ask people where they found this park the answer is always “Fishbrain”. I have cleaned up miles of lines from Fishbrain users who love to live by dominion over all things but do nothing to take care of the environment they are fishing in. If you leave a ton of line and hooks and trash in your wake how are you any different from the invasive species you are chasing. The lake I am referencing in this post was closed until a couple of years ago because of pollution. Because of the strain of overfishing and pollution it is a matter of time until they close that park to the locals again to fishing. But the Fishbrain user will not care and will be invasive in the next sensitive area until they destroy that one, too..Version: 8.106.0

CAUTIONI loved this app and appreciate what it tries to do for the fishing community. However at the end of the day nothing good can come out of this app. I used f this app religiously and even paid for the subscription then i noticed after only 7-8 months of using and posting my catches my local fishing spots started to hold less and less fish. I also keep seeing new faces i’ve never seen. One day, a fishbrain user approached me and asked if i was the guy he’d been following. I sure was and after speaking with him, i finally realized why my local fishing spots are now dead. Didn’t matter the type of fish, i was helping everyone locate the “good” spots to catch fish and i’m sure i helped the good fishermen along with the bad ones. I know for a fact and by the amount of people who knew me and approached me i burned one spot. i possible helped to burn 3 other locations where fishing used to be great. I only use this app now to capitalize on the mistakes of others as i have made. My word of advice, don’t post your catches and if you really must, be smart with your pictures to not give away the location and do not tag where you caught the fish. This app will ultimately be the end of recreational fishing if it gets big enough. sorry fishbrain, just stating facts 🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 8.125.0

They keep making basic features premiumI’m not going to buy premium. The more features you remove from the free version the more I just want to delete the app..Version: 8.139.0

Not great these daysIt’s a great app for finding general locations but now that everyone and their brother uses this app people have started pinning their backyards like anybody can go back their legally to fish. It’s almost like people just use the app to show off what they can catch at home it’s pretty meaningless considering that’s not what the app is designed for and you look like an a**. Recently Fishbrain also updated their app to lock a majority of the pictures posted by people behind a paywall so you can’t even get a general idea of what fish are in that body of water, everything else locked behind the paywall is completely useless considering you can get the exact same service free from pressure tracking apps and a weather app. The lures people use are also locked behind a paywall which honestly is hardly a useful enough feature to be considered pay worthy. Overall just a cash grab for the ignorant. The app “fishing spots” provides twice the service in my opinion and you don’t have to pay for the actually valuable information. 3/10 app.Version: 8.141.1

Not satisfiedApp works fine there's a few things i dont like, where you caught the fish it sometimes will tag you at home or somewhere else if you leave it blank. Anglers may lie about what they caught the fish on therefore you're receiving false information, I know people who do this to throw people off. If you like to brag about the fish you caught and lie about what you caught it on this is the app for you. My main reason for writing review and deleting the app was because there is no way to cancel after your free subscription I went online looked everywhere in the app even in my Apple subscriptions and nowhere can I locate to cancel and they tried charging my credit card my credit card alerted me and I declined its the only way to close your account?? I deleted the app, beware and good luck!.Version: 8.91.0

If you wanna get harrassed by uneducated Karens… This is the app for you!Only been using this app for abput a month and posted 8 catches. Every single catch, there’s someone calling you out on the size of your catch, the bait/lures you chose and my personal favourite… people spewing the regulatioms even though they’re 100% wrong. When ypu call them on it, they just go back to making fun of peoples’ gear and catches. I’m always happy to take sage advice from seasoned fishermen/fisherwomen, but when you have 0 catches and you haven’t posted ANYTHING positive, you have no say. Canceled account..Version: 8.48.0

Trespassing issuesHello everyone. I would personally like to say that this app is great. Great resource of information. But. Fishbrain needs to get on the ball with private and public land. I got this app intending to find new places to fish, but I soon find out there’s tons of places I can go fish. It seems like every single pond on the face of the map is fishable. I thought there’s no way. So I go to my families very private property. Turns out this app has made their private property seem not so private. Despite all the no trespassing signs lined on the property lines. People have been fishing here. For a while now apparently. I highly recommend Fishbrain to hire people to go and talk to owners of these ponds and lakes, before you end up caught in a lawsuit. Other than this issue, again this app is great but that is a glaring issue..Version: 8.113.0

Basis is great but needs a little moreThe app is great and is lovely to have a social network for anglers. However i live in the U.K. and have found many of the gear we have over here is not on the app such as the rods and reels and a lot of baits. It’d be great to see a big update or the ability to add your own gear yourself instead of choosing from a set selection. Such as adding certain boilies or hooks you own. I also understand you have to make money some how but the high price for the premium package is frustrating as I’d love to see exact locations. This is not negative as obviously I understand there has to be profit somewhere. But overall a great app that I find myself checking regularly and I’m excited to see what else comes in the future!.Version: 6.38.0

Looks promising... but inaccurateThe app looks rather promising, but the locations of all the fishing spots in my area are not accurate and in some cases are almost off by 1km from where the actual bodies of water are. Maybe these would show more accurately if I paid for the subscription they expect you to fork out for, but checking locations in the states they appear to be accurate so clearly this is an issue with their MapBox data... seems like a bit of a scam to be asking users to pay for a subscription to use/access notes/waypoints they add for personal use. Since I’m mainly using this to find better spots to fish I see no need to pay their exorbitant fees for a subscription. Maybe if the GPS data was more accurate I’d have more faith and be interested in purchasing a subscription but as it stands I’m rather weary about forking over money to support a basically user/community driven app..Version: 8.59.0

Used to be AmazingWhen I first discovered Fishbrain I thought it was the best app ever. Obviously like most people the mapping catchers feature was the one I used most and used it constantly. Now that amazing feature is behind a massive pay wall that most people can’t afford to spend on, I mean it’s a fishing app. Not only that but they have also increased the monthly price which is ridiculous. I even understood when they restricted the non-pro map feature to only allow you to see catches in certain bodies of water. But now even that is gone and it is just depressing. I would even understand if there were tons of new features coming out but there’s not it’s the same app but just more expensive. And if there are any improvements it seems you have to pay for it which seems like it just excludes the majority of users. I understand companies need to have subscriptions and I would even consider it if it wasn’t $13 DOLLARS PER MONTH. I mean that’s more than most streaming services, who probably have way more expenses than Fishbrain. That price is just completely unjustifiable no matter what the company says. However, if you do have an extra $80 DOLLARS PER YEAR to waste on this app I definitely would do so because the features it has are admittedly awesome. All in all, I appreciate the time I had with this app but am extremely disappointed in this company for the way it has handled the app’s future..Version: 8.144.0

No goodThis app is confusing. The feed shows nothing new lately and any posts I put up gets zero likes or comments where as someone will post a dusty old rod and get 80 likes. Perhaps the app is not working with my cell. Deleted, there’s way better groups out there just for my local areas..Version: 8.70.0

Can’t see depths in my lakeCan’t see the depths and contours in my lake. Worked when I first got the app and now it only works for a few lakes in my area..Version: 8.58.0

No searchCant search by species or location..Version: 8.55.0

Save your moneyI subscribed for a month only for depth contours and it doesn’t work at all…. Pretty bummed out.Version: 8.82.0

Some issuesLocation issues, wrong all time! Have to set manually. Tackle box issues, app crashes when trying to select any lures..Version: 5.15

Dubious usabilityThe map is unreadable except at high zoom level. You can’t really tell where anything is when map displays more than a 25 mi.² area. It shows highways, but nothing labeled unless you zoom in closely. Perversely, larger cities are not labeled except at tight zoom, while small town labels are displayed at wider zoom. E.g., Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania state capital, is a useful reference point; unless you are from the area, Camp Hill is not. Even the streams are hard to identify on the map without tight zoom. The stream labels are odd, often labeling a feeder stream where it meets a larger stream. Some of the labels appear to be just plain wrong. For example, Codorus creek in Pennsylvania at one point is labeled Porter Creek. Generally the app is harder to use and it needs to be. Some decent info, but for trout fishing streams there are better alternatives..Version: 8.103.0

Great community, App needs work.Fishbrain is a great community. I’ve met and fished with several local anglers and always learning new tricks. Really great group of guys and gals. The folks at Fishbrain seem to be doing a good job of keeping the app updated, but always room for improvements. Some of my recommendations to make the experience better below. - The uploader always places the photos out of the order I uploaded causing me to have to edit each time after post. - The ability to keep your fishing spots private should be easier to do. It defaults by showing your exact location. You have to edit this with each post. - The notification section is still awkward. When you make a comment it’s easy to lose track on who responded to what. This is because the comment section doesn’t load the image you commented on. - The Russian girl activity has died down a bit, but still happens from time to time. I feel they should educate users to report users trying to phish for information better. I can imagine that less tech savvy users would fall for these types of online scams. All things said, it’s still the best option for anglers that want to share their catches with the fishing community. I’ve tried the others and always came back..Version: 8.47.0

Two Words: Squandered PotentialQuoting my high school guidance counselor here may be a little extreme, but this app has been around for a few years. It seems to me that instead of hardening the features that are in place, Fishbrain leadership instead has spent resources on throwing new whiz-bang crap at the wall to see what sticks. Even when something does seem to take off, it’s still barely functioning, and they just move onto the next feature. Here’s the kicker: Fishbrain thinks you should pay increasing amounts of money for the squishy, poorly-executed, less-than-secure social media fishing app. Don’t get me wrong, they have some great ideas! - The social functionality - Selecting what level of detail you’d like to share about your catches - Partnering with Navionics - And so many more! Just wait until folks connect your kids to your account and family cabin and… etc. Good luck trying to navigate a boat by the Navionics map, or even trying to find the danged boat ramp on a new lake! Nope, it’ll just show a man-made structure and you’ll be back to Google to find out if it’s a fishing pier, dam, ramp, or maybe, just maybe, that elusive place to put in at!! Nope!! Just kidding—this one’s for canoes and kayaks only. A little bit of effort to make the practical, real-world side of this app hardened, beta’d, and secure, and maybe it would be worth the cost. If it hasn’t happened now though, well, I’m not holding my breath….Version: 8.110.0

Want to love, but…Does a lot of things right. Even the free version provides a lot of information from (what seems to be) a larger community than the main competitor (which is free w/ ads). Overall look/feel is also more polished. That said, if utilizing as a detailed personal fishing log, this app is severely handicapped by the inability to add your own gear that is missing from the database. There is a webform where you can submit requests for gear to be added, but in my experience, those requests do not get added, and even if they did, the process is still too tedious. The FAQ has stated for the last few years at least, that they are working on method for the user to add missing gear, but as of yet, no evident progress on that front. Landscape mode for the iPad app is also an odd omission, however one that the competition has also neglected. Potential is there for this to be the one fishing app to rule them all, but some glaring shortfalls hold it back..Version: 8.134.0

Updates make it worseLess and less info is available on this app. Before you could see generally what fish are caught in which lakes, now they are using user uploaded data, completely putting it behind a paywall for anyone else tk view. I have removed all my catches from this app before deleting. Even the bite time isn’t accurate, just use an actual solunar calendar.Version: 8.143.0

Request to cancel subscription unansweredI tried out Fishbrain for a trip but it didn’t work for me. I messaged them through the app to request that my account be cancelled to avoid the yearly subscription charge on 8th July, but I heard no response. I have since been charged with the year subscription of £59! I am still trying to get in touch with them to sort this out!.Version: 6.5.1

*FIX IT*I’m sure this app is great once you can actually get into it. But error code 21 likes to keep you from doing so, i had previously made my account through their website and now I can’t login on the app with the same account that I used my primary email for, might have to go check out that 5 star rated app.Version: 8.90.0

Love the app butIt’s a great app but you need to allow more access to things without pro.Version: 8.82.0

We need more buttonsGot a dead body there is no option to report it bad app.Version: 8.57.1

It’s OK but I couldn’t subscribe ...The main reason being location settings, they’re all over the place and very inaccurate. The catch locations are miles off. It also locate fisheries in the wrong places so not great for finding new places to fish. Also it seems very American based, especially the gear. All in all not bc a bad effort but until these two things are sorted I won’t be paying for it.Version: 7.31.0

Fish BrainThis app is really good but the subscriptions is really annoying. I think the subscription takes to much away from what you can do. The part I dislike the most is that when someone post a image of their catch you need a subscription to see the lure they used..Version: 8.52.0

So close but needs workThis app is so close to being great but struggles in a few categories. The biggest issue is how hard it is to search for a location on the map, the search bar doesn’t function very well and sometimes shows places close to the name you search that are hundreds of miles away before showing one’s actually close to you. The map itself is also very hard to navigate when swiping around. The next biggest issue is definitely the amount of mis-logged catches, I see a ton of pictures catches at a certain spot that are obviously not actually from the location they are marked at. It’s as bad as people posting pictures of sharks they caught in the ocean marked as being caught in tiny freshwater ponds, and you can see instances of this at almost every location. If these issues can be fixed it would be a great app..Version: 8.102.0

Was great untilMy fishbrain was awesome until it locked me out of my account with 270 followers. This account really had sentimental value to me and ive been logged out. Hope they can do something about it because im very angry and want my account back.Version: 8.66.0

Fish brain reviewFish brain is just like Instagram for anglers.i could just post my catches on instagram. I like it though because I get real opinions from people who can actually fish. I would like to not have to pay for premium to access tide tables and when to fish. Other than that it is good for locating your next fishing adventure..Version: 5.15

Unresourceful with a Confusing InterfaceThis app, for myself having an advanced-novice to intermediate familiarity with the sport, did not come close to being helpful in any way. I was primarily looking for fishing locations in any given geography, with the types of fish there, best bait/lures to use specific to each, times of day to catch, etc.. This app offered none of that, unless I simply could not find it. If that's the case, it should definitely tell you something about how confusing the interface is to navigate and understand. It became too frustrating for me, BUT it's free to download, so won't cost you anything but your time if ya want to give it a shot and see if it's better for you.. It did seem like it may be a good social network tool in some way among fishermen...not what I needed is all... There's an app hands-down better if you're seeking the same type of information I have....good luck!.Version: 8.133.0

OkWell, I had this app for a month and then somehow, after trailing everything for fee for 24 hours, my posts got deleted. I was basically starting from scratch. Fast forward 2 weeks, and it asked me to log in, I never logged out, and all of a sudden NO posts. Asking me to start again. Uninstalled this app..Version: 7.33.1

Intense PaywallsI understand keeping stuff behind a paywall in order to maintain the app and expand in the future. However, I think if the “catches” section was left unlocked it would still allow for unpaid users to get a lot out of the app then allow for those who really wish to hone in on information to pay for the Pro membership and get that extra data. I think being able to let people at least see what has been caught in a water they might be interested in would be beneficial in helping more people go to these different bodies of water since they can see what is possible. From there if they wish to know the specific baits, times, weather patterns, etc. then that’s where the Pro membership would come into play. I’d happily trade seeing more ads for a free “catches” tab..Version: 8.144.0

Pretty good but very pricyIt’s is an amazing app but for people that don’t want to spend money it’s not that good because it’s fairly expensive but otherwise it’s a very good app.Version: 7.3.0

Payment requiresNot a good app for fishing, this requires a payment.Version: 8.143.0

It’s limitedI had this loaded for a couple of years, only trying it to load my catches, buts it’s limited as to what I could add. Found it unsuitable for my UK fishing.Version: 7.23.0

Can’t post photosThe app is great but the only problem for me is when I try to post I add the photos and post it but then there are no photos on my post and it also says error when I try to change profile pic.Version: 7.26.0

Pay to seeAdded stupid feature so you have to pay to see catches now. Basically makes it a paid app.Version: 8.140.0

Pretty good features, but buggyOverall the app is mostly well designed with many useful features. The home screen is a social feed featuring catches - fun to read thru. Additional features include tracking the location, date, weather and gear used of your catch. Also you can pull up a map of a location and see where others caught fish, gear used, etc. You can comment and message other users/fishers. I also like that the community is generally very positive and supportive. The app unfortunately also has several significant bugs. As others have noted, the single biggest issue is their feature that identifies the location of a catch is often wildly inaccurate and limiting. It forces you to pick an inaccurate location such as a stream flowing into a main river rather than the location in the river were you actually caught the fish. This makes membership almost deceptive since you're really paying for that location info. Shame on them. Another bug is the location search results that are unsorted and put waters that are thousands of miles away near the top rather than the nearest water of the same or similar name. Lastly their support is unresponsive. They only send robo responses. It makes you feel like now that they have my money, they no longer care. They have a good foundation and now need to focus on working out the bugs and providing better service..Version: 6.5.1

It’s okayYeah it’s an alright app but I don’t think you should have to pay to see what kind of baits all the other fish in the area go for. Not just one fish species 😴.Version: 7.17.1

Downloading/SignupIt takes forever to login with your email, idk why that is but yeah. Fix this.Version: 8.62.1

Great AppToo much for the pro version. If you want more People signing up. Drop the price by half..Version: 8.138.0

Too much spamSpammed tf out of my email address. I personally won’t purchase anything from a company that uses my email address for mass spam..Version: 8.95.0

Has potential but needs refinementsPaid for three months of Fishbrain pro and although it’s useful, it lacks more granular filtering options that would make it truly amazing. As it is, I can’t find a way to filter for only recent catches. Instead, it shows every public catch ever recorded in the app, making for a cluttered map that has a lot of useless information. Yes, you can filter by month, but I’m not really interested in how many people caught fish in an area two years ago— I want to see what areas are active right now. Searching for a good fishing spot is also made more difficult by the fact that marinas, tackle shops etc are rendered in the same orange color as the “recent catch” pins. A visual way of distinguishing catches made from boats versus bank catches would also improve things— if you know you’re bank fishing, for example, it’d be great to be able to filter out boat catches on the map. What would also be really great is if the app could generate a list of best fishing spots within a certain distance from you based on the density of recent catch data, which could be filtered by species and style of fishing. As it stands it’s a good app, but with these improvements it could be perfect..Version: 8.23.0

Personally I think that the subscription is 2 expensiveThe app I highly recommend but to get to most of the features you have to pay and I think that $100 a year is a bit expensive. I know that a lot of these features are worth it but I know with my current financial situation I would struggle to get $100 a year..Version: 8.100.0

For the Record I love Fish Brain but....Fish brain has been advertising how they have a new store and you can purchase items from their site. I have taken the liberty of doing exactly that. While I will say I am totally satisfied with the Fishbrain fishing shirt that I received. I am completely unsatisfied with the customer service or the lack there of. I purchased a shirt and two hats for $50 and only received the shirt. $30 went to fish brain charity I’m assuming because I still haven’t seen it and no one has any answers. They just keep telling me they’re going to get back to me. But they never do. I would suggest being mindful about spending money on their site. They don’t seem to help with any lost items or money that’s been spent already. It drives me mad because I still use the site and enjoy the benefits of fish brain. But it’s getting upsetting because if you can’t handle a $50 order then I’m never going to drop a $500 order. Just give me my hat or my money already. Because to me this is no different than stealing. I’m sure they don’t want that reputation..Version: 7.13.1

Used to be goodI used to use the app quite a bit a few years ago and it was pretty good. Didn’t do much fishing the last couple of years so I haven’t used it but recently have been getting back into it. I came back to this app only to find that the majority of the features I use now are only available with a premium subscription. A subscription that costs much more than these features are worth. Oh well, I guess I’ll be tracking tides myself and a map to determine when and where I’ll be fishing now. Sad to see this app follow the path of common greed but somehow I’m not surprised..Version: 8.145.0

App itself is goodThe app itself is good but every time that I click on the map tab it closes the app and I can’t reopen it..Version: 8.52.0

IPhone 11 Pro Max 14.4.2Looks like a great app I have latest software but Bitetime & Weather programs will not work? Contacted support who tried to help but had no answers as to why these two important parts of the app wont work and tried uninstalling, clearing cache, but this did not resolve problem either so very disappointed and have had to unsubscribe from the Pro Version and find another app that works.Version: 8.49.0

UpdateUsed to be very good but is now basically impossible to use without paying would not recommend if you are thinking on not paying and use other apps which give you more It used to be the perfect balance and I used my trial and sometimes paid for the pro but now i just don’t want to as u can’t really use it without and don’t always use the pro Please change it back to the old one.Version: 8.14.0

Useless Without PremiumSeriously since when do you need premium to view what people have caught in lakes ??? That’s crazy what’s even the point ??.Version: 8.143.0

Horrible! Fishbrain ripped me off!I paid for the pro membership for 1 yr and the features are not unlocked for my app. It’s still running the free version. I reached out multiple times to the FB team with no response. Only automated replies. Horrible. I feel deceived. Zero stars..Version: 8.26.1

So much potential, please listen to this FishBrainThe app is so good and is the only one of its kind which makes it unique. Anglers need this but it needs some work. First of all, it seems as though all the gear is American or whatever, so please add English gear such as rods, reels and bait like boilies etc... second of all, try to make the app more like Instagram, exactly like Instagram anyway because that is a good social media application, an Instagram for anglers would be literally perfect... I might just make it myself. Finally, the app freezes whenever I try to follow maybe 10-20 people in a row which needs to be sorted, the app feels sluggish... SO MUCH POTENTIAL IN THIS APP SO PLEASE DONT WASTE IT!!! EVERYTHING I HAVE STATED IN THIS REVIEW IS WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT SO MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! P.s. the price of the app is a little steep per month as well, especially for what you get when you pay the extra £9.00 per month, to me it’s pointless. Maybe if this review is listened too by the app editors and creators, many more angler will buy the app. Good job boys x.Version: 6.39.0

FailRequires signup to use = fail.Version: 3.1.0

Pretty badTried going fishing today tried 5 different spots and every single one of them were on private property horrible day thanks to this app.Version: 8.59.0

Stealing the community’s valueFishbrain is overpriced and I refuse to keep adding value to this app for free, the insistence on paid features, despite us already providing valuable data on fishing locations and trends, is exploitative and unfair. I’m done sharing my catches with the community and hope you all do as well. It effectively takes advantage of the community's contributions without offering much in return. Users should not have to bear the burden of paying an exorbitant amount to an app that relies so heavily on their input and knowledge. I am going to a new area and can’t even get remotely close on the app and see catches even though I’ve added hundreds of catches in the past so I’m deleting all my data. Not to mention the forced ads constantly being pushed. The idea was great but it’s become a toxic platform focused solely on monetizing our value and not caring about the average user experience..Version: 8.143.0

Problems are not getting solvedThe app itself is okay. However, I stopped using it almost two years ago. At that time, I canceled my pro subscription via Google play. A year ago, I discovered that the app still charges me for the subscription. I was trying to withdraw it from the web, but they have no such ability. I checked my Google play, and there were no active subscriptions under my account, so I sent a request to support. I got the answer if I have nothing in Google, I should not be charged. Fine. A year later, I discovered that they kept charging me. I started to write requests to support, sending screenshots of my Google account subscriptions, but the answer was, “we cannot help you, ask Google.”. Fine. I checked with Google and confirmed that I have no active subscriptions. They recommended I contact the support of the app. I sent them all the screenshots and confirmation from Google again. My problem is still not solved; I’m requesting a return of my money because I’m not approving this transaction. The only way for me is to abandon my old Google account and get a new one, but seriously?! Why should I suffer the consequences of this app architecture gap?.Version: 8.123.0

Support is badI’m giving this two stars because it used to be a good app. It helped me find some fishing spots when I first moved to Kansas City. If I were rating it based on how it performs now, it would be zero stars. About 3 months ago my feed became broken. It shows all of my catches at the top of my feed and then a few older posts after that. If I scroll way down I can find some new posts mixed in with mostly old posts. I have contacted support three times and I get an email back saying it’s a known issue, they are sorry and they are working on it. Then the support ticket is closed out. I’m sure it’s to satisfy a metric of how fast they close out support tickets. But the problem hasn’t been resolved. I’ve had to open three different support tickets and still no resolution. So I am done with the app. I’ll be looking for another app to connect with local anglers. Good luck if you download this..Version: 8.61.0

Getting better...Update! It has been one year since I wrote the review below and things seem to be improving (bumped from one star to three ). I am however, still seeing a ton of bass posts and I don’t even fish for bass; not following the species, or a “catch position” where they can even be caught. Then there’s the premium features: which are minimal considering the cost. I definitely recommend this app to any and all anglers and I hope things continue to improve. Still has a lot of potential! App has taken a turn for the worst, crap from other countries is showing up in my feed, have to scroll for days to even find a catch in the places I fish not to mention every species known to man is also showing up in my feed; app has potential but doesn't seem to be getting the attention it needs!.Version: 6.4.1

UselessApp isn’t helpful and there are pictures of people injuring course fish, moderators obviously don’t care, best off asking at a local fishing shop than going through the trouble of using the app..Version: 8.105.1

Needs crabbing optionsPlease add Crabbing options (crabbing spots, etc).Version: 8.20.0

Used to be goodThis used to be a good app , the free version gave you some info however now you literally can’t access a thing without having to pay for it . Unless ur willing to pay the monthly cost that’s gotten bigger in the past 2 years … the apps now useless.Version: 8.134.0

RipoffThis app is telling me that in mountain stream so small that its not visible on map was caught Yellowfin tuna, Snapper and Kahawai. Don’t waste your time or money with this..Version: 8.82.0

BruhSomeone caught a great white shark in Baden creek.Version: 8.68.0

Subscription costs are insane.I thought this app would have been perfect, because when I have the time to go fishing, it might be handy to know if any of the spots close to me are biting or not, which gear to take etc, but I just simply can not afford the crazy prices for a subscription to an app that isn’t even guaranteed to have active fishermen in my area. I go fishing a maximum of 4 times a year. I would spend less on bait and gear than I was expected to pay for a yearly pass. I’ll monitor Facebook and send a few texts to friends who fish regularly and find out that way..Version: 7.7.0

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