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ScoreStream Sports Scores App User Positive Comments 2024

ScoreStream Sports Scores app received 41 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about scorestream sports scores?

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ScoreStream Sports Scores for Positive User Reviews

Zach is a true troubleshooter in a great app!Lot’s of opportunity to post on this app. Able to put up pictures, words and conversations etc. Looking forward to using this app quite a bit to find out my scores, and to show my teams in action through photos!.Version: 2.4.48

Great but….I love this app during football season. But so would like to just see Iowa High School Football scores, without having to follow every team in the state and seeing all of the other sports along with it..Version: 2.5.60

MavFanInitially had a hard time updating score. I would change it but main system wouldn't adjust. I assume you must meet certain criteria. Anyway, the app is working superb now. Doesn't matter where you live, you can keep up with favorite teams..Version: 2.3.56

Awesome app for sports fans!!!!This app is awesome!!! I love how it gives the fans the opportunity to update scores for sports games and matches!!!! I do think that the baseball scoreboards should include the balls, strikes, pitchers, batters, and outs to help make it easier to follow the game. Other than that it’s awesome!!!! Also, for baseball, it should include mid inning and end inning in the inning change options. That would also make it a little easier to follow as well..Version: 2.4.91

CoolAwesome idea.Version: 2.2.70

So far impressed!I run a hs sports site and want to use this to record scores. Wasn’t sure users would load scores but sure enough, a game I was at on opening day of Spring Sports was being loaded by fans from both sides. I’m still in the early stages but very enthused!.Version: 2.3.96

Love the app but SportsFX doesn’t want to work for meThis app, all around, is one of the best sports apps for fans I have ever downloaded. Recently, I have encountered a problem with the SportsFX feature on the app. It is not allowing me to use the overlays on any of the games I interact with and I’m not sure why. I never had this problem until recently. Overall, I’m very satisfied with this app.Version: 2.4.91

GoodPerfect.Version: 1.1.1

Great way to get scores of local high school football.If you’re a football fan like me who want to keep up with all of local high school scores, you must get this app. Believe me, it won’t let you down. I give it (4) thumbs up👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿..Version: 2.4.83

Useful AppOnly one issue: Every week my notification alert count increments by one, up to 3 now, but don't see a way to clear. Otherwise I've appreciated having access to local high school scores..Version: 2.3.60

❤️TheApp - Moment By MomentIf you can’t be at the game or worse is that work/life has you too busy to even watch at home then you can always stay up to the minute with scores for you favorite team! I have alerts enabled & I’m notified any time my team or the opponent scores any points during the game. If I get busy & don’t have the game on then I know to run turn on the game once I receive an alert. Often I have to work on Saturday and I can at least know what’s going on if I can’t watch instead of relying on a friend to keep me posted. A Must Have App if you’re a sports fan!.Version: 2.4.46

ScoreStreamThis app is so awesome I use it for my 3 favorite high school football games and you can use it for any sport and it will send you notifications telling you if your team won or not and it will tell you about their other games to and I love this app so I would highly suggest to download it.Version: 2.4.50

Scores Found!Really like finding local high school football, basketball, and even baseball scores using this. We also use ScoreStream to help pick secondary games to see if our primary game gets too one sided..Version: 2.4.89

Sports crazyLove this app. Great way to keep up with the local HS scores as they are playing instead of waiting for the news paper. Also great for NCAA around the country even the games that are not televised. Great for PRO sports too. For me started as a score tracker but has become my social media for all sports. Outstanding app..Version: 2.4.62

Great appI always had trouble finding live scoring for local high school sports. This app has totally solved that problem. I can get live update scoring for any team from high school to professional sports. Love it!.Version: 2.3.88

I love this appThis is a great app to keep track of any game. But whatever update y’all did last was not good. I would always get 1 point per cheer but now it is for about every 1000. I do not like it at all. Y’all need to change it back. I would also start off with 11 point but now it is only 10..... PLEASE FIX IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS!.Version: 2.4.48

ScoresThis app is amazing i love to look at different scores and stuff but it’s frustrating because when i try to fix the score it deletes my score and puts it back. for example it could be 11-5 and they score a 3 (basketball) so i put 14-5 it changes it to 11-5 and it does that with every other score i put in. otherwise good app.Version: 2.4.89

Excellent appThis is the best app in my opinion for sports fans who want to share with other fans & the teams they support. You can “cheer” for your teams, post messages & submit pics. The best part is that you can choose your teams from middle schools, high schools, colleges, semi pro & pro teams. Support your favorite teams by posting scores for other fans. DOWNLOAD TODAY! It’s free to download & use!!!.Version: 2.4.55

Problem with appWhen you go too the twitter icon and it did not let me sign in my Twitter account but it worked on Facebook. I love the app but that should be fixed..Version: 2.3.76

Keeps me up to date when I cannot be there.Much better than texting friends and family to get game updates when I cannot go to the game..Version: 2.4.48

Nashville fanI love this app because it allows me to follow the games and keep up with Wins and Losses in TN. My hometown is in Carlisle, OH and my nephew plays nearly every sports and through Score Stream, I can see in real time the outcome of every game.. Thanks so much for this app. ❤️.Version: 2.4.89

Great infoLike the way the info is posted - allows me to keep up with my sons high school games even though I don’t live close enough to go to his games. My son is the Coach and can’t keep me posted during the game. So this way I can see how it is progressing almost like live and don’t have to wait till after the games to see the outcome. Love it❤️.Version: 2.5.17

Easy to Use. Wish it were More Widely Used in GeorgiaI really like the simple, straightforward nature of the ScoreStream app. I hope it becomes more popular in Georgia among GISA high school programs. On the one or two occasions that I've asked for assistance from the ScoreStream app managers, their response was prompt and friendly..Version: 2.4.48

We would to be able to see the box score for every game score?It would be very nice to be able if we could see who is scoring, assist, and offense and defense.Version: 2.3.96

Needed upgradesWorks fairly good with the exception of the video. The video portion of the app will not let you zoom in. Another problem I had was the video upload. It was extremely slow and some of the footage was lost..Version: 2.4.48

Great App!This app is fantastic! I love how easily it locates the schools nearby and you can easily search and find schools out of the area. I love that this app covers the gamut or elementary schools to pro sports. Good job developers. I only have one request. It would be great if the developers could add the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL).Version: 2.5.15

Good SportsScoreStream is one of the greatest apps I ever got for sports. Me and my friends can keep up with our schools sports scores, and even schools that family members went to and worked at. It's one of the best sports apps you can have for school teams. 😃.Version: 2.3.86

Great access to gamesI love this and use it to keep score to help people who can’t get to the game. I do like to make comments for scores so people know what’s going on lol. Sometimes you look and have no idea what’s going on! We need to use the comments..Version: 2.4.55

AppI love the app but for some reason it hasn't been working for me the last week. It won't open up it just shuts down installed and reinstalled it..Version: 2.3.60

Great sports appThis is by far, the best sports score app available. I coach football at a DIII school and try to keep up with other DIII schools and high schools for recruits. ScoreStream makes it possible to get all of those scores in one location. I’d recommend it to anyone..Version: 2.4.48

Very satisfied fanI am very pleased with the coverage and updates of my favourite sports teams.Version: 2.4.62

Great way to stay updatedI really like the alerts! Both my son abd my husband coach. This app makes it easy for me to keep up with both of their teams..Version: 2.5.17

AmazingThis app is a game changer, it really helps the grass root levels of sport. Now everyone can keep in touch with their local teams without missing a kick or throw. Great app, and great addition to our website..Version: 2.3.24

Ads:I don't care about the ads. Just what's on the ads is what scares me. I don't mind it, but somebody will. If there is a way you can control what ads there are (there are literally trump ads all over,and I know somebody is going to get salty over it.) please take those out. Also, it knows my state. Would be five stars, but still I love this app and the people on it..Version: 2.4.89

Wrong scores prevailWhen someone posts an incorrect score others can’t change it!!!.Version: 2.5.60

Great websiteExcellent way to follow your favorite team. Remember if we all contribute in reporting scores it just makes the site that much better. I’m a big fan and report as often as I can. Great job.Version: 2.4.52

Champions don’t come easy!Horrible game!!! the referees were very unfair with many calls against the Mountain View team. Mountain View was robbed of at least three additional touchdowns..Version: 2.4.48

Score Stream is Great!!Score stream is great!! Concise and precise!!Keep up the excellent work and continue to explore ways to improve your sight to remain the best there is. Thank you score stream for including even Junior Varsity scoring. Keep up the excellent work..Version: 2.4.50

Great appI have been using this app for the last 3 months and it works great! It is very easy to communicate and share updates with your team and friends. it also has a great user interface and is easy to use. I would recommend anyone who plays sports at a club or school to get the app!.Version: 2.4.91

Great appI set it up quickly and put all my favorites schools on. Now every week I have all the scores. Just what I was looking for for high school football. I haven’t even set up college or pro yet..Version: 2.4.88

Enjoying the app!We enjoy seeing all the scores and have loved the app so far! I have an accumulating number of notifications? above the menu icon and cannot find a way to clear them out. I am currently running the newest update..Version: 2.3.84

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