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ProCamera. Professional Camera App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

ProCamera. Professional Camera app received 42 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using ProCamera. Professional Camera? Can you share your negative thoughts about procamera. professional camera?

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Not enough advantagesGiven the way the built in camera in recent phones performs this app doesn’t really offer enough improvements in the image to warrant its use. I tried extensively and some of the wide format aspect ratios are worth using the rest of the app is unnecessarily fiddly especially when shooting out in the field I didn’t feel nor saw any real quality increase over the standard iOS camera. Very kind of the developers to get in touch and offer a refund which I won’t be taking. They need encouragement not grumpy customers, at least they are trying. I’m a professional photographer and have been for a long time. I’ve shot everything from 10x8 to phones. I shot something as an aside for a car company on my phone the other day and just needed to get it done simply and quickly. The built in camera app just worked. I used the camera app under review too but simplicity will always win, keep the clutter and options down and functionality up..Version: 13.3.3

No night sky long exposure mode available.I bought this app for my iphone13 Max, solely to try out long exposures of star scapes (20 seconds) as reviews suggested it could do this. I have searched and searched but have now realised it cannot be done with this app. I am sure it is good at other things but was a total waste of money for me. If anyone can tell me how it can be done, I will re-review it..Version: 15.1

Not happy!Imagine how it feels when you pay for an app 2x or 3x more than most apps cost just to realise that several features are there as “upgrades” just to get you to spend even more money? This is what this app is really about. Basically, what you get with this app is nothing more than tweaks that Apple themselves could’ve added to the stock camera app in an afternoon. If you really want the good stuff, the stuff you’d buy a “PRO” camera app for, well, have your Apple ID password ready cause you’re in for some money bleeding. Shame on me for not noticing that soon enough..Version: 11.1

Money extracting app: addition of subscription feesI have purchased this app and all additional purchases, and now this developer is adding on a subscription option for more ‘premium features.’ This is rather obviously a decision to join the masses of other app developer that seek to extract monthly funding without a practical basis. It is quite sinister that the app has a 7.99 price tag and then goes on to add a monthly fee. If you really want more revenue, without regard for user preference after the initial purchase, then do as you have done with San fran, low light, and hdr and make them additional features to purchase. It makes no sense for a camera app to use the subscription model, and at the end of the day it turns off potential customers, who will have no issues resorting either to competing apps or apple’s very own native offering..Version: 12.3.1

Waste of moneyExpensive and waste of money. Microsoft Pix is much better than this..Version: 10.2

Used to be greatAfter the latest update, 16.1.1, people are cut off, even though they're in frame. Don't know what happened, but it is unusable now. Maybe they tried too hard to be a professional camera and left the average user behind..Version: 16.1.1

Nearly perfectI have this app on my phone but never use it. The reason that may seem of lower importance for some but very important for me is the fact that when you shoot multiple shots there is no option to only keep one or few of them. All pictures are saved which means that you have to go to delete the ones that you don’t want. The native camera app has this option which is great. If this can be fixed, this app will be my first choice..Version: 12.3.1

Not recommendedI think before iPhone 8, this app probably made a difference in your photography. But it’s a complicated app, and I pretty much stopped using it when its file format caused issues when syncing to Photos. I contacted the developer but never heard back. I find the built in Photo app does most all I need now. It has evolved a lot. And the rest happens on my desktop..Version: 12.2

Video mode falls shortI love this app, especially its photo mode. However, video mode leaves a few things to be desired. First of all: zoom. While recording, zooming is soooo slow. It looks and feels like a low-end camcorder. I would like the ability to zoom at any speed I like, as one is able to do with a physical zoom lens on a real DSLR or video camera. A little smoothing would be nice, but the way it is currently is awful. Secondly, when recording in VGA resolution (I know, it's 2020, but it works great in low-light and has the old skate-vid vibe to it) the viewfinder is offset to the left and is partially obscured by the controls on that side of the screen. Being 4:3, why isn't it centered, like it is in photo mode? Thirdly, the app was recently updated to support a few new video recording features, such as support for external microphones. However, in doing this, the interface is now ridiculously slow. I expected them to fix the problems already present in video mode, not add new ones..Version: 14.0.1

Misleading.Low light and HDR= it's true but you have to pay for it separately. Taking the piss you muppets.Version: 10.0.1

Major Bug. no 24mp support for IPhone 15 images are ONLY 10mp.I was told by support they will fix if they get time. They should not advertise as IPhone 15 compatible. Basics not supported. I used to like the app and had been using for many years BUT I had to check the EXIF info before I noticed it was ONLY taking 12mp photos when the Apple app was taking 24mp photos. This was NOT mentioned anywhere on the about page. I had to raise a help ticket before they confirmed it was NOT supported yet. I find that dishonest. They did not even give a date to fix. I have stopped using and gone elsewhere. . Until they fix..Version: 17.2.1

Watch feature brokenSince some update, the Apple Watch remote feature is garbage. It just shows a black screen with a button that triggers a picture on the phone. How is that useful? Why would you take this functionality away when this is why I bought the app?.Version: 16.0.2

Lowlight + is a complete waste of money!I think the app is well designed however I was initially disappointed with not being able to set the exposure time for longer than 1 second on the Lowlight setting. So I decided to pay the extra for the Lowlight + in-app purchase only to find out there is no manual mode and I paid $6 for nothing! The reason I bought this this app and in-app purchase was because I wanted to try shoot raw long exposures with my iPhone 11 Pro (30sec), however I was really disappointed that the lowlight + mode was to me absolutely useless and provided next to nothing new from the stranded lowlight function. I will not be using this app again until there is a new manual control setting for ISO and shutter speed etc in the Lowlight + mode. If you want try Astrophotography or long exposures over 1 sec with this app I wouldn’t waste your time!!.Version: 14.0.1

Shutter sound annoyingI was looking for a camera app that be able to silent the shutter sound but was disappointed when i purchase the app its expensive too. Other than that feature its a good camera. I dont use it now as shutter sound too noisy. Would be nice if you update this next time. In the meantime i am using other app. I wish i could get back the $8.99 in my pocket. Update: Its too late for me to see this reply from you guys. I will just wait till you will allow the shutter sound silent feature. Meanwhile I am not able to get a refund from my purchased. Hopefully you will add the feature in the future. thank you Update 2019: I want to take video but front camera is not a available? i used iphone 6s only why taking front camera video is not available on this devices?.Version: 12.1.1

Style over substanceGreat app but spoilt by the messy HD Pro photo quality. Developers promised to fix this nearly 2 years ago. Considering that is a paid add-on, that's a let down. No updates on the HDR addon - the developers have my money but have done nothing to fix the mess and waste of money I spent on this. Lowlight+ on the other hand is truly wonderful. Not worth paying for any of the other in-app purchases. Otherwise, tons of features and settings and export options. *Update April 2018 I have upgraded to the iPhone X and still see no improvements to this app. There is no access to the portrait mode on the native camera app and the HD add on is still just a mess. Yes, I’ve tried all the options... You do have control over light, tint, etc, but really what good is all that when the output is worse than the point, focus and click of a basic, free app?.Version: 11.2.2

Updating the interface without updating the manual is sloppyWasted at least an hour attempting to figure out how to move between dual lens mode and single lens mode because the new 13.3 interface operates completely differently from the instructions provided in the manual. Implementing a completely redesigned interface without updating the manual in sync is just plain sloppy development..Version: 13.3.1

New version has cut the ability to select zoom lensI only use this software for the ability to specifically use the 2x lens. Since the last update this has been removed, now using the phones selection (which preferences digital zoom from the 1x lens when light levels are low). Can’t recommend the app for camera switching until this is rectified..Version: 13.1

Annual subscription add-ins?! Really?HDR needs to be purchased as an add-on. If you want the feature to straighten up buildings in wide angle you have to *rent* the feature paying a monthly or yearly fee. Or perpetual for the price of a five-year rent..Version: 16.0.1

Focus issue …I like the app. Nearly everything is there except 2 main issues: 1. The focus do not works well for close objects. I have to use the native app of the iPhone which works perfectly; 2. Macro do not work or is not there like the native iPhone app..Version: 17.2.1

Another app ruined by introducing subscription chargesLuckily there's load of good apps for taking photos so this will be now getting uninstalled. If you start off with a business model with subscription charges fair enough. But I do find it annoying when you've bought an app and got used to it. Even bought some of the add-ins too. And thenthey try and rinse you by adding a subscription charge for any additional features. Why not just add the perspective feature as a one off paid add in? Greedy..Version: 12.3.1

Wasted $20I thought this would get rid of that stupid forces camera shutter sounds in iPhone, but this does not!! Wasted 20$.Version: 17.0.5

Pricing !!!Another app in store - with high priority to gouge purchasers with many high priced add-ons and monthly/yearly subscriptions that can get costly over time. The app maybe good - but there is a price. We would rather just pay a reasonable set price once up - not these monthly/ yearly gouging. The app will share with family sharing - but the add-ons do not. I have purchased similar apps to later find the app has not been updated to a new IOS or just disappears from the store. You lose the app and all the money you spent on the app is lost..Version: 14.2.1

Disappointed, especially for the priceI was very excited to use this and take full advantage of my iPhones capabilities but I haven’t found this app to be worth $8 ( even more after in app purchases). Shooting on an iPhone XS Max. The HDR modes all look terrible in my opinion (don’t buy the upgrade!). Taking pictures is slower and more clunky compared to native app. I like the curves and some of the editing features but it doesn’t feel like I’m getting much more than the adjustments I can do with the camera app. Lowlight (not +) takes way better low light pics than the native camera app so that’s the only thing I use it for so far. Colors without tweaking seem even more flat and desaturated than the already flat iPhone colors which I also don’t love without adjustment. I hate writing this because I had high hopes but again, just not worth the price, ESPECIALLY with the add ons... $8 plus in app purchases seems like a crime for what you get. Not worth more than cheaper apps like camera+. I find myself preferring the native camera app 9/10 times :( Wish there was a refund option... sorry ProCamera team..Version: 12.3.1

App IconsAs a result of yesterday’s update, I am no longer able to change the style or colour it your app icons. What is the reason for that change?.Version: 15.3

I loved this app. Now I don’t.Greedy subscription based money grabbing developers have now finally annoyed me enough to voice my disdain for the practise. Charge $10, $20, $30 and I’ll pay it. I will NEVER pay a subscription. You deserve and will get what you deserve. Deleted..Version: 12.3.1

Lacking featuresSo if I am trying to take a picture of something close (2-3 inches) to my camera the autofocus feature always focuses the picture badly. I bought this app believing I would have a focus slider so I could force the camera to stop blurring the picture at the last second but no. This app does let you manually select the area to auto focus to and when everything is perfect and clear if you hit the button it goes through its auto “blur your picture for no reason” routine and blurs it for you. I bought this for that single thing so I am disappointed. Is this not possible? Just to say set focus here and take the picture without refocusing? Every once in a while if I am moving the camera just right the camera will get confused and try to autofocus to the wrong spot and bam! A crystal clear super detailed near focus picture will accidentally happen so I know it’s possible. Very frustrating and this app does not help! Update found a better app super bummed I spent money on this one.Version: 12.0.1

Not really impressed at allJust only got the app and try to play around with it. While recording format options are good both in camera and video mode, the manual control is poor to say the least. There’s NO full manual control as far I can tell which is exactly why I bought a third party camera app in the first place. The manual focus is fiddly with the up and down swipe gesture working one time out of three if you’re lucky. All your settings for exposure and white balance reset as soon as you change camera lens and the ability to use macro in x1 and x3 seems to have disappear. I was hoping to use my iPhone 13 pro max like I use my dslr by having full manual control and easy focus ability instead it,s just a glorified standard iPhone camera app with not much control at all unless you like taping your screen every 3 second. That is what happens when you purchase an app without being able to try it first. So far a waste of time and money..Version: 15.3.3

The 14 Pros Out! 🤷🏻I said this in a review before & yes this app is amazing the fee they ask for isn’t much a year which I’m happy to pay. They keep adding features & that’s amazing & it’s rich filled with options for any photo-taking enthusiast but this app is still lacking the basic features that the standard camera app has. The developers did contact me & gave me a workaround for macro photography photos but I don't want a workaround, I want the features to be added in. This is the second phone with the feature, it wasn't added on the 13 guess it's not coming to the 14 so maybe the 15. This is an amazing photo app & I'm obsessed with it but when I gave others a try I couldn't believe how much more they had, things that I'm still waiting for on this app but I just refuse to move on but how much longer will we have to wait. Ps. & by the way fix you Lock Screen widget that thing disappears every second & needs to be tap on to comeback..Version: 16.2

Glad they updated it to iPad, but auto adjustments horrible nowUPDATE: I was so excited when I saw they updated it to iPad and you can actually turn to landscape no issues and have the entire screen. But, now the auto adjustments are HORRIBLE! It used to get it right most of the time and I’d have to make little adjustments once in a while. Now it’s always waaaay too dark or waaaay too light. If I try to increase lighting to help it, then it’s waaaay too light and whitewashes everything. It’s crazy! It’s really frustrating using it like this! ORIGINAL REVIEW: This app was great! I absolutely loved it to be able to shoot professional quality photos with my phone. However, sometimes I want to shoot landscape mode. With the app previously, I was able to turn my phone and get the app to go landscape. It sometimes was a little touchy and would turn the whole app to go vertical again, but it usually wasn’t an issue. Now, it’s so touchy! I can only get it to go landscape if I am VERY slow about it and at a slight angle. Then when it’s landscape you have to have the phone flat. If you want to take it with the phone at an angle, the app instantly turns to be vertical again. It’s seriously annoying! There should be a way to lock it in vertical or landscape and then unlock it when you want. That seems simple! I also wish they had a way to e recording video and restart so I didn’t have to create multiple videos and piece them together or cut out things..Version: 15.4

Almost!Great app, 99% there but for the life of me, i can’t get the editor to zoom in and navigate the picture at a closer scale without all the controls being affected…. iPhone 14 pro, unsure if it’s buggy or if i haven't worked it out yet.Version: 16.3

No benefit comparing to standard cameraFound linknto it on one forum saying it makes better hdr video, it was a false advertisement.Version: 16.0

Where’s the portrait mode?Fantastic app - definitely would be my favourite (and I’ve purchased HDR and LowLight packs) - the lowlight, HDR and additional features make this uniquely suited to me, as well as just a general amazing app overall. However - with iOS 11 Apple opened the API for Depth Map features, and I still don’t see that option within the app - which is puzzling to say the least. I would say that’s the most important part of what needs fixing. There have been updates since ios 11, so I’m very confused as to why this isn’t available. If it is available, then I’m either blind or the UI is hiding it/not intuitive. If we could simply fix this one issue I’d be forever grateful and very loyal..Version: 11.2

Not bad. Low light not great. SubscriptionsI’ve been using this app for a month now and it’s generally highly regarded. I unlocked everything except the password protection and filters. Unfortunately now there is yet more paying to do if you want newer features going forward, via the horrible subscription model - yuck! Hopefully they’ll also still offer one-time purchases to unlock new features as I’m definitely not paying a subscription just for a photo app. I’m not a Pro, just an ordinary user who wanted a more powerful camera than the standard with more manual control. I need to get a tripod and try low light mode properly because so far it has only ever either given me super grainy night photos or frozen the app. Honestly, the standard built-in camera from Apple gives me better night shots. But, I’ll try a bit harder to see if I can get better results with this. The editing tools are nice, but then again so are those in Camera+. If you only want slightly more manual control than the default app, go with Camera+. It will easily be powerful enough. If you want to go a little deeper, try this. But I can’t guarantee any real improvement..Version: 12.3.1

Restore PurchaseI just sent this recommendation to my friend, “Abdallah, recommend this ProCamera App for your iPhone available in Apple App store. It’s a great way to learn how to use and control your iPhone camera creatively and to do corrections “in post” using this ProCamera App which is also now usable on your iPadPro. It costs a tiny fraction of what it would cost you buy a Sony, Canon or other mirrorless cameras and lenses. Very flexible and user friendly - great for travel. Software is far more sophisticated than Apple’s Photo - also great website for learning. Seriously underpriced considering photos you can produce with it. A must for your upcoming travel to South Africa and Iceland”..Version: 15.4.1

Misleading titleYou don't get HDR and Lowlight + even though it says them in the title.Version: 9.4

Decent, but also money grab...Camera is a pretty decent app. Lots of controls to really create the type of shot you choose to make. Feeling a bit ripped off, though. Early option to add HDR mode was purchased. Later, they added the option for exposure bracketing but for that you have to buy a subscription. I don’t want a subscription for my camera app. I just would like HDR capabilities (exposure bracketing) which is what I already purchased. Using valuable space on the camera interface to place a button for a feature that only comes with a subscription and triggers a promotional, buy now, style message when touched, is just further evidence of their intent. (And no, I don’t want perspective correction either.).Version: 13.4.2

Good app but has a glitch with internal memoryWas loving this app up until today when was at my child’s friends party taking lots of photos which usually save automatically, and then during one photo received an internal error. Just thinking it was a one-off only image just took affected kept snapping (was going to reboot phone afterwards when came home) but sadly error message must have affected other photos as only have half of ones took. Really gutted as it was the ones at end of party especially wanted and these are the ones that are missing..Version: 12.1.3

Not compatible on iPhone XThere’s a notch on the phone and you cannot access the top bar setting. I bought this application thinking it’s compatible but not. I hope i can refund completely. I bought even the HDR+ and lowlight plus but the setting is unreachable because of the notch of the iPhone X. Useless because you cannot change the white balance and all setting on the top..Version: 11.0

It’s a decent camera app, some oddities thoughI normally use a camera like halide and Lightroom for post. I was interested in this app for the ability to do both pretty well, but there’s one really strange omission from the feature-set. When I’m editing a photo, especially when adjusting something like noise reduction: being able to zoom in would seem like an essential thing right? Well apparently I can’t - maybe it’s me? Am I missing that special feature to pinch zoom in? Otherwise it makes the editing of things like sharpness and noise reduction totally useless. I paid for the app so I hope they sort that out, seems really strange to me. Could they possibly have not realised users would want to zoom close to evaluate the grain they’re adjusting? Hopefully it’s just something dumb I’m missing rather than an oversight on the part of the devs. Other than that it’s a good app, don’t bother if you already have a good manual proraw camera like halide. There’s also the fact that it’s a video camera and it does a decent job at this. If you don’t yet own filmic pro then this will do a good enough job at capturing in high bitrates and the frame rate you actually want (btw thanks Apple for treating people like idiots and limiting their basic choices for no good reason)..Version: 14.3.1

Blurry photos even with “Anti-Shake”I am very disappointed with this camera app. I was looking for a high quality app that allowed me to shoot in raw qualith. Just about every picture I have taken with this camera is blurry. It has a feature called “Anti-Shake” that supposedly forces the shutter to hold until your phone is completely still, but while using this feature my photos come out more blurry then when I’m not using the feature. I was in contact with the developer who said that Apple doesn’t allow them to use their stabilization but you can at least be honest in the app description that this is the case. Needless to say I never use this app when what I am taking a picture of is very important (which is every time I take a picture) and wish I could get my money back. I would say pass on this app..Version: 11.2.1

Removes features and made them subscriptionI love this app. The manual features and options are great. I dont like that recently they created ProCamera Up as a subscription and made features like Private Lightbox only available by subscription. They should have grandfathered exist for users.Version: 15.3.3

I was very impressed by this app...I've been using this app with pleasure for many years. I BOUGHT it and I gladly paid to unlock many functionalities... Now, with the latest update, I learn I must subscribe a monthly fee to use the latest improvements. That's unacceptable. A total lack of respect for a longtime paying customer. This developer is getting very greedy..Version: 12.3.1

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