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Bumble: Dating & Friends App App User Positive Comments 2024

Bumble: Dating & Friends App app received 40 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about bumble: dating & friends app?

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Bumble: Dating & Friends App for Positive User Reviews

Can’t find my home townFirst off I can find my home town in the app, I live and grew up in a Small town in Ohio and I can find it therefore I cannot complete my profile. That means I can’t get the 100% and it drives me nuts. Also I don’t understand why y’all need to include our political views as an option on our pages. This country is divide enough as is and having the fact that I am a republican on my page is only gonna drive people who don’t know me away, and I ain’t gonna lie and not say what I am. In today’s political climate someone may look at my page and see the word “Conservative” and think “well if he is an conservative he must be a racist” that is gonna severely affect my matches, also why not include more than just Liberal,Moderate, and conservative. You can’t just generalize all people into three categories Far left, Far right, or Middle (I do understand it makes it simple though) because I am not any of the options. Given these options to us will only push us farther apart when the left and right need to do is come together. And pushing us apart is what in fact will happen with this app because of the fact it has a such a large user base..Version: 5.217.0

Be careful about the trial subscriptionEdit: I did get it touch with support and they claimed it was an issue with Apple wrongly identifying me as having accessed a trial. I had to message Apple for a refund. I was lucky to get one from Apple after that because their default process for giving a refund was claiming I was ineligible for one. The problem: For some reason despite being new to bumble and never having accepted a trial offer on Bumble, or even it's related apps (yes I did read the fine print), I was still charged for $66 for a 14 day trial. The fine print clearly stated the charge would only be made after the 14 days if I'd never been on one..Version: 5.137.1

The app the online dating world needsI have only been using it for a few days, so I still haven’t had the chance to meet anyone though it yet, but I believe the initiative that Bumble promotes to strive towards greater equality and the empowering of women is commendable in itself. Easy to use and with clear instructions all around, you’ll be swiping in no time. As a male, it also feels more reliable than other apps out there (haven’t come across a single bot, which is remarkable considering how common they can be in other apps), and the fact that girls have to make the first move does take a bit of pressure off me (as in pretty much every other app guys are often kind of expected to start the conversation, which can become exhausting eventually). Overall, an excellent app with a noble cause at its core..Version: 3.6.0

False advertisingI redownloaded the app a while ago and after every few swipes there was an ad for a “free trial” for bumble boost. It was annoying to constantly have it pop up so I figured I’d give it a try. Come to find out that I was automatically charged for a 3 month subscription. It should have clearly been stated that I was not eligible for the free trial (bc apparently I had tried it years ago even though I don’t remember) but instead they just automatically charge you. This is false advertising!!! I realized this one hour into it and tried to email bumble and cancel and this is what bumble responded with “The reason this instant charge happened was because Apple deemed you not eligible for a trial, possibly because you have already had one previously for Bumble under a different account. In this case it is Apple that chooses to charge you immediately and that's unfortunately out of our control.” I asked if they couldn’t cancel it entirely to at least switch me to a one month subscription but they said no. How did they decide to sign me up for the 3 month versus at least a 1 month trial?? This is very misleading and deceptive. So shady and money hungry..Version: 3.2.0

BumblePurchased app. Created my profile. Set my parameters. Swiped as per instructions. For the last 3 days I have had the message ‘looks like you’re out of people’ nothing else AT ALL. I have purchased Bumble Coins and Bumble Boost Active, no difference at all either..Version: 2.23.0

Your notificationsHi, **UPDATE** Is it possible if you can refer the chances of creating a notification, amidst my message below, where it notifies the user when they can resume liking again? Its not notably easy to recall of when the previous (day before) in-app prompt appeared on screen. If it’s not possible, could you set it where at midnight, it resets? E.g. The compliments per day resets at midnight, so why shouldn’t the amount of likes reset everyday at 9:00am? Could you please review the way your notifications work from: - The moment my profile has been liked by someone else. - The moment when both profiles have been liked to confirm a match. - The first 24 hour phase to send a message needs to have notice upon 12 hour / 6 hour / 1 hour notices via notifications which are clear and visible by their phone type. - The second 24 hour phase where the other person receives a notification of this progression, again clear and visible by their phone type. Far too many times where the person that needs to respond to get the match confirmation going, never gets anywhere about 100% of the time due to no clear and visible notifications. Look forward to hearing from you shortly regarding this.Version: 5.283.0

Nicely designedPros- I like the key information that it displays on people where you can put prompts, and information about yourself like if you smoke, want kids etc. cons/suggestions -One thing I do wish they would do is enforce having a photo of your face. And/ or maybe make everyone get verified after a week of having the app, to prevent cat fishing. -Less matches than other sites. For some reason I would match with about 80% of people on tinder but it’s a lot less on here -Women messages first, eh not sure how I feel about this. As a woman myself, I will generally message first anyway, but I sometimes will forget to message people, and then the timer expires. I think men should be allowed to message if they want to.Version: 5.191.0

A success for meThis app brought me my current boyfriend. I downloaded the app after thinking 'eh...just try the app and get in the dating game again'. Within two days of downloading the app, I matched with someone great. We talked for a few weeks (starting late February) before we went on a date partly due to me heading on a one week trip interstate shortly after we started talking. We kept talking even while I was away and even though I matched with other people before we went on our date, this guy was capturing my attention the most. The question game feature was what I started with and he actually liked the feature and we kept conversing based off these questions. We went on many dates since the first one in mid March and just over a week ago decided to make our relationship official. We're both so happy that the app helped us find each other. Yeah, there were occasional glitches where my messages wouldn't send, and some of the premium features (which I did pay for for a month) I feel should also be in the free version like some of the dating preference filters) but I feel so lucky finding someone within a week of getting the app, so it delivered in the sense that it did what it advertised! Thanks Bumble.Version: 5.262.0

Messaging notifications need updatingI like it more than tinder because I can personalize my account. I’m a busy guy and I choose to read and wait, the notification yellow icon goes away. After I find it frustrating that I can’t tell the difference between my message or hers..Version: 3.39.0

It’s all about mentalityJust for a start I never liked the idea of dating apps, a superficial way of treating humans like a toy or object and swiping away without any judgment of character. I still consider myself luckily that I was able to uninstall this app only after 2 months of being on it. The basic rule is to actually read descriptions and give people a chance. Don’t just go for looks or types. Remember if you’ve seen someone you like then stop playing the numbers game and go for it, take it seriously, ask to get off the app, get a number, start calling, start video chatting and arrange a real date. Also apps like these love seeing you not swipe all the time, they will see you aren’t desperate and will likely push you out to be seen more if you actually swipe left on people you find attractive but don’t match what your looking for..Version: 5.322.0

Great site but a few new bugs I’m unimpressed withI’ve been using bumble for a while now, ok a couple of years on and off. I have used other dating sites you pay for but the daily hassle of messages from men who know for a fact they have no chance is just too much and can be over whelming, at least with bumble I as a woman have the control of who messages me. The men on this site are of a higher “quality” shall I say, You get the odd weirdo obviously like any site, and the same profiles keep appearing after I’ve left swiped them (annoying) Also what’s annoying is if a man matches with you they then wait for you to message to then unmatch, this shouldn’t be allowed, they should have a option when the match appears to continue the match or delete it instantly, it’s time consuming and time wasting, we’ve all made the wrong swipe, if I do I unmatch instantly. What I’ve recently found is if you make an accidental swipe now you can’t undo it, bumble used to give you 3 undo swipes but now charging you to have this option, really not impressed now, this is why I have dropped the stars rating otherwise it would have been higher. Also more space to write a little bit more about yourself.. Also I have 29 people in my waiting list that won’t go down, not sure why they are there or if they are out of my range so I can’t get swipe them.. You just need to look into a few little issues...Version: 5.164.0

Great but not quite perfect😅It’s a good app. I think it’s the best app out there for long term relationships however like other dating apps it’s still It great for such uses. I get a bunch of matches but my assumption is that 90% of the time even if females are in a position where they are forced to msg first they just won’t. It’s been that way for ages so, I’m guessing, they just aren’t used to it either that or they aren’t used to rejection🤔. On other dating apps many women would have I don’t reply to “hey” in their bio however that’s usually what they start off with in bumble which isn’t really a problem with the app but annoying none the less🤷🏾‍♂️😅. One of the better app I’ve used however I would highly recommended this app to encourage females to msg before the time runs out. Maybe send a few notifications throughout the day reminding them they just matched a guy that’s wonder why the swiped right but refuses to msg🥴..Version: 5.144.0

Complete waste of timeI’ve used in Bumble app for years and my recent experience has been terrible, I stupidly paid for the unlimited swipes, and like the free version I haven’t been successful with any matches, the The limited of matches I do get either don’t respond sometimes unmatch me. I’m using same or similar photos on other dating apps and getting better response. It’s also weird that has a black man, i’m only getting matched with mostly black women when I’m swiping on black, white and Asian women on this app and black woman take up a small percentage of users and I’m not getting the same result on other dating apps (I love black women just wanted to point that out) you would assume that unlimited swipes would mean more matches but I doubt that I am being shown, maybe if you’re starting the app you will get shown to other people but for someone getting back on the app my experience hasn’t been terrible why am I paying for unlimited swipes if it’s not increasing my chance of matches, I’m not an ugly guy, I have come up with interesting prompts, bumble is just taking people money and giving the user nothing in return..Version: 5.301.0

Disappointed but not surprised.Was having no luck matching despite it saying I had over 50 pending matches in the boost menu so after I ran out of people to swipe on for the 3rd time and only had 1 match I decided okay fine, I’ll spend the $14 and see these matches I apparently have. There were some people local that I should have came across on my own and there were others that lived over 5 hours away. For the local ones though, why did I have to boost to come across them? Terrible app. Doubt they care about my review though, they already got my $14. Don’t waste your time, just as bad as tinder if not worse..Version: 5.124.0

Doesn’t seem to workI have had this app for approx 1 week now and I purchased the subscription also. Despite the copious amounts or profiles I have swiped to like, I have had no matches or communication with anyone. I have downloaded other apps and seem to get plenty of matches and responses all within 48hrs. The second app I got was completely free to use, including messaging each other. Both times I reported an issue to bumble about the matching and messaging section, they tell me there was a bug and that it’s fixed and I should download the new version, however, I was always up to date and there was no newer version to update. With the one time I had a match on my profile come up, I couldn’t open it and then when I closed and re-opened the app they disappeared. For the $120, constant “bugs”, and no matches, this app isn’t worth a cent. Sorry but I just havnt had any indication at all that it works. I have requested a refund to which got ignored in their response. I think I will stay with my other app as it’s free, has no bugs, and have been getting matches left right and center..Version: 5.131.0

Great app for those looking for something seriousI completely loved this app. I haven’t ever used dating apps and about a year ago I decided to give them a try. I did some research and decided to try Bumble first as I was looking for something serious. The app is really easy to use, I just wished the chat window was a bit more interactive and allowed to delete messages (lol), but again the purpose of this app is just to use it as a first step and continue chatting/texting out of it once you think you have a match. As a woman, is nice to be able to take the first step to initiate the conversation. I had 3 dates with really nice guys before finding my current boyfriend (we’ll soon be celebrating our first anniversary!), so we are both very happy we found each other with this app. The only thing I would recommend them to change is to allow choosing pictures from your phone instead of Facebook. I met one guy who had old photos on Facebook because he just didn’t interact with it a lot, so when we met in person he looked a bit different. Overall it was a good app, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for something serious, guys here were really nice, some really well educated, and a couple were absolute gentleman..Version: 3.23.1

Found love in 4 hoursHaving lost my wife of 16 years to cancer early last year and now being a single parent to four daughters I struggled to think how I would meet someone new. Who wants to get with a widower with 4 kids I thought. 21st century dating seemed so scary, I was adamant I would not try dating sites but after a few attempts at real life dating not going so well and with friends and family constantly telling me to try online I finally plucked up the courage. I liked the idea of the woman having to make the first move so chose to join Bumble. The sign up process was really simple and before I know it I was all set up. I spent a few minutes swiping and getting used to how it all works then 4 hours later I got a match. We got talking the next day and just instantly had a connection. We met up for a date shortly after and things have just gone from strength to strength since. We’re now in a relationship and I can honestly say that signing up to Bumble and being matched with her is the best thing to happen to me for ages. So for anyone nervous about giving online dating a go, just get yourself out there, you might get lucky like I did and meet the girl of your dreams. Thank you Bumble for helping me find love again when I’ve spent most of the last couple of years thinking there was no chance of that happening..Version: 5.191.0

7 potential matchesAnd it doesn’t matter how much I swipe to get this bread, I’ll always find that I'm not allowed to swipe across any of these potential matches, not unless I buy bumble premium ? But I’m also realising that if I stay off bumble for a long time, it will show me all of my potential matches straight away when I comeback on... There’s no incentive for me to swipe people on bumble because I’m just going to end up in someone’s potential match-list & that person probably won’t see my profile either unless they buy bumble premium !! Thank you for reading my review & good day to you !!.Version: 5.174.0

The most stupidest appThis is the most stupidest app I have come across. Constantly changing what you can do and can’t do such as filters. Only limited likes, then no limited likes. Make up your mind bumble!..Version: 5.248.0

Found loveThis app is amazing I met my wife on it and think everyday how grateful I’m to of downloaded this app and giving online dating a try. And such a great platform for letting wonderful new people would recommend to anyone who is in the search for love.Version: 5.234.0

Could be betterIn the last two weeks in using the app, I have grown to be quite fond of the app; it’s easy access and tailored settings makes it easier to find the right people you’re looking for. However, there some points within the system that could be improved. For example, I have enabled the notifications to allow the app to inform me if someone has liked me but I cannot seem to know who that person is unlike tinder (if someone likes you, their profile will glow yellow or blue for a star when you scroll through the main page). Is there any way you could input some sort of “signal” or indication of who has liked us please? Overall, a very good app for online dating and would recommend to anyone looking to find their match!.Version: 5.132.0

Would not recommendI have only one week using the app. It did ask for a photo verification which I have done more than 30 times and will not accept the picture even when I have wore the same cloth and copy the profile picture pose. It won’t let pass use the app, so it is a waste of money . I have tried to contact support and there has been no answer or fix the issue. I have offered to provide ID to sol r the problem with no answer . Not not use this app and never recommend to anyone . Is a money trap ..Version: 5.303.0

Bumble scamI was given a swipe that offered a 14 day trial and decided to try it out. However, once I went through with the apple link and accepted, it said I purchased 3 month for over 60 dollars, lead to believe I was receiving a free trial and then signing up for a 3 month membership after trial upon testing of services and non cancellations. This just happened so I am hoping it’s a mistake and something that can be reversed, pleased respond as this is a ridiculous cost to unexpectedly pay..Version: 2.17.0

I found herSo I have been in many bad relationships, after my last relationship I highly debated about trying to get into another . But decided to give this app a go, I downloaded it and sat on there trying to get used to it, a couple of days later I had a match come through and immediately we had really good connection to each other , we made each other laugh , we’re interested in each other, we decided to exchange numbers and talk further. From this point we have now been together for 6 months, this app really has changed my life for the best of things, 6 months may not be a long time for some but for us if feels great that we’ve managed to find love in each other , and the fact I’ve found my future partner forever really makes me recommend this app..Version: 5.255.2

Reasonable ExpectationsI have been on Bumble since June 2019 and have experienced the tragedies and triumphs and everything in between. As with anything, if your expectation is immediate gratification you will be disappointed. If you are serious, patient, create an attractive profile and above all else, are honest you will make connections. These connections can lead to great conversations and much more. After that, it’s up to chemistry and no app has that. I have made connection and I waited for the conversation to start and the clock ran out. I have made connection and had second thoughts and let the clock run out. I have also met some amazing people and built lasting relationships. Bumble to me seems safe, exudes quality with the look of the app, the simplicity of use and the opportunity to add additional services for a price. I have done that once but really isn’t necessary. It is also very easy to update your profile as you learn what seems to be working and maybe what isn’t. With patience you will connect. Maybe not everyone you swiped right, but likely the right ones. Two tips, be HONEST...about everything including your age, and second, use the extended clock strategically, it can pay dividends. Bumble isn’t perfect but no dating app is. Happy Bumbling.Version: 5.156.1

Flawed AppWhen is this app going to ban women from starting a conversation with “Hi” “Hey” or “Hello”? I am so frustrated, I’ve had about 30 matches this month and about 95% started the conversation with “Hey”. WHY?! If their profile is boring (which it is most of the time from my personal experience i.e no prompts, no bio etc) and there is nothing to speak about, the conversation is difficult to get going! Why do they do this!? I have prompts on my profile, my pictures are somewhat intriguing & I have a bio, BUT THEY INSIST ON BEING BLAND AND BORING! They hate it when guys message them with a boring “Hi” on Tinder but they do the exact same to men?!! This app is so flawed because the whole idea is for women to start the conversations but if they’re just going to say “Hi” then that is not a convo starter and you might as well use Tinder as there is 0 difference as to who starts the convo if it starts with such a bland opening and they expect the guy to carry the beginning of the conversation. Most women are terrible when it comes to making the first move in the dating game, so why doesn’t the app support them by suggesting/forcing them to choose a good starting conversation prompt!? I’m so freaking frustrated OMG PLEASE BAN WOMEN FROM SAYING “Hey” 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.Version: 5.245.1

More than happy!I’m from another country and Arrived here still in the middle of the pandemic, so was very difficult to make friends, even with my type of work I didn’t have the chance to meet a lot of people so when covid restrictions were more relax this app was a good option to meet new people. I also downloaded tinder but immediately get it was to hook up and that wasn’t what I wanted, what I love about Bumble it’s the option to write what are you looking and the fact that woman make the first move. I had nice dates, when I was ready to settle down my first try was good but unfortunately at the end didn’t work out. After a break of man and take a time for me, I was ready to see what was there, without any big expectations… but the destiny made me met who is my boyfriend right now. Was the right time for both and just happened! We are so happy and our relationship is growing up everyday. Thanks to Bumble haha because I don’t think we would met without this app. In terms of the app I like how you can specify what are you looking, interests, age, nationality, etc and as I said before the fact that woman do the first move! If you meet someone and didn’t work out, don’t blame the app..Version: 5.287.0

Great Concept, Great App!First of all, how great is it that you can now find a date, friends, and a business partner all in one app?! I can’t speak from a guy’s perspective, but having had this app for almost 2 years, I can say that it’s an absolute game changer. I love the concept that ladies get the first move, which as an introvert, I have come to appreciate; It has taught me to be brave and creative when starting conversations with strangers lol. It seems like most people on here are genuine, although I do wish there was just a bit more diversity. I love the time limit concept on the matches, it’s quite ingenious. It creates a sense of urgency which is great but also has its cons. The app itself is smooth and very user friendly, plus the no limits on swiping is just the icing on the cake. If you don’t have a paid subscription however, which allows you to see everyone that swiped right on you (amongst other great perks I’m sure), it can be easy to waste a lot of time on the app just swiping. They also notify users with cute little positive messages and tips every so often and I love it. I haven’t had any major problems with the app, but I have met some pretty cool people, so don’t sleep on bumble ya’ll 💯.Version: 2.20.0

Good but not greatI have enjoyed my time on Bumble and met some interesting people - nice and not so nice. But that is dating. I think the ‘rules’ or how it all works could be clearer. The platform is clunky and needs to be updated..Version: 5.228.0

Thank you for removing my abusive exI’m really happy to have found a new boyfriend again after the breakup of the first one as he was being abusive and unequal to me by not initiating any dates whilst leaving it all to my side. Telling lies about going to initiate one and setting it in his calendar to ask me out on my birthday then never doing it was dishonest and caused my mental health condition to relapse due to anxiety. He also never remembered to give me my birthday present on the date before that. However, I did not judge this app and only judged him instead. I have managed to find a new guy since then and we have been dating since August this year. He’s everything I’ve dreamed of and is much more compatible than the last guy. He is more responsible and actually asks me out and plans dates. He is intelligent and understanding. I’m really happy that this app helped me find someone more compatible this time..Version: 5.292.0

GreatAwesome especially since the update is much easier to navigate. At first I was confused since you have to scroll vertically instead of tapping to scroll horizontally. Even Bumble support were unaware of the new navigation method lolz.Version: 5.186.0

Thank you bumble💛Bumble was my last shot at finding someone who was looking for the same kind of relationship as me. I was looking for something long term, and none of the other apps I tried seemed to have an option for that. With bumble, not only was this an option, but I found my perfect match. Every day I’m grateful that bumble exists for this reason. I do not have the app anymore for obvious reasons, but I recommend it highly to anyone who is looking to find a real, loving and healthy relationship. Most dating apps are set up for hookups and such. With bumble this is not the case if you don’t want it to be. I love the idea of the girl talking first too. As a girl, this does make things a little awkward, but it helps to be the one making the first move. As in other dating apps, guys typically hit girls with pickup lines or flat out ask if they want to hook up. I felt like I could explain what I was looking for so much easier with bumble. My personal trainer had recommended it to me after he found his now wife on the app. I’m so glad he told me about it. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 8 months now, and are planning on a long happy future together. Thank you bumble, from the bottom of my heart💛.Version: 5.269.0

Blocked with no recourseI had paid for the premium and actually had the app turned to snooze mode because I was about to delete it. I was still talking to a few really nice people that I was getting along with great and then suddenly blocked from the app. $200 gone and I guess what could be from only be one or two girls who were upset I didn’t want to see them again or a x wife with a report button. If you get this app don’t get premium because if a girl doesn’t like you and hits report...good bye money!.Version: 5.203.0

Ladies first, OK, the rest, not greatSo the core idea of forcing ladies to reach out first, I’m fine with that. However, post filtering, the mechanism used of like or dump really gets in the way of you looking over everyone, shortlisting a few and then opening yourself up to being contacted one (or a few) at a time allowing you to choose the order you open yourself up to contact. As things stand, the order you open yourself up to contact is dictated by the order the profiles turn up in the app. I don’t think I’m explaining this very well but it lead to me having two matches, one of which I had to tell I couldn’t chat with since I’d just started chatting to another. To be honest, a yes/no/maybe system would solve all of that for me and I’d be willing to pay for it. Also, why can’t I define the areas I’m looking for matches in better? For me, travel time is key (to theirs, to mine, to work...) not the meaningless as the crow flies distance from where I am right now to where they are right now (not really into using the app at work). Hope that’s of some use to you? Sorry, not going to use Twitter and I don’t have time for Facebook. In response to the developer reply, I don’t want to be chatting to more than one lady at a time. Is that the kind of guy Bumble is targeting? I just want to be able to find the most promising match, see where that goes, if it doesn’t work then move onto the next..Version: 5.172.0

GreatI also think this is a great app... ok granted maybe the women find it a bit daunting to write the first message, but I have had more success using this app than any other. I think the time limit was a very well thought out addition and believe this is key to the success rate. I’ve had more conversations in a couple of weeks than in a whole year on tinder there will always be the non talkers but this could just be down to matching in the local vicinity and then they realise you live further away. I would like to see a slightly longer bio option. And a way to turn off matching when I’m too far away from my home location. It’s irritating swiping through all the potential matches from miles away when you finally get home but other than that excellent!.Version: 3.2.0

Amazing AppHad this app for a while being at university, think I must have had it for around 7 months. Really liked it as had lots of people on and the girls having to message first helps separate the best from the rest and boy did I find the best! I matched with my now girlfriend just over a year ago (of course she only had the app for 3 days before we matched) we talked for a few weeks before meeting up and having a crazy good first date at a trampoline park! The app has some great features which help keep the conversations fun and meant I could find the perfect person! We have been dating for a year now, through lockdown, and we are both very thankful to Bumble for bringing us together! Definitely recommend the app for anyone single because I found my perfect partner :).Version: 5.202.0

Found my bestfriend 💗At first I was sceptical of this app, I had never seen anything like it before. I wanted to join as I didn’t have many friends at the time and I wanted to meet new people to create memories with. I had matched with a lot of people during the few months I was on it for, the girls were lovely and I enjoyed talking to them. I matched with one girl and we added each other on Snapchat. It started off slowly, liking pics and having the odd chat here and there. But before I knew it we were meeting for a James Arthur concert and we had the best time. 2 years later we are the best of friends. I could not have wished for a better person to come into my life. We are inseparable and we have Bumble to thank for that. To anyone needing a new friend or just someone to talk to, Bumble is the app to get 💗.Version: 5.257.0

Great app for validationAs a woman this app is great for giving you an ego boost from all the thirsty guys out there that swipe right on any woman. If you’ve had a tough day and want to feel hot just jump on the app and you’ll always see dozens of likes from all the desperate guys out there that you have no intention of dating. There are 3-4 guys for every woman on here, it’s crazy. You can put up a blank photo with no bio and you’ll still get matches. Guys are so keen it’s ridiculous. So if you want to feel a bit of validation just jump on here, see all the matches you’ve got and remind yourself: you’ve still got it. Then close the app and get on with your life..Version: 5.259.0

Against the odds, I found my personMy marriage collapsed just before the pandemic. I was 50 years old, my children were now living in a different country, and the life I thought I had was over. When I started to pull myself together, I decided I didn't want to be alone for the rest of my life. So I went looking for a relationship, hoping to find someone decent, honest and intelligent to spend time with. I tried a few apps, but they weren't for me. Bumble was different. After meeting a few different nice people (it's a numbers game), to my amazement I found my person. She's everything I was looking for and so much more. And even though I'd decided I could never trust someone with my heart again, we're now living together, and I'm happier than I've ever been before. I don't know how their algorithm works, but it really does! Thank you Bumble for giving me my life back, and making me so incredibly happy. If you've tried other dating apps and hated the experience, I feel your pain. I really do. But don't give up. This one worked for me like I would never have believed was possible. Good luck. Find your person!.Version: 5.268.0

Nonsense Bumble SafetyBumble Safety sent me this message: (Hi ****. We’ve given a warning to Moderated about adhering to our community guidelines. If they're reported again, they could be removed from Bumble. Thanks for reporting them and helping keep the Bumble community safe!) | And then they decided to remove this text from my profile: (Don’t start with an empty “Hi”, “random open ended question”, pic, emoji or gif. Ask me something about my profile, otherwise I may unmatch you.) Now you tell me what I did bad if I’m tired of receiving “Hi”, me starting conversations, and then they realising that actually they didn’t read my profile and automatically ghost or unmatch me. Such of waste of time, I much prefer if this text is in my profile, so I’ll know if they have read my profile or just send me a like because they are a bunch of superficial people..Version: 5.350.0

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