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Highly recommend for younger casual investorsThis app is really good for people who might not know too much about investing. It will give you a little bit of training materials that will set you on the right path, it offers banking options, Retirement options, and access to the stock market with good breakdowns, great options. They offer bond packs that allow you to see what you’re investing in. They give you the option to immediately re-invest dividends into stocks that pay dividends. They give you a debit card that gives you stock in companies that you patron using the card. They give you access to many other features, The phone support is pretty good in explaining what’s going on with the system. Just be aware that moving money between accounts usually takes up to two business days, and likewise for selling stocks. I believe that’s due to legal procedures, but I’ve found it gives me time to consider deeply what I really want to invest in. The app is admittedly addictive, and pleasurable. It works great regardless if you’re always on it or If you invest and forget about it for a while. Make your money work for you. Put yourself in a better spot for the future. I wish I could opt in to a little more niche market options, Crypto for example. I don’t think this app was designed for that though..Version: 3.0.27

Like a Savings Account but betterFor someone who doesn't have a full stock portfolio and thousands of dollars to just gamble this investment app is absolutely amazing its like a savings account with a much higher interest rate , let it be known Dividends are amazing, Thankyou Stash for giving me the ability to invest in the stock market and similar things like it within the budget I can afford. I love that Stash is branching out into banking as well I probably wont do that right away but I may jump in on it later. Edit: Stash is definitely better than doing nothing with your money, but the monthly fee’s can get at you when you have smaller amounts of money, I love the diverse range of investments you can do, but I would like to see lower monthly fee’s , more direct stocks, and finally I would love to see Stash branch into the Crypto scene as they start to settle in a become more normalized. Not immediately, but to give it a chance. Honestly I love stash, but I’d like a different way of them making money, kinda like Robinhood. I love all the features Stash has like Rounding up, the Retirement plans, retirement plans for your children, the Debit card, ect. But these are the improvements I’d like to see..Version: 2.9.4

Amazing App !!Today Bitcoin is more than just an asset, Bitcoin has been 100x better investment than anything else in the past 10 years, you can Google it yourself. Bitcoin is both a currency and technology, and only few people understand how to maximize profits and huge returns in short period of time. I was fortunate to meet Expert Spytechteam, a cryptocurrency expert on a Bitcoin blog online. I contacted him for guidance, we talked for while and I did subscribe to their bitcoin investment/mining program, believe it or not he made me $490,050 in just 6 weeks and i was very much impressed at his skills, and I only started with a small amount. Before I met him, I was a bit careless with security features strong passwords earlier when I started up on Coinbase and was hacked with almost 8 bitcoin stolen from my wallet, when I told him about it, he just requested for details of hacked transaction in my wallet and all transaction details, he traced the hackers wallet addresses they moved my coins to and extracted all my coins back from the blockchain network in just 48 hours. I had a bet with him that if he could truly get back my coins I will let the world know about him. You can drop him mail at,spytechteam49 @ gmail.Version: 3.0.58

The Financial guide I didn’t SO GREATFUL to have tried!!!!When I first saw Stash, it was an advertisement - very much like Acorn and I was skeptical because I was just like how does this work? But something inside told me to try it so I tried it. I’ve always been interested in investing in stocks and didn’t really know how to get into it, so (and I 1000% mean this) STASH IS PERFECT FOR ANYONE - ANY ONE - looking to get into investing with an easy learning tool that motivates you, encourages and fosters good habits, and gives you a total view of your spending habits so that you can make the appropriate adjustments in your budget! It has made it significantly easier for me to save up and reach my financial goals like retirement and travel. It’s easy for you to see everything, especially if you set up direct deposit into it and set up automatic bill payments. It’s amazing to be able to open the app and just have a good view of my finances. PLUS ALL THE STOCK BACK REWARDS FOR SHOPPING 😍👌🏾It makes budgeting, saving for the future, and financial planning, THAT much easier. Who wouldn’t want that during these strange times?!?!?!? Even kids can use it is that easy. Ps. I promise I’m not a paid actor - I’m just a Black girl who’s trying to establish generational wealth..Version: 3.0.46

Slow but goodIt’s a slow build for sure, but once I figured out how to do it, it’s been great. Everyone I refer it to get annoyed and close their accounts because they want instant results. It’s not like that it’s a build over time. But the market itself is a factor. It allows you to build stocks, and have accounts for your kids so that you could have something to give them down the line. As well as a retirement section. You can withdraw your funds at anytime. And that part is easy as well. There are stocks, bonds, efts and more. The more diversity the better. You can choose your risk level too. 5$ min invest. The option to have reoccurring payments is an option but I find it best to invest on my own rather then shoving money into it. The point is to let it age like fine wine. Stash tip(for those who are new): if you buy a $ more than market value, you will notice a quicker build then if you invest 5$ at start. Then when you made a profit, sell that for only the profit gained, so that you still have something to build from..Version: 3.0.44

Great way to get your gears going!I’m a college student but I’m also a young individual that wants to contribute his part into the economy. I started back in July investing only $5 a week. I have been consistent with auto stash and sometimes stashing away another $5 here and there. Now I have $105 and have made 2.25 on it! It’s not much, and I’m not getting rich but I am making more than a savings account! What I like about it is that my investments are small and the cash isn’t readily accessible. This barrier allows me to forget about the money I have invested and just let it build up. Within a year, I’ll have at least over $260. And that’s still better than I’d be doing anyways when I’ve “tried to save.” I think it’s great! And I’ve also been consistent with putting money away in another savings account. And I’ve been better with money. This isn’t just about having an app you can make simple investments. This is about building positive basic habits that’ll we’ll be thankful for. This is only the beginning and once I graduate, I can really start buying stocks and investing for my future. Thanks for the app!.Version: 1.7.4

Beginner, I'm so excited about Stash!Wow! I've started at the end of July and I feel very confident in this app. I've always wanted to invest. First I tried Merrill Lynch with my bank and they even called me, at first I thought I was opening just a retirement / savings account with them but they said I signed up for stocks which is very confusing since I thought it was savings. But I tried and really I couldn't understand nothing of that, I still haven't deposited anything because it's too confusing. So I researched other ways and this is when I found Stash. I started with $30 a week out my checking account then as of 2 weeks ago my only return was $2.35 and I had 4 ETFs but one seemed to not be doing so well, I know they say sell when market is low but as a beginner I don't understand all that but as it was not doing me well and the other 3 were better , I sold that one and put $10 out my stash account into the one doing extremely well. I feel very confident in my choices and as of yesterday I have a return of $4.35... In 2 weeks $2, that's amazing to me as it took me 4 months to get only $2.35. I'm still learning and I still want to open retirement and savings in stash as they offer both. I even got $5 for getting someone to sign up and it's $1 a month fee to stash :) no one can beat that! Win win!.Version: 1.9.0

Investing simplifiedI have never been one to take the chance in the market since the lingo always made me feel like I needed a lawyer to approve the idea before I signed anything. Stash’s straightforward clear explanations removes the hesitation to see what happens. The investment requirements are so minimal that I had to see if I might find the next big deal while it’s still small. I’m not sure if I have (yet); but, with the weekly stock party favors (🗣free stock🎈🎁) and my initial $5 investment my portfolio is gradually gaining momentum! Also, when you pay bills using your Stash bank account you earn stock from the company your paying for your bill. For example I pay my cell phone bill to AT&T with my stash account. You can fund the bank account via direct deposit, bank link transfer, or deposit cash via a local business (such as Walgreens) FOR FREE!!! I’m saying No load fee or store surcharge. The Stash app will generate a barcode for the business to scan and if you tell them $20 that’s all you pay and the FULL amount goes to your account!! It’s so easy, saving money now and investing in the future at the same time!! 🤯🤑.Version: 3.0.16

ShadyI used to enjoy app. Not quite as informative as other apps and transactions are a bit slower, but I did prefer it as my primary app to use. There’s a few catches however. Even after your stocks have been sold and cleared both waiting periods to be transferred back out of app, they will limit how much you are allowed to take in a 3 day period. Mind you, this isn’t funds waiting to be cleared from your external source of funding your stash account but rather stock sold and sitting cleared. Takes about 5 days. They’ll only let you take portions at a time. And even less if you buy any stock while trying to transfer money out. They will also lock you out of account and deny you access to your stock or funds. So invest knowing they may cease your money. I say cease, because if it’s cleared all their waiting periods and they bar you access, you may as well consider it not your money. Been with them probably about two years. It’s by no means the best free app out there. Kind of nervous to continue to use my stash debit card as I have my income direct deposited into that card. Thinking I may need to seek a different bank to be sure they won’t prevent me access to that as well..Version: 2.9.49

Love StashI joined Stash in 2016. They have made so many improvements over the last few years. In my opinion, this is a great app & bank for younger people to learn and get started investing. Using the Stash tools will teach not only the younger generation but anyone the basics and more of the stock markets and investing. The round up program is a great tool. The one I use is the stock purchase plan when using their debit. I also love the fractional purchase option. Set up a regular deposit weekly or monthly and purchase your favorite company without thinking about it. Before you know it your at 10 shares then 25 & up. Check in on your portfolio anytime. I gave Stash 4 stars just for the reason of there is some companies you can’t buy at this time but that seems to be penny stocks. Also Stash doesn’t have some abilities for the market like options, buying margins but I don’t think you need that on this platform as it’s more for newer investors. Also their transfers of money to your regular bank shouldn’t take 3-5 days as well as the sale of stocks the proceeds shouldn’t take as long as they do. It should be instant. But that is me being picky. I highly recommend Stash!.Version: 3.0.4

Overall good app, but it could be great with a couple added featuresOverall, Stash is a good app, but it could be great with a few added features. The Stash app should offer the option to automatically reinvest dividends in the core account, not just the retire account. Also, it would be extremely convenient and helpful if it were possible to auto-stash $5 a week in one stock, but auto-stash only $5 a month on a separate stock or ETF. Because as of right now it seems one can only auto-stash as long as everything is on the same frequency of investing (I.e. once a month). It would be nice if one could invest in a certain stock once a week, and then invest in a different stock only once a month automatically. Lastly, it would be nice if one could invest in a certain set of stocks or ETFs one week with Autostash and then invest in a separate set of stocks or ETFs the next week with Autostash without having to manually switch out the stocks and/or ETFs you're investing in that week. For example, I'd like to invest only in stocks A, B, C, D, E, and F this Friday, and then invest only in stocks G, H, I, and J next Friday). Anyway, these are just a few features that I think could make the app really great..Version: 2.6.3

Power houseThis is the best micro saving app out of all the apps I have tried. I have utilized the resources they provide and have truly gained alot of knowledge and income. I have amassed quite a Nest egg for myself that I am extremely proud of. I absolutely love the stock back feature. Everytime I receive stock back from any purchase, I feel I am that closer to my goal. You get mostly pennies back, but they add up very quickly if you use your card often. A little bit does build into something monumental. Keep at it. I like the fact that you can talk to a live person if you need to. You can control how much you spend or save. You can see use it to build up your discretionary income that would have been sitting in a bank account drawing next to no interest. My best advice is give the site an honest chance. By that I mean use auto save, invest everyday so that you get used to saving if you are not used to the habit. You can use the referral feature and any promotions for free stuff to get free money. Swipe your card for all purchases as well as pay bills. Invest any spare change into any stocks. Read the articles and watch your money grow!.Version: 2.9.40

Great learning tool for new investorsWhen I first started I had little to no success in the market. Basically, I knew nothing. But after reading about how STASH helps us retailers and using their education blogs I was able to start actually earning and grow my savings. So I am putting a regularly scheduled amounts into both a retirement plan and personal account along with any disposable income I have. Their is a “smart account that STASH manages it. Mine earns well enough but I’m optimistically cautious about that account. I rarely withdrawal any cash as it’s a savings account. I have learned so much from them that now I can look to more aggressive investments within the app for faster growth, high risk investments. I have even learned about crypto currency and trading in that world too. I haven’t seen STASH get involved with cryptocurrency but as a result of my education from the STASH I have been using their strategies in the crypto market with some success. I have enjoyed the last 2 years with this app and it’s my go to for most of my questions. I feel I still have much to learn and this app helps. I have recommended this app to many people and they have enjoyed it as well. Anyway that’s my two cents. Good job stash team!.Version: 3.0.34

Pretty good service for starting outOverall for the most part I’m pretty satisfied with Stash my only complaint is the lack of accessibility to stocks. Stash has roughly half of the companies listed on the NASDAQ available to it’s subscribers for investing. I have emailed in a few times regarding this issue and asked when specific stocks would be available in the portfolio. The only answer I get back is that they add new stocks daily. However, unless they also take some away daily I have not seen a growth in the overall size of the available stock portfolio to support that statement. I have not seen any of the stocks that I have requested become available either and it’s been at least four months since I last asked. I was forced to open a Fidelity account as well or miss out on some really good stock buys. Overall I do really like the app and how user friendly and easy it is to use. It is truly my preference for investing. Maybe if they ever get all of the stocks on the market available for purchase I will close my Fidelity account and go back to just using Stash. Right now though I can’t afford to miss out on all the money that they leave on the table..Version: 2.9.21

A good habit of saving.I started Stash about four months ago. I didn’t deposit anything for the first month and kinda just researched the app a little bit. The first thing i love about Stash is that it’s super user friendly. It’s easy for me to navigate and it’s beautifully built. The second thing i like about it, is that you can go at your own pace, whatever that may be. This app is meant for INVESTING which means “stashing” your money away and forgetting about it. Me personally, I’ve always tried to set money back in my savings and checking account and it just seemed like nothing ever grows. With stash, I’m able to put back an amount that is comfortable for me. They have a feature called auto-stash and i turned that on. I set my limit at $10 a week, noticed it was super easy and wasn’t losing any sleep over it, so i moved it up to $30. I did $30 for a few weeks and got excited so i bumped it up to $60 a week. For me, this is the perfect flow right now. It’s been three months of consistent saving, NO withdraws, and i purchased some ETF’s and Stocks in a few companies and my stash account just hit $1,000 with $104 being a return. This is a great way for you to save a little bit of money, and letting it grow over time. I give it 5 stars for my experience. I may leave another review when i hit 5k!! 😛.Version: 2.8.3

Great app to begin investingI started investing with stash when I was 24. In the beginning it was a challenge to understand investments, strategies, and all of of the rules involved with investing. But after I did my own research on the stock market and capital gains tax, and with the help from stashes insights. I have become very confident in my ability to invest my hard earned money into things I believe in and understand, and now my money is working for me more aggressively! Stash made it easy! When I started, the app was kind of slow with ticker prices and didn’t have the smart portfolio. But over time these things have been updated and have become even more user friendly and the new smart portfolio seems to be working out good with the amount that I put into it. I would recommend stash to any beginner in the stock market. Also the stock party’s are a plus to earn some extra change. It only takes a few minutes to earn! I would recommend going that route for beginners. Thank you stash! With your help, me and my fiancé will be able to purchase our first house!.Version: 3.0.31

Love Stash.I absolutely love Stash Invest. I've used Acorns & another investing app, but I've never been able to fully understand what was actually happening with my money while also seeing an increasing return. What caught my attention with Stash is the ease of access to a stock platform that wasn’t just a long jumping line. They give you $5 to cover the startup, so you can invest right away & for $1 monthly subscription fee. Using Acorns, I lost money & they charged a higher monthly subscription- then they kept taking my rollover money & losing that too. Other apps charge high fees but luckily, I broke even when I finally gave up. Stash Invest has done more than I would have expected in a short amount of time. The app has improved steadily over the last 4 years I’ve been using it, always adding new tickers & functionality. News updates, mini lessons, descriptions, & definitions all in one place! You really learn about what you are doing & how your money can work for you. Stash has not only helped me save & earn, but also, given me an opportunity to test the waters & really begin investing for my future. I’ve started a checking account through them now as well & couldn’t be more satisfied..Version: 3.0.9

I love the debit card more than anything elseStash is a great app. But in my opinion I feel like unless you can invest in a very large amount of money it’s not worth investing the small amount unless you’re trying to make a savings, because any profit that you receive goes back to them for their one dollar fee which equivalents to $12 a year and on small investment that’s about all you’re pretty much profit for the year. I ended up pulling my largest investment which was around $100 which was holding a steady profit of about $4 dollars. I’m going to still hold onto the app since I left all of my stock back investment in there that way when I’m in a position to put a couple of thousand dollars in there then I will really see a difference especially for the investment account I picked, it’s a good one, which is also a big factor because you can lose big-time if you don’t choose carefully which business you invest in; which that was a learning experience for me because before Stash I didn’t know anything about investing, now I feel like I know enough to want to be an investor. With all that being said I absolutely love love love having the debit card I get direct deposit there and it’s great no fees with the bank I really do absolutely love the debit card..Version: 2.9.2

Great Stater Investment ToolLove this app! Couldn’t be more happier in deciding to use this app! Started out with Stash last summer as a test to compare how fast I can save and invest using the app; in comparison to other investment apps that I was using like Acorns, Fundrise, etc. This app not only increased my investment $$$$ income but it increased my education and knowledge in investing well. In addition, it surpassed the other apps in investments income earned, stocks and the value. The app is easy to navigate and allows the flexibility to purchase stock in whole or increments which makes it affordable for all. Plus to help get you started and off on the right foot, the Stash offers Stock Parties that are so cool! Basically….FREE STOCK!….given away weekly to help build your portfolio!! Who else does this!!? Keep in mind, Stash is an app for long term investing. If you are looking to do day trading this is not the tool….which is fine by me. Beside it meets the goal of you saving more and growing your investments over time in a low risk manner….which I was able to accomplish this goal using this app. It’s a keeper!.Version: 3.0.16

Best decisionI am an average person with a job that barley pays over the poverty line. I realize that if I’m to build wealth with the little bit of money I’m able to get I needed help but didn’t know the first place to start. So when my friend suggested that I should get the stash app. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t know anything about investing or portfolios much less how to choose which stocks to buy or more importantly which ones not to. Since I’ve had stash I can say that I have a better idea of the process and all my questions have been answered and even questions that I didn’t know to ask. Stash has helped educate me and put my mind at ease when it comes to building wealth in the stock and investment world. To the Stash team I am grateful and appreciate the help and hard work that they put into helping me make smart decisions in regards to building wealth long and short term. Hands down the smartest thing I have ever done with my phone is download Stash! Building wealth is a difficult task but with Stash I started doing just that. They say every difficult journey starts with a single step and getting the Stash app was mine, it can be yours to so don’t worry and start building wealth it is the best thing you can do for yourself. It was for me..Version: 3.0.27

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