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Wipr App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Wipr app received 43 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Wipr? Can you share your negative thoughts about wipr?

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Wipr for Negative User Reviews

Doesn’t work on appsDidn’t stop ads on my game app, not impressed..Version: 1.10

Stopped workingIt worked for about 12 hours. Woke up and it’s stuck on trying to download updates. Says please check internet connection. Update: come to find out it will not update the list if on cellular. I connected it to my WiFi and it updated fine. Maybe a bug? Another update: does not update over cellular. Only WiFi. So if I close the app completely and have to reopen it I better hope I’m on WiFi in order for it to clear the update message. Deleted app..Version: 1.17

Not THAT greatAdguard Pro is better, but seems to be immune to website pop-ups pleading to be white-listed. Ads still popping up with Wipr, but at least gets rid of white-list whining..Version: 1.51

UselessThe major problem with this is that it doesn’t work. I installed it, set it up and went to YouTube & guess what: Ads! A refund is due I believe..Version: 1.35

Doesn’t block anything and breaks websitesReally frustrating that this doesn’t block any popups or ads when it’s a paid app. Often breaks websites as well and there isn’t a whitelist option..Version: 1.39

So Far Nothing! Not Working at All!The 3 stars are because I don’t know yet if I’m doing something or it’s the app’s fault. And I don’t know because I’ve had no response to my plea for help. I’ve done everything requested (as per app instructions) of me in trying to fix this and nothing, nada, ingenting, zilch … I’m so depressed at this point. This is the straw that has broken the camel’s back. One piece of tech after another is just flawed. It’s all crap and there’s no way around it. But you try anyway, you go online to find solutions and half way through the process the instructions tell you to go to a particular setting in the drop down menu and it doesn’t exist. Nothing is beautifully built, nothing works, fonts in pale grey can’t be read. I give up..Version: 1.38

DisappointedI believed the hype but it’s all BS. I chose to replace another blocker to get rid of increasingly invasive ads served by Google and this app does NOT WORK to clean up sites that are increasingly unreadable. SkyNews au and related sites are wall to wall ads. Really disappointed, guys. Disappointed in Tom’s Hardware more so for the BS review that led to the purchase. The web is just a sewer..Version: 1.52

Does NOT block YouTube adsThis works very well for pretty much all of uses except the main one - it doesn’t block YouTube ads. When other adblockers such as AdGuard (which is FREE btw) do why can’t you manage this? If the developer fixes this issue I’ll update to five stars and recommend to everybody..Version: 1.23.1

Superb blocker. Exactly as advertised (pun intended). Too powerful for me.Frequently and lovingly updated Easy Privacy block list, just as advertised. If you want an ad blocker, or if you want to avoid user (your) tracking, then unequivocally, THIS IS IT! Superb in all ways. Unfortunately for puny old me, I can’t handle the strength of its protection and find I must often disable then re-enable the filter for my important stuff (medical, financial, legal…) so I have decided it is far more important for my efficient work simply to remove it, devil be ******..Version: 1.31

Have to re-purchase for every device.It just so happens that I’m using my iPhone to find safari extensions, primarily to use on my iPad, and bought this thinking “cool, I’ll just install it on my iPad next time I use it”. Well I go to do so and there is no download option, rather only the option to purchase the app again, ergo, single use license even though there is no such mention of this in the apps listing on the App Store. This is extremely scummy and I’ll be requesting a refund and purchasing an alternative. Would rate zero stars for this alone if I could..Version: 1.37

DavidDon’t waste your money for my still got advice on Facebook and YouTube scammers very disappointed 😕.Version: 1.40

Not working anymoreStopped working properly since iOS 15 and the new Wipr Extra updates. Website just don't load anymore, it's like safari isn't even detecting an internet connection! When I switch Wipr off, it's all working again....Version: 1.27

YouTube and Twitch not blockedDon’t waste your money tell YouTube and twitch ads blocking gets fixed. The FAQ has had this YouTube issue up for months yet nothing has been done to fix it..Version: 1.24

No longer blocks YouTube Ads in SafariNo longer blocks YouTube pre-roll ads in Safari. Used to..Version: 1.23.1

Doesn’t block google banners or ads.As per title. Will ask for a refund..Version: 1.26

Does not workDoes not block anything really. Terms and conditions pop ups on every website are still coming up. YouTube pop ups and previews still play. Since installing and paying for this service I have not noticed any improvement in my browsing experience. Not worth the money until a manual block list is installed and the end user is allowed to designate the offending pop,up and have it blocked. Do not download. Do not pay because just like everything else it promises a lot and delivers little..Version: 1.38

Used to be greatUsed to be great and I gladly paid for the app on iOS and Mac but recently is no longer blocks YouTube ads and frankly doesn’t work at all lol.Version: 1.23.1

Not goodDon’t buy this cah when you block the ads it wants to block the full page too. Get yourself affairs.Version: 1.34

No longer worksThis app used to be great, but it no longer blocks YouTube ads.Version: 1.23.1

Doesn’t workStill have ads popping up everywhere..Version: 1.18

Ads, Ads, AdsStill getting ads !..Version: 1.3

Waste of moneyJust paid for the app after trying many others that didn't work, and the first site I loaded was full of ads..Version: 1.9

Quite Simply..THIS DOES NOT WORK :-/When you see such a high ratings and consistently positive reviews, you would expect the app to live up to the hype or in this case, one simple basic function. All this app has to do - is block ads - and it does not or cannot do that - at all. I would love to know what websites these positive reviewers are using because they couldn’t using ones plagued by any modern ad-tech which is indeed pesky but not impossible to defeat. uBlock Origin is hands down the best ad blocker of all time. I actually want my $2 back :-/.Version: 1.31

Doesnt block youtube anymorePass..Version: 1.25

Worked for awhileGoogle is way way way more powerful than you…. Doesn’t work….non stop ads constantly…useless…. If I could give zero stars, I would.Version: 1.40

Hmmm.Seemed to work fine until recently. Always have to restart it on youtube yet now won’t block the ads..Version: 1.23.1

AbsurdMaybe it’s me but this app doesn’t block any ads on any site I frequently use. Absolute garbage.Version: 1.19

Developer Doesn’t RespondHave been using this Application for many years on iPhone and Mac without many issues. Have recently had a problem on both platforms which related to YouTube. I contacted the developer Kaylee ( the Application was passed to her ) I advised her of the recent issues, sent three emails but didn’t get any responses. After I reported the problem with the Application she did update Wipr to resolve the issue but still I received No response from my emails which I find is poor considering I pointed out the problem in the first instance..Version: 1.52

Doesn't work - AT ALL.Still, it was cheap. So no issues there. But this app does NOT WORK, at all. Followed the guidelines to the letter: Nothing. No Ad Block - at all. Oh well....Version: 1.52

Doesn’t work even after payingPaid for it and YouTube ads still appear. No refund offered either. Definitely a scam..Version: 1.43

Does not work…I still get ads. Waste of money!.Version: 1.30

Useless - dont waste your moneyJust bought this, installed as per instructions and - Youtube still nothing but adverts. Money back please. Dont believe any reviews before this one… they are all out of date. This does nothing to stop Youtube ads..Version: 1.23.1

Youtube ads no longer blocked by wiprDoes not block youtube ads..Version: 1.25

Mostly okMostly ok but doesn’t block “promoted” ads on Reddit. Seems like iOS is a big red flag that says advertise to me!.Version: 1.44

Works wellWorks well but can be frustrating as it will block things on sites you want to use which aren’t spam. Needs an option to allow you to allow certain sites at all times.Version: 1.35

Doesn’t seem to block Twitter advertsI still see “sponsored” tweets on Twitter (which Firefox browser extensions can block, though I appreciate they have more access). I do recommend to implement a trial or refund capability. For example because I purchased this on the wrong Apple ID..Version: 1.41

Still getting trackers....every dayDespite all the good reviews, I am still getting lots of trackers. I can delete them in Safari settings, but they return again the next time I check.....things like ‘addthis’. Not sure what to think about this..... Wipr certainly does not block all the stuff it says it does !.Version: 1.6.2

Does Not WorkTried for an hour and only worked on one website and only if I open the page after I fully restarted the Safari app. Very disappointing. Seems like Apple has fully limited the way ad blockers app works in iOS; however to charge user to block one webpage is just terrible..Version: 1.19

Not blocking any adsPaid for this ad blocker and it’s not blocking the ads anymore.Version: 1.23.1

Doesnt even startBought, installed, followed the instructions for switching on in settings but still cant even get past the initial set up screen. Going tonask for a refund..Version: 1.34

Doesn’t even block google adsThe most basic of ad blocking should at least block google ads. This doesn’t do that..Version: 1.36

Works but Reddit website is brokenOn Reddit website in safari, can’t scroll down when wipr is active. Have to disable wipr to continue. Otherwise ad blocking works quite well..Version: 1.50

Blocks everything on websiteThe website that I wanted to use this for the most doesn’t work with this adblocker. The site loads for a millisecond, then goes white. I’ve no idea why this is happening, or how to fix it. Requested a refund, since I’ve only had it 10 mins and isn’t fit for purpose.Version: 1.35

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