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ChatOn - AI Chatbot Assistant App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

ChatOn - AI Chatbot Assistant app received 27 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using ChatOn - AI Chatbot Assistant? Can you share your negative thoughts about chaton - ai chatbot assistant?

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ChatOn - AI Chatbot Assistant for Negative User Reviews

Just a shill for the democrat platformSpreads false information. I said Joe Biden is racist, which we have plenty of evidence of, and it immediately defended him and said their is no evidence of that (as if he didn’t ever make the racial jungle comment or use the N word) and I did the same for Donald Trump and not only did it agree but it also spread several false narratives, making no mention of the fact that he has donated large amounts of money to African American communities and won awards for his philanthropy in the African American communities. There were several other similar situations that I ran the system through and it consistently ended up with the standard democrat talking points (lies).Version: 1.4

Subscription service? Really?Why would anyone pay a subscription service for something that is free if you used it on Safari or any other web browser? A 5-10 dollar initial price would be understandable for the convenience, but paying for a subscription is absolutely ludicrous..Version: 1.7

Beware, this app is not the real ChatGPT!I downloaded this app thinking it was the ChatGPT AI language model, but it's not. This app is using the ChatGPT logo and introducing itself as the ChatGPT, which is misleading and concerning. As a user, I want to make sure that I'm interacting with the real ChatGPT and not a fake version. Be cautious when downloading third-party apps, and always verify the app's legitimacy and safety before installing it..Version: 1.8

Misleading advertisingWhy would you make an ad on tiktok that says this app is an “AI girlfriend” when that’s clearly not the case. It’s a total rip off of actual chat GPT (which is not available as a mobile app) and it’s comical that you’re trying to charge people money for a stolen idea that uses lies to advertise..Version: 1.8.1

Doesn’t work.“Something went wrong” repeatedly..Version: 1.5

Nothing happensMaybe it’s just me being stupid, since it’s so highly rated, but I can’t figure out how to use this. I tried many of the templates and got no results. I thought maybe it just takes time to generate, but there was no loading message and when I kept the screen on for five minutes there was still nothing new. I used ask a question mode to ask how to use Kiyo and got an error message.Version: 1.4

Was great.. Before the updateThis app was very cool and intuitive before the update it doesn't work well and less intuitive (when the request doesn't timeout). I may have to delete. What a shame.Version: 1.8

How do I cancel this subscription?I want to cancel, why is it so hard to cancel this?.Version: 1.8.1

Rip offDecided to try the free trial (also they have this completely whited out so you can’t even see your review when you are writing it lol) anyways got the free preview or whatever and it won’t load. I can’t ask questions, can’t get it to respond to anything, and when you do it’s completely slanted towards one political slant clearly. Just really disappointed honestly. It is very clear that they took someone’s incredible idea to help humanity and have twisted it to make as much money as they possibly can without actually helping anyone. Absolutely ridiculous.Version: 1.5

Great app but needs to be able to learnNeeds to be able to learn new up to date information; otherwise, what are we paying for? Also I keep getting the message server timed out. That's not good and if it continues I will cancel service..Version: 1.8

Irrelevant informationWhen asking it questions it will say impossible to know and to use the resource that would give you the answer. When asking for the weather it tried to tell me it would be in the 70s in northern Maine this week in February. Google home does it better..Version: 1.5

Almost amazingThe chat AI is phenomenal. The app falls short. It wipes the chat history and does not save it locally on the phone so you can look at previous questions. Yes you can save it awkwardly by sharing it or copying it but the app should save each session for future reference or use..Version: 1.8.1

Something Went WrongI am always getting this message. I paid 40$ to use this app and help the developer, but suddenly stops working? I delete and reinstall. Sometimes it will work for a couple of questions. Then “something went wrong”. Upsetting..Version: 1.5

Doesn’t work, no refundI thought this app would be something like the new chat system that everyone is talking about. However, when I purchased and download it, it proved to be nothing more than a bad decision. None of the app offerings work. I have tried to restart, I have tried to reset, and nothing works. I also requested a refund, but they don’t do that either. Buyer beware..Version: 1.5

Wants you to pay after 10 questions😂What a joke to have an app that is ChatGPT but then to make you pay for it, you can just go to the actual website and use it for free.Version: 1.8.1

TerribleDoes not work.Version: 1.5

This is the worst of the AI chat bot appsThere is still so much work this app needs to do on its AI tool. It’s slow to load and every answer it gives sounds incredibly robotic. I tried it out by selecting one of the prompts and then answered its questions to give it the necessary info, then it provided super generic, stock info that was not useable. Next I replied with how I wanted the information to be tweaked to reflect what I was hoping to get; thats when it provided even worse non-answers than it had the first time. There are MUCH better apps out there with stronger AI chat capabilities..Version: 1.4

Charged $9.98 TWICE in one dayI did not agree to the premium or paid anything. You install this on your phone and they start charging Apple Pay. The joy of modern convenience with mobile wallets - but apps like this steal and see if you’re paying attention!! Garbage app anyway. Wouldn’t respond to the questions..Version: 1.10

Worst $40 ever spentI finally just asked “Why…why won’t you help me with anything I ask?” It just tells me everytime “Something went wrong”. At first I thought I WAS DOING SOMETHING WRONG because when I went to get my money back it wasn’t an option? (She said sarcastically) so it must be a great app that is working great for everyone but me? Nope. Just a crappy app that doesn’t work and won’t refund your money…isn’t there a law against that?.Version: 1.6

“REQUEST TIMED OUT 24/7”Constantly getting REQUEST TIMED OUT for any of the tasks I assign it. I have un installed, re installed, many times, checked my internet and have done everything possible to make sure the issue is not from my end. This is unbelievably frustrating. It’s 40$ for the subscription and the frustration is an added bonus to add insult to injury. How is this okay? It’s a garbage app that doesn’t work over 95% of the time. There are other complaints from users in the reviews, buyer beware!.Version: 1.8

Just not workingWent for annual plan as didn’t trust myself to cancel $10 per week trial. would give it 0 if i could.Version: 1.4

Not worth the moneyTimes out for the majority of requests. Very disappointing..Version: 1.8

LiberalThe source of information that this app relies on is definitely liberally bias sources.Version: 1.8.1

It’s okIt’s only capable to do some basic research . And on multiple requests it’s been giving me information which is not very accurate ( or the latest updates ) . It’s still needs lots of work but the principles are ok . Fun toy to play with if you are bored.Version: 1.8.1

Does not work like the open ai, it times out if requests are too longCrap.Version: 1.4

Suddenly need to pay?Was loving this app and now all of a sudden it’s saying I have to upgrade to continue using it???.Version: 1.8.1

Does not have camera optionThe only reason this stood out to me originally was because I and many others were lead to believe this would be better than the Chat GPT web version. Based on the ad, it showcased the ability to take a photo and process the information on that photo. This doesn’t exist. Therefore 1 star..Version: 1.8.1

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