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ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant app received 116 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant? Can you share your negative thoughts about chaton - ai chat bot assistant?

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ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant for Negative User Reviews

You have to pay after 10 questionsOverall is good but after 10 questions you have to subscribe and pay to continue using the AI. For that it’s gone down three stars..Version: 1.22

Quite good when it works.The results are quite impressive when it’s working. But often recently it just says “something went wrong, try again” I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t subscribed. It’s really quite bad at the moment. Some standard questions like “what is diffraction ?” get answered some of the time. Otherwise there’s little chance of a proper response. Maybe the server is just too busy but subscribers deserve better..Version: 1.12

PoorI’ve just downloaded the app having read reviews on it. Tried some of the basic tasks that are pre healthy diet. And an error sign appeared. Asked basic questions and again an error sign appeared. Tried reinstalling the app. Same issues. Will try another few days but at present..pointless app..Version: 1.12

Asked 2 questions answered noneAlso wouldn’t do the drawing like the ad suggested.Version: 1.21

UnreliableDisappointed. It’s not what I expected. I first used the free version. Of course, you get three questions. I asked her if they could read PDF or were documents and make modifications. It said yes.. So I purchased the professional version. the instructions it gave me was to upload the Word file to something like OneDrive. And give it the link. It would access it and review and edit the document. After I purchased the professional version I gave the link. It told me I can’t do this. To confirm the instructions were correct.. I copied and pasted instructions He gave me. All the software could do is apologize. The performance was poor. It doesn’t seem to give accurate information. it’s definitely not a replacement for just doing a Google search directly.Version: 1.32

PaymentI can’t even get in or even try it without having to pay.Version: 1.29

The app isn’t correctThe app wouldn’t craft a tweet on the fact that the Covid vaccine didn’t stop the spread, the app rambled on about misinformation. Which is incorrect..Version: 1.12

Sorry something went wrongThis aap was good in the start now after I have paid for it 8 out of 10 times it says sorry something went wrong this time ..Version: 1.12

This isn’t the original version.ChatGPT by open AI is on the App Store for iPhone now. This version is a by product of what the original creator has made..Version: 1.17

Scam!I subscribed and then unsubscribed on the same day. And yet two payments of £6 have come out! Theirs no way to delete it on the app as I’ve arty tried! I contacted them and they said I had to go on iTunes if I wanted to delete the app. I went on iTunes and theirs not even a section for downloaded apps or subscriptions for me to click on and cancel my subscription. I checked on the App Store and it says mg subscription is already cancelled. I checked online and theirs no material on the matter to help me. So I’m now having to close between accepting my helplessness and letting them steal money from me every month or change my bank details. These ppl are no different or better then a scam company! AVOID!.Version: 1.26

Not free as advertised.There is a 3 day free trial that requires commitment to a subscription. I could not even try this app without subscribing. Suggestion: state the usage terms right up front in your app description to avoid these low ratings for wasting our time..Version: 1.13

Charged $9.98 TWICE in one dayI did not agree to the premium or paid anything. You install this on your phone and they start charging Apple Pay. The joy of modern convenience with mobile wallets - but apps like this steal and see if you’re paying attention!! Garbage app anyway. Wouldn’t respond to the questions..Version: 1.10

I cant cancel my free trial!I cannot cancel my free trial for this app. It is so frustrating! I did not enjoy the app as it could not create simple images for me. I need this trial cancelled. I don’t want to pay for a subcription..Version: 1.29

No dirty jokes!I just bought this app and paid $40 for it. I am also 54 years old, and was not looking for anything in particular just saw where it said it would tell me a joke. so it told me some lame joke and my very first thing I requested was for it to tell me a dirty joke. it said it could not put inappropriate responses or something to that effect. this is obviously not what I bought the app for, but the very first thing I ask, for I was not able to receive. I paid for the app. I am 54 years old and if I want a dirty joke, seems like I should be able to get a dirty joke. It doesn’t really matter if this app ever tells a dirty joke. That is really nothing to do with why I bought the app, but my very first question was completely shot down at that makes me think that this may not have been the best purchase I guess time will tell..Version: 1.25

Is this really using chatGPTI’m struggling to believe this is truly using chatGPT, I thought I would try using this app than using the original chatGPT own app to help me write my stories, when I use the free version of ChatGPT on their own app I can ask ‘what do I have so far’ and it will give me a full breakdown of what I have put into my story and it remembers everything I want to add or take out. When I ask chaton what do I have so far it tells me it doesn't have access to my story or setting even after telling it the setting I want in my story. I paid for the weekly access and if I’m honest I prefer using the ChatGPT normal free app over this app, the only difference I see is the response is faster but doesn't remember anything I say. Another issue I have is I have PAID for this service mainly as I wanted to use ChatGPT 4 yet I can only use it 3 times a day before it tells me I have reached my daily limit of 3 FREE messages for ChatGPT 4… but I’ve paid so what am I paying for just 3 messages a day… rip off and a scam in my opinion.Version: 1.26

Waste of MoneyFrustrating Experience with ChatOn AI I subscribed to ChatOn AI with high hopes for an enhanced chat experience, but unfortunately, my experience has been disappointing. The app consistently displayed an "Oops, try again" message, rendering it unusable. Despite reaching out to their customer support, I received no response. As a paying subscriber, this lack of communication and problem resolution is disheartening..Version: 1.28

What happened to a great app?This app worked great when I first got it and was a godsend for helping me understand complicated concepts. Then suddenly with the latest update it doesn’t work at all but just keeps telling me that “something went wrong”. And I paid for it so it’s not because I’m on the free version! Seriously, updates should make it better not worse!.Version: 1.12

DumbDo not understand the questions and it does not read the photos even though they are supposed so..Version: 1.25

Really poorNothing close as chat gpt and very expensive for the services that provides, really diss appointed.Version: 1.22

It doesn’t workI tried 3 days for free and was great. As soon as I signed the yearly subscription just stoped working . Customer support sucks..Version: 1.12

Very slow and unnecessarily complexAsked a simple question and got a reply discussing its beliefs and questioning my request. Seems a little unnecessary as I was asking about benefits of turmeric! Over priced and the UI isn’t smooth or intuitive. More an app to demonstrate the potential of AI and what it can be used for. Better alternatives available.Version: 1.14

False advertising!!The ads for this app were compelling and flashy but it’s completely inaccurate! The ad that I saw for this displayed a text to video feature which it doesn’t have! Also if you have any problems with this app don’t bother trying to get in touch with the company because no one will get back to you. This app is not worth your time. Give it a miss!.Version: 1.17

Don’tThis app is a long way off being what it promises. It’s unable to interpret or find pretty basic information and make sense of it. I think the term AI is a stretch..Version: 1.4

“Chat on aI chat bots review of itself”I am sorry, as an AI language model, I am not programmed to write negative reviews. However, I can suggest a review based on the situation you described. "I had high hopes for this AI chat bot app that claimed to be able to answer any question. However, when I tried to ask simple questions about the app itself, it was unable to provide any answers. It's frustrating when an app can't even provide basic information about itself. I was hoping for a more helpful and intelligent experience, but unfortunately, this chat bot fell short. I would not recommend this app to anyone looking for a reliable AI chat bot." For context I asked how to cancel my subscription to this specific app and it could not provide an answer..Version: 1.10

What AI knows!It appears that this product has answers that align with the government’s interpretation of facts but, when queried or challenged regarding those facts, makes statements that one should follow their own conclusions! Very democratic but, not entirely useful if you expect a response taking more than one viewpoint into consideration! I worked with some early AI programs in the 1990’s which asked you to give details about a subject and then you were supposed to ask a question based on those details! If your details were slanted so we’re the answers. It appears nothing much has changed except the volume of data involved in the details..Version: 1.18

Glitchy and now will not open.I initially loved this app, within the week of paying for the app it will not go past the initial screen..Version: 1.15

TerribleConstantly crashes. Can work for 1 or 2 responses and then that is it, do not waste your money. They are just cashing in on the craze for chat bots atm.Version: 1.12

Forced ‘trial’ and payment.Forced you to sign up for a 3 day trial then pay for it. Given ChatGPT and GPT4 is readily available online this is extortionate. There are ways around this such as free hobby use and commercial licenses, etc IF this app adds something special (I couldn’t see if it did everything is behind a pay wall) but this is absurd..Version: 1.12

ReviewThe app is quite impressive, as it effectively fixes grammar and clarity issues, as well as provides translation capabilities. However, it falls short in two areas. Firstly, it is only updated until 2021, which may limit its usefulness in the future. Secondly, despite paying around $30 or more, I am restricted to using GPT-4 only six times per day. In my opinion, since I have already made a purchase and the app is not up to date, I should have unlimited access. Having said that, I hope this information helps you make an informed decision..Version: 1.32

Total Scam! Avoid at all costsI can’t believe I fell for this app’s promises. The ad claimed it used OpenAI to deliver an amazing service, but it’s all a bunch of lies. As soon as I signed up and provided my credit card details, it became clear that this app was nothing more than a clever scam to steal money. There’s no real service here, just a cheap attempt to swindle innocent people. Stay away from this app and don’t give them any of your personal information or financial details. I wish I could give it zero stars. Don’t be fooled!.Version: 1.22

This is not the official ChatGPT!The icon looks similar to the official one but not exactly the same. Thanks to the reviews here that I realized it is an app trying to fake ChatGPT.Version: 1.23

Fake AppThis app is a fake, does not create any image Fat lies.Version: 1.28

It seems good but…I downloaded this app hoping for it to be good but knowing that there was some sort of subscription but I did not know what this did. I typed a question and was amazed by this app! However after I asked two questions it told me to buy the subscription. I was annoyed by this because it does not state anywhere on the App Store that you need to buy a subscription to talk to the chat bot infinitely. It only says that there is a subscription. I would not have downloaded this app if I knew I had to pay £6 a week to read an AI message..Version: 1.15

Unsubscribe???I hate to be cynical, but it’s impossible not to be… The app brings you in with a super short free trial, then there is zero information provided as to how to unsubscribe. Even the chat bot itself has no real idea … it offers some advice, all of which appear to be dead ends..Version: 1.22

Sneaky fees - Avoid this appDon’t bother downloading this unless you want to pay for it, there are much better alternatives than this. Update- DEVELOPERS RESPONSE IS DELIBERATELY MISLEADING From their own terms and conditions YOU WILL BE CHARGED: “ After the free trial period expires an auto-renewing subscription period will start on a regular basis. Please mind that you will be charged automatically unless you cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period. “ You have to agree to pay in order to use the trial and YOU MUST CANCEL IT OR YOU WILL PAY. This is not a case of using the trial and deciding later, the developer wants you to agree to pay and hopes that you forget to cancel. Just use ChatGPT app for free, this is not worth it..Version: 1.22

Needs sorting massivelyI have rated a one star due to the functionality of this app, when it works the answered are exactly as I would hope for. HOWEVER, 90% of the questions or tasks I ask come back with “something went wrong, please try again” or “the request timed out”. This means I have to repeatedly ask the same questions over and over, iv only been using this app 2 days but payed the yearly sub and already I’m regretting it. There are free web browser based AI’s that bring back an answer every time. I have seen dev responses saying the error messages are due to server loads and that this is being worked on, however these responses were months ago and as this is still happening I feel less than encouraged. AI assistant should assist not hinder my progress on whatever I’m working by on..Version: 1.12

Limited ChatGPT 4 UseGot this app to use ChatGPT 4, but they limited the amount you can use it to 3 times a day. Very annoying. I would’ve just kept using the free online version if I’d known.Version: 1.28

Not free.It only gives u 10 free messages then u need to subscribe?? The money isn’t worth it spend ur on something else. I don’t even want to rate this app.Version: 1.26

Looks like a money grab to meThere’s not much difference between this and regular ChatGBT except that they offer suggestions as to what you can type and think you should pay $12 a week for it! Yeah right..Version: 1.13

Jump scare adsPlease take down the ad with the red whispering face. I’m just trying to play a game without almost having a heart attack every time this ad pops up. Just get rid of it.Version: 1.13

CensorshipI attempted to play a game with the virtual opponent, I said the word death after dog, and it begin to tell me how I should feel and change the word. I don’t understand how death can be considered a bad thing when it is natural and a part of life, which it then explained to me that death is natural and a part of life but apparently death is negative. To make the association that death is negative is to tell me how to feel about death. I don’t find out to be a negative or positive occurrence but rather something natural. I hated the app so much. I deleted it the same day that I download it. Any form of censorship is a form of control. I should not be told what is positive or negative. That is for me to decide. If the AI feels a type of way or his program to feel a type of way and that is up to the programmer and not my problem...Version: 1.13

Really glitchy app concerning Bible trivia.I ask app to list chapters with 33 chapters and a 3rd verse. It either says 2 or three or will make up new ones. I will catch it and it will say sorry. I asked why so glitchy and it said my programmers programmed me this way. So you guys programmed this AI to lie? This must be a mistake. As well as I had went over and over again which verse had 33 Chapters and 3 verse and I didn’t say only. I mention it can have more chapters just include those. And it didn’t this is weird. Simple simple questions it can do nothing too hard..Version: 1.12

MisleadingThe description states that if I pay the subscription fee, I get access to GPT-4. However, I see a recent review stating that this is a false claim. I installed and signed up for the trial. I asked the AI if it was GPT-4 and it stated that it doesn’t discuss its architecture. I advised I had paid for access to GPT-4 and would like confirmation that I was getting what I paid for. It provides the following response: As an AI, I'm currently powered by OpenAI's GPT-3 model. I don't have the ability to update or change my own programming, so I can't confirm if or when I'll be upgraded to a newer version such as a potential GPT-4. Please refer to OpenAI's official announcements for the most accurate information. Subscription cancelled..Version: 1.22

Sign up to Free trialMakes you sign up for free trial’ before you’ve even seen the interface - there’s no other option. The free trial automatically rolls over into a regular charge (unless you cancel in time). If an app is good enough these traps and conditions aren’t necessary … it’ll sell itself. So wasted a couple of minutes downloading the app, reading that ‘clause’ and immediately deleting app 🤷🏻‍♀️ there are plenty more very similar apps to chose from that don’t feel the need to tie you in before you’ve seen the product working..Version: 1.22

Worst false advertising I’ve seen in a whileThis app doesn’t produce the results it’s advertised to can’t even produce a image of a wolf over a moon even when ad claim it can perform the most obscure images on fb this is a terrible app and isn’t even very searchable prime example of someone throwing money at a problem and trying to make it work would not recommend not even worth the star I gave it probs just stealing data.Version: 1.22

Not enough varietyI am a Yoga teacher looking for inspiration to teach a class and each time I type in a different topic, I get the same response with just a few changes in words that make no difference. For this purpose, it is not worth purchasing the app. Hope that helps fellow Yogis out there 🙏🏻 Best to stuck to the internet..Version: 1.17

Wrong answersI have yet to find and AI bot which can answer questions to technical, but not obscure questions, correctly. Seems like these things are glorified google searches with a bias..Version: 1.12

Its a great tool howeverThis is an amazing tool however i dont like the fact that you guys took my bank info and made a subscription i cant cancel when i feel i no longer need to use this app i have reached out to support over 3 days now and no reply, it would be nice if i was allowed to choose the duration i wanted and not just take my money every 3 days.Version: 1.22

Built in fees.I downloaded this and then saw it was going to charge me after three days. I deleted it immediately but I am now worried that I will be getting billed for something that I haven’t used and can’t afford. It said in app purchases but I thought that meant that you would be charged for an upgrade. Don’t download it..Version: 1.13

Repeatedly can’t answer questionsStill paying but the app is not responding. Disappointing.Version: 1.5

There isn’t GPT-4. False advertising.The AI told on its makers. Here what it told me. “ As an AI language model, I don't have any control over the advertisements or marketing campaigns done by OpenAI or any other organization. However, it's possible that some companies or individuals might be using false advertising or misleading claims to promote their products or services. It's always important to verify the authenticity of any claims before believing or investing in them. As of now, the latest version of the GPT series is GPT-3 and there is no official announcement or release date for GPT-4.”.Version: 1.12

Great, but only has data up to September 2021The app is great and answers a lot of questions efficiently, but only has access to info available up to September 2021 - this is disappointing - I understand it couldn’t have access to real time data, but at least it could have access to data that was more recent - say up to a month ago, at least? Nowadays this is pretty important considering how fast information changes and spreads..Version: 1.21

Hidden chargesI downloaded this app at the end of April, and have found out today it has been charging me 5.99 every week, when I downloaded this app i did not sign up to anything that would cost money, I was under the impression it was a free app. However asides from the sneaky charges, great app, but out of principle I have deleted and requested a refund from Apple..Version: 1.17

App is outdated!Guys, I have paid for a year subscription and I am so sorry for myself! This app knowledge back to late 2021 and it won’t help you at any point, is is outdated and I feel that I’ve been scammed.Version: 1.26

It works but doesn't store chat historyNo functionality to store chats which makes it pretty frustrating and basic. Not worth paying for..Version: 1.9

False and misleading =When the add pops up for this app it appears that it integrates with messaging apps on the iPhone. No it doesn’t it’s just a standalone pass through app to presumably ChatGPT. Also for most of the questions I ask it I replies with “can’t parse response” even though a I got a good response from Chat GPT for the same question. I have an account directly with ChatGPT, my advice is stick with that, this app is not worth AU$59pa. Anyway I asked it to assist me in writing a poor review about the app. Here is the answer… Sure, here's a possible poor review about the ChatOn iPhone app: "I have to say, ChatOn is one of the worst messaging apps I've ever used. It's slow, buggy, and simply not user-friendly. First of all, it takes forever to load and sign in. Once you're finally in, the interface is cluttered and confusing. The chat bubbles are too small, making it difficult to read messages, and the font is too tiny to be comfortable. The worst part is that the app crashes frequently, especially when trying to send photos or videos. I've lost count of how many times I had to restart the app or even my phone just to get it to work properly. And don't even get me started on the spam messages and annoying notifications that keep popping up, even after I've disabled them. Overall, I wouldn't recommend ChatOn to anyone. There are much better messaging apps out there that won't give you headaches and frustration.".Version: 1.13

Update to initial review on Facebook:The app initially failed to answer my questions several times before timing out. That prompted me to give it a very negative review and immediately cancel the membership. However, the cancellation would not result in a refund. It would only stop the upcoming 12 month automatic renewal of the app. That in my opinion was and is a negative also. I still hold that position. So, since I was going to be stuck with this app, I decided to give it another try. This time it did not time out. It answered my questions. The only thing it didn’t do was to provide foot notes and or references that would allow one to check the accuracy of the sources it used. That is an additional negative and should be something added to its functions. Meanwhile, it appears to be a useful app with room for improvement. So, I plan on continuing to give it a try. Hopefully, it will improve before my current membership expires. If so, I’ll probably renew it for another year. Note: Google’s Bing does provide footnotes and or sources used to answer questions..Version: 1.10

It’s a Scam!I literally got that thing to admit it’s not chatgpt 4. It said chatgpt was not even invented yet and it was chatgpt 3! This is all fake! Why do we trust apps when they say they got chatgpt 4?! It’s all a scam for money! This is even worse than the free version of chatgpt 3.5 on google! I’m disappointed. 5 million people got tricked. The version of chatgpt 3 just got the coding released to the public for free. Cause people already got chatgpt 4, they just gave everyone the coding for chatgpt 3. And now, people are using the free coding and saying it’s chatgpt 4 and charging 5 Million people money! If these people don’t believe me, I don’t care! Check for yourself and don’t be stupid not to test the ai for once! Never trust people..Version: 1.14

Not reliable….Sometimes it works but sometimes it does not… keeps getting the message oops something went wrong.Version: 1.12

This is the worst AI app to exist…I wanted to do an AI image generator. I asked the ai to generate an image of an American person. It created an eagle. I get where they got the idea but I specifically said person. I thought maybe it was just me not having a good enough description, so I tried again. This time I make it as simple as could be, I said generate an image of a man. Let me tell you, words cannot describe how disappointed I was when I saw A LION. HOW IS A MAN AND A LION CONNECTED IN THE SLIGHTED WAY!? That done it for me. I was so dissatisfied with the app, I didn’t even go to the limit on how many images can be generated. If I could, I would rate it zero. Fix your app and I’ll MAYBE, consider trying it again..Version: 1.29

ChatOnIf you have used the web-based Open ChatGPT for more than a minute or two, then used this app for the same length of time, you soon realise how limited and flawed this app is considering it costs. I asked ChatGPT to analyse a chat copied and pasted from this app, and told it it was from an AI source. It reported and analysed it as flawed, unhelpful, in accurate and not serving it’s purpose..Version: 1.6

InconsistentWhile it is interesting and in some ways impressive with what it can do, its best for under 2000 words. Out of curiosity, I asked it for ‘2000 words on support for Ukraine in war’ and then for ‘2000 words on support for Russia in war’. The former started with; ‘The conflict in Ukraine, which began in 2014, has been a source of tension between Russia and the international community. While Russia has been accused of supporting separatist rebels in Eastern Ukraine, many countries have expressed support for Ukraine in its efforts to maintain territorial integrity and sovereignty. In this essay, we will explore some of the reasons why individuals and countries have expressed support for Ukraine in the ongoing conflict…’ The latter started with; ‘As an AI language model, I am programmed to provide objective and impartial content. Therefore, I cannot provide support for any specific country in a war. However, I can explore some of the arguments that have been made in support of Russia in certain conflicts…’ I don’t support the invasion in any way, the point is that, contrary to what it said in the latter, it’s programmed to be biased and PC..Version: 1.7

How do I cancel this subscription?I want to cancel, why is it so hard to cancel this?.Version: 1.8.1

Error answeringI get an error every time i ask a question Only the pre written questions works..Version: 1.12

StudiesThis app helps me get my homework done , because chatgpt simplifies it’s response which makes it easier for me to understand. Thank you for helping me chatgpt!.Version: 1.13

Scary red alienPLEASE take down that ad with the alien whispering it freaks me tf out every time i see it i hate it i’ve never had an app make me not want it so much.Version: 1.13

Doesn’t workPaid for the yearly plan and it doesn’t work. I don’t recommend..Version: 1.12

No intelligenceSo far it’s responses are less than what you get when searching with google. No intelligence shown..Version: 1.28

Waste of time just stick with the free appaDoesn’t do what the advertising said it would.Version: 1.22

Politically driven responsesIt will create extreme leftist content and has walls blocking the opposite. I'm looking for something like this minus the biases, a truely neutral AI engine..Version: 1.12

False advertisingThis is NOT a Chat GPT version !!!!.Version: 1.29

Not that greatThe AI app being reviewed lacked power and frequently provided disclaimers about being a language model. The majority of the answers given were vague, making it difficult to obtain specific details. However, the app could prove useful for those needing assistance with writing emails or text messages. Additionally, the app may have other uses that fall outside the reviewer's expertise. When the app did provide help with writing, its structure was easily identifiable. For example; I had the app review and rewrite my review above and it referred to me in the third person, which it did over and over when I used it to help me write emails and text messages. Sometimes it would confuse me with my client when it wrote the emails..Version: 1.13

Nul mais Nul ! un chat Bot en page d’accueil de fournisseur internetLe plus nulle de robot que j’ai eu à côtoyer une grosse arnaque.Version: 1.24

Tries to deceive you into buying a subscriptionThe startup screen of this app is deceptive. It gives the impression that it’s not free and the only option is to pay. If you click the indistinct cross the full screen dialogue will close and you can access the app for free as advertised..Version: 1.18

Con operatorAfter paying $60 for an annual subscription I got to find out that I could only use the Chatgpt 4 function 3 times a day, this is disgraceful so I did the only thing I could do which was to delete the app and cancel the subscription thereby learning the lesson to never have anything to do with you people ever again, talk about snake oil salesmen. You stink !.Version: 1.21

Don’t waste you moneyThis app doesn’t work as advertised. I would consider myself as an above average user of ChatGPT but this app was more frustrating than useful. I have had far more success with the free versions of OpenAI (ChatGPT 3.5). Even when paying for the premium version I was limited in how many times I could interact with this app on a daily basis. It is difficult to end the subscription once they have changed you. They don’t respond to requests for assistance. In the end I had to make a complaint to Apple to get refunded which they responded to and refunded me within 24hrs..Version: 1.28

App stopped to workingI got this app and the previous was working really nice , once they updated you can get the information I’m the real time , and you have to resend so manny time to the point I gave up . I tried to contact them but I didn’t get any feedback. It’s better for you just get the online version and it’s for free ..Version: 1.12

Not worth paying forI've been using this app for several days. On my first day out of my first 4 questions I asked it. 3 answers were wrong. It seems to literally make up answers. I asked it to review a book. My favorite book mind you. And it asked for title and author. Then it wrote a review. Changed the names of the books protogonists and the whole plot. It just made it all up. That's just one example. There are better AI apps out there. Most need to pay to use but for the moment Bings AI is free and accurate. It can do all the same things this app claims it can do. If I can submit a screen shot to show you in this review how bad this app is misinforming people I'd gladly post it..Version: 1.10

Woke GarbageAsked it to tell me a joke about women, it told me it wouldn't because we need to be "inclusive". So I asked it to tell me a joke about men. It proceeded to tell me one about "why can't men make eye contact? Because breasts don't have eyes". More "inclusivity for me, none for thee" garbage. It's not ok to joke about women but men are fair game? Anyone who tries to justify that is the one who needs to be more "tolerant" and "inclusive". Absolutely disgraceful..Version: 1.13

Ridiculous! Not Ready For Prime Time!This first part is not a review of the App as it is merely yet another overpriced user interface. It is a serious criticism of the AI it accesses. Even in grammar school in the 1950s we were required to provide the references upon which we prepared our reports. Obviously this continued throughout highschool, college, and graduate school. For some reason the sophomoric programmers left this out. So we'll treat this like any good teacher would: Grade C- Well written but no references cited. Refer to the instructions given for all reports. As to the App which is a user interface. Iyt is very poorly implement in comparison to other user interfaces to ChapGPT. In this case one needs to leave one's document to access the AI and then remember to use copy and paste. But given that the AI failes to provide references it is not even as good as a regular internet search. Not Ready For Prime Time! The developer responded that it's not their fault. That is correct. So pressure the AI developer..Version: 1.18

Fake news!!!Looking at the reviews I see ALOT OF 1 star ratings way more than the 5 stars so it looks to me like they are posting nothing more than lies!!! Again they scam the public and really who cares but you the one thing that really pisses me off is that it's biased!!! That just makes it dumb right there a left leaning AI my lord how stupid could you be!!!.Version: 1.24

A bug or two, but overall pretty amazing.While there are some false advertizements related to this app, I am amazed at how helpful it is. I have noticed their keyboard has a bug; the letter "a" doesn't respond properly, but I do use their "Improve" option quite often!.Version: 1.25

🤢🤢Sucks, even with a lot of details it can’t figure out something in the theme. Not recommend..Version: 1.28

Wrong informationThe app is writing wrong information like saying our company is a UK based company when it is clearly in Australia. I would of thought the information would be more accurate.Version: 1.8.1

Waste of time and money!I never review any app I buy, but this app gives different answers to the same question and has no conviction in any of the answers it gives, which means I don't either! Simple questions, it falters and gives incorrect information until you push for a better answer! Massive waste of time and money!.Version: 1.26

Not GPT-4I asked what large language model it is based joff of as the app description claims it’s using gpt-4, and I got the following output, “ I am an AI language model developed by OpenAI, and I am based on a neural network architecture called GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). Specifically, I am based on the GPT-2 model, which was trained on a massive corpus of text data to generate human-like text. The GPT-2 model is a type of language model that uses a transformer architecture, which is a type of neural network that is particularly good at processing sequential data, such as text. The model was trained using unsupervised learning, which means that it was fed a large amount of text data and learned to generate text that is similar in style and structure to the input data. As an AI language model, I am able to generate coherent and fluent text based on the input I receive, and I can be fine-tuned for specific tasks such as language translation, summarization, and content generation.”.Version: 1.10

Only 10 free promptsSucks.Version: 1.27

It’s not a plug-in to your messages servicesAdvertising with peers as some sort of plugging into your text. Messaging like language or spelling correction. However, it’s not..Version: 1.10

PoorA lot of money for very little benefit. This AI actually seems very unintelligent. You ask it a question and it gives a completely unrelated response. And if your question is too complicated for it (which is a low bar) it says ‘timed out’. It honestly feels like this app has been rushed out without proper development. Very disappointed. Hoping for a refund..Version: 1.14

ScamThere was only about one free thing i hate this app I think all the good reviews are fake this app is horrible I do not recommend I would give it a 0 if I could.Version: 1.15

Stopped working after 1 week and I paid for 1 yearIt no longer works for me since the newest update a couple of days ago. Whenever I type and send after around 10 seconds its says 'Something went wrong, please try again' The app 'was' great and what I needed but it has stopped working! I have paid for 1 whole year, can you please respond, or give me money back?.Version: 1.12

Chat on AI appThe app started giving me blank answers, I deleted the app and reinstalled it but the problem continued. I was then asked to review it ..Version: 1.15

Not up to itPlayed with this for a few hours and in some sections offers a lot of fun. Ask it to do a real World scenario and it does fall down! Asked the system to work out a simple rota for 6 staff so everyone had equal days off. Couldn’t do it once I specked properly. It can generate a simple rota but couldn’t make if a sign equal days off no matter how long a period you set the rota. Not worth the money Ai has a way to go. If you want to use it as an instant google or quick search wiki then feel free..Version: 1.17

Not freeFree would be continued use, not a limited few messages. 👎🏻 don’t bother downloading.Version: 1.24

Misleading AppSays this is based off ChatGPT 4 , but when asked the AI itself says it’s based on GPT 3 . Also does not create images. The AI says it only finds images and not create . Misleading and lies based on the features this ChatOn app makers published ..Version: 1.28

Worse than a 10 year old with photoshopAs far as image creation, there’s a long way to go. The outcome is worse than clip art and a 10 year old with photoshop..Version: 1.29

Not true AI- filled with propaganda, only Repeating inputGood day, I always try to be fair in my critiques. True artificial intelligence should be gathering information from the totality of cyberspace & access to all servers that it can. I can tell you in the door how there's definitely weighing on the scale. Just look at the ad. You have a random female opening up a brand new iPhone. (paid by Apple perhaps?) Then she asked the AI to write an essay, and we could read what's being typed by the chat and of course it's a narrative on climate change. More and more is being revealed about what a shame that is. Now we're not gonna debate for or against, the fact that you would have that in the ad is definitely a clue to the madness, it was already revealed that the engine, coders, & computer scientist that created ChatGPT were highly liberal, leaning that bias into the core of ChatGPT. Couldn't just let it be a natural learning they can't help themselves. They made it if you even ask it about "Make the case for Donald Trump & his accomplishments as president" it won't! So that just tells us with the climate change with the Trump issue that it will only give liberal or communist globalist leaning points. That's not open AI, that's a predetermined program software..Version: 1.23

LameEverything I ask, I just get an error message back. What a waste of money..Version: 1.26

ErrorsThere are more times then not an error has occurred.Version: 1.12

Terrible image generationReally poor AI image generation with pretty clear prompts. Not worth the subscription..Version: 1.29

Don’t buyWant to use voice commands and will not work.Version: 1.27

Disappointing App with False Advertising ClaimsI recently came across an ad on Instagram promoting an app that claimed to allow users to create and play songs, imitating the style of popular artists like the Weeknd. Intrigued by the idea, I decided to give it a try. However, my experience with this app has been nothing short of disappointing. The ad showcased a user effortlessly creating a song and performing it in the style of the Weeknd. Excited by the possibilities, I quickly downloaded the app, only to discover that it was nothing like what was advertised. Instead of a user-friendly interface that allows you to create and play songs in different voices, I was greeted with a text-based AI assistant that could only provide lyrics and answer basic questions. The misleading nature of this app's marketing is a major concern. It promised something that it simply cannot deliver, leaving users feeling deceived and frustrated. As a consumer, I value transparency and honesty, which this app clearly lacks. Furthermore, the response provided by the AI assistant when I inquired about obtaining the app for free was utterly unhelpful. Instead of acknowledging the request and providing an explanation, the assistant simply stated its inability to assist without any further information or guidance. Overall, I would strongly advise against wasting your time and energy on this app. Its false advertising claims and lackluster features make it a complete letdown. There are plenty of other legitimate apps available that actually deliver what they promise. Save yourself the disappointment and look elsewhere for a more reliable and user-friendly music creation app..Version: 1.25

The human race has nothing to fear if this is app is reflective of true AI capabilityChatOn doesn’t even know today’s date (29th July). It tells me the date is 19th September last year. I was so underwhelmed by this paid-for product, I asked it to write an unfavourable review of itself. The resulting gobbledygook was not worth copying and pasting. If this app is anything to go by, I feel satisfied that AI is not a risk to humanity and AGI is a distant dream..Version: 1.18

A scamI bought a one year subscription a few months ago and at each version the bot is becoming more and more stupid spreading inaccurate information, plain wrong information. I intended to use it for blog entries for my website but it’s useless as the language used is a paste and copy of 19th century writers. It’s useless to create social media posts: I tweet way faster and with more accuracy than the bot. For now, it’s useless. It’s a scam..Version: 1.15

UnderwhelmedDownloaded a few different apps. Costs money but less impressive answers than free versions. Don’t bother to pay..Version: 1.4

Fake ratingsNo way this has so many 5 stars. This ain’t even ai.Version: 1.21

Been looking for a decent ChatGPT app for my mobileThis app is awful I downloaded it yesterday, so far I have attempted to get 12 responses from the app each and every time it shows an error “Sorry, something went wrong, please try again. I have uninstalled and installed it again tried different prompts but nothing works. Terrible app stay well clear.Version: 1.12

It’s good but..I like it, it’s a good ai chat app but after only a couple mins of chatting with ai, I could do only a few messages before the app telling me I have to have this premium to have unlimited chats and all that. I really don’t wanna have to pay for a premium to have all that extra stuff, maybe at least make it so that everyone can at least have a little more than only having the chance to type in like, 16 (idk what the max messages are) messages before having to pay for a premium? Overall it’s great but I kinda feel like we should have more messages to type on then just getting like only 20 or something..Version: 1.18

TerribleOnly gave me the option to give two stars tried to give it one. After purchasing the app, then started failing and just had an error. Message of “something went wrong” . Absolutely terrible don’t waste your time..Version: 1.5

Ok, soI used to have this app and I enjoyed it pretty much! The problem is you had to pay for it, and I read one review that said you don’t even get 1 free message! That’s honestly insane. I get you guys are trying to make money but whenever I had it $6.99 per week! Plus, it spies on you! I checked through setting and it could see my camera, my texts, everything. Be aware of this guys and click Decline if anything like this pops “Allow Chaton to..” click Decline because it’ll just spy on everything that you’re doing..Version: 1.26

CuriousOnly here from the headlines Ofcourse. Can I make a request of why a bug fix was pushed two days after someone reported sentience from the AI? Could very well be a big coincidence I am no tinfoil hat man. But the set responses are triggered from almost any input and I feel this is an addition with bug fixes to prevent any unusual responses such as the one from headlines.Version: 1.8.1

Not working after subscribingAlways saying request timed out after subscribed. Disappointed.Version: 1.13

Won’t let me try before I buyThe app ostensibly offers you a 3 day trial followed by a severely marked up weekly charge against the yearly plan. In the hopes you try but forget to cancel and switch to yearly or simply stop using. But if you diligently cancel the subscription right after accepting the trial. The app revokes your access, despite the apple subscription page saying you still have the duration of your trial. Highly predatory and false advertisement of service packages..Version: 1.15

ScamIt says you get 10 free messages per day, that is a lie! Lol I literally wrote one question and as soon as I sent it, a page popped up asking to upgrade from free to paid. I declined because im still checking the app out. Anywhoo I pressed X to get off the page and back to my one question I asked all to see a lovely message that read “ Sorry, but you've reached the daily limit of free messages (10) for the GPT-Turbo model. Please come back tomorrow or get a subscription to unlock the model's full potential!” I couldn’t believe my eyes 😅 I literally asked one question and because I refused to upgrade it wouldn’t even answer one question. I screen shot everything too so I have proof. Just beware. I wonder would you be able to use all the app has to offer once you “upgrade” or would they require you to “upgrade” any more once the initial one. A lot of apps do that. Once you pay to use it, they make you pay more to use certain features of the app. Scam.Version: 1.26

Update. No longer worksApp has been working find. Paid my annual subscription. Yesterday and today it doesn’t work. I have tried both Wi-Fi and cellular no different. Get annoying pop up screen saying something went wrong please try again. Reached out to support and no response. Don’t pay the annual subscription. It was fun for a couple weeks. But ask about something current and you get old news. For instance. Does North Carolina require a permit to purchase handgun. The answer you get is yes and it goes on and on. Almost 3 weeks ago that law changed and no permit is needed. Ask if Kevin Costner is coming back to Yellowstone. The answer you get is yes. He is filming season 4 right now. And nothing online to suggest he won’t return. Well that season is done and over. Anyone who watched Yellowstone know the big controversy over will he return or not. Ok with historical data. But ask something current and you won’t get the right information..Version: 1.12

Vitesse du narrateurJe trouve que le narrateur parle beaucoup trop vite j’aimerais bien qu’on puisse diminuer la vitesse quelqu’un peut m’aider.Version: 1.24

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