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GetUpside Cashback: Gas & Food App Complaints & User Negative Comments

GetUpside Cashback: Gas & Food app received 27 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about getupside cashback: gas & food?

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I REALLY wanted to like this app.I commute 700 mile per week. So believe me when I say that I really wanted to like this app. I just tried my third attempt at using the app....1/3 attempts worked great but I have learned a little so I thought share a review.I gave it two stars because the concept and the ease-of-use for the app is really exceptional. The app is not too bulky and very straight forward. I love that you don’t have to give them all this personal info just to use the app. However, that’s pretty much where the benefit stops. With a little home work you can find out which gas stations will offer some savings. Not all the one listed will actually save you money. The problem is that so many of the gas stations that I see listed on this app are seriously depleted businesses. I’m not talking about cleanliness. I mean the pumps are broken, printers don’t work, gas is awful and causes your car to run rough... Today (for example) the only station that would offer me an actual savings only had 2 out of the 12 pumps that were operating. And they both had people parked at them while they stood inside talking and doing whatever. Not worth the $1.00 total savings to try to convince them to let me pump my gas. In the end.....they have plenty of credit cards that earn points that will convert into gift cards. Get one of those, be responsible with it, and get your gas wherever you feel like..Version: 4.46

Works but only with certain phonesGiving this app two stars because although it is legit and works, it only seems to work with certain phones. I first downloaded this app awhile back with my iPhone 7, and it worked perfectly fine. Finally decided to upgrade from a 7 to the new 11 and now I’ve downloaded the app and it literally will NOT let me log in. I even chose the “forgot password” option so that maybe it would let me reset my password and then it would let me log in, but every time I enter my email it says there is an error and to try again. I deleted the app thinking there might be a glitch and re-downloaded it. Still cannot log in and cannot even submit my email for the “forgot password” option. I know it has to be that it’s not compatible with this version of the iPhone because I still have my iPhone 7 so I turned it back on and using my WiFi I logged into the app from the 7. Disappointed that it doesn’t seem to be compatible with certain phones. Guess I will have to discontinue using the app. If the issue is resolved I will for sure use this app again because otherwise it’s great..Version: 4.45

STOP!! You will get ripped off and waste your time!!I chose an offer that had $0.31 rebate, got my gas and submitted my receipt. I should have received OVER $7.00 for my rebate. I received a whole whopping $0.42!!! I contacted support and they say I received the correct amount because the rebate was only $0.02. Giving me a breakdown as if I am stupid!! Well I’M NOT!!! I’m college educated and 5+7=12 and I didn’t have to take my shoes off to figure it out! What is even WORSE is I received an email from Upside stating my rebate was supposed to be OVER $7.00!! Talk about dumb! I replied back to them and asked WHY I received the email, confirming the EXACT amount I had calculated if the offer amount was only $0.02. I’ve heard NOTHING but crickets! When there is a problem, it takes FOR EVER to get a response and your issue isn’t solved. Therefore, DON’T waste your time finding rebates and submitting receipts because you be ripped off because you get the correct amount back AND you will waste your time contacting them, grow old waiting for a response, get NOTHING resolved, then have to go back and forth to STILL get NOTHING resolved and then waste even MORE of your time writing a book to warn others!!!.Version: 4.52

Wanted to love itTheoretically this is a great app but I’m disappointed in That the gas prices listed within the app while looking for a gas station is never the same when I get to the actual gas station. The prices at the actual gas station are higher, sometimes much, then what the app says. And when the cashback is only $.01-$.03 it doesn’t even make sense to go to that gas station because I can go to a different one and get gas for a cheaper price without the cash back. To me that defeats the purpose. I’m not trying to spend more on gas just to get a gift card with my “savings” when it’s actually not a savings if I can go across the street and get a better price without using the cash back. For instance today the gas price listed in the app was 2.41 with .04 cash back because of the July bump. So it would originally just be one cent. But when I arrived at the gas station, the gas was actually 2.60. So with the cash back it goes down to 2.56. The gas station next-door was 2.43. So I still would’ve been better off going to the gas station next-door. Also please ask van the list of gas stations included. A lot of times I have to go out of my way to get to a participating gas station..Version: 4.29

Doesn’t work like it use tooI agree with the previous review about the “check in” feature. It was a great app before this but now it just doesn’t work. I have to reach out to customer support for every single fill up because it doesn’t do what you claim. It doesn’t even recognize the same fuel that you claim or the correct amount. You can make a claim for diesel at $0.13 per gallon and you get granted $0.04 a gallon for regular fuel. Then you reach out to customer service and they say they will adjust it on their end but you don’t get any sort of notification of any kind. If you look even on your history page there’s no indication of them fixing your account for the missing amount. I’ve been using the app for roughly 2 years now and it’s just falling off the deep end. It’s not worth the effort to keep reaching out to customer support. If you don’t care about randomly getting whatever they please to give you then go for it you’ll get some money back but just don’t get excited when you find a really good deal at say $0.25 per gallon and fuel up thinking your going to get a few dollars back and all you really get is $0.60..Version: 4.78

“Not a real receipt” issueBeen using this app for almost a year now. I can tell you that the cents really start to add up over time. Haven’t had any issues until a few months ago when every now and then I wouldn’t receive cash back because of the receipts I’ve submitted not being processed because they deemed it wasn’t a real recipient although all the receipts I’ve submitted were printed at the gas pump and would show the name and address of the gas station I claim, the time, proof of purchase with a debit card, amounts purchased, price per gallon and so on. I keep all of my gas receipts until cash back credit is given in case I have to resubmit it. Not all gas pumps print receipts in the same format but I shouldn’t have to lose out for something beyond my control. Yeahs it’s only a few cents but why participate if you can’t enjoy the perks advertised? I’ve even resubmitted receipts on numerous occasions just to keep getting denied for the same, “It’s not a real receipt” issue and where I live and travel, I don’t see the point of driving 10/15 miles out of my way just to use the “Check In” feature that a select number of gas station have. This should be a feature used all over to prevent this ongoing receipt issue..Version: 4.50

😡😡 Updated*** 😡😡My mom recommended this app to me, so I thought I’d download it and check it out. Unfortunately it does not work at all in the state I live in, not a big deal. I wanted to delete the account, because I had only downloaded it, never once used it. I have had to jump through a million hoops to gets this account deleted. There is a part that says delete account, it doesn’t delete the account it makes you send them an email. Ok no big deal until it turned into 4, emails I finally get reply. The reply now has me emailing them again, because they need it confirmed. One would think the 4 previous emails would have pretty much confirmed I indeed want this account deleted. I have never had to do all of this just to delete an account it’s ridiculous. ***You can’t make up the nonsense that I have had to go through to delete this account. It was finally deleted, I hope, I refuse to re-download it to see. After all of hoops I jumped through, they still keep emailing me!! I made very sure to make sure I would not receive any emails, I made sure to unsubscribe from them, yet they still keep showing up. Then they sent me a survey email, ok fair enough. However if this small start up trying to get off the ground, actually cared, or read emails, they would know all the answers with out still pestering me, even after I took the blasted survey. Seriously leave me alone please..Version: 4.42

Issues with proof of purchaseI keep getting this issue every time I use the app. I have my card connected to the app, and I go to the stations that don’t require you to upload a receipt as long as you use the card connected to your account. Somehow, several weeks after buying gas I keep getting an email saying there is no proof of purchase. Of course, I don’t have the receipt anymore because it’s been weeks since I bought it, and in my bank statements it doesn’t show the card number, just that I bought gas from that place. And the one time I did have a receipt to upload for a different place that I bought gas from, it said not valid because of the time frame I bought gas. I bought gas from there several minutes after checking in so I still don’t understand the issue. I’m not sure I want to keep using the app if I’m just going to continuously get errors and not get money back. EDIT: I did notice that somehow I had gotten money back from the time I uploaded a receipt even though I received a message from them saying it was invalid due to the time frame issue..Version: 4.77

Started out goodThe experience started out great, I’m a delivery driver so the little discount was nice. I’ve been using it for a while and cashed out a few times. I don’t know if because I’ve earned so much cash back or what but now randomly it will lose my transactions or not issue cash back. I’ve been going to the same 2 stations with no issues for months all of a sudden My transaction can not be found with no explanation. I always use the Same card and same 2 stations. 3 stars cause it works “sometimes”. I have 3 pending from last week I feel like I will lose these too. Unfortunate this app has gone downhill. (2 stars) Update, still processing. Got gas 4 times last 2 week and only one went thru and all but one are past the ten days the say is the cut off so I suspect I won’t get the cash back. The stations on there are only worth it with the discount this app provides. Otherwise they are overpriced and it’s better to use cheaper stations rather then to be baited to a higher price station with a discount that doesn’t come. Hopefully I can get one more cash out then I’ll be done with it..Version: 4.60

Not enough Gas StationsSeriously they do need to absolutely add more gas stations. Not every single town I go to for gas has a circle freaking K.. have any of you ever heard of Thorton‘s, love’s, BP? Or just about any other gas station that is along I -70 a major interstate by the way? Also Moto mart. That’s a pretty popular gas station in Illinois and I can’t tell you how much money I have lost not being able to use this app at Moto Mart‘s along I-57 and I-64.. quite often I’ll go from the metro East St. Louis Missouri area to Louisville, KY or Evansville, IN and back and they pretty much only have Moto Mart and Thornton’s.. and in 3 years I probably would have already made $1000 in cash back from the amount of times I’ve had to fuel up at any of the gas stations I frequent in my work vans..Speaking of work vehicles is there an option for diesel?? Once in a while I will run a box truck from St. Louis to Indianapolis and I would absolutely love to get the $150 worth of credit however much it would transfer to $.25 a gallon & some 100 gallons of diesel fuel, and possibly DEF cash back.. that box truck is 24 feet by the way, big enough that I would make bank in this app..Version: 4.81

Cheap and slowThey charge you a whole dollar to cash out to PayPal unless you are cashing out $15 or more or getting a gift card. Then when you do cash out they give to a notification that states it will take 24-48 hours to transfer your money to PayPal. First of all I know it doesn’t cost them a dollar to cash out small amounts. They say they’re passing SOME of that cost on to us, so they would have us believe that it costs them more than a dollar to transfer funds. Second, if they’re going to charge a whole dollar to transfer to PayPal then they could at least do it quicker than 24-48 hours after you cash out. PayPal only takes 2% and they transfer immediately (30 minutes tops). Lastly, this app is full of bugs. The first time I claimed an offer the app told me I had 4 hours to upload a receipt from the gas station I selected. Once I got to the gas station and pumped my gas the app suddenly crashed and logged me out. I’ve had this app for months before I actually used it and it had never logged me out before. When I tried to log back in it told me my info was incorrect. So now I had to play the log in game. Once I finally got logged back on I uploaded my receipt and the app told me I should see what my cash back would be in 24-48 hours. Then it told me 3 different discount amounts that I would be getting. This app needs A LOT of work..Version: 4.23

Complete waste of time.Yeah, it's free money but it isn't much and it can sometimes be a challenge finding a participating gas station. I found myself driving a little out of my way to find one. I've earned $4.68 for the entire month of march. That would've been about another dollar but, wouldn't you know it, my last redemption "expired" because I didn't add the receipt(which I absolutely did). That just happened to be a particularly high payout(maybe a dollar as opposed to the usual $0.25/gal-$0.50/gal. How convenient for them! In closing, it's hard to complain about free money but for the amounts you earn per fill up coupled with the fact that most gas stations don't participate, it's a pretty hard sell and I'd be reluctant to recommend it to anyone. It's pretty much a waste of time. 2/5 stars because again, free money. Eh... Update: I have now had 3 of my highest payouts rejected. I noticed they’re all from BP which doesnt seem to print receipts at the pump at any location near me. The reprint receipt from the register is why they’re being rejected which is ridiculous because all of the information is on the reprint but it is formatted differently. W A S T E O F T I M E . Downgrading to 1 star because this has been more of a hassle than anything. Less than $5 a month. Done..Version: 4.81

This app has so many bugsI’ve repeatedly had problems with the app stating one price on the claim but paying out a much less price. When you try to contact anyone there your comment will “fail to send”. If you ever do get a complaint through it is answered by a automatic reply saying someone will get back to you. That is pretty much where it ends. IF you get a reply from there it will just tell you that the person is “escalating it to a further team member” or something to that effect. This is when you will NEVER hear from them again. I recently claimed an offer on time and it was completely rejected as not being submitted at all or not on time or some excuse which was not the case. I complained not through the app, because it failed to send, but directly to the service email from a few times before. It’s literally impossible to get feedback on issues through the app. No one there seems to know or care what’s up at what’s app. Good luck trying to receive your true reward. It’s very frustrating and a bit of a scam. Or perhaps it’s just poorly run and the app needs updating? I don’t know but it’s not working as they sell it to us!!!.Version: 4.26

More Trouble Than Its WorthThis app is a great idea but it doesn’t work. From what I understand you previously just uploaded a picture of your receipt each time. But ever since I downloaded it they supposedly can tell if you bought gas by the last four digits of your debit or credit card. This feature doesn’t work at all. It’s supposed to take 2 days to get cash back. It takes them over a week each time to let me know that they couldn’t verify my purchase. Then you email them with the picture of the receipt and they don’t have any solutions. I even had someone tell me they were doing me a favor just this once because I didn’t use the app correctly, uhm no....your app doesn’t work. You also get 32 cents off your first purchase, but it took so long to through that I actually got 32 cents off a different purchase which was much smaller than the fill-up I specifically cashed in on first for the discount. I’ve been denied because they have the address of the gas station wrong. And recently instead of 12 cents per gallon back it’s only been showing 4 cents back per gallon, but of course that gas station will be higher than neighboring ones anyhow..Version: 4.77

Waste of timeFirst time using the app and I followed the directions by “claiming” the offer before filling up, getting a receipt and taking a photo and then uploading it. All info was clearly visible and luckily I saved the photo to my phone instead of just directly uploading since the cash back was declined since the “info wasn’t visible on the receipt”. The initial purchase had some sort of first time promo so the savings were larger than normal and perhaps that’s why they wanted to reject it. I reviewed my photo and everything was clear so I reached out to customer service. The person replied (Ada) and said “You're right, this offer should have been processed. My apologies! I just resubmitted your receipt, with a note from me, and it should be processed within 10 days.” Six days later it still said processing but the cash back was less than it originally advertised when I claimed the offer. She responded asking that I give it time to process as some stations are slower than others. Over two months later and I still don’t have anything. I sent them another email but is three (perhaps more) emails really worth a few cents/dollars? Perhaps if I was an Uber driver or something I would bother with this but I really don’t have the patience to deal with this nonsense..Version: 4.61

Not Applying CorrectlyThis app has several issues. I’ll claim an offer for 17 cents for example and then once it’s done processing a few days later it says the cash back wasn’t the same as the day I got gas. So if it was 17 cents that day, when it finally processes it only gives me 2 or 3 cents back instead of what it originally said and there is no way to file a dispute. ALSO, I work through doordash which is why I even downloaded this at all bc they gave us a promo that should give us an extra 20 cents off on top of whatever the app already gives off and it’s not applying. I got gas yesterday for 17 cents off, 7.74 gallons of gas. With the promo that’s 37 cents off so I should’ve gotten $2.86 back but it didn’t apply the promo and I only got back the 17 cents for $1.32. There is no customer service just a bot that can’t answer these kinds of questions. I use this app EVERY time I get gas and it’s honestly not worth it if it’s not going to give me my correct cash back. $1 here and there isn’t worth it. I signed up BECAUSE of the doordash promo and it’s not even applying. Until they fix these bugs, I wouldn’t recommend this app. You have to go out of your way to get the discounts and they don’t even correctly discount so it’s not worth the effort..Version: 4.75

Awesome but still has a ways to go for greatnessUpdate: apparently my original review failed to post, which is ok because with continued use, my opinion continues to lower. I will attempt the cash out & be deleting the app. Even though customer service was pleasant & easy to interact with, my issue was never resolved. Now a 2nd issue in 2 consecutive uses is just too much. I installed this app simply because I was curious, and after using it a few times I’m pleasantly surprised. Of course as a fairly new app, it has had some hiccups. Not registering the grade clearly noted on the receipt to apply proper rebate is the only issue I’ve had so far. Which, generally speaking is not a horrible glitch since I still received cash back, just not the appropriate amount. I did contact customer service to report and was pleased with their timely response and explanation that it was a glitch. The only reason for 4 stars is it was supposed to be corrected but never was. Im not going to sweat a few cents, unless it becomes a repeat occurrence. But overall, I’m pleased with the app & will continue using..Version: 4.48

Great, Until...I’ve been using this for probably 5 months or so. It was super simple in the beginning, just upload your receipt and you were good to go. UNFORTUNATELY things are not so easy anymore. The new “check in” feature is fine... until it doesn’t recognize your transaction or your card. You can’t switch from “check in” to “upload receipt” and that is extremely frustrating. So, what I have been doing just to be on the safe side, is to check in before I get to the gas station so it will actually give me the option to just upload my receipt. AND now you can’t use cash to pay?? That was never an issue before. I recently lost my debit card and while I was waiting for a new one to arrive, I still needed to get gas. Did not have any other way to pay other than cash. My transaction was rejected even though I uploaded my receipt and have never seen anything about “no more cash” anywhere. Also, it’s difficult to find out any answers to my questions or contact customer service. I’m still going to use the app but it’s frustrating. I wish they would undo these changes instead of over complicating things for no reason..Version: 4.52

Great when not dealing with customer serviceI would’ve gave this app a 5 star because initially its great! I drive regularly for my job and received an $89 gift card to Lowe’s after about 5-6 months of getting gas with the app. I decided to wait until after I tried getting another gift card if the app would actually pan out. I got flagged for using gift cards as a method of payment, which increases the number of cards on your account. So I had to deal with customer service.... One of the worst customer service technicians I have ever dealt with. I emailed to figure out a way to unlock my account so he sent me what I could do and provide his with the last card I used and where I used it. Upon receipt of my email, I received another with instruction to do the same with the last 3 cards I’ve used. Seems like they just wanted me to jump through hoops and will drag out the process to renew my account. Very unprofessional, Would’ve liked to know every thing I needed to do in the first email. There are other gas reward apps out there that I will try. Use my experience to learn. Try everything in your power not to deal with customer service and you should be fine..Version: 4.58

Doesn’t work properlyI’ve been using Get Upside for nearly a year. It was very slick and convenient. I drive a lot for my job so getting the rewards is a nice bonus. However, within the last two months I have been very frustrated with this app. It no longer processing my purchases properly. In the past I just took a picture of my receipt and I would get my cash back no problem. Now it is paperless, which at first I loved because most the time the gas station didn’t have paper in the pumps for the receipt making me have to go inside. I am constantly having to resubmit my proof of purchase 10 days after I make my purchase because they are stating they can’t find it. I know it is not on my end. I am using the same two gas stations, and the same card. My husband and a few friends who I referred to this app have the same exact problem and are as frustrated as I am. Although I appreciate the customer service and their quick turn around it is very annoying that this is a weekly occurrence. They need to get these glitches fixed.Version: 4.61

Worst Customer Service - Junk AppThe idea the app promotes is good but it horribly fails in it’s delivery. I always purchase premium gas for my car. The when I summit my receipt for proof of purchase the app ALWAYS seems to change the cashback grade to regular. By the app changing the grade to regular I now result in no cashback since since I also use my fuel rewards card at my local Shell station. If the app would have processed the offer correctly to begin with my cashback per gallon would have been reduced by 3.5 cents per gallon as per their rules. Even with the cents per gallon reduction I would have still gotten about 8 cents per gallon back. Now because it didn’t process correctly I have to open a support ticket each time with customer support to try and get it fixed. Most of the time they say they are “resubmitting” my receipt for processing and a day later I get an email saying I didn’t earn anything because it processed as regular again. This app is a WASTE OF TIME!!! You will spend all your time trying to get a CSR to fix your submission with it not actually getting fixed. It seems like “Peggy” is in a foreign country and doesn’t actually understand what it is she is looking at on the receipts..Version: 4.26

Good but.... Updated reviewUPDATE: recently getting about 25 to 30% of my transactions declined because of “issues“. Happens on different brands and at different stations. The developer needs to correct this “issues found with transaction” problem. First of all, let me say that I have redeemed almost $200 in cash by using this app. The savings varies from as little as a penny per gallon to as much as $.30 per gallon. The rebate process is simple and swift. Now for the “not so good“. I have, as I have stated, redeemed almost $200. My wife is a new user and has redeemed less than five dollars. We have checked in at the same gas station on the same day and her offers are consistently 2 to 3 times better than the offers to me. This makes me think that the developer is favoring newer customers and is giving longtime customers that have proven loyalty a lesser offer. That being said, this is not a scam and it works. Out of several hundred transactions, I have only had three that have been declined because of “missing transactions“. Not sure what that is all about, but the success rate is over 97%..Version: 4.80

Looks like it’s stopped paying... again 🙄I’ve been using this app almost daily since February. I drive almost 200 miles a day so I buy a lot of gas and always use this app when I do so. For the most part it works great. I get gas and usually within a day I’ve got my reward. However, sometimes the payments stop coming. They will back up for days on end. Usually when this happens I’ll eventually get some lame excuse on why my payment cannot be processed. I’ve noticed this problem has gotten worse since they’ve added more stations where you “check in” instead of uploading your receipt. Right now it’s Aug. 22. I have three “processing” transactions from the 20th, 19th, and 17th. And before a reply comes to this review, I want to say that whenever I claim a deal, I sync the GetUpside map to my phone map and have it direct me to the exact station that is supposed to be the one I’ve claimed according to your own app. I check in and select my card as soon as I arrive before I pump my fuel. And I only have one card on file. This is getting frustrating and I hope the developers fix whatever is going on. I’m starting to lose faith in this app..Version: 4.58

HorribleSo linked my card and literally after all but 2 uses had to contact the company to get my credit to the account. (10 total attempted uses so 80% failure rate) I would make a purchase and then two-three days later it would expire I would screen shot the purchase email them and they would make adjustments. Not worth all the hassle not mention after the first time I asked if this was normal they ignored my other questions as to why this was happening. I deleted the app today and found a different one let’s hope it works better than this one.****UPDATE**** Their response here is to imply that I failed to “complete” the purchase or check in. In ALL the contacts I made with customer service nothing of this was mentioned. Then they make a request that I send them proof of the lack of assistance. How do I prove a negative? You do not. My card is linked and my transactions were completed in the app and my bank and yet they still tell me that I am somehow to blame for their app failing to work? 8 out of 10 attempts. So did it randomly and magically work twice? You should have stayed silent. Your app has issues and you blaming users is one of them..Version: 4.73

Wastes your time & no supportThe app itself seems to work (doesn’t crash, good response time, etc). Unfortunately, the process doesn’t work and wastes your time. I tried to use the app three times. The first time, the nearest fast station was 4-5 miles away from me and in the wrong direction. Not their fault, per se, but I didn’t want to drive that far for the amount of savings in return. The second time, the app directed me to a Shell station and was about 2 miles off the route I was using. When I reached the destination, it was an Italian restaurant and no gas stations in the area. Third time, the gas station wouldn’t accept chip credit cards at the pump. That snowballed into a 20+ minute fuel stop with multiple trips inside the store. The gas station provided a receipt that was not accepted by GetUpside. So... this was a giant failed experiment and wastes quite a bit of my time and didn’t produce one penny in discounts. Finally, left a comment with the GetUpside support group and 3 days went by without any indication they were interested in helping fix it (or even that they received the post). They don’t care. So this is a great app as long as you don’t expect any refunds, have ample time to waste and want to be ignored by the GetUpside folks..Version: 4.19

Great app, but....I have been using Getupside for several months and for the most part it works. However, I often get “Issue found” errors with a portion of my submissions. I only accept offers while at the gas station to be sure I’m at the correct location. I use the same credit card and often hit the same stations. The issues given are usually that my card type isn’t accepted, I was at the wrong location (like I stated I only accept offers when I arrive and not in advance), or they couldn’t match my receipt with the transaction at the station. How is that my problem? Sounds like the gas station isn’t wanting to pay so they conveniently can’t match it. I have left so much money on the table bc of these issues. I specifically go to the stations that use the app so if it’s not paying off to do this I might as well save time and go to the closest one. Please make a way to communicate with customer service, other than resubmitting a receipt you have already rejected..Version: 4.70

Good app so far, but lots of failure rate on some gas stationsLet me start with this: this is a real app, and really pays back on your gas. Also they have a good customer service (I had a good experience with them). However they have a new feature “check in” which apparently you do not need (and technically cannot) upload a receipt of your purchase. It sounds good, because it saves you time! But at the end this takes longer to get the points, and fails at some cases. For me almost 25% of my claimed offers ended up in no cash back, although I claimed before hand, and checked in when I arrived at the gas station. They have a decent customer service which was helpful. One of their people (Ada) helped my once with my missing points and credited my account with the missing points. But when it happened the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time I gave up following on my points. I did not find it feasible to spend my time on writing emails back and forth and going through my credit cards’ history to find my gas purchase and send them for only $0.70~0.80. I found another app which has higher cash back rates, and still uses the classic “upload the receipt” method. It seems time consuming, but more convenient than following up for this one. The new app credits my account in a couple hours, while GetUpside does in few days, if they do not miss your points and ask for the proof from you!.Version: 4.51

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of GetUpside Cashback: Gas & Food to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a GetUpside Cashback: Gas & Food customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using GetUpside Cashback: Gas & Food.

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GetUpside Cashback: Gas & Food works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact GetUpside Cashback: Gas & Food.

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