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Providers: EBT, debit, & more App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Providers: EBT, debit, & more app received 19 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Providers: EBT, debit, & more? Can you share your negative thoughts about providers: ebt, debit, & more?

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Signing in needs to be fixed.So the app itself is great, I’ve never had any problems OTHER THEN it signs me out if I don’t use it everyday, which wouldn’t be a problem if I could actually SEE WHAT IM TYPING TO SIGN IN. When I try to sign in after being logged out it doesn’t show any characters I have typed AT ALL, not even my email, or the privacy dots to keep your password safe. I literally see nothing. I’ll literally sit and attempt to sign in at least three times typing the EXACT SAME THING but not get signed in because I can’t even tell if I’ve erased all the characters from the previous try to log in because again, THEY’RE INVISIBLE..Version: 3.8.5

Refused to log in, whereas no issues on old c4yourseft appNew app cannot log in and not made for this disable person with low vision app is sideways once you click to add user name or password, over all that door is blocked where you type in this info cannot type anything in because type screen blocking you to type anything in, therefore may this to work on ipad pro spent extra money to see on 12.9 inch screen , your new app fails , unbelievable, have not heard about american disabilities act? For reasonable accommodations? I demand you make your app for ipad pro within 24 hours urgently needed, if you do not i cannot get my food stamps denied by failed app you designed, extremely hungry to use card today it say zero balance to check online and saw new app you just made, but sideways blocking to enter my data. Send me email i will show you this disaster you caused..Version: 3.5.4

Like it used to love it having some issues past 3 daysSo I am got hard time to remember balance and stuff and always have phone handy do was. Ice to have app but now I can’t get my balance for past 3 days it won’t update my amount info and money has been added and used from card had to call number for info on how much cuz app wouldn’t load says i am logged in but won’t load info says can’t get my states info right now try back later do I been trying for 3 days now and just not working I hope this gets fixed only dropped to 3 stars cuz of this other wise would keep it at 5 stairs also love that gives u coupons and shows jobs in the area and gives info on how and were u can find help for few things . Please fix this app I really loved to be able to use it.Version: 3.7.1

ZERO STARS!!If you haven’t already, don’t bother with this broken app!! i got it a while ago (a year, ish?) and worked okay - best feature for me is checking balance at a touch!! then suddenly, after a few months, it logged me out, and WON’T LET ME BACK IN!! i even tried resetting, but it invalidates my security questions (like i forgot favorites and dates, suddenly?), and won’t budge. the number they give for help is the EBT customer service number; a DEAD-END RAT’S MAZE of automated system menus and responses, with absolutely no option for HUMAN assistance!! the website is just as bad, giving similar responses and “solutions” for “help.” i’m very disappointed...however, it’s an easier ordeal to get my balance during a WALMART app grocery purchase, so...i’ll just go there! all i need to do is fill a grocery cart, and i can check my balance, no problem. thanks for nothingness..Version: 3.7.4

Don’t download if you live in Arizona! You’re welcome!This app worked really well until the last couple of months after the coronavirus started. The Virus has not affected any of my other apps, so I’m allowing no excuses for this app. Especially since it is more important than the other apps, because it holds financial information with no way to delete it from the app. The app is no longer useful because it cannot connect to Arizona EBT system any longer. I have been trying day after day since March. So yeah if you want to waste 30 minutes giving it all of your personal information, and then another 30 minutes trying to find an original user name, just to let you know that the system is down go right ahead….Version: 3.7.4

I can’t get logged back in and there isn’t any contact for supportSo the app was originally called fresh ebt. They automatically signed us in every single time the entire time so over the course of time I forget my log in credentials. Now the app has changed over to “Provider” it logged me out. So obviously I have to log back in. I don’t know my credentials. I’ve tried recovering them but the app keeps claiming I don’t know the city where my own child was born. I obviously know where my 16 year old was born. I even took out the space which is required per the app. I’ve tried spelling the city multiple ways just in case by chance I misspelled it by chance. Nothing has worked. If the app had support, maybe I could get this figured out and fixed. The app has absolutely no way to contact support. I’ve been trying for two days to contact some sort of support. I’ve been searching the app, and googling for a support contact. I did email their feedback but nobody ever responded to me. I have no way to get into the app..Version: 4.0.8

SLOW!The app would be great if it didn’t take forever to update. The amount left on your card tries to update the second you sign on, but takes forever! And you can let your screen time out or switch to another screen or the app will reset and you start all over. I have no idea what could possibly make it take so long to figure it out. Also, I’d like to be able to check the account from this. To see what was charged to the card and be able to review it. It’s super complicated to do so on the website too. It should not be so hard to check when and where your debits have been made..Version: 4.3.0

Used to be my favorite app, but it's been broken for monthsUpdated review: I used to use this app every single day. I live in PA and I use an iPhone 5S running 10.2.1 and it hasn't been working on my device for months. I've communicated a few times with the developers but they still have yet to repair the problem after all this time. I know the PA ebt portal wasn't working for a while but it seems to be working on my one friend's device again- just not mine. I can log into the connectebt website with no problems whatsoever so that tells me this is an issue on the app/developer end. I'm extremely disappointed to see the lack of a fix for this problem. Even when it was working, it never really fully functioned. The coupon section never loaded and the app was always a bit slow. So disappointed to finally be deleting this app after how immensely useful it used to be for me. I'm going to try a different developer's app and hope for better results. I do hope they manage to fix this someday- I know I can't be the only one using this kind of a device and having no luck with this app. Heads up to other people with older devices- this app likely won't work for you and seems to get little support from developers..Version: 2.8.5

No No No No!!!!I used to love this app for how convenient it was but no way will I be using it anymore… this is the 2nd month in a row that someone has wiped my card clean… I got a new card last month when I realized someone used my card without actually having it. They took 600 off and there was nothing anyone could do not even the fraud department. Here we are February 3rd, I just got my stamps on the 1st and didn’t realize I had nothing on my card until I went to the store tonight. Logged into the app and saw that someone used what I had left and knew exactly how much money I was going to get because they tried to wipe my card clean of the amount without realizing I had already used it.. so they tried again and took everything. I’ve never given my pin or card info out, I don’t shop for groceries online the only thing that has any of my ebt information is this app and there is literally no way to delete any of the information, and absolutely no one to contact. I regret using this app… if I could give -10 starts I would… take the extra time and just call the number on the back of your card or go to the website for your balance… DO NOT USE THIS APP IF YOU DONT WANT YOUR INFO IN SOMEONE ELSES POSSESSION!!!!!.Version: 4.1.8

I'm sick of being prompted to answer questions that are NONE of your business!I understand that you offer options for people with your app… But it is none of your business whether or not anyone in my household is on disability, or anything else of that nature!! I download this app to check my balance occasionally, and since you have revamped your app, Every time I open the app it is asking me whether or not anyone in my household is on disability. That's none of your business! Absolutely none! Just because you offer options for using your app for people who are on disability, it doesn't mean that you have to pry into peoples personal business when they just want to check their balance. Absolutely ridiculous! I am considering reporting you to the Better Business Bureau.Version: 4.0.7

Locked out my accountI’m giving this app 1 star because it’s been working perfectly up until about a week ago. It stopped loading and wouldn’t update my information. I uninstalled and reinstalled but I couldn’t remember my information to get because I’ve been using my Face ID since I’ve gotten the app last year. I’ve been trying to reset my password but it keeps saying that my security question answer is incorrect but I know my answer and I’ve tried it in and multiple ways still isn’t working. They have no other way to reset your information which they need. This is very frustrating. The same has happened to someone else I know and they said they never even had the app before but the app told them they were already registered. Y’all need to fix this!.Version: 3.6.8

WelpThis app is awesome and super convenient. BUT I just opened the app to find out it has changed ALOT. That’s cool no biggie I’m proud of your growth and all but as I opened the app I was informed and lead through a process I believed was to re-login to my account. At the end of the process waiting to be lead to my account it tells me I wasn’t approved for a whole credit card. I had no idea that I was signing up for credit card and maybe it’s just me and I’m oblivious but I know there’s a lot of other people who use this of all ages and it was a bit predatory and even though Idr care there could be someone that does exactly what I did and you could mess up their whole credit and crap. So maybe I’m crazy but that’s all I have to say..Version: 4.1.2

Providers bank cardI have never experienced such horrible experience with a bank and now just wish that I didn’t leave my bank to have this one. Their is no point to leave your bank just to have your bank attached to your EBT all in one app. I’m still in the middle of a transaction dispute from 6 weeks ago. My previous bank would have had that handled in 3 business days. Very unprofessional. Providers customer service has done absolutely nothing to help either. They just keep telling me that the dispute is still under investigation. The last I heard from them as a week ago when they told me that a supervisor would be calling me and that supervisor never called me. I don’t recommend banking with providers. And I don’t recommend their customer service support team either..Version: 4.1.8

Bugs Bugs and More BugsI have attempted to “Create A New Account” for three days and have been completely unsuccessful even after submitting a troubleshoot email to FreshEBT. I get the generic response. The first problem I have is that the app has a message that FreshEBT cannot connect to the EBT System. I’m in the state of Missouri and when I sent the troubleshoot email to FreshEBT they mentioned knowing this problem for the state of Massachusetts and Arkansas. They never mentioned Missouri as a part of the problem. I click on the link in the response email for “Cannot Create An Account” and it just sits there on the app page stating that it “it needs WiFi or Cell connection to load this page”. I have both but the page never loads. Please get this fixed as I would really like to be able to use the app..Version: 3.7.9.

Their debit card is a scamTheir debit card is a scam. Right now I’m under a suspension on my account because they needed verification. I gave them what they needed, and two days later, I’m still suspended. How are you going to take all this time and not let me access my money. 1500$ I can’t use but need, in a pandemic, and they just won’t reply to my calls or emails or verify my account or take my account off of suspension. They have two customer service groups, one which you can’t contact and whom actually deals with everything, and one that is for “show” and has no ability to help. They lied to me three times and I’m currently filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. DO NOT partake in their “free” debit card program!!! THIS app and program is a SCAM!.Version: 4.1.0

Don’t lose your password & expect helpThis app is horrible. It could be great if it ever worked correctly. It never updates, it is always two weeks behind. Recently, I forgot my password as my old device was lost. I tried to reset the password on my new device to login. I entered all required information and it is telling me that the security answer is wrong. How can it be wrong when I’m the one who created the question and answered it to begin with? It then gives me a 1-888 number to call for help. None of the options help you with a password issue or an issue of them not accepting your correctly answered security question. If you press “0” to try and get a live human to speak with, the automated voice “doesn’t recognize the number”. I can’t login, I can’t get help logging in so I guess I’m deleting the app..Version: 4.0.8

PasswordOnly reason I gave a 1 star review bc it is constantly saying my password is wrong, when attempting to reset the password it says my answers is wrong which I know they are not, it says to call the number on the back of the card, when calling the number the representatives tell me they can not reset my password they have no access to that, however that is the only way to reset the password when they say the security questions is wrong. It's just a ongoing loop and it's aggravating. The app was great before it locked me out and now I am not able to get back in the account bc the state reps that answer questions regarding the card says they have no access and the app will not allow to change anything since it is saying the security questions are wrong. It's just aggravating completely. Fix this glitch and I will rate a 5 star..Version: 3.6.3

Poor serviceI had the app on a different phone and recently switched phones to an iPhone. When I tried to load the debit portion of the app it gave me an error message and will not let me see anything other than the ebt portion. If anyone has food stamps I would not recommend this app to keep up with the balance as it wants you to get a new card that never shows up and if you get the child tax credit you will not have access to the funds. Just wish the app would go back to the way it used to be, keeping food stamps separate from everything else. Yes it can have its ups and down because you shouldn’t have more than one card for different things but if you were getting money sent to a bank account for the child tax credit or ssi or whatever the case could be if you don’t have the providers card you don’t have any money other than your food stamps. And for me I can’t pay my bills right now because I don’t even know where my child tax credit money is..Version: 4.0.8

A bunch of forced adsThe app works great for some things. Seeing my balance and a breakdown of what I should be roughly spending weekly to not starve at the end of the month is great. A transaction history is nice. However the app includes a bunch of stuff I should be able to turn off. I don't need a job. I don't need to know about other assistance programs. There should absolutely be a toggle in the settings that reduces the app to nothing more than a balance and transaction history. With all this extra cruft - which I admit they're probably forced to display by state agencies; God knows I get five phone calls every week telling me about prescription drug cost programs from the state - I might as well just use the barebones ebtEdge app instead because it doesn't constantly pester me to get more benefits I don't even need..Version: 3.3.5

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