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Amex App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Amex app received 21 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Amex? Can you share your negative thoughts about amex?

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I wish I could give this app 0 starsMy partner and I have a joint account and it is impossible to understand who should be paying what amount through the app. When you tap “Make a payment” the only options that appear are for the account as a whole, without any clarity around which charges are whose. What makes this even more confusing is that I’m not able to view the charges made by my partner. I see only my charges and then a total that includes both of our charges, and if I want to pay for just my charges I have to manually add them all up (or wait until I’m at my desktop computer and use the website). This makes the app entirely impossible to use to make the appropriate payment amount, which is the primary reason I downloaded the app. The website isn’t that much clearer but at least it totals up my charges for me, even though it took a lot of comparing my account with my partner’s account to even figure out which numbers meant what..Version: 6.3.0

Decent app, terrible chatI use this app to view my bills, charges, and deals. The most frustrating part about the app is the Concierge Chat for platinum and centurion members. The chat consistently drops connection and I then need to wait again to connect to someone who can help me. I get notifications from the app and when I click to chat, it takes me to the main screen and shows a chat bar at the bottom so I cannot access the chat option. How can I respond when I can’t see the message? I have better luck closing the app and reopening it, then navigating to the chat section. Otherwise I cannot get to it from the notification or it disconnects and my messages do not send. The chat is also a second thought- it’s hidden in a “Contact Us” menu in settings. I’ve been a member since 2005 and an authorized user long before that- I love the service but this is extremely frustrating when I’m trying to handle something while I am unavailable to speak..Version: 6.19.1

DisappointedImagine your account being paid off; and to get a random email stating they have received your info at a location you’re not at; but still has given you the charge. You call to only find out there’s been a fraudulent charge added to your account. Once you report it and discover the location and know for fact they couldn’t have checked you in because you’re home. And have been home for over four months. Makes you suspicious about how people can charge a card with no valid id. And now you have to wait until the investigation is completed before they will remove it. Is not a great feeling. It actually makes me a bit nervous due to the fact I am closing on my home and when I mention this to the credit department they state oh they can’t do anything about it. Well now this reflects my credit report and everything I work so hard for. Not making me happy one bit. I don’t know if I will ever travel and use this card again. Knowing that locations can take your info and their computers can just charge people at random for a stay they were not at. As well as the fact that they leave it on your account and knowing you’re not present don’t remove it..Version: 6.32.0

Worst Credit Card Company / App lockouts constantI have 2 platinum cards through American Express. Out of the 12 credit cards I own, I hate using them the most. American Express constantly locks me out of my account so I can’t make a payment and have to call and be on the phone for nearly an hour during my lunch break to get my account unlocked again. Then, even though I’ve jumped through hoops to make every payment on time and have one card paid off, they send me an email that they’ve lowered the credit limit on my other card by almost half! I put a larger business purchase on that card during Black Friday and got my credit limit lowered the following day, affecting my credit score by 19 points. Afterwards they had the audacity to send another email saying I am getting close to my credit limit now and need to make a payment to lower my balance. Worst creditors I have ever dealt with. With one annual fee of over $500 and another at $195, I cannot wait to pay off the second card and cancel both of them so that I never have to deal with American Express again..Version: 6.25.0

Gift card rewardsI agree with other reviewers that the eGiftcard experience through the app is horrible. The wallet is hidden several layers down a path that is not intuitive and then requires passing an additional layer of security with two-level authentication each time the user returns to the main wallet page. Years ago, the wallet was a simple choice in the app and showed me my remaining balance. To see the balance now, I need to store the gift card number and PIN outside of the app so I can paste them into the browser window the app presents to the merchant site. For all of the additional security layers that were added, this solution has become significantly less secure. Does anyone at Amex perform usability analysis? This seems designed to either discourage the use of eGiftcards or force users to print them..Version: 6.32.0

One burden after another.My wife and I get our cards and we’re excited to begin a long term, committed relationship, using primarily one card, our AMEX Platinum. I spent a good amount of time realigning all bills and services to flow through this account. First month passes and we pay our very large bill off in full and early by about a week. In the middle of month two they suspend our accounts and inform us we need to provide tax returns and a bunch of other documents. Confused and annoyed I sent all the documents that day. They told me it would take no longer then 5 days. Mean while I have to quickly figure out how many payments might be bouncing in the mean time and redirect the withdraws. 5 days pass and no word from AMEX so I call. For the third time I get an out sourced Indian group that cannot understand, telling me that I didn’t sign one of the forms and they will be canceling my account in 24 hours. I scrambled to re-fax the particular form and waited. I have actually had a few more bizarre experiences in my short 90 days with Amex including a time I called in and they asked around 10 security questions and called me on another phone (my wife’s) while on my primary to verify it was me. I have felt nothing but a burdens from this company and they don’t seem care. I am in the process of switching to Fidelity who exceeds expectations at every turn..Version: 6.10.0

Convenient but inaccurateThe app makes it convenient to make payments however you can’t trust the balance that reflects. Even though it will show you all of the charges the balance it reflects is not the correct balance and it can change by the hour with no new charges showing up. That’s for your regular American Express. For your other American Express cards it does not update daily to reflect interest charges so if you pay off your card using the current balance as opposed to the statement balance you still aren’t paying off your card and three weeks later you’ll get another bill for nothing but interest. I knew Citibank pulled this but I did not know American Express was just as bad. So if you want to know how to pay off your balance the fact is if you trust the app you never can. I’ve had my regular American Express for over 20 years and this app is making me rethink keeping either card..Version: 6.37.0

Would be five starsPretty good app that is easy to use. Each posted transaction has an individual “pay it” labeled next to the transaction. When you submit a payment to pay off your whole balance, the “pay it” next to each transaction does not disappear though (even if the balance says $0.00). Workaround this would be to just select “pay it” for each transaction (that does make the “pay it” disappear); however you’re limited to only 5 payments. This app would be 5 stars if either the “pay it” disappeared after paying off the full balance or if you could make more than 5 payments per day. The point is, the always present “pay it” gets confusing when you and your significant other are trying to keep track of payments..Version: 6.40.0

Is this 1996? Mobile native for rewards?2 days ago I decided to get a new Amex Platinum credit card (yes, the expensive one with the $550 annual fee). I have Chase Private Client but decided to see what all the travel hype was about. I want a premium experience and fancy lounge access. This card seemed to have the best benefits on the market. However, they forgot to tell me it also has the WORST app experience in the business. I have spent 2 days trying to enroll in the benefits digitally and the link has been broken both days. Within the app it takes you into a browser experience to sign up (yes, seriously, Amex hasn’t invested in a native experience and we’re in 2019!). After calls to the call center, safari browser app struggles and native client app reloads I finally seemed to enroll in half the benefits. I’m trying to stay strong through this extremely painful experience. May lord give me the strength to endure this torture..Version: 6.18.2

IrritatedFor more than 20 years I have been a good customer - I have used my card almost exclusively and paid my bills. I’ve spent more thousands than I can imagine. Due to COVID I lost much of my salary as my husband was leaving me. I fell a month behind and made a temporary payment arrangement. Sold the house to pay bills because I’m the kind of person who does that. Paid off the loan and credit card a month ago but was still showing my account was still showing suspended. Called and they said I had to wait to the next billing cycle. Bogus. Next cycle comes and I am still suspended, yet I get charged $160 for the annual fee. I chatted and they tell me to call the line I already called and wasn’t helpful. I call and get told by the automation that I can charge, but I just tried and my card declined. Very much regret that I just paid that fee or I would be cancelling the card right now. I get it...I made a late payment, but now I’m back on my feet after a brief delay as o figured things out, my salary is fully restored and I’ve recovered from my financial difficulty and you’re losing a customer. I’ll keep the card open because I am buying a new house and done want to show a recently closed account but I will cancel next year and you will have lost a loyal customer..Version: 6.37.0

They don’t give you the rewards...everWhy does this app have so many five star reviews?! This is the worst credit card I have EVER had. The worst customer experience. Not an exaggeration. I signed up for the sky miles. I did everything I was supposed to in order to get my bonus miles. ITS BEEN THREE MONTHS. AT LEAST TEN PHONE CALLS. And no one is giving me my rewards! They rarely have a supervisor available and the supervisor is apparently the only person with any power to fix your problems. Well, the only person with any power to pretend to solve your problem as MINE IS STILL NOT SOLVED. I had plans to refer this card to my friends and family but I would genuinely not recommend this card to a single soul. Get pretty much any other credit card and you’ll have a better experience. I’m going to keep trying to get my points but I’m cancelling this card and telling everyone I know to stay away! As a credit card it is functional but at the cost of my mental sanity..Version: 6.20.1

COVID-19How they’ve handled this pandemic is a complete disappointment and shows how much the company does not know how to adapt in the face of any difficulties. We’ve tried for over 9 days now to get through to anyone to cancel flights and get our money back. We sit on hold for over 2 hours every day and then the call just gets dropped. We try messaging them online and they say they can’t help and the only people that can help are by calling the one number. The one number THAT DOESNT WORK. Other large business’ allow you to do everything online easily. Other airlines sent out messages saying they will automatically refund if people don’t show up but since we purchased our flights through American Express travel we don’t have that luxury. We trusted this business and thought that they would be the most relatable business through all of this but they have been the absolute worst. I have never in my life written a review but thought it was needed because this company should be embarrassed. Who ever is in charge of the response to this crisis on your team should be fired..Version: 6.28.1

Scrolling glitch yet to be correctedFor many months now there has been a scrolling glitch with the app that I tried reporting using the contact protocols in the app but after more than a couple of updates the problem still exists. For users with more than one Amex card on their account the home screen lists all of the cards vertically and the user can scroll up or down thru the list to select which card details to access. On an iPhone 11 Pro Max five cards fit on the screen. The problem occurs when there are six cards or more in an account. The screen does not scroll past the fifth card. It gets glitchy or twitchy, I don’t know the technical term, but it won’t actually advance, it flickers and resets so that the sixth card never advances onto the screen to be selected. As I mentioned previously this issue has been going on for some time now and so I am writing this here in the hopes that someone will read this and pass it along. Thanks..Version: 6.34.1

Great App, but don’t stop there.A few things I could mention that could bring this app to 5 stars - I would integrate apples current FaceID update to allow for pin entry when it detects a mask. Currently, the app will simply say that “faceID is not detected” it’s something small that can make a huge difference because I’d rather not take off my mask in stores when I want to get into my app, and I’m sure I speak for many people when I say entering and remembering passwords are tedious. Additionally, I would update your app to allow for dispute submissions, status and resolution directly on the app instead of having to clog up your chat. It’s available on your website, just port it over to the app. Finally, I would put something to allow for better reward tracking and pending rewards on the app itself instead of having to go on your website. Additionally, I know this is probably more a hit on Delta and not American Express, but you do have a partnership with their Credit Cards so, have better communication with them and their/your cards. It gets annoying when I have to flip flop between apps and websites to see and track my rewards. Finally you could have a kind of Minimum balance calculator for the Pay it Plan it. Sometimes I’m scared to use Plan it because Im scared my next months minimum due will go from 35 to 350. ...which is fine, id just appreciate the heads up when/if it happens..Version: 6.32.0

I lost my credit limitAmex was great I didn’t have the best credit when I initially got this card with a 2000 limit and an extra 1000 that I could use in case of an emergency which was great, but this is still a business credit card. So approx 7 months later out of the blue the lower my limit to 700 with an extra 300 emergency. Now this is a joke my credit score was way better with no delinquency’s but they still did it. My card was always paid off on time and esp the last couple months it was paid off. I was the best customer and they still lowered it. I sent them a lot of information over about my life and they won’t bring it back to where it is. For a business owner that isn’t enough money. It’s complete garbage and to be honest I most likely will end up getting rid of this card because that isn’t enough money to have if I need it for my business. I will try another company out. I’m very disappointed with this company..Version: 6.24.0

It has the potential to be greatI recently had my wallet stolen. American Express was swift and sending me a new card and was very helpful. However when I try to download the app again and put my new information, unlike before when I was able to login just using my fingerprint with my iPhone, I am unable to do this now. I do not know why. End it asked me for a two step offense if Acacian process, which is good because again my wallet was stolen. However the problem is it looks like two different abs are opening. One where I can choose to login and asked to use fingerprint ID, and then it asks me to enter my password. When I put in my password, it tells me it’s incorrect. I literally have to close all my apps. Go back in, and login the long way. Somebody fix this.Version: 6.37.1

AMEX TOOK AWAY MY NO UNLIMITED SPENDINGWe have been a loyal AMEX customer forever and always had an unlimited spending limit until a few weeks ago. We have always paid our balance due off in full every statement, every time and have never been late on a payment. We are currently using this card more than ever to build our business since COVID unlike most businesses. AMEX we are so very disappointed in your decision to limit our credit when we need you most to keep up with the increase of demand in business. The limitations that we are forced into by AMEX has crippled our ability to succeed as a company. We use the card to buy supplies, product and essentials to keep up with the demand of construction material needs month to month. With all this said, we are making enough revenue to still pay our bill in full every month. Shame on you I’ll be using my VISA or MASTERCARD instead of you first!.Version: 6.32.0

Absolutely horrible app when it comes to rewardsSo technology should make our lives easier, but American express has found a way to make it worse. I redeemed points for gift cards through the app, but trying to use them is just utterly ridiculous. First, you can’t even get to the cards without providing information that is on your AMEX card itself. So even though you have securely logged in to the app, you still have to do more. So if you’re not carrying your AMEX card with you, you can’t use the gift card. Navigating to the cards takes forever. I’m sure everyone is familiar with the phrase “it isn’t rocket science.” But apparently this is! Whether used or not the cards stay in my view, so I have no idea which ones I have used. And to determine the balance, American Express sends you to the vendor’s website, which is not at all helpful. That site asks you for the gift card number and PIN, so you have to go back to the American Express app, write these numbers down, then go back to the vendor site again. Now think of doing all of this while you’re standing at the checkout line at Home Depot with people waiting in line behind you for you to get this done! And forget trying to resolve this in the app through chat. Chat is just another word for we’re not going to listen to you but instead will send you links to FAQ sites. This has got to be one of the worst customer service experiences I’ve had with an app and the corresponding credit card company..Version: 6.20.1

OffersI bought plane tickets for my vacation, specifically on my American Express, because they had an offer. I have never used offers on my American Express, but figured I would start using them. I was trying to decide which credit card I would use to buy my plane tickets, because I wanted to see which one would provide me with the best benefits. Seeing this offer on American Express, I went and bought my plane tickets (purposely from Delta). Two days later when I bought the tickets, the offer was no longer there. Although, When I had seen the offer it had an expiration, so I made sure to buy my tickets by then. I called American Express to see if there was something they could do, and they said no, I should have put the offer “in my cart.” The terms were not clear when looking at the expiration date. I have since sent a letter to customer service, with no response. I have paid off my American Express and will no longer be using the card. Too bad you guys lost a good customer over a couple bucks..Version: 6.7.0

International Fights Refunds - Absolute Failure by AMEXI have been an Amex platinum card holder for over a year. The only reason I have the platinum card is for the flight miles. I have used the card as my primary credit card. Once I had enough points I purchased a flight for my wife to travel to cape town South Africa for her to attend a mandatory week long event for her masters program. The cost of the flight was $900 (in Amex points). Due to the Corona Virus her event was cancelled and due to both of us being active duty military we have official orders preventing us to travel both domestically and internationally. I have spoken to Amex services representatives on multiple occasions and waited on the phone for over 10 hours to resolve the issue. I have no intention of using South African Air for future travel and would like my points refunded. As a client of American Express I am very disappointed in the commitment to resolve the issue. I spoke with South African Air and they are willing and have on many occasions (fiends I have spoke in the exact circumstance) refunded their ticket costs for a small fee. Because MY ticket was purchased through AMEX, it must be AMEX who presents my case. And they are unwilling to do so or support in any way. Once this is resolved, I plan to cancel AMEX and no long pay for their services..Version: 6.28.1

Just terrible customer service. Cancelling service!!!I recently upgraded to the Platinum card which is a huge waste of money for $550/year! Recently had a scam situation that involved buying gift cards and when I realized what was happening, I called AmX and the gentleman that answered was very kind and said they would cover the charges. When I called a week later, they acted like they never heard of me or my plight and had reinstated the charges. I told my story again, the woman from customer service took the charges off and said they would investigate. A month later, the charges were back and they said the man I originally spoke to should never have told me what he did and they would speak to him. I am soooo angry at this point that I will just pay the charges ($2000) and cancel the card. I didn’t mind paying the high fee as I always felt AmX had my back, but no more. Big waste of money!!!.Version: 6.30.0

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