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OT2Go Spine App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

OT2Go Spine app received 40 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using OT2Go Spine? Can you share your negative thoughts about ot2go spine?

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OT2Go Spine for Negative User Reviews

Not all arrows presentLike the app as a whole. However, I would like to see all arrows present. For example, I wanted to check into the Sirius Orion’s, but they’re not included in this app..Version: 1.6

MisleadingThe app is pretty misleading when it says .99 cents. It really means 99cents for generic arrow setups. You cannot access manufacturer specs or anything without spending more money. Should have went with Archers Advantage because you get what you pay for..Version: 1.6

I found it totally useless.Nothing worked. Waste of money, want my money refunded. Wish I had read the reviews before I purchased it..Version: 1.6

Next to uselessUseless unless you buy access to database which you are not told about or made plainly obvious at point of purchase. Waste of money in my opinion.Version: 1.6

Limited in optionsNo selection for specific bows. Must manually type in all specs of it which is a pain. To make the app even remotely worth while you need the in app purchases which is a joke. Why not just charge a flat rate for a quality app up front. I’d hands down pay 20$ for an app up front and get all the settings in. Also not very well laid out. Save the cash and just buy the desktop version and avoid the headaches.Version: 1.6

DecentI like this app but it needs updated. Two years is a long time and new stuff has come out..Version: 1.6

Incomplete app IMOI’ve been at it for the better part of 24 hours now. I can live with the xtra in app purchases. It’s in fashion now a days. Works well. Seems to crank out numbers that are very close to reality. Giving a 3 star rating because I can’t customize the rear end of my arrows. I shoot with nockturnal nocks. And shoot a few custom arrows for specific applications ie.: turkey hunting. So for a 5 star rating the app would need customizable vain, nock and nock collar weights..Version: 1.6

Scam!!!!! Do not download app!The app is useless!!! You have to pay for premium service after you download app and still doesn’t show current manufactured arrows. This app is outdated and needs removed from the App Store. I want my money back!.Version: 1.6

Dirty trick WARNING!!! Do not delete User RecordI feel I was taken advantage of!!! Why not warn the customer? I really liked the app and I purchased all the premium features thinking that I had access to everything I needed. However I soon realized that if one deletes a configured user record it’s gone forever and one has to pay to have more user records. I am glad to pay for services I received as I did but this feels like a dirty trick. To the developer Please remove the “delete UR”, from the app so no one else makes this mistake..Version: 1.6

Total junkI want a refund this app is junk !!!.Version: 1.6

Total rip offTotally useless unless you upgrade to premium- don’t wast your money.Version: 1.6

MisleadingJust charge the $5 for the entire app. This is useless without those features..Version: 1.5

Limited functionalityIt costs money to install this app which only calculates a few basic arrow attributes many of which may already be available online for free. There is a bit of a nickel and dime system for adding more useful features bit by bit. However, from what is seen in this paid demo and other user reviews it may not be worth it. Also, it is a little misleading. This app should be labeled as a demo not a full app..Version: 1.6

Worthless without in-app purchasesWithout purchasing premium features you can’t save your setup, so you have to input your specs every time you use the app. There is also no access to the arrow database, so you’re stuck with worthless data about arrows you’ve never heard of..Version: 1.6

App is brokenWon’t even let you select shaft manufacturer. Just says “placeholder”. Ripoff..Version: 1.6

Don’t get suckeredIt’s a trial. Quickly run out of uses. I got suckered. Don’t make same mistake. $2 I wont get back..Version: 1.6

Bad resultsI was skeptical of the app because it did not match the arrow manufacturers recommended spine. Sure enough the two shafts I purchased based on the app results where under spined and not tunable. Not only did I waste $5 making this app usable I wasted $24 on under spined arrows. Save your money and just use the arrow manufacturers recommended spine chart..Version: 1.6

Doesn’t seem to function rightEven after purchasing the “premium” features, this app does not do anything useful. It will not load a database of arrows to choose from as described. A google search seems to show people have been having issues with this app since 2019 and it has remained here with the same problems. Please fix this app, it’s practically a scam to leave this non-functioning version on here for years on end..Version: 1.6

No access to previous purchasesRequires you to purchase user records after every uninstall. Also does not give you access to previously purchased databases.Version: 1.6

$.99 version doesn’t match photos or description.You have to pay extra for the arrow database and only get 5 chances to use the quick change page before having to upgrade to premium to continue use. Sneaky slimy..Version: 1.6

Bought upgrades... not one upgrade works!!!I wrote them for help but am waiting for a reply.Version: 1.6

Biggest Scam for .99 centsThis app is a complete scam! Don’t buy it. I paid .99 to try and see my FOC and it doesn’t work period. You pay .99 just to download the app. Once in the app, if you want to use anything it costs money to buy premium features. It doesn’t even give you a database. Complete garbage!.Version: 1.6

Waste of money do not buyWaste of money.Version: 1.6

FrustratingApp is useful, but all the little micro-transactions get really frustrating when you use it. Save a profile? Micro-transaction. Search for arrows? Micro-transaction. I would rather just pay $10 for a fully functioning app than $1.50 here and there to unlock a feature as you come across it..Version: 1.6

Horrible appDon’t waste your money keep scrolling.Version: 1.6

Doesn't work as implied (v 1.6)Very small database, unable to save records, doesn't even work in landscape mode. Disappointing as it has a lot of potential, but at present is just a curiosity, not a serious and useful tool. Maybe more is available as premium features, but what I saw was too underwhelming to even bother looking. I want my 99p back..Version: 1.6

App functionsStraight hot garbage.Version: 1.6

Pay to download pay to useNot useful for much of anything. Paid to download thinking it would have the arrow database included. Just 1 for a no name series of arrow. Pay $3.99 more. Want to save pay more. All said and done be looking at $10 plus to have a functional app that probably won’t be functional. No idea how apple allowed this to be in their store..Version: 1.6

UselessControls are clunky when sliding the pointer to desired value. Your arrow selections are also limited. When you configure your arrow and set up, you have a list of 5 arrows of which I’ve never even heard of to experiment with. Where are the Easton/gold tip/carbon express arrows? I would’ve thought you would at least get those as an option. You also pay for the app, but still have to pay more for the “premium functions”..Version: 1.5

Everything costs $$, just keeps billing youCannot navigate without costing fees and more money. save your time and money and look for better software.Version: 1.6

Don’t waste your time and money!The .99 version pretty much does absolutely nothing except tell you that you need premium to be useful. Absolute waste of time and money. No manufacturer search available and all useful features disappear after 5 uses. Normally I would move on but this one I think I’ll file a complaint just to get my $1 back..Version: 1.6

WorthlessAbsolutely horrible UI, the app the totally worthless without paying for for in-app features to make it usable. Cannot select from arrow database for any arrows anyone has actually ever used, the app purchase is basically a scam bc you can’t do anything with it.Version: 1.6

App crashes after downloading 2022 database.Just like others who experienced the app crash after paying $3.99 for the in-app purchase of the 2022 database. I should have listened to those other 1 star reviews. I have an idea for the developer…fix the issue!.Version: 1.6

Not worth the $.99I would have given 0 stars but that’s not an option. Doesn’t come with instructions for use and is not intuitive. Seems like an app that has only one function, and that is to tell you nothing works until you pay more money..Version: 1.6

Not usefulTotal junk. Confusing, clunky, terrible UI.Version: 1.6

If I could give it zero stars I would have!Such a disappointment after many years of using the Windows version. Initial cost $1.49, then I had to purchase the 2020 bows for $4.49. After the purchase nothing changed. On the desktop version you could pick your bow and save a profile but I couldn’t even pick the bows I own and even if I could I’d have to purchase to save profiles. If I could get my money back I would..Version: 1.6

Don’t waste your money on the mobile appThis version doesn’t even open up in my device anymore after purchasing the premium features. I’ve deleted the app and restored my purchases, only to be kicked out of the app and unable to re-open it. Junk..Version: 1.6

No goodCant figure out how anything works. Glad I only wasted a dollar:.Version: 1.6

Don’t waste your moneyThis program may work, if you buy all of the optional add-ons. They’re trying to nickel and dine you to death. Pass on this one.Version: 1.6

WasteWhat the F’ is this!? “Placeholder” a bunch of numbers that mean nothing.... how hard would it be just to have your variables and gauge indicating results.. fail.Version: 1.6

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