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Needs improvementI have the windows version of this and love it. I contacted the developer about some improvements. Hopefully I’ll get a response and I’ll update review accordingly. Update: developer emailed me within the hour. Everything I wanted was already there I simply had to flick the screen up..Version: 1.5

Valuable tool for the serious archerI’ve been using this app for 3 months, and I find it to be a must for tinkering with arrow setups. When I first started using the program, I didn’t understand how to change the parameters correctly, or search for arrows, and this led to some frustration. But after taking the time to learn the program, I am so appreciative of the work put in by the developers! I’m happy that the database is very up to date, and even included arrows that hasn’t been released yet... only announced! I bought the new Victory VAP SS based on the info I was able to glean from this app. There is nothing else like it, and people who are giving this app negative reviews need to take the time to learn the program and input the correct information to get the desired results..Version: 1.6

Excellent appYou have to purchase the premium options to get any use from the app, but it’s still only around $5 total. The initial app purchase is useless without these options. The app is easy to navigate and will help to choose the perfect arrow configuration without having to try all of them in the field. I would definitely purchase again..Version: 1.6

Same as On Computer and way cheaperI have no idea where these negative reviews are coming from. This app is the same info as the one I have on my computer. My suggestion would be learn how to use the program before you start saying negative things about it. Sure there’s a bit of a learning curve but nothing an average person can’t figure out. Took me an hour or so of playing around with it the first time I used it on my computer and I was all set. I down loaded this app and it basically took me 5 min. I input the same info I had on my computer at home and got the exact same result. I paid $30 for the one on my computer and this only costed me $5. I have 3 different arrows that shoot lights out. Very happy with this purchase. Good job with this app! BTW I don’t work for or know the owner of this software This is my none biased opinion..Version: 1.6

Customer service top notch!Got this app to help make some decisions on some new arrow set ups for the upcoming season. A couple bucks (for upgraded feature) to help make a decision that will cost a couple hundred is a no brainer. Had a few questions and they got back to me right away with above and beyond help. Really cool to see/experience top level customer service!.Version: 1.6

Wish I would of found it soonerThis is a great app it’s spot on for everything I’ve plugged in. Really helps if you are building high FOC arrows and gives you peace of mind when shooting 200+ grain points..Version: 1.6

Spot onUsed this program to build my heavy arrow setup for elk and it was spot on. After all data was entered the fps came out within 1fps of crony. The learning curve could be slow for computer challenged people but for the price this program is money. To compute insert weight I entered all the fixed data such as specs of bow and my draw length and weight, arrow length, fletching ect. I then played with insert weight until I got optimum spine. I used adjustable inserts from Ethics Archery and started heavy and tested 1 fletched arrow compared to bare shaft. The first setup was 15 grains heavier than the program suggested and bare shaft didn’t group with fletched. I trimmed the insert weight to match the program and both fletched and bare shaft grouped and shot bullet holes in paper. I now never shoot broad heads and field tips at same spot..Version: 1.6

Poor ratings? You don’t know what you’re doingThose giving it poor ratings you don’t know what your doing. Not entering complete and accurate data. Not buy the complete package to work best..Version: 1.6

Good ProgramI like that I now have a spine program I can compare arrows when I don’t have my computer with me. It’s great to have on the road. It gives you a good reference to pick your arrows and play with different setups..Version: 1.6

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