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RecMyCalls - Call Recorder App Positive Reviews

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RecMyCalls - Call Recorder App App User Positive Comments 2022

RecMyCalls - Call Recorder App app received 35 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about recmycalls - call recorder app?

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RecMyCalls - Call Recorder App for Positive User Reviews

One of the wonderfulllllllllll appThanks to this most important app.Version: 4.31

Great workI like the sound quality of the recordings. I also like the fact that you can record calls with unlimited time..Version: 4.3

Can’t place a callWhen I try to place a call it asked me to connect to one of the service numbers but it never merges through that says this is a non working number.Version: 2.2

TrashI don’t understand why y’all such useless mfs can’t you make something free for once.Version: 4.18

Je vous remercieJ’espère qu’elle sera une bonne application mais je savais encore comment l’ utiliser.Version: 4.26

Good oneGood one.Version: 4.5

Very HappyThis is a wonderful way to turn the tables on those who record you “for quality and customer service issues.” I live with a stress disorder every day. I sometimes have difficulty in getting thoughts out especially. I have a medical provider whose receptionists constantly interrupts. The receptionists immediately interrupt if they have any inkling of what I am about to say, which is usually wrong, and it makes my stuttering worse. At one point it was necessary to tersely tell one of the receptionists to, “stop talking NOW.” I will now have documentation to present to the practice manager..Version: 1.14

Waste money and timeEven post a feedback is nightmare, apps doesn't work in UK. Be careful no merge button.Version: 1.13

Gets the job doneI’m having issues with my landlord, I needed to record our conversation because he hasn’t been doing what he says he will and then goes back and says I never told him. I was surprised when the iPhone voice recorder didn’t work on calls. I tried another app as well but this was the golden ticket! Thanks!.Version: 2.12

Amazing appLove the app. Very simple and works well. But I just want it for free because I won’t be using it ALL the time. Just here and there so no point me paying monthly for it. Shattered that you need to pay to use but it’s fair enough though. Still worth 5 stars :).Version: 2.12

RecordingsAll calls are clear and easy to replay.Version: 4.5

No workingI have tried this apps and is not working. Refund me please..Version: 4.38

IMO call WhatsApp call can record??Hi there I have some more information about this app it’s can be possible to record imo call . Recording will start automatically? When it’s recording it’s save self ? During recording interruption call? Please kindly let me know Thanks.Version: 4.36

Good App with great customer service supportI am paying for a regular 3 month subscription so it’s value for money in my opinion. I experienced a tech glitch recently and the tech team fixed it within 48 hours and gave great support. Problem was resolved as I received excellent tech support and the glitch was resolved leaving me a very happy customer. Great customer service is important in my opinion as the APP continues to develop and evolve. Solid APP that works well & I am using the APP to collect legal evidence so you can imagine I needed a reliable APP bug also support if I ever experienced a problem :-) Good value for money on the 3 month subscription..Version: 2.10

Extremely useful,I am very impressed with this app. Easy to use, good quality sound. SkyblueSusan.Version: 1.14

LoryHow I close to take the money from my acount?.Version: 2.1

Call recorderAn absolute most complicated call recording app and most importantly it does not work Don’t waste your effort and money.Version: 4.24

Recording working fine. There is no option for sharing or downloading the recordings.Recording is working fine, we use call recorder for recording calls as a evidence. There is no option to Download or share the recordings. That is a big draw back. I hope developer will understand the concerns and will implement this features..Version: 2.15

Thank GodNice and easy, no surprises, does the trick - great job.Version: 2.1

Opt out of contract.How do I opt out of this app as I do not want more fees taken from my bank account..Version: 2.1

DevNabhaHighly Recommended but lil bit tricky for using..!.Version: 2.9

Works well but tokens would be good instead of subscriptionsThe app works as expected but I’m not a fan of the subscription model, tokens work for users who don’t need to record calls regularly but subscription works better for heavy users.Version: 2.4

Call proceduresI’m still getting used to picking the correct choices in the correct order for incoming calls and outgoing calls. For some reason I can barely hear the other person on the phone while Call Recorder is recording. And I don’t believe they can hear me. Are my Settings wrong? I’ll research it. All in all I like your app..Version: 2.14

Loud and Clear!It is a little weird to get the hang of at first, but works great! The transcribing could use some work, but the audio for both parties is loud and clear, which is hard to find for such a great price..Version: 4.19

Cancellation processHi I have tried to cancel the app but I keep getting billed, can you advise how I go about stopping the app urgently please.Version: 2.3

Thumbs upIt’s much better than any other app that I’ve tried I can start the recording in middle of a phone conversation as well as start in the middle of an incoming or outgoing thank you very much the producer בס״ד ‏ ‏בדיוק.Version: 4.4

Didn’t workSigned up, followed instructions, call didn’t record..Version: 1.13

Great app but.....I found that having the ability to record incoming calls such as audio from a WebEx meeting was great however, when I had the audio transcribed into text, I found that a lot of the resulting text was not correct..Version: 4.0

Voice Recorder effidenceVery good you can catch people out if they are not being nice or somebody is Threatening.Version: 4.3

Every time what do you sayWhat what what what what.Version: 4.35

EasyEasy to use stores all recording just wish you didn’t have to pay like if you wanted a minute recording it’s free but anything above they let you purchase.Version: 3.9

Let’s knowLet’s know how’s great the app.Version: 4.5

Poor Memory of people calling while I am half asleepThe app is great for those days where everyone is calling you and your half asleep and likely to only remember a few things said. So this app can help keep you on track and doing the things you want and need to be without worrying about what I am forgetting?..Version: 4.0

Very easy to use.I needed an app that easily allows me to record phone interviews for my articles. This app is straightforward and quick to set up. My only small beef is that apparently you have to have the person you are calling in your contacts rather than being able to dial them directly. This may be user error, though..Version: 4.26

Great appGreat app to record your calls from loved ones.Version: 4.24

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