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Toca Life World: Build a Story app received 195 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about toca life world: build a story?

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Toca Life World: Build a Story for Positive User Reviews

An idea struck meIt was amazing and I love toca and I just bought the bundle toca life and it was amazing so ya but is it just my phone or did you make toca city free in this app but anyways to my point now an idea just struck me while playing this amazingly amazing app is that I thought maybe you could possibly do an online one where you can invite your friends with permission from your parents and then like you have doorbells and the player has to let you in and also you can speak oh and if you’re wondering what if strangers joined well first off you would have to have parental permission and it would be impossible to fool and secondly it’s linked by email so that you would have to know the person privately oh and also one last idea if you don’t want a necessary person to play with you you can have this checklist for your parents to either ask you or just choose themselves which contacts on your device that have permission to either invite you or just join you and you can visit your friends world but it’s just an idea but I do dearly hope you’d consider it thanks.Version: 1.2.2

I love it just buy a few things and there’s some house ideas you . can doIt’s a great game and you could just buy a few things and that’s literally all you need to literally just play all day. It’s just so fun I can’t play this all day if I want to. It’s so much fun you could do so many stuff you can make your own food do house ideas and even go to places, you can make your own character and there’s face expressions that you can do. There’s lots of updates and you can get a free gift in Toca life world. It’s so much fun I recommend you getting it. You can do this all day there’s so many stuff you can do you can build houses there’s lots of houses and lots of decorations you can get in other houses and are so many places there is a house place to get stuff to decorate there’s secret stuff you can find, and there’s even a little animals like they are cacrumpets and there’s so many cute animals there’s phones there’s so many cute stuff in the case and if you knew it comes with a free house and free decorations and if you want you can buy a on character thing to get more characters that you can make I think everybody recommend to buy that but if you don’t want to it’s OK if you don’t but if you don’t want to come to 3 free avatars, and if you brought the thing the show me the outside thing it comes with free outfits and they’re cute so I recommend you buying this.Version: 1.62

Love itThis is the funnest game ever but just a few things the game deleted all of my furniture that I decorated my house in and some of the special thing I found vanished and I couldn’t get them back and could you make some of the other houses free and let us make more characters without paying money it’s really annoying when u only have limited amounts and u want to have sooooo much more fun buuuuut great game I love it just excellent. 👌👌👌.Version: 1.70

I LOVE THIS GAME + IDEASI love this game and here’s a few ideas for new places, etc... -toy store -electronic store -public pool -arcade -spa -university -new houses -cinema -please for character add a teen size -fire station -self-serve buffet restaurant -movie studio -water slide park -library -animal shelter -haunted house.Version: 1.9

Plz readI play Toca world almost every day but occasionally when I go in my world restarts on its own and I lose all the stuff I’ve gotten out of gifts at the post office and I can’t get them back I also have to redo my hole house because every thing resets to when I first got the house I would really appreciate if you would try and fix this glich if u can. Also I think it would be really cool if you got daily gifts instead of weekly ones also getting packs by doing tasks would be very nice because some people can’t afford to waist lots of money on a video game some people I know have stoped playing this game because of the resets and costs and I think I might if my world keeps resetting please fix this glich!.Version: 1.41.1

Great Game!!!Hi this is an amazing game and here is why you should download it. Iv’e been playing this game for 3 years and I wanted to write a review soo.... 1. Cheap Prices and Great results! This game is FREE to download and you get a whole area there for FREE To get everything else the prices go from 1 dollar to 3 dollars 2. New things everyday - New Gifts every Friday or if you live in CA you can see it every Late Thursday - Short clips from Toca Stories every Saturday - Enjoy new things very soon they are always making something 3. Unlimited things for a small price You can get so many houses you get to design and for a small price you can design 30 characters but you can start off with 3 characters to design There are much more things and as you can see it’s so awesome you have to download this app Suggestions: Hi Toca can you please make a paleontologist area to dig fossils and add clothes for it I would really appreciate that. Also when making the dinosaurs for it please use some facts to design them because it really bothers some people when it’s wrong. Another thing my friend and I have been wanting a place to design your own clothes for your character. Basically there will be another building in creators campus and you can design clothes there and then when you want to use them there will be a section when you are putting clothes on the character where you can find the clothes you created! Bye!.Version: 1.46

Good, but a few suggestions …I have have toca life world for at least 3 years and I love it. I have bought man6 things, designed many houses + characters and I have done many role plays. Although the game may be amazing there are a few suggestions I have. Firstly, I wish that there wasn’t a limit in designing. When designing your house, you first design then add all the decor from places around bop city and other places if purchased. Personally when I design I tend to add a lot of things especially when it comes to designing bedrooms. I wish that you couldn’t have a limit and it could just go on so u could add as much to your liking. Next, I wish some of the places in bop city were updated such as the hair salon and the cinema. All these places are great and all but if they were updated it would be much better. For example, when updating the salon you could add many other hair styles instead of having to go to character creator to purchase more as well as accessories and clothing. Overall toca life world is an extraordinary game and I would love to see if it could improve !.Version: 1.57.1

This game is amazingThis game is amazing it will blow your mind I love this game I play it every day and there’s nothing that can go wrong with Toca poker seriously nothing if you’re like me and you’re like making role-plays in different stuff like that design in your own characters this is definitely the game for you it’s so fun so amazing I just can’t stop saying amazing and fun like it’s amazing like if you want to you can make your own houses it’s only like 2 to 5 dollars each for something because you have to purchase different items but other than that that it’s amazing it’s just amazing it blows everyone’s mind you can create your own thing you can even film videos without doing like the screen filming thing but it is so fun just you love you will love it like just go to the App Store and buy it now will not buy it like download it because this game does not cost any money unless you want to buy something on the game but other than it’s so fun it comes with free money and you get like a free arm and get like free things like different buildings every now and then but it’s so fun just so fun fun so that’s it for me but just go ahead and click on the download button and get your Toca Boca App Store now buy it for me the end.Version: 1.63

Love it but have a recommendation!Honestly, I really like the game and play it constantly. I have a small recommendation with I think would make the game even more amazing! It would be great if like many other games (e.g The Sims 4, GTA V etc.) you could have save files so we can play with more than one family at a time and switch between them both. If you added two save files for free (the one you start with and another one) and create a pack like the Character Creator pack with offers x amount of other save files to play with would not only benefit sales but also the community you’ve created! This action (starting a new save file) would give you a fresh world (all of your packs still installed) as if you’ve deleted and re-installed the game. You could add a button underneath the ‘Play’ button which says for example ‘Save Files’, ‘Your Save Files’ etc to access the save files and allow you to switch through different games. Only an idea but I thought I’d share!.Version: 1.37.1

Perfect for all ages!This game is literally the best game you’ll ever play in your life you can play it at literally any time if you’re pulling an all nighter or a soon as you wake up if there’s just a few more hours before school there’s tons of stuff to do in this game so many things I probably couldn’t tell you all of them but just to start with a little thing everything in the game that you can buy is so reasonably priced it’s not like Roblox or Minecraft or you pay like $10 to buy a rare item in the game everything is perfectly priced and you get a good amount of stuff for each pack or house or furniture thing that you’re buying there are so many different things to do! You can build houses create stories there’s even a little icon on the top corner if you’re in a building that lets you film your own videos so you can experiment and do whatever you want it is so fun there’s tons of emotions that you can use at the bottom at the bottom left corner so you can really bring your characters to life you can make your own characters or go around checking out all the different places that you can go or make a shop of your own! I understand I’m rambling but I’m just so passionate about this game it is absolutely so much fun I really recommend anybody please play it it will not regret it! Ps. This is written by a fourth grader which is probably why it’s so long and so boring and so childish.Version: 1.49

Great game, but some major and annoying bugsAbsolutely no hate to toca boca I love this game so much I am just giving feedback. I have noticed that there are now quite a few bugs and it gets quite annoying. I don’t know if it’s just my version or other people are experiencing this too. Something that is really annoying and this happens quite regularly is when items de spawn, I do not know where they go but they glitch out of the game and cannot be found anywhere. Let’s say if your character was holding a object and left that building to go to the next building and you got them out that object would sometimes not be there. I look everywhere I also look at the scrap yard to see if things sometimes respawn but 90% of the time they don’t. This can also happen with clothing and it’s really annoying because I have to restart the game in settings so everything goes back to its default position and I have to restart all over again. Also things sometimes get stuck like clothing in washing machines and objects that are in the area close to the new emoji tab. Other than that a absolutely amazing game I just hope you could please get these bugs fixed so that this game can be a lot better and people can enjoy it more..Version: 1.42

Love it but I have an suggestion and an issue1st is the issue I downloaded the game on my phone and then on my iPad but it didn’t give me all of the packs I bought I tried multiple times please fix it and then suggestion is to make smthin like tokens or coins that you can buy with real money and earn every time you join the game so it gives you a log in bonus so then you can buy a pack with the tokens.Version: 1.48

Love it but one problemHi I’m Leighton and there’s kind of a problem whenever I try and go inside of anything it’s just kicked me out of the game so what good is it you might think restart your iPad restart TocaWorld I already tried restarting my iPad and opening and closing the game and also what is resetting the app deletes everything even the stuff that I bought Thank you so much for understanding and reading this and I hope that one day well you’ll fix it because I am over here saying to myself why does TocaWorld hate me Alex my friend Luna play it but not me because her out but kicks me out and the problem is that Luna always tries and make me do the role-play that she says thank you so much for listening to my advice but the thing with you should fix is make it so that everybody can do it thank you so much for understanding and reading this and I hope that one day well you’ll fix it because I am over here saying to myself why does TocaWorld hate me Alex my friend Luna play it but not me because it doesn’t kick her out but kicks me out and the problem is that Luna always tries and make me do the role-play that she says thank you so much for listening to my advice but the thing with you should fix is make it so that everybody can do it even though some people may be able to some people don’t some people can’t OK thank you bye.Version: 1.48

A good game but one thing…Toca life is a amazing game to let kids bring out their creativity and it a AMAZINGLY cool game I am obsessed with it but this one time it took me back to my wallpaper and I went back in and all my items houses and stuff disappeared and I was so sad and I’m sure this has happened to other people so can you please fix it? And one more thing is I’m quite annoyed with how you have to buy furniture houses and places so can you do a bit of fixing? Thx keep it up Toca world! :) Love it! :).Version: 1.66

GoodCan you make a way to make people.Version: 1.2.2

Toca life is the best!This is a great game I only started this year because my bff and me were playing it at her house then I asked my dad if I could get Toca life and he said yes! I was dreaming about and thinking about it for ages! I almost gave up on Roblox! But I still play Roblox aswell and of course Toca life! I love the presents and things you can get for free because I did not want to sppend money on other stuff in Toca life because the free stuff is also really cool! I love that there’s no adds aswell and that you can make stories. Thank you so much for making Toca life! Keep up the amazing work! Love ya.Version: 1.65

Toca BocaI’m only 8 and I love this game! I got this amazing app when I was 5. I lost that iPad so now I’m using this! It’s amazing any age could use this! Just a bit pricy…. Maybe you could lower the prices every 20 weeks?ITS AMAZING better than those games that go CRAZY about the price. This game is so worth it! It’s great and my friends from school love it too! This game has so much thing that we can do! It’s also family friendly! You can play with it anywhere! It’s a no wifi app for my iPad so that’s a great thing! They should add thing like you could add your friend all you have to do is make a name and add them! That would be a awesome upgrade!.Version: 1.60

This is a cute and cool game but I realized something…Hewo! This game is really cute and addicting!!! But before we get to my point, just one suggestion, When you make you own characters can you add more items the game for your characters like this is my weirdest thought but when you make your characters can you um pit in a body scale and also can make it look like the characters could be……… with child? (Im talking about when u make a female character XD) but yea!!! Those are my suggestions!! :3 —— Now what I really want to talk about in this game is that one time I still had this game and I downloaded Toca Hospital and also downloaded Toca Business (I forgot what that one was actually called lol) but uh- when One day when I was going to play This game I notices that it was starting to create some more worlds. I thought the developers decided to update the game and it was getting updated but all of a sudden I realized that the Toca Hospital was added and so was the Business one too. I didn’t realized that one I got the two other games and I didn’t know if you get the 3 games and they build the business and hospital world. I kinda find it very weird but cool! But yea! This is a fun and addicting game and very popular lol but I never realized that if you get all 3 games all together Toca life would automatically open up the hospital and business world…… 😋.Version: 1.47

Hair glitchThe hair is glitching it’s like different hair on some of the people that is not there hair but I love this app but if you guys could fix that glitch thank you..Version: 1.8.2

This is awesome! But there a few flaws..Ok, I love this game a lot. I always have. I used to play it on my old kindle when I was little, but ever since I got it on my phone its been a little weird. Ok, first off, now whenever I try to go into the clothes store, it logs me out of the game and I have to get back in and wait through all the loading again. This happens EVERY time so I can never go into the clothes store to get clothes for my characters. And secondly, I’ve asked my parents if they would buy me some of the stuff, but of course they said no, and for some reason my debit card isn’t working in the game. And lastly, I know a lot of people’s parents are willing to buy them all the worlds and houses and characters, but mine aren’t and I find it unfair that basically everything the game says you can do has to be payed for. All i can do is stay in my tiny house and only go to bop city. I do and ever since it’s came out wished I could get the treehouse and other houses but they cost money ofc..... So can you can maybe make the smaller things like other house free? And not just for me I’ve seen a lot of other reviews saying things cost money but their parents won’t buy it. And can you (if it’s possible) try to fix the bug with the clothes store? Anyway, goodbye and have a good life because I’ll most likely never meet anyone reading this. Thank you for reading my review to the end and bye!.Version: 1.36

Amazing! But I had some ideas.Last time I said I wanted a character creator and we got it, so I was thinking an outfit creator where you could choose different colours for outfits that already exist and maybe you could mix and match them. For the free version you could just have some outfits and change the colours but with the paid version you could have all the outfits, change colours and mix and match them. I had an idea where you could make a button called “Create your own village, where you could press it and it brings you to another world where you can add any of the houses and you can change the colours. They are completely empty, then you can select the furniture you want for that house (you can add furniture whenever you want) so you can decorate your own house. You can also add other houses and decorate them so you have your own village. I was also thinking that you could add a pet creator. Also could you please join worlds where the request goes through a parent and they can say yes if it’s someone they know or no if someone random. Anyway love the game! <3.Version: 1.19.1

Probably my favourite game out there✨💖💖I’ve had this game for soooooo long and it’s absolutely perfect! I play it all the time and never get sick of it. Its great because you can make so many cute characters and design the cutest houses and it’s super easy too use!!! And if you’re willing to pay a few dollars for extra home design packs it levels up the game completely!! If you like cute stuff and design then get the game!!! In the game you can basically do whatever you want! So do yourself a favour and get the app. Ps toca life mackers please respond!!!.Version: 1.57.1

App is so cool and amazing but the thing is😞Okay I think I have done this 1000 times and tell my friends to download this app 1000 times but the thing is this app has loads of bugs that I can’t even tell you how much annoying is but when you make like when you buy a house and make it and like decorating stuff and then you get a character out like it doesn’t work and then it kicks you off and reset your house it’s not good because you spent like an hour building and decorating it so could you please sort that one out and the people who like have the free character limited Option when only two two characters come out when you’ve made free it’s really annoying and it just ruins the whole role-play technically full of the time and I just want to ask you if you could add just one extra character to the limited option because when I make a family of four house and I have to use like one of the kids from the game it’s really annoying cause I have to like change the full style and then when I reset the app all the characters of changed so it’s really annoying and could you please keep the colouring and like the decorations in the house if you put them there but like keep the characters outfits but not like reset the full world and not like your character and the houses and just add a small pack of the character creation and that’s all so thank you for taking your time reading it bye❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.48

Some ideasBest game ever but a few suggestions 1. Maybe add a currency you earn by playing the game and you can spend it by double clicking on furniture not in the houses and than you can add stuff from other places into your home. 2.add more free places like maybe a toy shop with new toys not reused ones or another free house or a doctor office or a bus stop 3. Expand some place like police station or another decor store or 2nd floor for school or add the shoe shop and farmers market like seen above the free grocery store 4. Add back yard building area some times people wanna build a outside area 5. Add more secrets in the free spots 6. Add a feature where you can flip your point of view in your house so you can build more and see the other side of your house and add a garage 7. And just add a library another decor store a yacht a club a gas station a playground a crumpet hotel that has more crumpet than the okay dump but for the Same price and a stationary store 8 add a place where you can make a character the same type as the glasses robot from the mall 9. Add a way to design your own clothes 10. Add more Free furniture like a bunk bed with a desk underneath 11. Add a way to create your car 12. Lower the prices. Please add all 12.Version: 1.66.3

GOOd APP BUtSo I love this game but I just really want other things like the hospital and vacation so maybe if u can make some stuff free I think way more ppl would download it and play it more.Version: 1.24.1

Good but I have suggestionsI have been playing this game since it came out and I couldn’t get off of it! Toca world is a wonderful game that you can make wonderful characters! But I have some suggestions please take these problems seriously because they are real problems (Remember these suggestions are my opinion but are real) I am not a robot I’m a real human writing this review. 1: there are packs in the game to make the lives more realistic but as we all know they cost real money! Now I feel like it is not fair that it cost money because some of the parents don’t have enough money to buy it and especially if the kids are young that won’t know the issue and it would make the kids feel like the parents don’t care about them!! So maybe if you can make a couple of packs free? I spent 40 dollars on 1 pack!!!😡😡😡 please make at least 1 pack free? ( remember this is my opinion) 2: so when I wanna change my characters clothes we have to leave the building we are in to change!! Maybe there could be a button at the corner of the screen that can take us to the clothing options? (This is my opinion again) 3: when I first started playing I was VEupset. Everyone knows that button that can reload your screen back to normal so you can get anything you messed up back to what is was originally. Well I pressed that and it restarted my WHOLE game! All my purchases were Gone!!😡!!! I am not saying.Version: 1.37

PLEASE READ VERY IMPORTANTHello Toca, Boca and anybody that is thinking about purchasing any packs. I love this game a lot. It’s a fun outlet to create content and just to entertain you or your siblings for hours so much so that I love this game enough to spend money on it I spent five dollars on the character creator pack, and it does not work. All of the characters are there yes but they do not spawn. I only created about four characters and they don’t spawn, one of them or two will always be missing. This is a reoccurring issue all of my software, and my Wi-Fi is up-to-date.(this software, including iPad and game is completely updated) and it’s not very fun spending five dollars on a game just bought not to work I would really really really love for this issue to be fixed because its reoccurring and it’s making me want to ask for a refund but I don’t really think you can Something is wrong with this feature and it’s a thing for many different people. If you search up Toca, Boca character not spawning there may be a few fixes like switch an item on switch it back, and then the character should spawn, but then another character desponds, and when you have a family of four or more characters, this issue occurs a lot even. This issue occurred, and it was very frustrating so this is a message to the Toca world developers, and anybody who is thinking of buying packs please don’t until we know that this issue is completely fixed for ALL Toca world players!.Version: 1.65

Just a thoughtI love toca boca so so much after a long day me and my bestie go on a call she presents well I and her design a house we love doing it but it is difficult becuse I have to tell her where to place things and what to place this is Just a thought me and her just thught it would be nice and make the game beter, and i bet lots of people would like it to,maybe people can have usernames and they can add friends and we can join worlds and bilud houses together and stuff this would be a amazing update besuse lots of people would love to play with there friends and decerate the same house together and rp together.All im asking is for people to read this and mabye add this update.THANK YOU.Version: 1.42

Really good but…This game is amazing! It keeps me entertained for hours and is loads of fun, except the fact that most of the things you download the game for you have to pay to access. This means that little kids see an advert, download it and can’t do loads of the things. Last year I bought the mega pack but because things are being released 24/7 I am missing like half of the map. I also want to suggest to make the max furniture bigger. I am half way through the build just to realise I have max furniture. If I have spent lots of money on this game and can’t use it to my desire then why should I buy it? This also leads me to my next suggestion. After spending lots of money on overpriced malls there is still lots of bugs. Like sometimes I can’t move the furniture in my house or my characters reset every time I close the app. Besides these recommendations I still believe that this is a good game and that the developers have put lots of time and effort into it. I recommend it to all ages because of the creativity and customisation you can achieve. Thank you 😁.Version: 1.62

I LOVE IT BUT...Ok so I’ve been playing toca boca for about 5 years now and I totally love it I have another iTunes account and lost all the apps I bought I’m really mad about that but I don’t think there is any way to fix that anyway. I love this app so much and I watched the make your character trailer and I was like OK!! It’s about time to rebuy everything or figure out a way to get my account back and I’m really exited but I have a couple of suggestions that i think would make the game AMAZINGLY BETTER!!. I first think that it would be awesome if we could join someone else’s game because me and my cousin LOVE this game but can never play it together so if there is any way y’all could have this in mind it WOULD BE PERFECT because I remember i stoped playing because i ran out of ideas to play and BY MYSELF. I also think that there should be a sort of bus/car/train that takes you everywhere you want because I saw this in a couple of other reviews and I think it’s a really nice idea bc I mean there is about three hundred and fifty something characters available and plus the ones that we’ll be able to make so it’ll be way easier to just have a car that can take a certain amount of persons also it would give it a cute touch to have to actually pay for things and not just pretend you pay it also get a check if you work I’m just being extra right now but THE GAME IS AMAZING ALREADY!!❤️❤️.Version: 1.7

I love this game but…I love this game, but the prices are really expensive like , how the hospital is 4 pounds but , the character creator is 5 pounds , and the houses , they should be 1 pound each with atleast 10 furniture . And the furniture bundles , each should cost 50p with 100 stuff , and if over 1k then 1 pound . Like I begged my dad to get the university but he said it was too expensive like 2.50p ? The school is only 1 pound and the cafeteria and playground is like 89p it should be 50p . The daycare . I understand it’s 89p but it’s too messy . Like u want to make it clean , also the police station I can’t explain , why 89p ? It should be 35p cuz it’s really boring it’s just a police station with 2 jail cells and a sheriff place also with a police car , but it doesn’t move , and there should be more people in it . The mall , it’s 2.50p and has a lot of good things but that’s so cheap! But nearly everything in the store is 89p but people can’t get it bc of strict parents, u should make it 25p so nearly everyone can get it , also people can’t afford the houses so u should make some free houses with a pool , bc it’s unfair for people to not have stuff when other people have loads . - Ariana.Version: 1.61

Yuck money?Why in the world do they eat MONEY!!! Literally it’s kinda gross but other than that I LOVE this game!!!.Version: 1.24.1

WAIT can you please read? I think it’s worth it!Hey there! I think in the create character place I think the humans should have an option to have a tattoo so I can put on them it would be so cool like roses paw prints aswell as earrings! Please? <3 if you can’t do it no worries 👍🏻 2nd Also on the create character I think you should be able to make your own pet it would be so cute and they can have clothes but animal clothes it would be so cute with it’s collar 🥺 (BTW it can go in the bar thingy that your people are in) once again it’s okay if you don’t do this THANKS for reading! Have a awesome day 🥰😋.Version: 1.33.2

I love toca world but the GLITCHES please read ...🤝👋🏾I have played toca world for about a year my sister and I love it it is awesome and amazing but we hate the glitches. The glitches we have been having lately is that our own created people are not showing up. I mean some of them are but not of them all of them. The clothes erase for some reason I don’t know why but they still work but like it erases and we have to redo them. The clothes and the character that I have created but other then that for the glitches. It is overall a great game I think you should add a zoo, maybe a fall festival add some more jobs maybe, possibly make one more beach, high school, maybe a make up store so like there people can do make up at home it would and buy it I think it would be cool to have, a yogurt or ice cream shop. Possibly Add a aesthetic house or apartment ,Rita,Leon,zeke and nari’s homes and make it a home designer, the foods that they eat in the episode’s and to make the parents of Leon, Rita,zeke,and Nari. It would be really cool to have it in toca life world. I would also like it if you have accidentally lock your self out your iPad and you lose all your data like previous gifts if you could put that Restore purchases or just if for 2022 you could get all the gifts from 2020 please also do you know how I can get my gifts back if I deleted my game can you make a button do get all your gifts please.Version: 1.40

Dear Toca Boca people Please Read!Hi Toca Boca people, I love this game it’s sooo cute and fun to play with but there are some issues hear me out this game is my all time favourite but it needs to be fixed please read the rest. 1. I love the shop but it’s sooo expensive to get amazing things that I really want and my parents don’t like spending lots of money on games so pleassseee make it even a little bit cheaper. 2. Random items disappearing it’s so annoying when things dissappear and I can never find them again and I don’t want to reset my world and ruin all my hard work also it keeps on sending me out for no reason when my wifi is fine! P.s. love the game and don’t be to stressed to do this it’s just if you can please do it. Kind regards and warm COVID safe hugs from someone who plays Toca life world :) Hi Update! I have an idea what if you added jewellery to custom characters and pets! Also what if you could make custom pets in the character creator that would be sooo cool,for example there could be like a few pet bases like cats,dogs,rabbits,snakes,birds and other animals and you could change their colours,marks and jewellery or accessories! Please consider these ideas I think it would make the game much more creative and fun! ❤️.Version: 1.57.1

Love it !!🫶🏼I really like this game it allows me to use my imagination and I got my little sister invested. Although you do have to buy items they are really cheap and most places are under £5 (I’m from the uk these are the prices here). I don’t mind paying as they’re all easy to buy. At first I played from 2019 with just the free items you get and I really enjoyed waiting till Friday to gay a gift it was really exciting (I still do ). I now have nearly everything but 3 places and I enjoy playing. But there are some small glitches like I can not place an item of clothes in a bag and take it to another location as the clothes glitch and do not go on the avatar or if I make 5 people only 2 people spawn and I have to refresh the game. My game also freezes from time to time and kicked me off but sometimes it’s fine but other times it’s reset my world. It would be amazing if these were fixed but you have created an amazing game and I love it! I found this game from tiktok it is an amazing place for showing people the app !!anyway keep the good work and congratulations on the amazing game 💗xx.Version: 1.44.1

Suggestions and IssuesHii! So I have been playing for 2020 to now and One suggestion I have is you should make more free stuff. For instance, make houses or locations free. Another thing is have like better clothes. What I mean by that is have like Nike or adidas etc. Third suggestion is you should have a clothing shop, like a clothing shop that is full and full of clothes.i know that there is a clothing shop in the mall but like better clothing. My fourth suggestion is like play with friends. For example, like there is a button and when u press on it you can add friends on the top and then on the side of someone’s profile it says “add friend” and if u press it that person is your friend and u can like join then what ever place they are or place they were last even if you don’t have the place. Here are some on my issues, so I have an rp in the modern mansion and since I got the care & core package I was remodeling the house. And I had left the game when I was almost done remodeling the house cuz I got tired. And the next day I went back to finish the house and once I went back down stairs it just quickly kicked me out and I kept trying to see if it was the game until I had to update the game and it still is kicking me out. Please please help me. I hope you see this I took time writing this. I really love this game and I cant play without it kicking me out please help..Version: 1.43

Hi!! love you so much!!! 💙💙Honestly, you guys had raised me as a kid, and technically i still am one. my mom would buy us all of your games and we loved them, and i still do!! the quality of them makes it so worth the price, yesterday i didnt have any power at my house and i was incredibly bored, and i remembered your games! i asked my dad if i could buy the beginners pack and the character creator thing, and luckily he said yes!! i actually have a suggestion for the character creator thing (the one you pay for!), what if you added like the option to add marks? like how on some characters they have a bandage, or a dirty face, or dirty arms or scratched up legs! or also maybe you could add the option to remove a limb? like if someone didnt have a certain limb(s) and didnt have a prosthetic then they could make themselves more easily in the game! i also came across a glitch while transporting some of my crumpets in one of those little houses, it happened when i tried to put one of them into my character's hand and it kept kicking me out of the game when i did it, not sure if thats just a problem on my end, but if its not, then it would be greatly appreciated if you took a look at that! the quality of your games have gone up so much! theyre all so worth the price, i may be a BIT addicted to toca life, but i just really adored you guys as a younger kid and i still do adore you!! happy 10th birthday!!!!.Version: 1.35.1

Good.. But there is one glitch. And some suggestionsHey there! So I love your game and I have been playing it for three years!! And I have some suggestions and one glitch. So what’s been happening is that I bought two gamepasses and the gamepasses are the modern mansion, And character creator. So the glitch has been happening in the character creator. So what’s been happening is that when I create some characters, only two of the characters will come out!! And it is annoying me a lot. But can you please fix the game. Because it will make me MUCH MUCH BETTER!! And here are the suggestions: 1. Can you please make the gamepass’ price not that expensive? Because some people can not buy it because the price is too expensive. 2. Can you please add more free places? 3. Can you also add more free houses and free clothes? Because that will help out my friend a lot! And also other people! And that is it. Love your game and have a great day!💗.Version: 1.63

Amazing!!! some ideasHiii so this app is amazing i could play it for hours and never get bored but i do have some ideas that i think could be really cool. 1 weddings it would be really cool to be able to get married and have place to get married at and maybe u could pick a theme like the colours and where it’s at like over a cliff or at the beach places like that. 2 funerals so with this one i was thinking like a church with a place to have a funeral and there should be a secret button there that can turn them in a ghost and they can take that ghost character anywhere but if u take the actual character out of the coffin it should take the ghost away idk if that made any sense lol 3 fast food drive through ok so my idea for this one is there is a car park the u can choose a car to go in and go past the fast food windows and when u go past u get a random dinner like food like chips or a burger. 4 a car work shop so this can be like a garage or something but u can take ur car in and fix them with tools and stuff. 5 And lastly i think it would be cool to change the seasons like if u change it to winter snow will be everywhere autumn everything will be orange leaves everywhere spring flowers and summer it’s the same (but in the snowy place) i also think it should maybe have a time option that has the time in the corner of the screen and the day moves into night on its own. :) i hope this made sense..Version: 1.21

Good but needs some fixingThis game is fun! I will play for ages! During my 2 years or so of Toca there have been some glitches and bugs that need fixing. First I could only have 3 caricatures out, i had the game pass but it was inactive. I couldn’t access anything and data was never saved. This went on for a while and I tried the option’s anyone would think of but it was the first thing that popped in my mind. So i reset my world. No progress, I deleted the app for a while and left a bad review ( i am now updating the review since i was stuck in the bug) even after i got Toca back and the data was loaded there was no deference. I ask the game to fix this bug if they haven’t already. I advise not to buy to many packs just in case of this. It’s over but i have been reading reviews and many report they have experienced this and or many other glitches you should fix this. Please get back to me thx. I feel bad for leaving such bad comments about something that happened months ago, so i will instead end with… i have never experienced any other problems or anything. It’s also very fun i love the level of creativity and freedom you are given. Leaving this on a good note thanks Toca and i hope i helped whoever the reader/ readers is/are have fun with the game and enjoy :).Version: 1.49

IssueSo i delete Toca Boca because it glitch and it Been 2 years nothing Changes and right now I didn’t get notifications of my gifts and I didn’t get to have my new gift my sister just download it and she got the gift of the new house the wedding house and I check mine At least if I didn’t get to have it then it gonna be at the gift place where the gifts gonna be but it didn’t and when I delete my Toca Boca 2 years ago um I find that gifts in the place that the gifts Suppose to be in the pose office I think it like a digital shelf I find it been missing and lost gifts and in the same day it still the event not past the event and it supposed to be there but it missing Today I went to Toca Boca to play again it glitch and it a black screen and it kicks me out I fixed it a little bit and it work it loading in and it kicks me out again and when I tried to go in Toca world it a black screen again but it keep going it been working and stop and Keep happening so I go to TikTok and then when I go back um It works I can play again but my house were RESET and it just like when I didn’t decorate my house but if it reset it reset the decoration and um everything disappear and now I need to make my house again and I go to the office to get the stuff for my house it all disappear and I go out and I reset my Toca and I go back and the gifts is back but I’m sad about my house please help i will support the shop when I am allow!.Version: 1.67

Please read this developer/anyone getting this appHello! I have owned this app for a long time now,I even had it when I was little.I love this app soooo much! What I’ll be doing today is listing my fav places and some thing and love and some things that I dislike about Toca Boca. firstly, i’m sure you have had this said a lot but when you first join the app there is not much choice on where to go to. On the other hand, If you buy the mega pack (which I think sits at around £70 most of the time on offer to £40) gives you everything in the game! I brought this pack when it was on offer and I don’t regret it at all! To everyone who loves roleplaying this is the game for you. In addition, my fav packs are the mall, the hospital, the character creator, the new free bakery, watermelon wave club, daycare and so many more amazing places! If you are debating whether to get this app or not, I definitely think you should! Remember to keep in mind the other viewpoints that may have valid reasons on why you should and should not have this app. Hope this helps!.Version: 1.37.1

CreatePls make two floured houses and make a MALL.Version: 1.9

I love toca but..I love toca but I keep getting glitch’s like when I bought the 30 people pack it would only let me make one person. Today when I went on it had reset my world and it won’t let me get any of my gifts on the shelf’s it’s just nothing this also happened to me around the middle of last year but I was worse then it wouldn’t even let me go into toca so I had to delete it then get it again. Pls try to fix this. Love toca fan!!!.Version: 1.57.1

Brilliant app for all ages! 👏This app is not just educational, but also super fun. The toca creators actually listen to what their fans want. E.I, if a fan wants 10 new drinks, a new pool & food, the toca creators provide that! The education side to it is amazing. Learn art, see what it’s like in school ( if your starting/joining a new school ) see different cultures and abilities. Toca Boca also has a parent control. Which is great so your child does not go off buying everything! ( but cmon, everything is so worth it! ) This game is worth every single penny you spend. They have free houses and furniture. They also have a free cafe, and clothes. They really admire their community and make amazing things so the people who can’t/ do not want to buy things can still enjoy it. They give away gifts in the post office every Sunday/Friday and once a year give you ALL the gifts from the past year ( or the year before I forgot! ) Which I think Is so generous and kind. Giving to the people who missed out. This game is absolutely brilliant! Totally recommend. 🥰.Version: 1.63

Best game, but some ideas for you!This has to be one of the best games I’ve played! I spend ages on it customising, decorating, and doing role-plays! However, the game needs some additions to it to make it even more iconic! 1) I think adding more FREE places is the main issue. My friend downloaded Toca a year ago and doesn’t play it as much anymore because there isn’t any options for free. I’ve bought quite a handful of things on toca, but even though they are cheap it has a glitch whenever my friend tries to buy things on it, so she is stuck with the free options. 2) There should be more house options. There are quite a few house options, but there is still a limited amount of houses, which I’m not thrilled about, as decorating and styling new houses is my favourite part of the game. Even if there were more ‘modern’ Troyes of furniture packs or some new houses would be better because most of the houses have a string theme to it, which I don’t really like, I like the more minimalistic and modern furniture types. 3) Lastly, I think that we should be able to play with others. It would be so fun if we can join peoples servers and make private hangouts to do role-plays with others! You can friend people and join private servers to do role-plays and etc. thank you so much, Toca, I love this game!.Version: 1.67

Great game but unfortunately.....If your looking for a game to play because your bored or looking for a fun game for your kids, this is it! Both of my siblings play and it keeps them quiet most of the time (which gives you parents an opportunity to take a break from the kids) When I first got this game, I was looking for a game that my siblings were freaking out about because they were at chilies and played a Toca game they fell in love with. I downloaded this for them, played it with them once and immediately saw why they liked it so much! You can run your own town and do things like get your hair done, go to the store, visit the aquarium, be a vet, cop, spy, vet-spy-cop, and more! I must recommend this game, I’ve had it since who knows how long and mg siblings and I love it. This has always been so much fun, but lately... when we try to create a new character or redo an old one, it crashes and everything we’ve done since we started up the game will be deleted. I know you have a lot of games, and your probably really busy, but if you have the time could you please fix this? When we delete characters, it’s fine but when we try to edit, it works for half a second then crashes. Other than this, this game is honestly so much fun that I’m a teen and still play. The game sometimes messes up and if I unpack things from the home store for my new house, then when i close the box, it all disappears until I reopen the box. Thanks!.Version: 1.21

SO COOL! Some more ideas…I love this game. It’s fun, it’s cool, and there are so many surprises to find! My friend told me to download this great game, I will forever love her for this. Some things I think could be added is some more free houses, and an option in the shop to not take the people that come with the location your buying. I wanted to get the hospital but because there were 30 people I didn’t have the houses for, I didn’t get it. I also just didn’t want any more characters. I think some people would want the option of more characters, so if there was some kind of choice it would be really good. After you’ve bought the place and you’ve kinda changed your mind, I thing there should be some free people somewhere in the shop (probably the ones from the place you bought). I think with the hospital, saying no to the people should NOT count for the newborns. Going back to free houses, I think if you made some challenges like if you find this crumpet you unlock this location. Basic locations that don’t cost much might have easier crumpets to find. If someone is really struggling, they could pay for the location. I would also be so happy if I could make ONE more free character in the editor. If your thinking of downloading, go for it! Make sure to bring a friend! ~Sky~.Version: 1.46

Love itMake a then toca camping.Version: 1.9

Good but some problems..I mean this is a good game but it’s not really fair that people in other country’s get gifts and updates faster than people in uk like on Saturday and Sunday tons of people got the new mermaid house but it’s not fair! It said the update is coming on Tuesday the 7 June at 5 o clock but it’s 5 past 6 on Tuesday and the update hasn’t come out yet it’s really wasting my time and lots of others. I really hope you fix this I have been waiting patiently constantly for updates and gifts but I never got them like a year ago people were getting lots of cool gifts but when I checked I didn’t have it and I have been playing Toca for 4 years like once I was waiting for my Friday gift on Friday but I never got it that intire day! And people looked so cool with the new free gifts but I never had It and I’m really disappointed 😔 but other than that I really love this game and it’s great for kids but I would love if you can fix these bugs and make people in different countries gifts the same as ours or we get gifts the same time 😅 (Sorry if I was a bit rude I don’t mean too I just wanted to make it fair for people in every country Love you Toca xx).Version: 1.46

Amazing game and some ideasThis game is brilliant I have had it for two years now and I still enjoy it. There are a lot of in-app purchases but all of them are super cheap and aren’t anymore than £5. The game has brilliant updates and is completely child-friendly obviously. I think that it would be great if there was some clothes to the home designer that we won’t always have to go out to the shop and it would be great if there was an option to save a house that way when you delete it you can go back to where you saved it and everything will go back to where it was. Even without these ideas the game is perfect and is my favourite game ever I would 100% recommend for people of any age to play it’s great for everyone even adults. The game is very addictive and is good for role playing with the different characters. It’s great as well that you can create your own characters however you want and make them look how you want them to. Children love the game and so do some teens, like the ones that are 12-15 years old. Again would definitely recommend for people to play..Version: 1.30

Amazing - Just one problemThis Game is a MUST GET! It is so addicting and fun. Toca World teaches children about a lot of things, not only that, it allows children to build goals and achievements for themselves - a guide to the future. Parents can be relieved that their children are not being exposed to online gaming, as Toca Boca is only a role play world. Expressing Creativity and exploring the secrets Of Toca with many different role play stories and characters. Even though this is a free app, I would much appreciate it if you make more free stuff. Like more houses as there are only 2 in the free world. Most of the other apps and resources cost money but only a couple dollars. I Recommend this game to any parents or children. It is completely safe and will keep your little ones busy for hours. One last thing I loved is the weekly gifts on Friday! It keeps you going on the game and will make you wonder throughout the week. Loving this game so much! ❤️.🍟.🎉.N.Version: 1.56

Amazing!I love this game, I have bought several things and am addicted. I just can’t stop playing!! I totally recommend this for young kids and 10-13 year olds! They will most likely love it. I showed this game to my friend a few days ago, and she plays it so much she plays it when we are with her at her house or at an event. She is more addicted than I am! And that’s saying A LOT. I have an idea for one of the emotions, and possibly something in a future furniture pack. I think it would be cool if you made an apartment for people to decorate. It would be more expensive than the other decoration packs and houses, but it would be cute! And it would have lots and lots of furniture. So you could charge quite a bit for it!! And people would totally buy it! And with the emotions, I think it would be cool to have an eye rolling emotion, and an emotion where their face turns red because something is spicy, a laughing so hard you’re crying emotion, and a dizzy emotion! I think these would be really cool. Anyways, I really like your games! They are so creative and cute. Totally worth getting!! 10/10 would recommend. Bye bye Toca Boca! Edit: Whenever I go to the Bop City grocery store the whole entire building has a blue line! This is getting slightly aggravating, because I’m trying to record a video in the store, and there is a blue line across my screen. Anyways, I still love your game! ❤️❤️.Version: 1.41.1

It is okSo I like it a lot !but! There’s one thing I hate that you have to buy it like other people were saying in the comments like why can’t you just play with your friends on it like just one single button please make it like that I would love it and if you could make some of the stuff free like all the house stuff, that would be so much better I would also like if we could like make like dogs and like customize the the bed to have like blankets on it and like the pictures which I already know you can do but I want to make like a so if I took a picture of some thing and I put it on the photo that was so good what if we have an alarm clock that could actually tell the time in an actual car I’ll be really cool and like a heater and Easter stuff for Easter day would be so cool in a mirror that you can actually see yourself in oh, and socks and contacts like actual contacts that you can put in your eyes and bags if you press on the bag it opens it and you can see everything in it and that would be so cool if we could say stuff and then put it in the know but that is really really cool in books if we can actually read them and hairbrushes, they can actually come home and drinks. They can actually drink like Whataburger bronze anything like it a lot squish mellows add squish mellows thanks I hope you read it because it’s kind of long and don’t say anything about my writing type. I’m so sorry🙃😋😋 bye-bye.Version: 1.64

Great app but one very small problemI’ve been playing the toca life games for ages and when they released toca world I literally lost it, stopped what I was doing and played it. This game is so much fun, I’m 16 and I love creating stories in this game. My brother also loves it, he’s 12. But the only problem I have with it is the new update and when you pick up the characters it makes a plop sound, yes I understand that some people might like this I just wish there was a way to turn it off. Other than that it’s a great game to get kids (and any other age group) to use their imagination..Version: 1.19.1

GREATTTTOk, so I’ve been playing Toca games for years and I have almost all the packs in toca world. Many people say stuff about it being money and all that but that’s how the devs earn money and keep the game going, the packs are so so cheap and there is things you can get for free. Also, it may reset but it only really happens if you are on a gliching device from what I’ve seen. But yeah, great game! Although I wish I could do 4.5 stars as there are a few things I would like to be added into the game lol.Version: 1.57

I love toca boca❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Hi this game is the best game ive been playing this game since i was 7 and im 10 now. And i am so obessed with this game and the other games too but this my fav one. Ive played all of them and i never get bored on the games. But i think to make the game better is to add shops and brands to the game like starbucks target kamart ikea mcdonalds and more but i love the bundles some much and each item that comes out and bundles is better than the other one. KEEP UP THE AWSOME WORK lots of happiness from:EDEN-MAY SMITH.Version: 1.53

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I love this app one thing though I had decorated all my houses then everything reset I was pretty disappointed I also think that buying character creator is a bit off because u can only do 3 people before u buy it and you could some random person and change their hair and clothes which I think is a good alternative btw guys if everything resets that you have bought got to store and press restore purchases Love this app so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.36

HelpI had another account on my ipad with the same login and i re installed it and it started the game all over again after i purchased items..Version: 1.43.1

BugsPlease fix bugs I can’t play every time I try to Buy the mall it says it needs to be updated so I go in to the App Store and it doesn’t say that it needs to be update so that I go back in to the app and it still says it needs to be update. but I love this game so much ❤️ I still right this game five stars out of five because it’s so much fun but can you still fix it?.Version: 1.17

Maybe just a bit more free stuff?The game is REALLY fun but sometimes I get bored cuz I don’t spend money on games unless it’s Christmas sometimes I get a idea for a house but my house is finished but I can’t spawn another free house so I think we should be able to spawn the same house as many times as we want also I would like more free stuff for house decor if you could do this the game would be 5 stars.Version: 1.56

Amazing!I love this game a lot. It’ll always have a special place in my heart ♥️. I’m not quite sure if people talk about this often enough, but it has great representation when it comes to POC (person of color) lgbtqia+, and disability rep. I love to see a kids’ game normalize same sex couples and parents. They simply add them into the game, nothing more, nothing less. I think it’s great! Children have to know that it’s normal for two women or men to be in a relationship. I also love the POC rep. Adding albino people, vitiligo, many POC characters, certain hair types, and more. Never once have I seen the developers of this game imply any harmful stereotypes towards any race. And the disability rep is good too! Adding a blind man with a service dog in the pet store/cafe, wheelchair option within the house creation mode, and deaf people! I love how they don’t put the spotlight too much on these, and don’t expect to get praised for doing this. But adding small things like proper rep into a children’s game is important. We can’t let children growing up without knowing that disabled, lgbtqia+, and POC people are normal! They’re not mystical creatures, and they’re not abnormal, they’re just people. And it just warms my heart knowing almost any child who plays this can go “They look just like me!” or “Wow I have a lot in common with this character!”. I’m 100 percent sure that kid would feel represented..Version: 1.41.1

Amazing but I have ideas 🌼Toca is amazing from the very first baby hair to the tip of their toes 😍 I have some ideas tho! So first I think that characters should have a little more personalization because some characters have tattoos and more but when you try to customize them you can’t do that and also when you buy a furniture pack AND the house you should get some new clothes! And the makeup should work and more skin color options it’s hard to find and make a tone for my characters and maybe pets that come with the houses and maybe a double house like with two houses and it’s like an apartment and you can call it something like living on a budget and the couch can be a couch bed like the one in the starter apartment and there can be something like macaroni oh and then in the rich furniture pack you should add some kind of rich looking fish tank and maybe fish food and in the apartment one you can make a cute corner diy cage and some homemade chew toys oh and for designing a charter you should add bright colors and more bags and you should make it to wear if you buy a pack and for my clothing idea you should make an icon where you can see the new clothes and maybe you can make new eyes and hairs and maybe make it to where you can color furniture but into something like with different patterns and stuff but matches the theme.Version: 1.35

WowGood game! I just suggest a few things! First, a medieval castle! Take flight with dragons! You can ride them! There’s knight horses with Armor and knights, and all that kind of things! Second, Hollywood! You can make cool movies! Third, a zoo! There could be lions, wolves, and more! You should be able to ride those creatures! Fourth, know that character mover where you can take all those people to different places? There should be one, For animals! Fifth, All the Disney world theme parks! You can go to Animal Kingdom and see Pandora, or take flight on a BANSHEE! Go to Magic kingdom, and at night, you can see the goodnight kiss! Or, stay at Disney hotels! Last, a Greek Mythology world! See the gods, or ride a hydra! Please add these fun and probably popular suggestions! Sorry, have a few more, If it goes in the trash, it should STAY in the trash! I threw away my DOG on accident! 🥺 Then, if you put the trash outside in the garbage bin, you can direct a garbage person at OK Junk! Another one, a petting zoo! You can pet and ride horses, goats, sheep, and animals like that! You can call other characters, or play apps and things like that on a device! You can go to Universal! Get a wand from the Wizarding World! Go to Jurassic Park and scream at the terrifying dinosaurs! Character creator? HOW ABOUT A ANIMAL CREATOR! Make a dog with wings, or make a horse with deer antlers, wings, and dog legs! (Lol) Last, add some other suggestions of others! 😺 (btw, sorry for long review).Version: 1.9

😬I had this app from the beginning and it cool but I’ve paid for a lot of things I have everything every new update I have spent A lot of money on this game so if you can’t afford to spending 99p to £5 just for a new building I wouldn’t suggest it now you can do a lot of things with this game but if you had it since the game came out like me it’s become quite boring like it so there’s no close you can role-play but you can’t play with anyone else (unless there is I don’t really know) The fact they’ve started A program to watch Videos which isn’t quite good anyway just kind of proves my point that it becomes boring but I guess if you have a good enough imagination can be quite fun but after that that for like a year or so it just gets boring and then you just have this app that you forget about all the time and then you rediscover it and then you play it again it’s really cool but then again it becomes boring you don’t wanna play anymore and then it just becomes the same cycle of forgetting about it and then rediscovering aunt and being really really cool and then just getting bored So overall it’s good for a while and then it’s just boring.Version: 1.54

Amazing game but keeps lagging/glitchingI love playing and have bought many game passes in Toca Boca life world, however when I am in my house I keep on not being able to move my camera, as well as that I keep on doing my houses and then going to a different location, then after I will carry on to my house to find out that random things from my house are disappearing, like closes and furniture. As well as that when I go to create a new character all my previous characters disappear from the game, Also I still love Toca Boca life world and think it would be AWESOME to make a way to join other peoples worlds, so make it multiplayer. It would be nice if when not in your world u couldn’t edit others houses but be able to move non-furniture items, such as food and toys- with the owners permission. Like as the owner you could select who could join and move things like toys/food, also some locations to add that I think might be pretty cool- A Bookshop/library, Ice cream shop, lollie shop, maybe a hardware store and a antique sort of shop? These are all suggestions but I think they would be pretty cool. Xoxo. From-Me.Version: 1.63

Greatest game ever! I have suggestions though.Okay, so… I LOVE THIS GAME! Me, my brother, and my sister, LOVE Playing this! And i have suggestions for updates that i wanna tell you. (My sister suggested some of these to!) 1. Profiles. I would like to have profiles and the ability to add a password to them! And also make them unlimited profiles, instead of like three profiles. Games with only three profiles are annoying!!! 2. Recoloring option in the house creator. There is a LOT of furniture that i wanna recolor! So being able to do that would be amazing! (Im not the only one that wants this!) 3. More places to put custom houses. I like the small place you made to put the custom houses, but i need MOREEEE! OKAY, SO, you recently added the snuggle cubs furniture pack, and its AMAZING! (And adorable!) and i was looking at the new toys in that pack, AND THERE ARE SAGO MINI CHARACTERS!!! OKAY OKAY OKAY, when i was young, i played sago mini games a bit to often. And now i play toca boca instead. And when i saw these sago mini characters, NOSTALGIA!!! Okay so other then all of that, this is THE BEST GAME EVER! I really think it should be more popular, and more people should play it. So yeah! The things in the game dont cost any more then 4 dollars, and its just so fun. Thats my review! I would rate it 1000 stars if i could! I hope people read this review before getting the app. Sorry this was a long review! Buh bye!.Version: 1.34.1

LOVE THIS APP! Just a couple things....I absolutely LOVE Toca Boca I have been playing it for years!! However I have noticed sometimes that their have been weird glitches where all my customized characters won’t have the clothes I put them in and sometimes my stuff goes missing. And I am very precise and a perfectionist so there is a place for every object in my world etc. I haven’t had a problem with it in a while but I wasn’t sure if my world was the only one or if this has happened with others. Also this isn’t a problem or anything but since new things are added to Toca Boca World very so often could you consider maybe making more houses for Toca Boca character and families? A big neighborhood if you will. I know you already made a neighborhood but it’s more of apartments or could you maybe consider making a large family mansion or estate of sorts? Or could you maybe make it able to create houses like you can create characters??? This would make it SOOOOO much easier to make characters and places for them to live!! And I’m not saying that we should be able to make Andy kind of building we want but maybe just houses!!!This is weird but I have certain houses for certain families and it is hard to find houses for some of them so I think either making even more/bigger houses or being able to CREATE your own house would make it even more fun!!!!Just some feed back! I absolutely ADORE this app!!!.Version: 1.21

Absolutely love toca life!!!Ive been playing toca life for a year now and have been addicted ever since!! Ive made alot of purchases from toca and its worth it. I love decorating, but theres some things i want you guys to add more. I would really like toca life to be able to add rooms, change the colour of furniture, add pools ,add a aesthetic furniture pack, cafes, starbucks, mcdonalds, and upgrade the mall. This may seem a lot, but you dont have to do all of it you can try some in the future. I do have some glitches though, whenever i take my time designing a room or a house, toca boca just exits and when i come back my progress isnt there! and somehow when i make a character it dosent show up when im done making the character! toca life has some glitches, but i still like toca life!.Version: 1.36

TOCA IS WORTH MORE THAN 5 STARS1. It’s not glitchy at all. 2. You can create your own characters. 3. There is so many places you can play in. 4. It has day and night and it naturally changes time. 5. There is literally everything you do in real life and more (except food trucks that would be awesome and if you could where sunglasses in your hair or something like that would be so cool. It’s awesome I have nothing to complain about just a few suggestions but this game is awesome either way 1. I think we should be able to change the weather everywhere I’ve been playing you game since 2017 and this has been happening since then 2. I think making actual places in real life would be really fun to role-play in like Paris, Greece, London, New York, China, and Japan are my favorites 3.I think people would love to make there own clothes your clothes are amazing but are characters have a style (like ourselves) and most of your clothes don’t really match how we would love our characters like you could take your already made clothes and have a workshop where we could change it erase all color other then the outline and let us cooler it and have 3 stations Tops, Bottoms, and Hats I think that would be amazing So thank you for reading this and please consider my suggestions. OH AND A MINI MALL WITH A LITTLE CAFE, SHOPS, AND BIKES TO RIDE AROUND IN WOULD BE AWESOMEEEEEEE.Version: 1.54

My thoughts/ I love it!I play Toca world not once not twice but 7 time. I really like this game because it really expresses my role-play kind of mood. Ever since I turned 11 and I got obsessed with the game but till this day I still love it I had to delete it a few times because of some problems and I only have two. One. Whenever i’m moving a character or like a object for some reason everything freezes and I get kicked out automatically I know you guys probably have been working on this but it was just like this I had to delete the app a few times because it would never let me go back in but I’m getting a new phone and I hope it will work anymore happen. And another reason is not that much of a big deal but it’s the same as reason one it keeps kicking me out but I probably shouldn’t be telling you guys this because you probably have already worked on it. My ideas! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Me and my friends love building each other’s houses and surprising each other but one thing I’ve always wanted to talk about is if we could actually get like real money in the game. It would be a lot of work but you could just work for a few days or if you just want to get money and role-play then yeah it would be kind of weird but to me I feel like that’s a good idea! So yes. That’s more my complaints and ideas!.Version: 1.59

How to fix the glitch (resetting randomly)Alright I read the comments and it is really sad how I’m not the only one who has glitch’s so here’s how to fix it. So on the Home Screen it has a reset button and when you press it all of your stuff comes back like all of the previous gifts are there again but your house is not designed from before this glitch has happened heaps to me please fix in the mean time use this way.🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄.Version: 1.63

Toca life!Hi Toca life creators/players, I have been on lately and my character is ceeping on glitching out.. I only have 3 care terms and maybe you could add some more free things/carecters because I really want the hospital for free! My mum won’t let me buy anything so I would like if you could earn coins for daily log ons or something… idk but that would be nice! P.S I love Toca life! I would NEVER delete this and I am the apps #1 fan! I would appreciate more free things! Pls reply! Thanks!.Version: 1.49

My opinion!Obviously I think that Toca Boca Is a great app and a great place to role-play and create your own styles in the house! But some thing I really don’t like is that most of the things you have to buy and it’s a great way to get money but some people don’t have the money or the parents just don’t want to buy something for them through online and it can make people sad! But now again on the good things I brought everything in Toca Boca and it’s very cool it’s all fun and colorful and the updates are just coming and coming! Something I think is very amazing is that every day there’s a new present coming and it’s very exciting to open it! If you took a Boca could just add some more free things for the people who just can’t buy anything that would be great! I’m sure that everyone will be excited because everyone will be able to have it and play with it! I think it’s a brilliant way to play through role-play resemble you wanna bring toy castle or anything like that you would rather just bring a Phone and there is a whole city there for you to investigate!.Version: 1.35.1

Plz considerHi I really like this game I play this all day. I have one request can you make a 3 storey house for free? Because I have payed for a lot of stuff thanks if you are reading this and considering it!.Version: 1.44.1

Great Game...Toca Boca has delighted me so much! I play it probably every day! If you’re looking for a game that’ll never, ever make you bored, and never let you down, get Toca Boca! Yes, there are plenty of packages that cost you, but don't most games have that? Toca is very suitable for any ages, and so many things are free, there are so many places to explore, family’s to create, houses to decorate, and lots more fun! Toca would take it a step further if they made packs cost Toca money, not real money, but personally I think Toca Boca is already amazing!!!.Version: 1.63

Worth gettingGreat app. This app is amazing and fun. It allows kids to explore real world emotions and animals. It is a super fun app that comes with a great variety of places to explore when you first get it. You can also buy houses and places for super cheap prices. Making characters is also super fun. There’s lots of different skin tones and hairstyles to chose from. Which I love. Building houses let’s kids design and put there imagination to the test. It comes with a free house to design and a pre built apartment for your characters to stay in. It also has a shed we’re they can roleplay as a poor person. I really suggest getting. The only things I wish you could fix is the houses resetting. My modern mansion reset after 2 days of work. It was super frustrating and upsetting as all the rare stuff in the house deleted with it. :( please fix this toca. Also the characters. You are ment to be able to make 3 but only 2 come out. And when you buy the big pack that comes with 30+ characters once again. Only 2 come out. Please fix this it’s super annoying and sad..Version: 1.61

Good game but frustrating bugs.Toca life world is an amazing game and I’m pretty sure a lot of other people would agree. However, I seem to find a lot of bugs that happen regularly. 1# when I have decorated my house (very detailed) I join back later or whilst I’m playing, it kicks me off of toca boca and deletes all of my progress. It has happened to me multiple times and happened to friend a lot too please fix this. 2# for some reason my free gifts disappear and I use a lot of them please fix this. 3# when I am putting items into a wallet, bag, box, pencil or anything like that, everything just jumps out, I have tried everything to fix this but it doesn’t work. 4# sometimes after it deletes my progress in my house, it deletes my toca people’s outfits and sets it to the default. This isn’t a problem or a bug it is just a suggestion but can you please please please add more food to the home designer, an example is, the Nutella, pizza, tortillas, strawberry milk, chocolate milk, oranges, cherries and more. Thank you so much for reading all of this and please try to fix the bugs..Version: 1.37.1

Major Bugs!!Toca Lofe has been my favourite game for about 1 or 2 years now and there are a lot of bugs! The most one I’ve gotten recently is that whenever I create more then 1 character and go back to my house only 1 shows up, Ive tried resetting my world and it hasn’t worked. Im scared to delete the app because I'm scared that it will loose all the game packs/ add ons. Ive only recently got them for my birthday which was about a month ago and that Im scared that Im going to loose everything! Another bug which i get is that when I have a piece of clothing in a box or stacked on top of each other the clothing will just wont go to its form when you pick it up and its separated from any other clothing, and then it goes back to its form a couple days later. Im really not trying to be mean to the developers or anything but this has been going on for quite some time now and I really want it to change. Again Im not trying to offend anyone but its getting on my nerves having these bugs going on 24/7 every single day. I really hope Im not being mean to anyone because Im not trying to Im just trying to get the bugs fixed so then I can enjoy the game again without bugs and glitches. Thank you for your time reading this if you have and hope that these will get fixed<3 Again I hope I haven’t upset anyone, have a good rest of your day/night <3 bye!.Version: 1.42

Great Game!This is one of my favourite games to play! Sometimes I wish everything wasn’t so expensive, but you can do a lot with just the free locations and any Toca apps you add on. The Floople update is amazing and I love creating characters with the character creator, even though some of the things in there cost money. I think the Toca Life Mix is pretty cool because it gives you insight into each of the characters personalities. Also, Thankyou for fixing the hairstyle bug! I have just one suggestion. If there was one day where you could make everything free so people can get everything, that would be great. Before you say no, just think about it: the people that are playing now will have everything, but then other people will join after the free day is over and you will make a profit. Plus, keep in mind all your other apps. They cost money too, so that will make up for all the money you didn’t get. Please consider this and try to tell me what you think!.Version: 1.8.2

Please help me Toca BocaI love Toca life it’s great for rôle playing u can do any role play but there is something wrong with my Toca Boca I have done a few purchases on Toca life and I have done all the updates I have recently got Toca life on my iPad but when I try to reset my purchases it will not work it has only build the free lands and I don’t have any of the furniture that I have purchased I have purchased a lot of Toca Boca places and furniture i have purchased things with Toca Boca on my other devices and it has everything I have purchased there but I also can not reset my purchases on there either also I am using the same Apple ID on that device but I do not have any of my purchases on this device please Toca Boca if u come pass this review please help me as fast as u can as I really want my purchases on this device! It is still giving me discounts on the bundles but the discounts aren’t right!!! In a bundle I had everything but it was only giving a small discount!!!!!!!!! Please fix this or give me some suggestions because this is not happening to anyone else!!!!.Version: 1.66.3

Amazing, but some suggestionsI have had Toca Boca for a few years now and it is such a great game for role plays, designing houses and much more. It has had many great updates and locations added, but I have a few suggestions for the game. Firstly, I think a big grocery store would be very helpful as sometimes I have to go to multiple grocery stores to get all the stuff I need, so I think one big grocery store with all the produce in one place. Secondly, I think if we updated the hair salon that would be pretty cool, so we would be able to change characters hair and colour it with new hair styles without having to use character creator. It would also be cool if tattoos and jewellery were a choice in the character creator as you see some characters that come with the game and locations have tattoos and jewellery but that isn’t an option for custom characters. Thirdly, it would be a awesome update if you could use houses multiple times, like if you could spawn the modern mansion three times, not just once. Also if there was more locations for housing and for future housing, and if you were able to save a house design that you have created would be helpful- so you don’t have to remake the house, but obviously only things from the home designer would save. Thanks for a great game. ☺️.Version: 1.50

FreeI really think that they should make all the ones that cost money should be free because they cost allot and it’s in u s money.Version: 1.23.1

READ!!!!Omg 😱 when I first got this game I was like geez how much better can this get so basically the characters in the game no offense they’re kinda ugly but you can make you very own characters!! Also if you go to the end map you can build your very own home and every thing is free what I mean by that is the furniture is free. Also the game is soooo realistic for example, you can cook food (At you’re newly bought home) and the color looks cooked for fish steak and so on and when you cook eggs they turn form this 🥚 to this 🍳 any way finally the best reason you can go to the grocery store put stuff in your bags and then come home and store all the stuf you got in your fridge which I personally LOVE🌺 doing. To add on when I made my characters I made such a cute baby with freckles and all that stuff🌈 I went to the clothing store ( with her mom I also made) and there is such cute baby clothes then you know I built the new house and all that stuff I loved it so much more because the house you come with is so crowded and I could put a bunk bed so both the mom and baby can sleep in. And then your original house comes with a luggage 🧳 so I put there clothes and boarding passes in there and yeah. Also one last thing is there is such cute painting and stuff which you can decorate rooms with and for the kitchen there is like butter knives, meat knives 🔪 , forks,spoons,and so on thankyou for reading don’t mince my grammar 🦋🌷😊.Version: 1.56

I love itI’ve had this app for about 3-4 years now and it’s gotten better and better. Every update is amazing and the places are so well made, the reason why i’ve rated it 4 stars instead of 5 is because of how much i’ve had to pay. I am aware i could just not buy the places but if i didn’t it wouldn’t be as good of a game as it is with the places. Over the years i have had to pay at least £100 to get all the places when i was younger and just started playing i always would beg my mum to get the different places, she has spent at least £60 for some of the many places which for a kids game is unbelievable. I remember one of the packs were £30 i could probably get so much stuff i actually need irl instead of buying a fake house and (for example) horse stable in a game. Although one thing toca doesn’t have but almost all kids game do have is ads this game has zero, yes ZERO ads which is an absolute blessing. The stories i have made in this app are ones to remember, the decor u can put in the houses is beautiful and matches this generation 100% Love this game.Version: 1.58

These glitches affect my gameplayHello toca Boca! I am a veteran, and have been playing even before Home Designer. I have a few problems. So first, when I make some characters, (like 5 or so) only 1 or 2 will pop up. This is super annoying, like when I recently deleted all my characters and I want to make my characters again. My other problem is I NEED I repeat NEED the Sanrio furniture pack!!! I was like, “ Oh I can just buy this later” but now every time I see a piece of furniture in it, I rage. Would not recommend for people who rage! I also LOOOOVEEE the game so much! Please fix these. Also, I do this thing where I make characters on Character Creator and I give them outfits then switch them in the Tailor so I can give my characters clothes easily( but instead of doing this I would do roleplays where the characters are going clothe shopping if I don’t want to that) but recently when I have been putting those clothes in the washer, they have began disappearing and it’s SUPER annoying. -IDEAS- I have a few ideas that might make the game more popular and fun. You should consider adding weather like storming, snowing, sprinkling, ect. Some other ideas are multiplayer, or maybe even local. It would be so fun if you could visit others and possibly trade an in-game currency? Maybe you could even add different times of day other than day and night, like dusk/dawn. Anyways, I love the game! Byeeeee.Version: 1.66.3

🤍!Toca Bunny!🤍Hi my name is Toca bunny I am so amazed that you guys made a game that I was waiting for for so long you made so much updates on hundred locations sounds like a lot you guys worked on it a lot making 100 locations going to take a lot of weeks or days or years you know I mean you guys are probably tired making all these things but she just wants to make it for the kids I just know I’m a result so I’m still a kid anyways I gotta watch sensibilities but your games are so amazing I can’t stand it 100 locations a lot of characters dirty characters to make anything you want in this game is like in real life or something or in Gacha life and Gacha club anything it’s just like related you guys work so hard I just wanna give you five stars five stars like this ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️I will give you five stars because you guys work so hard and I just don’t want to kiss you first I was like two or one or zero I wanna kiss you fight your hard work is peach lighted lotta glitches in the lagging I hate her a lot but it’s not sharp problem it’s just a game and is my region sometimes I rage but I don’t watch all day and I get off the game and give you five stars syrup or one I just don’t wanna and fix my problem in my attitude thank you for everything! From:🤍 Toca bunny Luna🤍 Sorry some words don’t make sense in the paragraph just skipped the words that’s not in it that’s not supposed to be in: note.Version: 1.55

ITS AWESOME BUT A FEW CONCERNS THAT MAKE IT HARD TO PLAYHi I am a huge fan of Toca life but only have this app cause..ITS FREE but I am concerned about a few things that make me want to delete it (BUT I did not) and make it hard for players. 1. When i was making a beautiful red cozy home 🏡 i noticed this first glitch it kept getting me out of the game and resetting my world. 2) un-stackable clothes. so when I put clothes on clothes it stacks but when I transfer it somewhere else it still there but instead the characters can’t wear it and You can’t stack it. 3) third character in character creator free glitch’s so whenever I make a character and want to take it places i can’t. Sorry for disturbing you but I really think it’s what needs too be fixed please responds Oh and can u pls and a button for refunds?🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺it would rlly be helpful like I want to delete a purchase I made but i did not see a BUTTON for Refunds (makes me mad)🙁☹️😣😖😩😫 can you a,so add a pet creator and a house creator for free 🥺EDIT:THANKS FOR MAKING A FREE LOCATION I LOVE IT. Lemme guess biscuit bakery.Version: 1.36

I have another great idea!Ok, ok, ok! So I was reading other people’s reviews and I have a great idea for a free thing to add to character creator. How about you put it so that we can add highlights to the hair. And yes, I know that there are some hairs with highlights in them but u can’t choose the color and me may want to put highlights in other hairs as well. So you should add a thing where u can add highlights to the hairs and beards, and we can choose the color highlights we want in the hair, and it has to be FREE or else it wouldn’t be fair, and it wouldn’t be as fun for people who can’t make in app purchases like me. Also… I thought this was a kid’s game! But did u seriously have a free post office gift be pads! 😳😟😨😬PADS! You just caused millions of uncomfortable parents, like for real? Pads! A whole bunch of kids are going to be asking their parents “Mommy, Daddy… what are these?” And their parents are going to be acting the same way I am, this game is supposed to be for kids, not a conversation starter about puberty! I’m old enough to know what pads are, but some kids who play this are little, and boys! Wow, toca, wow, I can’t believe it, you actually put pads in your game, that is just crazy, putting pads in a kid’s game, wow (yes I do understand that adults play it too, but so do young children) plz take my suggestion into consideration and do something to cover up the pads, thank you and have a blessed day! 😊😇😄😬.Version: 1.59

Annoying glitchHi, I love your game it’s incredible I recently made a review about a glitch that had been around for a few months which was when I leave a room or the game and everything disappears but since the recent update that has been fixedish and I think thats great because now all my items don’t disappear after decorating a home or shop but items are still disappearing and it’s specific items usually from the furniture shop in the city area or food from farm areas and items from the mall also disappears when moved but even though it was partially fixed I’m able to play again which is great also I found a little glitch where when you change someones outfit like the teacher in the school when u leave and come back it changes into the outfit the floople people wear when you make one and their original cloths disappear because of this I tried changing their outfit to something different but then that disappears but it’s not that annoying to be sorted anyway thanks for making such an incredible game and I suggest it to lots of people because it helps me relieve a lot of stress so thanks again :D.Version: 1.23.1

Read this before getting!!!!💕💕Hi i have been playing for at least 4 years on different past devices until now. i still continue to and im not suggesting anything but just saying this…1st i have a short attention span so this game was perfect! 2nd for newer players THIS is how good this game is. starting off with if you are going through hard times rn(YOU CAN DO IT) and can’t spend money or just cant spend money on games here is the full break down of the FREE stuff. lets begin with the characters , there is 39+ FREE characters and 9 FREE locations for when you begin your world and also there is a FREE beginners house for when you start other then the FREE apartment in the bopcity with 9 FREE locations. the FREE beginners house is ready to be built and decorated by you😉 you can build 3 FREE characters at the start and you can choose how tall they are and what age, they have toddler,kid,adult,and elder. you can customize their skin colors as well as put them in cool outfits and gear . the character creator lets children express themself if they want the characters to be purple - if they want their characters to have glasses or if they want it to have freckles and beauty marks. they have hijabs for muslims and so on. the game is that fun that if you want to pop in at the shop or get a job at the cafe (or eat money) you can do so in YOUR world. download toca life world today!.Version: 1.67

Good, but here’s a few thingsSo I love toca Boca and I got it during quarantine because all my friends had it and it was quite popular on tiktok. It is a really fun game for anyone and is good for roleplaying but I found it really annoying how when the game gets updated, sometimes you lose all of the items in your house and it gets reset. Like when I worked for two days on a house in toca, it reset a couple days later and I was very annoyed. The prices are good seperately but together it is really expensive, something like £70 - £80 and I bought everything (packs). I also think it would be cool if your friends could join you when you are online, but you would be notified and decline or accept their offer to join a game. It would also be even better if you could chat online to them but parents could choose to be notified when their kids send a message, or friends someone. Another idea I had, was if you could add a train station and so you can travel around the toca Boca world with a train. My final idea for toca world, was if their could be like a newspaper for every week that you could find around the map, like, for example, in a train station or in the school. It would share new stories (fake and kid-friendly, obviously) for people to read. Thank you for reading this! And I would definitely recommend this app for any age group! My final rating would probably be a 4.5 but, as that isn’t possible, it is a five :) I am 11 years old and love this game despite some bugs! <3.Version: 1.47

Really good but a tiny problemI absolutely LOVE Toca world but I just went on today ( I always go on ) and all of my stuff and characters restarted :( I still had the stuff I bought with my own money but everything else was gone my house restarted and I decorated everything ALLOT then it all disappeared and when I put my clothes back and go to get something and come back the clothes disappear:( And I was REALLY sad! And now all the objects go missing like I can’t find them in the usual places where they were. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this glitch/problem Because now I feel like not playing it anymore...... Also now I can’t go on it anymore :( it keeps logging me out and I can’t go in any buildings😭😭😭😭😭 Pretty please fix this problem? I wanna cry right now I payed allot of money for all the stuff I got in Toca world and now I can’t even get into a building!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭.Version: 1.25

Need helpHi Toca Life, Your game So great it inspired kid make story and be creative! This resume me and My Family love this game But when You are Toca life team did a New Update or my work reset and I had a story plan and and I decorated the whole town out what I think it look nice as and that took me like three days, and it all lost, I wounding in next update you won’t need make that happen it okay if need to let update work but I be so happy if could Fix that, And I Got new IPad, I put on my Apple ID but how can you get Games you paid for on new device? It Aswer These it be much thank for! And I have some ideas for new Toca life games, maybe you should do a new update for airport so can go a lot new county like Japan,China,austrila ect! I think you should do jungle theme place with a lot of Animals! And you should make new type stores, like a Shopping center, A big giant toy store then Mimi one in Toca life city, and you should make a Art store, as My friends and I think that be great idea! If could think any of these ideas, and help me with my question these be great!.Version: 1.16.1

𝑆𝑂𝑀𝐸 𝐼𝐷𝐸𝐴𝑆!!Hi here are some ideas! - Multiplayer / join friends world - Make your own outfits - Different eye colours - Free houses - Earrings So Yah! I hope you see this! Thanks for such an amazing game 😁.Version: 1.36

Ideas!!Toca life world is one of my favourite games!!! But I think it needs a few more things: 1. Accounts I don’t really suggest this as a must do but just a look into. I think it would be really fun to friend people on toca life world and have accounts so if I delete the game and want to save my progress I could have an account I could log back into. 2. Houses & places So in most places/houses they have elevators which are sooo cool but it would be fun if some places had stairs like in houses. So then we don’t have to wait to go up the elevator. 3. House storage It would be better if we had unlimited stuff in our house, everyone complains about the “your house is full, delete some stuff to empty up space” it’s annoying and yet it would really help if you don’t have it, other players love to decorate unlimitedly but they can’t add more things when that “house is full” reminder pops up and then you have to delete stuff to make more room!! 4. Character creator I love the toca Boca clothes but it would be amazing if we could design our own clothes and perhaps hair as well? There are so many different types of hair styles and clothes out there and people would really like to see them on the game. Also shoes… some shoes ruin clothes and it would be great if we could maybe swap shoes? For different ones. I hope you see this and look into my ideas and others!! Heaps of people have different problems on toca that need fixing or at least a look into. Thank you.Version: 1.53

Great game but…I love this game so much and have all the updates and is always exited for new things, and I play it everyday. But there are a lot of glitches that haven’t been fixed yet, first, there is this glitch where I just finished re furnishing a house and the game kicks me out, I rejoin but when I see the house it’s empty and all of the furniture I put in it is gone. I don’t know if this just is my phone or the app but if you could look into it that would be great because I’m pretty sure this has happened to other people too, the other glitch is when I have one of my Toca boca characters holding a lot of boxes or suit cases with a lot of stuff in them, I move them to another location and sometimes some of the stuff is gone and it’s not in the previous location or in the present one, the next bug is in the new ‘Vintage Vibes’ furniture set, the teal ish round luggage, (I don’t know what it’s actually called) sometimes when I put stuff in it and make a character hold the luggage then bring the character and the luggage to a new location the luggage is still there but it won’t open. I love this game a lot and would love to see more updates with more bugs and glitches fixed because I know that there are some more other problems other than these that a lot of people have to deal with. Otherwise this game is really good just needs some touch ups.Version: 1.37.1

Dear toca lifeDear toca life I have all of your games there so fun!!!! But I have an amazing idea 💡 I think that you should make another game were there is a kingdom with princesses 👸 and some prince 🤴 it would be sooooo cool they can even have kings and queens and a great secret would be that there is a trapdoor and more stuff! I hope you like my idea and use it because then it would make my day and your rates higher so byeeeeeee!!!!!!! Please use my idea thank you 😊 Hey this is another thing a certain terrible glitch is appearing in my game, everyone’s hair styles have gone hay wire! It’s crazy, so I reset the game and there even worse, I reset again and only one character has the same hair do as before. I need you to fix this immediately please, I decided to stop playing for a while but then everything was back to normal with the hair, Then I noticed people bold! and boys with girl hair and the monsters have different coloured hair! I am shocked I can’t even play the game normally please please please fix this and contact me when you get this letter thank you. 👍.Version: 1.8.2

Great game just a few things 👍Hi TOCA boca! I love your game and I’ve been playing from 2020 to 2022 now, I love and I thinks it an awesome game, I’ve never had any problem with it until now, first off one day I was playing and I just got kicked out, it just automatically brought me back to my home screen without and warning, I went back in, and all my cloths I had collected and everything I had built was gone, the only thing that was still there was all the houses I had paid for and obviously bop city and everything. Also another error is when I try to make a new character on character creator, it deletes one of my others characters when I still have 20 more people to design. One more thing is, whenever I move stuff to a new location, it freezes and I can no longer move or use it. That have to complain about, and I hope you can fix these things, but again I thing your game is ✨amazing✨ Just some ideas before I submit this. I would like to be able to play with friends on here, like have a button to play in houses while our friends are online a lot of my friends agree with me on this. Another idea I have is to be able to make it rain and snow and stuff. One more thing, I think it would be cool to have more free stuff a lot of people think the game is boring because they’re parents won’t let them get things with money on here or Thayer simply can’t afford it. Thank you reading my review and I’m obsessed with your game! Bye!!.Version: 1.42

Toca worldTocaBoca can you please add in character creator an option to create an pet like an cat or an dolphin or what ever and they could have like one or two accessories and maybe even make your own crumpet. Also with the tomato sauce STOP MAKING IT MAKE PEOPLE HAIR RED it's really annoying and your not able to change the hair to its original colour. Toca world idea, how about making an magical world with lot's of secrets and magical creatures called Magical Dream or Magical Oasis, you could make this idea better though because your always great at it. Magical creatures Eg:Unicorns,alien animals,cats with wings,Dolphins with horns also an underwater place with corals and diamonds and magical flowers and glowing lights and an magical forest,magical houses or apartments also please bring back Friday and Monday presents! 😻😸😻 Also there been a glitch with one of my characters from chilly buns, whenever I put new clothes on her they suddenly disappear forever! It's sad that her original clothes disappeared too now she is just wearing a plain T-shirt and jeans 😿 could you please fix this! From sassy kitties 😻😸.Version: 1.5

🤨😐😑🤬Okay so I’m just gonna start of with my bad thoughts so basically I know that you put so much effort into this game but it makes me feel so sad and lonely and angry because I’m not allowed to buy and new house on toca life I know I probably sound really spoiled but all my friends and some family get to buy all the newest things on the game and I’m just sat here with a house and the regular shops so please can you add a house for free because I have tried everything to get another house it upsets me because all I want to do is get some new characters and stuff and a new house but I can’t like when the new rainbow apartment came out all of my friends got it and I was just sat there like about to cry because they were talking about it and how great it is and yes I THINK it it is really good but like l still want it and it everybody just thinks it’s old and laugh at me for still wanting it but in reality I just want the rainbow 🌈 apartment because it looks cool and is cool I told my mum about it and she said that I could get a new house but then we tried but it didn’t work which made me sad and angry now I guess the good thoughts so basically I like the game because it is good to role play and do stuff like that and you can creat the inside of your house that you get for free! Oh and one last thing if you do decide to bring out a house for free please can it be a cooler house then the other free house. Thank you good bye!!!! :) :(.Version: 1.35.1

Things that bug meOkay so I bought the 30 characters thing and it’s driving me crazy it doesn’t let me make 30 characters and I’ve made a family that I absolutely love but it doesn’t let me it only comes up with one and I’m so annoyed like literally I am this close to deleting the app and if no one no one and I mean no one fixes the app I will and I mean I will delete it even if I do delete it I will be upset because I love playing it but it drives me so crazy and so mental and I have a best idea ever but yes Toca Boca Toca Boca how it works it drives me crazy so if no one is going to fix it I mean the person who made this app could they fix the little tweaks and then I will be happy and I will put a 10 out of 10 and I will so can anyone fix this for me I am going to have to delete the app I love it so much but it drives me mental so if anyone could fix this for me I’ll be so happy and then I will change this bad review well then it’s not bad bad but you know it’s just what I want you to change into a positive and beautiful and happy review thank you bye 🥺🥺fix it pleas and then I will be happy 😃.Version: 1.52

Love this app but there’s something about it I don’t likeOk no hate I do a bunch of roleplays and stuff with my Modren mansion and the rest of the stuff But… the thing I hate that it doesn’t save ur data so I was playing and all of that and then my game wouldn’t work like I tried going in the game but then when it says saving it will take forever and ever the it kicked me out of the game and I was like is probably a glitch so I tried again over and over again also the next day and I said hmmm 🤔 probably is something wrong with settings but I tried everything but it wouldn’t work! Then I deleted the app without even thinking 🧐 WAIT! IT DOSENT SAVE UR DATA 😭 I was so sad Bc I spend a lot of money on the game when I downloaded it I remember that I don’t have the stuff that I use to so Toca boca please add more free stuff so I recommend not buying a lot of stuff or the same problem could happen u could buy thing I’m just sayin that I want Toca boca to add a lot of more free stuff I don’t ask to buy more stuff to my parents Bc there money is low and I don’t have no money at all Lol 😂 and also Toca u will get more people downloading it if u have more free stuff more free houses free furniture and locations wellll I greatly appreciate That the post office exist or eles we all will be busted but I love ❤️ the app is a really good one I recommend u getting it!.Version: 1.47

Amazing game at first..Honestly I love this game, it was my go to game every weekend and I loved it so much. Creating unrealistic roleplays and creating whatever characters you liked. I eventually bought some packs and then more and then more, and it enhanced the game creating new opportunities for my story’s and characters. After a while though, every time I opened the app, started playing and then tried going into a location, I get stuck on the loading screen. It freezes my whole game and does not change not matter how long you wait. I tried deleting the app, seeing if the game needed to be updated and tried everything to get the game back to the original way. I’m really disappointed because I want to be able to use the packs I PAYED money for, and the game was really enjoyable. I understand not everyone has this same bug, but I would love to be able to go back to playing the game normally. I would love to give this game 5 stars, but not being able to even play the game has pushed it down. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this please let me know..Version: 1.48

Good game, but don't be trickedAs usual, an amazing game from Toca Boca. I have already enjoyed using my 3 apps (Town, City and School), mixing and matching their locations and characters. It seemed impossible to do, but Toca Boca found a way to do it. My only complaint is that the locations in the Shop seem to be overpriced. For example, the Vacation Hotel costs £3.99, the price of Toca Life: Vacation, the game that it actually comes with. However, the other locations in that app all cost £0.99 each, which I believe totals up to an overall cost of seven pounds! This is extremely overpriced, considering the fact that it would only cost £3.99 if you bought the app and used that to claim the locations in World. I believe the same can be said for the Business Tower, which costs £2.99, despite that the other 3 locations in Office all cost £0.99 (Sound familiar?) Which then totals up to £6. I'm not sure whether this is just a math error or a business scheme but it is a better idea to purchase the apps that can be claimed in World instead of using the shop. Other than that it's a great game! 5 stars..Version: 1.2.1

Love the game but you should addJoin friends world Turn your screen all the way Cheaper items Socks Shoes Led lights More hairs Be able to like dye hair strips And that’s it hope it you see it!.Version: 1.35.1

Brilliant! Also some ideas.So first of all, I don’t want any of the staff to feel pressured into doing these ideas, I just think they would be decent to put in the game, I think that this game is awesome regardless. For Halloween, I think it would be cool if there’s a graveyard. Now for things you’d more likely do on an ordinary day, I think it would be cool if there was a cinema/movie theatre, and I don’t mean the theatre in Bob City, I mean one that would have the latest films and stuff (by the timing of making the cinema) like we maybe could have references to popular movies such as Back To The Future, E.T, The Shining (maybe, although for your top 3 screams video you did do IT, Stranger Things and The Addams family — someone in the staff knows Finn Wolfhard) also if you can do it legally, copyright could happen 😐. Um, maybe we could have a quarry, maybe a rock beach, maybe a shopping district with an icecream van? Also, it would be awesome if we could have more Crumpet locations (other than just the junkyard, which I think is great!) like a crumpet town, a crumpet inn would be cool, crumpet shops, maybe we could even have a crumpet creator??? Again, these are just ideas, sorry if I came out as rude, this game is amazing! (:.Version: 1.23.1

I love it here’s a few ideasHi I absolutely love this game and I have a few ideas to make it EVEN BETTER!!! I’m also really into wolves and dragons so I think it would be super fun if you could make wolves and dragons apart of the game it would be super fun to play with but not just one or two dragons and wolves I mean whole bunch I role play with characters I created and they can like turn into wolves and dragons but I usually have to improvise I just really would like wolves and dragons in the game. I would also like it if you could make a pet creater like character creater but pets because it’s honestly really hard to find a pet that I really like and I just would really like to create my own and as many as I want and again with the wolves and dragons can you please make it possible wolves and dragons it would be soooo cool and in the pet creater you could also make horses, cats, birds, lizards etc. so please consider these ideas I really want y’all to make it it would be so awesome and I’m sure that other people would agree with me for a pet creater and for dragons and wolves so again please consider it and one more idea is making a monster creator or being able to put real ears and tail on our characters but like there can be multiple of different ears and tail also if you could make it possible for our characters to be fairy’s that would awesome I know you already have mermaids so why not fairy’s please and thank you for reading..Version: 1.52

SuggestionsYou should add accounts. For example, this would be good if you have a friend from far away you could play with them and when my friend (I haven’t seen them in a year or even more until then) and I made a house, she’ll only be able to see it once a year when she comes to my house. Also, this is good for saving progress because I used to have this on my phone and I put many purchases into it until the phone broke, and my money was wasted. You could have usernames to friend people, allowing you to friend them. This would make the game very popular as some people would recommend this to their friends and they would download it to friend the people who told them about it then they would become the one recommending and so on. So if you want to step up this games fan base, this is a good update to add. And if you do, don’t make people restart all again just because they want to save progress, because that wouldn’t be saving progress. That would be deleting it and it would make them bored to have to make houses, characters, purchases again..Version: 1.62

Love it but there's just a slight thing. 🤩Okay so I'm in love with toca boca I've been playing it since the start and I was so happy when toca world came out because you could have all the places in one game wich is easier for roleplays 👍It is amazing and I've found out I really enjoy decorating my house so know I am redoing my bedroom it is very inspiring also in the character making I'm trying new styles out! There are some problems tho! These problems have only come recently tho they never have come before! 1.I have just finished making a house that took me ages to make and I've put all my things and fav clothes in there but when i went to go in it today it was all empty and all my things were not even were I found them so now I have to reset the game and do my house again. 2.sometimes when you make a character it doesn't come out and it's really annoying! 3.They should make more free things that are nice pls like furniture with colour or modern furniture and more free food and free places like a mall or free clothes and accessories in a shop? Pls make free stuff because my friend really can't buy anything and she gets upset 😞pls do it for me. YOUR GAME IS AMAZING 🤩🥳.Version: 1.42

What I recommend for this gameSome people can not afford buying the houses which are sold so could you please add some free houses for the people who can’t buy them (if you will can you put one with stairs or an elevator thank you)and new decorations to decorate their house. Plus could you add more free outfits and spaces for more characters if you cannot buy the actual spaces for them in the store :) (I’m not trying to be spoiled but it feels crowded when you are a beginner).In my opinion there should be a free mall for things because some people only have three cities and they have to deal with it which is kind of boring and could you add a cities for free which is in the market (thank you for reading this message). 2# when ever you get something and put it in a house they seem to jump out of place which is so annoying because it is not only one it is multiple objects sometimes the game kicks me out and takes me in my lock screen and deletes what I made in the past few hours which is heartbreaking to see..Version: 1.37.1

Some ideasHi so here’s what I got -big big family house🏡 -big mall with washrooms🏙 -Empty store to create your own thing🌄 - more free stuff👍.Version: 1.15

Make accounts pls!I love it, but you should make accounts on it because I no longer have my iPad and I had every single thing on it and I don’t know how to transfer I spent a lot about 100-200 dollars.Version: 1.52

AMAZING GAME🤩🤩 but…Hi Toca Boca! I love this game and I’ve been playing for a while now, but there are some flaws and things that I would LOVE if you added them. First of all, there are SOOO many glitches. For example, I was getting some clothes from the mall, and I went out of the game, then after a while, when I came back in, EVERYTHING I collected from the mall and other places like the post office and HUS was gone, and this keeps happening, so I would love if you fixed this problem. Also, this game would be heaps better if there were some changes to the app. Firstly, it would be great if you made more things free so other people that for example can’t afford them or their parents won’t let them get stuff can have a good experience while playing. Also it would be really cool if you could do MULTIPLAYER. So basically you can like have a friends list or something and you can join other people and it would be really cool if included with the multiplayer you could SHARE your packs with your friends or some. But other than all this, this is an awesome game and I will definitely keep playing for a while..Version: 1.43

Y’all it slaysGuys when I say I love I mean I love this game is so fun and I love how you can make your own characters and create your own houses get your own pets b go to stores and buy different places other things I love is that sometimes it has free stuff like free furniture free gifts every Friday and they have really funny stories when you first open up the app. I love how it’s free and there’s no ads I like a dog a Boca also doesn’t have any ads about their game. I think I think that makes people like their game a bit more because if you don’t have any ads probably like it I don’t like this game for over four years now and I absolutely love it I feel like most people should play it, other games like tizi town and my town games always try to copy Toca, Boca world Toca Boca is copping that I feel like a lot more. People should get this game because it’s not like other games and it doesn’t glitch as much love all.y ocean that you can make your characters have it sometimes they even have free clothes or free places to buy. I love Toca, Boca, and sodas my other friends I’ve been telling them about it for so long and they finally got it and they absolutely love it. They play it every day and every hour of every day I love this game and I feel like you guys would love it too. Thanks for reading my review.❤️P.S if anything is spelled wrong it’s probably autocorrected.Version: 1.64

Good game!It is a good game!! I’ve had this game ever since I was 4 and now I’m way older than that, I’ve got all the houses and passes and I could see how people are mad that they have to pay for the passes, but the builders make them a cheap as possible and for the amount of time that they spend adding new things, I understand why they can’t just be free! Also you can download some of the other Toca life games and then they get added to the big game with everything! Obviously if your new to the game there is so many passes and you can’t afford to buy them all at once but unfortunately, that’s the way life works, however I have seen so many bugs over the years and most of them have been fixed, but there are still around 3 bugs then are ruining the game, 1: not being able to have the play button when you open the game but if I turn my airplane mode on I can play but it is a bit of a hassle to do that and then turn it off again and I use to restart my iPad for it to work, 2: my characters not showing up after I have made them I don’t know why this happens but it happens less now but they just disappear, 3: my screen freezes a lot so I Either restart my iPad or press teh filming button on the top right ( the filming button doesn’t always fix this ), but over that these few bugs the game seems to work fine and I would definitely recommend.Version: 1.38

Great game but one slight issue!Hello, Toca Boca is a great game and I have spent hours playing and role playing on it yet I have a problem. I spent all my money buying the mega pack from the shop, I was so excited because then I’d be able to unlock most of the features in the game. When I got it I wanted to start by making my own character with the new clothing included with the character creator that comes with the pack. During making my character I was fascinated with all the new clothes and accessories that I had got with the pack. When I finished designing my character I pressed the button that takes you to your world, when I did it crashed and took me off the app. I decided to try again but each time I did, it did the same thing over and over. After so many attempts I was fed up and upset with my purchase. This game sometimes also ends up being laggy which is triggering! Developers of Toca Boca if you are reading this review, if it is possible could you please try sorting this out since I now cannot play Toca Boca without constant technical difficulties..Version: 1.35.1

PLEASE READ! TOCA BOCA IS A GREAT GAME*BEFORE I BEGIN, TOCA BOCA, IF YOUR READING THIS, I LOVE YOU!!* Hi Toca boca! I’m just one of your millions or billions of fans, but I love your game! It's my all time favourite game, and i wanted to tell you, that on the 15th of february, its my birthday. I have purchased many of your packs, and it would mean the WORLD to me if you could make the mega pack on sale for 50 NZ dollars. I love this game and i don't care whether you respond to me or not, but please, take time to read this, notice this, and make me the happiest happiest happiest girl in the world, and put it on sale for 50 NZ dollars, i would cry happy tears if you would, give you five stars, and tell ALL my friends to get Toca boca RIGHT NOW (kinda already have). PLEASE READ THIS AND MAKE ME HAPPIER THAN EVER!! -From your biggest biggest fan EVER!.Version: 1.59

I have parental controls!!!!Hi there, I’m a massive fan of Toca Life and was hoping you would read this. I have parental controls on my iPad and can’t buy in app purchases, but I can but apps and I have, all of them, but I really want the university however I can’t because of parental controls. So could you guys please make the in app purchases a seperate app, I would love it if you did that. Also some ideas you could add -a 5 minute tour of what you are buying, so say I was going to buy the university, I get a quick 5 minute tour of the university, not just a video to see if what I’m buying is worth it -a crumpet guide, a checklist of all the crumpets you have and which ones you need -a recipe book, you press it and it makes your screen into a book of recipes, so you can know what and how to make food Anyway, thank you so much for reading this and I hope you can make some apps, I do know it can be tricky though, my friend makes apps herself.Version: 1.54

New ideas 💡You should add in the character creator to be able to make like werewolves it would be really cool or like a alien then that would be cool. I wish I could give more than 1 star it is an awesome game! I LOVE IT!(you should also add like a forest for the werewolves to live in.Version: 1.16.1

Read this before u get itHello 👋, toca boca lover or someone who wants this game, u start off with 3 characters to make ur own u have a lot of items and stuff to put on him/her. Also u get the whole bop city. U get ahouse with 4 rooms with more then 80 furniture and items to put in it AND wallpaper AND flooring AND paint. And that’s ALL for free!😮that’s a lot. If u like it so much u want more stuff it’s easy, like in other free toca boca games there’s the store icon and there’s more than 60 things to buy! (And some r cheep) there’s bugs, but I definitely recommend this game for young kids and sometimes older and calmer people but yeah it’s supper dupper fun I love it I’ll keep it and, It’s also very cute .So hopefully u find this helpful 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 however there r some bugs, like I made a bunch of characters that took a lot of time and work and then they came out, I was so happy and excited that it came out, I did a head count but not everyone was there,I didn’t freak out, but, I refreshed, I went back with my hopes up AND IT DIDN’T work. please fix this bug I’m crying because of it😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 hopefully u don’t experience this because it’s really stressful 🥲. Also I got all the stuff in the game on my phone and I got on my tablet with the same email and most of the stuff I got I got for free and that’s nice but some stuff it said buy it? I really don’t like it ,bye have a grrrrrrrrrrrrreat day (: 🥲<3.Version: 1.66.1

Please reply game creator!💜I’ve been playing Toca life for two years now and I love it still!🥰 I do have a few options for updates though…🧐1.please can you add a pastel home or athletic ( I mean the white and lilen colours ) not the sporty type athletic😛if you could add both homes that would be great!😎2. PLEASE can you add cars in the game so you can drive everywhere! If you can’t add cars I’m fine with that cause the game is already awesome🤟🏻🤩3. Add more stuff in avactar creator I know there’s lots cause I brought the creator pack but I’d like more homey feels and outfits for chores or like role plays🤗4. Please add like furniture stores with cars in car parks😄5. Can you please add more towns for free like clothe stores(I know there is already clothe stores)and add more options to the hairdressers store.😊6. PLEASE CAN SETS NOT BE MONEY!!!! I’d love that so much!!!!.Version: 1.40

So much fun! But a few glitches...So to start of I’m not going to be hating in any way shape or form, I’ve been playing toca life games since toca life city came out a few years ago. Something that I haven’t seen in any reviews is that I was playing as usual and decided to get the clothes I wanted my characters to wear I would just kind of get the clothes from the character design area, so I made new characters with the outfits that I wanted then I got some other clothes to swap the out fits with, when I put the characters in the different clothes the outfits I want disappeared, I restarted the game and the same thing kept happening so I also restarted my iPad. it’s still happening and I don’t know what to do. Also I had gotten some things from hus (for my house like lamps) so I put them in my house and for some reason every time I put something down everything else from hus would move up, I restarted my game because I had this happen before and doing that had fixed it, i kept making my house as usual and I got some more things from hus the same thing kept happening, is there something I’m doing wrong or???.Version: 1.23.1

Please fix this bug that has been going on for ages.Toca life is an amazing game, but there’s just one thing that bothers me and the majority of Toca Life players. It’s this bug that’ll reset everything and you’ll loose all your progress and will lag the game out. Please fix it. From what I’ve seen it’s been going on ever since it has been created, and I will admit I haven played when it was created, but I have been playing since the beginning of 2020 and the glitch has been going on. All I’m asking is for you guys to fix it because I’ve been spending hours and HOURS collecting stuff just for it to reset or crash a second later. Please fix it. Also, the glitch is sooo bad when you try to bring other items from other worlds, it’ll just lag the game when you try to load a place (sorry if I didn’t explain it good, just read the other reviews for a better understanding). But yea, I’ve been in the Toca community for the longest (ever since I went to the phone stores and played Toca games on the phones displayed phones which when I was about 4/5), and I’m just asking for you guys to fix it. Most of Toca Life community won’t care because they’re from tiktok which had a spark in early August. So please fix it. Overall conclusion it is a good game but fix this major bug. Love ya guys, and I doubt y’all see this but most of the reviews are about this bug. Bye..Version: 1.26.2

My review!Overall an amazing game but a few bugs a glitches,i’m going to bed explaining some glitches and bugs then moving onto suggestions for the game! firstly i’m sure the creators know about this glitch since it’s quite old but basically when you make a new house sometimes it will delete and you will lose all your hard work! secondly this glitch i’m about to talk about is happening to me right now. what will happen is when i make new characters (i have character creator pass) it will allow me to make them and then when it’s time to use them for role plays and stuff they never show up! it’s impossible to get them i’ve just deleted the app and now i’m really downloading it . now suggestions! first maybe we could add escalators at the mall! or maybe some cars and being able to access the front of houses for roleplays! also if you could build and put seats and plants and lighting in the elevators like the modern mansion for example it would look so much better and bring more detail to your house! another thing maybe some more free furniture i have bought plenty of furniture packs but i know there are some people that can’t and don’t have the opportunity to and the free ones already provided are a bit plain and bland maybe we could add some colourful things and more customisation such as customising the colour of certain things or creating clothing even! these are just suggestions and way to work on bug fixes but i hope you like my review and suggestions! thanks again ..Version: 1.33.2


Aww, and some ideas for Toca to add!I just bought toca world today and I'm literally ADDICTED. The avatars and customisations are so cute! I'm obsessed with pressing the gift button and meeting the preset characters along the way. Possibly weddings, funerals, haunted houses (Halloween update?!), and adventures could be added? When I mean adventure like exploring a jungle? Or obbys (parkour)? But I'm obsessing over the fact how CUTE this toca characters are. Could you add free games? I love the look of the hospital toca game, but it's money so I'm not gonna bother. I would really love it if you could add mini games! Also I would legit scream if you guys replied to me ❤️! I'm absolutely loving this and looking forward to maybe some future updates ⚡️⚡️. And this is an app I don't have screen time on, so bless you~~ I could play this all day. An app I recommend for buyers looking for games to cure them being bored. I'm loving this app! Tysm! Also I am playing single and it's a bit boring and sad lol, so multiplayer could be an option so I can play with my friends/family! Or can we join another persons world would be epic and I would play. edit 5 months later!: I have bought the arcade, modern mansion, neon house, snuggle clubs furniture pack! they are so fun <33 Thanks for this amazing masterpiece, Zoe!.Version: 1.36

This game is so funI love to play this game, even though I’m way too old for it. It has plenty of representation for people with disabilities, especially in character creator. It also has a lot of representation in it for LGBTQ+, if you look around. Here are some notes. Expanded character creator pass is definitely worth the money (you can even make your characters mermaids with it!) This app needs a few bug fixes, including a glitch where when your character is holding a picture (taken at the home improvement store most notably) and you bring it somewhere else, it will get all stretched out vertically. Also sometimes some of your characters don’t pop up on the character screen for whatever reason. Otherwise this is an amazing app and it is definitely worth downloading and maybe splurging a bit to expand your world. My fav places are the mall, the modern mansion, and Boom Doom theme park. Finally, here are some ideas for the developers. Make a school in home designer cuz Toca school is getting old and it’s tiny. Maybe it could be a really big house like the modern mansion. Make an space training themed area with a rocket ship launch pad so our characters can be astronauts. Add more miniaturized versions of adult clothing (that is already in the game) for babies. And finally add a playground area to the game. Thank you for considering my ideas developers, and I hope this review was helpful..Version: 1.59

I’m fumingI am a huge fan and have been playing this game for several years now. Lots of money has been spent on all the new updates and Addons. If we are spending as much money as we are to enjoy this game to the fullest the glitches should not be as common as they are. I spent hours today decorating my houses only for it to glitch and everything in the houses disappear. This is also not the first time this has happened. Results sometimes end in tears and I get so mad that it puts me off the game that I have spent lots of money on. I am not mad about how expensive the game is but if we are spending money on it we should at least be able to play it without being on edge whether or not it will disappear. Characters, items, clothes are all things that I find leave my house and disappear and it gets me quite worked up. Once again I love this app so much as it is great for decorating, interior designing and role playing but it’s hard to enjoy it when I can’t be sure if my designs will stay..Version: 1.36

Hi I’m Caiden Boyer,Hello Toca, I would like to add a review on your website but since I couldn’t find it I am writing it on the App Store where I found Toca boca. It is a really fun game I am addicted to and play it a lot like I role play in it with the characters and I have a whole family in it and like grandparents and other relatives to the first family I made. But I have something’s that I would like to add to the game starting with cars instead of pressing the place you want to go why can’t you just drive there yourself and when you get to your destination you can like open the door and not teleport. And for the teenagers in the high school they should get to ride a bus or walk or ride their bike or something. It is kind of boring when you can teleport so that is one of things that I think should be added to the game. Here’s another thing I would like to be added to the game, the characters should have an age and they should add and church and a cemetery for when they die. Like the babies should be a couple weeks or months or years old, and the kids should have their age and the teens and the adults and the grandparents and last the pets. And they should add a calendar so we will know when the characters birthdays are. So those are all the things I think should be added to the game I hope you pick at least one of the things I suggested l. I would like to give you a big thank you Toca boca. Sincerely Caiden Boyer,.Version: 1.39.2

Amazing game just a few things!😃😁😆😀Toca Boca is a AMAZING game just a few things though.. 1. I don’t know if it’s me but when I try and make new characters only 2 of them appear! I can’t find my third one anywhere! 2. The sad thing is that we only get the tiny house can we get some more options? At least 1 more free house please?(I really don’t wanna spend my dads money on packs I know how hard he works just for me and my sister.😢) 3. I really enjoy this game but I can only make 3 characters it’s really hard to deal with just 3 Characters especially if they keep disappearing! 4. All of my things disappear once I touch them it’s so annoying! 😡5. I just joined the game and now everything is GONE all of my hard work…gone…:(.And that’s all I really enjoy the game and I encourage Toca Boca to keep the good work up!😘.Version: 1.42

It’s great butI like this app and I definitely want to support it but there is just one thing there is lots of different options, but most of it is paid really making it very limited for people that don’t pay pay I know they have been having some free updates lately which makes me happy but if anybody were to get everything in the game it will cost 100+ pounds which is quite a lot of money and of course, most people want everything in the app so it really makes it very limited but I feel like I’m being very negative it is amazing that it is an amazing app. which is very fun and it has no storyline. which some people don’t like, but I very much enjoy it. because you get to create your own story! decorating houses with no limits making your dream character exploring new places where I especially like is in each new place there is a secret that is over it was really fun to try and find out sorry this has been a very long just said this app has a lot to talk about and if you’re reading this review you should get the app right now! if you don’t like it, you can always delete it later which I don’t think you would want to.Version: 1.57.1

I ave a idea?!When you like build your house ,we have item so I wonder if like one of the item can be also cloting because it will be easier to have a lot of clothing in your house without like getting all the clothing from the stores because at one point we don’t even have like enough clothing for every character and we don’t have towels when they take a shower for every character to and I have to take like a lot of things from like this spa spot so I wonder if that could be an option :).Version: 1.33.2

Hi! Just a couple ideas.Firstly I think this is an Amazing game, well done! Secondly (this is just an idea) it would be nice if you could add jobs into the game so you could earn cash, then you can use that cash to pay for food or other items (maybe you could make it so you have to pay for food and things have a price tag) to follow up from that, could you add maybe a food bar, water bar or health bar just to make it a bit more realistic. You could also maybe use the cash you make in game to buy the different zones so you don’t have to use real money. Thirdly, it would be nice if you could add a garden shop to buy things for the garden, then, just as a side note , could you add gardens to the houses the players make. If you have read all of this thank you very much! I am so great full! Also I am not pressuring the staff to put all of this in the game I just think it would be good too have these things in the game because I was... getting a bit...bored of just being able too take stuff instead of paying. I still think this is a fan-dabby-docious game! Thank you once again for reading, cheerio!.Version: 1.23.1

Love itI love this game soooo much. I’ve got all of the updates and the ad ons and I love them. I just have a few things that I think would be fun if you included. 1. A YouTuber or content creator house creator pack. I think if would be fun if you made a pack where our characters could be YouTubers or steamers. There could be cameras and microphones and others things like that. 2. A movie theater. I think it would be really fun and cute if there was a movie theater I know that there is already the theater but it would be fun to have a movie theater. There could be different rooms and a snack bar. And since there is already a movie making place there should be a place to display them! You can play your own movies that you made it the theater. 3. A rose or flower themed house pack. I think that there is not enough plants in the houses, so I think there should be a house dedicated to have more flowers and plants. And they could be any type of plant. 4. More makeup. I love the new makeup feature I just feel like there should be a little more. Like foundation and more brushes, a beauty blender and more! I know this is new and you might already be making more, but just in case you were looking for more ideas for makeup there you go. 5. A Zoo. There is already an Aquarium so I feel like there should be a Zoo! There could be tons of animals, just like the Aquarium. Those are all of the ideas I have keep doing what your doing! 💕.Version: 1.30

Really love it but one problemI really love!! Toca world I started playing it at 9 and now I’m 10 until tiktok show me a game that I should play and my mum brought me the creator something and when I ask my mum the next day she didn’t get me what I want like she said doesn’t toca world have points and I said no so I really like if you add points like it’s money points (I mean that sorry) to add when you play and when you got enough money points you can buy it with it instead of buying it with real money cause my mum has not have enough money to buy me p one, I really hope it adds and it can be really hard for this app to add money points I hope it’s not hard or it is so I hope it can ha.Version: 1.29

I love💖💖I love the game. But I can’t get the stuff because I don’t have a SIM card maybe can you fix that please 🥺💖❤️.Version: 1.24

Love theseI love these games though it would be so cool if you could join other people’s toca Boca games near by and play with eachother that would be the best since me and my brother try to play together but we end up not being able to since one of us wants to get a hair cut and the other wants to get new clothes so we have to wait but it would be cool if you could go to both those places and also say if he was at the hair dressers and I went there to it would be possible and we could both play there at the same time but great games you guys keep it up!!.Version: 1.2.1

I love itI love this game but you do have to pay for everything unless you are fine with crummy stuff and a small house, and my parents aren’t rich so they wouldn’t pay for anything but I really wanted a bigger house and some other stuff, but my mom said she wasn’t going to put any money into it so I payed for everything myself and it was definitely worth it and funny story I was playing it and I used all the money in my account and I was wondering what would happen if I tried buying something without any money in my account so I did, and my iPad is very glitchy bc it’s old so I’ve been trying to save up my money for a new one bc I don’t get a phone till I start driving and anyways I tried buying it and it worked and I was like OMGOSSSSH😱 finally my glitchy iPad comes in handy well little did I know my moms card was hooked up to my Apple Pay and turns out it wasn’t a glitch I was spending her money and when I finally realized it I stopped buying stuff immediately and I was like shuckkks how will I get out of this so I stopped buying stuff and decided not to tell her bc I didn’t want to get in trouble and she called me in her room one day and asked me if I had been buying stuff and I said yah and then I told the whole story!😳 but she wasn’t mad she just told me not to buy anything else, unless I have money in my account. So yea hope you like the game!.Version: 1.62

One glitch but overall addictingMe and my lil sis has been playing Toca for almost a year but 2 months ago we were playing Toca and it suddenly crashed we weren’t that shocked cus it can happen sometimes we clicked back in and we went back in our house and we saw everything Came back we were super sad and we had to do it for over two days pls try fix it and one more thing sometimes stuff disappear which is super annoying thank you and pls fix this glitch ❤️❤️‍🔥lots of support.Version: 1.40.1

THE BEST GAME EVERThis is a really good game it entertains me when I’m bored and it’s probably my second favourite game there’s never any bugs and I have so many packs it’s so fun and entertaining I told all my friends to get this app and now they’re all obsessed with it my friend loved it so much even cried because I was teasing her not telling her what it was but after I told her she’s been obsessed ever since she won’t stop playing it and when I arrive come over to her house she always just sits down with me and we play it there’s nothing bad there’s no bugs and it’s the best game ever I’m so glad that I downloaded it my cousin was actually the one that warned me about it and I’m so grateful that she warned me about it because. now I’m obsessed with that and I won’t stop playing it till the day I die I would recommend it to anybody that’s reading this review it’s really good sometimes there may be a bit of bugs but you don’t have to update it you get free gifts and they’re very cheap for like stuff and things and world they’re so cheap anyway this is the best game ever and I would totally recommend it bye thank you 😊😍🥰😘.Version: 1.57.1

Very disappointed. But great game! I need help.Amazing game absolutely incredible, I’ve loved the series since I was very young, but today I just reinstalled it because I missed using it, and I found out that tons of my in game purchases have been erased from the game and I’m absolutely torn about it. Here’s a list of the things I lost. Hospital, School, apartments, Wildlife, Mall, Hospital, activity house, waterfront, university, resort hotel, character creator, I wonder everything in the lettuce lands, and I owned all the things in morning meadows, as well as everything in tiptop tops and biscuit town, I owned the ice skating village, and everything in the busy plaza and the junk yard, robot cafe, arcade, and then everything in omelette islands. I also owned the mountain cabin, the hot springs, the ski resort, and the dentist. I apologise for lack of proper grammar and punctuation l but since the list was very long the device I am using to write this complaint/review does not let me see what I am typing. Thank you and please get in contact with me if you can help assist with this problem..Version: 1.63

I hope you fix this,Hello this is a really good game and all but there is one thing that is really bugging me and I have a question, so what’s been bugging me? Well so you know where you can make your home? Yeah i think something is broken, so I was making my house (btw this was like a few weeks ago) as I was saying I was making my house and my characters and I logged of of the game bc it was late, so the next morning I logged back on and the first thing I wanted to see was my house, and all of it was gone, there’s only the bath left AND when I got to check my own characters they were the old designs, so the creator of Toca life PLEASEEEE FIX THIS! Now the Question, so you know those new outfits for the bundle romantic beach house (whatever it’s called) they are really cute and I been trying to get all the hats and outfits, (btw I don’t have the character designer) well so I picked out a hat and outfit, put on clothes that I don’t like and repeat until I get all the outfits, well I tried doing that BUT the first outfit would ✨magically✨ disappear so can you do it so you get an outfit and put one that you don’t like and make it not disappear? I really hope the creator sees this!.Version: 1.48

Stuff they should add in ✨Toca World✨1.More stuff on character creator like more features. Make it so you can mix and match the characters outfits and it’s not ONE PIECE! I think they should make more character size options. 😁 2.Next thing is they should make an aesthetic house in home designer! MORE PLANTS PLEASE! There’s a lot of plants, but not enough! 😑 3.Clothing. They should make a clothes designer where you can design your own clothes and shoes. 😏 4.Lights. I like the candles, I think they should add more. Add a sunset lamp and LED lights that can color change. 5.More facial expressions! I love them 😍 they need to add MORE! Maybe a hot 🥵 one because there is a freezing one so why not add a hot one. 🙄 6.Blankets, designable bags! A indoor pool! A zoo! A movie theatre (we have one but I mean with a screen where you can watch movies) not plays. 7.More horses, smaller helmets for the little ones so they don’t crack open their heads..Version: 1.40

I lost everything for no reason 😓😭😢I love this game ♥️ ♥️ but I was playing Toca boca and for some reason I got kicked out I honestly did not know why (this happened yesterday btw) I went back in my game and I realized that my characters I was playing with were is different clothing... I checked AND I LOST EVERYTHING EXEPT FOR THE PACKS I GOT ;( everything reset FOR NO REASON! MY MAIL I GOT WAS GONE JUST EVERYTHING G O N E. I honestly do not know how it happend.... 😓😓😓🥺🥺🥺 if there is a way to bring back everything or u can bring back my items... PLEASE TELL ME... It took my days and hours to do my houses and organize everything :( btw it will be cool for u to add a swimming place ngl :) and I like the Toca series so I would love to watch more ♥️ but I think the elevators are glitched because when I enter one and go on another floor the screen stays white....Version: 1.28

Toca Life glitches that we don’t wantIt’s an amazing game but we have four issues 1. Sometimes When we try to get into the game, it keeps bringing us back to the home screen and when we go back it just does the exact same thing 2. In the Toca life neighbourhood apartment we try to place things on the shelves but for some reason it just drops down to the shelf under it or, if there is no shelf underneath it, it just goes onto the ground like that part of the shelf didn’t exist 3. I think this problem happened to more than just us and this glitch is when your just playing around and then everything goes up for a second and goes back down right after but then some things in the area that your playing in freeze on the spot and it takes a while for the problem to be solved 4. I just bought one of the home designer houses and I was decorating the house but then it crashed me out of the game and when I came back IT WAS ALL RESET! And then I redecorated it and the same thing happened A.G.A.I.N Maybe if these glitches were fixed then we’d give it five stars.Version: 1.34.1

BEST!!!but some issuesThis game is the best i recommend it for people why like themes and designing characters for me I am literally ADDICTED every day I check if I get a present 🎁 and I am always sooooo excited to see what I get but there is some issues so when my friends told me that it was the best game ever I went home and downloaded it I was soooo happy to decorate my house and make my three characters while I was making my house I finally finished it and I went out of the game to check something when I went back in my whole house RESET!!!!! and when I was that I cried for hours so I had to make everything again so that needs fixing when I got my new I pad for Christmas I went to the shop and was buying houses and lands and everything was good oh and I have noticed that the name of the post office crumpet has changed first it was snippet now it’s packpet why did they change the name of it but I am a big TOCA LIFE FAN it is a fantastic game!!!!!!!.Version: 1.68

Needs an updateGreat game, I love it but upset at the moment because it keeps crashing each time I go into it. My iPad is very good, and also fairly new so I do not know why it’s doing this. I am guessing it just needs an update but not sure. If so please update it as soon as you can..Version: 1.36

A W E S O M E!!! 💖This is literally the BEST GAME i have ever played!! DOWNLOAD now. i mean it! so aweome!! yes, you have to purchase almost everything, they give you a small town and a started house - but the purchasing is worth it! only one prob.... actually two- so 1 is that when you make characters- sometimes if you make a whole bunch at once (if you have the special character pack you can make up to 30) , then some won’t show up? i am confused. even if i edit them again to see if the rest will turn out... it doesn’t work. number 2, WHY DOES IT DO THIS?! it’s been a constant problem for me. is it just my phone you ask?! NO. same with my friends and my my other friends. IT CUTS OUT AT RANDOM TIMES AND RESETS THE GAME- and at the worst times!!!!!!!!!! like all your hard work of setting up is GONE. thankfully it doesn’t reset like your purchases, but STILLLLL. anyways- thanks! i love it and can i just say HOW MUCH LOVE YOU GUYS for making the modern mansion?!?!! it is literally what i have been waiting for!!! THANK YOU!! i just can’t say thanks ENOUGH!!! you guys are the best!ooh sorry one more thing/ it would be kinda cool if you could make your own furniture too?? like in the house decor setting thing. i love the furniture, but maybe you could click on like a living room section and click on couches/chairs and choose a color, design and shape! that would be nice. and also if we could change the weather?? like sunny snowy rainy etc. anyways THANK U.Version: 1.32

Good but could be betterI love this game and I’ve been playing for almost 2 year. However I wasn’t allowed to buy stuff for 6 months of playing. For people who aren't allowed to buy stuff it’s kinda boring (I’m only allowed to buy game things on my birthday and Christmas) so I definitely recommend that u add a couple more free things. (The free world is decent but once you’ve done everything it gets really boring) Now that I’ve bought a decent amount of stuff the game is amazing. I have all of the home decor packs (except the new one) and my game definitely got better. The bugs can be really annoying. Like I could get all my stuff ready for the role play in doing and then when I leave they would all disappear. And another one that a few other people have complained about is in character creator I would make my family or something and then only a couple would spawn and I would have to reset my world to get them back. Other then these bugs and the fact that not much is free ( obviously that’s the way u make money so it’s fine) I %100 recommended this game. Good for when ur bored and 99% of the stuff are worth the money u have to pay..Version: 1.46

Most addictive and best app everToca Life: World, is by far the best app I’ve ever used. It is full of secrets, surprises, and packs that make the game so addicting! When I found your Toca Boca games I would play them all day. I don’t honestly know what I would be addicted to if this Toca thing wasn’t an app. There are a few glitches though, they don’t effect you too much though. 1. I’ve bought all the home designers and they are always built but it says I can re-build the Bohemian House when I can’t. (I already tried). 2. When you eat chocolate/ open it it disappears! 3. When I got the Neon Rainbow Apartment, there was a disc called ‘Fast Race 7000’. When I went to use it it multiplied in a line and the game crashed. I tried it multiple times again but it was still glitching so I don’t bother with that one much. 4. This is the last one, when I take a camera from the store to my house there is a thick blue line that comes from it. Overall, these glitches do not bother me at all, and your app is so amazing!! Please make more locations and I’m also a fan of Toca Life: Stories!! 🤩🤩🤪 Byeee! -Boomer.Version: 1.67

Amazing game!Actually fr tho, toca is a good game in general. The pricing is good, and did you know, everything in the store is around £80 or more but the mega pack gives you a discount- (My mega pack costs £32 bc I bought some stuff but it used to only be around £67 before i bought anything). But like there are too many things for money, i think if you just added a few things that are free like this new update, you’d get tons of great reviews and tons of downloads! Toca world is a free - wifi game which I enjoy but if toca uses play with friends, I’d enjoy it but at the same time hate the update because there’d might be tons of crashes hitting every servers and the free - wifi thing is just gonna go - NOPE - but I like the idea of joining my friends. Toca world is really great but like places just get boring even if i hadn’t roleplayed in the place yet, So thats why i think joining friends would be good and like maybe add chat in the servers. I mean it’d turn into roblox but like a whole lot better then roblox, personally i like toca more then roblox. idk about you guys, its my opinion. But anyways definitely great game, hope you make more free stuff in the future toca!.Version: 1.43

Amazing but something really sad happenedI absouloutly love this game but am really annoyed at something I was playing this game when it suddenly glithched out and when i went back on all my progress disappeared I'm really sad as I spent ages working on my house and now it's just reset I know this wasn't because of my phone as I have seen other people's reviews and the same thing happened to them so please fix this as I would not like this to happen to anyone else also the weekly gifts I got have disappeared, but other than that it’s a great game but can you please put in a zoo or a circus or something because that would be really cool also maybe a playground? Idk if you have that already but if you don’t then pls add it and can you have more for free!! Because I can pay for the stuff but other people might not and they can only have the free stuff also I love how this game has no adds because I have a lot of good games but they have so many adds that it just takes over the game so keep up the good work Toca life!.Version: 1.42

Stop complaining about the packs!This is and always will be my favourite iPad game ✨☺️ So, when I read the reviews and see most of them are complaining about the in app purchases I get really annoyed. First of all, how else do you expect developers to get money of off a FREE game. There are no ads! The dev team behind Toca Boca games are one of the best. This is their job, they aren’t going to spend money making games and get no profit from them. Also, most of the packs are only a couple of bucks and very worth it, so surely if you enjoy the game then you should be fine with spending that. You are also supporting their hard work. Thank you Toca Boca, much love! 😁✌️.Version: 1.43

Some ideas I think we should haveHello toca boca I love your game I’ve played it from 2018 to now it’s so fun and I love playing it and role playing with the characters I have a few ideas I would want that will make the game even fun in my opinion. First I would want to have more worlds like I make a lot of role plays and I want to make new ones but there is only one world can we have a button where we can have newer worlds so we can roleplay more? Another idea I have is playing the game with your friends I really like the game but would it be more fun if we can play the game with our friends? We can have a button where we can see if our friends are online and go to there world and play they can come to our world to and it would be so much fun. Can we have a button thing where we can make it up for day time and put it down for night time? We can put it in the middle for noon or midnight or something. Also can we have weather like sunny, snowy, and rainy? It would make the game kinda more realistic and I would love it. Than you for reading my ideas and I hope you at least put one because I really want one thank you for fixing some bugs but there is a bug that when I put on my clothes it doesn’t work and the zeke movie chair thing when I sit on it, it just freezes and I can’t move my character. Thank you again and again I hope you read my message and fix the bugs and at least put one of my ideas!.Version: 1.29

Cheaper stuff or more for freeI think they should make cheaper worlds so more people could buy them or have more worlds for free otherwise the game is awesome!🎉.Version: 1.5.2

Love this appI love this app but I wish it had multi player Like having names above your head and then you could join people near you or with codes so you can go to the places and see the other peoples characters and names Maybe even having a chat? That can be disabled and enabled by parents so you can talk to other or you can only do it with choices like “hi” or “should we go ______” Also maybe new things like tattoos, piercings/ jewellery and makeup? Also like many other people said the packs are very expensive and kids or teens might not be able to afford it or might not be allowed to so maybe having things like coins or points that can be earned by working or just being on the game and maybe some have to be bought but not all? Other than that love this game and it’s so addicting!.Version: 1.34.1

Toca BocaI Love this game but one problem is when I create characters that can only wear on piece of clothing i think it would be way better if they could wear one piece of clothing but carry more so I don’t have to create multiple characters to get different clothing that i like. I also think better school with like 7 small classrooms i would play with it way more. Also a good idea would be to have an olympics place with like netball cortes, swimming pools, tennis courts and stuff. You could also make a few more houses with 2 stories like the mansion i would love that. Thankyou.Version: 1.65

Amazing Game!I am more than double the age limit and I love this game! It is basically a virtual dollhouse. You can now create your own characters and move them around the world and interact with them. Of course if you want everything which I have, it is very expensive, but I have been saving up for a while and when you have everything, even if you don’t it is such a great game. It doesn’t need wifi so when you are out and about you can still play it. I have no complaints about this game, except there is one glitch that happens to people with the new character creator. It is very easy fixable and for me it only happened once and lasted about 3 minutes. I am a programmer, and I find that the way they made and programmed this game is really great for children to stay occupied and gain great imagination skills moving around the characters and making stories. I have been following and playing these toca life games for years now and collecting all the apps and I am glad to say that it has been something great I spent my money on. I definitely give this game 5 stars! 😁😁😁.Version: 1.8

AMAZING but wha??? I didn’t know it was crazy hair day!Here’s my prob. This game is the best game ever Made in history of games, but my prob is with the character creator. I was moving my character out of her apartment to the farm house then I saw this weird building with a cute face on it. I went to the store to see how I bought that and why was it there and what was it.... it was a CHARACTER CREATOR!! Omg I was so excited. I have a few probs with this addition so hang on. WHY DOOOOOO UUUU HAVVVVVEEEE TOOOO PAAYYYYYY!? I get you’re trying to make money, but you already pay for buildings in the store and this should be free because it’s your character. I know there’s a free version but still we want to be creative! Not have to pay to be. Secondly, what the HECK, when I make a character outfit and all, then put a diff outfit outside of the floople thing then leave the game, when I come back the outfit originally put on them has turned into the outfit outside of the floople! When I go to take it off it just regenerates the outfit back on for a while! Now I just have five of the same outfit! (Don’t get me wrong that cane be useful but still annoying!) the. The last issue happened today, all (or most of) the characters hair were different! Even the weird mister things had hair! All of these problems developed AFTER floople friends, thank you for reading and have a lovely day 💕 and I still love Toca boca with all my heart 😽.Version: 1.8.2

Great Game But A Few BugsI love this game but I have experienced a bug with the houses; whenever I try to go inside the house it just glitches me out the game. I don’t know if it is a game glitch or it is just my IPad acting up. I have also had a bug with the characters, I made some characters a few days ago when it worked fine, but now, it doesn’t show them; only shows my old ones when I want them to spawn! All the other places work fine (shops etc.), I have no problems with those but, I would really like the bug to be fixed. I would also like this game to have a bit more activity for the people that don’t have all the gamepasses or some of them because I don’t have any of them, my parents say it’s a waste of money. My recommendations are to let them to be able to access to some of the things they have to pay for, so they don’t feel left out. When I play I would like to have more outfit options, more houses I don’t need to pay for and just more active things that would entertain us. This is what has been putting me off the game for a while because I want to be an interior designer when I am older, so, letting me more house options and fixing the house bug will let me express my imagination and trying more designs. Thank you for reading!!!.Version: 1.47

Toca boca bugs plz salt this out !!This game is amazing and I am highly impressed with it and all the outfits and starter packs :etc. But I have not been very happy these last few days there are constant on going bugs and I have had to delete and ree install the game about 8 times now and ree decorate all my houses one that I have had a rlly big issue about this one that when I finish decorating my house my hole game glitches and delete all my characters I have designed and all my decorations have gone , 2nd one is when I have made all my characters and I exit of to check them all out and put them when’re I want it only spawns one and then go back and only make two still one only spawns so I think that this needs to be checked out a another thing which is not a issue but I think there should be another big clothing store with different sections and be able to change the already made apartments and through out things and they save the changes but everything else on this game is amazing and I love it highly recommend just be careful with all the bugs!!😜..Version: 1.35.1

Multiplayer and friends listI think there should be multiplayers you and your friends can play together. Like for example each person can create a code for there city and then they can put it too private, friends or public if anything fishy goes on the owner can kick them and if they come in again they can ban them. Also I think there should be friends list like players can pick a name but if it’s inappropriate it can get censored so for the friends list you can write the persons user ex (Mila_yay678) and them if they see that person they can friend them and chat too. There should be a max of friends too 50! Please use my idea i have lots of ideas in the future -love Cora -ps : amazing game me and my friend always play it on call so it would be really cool of there where multiplayer and friends!💕💕💕 bye bye <3.Version: 1.34.1

I’m having a couple issuesHi toca! I’m having big issues with the app currently and I was wondering why my game was restarting whenever I exited a building. Today my world has restarted for no reason 7 times. My game will completely crash and all of my progress was ruined. I was pretty sad because I had worked on my world for as long as toca world had come out. I have had absolutely no problems with toca world and it is still my favorite app on my phone. I love the game and I reallllllyyyyy want it fixed. I would give the game four stars because I simply don’t know what happened with this glitch. Toca developers I hope you read this!! I really hope you guys can fix the problem! I’m worried to go on the game again knowing that more items will probably disappear, but I would recommend toca world. Toca developers please help me fix this!!! My friends have told me it happens to them and I really need help because I work really really hard, just for my progress to be destroyed. I don’t know if it’s just my phone, but it hasn’t happened to any other of my toca games (I have them all btw) but if it’s just the game then pleaseeeee toca find a way to fix thisssssss!! I love y’all and I hope if someone’s reading this they’ll still get the game because the quality and work and effort put into this game is purely amazing 😊😊 Again I hope this is fixed toca developers! I love you sooo much! Bye!!.Version: 1.27

AMAZING but a few thingsI love this game and have had it for years. It is so fun and awesome. I need everyone to buy this or download it on their device so they can have fuuunnnn. This game is always getting updated every time it does it is awesome. I love everything about it. I am addicted to the game and i love it so much that i am so happy to play it with my friend who loves it too. I love creating these things. Can a toca boca person who made this or is part of it help me? No.1 i can’t buy things cause it comes up with oops that didn’t go through and try again. I searched it up to see if it happened to others and they said see if you are up to date which i am. No.2 i can’t find things that i lost a long time ago aka the golden controller which i need for a crumpet. No.3 it would be cool if u can have more than 3 people for the creating thing and can some more things be free? Hope you can fix and it hope this was a good review. From: your biggest fans: Me and my friend!💜💜.Version: 1.66.3

I love this game but...I do really like this game but I would love it even more if the staff could maybe lower some of the prices of the places you can buy, like the character creator £4.99 is a lot of money for 30 characters but you could maybe have selections of how many characters you would like so like 15 or 20 and the price would be lowered on how many characters you would like! (by the way I don’t want any of the staff to feel pressured by these comments.) I also think that the staff could also make a crumpet town so like a crumpet hotel a crumpet movie theatre and stuff like that! I would also love if you could add a new movie theatre by the way I’m not talking about the one in bop city, I mean you could make a new one in Vox Valley or maybe one in the Busy Plaza I would love that! I also wish that you could make a baby when you make the characters like you can make a toddler, teenager, adult and elders but not baby’s also that could be another idea for the game! Last but not least I do love this game and I’m not pressuring the staff to add any of these suggestions into the game but there is just a few ideas that could make the game better in my opinion!.Version: 1.28

Annoying GlitchHi, I abosuletly love toca life but there's just one little glitch that is super frustrating. One day I decided to look around the tailor shop and instantly noticed that the shop owners's outfit had mysteriously disappeared. Her outfit was reseted to a white T-shirt and light blue jeans. This was super weird and I never remembered changing anything with her outfit. That day I ended up ignoring it but as soon as i went other places around bop city there outfits were gone as well!!! I was super annoyed at that point so please fix this!! (I do not know if this is happing with anyone else so please tell. Me.Version: 1.47

Cant pay for packsI tried paying for my 2 packs that i want, and it says it didn’t go through😞.Version: 1.59

Pls fix these bugs and lags? PleaseI’ve played it a lot lately and I tell my friends “hey download toca life it’s amazing It’s the best game “ and they downloaded it and we love the game But when I’m playing with two people I just leave my device for a few minutes they come back and it reset the whole house and characters and my character is gone so it ruines the role-play And it’s really laggy then I delete the video and then I have to make my decorations and find them again because it reset and the characters outfits are beautiful And my sister press permanent delete só toca life on mine is deleted and I can’t get it back but we went to the shops and it’s not deleted anymore and my sister doesn’t have it so I say “download it download it download it download it download it ITS THE BEST GAME AND ITS REALLY GOOD FOR ROLE-PLAYS And yeah I love it 😻 and I can’t stop playing it but I hate the bugs and lags so pls can you fix that? But I guess it’s ok now like good and amazing and really nice and cool for role-plays ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 💝 also can you add plushies from lankybox and other YouTubers in the game pls?.Version: 1.60

Great but…I looove this game but I have a issue sometimes when I play and I go get clothing for my people I put it in a draw or cupboard in my house and then I leave my house and go do something else in another building I come back and the clothing is gone pls fix this I would rlly appreciate it :) also if u could make it so u can play with friends that would be way more fun than playing on ur on pls help me with my requestthx Toca keep up the good work ;) btw this has now changed to whenever u put something in a draw and then leave the building it disappears completely this is really annoying so PLEASE fix this thx Toca :).Version: 1.55

Wonderful Will support any dayAlthough it does cost a bit I would happily support the app. I definitely couldn’t make one like this myself. Compare this to other games like the sims or having weekly or monthly subscription to something, this is not lot of money wasted in my opinion. Even more so, there is so many things you can do with the free version having the free version makes you get creative, when I started there was no home designer, now you get three free characters a free city (bop city) and a free house to design. The people making this are real people so I would happily support them and pay for their wages so we can all play this amazing app. This was very long and really I should of been writing my esssay, but hey I would like to explain why I’ve wasted over one hundred dollars on this. Just saying every house or place costs from 1.50 to 3 for average, the larger ones are a rough six to seven. Thanks for reading, Toca your amazing, and, byyyyyyyee.Version: 1.42

Thank u for this wonderful gameFirstly I want to say okay number one this is one idea I have a photo Cliff The should be some trees like I’m around the house like the house like the neon rainbow house and there should be some like a forest and there should be some koalas in the forest okay now number two or number two I think this be a church number three okay number three I think there should be a place like a I have somewhere that you put coffins like so like there could be a button that you like if you put someone in a coffin in a coffin and then you press the button that turns them into a ghost that’s all I think hope you understand okay I’m innocent okay I hope you like these ideas and I also have some and inspiration from all the buildings I’ve made in Toca life world. Oh and I can’t forget something sorry I love the game and I just got it and it’s the best game like I hate how you need to pay sometimes I really like it it’s the best game in the world best game in the world best game in the world I love it by wait hang on before I say bye I want to say I love it so so much but even though I paid twice the best game in the world.Version: 1.45

BEST GAME EVER!It’s so fun and there is so many things to do!.Version: 1.34.1

Issue…First of all, this is a great, if not addictive game. But, unfortunately, I have not come to write a review. I have a very large issue with my Toca Life World game. Now, I do not know wether or not this is a common issue, or if I am the only one. Now, to the issue. The issue is that every time I go into a location or character creator, it begins loading and then immediately crashes. I (and my dad) have tried everything that may solve this issue, and it hasn’t worked. Here is a list of things that has been tried: * Closing the tab * Restarting the iPad * Deleting, redownloading and restoring the data of Toca Life World And * Wiping and iCloud backup-ing the iPad itself. I do not know wether you are able to resolve this issue, but if you are, please do so as soon as possible. Edit: I fixed the issue, I just had to delete and reinstall the app, however it did not fully restore my purchases when I pressed “restore purchases”. My unrestored purchases include: Character creator, neon rainbow apartment, fancy restaurant (all in starter pack), hospital, and the mall. Please fixed this I used a lot my pocket money on those purchases. Kind Regards, Eleanora Robinson -Previous Toca Life World Customer.Version: 1.54

Change the backgroundHi Toca you are my favourite game and I just was role playing and then I was like Toca should make like a backround so you can press a button and it changes the outside backround to rain sunshine lighting and sound effects thunder and snow it would just make the app so much better for roll playing please do consider my idea From skylar. And can u just make it an update so it’s for free please for freeeeeeee also you don’t have like any boy cribs which is sad because there’s just the floor rollout ones but there not graet so can you also add a boy crib. Please make the app better and everything I consider you add make it for freee please..Version: 1.34.1

Love it! But a bit expensive...I love this game! I download the game I immediately saw how good it was however after playing the game for a while I decided to look at the shop to see if I could add anything new as I was getting a bit tied of all the usual things. While I was looking at the shop I saw there were so many good things that I could get however when I saw how expensive everything was I felt a bit annoyed as I can’t get things with out spending 4£. (I thought that the 0.99 prices were amazing). When I saw how expensive the really good things were I was kinda shocked as I thought they wouldn’t be that expensive. I really expected them to be 2.30 or around that area. But this is just my opinion of the game. Before I say anything else I just want to say that I don’t want to pressure any of the staff. Over all this is a great game and I would highly recommend it. If the staff lowed some of the prices i think that it would make the game so much better but that is my own opinion. Again I don’t want to pressure any of the staff as this is all really a amazing game..Version: 1.34.1

Good but needs a little workToca life world is a satisfactory game, but, like all games, it could definitely be better. often times when i log on, i press the post office to receive my daily gift, but the app just crashes. i have tried exiting the app and trying it again, also updating the app, but nothing changed. the app also crashes sometimes just after you finish filming something. also, another thing: my sister has this game as well and she encountered a glitch in the theatre where all the items on the stage were out, like she had pulled all the ropes and the items stayed, even though she didn't do anything. when she tried to pull the lever to get rid of them, they just stayed there. here are some things that would get me to give you 5 stars: -more Hanukah/Kwanzaa decorations. most of the decorations at the moment are for Christmas, but not everyone celebrates Christmas and that calls for a wider selection -vitiligo option -wider clothes option one more thing: i understand you need to make money, but could you please consider maybe making like, a different singular building free each week? but toca life world is a really great game overall. you can play games, make food, put on plays, build houses, and get a job! this game is a great time-passer as well and kids will love it thank you for taking your time to consider and read my review and i hope you have a wonderful day and holiday season🎁😊💕.Version: 1.39.2

Awesome, love itLove this game! Things to do, role playing with yourself! You do need to buy almost everything to actually have a good experience. But the free stuff aren’t the worst, you can get a small house for free, you can get you can get a whole piece of land for free. You can get free gifts, you can use for your role playing and for a decor in your house! But I have a few issues. You only get 3 character slots. I know it’s free, but I think they’re should be at least 6. Yes, you can edit some of the characters that you get to roleplay with, but you can’t do much like you can with the start by scratch character editing. Next issue is, literally most of the things are money. I did buy a lot of the stuff in the game, I just think it’s so frustrating that everything is is money, you can be like, hey, wanna get another house? It’s 3.99! Then if I want the cabin, then you be like, you want the cabin? It’s just a few bucks! And that’s just so frustrating. Everything you want is money, I think you guys should lower the prices, or put like one thing for free. Like the cabin, or something cheap. Or something new added for free. Like you guys can make a free NEW place so it’s fair for people who already bought that one thing, then it goes free. That’s just waste of money after, so I think some things should be free, something new added. Just because things always cost money..Version: 1.35.1

More free stuffHello Toca! Could please add more free things?? I’ve been really really wanting to play in the other worlds but haven’t gotten a chance cause they all cost money… Otherwise this game is amazing!.Version: 1.39.1

Somethings that should happen in Toca BocaFirst off I love the game and it’s a really good game, but there’s a few bugs and some things that would be really fun to add one of these things that would be really fun to add we maybe be like a setting that tells what time it is like it’s like 1 o’clock 1:30 something like that next it would be really cool if we could have more close options if we don’t buy the clothes thing where we have 30 characters and we have more clothes but I think we should have more clothes for free instead of buying more clothes and we should have a few free worlds to like 2 free world instead of just one and when you can be like a little shop where we can get close to maybe.I think that I do you have a problem with and I don’t know if it’s just in my game but I’ve updated my Game and my food’s not going into separate pieces it’s all just going into one could you please fix that, and sometimes my game will just freeze I could still pick up my characters but I couldn’t move the screen to do anything else could you also fix that please thank you.I thought that was bad I can’t open anything I buy something can’t open it nothing at all I went to see if it need an update nothing this has never happened before and I’ve been playing for4+ years PLEAS FIX THIS this has made the game up playable thank you.Version: 1.62

Some issuesHi Toca, Thank you for your app. You make really great apps. There was one thing that can kind of annoying. It is that I don’t really like how much some of your in app purchases are. $7.99 seems kind of over-the-top if you know what I mean. I hope your prices drop and they are only high because Floople is new. Also, could you please (this is a complete preference) make it so that the girl who works at Crumpet Junkyard can be clean when she gets in the shower? This is because I don’t like to think of her being dirty all the time ☹️ I mean, I understand that she can get dirty when she comes to work (at Crumpet Junkyard), but she shouldn’t be dirty all the time, y’know? I don’t care if she gets dirty by sponge 🧽 or shower 🚿 , but she should be clean sometimes! One last little bug 🐜 is that sometimes my app stops and I can’t move the screen. It only happens occasionally so if it takes a while to fix this glitch, I can wait. I hope you read this review and although I do have some complaints there is a lot of great stuff in your apps! Personally, I reckon this is your best app yet probably because you have new places. Anyway I have to say thank you once again for your app. Very good 😉.Version: 1.9

You need moneyI downloaded this game a couple days ago because of the people on my TikTok fyp. I was really excited to decorate my house and make characters and play role play. At first the game was really good and I made characters and created my first house. After I decorated it I realised it wasn’t big enough to fit the family I wanted to put in there a family of four. I thought I could just buy a bigger family house, as most roleplays provide different choices, however : 1. A bigger house is money and 2. I couldn’t make another house that was the same size for free. If you are not willing to spend money on the game you can’t do anything. No houses. And a restricted buildings and furniture. For the developer: if you want to keep people downloading the game then please introduce game money into tocaboca. I’m not saying you don’t make some things money but you could have a wider variety and things you can unlock with your game money. And for the people who are willing to use money in the game you can charge them a couple pounds to get ahead. Please fix this..Version: 1.63

Not letting me use a certain amount of custom characters.I really like this game but there is a problem that makes me frustrated and sorta not want to play the game. I have purchased the 30+ characters kit (forgot what it was called) and I made around 5-10 characters for a role play. When I finished creating the characters, I was not able to find half of the characters I had made in my character log thingy. In other words, I was not able to find them and bring them out into my Toca world. But I was able to bring out as many pre-made characters that I wanted. And.. yes, I could use the pre-made characters but they are not pretty. Honestly, they are actually pretty ugly. Their noses are huge and weirdly colored and they have unrealistic hair colors. Also, they have hair styles and clothes that literally no one would ever wear unless they were mentally insane. And yes, I could try to fix them up by taking them to the tailor (the clothing shop) and to the salon but there is only so much I can do to help them look not mentally and physically insane and like a psychopath. Also, you are not able to take a pre-made character and take them into avatar editor and fix them up. If I was able to do that, I would be playing Toca World right now, doing my role play, and not even making this review. So in conclusion, TOCA WORLD PRODUCERS- PLEASE please PlEaSe pLeAsE PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!!! (And I’m sorry that this is so long lol).Version: 1.63

Just some things :)Hi! So I’ve been playing this for about 7 months or more now and this is a brilliant game! Just some things that make me bored are some items that I would really like to be usefull. Lets use a sewing machine for example, there is one seen in the tailor and the person is sewing a nice dress! I would really like if there was a button you could press on to make clothing from the avatar editor and then I wouldn’t have to go all over the world to find clothing. It makes me tired. Also about food, I keep having to go into the house editor to get food and start cooking again, I wish it could go back to the fridge when I am roleplaying in a house. Say you are roleplaying in the summer vacation hotel place, you eat the food and when you return to floor whatever you have the food on it, the food is back! It’s okay if you struggle to add these features, but now I can suggest some new things! -A night club -A nature furniture pack/Greenhouse home -Maybe you could send in more gifts for people -An easter pack -A Valentines day pack available until April 15th -Maybe these facial expressions: 🤑🤨😊🤐 Reply if you can, you don’t have to read this I understand that you guys are busy on new updates, I appreciate all of the work you do and hopefully you can respond and tell me if you like anything of what I said and it will/won’t be worked on! Have a nice day! 🥰.Version: 1.58

Love!,but ideas~and glitches that need to goI love toca Boca so much but I don’t have everything on it but the things I have already just proves to me that this game is the best but a way to the ideas in first, I feel like the house is full should get removed because usually when I make my house it says house is full and I feel like it’s a bit like annoying but anyway 2nd Idea is that you can add like jewellery for example earrings and necklaces on them and just makes the outfits look amazing. Third idea i feel like there should be like a teleport button say for example the school but you want to go to the cafeteria but it’s separate so you can have that teleport button to go to it faster. Plus not just for like one building combine with others like say your at your house but you want to go to the movies so you can tele port there ;) there’s some ideas but here is a glitch that has happened to me first is the random kick so usually when I’m playing it randomly kickes me out of the game and I go back in and all my stuff is reseted but that’s all therefore I love this game so recommend 😁😁.Version: 1.59

Awesome, but a few suggestions...I’ve played these games for some time now and I think they’re great! I have almost every playset y’all have ever made. I do have some suggestions for you guys. Someone said a college would be cool, and I totally second that! Also I think the school is a bit outdated. I think it needs a big update, or either make a different school. I think that a boarding school would be an amazing addition to Toca World! It should be a big building with multiple floors. The first floor could be the cafeteria and common room. It should have a cafeteria with a lot of different food options from different cultures since boarding schools have a lot of students from different countries. and beside the cafeteria a living room with couches and chairs and TVs. There should be some board games and movies and books and stuff. And on the second floor could be classrooms. Like a science lab and 2 regular classes and a research library. And the 3rd floor could be dorms. Maybe girls dorms on the 3rd and boys dorms on the 4th. The 3rd floor should have at least 3 dorms each with bunk beds. And then a big bathroom they all share to get ready. And the fourth floor would be the same but aimed more towards boys. And last the 5th floor would be multiple things. There could be a really cool teachers lounge. And maybe some extrariccular activities for the students too. I think this a good idea so plz read this!!!!.Version: 1.12

Great but...🌈☀️❄️🌺Hi Toca world please answer me but the game is amazing I have not gone off it but I really don’t like how we have to pay to get a better house plus I really wunt the pool house mabey one of them could be free it doesn’t have to be the pool house if you wunt just please make another update just to mabey make one of the houses free I think everyone would enjoy it but you don’t have to if it is too hard but please note that mabey you should make some stuff free please it would do good for your game and mabey you could also add a hospital, a police staition and a school that would make it more fun playing role plays and I don’t wunt to be mean but every update I look forward to I find it that I have to pay for everything I mean if you played games and wunted to have fun would you wunt to pay for every fun thing gosh it’s not all about the money is it anyway why would you make new updates for just PURCHASES ugh pls I beg you make it free and btw I don’t wunt to be mean I just am giving my side of speaking I’m sorry if I offended you because I’m saying this but I just wunt to have no more much paying please I’m sorry I’m just 11 but pls make some things free.Version: 1.32

One of the coolest games on the App StoreI can’t believe this app is free! I know this game isn’t designed for my demographic, but I’m a 19 year old girl and I LOVE it. The attention to detail is just immaculate, the animation is beautiful, it’s so fun and unique and I find playing this game really relaxing. You can explore for this detailed little world for hours. There isn’t really even an objective to the game itself but it’s somehow a lot more fun to play than a lot of the other free games on the App Store? It’s something I think I’ll enjoy playing when I need some time to just clear my mind when I’m feeling a bit stressed or before bed. Highly recommend for kids, it’s really great for them, especially very young toddlers to visualise how things work and what certain objects do, all in relation to each other from a wider perspective which is great because young kids can really only take in what is right in front of them. It’s simple but so effective. The effort that has been put into this app is mind blowing. Amazing work! I’ve always loved the Toca games especially when I was a bit younger but I really think it can be appreciated by all ages. Keep it up guys ✨.Version: 1.24.1

I absolutely love this game, butBut I feel like they can be a lot more options in houses and furniture, but I also understand that making your own game and having to constantly do all those updates is really hard and my 3 siblings and me all have this game we do building challenges and lots of other things. and although I don’t play this game, a lot it truly s an amazing experience and game I really hope that maybe one day there could be a few more house options. Also I really do strongly believe that Toca Boca really needs a really big shopping centre with all this food because I have to go to several places to get food for just one house and then there’s not enough food for my other house is and when I get them out of build mode it takes up too much storage. I also think there should be like unlimited amount of stuff allowed in your house like no you’re is to full cause that’s actually quite annoying but something that Toca Boca really cars and backyard. Space in houses.Version: 1.65

Help this appPlease please make one more city for free but I want it to be a place full of magic like there’s a treehouse you may as well make the 99p free. Maybe 🤔 you could do a bit of the app where you go on it and you design your own home like not put stuff in it like put your own stuff in it I’ve got loads of ideas which I’m going to tell you now: maybe you could take a picture of yourself and then there is a special thing and you make it into you a talk about a character just for them. Or maybe make another house design thing for free that is big The first one for free that was tiny that was disgraceful. Sorry if I’ve been badmouthing you I read loads of your views and it’s a bit sad because you just make people pay for these things it’s just disgraceful so you could make the games where one place is free and the rest you have to pay for their good games because it’s like and you’ve got all the characters as well and it’s really fun. Do you know how sad I am that I can’t get a game called this anymore you’re not allowed to so it’s really bad for me so this is why I won’t need to change it and might not ever see the comment if you even do you come and maybe you could make a new house I don’t care just do something different for free and maybe make the videos longer on the TV they just annoying and I really wished that the pinky thingy house design thing I really wished it was free so why can’t you do that I’m very disappointed..Version: 1.30

Toca World 🌎 My honest reviewThis game is great!! It’s amazing for kids children of all ages and it’s super fun! Although, there are a few things I am disappointed about. 1. As most Toca Boca games, you have to pay. Not for the game itself, but a lot of the things. Some children might have found out about this game from the TV show. But they’d be downloading it, thinking, wow! OK Street is in this game! But no, they have to pay for it. Things like the mall and OK Street should be free in my opinion. Not everything has to be free, as companies have to make their money, but a great majority of it has to be, otherwise children will get bored. 2. The game glitches and lags sometimes. This happens with every game, so that’s okay, as long as they have regular performance fixes. Overall, this app is a very good game, so I think my 4 star rating is very reasonable. Keep working on the app, and soon it’ll be fabulous. NOTE: The thing I said about paying isn’t very urgent, as most of the small packs (not including the Mega Pack) have prices ranging from £2-10 which is quite reasonable. Thank you for reading my review!! - Amelia’s Vibe.Version: 1.47

WHY DO I LOVE A GAME MADE FOR TODDLERS SO MUCHI freaking love this game. The App Store says it’s made for children ages 6-8 BUT I’m 12 and my sister is 18 but me and my sister LOVE this game. We play it ALL THE TIME..Version: 1.22

Awesome but one thingOMG i love toca life world ive been playing it for 2 and a half years only, but its AWESOME, the one thing is that the places are a TINY bit too pricy so im just saying this if your looking at the reviews and you want like a free or not really that pricy but a good game toca boca is alright i just think that for the 5.99 things maybe you could have done 4.99 but it is your choice anyways toca life world is awesoem i really recommend if you want a good roleplaying game :heads up: you cant play with other people like your friends:.Version: 1.37.1

From madiI love Toca so much it’s one of the best games to play you can role play and decorate your houses and create your very own family and people I love it I hope I can give you guys the best review because I love your games and this is my favourite one you have made everyone download this game it the best and every Friday there is a free gift it’s like you go to the mail office and it could be anything I love the game I never get bored I play for hours can you please add some things like a museum and a big house bigger than the modern mansion please I will make the game so much more fun I have all the places in toca because every place is something interesting and fun I love the details and secrets and I love the time you put into this for people to play that is very kind of you toca i am also glad that you guys have added a beach house it’s so beautiful and the items it comes with are fire I love that you guys are so smart to create a wonderful game like this I would like you to also add a few more things like a school photo place so students can take schools photos and can you also add squish mellows if you know what they are and add a figet shop and a stationary place to get supplies . If you don’t add all of them it’s okay I. Support you guys have a great day toca I love your work burr.Version: 1.48

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